The scene opens up in a hotel room of the Goodfellas Casino Arena where James Von Drake and wife Lucy are sitting on the side of the bed looking stunned. JVD has a phone cradled to his ear whilst his wife just shakes her head non stop, staring straight ahead without blinking.

JVD: “Ok I understand.”

Von Drake removes the phone from his ear and hangs up the call, before turning slowly and looking at his wife.

Lucy Von Drake: “Tell me that is some kind of joke?”

JVD slowly shakes his head, a stunned look still on his face.

Lucy Von Drake: “How dare Page do this to us? How fucking dare he! We were the ones that were robbed at Against All Odds, now he is robbing us again!!”

JVD: “You shouldn’t have put your hands on that referee Luce…”

Lucy Von Drake: “Fuck that referee, he screwed you! The sVo return was your big shot to finally make it to the top and because of his incompetence we are already a step behind the competition!”

JVD: “You shouldn’t have put your hands on that referee Luce…”

All JVD can do is stare straight ahead and repeat himself to his wife after hearing the amount of money that sVo Owner Jon Page was going to be fining him after the little incident with the referee Brett Lukas backstage at the last show. 

Lucy Von Drake: “I hear you I hear you! But screw that sexist pig! I mean seriously, he doesn’t sign any female wrestlers to the roster for the restart of the sVo! Does he think he is back in 2007? This is 2020 for god’s sake!!”

JVD slowly rises up to his feet and begins to pace back and forth as his wife continues to complain.

Lucy Von Drake: “I guess the only silver lining is there isn’t anyone better that he can match you up for Against All Odds this week. I mean seriously? Dallas Jordan?”

It was true that JVD had been booked against the newcomer Dallas Jordan for the upcoming show. Jordan had seemingly been a favourite of the sVo Owner after being thrown straight into the main event for the last show to compete against Anthony Moretti, even if he did come up short.

JVD: “Look, Dallas Jordan is going to be no problem at all. At Against All Odds I get back to winning ways in the sVo, but we need to make sure there is no repeat of last time, I can’t afford to be paying these fines every week! You have to get your temper under control Luce!”

As soon as the words had left his mouth, JVD immediately regretted speaking them as Lucy began to turn red in the face in front of him in anger. JVD gritted his teeth for the onslaught whilst desperately trying to think of something to say to change the subject.

JVD: “Anyway… Maybe this will be an opportunity. Now Page has said that the sVo Championship & Las Vegas Championships are vacant, maybe I could get my name in the hat for a shot. After all I won the Victory Cup all those years ago and held the Las Vegas Championship as well!”

JVD’s mind drifts back to past glories as his wife begins to calm down from the earlier comment and turns her attention to the potential gold that could be won.

Lucy Von Drake: “You really think that Page is going to give you a title shot after giving you a big fine?”

JVD: “Why not? It’s all business isn’t it? We hand deliver this money to Page and that will put him in a good mood, that’s when we ask for the shot!”

JVD springs forward and makes his way over to the cupboard, taking out a large black bag before making his way over to the safe and beginning to empty the stacks of money into it.

JVD: “Let’s stop thinking of this money as a fine Luce, let’s think of it as an investment! After all this is Vegas, what better way to gamble then to potentially win big with a title shot!”

Lucy Von Drake looks suspicious as JVD happily packs the money into the black bag as the scene slowly fades out. 

With a match up against Dallas Jordan seemingly being taken lightly, can JVD get the job done against ‘The Patriot’ and bag himself a title shot in the same night or will his ‘investment’ come up short?

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