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sVo Showdown #098

Lazarus Noone & Cody Williams vs. Jay Wildman & M.F. Cooper is the main event of the evening!

sVo Showdown #98
26th March 2013
Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland


There is a huge cheer in the arena as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of past sVo action plays on the giant screen, before there is a run down of some of the matches that have already been announced for tonight!

Clearing The Air

The banshee screech of “The Bottom” by Staind begins like a searchlight of sound, panning the audience, and mirrored by green and yellow streams of light that appear to make X’s against the entrance ramp. “Silver Solid Rebel” appears on the video screen in large, blotchy lettering and slowly fades to show two sneaky emerald eyes. The cymbals splash, the eyes vanish, and are replaced with “REICHOUS MARX” as he slowly walks out from the backstage. The crowd begins to cheer loudly as he walks to the edge of the stage, right before the ramp connects, and raises one arm up to the sky before sprinting his way down the ramp and sliding into the ring. He gets back to his feet and walks over to the ropes to grab a microphone from the one of the officials. He wanders over to the middle of the ring and looks at the crowd who are still going absolutely crazy for him.

Reichous Marx: “Switzerland. How we doing this evening?”

The crowd reacts by exploiting their insanity.

Reichous Marx: “Look, I don’t plan on taking the show hostage like I did two weeks ago. No, not this time, but I do have a proposition tonight. It’s become quite evident that Cody Williams and I….”

The crowd cuts him off by booing loudly.

Reichous Marx: “It’s become evident that Cody and I aren’t on the greatest terms. That happens. Such is life. That being said, ladies and gentlemen, a grudge must be settled. Week in and week out, I’ve tried to settle it. I’ve tried to knock his head RIGHT OFF his shoulders, but to no avail. I’ve had people stop me or I’ve had Cody snake his way out of danger. That’s fine. Let’s build that tension up until we both literally combust — I like how you think, Cody, but let’s see — ladies and gentlemen — if Cody likes the way I THINK.”

Marx takes a pause and then begins to pace around the ring.

Reichous Marx: “So JR and I — and excuse his absence, he’s taking care of some personal family matters and wasn’t able to make it here — JR and I have been brainstorming the most unreasonable ways to somehow settle this animosity between Cody and I. You know, really poking and prodding to the DEPTHS of our cortexes to really find some way to get both of our points – because I’m sure we BOTH have them – across appropriately. Then it dawned on me.”

Reichous Marx pushes his index finger against his temple.

Reichous Marx: “We all see Cody losing his mind, flying off the tower, tripping on his laces, slipping on himself — we all see what the man is going through and I can’t tell you how entertaining it is.”

Those sympathetic to Cody’s situation begin to boo.

Reichous Marx: “Oh, come on. Little rich boy who thinks his cleansed life is bound to be perfect permanently is getting a taste from the good ole’ bottle of karma and I’m going to get booed? Are we serious right now? This is fate smacking him across the mouth. You don’t play a role that you obviously can’t control and expect the ferris wheel to never get stuck. That’s foolish and foolishness deserves a dip in the straight road every once in awhile, if you catch my drift. That being said, he’s in a particular mode where he wants to catch me in a predicament of severity — and I want to catch him in one too. So? JR and I came up with a match idea — a playoff of one of my absolute favorites that I’ve never had the opportunity to participate in. Now Cody, we both have our eyes set on one thing now, right? That World Title gold. I know you’ve been craving it, dying to wrap your hands around it and call it yours. And you know what? I wouldn’t mind having my chance with it too. So…”

Marx stops pacing, pulls out a remote control from his jeans’ pocket and presses down on a button which turns the video screen positioned against the back of the stage on. The picture that is shown causes most of the crowd to begin to roar.

Reichous Marx: “Glad to see the consensus here. Now, in this picture we have two steel columns made out of many poles stuck into one another so that it almost looks like a bunch of ladders meshing together. Held between the two columns are long, wide wooden planks. There are access points at the ends of each plank that allow you to continue your rise up the structure. At the very top, after five levels of wooden planks, there is a ladder sitting center and directly above that ladder will be the golden ticket, literally. One who grabs this golden ticket will be the number one contender for the world title. Ladies and gentlemen, I offer the challenge – to Cody Williams – of a no holds barred… scaffolding match… at Battle of Britain.”

The crowd goes absolutely ballistic at the thought of the match and begin to chant loudly:


Reichous Marx: “I’m going to be in a lot of pain the next morning — and so will you, Cody — but let’s give the people a ride they won’t forget. You’re a rebel, you’re a loner, you know what it’s like, so let’s revolutionize this place with the hatred and bundled frustration we have for one another, shall we? I don’t know you’ve ever quite taken me seriously, Cody. I don’t why — maybe, maybe it’s because I came in while you were all the rage, maybe it’s because I’ve had your number since I came here, maybe it’s the way I look — See? I have no idea, but you’ve never taken me with more than a grain of salt. I am making a promise to you right now, if this match is made, that you will begin to take me seriously. It will be a natural muscle movement that just HAPPENS. You won’t be able to control it. After Battle of Britain, you WILL give me the damn respect that I deserve.”

As Marx finishes up, “Drop The World” by Lil Wayne fires off through the speakers as the crowd stands up once again in anticipation for Roscoe Shame to arrive. He doesn’t disappoint, as he walks out through the curtain with a microphone in hand.

Roscoe Shame: “Honestly, I applaud you for thinking up such a match for you and Cody. I wouldn’t hesitate to approve this match whatsoever — if Cody wasn’t in the condition that he was in. Because of that condition? I can’t just immediately let it happen. Liability. There are rules to be followed.”

The crowd loses air as they sigh out their frustrations.

Roscoe Shame: “Now, now, now Switzerland, that doesn’t mean the match isn’t going to take place. Later on this evening, I’m going to have a meeting of the minds with Cody Williams to see if he is willing. If he is, I have no problem finalizing this match. If he is, then we’ll have to look and engage on other options. Deal. Marx?”

Roscoe raises his eyebrows and awaits Marx’s response. Marx shrugs his shoulders.

Reichous Marx: “You’re the boss. I’ll be on call in the back..”

Roscoe Shame: “I do want to add as well that if Cody decides he wants to partake in this match, I will be scheduling a meeting with BOTH of you in my office at the same time before the end of the night to sign off on this match. Furthermore? If either one of you try anything while in MY office, I will strip the number one contender opportunity from both of you and there will NOT be a match between the two of you AT ALL at Battle of Britain. Let’s be smart about this. Marx, I’ll speak to you later.”

“Drop The World” starts again and Roscoe nods to the crowd before turning around and walking through the curtain. One more shot of Marx staring at the scaffolding picture on the video screen and smiling before there’s a cut to commercial break.


The camera opens to M.F. Cooper walking out of his locker. He stops in his tracks when he sees Wildman sitting in the corner, his arms wrapped around his knees and rocking back and forth in a dark corner. He whips his hair back and stares at his tag team partner before turning his wide eyed attention to nothing in particular.

Wildman: No honey, we don’t talk to the freaks. They are too normal to understand us.

M.F. Cooper raises an eyebrow, shakes his head, and walks away.

A Challenge

The crowd is excited for a night full of action but before we can get to it the lights slowly start to dim as a red spotlight circles the crowd. The crowd gets to it’s feet knowing exactly what to expect as the sound of johnny cash comes over the PA system

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying, ‘Come and see.’ and I saw, and behold a white horse”

No Prayers for the Dying by Iron Maiden rings through the arena as unexpectedly Reaper comes up and over the railing to the crowd. Reaper escapes from the crowd and slides into the ring. As he pops up the crowd is going nuts as they see Reaper standing in the center of the ring wearing around his waist Wrecker’s World Championship. Reaper smirks at the crowd and pulls a microphone from his back pocket as he motions for them to calm down.

Reaper: Easy, easy, I know everybody loves the champ, but come on you’re making a scene.

Reaper smirks at the crowd as they start to calm down.

Reaper: Now many of you I’m sure are wondering why I am out here in the open. I should be cowering and hiding from big bad Hostility right? Well I would except you see, two things, one…I’m Reaper, and let’s be honest I had that match last week in the bag before Jimmy got involved.

The crowd instictively rains down boos at the name of James Milenko.

Reaper: I know right…and two I want them to find me. You see Milenko proved the other week that he wont come attack me when I’m out here, because he knows it’s a trap. Well none the less Jimmy, we need to have a chat, so why dont you, Mary Jane Rottencrotch and Sir Beef of Wellington himself come on down here.

Reaper waits but there doesn’t seem to be any response coming. Reaper just shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders.

Reaper: Well, let’s put it this way Milenko, you can come out here and we can chat. Or I can leave through the crowd again, because I know you’re by the stage waiting on me. Then when I get out of the building I’ll hop on a flight back to the states, hit up one of the pawn shops see how much they’ll give me for the belt and hit up the ole bunny ranch for one last rodeo.

Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr by Trivium beings to play as Reaper mouths something about thought that’d get his attention. Milenko comes out onto the stage but to everyones surprise he’s alone. James Milenko smooths out his suit and makes sure he’s looking nice on camera as he seems remarkably calm all things considered.

James Milenko: Hamish, Hamish, Hamish, to what do I owe the displeasure of your presence. More so why do you continue to sully the gold that rightfully belongs with Hostility. You are no more the champion as you are capable of true depth perception. For those slower on the intake out there, he has one eye, therefore no sense of depth. Try to keep up you simpletons, trying to add some education to this programming.

Reaper: Well Jimmy, you see the main reason I asked you all to come out here, which I see two of you ignored that request, was to offer you the opportunity to win back the championship.

James: That belt belongs to me Hamish! I mean to us of course, you have no right to put your little drunken stubby fingers all over it.

Reaper: Well Milenko you as the business man you are knows that possession is nine tenths of the law and well I possess the title so guess that makes me the champion. Tell you what though if your little minion Wrecker is willing, next week come Battle of Britain….Reaper will give him a title shot.

James: So let me get this right, all you want, is a title match at Battle of Britain.

Reaper: Pretty much and I want you to stay out of it.

James: Consider it done.

Milenko has successfully kept Reaper’s attention long enough for Wrecker to make his way through the crowd and come up to the ring behind him. Reaper turns around as the crowd is going crazy just in time to see Wrecker get into the ring and come charging after him. Reaper drops down and out of the ring as quick as he can and starts backing away from Wrecker as he’s going livid inside the ring. Reaper holds his hand up and motions with his fingers that Wrecker was inches away. Reaper hops the railing and disappears into the crowd as Wrecker and Milenko both look none too happy.


The scene switches backstage to the car park of the arena where Amy Page is arriving for tonight’s huge Showdown show as the sVo nears ever closer to the PPV in her hometown of London, Battle of Britain. This week Amy Page is flanked by another man from London, Harry Black who last week made his first appearance on sVo programming by attacking former sVo Champion Jay Wildman and costing Scott Washington the match by DQ.

Black and Page seem to be all smiles until they are greeted at the entrance by the sVo’s roving reporter Tamara Boyd.

Tamara Boyd: ‘Amy, do you mind if I catch a quick word from you?’

Harry Black and Amy Page try and keep their heads down and keep moving past Boyd as she walks alongside them, shoving her mic in the face of Amy Page.

Amy Page: ‘I’m kind of busy right now Tamara. Scott Washington is in a big match tonight and we need to prepare.’

However Tamara Boyd does not take no for an answer as she struggles to keep pace with the pair of Brits.

Tamara Boyd: ‘Just a quick one Amy, the sVo fans want to know if you have had any progress in finding out what happened to your brother. That is after all why you are here isn’t it?’ Page and Black smirk to each other as they reach the locker room door.

Amy Page: ‘Whenever we know something Tamara, you will be the first to know..’

Harry Black and Amy Page laugh at the sarcastic comment as they disappear around the locker room door, slamming it shut in the face of the frustrated Tamara Boyd.

Giavanna DeMarco vs. No-No Notorius
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

Queue up female soundbyte over the loud speakers.


Leading into the beginning intro of “The Power” by HBlockX. The lights go completely out except for a lone spotlight dangling directly above a lone spot in the center of the stage.

Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh

Ohhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhh


Just as the song key changes into a different more heavier rift, a huge blue single blast of blue pyrotechnics fires into the air and echos throughout the entire arena almost deafening.


No-No Notorious is launched from a catapult underneath, up into the air and up onto the stage. She pauses as she soaks in the energy from the song and the energy from the live audience as she looks incredibly focused and intense silently in the center spotlight dangling directly above her head. The smoke clears and the darkness is replaced with blue fast trippy stroblelights that fill the arena.

I’ve got the power
I’ve got the power
I’ve got the power
Yea, yea, yea, yea
 No-No Notorious rolls her neck and pops her knuckles in her hands. She takes off running as fast as she can down the aisle, runs around the ring once and then slides up onto the ring apron on one knee posing before the crowd. She then jumps up to her feet, and vaulting herself up springboarding off of the ropes hitting a 180 degree reverses cartwheel flip and landing on her feet in the center of the ring. She runs to each other four turnbuckles to soak in cheers and jeers from the crowd. On the last turnbuckle, she hops down and rest quietly on the top as she mentally and emotionally prepares for the match. “The Power” by HBlockX fades out.

The opening drum beat of “#1 Crush” by Garbage thumps from the PA system, drawing the fans to their feet. They boo loudly as the guitar kicks in, and Giavanna DeMarco makes her way out onto the stage. She walks slowly, a sexy strut in her step, and stops at the top of the ramp. She poses a bit, and then turns to the entrance curtain and watches as James Milenko walks out with her.

The two of them then make their way down the ramp, scowling at the negative reaction from the fans. Once at ringside, Milenko climbs up the ring steps and holds the ropes open for Giavanna. She quickly climbs up into the ring and poses near the ropes while Milenko hops back down to the floor.

The crowd don’t seem to pleased with either woman as DeMarco and Notorious circle around each other in the middle of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started. Notorious and DeMarco tie up with each other in the middle of the ring, before Notorious pushes DeMarco back against the ropes. The referee quickly calls for a rope break, and as Notorious backs off of DeMarco, DeMarco hits her opponent with a cheap shot chop across the chest. Notorious fires back with a chop of her own, however DeMarco cuts her off with a knee to the midsection before sending her hard into the ring ropes.

Notorious bounces off of the ring ropes and straight into a flying arm drag takedown from DeMarco. Notorious jumps straight back up to her feet and ducks under an attempt clothesline from DeMarco, before nailing her with a spinning heel kick to send her down to the mat. Notorious pulls DeMarco back to her feet and sends her hard into the corner of the ring, before running and taking her down out of the corner with a running huricanrana! With DeMarco down, Notorious makes the cover.




DeMarco manages to kick out as James Milenko cheers her on from ringside. DeMarco slowly rises up to her feet as Notorious complains to the referee that it should have been a three count. Notorious pulls DeMarco back to her feet, but DeMarco cuts her off with a knee to the midsection before taking her down to the mat with a snap suplex. As Notorious slowly rises up to her feet, DeMarco bounces into the ring ropes and then lands a flying cross body onto her opponent!

Notorious looks in pain from the high flying move as DeMarco pulls herself up to her feet. DeMarco stomps away on the face of her opponent before allowing her up to a standing position. DeMarco grabs hold of Notorious by the hair and slams her face first into the turnbuckle before landing a big German suplex on her opponent. With Notorious down on the mat, DeMarco rolls over and makes the cover.




Notorious manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee! DeMarco can’t believe that she didn’t get the three count, and neither does James Milenko on the outside of the ring! DeMarco wonders just what she has to do in order to get the job done as she looks down at Notorious on the mat, before climbing to the top rope!

Despite not being a fan of either woman, the fans rise to their feet as DeMarco looks to finish off Notorious with a high flying move! DeMarco leaps from the top rope looking for a frog splash on Notorious, however Notorious manages to roll out of the way of the flying DeMarco causing her to crash and burn! With DeMarco on the mat in pain, Notorious rolls over to make a cover of her own!




Somehow DeMarco manages to place a foot on the bottom rope which is spotted by the referee who stops the count! Notorious rises up to her feet and takes control of the match with some big stomps to the body of DeMarco as she lays in pain on the mat. DeMarco tries to rise up to her feet, however Notorious catches her with a running spinning neckbreaker before taunting to the crowd for her finishing move!

The crowd boo Notorious, however as DeMarco slowly rises up to her feet Notorious grabs her from behind and locks in the ‘Gallows’!

Milenko shouts to DeMarco and encourages her to fight the submission move, but it looks like Notorious is intent on making her opponent tap! The referee asks DeMarco if she wants to quit, however despite looking in pain she shouts no and uses all her strength to push Notorious backwards in order to try and free herself from the submission hold! As she does Notorious has her shoulders on the mat, and the referee drops down to count the pinfall!



Three… TAP, TAP TAP!

The referee counts the three count just as DeMarco taps out! Notorious seems oblivious to the fact that the referee has counted a three count as she releases the submission hold and rises up to her feet and throws her arms in the air! However as she does, DeMarco slowly rises up to her feet and has her hands raised in the air by the referee!

There is confusion at ringside as both women think they have won, what came first, the three count or the tap out? Notorious seems furious as she argues with the referee whilst James Milenko pulls DeMarco out of the ring. The referee seems adamant that DeMarco is the winner, however he soon lives to regret that as Notorious runs through him with a big clothesline in the middle of the ring as the match ends in controversy!

Winner by pinfall – Giavanna DeMarco (11:11)


We open up to Roscoe Shame sitting behind his desk, slightly reclined with an over-sized cigar hanging out of his mouth as he looks through a handful of individual sheets of paper with austere eyes.

There’s a knock at the door which causes Roscoe to snap out of his determination and sit back up. He lays the pages down flat on his desk and flicks the ash from his cigar.

Roscoe Shame: “Yes, come in..”

The door opens to show a tattered, geeked-out Cody Williams standing there motionless. Depicting a man that’s been on a 48-hour bender and is still running fresh, Cody’s face is barely visible through the spider-legged strands of black hair that hang like curtains in front of it.

Cody Williams: “You wanted to see me?”

Roscoe Shame: “Ah! Cody, yes. Yes. I need to see you. Come in, please.”

Cody slowly makes his way through the doorway. Before he shuts the door, he peaks behind it to see if anybody is behind him. Once he’s comfortable with the coast being clear, he shuts the door, let’s out a deep breath, and then takes a seat in the chair in front of Roscoe.

Roscoe Shame: “So… Cody, how you feeling?”

Cody shrugs his shoulders, not even interested in responding.

Roscoe Shame: “Well, I don’t know if you were attentive earlier but your buddy Marx went out to the ring earlier and proposed a match and a very dangerous one at that. He wants you both to meet in a no holds barred scaffolding match at Battle of Britain — and the winner would be the number one contender for the World Title.”

Cody suddenly began to listen aggressively — his eyes widening even more than they were originally. Fans concentrating hard enough may see a smile, as Cody’s hands gripped against the handles of the chair.

Roscoe Shame: “I have an objection to all of this though — and that’s your health, Cody. Listen, I’m Roscoe Shame. I’m the LAST person who would put his foot in the middle of this kind of match. I mean, just think of the buy rates we’ll have with the people curious to see what’s going to happen! And even better, the match is going to be between two men that clearly hate each other maliciously. It’s a perfect setting when I look at it from a wrestler’s perspective — but I have to look at things through a business perspective too though, and you’ve seen better days. I just want to make sure you are going to be prepared for the physical demand of this match and for the probability of some absolutely ridiculous bumps. I just don’t—”

Roscoe is interrupted by Cody’s fist slamming against his desk. Roscoe, who was daydreaming toward the ceiling on his rant, allows his attention to drift toward Cody’s eyes which are staring like daggers into Roscoe’s soul. Cody, breathing heavily, wipes the unkempt strands of his hair away from his face.

Cody Williams: “I want this match. You KNOW I want this match. I deserve it — I, I deserve this better than any person that’s back there. I have pushed, I have made it clear, I have done everything — I am the man for this job — I, Roscoe—”

Cody places his forehead against Roscoe’s desk, visually dejected.

Cody Williams: “Don’t take this away from me.”

Roscoe Shame takes a puff of his cigar as Cody lifts his head back up.

Roscoe Shame: “You going to clean yourself up?

Cody shrugs his shoulders again.

Cody Williams: “What does that have to do with anything, Roscoe?”

Roscoe Shame: “Look, you are an important piece of this puzzle we call sVo — I’m just leveling with you here. I don’t know what the hell is going on with you, but you’ve always been the guy dressed to the nines, adapted, but now you look like a representation of sloppy seconds. Listen, I don’t want you going in there completely outside of yourself and not prepare yourself for a fall or hit. We don’t want someone paralyzed because of this match, ya’ hear me?”

Cody seems to be spacing out, apparently not even aware that Roscoe is talking to him.

Roscoe Shame: “Cody!”

Cody looks back up.

Roscoe Shame: “Do you hear me?”

Cody nods his head with a half-grin.

Cody Williams: “Make the match, Shame. I’ll be fine.”

Cody gets from his seat, nods at Roscoe, and then makes his way out of his office. Roscoe shakes his head and flicks an ash of his cigar before we cut to a commercial break.

Learn Your Place

We’re taken to the back where we see none other than Lazarus Noone. He’s in the back preparing for his match when a stage hand is seen bumping into him, causing the stage hand to spill food all over the front of Lazarus. Lazarus looks at the stage hand who starts to apologize. Lazarus just shakes his head no a couple of times before we see a little twitch. Lazarus suddenly just starts raining down right hands upon the poor unsuspecting stage hand. Lazarus sends the stage hand crashing into the wall with a hard irish whip thats more of a toss than a whip. Lazarus just starts putting the boots to the man before we see Mr. Putz show up. Putz quickly puts himself between Lazarus and the stage hand trying to calm down his client. It seems to work at least momentarily as Noone just shakes his head and walks off.

Sebastian Hawke vs. Harvey Sims vs. William Vorheez
Officiated by Hector Arenda

With Harvey Sims already in the ring, the entire arena goes black as the soft acoustic opening of “The Opposition” by Ancient Visdom plays. Slowly a single spotlight appears on the ramp as the lyrics kick in. Large flame pyrotechnics explode as if to make a huge wall of fire. They continuously shoot up.

Like a god, A devil in man,
Iam the opposition
This is my voice inside your head,
hellish fiend under your bed,
I’m the one without a religion,
the infernal, the unknown,
Iam the one they call the AntiChrist,
A Pagan heathen of the night!

William Vorheez appears and slowly makes his way down to the ring the spotlight follows him as the rest of the arena stays black. The crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Vorheez pays no acknowledgement to them as he makes his way towards the ring.

Hail to thee, Lord Lucifer
I sing praises to thee
and I suffer no longer
Hail to thee God of the Underworld
I sing praises to thee,
and I suffer no more.

Vorheez makes his way up the steps and climbs into the ring as he slowly makes his way to his corner and takes off his coat and hat and then proceeds to lay a black bad down in his corner as the lights slowly come up.

“Youth Gone Wild” by Skid Row plays on the speakers as all eyes focus on the entrance ramp. Sebastian Hawke appears at the top and awkwardly stands for a moment, shielding his eyes from the peppering of the camera flashes pointed in his direction. He holds his finger up to his lips and smiles awkwardly before walking down the ramp. He high fives a couple people on his way down and rolls into the ring as the music fades and he stretches before the match begins.

With Hawke, Sims and Vorheez all in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this triple threat match to get started! All three men catiously circle each other in the ring, before Vorheez jumps forward and grabs hold of Sims by the arm. Vorheez throws Sims hard into the ring ropes, before landing a big boot to his opponent as he bounces back. Sims hits the mat hard, but before Vorheez can follow up on the move he is nailed with a double axe handle shot to the back by Sebastian Hawke.

Vorheez spins around and aims some right hands in the direction of Hawke, however the youngster is too quick with some punches of his own before taking down Vorheez with an arm drag takedown. With Vorheez on the mat, Sims and Hawke both take it in turns to stomp away on the big man! Vorheez isn’t able to get back to his feet, however as Sims and Hawke work together to keep him down, Harvey Sims grabs Hawke from behind and takes him down with a German suplex!

The move seems to have taken Sebastian Hawke by surprise as he pops back up to his feet, only for Sims to come off of the ring ropes and take him back down with a big clothesline in the middle of the ring. With Sebastian Hawke down after nearly been decapitated from that clothesline, Sims makes the cover.




It looked like Sims might get an early three count, however William Vorheez is able to dive in and break up the count in the nick of time!

Sims doesn’t look too happy as he rises up to his feet and aims some punches in the direction of Vorheez. However Vorheez counters by blocking the punches, and then sending Sims into the corner of the ring with a big head butt. With Sims in the corner of the ring, Vorheez follows up with a big clothesline in the corner on his opponent! Vorheez then sends Sims down to the mat out of the corner with a running bulldog.

Vorheez looks like he is ready to make the cover, however Sebastian Hawke climbs to the top rope as he does! Vorheez hears the cheers from the crowd and slowly turns around, only to be caught with a flying cross body from the top rope by Hawke! With Vorheez down, Hawke rolls through and hooks the leg of his opponent to make the cover.




William Vorheez shows just how much he wants to win the match as he powers out of the cover with a kick out. Sebastian Hawke hammers away on Vorheez with big punches as he gets to his feet, however Vorheez counters with a big back elbow. Hawke stumbles away before running at William Vorheez, however Vorheez is able to counter with a kick to the midsection followed by a big suplex on Sebastian Hawke!

William Vorheez slowly rises up to his feet and taunts to the crowd for his finishing move which causes the fans to rise to their feet! Sebastian Hawke slowly begins to rise to his feet, but before Vorheez can pounce with the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’, Sims grabs Hawke by the hair and tosses him over the top rope! Vorheez runs at Sims looking for another big boot, however Sims is able to dodge out of the way of the big boot of his opponent.

Vorheez spins around, however Sims is there and waiting with some big punches to his opponent. Sims backs Vorheez into the corner of the ring before hammering away at him with some big body punches. Vorheez looks in pain as Sims grabs him in a front face lock before lifting him up to a sitting position on top of the turnbuckle! The fans once again rise to their feet as Sims climbs up onto the second rope and looks for a superplex off the top rope to put his opponent away!

Sims tries to hit the superplex, however Vorheez holds onto the top rope for dear life knowing that if Sims hits this move then it will be curtains for him. Sims tries once again to hit the move, but Vorheez blocks once again before raking the eyes of his opponent! The crowd then pop as William Vorheez lands the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’ from the top rope onto Harvey Sims! The crowd can’t believe what they have just seen as Harvey Sims might be broken in half after that amazing move! With Sims out cold, Vorheez rolls over to make the cover on Sims!



Sebastian Hawke dives into the ring to try and break up the cover.


Hawke can’t quite get there in time and it is William Vorheez who picks up the three count and a big victory ahead of his match next week at Battle of Britain!

Vorheez himself looks in pain after the big move from the top rope as he slowly pulls himself up using the ropes and raises his hands in the air. Sebastian Hawke retreats backstage with a disappointed look on his face having just failed to break up the cover in time for the three to be counted. Vorheez stands over Sims and throws his hands in the air to celebrate his victory, will he be doing the same next week at Battle of Britain?

Winner by pinfall – William Vorheez (12:43)

Need to Know

Once again the action heads backstage to the locker room area where Amy Page and Harry Black are sitting at a table sharing a private conversation. Despite their words being inaudible, it does appear that both of them seem very pleased with themselves, until the locker room door swings open and the huge frame of Scott Washington walks into the scene.

Scott Washington: ‘What the hell is he doing here, he is not booked in a match tonight…’

Washington stares a hole through Harry Black, despite both of them sharing Amy Page as a manager there definitely appears to be no love loss between both men.

Amy Page: ‘Now, now. Just remember your job is to get down to that ring and show Marx and the sVo what we are all about again. We have defeated the sVo Champion, the current best wrestler in the sVo. We made a point against the former sVo Champion, one of the most decorated wrestlers in the sVo’s history. Tonight it’s time to do it against the man considered to be sVo’s future!’

Washington slowly nodded his head in agreement.

Scott Washington: ‘Hey I am here under your orders for now. You tell me to kick some one’s ass and I will kick it. Just keep him away from the ring, we don’t need any more fuck ups like last week.’

Black looks like he is struggling to hold his tongue as he slowly rises up to his feet and stares at Washington.

Harry Black: ‘Last week wasn’t a fuck up pal. Last week went to plan.’

Scott Washington: ‘You COST me the match. What kind of plan is that?’

Amy slowly moves between the two men as they slowly move closer to coming face to face with each other, placing a calming arm on both men’s shoulders.

Amy Page: ‘Now, now gents. Everything is going just as it should. You two are the first pieces of the puzzle, it shouldn’t be long until the final piece of the puzzle arrives and we can reveal all…’

Harry Black and Amy Page share a knowing smile, as Scott Washington shakes his head in confusion. It was clear that being here as the hired gun that information was on a need to know basis only.

Escort from the Building Part 1.

Backstage after his match Vorheez is seen walking towards his dressing room, suddenly a group of uniformed men come up to him.

Officer: “Mr. Vorheez we have been asked by Roscoe Shame to remove you from the building, he feels that your current state of mind is too intense for the backstage area. Shame believes you could cause harm to not only himself but other sVo superstars.”

Vorheez cracks an evil smile.

Vorheez: “O really? Iam a danger to the sVo locker room? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.”

The officer removes handcuffs from his belt.

Officer: “Look Mr. Vorheez we must handcuff you. We will place you in a police vehical and they will escort you to your hotel room.”

Vorheez: “Whatever man, do what you have to do. Just let Mr. Shame know that this is not the last time he’s seen me tonight.”

Officer: “Actually sir, it will be. If you come back into this building once we’ve removed you Roscoe Shame will press charges against you for trespassing.”

Vorheez laughs as he turns around and gets handcuffed.

Vorheez: “Do me a favor, send one of your cronies here to get Roscoe Shame I’d like to talk to him before I leave. I mean it’s not like I can do anything Iam handcuffed.”

The officer motions for one of his guys to go find Roscoe Shame as the officer’s escort Vorheez to a police car.

How Do You Like Me Now?

For the second week in a row, Hostility is spending the majority of their time on Showdown, searching around backstage for Reaper, and the sVo World Title. Earlier in the evening, they almost got their hands on the elusive ‘legend’, but he and the title belt beat a hasty retreat yet again. Of course, the big, bad Reaper demanded another match, an sVo World Title Match as it were, for Wrecker’s title. This has only fueled the trio’s desire to capture him all the more, to ensure that he doesn’t even make it to Battle of Britain.

Wrecker: “I’m gonna kill him!”

James Milenko: “No need to get over dramatic, Henry Edgar.”

Wrecker: “Forget Henry Edgar. I’m too mad to let him out.”

The two men round a corner in mid conversation, with Giavanna struggling to keep up; still exhausted from her match against No-No Notorious.

James Milenko: “Reaper will get exactly what is coming to him. The only difference now is, he’ll get it on a much grander scale. Imagine… Hamish Graham, forced to retire due to severe injuries and brain damage on a globally televised Pay Per View event, all at the hands of Hostility.”

Wrecker: “Imagine… Reaper found beaten to near death in Swiss sports arena. He is kept alive in ICU for one week, dying only moments after watching on TV, Hostility ending the young career of Sebastian Haw-“


Wrecker is stopped just short of his entire thought, by a steel chair facepalm. He stumbles back into the wall, and slides straight down into a slumped seated position at the base of the wall.

“How do you like me now…Uh… BITCH?!”

The camera pans around to show Sebastian Hawke standing over the fallen Wrecker, his chest heaving for air; his body still drenched in sweat from his match moments ago. In his hand is a steel chair, with a perfect imprint of Wrecker’s face in it. Slowly, Hawke begins to back pedal, dropping the chair and looking up at James Milenko.

Sebastian Hawke: “Am I worth your time now?”

Sebastian turns quickly and jogs off into the underbelly of the Hallenstadion.

With Sebastian on the lam, Milenko goes to check on Wrecker, who is trying desperately to shake the cobwebs out. Giavanna, however, places a hand on one hip and smiles.

Giavanna DeMarco: “Huh, I’m starting to like this kid.”

As she laughs to herself, Milenko glares up at her.

James Milenko: “Well, you better put your lady feelings aside, Gia. Because at Battle of Britain, it’s gonna be your job to keep Hawke in check. We don’t need him interfering in our business with Reaper, so you’re going to face him in the ring… and you’re going to take him out!”

Milenko then turns his attention back to Wrecker, who is now trying to get back to his feet.

Wrecker: “Now I’m going to kill him…”

As Wrecker continues to grumble and snort about his newfound hate for Sebastian Hawke, the camera gets a good close up of Giavanna’s face as she stares off in the direction that Hawke had run. At first, she has a slight longing in her eyes, but her expression slowly changes to an evil, witchy grin.

Escort from the Building Part 2.

Roscoe Shame is seen walking with an officer towards the backstage parking area.

Roscoe Shame: “What the hell does this son of a bitch want?”

Officer: “Not sure Mr. Shame, he just asked to speak to you before he was removed from the building.”

Roscoe Shame: “Well lets just make this fast I have things to get taken care of.”

Roscoe Shame and the officer make it to the car. Shame is looking at the car and the officer.

Roscoe Shame: “Where the hell is he?”

Just as he says that hands come up over his back and wrap around his neck. It’s Vorheez still handcuffed using them as a choking device on Shame. The officer scared out of his mind runs away as Roscoe grabs the handcuffs trying to breathe.

Roscoe Shame: “Where are you going?! Get him the hell off of me!”

Vorheez continues to choke Shame and then headbutts him in the back of the head. Roscoe Shame screams in pain as Vorheez smiles.

Vorheez: “Just give me the urn Shame and this will all go away.”

Roscoe Shame: “When hell freezes over.”

Just then a group of officals come running to Shame’s aide, just then Vorheez stands up as Roscoe Shame backs away holding his throat. Vorheez smiles as the lights in the parking garage cut off. Then as the lights come back on all that’s left are a pair of handcuffs laying on the ground…And on the pavement you see in red spraypaint, SEE YOU AT BATTLE OF BRITIAN.

Roscoe Shame: “That son of a bitch.”

Hot Lead Pt.1

The cameras head to the backstage interview area where Tamara Boyd is standing by with her camera crew and looks like she is waiting on the arrival of a sVo star so she can interview them against the backdrop of the sVo logo. Tamara Boyd looks bored with waiting until the cell phone on her waist starts buzzing and she quickly flicks it open to answer it.

Tamara Boyd: ‘Hello? .. Yes this is Tamara Boyd. .. You have information on what? .. Jon Page? .. Yes of course I will meet you! .. When and where? .. Got it!’

Boyd excitedly flips the phone shut and dashes away from the scene, obviously forgetting about whoever she should be interviewing with a hot lead on the Jon Page story breaking!

Scott Washington vs. Reichous Marx
Officiated by Hector Arenda

There is a loud explosion of fireworks and a bright flash over the entrance ramp as ‘Boom’ by Royce Da 5’9″ begins to pound around the arena as the lights slowly lower. As strobe lighting begins to flash over the fans, pyros shoot out from either side of the entrance stage as the energetic Scott Washington steps out from behind the curtain. The fans boo as the ‘Golden State Warrior’ poses on the top of the entrance ramp before running down towards the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope. Washington slowly makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle and raises a fist in the air as a golden pyro begins to shoot down from the top of the arena.

The banshee screech of “The Bottom” by Staind begins like a searchlight of sound, panning the audience, and mirrored by green and yellow streams of light that appear to make X’s against the entrance ramp. “Silver Solid Rebel” appears on the video screen in large, blotchy lettering and slowly fades to show two sneaky emerald eyes. The cymbals splash, the eyes vanish, and are replaced with “REICHOUS MARX” as he slowly walks out from the backstage. He stretches his arms out and scans the arena as he continues to walk down the ramp, never once paying attention to anybody in attendance that he walks by. He reaches the ring, stops momentarily and slaps the side of the ring three times, and slides underneath the bottom rope. He walks over to the opposite corner turnbuckle, climbs to the middle rope and stands motionlessly as he looks out, with a film of disgust covering his eyes, towards the crowd. He hops backwards and touches down on the mat.

The crowd in the arena are pumped up for this highly anticipated match up between two powerhouses in the sVo! The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the match between the Silver Solid Rebel and the O-Town Outlaw is under way!

Washington and Marx slowly make their way towards each other in the middle of the ring, before tying up and trying to push each other backwards. Washington wins the test of strength as he begins to push Marx backwards, however Marx is able to counter with a knee to the midsection followed by a head butt on Washington. Washington stumbles backwards and Marx is straight onto him with a snap suplex to take him down to the mat.

Washington rises straight back up to his feet and spears Marx down to the mat before landing some clubbing blows to the face with some big mounted punches. Marx tries to push Washington off of him, however Washington is able to grab his opponent by the arm and lock in an arm bar submission hold. Washington looks like he is willing to snap the arm of his opponent if he doesn’t submit, however the ring general Marx is able to quickly make it to the ropes to force a rope break.

Washington immediately breaks the hold, and grabs a mixed reaction from the crowd who seem to be warming to him slightly as he pulls Marx to his feet. Washington grabs Marx by the arm and tries to send him into the ring ropes, however Marx manages to counter the move and pull Washington back towards him before sending him down to the mat with a short arm clothesline. Washington rises quickly back up to his feet, however Marx is straight back on him with a belly to belly slam before making a quick cover.




Washington manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three count can be made! Marx doesn’t look too upset about not getting the decision as he immediately goes straight back to work on Washington, nailing him with some huge kicks as he tries to get to his feet. Marx lands a spinning roundhouse heel kick to send Washington into the corner of the ring, before signalling to the crowd!

The crowd boo the Silver Solid Rebel as he runs at Washington looking for a big splash in the corner, however Marx seems to have spent too much time with the crowd as Washington meets him half way with a spear takedown that nearly cuts his opponent in half! Marx struggles up to his feet holding his ribs after the huge spear, but Washington shows no mercy as he grabs him from behind before planting him down to the mat with a full nelson slam! Washington stands over Marx and shouts at him to get to his feet, before locking him in a half Boston crab!

Marx shouts out in pain at the tough submission move as Washington pulls back hard on the leg of his opponent. The referee asks Marx if he wants to quit, however the Silver Solid Rebel bravely shakes his head and reaches out for the bottom rope! Washington pulls back on the submission hold even harder, however Marx finally manages to reach out and grab the bottom rope! Washington breaks the hold, however it looks like the damage might already be done as Marx lays on the mat in pain!

Washington signals to the crowd for the end and again gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as he stands in the corner catching his breath and waiting for Reichious Marx to rise to his feet. Marx slowly pulls himself up and Washington darts forward looking for the ‘Payday’, however out of nowhere Marx manages to counter with the ‘Marxman’s Touch’ which sends both men to the mat!

Both men lay motionless as the referee checks on both of them as the fans cheer on whoever they want to win the match. Marx is the first man to stir as he slowly begins to roll over and drape an arm over his opponent to make the cover.




Washington manages to kick out due to the time it took Marx to cover him after hitting the submission move! Despite Washington kicking out, Marx now looks like he is in firm control of the match as he rises up to his feet and pulls Washington up with him. Marx takes down Washington with a snap German suplex, before signalling for another ‘Marxmans Touch’! However before Washington can get to his feet and Marx can attempt his finisher again, the crowd boo loudly as Harry Black sprints down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in his hand for a second week running!

Harry Black cracks the steel chair across the back of Marx’s skull from behind right in front of the referee, sending Marx down to the mat and the referee to call for the bell! The crowd boo loudly as Harry Black smirks before slowly climbing out of the ring just as Washington rises up to his feet and realises just what has happened. Marx looked like he was in control of the match at the end, but for the second week running it is Harry Black who has cost Scott Washington a match by getting him DQ’ed! Washington looks pissed with Harry Black as he stares him back up the entrance ramp as Marx holds the back of his head in pain, another victory under his belt ahead of his match against Cody Williams at Battle of Britain next week.

Winner by DQ – Reichous Marx (14:37)

Signed, Sealed, Deliver

The door to Roscoe Shame’s office for the night opens up. Shame is sitting in his chair, as per usual, but this time he has Marx sitting in his office, a towel wrapped around his shoulders helping him cool down from his match. Roscoe looks over and Marx turns around and they both see Cody, still looking very distant

Roscoe Shame: “Cody, glad you could join us. Why don’t you have a seat?”

Cody glances over at Marx and seemingly can’t look away. Marx smiles and winks at Cody. Roscoe reiterates.

Roscoe Shame: “Cody. Have a seat. Please.”

Cody snaps to and makes his way over to the chair to the left of Marx, moves a little bit more away from Marx, and then takes a seat.

Reichous Marx: “Good call, I’m a total contagious case.”

Roscoe Shame: “That’s enough out of you, Marx. I’m not going to sit here and stomach any antagonization. Leave that for the ring, which is why we’re here. I’m having both of you sign a contractual agreement for the match as well as a clearance.”

Cody Williams “A clearance?”

Roscoe Shame: “A waiver. A liability waiver.”

Cody giggles and shakes his head.

Cody Williams: “I told you, Shame, I’m fine.”

Roscoe Shame: “That may be true for you AND Marx, but I need to feel comfortable in making this match and the only way I’ll feel that way is if you both sign the waiver. Neither one of you have to, of course, but then again — I don’t have to clear this match either.”

Marx darts his eyes toward Cody and Cody does the same. Roscoe grabs two pens and lays them down in front of the superstars. He then grabs two pieces of paper with blank spots left for signatures at the bottom. Both of them are official: A match contract and liability waiver. They stare down at it while Roscoe patiently waits for them to sign, sticking an unlit cigar in his mouth.

Reichous Marx: “Having second thoughts?”

Cody Williams: “Me? You must be out of your mind. You think I need to sign this to decimate you?”

Reichous Marx: “Your entire world is decimated, Cody. Why would I ever HESITATE to think that it would take you signing something to try and decimate me? You keep that filth to yourself.”

Cody gets to his feet immediately and looks down at Marx, who simply crosses his legs, lets out a sigh, and sits back.

Cody Williams: “I’m just about tired of this. Roscoe? He’s pushing it. I am trying to behave, I am trying to keep my cool, but I’m just about ready to flip his world upside down!”

Reichous Marx “Go ahead, you little troubled punk! Take the first shot! Go ahead, right to the chin. I’ll give you one free pass and then it’ll be game over.”

Cody Williams: “Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t you? A free pass to cry to Shame about how I attacked YOU. We came in here to do one thing — to finalize this damn match so that I can get my FREE PASS to the another world title and finally take what’s MINE. Shut your mouth and let’s get this done.”

Roscoe Shame: “BOTH of you shut up RIGHT NOW. Jesus, I’ve had about enough of both of you. Cody, sit down and grab a pen. Marx? Shut up, stop instigating, and grab a pen. Sign these two damn pieces of paper, finalize this damn thing, and then BOTH of you can get out of my office. I have two security guards outside too so do you know what that means? Both of you WILL HAVE boots stuck halfway up your asses if you decide to play kindergarten and attack one another once my door is closed. With THAT being said, am I clear?”

Cody stares at Marx for a minute and Marx returns the expression with an obnoxious smile. Cody finally decides to sit back down. Once they sit down, both of them cooperate by grabbing pens. Cody signs his life away first and Marx immediately follows. Roscoe waits until they are finished before sliding the two pieces of paper back over to him to read them over. Roscoe grabs a manila folder from one of his desk’s drawers and slides them both into it and then tosses the folder into a document crate on his desk. Roscoe grabs his zippo lighter and sparks up his cigar.

Roscoe Shame: “So, there’s one more thing that must be mentioned to make this particular match happen — something that will void anything that has been signed, any sealed and delivered contract. Anything that may happen prior to this match? Sudden attacks, cheap shots, interferences? Not only will you both be void of your shot at a world title match, but you both will never get a chance to wrestle against each other again. And being that I am the GM of this wonderful wrestling promotion of ours, that is a promise. Signed, sealed, delivered.”

Reichous Marx: “We done?”

Roscoe nods. Marx gets to his feet, as does Cody, and Marx immediately turns to him and extends his hand.

Reichous Marx: “May the best one win, right?”

Cody looks down at Marx’s hand and then glances over at Roscoe, who is sitting there with silent anticipation of what was going to happen next and prepared to shout for his security guards. Cody shakes his head.

Cody Williams: “Not on your dime…”

Cody turns around and walks out of the office, leaving Marx standing there perplexed. He glances over at Roscoe who takes a puff of his cigar and shrugs his shoulders. Marx smiles one more time before he, too, wanders out of Roscoe’s office while the picture fades to black.

Piece of the Puzzle

Fresh off his loss by DQ to Reichious Marx, Scott Washington is raging as he storms through the backstage corridors of the arena.

Scott Washington: ‘Amy! Harry! Where the fuck are you!’

Washington kicks a chair out of the way before almost ripping the locker room door off of the hinges as he pushes his way into the room with Amy Page and Harry Black.

Amy Page: ‘Just cool down Scott.’

Harry Black prepares himself for an attack as Scott Washington stomps towards him.

Scott Washington: ‘Calm down! I told you earlier not to get involved but again you have cost me the match! You’re making me look like a laughing stock!’

Amy Page places a hand on Scott Washington to try and restrain the powerhouse.

Amy Page: ‘I told you the results are not important right now. We need to make sure we are feared. Everyone on the roster is going to know we can hit them at any time now. We have just hit Wildman and Marx in the last two weeks! The rest of the roster doesn’t stand a chance!’

Washington shook his head in confusion. In truth he was only here as a hired gun to repay his debt to Amy Page, but it still hurt him to be losing matches.

Scott Washington: ‘What the hell has this got to do with finding out what happened to your brother? Is that even why we are here anymore?’

Again Harry Black and Amy Page share a knowing smile.

Amy Page: ‘I just spoke to the final piece of the jigsaw Scott, he is on his way to London already so that next week we can reveal all. We can make the ultimate impact. For now though forget about the wins and losses. I need you to take care of a small and annoying problem…’

The scene fades out as Amy Page whispers into the air of Scott Washington.

When the Man Comes Around

We’re shown the backstage where a very frustrated James Milenko along with a pissed off Wrecker are searching high and low for either Reaper or the newly “ballsy” Sebastian Hawke. They to a cross section backstage and we see Gia coming from one of the other directions. They meet in the middle to compare notes.

James: Any sign of them?

Gia: No, any luck on your end?

Wrecker: Does it look like we had any luck?

Before Hostility can start bickering amongst themselves too much Wrecker notices someone walking down the hall. His eyes widen a little as he realizes it’s Sebastian Hawke heading towards the parking garage. Wrecker pushes past Milenko and Gia and starts to give chase.

Wrecker: It’s the little bird trying to flee the nest.

Gia gives chase behind Wrecker as both head towards the parking garage after Hawke. Milenko is taking up the rear following them, neither one notices though that he hits the ground shortly after they go through the doorway into the parking area. Milenko rolls over onto his back and looks up only to see that the one that tripped him is none other than Reaper.

Reaper: Looking for someone Jimmy?

Milenko goes to yell out for help but before he can Reaper starts stomping away at him. Reaper lifts James up to his feet and sends him face first into the wall. When James stumbles back from the wall he gets nailed with Reaper’s variation of the Misawa elbow called The Beginning of. Reaper looks down at Milenko and smirks.

Reaper: This is just a message Jimmy boy, I meant it when I said that the match verses Wrecker, I want you no where near that ring. I want you to be a good little boy and stay in the back where you’re suppose to be. I swear if you get anywhere near that ring I’ll slip out with the title again and you will never see it again. What you will see is a close up vision of a kendo stick, and if you cost me my match again I personally guarantee I wont be the only one eyed bastage in this organization any longer. I hope you can still hear me Jimmy, because I wont repeat it.

Reaper pats Milenko on the chest a couple of times

Reaper: Good talk, we should do it again sometime, like never.

Reaper smirks as he walks off leaving James Milenko laid out as Wrecker and Gia are oblivious still chasing after Sebastian Hawke.

Lazarus Noone & Cody Williams vs. Jay Wildman & M.F. Cooper
Officiated by Nick Jaxx

The dulcid tones of Travel Now Journey Infinitely plays up to its crescendo. As the accompanying female voice explodes over the PA system, the houselights of the arena flare to their maximum. As the houselights dim down to normal, the blasting beats of the drums herald Jay Wildman. He starts to walk down towards the ring as the drums force his march and before he reaches the ring he points up to the sky with both fingers, slides in and stays in a kneeling position for a few moments before standing up and using the ropes to stretch and loosen his muscles.

“Prince of the Rodeo” hits the speaker system, blaring out at tremendous volume. The lights go dark right before there is a huge pyrotechnic explosion of blue, white and green. The lights come on, but are still dim, as M.F. emerges from the back with a grin on his face. He rushes down the ramp way, holding his hand out to slap those of fans as he passes by. He circles the ring, his arms outstretched and a roar of exhilaration rushing from his mouth, before finally climbing to the ring apron and then hopping over the top rope. Upon landing, he runs at the corner and springs to the top turnbuckle, raising his arms in the air and once more roaring out.


The sounds of “Personal Jesus” by Marilyn Manson blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up. From behind the curtain, “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams slowly walks out to the loathing of the capacity crowd. He stops at the top of the ramp, sliding his designer sunglasses down the bridge of his nose and stares out into the audience. His face is filled with a cocky smirk as he he pops his fur vest before running his hands through his long, wet hair.

Your own personal Jesus

Someone to hear your prayers

Someone who cares

He cockily makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and slapping his face, pulling his arms away from people in the crowd trying to touch him as they continue to drown The Goodfellas Arena with the sounds of their displeasure. He cockily slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, with a cold, hard look on his face.

Loyal to No one by DropKick Murphy hits the PA system as the crowd erupts in boos. Lazarus Noone comes stepping out onto the stage with disgusted look on his face. Lazarus slowly makes his way to the ring taking his time to jawjack with the people around the ring. He makes a full circle around the ring before heading up the steps and stepping inside the ring. He backs up into the near corner and undoes his short robe hanging it over the ropes as he uses the rope to stretch and loosen up waiting for the bell.

Cooper and Noone both get out of the ring as Wildman and Williams start us off in the middle of the ring with a tie up. Wildman gets the advantage and sends Williams off the ropes. As Cody comes bouncing back Wildman takes him down with a hip toss. Jay Wildman goes straight into a rear chin lock as Williams tries to get back to his feet. After a couple minutes of struggling Cody manages to get back to a vertical base. Wildman still has his arms wrapped around the head of Williams but he reverses the hold into a back suplex. With Jay down for the moment Williams goes on the offensive. Cody bounces off the ropes and comes back with an elbow drop. Lifting Wildman back to his feet Cody starts hitting him with the Perfect Rush but about half way through when Williams goes for a roundhouse kick Wildman ducks, as Williams spins around he eats a mean right hand and another and then a third. Jay backs Williams into his corner and then drives his knee into the midsection of Williams. Wildman makes the tag.

In comes MF Cooper, Cooper hits Williams with a barrage of lefts and rights in the corner before taking a couple steps out and running in leaping up and catching Williams in a monkey flip out of the corner. Cooper is back to his feet and catches Cody just before he can stretch his hand out and tag an eager Lazarus Noone. Cooper brings Williams back to the middle of the ring with a belly to back suplex that he builds upon by getting to his feet quickly and bouncing off the ropes, as he comes back Cooper hits a double knee drop into the chest of Cody Williams

Cooper gets to his feet lifting Williams up as well, Cooper with an arm wrench walks over to his corner and tags in Jay Wildman. Wildman steps into the ring and climbs up to the middle rope. Cocking his fist way back he jumps off and drives a fist right into the shoulder of Cody Williams as MF Cooper gets out of the ring. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Lazarus Noone is pacing like a caged animal wanting into this match. Wildman keeps on Williams sending him into the corner, he charges in after Williams. As Cody reaches the corner he jumps up placing one foot on the turnbuckle then comes out of the corner with a spinning roundhouse that nearly takes the head off Jay Wildman. Williams is down but Lazarus is cheering for him to get to his feet his arm stretched out for the tag. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Cooper is stomping on the mat trying to get the crowd behind Jay Wildman.

Both down men crawl towards their respective corners, Wildman stretches and tags in Cooper. Williams stretches and watches as Noone retracts his hand and jumps off the apron. Lazarus just smirks as he turns and starts heading away from the ring to a chorus of boos. Next thing Williams knows is Cooper is on him with some vicious forearm shots. MF Cooper lifts Cody Williams to his feet sending him off the ropes. Lazarus about half way up the ramp watches as Cooper takes Williams down with a dropkick to the knee. Cooper pops back up to his feet and bounces off hitting Williams with the Reality Check! MF Cooper with the pin.




MF Cooper gets the pinfall as he and Jay Wildman win this match. Meanwhile on the ramp Lazarus Noone does a little golf clap for MF Cooper. Cooper turns his attentions back to Noone and makes a little motion around his waist letting the Las Vegas champion know exactly what he’s coming for.Winner by pinfall – Jay Wildman & MF Cooper (10:45)

Hot Lead Pt.2

The cameras head to the car park in the backstage area, where Tamara Boyd is wrapped up in a coat, chasing down her anonymous lead from last week regarding the disappearance of Jon Page. Boyd seems to be waiting for a car as she looks out for every single one that drives past until one finally pulls up near her.

Tamara Boyd looks excited, however as she approaches the car two masked figures jump out, one from the passenger seat and one from the drivers seat!

Tamara Boyd screams as she is grabbed by the two masked figures and bundled into the boot of the car. The two figures then leap back into the car and speed off, the screams of Tamara Boyd fading out into the distance!

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