The last sVo show of 2022 is now less than a week away, with Seasons Beatings 2022 taking place on Christmas Day, live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas!

sVo Championship Match
Big Aug (c) vs. Bobby Dean

In the main event of the night Big Aug will defend the sVo Championship for the first time after winning it from William Vorheez, but must do it against the legendary BBD! Bobby Dean managed to defend the Roulette Championship ten times in a row to get his shot, will he finally capture the one sVo Championship he has never held or will Big Aug show just why he managed to climb to the top of the mountain.

Single Match
Night vs. William Vorheez

In a massive match, two legends will go toe to toe as Night takes on William Vorheez! With Blood Money as well as the Black Brothers seemingly in Vorheez’s corner, can Night overcome the odds in a match that is likely to have sVo Championship implications?

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs. Curtis Knight

After Curtis Knight shocked the world and revealed himself as the man behind the backstage attack on Kenneth D Williams months ago, the whole world has been asking why! Finally Kenneth D Williams gets his chance for revenge, but will he manage to get back on track against the giant?

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Blood Money (c) vs. The Southern Boys

The Southern Boys were brought into the sVo by Jon Page to deal with Blood Money and this week they finally get their chance! After winning the #1 contendership match last Showdown, the former MVW Tag Team Champions will get the chance to add some sVo gold to their resume.

sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
Jacob Izaz (c) vs. Carny Sinclair

Izaz shocked the world when he captured the Las Vegas Championship from Sinclair at the last PPV. After winning a #1 contendership match last time on Showdown, Sinclair gets the chance to reclaim his gold!

sVo Roulette Championship
Hiro Ryuu vs. Kyle McRae

Ryuu managed to capture the gold when he defeated Gunner Lang on Showdown 141. With Kyle McRae trying to fight his way back to favour in the sVo, can he follow up his win over Curtis Knight on Showdown 142 and win his first sVo gold?

For all this and more, check out Seasons Beatings 2022 on HOTv!

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