The sVo returns with Showdown 157 this Sunday on HOTv, with the event of course being preceded with ‘Proving Grounds’ live the day before.

After Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone shockingly sided with Junior Gambino and kicked Johnny Moretti from Blood Money, the fans all want to know why and what is next for the group!

We also saw current Roulette Champion Kyle McRae look like he was in negotiations with Dynasty Wrestling for their return show, how will Amy Page react this week?

With news that Trailer Trash Terry is on his way to the sVo, will we see the newcomer this week on Showdown?

In a massive main event, Bobby Dean the former sVo Champion, is set to battle ‘the Human Highlight Reel’ Kenneth D Williams, whilst William Vorheez is also in action as he takes on Bronson Johnson! However the sVo fans in the Goodfellas Casino Arena will not only see two former sVo Champions in action, as Big Aug also battles in singles action against Riley Smith! We are also set to see Gunner Lang take on Hiro Ryuu, and the Canadian Connection battle The Southern Boys in tag team action!

For all this and more, check out Showdown this week on HOTv!

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