[Heavy velvet curtains provide an opulent backdrop for a supremely posh setting. A fancy lamp stands at the back of the room, casting soft light over everything in sight. In the center of the shot is a an overstuffed couch with gold trim. It’s here that we see Jakucho Akechi sitting, wearing her “Queen of Queer Style” t-shirt over her ring gear. For a moment she looks down at the floor, mind on something else. Then she playfully seems to notice the camera and looks straight at the viewers.]

Jakucho Akehchi: <Oh there you are, my loyal lilies. I’ve been waiting so eagerly to share a moment with you. Just us, together in this comfortable, intimate space. Please make yourselves comfortable. Jakucho-sama’s been thinking a lot..>

[As always her words are translated into English in the subtitles.]

Jakucho Akechi: <You see, I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve already accomplished in my short time here. From the very first time I appeared on the international stage, there’s been a buzz about me. It’s undeniable that when I speak everyone listens. When I take action everyone pays rapt attention. My words have ruffled some feathers, my actions have broken hearts and shattered doubts. I know that you’re all thrilled to see the Dangerous Nadeshiko deliver on her promises. And those who aren’t? Too bad. Try to stop me and you’ll find out that my revolution is inevitable.>

[She smirks confidently.]

Jakucho Akechi: <The little kitty got a taste of the mat and then dared to call me out over my selective merchandising. Come on, like anything as beautiful as my photo book belongs in the hands of some greasy, hairy basement troll! Diaz got himself Dashed when he talked up his determination to bring me down. He couldn’t withstand the thorns on this rose. And now the woman who calls herself Queen thinks she can slow me down?>

[There’s a smoldering gleam to her eyes as she beckons the viewer closer.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Honestly I do like you. I mean it. You get how things are in a way the dinosaurs and their hangers-on don’t. At another time maybe we’ll become friends, or even friends who benefit each other. But even a woman who fancies herself queen needs to realize that the only true queen around here is the Queen of Queer Style. As much as I do like you, dear Lucy, I have to shatter this illusion you have. You may be good, you may have vision, but you will not stop me. But don’t worry, you will get a signed copy of my photobook for your trouble.>

[Jakucho holds the book up, and we can see it’s even been personalized ‘To Lucy’. She gives it a loving tap, then sets it down before leaning back on the couch. After a moment she blows a kiss and the video ends.]

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