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Win / Loss Record

Records correct as of 3rd July 2023

Ranking takes into account Momentum Points, Match Ratings, Championships held & Win/Loss record.

Singles Records

RankNameContractWinLossDrawWin %
1William VorheezsVo3413171%
2Rick ReidsVo1400100%
3Bobby DeansVo183086%
4Johnny MorettisVo4325063%
5Carny SinclairsVo228073%
6Big AugsVo2713068%
7Alissia YoungsVo229071%
8Curtis KnightP:V2111066%
9Hiro RyuusVo2917063%
11Bjorn AsulfP:V82080%
12Jacob IzazsVo2719157%
14Kenneth D WilliamssVo1912159%
15Hugo RyzingsVo115069%
16James MendozaP:V300100%
17Junior GambinosVo1612057%
18Gunner LangsVo2822056%
18Adam FuryUnsigned200100%
18David TurnerUnsigned200100%
22Boyd JacksonP:V86057%
22Jupiter JamessVo86057%
24Teddy RushP:V21067%
25Stevie RiggP:V65055%
26Bronson JohnsonsVo1515050%
26Jupiter JamesUnsigned77050%
26Absolute ZeroUnsigned1414050%
26Union JackUnsigned11050%
26Sam VintageUnsigned11050%
26Daniel JacksonUnsigned11050%
26Aleksandr BortsovUnsigned11050%
26Lucy Von DrakeP:V77050%
34Der PunkUnsigned0100%
34Eve SilvesterP:V0100%
34Brendon PatrickUnsigned0100%
34Angus BlackartUnsigned0100%
34American EagleUnsigned0100%
34Lou DeLeoUnsigned0100%
34Victor HollandUnsigned0100%
34Jordon AmosUnsigned0100%
34Geoffrey HobbsUnsigned0100%
34Aaron RichardsUnsigned0100%
34Daiki YutakaUnsigned0100%
45Brandon SnyderP:V12033%
45Jean-Louis DuvalUnsigned12033%
47Edwin EllisP:V23040%
49Ben NobleUnsigned0200%
49Golden BoyUnsigned0200%
49Stijn de RaafUnsigned0200%
49Johnny WhiteUnsigned0200%
53Kandi SparksUnsigned0300%
53Karina BaynardP:V0300%
53Lilith MorganP:V0300%
57Kat KellisonP:V57042%
58Flip DixonUnsigned15017%
59Darwin JonesP:V1014140%
60Dallas JordansVo1424037%
61El FroggosVo1727039%
62Kyle McRaesVo1421040%
63Greg StanleyP:V313019%
64Cherry BordeauxP:V415021%
65Steven LoveP:V12304%
66Clam IdiasVo23006%
66Dale NormanP:V23006%

Tag Team Records

RankTag TeamContractWinLossDrawWin %
1The Black BrotherssVo163084%
2Blood MoneysVo164080%
3The Southern BoyssVo133081%
4Canadian ConnectionsVo1812158%
5Hawaiian Hit SquadP:V100100%
6Mendoza & SnyderP:V22050%
8Rebel SocietyP:V910047%
9Son of A GunUnsigned36033%
10Big TroublesVo912043%
11The Von DrakessVo812040%
12British HospitalitysVo510033%
13The ShamrocksUnsigned410029%
14Patriot ActsVo814135%
15The Starr BrotherssVo1319041%

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Random Quote

"Did I come back so that I could finally be able to realize my dream of being the sVo Champion? HELL YES!!! There are so many more reasons why I came back, but to make a long story short, I came back because I wanted to come back home. And boy does it feel good to be back!"

- Cody Williams (19th November 2012)

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