sVo Showdown #106
28th May 2013
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of the Las Vegas strip as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. The camera picks out certain fans who are holding different signs with hand written messages about their favourite sVo stars. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of Showdown #105 action plays on the giant screen in what was a massive week in the sVo!


Inside the ring sits a table with a black cloth draped over it, two chairs and a clipboard. Amy Page is seen standing in the corner as she gets a mixed reaction from the fans. She smiles as she brings the mic up to her lips.

Amy Page: “You guys know what time it is, it is time we sign the contract for our Main Event at Countdown to Violence! It will be for the sVo Championship, you will see the number one contender Go-Go Spectacular take on our reigning sVo Champion William Vorheez!”

The crowd erupts with cheers.

Amy Page: “Also tonight you will get just a taste of the Main Event at Countdown to Violence as Go-Go Spectacular will face off against her opponent William Vorheez and Reaper tonight in our Main Event!”

The crowd pops loudly again.

Amy Page: “Let’s get this contract signing underway and get this night started off right! Let’s bring out our Number One Contender! Go-Go Spectacular!”

“Run This Town” begins to play as Go-Go makes her way down to the ring. A loud cheer from the crowd is heard, Go-Go soaks up the cheers and slides into the ring. Go-Go climbs the turn buckles raising her arms high in the air as she recieves a huge pop from the crowd.

Amy Page: “And now welcome our sVo Champion William Vorheez!”

“The Opposition” plays as Vorheez appears on the ramp, the crowd gives a mixed reaction. Vorheez carrying the sVo Championship in his hand slowly makes his way towards the ring. Vorheez walks slowly as he stares down Go-Go Spectacular. Climbing into the ring the music cuts off, Vorheez walks over and gets into the face of Go-Go Spectacular and raises the sVo Championship high. Go-Go looks up at the belt and smiles, Vorheez wipes the smile from her face as he runs his thumb across his neck.

Amy Page: “Ok you two, lets not get to hostile here, save it for later tonight, and at the pay-per-view. Now we are here to sign the contract for the title match…”

Both compettitors slowly walk over to the table, both kicking the chairs to the side, standing across the table from one another, Go-Go and Vorheez stare each other down. Go-Go grabs the contract and signs her name. Go-Go then gives the contract to Vorheez who signs his name…Just then “Drop Tha World” by Lil’ Wayne hits. Amy Page, Go-Go, and Vorheez all stop and look up at the entrance ramp. Out walks Roscoe Shame, microphone in hand, Roscoe Shame has an evil grin on his face.

Roscoe Shame: “Didn’t expect me did you?”

The crowd begins to boo as Roscoe smiles and laughs.

Roscoe Shame: “You see…I may not be the GM technically anymore, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t own a little power, or stroke when it comes to certain stipulations.”

Amy Page at this time has a pissed look on her face as Shame’s grin gets wider.

Roscoe Shame: “You see I went to the Board of Directors, and I was able to add a special stipulation to the Main Event at Countdown to Violence. You see they needed someone to make sure all hell didn’t break loose, or things went arry. I convienced them that we needed a special enforcer…a special referee so to speak…”

Amy Page: “What the hell are you getting at Shame?”

Roscoe Shame: “What Iam getting at Mrs. Page is this….I AM! the special guest referee for the sVo Championship match at Countdown to Violence!”

The crowd goes nuts after that announcement as Vorheez walks over and motions for a microphone.

Vorheez: “Real slick there Shame, but you see what you fail to realize is I was always one step ahead of you.”

Roscoe Shame: “What do you mean Vorheez?”

Vorheez: “What I mean is, I’ve made my decision.”

Roscoe Shame confused is suddenly blindsided by Harry Black, and CJ Dreamer. They start to beat down Roscoe Shame, back in the ring Vorheez blindsides Go-Go with the sVo Championship rocking her, Vorheez grabs Go-Go and sends her crashing through the table with a devistating powerbomb. Vorheez turns his attention to Amy Page and smiles. Meanwhile back up on the ramp the Company, minus Scott Washington who has been given the night off to travel to Chicago early for Three Way Dance, are doing a number on Roscoe Shame kicking and stomping him. Just then Vorheez looks at the three men and gives them the thumbs down signal. The Company grabs Roscoe Shame and lift him up and proceed to send him flying off the stage and through tables set up on the side of the stage completely decimating him. The Company make the motion of washing their hands clean of Shame as Shame lays down and out on the floor. Vorheez then turns his attention to Go-Go who is still out cold in the center of the ring.

Vorheez: “The sVo Championship has come home to the Company, Go-Go tonight will be a brief taste of the hell you will go through at Countdown to Violence, see you later…

Vorheez climbs out of the ring sVo Championship in hand, and a very happy Amy Page follows him up the rampway. Once at the top Vorheez looks down at the body of Roscoe Shame and then raises his belt high.

11th June 2013
The Countdown to Violence Begins…


We open up backstage to sVo’s own Diamond Legend. Tonight, dressed in a pink sweater and blue jeans. The crowd instantly begin to boo The Naked Extraoirdinaire. He smirks, waving the clip board in his hand. The camera zooms in on him as he checks something off of the clip board, looking up at the camera.

Diamond Legend:”Check, get the phony’s to boo me.”

Once more they continue to boo The Naked Extraoirdinaire.

Diamond Legend:”Now that that is out of the way what is the next thing on the list? Oh, let’s see here. Talk to Amy Page. Damn, that’s a little walk from here. So I guess it’s time you parents start covering up some ears. We’re tuning back into Tuesday Night Velocity. Broadcasting live on Fuck Me TV. Isn’t that so lovely?”

The crowd starts up a ‘Showdown’ chant. Diamond laughing hysterically as he begins his walk to the Company press box.

Diamond Legend:”Last week on Velocity I had a little run in with the Company and let me tell ya, I don’t like it at all. As you all know I am sVo’s number one rated superstar. When the best goes down and he’s hurt because of some pathetic fucks then the whole company goes down. We wouldn’t want that now would we? You guys don’t think a Matt Fuller can carry this organization now do you? Or what about a Logan Black and a Go Go Spectacular? What about a the Reaper? What about a William Vorheez? What about a Diamond Legend? If you picked me then you answered correct. If you picked the rest then go be a Stevie Starr or a nobody like you already are.”

He comes to a hault when he gets to the area sVo’s hall of famers memorabilia hangs and highlights one of the most beautiful areas inside the Goodfellas. Diamond laughing while touching some of the replica titles.

Diamond Legend:”These guys suck. They really do. When I’m in the hall of fame in the next few years because I’m that great they can’t put me here. I’m going to be to big of a legend that these guys wont even look hall of fame worthy compared to me. None of these guys backstage will never compare to me. They can’t do the things I do. Hell, your Las Vegas Champion is complaining on twitter about me hogging up the mic. Dude, I don’t see you out here being television like I am. I don’t see a Matt Fuller on Tuesday Night Velocity. When you can come out here and look this good. Be as pure as me, actually beat someone, then come talk to me about hogging up the microphone. Cameras were made for me. You sit back there in your traditional locker room, shut up, and stay tuned into TNV.”


Finally Diamond gets to the Company press box. Two security guards already standing at the door. The Naked Extraoirdinaire steps up to the guards. Both men stepping in front of the door.

Diamond Legend:”Uh excuse me, like you’re in my way. Move.”

Diamond tries walking past the men but they shove him backwards. Folding their arms. Not saying anything.

Diamond Legend:”Do you know who I am? I’m Diamond Legend. sVo’s only hope. King to the rats out there in the crowd. Your hinest to you two roaches. I said MOVE.”

Diamond once again tries to get past the security guards. Shoving one backwards into the door causing a thud. As The Naked Extraoirdinaire and the security guards are about to get into a brawl the press box door swings open.

Amy Page:”What’s going on out here?”

The trio stops. The security guards straightening up their jackets. Diamond picking his clip board from off the floor.

Diamond Legend:”Can you please tell ass and ass licker that I am the best damn thing around here and that they should abide by my rules?”

Amy Page:”If I’m not mistaken I’m the boss. The only rules that go down here are mines. If you can’t abide then give yourself a reminder of what happened last week on Showdown.”

The camera zooms inside the press box. Showing Harry Black and CJ Dreamer talking over a few things.

Diamond Legend:”That’s exactly why I’m here. I wanted to tell you to tell your boys to carry some extra eyes in the back of their heads tonight. The New Pinnacle is coming for each and every one of them. “

Amy Page:{chuckles}”You’ll change your mind about that after Harry Black is through with you tonight. the Company doesn’t take losses.”

Diamond checks ‘talk with Amy’ off of the clip board. He goes to speak but the crowd boos him. He smiles, and waits for the boos to die down.

Diamond Legend:”We’ll just have to see about that.”

The cameras begin to fade as Diamond and Amy share an intense stare down. We cut back to the ring where the opening bout is set to begin.

JVD vs. CJ Dreamer
Officiated by Hector Arenda

‘Stricken’ by Disturbed hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky looking CJ Dreamer slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. CJ Dreamer takes one look out at the thousands of fans that are packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena before making his way down towards the ring. CJ Dreamer ignores the fans at ringside that reach out to touch him as he sprints down the final part of the entrance ramp and dives head first into the ring. CJ Dreamer sits on one knee in the middle of the ring looking out at the crowd as his music fades out.

With Dreamer in the ring here are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out with a hooded male figure. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring while the hooded male figure stands on the outside of the ring with his arms folded just looking at the ring.


Both JVD and Dreamer begin to circle the ring. Either of them wanting to make the first move. Finally they wrap up in the middle of the ring. Dreamer getting the better of JVD with a quick trip takedown. He places JVD in a headlock. JVD slowly bringing himself to his feet. With a punch to the chest of Dreamer he let’s go of the headlock. JVD holding his head from the pressure. JVD swings at Dreamer who dodges, plants, and round house kicks JVD.

Dreamer lifts JVD to his feet. He goes to whip him into the ropes but he reverses. Dreamer bounces off of the ropes and into the hands of JVD who lifts him up and executes a body to body slam. Dreamer reaches for his back and while doing so JVD places him in a headlock of his own.

Dreamer slowly gets to his feet and uppercuts JVD. JVD still holding onto the lock. Dreamer uppercuts JVD once more but still JVD holds onto the lock. With JVD still wrapped around Dreamer’s neck he tries lifting him up but to no avail. He grabs one of JVD’s arms, bends over and flips JVD off of his back. JVD jumps to his feet quickly charging at Dreamer with a clothesline who ducks. JVD bounces off of the ropes and while doing so is caught with a missile dropkick from Dreamer. JVD falls to the mat. Dreamer going for the quick pin.




Dreamer whips JVD into a turnbuckle. JVD not bouncing off. Dreamer storms across the ring, jumps and attempts another kick that JVD rolls out of the way off. With Dreamer’s leg over the turnbuckle JVD grabs him from the back, turns him around and lands a face buster. With Dreamer on his stomach, once again JVD puts him in a head lock.


Nor Dreamer or JVD were able to get the hold and find themselves circling the ring once more. This time it’s JVD who gets the better of Dreamer connecting with a elbow to the face. Dreamer stumbles back into the ropes and while doing so JVD tries throwing him over the ropes. Thinking he has, he turns around to see that Dreamer didn’t fall to the floor. JVD swings at Dreamer who catches the punch, then knees JVD in the gut. JVD bends over while saliva hangs from his bottom lip. Dreamer jumps on the top rope, but JVD doesn’t allow him to jump off. He head’s thrust Dreamer’s leg who drops down on the ropes. JVD climbs up the turnbuckle, leaps off and hits Dreamer with a Enzugiri from the turnbuckle.

Dreamer falls to the mat and JVD goes for the pin, but before the ref could get his hand down Dreamer already put his leg on the bottom rope. JVD lifts Dreamer to his feet and slaps him across the chest. His face wincing in pain. JVD goes for another body chop but this time Dreamer catches the hand and lands a Russian leg sweep. JVD falls to the mat. Dreamer staying offensive locking in a leg lock.

JVD somehow turned to his back and used his free leg to kick Dreamer off of him. Getting to his feet he looks over at Dreamer whose now getting up to his feet. Both competitors charging at one another, both attempting a clothesline, both falling to the mat. The hooded figure accompanying JVD just standing motionless.

Dreamer is the first one to his feet. He lifts JVD up and punches him across the face. JVD stumbles backwards falling into a turnbuckle. Dreamer takes the opportunity and kicks JVD in the gut repeatedly before JVD falls to the mat. With JVD on the floor Dreamer takes a few steps back to set up a dropkick. The fans in attendance not knowing who they want to cheer for. JVD pulls himself to his feet by way of the turnbuckle. Dreamer still waiting for the moment to use the super kick. JVD groggily stumbles into the middle of the ring. Dreamer going for the super kick. JVD ducks out of the way and hits Dreamer with THE DOLLAR DROP. JVD goes for the cover.




JVD becomes a little angry with himself. He thought the match was over. He lifts Dreamer to his feet and whips him across the ring. He bounces off of the ropes and is hit by JVD with a flying elbow. Dreamer jumps to his feet quickly, but is put back on her back quickly by a arm drag from JVD. JVD holds onto the arm while the crowd boos him. JVD gaining more of the momentum. Dreamer fights his way to his feet. He punches JVD in the stomach who lets him go. As he does Dreamer wraps around him lifting him up and going for a visit from the sandman, but before he could plant JVD with the move JVD grabs a arm and quickly places Dreamer in THE LEGACY!!! THE LEGACY!!! Dreamer tries to hold on but is forced to tap.


There is a mixed reaction in the crowd as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match is over! James Von Drake releases the submission hold looking very pleased with himself. JVD rises up to his feet where his hand is thrust into the air by the referee in victory.

WINNER: James Von Drake by submission (11:35)


Inside Amy Page’s office, Amy is on the phone as a big smile comes across her face. A camera puts her image on the big screen out in the arena. Amy Page hangs up her phone and looks into the camera.

Amy Page: “I have an announcement to make. You see earlier tonight Roscoe Shame announced he had been named the Special Referee for our sVo Championship match at Countdown to Violence. I just got off the phone with the Board and yes it is true Roscoe Shame will be the Special Guest Referee for the match…BUT! You see I have more stroke and power around here.”

Amy Page reaches over and grabs a water bottle and takes a quick swig.

Amy Page: “Although I can’t take Shame out of the match, I can add my own stipulations. And with that here are the rules for Mr. Shame, you see I can’t afford seeing you having a physical altercation with either participant, especially Mr. Vorheez. So here’s how this is going to go, if Mr. Shame decides he wants to help with the outcome of the match in any physical form and not call it down the middle like a referee…Roscoe Shame will lose whatever power he has left in sVo, and will NEVER be able to challenge for the sVo Championship for the rest of his career here at sVo…Which after what we saw earlier, I hope is not much longer. Thank you for your time.”

Amy Page smiles as the big screen cuts to black.

Logan Black vs. Joshua Curtis
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

As “Fuyu Tokyo” begins to play out to the crowd and the opening lyrics are sung Joshua walks out through the curtain smiling and bowing to the assembled crowd on hand as he walks around the ring slapping hands with the fans and playfully messing with the kids in attendance around the ring. As he makes one more lap he produces a rose from his jacket pocket and gives to one lucky lady before kissing her on the cheek and making his way onto the ring apron and giving one final bow before stepping through the ropes and handing his jacket off to the ring attendant before the bell rings.

“Sweet Home Alabama” by: Lynyrd Skynyrd plays and the crowd gives a huge pop as there is a series of pyrotechnic blasts. The lights flicker sporadically with them until there is one last boom as Logan Black simultaneously jumps out from backstage. He runs down the entrance ramp, slapping hands as he makes his way to the ring. He climbs the ring steps and throws his leg over the top rope. As he walks to the middle of the ring, he spins slowly, his finger extended towards the crowd and a smile on his face. Once to the middle of the ring, he stops and looks out at the crowd. Together, they yell, “Roll Tide!”

With Black and Curtis in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match to get started! The returning Joshua Curtis circles around Logan Black, but Black strikes first with a big right hand to Curtis. Curtis however fights back with some big right hands of his own to back Logan Black into the corner of the ring. The fans give a mixed reaction for the returning Joshua Curtis as he stomps away on Logan Black in the corner.

Curtis pulls Black back up to a standing position, however Black grabs hold of Curtis by the arm and irish whips him into the opposite turnbuckle. Curtis hits the turnbuckle hard, however Black quickly follows up with a stiff clothesline onto Joshua Curtis. As Curtis stumbles out of the corner of the ring Black follows up with a scoop slam before dropping an elbow down across the chest of his opponent.

Logan Black rises up to his feet and taunts to the fans. As Joshua Curtis tries to get to his feet he gets some stiff kicks in the midsection from Logan Black for his troubles, before Black finally allows him up. Logan Black doesn’t let Curtis get any offence in as he quickly locks him in a side head lock and tries to wear down his opponent.

The referee asks Curtis if he wants to quit, but even Logan Black seems to know that he is not going to get the victory right now and seems intent on trying to wear down his opponent. Curtis tries to twist and turn his way out of the side head lock, but Logan Black keeps the hold locked on. Curtis looks like he is beginning to fade under the hold until suddenly he is able to nail some stiff elbows into the midsection of his opponent! Joshua Curtis manages to spin out of the hold and then take Logan Black down to the mat with a massive DDT! The fans cheer the ‘Heavenly Warrior’ as he makes the cover on Logan Black.




Black manages to kick out before the three is counted by the referee!

Logan Black staggers up to his feet wondering what hit him as Curtis jumps straight back on him with some big right hands. Black staggers backwards, and Joshua Curtis manages to take Black down to the mat again with a neckbreaker. With Black on the mat Curtis begins to lay into his opponent with some massive mounted punches.

The returning superstar looks to have taken control of the match as he rises up to his feet and taunts to the crowd. The fans cheer the Japanese superstar, but as he continues to milk the crowd reaction Logan Black is using the chance to rise up to his feet behind his back!

Joshua Curtis turns back around, but as he does he gets a big right hand from Logan Black! Joshua Curtis looks stunned for a few seconds before he throws a right hand of his own, however Black is able to duck under the punch and land a big powerslam on his opponent! The crowd cheer for the big move from the big man, as he makes a quick cover on his opponent.




The fans cheer as Joshua Curtis manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat!

The crowd seem completely split down the middle with who they want to win the match out there with fans behind both Curtis and Black!

Logan Black can’t believe that he didn’t manage to finish the match there and then with the massive powerslam on his opponent, as he drags Joshua Curtis back up to a standing position. Black throws Curtis into the ropes before nailing him with a stiff clothesline as he bounces back into the middle of the ring. Joshua Curtis looks in pain as he stumbles back up to his feet, however Logan Black is straight back onto his opponent with a big suplex in the middle of the ring! With Joshua Curtis down and hurting, Logan Black once again makes the cover.

One, Thr.


Joshua Curtis manages to kick out again!

Logan Black looks at the crowd and wonders just what he has to do in order to put away Joshua Curtis on his return to the sVo! Logan Black shakes his head in disbelief that Curtis managed to kick out as he pulls him up to his feet. Black bounces back into the ropes and looks for the ‘Roll Tide!’, but as he does Joshua Curtis sees the match coming and dives out of the way!

Logan Black spins back around, but as he does Joshua Curtis pounces on him with a hammerlock slam! Logan Black looks groggy after the move, as Curtis quickly snaps on the ‘Warriors Pride’! The referee asks Logan Black if he wants to quit, but Black bravely tries to make his way towards the ring ropes.

Curtis pulls back on the submission hold and Logan Black looks to be feeling the pain as he just falls short of reaching the ropes! Logan Black can’t make it to the ropes, and due to the pain he is under has no choice but to tap!

Tap! Tap! Tap!

It’s all over, and in the return to the sVo it is Joshua Curtis the ‘Heavenly Warrior’ who managed to pick up a close victory over Logan Black! There is a huge cheer from the fans as the referee raises the Heavenly Warrior’s arm in the air in victory!

WINNER: Joshua Curtis by submission (09:51)


The action heads backstage and there are big cheers from the crowd as Jay Wildman is seen walking through the backstage area, seemingly on his way towards the interview area for a word with Elena Cruz. However as Wildman turns the corner, he comes face to face with the big man that he defeated last week in singles action, Payne.

Wildman looks shocked, but Payne smiles as he stands over the former sVo Champion. Wildman instinctively dives forward and begins to lay into the big man with some big punches, quickly getting the better of the newcomer.

However before Wildman can knock down Payne, he is nailed from behind onto his bad knee with a steel pipe by Reaper!

Reaper: ‘How do you like that old man?’

The fans watch the action on the big screen and boo loudly as Reaper works over the former sVo Champion’s knee with the steel pipe whilst Payne holds him down. Reaper and Payne continue the attack until the casino security floods the scene and forces the men apart.

Reaper and Payne look very pleased with themselves as the shouts of pain from Wildman can be heard echoing down the corridors. After that attack it looks like Wildman’s night is over, but will he still be able to compete in two weeks time against Reaper at Countdown to Violence?

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Diamond Legend vs. Harry Black
Officiated by Hector Arenda

The drums of “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones begin to vibrate the arena as the lights quickly dim. Smoke begins to rise from the top of the entrance ramp as Harry Black slowly steps out from behind the curtain and is greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd. Black’s blue eyes pierce through the smoke as he glares out at the booing crowd with a snarl on his face as he makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. Black shows no respect to the crowd as he rolls under the bottom rope and doesn’t even acknowledge them as he begins to bounce into the ring ropes to prepare himself for the forthcoming match.

Let The Sparks Fly by Thousand Foot Krutch blares throughout the pa speakers. The lights suddenly flicker and smoke arises atop of the entry ramp. Suddenly from behind the smoke Diamond Legend appears on the stage. His head lowered with his hood over his head. Slowly lifting his head up the lights come back to a steady. Looking left, looking right Diamond Legend smiles and continues his slow, cockish walk to the ring. He blows kisses at beautiful girls and give little boys nudges while telling them to fuck off. He spits at people and swears at them consistently.

Before stepping in the ring he walks up the steel steps slowly before walking along the ring before putting his back to the ropes and lowering his head again. Once again the lights begin to flicker. From all four turnbuckles little pyrogryhphic stars burst from out them. A plethora of different colors. Diamond Legend picks up his head and now he looks infuriated. He jumps over the top rope and begins running around the ring talking to himself as he looks off into the crowd and taunts them. Finally he jumps to the middle of the ring and whilst doing so, BOOM! In unison some more pyro comes from the turnbuckles and together they make one big baby blue star that vanishes into thin air. Diamond taps his chest and throws his vest in the crowd. Ready for the match to begin.


Harry Black is the first to make a move taking Diamond down with a quick leg sweep. He hops right on top of Diamond and places him in a headlock. Punching him on the skull before wrapping around Diamond’s back and landing a suplex.

Harry Black lifts Diamond to his feet Irish whipping Diamond into the turnbuckle. Diamond bouncing off grabbing at his chest. Diamond see’s Harry Black charging with a clothesline, ducking under it and putting a stiff elbow into the back of Harry Black who bounces off of the ropes and into a school boy pin.



Harry kicks out but Diamond stays on top putting Harry in a Guillotine choke. Whilst doing so talking shit to Harry. Harry powers to his knees hitting Diamond with a elbow to the chest. he throws another elbow to the chest which does the trick and gets Diamond from off him. Diamond grabs at his chest while complaining to the ref that those were illegal hits. The referee not paying him any mind. Harry elbows Diamond in the face who grabs at his face and slides under the ropes getting from out the ring. The crowd booing him. Harry doesn’t take a break and comes after Diamond who see’s Harry stepping from out the ring. Diamond grabs Harry by the leg whose standing before the ropes and yanks him to the floor with a hard impact. Harry screeching out in pain when his back landed. Diamond looks down at Harry while smirking once again talking shit to him.

Diamond throws Harry Black back in the ring. Taunting the crowd before lifting Harry back to his feet. Diamond goes to Irish Whip Harry but Harry reverses. Hitting Diamond with a rolling clothesline. Diamond drops to the mat. Harry once again being smart and placing Diamond in a rolling leg lock.

Diamond slowly gets himself to a rope. Harry letting the lock go a little late. He gets to his feet pulling Diamond’s to his. Harry kicks Diamond on the knee. Diamond now dropping to a knee. Harry bounces off a ropes and attempts to clothesline Diamond over the ropes but Diamond holds on, jumping over the ropes back into the ring and into a Black Out from Harry Black.

Harry staggers over to Diamond pulling him by his hair and lifting him to his feet. Diamond looks back into the crowd and knees Diamond in the face sending Diamond back to the mat. Harry lays down a few stomps before lifting Diamond back to his feet. Harry punches, but Diamond ducks. Grabbing Harry by the head and landing a DDT. He smiles while the crowd boos him.

Diamond lifts Harry to his feet and hits Harry with a European uppercut that sends Harry flying back into the ropes. Harry bounces off and ducks under a clothesline from Diamond. Now Diamond bounces off of the ropes and is caught in the hands of Harry. Diamond licks Harry face causing Harry to let him go and wipe at his face. While Harry is wiping at his face Diamond bounces off of the ropes, sets it up, and hits Harry with a wheel barrow kick that makes the crowd go into in awe. Diamond looks down at Harry, bends over him and hits him with one stiff punch to the face.

Harry eye rakes Diamond from the bottom and quickly gets to his feet landing a double leg sweep. Harry this time hits Diamond with a stiff punch before lifting him to his feet. Harry hits Diamond with a side walk slam before placing Diamond in a butterfly lock.

Diamond yelps out in pain as Harry applies the lock tighter. Somehow Diamond is able reach out to the ropes getting a finger on the bottom one. The ref breaks up the lock. Diamond pulling himself up to his feet by the ropes. Harry Black already charging toward Diamond. Harry goes for a quick punch but Diamond ducks. Quickly rolling Harry up with a school boy pin once more.



Harry gets a leg up. Diamond looks up at the ref furious cursing him out. Diamond hops over Harry putting him in a full guard position and starts laying down with some devastating strikes. A cut opening up over Harry’s eye. Diamond delivers one final blow before standing to his feet and taunting the crowd. He focuses back to Harry and cockishly walks toward him smiling on his way. Diamond places Terry in a figure four leg lock. Harry’s face showing the agony as his hand wonders in the air reaching for a rope. As soon as Harry gets a finger tip on a rope Diamond pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Applying the lock tighter.

Harry has gotten out of the lock and both men are now circling the ring. Harry grabs Diamond by a arm and takes him down with a arm drag takedown. Harry lands a few stiff blows before lifting Diamond back to his feet and landing THE BLACK WATCH!!!. Instead of going for the pin Harry begins to lay down a couple stomps before lifting Diamond back to his feet. He elbows Diamond before taking a few steps back and hitting Diamond with a spinning heel kick that sends Diamond to the mat.

With the momentum on Harry’s side Harry lifts Diamond back to his feet. He Irish whips Diamond into a turnbuckle before running toward and landing a knee to the face. Diamond drops down inside the turnbuckle. Harry Black putting his boot under the chin of Diamond before the ref breaks him away. Harry drags Diamond into the center of the ring. Dropping down and landing a few elbow drops before lifting Diamond back to his feet, this time Diamond punching Harry in the chest.

Diamond rolls out of the ring from the onslaught from Harry. Checking on his face and body while talking more shit to Harry. Diamond arrogantly steps up to the ring looking at Harry. Diamond slowly walks around the ring to the steel steps while the crowd boos him. Diamond steps up the steps while keeping his eyes on Harry and stepping in the ring. Diamond leans back on a turnbuckle and yawns while staring at Harry. Harry taps his chest stepping to the middle of the ring cockishly persuading Diamond to hit him. Diamond charges at Harry in rage with a clothesline but Harry ducks and attempts a running drop kick that Diamond dodges out of the way of. Harry awkwardly lands on a knee and turns his head to look back at Diamond. While doing so seeing Diamond on the charge who connects with a devastating running punt kick. Harry’s body falls like he’s gone limb while Diamond looks down at him vindictive.

Once more Diamond taunts to the crowd who keeps booing him. Diamond lifts Harry to his feet and slaps him on his chest before slapping him in the face. With another slap to the face Harry grabs at his face while Diamond kicks him in the gut. Harry bends over and while doing so Diamond grabs Harry by the little hair he has and whips him across the ring by it. Harry pulls at his hair while Diamond slowly walks over to him. Smirking along the way. Diamond slaps Harry in the back of the head before bouncing off the ropes and coming down with a knee to the back of Harry’s neck. Diamond stays in position with the knee for a while while Harry’s legs kick up in the air. Diamond gets to his feet and kicks Harry in the rib cage before grabbing him by the hair and lifting him to his feet. Harry delivers an uppercut that sends Diamond backwards. Harry stays on the attack and lands another punch to the face. That punch sending Diamond into the turnbuckle. Diamond aids to his face while Harry sets up in the corner. Diamond stumbles into the middle of the ring, this time Harry connecting with the running drop kick.

Harry lifts Diamond to his feet who looks like he’s almost worn out. Harry hits Diamond with a couple elbows and Diamond bounces into the ropes. His body weak so he didn’t bounce off. He looks back at Harry whose highly upset and delivers a kick to the gut. Harry goes to whip Diamond across the ring but Diamond reverses and lands a ranhei.

Diamond gets to his feet still a bit tired. He opens up his hand like he’s reading book before acting like he signed the book and closes it shut. He looks over at Harry whose slowly pulling himself up to his feet by the ropes. Diamond runs toward Harry, grabs him, turns him around, knees him in the stomach and places his head between his legs. Diamond acts like he’s signing Harry’s back before lifting him up and END OF STORY!! END OF STORY!!! Diamond sluggishly drops down to his knee going for the pin.





It’s all over and it is Diamond Legend who gains some revenge for his attack last week as he picks up the victory over the Company man Harry Black! Diamond Legend rises up to his feet and demands that the referee raises his hand in victory as his music blasts out around the arena.

WINNER: Diamond Legend by pinfall (19:57)


In the backstage area, roving reporter Elena Cruz is hanging around as Jay Wildman is loaded into the back of an ambulance in the parking lot, his knee heavily strapped up.

Elena Cruz: ‘Jay, have you got any words for Reaper and Payne after their attack earlier? Are you out of the PPV match?’

Wildman looks too much in pain as the ambulance stuff slam the doors shut before he has a chance to answer the questions even if he wanted to, leaving Elena Cruz disappointed. Elena Cruz turns to make her way back inside, but comes face to face with James Von Drake.

James Von Drake: “Are you serious? Your trying to catch a word with that decrepit old fool when you could be asking me the questions and getting the fans what they really want to hear?”

The fans can be heard booing from the arena as they watch the action on the giant screen.

James Von Drake: “Come on Elena. I just came off a hot victory over CJ Dreamer! The so called next big thing here in the sVo! Ask me a question about the PPV damn it!”

Cruz looks flustered by JVD.

Elena Cruz: “Ok, after the big victory what plans do you have for Countdown to Violence?”

JVD slowly nods his head as if he was pondering the answer.

James Von Drake: “Good question Elena. Very insightful. Well after such a win tonight I was prepared to put my loss last week to Matt Fuller behind me. Obviously my saviour had bigger things in store for me than the Las Vegas title… That was until I saw Matt Fuller running his mouth on twitter all week..”

Elena Cruz: “Well he certainly has been bullish about his victory..”

James Von Drake: “Well time for me to change all that. I was prepared to leave the Las Vegas title belt behind and try and challenge for higher honours, but Matt Fuller’s mouth has got him into trouble. I want to challenge him to a Las Vegas Championship match at Countdown to Violence, a rematch from last week. Let’s see what’s trending on twitter after that!”

JVD smirks as the scene fades out as Wildman’s ambulance pulls away in the background.


After his tough match with Diamond Legend Harry Black is making his way back to the Company press box. A towel is draped around his neck as he wipes sweat from his face with it. Popping up is Elena Cruz, her camera crew with her of course. She smiles as Harry Black pays her no attention continuing his walk until he caves in.

Harry Black:”What?”

Elena Cruz:”As you can see I am with Harry Black who was just in a close match with Diamond Legend. Also a member of the Company. Harry, could you tell all the viewers at home what your experience in the Company has been like?”

Harry, not one to really say much thinks about it for a second before giving Elena a reply.

Harry Black:”the Company has been good to me and I appreciate everything Amy Page is doing for myself.”

Elena Cruz:”As you know, Diamond Legend has said he’s coming for you Company members tonight. Your thoughts on that?”

Harry is about to speak when all of a sudden he’s kicked in the face by a pink and purple wrestling boot. Harry dropping to the floor as the cameras turn to the man who just dropped Harry Black.

Diamond Legend:”Check, drop kick Harry Black.”

He checks that off of the list, standing by Elena Cruz who stands baffled.

Diamond Legend:”Go ahead, you can interview me?”

Elena Cruz:”Well uh…”

Diamond snatches the microphone out of her hand and steps closer to the camera.

Diamond Legend:”See this Amy? This is what happens when you don’t abide by my rules.”

Diamond drops the microphone as the cameras fade out to a unconscious Harry Black. The broadcast highlighting moments from William Vorheez and Go Go Spectacular’s sVo career before cutting back to the ring.

Showdown #107
4th June 2013
The Countdown to Violence Continues…

Matt Fuller vs. Roscoe Shame
Officiated by Hector Arenda

The fans in the arena give a mixed reaction as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle.

‘Hero’ By Skillet starts on the sound system, as the arena blacks out. As the music kicks in, a spotlight hits the new sVo Las Vegas Champion Matt Fuller on the stage, and pyros erupt outward. He slaps hands, and greets fans, as he makes his way down the ramp, circling the apron once before sliding in. He climbs the ropes to the top, pausing atop the ropes to hold his sVo Las Vegas Championship in the air, before backflipping to the middle of the ring, a burst of pyros erupting from each post as he lands.

With the sVo Las Vegas Champion in the ring and facing off against a former Las Vegas Champion in Shame, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match to get started!

Fuller, making his first in ring appearance since winning the belt last week, quickly makes his way towards Shame and begins to nail him with some massive right hands. Fuller knocks Shame back into the corner of the ring, however the former sVo Champion manages to cut him off with a big knee to the midsection. Fuller doubles over in pain and Shame is able to send him down to the mat with a big uppercut.

Matt Fuller pulls himself up to his feet, but Roscoe Shame quickly grabs hold of him and sends him down to the mat with a huge sideslam. Fuller looks in pain as Roscoe Shame rises up to his feet and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Roscoe Shame stomps away on Matt Fuller before pulling the Las Vegas Champion to his feet by his hair. Roscoe Shame shoots Matt Fuller into the ring ropes and looks for a backdrop, however Fuller sees the move coming and locks in a side head lock on Roscoe Shame.

Shame tries to twist out of the hold, but Fuller keeps his arm clamped around the head of Shame and tries to wear down his opponent. Shame finally manages to fight out of the hold with some big back elbow shots, however Fuller is quickly on hand to regain the upper hand in the match with a DDT in the middle of the ring. Shame hits the mat head first, and Matt Fuller wastes no time at all in making the cover on his opponent.




Roscoe Shame isn’t about to go down to a defeat that early as he manages to kick out after the two count.

Matt Fuller grabs hold of Roscoe Shame and pulls him up to a standing position. Matt Fuller sends Roscoe Shame into the corner of the ring before following up with a stiff clothesline. Matt Fuller hammers away on Roscoe Shame in the corner of the ring with some stiff punches, before grabbing Shame by the arm and trying to send him corner to corner. However Roscoe Shame manages to reverse the move and send Fuller into the opposite corner, before landing a spear on his opponent!

The spear looks like it nearly cut Matt Fuller in half as he stumbles out of the corner and straight into a scoop slam from Roscoe Shame. With Fuller on the mat Shame then bounces into the ring ropes and drops a stiff leg over his opponent. With the Las Vegas Champion down and in pain, Roscoe Shame hooks the leg of his opponent and makes the cover!




Matt Fuller shows just why he managed to defeat James Von Drake for the Las Vegas Championship last week as he kicks out after the count of two!

Roscoe Shame looks frustrated with the decision as he rises up to his feet and pulls Matt Fuller up by his hair. Shame holds Fuller by the hair in the middle of the ring for the whole crowd to see, before nailing him with a stiff head butt. Matt Fuller staggers backwards, allowing Roscoe Shame to bounce back off of the ring ropes before landing a big boot to the face of his opponent!

Matt Fuller hits the mat, allowing Roscoe Shame to leap on him and start hammering away with big right hands! Roscoe Shame looks frenzied as he hammers Fuller with right hands, however the punches seem to stir the Las Vegas Champion as he fights Shame off with some punches of his own. Shame bounces into the ring ropes and looks for a clothesline to take Fuller back down, but Fuller counters with a drop toe hold before hitting an elbow drops across the back of Shame’s neck.

Shame staggers up to his feet holding his neck in pain, but Fuller leaps straight onto him with some big punches before taking him down to the mat with a snap suplex. With Roscoe Shame down on the mat Matt Fuller once again presses the shoulders of his opponent to the mat to make the cover.




Roscoe Shame manages to kick out after the count of two. Matt Fuller tries to get the crowd going as Roscoe Shame begins to slowly rise to his feet in the corner of the ring.

Shame leaps up to his feet and runs at Matt Fuller and begins to hammer away on the Las Vegas Champion with some stiff right hands. Fuller looks in pain as Shame grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes before taking him down to the mat with a big boot as he bounces back! With Fuller on the mat, Shame signals to the crowd that it is ‘Shame Time’! Roscoe Shame pulls the Las Vegas Champion to his feet by his hair, but before Shame can lift him into the air Fuller manages to counter with the ‘Fallout Blast’! With Shame on the mat, Fuller makes the cover!




It’s all over and it is Matt Fuller the Las Vegas Champion who manages to score a massive victory over former sVo Champion Roscoe Shame! Fuller rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory. If Fuller can defeat former sVo Champions is there anyone on the sVo roster right now that can take the Las Vegas title from him?

WINNER: Matt Fuller by pinfall (12:02)


Standing outside of William Vorheez’ locker room is Elena Cruz. Waiting for the sVo Champion to come out for his match, Elena stands there rather nervous. Just then the door opens and emerging from the darkness carrying the sVo Championship is William Vorheez. Elena Crus quickly gathers herself and looks at Vorheez who is standing there staring at here.

Vorheez: “Can I help you?”

Elena Cruz: “I have just one question. Why?”

Vorheez: “Be more specific.”

Elena Cruz: “Why would you join The Company? Why would you turn your back on everyone?”

Vorheez: “I’ve always had my back turned on everyone, I don’t give a damn about the people. I’ve only been able to trust one soul on this entire planet…and guess what? He’s dead! Iam looking out for myself, and what’s in my best intrest. You see I didn’t come this far, bled this much, and went through this much pain both physically and mentally to win this belt, to only have some asshole steal it from me. As long as Iam with The Company this belt will be going nowhere, Amy Page will do anything and everything she can to keep this Championship right where it belongs. So as long as Vorheez is in the Company, Vorheez will be Champion. It’s simple math.”

Elena Cruz: “Don’t you feel as tho you kinda made a deal with the devil?”

Vorheez laughs at Elena.

Vorheez: “Really? I made a deal with the devil a long time ago, there is no soul inside to sell anymore. Iam nothing more than a souless, heartless, monster hell bent on destroying everything that stands in my way so that my name may grace the hall of immortals. I make no apoligies for things I have done, or things I will do to keep what I rightfully deserve. Now if you will excuse me I have a few people I need to make examples out of.

Vorheez pushes by Elena and makes his way towards the ring.


With the match over the cameras open backstage once more to The Naked Extraordinaire Diamond Legend. He checks another thing off his list. Dropping the clip board on his purple duffel bag beside him and smiling at the camera. He claps his hands before opening up his mouth and yawning. Taunting the crowd making the boos more intense.

Diamond Legend:”Tonight ladies and gentleman you’ve witness what is the sVo. What is the new module of what a superstar should look like. Once again I’ve showed you why I am the New Pinnacle and why I will continue to out perform all of my peers. I told the Company that I was gunning for them tonight and I did exactly that. Even though it may not have been all of them. My words stick true. I had a sniper rifle on these sexy boots. Face after face. This is Velocity you’re looking at.”

Once more the Showdown chants from earlier stir up. Diamond Legend laughing before his expression is serious. The cameras swing in front of The Naked Extraoirdinaire as the Company is shown walking up to him. Harry Black and CJ Dreamer beginning to run toward Diamond. Amy Page restraining them.

Diamond Legend:”What a surprise.”

He smiles as the Company members stare at him ready for the Company signal to attack.

Amy Page:”Who do you think you are running around here attacking Company members? You do know I am your boss and I can fire you right this moment?”

Harry Black:”Let me at him boss.”

CJ Dreamer holds Harry Black back as Diamond mocks him.

Diamond Legend:”Next time you guys should take what I say more serious.”

The Naked Extraoirdinaire rubs his hand across Amy’s chin. Amy giving the signal for attack. Diamond grabs his duffel bag and clip board and high tails out of the Goodfellas into the parking garage. Amy once more restraining her fellas to stop. As the Company members stand livid the lights in the hall way begin to flicker. The claps from last weeks Showdown baring in the background. The cameras begin to fade out on the Company as the flickering lights and claps continue.

Fedwars Presents ‘Three Way Dance’
29th May 2013
Featuring sVo Champion William Vorheez
Live from the United Center in Chicago

William Vorheez vs. The Reaper vs. Go- Go
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

The lights dim as Black Tongue by Mastodon comes on over the pa system. The crowd erupts into boos as Reaper comes out onto the stage. Dressed in his trademark hooded long rider he keeps his head down paying no heed to the fans. Instead he just marches down to the ring before jumping from the floor straight up to the apron. Then placing a hand on the top rope he jumps up and over the top rope and lands in the ring. He flips his hood back showing the grim skeletal metal face covering his own. Reaper slowly, methodically paces the ring looking at the fans who are booing him so for “ruining” the image of their fallen hero. Reaper just smirks as he unhooks the mask and takes off the long rider. Sitting both items in the corner as he stretches and readies himself for his match.

Music queue up: the intro of “Ignition” by Toby Mac. The camera pans around the arena crowd 360 degrees and then goes to a single spot on the center of the stage where a lone spotlight dangles directly above a place on the stage.

Just as the soft drum beat intro changes keys. Queue up; right in-sync and interconnected with the song playing as one loud colorful single red and blue pyrotechnic blast fires into he air and echos loudly into the arena.


Go-Go Spectacular is launched out from a catapult up into the air and onto the stage to a nice, loud, supportive, pop from the arena crowd. She poses on the stage then jogs down the aisle highfiving outstetched hands from fans across the barricade in enroute to the ring.

Go-Go runs around the ringside area then runs up the steps, up onto the apron, vaults over the ropes and onto the nearest top rope. After soaking in the cheers from the crowd, she leaps backwards off of the rope and lands on her feet in the center of the ring. She runs to the other three turnbuckles to soak in the cheers. On the final turnbuckle. She hops off of the turnbuckle. Removes her overcoat, kisses her crucifix, kneels down to perform a prayer, then leans back into the corner as she mentally prepares for the match to start. “Ignition” gradually fades out.

The entire arena goes black as the soft acoustic opening of “The Opposition” by Ancient VVisdom plays. Slowly a single spotlight appears on the ramp as the lyrics kick in. Large flame pyrotechnics explode as if to make a huge wall of fire. They continuously shoot up.

Like a god, A devil in man,
Iam the opposition
This is my voice inside your head,
hellish fiend under your bed,
I’m the one without a religion,
the infernal, the unknown,
Iam the one they call the AntiChrist,
A Pagan heathen of the night!

William Vorheez appears and slowly makes his way down to the ring the spotlight follows him as the rest of the arena stays black. The crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Vorheez pays no acknowledgement to them as he makes his way towards the ring.

Hail to thee, Lord Lucifer
I sing praises to thee
and I suffer no longer
Hail to thee God of the Underworld
I sing praises to thee,
and I suffer no more.

Vorheez makes his way up the steps and climbs into the ring as he slowly makes his way to his corner and takes off his coat and hat and then proceeds to lay a black bad down in his corner as the lights slowly come up.

With all three competitors in the ring and eyeballing each other, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get under way!

The sVo Champion and the #1 contender stare each other down in the middle of the ring, but as they do Reaper kicks things off with a big shot to the back of the head in William Vorheez. Reaper stomps away on Vorheez before throwing a big arm at Go-Go looking for a clothesline. However Go-Go manages to see the move coming and ducks out of the way of the arm of Reaper. Go-Go nails some big chops across the chest of Reaper before sending him hard into the ropes. Reaper bounces back into the middle of the ring and eats a dropkick from Go-Go in the face!

The #1 contender then turns her attention to William Vorheez, pulling the sVo Champion up by his hair. However Vorheez manages to cut Go-Go off with a knee to the midsection before lifting her up into the air and slamming her down with a powerbomb out of no where! With Go-Go down and hurting, William Vorheez makes a quick cover.




Go-Go manages to get a shoulder up before the three can be counted. William Vorheez pulls Go-Go up to her feet by her hair, but before Vorheez can hit any move on the #1 contender, Reaper grabs hold of the sVo Champion and takes him down with a back suplex. Vorheez struggles back to his feet, but Reaper lays into him with some right hands before taking him down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.

Reaper rises up to his feet and raises his hands in the air, before following up with a big kick to the midsection on Go-Go as she tries to get to her feet. Reaper throws Go-Go into the corner of the ring and begins to stomp away on the #1 contender. William Vorheez quickly joins Reaper in helping to stomp down Go-Go in the corner of the ring.

With Go-Go down and hurting, Reaper and William Vorheez turn their attentions towards each other. Vorheez and Reaper exchange some trash talk before laying into each other with some massive right hands. Vorheez punches Reaper backwards, before sending him into the ring ropes. Vorheez bounces into the ropes himself and lands a big boot to the face of Reaper! Reaper rises back up to his feet, but as he does Vorheez lands the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’ on Reaper in the middle of the ring!

William Vorheez drops to make the cover on Reaper, but as he does Go-Go comes flying out of no where from the top rope with a flying leg drop across the back of Vorheez’s neck! Vorheez looks in pain as he slowly staggers up to his feet and is hit with a huricanara on the sVo Champion! With Vorheez down, the fans cheer as Go-Go makes her way to the top rope!

With Vorheez down in the middle of the ring, Go-Go leaps and lands a ‘G-Spec’ on Vorheez! The crowd pop for the move as Go-Go makes the cover!




Just when it looks as if the #1 contender is going to score a victory over the sVo Champion in the ring ahead of their showdown at Countdown to Violence, Go-Go is pulled out of the ring by Harry Black and CJ Dreamer! Amy Page is ringside directing traffic and the Company have come out of nowhere to save their new member!

CJ Dreamer tosses Go-Go into Harry Black who knocks down the #1 contender with a big right hand, causing the referee to immediately call for the bell to be rung! The Company don’t even seem to notice as Black and Dreamer stomp down on Go-Go before William Vorheez tells his new team mate to roll the #1 contender back into the ring!

WINNER: Go-Go by DQ (06:55)


William Vorheez pulls Go-Go up to her feet before sending her down to the mat with a huge ‘Wrath of Vorheez’ in the middle of the ring as his now fellow Company members CJ Dreamer and Harry Black roll into the ring to continue the beat down on the #1 contender for his Championship. If the Company continue this beat down on Go-Go, is there any way that she will be able to compete at Countdown to Violence in two weeks time?

The fans boo loudly as Vorheez, Black and Dreamer take it in turns to stomp down on Go-Go in the middle of the ring. Vorheez lifts Go-Go up into the air and along with Black and Dreamer, they nail the #1 contender with a triple team powerbomb!

Vorheez, Dreamer and Black stand over Go-Go in the middle of the ring as Amy Page claps with a smile on his face from the outside of the ring. Vorheez holds the title belt in the air as Showdown heads off of the air leaving one question in the minds of all the sVo fans…

Will anyone stand up to the Company?

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