sVo Showdown 168
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
14th January 2024

[The pulsating beat of the Showdown theme echoes through the Goodfellas Casino Arena, signaling the beginning of another electrifying episode of sVo Showdown. The camera sweeps over the cheering crowd as pyrotechnics light up the stage. The atmosphere is charged with excitement as the sVo faithful eagerly await the action-packed night ahead.

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the hottest show in professional wrestling, sVo Showdown! I’m Julian Fiasco, and alongside me is the always insightful Jermiah Sloan. We have an incredible night of action lined up for you!

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian. It’s a historic night as Blood Money, the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in sVo history, defend their titles against the formidable Canadian Connection. And let’s not forget the bombshell from last week, where Nicky Columbo joined the ranks of Blood Money.

[The crowd erupts with a mix of cheers and boos as the mention of Blood Money and Nicky Columbo sparks anticipation.]

Julian Fiasco: It’s a showdown for the ages, and the landscape of the sVo Tag Team division is set to change. Can Blood Money continue their record-breaking reign, or will the Canadian Connection be the team to dethrone them?

Jermiah Sloan: The tension is palpable, Julian. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got high-stakes matches, intense rivalries, and unexpected alliances tonight. The sVo continues to deliver the unexpected!

[As the crowd roars in anticipation, the camera pans to the ring where the sVo logo shines brightly. The stage is set for another night of heart-stopping, jaw-dropping action.]

Julian Fiasco: Buckle up, folks! It’s time for sVo Showdown 168, and it’s going to be one for the record books!

[The show kicks off with the commentators setting the stage for the night’s events, and the crowd’s excitement reaches a fever pitch. The sVo faithful brace themselves for the unpredictable twists and turns that only Showdown can deliver.]

Made Man

[Backstage in the dimly lit locker room of Blood Money, the atmosphere is thick with an air of authority and camaraderie. Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, and Junior Gambino, the formidable trio leading the Mafia-inspired group, stand at the center of the room. The newest addition to their ranks, Nicky Columbo, is brought forward to partake in a ceremony that signifies his formal inclusion into Blood Money.

Anthony Moretti: (with a sly grin) Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round. Tonight is a special night for Blood Money, and a momentous occasion for one man in particular.

[The other members of Blood Money, including Joe Barone and Junior Gambino, flank Moretti, their expressions stern yet proud.]

Joe Barone: (nodding) You see, in Blood Money, we’re not just a faction. We’re a family. And family means loyalty, trust, and a commitment to a way of life.

[Junior Gambino steps forward, holding a sleek black suit jacket in his hands.]

Junior Gambino: Nicky Columbo, step forward.

[Nicky Columbo steps forward, a mix of anticipation and determination on his face.]

Anthony Moretti: Nicky, you’ve proven yourself as a man of honor, loyalty, and skill. Tonight, we welcome you officially into the ranks of Blood Money as a made man.

[With a ceremonial gesture, Junior Gambino drapes the black suit jacket over Nicky Columbo’s shoulders. The atmosphere becomes charged with significance as the symbolism of the jacket is not lost on anyone present.

Nicky Columbo: (with gratitude) Thank you, Anthony, Joe, Junior. It’s an honor to be part of Blood Money.

[Anthony Moretti steps forward, extending a hand to seal the deal.]

Anthony Moretti: (firmly) Welcome to the family, Nicky. Remember, loyalty above all. Tonight, we make history together.

[The room acknowledges the weight of the moment, and as the newly initiated Nicky Columbo shares nods with his fellow Blood Money members, the unity within the group becomes even more palpable. Blood Money stands as a formidable force in the sVo, and with Nicky Columbo now officially part of the family, the stakes have been raised.]

Ready for Whoever

[Backstage at sVo Showdown 168, the Las Vegas Champion, James Von Drake, stands ready for an interview with Katie Smith. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as the reigning champion prepares to learn his next challenger. Katie Smith approaches with a microphone in hand, ready to get Von Drake’s thoughts on the upcoming four-way match.

Katie Smith: James, tonight we have a four-way match featuring Danny Domino, Alissia Young, Jupiter James, and Reznikov. The winner will go on to challenge you for the Las Vegas Championship. What are your thoughts on the competition?

[James Von Drake smirks confidently, adjusting the Las Vegas Championship draped over his shoulder.]

James Von Drake: Katie, when you’re the Las Vegas Champion, you’re always in the spotlight. Everyone wants a shot at this title, and I’ve proven time and time again that I’m not just a champion; I’m the measuring stick of the sVo.

[The crowd watching on the backstage screen reacts to Von Drake’s bold declaration.]

Katie Smith: It’s a diverse mix of competitors in that match—each with their unique strengths. Do you have a preference on who you’d like to face?

James Von Drake: Katie, it doesn’t matter who comes out on top tonight. Whether it’s Domino, Young, James, or Reznikov, they’re all stepping into my world. They’re stepping into the world of the Las Vegas Champion, and that’s not a place for the faint of heart.

[The confidence in James Von Drake’s voice resonates as he continues to express his unwavering belief in his own abilities.]

Katie Smith: And looking ahead, do you think any of these challengers have what it takes to dethrone you and take the Las Vegas Championship?

James Von Drake: (smirking) Katie, they can dream all they want, but dreams don’t win championships. I’ve overcome every challenge thrown my way, and tonight won’t be any different. Whoever emerges victorious better be ready for the fight of their life, because James Von Drake doesn’t plan on letting go of this title anytime soon.

[As James Von Drake confidently heads toward the entrance, the Las Vegas Championship glistening in the backstage lights, the scene is set for an intense four-way battle with significant implications for the sVo Las Vegas Championship.]

The Most Important Night Pt.1

[The bustling backstage area of sVo Showdown 168 is a hive of activity as various wrestlers and crew members prepare for the night’s events. Among the chaos, the Roulette Champion, Johnny Dorn, arrives at the arena with a determined look in his eyes. The camera captures him stepping out of his car, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

[As Johnny Dorn walks towards the entrance, the atmosphere shifts unexpectedly. Carny Sinclair, accompanied by his imposing associate Reznikov, emerges from the shadows. The ambush is sudden and brutal as Sinclair and Reznikov pounce on Dorn from behind, catching him off guard. The crowd watches on the backstage screen, aghast at the attack unfolding.

[Sinclair and Reznikov lay into Dorn, dealing calculated blows that leave the Roulette Champion reeling. Security personnel rush to the scene, attempting to separate the brawling parties. Chaos ensues as Dorn, Sinclair, and Reznikov struggle against the hold of security.

Security Official: Break it up! Break it up!

[The question lingers in the air—will Johnny Dorn be at 100% for the most important match of his life later tonight? The backstage area is fraught with tension as security finally manages to pull Sinclair and Reznikov away from Dorn.

[The camera zooms in on Dorn, still on the ground, nursing the effects of the ambush. His determination, however, remains unbroken as he glares at Sinclair and Reznikov being restrained.

Johnny Dorn: (through gritted teeth) You can’t stop me, Sinclair. Tonight, I’m still making it the perfect ten and getting my sVo title shot, and nothing you do can change that.

[As security escorts Sinclair and Reznikov away, the backstage area is left in disarray. The question lingers as the sVo faithful brace themselves for the pivotal Roulette Championship match later in the evening—a match that could potentially alter the course of Johnny Dorn’s career.]

Single Match
Jay Adder vs. Dallas Jordan


[The backstage area at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is bustling with activity as Amy Page, the sVo COO, makes her way to the locker room of Johnny All Star. The tension in the air is palpable after last week’s shocking turn of events when Nicky Columbo, once a protege of All Star, betrayed him and aligned himself with Blood Money. Amy Page approaches the locker room door, her expression a mix of concern and curiosity.

[Amy Page knocks on the door, waiting for a response. When none comes, she tries again, this time a bit more forcefully.]

Amy Page: All Star, it’s Amy. Can I come in?

[After receiving no response, Amy Page decides to open the door cautiously. The locker room is dimly lit, and as she enters, she notices an absence—a conspicuous lack of Johnny All Star.

[The room seems eerily quiet, the usual sounds of preparation and chatter absent. Amy Page scans the area, checking the corners and the adjoining spaces, but there’s no sign of All Star.]

Amy Page: (calling out) All Star? Where are you?

[Amy Page furrows her brow, growing increasingly concerned. She checks the nearby spaces, looking for any clues about All Star’s whereabouts.]

Amy Page: This isn’t like him. He wouldn’t miss a night at the arena, especially after what happened last week.

[As Amy Page continues her search, the realization sets in—Johnny All Star is nowhere to be found, and his absence raises more questions than answers.]

Amy Page: (muttering) Where the hell is he?

[The camera pans out as Amy Page stands alone in the empty locker room, contemplating the mystery of Johnny All Star’s absence. The air is filled with uncertainty and the lingering consequences of last week’s betrayal. The sVo universe is left wondering about the fate of Johnny All Star and what this could mean for the unfolding drama within the company.]


[Backstage in the bustling environment of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone as she awaits an interview with the sVo’s newest tag team, The Sin City Scoundrels—Michael Sexton and Lucas Sexton. The atmosphere is charged with curiosity as the duo known for their scuzzy and rebellious persona approaches.

Katie Smith: (smiling) Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the newest addition to the sVo tag team division, The Sin City Scoundrels—Michael Sexton and Lucas Sexton. Welcome, guys!

[Michael Sexton and Lucas Sexton, exuding confidence and a hint of mischief, step into frame with matching smirks on their faces.]

Michael Sexton: (leaning on Lucas) Katie, darling, it’s a pleasure to be here. The Sin City Scoundrels have arrived in the sVo, and it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting.

[Lucas Sexton adds a playful wink, emphasizing the duo’s charismatic and scuzzy demeanor.]

Katie Smith: (raising an eyebrow) Interesting, indeed. What can the sVo universe expect from The Sin City Scoundrels?

Lucas Sexton: (grinning) Katie, we’re not your typical tag team. We’re not here to play by the rules or kiss up to anyone. We’re here to raise hell, have a good time, and make our mark in Sin City.

[Michael Sexton interjects with a mischievous laugh.]

Michael Sexton: That’s right. We’re not looking for fans; we’re looking for a good time, and if that involves kicking a few heads along the way, well, that’s just part of the fun.

[The Sin City Scoundrels share a conspiratorial look, reinforcing their tag team philosophy.]

Katie Smith: Tonight, you make your debut in the sVo. Any messages for the rest of the tag team division?

Michael Sexton: (smirking) The Sin City Scoundrels are here to shake things up. Tag teams beware, because in the ring and out of it, we’re taking over.

[Lucas Sexton adds with a wink.]

Lucas Sexton: Get ready for a wild ride, sVo. The Sin City Scoundrels are about to make Sin City a lot more interesting.

[As The Sin City Scoundrels walk away, leaving an air of excitement in their wake, the sVo universe braces itself for the unpredictable antics and scuzzy charisma of this dynamic new tag team.]

Las Vegas Championship #1 Contenders Fatal Four Way
Danny Domino vs. Alissia Young vs. Jupiter James vs. Reznikov

In the Footsteps of Legends

[The tension in the air is palpable as Blood Money, the formidable group of Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, Junior Gambino & now Nicky Columbo, make their way to the office of Amy Page, the sVo COO. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as the Mafia-inspired group, known for their assertive presence, stands united in front of the office door.

Anthony Moretti: (knocking on the door) Amy, open up. We need to have a little chat.

[The door opens, revealing Amy Page, the sVo COO, seated behind her desk. She glances up, a mix of sternness and curiosity in her gaze.]

Amy Page: What can I do for Blood Money?

[Anthony Moretti steps forward, flanked by Joe Barone, Nicky Columbo and Junior Gambino.]

Anthony Moretti: We got a proposition for you, Amy. We’re not too keen on defending our Tag Team Championships tonight against the Canadian Connection. We’re thinking, after what we did for you last week by taking care of your ‘Night’ problem, maybe, we could get the night off.

[Amy Page leans back in her chair, a hint of amusement in her expression.]

Amy Page: Blood Money, you don’t get to make demands. You’re here to compete, and if I say you defend those championships, you do it. Anyway, I wouldn’t consider my ‘Night’ problem fully taken care of yet….

[Nicky Columbo steps forward, a scowl on his face.]

Nicky Columbo: Amy, we don’t like being told what to do. We’re the backbone of this damn company.

[Amy Page smirks, unfazed by the assertiveness of Blood Money.]

Amy Page: (leaning forward) You may be a force, but remember one thing—I’m the one calling the shots here. You work for me, not the other way around.

[Junior Gambino steps up, a menacing aura surrounding him.]

Junior Gambino: Amy, we’ve been watching what happened over at P:V. Legends Club running rampant, taking control. Maybe it’s time Blood Money does the same here.

[Amy Page raises an eyebrow, intrigued by the veiled threat.]

Amy Page: Is that a warning, Gambino?

[Anthony Moretti steps forward, his tone laced with a warning.]

Anthony Moretti: Consider it a heads up. Blood Money is here to stay, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

[Amy Page, unfazed, smirks and leans back in her chair.]

Amy Page: You do what you have to do, Moretti. But remember, in the sVo, power is earned, not taken.

[As Blood Money exchanges intense glances with Amy Page, the room hangs with an uneasy tension. The threat of upheaval looms in the air as the sVo finds itself at the mercy of the Mafia-inspired faction.]

Riding High

[Backstage in the vibrant and smoky locker room of Generation Joint, Gunner Lang, Kenneth D Williams, Jay Adder, and Jacob Izaz are gathered. The atmosphere is buzzing with positive energy after recent victories, and the camaraderie within the group is evident. The members share smiles and fist bumps as they prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Gunner Lang: (leaning against a locker) Damn, last night was a sweet win, Izaz. You really turned the momentum back in our favor.

[Jacob Izaz grins, nodding in acknowledgment of the support from his fellow faction members.]

Jacob Izaz: Thanks, Gunner. It feels good to get back on track. But tonight’s not just about me; it’s about all of us. Adder, you took care of business earlier. Nicely done.

[Jay Adder, still basking in the glow of his recent victory, raises his fist in acknowledgment.]

Jay Adder: That’s how we do it, fellas. One win at a time. And tonight, Kenny, you’re up against Martinez. You ready to make it a clean sweep?

[Kenneth D Williams, focused and determined, nods in response.]

Kenneth D Williams: Martinez is tough, no doubt. But I’m more than ready. We’re riding high, and I don’t plan on breaking that momentum. Tonight, Martinez becomes just another name on the list of those who couldn’t handle the joint.

[The members of Generation Joint share a collective chuckle, their confidence evident.]

Gunner Lang: (looking around) We’re not just a faction; we’re a force to be reckoned with. Izaz, Adder, Kenny, keep the victories coming. We’re making waves in the sVo.

[As the camaraderie within Generation Joint continues to strengthen, the energy in the locker room remains positive and determined. With victories under their belts and more challenges on the horizon, the faction stands united, ready to face whatever comes their way in the unpredictable world of sVo.]

Tag Team Match
The Sin City Scoundrels vs. BIG Trouble


[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, chaos seems to follow wherever Trailer Trash Terry goes. Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone as Terry, with his signature disheveled appearance and a scowl on his face, approaches for an interview.

Katie Smith: Terry, tonight you’re scheduled for a rematch against Victor Holland. What are your thoughts on facing him again?

[Trailer Trash Terry rolls his eyes and scoffs, clearly not pleased with the prospect of facing Victor Holland once more.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Seriously, Katie? How many times do I have to beat that sorry excuse for a wrestler? I’ve proven I’m the better man.

[Terry glares into the camera, addressing the sVo universe.]

Trailer Trash Terry: I should be in the main event, vying for the sVo Championship, not wasting my time with Holland. It’s a travesty, and it’s downright disrespectful!

[Katie Smith attempts to ask another question, but Terry interrupts with a dismissive wave of his hand.]

Katie Smith: Is there anyone specific you think you should be facing for the sVo Championship?

Trailer Trash Terry: (leaning in) Katie, it doesn’t matter who’s holding that title. Whether it’s Night, Moretti, or All Star, they should all be looking over their shoulders because Trailer Trash Terry is coming, and I’m coming for that gold!

[Terry’s chaotic energy intensifies as he vents his frustration about the perceived injustice of his current booking.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Tonight, I’ll deal with Holland again, but mark my words, this is the last time. After tonight, the sVo better start recognizing that Trailer Trash Terry deserves to be in the championship picture.

[Terry storms off, leaving Katie Smith to ponder the chaos that Trailer Trash Terry could bring to the sVo Championship scene. The backstage area is left buzzing with anticipation as the unpredictable Trailer Trash Terry sets his sights on a future title opportunity.]

Another Loss….

[Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the defeated duo of BIG Trouble—BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i—trudge back to the locker room area after their loss to The Sin City Scoundrels. The disappointment is palpable as they exchange glances, contemplating the setback.

[As BIG Trouble navigates through the backstage area, their spirits lifted slightly as they spot their friend, Big Aug. Aug, a towering figure, notices the disappointment in their expressions and offers a reassuring nod.

Big Aug: (grinning) Tough break out there, fellas. But you know what they say, it’s not about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

[BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i share a nod of acknowledgment, appreciating Big Aug’s positive energy.]

BIG BOSS Batts: Yeah, Aug, we gave it our all, but those Scoundrels played a dirty game.

[Big Aug smirks, placing a reassuring hand on BIG Kahuna Ali’i’s shoulder.]

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: We can’t let one loss get us down. There’s always another game to play.

[Big Aug’s expression turns serious as he addresses BIG Trouble with determination.]

Big Aug: You’re right, boys. Tonight, we change the game. We adapt, we strategize, and we show everyone why BIG Trouble is a force to be reckoned with. We don’t stay down; we come back swinging.

[BIG Trouble, inspired by Big Aug’s words, nods in agreement, the disappointment from the earlier loss fading away.]

BIG BOSS Batts: You’re right, Aug. We’ve got more fights ahead, and we’re not backing down.

[As the trio walks towards their locker room, the determination in their strides speaks volumes. BIG Trouble, with Big Aug by their side, prepares to change the game and prove that setbacks are just stepping stones on the path to success in the sVo.]

Single Match
Trailer Trash Terry vs. Victor Holland

Gold Rush

[Backstage in the bustling Goodfellas Casino Arena, Alissia Young is seen celebrating her recent victory in the four-way match. The atmosphere is filled with a sense of accomplishment as she relishes the prospect of challenging for the Las Vegas Championship in the future. The Canadian Connection—Jake Hughes, Scott Cole, and Alissia Young—gather for a moment of celebration and camaraderie.

Alissia Young: (smiling) Hey, guys, did you see that? Danny Domino, Jupiter James, Reznikov and me—Alissia Young—coming out on top. It’s a good night to be on the winning side, isn’t it?

[Jake Hughes and Scott Cole nod in agreement, sharing in Alissia’s enthusiasm for their victories earlier in the night.]

Jake Hughes: Damn right, Alissia. It’s about time the Canadian Connection started making waves around here.

[Alissia Young’s smile widens as she revels in the positive energy.]

Alissia Young: Speaking of making waves, I’ve just secured a future shot at the Las Vegas Championship. The gold is in my sights, boys!

[The Canadian Connection shares congratulatory fist bumps with Alissia, acknowledging her achievement.

Scott Cole: That’s fantastic news, Alissia! You’ve earned it.

[Alissia Young, basking in the joy of her upcoming opportunity, turns her attention to the Canadian Connection as a whole.]

Alissia Young: Now, let’s finish the night on a high note. Jake, Scott, you’ve got the main event for the Tag Team Championships. Bring home that gold, and let’s show everyone that the Canadian Connection is a force to be reckoned with in the sVo.

[Jake Hughes and Scott Cole exchange determined glances, fueled by Alissia’s encouragement.

Jake Hughes: You got it, Alissia. We’ll do our part and make sure the Canadian Connection shines bright tonight.

[As the trio shares a moment of unity and determination, Alissia Young’s words resonate in the air. The Canadian Connection heads toward the main event, motivated to cap off the night with a championship victory.]

Where is the All Star?

[In the dimly lit locker room of Blood Money, the air is thick with confidence and a shared sense of mischief. Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and the newest member, Nicky Columbo, gather around, sharing a moment of camaraderie and strategy.

Anthony Moretti: (smirking) Looks like our friend Johnny All Star didn’t have the guts to show up tonight. Probably nursing his wounds after last week.

[The room erupts in laughter as Joe Barone shakes his head in mock disappointment.]

Joe Barone: (laughing) A true warrior, that one. Can’t handle the heat, so he stays out of the kitchen.

[Junior Gambino, with a mischievous glint in his eye, interjects with a sly grin.]

Junior Gambino: More room for us to play our games tonight. Let’s make sure Canadian Connection regrets stepping in the ring with Blood Money.

[Nicky Columbo, still relatively new to the group, listens intently, absorbing the atmosphere.]

Nicky Columbo: (smirking) All Star’s loss, Canadian Connection’s pain. It’s a good night for Blood Money.

[Anthony Moretti, the de facto leader, steps forward, his gaze shifting from amusement to focus.]

Anthony Moretti: Now, let’s talk strategy. Canadian Connection thinks they’re in for a fair fight. Little do they know, fair is not in our vocabulary.

[The room grows silent as the members of Blood Money huddle together, conspiring their dirty tricks and underhanded tactics.

Joe Barone: (grinning) Let’s give them a night they won’t forget. Canadian Connection is stepping into our world now.

[Junior Gambino chuckles, and Nicky Columbo nods in agreement.]

Junior Gambino: Blood Money doesn’t play by the rules. We make our own.

[As the laughter subsides and the room fills with an air of determination, Blood Money prepares to unleash chaos in the main event. The locker room door closes behind them, leaving a lingering sense of mischief and anticipation in their wake.]

sVo Roulette Championship Match
Johnny Dorn (c) vs. Carny Sinclair

The Most Important Night Pt.2

[The sVo Showdown 168 crowd erupts with cheers as the intense match between Johnny Dorn and Carny Sinclair reaches its thrilling conclusion. Johnny Dorn stands victorious in the center of the ring, the Roulette Championship gleaming in his grasp. The fans’ enthusiasm reverberates through the arena as Dorn calls for a microphone.

Johnny Dorn: (breathing heavily) Tonight, Carny Sinclair, you threw everything you had at me, but it wasn’t enough. I’m still standing here as your Roulette Champion!

[The crowd roars in approval, acknowledging Dorn’s hard-fought victory.]

Johnny Dorn: (raising the Roulette Championship) And you know what? I’ve made a decision. I’m cashing in this title for a shot at the big one next week on Showdown—the sVo Championship!

[The crowd’s cheers reach a fever pitch as Dorn drops the microphone, making his intentions clear. However, the jubilation is short-lived as Carny Sinclair and Reznikov suddenly storm the ring. The attack is swift and brutal as Sinclair and Reznikov ambush Dorn from behind.

[The cheers turn to gasps as Sinclair and Reznikov ruthlessly beat down the newly crowned sVo Championship contender. Dorn, caught off guard, struggles to defend himself against the onslaught.]

Carny Sinclair: (smirking) You thought this was over, Dorn? Think again.

[Just when it seems like Dorn is at the mercy of Sinclair and Reznikov, the arena darkens, and the sVo Champion, Night, rushes down to the ring. The fans explode into cheers as Night storms in, forcing Sinclair and Reznikov to retreat.

Night: (addressing Dorn) You want a shot at this? (points to the sVo Championship) Next week on Showdown, you got it. But I want you at your best, Dorn. No excuses.

[The fans cheer even louder as Night extends a hand to help Dorn to his feet. The two champions share a nod of respect as Night signals for Dorn’s music to play. The crowd continues to roar, knowing that next week’s showdown between Johnny Dorn and Night for the sVo Championship promises to be an epic clash.]

[As Dorn and Night stand tall in the ring, the scene fades, leaving the sVo faithful eagerly anticipating the historic championship showdown set for the next episode of Showdown.]

Single Match
Bronson Martinez vs. Kenneth D Williams

A Different Approach

[The sVo Showdown 168 crowd is still buzzing after witnessing an intense contest between Kenneth D Williams and Bronson Martinez. The ring is set, and both competitors are on their feet. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Kenneth D Williams extends a hand to Martinez, a gesture of fair play and sportsmanship.

Kenneth D Williams: (smiling) Hell of a match, Bronson.

[Bronson Martinez, showing respect for his opponent, shakes Williams’ hand as the crowd acknowledges the display of sportsmanship. However, the scene takes an unexpected turn as the familiar music of BIG Trouble hits, and the crowd erupts into confusion.

[BIG BOSS Batts, BIG Kahuna Ali’i, and the imposing figure of Big Aug make their way down to the ring, creating an air of uncertainty. Williams and Martinez exchange confused glances, unsure of BIG Trouble’s intentions.

Julian Fiasco: (on commentary) This is strange. BIG Trouble heading to the ring after a match?

Jermiah Sloan: Something’s up, Julian. This doesn’t look like a congratulatory visit.

[BIG Trouble enters the ring, and just as the crowd speculates their motives, they suddenly unleash a brutal and unexpected attack on both Kenneth D Williams and Bronson Martinez. The crowd gasps in shock as BIG Trouble showcases a newfound aggression, dismantling their opponents with ruthless efficiency.

[The attack continues unabated, and the confusion in the arena is palpable. Williams and Martinez, caught off guard, struggle against the onslaught. The crowd’s bewilderment turns to concern as BIG Trouble’s assault intensifies.

Julian Fiasco: What is going on here? BIG Trouble, known for their fair play, has seemingly snapped!

Jermiah Sloan: This is a shocking turn of events, Julian. BIG Trouble is dismantling Williams and Martinez!

[Just as it seems like there’s no end in sight to the assault, the familiar music of Generation Joint hits, and Gunner Lang, Jay Adder, and Jacob Izaz sprint down the ramp to make the save. The crowd erupts in cheers as Generation Joint storms the ring, driving BIG Trouble out.

[The camera captures the chaos—Generation Joint checking on the fallen Williams and Martinez, while BIG Trouble retreats with a newfound aggression. The sVo Showdown 168 crowd is left in shock and awe as the unexpected twist in BIG Trouble’s attitude unfolds before their eyes.]

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Blood Money (c) vs. The Canadian Connection

Finally Defeated….

[The Goodfellas Casino Arena is buzzing with anticipation after a hard-fought main event that saw Blood Money, the dominant Tag Team Champions, face a rare challenge and suffer their first loss in over a year. The tension is palpable as the crowd waits to see how the chaotic events will unfold.

[In the aftermath of the main event, the defeated Blood Money—Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone—stand seething in the ring, however still sVo Tag Team Champions. Their faces are etched with frustration and anger as the realization sinks in that their unbeaten streak has come to an end.]

Anthony Moretti: (shouting) This wasn’t supposed to happen!

[Joe Barone, equally incensed, glares at the ringside area, where Johnny All Star’s interference led to their countout defeat.]

Joe Barone: All Star, you coward! You think you can mess with Blood Money and get away with it?

[As the intensity in the ring reaches its peak, Junior Gambino and Nicky Columbo make their way down the entrance ramp, their expressions mirroring the rage of Moretti and Barone.]

[The crowd roars as the chaos unfolds, sensing the impending collision between the members of Blood Money and Johnny All Star.

Nicky Columbo: (shouting) You’re not getting away with this, All Star!

[Johnny All Star, having escaped the ring before Blood Money could reach him, slips through the crowd, evading capture.

[The scene turns chaotic as Junior Gambino and Nicky Columbo join Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone at ringside, their collective anger boiling over.]

[Security rushes to the scene, attempting to maintain order, but the chaos intensifies. The Goodfellas Casino Arena is filled with a mix of boos and cheers as the fans witness the dramatic conclusion to the night.

[The camera captures the chaotic tableau—a furious Blood Money, a crowd baying for justice, and Johnny All Star slipping into the shadows. The sVo universe is left on the edge of their seats, eager to see how the fallout from this tumultuous night will shape the future of the sVo.]

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