sVo Showdown 167
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
7th January 2024

[The pulsating energy of the Las Vegas strip sets the stage for another electrifying night as the sVo brings the action live from the iconic Goodfellas Casino Arena. The neon lights of the city that never sleeps illuminate the night sky, casting a vibrant glow on the bustling atmosphere outside the arena. Inside, anticipation reaches a fever pitch as fans from around the world gather for sVo Showdown 167.

As the camera pans through the dazzling casino, showcasing the slot machines and poker tables, the raucous excitement builds. The air is thick with anticipation, and the aroma of competition and intrigue permeates the arena.

The familiar sounds of the crowd, eager for the upcoming showdowns, echo through the hallways. Tonight, the sVo faithful are in for a treat as the squared circle takes center stage in the heart of Las Vegas. From the seasoned veterans to the rising stars, the Goodfellas Casino Arena is set to witness fierce battles, unexpected alliances, and the relentless pursuit of championship glory.

Backstage, rivalries simmer, alliances form, and the sVo Superstars prepare to leave their mark on the wrestling world. In the world of the sVo, every showdown is a chance for triumph or heartbreak, and tonight will be no exception.

The sVo Showdown 167 is about to unfold in the city that thrives on spectacle and excitement. The stage is set, the dice are rolled, and the Goodfellas Casino Arena is ready to witness the drama, the intensity, and the pure adrenaline of professional wrestling. Get ready for a night of unforgettable moments, fierce competition, and the unmatched spectacle that is the sVo!

Collective Punishment

[The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Showdown 167 unfolds at the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas. The parking lot outside is a hive of activity, with the roar of engines and the buzz of excitement filling the air. The unmistakable tour bus of Generation Joint rolls to a stop, signaling their arrival for another night of action.

As the bus doors swing open, members of Generation Joint—Kenneth D Williams, Jay Adder, and Gunner Lang—emerge, ready for the night ahead. However, the usual enthusiasm is replaced with a sense of caution as sVo COO Amy Page makes her presence known, as she did last night on Proving Grounds, standing near the entrance.

Amy Page: Well, well, look who’s here. Generation Joint, always making an entrance.

[Kenneth, Jay, and Gunner exchange glances, unsure of what Amy Page has in store for them this time.]

Kenneth D Williams: What’s up, Amy? We got a show to steal tonight.

Amy Page: Oh, you’ll have your chance, Kenny. But first, we can’t have Jacob feeling left out after last night’s little escapade.

[The camera catches Jacob Izaz’s expression shifting from confusion to concern as Amy Page delivers the news.]

Amy Page: Jacob Izaz, I hope you’re ready because your match is up next. You’ll be facing Dallas Jordan.

[Jacob Izaz furrows his brow, absorbing the unexpected announcement.]

Jacob Izaz: Dallas Jordan, next? What’s the deal, Amy?

Amy Page: Consider it a continuation of the consequences, Jacob. A little one-on-one action to keep things interesting.

[Without giving Jacob Izaz much time to respond, Amy Page smirks and walks away, leaving Generation Joint to process the sudden turn of events.]

Jay Adder: (raising an eyebrow) What was that about?

Gunner Lang: Looks like Jacob’s got a match, and it’s up next.

[As the group heads towards the arena, the uncertainty hangs in the air. The sVo faithful await the outcome of Jacob Izaz’s impromptu match against Dallas Jordan, wondering how this unexpected twist will shape the course of Showdown 167.]

Single Match
Jacob Izaz vs. Dallas Jordan

Main Event Made

[Backstage at sVo Showdown 167, the aura is tense as Blood Money—Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, and Junior Gambino—emerges from the office of sVo COO Amy Page. The trio, draped in tailored suits and exuding an air of authority, attracts attention as they stride down the corridor. Sensing the significance of the moment, Katie Smith approaches, microphone in hand.

Katie Smith: Blood Money, can I get a moment? What was that meeting with Amy Page all about?

[Anthony Moretti, the de facto leader of Blood Money, smirks before addressing Katie Smith’s inquiry.]

Anthony Moretti: Katie, sweetheart, it was just a little business with the boss. Nothing you need to concern yourself with.

[Katie presses on, undeterred.]

Katie Smith: Come on, Anthony. The fans want to know what’s going on. Can you give us a hint?

[Joe Barone leans in, his imposing figure casting a shadow as he speaks.]

Junior Gambino: We got ourselves a little proposition from Amy Page, Katie. Something that’s gonna make tonight’s main event unforgettable.

[Joe Barone, the silent enforcer of Blood Money, nods in agreement.]

Junior Gambino: Amy’s got a taste for excitement, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

[Katie Smith raises an eyebrow, intrigued by the cryptic responses.]

Katie Smith: So, spill the beans. What’s the big news?

[Anthony Moretti smirks and leans in, revealing the juicy details.]

Anthony Moretti: Tonight’s main event is going to be a six-man tag. Blood Money against Night, Johnny All Star, and a third man, provided they can find someone willing to team with them.

[Katie Smith’s eyes widen with realization.]

Katie Smith: A six-man tag? That’s huge! Do you have any idea who Night and All Star might team up with?

[Anthony Moretti chuckles, a hint of mischief in his eyes.]

Anthony Moretti: That’s their problem to solve, Katie. We’re just here to conduct business and collect our dues. Johnny will pay for costing me that sVo Heavyweight Championship last week.

[With that, Blood Money continues down the corridor, leaving Katie Smith with more questions than answers. The stage is set for a blockbuster main event, and the anticipation in the air is palpable as Night and Johnny All Star scramble to find a partner willing to stand against the formidable trio of Blood Money.]

Tag Team Match
BIG Trouble vs. Patriot Act

The Third Man Pt.1

[Backstage at sVo Showdown 167, the air is thick with tension as old rivals Night and Johnny All Star engage in a tense conversation. Aware that they must set aside their history to face the common threat of Blood Money, the two legendary wrestlers discuss the crucial task at hand.

Night: (crossing his arms) This feels weird, Johnny. Teaming up after all we’ve been through?

[Johnny All Star smirks, acknowledging the awkwardness of the situation.]

Johnny All Star: Desperate times, Night. Desperate measures. We’ve got Blood Money to deal with, and they’re not the kind to show mercy.

[Night nods in agreement, recognizing the gravity of the situation.]

Night: True. So, any ideas on who we can get as the third man? We need someone willing to go up against Blood Money with us.

[Johnny All Star grins, a glimmer of mischief in his eyes.]

Johnny All Star: Actually, I’ve got an idea. Someone who’s got a history with Blood Money and wouldn’t mind throwing down with them.

[Night raises an eyebrow, intrigued by All Star’s suggestion.]

Night: Who are you thinking?

[Johnny All Star leans in, lowering his voice as he reveals his plan.]

Johnny All Star: How about Nicky Columbo?

[Night’s eyes widen, processing the suggestion.]

Night: Nicky Columbo? You think he’d be up for it?

[Johnny All Star nods, confident in his proposal.]

Johnny All Star: Think about it, Night. We’ve all got history with Blood Money. Columbo might be the X-factor we need to even the odds.

[Night considers the idea, however doesn’t look too sure if it is something Columbo would be up for given recent events.]

Night: Alright, Johnny. Let’s give Columbo a call. If he’s up for it, we’ve got ourselves a fighting chance.

[As Night and Johnny All Star head off to make the call, the backstage area buzzes with anticipation for the main event—a collision between longstanding rivals forced to unite with Nicky Columbo against the menacing Blood Money. The question remains: Will Nicky Columbo join forces with Night and Johnny All Star to take on this formidable challenge?]

Stopping the Rot

[Backstage at sVo Showdown 167, the air is thick with a mix of triumph and disappointment as Generation Joint gathers to regroup after Jacob Izaz’s match against Dallas Jordan. Jacob Izaz stands, visibly disappointed, as his victory came by countout rather than the decisive win he sought. Kenneth D Williams, Jay Adder, and Gunner Lang huddle together, ready to discuss the turn of events.

Jacob Izaz: (frustrated) I wanted a clean win, not a countout victory. This isn’t how I wanted to make a statement.

[Jay Adder puts a reassuring hand on Jacob Izaz’s shoulder.]

Jay Adder: Look, Jacob, wins come in many forms. Tonight, you got us back on the right track, and that’s what matters.

[Kenneth D Williams nods in agreement.]

Kenneth D Williams: Jay’s right. Momentum can swing in an instant. We needed this win, even if it didn’t go down exactly as planned.

[Gunner Lang chimes in, offering his perspective.]

Gunner Lang: Sometimes, you take what you can get, Jacob. Wins build confidence, no matter how they come.

[Jacob Izaz takes a deep breath, acknowledging the support from his teammates.]

Jacob Izaz: You’re right. I guess a win is a win. But I wanted to prove a point.

[Jay Adder grins, trying to lift the mood.]

Jay Adder: And you did, Jacob. You reminded everyone that Generation Joint is still a force to be reckoned with.

[Kenneth D Williams adds his thoughts, injecting optimism into the conversation.]

Kenneth D Williams: From here, the only way is up. We’ve weathered challenges before, and we’ll come out stronger every time.

[The quartet shares a determined nod, ready to turn their attention to the challenges ahead.]

Gunner Lang: Tonight’s just the beginning. We regroup, refocus, and come back stronger next time.

[As Generation Joint reaffirms their unity and resilience, the backstage area becomes a hub of determination. The disappointment from Jacob Izaz’s match evolves into a collective commitment to climb back to the top of the sVo, ready to leave their mark on Showdown 167.]

Roulette Championship Match
Johnny Dorn (c) vs. Bronson Johnson

Two to Go

[The arena buzzes with energy after an intense Roulette Championship match as Johnny Dorn successfully defends his title against Bronson Johnson. The crowd erupts in cheers for the champion as he stands victorious in the center of the ring. The referee hands Dorn his Roulette Championship, and as the music fades, Dorn grabs a microphone and raises it to his lips.]

Johnny Dorn: (grinning) Well, well, well, Las Vegas! How about that for a title defense?

[The crowd roars in approval, recognizing the impressive performance they just witnessed.]

Johnny Dorn: Now, I know you folks have been keeping count. That’s eight defenses in a row for this beautiful Roulette Championship!

[The crowd erupts into cheers, acknowledging Dorn’s incredible feat.]

Johnny Dorn: And you know what that means? Just two more defenses, and I get to cash in this bad boy for a shot at the sVo Championship!

[The arena shakes with excitement as the fans anticipate the potential clash between Johnny Dorn and the sVo’s top titleholder. Dorn grins, soaking in the atmosphere.]

Johnny Dorn: So, whether it’s a high roller or a new face stepping up to the challenge, I’m ready. Two more defenses, and then I’m coming for that sVo Championship!

[The crowd roars in support, showing appreciation for Dorn’s determination and his pursuit of the ultimate prize.]

Johnny Dorn: Keep your eyes on the Roulette Championship, folks, because Johnny Dorn is on a path to glory, and nothing’s gonna stop me!

[Dorn raises the Roulette Championship high above his head as his music hits, and the crowd continues to cheer for the reigning champion. The excitement lingers in the air as Dorn basks in the moment, knowing that he’s inching closer to the opportunity of a lifetime—a shot at the prestigious sVo Championship.]

Third Man Pt.2

[Backstage at sVo Showdown 167, Johnny All Star briskly walks down the corridor, determined to find Nicky Columbo and pitch the idea of joining forces against Blood Money in the main event. As he reaches the locker room door, anticipation mixes with concern. All Star opens the door, expecting to find Columbo ready for action, but instead, he’s met with a shocking sight.

[Nicky Columbo lies motionless on the locker room floor, unconscious and showing signs of having been attacked. All Star’s eyes widen with alarm as he rushes to Columbo’s side.]

Johnny All Star: (panicking) Nicky! What the hell happened here?

[All Star quickly checks for any visible injuries, realizing that Columbo needs medical attention. He takes out his phone and dials for help.]

Johnny All Star: (speaking urgently into the phone) This is Johnny All Star. We need medical assistance in the locker room right away. Nicky Columbo’s down, and he’s out cold.

[As All Star waits for help to arrive, he looks around the locker room, trying to piece together what happened.]

Johnny All Star: (muttering to himself) Who would do this? We needed him for the main event.

[The medical team arrives swiftly, rushing in with a stretcher and assessing the situation. All Star steps back, allowing them to do their work.]

Medical Personnel: We’ll take it from here, Mr. All Star. We’ll get him to the medical facility for a thorough check-up.

[Johnny All Star watches with a mix of frustration and concern as Nicky Columbo is carefully placed on the stretcher.]

Johnny All Star: Find out who did this, and find them fast. Blood Money’s playing dirty, and I won’t stand for it.

[As the medical team wheels Nicky Columbo out of the locker room, Johnny All Star stands there, contemplating the sudden turn of events. The uncertainty of finding a third man for the main event now looms large, and the backstage area is filled with a sense of urgency and tension.]

Single Match
Big Aug vs. Danny Domino

On the Way Up, On the Way Down

[The arena is alive with energy after a thrilling match that saw Danny Domino emerge victorious over former sVo Champion Big Aug. Domino stands in the center of the ring, celebrating his hard-fought triumph as the crowd showers him with boos. The music pulsates through the arena, amplifying the jubilant atmosphere.

[On the other side, Big Aug slowly makes his way to the back, his expression a mixture of disappointment and frustration. The weight of yet another defeat hangs in the air as he navigates the path to the backstage area. The crowd observes in silence, acknowledging the somber departure of the former champion.

[In the ring, Danny Domino continues his celebration, basking in the glow of the spotlight. The boos of the crowd crescendo as he raises his arms in victory. The contrast between the elation of Domino and the solemn departure of Big Aug paints a poignant picture in the arena.

[As Big Aug disappears behind the curtain, the focus remains on Danny Domino, who continues to revel in the moment. The emotional resonance of the scene lingers, capturing the highs and lows that define the world of professional wrestling.]

The Third Man Pt.3

[Backstage at sVo Showdown 167, the atmosphere is tense as Night and Johnny All Star discuss the shocking attack on Nicky Columbo. The two legendary wrestlers huddle in a quiet corner, their expressions a mix of concern and determination.

Night: This is getting out of hand, Johnny. First, Nicky gets taken out, and now we’re left to face Blood Money 2 on 3?

[Johnny All Star nods, frustration evident on his face.]

Johnny All Star: It’s definitely Blood Money’s handiwork. They’re playing dirty, and we’re caught in the crossfire.

[Night clenches his fists, a fiery resolve burning in his eyes.]

Night: Well, we can’t let them get away with it. We might be down a man, but that doesn’t mean we back down. We go out there, and we face them head-on.

[Johnny All Star nods in agreement, recognizing the challenge ahead.]

Johnny All Star: You’re right, Night. We can’t let their mind games get to us. We go it alone, and we give Blood Money a fight they won’t forget.

[The two share a determined look, understanding that the odds are against them but unwilling to back down.]

Night: Blood Money wants a war; we’ll give them a war. We might be outnumbered, but we’re not outgunned.

[Johnny All Star smirks, a glimmer of defiance in his eyes.]

Johnny All Star: Blood Money’s gonna regret messing with us. Let’s go out there and show them why we’re legends.

[As Night and Johnny All Star prepare to face Blood Money alone, the intensity in the air thickens. The sVo faithful eagerly await the main event, fully aware that they are about to witness a clash of titans. The stage is set for a showdown where pride, legacy, and the fight against injustice hang in the balance.]

Single Match
Trailer Trash Terry vs. Victor Holland

Overlooked…. Still

[The arena is still buzzing with the aftermath of a fierce match between Trailer Trash Terry and Victor Holland. The chaotic heel, Trailer Trash Terry, stands victorious in the center of the ring, reveling in the cheers and boos from the crowd. As the music plays, Terry grabs a microphone, ready to address the audience.

Trailer Trash Terry: Well, well, well, ain’t this a familiar sight? Another victory for yours truly, Trailer Trash Terry!

[The crowd erupts into a mix of cheers and jeers as Terry grins, relishing the moment.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Now, let me get something straight, because it seems like there’s a little oversight happening around here. Week after week, I come out here, I tear through anyone unlucky enough to step in the ring with me, and what do I get in return?

[Terry shakes his head, feigning disappointment.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Overlooked. That’s what I get. Ignored, like I’m some kind of garbage waiting to be thrown out.

[The crowd responds with a mix of agreement and dissent, amplifying the chaotic energy in the arena.]

Trailer Trash Terry: It’s time to open your eyes, sVo. I’m not just a sideshow. I’m not just the guy who adds a little chaos to your precious ring. I am Trailer Trash Terry, and I demand respect!

[Terry paces around the ring, the intensity in his voice echoing through the arena.]

Trailer Trash Terry: I’ve beaten ’em all—former champions, rising stars, you name it. Yet, here I am, still being treated like an afterthought.

[Terry smirks, a hint of defiance in his eyes.]

Trailer Trash Terry: Well, let me make this crystal clear. The more you overlook me, the more chaos I’ll unleash. I’m here to disrupt the status quo, and whether you like it or not, Trailer Trash Terry is here to stay!

[With that, Terry drops the microphone and exits the ring, leaving the crowd in a state of uncertainty. The echoes of his proclamation linger, foreshadowing more mayhem to come from the chaotic force known as Trailer Trash Terry.]

Attitude Adjustment

[In the backstage locker room at sVo Showdown 167, the atmosphere is tense as an angry Big Aug paces around, visibly frustrated after yet another loss. The room reverberates with the echoes of disappointment as Aug vents his frustration. Suddenly, the BIG Trouble tag team, BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i, enter the scene, exchanging knowing glances as they approach Big Aug.

Big Aug: (growling) I can’t believe this! Another loss, and I’m sick of it!

[BIG BOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i exchange glances before nodding solemnly.]

BIG BOSS Batts: Aug, we feel your frustration. It’s been a tough night for all of us.

[Big Aug turns to face them, his anger still evident.]

Big Aug: Tough night? It’s been a tough streak, and I’m not getting any younger. I need wins, not sympathy.

[BIG Kahuna Ali’i steps forward, acknowledging the need for change.]

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: Aug, maybe it’s time we rethink our strategy. These losses are piling up, and we can’t afford to keep going down this path.

[Big Aug pauses, considering the words of his teammates.]

Big Aug: (grumbling) Rethink the strategy, huh? Maybe you’re onto something.

[BIG BOSS Batts nods, suggesting a more collaborative approach.]

BIG BOSS Batts: We’re a team, and teams adapt. Let’s figure out what’s not working and make the changes we need.

[The trio begins to huddle, a sense of unity emerging despite the frustration.]

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: We owe it to ourselves.

[Big Aug, though still visibly annoyed, nods in agreement.]

Big Aug: Fine, let’s do it. We’ll turn this around, but it starts with shaking things up.

[As the trio continues to discuss their future strategy, the atmosphere shifts from frustration to determination. The BIG Trouble tag team, once again, stands united, ready to tackle the challenges ahead with a renewed focus and a commitment to change their fortunes in the sVo.]

Handicap Tag Match
Blood Money vs. Johnny All Star & Night

The Numbers Game

[The atmosphere in the Goodfellas Casino Arena is charged with tension as the main event unfolds. Blood Money—Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, and Junior Gambino—stand tall, having defeated Night and Johnny All Star. The boos from the crowd rain down, expressing their displeasure at the merciless assault continuing in the ring.

[As Blood Money continues their post-match attack on Johnny All Star, the fans’ discontent grows louder. Suddenly, a familiar theme hits the speakers, and a surge of cheers erupts as Nicky Columbo rushes down the entrance ramp. The crowd can’t believe their eyes, thinking Columbo had been taken out earlier in the night.

[Nicky Columbo slides into the ring, positioning himself between Blood Money and Johnny All Star. The fans, relieved to see him back, erupt into cheers, chanting “Columbo! Columbo!” The anticipation builds as it seems Columbo is about to stand up against the ruthless faction.

[However, in a shocking turn of events, Nicky Columbo stuns the crowd by suddenly turning and leveling Johnny All Star with a thunderous clothesline! The cheers turn to gasps of disbelief as Columbo’s actions defy all expectations.

[The arena is filled with a mix of confusion and shock. Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone, and Junior Gambino look on, initially feigning surprised but then breaking into grins in the knowledge that Nicky Columbo has aligned himself with Blood Money.

[Columbo, standing tall over his fallen mentor, extends a hand toward Anthony Moretti. The crowd is left in stunned silence as Columbo and Moretti shake hands over All Star’s body, solidifying a shocking alliance.

[The boos from the audience intensify, but Blood Money stands tall in the ring, a triumphant alliance formed. The unexpected betrayal by Nicky Columbo has reshaped the landscape of the sVo, leaving fans and wrestlers alike in disbelief as the show fades to black.]

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