sVo Showdown 169
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
21st January 2024

[The pulsating beat of anticipation sets the tone as the opening sequence of sVo Showdown 169 begins. The screen comes alive with flashing lights and the roaring sounds of the crowd, capturing the essence of the electric atmosphere. The iconic Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of the Las Vegas strip stands ready to host another unforgettable night of sVo action.

As the camera transitions to a live shot inside the arena, the sold-out crowd surges with excitement. Fans are on their feet, eagerly awaiting the clashes that will define the evening. Homemade signs punctuate the sea of enthusiastic spectators, each signaling unwavering support for their favorite competitors.

The commentary table takes center stage as Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan, the voices of sVo, prepare to guide viewers through the unfolding drama. The intensity is palpable, and the stakes are high. Tonight’s main event promises a clash of titans as Johnny Dorn challenges the reigning sVo Champion, Night. The battle lines are drawn, and the stage is set for an epic confrontation.

However, the war between Johnny All Star and the formidable Blood Money continues to escalate, casting a shadow over the entire arena. The fallout from their heated conflict echoes through the corridors, and the anticipation for the next chapter in their bitter saga is tangible.

As the sVo faithful brace themselves for the impending showdowns, the camera captures the essence of the battleground that is sVo Showdown 169. The Goodfellas Casino Arena is primed for another unforgettable night of drama, intensity, and electrifying moments. Welcome to the chaos. Welcome to the spectacle. Welcome to sVo Showdown 169!]

The Road to Ten

[Backstage amidst the buzzing corridors of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Katie Smith stands ready for an exclusive interview with the newly crowned Roulette Champion, CJ Dreamer. With the Roulette Championship securely draped over his shoulder, CJ Dreamer approaches, still basking in the glory of his victory from the previous night.

Katie Smith: (holding the microphone) CJ, congratulations on becoming the new Roulette Champion in a hard-fought eight-man elimination match last night. How does it feel to have that gold around your waist?

[CJ Dreamer, with a confident smile, glances down at the prestigious Roulette Championship.

CJ Dreamer: Katie, winning the Roulette Championship is a culmination of years of dedication and hard work. It feels damn good to finally have this title where it belongs.

[Katie Smith shifts her focus to the immediate future.

Katie Smith: Your first defense is against Carny Sinclair, an old rival of yours. What are your thoughts heading into this high-stakes match?

[CJ Dreamer’s expression turns serious as he contemplates the upcoming battle.

CJ Dreamer: Carny Sinclair and I have a history, Katie. This isn’t just about the Roulette Championship; it’s about settling a score. But whether it’s a score to settle or a title to defend, I’m ready for whatever Sinclair brings to the table.

[Katie Smith nods, acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

Katie Smith: The Roulette Championship has been a stepping stone for many on their path to the sVo Championship. What’s your ultimate goal now that you hold that title?

[CJ Dreamer looks directly into the camera, his determination evident.

CJ Dreamer: The Roulette Championship is a ticket to the top, Katie. My goal is crystal clear—to elevate myself to the sVo Championship scene with ten wins in a row and prove that CJ Dreamer is a force to be reckoned with.

[As the interview concludes, CJ Dreamer walks away, the Roulette Championship draped over his shoulder, leaving behind a sense of anticipation for his impending defence against Carny Sinclair. The backstage area resonates with the echoes of newfound glory and the promise of fierce competition in the sVo.]

Stepping Up

[In the dimly lit confines of the Generation Joint locker room, the tension is palpable. Kenneth D Williams, Jacob Izaz, Jay Adder, and Gunner Lang gather, their expressions a mix of frustration and determination. The echoes of last week’s attack by Big Aug and BIG Trouble still linger.

Kenneth D Williams: (clenching his fists) We can’t let Big Aug and those clowns get away with what they did to us last week.

[Jacob Izaz, his eyes burning with intensity, nods in agreement.]

Jacob Izaz: No way. We need payback.

[Jay Adder, usually the voice of reason, adds his thoughts.]

Jay Adder: They think they can just attack us and walk away? Not happening.

[Gunner Lang, the seasoned veteran of the group, steps forward, a determined glint in his eye.]

Gunner Lang: Look, fellas, I’ve been around the sVo longer than any of you. I’ve tangled with the best and survived. If anyone’s gonna take on Big Aug and make him pay, it’s gonna be me.

[The others exchange nods, recognizing the logic in Gunner Lang’s words.]

Kenneth D Williams: You sure about this, Gunner?

[Gunner Lang smirks, exuding confidence.]

Gunner Lang: Trust me, I’ve been itching for a fight. Big Aug is in for a world of hurt tonight.

[As the group collectively agrees to Gunner Lang stepping up for the challenge, the locker room atmosphere simmers with determination. The quest for revenge is set in motion, and Generation Joint prepares to even the score with Big Aug and BIG Trouble in the unforgiving battleground of the sVo.]

sVo Roulette Championship Match
CJ Dreamer (c) vs. Carny Sinclair

From LA to Las Vegas

[In the sleek and well-appointed office of sVo COO Amy Page, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as the cameras roll. Amy Page sits behind her desk, a stack of papers before her, ready to welcome the newest addition to the sVo roster—Alex “The L.A. Luminary” Sterling.

Amy Page: (smirking) Ladies and gentlemen, it’s always a pleasure to welcome fresh talent to the sVo family. Today, we have someone special joining our ranks—Alex Sterling.

[The door opens, and in walks Alex Sterling, exuding the laid-back coolness characteristic of his LA roots. Dressed in fashionable attire, he carries himself with an air of confidence.

Amy Page: (standing to greet him) Alex, welcome to the sVo. We’re thrilled to have you on board.

Alex Sterling: (smirking) Pleasure’s all mine, Amy. The sVo is about to get a taste of that L.A. magic.

[Amy Page gestures for Alex to take a seat, and he does so with an easy elegance.

Amy Page: For those who may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about what Alex “The L.A. Luminary” Sterling brings to the sVo.

Alex Sterling: (leaning back with a grin) Well, Amy, I’m all about blending Hollywood flair with in-ring finesse. When I step into that ring, it’s not just a match; it’s a performance. Under the L.A. lights, I shine the brightest!

[Amy Page nods, acknowledging the charisma radiating from the newcomer.

Amy Page: What can the sVo Universe expect from Alex Sterling?

Alex Sterling: (smirking confidently) Expect the unexpected. I bring a unique blend of style, athleticism, and a touch of that L.A. magic. Get ready for the show, sVo.

[As the cameras capture the charisma and confidence of Alex Sterling, the sVo Universe is left intrigued by this new addition and what he has to offer to the vibrant tapestry of the sVo.]

Big Apple Brawler

[In the bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Katie Smith stands by, ready to conduct an interview with one of the latest additions to the sVo roster—Frankie “The Big Apple Brawler” Malone. With the anticipation building for his debut match against Alex Sterling, Frankie Malone steps into the frame, exuding the raw and tough demeanor characteristic of a New York brawler.

Katie Smith: (holding the microphone) Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Frankie “The Big Apple Brawler” Malone, who is set to make his sVo debut tonight against Alex Sterling. Frankie, how does it feel to step into the sVo ring for the first time?

[Frankie Malone cracks his knuckles, a stoic expression on his face.

Frankie Malone: Katie, it’s a pleasure to be here, but make no mistake—I’m not here for pleasantries. I’m here to do what I do best, and that’s brawl. Alex Sterling is stepping into the ring with the king of the concrete jungle.

[Katie Smith nods, acknowledging the intensity in Frankie Malone’s words.

Katie Smith: Your opponent, Alex Sterling, is known for his Hollywood flair and charisma. How do you plan to counter that in the ring?

Frankie Malone: (smirking) Charisma doesn’t win fights, Katie. In the concrete jungle, I’m the king of the ring. Alex Sterling might bring the L.A. lights, but I’m bringing the grit and toughness of New York. Let’s see how Hollywood handles the Big Apple.

[As the interview concludes, Frankie Malone walks away with purpose, ready to make a statement in his debut match. The stage is set for a clash of styles as the “Big Apple Brawler” prepares to bring a taste of New York to the sVo ring.]

Single Match
Frankie Malone vs. Alex Sterling

Hollywood Hello

[The arena is still buzzing with the aftermath of the hard-hitting match between Frankie Malone and Alex Sterling. The bell has rung, signalling the end of the bout. As the tension lingers in the air, Alex Sterling rises to his feet, a smirk playing on his lips. Frankie Malone, showcasing the resilience of the Big Apple, also begins to stir.

Referee: (raising Alex Sterling’s hand) The winner of this match, Alex “The L.A. Luminary” Sterling!

[The announcement resonates through the arena, and a mixed reaction from the crowd ensues. Alex Sterling, reveling in the moment, extends his hand towards Frankie Malone as a gesture of sportsmanship. The crowd holds its breath, curious to see if Sterling is genuine.

[Frankie Malone, displaying a sense of camaraderie, cautiously accepts the handshake offer. However, as the two competitors clasp hands, a sudden twist unfolds. Alex Sterling, in a swift and deliberate motion, yanks his hand away, leaving Frankie Malone momentarily perplexed. The arena erupts with a mix of boos and shocked gasps.

[With a cocky grin, Alex Sterling rolls out of the ring, showcasing his Hollywood flair and cementing his status as a brash and unapologetic heel. The jeers from the crowd intensify as Sterling confidently struts up the ramp, reveling in the disdain of the audience.

[Frankie Malone, left in the ring, shoots a look of disbelief toward the retreating Sterling. The tension between the two competitors simmers as the aftermath of the match becomes a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sVo.]

A Fair Shot

[In the executive office of sVo COO Amy Page, the atmosphere is both businesslike and charged with the energy of negotiations. The door opens, and in walk the determined members of the Canadian Connection—Scott Cole and Jake Hughes. Amy Page looks up from her desk, ready to address their concerns.

Amy Page: (leaning back) Scott, Jake, what brings you to my office?

[Scott Cole steps forward, holding his Tag Team Championship opportunity close to his heart.

Scott Cole: Amy, last week, we beat Blood Money fair and square. We earned the right to be called the sVo Tag Team Champions.

[Jake Hughes nods in agreement, frustration evident on their faces.

Jake Hughes: But the titles slipped through our fingers because of that countout. We want another shot at Blood Money.

[Amy Page leans forward, acknowledging their request.

Amy Page: I understand your frustration, and you have a valid point. Beating Blood Money is no small feat. However, it’s not that simple. Johnny All Star’s interference last week complicated things.

[Scott Cole, undeterred, responds.

Scott Cole: Amy, we’re not asking for a handout. We want a fair chance to prove we can beat Blood Money decisively.

[Amy Page leans back in her chair, considering their request.

Amy Page: I hear you, and I appreciate your determination. But before I make any decisions regarding the Tag Team Championships, you’ll have to prove yourselves once again. Tonight, you’re facing the Southern Boys, and if you can get through that, we’ll revisit the conversation.

[Scott Cole and Jake Hughes exchange glances, recognizing the challenge that lies ahead.

Jake Hughes: We’ll take on the Southern Boys, no problem. After we beat them, we expect our shot at Blood Money and those titles.

[Amy Page smirks, appreciating their confidence.

Amy Page: Fair enough. The ring is your proving ground. Best of luck.

[As the Canadian Connection leaves the office, the challenge ahead is clear. The sVo landscape remains unpredictable, and Amy Page holds the power to shape its future.]

A Danger Lurks

[The backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is abuzz with activity as Johnny Dorn, the sVo Roulette Champion, arrives ahead of his much-anticipated sVo Championship match in the main event. The corridor is lined with various staff members, each extending their well wishes to the determined champion.

Backstage Staff Member 1: Hey, Johnny, good luck tonight! Bring that sVo Championship home!

[Johnny Dorn, focused and in championship mode, offers a nod of gratitude as he proceeds down the corridor. However, unbeknownst to him, a lingering figure watches from the shadows. Trailer Trash Terry, the chaotic heel, scowls with undisguised resentment.

[As Johnny Dorn continues on his path, the scuffling of Terry’s worn-out boots against the concrete floor echoes through the corridor. His eyes fixate on Dorn, a silent harbinger of disdain. The air thickens with tension as Trailer Trash Terry simmers with frustration, plotting his own chaotic path in the shadows of the sVo.]

Backstage Staff Member 2: (whispering) Did you see Terry over there? He doesn’t look too happy.

Backstage Staff Member 3: (nodding) Something tells me tonight won’t be as simple as a title match.

[The backstage area becomes a stage for brewing animosity as Johnny Dorn walks further into the heart of the arena, blissfully unaware of the ominous presence lurking nearby. The air crackles with anticipation as the sVo prepares for a main event that promises both championship glory and the unpredictable chaos that follows in its wake.]

Tag Team Match
The Southern Boys vs The Canadian Connection

Mixing it Up

[The backstage area is alive with the hustle and bustle of the sVo, and amidst the energy, Katie Smith stands ready for an interview. The Sin City Scoundrels, Michael Sexton and Lucas Sexton, emerge into the frame, their demeanor exuding the scuzzy coolness that sets them apart.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Sin City Scoundrels, Michael Sexton and Lucas Sexton, who are coming off a victory in their sVo debut. How does it feel to pick up that win?

[Michael Sexton grins, while Lucas Sexton leans casually against a nearby equipment crate, both soaking in the attention.

Michael Sexton: Katie, it feels damn good to kick things off on the right foot. The Sin City Scoundrels are here to make waves, and last week was just the beginning.

[Katie Smith shifts her attention to their upcoming match against the Patriot Act.

Katie Smith: Tonight, you’re facing the Patriot Act. How do you plan to tackle this matchup?

Lucas Sexton: (smirking) Katie, the Patriot Act might think they’re some patriotic force to be reckoned with, but we’re the Scoundrels of Sin City. We play by our rules.

[Katie Smith nods, intrigued by their confidence.

Katie Smith: Any specific strategy for dealing with the Patriot Act’s unique dynamic?

Michael Sexton: (winking) Katie, we’ve been around the block. We know how to handle whatever they throw at us. It’s Sin City style—fast, unpredictable, and leaving our mark.

[As the Sin City Scoundrels share a look, Katie Smith wraps up the interview.

Katie Smith: Well, there you have it, folks. The Sin City Scoundrels, ready to bring their unique brand of chaos to the sVo. Good luck in your match tonight!

[The Scoundrels exchange a nod with Katie Smith, ready to continue their journey through the unpredictable world of the sVo.]

Single Match
Junior Gambino vs. Bronson Martinez

Hit & Run

[The arena is ablaze with energy as Junior Gambino stands tall in the ring, having just secured a hard-fought victory over Bronson Martinez. The crowd’s reaction is mixed, but Gambino basks in the glow of triumph, raising his arms in celebration. At ringside, Nicky Columbo, who had been in Gambino’s corner, joins in the jubilation.

Julian Fiasco: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Junior Gambino has just notched another one in the win column, and it looks like he’s savoring the moment.

Jermiah Sloan: Indeed, Julian. Gambino and Columbo seem to be forming quite the alliance here in the sVo.

[As the celebration hits its peak, an unexpected twist shakes the arena. The crowd erupts in cheers as Johnny All Star, fueled by unresolved animosity, emerges from the audience, wielding a steel chair.

Julian Fiasco: Hold on, folks! What’s Johnny All Star doing here? This isn’t on the schedule!

Jermiah Sloan: Looks like All Star has his own plans in mind, and they involve that steel chair!

[With a burst of determination, Johnny All Star charges into the ring. In a lightning-quick maneuver, he swings the steel chair, connecting forcefully with the backs of both Junior Gambino and Nicky Columbo. The resounding impact echoes through the arena, intensifying the cheers from the crowd.

Julian Fiasco: That steel chair is becoming a trademark for All Star, and he’s making sure Blood Money feels it!

Jermiah Sloan: Moretti and Barone are racing to the ring, but All Star’s quick on his feet, making his escape!

[Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone rush down to the ring, aiming to aid their fallen allies, but Johnny All Star deftly evades capture, disappearing into the crowd with the chair in hand.

Julian Fiasco: All Star strikes again, leaving a path of chaos in his wake!

Jermiah Sloan: The war between All Star and Blood Money shows no signs of slowing down. What a turn of events!

[As the scene unfolds in the ring, Junior Gambino and Nicky Columbo writhe in pain. Moretti and Barone, frustrated by All Star’s escape, check on their downed comrades. The fans are left buzzing with anticipation as the ongoing saga between Johnny All Star and Blood Money takes yet another intense turn.]

A New Threat

[The backstage area hums with activity as Katie Smith stands ready for an interview with the Las Vegas Champion, James Von Drake (JVD). JVD, adorned with his championship belt, approaches, acknowledging Katie with a nod.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Las Vegas Champion, JVD. JVD, last week we saw Alissia Young emerge as the new #1 contender for your Las Vegas Championship. What are your thoughts on that?

JVD: Well, Katie, first of all, let me say that I respect any competitor who earns their shot. Alissia Young is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s proven that time and time again. Becoming the #1 contender is no small feat.

Katie Smith: The only way to win the Las Vegas Championship is by tapout. Given Alissia’s proficiency in submissions, how are you preparing for this unique challenge?

JVD: You’re absolutely right; Alissia Young is dangerous, especially in a submission match. I’ve been in this business long enough to know that overlooking someone of her caliber is a mistake. Tonight, she faces Victor Holland, and I’ll be watching that match closely. It’s not just about scouting; it’s about understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my potential challengers. Alissia, like any opponent, will get my full attention.

Katie Smith: Wise words, JVD. Best of luck in your preparations, and thank you for your time.

[JVD nods in acknowledgment as the camera fades out, leaving the fans intrigued about the upcoming clash between JVD and the formidable Alissia Young for the Las Vegas Championship.]

Tag Team Match
The Sin City Scoundrels vs. Patriot Act

BIG Changes

[The atmosphere in the backstage locker room is tense as Big Aug, flanked by BIG Trouble (BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i), hones in on their strategy for the upcoming challenges. Big Aug, wearing a scowl, addresses his allies.

Big Aug: Tonight, it’s time to set the record straight. Gunner Lang, you’re in for a world of hurt. I’m going to make an example out of you, and there won’t be any room for misinterpretation.

[BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i exchange determined glances, ready to follow their leader’s lead.

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: Big Aug, we got your back. Lang won’t know what hit him.

BIG BOSS Batts: And once we’re done with Lang, it’s open season on Generation Joint.

[Big Aug nods in agreement, a fire burning in his eyes.

Big Aug: You said it. Generation Joint thinks they can just jump the line and get away with it? Not a chance. Tonight, we remind everyone why they should fear BIG Trouble.

[The trio shares a collective nod, a silent agreement resonating through the room. The anticipation for the night’s battles fuels their determination as they prepare to unleash their retribution on Gunner Lang and Generation Joint.]

Single Match
Alissia Young vs. Victor Holland

Colour Me Impressed

[The backstage area is dimly lit, with the flickering glow of monitors casting an ambient light. James Von Drake (JVD), the Las Vegas Champion, stands focused in front of one of the screens. The feed displays Alissia Young celebrating her victory in the ring over Victor Holland.

JVD: (muttering to himself) Impressive… she’s got that killer instinct.

[As Alissia Young revels in her triumph, JVD’s gaze remains fixed on the monitor. There’s a mixture of admiration and concern etched across his face. He recognizes the threat that Alissia poses, especially after witnessing her dominating performance.

JVD: (under his breath) She’s earned that shot… and she’s made it clear she’s coming for this.

[JVD points to his Las Vegas Championship belt, an emblem of his status as the champion. His brow furrows as he contemplates the challenges ahead. The intensity in the room grows as JVD grapples with the realization that Alissia Young is a formidable adversary.

JVD: (looking determined) Well, Alissia, let’s see if you’re ready for the Las Vegas Champion.

[The camera zooms in on JVD’s unwavering gaze as he continues to watch the aftermath of Alissia Young’s victory. The tension in the air signals that a clash between the two for the Las Vegas Championship is on the horizon.]

Single Match
Big Aug vs. Gunner Lang

All out War!

[The Las Vegas crowd buzzes with anticipation as Big Aug stands tall in the ring, victorious over Gunner Lang. The referee raises Big Aug’s hand, signalling the end of the hard-fought battle. The arena is filled with a mix of cheers and jeers.

Julian Fiasco: Well, Big Aug certainly made a statement tonight.

Jeremiah Sloan: No doubt, Julian. But it looks like the statement might not go unanswered.

[BIG Trouble (BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i) and Generation Joint (Kenneth D Williams, Jacob Izaz, Jay Adder, and Gunner Lang) had been at ringside observing the match. Suddenly, both factions slide into the ring.

Julian Fiasco: This is about to explode!

[BIG Trouble and Generation Joint converge in the ring, sparking an all-out brawl. Punches are thrown, bodies collide, and the crowd’s excitement reaches a fever pitch. Big Aug holds his own against the onslaught of Generation Joint, while BIG Trouble delivers powerful blows.

Jeremiah Sloan: Chaos has erupted in the ring! It’s a war zone out there!

[Referees rush down to the ring, desperately trying to separate the warring factions. The bell rings repeatedly, but the mayhem shows no signs of abating. Security personnel flood the ringside area to assist in restoring order.

Julian Fiasco: The sVo locker room is going to have their hands full trying to control this situation.

Jeremiah Sloan: It’s an all-out war between BIG Trouble and Generation Joint, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon!

[The camera captures the bedlam in the ring as the brawl rages on. The crowd is on its feet, cheering and chanting, adding to the chaotic atmosphere. The sVo officials struggle to bring an end to the fierce confrontation, but the tensions between BIG Trouble and Generation Joint continue to escalate.]

Ready for the Challenge

[Katie Smith stands backstage with the sVo Champion Night, the atmosphere tense as the impending showdown with Johnny Dorn looms. Night adjusts the championship belt over his shoulder as Smith begins the interview.]

Katie Smith: Night, tonight you face a formidable challenger in Johnny Dorn. He seems determined to make a statement and possibly win your sVo Championship. What are your thoughts heading into this match?

[Night glances at the championship belt for a moment, a stoic expression on his face.]

Night: Johnny Dorn is a skilled competitor, and I respect that. He’s hungry, looking to climb the ladder and prove himself. However, he’s stepping into my territory, and I don’t plan on relinquishing this title anytime soon. I’m ready for whatever he brings.

[As the interview concludes, Night nods at Katie Smith and walks away, disappearing down the corridor. Suddenly, from the shadows emerges Trailer Trash Terry, a scowl etched across his face.]

Julian Fiasco: Well, it seems like Night is focused and ready for his match against Johnny Dorn.

Jeremiah Sloan: Absolutely, Julian. But what’s Trailer Trash Terry doing lurking in the background? There might be more to this story than meets the eye.

[The camera lingers on Terry, his eyes fixed on the direction Night went. The scowl on his face suggests that trouble might be brewing in the sVo backstage area.]

Time to End Things

[The tension is palpable in the Blood Money locker room as Nicky Columbo and Junior Gambino tend to their injuries, nursing ice packs against the aftermath of Johnny All Star’s attack. Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, and the rest of the group look on, discussing their next move.]

Anthony Moretti: (grimacing) We can’t let All Star keep pulling these stunts. We need to put an end to this once and for all.

[Junior Gambino nods in agreement, adjusting the ice pack on his shoulder.]

Junior Gambino: Johnny All Star crossed a line tonight. We can’t let him think he can just come after us whenever he pleases.

[Nicky Columbo, still recovering, clenches his fists, showing his determination.]

Nicky Columbo: We don’t play his game. We finish it on our terms. Next week, All Star pays the price.

[The atmosphere in the locker room becomes charged with resolve as Blood Money closes ranks, united in their determination to settle the score with Johnny All Star.]

sVo Championship Match
Night (c) vs. Johnny Dorn

Moment Ruined

[The Goodfellas Casino Arena buzzes with anticipation as the main event concludes. The sVo Champion, Night, stands tall in the center of the ring, having just secured a hard-fought victory against Johnny Dorn. However, the victory is tainted, evident in the dissatisfaction etched across Night’s face.]

Julian Fiasco: Night might have retained the sVo Championship, but the circumstances surrounding this win are far from ideal.

Jeremiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian. Night doesn’t seem pleased with how this unfolded, and I can’t blame him. Would Dorn have picked up the win if it wasn’t for Trailer Trash Terry?

[As Night and Dorn exchange intense glares, the atmosphere grows more charged. Suddenly, the arena is engulfed in boos as Trailer Trash Terry, fueled by chaos, sprints down the entrance ramp again.]

Julian Fiasco: What is Terry doing out here again? This is Night and Dorn’s moment!

Jeremiah Sloan: Terry doesn’t care about moments, Julian. He’s all about causing chaos, he thinks he has been held back and it looks like Night and Dorn are about to become victims.

[Terry slides into the ring and without hesitation, he lays out both Night and Dorn with a brutal clothesline, sending shockwaves through the arena. The fans erupt in a mix of boos and astonishment as the show goes off the air.]

Julian Fiasco: Trailer Trash Terry has just made a statement, laying waste to both Night and Johnny Dorn after already ruining the main event & Johnny Dorn’s oppurtunity!

Jeremiah Sloan: It’s chaos here, folks. What does Terry hope to achieve with this relentless assault?

[As Terry stands tall in the ring, revelling in the chaos he’s created, the screen fades to black, leaving the sVo universe in suspense about the implications of this brutal attack.]

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