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sVo Showdown 157

Bobby Dean takes on Kenneth D Williams in the main event, whilst Night finds out who wants to challenge for his gold.

sVo Showdown 157
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
3rd September 2023

Welcome to Showdown 157

[The arena is filled with buzzing excitement as the camera pans over the enthusiastic crowd. The sVo logo illuminates the screen, and the arena erupts into cheers as the show officially kicks off. The camera shifts to the announcers’ table where Julian Fiasco and Jermiah Sloan are seated, ready to guide the audience through the night’s events.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another electrifying episode of sVo Showdown! I’m Julian Fiasco, and joining me is the one and only Jermiah Sloan. Jermiah, what a night we have ahead of us!

Jermiah Sloan: Absolutely, Julian! The sVo has been on a roll lately, and tonight promises to deliver even more action and surprises. But before we dive into tonight’s lineup, let’s take a moment to recap the seismic events that unfolded last week.

Julian Fiasco: That’s right, Jermiah. Last week was a game-changer. Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone shocked the world by betraying Johnny Moretti and aligning themselves with Junior Gambino. That’s a shocking twist that will surely have repercussions throughout the sVo landscape.

Jermiah Sloan: And let’s not forget the fiery main event where ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean managed to upset Big Aug and then followed it up with a brutal attack. Bobby’s antics always keep us guessing, and I have no doubt he’ll have something equally outrageous in store for us tonight.

Julian Fiasco: And then there’s the simmering tension with Kyle McRae and British Hospitality. Rumors have been swirling that they’re in talks with Dynasty Wrestling, sVo’s rival organization. Are they really considering jumping ship? Tonight might just give us some answers.

Jermiah Sloan: Speaking of answers, tonight’s matches promise to provide plenty of excitement. We’ve got big names all vying for title shots, and we can’t forget about the showdown between ‘the Human Highlight Reel’ Kenneth D Williams and ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean.

Julian Fiasco: Absolutely, Jermiah. The sVo roster is packed with talent, and every match has the potential to steal the show. It’s going to be a night of high-octane action and unexpected twists, and we can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right, Julian. So, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we bring you sVo Showdown! The excitement starts right now!

[The camera fades out as the announcers exchange a final nod, ready to guide the audience through the rollercoaster of emotions and action-packed matches ahead.]

Consequences Pt1

[The backstage area of Showdown 157. The atmosphere is tense as fans’ cheers can be heard echoing from the arena.]

[Amy Page, dressed in her signature power suit, approaches the door to Kyle McRae’s locker room and knocks.]

Kyle McRae: [Muffled voice from inside] Aye, come in!

Amy Page: [Opening the door with a polite smile] Kyle, may I have a moment of your time?

Kyle McRae: [Turning his attention to Amy, raising an eyebrow] Amy, what brings ye here?

Amy Page: [Stepping inside, maintaining her professional demeanor] Well, Kyle, I wanted to address a matter of some significance before your match tonight. You’re certainly looking focused as always.

Kyle McRae: [Smirking] Aye, well, it’s all business in this locker room.

Amy Page: [Nodding] Indeed, and that’s precisely why I’m here. I’ve received some interesting information about your recent interactions outside the sVo. Care to share your side of the story?

Kyle McRae: [Slightly taken aback, then sighs] Aye, Amy, I’ve been talkin’ with the folks over at Dynasty Wrestling. But it’s nae more than a wee bit of chat, nothin’ serious.

Amy Page: [Serious tone] I understand, Kyle, but when someone of your stature is involved, even a bit of “chat” can carry consequences. You see, our brand, the sVo, stands on certain principles, principles that I, as the COO, must protect.

Kyle McRae: [Leaning forward, a hint of frustration in his tone] Amy, I’ve got me reasons for talkin’ with Dynasty. They’ve offered me opportunities that the sVo cannae provide right now.

Amy Page: [Meeting his gaze] I can appreciate your perspective, Kyle, but decisions have consequences. And as a consequence of your conversations with Dynasty Wrestling, I’ve made a decision of my own. Tonight, you’ll be defending your Roulette Championship in a match right here on Showdown 157.

Kyle McRae: [Eyes widening in disbelief] Are ye jokin’? I’ve got no time to prepare for a defense!

Amy Page: [Raising an eyebrow] I have faith in your abilities, Kyle. After all, you’re quite the sensation, aren’t you?

Kyle McRae: [Visibly frustrated, muttering] This is absolute rubbish.

Amy Page: [Turning to leave, her smirk evident] I’m sure you’ll rise to the occasion, Kyle. Best of luck.

[The camera focuses on Kyle McRae’s frustrated expression as Amy Page exits the room, leaving him to grapple with the unexpected turn of events.]

[Cut to the arena, where the crowd’s excitement is palpable. Signs and cheers fill the air as speculation about the upcoming surprise match runs rampant.]

[On the screen, the message flashes: “Roulette Championship Match Next!”]

Ticket to Sleazeville

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as wrestlers prepare for their matches. The camera focuses on Jupiter James, a young and determined female wrestler, checking her gear. Clam Idia, a sleazy heel, approaches her with a smug grin.]

Clam Idia: Well, well, if it ain’t the lovely Jupiter James. How ’bout we forget about all that wrestling nonsense and go out for a good time, huh? You know, since I already proved I’m better than you in the ring last week.

Jupiter James: [Rolling her eyes, clearly uninterested] Clam, I’m here to focus on my matches, not go on dates with creeps like you.

Clam Idia: [Chuckling] Come on, babe, I’ve got a way of showing you a good time you’ve never experienced before.

[Just as the situation is getting uncomfortable, a deep voice cuts through the air.]

Bronson Martinez: [Entering the scene, arms crossed] Easy there, partner. Ain’t it clear she’s got better things to do than entertain your nonsense?

Clam Idia: [Smirking at Bronson] Well, well, Bronson Martinez. If it ain’t the modern day cowboy himself. You here to play sheriff and save the damsel in distress?

Bronson Martinez: [Stepping forward, his presence commanding] More like making sure folks show each other respect. Now, why don’t you mosey along and let the lady be? She’s got her mind set on her career, not a one-way ticket to Sleazeville.

Jupiter James: [Grateful, nodding at Bronson] Thanks, Bronson. I appreciate it.

Clam Idia: [Rolling his eyes, backing off] Fine, fine. But remember, babe, I’m always here if you change your mind.

[Clam Idia slinks away, leaving an uncomfortable tension lingering in the air.]

Bronson Martinez: [Turning to Jupiter, a reassuring smile on his face] You don’t need that kind of trouble around here. You keep your focus on your path, Jupiter. The ring’s where your energy should be spent.

Jupiter James: [Sighs with relief] Thanks, Bronson. I’m here to prove myself, not to deal with guys like Clam.

Bronson Martinez: [Chuckling] You’ve got the right attitude, kid. Now, go show ’em what you’re made of. And remember, there’s always someone around to have your back.

[Jupiter James nods, appreciating the support, as Bronson Martinez tips his hat and heads off in the opposite direction.]

[The camera fades as Jupiter James regains her composure, now ready to focus on her upcoming match.]

Roulette Championship Match
Kyle McRae vs Jacob Izaz

Consequences Pt2

[The arena explodes with cheers as the match for the Roulette Championship has just concluded. The victorious Kyle McRae stands tall in the ring, holding his hard-fought title high above his head.]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still the Roulette Champion, Kyle McRae!

[The camera captures the elation on Kyle’s face as he soaks in the adulation of the crowd. After a moment, he starts making his way backstage, title slung over his shoulder.]

[Backstage area: As Kyle enters the hallway, he’s met with applause and congratulatory pats on the back from fellow wrestlers and staff members.]

Fellow Wrestler: Way to go, Kyle! You showed ’em who’s boss!

Kyle McRae: [Grinning] Aye, thank ye, lads. Tonight was a battle, but I came out on top.

[As he continues down the hallway, the camera spots Amy Page standing nearby, arms crossed, a less-than-pleased expression on her face.]

Amy Page: [Voice dripping with sarcasm] Well, well, look who’s decided to grace us with his presence.

Kyle McRae: [Stopping, a smirk forming] Amy, lass, ye should be thankin’ me. After all, I kept this shiny belt right where it belongs.

Amy Page: [Unamused] Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Kyle. One victory doesn’t absolve you of your recent decisions.

Kyle McRae: [Nonchalantly] Oh, I havenae forgotten. But tonight, I showed that I can handle whatever the sVo throws at me.

Amy Page: [Irritated] Handling a match that I practically forced upon you? How impressive.

Kyle McRae: [Chuckling] Well, Amy, ye seem a bit uptight. Maybe ye should try loosening up. It’s all part of the business, aye?

Amy Page: [Eyes narrowing] Don’t play games with me, Kyle. You may have won tonight, but don’t think for a second that this changes anything.

Kyle McRae: [Mockingly] Oh, I dinnae think it changes a thing. But it does show that I cannae be underestimated, no matter what “consequences” ye try to throw my way.

Amy Page: [Seething] Just remember, Kyle, I’m still in charge here. And sooner or later, you’ll have to face the consequences of your actions.

Kyle McRae: [Smirking, as he starts to walk away] Aye, Amy, we’ll see about that. Until then, enjoy the show!

[As Kyle walks away, Amy’s frustration is palpable, and she clenches her fists.]

[Cut back to the arena: The camera shows Kyle McRae disappearing backstage, leaving Amy Page alone in the hallway, her expression a mix of anger and determination.]

[The screen fades as the crowd’s excitement continues to buzz in the background.]


For the Family

[The arena is buzzing with excitement after the previous segments and matches. The camera transitions to the ring where Anthony Moretti, flanked by Joe Barone and Junior Gambino, stands with a microphone in hand. The boos from the crowd are deafening.]

Anthony Moretti: [Smirking, soaking in the negative reaction] Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the most dominant faction in sVo history – Blood Money! [Crowd boos even louder] Now, before you all start throwin’ a fit, let me remind ya who’s in charge around here.

[The camera cuts to shots of Joe Barone and Junior Gambino, both looking intimidating and ready for action.]

Anthony Moretti: Last week, I made a decision that shook the foundation of this organization. I kicked that pathetic, spineless Johnny Moretti out of Blood Money! [Crowd cheers slightly] And why? Because Johnny Moretti was holding us back. Blood Money is about power, about control, and about making a statement that resonates for generations to come!

[The crowd boos again, but Moretti seems unfazed.]

Anthony Moretti: But let’s not dwell on the past, my friends. Let’s talk about the present and the future. [Pauses for dramatic effect] Night, you may have won over the hearts of these fans with your Japanese charm, but let’s be real – you’re standing in the shadow of Anthony Moretti, the true embodiment of power.

[The crowd’s boos intensify as Moretti’s arrogance grows.]

Anthony Moretti: Night, you hold the sVo Championship, a title that’s currently wrapped around your waist. But let’s not forget that the Victory Cup – that coveted tournament – was won by none other than the Moretti name, Johnny Moretti!

[Moretti raises his hands to hush the crowd.]

Anthony Moretti: Johnny earned a title shot, and that, my friends, makes it a Moretti family title shot! Now, I know my dear brother may not be the smartest, but I am. I’m the strategist, the mastermind, the man who knows how to seize opportunities when they come knocking.

[Moretti smirks, tapping his temple as if he’s revealing a grand plan.]

Anthony Moretti: So, Night, listen carefully. That sVo Championship around your waist? It’s not yours to keep. I’m challenging you, right here, right now, to put that title on the line against the rightful contender – Anthony Moretti!

[The crowd boos relentlessly as Moretti’s challenge echoes throughout the arena.]

Anthony Moretti: You’ve been basking in the admiration of these people for far too long, Night. But tonight, the fans will see the true power of Blood Money. I’ll take that championship, and I’ll take my place as the rightful ruler of sVo!

[Moretti drops the microphone and motions for his partners to follow him out of the ring. As they exit, the camera captures the fiery determination in Moretti’s eyes, while the crowd remains fiercely against him.]

[The camera fades as the anticipation for the clash between the mobster and the Japanese sensation heightens.]

T3 Is Coming

[The camera fades in, revealing the desolate landscape of a run-down trailer park in the heart of West Virginia. A sense of ruggedness and grit fills the air as the wind whistles through the barren trees. The camera slowly approaches a weathered and beaten trailer, its windows cracked and the door creaking ominously.]

Narrator: In the shadows of the backwoods, where the echoes of a troubled past still resonate, emerges a force unlike any other. A man born from the crossroads of brutality and chaos. A man who walks the line between madness and mayhem.

[The camera inches closer to the door, revealing the faint flicker of a dim light inside. The sound of clinking bottles and distant laughter carries on the wind.]

Narrator: He is ‘Trailer Trash Terry,’ a name that carries with it a legacy of blood-soaked battles and untamed fury.

[The door slowly creaks open, revealing the dimly lit interior of the trailer. Broken furniture, empty bottles, and faded wrestling posters decorate the space. The camera focuses on a figure hunched over a table, surrounded by a haze of cigarette smoke.]

Narrator: Raised in the tumultuous care of an alcoholic and unhinged Terry Funk, Trailer Trash Terry was forged in the fires of the untamed wilderness.

[The figure’s face is obscured by shadows, but the intensity of their presence is palpable.]

Narrator: From a young age, he stepped into the squared circle, fueled by a relentless ferocity. A brawler who never aspired to championships, but instead reveled in the sheer brutality of combat.

[The camera captures glimpses of newspaper clippings showcasing Terry’s savage battles in underground circuits.]

Narrator: His opponents may not have feared gold around his waist, but they trembled at the thought of staring into his unhinged eyes, knowing they were about to step into a world of pain.

[The figure suddenly slams a clenched fist onto the table, shattering a glass bottle.]

Narrator: Forged in the crucible of chaos, Trailer Trash Terry’s reputation grew, one violent outburst at a time.

[The camera pans to show a tattered family photo on the wall, revealing a glimpse of a younger Terry standing beside a woman and a child. The photo is weathered and faded.]

Narrator: Yet, as the ring was his battleground, his personal life spiraled into a darkness matched only by the wilderness that surrounded him.

[The figure stands up, the flickering light casting eerie shadows across their face.]

Narrator: A chronic alcoholic, an absentee father, and a man with a soul stained by his own demons, ‘Trailer Trash Terry’ embodies the very essence of disreputable disregard.

[The camera focuses on the figure’s intense eyes, reflecting a storm of emotions beneath the surface.]

Narrator: As he readies to step onto the sVo stage, the world will bear witness to the collision of unbridled fury and a mind teetering on the brink of madness.

[The camera begins to pull away from the trailer, capturing the isolated landscape once more.]

Narrator: Brace yourselves, for a storm is coming, a storm named ‘Trailer Trash Terry.’

[The camera fades out as the wind howls through the trailer park, leaving behind an air of ominous anticipation for the debut of ‘Trailer Trash Terry’ on Showdown in the weeks to come.]

Tag Team Match
The Canadian Connection vs The Southern Boys

Gunner Time

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as wrestlers prepare for their matches. The camera focuses on Katie Smith, holding a microphone, standing next to Gunner Lang.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the veteran superstar of the sVo, Gunner Lang! Gunner, tonight you’re stepping into the ring with Hiro Ryuu, a competitor known for his explosive style. How are you feeling about this match?

Gunner Lang: [Smirking] Katie, let me tell ya, Hiro Ryuu is a talented athlete, no doubt about it. But I’ve been around this block longer than most, and I’ve faced opponents from every corner of the globe. Tonight ain’t gonna be any different. Ryuu might be fast and flashy, but I’ve got the experience and the grit that comes from years in this business.

Katie Smith: Hiro Ryuu has been impressing the fans with his high-flying moves and incredible agility. How do you plan to counter his unique style?

Gunner Lang: Katie, I’ve done my homework. I know what Ryuu brings to the table, and I’ve got a game plan. I’ve faced high-flyers, brawlers, and everything in between. The key is to stay one step ahead, ground him when I can, and make sure I’m the one dictating the pace of this match.

Katie Smith: Many fans are excited about this clash of styles. What message do you have for them going into this match?

Gunner Lang: To all my fans out there, I appreciate your support. Tonight, you’re gonna see why Gunner Lang is still a force to be reckoned with in this ring. I’m gonna give it my all, and when the dust settles, I’ll be the one walkin’ out with the win.

Katie Smith: Thank you for your time, Gunner. We’ll be watching closely as you face Hiro Ryuu tonight.

Gunner Lang: Thanks, Katie. I’ll see you all out there.

[As Gunner Lang nods at the camera and walks away, the atmosphere takes a surprising turn. Kenneth D Williams, another popular wrestler, steps into the frame.]

Kenneth D Williams: [Smiling, addressing Gunner] Hold up, Gunner, before you go, I just wanted to wish you luck in your match against Hiro Ryuu tonight.

Katie Smith: [Surprised] Kenneth D Williams, what are you doing here?

Kenneth D Williams: [Chuckling] Just spreading some good vibes, Katie. Gunner and I might have had our battles in the past, but tonight is his night. He’s been holding it down in the sVo for a long time, and it’s only right to show some respect.

Gunner Lang: [Grinning, shaking Kenneth’s hand] Thanks, Kenneth. I appreciate the gesture.

Kenneth D Williams: [Patting Gunner on the back] No problem, man. Go out there and show Hiro Ryuu why you’re a true veteran of this business.

[As Kenneth D Williams walks away, Katie Smith looks pleasantly surprised by the unexpected camaraderie.]

Katie Smith: Well, there you have it, folks. A surprising show of support from Kenneth D Williams for Gunner Lang ahead of his match against Hiro Ryuu. Back to you!

[The camera fades as Katie Smith watches Kenneth D Williams disappear down the hallway, leaving a positive energy in the air.]


Single Match
Gunner Lang vs Hiro Ryuu

A Challenge

[The backstage area is bustling as wrestlers and crew members go about their tasks. The camera focuses on Katie Smith, standing with a microphone, ready for another interview. Next to her is James Von Drake, the Las Vegas Champion, looking confident and relaxed.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Las Vegas Champion, James Von Drake! James, you’ve been on an incredible winning streak since you declared that you’d retire after your next loss. How does it feel to have kept that promise to yourself and your fans?

James Von Drake: [Smirking] Katie, it’s been one hell of a ride. When I made that promise, I knew I had to back it up with action. The competition has been fierce, but I’ve managed to keep that “W” column alive. It’s a testament to my determination and the bond I have with these fans who’ve been supporting me.

Katie Smith: Your winning streak has been nothing short of impressive. With your future in mind, can you share your thoughts on what lies ahead? Are you still considering retirement?

James Von Drake: [Pauses, thoughtful] Katie, retirement is a big decision. I’m a man of my word, and I don’t take my promises lightly. But I’ve also realized that I still have a lot to give to this business. As long as I’m healthy, motivated, and the Las Vegas Champion, I’ll keep going. The journey isn’t over just yet.

Katie Smith: Your determination is admirable, James. But with your current success, you’re inevitably drawing the attention of other competitors. How do you plan to stay at the top and continue this impressive streak?

James Von Drake: [Nods] Katie, staying at the top means pushing myself harder, staying focused on my goals, and always respecting my opponents. Every match is a chance to prove that I deserve to be where I am. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna keep doing – proving myself.

[As James Von Drake nods confidently, the atmosphere shifts suddenly as Bronson Johnson steps into the frame.]

Bronson Johnson: [Gruff voice, addressing James] Well, well, look who we got here. The “undefeated” Las Vegas Champion, huh?

Katie Smith: [Surprised by Bronson’s interruption] Bronson Johnson, what brings you here?

Bronson Johnson: [Ignoring Katie, focused on James] I’ve been watchin’, James, and I’ve seen you run your mouth about your streak. But let me tell ya something, kid – in this business, you can’t avoid losin’ forever.

James Von Drake: [Raises an eyebrow] So, what’s your point, Bronson?

Bronson Johnson: [Smirking] My point is simple, kid. You’ve been struttin’ around like you’re untouchable. Well, next episode of Showdown, I’m challengin’ you for that Las Vegas Championship. Let’s see if your streak is worth a damn against someone who doesn’t give a damn about it.

[James Von Drake smirks back at Bronson, looking intrigued by the challenge.]

James Von Drake: [Nods] You’ve got yourself a match, Bronson. Let’s see if that old-school attitude of yours can handle the present day.

Bronson Johnson: [Grinning] I wouldn’t have it any other way.

[As Bronson Johnson walks away, James Von Drake watches him leave with a mix of respect and determination.]

Katie Smith: [Addressing the camera] Well, it looks like we’ve got a challenge set for the next episode of Showdown – James Von Drake defending his Las Vegas Championship against Bronson Johnson! Back to you!

[The camera fades as James Von Drake turns his attention back to Katie, ready to continue the interview after the unexpected interruption.]

Single Match
Big Aug vs Riley Smith

Name in the Hat

[The arena is buzzing with energy after August Lazar’s dominant victory over Riley Smith. August Lazar stands in the center of the ring, holding a microphone, a confident smile on his face. The crowd erupts into cheers, acknowledging his impressive performance.]

August Lazar: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your kind applause! Tonight, you have been treated to a feast of athleticism and entertainment, courtesy of August Lazar! [Crowd cheers] But my friends, tonight is not just about victory in the squared circle. [Pauses for dramatic effect] It is also about claiming opportunities, and oh, what an opportunity has presented itself earlier tonight!

[The crowd quiets down, curious about Lazar’s next words.]

August Lazar: Anthony Moretti, a man with a penchant for grand declarations, a man who has thrown down a challenge to our esteemed sVo Champion, Night! But let me tell you, Mr. Moretti, challenging for the sVo Championship is not just about having ambition. It’s about proving you are the best, proving that you have earned the right to wear that prestigious title around your waist.

[Lazar paces around the ring, his voice determined.]

August Lazar: So, Anthony Moretti, you’ve set your sights on Night, but I stand before you to make a case. A case for a man who has not only dominated in this very ring, but also a man who has mastered the art of taste beyond the confines of this arena.

[Lazar’s eyes gleam with passion.]

August Lazar: You see, my friends, I am not only a wrestler. I am a connoisseur of flavors, a maestro of culinary delights, and the host of the most glorious food review show on the Internet! [Crowd cheers and laughs] And just as I dissect the essence of every dish, I have dissected every move, every strategy, every tactic in the wrestling world.

[The crowd is hanging on his every word.]

August Lazar: So, Anthony Moretti, while you talk about seizing opportunities, let us not forget the feast that lies before us. I have tasted victory, and I hunger for more. I have defeated opponents with the same precision that I dissect the ingredients of a dish, and I believe it is I who should challenge Night for the sVo Championship!

[The crowd’s cheers grow louder, showing their support for Lazar’s words.]

August Lazar: So, Mr. Moretti, while you contemplate your ambitions, let me remind you that in the world of August Lazar, every moment is an opportunity to savor. Night, I extend my challenge to you, to create a match that will be remembered not just for its intensity, but for the symphony of skill and passion that will unfold!

[Lazar raises his microphone in the air, the crowd erupting into applause and cheers.]

August Lazar: Bon appétit, my friends, for the feast of competition continues! August Lazar is ready to dine at the table of champions! Thank you, and good night!

[The camera fades as August Lazar’s charismatic presence continues to captivate the audience, leaving them eagerly anticipating what’s to come.]


Single Match
William Vorheez vs Bronson Johnson

Another Name in the Hat

[The arena is buzzing with energy after William Vorheez’s hard-fought victory over Bronson Johnson. William Vorheez stands in the center of the ring, a black trench coat draped over his broad shoulders, his ominous presence felt by the crowd. The cheers are mixed, as fans recognize his accomplishments and his darker demeanor.]

William Vorheez: [Speaking slowly, with a deep, gravely voice] Ladies and gentlemen, behold the aftermath of a battle that raged with the ferocity of thunder and the chill of the night. The battlefield was illuminated by flashes of lightning and the echoes of a war cry. And within this arena, one emerged victorious, while the other walked the path of shadows.

[The crowd is captivated by Vorheez’s words.]

William Vorheez: Bronson Johnson, you fought valiantly, a true warrior of the old guard. But tonight, it was my hand that guided fate, and it was I who emerged from the abyss with my arm raised in triumph.

[Vorheez’s eyes gleam with an intensity that sends shivers through the audience.]

William Vorheez: Yet, as I stand here, the shadows of destiny stretch forth, and a greater challenge awaits. A challenge that resonates beyond mere victories and losses, a challenge that beckons a warrior to ascend to a higher plane of existence.

[Vorheez’s trench coat billows as he gestures dramatically.]

William Vorheez: Night, you hold the sVo Championship, a symbol of excellence and supremacy. Your reign has captured the hearts of those who dare to dream, those who believe in the power of the human spirit.

[Vorheez pauses, his aura of mystique growing.]

William Vorheez: But, Night, let us not forget that in the dark corners of this world, there are those who tread the line between light and darkness. Those who have known triumph and despair, victory and defeat. Those who have transcended mortal limitations to become legends.

[The crowd listens in a hushed silence, captivated by Vorheez’s words.]

William Vorheez: Night, I am William Vorheez, a harbinger of both salvation and damnation. I have stood as sVo Champion three times over, and tonight, I’ve cast my shadow over Bronson Johnson. But now, Night, I cast my gaze upon you, and I offer you a challenge.

[Vorheez’s voice resonates with a mixture of respect and foreboding.]

William Vorheez: Let us clash, Night. Let us engage in a battle that transcends the earthly realm, a battle that shall etch itself into the annals of history. Let my darkness collide with your brilliance, and may the outcome reveal the true essence of our souls.

[The crowd’s mixed reaction grows, some cheering while others are more reserved.]

William Vorheez: The sVo Championship hangs in the balance, Night, and destiny awaits its reckoning. The path is yours to choose, as it is mine. Let us determine who shall stand at the precipice of greatness, who shall ascend to the throne of champions.

[Vorheez raises his arms, his trench coat billowing dramatically as he stares into the distance.]

William Vorheez: The challenge has been issued, Night. Will you accept, or shall you remain in the shadows of uncertainty? The decision, my friend, is yours.

[As the crowd’s anticipation lingers in the air, the camera fades, leaving the audience in a state of contemplation.]

Being Bobby Dean

[The backstage area is bustling with activity. Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone, and next to her is ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, dressed in flashy attire that seems a size too small for him. Bobby holds a cup of soda in one hand and a bag of chips in the other.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean. Bobby, you’ve got a match against Kenneth D Williams next, a competitor known for his high-flying moves and agility. How are you feeling about the upcoming challenge?

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Takes a sip from his cup, crumbs falling from his mouth] Well, Katie, let me tell ya, Kenneth D Williams might be all about them fancy flips and tricks, but me? I’ve got somethin’ they don’t – charisma, personality, and the undeniable fact that I am one suave, dashing dude. [Winks clumsily] And hey, if I ever lose my balance in that ring, I can always blame it on my… um, sleek footwear!

Katie Smith: Your confidence is certainly something, Bobby. But earlier tonight, we heard Anthony Moretti, William Vorheez, and August Lazar all vying for a title shot. What are your thoughts on their claims?

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Chuckles, stuffing a chip in his mouth] Well, darlin’, I’ve been keepin’ an ear out, and I gotta say, they’re all bark and no… well, you know. I mean, Anthony Moretti and his grandiose challenges? Pfft, ain’t got nothin’ on my style, Katie. And Vorheez? He may be all dark and broody, but I’m the one who truly knows how to light up a room, ya feel me?

Katie Smith: [Trying not to laugh] Your unique perspective is always entertaining, Bobby. But let’s focus on your match against Kenneth D Williams. How do you plan to counter his high-flying offense?

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Pauses, looking thoughtful for a moment before grinning] Well, Katie, they say the best way to deal with a fly is to swat it outta the air, right? So, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll swat that fly and then strut around that ring like a true ladies’ man. He’ll be beggin’ for mercy once he’s charmed by my… shall we say, considerable allure.

Katie Smith: [Trying to keep a straight face] Certainly an interesting strategy, Bobby. Anything else you’d like to say before your match?

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Raises his cup] Cheers to me, Katie! And cheers to all those folks out there who appreciate a man with a taste for the finer things in life – like these delightful chips and this soda right here.

Katie Smith: [Trying to wrap up the interview] Well, there you have it, folks. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean is ready to take on Kenneth D Williams. Good luck, Bobby!

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean: [Grinning, holding up his cup and chips] Luck? Nah, darlin’, luck’s got nothin’ to do with it. It’s all about… well, me being me!

[As Bobby Dean walks away, crunching on his chips and sipping his soda, Katie Smith can’t help but chuckle at his unique persona.]

[The camera fades as the anticipation builds for ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean’s match against Kenneth D Williams.]

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs Bobby Dean

Challenges Accepted

[The arena is alive with energy as the main event concludes, and ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean stands in the center of the ring, celebrating his victory over ‘the Human Highlight Reel’ Kenneth D Williams. The crowd is buzzing, acknowledging his win with a mix of cheers and boos.]

Bobby Dean: [Grinning and raising his arms in triumph] Well, well, ladies and gents, looks like ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean strikes again! You thought you could doubt my charm and skill? Ha! I showed you all tonight, didn’t I?

[The crowd’s reaction intensifies as Bobby Dean revels in the spotlight, clearly enjoying the attention.]

Bobby Dean: [Pointing to himself] This right here, this is what a true superstar looks like. I’m not just a pretty face, my friends. I’ve got the moves, I’ve got the charisma, and tonight, I’ve got a sweet victory to prove it!

[As Bobby Dean continues to soak in the cheers and jeers, the arena suddenly darkens, and a spotlight focuses on the top of the stage. The sVo Champion, Night, steps into the light, microphone in hand, commanding the attention of the entire arena.]

Night: [Calm and composed, addressing the audience] Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been watching the show closely from backstage, and I must say, it’s been quite the night of competition. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, congratulations on your victory.

[Bobby Dean smirks, clearly pleased with himself.]

Night: [Nods at Bobby] But, Bobby, I hope you’re enjoying the spotlight, because I have an announcement that might just change the course of your path.

[Bobby Dean’s expression shifts to curiosity as he listens.]

Night: [Looking straight at Bobby] You see, I’ve had a conversation with our COO, Amy Page, and we’ve come to a decision. On the next episode of Showdown, number 158, there will be a four-way match. [Pauses for dramatic effect] ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean, August Lazar, Anthony Moretti, and William Vorheez will all compete in that match.

[The crowd’s murmurs grow louder, intrigued by the implications.]

Night: The winner of that match, Bobby, will earn the right to face me for the sVo Championship at our next Pay-Per-View event, Jackpot, on October 1st!

[Bobby Dean’s eyes widen, realizing the enormity of the opportunity.]

Night: So, Bobby, while you celebrate your victory tonight, remember that the real challenge is just around the corner. You’ll be facing some of the most formidable competitors in the sVo, all hungry for the same opportunity you are.

[Bobby Dean’s confident demeanor falters slightly as the weight of the situation sinks in.]

Night: [Pauses] And Bobby, I suggest you bring your A-game, because come Showdown 158, it’s going to be an all-out war for that chance to stand across from me in that ring at Jackpot.

[Night lowers the microphone, his intense gaze fixed on Bobby Dean as the implications of the announcement settle in. The arena is alive with speculation and anticipation.]

[The camera fades out as Bobby Dean processes the challenge ahead, and Night stands at the top of the stage, his presence commanding and his intentions clear.]

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