Ladies and gentlemen, patriots of the squared circle, I stand before you as the embodiment of unwavering American spirit, Dallas Jordan, leader of the triumphant Patriot Act! Travis Armstrong, Lance Abbott, and I have come together to show the world that true unity and strength can overcome any challenge!

Now, let me set the record straight. The word is out, the whispers have turned into roars, and the announcement has been made: Patriot Act is officially recognized as the premier tag team in XPRO! We didn’t ask for this recognition, we demanded it through blood, sweat, and sacrifice! From the heartland to the coasts, from sea to shining sea, we’ve left our mark in that ring!

But here’s the deal, folks. A championship opportunity isn’t handed out on a silver platter, it’s earned in the heat of battle, through fierce determination and a burning desire to succeed. And now, we fix our gaze on the sVo Tag Team Championships! We’re not just aiming for gold; we’re aiming to prove that Patriot Act is the embodiment of American dominance, and we will show our mettle in every slam, every hold, and every triumphant pinfall!

Travis Armstrong and Lance Abbott are with me, united in our mission to bring honor, glory, and championship gold to our great nation. We’re not asking for charity, we’re demanding a fair shot at those titles that every wrestler dreams of holding. So, to the current sVo Tag Team Champions, we say this: Prepare yourselves, because Patriot Act is coming for you! We’re a force that can’t be denied, and we’ll fight with every ounce of our being to etch our names into the annals of history as the champions we were born to be!

God bless Patriot Act, and God bless the United States of America!

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