sVo Showdown 159
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
24th September 2023

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, is bathed in the glow of countless neon lights. The excitement in the air is palpable as the sVo faithful fill the arena to capacity. The camera pans over the cheering crowd, capturing signs and banners held high by passionate fans, all eager for another thrilling night of sVo action.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Showdown 159, live from the electric Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas! I’m Julian Fiasco, alongside my partner in crime, Jermiah Sloan!

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian! It’s the last stop on the road to ‘Jackpot,’ our upcoming Pay-Per-View extravaganza, and the sVo is turning up the heat!

[The camera cuts to various highlights from last week’s Proving Grounds 10, recapping the intense action, shocking moments, and unforgettable clashes.]

Julian Fiasco: Last week, we witnessed the first appearance in the sVo from Trailer Trash Terry. And let’s not forget Kyle McRae being forced to defend the Roulette Championship night after night by Amy Page!

Jermiah Sloan: You’re absolutely right, Julian. But the burning question on everyone’s mind tonight is what will go down when the #1 contender, Anthony Moretti, and the sVo Champion, Night, step into the spotlight? We’ve got some big news on that front, folks!

[The crowd stirs with anticipation as the camera cuts to the announce table.]

Julian Fiasco: That’s right, Jermiah! Later tonight, we’ll be hearing from the man who earned the right to challenge Night for the sVo Championship at ‘Jackpot.’ Anthony Moretti himself will be addressing the sVo fans!

Jermiah Sloan: And you can bet, folks, that Night has something to say about it as well. These two are on a collision course, and ‘Jackpot’ promises to be an unforgettable night!

[The camera pans out to capture the sea of fans, their excitement building as the commentary team hypes up the night’s events.]

Julian Fiasco: So sit tight, ladies and gentlemen, because Showdown 159 is about to kick off, and the sVo is bringing you all the action you crave! ‘Jackpot’ is right around the corner, and you won’t want to miss a moment of the sVo’s road to glory!

Jermiah Sloan: Buckle up, fans, because this is the sVo, and the stakes have never been higher! Let’s get ready to roll the dice, because the Jackpot is coming!

[The crowd roars in approval as the camera fades out, signaling the beginning of another exciting edition of Showdown!]

A Jackpot Preview

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena is buzzing with anticipation as fans eagerly await the appearance of Blood Money, the ruthless faction. The arena is bathed in red lights, and the crowd’s excitement is palpable. The sVo Tag Team Champions, Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone, along with Junior Gambino, make their way to the ring. They exude confidence, soaking in the chorus of boos from the sVo faithful.]

[As the trio enters the ring, Anthony Moretti raises a microphone, his smug smile reflecting his newfound status as the #1 contender for the sVo Championship.]

Anthony Moretti: [With a cocky grin] Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for your future sVo Champion! That’s right, it’s me, Anthony Moretti! And these, my comrades, are the Tag Team Champions, Junior Gambino and Joe Barone. We are Blood Money, the future of this company!

[The crowd continues to shower them with jeers and insults.]

Anthony Moretti: [Continuing] Now, let’s talk about what happened a few weeks ago when we kicked Johnny Moretti out of our group. You see, Johnny, he’s just not cut out for Blood Money. But me, I’m the real deal! I’ve earned my spot as the #1 contender for the sVo Championship, and at ‘Jackpot,’ I will–

[Anthony Moretti’s speech is abruptly interrupted as the arena lights dim, and the crowd erupts in cheers. A hush falls over the arena as Night, the sVo Champion, makes his dramatic entrance. Night, a wrestling legend from Japan, steps onto the stage, his presence commanding respect and admiration.]

Night: [In his signature calm yet commanding tone] Anthony Moretti, I hope you’re enjoying your moment in the spotlight. You’ve worked hard to earn your #1 contender status, and I respect that.

[The crowd gives Night a thunderous ovation.]

Night: [Continuing] So, I just wanted to come out here and wish you the best of luck at ‘Jackpot.’ You’re going to need it.

[Anthony Moretti’s smug expression falters for a moment, unsure of Night’s intentions.]

Night: [Revealing a small smile] But speaking of ‘Jackpot,’ I have an announcement to make. Blood Money, you’ll be defending those Tag Team Championships at ‘Jackpot’ against the Starr Brothers.

[The announcement is met with loud cheers from the fans, but Blood Money looks visibly displeased.]

Anthony Moretti: [Annoyed] You’ve got to be kidding me, Night!

Night: [Ignoring Moretti’s protest] And since we’re all here tonight, I thought we should give the sVo Universe a little preview of ‘Jackpot.’ So, how about this: in tonight’s main event, it will be Blood Money, consisting of Anthony Moretti, Junior Gambino, and Joe Barone, facing off against myself and the Starr Brothers in a six-man tag team match!

[The crowd erupts in cheers at the announcement of the main event, while Blood Money looks furious.]

Night: [With a nod to Moretti] Anthony, good luck at ‘Jackpot.’ You’ll need it there too.

[Night exits to a hero’s ovation, leaving Blood Money seething in the ring as ‘Jackpot’ comes one step closer.]

Jackpot Pt1

[Scene: The backstage interview area is set up with the sVo logo backdrop as Katie Smith stands with a microphone in hand. She’s ready to interview Big Aug, whose imposing figure soon steps into the frame, his massive presence casting a shadow over the area. The fans can be heard buzzing with anticipation for what he has to say.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Big Aug, who had a chance at securing a title match at ‘Jackpot’ last week but came up short. Aug, can you share your thoughts on what happened?

[Big Aug, towering over Katie Smith, takes a deep breath before responding.]

Big Aug: Well, Katie, last week didn’t go the way I planned. I gave it my all, but sometimes things just don’t work out. But let me tell you, that’s not the end of the story.

[Katie Smith looks intrigued as she listens.]

Katie Smith: What do you mean, Big Aug? What’s next for you?

[Big Aug grins, a determined fire in his eyes.]

Big Aug: What’s next is the ‘Jackpot’ Pay-Per-View, Katie. You see, last year, I earned my title shot by winning the Jackpot Rumble match, and this year will be no different.

[Katie Smith raises an eyebrow, realizing the significance of Big Aug’s statement.]

Katie Smith: Are you saying that you’re entering the Jackpot Rumble match at ‘Jackpot’ to earn your title shot once again?

Big Aug: You got it, Katie. I’ve got the size, the strength, and the heart to outlast everyone in that match. And when I do, I’ll be coming for that sVo Championship.

[The fans can be heard cheering in the background as Big Aug’s determination resonates with them.]

Katie Smith: It sounds like you’re ready to make a statement at ‘Jackpot.’ Anything else you’d like to add?

Big Aug: Just this, Katie: the road to the sVo Championship goes through the Jackpot Rumble, and I’m ready to roll the dice. ‘Jackpot’ is where I’ll prove that I belong at the top of the sVo, and nobody is going to stop me.

[With those resolute words, Big Aug leaves the interview area, leaving the sVo Universe with a sense of anticipation for the upcoming Pay-Per-View and the Jackpot Rumble match.]

Roulette Championship Match
Kyle McRae vs Dash Diaz

The House Always Wins

[Scene: In Amy Page’s office at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, the atmosphere is tense. Amy Page sits behind her desk, her face a portrait of frustration as she watches a replay of Kyle McRae’s victory over Dash Diaz on a large TV screen. Suddenly, there’s a knock on her door, and ‘Razor’ Rick Reid, a formidable figure, enters the room. His menacing presence looms as he stands silently beside Page.]

Amy Page: [Angrily] Can you believe that, Rick? McRae pulled it off again! He’s been a thorn in my side for too long!

[Rick Reid, unflinchingly loyal to Page, nods in agreement.]

Razor Rick Reid: Don’t you worry, boss. We’ll get him sooner or later. But right now, let’s focus on what we can do.

[Page takes a deep breath, then glances at the roulette wheel placed prominently in the corner of her office. It’s a symbol of the chaos she’s introduced into McRae’s career.]

Amy Page: You’re right, Rick. It’s time to decide McRae’s opponent for ‘Jackpot.’ Let’s spin the wheel and see who the unlucky soul will be.

[Page approaches the roulette wheel, her fingers hovering over the control to spin it. But as the wheel starts to turn, she slyly stops it herself, ensuring it lands on Rick Reid’s name.]

Razor Rick Reid: [With a grin] Well, would you look at that, boss. It seems fate has a sense of humor.

[Amy Page smirks, pleased with her clever manipulation of the situation.]

Amy Page: McRae won’t see it coming, Rick. And when he faces you at ‘Jackpot,’ he’ll realize he’s in for the fight of his life.

[As the two villains share a knowing glance, the wheels of deception continue to turn in the sVo, setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown at the upcoming Pay-Per-View.]


Single Match
Bronson Martinez vs Riley Smith

Best Not Miss….

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena is still buzzing from the electrifying match that has just taken place. Bronson Martinez, the modern-day cowboy, stands tall in the ring, victorious over Riley Smith. The referee raises his hand in triumph as the sVo faithful shower him with cheers.]

[As Bronson basks in the glory of his victory, a sudden hush falls over the arena, and a sense of unease fills the air. From out of nowhere, Clam Idia, the sleazy heel, rushes into the ring, a devious grin on his face. He lunges at Bronson, aiming to attack him from behind and make a statement.]

[However, before Clam Idia can land his cheap shot, something unexpected happens. Bronson Martinez, showing his quick reflexes, suddenly spins around, and with a thunderous right hook, he nails Clam Idia square in the jaw!]

[The arena erupts with cheers as Clam Idia staggers back, clearly not expecting this turn of events. He quickly realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew and decides to cut his losses. Clam Idia hastily scrambles out of the ring and makes a hasty retreat up the ramp, fear etched across his face.]

[Bronson Martinez watches Clam Idia run off, a stern look on his face. He may be a cowboy, but he’s not one to be trifled with, and he’s just sent a clear message that he won’t tolerate cheap shots.]

[The crowd’s applause and cheers for Bronson continue as he stands tall in the ring, the victor once again and proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the sVo.]


Single Match
Hugo Ryzing vs Bronson Johnson

All In or All Out

[Scene: In the backstage area, a TV monitor is displaying the victorious Hugo Ryzing celebrating his recent win over Bronson Johnson in the ring. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Champion, James Von Drake (JVD), stands nearby, his Las Vegas Championship belt gleaming in the low light. As he watches Ryzing’s celebration, the camera cuts to Katie Smith, ready to conduct an interview.]

Katie Smith: [Approaching JVD] James, impressive victory by Hugo Ryzing just now. How are you feeling about your upcoming title defense at ‘Jackpot’ next week?

[JVD, with a determined look in his eyes, turns his attention away from the monitor to address Katie.]

James Von Drake: You know, Katie, I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit. A few weeks ago, I heard Hugo Ryzing say he wanted to end my career.

[Katie Smith raises an eyebrow, clearly intrigued by JVD’s statement.]

Katie Smith: End your career?

[JVD nods solemnly.]

James Von Drake: That’s right. He wants to take everything from me—my championship, my livelihood, my career. Well, Katie, I don’t back down from a challenge, and I don’t let anyone dictate my fate.

[Katie Smith can sense the determination in JVD’s words.]

Katie Smith: So, are you saying you have a plan for ‘Jackpot’?

[JVD takes a deep breath, his championship belt resting on his shoulder.]

James Von Drake: Katie, I’m putting it all on the line. At ‘Jackpot,’ I’m not just defending my Las Vegas Championship. I’m defending my career. I’m giving Hugo Ryzing exactly what he wants—an opportunity to end my career, but only if he can take this championship from me.

[The sVo fans are sure to be buzzing with anticipation after JVD’s bold declaration. As the interview ends, JVD remains steadfast, ready to face his challenger and put everything at stake at ‘Jackpot.’]


Tag Team Match
The Canadian Connection vs The Patriots


[Scene: The backstage corridor of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is bustling with activity as the sVo superstars go about their business. Kenneth D Williams, known for his laid-back demeanor, strolls confidently down the corridor. At the same time, Gunner Lang, a seasoned sVo veteran, approaches from the opposite direction. As they meet in the middle of the corridor, a brief but intense encounter unfolds.]

[Kenneth D Williams and Gunner Lang lock eyes, their paths converging as if guided by fate. Both men, respected fan favorites in the sVo, stand their ground, neither willing to yield.]

[The tension in the air is palpable as the two wrestlers, each with their own storied history, share a few seconds of unspoken communication.]

[Then, as if on cue, Kenneth D Williams and Gunner Lang simultaneously nod at each other—an acknowledgment of mutual respect, a recognition of their shared journey in the world of professional wrestling.]

[Without a word spoken, they both continue on their respective paths, each knowing that in the sVo, respect between competitors is as important as the battles they wage in the ring.]

Tag Team Turmoil

[Scene: The backstage area at the Goodfellas Casino Arena is alive with activity. The Southern Boys—Dave Miller and Dan Williams—stand together, looking far from pleased. Their manager, Haley Dallas, stands nearby, trying to placate their frustration.]

Dave Miller: [Exasperated] I can’t believe this, Dan. The Starr Brothers getting a tag team title shot next week?

[Haley Dallas, trying to defuse the situation, steps forward.]

Haley Dallas: Guys, I know you’re upset, but we had to do whatever it took to win. It’s not my fault that Amy approved their title shot.

Dave Miller: [Angrily] You think this is fair, Haley? They put their hands on you during the match!

Dan Williams: [Fuming] We should be the ones getting that title shot!

[The frustration in the room is palpable as Haley tries to keep the peace.]

Haley Dallas: Look, I get it. But let’s use this as motivation. Next time we face the Starr Brothers, we’ll make sure there’s no doubt who the better team is.

[The Southern Boys exchange a glance, a fire burning in their eyes as they consider their manager’s words. They may not be happy with the situation, but they’re determined to make the most of it.]

Dave Miller: You’re right, Haley. We’ll show them next week why we deserve that title shot.

Dan Williams: The Starr Brothers won’t know what hit ’em.

[With a renewed sense of determination, The Southern Boys and their manager, Haley Dallas, set their sights on the upcoming challenge, ready to prove that they deserve a shot at the sVo Tag Team Championships.]


Jackpot Pt2

[Scene: The backstage area is bustling with activity as Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand, waiting to interview ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean. The atmosphere is filled with curiosity following Dean’s loss in the main event last week.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, who had an unconventional plan in last week’s main event. Bobby, it didn’t quite go your way. Care to share your thoughts on what happened?

[Bobby Dean, sporting his trademark smirk despite the setback, adjusts his sunglasses and takes a casual sip from a drink in his hand.]

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: Well, Katie, sometimes even the most brilliant plans don’t pan out as expected. But hey, I’ve never been one to dwell on the past.

[Katie Smith raises an eyebrow, intrigued by Bobby Dean’s nonchalant attitude.]

Katie Smith: Fair enough, Bobby. So, what’s next for ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean?

[‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [With a grin] Well, Katie, I’ve got my sights set on ‘Jackpot,’ the biggest night on the sVo calendar. And you know what they say about ‘Jackpot,’ right?

[Katie Smith nods, expecting Bobby Dean to share his clever quip.]

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: It’s all about taking risks, rolling the dice, and going for broke! So, I’m officially throwing my name into the hat for the Jackpot Rumble match next week at the PPV.

[The crowd watching the interview begins to buzz with excitement at the announcement.]

Katie Smith: [Clearly surprised] You’re entering the Jackpot Rumble, Bobby?

[‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Confidently] You bet your sweet self I am, Katie. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean knows how to play the game, and when all is said and done, I’ll be standing tall and ready for the biggest payday of my career.

[Bobby Dean tips his hat to Katie Smith and takes another sip from his drink as he saunters off, leaving the sVo Universe intrigued by his bold decision to enter the Jackpot Rumble at ‘Jackpot.’]

Single Match
Trailer Trash Terry vs Leo Lewis


[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena is charged with hostility as Trailer Trash Terry, a volatile force, stands victorious in the center of the ring. He has just soundly defeated Leo Lewis, who lies helpless and defeated on the mat. The boos from the sVo fans rain down upon Trailer Trash Terry.]

[Terry revels in the jeers, his grin stretching from ear to ear. He seems to thrive on the negative energy of the crowd.]

Trailer Trash Terry: [Manically] Boo all ya want, you bunch of losers! It don’t matter to me none!

[As the boos intensify, Terry bends down to taunt Leo Lewis further. He then pulls Lewis back to his feet and locks him in a brutal submission hold, showing no mercy.]

[Security personnel rush into the ring, urgently trying to separate Terry from his defenseless opponent. But Terry only tightens his grip, ignoring the pleas to release his victim.]

[The crowd’s boos turn into a mix of anger and concern as they watch the disturbing scene unfold before them.]

Trailer Trash Terry: [Laughing manically] You thought it was over, didn’t ya? Well, ain’t that just too darn bad!

[The security team struggles to break Terry’s hold, but eventually, with combined effort, they manage to pry him away from Leo Lewis. Terry, still laughing, steps back, his mission seemingly accomplished.]

[As Terry exits the ring, the boos and jeers continue to follow him, leaving the sVo fans with a chilling reminder of his menacing presence.]


Jackpot Pt3

[Scene: The office of Amy Page is filled with tension as the sVo COO sits behind her desk, engrossed in paperwork. The door to her office swings open with force, and in walks William Vorheez, the former two-time sVo Champion, a determined look etched on his face.]

William Vorheez: [Assertively] Amy, we need to talk.

[Amy Page, looking slightly annoyed at the interruption, raises an eyebrow.]

Amy Page: Well, well, if it isn’t William Vorheez, the man who just can’t seem to win a match at the moment. What’s on your mind?

William Vorheez: I’ll get straight to the point, Amy. I want in on the Jackpot Rumble match at the upcoming ‘Jackpot’ Pay-Per-View.

[Amy Page leans back in her chair, folding her arms across her chest.]

Amy Page: And why, exactly, should I grant you that opportunity?

[Vorheez’s eyes narrow as he meets Amy’s gaze head-on.]

William Vorheez: Because, Amy, whether you like it or not, I’ve been a cornerstone of the sVo for years. I’ve held this championship—

[Vorheez points at the sVo Championship in a picture on Amy’s desk.]

William Vorheez: —not once, but twice. I’ve faced the best this company has to offer, and I’ve earned my place in the annals of sVo history.

[Amy Page smirks, clearly enjoying the confrontation.]

Amy Page: You think your history here earns you a spot in the Jackpot Rumble? It’s not about history, William. It’s about proving you’ve still got what it takes.

[Vorheez’s expression hardens, his determination unwavering.]

William Vorheez: Then let me prove it, Amy. Put me in that match, and I’ll show the sVo Universe why they should never underestimate William Vorheez.

[Amy Page leans forward, seemingly contemplating the request for a moment.]

Amy Page: Fine, you want in? You’re in. But remember, Vorheez, the Jackpot Rumble is unforgiving, and it might just be the last time you set foot in an sVo ring.

[Vorheez nods, accepting the challenge with a steely resolve.]

William Vorheez: That’s a risk I’m willing to take, Amy. Because when it’s all said and done, I’ll prove I still belong at the top of the sVo.

[With the deal made, Vorheez exits Amy Page’s office, leaving the COO to ponder the potential implications of his inclusion in the Jackpot Rumble.]

Six Man Tornado Tag Team Match
Blood Money vs Night & the Starr Brothers

In the Balance….

[Scene: The Goodfellas Casino Arena is electric with anticipation after a thrilling main event that saw Night and The Starr Brothers emerge victorious over Blood Money. The sVo Universe is on its feet, cheering for the valiant effort of the fan-favorite team. However, as the celebration begins, concern washes over the crowd as Night appears to be in pain.]

[Night, the sVo Champion, clutches his lower back, wincing in discomfort as he’s helped to his feet by The Starr Brothers. The trio exchanges words, and Night nods, acknowledging their support.]

[The sVo Universe watches with bated breath as Night slowly makes his way to the corner of the ring, where a microphone awaits.]

Night: [In obvious pain, but with determination in his voice] Ladies and gentlemen… I want to thank you all for being here tonight.

[The crowd responds with a mixture of cheers and concern for their beloved champion.]

Night: [Continuing] Blood Money thought they could break me, but they underestimated the power of unity—the power of the sVo fans!

[The cheers grow louder, showing unwavering support for Night.]

Night: [Struggling to catch his breath, but resolute] Unfortunately, it seems I’ve taken quite a beating tonight, and there’s uncertainty about my condition heading into ‘Jackpot’ next week.

[A hushed silence falls over the arena as Night’s words hang in the air.]

Night: [Grimacing in pain] But, no matter the pain, no matter the obstacle, I am the sVo Champion, and I will not back down from a challenge.

[The sVo Universe responds with an eruption of cheers, showing their admiration for the fighting spirit of their champion.]

Night: So, here’s what we’ll do. I’ll get myself checked out, and I promise you this: If I’m able to compete at ‘Jackpot,’ I will do whatever it takes to defend this championship and honor the support of the sVo fans!

[The crowd roars in approval, inspired by Night’s dedication.]

[The Starr Brothers flank Night, helping him to exit the ring as the crowd’s cheers continue to fill the arena.]

[As the show comes to a close, the fate of Night’s sVo Championship hangs in the balance, leaving the sVo fans eagerly awaiting updates on the champion’s condition as ‘Jackpot’ approaches.]

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