In the heart of Las Vegas, a gritty gym serves as Puck’s sanctuary. The clanging of weights echoes in the air as Puck wraps his hands, preparing for the impending clash with Satake. The dimly lit room reflects the intensity of his thoughts, fueled by the disdain he harbors for his Japanese adversary.

As the news of Satake’s sentimental journey unfolds, Puck remains unfazed, knowing sentimentality has no place in the brutal world of professional wrestling. With a backdrop of resilience born from years of relentless brawling, Puck channels his unyielding spirit.

Puck’s focus intensifies, picturing the relentless assault that awaits Satake in their no-disqualification war. He sneers at the mention of Satake’s mother, dismissing it as irrelevant sentiment. For Puck, the only thing that matters is the impending clash where he aims to prove his dominance.

With a glance at his reflection in the gym’s mirror, Puck grins, ready to unleash a brand of brutality that transcends the sentimental journey of his opponent. As the gym’s atmosphere becomes charged with the anticipation of impending warfare, Puck steps into the ring with one purpose: to make Satake pay for his perceived weakness.

The clock ticks down to Deadly Habits, a stage where the Maple Menace will collide with the Japanese powerhouse, and Puck is determined to rewrite the narrative with a symphony of pain and chaos.

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