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sVo Showdown 171

Its the flagship weekly sVo show from Las Vegas!

sVo Showdown 171
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
4th February 2024

[The camera fades in to the bustling atmosphere of the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, where the crowd is buzzing with anticipation for another electrifying night of sVo action. The stage is set, and excitement hangs thick in the air as the lights pulsate and the fans roar with excitement.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the hottest ticket in town! We’re live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena for another adrenaline-fueled edition of sVo Showdown!

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian! Tonight’s lineup is stacked with must-see matchups, including the highly anticipated main event featuring Angelo Anderson defending his International Heavyweight Championship against none other than the sVo legend, William Vorheez!

Julian Fiasco: It’s going to be an absolute barnburner, folks! But let’s not forget about our Roulette Champion, CJ Dreamer, who’s set to put his title on the line once again in what promises to be another thrilling defense.

Jermiah Sloan: And of course, we can’t overlook the ongoing drama surrounding Blood Money. With tensions running high, you never know what’s going to happen when those guys are in the building.

[As the crowd’s anticipation reaches a fever pitch, the camera pans to the entrance ramp where the sVo logo gleams in the spotlight.]

Julian Fiasco: Strap yourselves in, folks! It’s time to kick things off with the kind of hard-hitting action that only the sVo can deliver. Get ready, because Showdown 171 starts right now!

Perpetrators Unknown Pt.1

[The backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is bustling with activity as sVo interviewer Katie Smith stands before the camera, a look of concern etched on her face.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, Katie Smith here with an important update regarding sVo Champion Night. Last week, Night was found unconscious backstage, and as of now, he remains hospitalized. Despite our best efforts, the identity of his attacker remains unknown.

[Smith’s expression reflects the gravity of the situation as she continues, her voice carrying a tone of urgency.]

Katie Smith: Night is currently undergoing medical treatment, and his condition is being closely monitored by the medical team. The entire sVo family is sending our thoughts and prayers for his speedy recovery.

[Smith pauses for a moment, the weight of the situation palpable in the air.]

Katie Smith: The safety and well-being of our superstars is of paramount importance, and rest assured, we are leaving no stone unturned in our investigation. We are working tirelessly to uncover the truth behind this cowardly attack.

[With a determined look in her eyes, Smith concludes the update, her commitment to uncovering the truth evident.]

Katie Smith: As soon as we have any further developments, we will bring them to you. Until then, let’s keep Night in our thoughts and continue to stand together as a community during this challenging time. Thank you.

[With that, Smith offers a solemn nod before the camera fades to black, leaving the audience to ponder the unsettling turn of events.]

Pick You Poison Pt.1

[The atmosphere in Amy Page’s office is tense as Anthony Moretti and Johnny All Star sit opposite each other, their expressions reflecting the animosity between them. Amy Page, the sVo COO, sits at her desk, her demeanor firm yet composed.]

Amy Page: Gentlemen, thank you for coming. I’ll get straight to the point. The ongoing feud between Blood Money and Johnny All Star has reached a boiling point, and it’s time to address it.

[She pauses, allowing her words to sink in before continuing.]

Amy Page: Effective immediately, there can be no further acts of violence between Blood Money and Johnny All Star until Vendetta. Any infractions will result in severe consequences, including the cancellation of the scheduled match.

[Her tone is unwavering, leaving no room for negotiation.]

Amy Page: Furthermore, to settle the score once and for all, tonight we will have a ‘pick your poison’ match. Both of you will nominate a competitor to fight on your behalf, and the winner will have the privilege of selecting the Blood Money member that will face Johnny All Star at Vendetta.

[She leans forward, emphasizing the significance of her announcement.]

Amy Page: This is your chance to settle your differences in a controlled environment, gentlemen. I expect you to adhere to these rules without exception. Is that understood?

[Her gaze shifts between Moretti and All Star, waiting for their acknowledgment of her directives.]

A Frosty Reception

[The bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is abuzz with activity as staff members scurry about, preparing for the night’s event. Amidst the organized chaos, Angelo Anderson, the newly crowned International Heavyweight Champion, strides into the arena, his championship belt slung over his shoulder.]

Angelo Anderson: [Walking with purpose, Anderson acknowledges the stares and whispers from the sVo staff, his expression unreadable.]

[As Anderson passes by, the atmosphere noticeably cools, with some staff members casting wary glances in his direction. The tension is palpable, a stark contrast to the usual camaraderie backstage.]

[Undeterred by the chilly reception, Anderson maintains his composure, his focus unwavering as he heads towards the locker room area. Despite the frosty atmosphere, the confidence radiating from the new champion is undeniable, a silent declaration of his intent to dominate the sVo arena.]

Single Match
Alex Sterling vs. Noah Rogan

Pick You Poison Pt.2

[In the dimly lit backstage corridor of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Johnny All Star paces back and forth, his mind consumed by the impending confrontation with Blood Money. As he deliberates his next move, he spots Gunner Lang, his old friend and now rival, approaching.]

Johnny All Star: [Eyes fixed on Gunner, he strides forward with purpose, determination etched on his features.] Gunner, we need to talk.

Gunner Lang: [Pausing mid-stride, Gunner meets Johnny’s gaze with a mix of wariness and curiosity.] What’s on your mind, Johnny?

Johnny All Star: [Voice edged with urgency, he gets straight to the point.] I need your help tonight. I’m entering that pick your poison match, and I need someone I can trust to fight on my behalf. I know things went south between us…. but remember how far back we go, remember how we fought side by side during the ‘Horizon’ days.

Gunner Lang: [Skeptical but intrigued, Gunner crosses his arms, considering Johnny’s request.] You want me to represent you in the match?

Johnny All Star: [Nods solemnly, his expression earnest.] Yeah, Gunner. You and me, we go way back. Blood Money’s been making our lives hell, and I can’t take them down alone. I need you in my corner.

Gunner Lang: [Pauses, conflicted by the proposition, but ultimately swayed by the shared history between them.] Alright, Johnny. I’ll do it. But not for you. For us. For what Blood Money took from us.

Johnny All Star: [Grateful but understanding, he extends a hand towards Gunner.] Thanks, Gunner. I won’t forget it.

[With a firm handshake, Johnny and Gunner solidify their uneasy alliance, united in their shared mission to take down the common enemy. As they part ways to prepare for the impending battle, a sense of determination hangs heavy in the air, signalling the brewing storm set to erupt in the ring.]

Padding Your Record

[In the bustling backstage corridors of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Alex Sterling, known as The LA Luminary, walks with a confident stride, the glow of victory still evident in his demeanor. His recent win over Noah Rogan adds another notch to his impressive record, and he wears it like a badge of honor.]

Alex Sterling: [Muttering to himself with a satisfied grin.] Another night, another victory. Can’t say I’m surprised.

[As Alex rounds the corner, he nearly collides with another wrestler, Carlos Vasquez, The Miami Maverick, who stands tall and exudes an aura of confidence.]

Carlos Vasquez: [His tone laced with challenge, he looks Alex Sterling up and down.] Well, well, if it isn’t The LA Luminary himself. Picking off the easy targets again, I see?

[Alex raises an eyebrow, his expression a mix of amusement and curiosity at the newcomer’s boldness.]

Alex Sterling: Easy targets? I prefer to call it strategic maneuvering, my friend. But if you’ve got a problem with that, maybe you’d like to step into the ring with me and see what I’m really made of?

[Carlos Vasquez grins, clearly relishing the opportunity to test his mettle against a seasoned competitor like Sterling.]

Carlos Vasquez: You read my mind. I’ve been itching for a real challenge around here. So what do you say, LA? Are you ready to step up and prove you’re more than just a flash in the pan?

[Alex Sterling’s expression shifts, a flicker of uncertainty crossing his features before he regains his composure, his competitive spirit reignited by Vasquez’s challenge.]

Alex Sterling: [With a confident smirk.] You’re on, Miami. Consider it a date in the ring. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re staring up at the lights.

[With their exchange of words setting the stage for a showdown, Alex Sterling and Carlos Vasquez part ways, each determined to prove their worth in the unforgiving arena of professional wrestling.]

sVo Roulette Championship
CJ Dreamer (c) vs. Danny Domino

Inured Champion?

[The arena crackles with energy as the tension builds to a crescendo, signaling the climax of the match for the coveted Roulette Championship. Danny Domino and CJ Dreamer, two titans of the ring, have clashed in a battle of endurance and skill, each vying for supremacy.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, what a match we’ve witnessed here tonight! These two competitors have pushed themselves to the limit in pursuit of championship glory.

Jeremiah Sloan: Absolutely, Julian. This has been an epic encounter from the opening bell. But look at them now, both men weary from the battle they’ve waged in this very ring.

[As the dust settles, it’s Danny Domino who emerges victorious, his hand raised in triumph as the new Roulette Champion. However, there’s little jubilation in his demeanor, his expression a mixture of pain and exhaustion.]

Julian Fiasco: There’s no denying the heart and determination of Danny Domino, but you can see the toll this match has taken on him. He’s barely able to stand, let alone celebrate his victory.

Jeremiah Sloan: And let’s not forget CJ Dreamer, folks. He may have come up short tonight, but he fought valiantly against the odds. You can see the toll of his grueling schedule etched on his face.

[As the referee presents the Roulette Championship belt to Danny Domino, the arena erupts in a mixture of applause and concern for the competitors. The physical toll of their battle is evident, written in the bruises and sweat that adorn their weary bodies.]

Julian Fiasco: It’s moments like these that truly showcase the sacrifices these athletes make in pursuit of greatness. Tonight, Danny Domino may have claimed victory, but both men have earned our respect for their incredible display of athleticism and determination.

Jeremiah Sloan: Indeed, Julian. And as the dust settles on this unforgettable showdown, one thing’s for certain: the legacy of the Roulette Championship continues, written in the blood, sweat, and tears of those who dare to step foot inside the squared circle.

[With the Roulette Championship now in new hands, the scene heads backstake, marking the end of yet another chapter in the storied history of the sVo.]

Pick You Poison Pt.3

[In the bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Anthony Moretti strides with purpose towards Amy Page’s office, his frustration palpable with every step. He knocks firmly on the door, his expression a mix of anger and determination.]

Amy Page: [From within the office, her voice firm but composed.] Come in.

[Anthony pushes open the door, his eyes locking onto Amy as he steps inside, the tension in the air almost tangible.]

Anthony Moretti: [Barely containing his frustration, he speaks with an edge to his voice.] Amy, we need to talk. This whole ‘pick your poison’ thing… It’s a joke. I should be able to nominate a Blood Money member to fight on my behalf, not some random wrestler.

Amy Page: [Meeting Anthony’s gaze with a calm demeanor, she leans back in her chair, considering his words.] I understand your frustration, Anthony, but we need to ensure fairness in the match. No preferential treatment.

Anthony Moretti: [His jaw clenches, the frustration simmering beneath the surface.] Fairness? After everything we’ve been through with Johnny All Star? This is a slap in the face.

Amy Page: [Nods thoughtfully, acknowledging his concerns.] I hear you, Anthony. And I have an alternative proposal that might interest you.

[As Anthony’s brow furrows in curiosity, the door swings open once more, revealing a figure stepping into the room. The air crackles with anticipation as the newcomer’s presence fills the space.]

Amy Page: [With a subtle smile, she gestures towards the figure.] Allow me to introduce you to someone who might level the playing field.

[As the tension mounts, the figure steps forward, revealing himself to be none other than Rick Reid, a veteran of the sVo whose return promises to shake the foundations of the locker room.]

Rick Reid: [His voice carries the weight of experience, his gaze unwavering.] Anthony, Looks like we’ve got some unfinished business to take care of.

[Anthony’s eyes widen in surprise and intrigue, the possibilities swirling in his mind as he regards Rick Reid, a newfound ally in the battle against their adversaries. With the stage set for a showdown of epic proportions, the stakes have never been higher in the world of the sVo.]

Working Together

[The backstage area hums with anticipation as Johnny Dorn, ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller, ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams, and their manager ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas convene in their locker room. The atmosphere crackles with determination and a thirst for retribution.]

Johnny Dorn: Alright, folks, listen up. We’ve got a score to settle tonight, and we’re not leaving until we set the record straight. We stay on the same page tonight and get the job done, then we go our own separate ways and bag those Tag Team titles and the sVo Championship…..

‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller: Damn right, Johnny. Trailer Trash Terry and those Sin City Scoundrels have been running roughshod for too long. It’s time we put an end to their antics once and for all.

‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams: You got that right, Dave. We ain’t gonna stand by and let ’em walk all over us. It’s time to show ’em what we’re made of.

‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas: Boys, I couldn’t agree more. Tonight, we’ve got a chance to make a statement. To show the whole damn world what the Southern Boys are capable of.

Johnny Dorn: That’s what I’m talking about, Haley. We’re not just here to make up the numbers. We’re here to take names and kick ass.

‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller: So what’s the plan, Johnny? How are we gonna take down Terry and those Scoundrels?

Johnny Dorn: Simple. We stick together, we watch each other’s backs, and we hit ’em where it hurts. Tonight, we’re not just a team. We’re a force to be reckoned with.

‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams: Hell yeah! Let’s show ’em what the Southern Boys are made of!

[With a shared sense of purpose and determination, Johnny Dorn and the Southern Boys share a nod of solidarity. Tonight, they’re not just fighting for victory—they’re fighting for respect, redemption, and the chance to carve their names into the annals of sVo history.]

Pick Your Poison Match
Rick Reid vs. Gunner Lang

Ready to Continue the Momentum

[Inside the locker room of BIG Trouble, the atmosphere is charged with intensity as Big Aug, BIGBOSS Batts, and BIG Kahuna Ali’i gather to strategize for the night ahead.]

Big Aug: Alright, listen up, fellas. Tonight, we’ve got ourselves another opportunity to show the world what BIG Trouble is all about.

BIGBOSS Batts: You got that right, Aug. Nobody’s gonna stand in our way tonight. We’re walking out of that ring with another W under our belts.

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: Absolutely, brothers. We’ve been tearing through everyone who dares to step up against us, and tonight ain’t gonna be any different.

Big Aug: Damn right, Kahuna. Tonight, Jay Adder thinks he’s gonna waltz in here and take us down? He’s got another thing coming. We’re BIG Trouble, and we don’t back down from nobody.

BIGBOSS Batts: That’s the spirit, Aug. Jay Adder’s gonna learn the hard way what happens when you mess with BIG Trouble.

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: Jay Adder better be ready for a fight, ’cause we ain’t holding back. We’re gonna hit him hard, hit him fast, and show him what happens when you step into the ring with the biggest, baddest trio in the sVo.

Big Aug: You said it, Kahuna. So let’s go out there and do what we do best. We stick together, we stay focused, and we leave it all in that ring. Tonight, Jay Adder’s gonna wish he never crossed paths with BIG Trouble.

[With a shared nod of determination, BIG Trouble gears up for the showdown ahead. Tonight, they’re not just looking for a win—they’re aiming to make a statement, and Jay Adder is about to feel the full force of BIG Trouble’s might.]

New Champion

[In the medical room, Danny Domino sits on the examination table, his knee wrapped and throbbing with pain. Katie Smith cautiously approaches, microphone in hand, ready to interview the newly crowned Roulette Champion.]

Katie Smith: Danny, first and foremost, congratulations on winning the Roulette Championship tonight. How does it feel to have your first taste of gold here in the sVo?

Danny Domino: Thanks, Katie. Honestly, it’s a mix of emotions right now. Winning the Roulette Championship is a big deal, no doubt about it. But this knee… it’s reminding me that nothing comes easy in this business.

Katie Smith: Speaking of your knee, it looks like you’re in quite a bit of pain. Can you tell us what happened out there?

Danny Domino: Yeah, took a nasty hit during the match. It’s part of the game, you know? But I’ll bounce back. Ain’t nothing gonna keep me down for long.

Katie Smith: Fair enough, Danny. Now, there’s been a lot of speculation swirling around about the attack on Night last week. Can you set the record straight? Were you involved in any way?

Danny Domino: No way, Katie. I might be a lot of things, but I ain’t a coward who attacks people from behind. Night’s situation is messed up, and whoever did it… well, they better watch their back when Night gets back on his feet.

Katie Smith: Understood, Danny. Well, thank you for your time, and once again, congratulations on your victory tonight.

[Danny offers a nod of appreciation, his expression a mix of pain and determination as he focuses on his recovery and his newfound championship reign in the sVo.]

Single Match
Big Aug vs. Jay Adder

What We are Made Of

[Jay Adder strides confidently through the corridors of the arena, the echoes of his victory still ringing in his ears. As he approaches the locker room of Generation Joint, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction washes over him. Pushing the door open, he steps inside to the sight of his comrades gathered around, awaiting his return.]

Kenneth D Williams: Jay, my man! That was one heck of a match out there!

Jacob Izaz: Yeah, you really showed Big Aug what Generation Joint is made of!

Gunner Lang: Way to go, Jay! That win’s gonna put a dent in their plans for sure.

[Jay Adder grins, feeling the warmth of his teammates’ praise enveloping him like a comforting embrace.]

Jay Adder: Thanks, guys. Couldn’t have done it without your support out there. Big Aug put up a fight, but we showed him what we’re all about.

Kenneth D Williams: Damn right, Jay! This is just the beginning. We’ve got our eyes set on bigger things, and tonight’s victory is just the start of it.

Jacob Izaz: Absolutely. We’re stronger together, and tonight’s win proves it. We’re making waves in the sVo, and nobody can stop us when we’re united.

Gunner Lang: Couldn’t have said it better myself. Tonight, we showed the world why Generation Joint is a force to be reckoned with.

[With a collective sense of pride and determination, the members of Generation Joint share a moment of camaraderie, their spirits lifted by Jay’s victory and fueled by the promise of even greater triumphs to come.]

Perpetrators Unknown Pt.2

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Trailer Trash Terry, who’s got a big match coming up tonight. Terry, how are you feeling about teaming up with the Sin City Scoundrels to take on Johnny Dorn and the Southern Boys?

Trailer Trash Terry: Well, Katie, let me tell ya somethin’. Tonight’s gonna be a wild ride, that’s for damn sure. Teaming up with them Scoundrels ain’t exactly my idea of a good time, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Katie Smith: Fair point, Terry. But speaking of desperate measures, there’s been speculation that you might have been involved in the attack on sVo Champion Night last week. Care to comment on that?

Trailer Trash Terry: Speculation, huh? Well, speculation ain’t nothin’ but a fancy word for folks not mindin’ their own business. As for Night, well, let’s just say I got my own business to take care of, and it looks like he’s holdin’ onto that championship belt for dear life.

Katie Smith: So, you’re saying you had no part in the attack?

Trailer Trash Terry: Katie, darlin’, I reckon some questions are better left unanswered. Let’s just say, when chaos comes knockin’, you can bet your bottom dollar I ain’t too far behind.

Katie Smith: Well, there you have it, folks. Trailer Trash Terry with his usual enigmatic responses. Back to you, ringside.

Single Match
Alissia Young vs. Carny Sinclair


[Alissia Young’s Theme Music hits as she stands victorious in the ring, holding her hand high in triumph. The crowd cheers, recognizing her hard-fought victory over Carny Sinclair.]

Julian Fiasco: What a victory for Alissia Young here tonight, Jermiah! She’s proving why she’s one of the top contenders for JVD’s Las Vegas Championship!

Jermiah Sloan: Absolutely, Julian. Young showed incredible resilience and skill in that match. You can bet JVD is watching this with keen interest backstage.

[The camera cuts to the backstage area where JVD is seen on a monitor, his eyes fixed on the scene in the ring. A mix of respect and anticipation crosses his expression as he observes Young’s celebration.]

Julian Fiasco: Look at JVD, Jermiah. He knows he’s got a tough challenge ahead in Alissia Young. She’s been on fire lately, and tonight’s win only solidifies her position as a formidable opponent.

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian. JVD better be ready, because Young is gunning for that Las Vegas Championship, and she’s not backing down from anyone.

[The camera switches back to the ring where Alissia Young continues to soak in the cheers of the crowd, her gaze determined and focused on the championship gold that awaits her.]

Julian Fiasco: What a moment for Alissia Young, and what a challenge lies ahead for JVD. Las Vegas, get ready for one explosive showdown!

Perpetrators Unknown Pt.3

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the legendary William Vorheez ahead of his main event match for the International Championship. William, how are you feeling about the opportunity to challenge for a title you’ve never held before?

William Vorheez: Katie, it’s always an honor to step into the ring, especially with a championship on the line. The International Championship has eluded me throughout my career, but tonight, I have the chance to change that. Angelo Anderson is a formidable opponent, but I’m ready to give it everything I’ve got.

Katie Smith: There have been rumors circulating about your involvement in the attack on Night. Can you shed any light on that?

William Vorheez: Absolutely not, Katie. Night and I have had our differences in the past, but I would never resort to such cowardly tactics. My focus is on tonight’s match and capturing the International Championship.

Katie Smith: Fair enough, William. Now, you’ve been hinting at retirement lately. How many matches do you think you have left in you?

William Vorheez: You know, Katie, that’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. Every match takes its toll, and I’ve been in this business for a long time. But as long as I’m physically able and the fire still burns inside me, I’ll keep stepping into that ring and giving it my all. Retirement may be on the horizon, but for now, I’m focused on the task at hand.

Katie Smith: Thank you, William, and best of luck in your match tonight.

William Vorheez: Thank you, Katie. Tonight, we make history.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Trailer Trash Terry SCS & vs. Johnny Dorn & Southern Boys


As the match between Trailer Trash Terry, the Sin City Scoundrels, and Johnny Dorn & the Southern Boys comes to a contentious end, the Goodfellas Casino Arena erupts with a mix of boos and cheers. The crowd’s dissatisfaction is palpable as the match concludes in a count-out victory for Johnny Dorn and his team.

However, the atmosphere quickly shifts as all six competitors disregard the match’s outcome and re-enter the ring. The audience’s boos turn to cheers as they witness an all-out brawl unfold before their eyes. Bodies collide, fists fly, and chaos reigns supreme as the competitors engage in an intense melee.

Referees rush down to ringside, desperately trying to restore order amidst the pandemonium. The brawl spills across the ring, with no sign of abating any time soon. The crowd’s excitement reaches a fever pitch as the brawl continues, each blow met with thunderous applause and anticipation.

Despite the match’s official conclusion, the passion and intensity displayed by the wrestlers captivate the audience, leaving them on the edge of their seats. As referees work tirelessly to separate the warring factions, the chaotic energy of the moment lingers in the air, setting the stage for future showdowns and rivalries to come.

Perpetrators Unknown Pt.4

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here backstage with the returning powerhouse, Rick Reid. Rick, welcome back to the sVo. How does it feel to be back in action tonight?

Rick Reid: Thanks, Katie. It feels damn good to be back. The sVo is where the real action is, and I’ve been itching to get back in that ring and show everyone what I’m made of.

Katie Smith: Tonight, you faced off against Gunner Lang and emerged victorious. How does it feel to secure a win in your first match back?

Rick Reid: Winning always feels good, Katie. Gunner Lang put up a fight, but in the end, there’s no stopping the dominance of Rick Reid.

Katie Smith: Rick, there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding your return, especially considering it comes just a week after the attack on Night. Can you shed any light on your involvement in that incident?

Rick Reid (visibly agitated): You know what, Katie? I’m sick and tired of these baseless accusations! I don’t know anything about that attack on Night, and I’m sick of people trying to drag my name through the mud. I came back to compete, not to be interrogated.

Katie Smith: I understand, Rick. Thank you for your time.

Rick Reid storms off, leaving Katie Smith to ponder the unanswered questions surrounding the attack on Night and Rick Reid’s sudden return to the sVo.

Not Me

The dimly lit locker room of Blood Money exudes an aura of authority and intimidation. Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo sit around a table, their expressions a mix of determination and concern. The tension in the room is palpable as they discuss their impending confrontation with Johnny All Star.

Anthony Moretti: Alright, listen up, fellas. We got a situation here that needs sorting out, and we gotta do it quick. Rick Reid got the job done, so now one of us needs to deal with All Star once and for all. Who’s it going to be?

Junior Gambino: So what’s the plan, boss? How do we decide who takes on All Star?

All four members look at each other, no one now so keen to face All Star now they have to choose, after previously being bullish about it.

Junior Gambino: Maybe we should draw straws or something. Let fate decide.

Anthony Moretti: Nah, that’s too damn risky. We need to choose wisely. We gotta think about who’s best equipped to handle All Star’s antics.

Nicky Columbo: Well, I mean he knows me better than anyone, he trained me. Maybe one of you guys?

Junior Gambino: I have taken him on time and time again, someone else to take a shot….

Joe Barone: Well me and Moretti have the Tag Titles to defend….

Anthony Moretti: Alright, here’s what we’ll do. We’ll reconvene later tonight, after the dust settles. By then, we’ll have a plan. No more arguing, no more excuses. Now let’s get the hell out of here before that snitch Katie Smith comes poking her head in here asking about last week…..

With a sense of determination, the members of Blood Money nod in agreement. Despite the uncertainty looming over their decision, they quickly make their way out of the locker room and on their way out of the arena.

International Heavyweight Championship
Angelo Anderson (c) vs. William Vorheez


As the echoes of battle fade and the dust settles in the arena, the atmosphere crackles with a blend of triumph and melancholy. Unbreakable Angelo Anderson stands tall in the center of the ring, his form bathed in the glow of victory as he clutches the International Heavyweight Championship close to his chest. The crowd’s cheers cascade down upon him, a thunderous symphony of adulation.

Across the ring, sVo legend William Vorheez stands, his expression a mix of defiance and resignation. His battle-tested frame bears the scars of combat, testament to the ferocity of his efforts to seize the coveted championship. But tonight, the victory eludes him, slipping through his fingers like sand.

Unbreakable Angelo Anderson: (raising the championship high) This right here… this is what it’s all about! This is the pinnacle of excellence, the symbol of dominance! And tonight, it remains in the hands of the Unbreakable!

The arena erupts in applause, a chorus of appreciation for the indomitable spirit and prowess displayed by Anderson in the ring. But amidst the celebration, a shadow looms over the legendary figure of William Vorheez, his gaze fixed upon the championship he so fiercely desired.

Unbreakable Angelo Anderson: (extending his hand) Vorheez, you’ve proven yourself time and time again. Tonight was no different. But remember this… legends may fade, titles may change hands, but the spirit of competition, the spirit of warriors like us… that’s eternal.

With a nod of mutual respect, Anderson and Vorheez share a moment of camaraderie. However, just as the crowd begins to believe in a display of sportsmanship, Anderson’s expression darkens. Suddenly, he pulls Vorheez close and delivers a thunderous powerbomb, shocking the audience.

The arena erupts in a chorus of gasps and boos as Vorheez lies motionless in the ring, a stark reminder of the unforgiving nature of competition. Anderson stands tall over his fallen adversary, the gleam of the championship belt reflecting the ruthless determination in his eyes. The moment hangs heavy in the air, a stark contrast to the jubilant celebration that preceded it, signaling the dawn of a new era of dominance in the wrestling world.

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All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

sVo Events

The rising stars of the sVo look to prove themselves and rise up the ranks!

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PPV Events

sVo Countdown to Violence 2021Goodfellas Casino ArenaSunday 21st March 2021 ‘Audacity’ by Stormzy hits and the opening video package for ‘Countdown to Violence 2021’...


Judge seeking showdown talks with sVo Owner!


Welcome to the second version of the sVo Power Rankings! We take a look back at Against All Odds #3, and take a look...

sVo Events

The sVo returns with its first show in nearly seven years with 'Against All Odds'!