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sVo Showdown #105

A new Las Vegas Champion is crowned!

sVo Showdown #105
20th May 2013
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of the Las Vegas strip as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. The camera picks out certain fans who are holding different signs with hand written messages about their favourite sVo stars. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of Showdown #104 action plays on the giant screen in what was a massive week in the sVo!


“Let The Sparks Fly” by Thousand Foot Krutch blares through PA system causing a stir of boos as Diamond Legend makes his way onto the entrance ramp. He’s dressed in a baby blue t-shirt that has ‘# 1’ on it and blue jeans. Shades covering his infrared eyes. He walks to the ring slowly and nonchalant before stepping up the steel steps and sticking a middle finger up at the crowd. He steps through the ropes slowly walking around the ring before snatching a microphone from a stage hand.

Diamond Legend:”Good evening ladies and gentleman. I’d like to welcome you to my Showdown. No wait, that didn’t sound right. Ok, good evening low life’s and wannabes. I’d like to welcome you to Tuesday Night Velocity. Always live on Fuck Me TV. That’s right, this isn’t Showdown anymore.”

The crowd lets out a roar of boos while The Naked Extraoirdinaire paces around the ring. Suddenly he comes to a stop, lifting his head up and pointing out at the crowd.

Diamond Legend:”You know, I look out at you boring Vegas people and I ask myself why I do I even have a club located here? All you people do is spend your money inside this boring ass casino and party on the same ole same ole strips. You people don’t try anything NEW, and that’s why you’ll never understand why I am the NEW pinnacle. I took your precious Go Go Spectacular and closed the book on her flat ass. I made her look like the bottom tier talent that she is. Their is not no one in this arena who can step in this ring and beat me. Once again I will show all you losers that again tonight.”

He takes his shades from his face throwing them into the crowd while that usual smirk shoots to his lips.

Diamond Legend:”There is a reason this shirt is on this sexy body. If you don’t know I’m currently number one in the sVo Top Five. You can thank Go Go Spectacular for that. Or is it just my ability to be entertaining? See, one thing we all know about those lame sVo wrestlers backstage is that they don’t know how to work like me. They don’t know how to draw viewers in like me. I’m they type of guy that’s just flat out one of a kind. Those guys back there, they’re all alike. They’re all low class. They all are not talented. They all have a fucking boring life. They all just really can’t compare to me. Championships aside. I’m just better than everyone back there. Hell, Jay Wildman’s still pulling Main Events. How long before you think his back goes out and Amy comes calling to the YOUNG, gifted and talented Diamond Legend to pull Main Events. If you don’t know where I’m going all I’m saying is that I’m a Main Eventer. I should be fighting for the Las Vegas title here tonight. I should be in the Company press box by myself because I’m going to be the fucking face around here. I’m just that awesome.”

He looks at the camera, his facial expression dark and weary. The crowd pours down the boos while Diamond chuckles to himself before returning serious.

Diamond Legend:”Here tonight on the very first episode of Tuesday Night Velocity I’m suppose to be stepping in the ring against a Dreamer. I’m suppose to be stepping in there with someone who wants to do little but gain allot. I’m stepping in this very ring against a man who somehow is totally forgetting that I’m numeral uno folks. A guy whose best thing he could say about me is that I wear pink. I mean come on folks, that’s like taking an insult from a dead person. When is Dreamer going to realize that the reality is here? That it can only be one leader of the pack. That person being me. CJ, when you’re ready to do more and actually show why you’re considered to be apart of something like the Company then you come talk to me. P.S, your first lost back.”

He smiles before walking around the ring once more.

Diamond Legend:”Now I know that this Three Way Dance thing majig is a week and a couple days away and you’re looking for the sVo team to do the sVo proud. Honestly the guys in the other federation flat out suck. I mean, I could run through them all by myself. Thing is everybody around here sucks too, so whose going to do the sVo proud? ME, because remember, Diamond Legend is taking over. I’m making my presence felt. I’m showing all why I’m the new pinnacle of all wrestling. You’re looking at the closest thing to greatness folks. You’re looking at the new sVo.”

He drops the mic, smirking before the lights dim in the arena and the sVotron begins to static. The lights turn back on but the sVotron is still malfunctioning until the static stops and claps are heard. The camera pans around the arena looking for the claps but finally they stop. The static fades back in before the sVotron cuts back to showing the broadcast. The cameras fading out to a taken aback Diamond Legend.


The action heads to the backstage area where Elena Cruz is standing by with CJ Dreamer who has just entered the arena! There is a mixed reaction from the fans in the Goodfellas Casino Arena for Dreamer as he is seen on the giant screen entering and Elena Cruz instantly approaching him with the microphone.

Elena Cruz: ‘CJ Dreamer, last week Amy Page opened an invitation for you to join the Company… Are you going to take her up on the offer tonight?’

CJ Dreamer doesn’t answer the question, instead he stares at Elena Cruz for a few seconds making the pretty interviewer feel slightly uncomfortable. CJ Dreamer then slowly breaks out into a smile, before walking silently away from Cruz.

Is CJ Dreamer going to accept Amy Page’s offer to join the Company or is he going to turn them down?

No No vs Rose Finnegan
Officiated by Hector Arenda


Leading into the beginning intro of “The Power” by HBlockX. The lights go completely out except for a lone spotlight dangling directly above a lone spot in the center of the stage.

Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh

Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh


Just as the song keychanges into a different more heavier rift, a huge blue single blast of blue pyrotechnics fires into the air and echos throughout the entire arena almost deafening.


No-No Notorious is launched from a catapult underneath, up into the air and up onto the stage. She pauses as she soaks in the energy from the song and the energy from the live audience as she looks incredibly focused and intense silently in the center spotlight dangling directly above her head. The smoke clears and the darkness is replaced with blue fast trippy stroblelights that fill the arena.

I’ve got the power
I’ve got the power
I’ve got the power
Yea, yea, yea, yea

No-No Notorious rolls her neck and pops her knuckles in her hands. She takes off running as fast as she can down the aisle, runs around the ring once and then slides up onto the ring apron on one knee posing before the crowd. She then jumps up to her feet, and vaulting herself up springfboarding off of the ropes hitting a 180 degree reverses cartwheel flip and landing on her feet in the center of the ring. She runs to each other four turnbuckles to soak in cheers and jeers from the crowd. On the last turnbuckle, she hops down and rest quietly on the top as she mentally and emotionally prepares for the match. “The Power” by HBlockX fades out.

“Irish Drinking Song (Drink and Fight)” by: Flogging Molly plays and the crowd pops a little, but not crazy. There is a minimal amount of pyrotechnics and smoke as Rose Finnegan makes her way steadily from the back. She walks with a purpose, her eyes fixed on the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, she makes her way to the middle of the ring and stretches a little, preparing herself for the match.

With Rose eliminating Go-Go in the big battle royal match two weeks ago on Showdown before herself being eliminated by No-No, tensions are running high in this match between the two competitors as the referee lays down the law with the rules of the match before calling for the bell to be rung and the match to get started!

No-No and Rose slowly make their way towards each other and circle around waiting for each other to make the first move. Rose finally moves to tie up with No-No, however No-No catches her with a sharp kick to the midsection to cut her off. No-No nails Rose with a big right hand as she doubles over in pain, before dropping her across her own knee with a hard gut buster. Rose holds her stomach in pain as the masked No-No taunts to the fans. Rose begins to get up to her feet, but No-No bounces into the ring ropes and catches Rose with a head scissors takedown before going for a very early cover.




Rose manages to get a shoulder up out of the early kick off and the referee holds two fingers in the air to signal the count. No-No grabs hold of Rose by her hair and pulls her up to her feet before sending her hard into the corner of the ring. No-No follows up with a stiff clothesline in the corner, before laying into Rose with some kicks to the midsection. The fans boo loudly for No-No, and therefore give a big cheer as Rose suddenly cuts her off with an upper cut.

No-No throws a wild right hand at Rose but she ducks the arm of No-No and then begins to nail her with some stiff kicks in the corner of the ring herself! Rose grabs hold of No-No and tries to send her corner to corner, however No-No is able to reverse the irish whip and send Rose into the corner of the ring. Rose hits the corner hard, however as No-No tries to follow up with a splash in the corner she moves out of the way! No-No runs into the turnbuckle chest first, allowing Rose to roll her up from behind with a school boy!



No-No manages to kick out with authority. No-No jumps up to her feet, obviously stunned at the cover attempt, but Rose goes straight back to work on her opponent with some stiff chops across the chest. No-No holds herself in pain, allowing Rose the chance to take her down to the mat with a quick snap suplex. No-No gets quickly to her feet, but as she does Rose is there and waiting for her with a scoop slam in the middle of the ring. With No-No down, Rose bounces into the ring ropes before returning to drop a leg across her opponent!

The fans cheer Rose as she rises up to her feet and taunts in the middle of the ring. No-No looks in pain after the leg drop from Rose, however as Rose tries to pull her up by her hair she is able to rake the eyes of her opponent! Rose staggers backwards holding her face, allowing No-No the chance to take her down to the mat with a German suplex from behind! No-No quickly begins to stomp away on the back of Rose’s neck before locking her in a camel clutch submission hold. The fans boo No-No, but Rose is quickly able to make it to the ring ropes. The referee calls for the rope break, however No-No keeps the hold locked on for the full five count before releasing it!

No-No rises up to her feet and recieves a telling off from the referee as the fans continue to boo her. No-No doesn’t seem to care too much as she nails some more stiff stomps to the midsection of her opponent before pulling her to her feet. No-No then lays Rose down near the turnbuckle with a scoop slam! With Rose down, No-No begins to make her way to the top rope! The fans rise to their feet as No-No flies from the top with a frog splash, however Rose is able to get her knees up and drive them into the midsection of her opponent!

No-No rolls around on the mat in pain, but Rose quickly rolls over to her before locking in the ‘Bloody Rose’! The fans cheer for the infamous submission hold as Rose pulls back on No-No’s head and tries to force the submission victory! The referee asks No-No if she would like to quit, and she bravely tries to fight the hold before feeling the pain too much!

Tap, Tap, Tap!

Rose resists the temptation to get some revenge on No-No by leaving the submission hold locked on longer than she needs to and releases it as the referee calls for the bell to be rung! Rose rises up to her feet and has her hand raised in the air in victory as No-No rolls out of the ring in pain.

Rose Finnegan stands in the middle of the ring with her hand raised in the air in victory as No-No backs up the entrance ramp staring her down. The fans cheer Rose on in her victory, but is this the last time that these two fighters will meet in an sVo ring?

WINNER: Rose Finnegan by submission (08:19)


We head to the backstage interview area where sVo President and leader of the Company Amy Page is standing by with Elena Cruz for an impromptu interview. Amy Page looks impatient as she stands against the sVo backdrop and grimaces.

Elena Cruz: ‘Amy, it’s only been a few weeks since you took charge of the sVo but the ratings are already on the up! You must be pleased with the impact the Company has had on the sVo?’

Amy shrugs her shoulders and looks bored by the question.

Amy Page: ‘I don’t know if it is the impact that we have had or if it just goes to show home completely incompetent Roscoe Shame was at his job.’

Elena Cruz: ‘Well the Company has certainly gone from strength to strength, and last week you extended the invitation to the recently returned CJ Dreamer to join your ranks. Has he come back with an answer for you?’

Amy gives a mischievous smile, but neatly side steps the question.

Amy Page: ‘To be honest Elena I didn’t take time out of my busy scheudle to talk about this. I took time to talk to you because I wanted to send a message, in particular but not exclusivly to the current sVo Champion William Vorheez. The Company is here to stay, but you are either with us or against us…’

Elena Cruz: ‘So is this a message for William Vorheez to join the Company as well?’

Again Amy Page smiles as she dodges the question.

Amy Page: ‘I am sure William Vorheez will know what to do if his time comes.’

Amy Page smiles at Cruz as the interview fades out.

CJ Dreamer vs. Diamond Legend
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

‘Stricken’ by Disturbed hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky looking CJ Dreamer slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. CJ Dreamer takes one look out at the thousands of fans that are packed into the Goodfellas Casino Arena before making his way down towards the ring. CJ Dreamer ignores the fans at ringside that reach out to touch him as he sprints down the final part of the entrance ramp and dives head first into the ring. CJ Dreamer sits on one knee in the middle of the ring looking out at the crowd as his music fades out.

Let The Sparks Fly by Thousand Foot Krutch blares throughout the pa speakers. The lights suddenly flicker and smoke arises atop of the entry ramp. Suddenly from behind the smoke Diamond Legend appears on the stage. His head lowered with his hood over his head. Slowly lifting his head up the lights come back to a steady. Looking left, looking right Diamond Legend smiles and continues his slow, cockish walk to the ring. He blows kisses at beautiful girls and give little boys nudges while telling them to fuck off. He spits at people and swears at them consistently.

Before stepping in the ring he walks up the steel steps slowly before walking along the ring before putting his back to the ropes and lowering his head again. Once again the lights begin to flicker. From all four turnbuckles little pyrogryhphic stars burst from out them. A plethora of different colors. Diamond Legend picks up his head and now he looks infuriated. He jumps over the top rope and begins running around the ring talking to himself as he looks off into the crowd and taunts them. Finally he jumps to the middle of the ring and whilst doing so, BOOM! In unison some more pyro comes from the turnbuckles and together they make one big baby blue star that vanishes into thin air. Diamond taps his chest before throwing his vest into the crowd and smirking at Dreamer

Ding Ding Ding

With the bell ringing both men begin to circle the ring, Dreamer being the first to make a move. He tries taking the fight to the mat with a quick takedown but Diamond reverses putting Dreamer in a headlock. Hitting him with a few blows to the top of the skull.

Diamond pushes Dreamer to the mat taunting the crowd before going to lift Dreamer back to his feet. While doing so Dreamer kicks up landing a upwards Dropkick that sends Diamond backwards. Dreamer gets to his feet charging towards Diamond before ramming him into the turnbuckle and landing a few kicks to the chest before throwing Diamond from the turnbuckle and faking an Irish Whip into a Clothesline.

Dreamer gets back to his feet while Diamond rolls back and forth wincing in pain. Dreamer lifts Diamond back to his feet. Hitting Diamond with a stiff uppercut. Diamond grabs at his face and Dreamer nails him with a kick to the gut. Diamond drops to his knees and Dreamer bounces off the ropes attempting a Punt Kick, but Diamond catches his leg and places Dreamer in an Inverted Leg Lock.

Dreamer struggles his way to the ropes but he finally gets a hand over it. Diamond not letting go of the lock while the ref demands he does. Diamond finally breaks the lock getting to his feet and shoving the ref out of the way before looking back down at Dreamer vindictive.

Diamond lands a few stomps before lifting Dreamer to his feet and Irish Whipping him into the ropes. Dreamer bounces off and Diamond crushes Dreamer’s skull with a Pele Kick. The crowd awe’s before laying down the boos while Diamond once again taunts the crowd.

Diamond sets up in a corner waiting for Dreamer to get to his feet. Dreamer pulls himself up by the ropes and Diamond comes charging at him with a Big Boot to send Dreamer over the ropes but Dreamer slides out of the way just in time sending Diamond’s leg over the ropes. Dreamer rolling Diamond up with a quick School Boy Pin.


Diamond quickly kicks out and rolls to his feet. Dreamer standing as well. The cocky Diamond taps his chest before smirking and bouncing around the ring. Dreamer just slowly moving around the ring waiting for Diamond to make a move. The crowd began to boo as the action had died down. Diamond goes in wrapping around Dreamer’s neck but the bigger Dreamer lifts Diamond up landing an Atomic Drop.

Dreamer stays on the offense and lands a few stiff blows to the face of Diamond before kicking Diamond in the ribs. Diamond rolls out of the ring aiding to his ribs but Dreamer doesn’t let up. Stepping outside of the ring through the ropes Dreamer grabs Diamond from behind sending him into the steel barriers head first.

Dreamer lifts Diamond to his feet and goes to Irish Whip Diamond into the steel steps but Diamond reverses sending Dreamer into the steel post. As Dreamer was falling to the floor Diamond hits him with a clothesline just to make the impact more harder. Diamond high fives the kid dressed in a Fuck Me Inc t shirt and slides back in the ring as the ref continues his count.

It was on the eighth count when Dreamer slid back into the ring. Diamond walking around the ring stalking Dreamer. Diamond bends over to lift Dreamer back to his feet. While Dreamer was being pulled up he quickly eye rakes Diamond, hitting him with a stiff elbow and following up with a DDT.

With the momentum Dreamer’s way he lifts Diamond back to his feet, hits him with a European Uppercut and sends him back to the mat with a clothesline. Dreamer stomps on Diamond before grabbing him by the little hair he has and kneeing him in the face. He slides Diamond into the middle of the ring and places him in a inverted leg lock. Diamond yelping out in pain.

Diamond somehow has made his way to the ropes getting his hand on it. The ref breaks up the lock and Dreamer jumps to his feet. He grabs Diamond by the arm and pulls him to his feet. He kicks Diamond in the chest once, twice, a third time and a fourth before whipping around Diamonds back and landing a suplex. Dreamer goes for the pin.




Dreamer gets to his feet and lifts Diamond back to his smacking him across the chest. He grabs Diamond by the arm once more and places Diamond in an arm wrench. Diamond forces himself backwards pushing Dreamer into a turnbuckle. Diamond elbows Dreamer before turning around and hitting him with another elbow. Dreamer looks daze as Diamond takes a few steps back and sets up a devastating super kick.

With Dreamer down Diamond takes this time to catch a breath taunting the crowd while checks for blood on his tongue. He places his focus back on Dreamer and lifts him to his feet punching him in the stomach. Dreamer bends over holding onto his stomach. Diamond kicks Dreamer in the back of the knee sending Dreamer to the mat on one knee. Diamond bounces off a turnbuckle and connects with a pulverizing punt kick. He looks down at Dreamer vindictive as the crowd boos him.

Diamond stomps on Dreamer’s arm before lifting him back to his feet. Diamond goes to lift Dreamer but Dreamer pushes off Diamond landing on his feet. Dreamer with a kick to the gut followed by another European Uppercut. Diamond stumble backwards and Dreamer nails him with a drop kick.

With the momentum on Dreamer’s side he rips off his arm brace and throws it into the crowd. He stomps on Diamond before lifting him to his feet. Diamond tries connecting with a quick swing but Dreamer ducks and VISIT FROM THE SANDMAN!!! VISIT FROM THE SANDMAN!!! NO!!! Diamond maneuvers out of the move before Dreamer nails him with it, kicking Dreamer in the gut and placing his head between his legs. Diamond acts like he’s reading a book before shutting it shut and END OF STORY!!! END OF STORY!!! Diamond quickly drops down for the cover, not wanting to give Dreamer any more opportunities.



Before the three can be counted by the referee Diamond Legend is pulled clean out of the ring by his legs by Scott Washington and Harry Black who have sprinted down the entrance ramp! The fans boo loudly as Washington and Black stomp down Diamond Legend on the outside of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung!

CJ Dreamer slowly begins to rise back up to his feet in the middle of the ring, but does not join in or try and stop the attack on his opponent by the Company.

With Diamond Legend stomped down, Washington and Black roll the newcomer back into the ring and to the feet of CJ Dreamer. The fans watch closely as CJ Dreamer looks down at Diamond Legend before looking outside the ring at the Company. The fans then begin to cheer as CJ Dreamer helps Diamond Legend up to his feet! Has CJ Dreamer rebuffed the offer to join the Company?

Washington and Black look angry on the outside of the ring as Diamond Legend stands side by side with CJ Dreamer and challenges the Company to get into the ring and fight. The fans cheer Diamond Legend and CJ Dreamer on for standing up to the Company, but then suddenly CJ Dreamer catches Diamond Legend with a punch to the side of the head! CJ Dreamer lands a ‘Sweet Dreams’ on Diamond Legend as Washington and Black roll into the ring.

Washington and Black raise CJ Dreamer’s hands in the air and the fans boo loudly as Amy Page slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp and slowly claps and smiles as she watches over the rest of the ‘Company’.

WINNER: Diamond Legend by DQ (14:02)


Backstage, behind a large metal door, marked only with the letters MF, we find Matt and his brother Brian, readying for tonight’s title match.

Matt Fuller-“You never cease to surprise me. Once again, I have my own locker room. “

Brian seems proud of himself, sitting on the leather couch, as Matt ducks behind a cracked-open door to change.

Matt Fuller-” I told you, little brother. I am a top tier manager.”

Matt pokes his head out the door.

Matt Fuller- ” Did you tell them I still had boot rash?”

Brian Fuller -” No. I told them this ‘savior’ guy was infringing on your religious beliefs. OH! That reminds me.”

Brian grabs a small sign, and a piece of tape, and sticks it to the hall door. Matt shakes his head.

Matt Fuller-” Classic.”

As the door closes, the sign comes into view. In bright red letters it reads: No Soliciting.

Roscoe Shame vs. Go-Go
Officiated by Brett Lukas

Feel it coming in the air
Hear the screams from everywhere
Im addicted to the thrill
Its a dangerous love affair
Cant be scared when it goes down
Got a problem, tell me now
Only thing thats on my mind
Is whos gonna run this town tonight…
Is whos gonna run this town tonight… I’m gonna run this town

One loud colorful single red and blue pyrotechnic blast.


Go-Go Spectacular steps out from behind the black curtain and onto the stage to a nice, loud, supportive, pop from the arena crowd. She poses on the stage then jogs down the aisle highfiving outstetched hands from fans across the barricade in enroute to the ring.

Go-Go runs around the ringside area then runs up the steps, up onto the apron, vaults over the ropes and onto the nearest top rope. After soaking in the cheers from the crowd, she leaps backwards off of the rope and lands on her feet in the center of the ring. She runs to the other three turnbuckles to soak in the cheers. On the final turnbuckle. She hops off of the turnbuckle. Removes her overcoat, kisses her crucifix, kneels down to perform a prayer, then leans back into the corner as she mentally prepares for the match to start. Run This Town fades out.

With two of the top stars in the sVo in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match to get started! Go-Go slowly circles around the match larger Roscoe Shame, but diving forward to nail some stiff right hands to the body of the former sVo Champion. Go-Go grabs hold of Roscoe Shame by the arm and tries to send him into the ring ropes, however Roscoe Shame manages to counter by pulling Go-Go towards her and knocking her down to the mat with a stiff clothesline.

Go-Go quickly pulls herself up to a standing position, however Roscoe Shame shows off his superior strength as he lifts Go-Go up into the air with a military press, before tossing her down to the mat with ease. The former GM of the sVo poses for the fans in the corner of the ring and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd before he turns back around to face his challenger. Roscoe Shame runs at Go-Go and looks for a big boot to the face of the #1 contender, however Go-Go manages to duck out of the way of Shame.

Shame spins around, but as he does he is caught in the face with a big standing drop-kick from Go-Go! The drop-kick doesn’t manage to knock Shame down, but Go-Go bounces back into the ring ropes before hitting a running spinning heel kick which does knock down the former sVo Champion! Go-Go gets cheers from the fans as she lays into Shame with some big stomps as he tries to get to his feet.

Shame uses the ring ropes to pull himself up, but as he tries to get back into the match with a big clothesline on Go-Go, Go-Go is able to duck out of the way of Shame’s arm! Shame spins around, but eats a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT from Go-Go! However with Shame on the mat Go-Go decides not to go for the cover, and instead makes her way to the top rope!

The fans rise up to their feet at the prospect of seeing some high flying action from Go-Go as the masked superstars stands on the top rope waiting for Shame to rise to his feet! Shame does slowly rise up, but as he does Go-Go launches herself from the top rope with a flying cross body! However Roscoe Shame shows off his amazing strength by catching the #1 contender for the sVo Championship, before tossing her to the mat with a big fallaway slam! After the massive move that has the fans on their feet still, Shame makes the cover on Go-Go without hooking the leg.




Roscoe Shame can’t believe that Go-Go managed to kick out of the cover as he rises up to his feet and punches the turnbuckle cover in frustration.

Roscoe Shame pulls Go-Go up to her feet and begins to lay into her with some big punches to the back of his opponent. Go-Go stumbles around the ring, and Shame sends her down to the mat with a stiff side slam. With Go-Go down, Shame signals to the fans that he is ready to hit his once banned finishing move!

Shame stands ready as Go-Go slowly rises to her feet, before lifting her up into the air and looking for the ‘Shame Time’! The fans look excited at the prospect of the finishing move, but even more excited by the counter as Go-Go manages to hit a huricanrana on Shame! Shame stumbles back up to a standing position with a shocked look on his face, but as he does Go-Go is able to hit him with a neckbreaker!

With Shame down on the mat, Go-Go wastes no time as she hops to the top rope and signals to the crowd! The fans rise to their feet once again, and this time Shame has no time to counter as Go-Go launches her self from the top with a 720 splash onto the former sVo Champion!

Go-Go looks like she has taken a lot out of herself with that move as well as Roscoe Shame, as she struggles to slowly crawl over Shame and make the cover.




It’s all over, and after that amazing move from the top rope it is the #1 contender Go-Go who picks up the victory over a former sVo Champion in Roscoe Shame!

Go-Go struggles to rise up to her feet after the hard hitting match against Shame and has her arm raised in the air in victory by the referee. With Go-Go scoring a victory over the former sVo Champion Shame, can she really go on to Countdown to Violence and beat the current sVo Champion William Vorheez?

WINNER: Go-Go by pinfall (11:46)

Matt Fuller vs. James von Drake
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

‘Move’ by TFK hits the sound system and Matt Fuller slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp. Fuller taunts to the crowd, before sprinting down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ring head first. Fuller looks pumped up about the prospect of progressing into the final of the master of the mat tournament as he leaps up onto the turnbuckle to pose for the fans.

With Matt Fuller in the ring here are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out with a hooded male figure. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring while the hooded male figure stands on the outside of the ring with his arms folded just looking at the ring.

The ref calls for the bell and the finals of The Master Of The Mat tournament begins. Both men circle the ring before JVD is the first to make a move attempting a leg sweep that Matt Fuller jumps over. When landing on his feet Matt attempts a spinning a heel kick, but JVD ducks, spins Matt around and lands an inverted DDT.

The fans in attendance not knowing whether to boo JVD or cheer for him let out a mix reaction. JVD shrugging it off fully focused on Matt. He lifts Matt back to his feet but when he does Matt stomps on JVD’s boot. He follows that up by connecting with elbow, bouncing off the ropes and landing a flying cross body.

Matt gets to his feet hyping up the crowd as he waits for JVD to get to his feet. JVD does and Matt charges toward him looking for a flying knee but JVD dodges out of the way. Matt lands on a turnbuckle falling to the mat aiding to his knee. JVD takes this moment to lay in with some quick boots to the chest of Matt. JVD bounces off a rope, dropping down and landing an elbow drop to the face of Matt.

JVD looks over at the hooded figure who accompanied him to the ring who stands motionless just looking at the action. JVD turns around and into a super kick from Matt Fuller. JVD’s body drops to the mat and Matt goes for the quick pin.



JVD kicks out. Matt lifts him back to his feet and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle. JVD bounces off and ducks under another flying knee from Matt. This time Matt lands on his feet and quickly turns around but JVD is already charging toward him. Big booting Matt Fuller over the ropes. The crowd still not sure whether to boo or cheer for JVD.

JVD steps out of the ring dropping down to the floor and lifting Matt back to his feet. JVD tries Irish Whipping Matt into the ring but Matt reverses. JVD bounces off the ring and into a clothesline from Matt. Matt quickly lifts JVD back to his feet sliding him in the ring, but before getting in the ring Matt digs under it grabbing a chair. He slides it in the ring following afterwards.

JVD pulls himself to his feet with the ropes seeing Matt charging toward him with the chair. JVD quickly steps under the ropes stepping out of the ring waving a finger at Matt Fuller. Matt slaps the mat with the chair a few times before throwing it into a corner. He taunts JVD who shakes his head sliding back into the ring.

Both men begin circling the ring once more but this time it’s Matt Fuller who makes the first move. Wrapping up around JVD and suplexing him into the mat. He twirls around getting to his feet bringing JVD with him and suplexing him again. He does the same thing, lifting JVD but this time JVD maneuvers out of the hold turning around and upper cutting Matt Fuller. With another stiff blow to the face Matt goes flying backwards. JVD bounces off a rope and connects with a flying clothesline that sends Matt Fuller to the mat.

With Matt down JVD lifts up the chair that’s in the corner and smiles, pointing it at Matt Fuller and throwing it out the ring. “Why cheat?” he ask Matt and taunts him allowing him to get to his feet. JVD runs toward Matt Fuller looking for a quick take down but Matt reverses it into a head lock into a take down. Matt places JVD in a leg lock but JVD quickly gets out of it.

Matt is the first one back to his feet kicking JVD in the knee while he tries to stable himself. Matt goes for another kick but JVD catches him by the leg, pushing Fuller backwards before sweeping his other leg. Fuller falls to the mat looking up at JVD. JVD tries putting Matt in a leg submission but Matt kicks up catching JVD on the chin. JVD drops the mat. Fuller quickly rolling him up for the pin.





Fuller slaps the mat getting to his feet hyping up the crowd. He picks JVD back up to his feet and Irish Whips him into the ropes. JVD bounces off and ducks under a jumping Matt Fuller. JVD bounces off another ropes and catches a flying Matt Fuller planting him with a side walk slam the crowd still giving off mixed reactions.

The hooded figure with JVD continues to stand motionless as JVD lifts Matt Fuller back to his feet. JVD throws Matt in between his legs, lifts him up and THE DOLLAR DROP, THE DOLLAR DROP!!! NO! Matt Fuller punches his way out the move, dropping to his feet and landing a 720 DDT.

With the crowd on their feet Matt Fuller prances around the ring feeling the momentum. He stalks a JVD who is slowly pulling himself back up to his feet by the ropes. JVD staggers into the center of the ring, Matt Fuller charging toward him looking for a drop kick. JVD slides out of the way pushing Matt into the ref, bending down and nailing Matt with a punch to the groin. The ref didn’t see the punch. JVD rolling Matt up with the school boy pin.




The crowd boos JVD as he gets to his feet. He grabs Matt by the hair lifting him back to his feet. JVD uppercuts Matt. Matt falling backwards into the ropes. JVD with another punch but Matt ducks under it. He kicks JVD in the gut and FALLOUT SLAM!!! FALLOUT SLAM!!! The crowds cheers intensify as Matt drops down for the cover.




Ding Ding Ding

Matt Fuller has done it! Fuller rises up to his feet having upset the odds and become the master of the mat and the new sVo Las Vegas Champion on the same night! The referee presents the sVo Las Vegas Champion with his title belt, and Fuller celebrates in the middle of the ring in front of his cheering fans. James Von Drake bails out of the ring having failed to recapture the belt he held previously, but as he backs up the entrance ramp watching the celebrations will he set his sights on winning it back?

WINNER & NEW sVo LAS VEGAS CHAMPION: Matt Fuller by pinfall (17:54)


Cameras open up outside of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Not many people walking by as the camera is focused on The Naked Extraoirdinaire Diamond Legend. He’s still dressed in his wrestling attire but wears his ‘#1’ t shirt of course made by Fuck Me Incorporated. The fans in attendance boo along the arena making their feelings be heard. Diamond, hearing them putting a smirk to his face. He claps his hands before taking a few steps forward getting closer to the camera.

Diamond Legend:”Welcome back to Tuesday Night Velocity folks. I’m sorry if you were expecting to see CJ Dreamer give me one of those ole visit from the sandman. You all should have known I had that win by default. Remember, I am number one.”

He smiles, pointing at the number one on his shirt before looking around the strip, pointing up at the flashing Goodfellas sign.

Diamond Legend:”I’ve stepped inside this very place and I haven’t demanded anything. All I’ve done is show why I’m the next hottest thing. I’ve already beaten Go Go Spectacular. Not to long ago I just beat CJ Dreamer, but still there has been something on the back of my mind.”

He taps the back of his head before shaking it. Looking down to the cement before looking back up.

Diamond Legend:”Earlier this evening after I opened the show up it seems like we were having some technical difficulties. From my point of view it looks like someone has a problem with The Naked Extraoirdinaire. Whoever that person may be I just want you to know that I’m not afraid of you. I’m not afraid of your little scare tactics if that’s what they were suppose to be. The only thing I’m afraid of is getting a sexual transmitted disease. IF you’re not that then I’m not afraid.”

He sneers, flinging his hand through his hair before looking over his shoulder at some rumbling that was going on.

Diamond Legend:”If you feel like you are a threat to me let it be known. If you want to get in the ring with me then let it be known. As a matter of fact you know exactly where I am so why don’t you get off of your ass and step to me like a man. It’s nothing to me. I’m the new sVo remember. I’m guaranteed money. The sVo needs me. Without me most of you guys probably wouldn’t have shown up here tonight.”

He begins to make his way inside the Goodfellas but stops, turns around getting to a knee and looking into the camera.

Diamond Legend:”I have come to make a name and I don’t mind taking them as I do.”

As the crowd boos him he makes his way inside the Goodfellas. The cameras following him before fading out and back to the ring.

Scott Washington vs. William Vorheez
Officiated by Hector Arenda

There is a loud explosion of fireworks and a bright flash over the entrance ramp as ‘Boom’ by Royce Da 5’9″ begins to pound around the arena as the lights slowly lower. As strobe lighting begins to flash over the fans, pyros shoot out from either side of the entrance stage as the energetic Scott Washington steps out from behind the curtain. The fans boo as the ‘Golden State Warrior’ poses on the top of the entrance ramp before running down towards the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope. Washington slowly makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle and raises a fist in the air as a golden pyro begins to shoot down from the top of the arena.

The entire arena goes black as the soft acoustic opening of “The Opposition” by Ancient VVisdom plays. Slowly a single spotlight appears on the ramp as the lyrics kick in. Large flame pyrotechnics explode as if to make a huge wall of fire. They continuously shoot up.

Like a god, A devil in man,
Iam the opposition
This is my voice inside your head,
hellish fiend under your bed,
I’m the one without a religion,
the infernal, the unknown,
Iam the one they call the AntiChrist,
A Pagan heathen of the night!

William Vorheez appears and slowly makes his way down to the ring the spotlight follows him as the rest of the arena stays black. The crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Vorheez pays no acknowledgement to them as he makes his way towards the ring.

Hail to thee, Lord Lucifer
I sing praises to thee
and I suffer no longer
Hail to thee God of the Underworld
I sing praises to thee,
and I suffer no more.

Vorheez makes his way up the steps and climbs into the ring as he slowly makes his way to his corner and takes off his coat and hat and then proceeds to lay a black bad down in his corner as the lights slowly come up.

With both men in the ring the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this contest to officially get under way! Washington and Vorheez slowly circle around each other in the middle of the ring before diving forward to tie up. Washington quickly knocks away the sVo Champion, but Vorheez fights back with some big right hands onto the member of the Company. Vorheez backs Washington into the corner of the ring before nailing him with a big knee to the midsection. Vorheez then grabs hold of Washington by the arm and tries to send him corner to corner with an irish whip, however Washington manages to counter and send the sVo Champion hard into the corner on the opposite corner of the ring.

Washington follows up with a stiff clothesline in the corner of the ring on Vorheez, before allowing him to stumble out of the corner. The O-Town Outlaw lets Vorheez walk to the middle of the ring, before planting him down with a scoop slam. With Vorheez down on the mat, Washington quickly jumps down and snaps on an arm bar submission hold on the sVo Champion. Vorheez tries to struggle out of the submission hold as Washington looks like he is ready to try and keep Vorheez in the middle of the ring and wear down his opponent.

The crowd give a mixed reaction towards Scott Washington, however before long Vorheez is able to break the hold by raking the eyes of his opponent. Vorheez holds his arm in pain as Scott Washington slowly stumbles around holding his face. Washington slowly turns, but walks straight into some big right hands from William Vorheez. Washington stumbles away, but Vorheez grabs him by the arm and whips him hard into the ring ropes. Washington bounces back into the middle of the ring, but is caught with a massive big boot to the face from the sVo Champion! With Washington hitting the mat, Vorheez doesn’t waste any time in making the cover.



Scott Washington gets a shoulder up before the three can be counted by the referee.

Washington tries to rise up to his feet, but Vorheez quickly grabs him in a side head lock and begins to wear down his opponent. Washington tries to fight his way out of the side head lock with some stiff elbow shots to the midsection of his opponent, however Vorheez wastes no time in spinning and clotheslining his opponent down to the mat! William Vorheez looks in firm control of the match as he taunts to the crowd who quickly get behind the current sVo Champion. Scott Washington slowly begins to rise to his feet, but as he does he is grabbed by William Vorheez who tosses him down to the mat with a spinning spinebuster!

The match could be all over right there as William Vorheez once again makes the cover on Scott Washington with a lateral press.




Scott Washington manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat just before the three can be counted! William Vorheez doesn’t look too happy that he didn’t get the three count right there as he rises up to his feet and stares at the referee. Scott Washington slowly pulls himself up to his feet using the ring ropes, but as he does William Vorheez catches him with a kick to the midsection. Washington doubles over, but as Vorheez looks for a double arm DDT onto his opponent, Washington manages to block before countering with a modified back drop!

William Vorheez looks like he landed painfully from the back drop, but as he staggers up Washington follows up with a kicking combo, before tossing his opponent down to the mat with a belly to back suplex! The fans actually cheer the impressive move from Washington, the Company man who seems to have a soft spot in the heart of the fans who know he is not truly on board with Amy Page. William Vorheez looks stunned as he rises to his feet, but he doesn’t stay on his feet long as Washington follows up with a kicking combo before sweeping away Vorheez’s legs with a double leg sweep, before locking in a half boston crab!

Vorheez shouts out in pain from the submission hold as Washington pulls back on the leg of his opponent and tries to score the submission from the sVo Champion! The referee asks Vorheez if he wants to quit, but the Champion bravely shakes his head as he reaches out desperately for the bottom rope! Vorheez comes up just short as Washington shouts at his opponent to just give up!

The referee once again asks Vorheez if he wants to tap and the sVo Champion looks as if he is thinking about it before shaking his head once more! Scott Washington looks furious as he pulls back harder on the hold, but Vorheez manages to grab the bottom rope! The fans cheer as the referee calls for the rope break, and Scott Washington does reluctantly break the hold! Washington protests with the referee as William Vorheez slowly rises up to his feet behind his back. Vorheez spins Washington around and begins to lay into him with big punches, but Washington fights back with punches of his own! Washington grabs the arm of Vorheez and tries to whip him hard into the rope, however the sVo Champion counters by pulling Washington back towards himself, before scooping him up into the air! The fans pop as Vorheez spins Washington in mid air before sending him down to the mat with a massive ‘Wrath of Vorheez’! The fans continue to cheer loudly as Vorheez drapes himself over Washington to make the cover!




It’s all over, and it is the sVo Champion William Vorheez who keeps up his winning run with a victory over Scott Washington! Scott Washington lays on the mat in pain as William Vorheez slowly slowly rises up to his feet. The referee presents the Champion with his belt before raising William Vorheez’s hand in the air in victory!

WINNER: William Vorheez by pinfall (13:17)


Once again we open to Diamond Legend who stands in the doorway of his locker room. The crowd letting out a ‘Legend Sucks’ cheer. Without saying anything he steps inside the room, waving his hand for the camera crew to step in. Inside you can see that he’s pretty much changed the interior of the locker room. Instead of the normal concrete floors he’s added a fluffy zebra striped carpet. Along with it he’s added a few pink zebra stripes couches and a seventy two inch flat screen that’s playing this Showdown broadcast. Diamond takes a seat on one of the couches. Looking around the room before looking at the camera.

Diamond Legend:”See, things like this just make me so different. Since I can’t have the Company press box I thought why not make this dump locker room. Into an actual locker room. What you see here it’s really nothing, but I can guarantee if you go look in any other locker room it’s not as splendid as mines. It’s just standard.”

He fans his hand at the standard remark, standing from the couch and walking around the room.

Diamond Legend:”This right here is what the new sVo is all about. Fancy things, being on top of the litter. Not just trying to make that name but having it. Now I know there are many loyal fans who tune into watch Tuesday Night Showdown. Looking for that next great talent you can cheer for. Hoping that some day you would see the likes of a Night again. See a John Beck, oh wait. Forget it, you knew where I was going. Thing is that new face is right here. You’re looking at him folks. I am all the talent that any company needs. Hell, Amy should be quick to give me a blow job if she knows what the future holds.”

The Naked Extraoirdinaire halts in front of the TV taking a look at himself while the crowd boos him.

Diamond Legend:”I’m just one dazzling species to look at. Who wouldn’t adore to look at me all day? I just have that it factor. Something that none of my co workers have. Shit, our World champ getting into fights with a bunch of no names. Prouncing around here like he’s getting respect. I don’t respect anybody walking around back here. Or none of you nerds in the crowd. You all are standard too and you’ll probably never be able to do the things I do.”

He smiles before turning to the TV and stepping out of the locker room. The camera following him.

Diamond Legend:”Before the Main Event is up on Tuesday Night Velocity I’d like….”

Instantly the lights in the hallway begins to flicker. The claps from earlier being heard in a distance.

Diamond Legend:(Shouting) “Who the fuck are you?”

They begin to flicker swiftly before completely shutting off. The claps getting louder before the lights turn back on to a stand still. The Naked Extraordinaire stands livid as the camera fades out to him and back to the ring.

Jay Wildman vs. Payne
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

“Havenless” by Enslaved blares over the PA. The entrance is washed out in bright light before they alternate to the blast beats from the drums. Jay walks out and marches to the ring, his gaze focused on the ring and ignoring any attempts from fans to touch him. He slides into the ring, walks over to the ring post, and climbs to the second rung. He stares at the people for a moment, hops off, and stretches in the corner.

“Black Tongue” by Mastodon hits the PA system as the crowd instictually start to boo. From behind the curtain comes Reaper and his “henchman” Payne. The two start walking down the rampway. Meanwhile in the ring Wildman has slid out of the ring and reached under it pulling out a kendo stick. Wildman slides back in the ring and keeps an eye on the two daring either one to get into the ring. As the two get to the ring Reaper just extends a hand for Payne to “go on in”. Payne hops up onto the apron and steps over the top rope. Wildman wastes no time and rushes forward kicking the ropes hanging Payne on it in a most uncomfortable of ways. Wildman then spins and slams the kendo stick into the chest of Payne as hard as he can taking the big man off the ropes and crashing down in the ring.

Wildman stays on the big man putting the boots to him as the match still hasn’t officially started. The ref is trying to get Wildman to back off but it takes a good bit of effort. Wildman finally backs off which gives Payne a moment to sit up and get his helmet apparatus off. Payne shakes his head for a moment and clears the cob webs before getting to his feet. Once he’s up the ref rings the bell and starts the match.

Wildman isn’t interested in wrestling tonight and just charges the big man and starts wailing on him with the kendo stick. Payne is backed up into the corner but with no where else to back away to he finally pushes through the strikes and gets a hand on Wildman and pushes him back sending the not so small Wildman stumbling back five or six steps. Wildman charges in again but this time catches an open palm thrust to the underside of the jaw that takes Wildman up and off his feet.

Payne reaches down and grabs Wildman by the hair slowly dragging him up to his feet. Wildman starts shooting off shots to the midsection of Payne but Payne stops him quickly with a knee to the mid section that doubles the hall of famer over. Payne hooks on a gutwrench and lifts Wildman up in the air before just tossing him over head and letting Wildman crash and burn. Payne stays stone faced as Reaper is downright giddy on the outside of the ring.

Payne stalks Wildman who is slowly getting to his feet. Payne charges and takes Wildman down with a stiff clothesline. Payne leans back against the ropes and gives a slight pop off before charging in at a downed Wildman and dropping a leg across the chest of the hall of famer. Wildman holds his chest and rolls away sliding out of the ring. Payne just slowly walks over to the ropes and looks over them motioning for Wildman to come on back in. Wildman catches his breath and gets to his feet. He’s started as right beside him standing there just watching was Reaper with a big smirk. Reaper makes no attempt to attack Wildman just being a smug sort. Wildman turns from Reaper and starts to walk around the ring.

Maybe not a wise move as Reaper comes charging in behind Wildman, but Wildman expecting the attack turns around and catches Reaper with a flush Jay’s Justice laying him out, much to the delight of the crowd. With Reaper out for the moment Jay reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair. Jay runs around the ring obviously faster than the man known as Payne until he can get a good enough gap that he can slide in and pop up before Payne can get to him. Jay charges at Payne jumps up into the air and crowns him with the chair. Payne is laid out by that massive chair shot. Wildman with the cover.



No kick out by Payne!

Wildman gets to his feet and starts putting the boots to the big man. Payne tries to roll away but Jay is relentless, letting all of his frustrations over the weeks come out against Payne. Wildman steps away from Payne and gets the chair that’s got a nice size dent from Payne’s head in it. Wildman comes charging at Payne again, this time Payne punches the chair and it goes back into Wildman’s face. Now Wildman and Payne are both a little loopy trying to shake the cob webs. Payne leans on the ropes trying to clear his head as Wildman just keeps shaking his head. Wildman comes back towards Payne and kicks him as hard as he can in the side of the knee buckling it under the big man. Payne goes down to his knees and Wildman starts lighting him up with body kicks.

Wildman after about the tenth kick to the chest of Payne who has a large welt growing, stumbles back against the corner and comes charging at Payne who steps off his knees wraps his arms around Wildman and lifts him high into the air and snapping him down with a sickening spinebuster. Payne has an ultra ticked look in his eyes as he just puts a foot on the chest of Wildman and steps up so that all of his weight is on the chest cavity of Wildman. Jay tries frantically to get him off as the breath is being crushed out of his lungs. Payne finally steps over Wildman and walks away a few steps as Wildman grabs his chest and rolls over to his stomach trying to catch his breath. Payne turns his attention back to Wildman as we see on the outside Reaper is finally getting back to his feet.

Payne walks over to Wildman and lifts him up to his feet, backing him up with punches until Wildman is in the corner. Payne lifts the hall of famer up and sits him on the top rope. Payne takes a couple steps away and grabs the chair from the mat. Coming back he puts the chair right against the face of Wildman, Payne grabs Wildman by the hair and pulls him back as it looks like Paynes about to just push Wildman off the middle rope face first into the chair and most likely break a few bones in his face. Payne starts to but Wildman kicks out from the corner hitting Payne in the midsection. Payne is stunned just enough for Wildman to hit another kick and another. Payne’s grip lessens enough for Wildman to pull the chair from his face so he can see. Wildman with a kick right to the throat of Payne. Payne grabbing his throat as he turns from the corner. Wildman hops off the turnbuckle and comes up behind the big man hitting him in the back of the knee with the chair. Payne goes down. Wildman steps infront of the big man and tosses him the chair. Payne instinctively catches the chair only for Wildman to hit it with a Jay’s Justice right into the face of Payne. Wildman with the cover




Wildman has slayed the giant as Reaper finally comes fully to just to see his precious “henchman” down for the count. Reaper slides into the ring looking to get some of Wildman but Wildman grabs the chair before Reaper can get to him and with a wild swing Wildman sends Reaper backing up. Reaper throws his hands up as he backs away from the Hall of Famer. Reaper drops down back out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp wanting none of Jay Wildman right now. Wildman gets a sick smirk on his face as he just points to Reaper for a moment. Wildman then turns and starts to just lay into Payne with the chair, shot after shot, again and again. Wildman sending a clear message to Reaper of what he has in store for him when Jay Wildman finally gets his hands on Reaper one on one.

WINNER: Jay Wildman by pinfall (14:39)

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