sVo Showdown 156
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
20th August 2023

As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Proving Grounds’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on the HOTv network on PWA:TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Last Week on Showdown 155

  • Johnny Moretti angrily demanded that Junior Gambino be removed from Blood Money, however the rest of the group seemed unsure.
  • Amy Page told Rick Reid to beat down anyone on the roster who was thinking of jumping ship to Dynasty Wrestling after Jon Page announced the upcoming return of the brand last seen in 2006.
  • Night defeated Big Aug in the main event, but Bobby Dean attacked the sVo Champion after the match, only for Big Aug to take out Dean and then take a long look at the Championship belt himself!

For the Family

The fans packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena loudly boo, as the music of Johnny Moretti hits the sound system. Moretti appears at the top of the entrance ramp with a smug look on his face, and poses despite the boos, before making his way down the ramp. Moretti grabs a microphone from Natasha Ortiz as he climbs into the ring.

Johnny Moretti: Ok, ok, cut my music!

The music is cut, but replaced by even louder boos from the crowd.

Johnny Moretti: Do you idiots think that is the proper way to welcome the 2023 Victory Cup winner?

Moretti stares out at the crowd, who only boo him louder.

Johnny Moretti: Enough about you anyway. I am out here about one thing, family. My family is Blood Money, and my family hasn’t been living up to its potential! Now you have me the Victory Cup winner and a multi time sVo Champion! You have Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone, the longest reigning sVo Tag Team Champions in the history of the business! But then you have the black sheep, the weak link, the man who is making us a laughing stock!

The fans boo loudly, as Johnny Moretti looks like he is getting himself worked up.

Johnny Moretti: Last time on Showdown I gave my family an ultimatum for their own good! Gambino has to be taken out of Blood Money for all our sakes! Anthony, Joe, it’s time to get out here and do the right thing!

Moretti drops the microphone to his side and stares back up the entrance ramp, as after a few seconds the Blood Money music hits and the Tag Team Champions appear at the top of the ramp! Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone have their title belts over their shoulders, as they slowly walk down the entrance ramp. The Tag Team Champions climb into the ring, and Johnny Moretti greets them both with a hug.

Johnny Moretti: Ok guys, let’s get this done and lets get back to being the most dominant force in the professional wrestling business!

The crowd boo loudly, as Anthony Moretti takes the microphone.

Anthony Moretti: You are right Johnny, we need to get back to being on top here. We have had someone letting us down for far too long. I want to do this with honor though, let’s get Junior out here and make sure everything goes down face to face….

Johnny Moretti looks a little surprised by his half brother, but shrugs his shoulders as the three members of Blood Money look towards the entrance ramp. After a few seconds, the Blood Money music hits again and a dejected looking Junior Gambino makes his way down to the ring. Gambino climbs into the ring, and begins to plead with Anthony Moretti. Anthony Moretti holds his hand up to cut Gambino off, as he motions for the music to be cut.

Anthony Moretti: Look Junior, none of us wanted it to come to this, but you can’t blame yourself. For the good of the family, we need to cut out any weak links. We can’t afford to have anyone in the group that isn’t all about making Blood Money the dominant machine that it needs to be…..

Gambino looks down at his feet, almost with tears in his eyes as Anthony Moretti takes a few steps back.

Anthony Moretti: That’s why….. You’re out……

Suddenly Anthony Moretti springs forward and superkicks Johnny Moretti, his half brother down to the mat! Gambino and Barone quickly spring into life, putting the boots in on Johnny Moretti as he tries to get to his feet.

Anthony Moretti: Johnny, Madone, it seems you forgot who the boss of this family was! We will be the most dominant force in professional wrestling, and we can’t afford to have you dragging us down anymore!

Barone and Gambino drag a beaten Johnny Moretti up to his feet, before feeding him to Anthony Moretti to land the ‘Hitman’ in the middle of the ring! Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone and Junior Gambino stand over the broken body of Johnny Moretti, as the fans look on in amazement at what just went down!


Single Match
Jupiter James vs Clam Idia

Is It True?

The cameras head immediately to the backstage area, where a car pulls up into the parking lot of the Goodfellas Casino. After a few seconds, the doors open and out spill the Roulette Champion Kyle McRae, Harry Black and Alexander Hate, the group collectively known as British Hospitality!

The fans cheer for the sight of the group on Showdown, but one person who doesn’t seem quite as happy to see them is the sVo COO Amy Page who is standing in the doorway to the arena, Rick Reid just a few steps away.

Amy Page: So are the rumors true then?

The group all look at each other, looking confused.

Kyle McRae: Not sure what you are talking about there boss, unless the rumor is that I bet your man there for this?

McRae points at Rick Reid, before tapping the Roulette Championship belt on his shoulder. Reid angrily begins to step forward, but Amy Page cuts him off with a raise of her hand.

Amy Page: You know what I am talking about Kyle, the rumor that you three are jumping ship to Dynasty Wrestling…

Page eyes British Hospitality suspiciously.

Kyle McRae: All I would say Amy, is don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Page looks relieved, as she begins to step aside.

Kyle McRae: But maybe some of it is true…..

Page angrily steps forward.

Amy Page: I expect all three of you to sign sVo contract extensions by the end of the night, or I am going to make your lives hell!

Kyle McRae: And how do you plan on doing that from all the way over here, if we rock up in London?

Page smiles as she taps the Roulette Championship belt on McRae’s shoulder.

Amy Page: Don’t forget, while you have this, I can still book you whenever I like, in what ever match I like.

Page smiles evilly at McRae, as she spins on her heels and makes her way into the arena, beckoning Rick Reid to follow her. Reid snarls at British Hospitality before turning and following Page into the arena, as British Hospitality look at each other contemplating their next move.


Tag Team Match
BIG Trouble vs The Canadian Connection


Signing on the Dotted Line

There are boos from the crowd as the cameras return from the commercial break and pick up backstage, in the office of sVo COO Amy Page. Page is not alone in her office, as in front of her stands a huge individual who is recognizable to a number of the watching crowd in the arena.

Amy Page: Bronson Martinez, welcome to the sVo! All that is left for you to do is sign on the dotted line sir….

Page reaches over her desk and extends her hand to Martinez who gently shakes it. Page then hands Martinez a copy of his contract and a pen, to which the big man promptly signs.

Amy Page: And you are now officially a sVo fighter, congratulations!

Martinez looks pleased to have concluded the deal as he nods his head to Page and begins to make his way out of her office, looking back over his shoulder to verbalize a last minute thought before leaving.

Bronson Martinez: I assume you will be in touch about my first official match Miss Page?

Amy Page: Of course, of course. Although as you are in the arena here tonight, there are a couple of people I wouldn’t mind having ‘taken care of’. Wouldn’t be an official match tonight per say, but would be an awfully good way for you to get ahead here….

Martinez looks like he considers the offer for a few seconds, before politely declining.

Bronson Martinez: I appreciate the offer Miss Page, but I prefer to get ahead the old fashion way…. With a whole lot of hard work.

Martinez tips his head to Page before leaving the office. Amy Page looks less than impressed with the newcomer not taking her up on the offer, as she sits back down at her desk with a scowl on her face.

Has Bronson Martinez already got off to a bad start with the boss on his first night in the sVo?

Single Match
Reznikov vs Gunner Lang

Open Challenge Season

After the impressive win for Gunner Lang over the big Russian Reznikov, the cameras head once again to the backstage area, where this time Katie Smith is standing by with the current Las Vegas Champion JVD! JVD and Smith are standing in front of the sVo branded backdrop in the interview area, as JVD proudly holds the Las Vegas gold over his shoulder.

Katie Smith: James, thanks for joining me again here tonight. Now we are only moments away from your big title match against El Froggo, the man you defeated at the PPV to win back the Las Vegas Championship for the third time in your career. What made you give El Froggo his rematch?

JVD: Well Katie, I have lost this belt here twice before without being given the courtesy of a rematch by those who took it from me, so I know what El Froggo is feeling right now. El Froggo defended this belt with honor and lost it to me with dignity, so I have no problem stepping into the ring with him again and giving him a chance to try and win it back.

There are cheers from the crowd watching the interview on the giant screen in the arena for JVD.

Katie Smith: The fact that the stipulation is still active that the next time you lose a match, your career is over – Does that make you think twice about accepting matches these days?

JVD thinks about the question for a few seconds before answering.

JVD: Honestly Katie, no, not one bit. The day I don’t think I can beat every other competitor that I step in the ring with is the day that I should be hanging up my boots. That fear of losing everything every time I step into the ring, that is what has driven me to the best ever run of my life! I don’t plan on that coming to an end tonight against Mr Froggo.

Katie Smith: Last question from me before you step into the ring, have you thought about who might be next to get a title shot if you are successful tonight?

JVD: Well first off Katie, I wouldn’t be so disrespectful to my opponent tonight to look past him. But the honest answer is whoever wants a title shot for this….

JVD holds the Las Vegas Championship gold up to the camera for everyone to see.

JVD: …. All they have to do is step up and ask, because with the former I am in at the moment I am not turning down challenges!

JVD nods to Katie Smith to signal that the interview is over before making his way out of the interview arena.

Katie Smith: Well a very confident Las Vegas Champion going into our next match up tonight. Will JVD retain the gold or will he winning streak and his career finally come to an end at the hands of El Froggo? That match is next! Now back to ringside for the action!

Las Vegas Championship Match
JVD © vs El Froggo


Opportunity Knocks

As Showdown returns from the commercial break, the cameras once again cut to the interview area, where Katie Smith is this time standing by with Hugo Ryzing! The fans quickly boo as soon as they see Ryzing on the screen, and the former Tag Team Champion smirks as he hears the reaction.

Katie Smith: Hugo, thanks for joining me tonight! Now you face a tough challenge next as you take on Hiro Ryuu in singles action! How do you see tonight going?

Ryzing stares at Smith, a look of disgust on his face.

Hugo Ryzing: Seriously? That is your question?

Smith looks confused at the response from Ryzing.

Hugo Ryzing: I couldn’t care less about Hiro Ryuu, he is just another bump in the road. My goal is and always will be to get my hands on some gold here in the sVo, and collect that sweet sweet pay day that goes along with it….

There are more loud boos from the crowd.

Hugo Ryzing: But what might be just as sweet as that pay day might be picking up the gold and being the man that retired James Von Drake in the process……

The crowd boo loudly as Hugo Ryzing laughs at his own thoughts.

Hugo Ryzing: That fucker used to think he was tough as part of Blood Money back in the day when they were going to war with us in Horizon…. Now he is all alone and his career is on the line?

Ryzing laughs to himself as he slowly walks away from the interview area without saying another word.

Single Match
Hugo Ryzing vs Hiro Ryuu

In the Mix

After the big match between Ryuu and Ryzing, the cameras head to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with Big Aug! The popular former sVo Champion is flanked by both members of BIG Trouble, as the fans cheer loudly upon seeing him on the screen.

Katie Smith: Big Aug, thanks for joining me with only moments to go until your big main event against Bobby Dean! Now we understand that you challenged Dean to a match tonight, can we ask you why?

Big Aug: Sure Katie, you ask Big Aug anything! Now you might think it is because Bobby Dean is so fat that he is competing with Big Aug for title of biggest foodie in sVo, but you would be wrong!

Aug laughs at his own joke, but it seems to be lost in translation and flies over the head of everyone else.

Big Aug: But no seriously Miss Katie. Bobby Dean causes problems for me when he tries to get in the head of Night over the last few weeks. I am going to teach Bobby Dean that Big Aug is no joke, no prawn to be used in his games!

Katie Smith: I think you mean pawn in his games….

Big Aug: I have heard lots of rumors about Bobby Dean Miss Smith, I wouldn’t be surprised….

Katie Smith looks over to BIG Trouble, who simply shrug their shoulders, so she decides to simply move on with the big Romanian.

Katie Smith: Well fans did notice that you picked up Night’s sVo Championship and took a long look at it. What were you thinking in that moment?

Big Aug: Oh, lots of thoughts Miss Smith! Maybe Big Aug was thinking he would like to bash Bobby Dean’s head in with it! But mainly Big Aug thinking that this would look nice around his waist again! I am dealing with Bobby Dean tonight in the main event, but Night should no that Big Aug isn’t finished with him yet either.

Aug stares down the camera lens, sending a message to Night, as the scene fades out.

Decision Made

The cameras head to the backstage area, where Amy Page is waiting by the door to the arena, with Rick Reid as always alongside her. Page keeps checking her watch, looking angrier every time she glances at her wrist.

Amy Page: Can you believe this shit? How dare they keep me waiting like this!

Reid looks down at his boss with no expression on his face, but suddenly British Hospitality turn the corner of the corridor carrying their bags.

Amy Page: Well? I have the contracts all typed up and ready to sign, you want to do this here or in my office?

Kyle McRae: Well as tempting as an offer that is Amy… we have a ride to catch….

The three members of British Hospitality step past a stunned Amy Page and Rick Reid in the corridor as a black limo pulls up at the arena door. The three members jump in the back of the limo, and Amy Page looks furious as it pulls away and she notices the vanity plate…..

‘Dynasty 1’

Main Event
Single Match
Big Aug vs Bobby Dean


The referee raises the arm of Bobby Dean in the air in victory, but Dean isn’t finished there as he quickly leaps back on his opponent and starts nailing Big Aug with big rights and lefts! The fans boo loudly for the actions of Bobby Dean, but the former fan favorite doesn’t seem to care at all!

The bell sounds, but Bobby Dean doesn’t seem to care at all, until BIG Trouble hit the ring to loud cheers from the crowd! Bobby Dean quickly rolls out of the ring, wanting no part of the numbers game! Dean backs up the entrance ramp looking very smug with himself, as BIG Trouble help Big Aug to his feet and the pair lock eyes across the arena as Showdown heads off of the air.

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