[Scene: The dimly lit streets of the urban neighborhood, where disappointment hangs heavy in the air. Teddy Rush leans against a brick wall, the echoes of Uprising still fresh in his mind. The P:V TV Championship eluded him, replaced by the bitterness of defeat.]

Teddy Rush: [Sighs] I fought tooth and nail, but Asulf slipped through my grasp. The hood was watching, believing. Now, all I’ve got is this taste of disappointment, lingering in every step.

[His gaze hardens, turning to a nearby graffiti-covered wall, as anger simmers beneath the surface.]

Teddy Rush: The Legends Club – Curtis Knight, Drew Hendrix, Buzz Marshall – they don’t know what it’s like to fight from the bottom, to claw for every inch. And Athena, you crossed a line.

[Rush clenches his fists, his voice rising with frustration.]

Teddy Rush: Athena, you can’t even fathom the struggles of the streets. You may be a legend to some, but in my world, you’re just another obstacle. Attacking me after that match, you disrespected everything I stand for.

[He kicks a pebble, the frustration evident.]

Teddy Rush: The hood won’t forget what happened at Uprising. Curtis Knight and his Legends Club might revel in their moment, but they’ve just fueled a fire. Athena, your actions spoke louder than any accolade. You’ll remember Teddy Rush, the fighter from the streets, for a long time.

[The urban night remains indifferent to his frustration as Rush walks away, the echoes of Uprising mingling with the simmering anger in his heart.]

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