DW Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Cedric Thornfield
Won @ DW Titans 2024 on 1st April 2024

Championship History

24Cedric ThornfieldCurrentTitans 20241st April 2024
23Jean-Louis Duval114 DaysDestruction 202310th September 2023
22Jet99 DaysPower of the Dollar 200615th February 2006
21The Gillesp (x2)100 DaysDestruction2005
20Fran Damage100 DaysDestruction2005
19Psyko Stevo (x2)100 DaysOriginal Sinners 200523rd January 2005
18Psyko Stevo120 DaysResurrection 200426th September 2004
17Jon Page6 DaysDestruction20th September 2004
16Jason King36 DaysDestruction16th August 2004
15The Gillesp393 DaysDestruction 21st July 2003
14Chris Boswell (x2)37 DaysTitans 200315th June 2003
13Rick Lacey85 DaysHighway to Hell 200323rd March 2003
12Hellfire X29 DaysDestiny 200323rd February 2003
11Sean Manning29 DaysCollision Course 200326th January 2003
10Teddy Rafter36 DaysBeautiful Disaster 200222nd December 2002
09Shawn Storm (x2)117 DaysUnleashed 200228th August 2002
08Chris Boswell53 DaysGlobal Takeover 20027th July 2002
07Shawn Storm28 DaysDestruction 3610th June 2002
06Chris Cage (x2)30 DaysSystem Failure 200212th May 2002
05Havoc (x2)56 DaysDestruction 2618th March 2002
04Genocide28 DaysDestiny 200219th February 2002
03Chris Cage31 DaysBreakdown 200220th January 2002
02Havoc64 DaysCarnage 200118th November 2001
01Matt Anarchy70 DaysDestruction 110th September 2001

DW UK Championship

Current Champion: Oliver Harrington
Won @ DW Clash 29 on 27th May 2024

Championship History

03Oliver HarringtonCurrentClash 2927th May 2024
02Stijn De Raaf113 DaysClash 165th February 2024
01Angus Blackhart22 DaysClash 1315th January 2024

DW UK Tag Team Championships

Current Champion: Ben Noble & Kandi Sparks
Won @ DW Clash 26 on 22nd April 2024

Championship History

01Ben Noble & Kandi SparksCurrentClash 2622nd April 2024