After the eight man tag team match that saw P:V Champion Curtis Knight & Athena team up with Rebel Society to take on Stevie Rigg, Darwin Jones, James Mendoza & Brandon Snyder, the P:V Champion will resume his rivalry with Mendoza in singles action on Uprising!

Can Mendoza defeat the Champion in one on one action, or will Knight teach him a lesson for being prepared to team up with Rigg and Jones?

The Rebel Society have been dominating the tag team scene in P:V, however this week they face a new challenge with the debut of the Hawaiian Hit Squad! Can Rebel Society keep their run going or will the newcomers show what they are all about?

Bjorn Asulf hasn’t stepped in the ring since losing his P:V TV Championship, but he returns this week against Greg Stanley! Can Stanley score the big win or will Asulf take out his frustrations on the veteran?

For all this and move, check out P:V Uprising 45 on HOTv on Sunday 18th June, live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena!

Match Card:

Single Match
Teddy Rush vs. Steven Love

Single Match
Bjorn Asulf vs. Greg Stanley

Single Match
Midas vs. Edwin Ellis

Tag Team Match
Hawaiian Hit Squad vs. Rebel Society

Non Title Match
James Mendoza vs. Curtis Knight

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