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sVo Showdown 148 Preview

New sVo COO Amy Page will take control of her second sVo show with Showdown 148, where she will have to react to Curtis Knight, Darwin Jones & Athena jumping ship to the P:V on Uprising 39!

August Lazar defied the odds at the last PPV to retain the sVo Championship, this week on Showdown he will find out his next challenger as Bobby Dean, Johnny Moretti, Night & Kenneth D Williams all battle in the main event for the #1 contendership!

Dallas Jordan will defend his Las Vegas Championship belt as he takes on Gunner Lang under submission rules, and Rick Reid is set to defence his Roulette Championship as he tries to rack up 10 wins needed for a cash in!

For all this and more, check out Showdown 148 live on HOTv, on Sunday 2nd April!

Match Card

Event: sVo Showdown 148
Date: 2nd April 2023
Location: Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Opening Match
Hiro Ryuu vs. Clam Idia

Roulette Championship Match
Rick Reid vs. Bronson Johnson

Single Match
Junior Gambino vs. JVD

Tag Team Match
The Starr Brothers vs. Patriot Act

Las Vegas Championship Match
Dallas Jordan vs. Gunner Lang

Single Match
Jacob Izaz vs. Kyle McRae

#1 Contendership Fatal Four Way Match
BBD vs. Johnny Moretti vs. Night vs. Kenneth D Williams

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