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Sanctioned Violence Champions

International Heavyweight Championship

15Angelo Anderson [DW]CurrentDW Clash 1529th January 2024
14Ethan Rider [sVo]99 DayssVo Destiny 20116th February 2011
13Cody Williams [sVo]7 DayssVo Showdown #6930th January 2011
12Colt Cooper [sVo]78 DayssVo Showdown #6114th November 2010
11Rey Rosario [sVo]51 DayssVo Battle of Britain 201025th September 2010
10Bobby Dean [sVo]49 DayssVo Ultimate Victory II8th August 2010
09Roscoe Shame [sVo]127 DayssVo Resurrection 20104th April 2010
08Night [sVo]79 DayssVo Retribution 200825th May 2008
07Isaac White [sVo]57 DayssVo Destiny 200830th March 2008
06Cody Williams [sVo]36 DayssVo Roll The Dice 200824th February 2008
05Alex Ross [sVo]42 DayssVo Showdown #1213th January 2008
04Psyko Stevo [sVo]22 DayssVo Seasons Beatings 200723rd December 2007
03Nicholas Etch [sVo]29 DayssVo Redemption 200725th November 2007
02Johnny All Star [sVo]29 DayssVo Ultimate Victory 200728th October 2007
01Burraca [sVo]15 DayssVo Showdown #0214th October 2007

Canadian Heavyweight Championship (CCW)

01Tyler ThunderCurrentCCW 324th March 2024

Glory Heavyweight Championship (GCW)

03Sam Vintage (x2)CurrentGCW 713th April 2024
02Christian Thomas6 DaysGCW 67th April 2024
01Sam Vintage250 DaysGCW 32nd August 2023

Philadelphia Heavyweight Championship (PFC)

01Dox MaddoxCurrentPFC 17th April 2024

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Random Quote

"I make my own rules. I don’t follow orders from Jon Page. The scumbag disgust’s me, and since I make my own rules I decided that I won’t fight in any title matches unless it’s for the sVo championship. That’s giving up alot right. I may never see a World Title bout, but that’s all that matters to me. That title. I could’ve easily won the Las Vegas title here tonight, but that won’t make me. Only the sVo Championship will."

- Colt Cooper (19th November 2012)

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