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A Second Chance

Kyle McRae

Kyle McRae vs Jacob Izaz….

Finally another shot at being able to show what I can do….

It has been months and months, and I have been frozen out of the sVo. It was always my dream to get here, to compete in front of that Las Vegas crowd, but thanks to Jon Page that dream quickly became a nightmare.

Fighting against Xander Azula and then Lindsay Troy was supposed to be the wins that propelled me into the big time, instead they ended up being the losses that nearly wrecked my whole sVo career.

Many times, I thought about quitting, about just making my way back to Scotland, tail between my legs to start the inevitable career selling insurance or houses or something. I turned up for show after show, just to be told that I wouldn’t be needed night after night. I stuck in there, I thought maybe, just maybe that if I kept turning up and kept showing willing that finally Jon Page would give in and give me another chance.

That chance never came, not under Jon Page at least.

Now is the shot, now is the second chance. I have another Page to thank for it, Amy Page that is.

I am sure that everyone on the roster is thinking about the chance for a fresh start, thinking about the chance to show the new boss what they are all about, but no one as much as me. This little set back will be the making of me, that is what I keep being told and I truly believe it. Amy Page has thrown me into a match against Jacob Izaz, a man that is just coming off of a run as a Las Vegas Champion. I don’t think our careers could have taken more of a different trajectory had it been by design. I am sure Jacob will be thinking about breezing through this match and earning another shot at the gold.

No, No…. Not going to happen.

This match might mean title opportunities for Izaz, but it means keeping my head above water chance for me. A chance to show Amy Page what I am all about. A chance to show her that she can put her face in me like her brother never did.

It’s not just me I am fighting for next Sunday night. It is my brothers the ‘British Hospitality’. Alexander and Harry have been punished by just being affiliated with me – tarred with the same brush we call it back home. They have remained loyal, stood by my side – I won’t forget it.

This Sunday Jacob Izaz can bring his ‘A game’, in fact I hope he brings his ‘A+ game’, it won’t be enough. That feeling of being back in the ring on Sunday is going to be the biggest buzz of my life, something that I never thought I would feel again. This second chance is something that I will not pass up, no matter who I am taking on.

Sorry Jacob, nothing personal, but there is no way that I am losing this one, I NEED to show what I can do.

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