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sVo Events

sVo Showdown #115

The sVo Champion Cody Williams defends his belt in the main event.

sVo Sunday Night Showdown #115
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
14th November 2021

The entrance video package for Sunday Night Showdown begins, accompanied by the theme song of ‘Showdown’ by Pendulum as highlights of past action from 2013 to present day are sped up, showing the likes of Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Night, Jay Wildman, Cody Williams & Nathan Paradine. As the video package finally comes to an end with an extended look at the ‘Sunday Night Showdown’ logo, the camera cuts to an exterior shot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena, in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, before cutting to a live shot of inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold-out crowd, most of them on their feet and screaming loudly whilst trying to get their homemade sign shown in front of the camera. The cameras finally head over to the commentary table, where Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan welcome the fans watching on TV to the broadcast and begin to break down some of the action that will take place on tonight’s show!

The Next Champion?

There are cheers from fans watching on the big screen as the cameras head backstage to show the scenes from earlier in the evening, when Kyle McRae arrived in the building ahead of his sVo Championship match against Cody Williams in tonight’s main event!

The young Scot looks a little nervous as he makes his way through the corridor’s backstage, with various talents and backstage workers wishing him luck as he goes. McRae slaps hands with as many people as he passes, before disappearing into his own private locker room for the night.

With Cody Williams surprising the world last week on Uprising by granting McRae a shot at the sVo Championship, can the young Scot shock the world and capture the fifteen pounds of gold in tonight’s main event?

Old School

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

Lang stands in the middle of the ring soaking in the adulteration from the sold out Vegas crowd, who know that if it wasn’t for the actions of JD James at the Vendetta PPV then they would likely be looking at the sVo Champion right now. Lang soaks in the cheers from the crowd for a few more seconds, before calling to Natasha Ortiz for a microphone. Ortiz hands the microphone over to Gunner, who waits for the crowd to quieten before addressing them.

Gunner Lang: “Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a lot of rumors swirling about my future ever since the Vendetta PPV….

The crowd begin a ‘please don’t go’ chant towards Gunner, in recognition at the rumors that he might be hanging up the boots tonight.

Gunner Lang: “Which is why I wanted to come out here and tell each and everyone of you that I am not going ANYWHERE until Johnny All Star and JD James get what is coming to them!”

There is a massive roar from the crowd in approval, as Lang pumps his fist.

Gunner Lang: “At Vendetta I gambled on the fact that JD James, a man that I have known for nearly twenty years was going to do the right thing….”

Lang’s shakes his head as he casts his mind back to Vendetta, and JD James refusing to count the three that would have seen him accomplish what he has been trying to do since 2008 and become the sVo Champion.

Gunner Lang: “… and from the lack of gold around my waist right now that is a gamble that I lost! Now as satisfying as seeing Cody Williams come out of no where and ruin everything for those two jerks was… I want my pound of flesh as well before I finally get my hands on that sVo Championship belt!”

The fans cheer loudly, but suddenly Gunner Lang is cut off and the fans begin to boo as Sash! – Encore Une Fois hits the sound system! After a few seconds, the young French star HyperNova steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, with his manager Victoria Isabel Patience by his side. Patience has a microphone in her hand as HyperNova stands nonchalantly by her side.

VIP: “Ladies and gentlemen, no need to thank us for coming out here and stopping this snoozefest in its tracks!”

The crowd respond with even louder boos, as Patience holds a hand up in the air pretending to ask the crowd to stop the applause.

VIP: “Gunner, the word going around backstage is that you were going to be giving your retirement speech tonight, and I got to be honest everyone is pretty disappointed that we are not hearing it right now. Time for you to step aside old man, let some of these hot young talents take center stage!”

Lang stares up at the pair on the entrance ramp as the crowd continue to boo loudly for the interruption.

Gunner Lang: “Well I think we can all agree one thing, these people didn’t come here to see a bunch of people talking. Now what’s say we get a referee and you come down here and see how you get on against this old timer?”

The crowd cheer as Gunner Lang gets prepared to fight, as VIP sends HyperNova down the entrance ramp! HyperNova cockily climbs into the ring as a referee comes running down from the backstage area! The fans are on their feet and it looks like we are about to have the night’s opening contest!

Single Match
Gunner Lang vs. HyperNova

With VIP cheering on her client from ringside, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and Lang and HyperNova both lock up in the middle of the ring. HyperNova tries to push back his opponent, but the former Las Vegas Champion Lang is too strong as he pushes HyperNova backwards before taking him down to the mat with a side slam. HyperNova jumps back up to a standing position, but Lang bounces off of the ring ropes and runs straight through him with a stiff clothesline. The cheers continue for Lang as he pulls HyperNova up and takes him down with a snapmare takedown, before bouncing into the ring ropes again and landing a knee to the back of his opponent’s head! With HyperNova down on the mat, Lang quickly makes the cover.




HyperNova gets a shoulder up before the three count, just as VIP started looking worried on the outside of the ring.

Lang pulls HyperNova back up to a standing position, before sending him hard into the ring ropes. Lang looks for a back body drop as his opponent bounces back, but HyperNova rolls over the top of his opponent before turning and landing a spinning heel kick! The fans boo the move from the Frenchman, as he follows up with some stiff kicks to Lang. HyperNova then sends Lang into the corner of the ring before running at his opponent and landing a running forearm!

Lang stumbles out of the corner of the ring holding his face in pain, and HyperNova follows up with a kick to the midsection followed up with a DDT on the former Las Vegas Champion! With Lang down on the mat, HyperNova makes the cover!




There is a big cheer from the crowd as Lang manages to get a shoulder up just in time! VIP complains to the referee that it was a slow count, as HyperNova pulls his opponent back up to his feet. HyperNova nails Lang with some chops across the chest, before Lang fires back with some big chops of his own! Lang looks extra fired up as he lands two short arm clotheslines in a row to keep knocking down his opponent, before following up with an elevated gut buster!

The fans cheer as Lang poses for the crowd, before grabbing the legs of his opponent and locking on a sharpshooter submission hold! The fans continue to cheer as Lang reaches back on the hold and looks for the submission victory!

It looks like HyperNova might be on the verge of tapping out, but before he can there are boos as VIP jumps up onto the ring apron to distract the referee! The boos grow even louder as behind the back of the referee HyperNova taps out vigorously.

Lang looks frustrated as he releases the hold and marches over to VIP and the referee! VIP quickly jumps down off of the apron as she sees Lang coming, before Lang remonstrates with the referee that he should have the win! Lang looks angry with the referee, but as he turns back around to face his opponent, HyperNova takes him down with a superkick! The fans boo loudly as HyperNova leaps onto his opponent to make the cover and try and steal the victory!




There is a big pop as Lang manages to get a shoulder up just in time! HyperNova punches the mat in frustration at not getting the victory, as VIP again argues with the referee about the count. HyperNova eventually turns his attention back to his opponent, as he pulls Lang up to his feet and sends him into the corner of the ring. Lang hits the corner hard, but as HyperNova runs at him looking for a splash in the corner, Lang dives out of the way causing HyperNova to hit the corner hard! HyperNova stumbles out of the corner of the ring and straight into a big boot from Gunner Lang!

Lang taunts to the fans before scooping his opponent up off of the mat and sending him into the corner of the ring. With HyperNova in position, the fans are on their feet as Lang runs at him in the corner and hits a  ‘Boomer-lang’ followed up with a ‘Gunner-Struck’! Lang wastes no time in hooking the leg of his opponent and making the cover, maintaining eye contact with VIP as he does!




It’s all over and it is Gunner Lang who picks up the victory on his return to Showdown! The fans continue to cheer as Lang rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in victory by the referee!

Big Talkin’

sVo interviewer Katie Smith stands in front of the sVo backdrop, but the camera is showing much more of the stage than usual.

Katie Smith: “Hi, I’m Katie Smith and I have a… well, pun not intended, but a HUGE guest with me right now. He is fresh off not one, but two victories over sVo veteran Absolute Zero. Please welcome the Romanian-born rookie… he is “Big Aug” August Lazar!”

The camera has to pan back just a little bit further when the 7’4” Romanian-American steps into view and looks down at Katie, clearly standing on something just out of view to help reach the camera. The man known as Big Aug seems to be taken aback by all the camera and lights, but looks pretty proud with himself and his recent success.

Big Aug: “Hello, Katie! Hello! I love sVo!”

In the background, the fans can be heard giving a nice pop for the massive new addition to the sVo roster.

Katie Smith: “Thanks for talking to us. You’ve certainly made a huge impact in a short amount of time, August! You’ve defeated Absolute Zero on two back to back shows and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Why don’t you tell the fans a little about yourself.”

The Romanian-born rookie nods.

Big Aug: “I come to America to play sports. Basketball was originally my dream. Big fan of Dikembe Motumbo, which why I name move after him!  I play defense for many years in high school and college, but knee injury cut that short. I had to start from scratch. Friend of mine, Angel Trinidad, suggested I get into wrestling cause he say “Augie, you big as F**K!” I train at wrestling school… the rest history.”

Katie Smith: “You’ve only been wrestling about two years, is that true?”

Lazar nods.

Big Aug: “That’s true. I travel EVERYWHERE to learn cause I want to be best big man in sport. Nobody want see lumbering dumbass. I want EVERYONE to see Big Aug stand tall and look in awe! I want to go down in history as best big man ever and I will work ass off to make that happen.”

Katie Smith: “Admirable goals! What’s next for August Lazar?”

He grins.

Big Aug: “Titles! I want them all! Bring me your champions and I will block them like the Twitters. They get Dunked On! Then Big Aug get big checks and Big Aug spread wealth to those that need it! Thank you, Katie!”

Katie Smith: “Thank you for your time and best of luck in your sVo career!”

The joyful giant smiles and heads off stage as the show rolls on.

Tag Team Match
Anthony Moretti & Joe Barone vs. The Starr Brothers

‘Man in the Box’ by the Alice In Chains hits and there is a small cheer from the crowd as the team of Darren Starr & Simon Starr walk out onto the top of the entrance ramp! Both Starr brothers signal to both sides of the crowd before quickly making their way down the entrance ramp and diving headfirst into the ring.

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the red lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds the boos get louder as Anthony Moretti & ‘The Problem Solver’ Joe Barone step out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Moretti poses at the top of the entrance ramp for a few seconds, before slowly walking down the ramp towards the ring. Barone uses his massive size to try and intimidate the fans at ringside as he walks a full circle around the ring, before slowly stepping up onto the ring apron. Barone poses on the ring apron for a few seconds, causing even more boos from the fans, before stepping clean over the top rope and waiting for the match to get started.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Simon Starr gets the match started off against the former Tag Team Champions, as he steps into the ring against former sVo Champion Anthony Moretti! Moretti and Starr circle around each other, before Moretti lands a big right hand on his opponent. Moretti backs Simon Starr into the corner with right hands, before trying to send him into the ropes. However Simon Starr reverses the attempt, before taking down Moretti with a stiff clothesline in the middle of the ring!

Moretti quickly jumps to his feet, before Simon Starr lands a back breaker on the former sVo Champion and then tags out to his brother Darren Starr. Darren Starr jumps into the ring and stomps away on Moretti, before pulling him up to his feet. Starr lands a scoop slam on Moretti in the corner of the ring, before climbing to the top rope! Starr looks for a leg drop from the top rope, but Moretti rolls out of the way just in time! Darren Starr struggles to his feet, but Moretti grabs him around the waist and lands a perfect German suplex, before making the tag out to Joe Barone!

The big man Barone quickly climbs into the ring, and takes down Darren Starr with a massive clothesline as he tries to get to his feet. The fans boo Barone as he follows up with a head butt on Darren Starr, before landing an overhead belly to belly suplex! Darren Starr looks in pain as Barone allows him to get to his feet, before hitting a perfect spinebuster in the middle of the ring and making the cover!



No! Simon Starr is in to break the cover!

Simon Starr is ordered back into his corner of the ring by the referee, as Moretti jumps into the ring behind the back of the referee and stomps away on Darren Starr! The fans boo Moretti loudly, before he exits the ring and Barone takes over! Barone pulls Darren Starr up to his feet and picks him into the air for a double chokeslam, but before he can drop him down Starr kicks out and catches Barone in the face!

Barone staggers backwards, and Darren Starr follows up with a standing dropkick before tagging out to Simon Starr! Simon Starr leaps into the ring and lands a kick to the back of his opponents leg, before taking him down with an arm drag. The big man gets to his feet, but Simon Starr follows up with a back suplex! Simon Starr pulls Barone up to his feet, but Barone fights back with a big head butt which rocks his opponent!

Simon Starr looks dazed as he gets to his feet, but walks straight into a fallaway slam from Barone! The fans boo loudly as Barone makes the tag out to Moretti, who quickly climbs into the ring!

Moretti rushes across and lands a cheap shot on Darren Starr on the ring apron, before stomping away on Simon Starr! Darren Starr tries to climb into the ring to get at Moretti, but as the referee restrains him, Moretti & Barone double team Simon Starr! The fans boo loudly, until Barone finally climbs back out of the ring as the referee turns back around!

Moretti pulls Simon Starr to his feet and lands a rolling suplex, before signaling for his finishing move! The fans boo loudly as the former sVo Champion Moretti allows Simon Starr to get to his feet, before hitting the ‘Hitman’ in the middle of the ring! Moretti makes the cover as Barone cuts off Darren Starr from breaking it up!




It’s all over and the former sVo Tag Team Champions pick up the victory for Blood Money! Moretti demands that the referee raise their hands in the air in victory as they soak in the boos from the crowd!

Blood Money

The boos continue for the former Tag Team Champions, as Barone stomps away on the downed bodies of their opponents, as Moretti makes his way out of the ring. Moretti looks cocky as he walks over to the ring announcers area, before grabbing a wad of dyed red dollar bills! The crowd boo loudly as Moretti holds the dollar bills in the air, before rolling back into the ring.

Barone continues the assault on their opponents, as Moretti prepares for the Blood Money ritual of stuffing the red dollar bills into the mouth of their opponents!

However, as Moretti holds the dollar bills in the air again for all to see, there is a pop as down the entrance ramp runs Curtis Knight and Athena!

The fans pop for the arrival of the Dark Horse, as he and Athena slide straight into the ring, whilst Moretti and Barone bail out!

Knight challenges Blood Money to get back into the ring and fight as Athena checks on the condition of the Starr Brothers. However, Moretti & Barone don’t seem to want any part of that fight as they back away up the entrance ramp to the sound of loud boos from the crowd, before disappearing around the curtain!

The sVo Presents Uprising #004
21st November 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Dark Horse Problem

The cameras head backstage to the locker room of Blood Money, and there are loud boos from the sold out crowd watching on the giant screen in the arena as the camera pans around the various members of the group. Moretti and Barone look out of breath having high tailed it from the ring, whilst JVD, Lucy Von Drake, Money Malone & Johnny All Star look anxiously towards the door, as if Curtis Knight could come bursting through at any moment.

Anthony Moretti: “Guys, we have to take out Curtis Knight once and for all. We can’t have him getting involved in Blood Money business every week! Someone has to step up!”

The other Blood Money members look back at Moretti, wondering why he isn’t stepping up, however he looks around the room for volunteers.

Johnny All Star: “Well it can’t be me, I have to get back that sVo Championship…. Cody Williams didn’t just disrespect me, he disrespected all of us!”

Moretti nods in agreement and All Star breathes a sigh of relief, sinking back into his chair.

Money Malone: “Well it can’t be me boss, this is the only piece of gold we have left and I have to protect it at all costs!”

Malone holds the Las Vegas Championship up, and Moretti reluctantly nods his head in agreement. Moretti’s eyes slowly turn towards JVD, as he realizes and takes a big gulp.

JVD: “Well it can’t be me… I mean…..”

Anthony Moretti: “No? Your wife maybe then?”

The rest of the group snigger, as Lucy Von Drake stares back at her husband, who reluctantly rises up to his feet.

JVD: “I guess it’s me then. I will deal with the Dark Horse once and for all.”

Von Drake sounds like he is trying to convince himself as much as anyone else, as the scene fades out.

Single Match
Big Aug vs. Orlando Fox

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and poses for the crowd. Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, trash talking the fans in the front row as he goes. Fox soon reaches the ring and rolls under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

“Starts Right Here” by Foreign Air and Kenny Mason plays and out comes the towering form of the man called Big Aug! “Big Aug” August Lazar puts a hand on his forehead and scans the crowd before heading towards the ring slowly. The big man then raises a hand in the air and raises his arm to the cheering crowd. He steps onto the ring apron and eggs the crowd on for a louder response then steps over the ropes to enter the squared circle. 

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the action is quickly underway as Big Aug looks to continue his winning start to his sVo career! Fox runs at Lazar and lands some big right hands on the big man, before Lazar fires back with a right hand of his own. Lazar grabs hold of Fox by the arm and shoots him into the ring ropes, before sending him down to the mat with a big boot as he bounces back! The fans cheer Lazar on as he scoops Fox up off of the mat, before slamming him face first into the turnbuckle!

Fox staggers backwards, and Lazar lands a front face suplex before making the cover on the former Hardcore Champion!




Fox manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat just at the very last second and this match continues! Lazar pulls Fox up to his feet, before landing some stiff chops across the chest. Fox staggers away holding his chest, but as Lazar looks to follow up with a clothesline, Fox ducks under the arm of the big man and takes him down with a side Russian legsweep! The fans boo the move from Fox, as Lazar gets to his feet slowly.

Fox works away on the big man with some stiff kicks to the knee joint, before bouncing off of the ring ropes and landing a chop block to send him down to one knee! With Lazar on his knee, Fox bounces off of the ring ropes and lands a running knee to the face of his opponent! The fans continue to boo as Fox follows up with a pinfall attempt on his opponent!




Lazar manages to power out before the three count can go down! Fox looks frustrated with the referee, as he lands some mounted punches on the big man.

Fox pulls Lazar up to a standing position and looks to put him away with a full nelson slam, but he isn’t able to lock his arms around the big man and Lazar fights out before taking down his opponent with a hip toss! Fox quickly tries to get back up to his feet, but Lazar lands a pendulum backbreaker, before following up with a big chokeslam!

The crowd are firmly behind Lazer as he quickly poses for them whilst waiting for Orlando Fox to get to his feet. Fox struggles up, and Lazar runs at him whilst screaming “not today!” to nail the ‘Dikembe’! The fans pop for the big move, and Lazer looks to put the icing on the cake as he signals for his finisher! Fox stumbles up not knowing where he is, allowing Big Aug the chance to nail the ‘Dunked On’ in the middle of the ring! The fans continue to cheer as Lazer makes the cover!




It’s all over and the rookie Big Aug is now 3-0 in the sVo! The big man rises to his feet and the referee raises his arm in the air in victory. Lazer soaks in the cheers from the fans as he continues to celebrate his victory over the former sVo Hardcore Champion!

Winner via pinfall: “Big Aug” August Lazar

Zero Chance

The fans continue to cheer the victory from the likeable big man, as Lazer continues his celebrations in the ring. However, from behind the back of the big Romanian born star, there is a mixed reaction as over the security barrier and out of the crowd hops Absolute Zero with a steel chair in hand!

Absolute Zero slides into the ring behind the back of Big Aug, before smashing him across the back with the steel chair!

There are loud boos from the crowd towards the usually loved veteran for his actions, however as Absolute Zero takes a few steps back looking pleased with his swing, the smile soon disappears Big Aug turns around with an angry look on his face.

Big Aug tries to grab hold of Zero, but the veteran doesn’t seem to brave anymore as he quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring. Big Aug takes chase, but Absolute Zero is too quick for him as he hops the security barrier and disappears into the crowd before the big man can grab ahold of him.

Big Aug shouts after Absolute Zero as he runs through the crowd, whilst the fans cheer on their new hero.

Absolute Zero is clearly still salty after his back to back loses against the rookie, but will he live to regret his failed sneak attack against one of the fastest rising sVo stars?

Make Him Pay

The cameras head backstage where there is chaos as Jacob Izaz and Kenneth D Williams lay into each other with big right hands! Security staff try to come towards the two fighters, but get tossed to one side by the two superstars before they return to attacking each other! Izaz and Williams take it in turn to trade right hands, before a booming voice stops the pair in their tracks.

Jon Page: “Enough…. ENOUGH!”

Both men stop suddenly and turn to face the sVo Owner, as he marches onto the seen and looks around at his security staff disgustedly.

Jon Page: “Seriously guys, you two are going to fight each other after how the Showdown main event went down two weeks ago?”

Izaz and Williams both turn to face each other like they might think that is a good idea, before Page intervenes again.

Jon Page: “The way I see it, Money Malone should be the one paying for ruining the #1 contenders match between you guys. The best way I can think about making him pay for that is by giving you BOTH a shot at the Las Vegas Championship! That is why at Seasons Beatings 2021 it will be Money Malone defending his Las Vegas Championship against both Jacob Izaz and Kenneth D Williams!”

The distraction from Page is long enough for the security staff to be able to get between Izaz and Williams, but with both men now getting a shot at the Las Vegas Championship at Seasons Beatings, has Money Malone’s tactic of getting their match thrown out two weeks ago majorly backfired?

The Brotherhood

The cameras head to the locker room of William Vorheez, where the former two-time sVo Champion is standing by with his two giant proteges, the Black Brothers, Igor and Boris.

Vorheez smiles as he looks up at the two-skull mask wearing giants either side of him.

William Vorheez: “Right boys, another match tonight and another chance to show the world what we are all about. I don’t want you to just win the match tonight, I want you to make a statement out there!”

Igor and Boris silently nod to their mentor.

William Vorheez: “All the places are nearly in place boys, the sVo will be ours!”

Vorheez laughs manically as the scene fades out.

The sVo Presents Showdown #116
28th November 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Tag Team Match
The Black Brothers vs. The Shamrocks

“Going out in Style” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the sound system and there is a cheer as the arena is basked in a green glow. After a few seconds Tom Flynn & Sean O’Grady, collectively known as the Shamrocks, step out onto the top of the entrance ramp and raises their arms in the air to acknowledge the crowd! Flynn cracks his knuckles at the top of the entrance ramp whilst O’Grady hypes up the crowd, before the pair march down to the ring and climb in, ready to fight!

“World of Shit” by Nailbomb plays as the lights in the arena go out. Fog and white lights drench the entrance area as Igor & Boris Black make their way out towards the ring. The boos ring out for the giant pair, as they remain Fixated on the ring whilst making their way quickly to the squared circle, ready to fight!

Despite the Black Brothers picking up a dominating victory on the last episode of Showdown, The Shamrocks look in confident mood after their impressive showing against the sVo Tag Team Champions last week on Uprising! The referee calls for the action to get started with Igor Black and Sean O’Grady getting the matches started for their teams!

Igor looks to try and tie up with his opponent, but the smaller O’Grady manages to duck under the arms of his opponent, before landing some big right hands. The fans cheer O’Grady on, but Igo seems to observe the punches before grabbing his opponent by the arm and sending him hard into the ring ropes. Igor looks for a big back elbow as his opponent bounces back, but O’Grady ducks under the arm of his opponent before bouncing off of the opposite ropes and returning with a dropkick!

Igor staggers backwards from the big dropkick from O’Grady, before he is finally able to take him down to the mat with a snap suplex! The fans cheer as O’Grady stomps away on Igor before making the tag out to Tom Flynn!

The former bare knuckle brawler climbs into the ring and joins his partner in stomping away on Igor Black, until O’Grady has to leave the ring under threat from the referees count. Tom Flynn allows Igor Black to rise up to his feet, before hammering him with some big right hands. Flynn ties up Igor Black in a front face lock before looking for a brainbuster, but Igor counters with a suplex of his own! Igor stomps away on Flynn, before making the tag out to Boris Black!

The massive Boris Black climbs over the top rope and waits for Flynn to get to his feet, before running through him with a massive big boot to the face. Flynn staggers back up to his feet, but Boris follows up with a side walk slam, before nailing a massive double underhook slam!

Flynn looks in pain on the mat, as Boris stands over him in the middle of the ring beating his chest! O’Grady shouts encouragement to his tag team partner, but as Flynn tries to get to his feet he is scooped up into the air by Boris, who drops him across the top of the turnbuckle with a snake eyes. Flynn staggers back holding his face in pain, straight into a full nelson suplex from Boris! Boris Black chokes out his opponent with his boot, before making the tag out to Igor Black.

Igor Black climbs into the ring and grabs hold of Flynn as he tries to crawl to his corner, before lifting him up and landing a double handed chokeslam in the middle of the ring! The fans boo as Igor mocks his opponent, before bouncing off of the ring ropes and dropping an elbow across his opponents chest! With Flynn down and hurting, Igor walks across and brings Sean O’Grady into the ring the hard way!

The fans boo loudly as O’Grady staggers up to his feet, but is grabbed by Igor Black who nails him with a ‘Face of Fear’! O’Grady looks in pain as he rolls out of the ring holding his throat, whilst Igor spots Flynn getting to his feet before bouncing off of the ring ropes and landing a massive clothesline from hell, before tagging out to his partner Boris Black!

The boos continue as Boris climbs into the ring and taunts Flynn before pulling him to his feet. Boris lands the ‘Into the Abyss’ on his opponent, before dropping down and making the cover!




It’s all over and the Black Brothers once again pick up a dominating victory! The referee quickly lifts the arms of the massive brothers in the air, before bailing out of the ring himself, as Boris and Igor stand tall in the middle of the ring! With William Vorheez’s monsters cutting a path through the tag team division, can anyone stop them?

Winners via pinfall: The Black Brothers


After the massive victory for the Black Brothers, the cameras head backstage again where Katie Smith is once again standing in the interview area with a microphone in hand. Alongside Smith are the reigning sVo Tag Team Champions Jake Hughes & Scott Cole, along with the third member of the Canadian Connection – Alissia Young.

Katie Smith: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am joined now by the holders of the sVo Tag Team Championships, the Canadian Connection! Now guys, we just saw an impressive victory for the Black Brothers. What do you think of their win?”

Cole and Hughes scoff at the question as Alissia Young steps forward to answer.

Alissia Young: “Urm hello Katie, both of those two are rookies! They might have gone out there and beat the Shamrocks, but it was nothing compared to the beating that the champs out on the Shamrocks last week on Uprising.”

Katie Smith: “Well speaking of Uprising, the Shamrocks answered your open challenge. Who is next up for a shot at the Championship belts?”

Alissia Young: “Do you know what Katie, I don’t think there is a team on the roster right now who deserves a shot. Certainly not any rookies, and certainly not the Shamrocks again. Page better find us some decent competition soon otherwise we are taking these belts somewhere that is serious about tag team wrestling!”

Young holds her hand up to Smith to signal no more questions, as the scene fades to black.

Single Match
Curtis Knight vs. JVD

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. The pink glow is slowly changed to a dark red glow as the letters ‘JVD’ slowly fade to the words ‘Blood Money’ on the giant screen as “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out of the sound system. After a few seconds, James Von Drake walks out from behind the curtain and onto the top of the ramp, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

‘There And Back’ by Daughtry hits the sound system and there is a cheer from the crowd as the lights in the arena dim. After a few seconds ‘the Dark Horse’ Curtis Knight slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp, before raising one arm in the air. Pyro shoots into the air either side of Knight at the same time his arm shoots into the air, before he slowly walks down the entrance ramp. Knight climbs into the ring before posing for the fans one last time as the music fades out.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung on Curtis Knight’s first official sVo match, as JVD looks across the big man and wonders how he can pick up the victory! Knight moves forward and swings a big arm in the direction of JVD, but the former Las Vegas Champion ducks under the arm of Knight and hammers him with some big right hands. Knight staggers back, and JVD catches him with a knee to the midsection. Knight doubles over in pain, but as JVD looks for a suplex, Knight blocks it!

JVD looks for a second suplex on Knight, but Knight blocks again before lifting JVD up into the air! Lucy Von Drake looks on in terror as Knight holds JVD in the air for several seconds, before dropping him with a stalling suplex! Knight roars, as he waits for JVD to get to his feet before bouncing off of the ring ropes and landing a big shoulder block to send JVD flying!

JVD staggers back up to his feet, but Knight grabs hold of him and sends him hard into the corner of the ring, before following up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring. Knight lays into JVD with massive body punches in the middle of the ring, before allowing him out of the corner! JVD throws a desperate right hand in Knight’s direction, but the Dark Horse catches him with a kick to the midsection, before landing a massive double powerbomb in the middle of the ring!

The fans cheer loudly for Knight, as he signals for the end whilst standing over JVD! Knight drags the former Las Vegas Champion up to his feet, before locking him in the ‘Dragon Tamer’ in the middle of the ring!

Knight ragdolls JVD around in the middle of the ring, and JVD looks out on his feet as the referee quickly calls for the bell! Knight looks pleased with himself as he drops down JVD before raising both of his arms in the air!

Lucy Von Drake drags her husband out of the ring under the bottom rope before trying to help him to the back as Knight celebrates his victory in the ring. Knight walks over to the nearest camera, before screaming a message straight down the lens to the rest of Blood Money.


Winner via TKO: Curtis Knight

The sVo Presents Seasons Beatings 2021 Only On PPV
26th December 2021
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

sVo Championship Match
Cody Williams vs. Kyle McRae

The sound of ‘Scotland the Brave’ blasts over the sound system as the energetic Kyle McRae bounces onto the top of the entrance ramp and holds his arms out wide by his side. McRae stares around at the sold-out crowd with a huge smile on his face, before marching down the entrance ramp towards the ring. McRae does a whole lap of the ring and slaps hands with as many fans as he can, before sliding headfirst into the ring and doing a forward roll and a jump before landing on the second rope of the turnbuckle. McRae signals to the fans again as the music begins to fade out.

The lights suddenly dim and the Goodfellas Casino Arena erupts as the drum solo and electric guitar riffs of “Robot Rock” by Daft Punk hits the sound system. Smoke fills the entrance ramp while pink, purple and gold lights flash in the arena. “The Hollywood Rockstar” Cody Williams steps out onto the ramp to a huge ovation as he looks out into the crowd. He tips his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose and opens up his studded and spiked leather jacket to reveal the sVo Championship while pyro and fireworks shoot off from the stage. He makes his way down the ramp and climbs into the ring, stands on the second rope in the corner and lifts the sVo Championship into the air as the camera gets a wide panoramic shot of him and the raucous crowd.  

Ring Announcer: “The following contest is schedule for one fall…”

***ONE FALL!!!***

Ring Announcer: “And is for the sVo Championship! Introducing first, from Scotland… KYLE MCRAAAAAAEEEEE!!!”

The crowd pops, firmly behind McRae and his huge opportunity tonight.

Ring Announcer: “And to my right, from Beverly Hills, California, weighing in at 210 pounds… He is the current sVo World Champion…. “THE HOLLYWOOD ROCKSTAR” CODY WILLLLLLIAAAAMMSSSSS!!!”

Cody steps to the center of the ring and raises the championship high into the air to the roar of the crowd. He folds it and kisses the center plate before handing it to Nick Jaxx, senior referee, who raises it to signify this is a championship match. Cody meets McRae in the center of the ring and offers a handshake that he accepts. They make their way to their respective corners and the referee signals for the bell.


Cody and McRae meet in the center as Cody goes for a collar and elbow tie up. But McRae has other plans, and lands a beautifully executed dropsault that sends the champion reeling and stumbling through the ropes and to the outside!

Williams gets back up to a vertical base and tries to get his wits about him. Before he can though, without realizing it, Kyle McRae comes darting out of the ring through the ropes with a lighting quick suicide dive!

Without hesitation, he slides back into the ring, hits the ropes, and comes over the top with a corkscrew Sasuke special that wipes out the sVo Champion! McRae pops up onto his feet and slaps hands with a few fans, as his adrenalin is pumping through his veins.




McRae picks up Cody by the hair and rolls him back into the ring. He makes a cover almost immediately!


NO! Kickout.

He picks the champion off of the mat but Cody grabs him by the back of the head and delivers crushing forearm blows to the side of the head followed by a knife edge chop so loud it echoes throughout the arena. He takes him over into a seated position with a snapmare, chop to the back, and finishes it with roundhouse kick that flattens  McRae.

Cody goes for a standing shooting star press, showing that he too can fly, but McRae rolls out of the way. Cody lands front first and rolls onto his back, clutching his face. McRae then launches himself off of the second rope with a beautiful lionsault into a cover!




McRae starts hulking up and the crowd begins to rally behind him. Both are crowd favorites but McRae has the opportunity of a lifetime and they are rooting for him. Cody stands up onto his feet, McRae sizing him up, and he walks right into A CORKSCREW ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! IT LANDS FLUSH ON THE JAW OF THE CHAMPION!!!

Cody is wobbling on spaghetti legs!










***(clap, clap, clap clap clap)***


***(clap, clap, clap clap clap)***

Kyle McRae gets up onto his knees and runs his fingers through his hair before pounding the mat in frustration. Cody lays on the mat on his side, clutching the back of his head. What does he have to do to put away the champ?

He picks Cody up and irish whips him into the corner. He runs at him with a full head of steam and goes for a corner splash but Cody moves out of the way. Cody locks in a full nelson and hits a dragon suplex — NO! McRae lands on his feet! McRae goes for a bicycle kick but Cody ducks under. He hits the ropes at full speed and turns McRae inside out with a running high-impact lariat — BIG IN JAPAN!!!

Cody peels McRae off the mat and starts hitting him with the PERFECT RUSH!!! — a lighting quick barrage of slaps to the face, a spinning backfist that rocks him, followed by a roundhouse kick to the head that knocks him silly, capped off with a running single leg drop kick that flips the challenger onto his head.

“The Hollywood Rockstar” grabs a handful of hair and looks out into the crowd, making a cut throat motion. He lifts him high into the air in an almost vertical position and dumps him right on top of his head with a single-arm lifting brainbuster — PERFECT ENDING!!!





Kyle McRae gave it everything he got and threw caution to the wind, but fell short of walking away with the richest prize in all of professional wrestling. Cody Williams retains in his first defense of the sVo Championship against a game Kyle McRae who took full advantage of this golden opportunity.

“Robot Rock” echoes through the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the crowd stands on their feet giving the two men in the ring a standing ovation.

Nick Jaxx hands Cody the sVo Championship as he sits on the mat wincing and clutching the back of his head. He reaches into his mouth and checks for loose teeth as he catches his breath. He points to himself and shakes his head no, and then points over to Kyle McRae who is still laying on the mat and encourages the crowd to give it up to the challenger.

Cody gathers himself and stands up onto his feet, making way to where Kyle is. He is sitting on the mat, head hung low, dejected from putting out his best efforts and coming up short.

Winner via pinfall: Cody Williams

Rematch Clause

The champ grabs McRae by the arm and picks him up to a standing base, nodding his head and clapping. He exchanges a few words with him before offering a handshake to his challenger. McRae accepts and they shake hands, Cody raising Kyle’s arm into the air and pointing at him as the crowd showers him in cheers. They embrace and then Kyle rolls out of the ring as Cody looks on, giving him a round of applause.

He fetches the microphone from the ring announcer as he tries to catch his breath.

Cody Williams: “That… That right there is why I am here. People like Kyle McRae, the up and coming stars of sVo who just need the right opportunity to showcase why they are one of the best in this industry and should be given a shot at this…”

He taps the sVo Championship.

Cody Williams: “I know what it’s like to be out here each and every night, busting you ass just waiting for an opportunity, a shot to be the man, the face of the company. On any given night, anyone can become champion they just need the chance. And like you just saw, McRae may not be the guy, but tonight he almost beat me and became THE guy.”

“The Hollywood Rockstar” wipes the sweat off of his forehead and pulls his hair back.

Cody Williams: “And I’m here to provide those opportunities to the boys in the back who may have been overlooked before, like I once was. As long as I’m holding this championship, everyone is on the same playing field… So next time on Showdown, I am holding an open challenge for the sVo Championship!”

The crowd erupts.

Cody Williams: “If you want an opportunity, if you want a shot… Step up to the plate, and…”

He is interrupted by the sounds of “Viva Las Vegas” by Metal Elvis as the former champion Johnny All Star steps onto the ramp wearing a tailored suit.

Johnny All Star: “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cut the crap! Enough of this nonsense!”

The crowd drowns him with boos.

Johnny All Star: “I can’t stand one more second of you talking about opportunity this and chances that. We all know what you’re doing and can see right through you. You’re trying to avoid facing me and are covering it up by wrestling curtain jerkers and young boys!”

Cody Williams: “Johnny, if you want…”

All Stars raises his hand up and cuts him off as he makes his way halfway down the ramp.

Johnny All Star: “I’m not finished! After that stunt you pulled at Vendetta I still haven’t gotten my rematch and you have been ducking me ever since. I’m here to tell YOU, that I’m invoking my champion’s rematch clause.”

Cody Williams: “If you wanted a shot, all you had to do was say ask! Hell… you could’ve came out during the open challenge on next Showdown.”

All Star snarls as he stares a hole through Cody.

Cody Williams: “But since you came out on MY show, and on MY time.. We’re going to do it on MY terms. I’ll give you your rematch for the sVo Championship. It’ll be me and you, one on one, for the 15 pounds of gold… At Season’s Beatings!”

The crowd erupts at the announcement of the upcoming pay per view main event for the championship.

Cody Williams: “And since it’s the holidays, and I’m in a giving mood, and since we’re in the Sanctioned Violence Organization… I will give you the beating of a lifetime when you and I battle for my sVo Championship in a SANCTIONED VIOLENCE MATCH!!!”




“Cody… Johnny… hold on just one second!”

sVo Owner Jon Page walks out onto the stage, microphone in hand and stops at the top of the ramp.

Jon Page: “Cody, you were given your, and I’m going to use a word you used, opportunity at Vendetta under the terms of your contract. And Johnny, you’re right… you are entitled to a rematch for the championship. So, I am making it official: Cody will defend the sVo Championship against Johnny All Star at Season’s Beatings in a sanctioned violence match! But Cody, in the sense of fairness, between now and then, Johnny you have the chance to pick an added stipulation as the challenger.”

Cody leans on the ropes, draping the sVo Championship over it as he looks at Page with a quizzical look on his face. The camera shifts to a tight shot of All Star who has a devilish grin on his face as the sVo copyright logo appears on the bottom corner and Showdown goes off the air.

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