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sVo Uprising 17

It’s the last show before the Roll the Dice 2022 PPV!

sVo Uprising 17
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
27th April 2022

The entrance video package for Uprising begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Uprising’ by Artificial Intelligence as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Uprising’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena.

The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Athena vs. Dale Norman

The Hottest sVo Division

After the dominating victory from Athena over Dale Norman in the opening match of the night, the cameras head backstage where the Shamrocks are standing by alongside Katie Smith in the interview area! Sean O’Grady and Tom Flynn are decked out in street clothes, but still look pleased with themselves after their big victory over BIG TROUBLE on Showdown a few days ago.

Katie Smith: “Tom, Sean, thanks for joining me tonight! Now you are only a few days removed from a big victory over Big Trouble on Showdown, a massive win for you guys!”

Tom Flynn: “Aye Katie, that is for sure! We lost out to the Von Drake’s recently, we took Gunner Lang and his lad to nearly sixty minutes in the ring…. But finally we picked up the big victory that is going to change our fortunes here in the sVo and push us up the rankings.”

Sean O’Grady: “Everyone seems surprised Katie? We have been here in the sVo on the grind for over a year now, putting in the work day in and day out in front of the live crowd here in the Goodfellas Casino Arena! Big Trouble are the new kids on the block, the new flavour of the month…. Hopefully we gave them a taste of what the sVo is all about!”

O’Grady and Flynn fist bump clearly chuffed with their big victory.

Katie Smith: “Well it was certainly a big victory, but with no match tonight and the PPV only a few days away on Sunday, what is next for you guys?”

Tom Flynn: “Well Katie we know that the tag team division right now in the sVo is the hottest it has even been, Black Brothers, Canadian Connection, Blood Money, Rebel Society, Gunner & his Boy, Big Trouble, Starr Brothers, Patriot Act……!”

Flynn and O’Grady shoot each other a look, as if thinking about the competition.

Tom Flynn: “We know it is a tough slog to get to the top of those rankings, but we have shown what we are all about over the last couple of weeks.”

Sean O’Grady: “Basically Katie love, what we are saying is we are keeping an eye on that Tag Team Championship match at Roll the Dice, because no matter who walks out as the winners, we are making plans to get our shots!”

O’Grady and Flynn nod to each other in agreement before making their way from the interview area.

Katie Smith: “Well certainly a statement of intent from the Shamrocks…. Now back to the action!”

Fade out.

Carny Sinclair vs. CJ Dreamer


Ruination 24, Battalion Edition, will take place on April 30th, 2022!

Shutting Down the Carnival

As Uprising returns from a commercial break, the cameras head straight to the backstage area where Katie Smith is standing by, microphone in hand, with the ‘Granite Kid’ Kyle McRae! The young Scot has a serious look on his face as Katie Smith welcomes the fans back to the show.

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Uprising. I am joined right now by Kyle McRae! Kyle, we just watched a man that you have a little recent history with, Carny Sinclair, score a victory over CJ Dreamer. What do you make of the match?”

Kyle McRae: “Well a little recent history is one way of putting it hen, I like to call it him wrapping a steel chair around the back of my head after I beat him fair and square in the ring!”

McRae touches the back of his head as he speaks, as if still feeling the impact of the attack.

Kyle McRae: “Now aye, he managed to beat me after he had attacked me from behind…. If you really want to count something like that as a win, then I guess that makes as one each! Now that isn’t something that sits well with me, and I am sure the fans out there don’t want to see a bore draw!”

The fans in the arena cheer loudly.

Kyle McRae: “So to put this into football terms for you Sinclair, the PPV is extra time so let’s settle the score! I am challenging you to a match, can you beat me, or do you want to throw in the white flag before we get started and admit defeat?”

McRae smiles into the camera but Katie Smith shrieks and jumps out of the way as out of no where Carny Sinclair appears in the camera shot and drops Kyle McRae with a straight right hand to the side of his face! Carny Sinclair stomps away on a floored Kyle McRae, getting in as many kicks as he can until security quickly appears to get between the two!

Sinclair smiles wildly as he is led away, whilst Kyle McRae is checked on and helped up from the floor.

Rebel Society vs. Canadian Connection


Uprising #18
4th May 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Welcome to the Family

The camera heads backstage after the commercial break to the locker room of Blood Money, with the crowd booing loudly as they see the scene on the giant screen in the arena. Inside the Blood Money locker room is Johnny All Star Moretti, one of the men that will challenge for the sVo Championship in a few days time as well as Joe Barone and Anthony Moretti, two men that will challenge for the sVo Tag Team Championships at the same event!

However along with the trio is a new face, the man that made his first appearance on Showdown on Sunday to attack Money Malone, the newest member of Blood Money, Junior Gambino! Gambino is dressed for action and looks pumped up as he gets a last-minute pep talk.

Anthony Moretti: “This is it Junior, it’s time! Your first match under the Blood Money banner!”

Barone nods, standing silently behind Moretti as always.

Johnny Moretti: “Izaz isn’t bad, so don’t underestimate him…. You have to get started with a win tonight!”

Gambino smirks, looking fully confident in his ability to get the job done.

Anthony Moretti: “When you head out there kid I want you to remember in your mind that you are not standing across the ring from Jacob Izaz, you are facing off against that rat Malone! I want you to pummel Izaz as if he is that lousy rat himself!”

Gambino looks pumped up as he bangs his fists on the door.

Johnny Moretti: “Go out there and show the world what Blood Money is all about! I want Malone to watch this match and be shitting in his pants ahead of the PPV!”

Gambino bangs his fists on the door again, a little harder.

Junior Gambino: “Let’s GOOOOOOO!”

Gambino storms out of the room full of piss and vinegar, as the rest of Blood Money look around at each other, a job well done.


sVo Roll the Dice 2022 PPV
1st May 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas

Junior Gambino vs. Jacob Izaz

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