P:V Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Adam Garcia
Won @ Ascension PPV on 30th March 2024

Championship History

04Adam GarciaCurrentAcsencion PPV30th March 2024
03Curtis Knight343 DaysUprising 4123rd April 2023
02Mike Best99 DaysNight of Violence PPV11th March 2007
01Brutal Steve76 DaysVindication PPV24th December 2006

P:V Television Championship

Current Champion: Setsuna Kojima
Won @ Dance of the Damned 2024 on 29th June 2024

Championship History

10Setsuna KojimaCurrentDance of the Damned 202429th June 2024
09Jakucho Akechi156 DaysUprising 6326th January 2024
08Athena21 DaysDeadly Habits 20245th January 2024
07Bjorn Asulf (x2)187 DaysUprising 462nd July 2023
06Boyd Jackson43 DaysUprising 4321st May 2023
05Bjorn Asulf43 DaysUprising 409th April 2023
04Jerome W99 DaysUprising 1229th April 2007
03Shooting Star32 DaysUprising 929th March 2007
02Brace Williams16 DaysUprising 714th March 2007
01Red Wing125 DaysSymphony of Destruction PPV10th November 2006

P:V Tag Team Championships

Current Champion: The Anarchy Alliance
Won @ Uprising 75 on 11th May 2024

Championship History

03Anarchy AllianceCurrentUprising 7511th May 2024
02The Starr Brothers100 DaysUprising 642nd February 2024
01The Legends Club59 DaysUprising 586th December 2023


P:V Rising Star Championship

Championship History

01CJ Dreamer99 DaysUprising 144th July 2007

P:V Prime Championship

Championship History

03Pat Fullam99 DaysUprising 521st February 2007
02Brock60 DaysVindication PPV24th December 2006
01Kid X11 DaysUprising 213th December 2006

P:V Xtreme Championship

Championship History

02Jay Rayez99 DaysUprising 521st February 2007
01Curtis Knight71 DaysUprising 213th December 2006