sVo Sunday Night Showdown #121
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
20th February 2022

The entrance video package for Sunday Night Showdown begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Showdown’ by Pendulum as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Sunday Night Showdown’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

Single Match
‘The Relentless’ Clam Idia Vs. Kenneth D Williams

Let’s Go!

After the exciting win for the Las Vegas Champion, the cameras head backstage where Alissia Young is standing by in the interview area with Katie Smith. Young looks pumped up and ready for battle as Katie Smith struggles to get her to focus.

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Showdown! Now I am joined here tonight by Alissia Young! Alissia, I wanted to get your reaction to what you heard from Athena on Uprising last week?”

Young grabs hold of the microphone from Katie Smith’s hands, still pumped up.

Alissia Young: “My reaction? My reaction is lets quit talking and lets get this thing started! Athena if you really think that you can hang in the ring with the undefeated most dominant woman in the sVo, then let’s not wait until Countdown to Violence, let’s have the match tonight!”

Katie Smith: “Wow, so are you challenging Athena to a match tonight?”

Alissia Young: “This isn’t a challenge Katie, this is demand! Athena, I want our match tonight! Let’s do this thing!”

Young stares down the camera lens, underlining her challenge to Athena! With her undefeated streak on the line, does Alissia Young really know what she is getting herself into by taking on the dominating Athena in singles action later tonight?

Big Aug = Big Foreigner

The cameras head backstage to the locker room of ‘Patriot Act’, where Dallas Jordan, Travis Armstrong and Lance Abbot are all het up about something, pacing back and forth.

Travis Armstrong: “I can’t believe that the sVo would let him hold the Roulette Championship, let alone by the first person to hold it! His name is going to tarnish the history books of that belt forever!”

Lance Abbot: “What exactly do you expect with a limey like Page running things?”

Jordan, the leader of the group holds his hands up to silence the tag team, before reaching into his bag and pulling out a ‘Big Aug’ t-shirt that he has clearly had redesigned. Armstrong and Abbot laugh and pump their fists in pleasure at seeing it.

Dallas Jordan: “You see this guys, Big Foreigner = Big Trouble!”

Jordan throws the shirt down on the floor before grinding his foot into it.

Dallas Jordan: “Tonight I show that Romanian son’a’bitch a true red, white and blue American ass whoopin’!”

Armstrong and Abott both shout “yeah” in agreement.

Dallas Jordan: “Then we see about taking that belt from him and turning it into something that folks around here can actually be proud of!”

Jordan high fives Armstrong and Abbot as the scene fades out!

Single Match
Hiro Ryuu Vs. Absolute Zero

Rallying The Troops

The cameras head backstage to the locker room of Blood Money, where the group are looking focused ahead of what will be a big night for the group! The Von Drake’s are warming up for their match against the Canadian Connection later in the night, whilst Anthony Moretti, Joe Barone and Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti all look ready for the main event. Money Malone, the only member not competing tonight is decked out in a dark suit, bit still looks ready for action knowing that an attack from Curtis Knight could come at any time.

Anthony Moretti: “Right a big night tonight team, tonight is where we get one step closer to capturing the rest of the sVo gold and make sure that we keep hold of that…”

Moretti points across at the sVo Championship held by his half brother Johnny Moretti, and Moretti holds it up for the group and pats it confidently.

Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti: “No need to worry about this, even on his best day Vorheez couldn’t take this from me! When we finish him off in the main event tonight then Countdown to Violence will be a well deserved night off!”

Moretti nods in agreement, before turning his attention to the Von Drake’s.

Anthony Moretti: “It’s on you both to win that #1 contenders match tonight against the Canadian Connection! They held the belts for a long time, you sure you two can hang with them?”

The Von Drake’s pause for a second from their warm ups.

JVD: “There isn’t a tag team that can keep up with us in the ring, just make sure you soften those Black Brothers up in the main event tonight… if you feel you can hang with them….”

Moretti angrily stares back at JVD who returns to his warm up.

Anthony Moretti: “Well, just to make sure, me and the big man are going to be out there at ringside to make sure you get the job done.”

Moretti nods to Barone, who nods back as JVD and Lucy Von Drake begin to object.

JVD: “Wait I don’t think that is nee…”

Anthony Moretti: “I won’t hear a word of it. This match is vital to our plan, I want to be out there myself to see it go down and make sure the right result happens!”

JVD and Lucy Von Drake shoot each other a look, as Anthony Moretti continues to rally the troops as the scene fades out.

Single Match
Athena vs. Alissia Young

The sVo Presents Uprising #011
27th February 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Countdown to Violence

The camera heads backstage to the office of Jon Page, where the boss is in his usual position whilst the show is underway, sitting behind his desk and watching the action on the big screen on the opposite side of the room. However as Page watches the celebrations of Athena in the ring, the door suddenly swings open and in walks an angry looking Gunner Lang.

Gunner Lang: “Page, what the fuck?”

Page slowly rises up to his feet, sensing the anger from Gunner Lang as he storms to the front of his desk with his fists clenched.

Jon Page: “Gunner?”

Gunner Lang: “Don’t ‘Gunner’ me! I want to know what the hell you were doing letting that match happen on the last Showdown! How could you sign off on Flip taking on Bronson Johnson like that?”

Jon Page: “Last time I checked Gunner, Flip was a member of the roster that I pay every week! So he will compete in what ever match I see fit…. Plus if I am not mistaken HE went out there and challenged Bronson to a match… Maybe you should be having this conversation with him?”

Lang looks angry as he stares back at the boss.

Gunner Lang: “Oh that boy is going to get his ass whopped by me worse than anything Bronson did don’t you worry!”

Jon Page: “Well it seemed to me that he felt he had to step up and challenge Bronson after what he and JD James had put you through… Maybe he thought you were too chicken shit to do it yourself…”

Lang angrily grabs Page by the tie and pulls him forward.

Gunner Lang: “You think I am scared of Bronson Johnson and JD James?”

Page shrugs his shoulders, still pulled forward by Gunner Lang.

Gunner Lang: “Give me Bronson Johnson one on one at the PPV!”

Jon Page: “Done.”

Lang let’s go of Page’s tie and takes a few steps back, composing himself. Page smooths his tie down and sits back down, looking pleased with himself at getting a big match signed on for the PPV. Lang snarls at Page, before spinning and storming out of the room.

Single Match
Scott Washington vs. Kyle McRae

No Back Up

After the dominating win for Scott Washington, the cameras head backstage to the locker room of the Canadian Connection where Jake Hughes and Scott Cole are crowded around Alissia Young, who is holding an ice pack to her neck after the match with Athena earlier in the evening that saw her take a vicious spear and lose her undefeated record.

Alissia Young: “I can’t believe it, I had that match won….”

Cole and Hughes look at each other for a split second before replying.

Scott Cole: “This is less than ideal eh Alissia, we could have done with some back up out there against the Von Drake’s, especially with half of Blood Money being at ringside.”

Young shakes her head before pressing the ice pack in harder in pain, seemingly not even hearing Cole.

Alissia Young: “I’m still better than her… I know it… She isn’t on my level… She just got lucky. I will get a rematch…. It will be different….”

Cole and Hughes look at each other, before shaking their heads. Cole motions to Hughes before they both leave the locker room, leaving Alissia Young alone with her thoughts. It looks like the Canadian Connection are going to have to go it alone in their #1 contender match against the Von Drake’s, which is up next!

A Taste of Violence

The cameras cut to the interview area, where Katie Smith is standing by with the #1 contender to the sVo Championship William Vorheez! Vorheez, a former 2x Champion himself, towers over Katie Smith as they both stand in front of the interview background.

Katie Smith: “Thank you for joining me tonight ahead of your huge main event match against Blood Money! Do you think there is any risk of stepping into the ring against Johnny Moretti ahead of your Championship match at Countdown to Violence?”

William Vorheez: “Yeah there is a huge risk… a risk that All Star might be so beat up by the end of the night that he won’t make it to the PPV. A risk that Jon Page is going to have to walk out there and just award me the belt because All Star is to beat up to defend his belt!”

The fans watching at ringside cheer loudly towards Vorheez.

Katie Smith: “Well you have to step into the ring with All Star, Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone tonight. Do you think they will be trying to win the match or just injure you ahead of the match?”

William Vorheez: “Oh I have no doubt that there designs are on trying to take me out. See none of them can beat me in a straight one on one match, I have proven that time and time again. The only way they can beat me is if they stack the odds or serve up some screwy finish…. All that might have been easy before when I was going it alone….”

Vorheez motions off camera, and is soon flanked by the sVo Tag Team Champions the Black Brothers!

William Vorheez: “…but now I have these boys as back up! They might not be experienced yet, but they have already captured the Tag Team Championships! Tonight the rest of Blood Money will get a taste of what to expect at Countdown to Violence if they even think of getting involved in the sVo Championship match courtesy of these boys!”

The Black Brothers holds the Tag Team Championship belts up to the camera, as the scene fades out.

Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
The Von Drake’s Vs. Canadian Connection

Future Endeavoured

As the Canadian Connection bail out of the ring and make their way back up the entrance ramp whilst celebrating their victory, the Von Drake’s re-group in the middle of the ring with JVD checking on his wife after the painful submission lost.

However, two people that don’t seem to have as much empathy are Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone at ringside, as the Blood Money leader grabs a microphone from Natasha Ortiz and rolls into the ring.

Joe Barone climbs into the ring behind his boss, before standing with his arms crossed.

Anthony Moretti: “Are you fucking serious?”

JVD stares up at Moretti angrily whilst still checking on his wife’s ankle.

Anthony Moretti: “I said are you fucking serious? You couldn’t even get the job done tonight even after all of our help out there?”

JVD angrily rises up to his feet and squares up to Moretti, before Barone gets in between and pulls both men apart.

Anthony Moretti: “Blood Money is one of the most feared groups in wrestling, but it’s not going to last that long if we can’t get the job done when it matters!”

Moretti nods to Barone, who suddenly grabs JVD by the throat and nails him with the ‘Omerta’ in the middle of the ring! The fans boo loudly as Lucy Von Drake tries to lip to her feet to help her husband, but Moretti nails her with the ‘Hitman’!

Moretti and Barone stand over the Von Drake’s in the middle of the ring as the scene fades out!

3rd Time Lucky

We head backstage to the interview area, where Jacob Izaz is standing by with Katie Smith. Smith as always has a microphone in hand, whilst Izaz is in his street clothes having not been booked for action tonight.

Katie Smith: “Jacob, thanks for joining me here tonight! Now on the last Showdown you defeated Money Malone and booked yourself another shot at the Las Vegas Championship at the Countdown to Violence PPV! How are you feeling ahead of challenging Kenneth D Williams?”

Jacob Izaz: “Well I hope that Kenny is gonna get himself checked and tested after stepping in the ring with Clam Idia earlier this evening….. my god!”

Smith struggles not to laugh.

Jacob Izaz: “But as long as Kenny and his crown jewels have recovered, then I know that our match at Countdown to Violence is going to steal the show. I am well aware that this will be the fourth PPV in a row that I have third PPV in a row that I have challenged for the Las Vegas Championship, yet here I am standing with no gold….”

Izaz holds his hands up, as if to demonstrate.

Jacob Izaz: “So I am changing things at Countdown to Violence and making it third time lucky! I will be walking out with the gold, and you can take that statement to the bank!”

The scene fades out with Izaz clearly confident that he will out do Kenneth D Williams at the PPV and finally win the Las Vegas Championship!

Single Match
August Lazar Vs. Dallas Jordan

At Home with the Dark Horse

After the dominating victory for Big Aug, the scene heads backstage against where Curtis Knight and Athena are in their locker room, ready to watch the main event! Athena is still recovering from her hard-fought victory over Alissia Young earlier in the night, whilst ‘the Dark Horse’ is in street clothes.

Athena: “Still no sign of Money Malone tonight then?”

Knight laughs and shakes his head.

Curtis Knight: “That little bitch hasn’t left the Blood Money locker room since I kicked his ass last time out on Showdown. I am going to head over and ask Page for a one on one match with him again at the PPV…. Just as soon as I watch Vorheez and his boys take out the Moretti’s!”

Athena laughs as she settles down in front of the screen.

Curtis Knight: “What about Alissia Young, I hear she wants a rematch with you already? Must be pretty upset that you ended her unbeaten streak…”

Athena: “I might give her a rematch…. As long as there is something in it for me you know.”

Athena winks to Curits Knight, as the scene fades out ahead of the main event, which is next!

The sVo Presents Countdown to Violence 2022 PPV
27th February 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Six Man Tag Main Event
William Vorheez & the Black Brothers vs. Blood Money

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