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The Elegance of Arrogance

[Scene: The luxurious backstage area of Dynasty Wrestling in Stratford, London. Jean Louis Duval, adorned in his tailored suit, proudly wears the Dynasty Wrestling Heavyweight Championship across his shoulder. The French heel smirks, relishing the spotlight as he addresses the upcoming non-title match against London’s own, Ben Noble.]

Jean Louis Duval: London, the city of futile dreams. Tomorrow night, I deign to grace this arena with my presence. Ben Noble, you, a symbol of this city’s misguided admiration, believe you have the prowess to challenge the illustrious Jean Louis Duval?

[Duval scoffs, eyeing his championship with a hint of disdain.]

Jean Louis Duval: Our impending encounter is a mere spectacle, an opportunity for you to bask in the ring with a genuine champion. However, understand this, Ben – victory is a concept exclusive to Jean Louis Duval.

[As he adjusts his cufflinks, Duval hears the subtle whispers of Kyle McRae’s ambitions in the wind. A smirk plays on his lips, dismissing the Scottish challenger with a wave of arrogance.]

Jean Louis Duval: McRae, the Scottish tempest that yearns to challenge the inevitable. Tomorrow night, I handle your English compatriot, and when our clash arrives, you shall learn that the championship finds its rightful place with sophistication – with Jean Louis Duval.

[The opulence of the backstage area bears witness to Duval’s confidence as he continues to revel in his self-proclaimed superiority. The camera fades, leaving the air charged with the anticipation of DW Clash 6.]

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