[The camera opens to the exterior of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the neon lights casting an ambient glow over the entrance. A blacked-out SUV pulls up, and the door swings open. JVD steps out, his Las Vegas Championship glinting under the casino lights. The air is charged with anticipation as he begins to address the high-stakes showdown tonight.]

JVD: Goodfellas Casino Arena, the battleground where legends are made and careers are defined. Tonight, Trailer Trash Terry steps into my world, and the Las Vegas Championship hangs in the balance.

[He adjusts the Las Vegas Championship on his shoulder, the weight of his legacy palpable.]

JVD: This championship represents more than gold; it embodies the spirit of this city, the grit of its streets. Trailer Trash Terry, you might think you’ve got a chance, but you’re stepping into the lion’s den. I’m not just a Las Vegas Champion; I’m the embodiment of dominance.

[The camera follows JVD as he strides through the entrance, the arena’s ambiance growing louder.]

JVD: Tonight, the stakes are higher than ever. Retirement looms over me like a shadow, and every step I take is a step closer to either glory or farewell. But let me make one thing clear – JVD doesn’t bow out easily.

[He approaches the ring area, the Las Vegas Championship gleaming under the arena lights.]

JVD: Trailer Trash Terry, you’re the obstacle in my path, the test of my resilience. The next time I lose, I retire, but tonight, retirement is not in the cards. The Las Vegas Championship stays with me, and I continue to reign over this city.

[As JVD climbs into the ring, the crowd’s anticipation reaches a crescendo.]

JVD: Goodfellas Casino Arena, prepare for a spectacle. Trailer Trash Terry, prepare for a battle unlike any other. Tonight, under these lights, I cement my legacy, and the Las Vegas Championship remains around the waist of the one and only – JVD.

[The camera fades as JVD stands in the center of the ring, the Las Vegas Championship held high, ready for the high-stakes clash that awaits.]

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