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Special Message from Jakucho-sama

[The video opens on a shot of a young woman whose long black hair with highlights falls gracefully over a gauzy blouse. She flashes a smoldering grin at all of the viewers, saying not a word but acknowledging everyone who’s tuned in for the stream. Jakucho waits a long few moments before at last addressing the world.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Well hello there. I hope all of you are in a comfortable spot to watch Jakucho-sama’s livestream. It’s my first one since the big news broke, so I do hope you’ve got questions for me. I’m sure some of you have no idea who I am->

[She shrugs in a ‘what can you do?’ manner before a knowing smile crosses her face.]

Jakucho Akechi: <But that’s okay, everyone in Project: Violence has got plenty of time to get to know me. Come now, someone must have a good question for the one and only Jakucho-sama?>

[Akechi waggles an eyebrow as she scans the live chat for one to answer. She visibly dismisses a few before finally picking one.]

Jakucho Akechi <Here’s one from Hiromi-san: Akechi-san, you’ve been freelance for months and seen success on your own. Why are you heading to America to work for Project: Violence?>

[The Dangerous Nadeshiko pauses just long enough to cause some drama before responding.]

Akechi: <A very interesting question, dear Hiromi-san. A few years ago the self-righteous old timers in that other organization sat me down and told me to clean up my act. They told me that if I didn’t there wouldn’t be a future for me in puroresu. Can you imagine that? Those fossils take one look at me, with how I look, with how I finally found myself, and they just tell me to throw it away. So I told them where they could shove it, cleaned out my locker and bet on Jakucho-sama. And guess what? They’re still clinging to the old ways, refusing to admit those ways are dying like the dinosaurs they are. Meanwhile the Dangerous Nadeshiko’s become the top attraction in puroresu! I’ve been all over Japan, breaking hearts and cashing checks week in and week out. But I realized that in order to really stand out and bring down the old order, to really find a place in the world where I can be celebrated for who I am? I had to take the leap and head overseas. A star like me deserves to be on the most opulent stage, and what place shines brighter than the spotlight of Las Vegas? Soon it’s going to be MY spotlight.>

[Soon another question gets her attention.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Sawa-no-san asks ‘how are you preparing for your debut against Kat Kellion-san?>

[An impish danger flashes in her eyes as she replies.]

Jakucho Akechi: <It’s so nice of them to let me play with their little Kat, isn’t it? I look at her and see a woman who’s taking things in all the wrong directions. Look at the atrocious overuse of eye makeup! It’s like she was assaulted by a tube of mascara with an axe to grind. Besides that she’s a woman who’s serious and to the point, so out of respect for her I’ll get to the point as well. Kat-san, while I don’t despise you like I do the old timers who belong in nursing homes, you don’t get a free ride. When you step into the ring with Jakucho-sama there’s a price for admission, hon. And that price is going to be your body broken down and your pride crushed into the dirt. None of your in ring experience has prepared you for the storm that’s coming for you on P:V’s Friday debut. You’ll be staring up at the lights, writing in agony, but thank your lucky stars you had the chance to share a ring with a true star of pro wrestling. It’s as close to stardom as you’re going to get, and that price of admission’s worth it. I’ll give you a night you’ll NEVER forget.>

[She scrolls through the chat a bit more, frowning as she weighs a lot of underwhelming options. Just as she begins to pout cutely, Jakucho spots something at last.]

Jakucho Akechi: <When will we be able to get P:V merch for our favorite nadeshiko?>

[Jakucho giggles coquettishly as she reaches at her side for something.]

Jakucho Akechi: <That’s the best question all night! And don’t worry your pretty heads, ladies, at my debut show I’ll be offering a limited number of special hand signed copies of->

[She dramatically holds up an 8×11 sized book with a picture of herself posing seductively on the cover.]

Jakucho Akechi: <My latest photobook, ‘lilly white’. It’s already been the hottest selling product at any show I’ve appeared at, and now it’s the first time international fans have a chance to own it. This is the only show where it’ll be available with my signature, so don’t let the offer get cold. I mean, if you’re some greasy dude who wants it to do God-knows-exactly-what, definitely pass on it. This is only for Jakucho-sama’s loyal lillies. Ladies, this book and all of this->

[She motions to herself and winks.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Are just. for. you.>

[She then smiles dashingly and signs off at just the right time to leave her fans wanting more.]

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