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sVo Showdown 161

Rick Reid takes on another legend in the main event, William Vorheez!

sVo Showdown 161
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
19th November 2023

The anticipation is electric as the neon lights of the Goodfellas Casino Arena flicker and glow, setting the stage for another thrilling night of sVo action. The cameras pan across the buzzing crowd, capturing the excitement that permeates the air.

Julian Fiasco: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the epicenter of professional wrestling! We are live from the iconic Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, and boy, do we have a show for you tonight!

Jeremiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian! The stakes are high, the tension is palpable, and our fans are in for a treat. We’ve got some explosive matches lined up, including the highly anticipated debut of Nicky Columbo, protege of the returning Johnny All Star!

The crowd erupts in cheers at the mention of Johnny All Star, their excitement echoing through the arena.

Julian Fiasco: That’s not all! We have a Las Vegas Championship match on the horizon, as JVD defends his title against the formidable Hiro Ryuu. And in our main event, Rick Reid clashes with William Vorheez in what promises to be a brutal showdown.

Jeremiah Sloan: Let’s not forget about the debut of Generation: Joint. Kenneth D Williams, Gunner Lang, and Jacob Izaz team up for the first time, and you can bet it’ll be something special.

The camera cuts to shots of the competitors gearing up backstage, the intensity building with each passing moment.

Julian Fiasco: Folks, buckle up, because the sVo is about to deliver another night of unforgettable action! Stay tuned as we dive into the heart of the storm right here at Goodfellas Casino Arena!


The bustling backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is abuzz with activity as talent, crew, and staff prepare for another explosive edition of Showdown. In the midst of it all, the luxurious presence of Blood Money makes its grand entrance, clad in tailored Italian suits that scream opulence. Anthony Moretti, Junior Gambino, and Joe Barone exude an air of authority as they stride confidently through the corridors.

Katie Smith: (eagerly approaching) Well, well, Blood Money, what brings you gentlemen to the Goodfellas Casino Arena tonight? You’re not on the match card.

Anthony Moretti smirks, adjusting the lapel of his suit with a sense of superiority.

Anthony Moretti: Katie, sweetheart, we’re not here to compete tonight. We’re here for a more… observational role. You see, tonight marks the debut of Nicky Columbo, the protege of the legendary Johnny All Star.

Katie raises an eyebrow, intrigued by the revelation.

Katie Smith: So, you’re scouting the competition?

Junior Gambino: (nodding) That’s right, doll. We’ve heard the buzz about this kid, and we figured we’d get a closer look, assess his potential.

Joe Barone chuckles, contributing to the conversation.

Joe Barone: And let’s not forget, we’re the reigning Tag Team Champions. We can go wherever we please, whenever we please.

Anthony Moretti leans in, a devious glint in his eye.

Anthony Moretti: Besides, it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on the rising stars. You never know when they might become… useful.

The trio of Blood Money shares a knowing look, their intentions veiled in mystery as they continue their regal procession through the backstage chaos, leaving Katie Smith pondering the implications of their unexpected presence.

Playing Chess

The plush office of sVo COO Amy Page exudes an air of authority, adorned with rich furnishings and opulent decor. Amy Page, the calculated mastermind behind the scenes, is seated behind her desk, engrossed in her work. The door creaks open, and the imposing figure of Rick Reid steps into the room.

Amy Page: (looking up, a sly smile on her face) Ah, Rick. Right on time.

Rick Reid, the enforcer at Amy’s beck and call, approaches the desk, his demeanor reflecting the air of confidence instilled in him by his recent victories.

Rick Reid: Amy. What’s on your mind?

Amy Page: (leaning back, steepling her fingers) Congratulations are in order, Rick. You did precisely what I expected of you last week. Bobby Dean is out of the equation for now.

Reid nods appreciatively, his eyes locked on Amy’s.

Rick Reid: That was just the beginning, Amy. I’m here to carry out your orders.

Amy Page: (leaning forward) I’m glad to hear that, Rick. But remember, the mission isn’t complete yet. Tonight, in the main event, you face William Vorheez. Take him out, Rick. Make it clear that anyone who stands in our way will suffer the consequences.

Rick Reid smirks, an ominous glint in his eyes.

Rick Reid: Vorheez won’t know what hit him. And after that?

Amy Page: (leaning back, a wicked grin forming) After that, Rick, you set your sights on the ultimate prize—the sVo Championship. Night holds it now, but it won’t be long before it’s in our hands. Keep climbing the ladder, and remember, I reward loyalty handsomely.

With a nod of acknowledgment, Rick Reid exits the office, leaving Amy Page to revel in the unfolding machinations of her grand design. The air is charged with anticipation as the pieces on the chessboard move according to her orchestrated plan.

Single Match
Nicky Columbo vs Bronson Martinez

Picking a Moment

The deafening echoes of the crowd resonate through the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Nicky Columbo, Johnny All Star’s protege, secures a hard-fought victory over Bronson Martinez. Both wrestlers display mutual respect, with a handshake and nod of acknowledgment exchanged as Bronson exits the ring. However, the jubilant atmosphere takes an unexpected turn.

The unmistakable presence of Johnny All Star rolls into the ring, joining his protege in celebration. The crowd roars in appreciation as All Star raises Nicky Columbo’s hand in victory. As the duo basks in the moment, the arena’s atmosphere shifts.

Blood Money, the reigning Tag Team Champions, Anthony Moretti, Junior Gambino, and Joe Barone, make their ominous descent towards the ring. The sudden appearance of the formidable trio sends a murmur through the audience. Surrounding the ring like predators closing in on their prey, the tension becomes palpable.

Just as it seems a confrontation is inevitable, Anthony Moretti, the leader of Blood Money, smirks and unexpectedly signals for his comrades to stand down. Confusion washes over the faces of both All Star and Nicky Columbo as Blood Money, instead of attacking, retreats and leaves the ring.

Anthony Moretti: (smirking, addressing All Star and Columbo) Not today, fellas. Enjoy your little victory.

The enigmatic decision by Blood Money to spare their potential adversaries leaves the crowd buzzing with speculation. Moretti, Gambino, and Barone vanish into the shadows, leaving behind a perplexed All Star and Columbo in the ring.

As the audience grapples with the mysterious turn of events, the spotlight remains on the ring, where Johnny All Star and his protege Nicky Columbo share a moment of uncertainty amid the swirling chaos that defines the sVo landscape.

One More Run

Katie Smith stands poised with the microphone backstage, ready to conduct an interview with the legendary William Vorheez. The anticipation is palpable as she awaits the arrival of the former two-time sVo Champion.

Katie Smith: (smiling) Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with none other than the legendary William Vorheez. William, tonight you face Rick Reid in the main event, and there seems to be a lot of speculation regarding Amy Page’s intentions toward the legends of the sVo. What are your thoughts on your match and Amy Page’s actions?

Vorheez, a stoic figure with years of experience etched into his features, takes a moment to collect his thoughts before responding.

William Vorheez: Katie, tonight, I step into the ring with Rick Reid. Now, Reid, he’s a formidable opponent, no doubt about it. But there’s something you need to understand about me, about us legends. We’ve been through it all. We’ve faced the best, and we’ve emerged as champions. Amy Page might want us out, but she forgets what made the sVo what it is today.

Vorheez’s eyes gleam with determination as he continues.

William Vorheez: I’ve faced adversity my entire career, and tonight won’t be any different. Amy might think it’s time for the old guard to step aside, but I’ve got one more run left in me, Katie. I know it, and deep down, Amy Page knows it too. So, Rick Reid, be prepared. Tonight, you’re not just facing William Vorheez; you’re facing a legacy, a history that won’t be erased so easily.

Katie nods in understanding as Vorheez’s words echo through the backstage area, setting the stage for the impending clash between the seasoned veteran and the ambitious Rick Reid in the night’s main event.

Single Match
Trailer Trash Terry vs Noah Rogan

Another Shot

The atmosphere in Amy Page’s office is tense as Haley Dallas, the manager of the Southern Boys, enters. Amy, engrossed in her work, looks up with a raised eyebrow.

Amy Page: (leaning back in her chair) Well, well, what brings you to my office, Haley?

Haley Dallas: (with determination) Amy, last week the Southern Boys took care of business. We laid the smackdown on the Starr Brothers, and we did it convincingly. I think it’s high time we get what we deserve – a shot at those Tag Team titles.

Amy Page smirks, her fingers tapping rhythmically on her desk.

Amy Page: Oh, Haley, you and your Southern Boys keep knocking on my door, asking for another opportunity. But let’s not forget, I’ve given you chances before, and it always seems to end the same way – with your boys coming up short.

Haley takes a step forward, her eyes locked onto Amy’s.

Haley Dallas: This time is different, Amy. We’ve got their number. We proved it last week, and we’re ready to prove it again.

Amy Page leans forward, studying Haley with a contemplative expression.

Amy Page: (smirking) You’re confident, I’ll give you that. Fine, Haley. You want another shot at the Tag Team titles? Prove it. Win your match next week on Showdown, and then we’ll talk about Seasons Beatings. But remember, actions speak louder than words.

With that, Haley Dallas nods, showing a determined look. She turns on her heels and exits the office, leaving Amy Page to her plotting and planning for the upcoming sVo events.

A Different Kind of Cat

The backstage area is buzzing with activity as Katie Smith stands ready for her interview with the enigmatic Trailer Trash Terry. Terry, who just secured another victory over Noah Rogan, approaches with a confident swagger. The air is thick with tension as Katie begins the interview.

Katie Smith: Terry, impressive win tonight against Noah Rogan. You’ve been on quite a streak lately. What’s your strategy going forward?

Terry doesn’t respond, instead smirking at Katie with an unsettling intensity. He leans in, making her feel uneasy.

Katie Smith: (nervously) Uh, well, the fans are curious about your success in the sVo. Do you have anything to say to them?

Trailer Trash Terry remains silent, his gaze fixed on Katie. The uncomfortable silence hangs in the air for a moment before Terry abruptly turns away, walking off without uttering a single word.

Katie Smith: (to herself) Well, that was… different.

As Terry disappears into the shadows, Katie is left alone, puzzled by the mysterious and silent nature of Trailer Trash Terry.

sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
JVD vs Hiro Ryuu

Victory…. For Now

The arena pulses with energy as the Las Vegas Champion, James Von Drake, stands victorious in the center of the ring. The Las Vegas Championship belt gleams under the spotlight as JVD celebrates his hard-fought victory against Hiro Ryuu. The fans, a mix of cheers and jeers, create a symphony of emotions.

Julian Fiasco: (commentary) JVD continues to prove why he’s the Las Vegas Champion, Jeremiah. But what’s this?

Suddenly, the cheers turn to boos as the unsettling theme of Trailer Trash Terry echoes through the arena. The atmosphere shifts as Terry steps onto the stage, his demeanor dark and twisted. JVD, still catching his breath in the ring, narrows his eyes at the approaching figure.

Jeremiah Sloan: Trailer Trash Terry has been making quite the impact since joining the sVo, and it seems he has his sights set on JVD and that Las Vegas Championship.

Trailer Trash Terry smirks from the stage, his eyes locked onto JVD. The champion holds his title high, unflinching as Terry revels in the reaction from the crowd. A tense standoff unfolds as JVD’s celebration transforms into a face-off with the enigmatic Terry.

James Von Drake: (on the microphone) You want a shot, Terry? You want a piece of the Las Vegas Champion? Well, you just might get more than you bargained for.

The fans roar with anticipation as the challenge hangs in the air. JVD, belt still in hand, issues a silent declaration that the Las Vegas Championship is not an easy prize to claim. Trailer Trash Terry, undeterred and grinning, stares back from the stage, setting the stage for a potential collision between these two formidable forces in the sVo.

Don’t Get Smoked Pt.1

The backstage area is immersed in a haze of smoke as Generation: Joint prepares for their inaugural match as a team. The trio of Kenneth D Williams, Jacob Izaz, and Gunner Lang, along with the enigmatic Jay Adder and Bellinor Adder, are gathered in their smoke-filled locker room. The dim light reveals the unity of this unique group, each member sharing a joint as they discuss their strategy.

Kenneth D Williams: (exhaling a puff of smoke) Tonight, we make a statement. Patriot Act won’t know what hit ’em.

Jacob Izaz, with a laid-back demeanor, nods in agreement as he takes a drag from his joint. Gunner Lang, known for his intensity, is surprisingly calm in the midst of the smoke-filled ambiance.

Gunner Lang: This is the beginning of something big. We’re not just a team; we’re Generation: Joint.

Jay Adder, the mastermind behind the group, leans against a locker, his eyes piercing through the smoke. Bellinor Adder, an enigmatic presence, stands silently, exuding an aura of mystique.

Jay Adder: Tonight, Patriot Act steps into the ring with more than they can handle. We’re not just wrestlers; we’re a force.

As the smoke swirls around them, the members of Generation: Joint share a moment of camaraderie. The rhythmic sound of inhales and exhales sets the tone for the unorthodox alliance. Tonight’s match is not just about victory; it’s about establishing a new era in the sVo, one where Generation: Joint leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of professional wrestling.

What’s the Angle?

The backstage area is bustling with activity when Johnny All Star and Nicky Columbo find a quiet corner to discuss the night’s events. The air is thick with tension as Columbo, the protege, seeks answers from his experienced mentor.

Nicky Columbo: (raising an eyebrow) Johnny, why do you think Blood Money didn’t attack us earlier? It’s not like them to pass up an opportunity.

Johnny All Star, a veteran of the sVo, crosses his arms and leans against a nearby crate. His eyes narrow as he contemplates the question.

Johnny All Star: Kid, I’ve been around the block in this business more times than I can count. Blood Money didn’t just decide to play nice tonight. There’s always an angle with those guys.

Columbo, still learning the ropes, looks puzzled.

Nicky Columbo: So, what’s their angle?

All Star sighs, his mistrust of Blood Money evident in his demeanor.

Johnny All Star: That’s the million-dollar question, Nicky. We’ve had our run-ins with them before. They kicked me out of the group a while back, and I’ve never been one to trust ’em. We need to be on our guard. You never know when they’ll strike.

Columbo absorbs the advice, a mix of determination and uncertainty on his face.

Nicky Columbo: I hear you, Johnny. I don’t trust them either. We’ll watch our backs.

As the two wrestlers exchange a nod, the backstage area remains fraught with intrigue. The uneasy alliance between Johnny All Star and Nicky Columbo sets the stage for a potential clash with Blood Money, a group known for their cunning and calculated moves.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Kenneth D Williams, Gunner Lang & Jacob Izaz vs Patriot Act

Don’t Get Smoked Pt.2

The arena is still buzzing after the surprising victory by Patriot Act over Generation: Joint. The members of Generation: Joint, Kenneth D Williams, Jacob Izaz, and Gunner Lang, exchange puzzled glances in the ring, questioning what went wrong.

Kenneth D Williams: (frustrated) What just happened? We had that in the bag!

Before they can unravel the mystery of their defeat, Patriot Act seizes the opportunity and launches a sudden attack from behind. The unsuspecting members of Generation: Joint are caught off guard as Patriot Act unleashes a barrage of strikes and devastating maneuvers.

As the assault continues, the atmosphere becomes chaotic until the unexpected happens. The smoke-filled arena is pierced by the entrance music of Jay Adder and Bellinor Adder, rushing down the ramp to make the save. The crowd erupts as the Adder siblings storm into the ring, driving Patriot Act out.

With Generation: Joint looking both shocked and relieved, Jay and Bellinor stand side by side with their newfound allies. The battleground may be clouded with uncertainty, but a brewing war between factions adds another layer of intrigue to the sVo landscape.

Waiting Game

Katie Smith stands backstage, ready to interview the sVo Champion Night just moments before the main event. The champion, Night, looks focused and determined, his championship belt slung over his shoulder.

Katie Smith: (smiling) Night, can I get a quick word the main event match tonight?

Night: (nodding) Of course, Katie. What’s on your mind?

Katie Smith: Well, Night, you’ve been the sVo Champion for quite a while now, and there’s been a lot of speculation about who might be next in line to challenge you. In particular, Rick Reid, who won the Roulette Championship and the Jackpot Rumble, hasn’t made his intentions clear. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Night: (smirking) Rick Reid, huh? He’s been making waves, no doubt. It’s surprising he hasn’t come forward yet, considering his recent accomplishments. But let me make something clear, Katie. I’m not one to back down from a challenge. If Rick Reid wants a shot at this title, all he has to do is step up. The door is wide open.

Katie Smith: Interesting. And, speaking of challenges, do you have any plans for your next title defense?

Night: (grinning) Well, Katie, let me make an announcement right here and now. Next week on Showdown, I’m throwing out an open challenge to anyone in the sVo locker room that hasn’t had a shot before. If someone thinks they’ve got what it takes to step up to the plate, I’ll be waiting in the ring.

Katie Smith: A bold move! We’ll be sure to tune in next week to see who answers that challenge.

As Night walks away, the anticipation for the open challenge intensifies, leaving the sVo fans curious about who will step up to face the reigning champion.

Main Event – Single Match
Rick Reid vs William Vorheez

Watching, Waiting….

Rick Reid stands in the center of the ring, triumphant after a hard-fought victory over the legendary William Vorheez. The crowd is buzzing with boos for the dominant performer. Reid grabs a microphone from ringside and raises it to his lips.

Rick Reid: (smirking) Another legend down. I told you all, one by one, the old guard will crumble in the wake of the Rick Reid era.

The boos intensify as Reid revels in the disdain of the audience.

Rick Reid: Now, onto more pressing matters. Night, my friend, you hold that sVo Championship with pride. And I’ve got my sights set on it, don’t you worry. But, you see, I’m a man of strategy. I want the perfect moment, the perfect stage, to strip you of that title and make it mine.

The fans voice their displeasure as Reid pauses, soaking in the negative energy.

Rick Reid: So, Night, enjoy your little open challenge next week. Let the vultures circle, but know this – when I decide to cash in my shot, there will be no escape for you. Enjoy the spotlight while it lasts.

Reid drops the microphone with a sinister grin and exits the ring, leaving the fans buzzing with anticipation for the inevitable clash between him and the sVo Champion Night.

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