Jon Page – Sanctioned Violence Owner
The majority shareholder of the Sanctioned Violence group which contains the sVo, Project:Violence, Dynasty Wrestling, ACE, the Goodfellas Casino & the Stratford Arena in its portfolio. Now living in Las Vegas, Page is originally from London England. Page has been involved in the wrestling business for a long time and first started out by running Dynasty Wrestling in 2001 after a short in ring career.

JD James – P:V COO
JD James is the COO of Project:Violence and the man that is in charge of the day to day running of the promotion. JD James is a veteran of the wrestling business, but is best known recent for his role of a manager, previously being in the corner of the likes of Johnny Moretti, Gunner Lang, Hugo Ryzing & Darwin Jones among others.

Elena Cruz – P:V Lead Interviewer
Backstage interviewer who just wants to make it big on TV! Elena Cruz couldn’t care less about wrestling and thinks that she is better than everyone else in it. Just waiting for her big break until she can jump to Hollywood, Cruz just about puts up with being hit on by the stars of the P:V male locker room.

Harper W. Williams – P:V Head Official
Harper W. Williams is the man in charge of the big Project:Violence matches and is well known for calling matches straight down the middle with a steady and deliberate three count. Williams is more than prepared to let the action flow in the matches that he officiates.

Zac Brindle – P:V Commentator
Brindle is the straight laced commentator of Project:Violence, who has little tolerance for anything that he sees as ‘disrespecting the business’. Brindle calls the action as he sees it & was previously involved with P:V during its first run.

Johnny Kaos – P:V Commentator
Johnny Kaos had a brief run on the P:V roster during its first run in the early 2000’s, however is mainly known as a backyard trash wrestler. Kaos frequently clashes with his co-commentator Zac Brindle over their differing views to the business, with Kaos never happier than when watching a ‘hardcore’ match.