P:V (Project:Violence) Elevates Entertainment with Uprising’s Move to Prime Time Fridays

Las Vegas, 15th December – In an exciting development for wrestling enthusiasts and fans of hard-hitting action, P:V (Project:Violence), a dynamic member of the ‘Sanctioned Violence’ group of promotions under the ownership of Jon Page, announces a strategic shift for its weekly TV show, Uprising.

Beginning 22nd December, Uprising will move from its traditional Wednesday night slot to a new prime time airing on Fridays. This strategic move aims to enhance the viewing experience for fans and bring the adrenaline-pumping world of P:V to an even wider audience.

Why Friday Nights?

The decision to transition Uprising to Friday nights was fueled by a commitment to providing fans with a premier wrestling experience to kick off their weekend. Friday nights are synonymous with entertainment, and P:V aims to capture the energy of the end of the week, delivering high-octane action and suspense to wrestling enthusiasts in Las Vegas and beyond.

Enhanced Production Values and Exciting Match-Ups:

With the move to Friday nights, P:V promises an enhanced viewing experience, complete with elevated production values and a stellar lineup of matches. Fans can expect a fusion of athleticism, drama, and entertainment, as P:V athletes showcase their skills in the ring.

Jon Page, Owner of Sanctioned Violence, Expresses Enthusiasm:

Jon Page, the visionary owner of the ‘Sanctioned Violence’ group of promotions, expressed his excitement about the move, saying, “Uprising’s move to Friday nights is a strategic step towards providing our fans with an unparalleled wrestling experience. We believe this change will not only enhance the show’s accessibility but also elevate the overall entertainment quotient. P:V is all about pushing boundaries, and this move aligns perfectly with that ethos.”

How to Catch the Action:

Uprising will air on Fridays at 8 on the HOTv Network. Wrestling enthusiasts can stay tuned to witness the hard-hitting, no-holds-barred action that has become synonymous with P:V.

For media inquiries, please contact the Sanctioned Violence press office.

About P:V (Project:Violence):

P:V (Project:Violence) is a premier wrestling promotion based in Las Vegas and part of the ‘Sanctioned Violence’ group of promotions. Known for its commitment to delivering electrifying entertainment, P:V showcases the best in professional wrestling, featuring top-notch athletes, compelling storylines, and unparalleled excitement.

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