sVo Showdown #84
12th November 2012
Goodfella Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


There is a huge cheer in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as (S)aint by Marilyn Manson hits the sound system and the camera pans around the screaming fans that are packed into the arena. Gold strobe lighting flickers over the darkened arena as the frenzy builds with the fans all eager to see their favourite fighters in action. Highlights of past sVo action plays on the giant screen, before there is a run down of some of the matches that have already been announced for tonight, including the Victory Cup first round matches between Sara Pettis & Loki Synn, Frost & Colt Cooper, Woodrew Burbank & Tobias Devereux and Roscoe Shame and a mystery opponent!


Colt Cooper had just made his way inside the Goodfellas. Already awaiting him was Tamara Boyd and her camera crew. Microphone intact.

Tamara Boyd: “Might I say you’re looking quite good tonight.”

Colt flashes a smile to the camera. He was dressed in light blue slacks and a pink button up collar shirt. He throws his blue louis vuiton duffel bag on his shoulder then snatching the mic from Tamara.

Colt Cooper: “Thanks for your generousity, but you can save it.”

He pauses.

Colt Cooper: “I’m glad you’re here though. There is something I wanted to say. See, I am very upset that I’m not in the main event once again tonight. It sickens me. Nobody showed up here tonight to see a fucking Jester and the ugliest bitch in the world duke it out. That’s not a main event. That’s downright a disgrace. Every night the Star Studded One should be in that main event. This is my show. Let’s face it. I’m going to be running this.”

The boos erupt inside the Goodfellas.

Colt Cooper: “Didn’t my win over Nathan Paradine say everything. I am the best damn thing in this orginization. You people just don’t realize that. I’m exactly what all the low life wrestlers want to be. Rich, good looking, and the next sVo champion.”

He pauses once more getting closer to the camera. His face sidictive.

Colt Cooper: “Listen up Frost.

He digs into his pocket pulling out a pink lighter.

Colt Cooper: “You’re not cold, and if you were this tiny little lighter could defrost you. I know tonight you’re looking to make a statement like all the other new faces around here. I have no problem with that. I just won’t to be in that Retribution main event more than you. Remember I am the head honcho. Don’t take me lightly, or i’ll have you done in less than five. Not seven minutes and fourty nine seconds. The Naked Gladiator has come to slay the monster.”

Colt hands the microphone back to Tamara Boyd. He flashes one more smile before popping his collar and leaving the scene.

James Von Drake vs. Joshua Curtis
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

As “Desert Apple” plays over the sound system Joshua Curtis walks out from behind the curtain and bows to the audience as he walks down the ramp and around the ring meeting with some of the fans before stopping at one fan in particular and producing a rose for them and giving the lucky lady a kiss on the cheek.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the first match of the evening is finally underway! JVD and Curtis circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before both men dive forward and tie up with one another. Both men try and push each other backwards in a test of strength, and the fans boo loudly as JVD pushes the newcomer Joshua Curtis back into the corner of the ring. The referee calls for a break, but JVD keeps his hold on Curtis locked on for the full five seconds before letting go of him. Curtis steps out of the corner, but JVD is quickly on him with some big right hands.

Curtis tries to fight back with a right hand of his own, however JVD grabs him by the arm and tosses him hard into the ring ropes. Curtis bounces back into the middle of the ring, but as JVD looks for a back body drop, Curtis is able to counter with a big knee lift into the face of his opponent. JVD stumbles away holding his face in pain, but as he does Curtis takes the chance to bounce into the ropes before returning to flatten JVD with a massive clothesline which gets the fans on their feet.

JVD looks shaken as he pulls himself up to his feet using the ring ropes, but he doesn’t get any time to recover as the newcomer is straight back on him with a sleeper hold. The fans cheer on Joshua Curtis as he slowly squeezes the life out of his opponent and closes in on his first sVo win. JVD looks like he is fading fast under the pressure of the sleeper hold from Curtis, however the veteran former Las Vegas Champion Von Drake is able to place his legs down across the bottom rope as he flops to the mat, causing the referee to call for a rope break.

The decision is not too popular with the sVo fans in attendance as Curtis reluctantly lets go of James Von Drake. JVD takes a few seconds to slowly roll to his feet, but as he does Curtis is straight back onto him with a flurry of kicks and punches. The fans cheer on the newcomer as he backs JVD into the corner of the ring and then hits him with some massive mounted punches in the corner as Lucy Von Drake winces while watching at ringside.

Curtis drags JVD out of the corner and sets him up for a DDT in the middle of the ring, however JVD manages to use all his strength to block the move, before freeing himself from the front face lock with some stiff punches to the kidney of his opponent. Curtis staggers away holding his side in pain, and JVD bounces into the ropes before returning with a swinging neck breaker onto his opponent. With Joshua Curtis hitting the mat hard, JVD quickly rolls over him to make the cover.





The fans cheer as Curtis manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat just before the three can be counted by the referee. James Von Drake does not look happy with the decision as he rolls to his feet and begins to lay into his opponent with some big stomps. Joshua Curtis manages to rise back up to his feet, but as he does JVD sends him swiftly back down to the mat with a snap suplex. Curtis holds his back in pain, but as he does James Von Drake chokes him out by placing his boot across his throat, drawing loud boos from the crowd.

JVD doesn’t seem to care what the crowd think of him as the referee finally forces him off of Joshua Curtis, who gasps for air. JVD flips the bird to the crowd, before bouncing off of the ring ropes and aiming a spear in the direction of Joshua Curtis. However much to the fans delight, Curtis is able to counter with a kick to the midsection of his opponent before nailing him with a piledriver in the middle of the ring!

JVD’s head bounces off of the mat hard as he holds his neck. Curtis takes a few seconds to get to his feet himself before acknowledging the cheers from the fans. Curtis grabs hold of JVD and pulls him to a standing position before locking him in a front face lock. With JVD still groggy from the piledriver, Curtis is able to easily lift him up into the air and hold him in position for a few seconds, before dropping him head first onto the mat with a brainbuster! The fans cheer for the big move on JVD as Curtis is quickly to his feet.

Curtis signals to the crowd as James Von Drake slowly begins to rise to his feet holding his head in pain. JVD stumbles forward, right into the arms of Joshua Curtis who locks him in position for the ‘Warriors Pride’! The fans cheer for the submission move as JVD desperately tries to escape from the clutches of Joshua Curtis! JVD frantically tries to reach for the ropes, but being in the middle of the ring he is nowhere near. JVD gives one last big effort to try and free himself from the move, before finally giving up to the pain and tapping out!

Joshua Curtis is quick to release the submission move and triumphantly rise to his feet, where the referee grabs him by the arm and raises his hand in victory. Joshua Curtis continues to celebrate his massive opening victory over the former Las Vegas Champion, as Lucy Von Drake pulls her husband JVD from the ring and out of harms way after suffering a second successive defeat to a newcomer.

Winner by pinfall – Joshua Curtis (11:34)


In the backstage area, a lone cameraman is seen standing off in a corner, whistling to himself as he sorts through his camera equipment.


The cameraman stops whistling and looks around for the source of the strange sound. He spots Henry Edgar Shaw peeking his head out of a door way across the corridor. Henry Edgar jerks his head to the side, urging the cameraman to come on over. However, the cameraman shakes his head and goes back to what he was doing.


Again, the cameraman turns around, this time glaring at Henry Edgar.

Cameraman: “Seriously, do you mind? I’m kind of busy.”

For a second time, the cameraman turns back around, paying as little attention to Henry Edgar as he can. As he reorganizes his lens, he can hear the sound of footsteps creeping up behind him. As they get closer, he rolls his eyes in annoyance. He spins around quickly, ready to give it to Henry Edgar.

Cameraman: “Listen you idiot, I said I’m bu…”

Suddenly, Henry Edgar grabs the guy by the collar and begins to lift him off his feet. Granted the cameraman is somewhat small in stature, this is still an impressive feat nonetheless. The cameraman looks down at Henry Edgar, and there is something very different about him. His dark brown hair hangs in front of his face, no longer in its usual ponytail, and with his head tilted down slightly, his eyes have disappeared into shadow.

The cameraman gasps for air; a look of sheer terror in his eyes. And then, as suddenly as the assault had began, Henry Edgar releases the man, dropping him to his feet. The cameraman stumbles back, knocking over some of his gear. Henry Edgar just stares at him as he pulls his hair back, and wraps it with a hair elastic. He then pulls out a familiar pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and puts them on.

Angelo: “You’ll have to forgive my friends, neither one of them is very good with other people.”

Though he looks completely confused, something lights up in his eyes, and he realizes just who is standing in front of him.

Cameraman: “You’re that guy…”

Angelo: “Technically, it would be ‘those guys’, but continue.”

The cameraman stops and thinks about that for a second.

Cameraman: “Umm… you’re… those guys… the crazy guys? Man, it must be like some wacky traffic jam up there, huh?”

The cameraman lets out a nervous laugh as he taps his forehead with his index finger. Angelo just stares at him, amused and befuddled that he would make a comment like that, considering he was just held several inches off the floor by his collar.

Angelo: “Alright funny man, you had your chance. You could have been nice to Henry Edgar and just helped him, but you decided to be a douche. That was a very bad decision! You’re lucky he was just trying to intimidate you, because he’s usually out to hurt people. Now, if you’d like to continue being a complete douchebag, I can bring back my dark and menacing friend, and you two can get better acquainted.”

Angelo reaches up and starts to pull the hair elastic out.

Cameraman: “Alright, I’m sorry… that was a little distasteful. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you… umm… guys?”

Angelo just grins as the cameras cut back to the ringside area. The fans are abuzz with anticipation for the wrestling action to come later in the evening. However, as they talk amongst themselves, the lights dim slightly and the giant video screen comes to life. The crowd quiets down as all attention if focused on the large image of Henry Edgar Shaw. There is only dead silence as he stares straight ahead, his lips trembling with fear.

Henry Edgar Shaw: “T… toni… … … toniiiii – FUCK IT!”

There is a moment of hesitation, and then the sunglasses are slide into position.

Angelo: “Ladies and gentlemen, first of, let me apologize for Henry Edgar, public speaking is not his forte. Now, more importantly… tonight is the night that everything changes.”

Angelo’s hushes his voice ever so slightly as he speaks more seriously.

Angelo: “Tonight, one man will begin his journey towards immortality. And no, it’s not the man who spoke, barely, just a moment ago… and certainly not me. His name is Wrecker, and he’s a nasty, old soul. Believe me when I say, you’ll know him when you see him. His lust for violence knows no bounds, it is his life, he was born and breed from it. For what it’s worth, I’d like to apologize right now to Cain Jensen. I understand that this is his first shot at the big time, and he is under the impression that it is his quote-unquote, time to shine. Well, that is both respectfully admirable, and tragically foolhearted. You see, Cain Jensen will be just the first in a long trail of shattered bodies and wrecked dreams. His utter defeat will be a prologue of destruction and dominance… a warning for those who seek to claim top billing here in the sVo. Rest assured, what happens here tonight… what becomes of Cain Jensen… will be exactly what is in store for anyone who thinks they are walking out of Retribution with the sVo World Championship Title.”

The crowd gives a strong, yet mixed reaction at Angelo’s bold claim. Not once has Henry Edgar’s name been mentioned in connection to the Victory Cup Tournament, announced by sVo owner, Jon Page, last wee, yet here’s Angelo, predicting that it will be a Wrecker versus Paradine main event at the next Pay Per View, not to mention a Wrecker victory.

Angelo: “However, if the sVo brass SOMEHOW manage to skip right over Wrecker for a spot in the tournament, all I can say is God have mercy on the poor soul who earns themselves the title of Wrecker’s next victim… err… I mean, sVo World Champion. I don’t mean to sound like a pretentious twat or anything, and if I do, it’s only because I know I’m right. And after tonight, you’ll all know just how right I am too. So just sit back, and relax… tonight, ‘The Wreckoning’ begins…”

With that, the giant screen slowly fades to black as the house lights return to normal. If the crowd wasn’t alive with rumbles of excitement before, it sure is now.

We go back to the backstage area where the cameraman lowers the camera from his shoulder. He looks a bit nervous as Angelo approaches him.

Angelo: “See, that’s all we wanted. If you had of been cooperative right from the beginning, we wouldn’t have had to use the intimidation card. Not to mention, I’d hate to waste some of Wrecker’s energy on teaching you a lesson in manners. Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have a match to get ready for.”

The cameraman stares in disbelief as Angelo turns to walk away. However, he stops and turns back, patting the cameraman on the cheek.

Angelo: “Thanks for your help, you can go back to whatever it was you were doing.”

He grins and walks away, leaving the cameraman to his business.


Backstage we see the locker room door of the Fighting Irish. Walking up to it carrying cases of beer are Drunk and Disorderly who already look intoxicated. Tripp looks at Vorheez.

Tripp Whipwreck: “You ready?”

Vorheez nods at Tripp as Tripp takes his giant boot and kicks the locker room door hard three times…




The door flings open and Sean O’Grady is standing there with a puzzled look on his face.

Sean O’Grady: “What the hell do you two want?”

William Vorheez pushes by with Tripp Whipwreck they walk into the locker room and drop the cases of beer onto a nearby table. Tom Flynn stands up ready to fight. Vorheez and Whipwreck hold their hands up.

William Vorheez: “Woah, woah, woah, hang on guys. We aren’t here to fight, we will all do that later. I believe you O’Grady challenged us to a drinking contest last week, and we are here as a sign of good faith, and hold you to your offer.”

Tom Flynn: “We don’t drink before we fight.”

Tripp and Vorheez look at each other with a confused look.

Tripp Whipwreck: “What kind of fucking Irish Fighters are you? Don’t drink before you fight? Sounds like you are scared you are gonna get your asses handed to you. I mean if you want to admit defeat now thats fine…”

Sean O’Grady: “We aren’t admitting defeat, not at all especially not to two losers like you. Give me one second to talk to my partner here.”

The Fighting Irish walk over to a corner of the locker room and discuss things as Vorheez pulls a beer out of his pocket and cracks the can and begins to drink. The Fighting Irish turn around and look at Vorheez.

Tom Flynn: “Hey! We didn’t say we were going to have this contest yet, why are you drinking already?

William Vorheez: “Im thirsty?”

Sean O’Grady: “Ok, Ok, yes I did challenge you to a drinking contest, so lets do this, besides the winner of tonights match will be the team that actually makes it to the ring. I hope you guys are ready to admit defeat to us…”

Tripp Whipwreck: “Alright boys lets get this show on the road…Rules are we shotgun the beers no nursing them like some pussies.”

Tripp pulls four screwdrivers out of his vest pocket and hands them out.

Tripp Whipwreck: “Puncture the bottom crack the top and chug…Everyone ready?”

All four men look at each other and nod.

William Vorheez: “GO!”

All the men grab beers and start shotgunning them, chugging the beers as fast as they can, and within a short amount of time a pile of beers cans already line the floor. They furiously start to drink more and more slamming beer after beer. Suddenly Tripp Whipwreck looks over at William Vorheez and nods his head. Both pull out billy clubs as The Fighting Irish chug their beers not knowing what’s going on. Vorheez and Whipwreck attack cracking The Fighting Irish with the billy clubs in the stomach, the Fighting Irish hit the floor as Drunk and Disorderly stand over them.

William Vorheez: “You listen and you listen good, if you two were smart you’d stay your asses back here and not come out to that ring. You have no idea what your buddy Jon has gotten you into and nor will you like the outcome.”

Drunk and Disorderly both head out the locker room door, but out of nowhere they are attacked by the Fighting Irish, a huge brawl insues with Vorheez and Sean O’Grady breaking off and Whipwreck and Flynn brawling. Both teams are destroying everything in their path as they laid down a beating on one another…Security rushes in to break up the fight but are having no such luck….

Cain Jensen vs. Wrecker
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

The lights go dim as “Apocryphon” by The Sword begins to play throughout the venue and they kick in full force with strobe lights and green laser lights. Cain Jensen walks onto the stage with a cocky smirk on his face. He spins around once with his arms out and then raises the “devil horns” into the air. He makes his way down to the ring and jumps onto the apron and climbs through the ropes, quickly popping upright and throwing up the “devil horns” gesture once again as his theme music begins to fade.

The cameras switch to a shot backstage, showing Henry Edgar Shaw waiting to make his way out to the ring. He looks rather apprehensive as he paces back and forth. He can hear the fans at ringside roaring and cheering, which only adds to his anxiety. Suddenly, the opening guitar rift of “Fuck You Puto” by Quarashi begins to play over the PA system, and Henry Edgar stops dead in his tracks. He stares straight ahead at the curtain, and slowly, the emotion leaves his eyes. He quickly pulls his shirt off over his head, and pulls the elastic from his hair, letting is flow freely.

As the music gets heavier, he marches out to the stage and stops at the top of the ramp. His gaze never wanders as he continues to stare straight ahead at the ring. As the lyrics begin, and quickly stomps down to the ring and climbs up the ring steps. He climbs in through the ropes, and heads to the corner, where he stands motionless, yet imposing all the same, waiting for the match to begin.

With the two highly anticipated newcomers in the ring and ready for action, the bell rings and this one is officially under way! Wrecker and Jensen slowly circle around each other in the middle of the ring, before Jensen makes the first move by grabbing Wrecker by the arm. Jensen tried to toss Wrecker into the ring ropes, however Wrecker reverses the attempt and tosses Jensen into the ropes. Jensen bounces back into the middle of the ring, only to find himself on the end of a short arm clothesline from Wrecker.

Jensen slowly rises up to a standing position, however as he does Wrecker is there and waiting for him with a scoop slam. With Jensen down on the mat Wrecker drops a big leg across the upper body of his opponent. Jensen quickly rolls out of the ring to put some distance between him and his opponent, but Wrecker follows Jensen out of the ring as well by climbing out through the ring ropes.

As Jensen catches his breath, Wrecker grabs him by the back of the head and slams him face first into the side of the ring. Jensen stumbles backwards holding his face, and as he does Wrecker manages to follow up with a side Russian leg sweep onto the security barrier on the outside of the ring! The move seems to have taken a lot out of both men as the referee calls for the action to be taken back inside the ring.

Wrecker is the first man to slowly pull himself up to his feet, and as he does he grabs hold of Jensen by the hair. Wrecker tosses Jensen back into the ring by rolling him under the bottom rope, before climbing in himself. Jensen tries to rise to his feet, but as he does Wrecker drops him down to the mat with a perfect release German suplex before making the cover on his opponent.




Jensen manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the referee can count the three!

Wrecker grabs hold of Jensen by the hair as he tries to get to his feet and once again positions him for a German suplex. However the near fall seems to have woken Jensen up as he battles out from the waist lock position with some big back elbows onto Wrecker before going behind into a waist lock on his opponent himself. Jensen lifts Wrecker into the air and tosses him down to the mat with a German suplex, and as he does keeps his arms locked around the waist of his opponent.

Jensen uses his strength to pull Wrecker up once more before tossing him back down with a second German suplex! Wrecker holds the back of his head in pain on the mat as Jensen rises up to his feet and receives loud cheers from the fans for his efforts.

Jensen soaks in the reaction as he stands waiting for his opponent to get to his feet. Wrecker seems to be feeling the back of his head as he rises up, and things don’t get any better for him as Jensen tosses him to the mat hard with a spinebuster! With Wrecker on the mat, Jensen grabs the legs of his opponent and locks in a sharpshooter submission hold!

Wrecker shouts out in pain as the fans rise to their feet in appreciation for the submission move that is being applied by Jensen. Jensen looks like he is going for the submission victory there and then as he leans back to try and increase the pain shooting through his opponents body. The referee drops down and asks Wrecker if he wants to quit, but he bravely or stupidly shakes his head and reaches out in vain for the bottom rope. The fans cheer Jensen on as he desperately tries to make Wrecker submit, however Wrecker finally manages to shift himself across the ring far enough to grab hold of the bottom rope and force the referee to call a rope break!

The Jensen fans in the arena look dissapointed as he rises to his feet, leaving Wrecker on the mat still in pain. Jensen raises his arms in the air to the fans to try and get them even more on his side, but as he reaches down to pick up Wrecker, Wrecker suprises him with an inside cradle!




Jensen manages to kick out just in the nick of time! Wrecker rises up to his feet and Jensen runs at him with a flurry of right hands. However Wrecker is able to knock away the fists of Jensen and throw him hard into the ropes. Jensen bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Wrecker plants him with a hip toss into a back breaker! Jensen struggles up to his feet, but as he does Wrecker signals to the crowd before landing the ‘Wreckoning’ onto Jensen! There is a mixed reaction to the move from the fans as Wrecker rolls over Jensen to make the cover.




This one is all over, and in an even match up it is Wrecker who comes out on top! Wrecker raises his arms in the air in victory as Jensen rolls out of the ring after the narrow defeat to his fellow newcomer.

Winner by pinfall – Wrecker (12:02)


The camera returns to the backstage feed, where Frost is shown standing with Alicia Frost at his side. He has his hoodie up pulled down over his eyes, as all that is visible is the white paint around his mouth region.

Frost: Ya know Colt…Cooper.

He pauses for a second, and raised his head removing his hoodie.

Frost: I don’t like you, ask me why, couldn’t tell ya. Maybe it’s the pink fucking highlight in your hair, or maybe because you choose to stand in-between good and evil. Maybe it’s just who you are that pisses me off, the way ya talk, I don’t know maybe the way you stand, who knows. It’s probably just everything about you.

He pauses again, and stares down at Alicia. Frost then looks back towards the camera.

Frost: But you know Colt, maybe I can fix that for ya tonight. Cause when I’m finished with ya, that pink highlight will be bloody red. You won’t be able to talk, because I will crush that god awful vocal box of yours. You won’t be able stand, because you will be wheel from the ring in a stretcher. Your wifey will have to wipe your own ass for ya, once I’m finished. Tonight these pathetic peons in attendance will witness in 10 minutes the rise and fall of Colt Cooper, and don’t worry…I keep my promises I’ll read your child a story when it’s all said and finished.

Frost pulls back up his hoodie and walks off out of the camera sight.

Alicia Frost: Yeesh! My darling gonna hurt ya…See ya soon Colt HAHA.

The camera fades out.

sVo presents Showdown #85
Monday 19th November 2012
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

Drunk & Disorderly vs. The Fighting Irish
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

With the Fighting Irish already in the ring as Showdown returns from a commercial break, “Ghosts Along the Mississippi” by Down begins to play as the arena goes black. Green strobes pulse to the opening chords. A white light shines up through the bottom of the stage and smoke fills the entrance way as Vorheez and Whipwreck appear out from behind the smoke. Greeted with a mix of cheers and boos. Vorheez and Whipwreck marches their way to the ring as the green lights pulse more. Vorheez slides in underneath the bottom rope as Whipwreck hopes up on the apron and climbs into the ring. The music and lights slowly fade as they remove their vests and lay them on the outside ring post.

With Drunk & Disorderly and the Fighting Irish on opposite sides of the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and tonight’s tag team action to get started! Tom Flynn and Tripp Whipwreck get the match started off for their teams as Vorheez and O’Grady watch from their respective corners.

Whipwreck starts the match by trading big right hands with Flynn, as it looks like this match could quickly descend into a bar room brawl between both teams! Flynn gets the upper hand on his opponent as he backs him into the corner of the ring, however Whipwreck is not to be outdone as he ducks under the right hand of his opponent and tackles him against the turnbuckle. Flynn comes out of the corner with flying punches, but Whipwreck manages to dodge out of the way of the punches from the member of the Fighting Irish, before taking him down to the mat with a drop toe hold.

Tom Flynn doesn’t look happy as he rises up to his feet and quickly makes the tag out to Sean O’Grady. Whipwreck begins to make the move back towards his own corner to make the tag out, but O’Grady catches him out by bouncing into the ring ropes and knocking him down with a flying forearm shot to the face. The fans boo the move from O’Grady, but he snarls at them before pulling Whipwreck back to a standing position. O’Grady lays into Whipwreck with some stiff chops across the chest before taking him down to the mat with a snap suplex. O’Grady drops the knee across the body of Whipwreck before making the tag back out to Tom Flynn.

The Fighting Irish look to be wearing down Whipwreck in the ring as Vorheez paces up and down on the ring apron waiting to get involved in the match. However as Whipwreck stumbles to his feet and begins to make his way towards his partner, he is grabbed from behind by Tom Flynn who tosses him back to the mat with a back suplex. With Whipwreck on the mat, Tom Flynn puts the boot into his opponent before dragging him over and tossing him into the Fighting Irish’s corner.

O’Grady reaches into the ring and starts to choke out Whipwreck, causing Vorheez to jump over the ropes and into the ring. However this only causes the referee to turn his back on the action and restrain Vorheez, allowing the Fighting Irish to double team Whipwreck in the corner of the ring with some stomps and chokes! The fans boo the tactics of the Fighting Irish loudly as Vorheez eventually gives up under protest and returns to his corner.

Tom Flynn grabs hold of Whipwreck by the arm and pulls him up to his feet, before tossing him back down to the mat with a death valley driver. With Whipwreck down on the mat and in trouble after the double teaming, Tom Flynn wastes no time in hooking the leg of his opponent and making the cover.




Much to the fans delight Vorheez is into the ring before the three count to break up the pin attempt with a kick to the back of Tom Flynn’s head! The referee is not happy as he orders Vorheez back to the corner of the ring, whilst Tom Flynn lays into Whipwreck with some mounted punches before making the tag out to Sean O’Grady.

The fans boo O’Grady as he climbs into the ring and drops a knee across the body of his opponent. Whipwreck looks in pain as he tries to get up, but he doesnt get far as O’Grady bounces off of the ring ropes and lands a diving dropkick to the knees of his opponent. Whipwreck holds his knee in pain as Sean O’Grady rises up to his feet and cockily taunts to the fans. The fans loudly boo Sean O’Grady as he arrogently continues to trash talk them. However as O’Grady wastes time, it allows Whipwreck to slowly pull himself up! O’Grady finally turns back to his opponent, but as he does he is surprised with a kick to the midsection followed by a big DDT in the middle of the ring from Whipwreck!

The fans cheer loudly for the game changing move from Whipwreck, as he slowly begins to crawl his way towards William Vorheez in the corner who has yet to be officially involved in the match. On the other side of the ring O’Grady manages to make it over and tag out to Tom Flynn, just as Vorheez gets the tag and leaps into the ring. The fans pop as Vorheez knocks down Tom Flynn with a massive right hand, and then knocks down the on coming Sean O’Grady as well! Vorheez pulls O’Grady to his feet and plants him to the mat with a ‘Wrath of Vorheez’, much to the delight of the fans!

O’Grady looks like he might be out for the count in the ring, but he isn’t the legal man as Tom Flynn takes advantage by attacking Vorheez from behind. Flynn spins Vorheez around and nails him with some massive punches to the face, before tossing him into the ropes. Vorheez bounces back into the middle of the ring, but catches Flynn with a big double arm DDT to take him down! Flynn hits his head hard on the mat, but shows his toughness to rise straight back up to his feet. However Flynn might have wished that he stayed down as he is planted to the mat with a spinning spinebuster from William Vorheez.

With Tom Flynn and Sean O’Grady both down, the fans cheer as Vorheez makes the tag back out to Tripp Whipwreck who slowly climbs into the ring. William Vorheez grabs hold of Sean O’Grady and pulls him to his feet by his hair before tossing him over the top rope, just as Tripp Whipwreck executes the ‘Kult Klassik’ onto Tom Flynn! With Tom Flynn down and hurting, Whipwreck makes the cover on his opponent for the certain victory.




It’s all over and to the delight of the fans it is the team of Drunk & Disorderly that triumph over the Fighting Irish in tag team action here tonight! Whipwreck and Vorheez have their hands raised in victory by the referee before partying in the middle of the ring and enjoying their big win over their biggest tag team rivals.

Winner by pinfall – William Vorheez & Tripp Whipwreck (12:22)


Cameras open up inside Colt Cooper’s locker room. He’s nowhere to be seen until the shower water stops running, and a Colt Cooper with nothing but a towel exits it. A clap causes the lights to go off in the room but it wasn’t Colt.

Colt Cooper:”Not this again. I do know who you are.”

?: “I know you do. Like the t shirt?”

Colt Cooper: “I was just about to put it on.”

Clap Clap. The lights come on. The camera only focusing on Colt Cooper.

?: “Glad you were.”

Colt Cooper: “Wait, you have to leave the clap on lights. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Clap Clap. The lights go off. Clap Clap. The lights come back on.

?: “Don’t you do another clap.”

Colt was just about to. He folds his arm and starts poutung.

?: “Besides, you got a match to get ready for.”

Colt Cooper: “I’m hot, Frost is cold, therefore I win.”

With that the scene fades. Just who is the mystery man in the dark.

Colt Cooper vs. Frost
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

He’s Colt Cooper, He’s fly. He snatch your girl up when she walk by. He’s awesome, he’s fine. Beautiful and Star Studded at the same time. He shines everywhere that he goes. He’s a STAR and everybody knows, and the crowd he always have them on their toes. He’ll shine even if the lights were low.

He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s bright even if u say he’s aint.
he’s got the looks to make all the girls faint.
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)

Colt Cooper appears on the ramp dressed in his original “Mr. Happy” attire. Pink shirt with a yellow smiley face in the middle with the slogan I’m Happy on the top of it. His original Colt Cooper trunks with the addition of a blue star, and pink and blue wrestling boots with stars on them. Colt flashes his Star Studded smile before strutting down the ramp giving fans high fives. He’s sexy, he’s paid, he’s terrific and has suave. He’s cool, he’s smooth. He’s Colt Cooper one Star Studded dude.

He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s bright even if you say he’s aint.
He got the looks to make all the girls faint
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)
He’s Colt Cooper (Yeah)

Colt gets into the ring and begins to run around in a circle hyping the fans up for the match. He takes of his I’m Happy t-shirt and throws it into the crowd. He gets to one knee and slowly lowers his head before the lights dim, and boom using all four turnbuckles one big Star erupts followed by a cameo of pink and blue cameo. Colt gets back to his feet and begins to circle the ring once more this time getting himself focused for his match.

Fall Apart by Twiztid erupts on the arenas sound system, just as the lights begin to flicker. The crowd begins to boo as Alicia Frost emerges first from the black curtain, followed by Frost. They walk a few steps before stopping as Alicia leans her head against Frost side and gentle rubs his lower back. Frost raises his arm and slowly cuts his throat with his thumb, and then throws his hand towards the ground. He takes Alicia by her hand and begins his walk to ringside as he lets out this loud roar of anger. He pulls Alicia in front of him and picks her up and lifts her up onto the ringside apron, before pulling himself up and following. Frost takes a stance in the middle of the ring, and lets out one louder roar of anger. Music fades out.

With the Victory cup sitting at ringside, Frost and Colt Cooper stare at each as the bell rings and the first match of the 2012 Victory Cup gets under way. Colt Cooper, one of the favourites in the Victory Cup, quickly gets the match started as he rushes at Frost and nails the newcomer with some stiff chops across the chest. Colt Cooper grabs hold of Frost and tosses him hard into the ring ropes. As Frost bounces back, Colt Cooper looks for a big jumping calf kick onto his opponent, however Frost ducks under the leg of Colt Cooper and bounces off of the ring ropes on the opposite side of the ring.

Colt Cooper quickly pulls himself up to his feet, but as he does Frost nails him with a big spinning neckbreaker to take him down to the mat. With Colt Cooper on the mat, Frost hammers down on him with some big mounted punches to punish the former International Champion. Colt Cooper manages to fight his way back to a standing position, but as he does Frost punches Colt Cooper to the corner of the ring.

With Colt Cooper in the middle of the ring, Frost runs at him looking for a clothesline, but as he does Colt Cooper dives out of the way. Frost hits the turnbuckle hard and stumbles backwards, allowing Colt Cooper to take him to the mat with a double leg sweep. With Frost down on the mat, Colt Cooper bounces into the ring ropes and returns with a spinning leg drop onto his opponent. The fans boo Colt Cooper as he quickly rolls over his opponent and makes the cover on Frost.




Frost manages to power out of the pin attempt and throws Colt Cooper off of him with authority. Colt Cooper doesn’t look too pleased as he spins up to his feet and lays into Frost with big kicks as he gets to his feet.

Frost tries to counter by diving at Colt Cooper and looking for a clothesline, but Colt Cooper counters with a knee to the midsection of his opponent. As Frost stumbles around in pain, Colt Cooper bounces into the ring ropes and lands a big dropkick onto his opponent to take him down!

The fans loudly boo the impressive Colt Cooper as he stands in the middle of the ring pointing at the Victory Cup trophy and smiling. Colt Cooper cockily makes his way over to Frost and begins to pull him to his feet, but he gets a surprise as Frost grabs him by the throat and throws him to the mat with a chokeslam! This time it is Frost who draws the boos from the crowd who don’t seem too fond of either man in tonight’s match up.

Frost wastes no time in grabbing hold of ‘Mr Happy’ by his hair and pulling him to a standing position. Frost shows his disrespect for his opponent with a slap to the face before launching him up into the air and slamming him down with a big sitout powerbomb in the middle of the ring. With Colt Cooper down and clearly hurting, Frost makes the cover on his opponent.





It looked like Frost was going to be the man to progress to the next round of the Victory Cup, but Colt Cooper just manages to get his shoulders up off of the mat before the three can be counted.

Frost rises to his feet and kicks the ropes in frustration, thinking that he had the match won there and then. The fans boo Frost as he turns his attention back towards Colt Cooper and pulls him up to a standing position. With Colt Cooper standing and swaying on his feet, Frost takes a few steps back before aiming a ‘Frost Bite’ towards his opponent! However just when it looks like Frost is going to kick Colt Cooper’s head off, Colt Cooper manages to duck out of the way!

Frost seems shocked as he spins around, and Colt Cooper takes advantage with a belly to belly suplex into a cover!




Once again Frost powers out of the cover and it seems neither men can keep the other down for the three! Colt Cooper quickly grabs hold of his opponent and tosses him into the ring ropes before looking for a running DDT as he bounces back. However before he can nail the move, Frost uses his power to throw Colt Cooper off of him. Colt Cooper quickly rolls back to his feet, but as he does he rolls straight into a ‘Frost Bite’ from Frost in the middle of the ring! With Colt Cooper down and possibly out, Frost takes his time to kneel down and hook the leg of his opponent.




In somewhat of a shock victory it is Frost who progresses to the next round of the Victory Cup after a win over one of the favourites for the tournament Colt Cooper! Boos ring out around the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Frost rises up to his feet. The referee looks too nervous to raise Frost’s hand in the air, as the newcomer celebrates himself in the corner of the ring. Can Frost really upset the odds and win the tournament and challenge for the sVo Championship belt?

Winner by pinfall – Frost (14:07)

Tobias Devereux vs. Woodrew ‘Brickyard’ Burbank
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

The crowd is waiting anxiously for the next match but they don’t have long to wait as ‘Brick’ by Albert Collins comes across the pa system. The crowd gives a warm welcome to the hard working blue collar Woodrew “Brickyard” Burbank. Woodrew makes his way to the ring, as he enters the ring his intro is cut short as his music is cut off. He stops in mid step and looks around slightly puzzled but looks heated as “I’ve been away too long” by Soundgarden starts to play. Brickyard gets set up in the ring and starts watching the entrance intently.

Unfortunately for Burbank, he’s staring off for nothing as the music dies down and the crowd is booing. We hear over the pa system a voice, that we quickly realize is none other than Woodrew himself. Recorded earlier on in the week.

Burbank: Hey, Tobias, man- wha’da hell, ya come up from da seats, man, — dat ain’ cool. Yuh make a hardwork brothuh feel like chuckin’ suptin’ bricky at yuh head, man, an’ I barely know ya. Why should yuh be all-up on da V-Cup, tryin’ to stunt yuhself into unearned territoruh. Mmaannn. In ‘Troit, that will get a man concreted into a brick grave, brother. I ain’ preachin’, but, damn maaann.

Woodrew Burbank is looking around the entire time becoming more riled up with every passing moment.

Tobias: Dey say I’s hard to understand but yews may has me beat on dat.

Burbank’s head snaps in the direction from which Tobias Devereux’s voice came, as we see Devereux standing in the crowd once more, the fans close to him seem to be torn between screaming profanities at De Cajun Sensation and slapping him on the shoulders and back.

Tobias: So yew’s wanna hits ole Tobias in de head with sometin bricky is what I’s takin from dat. More so yew’s has problems wit de fact I comes from the crowd. Yews see ole Woody, Tobias is what dey call a people person, and dis

Tobias points all around him at this point.

Tobias: Dis be de people, and more importantly dis be de people dat come heres to see ole Tobias whip the mess out of peoples like yew.

Burbank is standing the ring waving Tobias to come on, even mouthing come whip the mess out of me then towards Tobias. Tobias just stays in the crowd though with a little canary eating grin on his face.

Tobias: Yews seem to tink dat I’s trying to sneak my ways into de Vee cup. Seems to tink dat ole Tobias duckin de competition. Yew tink ole Tobias shouldn’t be ups here wit de people, so why don’t yew come on down heres to de people and remove ole Tobias from de people.

The bait couldn’t of worked any better as Woodrew Burbank bites hook line and sinker. He quickly makes his way out of the ring and heads towards Tobias in the crowd. Tobias lets Burbank get slightly into the crowd and then starts “hitting the bricks” so to speak as he makes his way towards the ring at an angle that allows him to pass Burbank and hop the railing while Burbank tries to navigate through the crowd. Tobias manages due to some experience in the crowd get all the way to the ring and slide in long before Burbank realizes what’s going on and can get back to the ring.

Tobias: Oh so slow dere Woody, come on!

Tobias hops up on the top rope laying across the top ropes in the corner, even going so far as tipping his hat over his eyes like he’s going to go to sleep in the corner. He puts the microphone next to his lips and starts to snore into the microphone, just incensing the Detroit native even more. Tobias knocks off his hat and takes off the trench just as Woodrew slides into the ring.

Woodrew Burbank starts to get to his feet but is cut off by Tobias who starts putting the boots to Brickyard. Burbank doesn’t seem to notice though as he just keeps getting to his feet which shocks Tobias, we know as his jaw is firmly on the floor, but then again that may be because of the stiff left hand that meets him once Brickyard is on his feet. Woodrew just goes to town wailing on Tobias who managed to rile the Detroit native up far more than he probably intended. Brickyard backs Tobias all the way to the corner and just pummels him with lefts and rights. Tobias sinks down into the corner only to have Woodrew start stomping the tar out of ole Tobias Devereux.

Woodrew Burbank lifts Tobias up to his feet but Tobias quickly gets a thumb off into the eye of Woodrew. Brickyard is blind for a moment and Tobias uses the second to kick Burbank straight in the knee. Devereux runs and bounces off the ropes as Brickyard fell to one knee. Looking for a running lariat but Burbank steps back up to both feet just in time to pick Tobias up with a monster side walk slam. Woodrew quickly goes for the win.


two.. kick out by Tobias Devereux.

Woodrew quickly gets back to his feet and lifts Tobias up to a vertical base as well. Woodrew sends Tobias hard into the corner and follows up looking for a clothesline into the corner but Tobias gets a boot up at the last second. Woodrew stumbles back and shakes his head before trying a second time and yet again Tobias gets a boot up to the face of Woodrew Burbank. Brickyard stumbles back a second time and this time Tobias comes running out of the corner and nails Woodrew with a flying shoulder tackle that stumbles the man know as Brickyard. Tobias rolls over to his back and kicks up to his feet, instantly taking off for the ropes, as Tobias bounces back looking for something big on Woodrew, Woodrew charges in and tries to take off Tobias’ head with “Hit the bricks” but Tobias manages to drop down onto his knees while leaning back and slides under the attack.

Tobias Devereux tries to get to his feet as quickly as possible but Woodrew Burbank is faster than he anticipated and is swinging haymakers towards Devereux before he can fully get turned back into the direction of Brickyard. Brickyard knocks Devereux all the way to the corner once more and starts looking for a flurry of knees but as Brickyard slings the first one towards Devereux, Tobias grabs Brickyard close almost like a hug and jumps up slinging his two legs off to the left side of Brickyard as Brickyard’s right knee hits straight into the second turnbuckle. Tobias locks his hands around the neck of Woodrew and using the natural off balance of the knee strike plus the connection to the turnbuckle manages to yank Woodrew Burbank down with a modified side Russian leg sweep like move that bounces the back of Brickyards head off the mat.

Tobias rolls away from the angry Detroit native as fast as possible as Brickyard holds the back of his head. Tobias looks at Brickyard like crap won’t expecting this. Tobias Devereux immediately shifts game plans and grabs Burbank in a rear chin lock and starts laying all of his body weight on the big man. Tobias tries to wear down Brickyard looking to use his mat wrestling to keep the temp slower and not let Burbank get all worked up again. Tobias leans harder and harder against Burbank but the more he leans the more Burbank starts trying to roll back and forth until he manages to get to a knee and Tobias is forced to have a side headlock onto the man known as Brickyard. Tobias doesn’t like the look of this but before he can do anything about it Brickyard has his arms locked around Devereux and sends him down hard with a side suplex.

Tobias is slow to his feet but so is Burbank, Woodrew and Devereux get up about the same time as Woodrew gets close to Devereux he gets a kick to the stomach and Devereux with a quick ddt out of no where. Tobias Devereux gets to his feet and heads towards the corner and climbs up to the top rope. Tobias is waiting on Burbank to get to his feet. Tobias jumps off the top looking for a tornado ddt like move but Burbank catches Tobias Devereux on his shoulder and hooks his arms around his waist.

Burbank goes for an over head release suplex but when he releases Tobias, Tobias doesn’t release Woodrew Brickyard Burbank. We realize now that when Burbank locked his arms around Tobias, Tobias locked his around the neck of Burbank, and as Woodrew threw Tobias up into the air, he extended forward and leaned his head back, which exposed his neck for Tobias’ arm to slide over tighter, as Tobias came back down infront of Burbank instead of flipping over the head of Woodrew, he jumps up quickly and wraps his legs around the waist of Brickyard locking in tight Da Gater Nap Guillotine choke.

Brickyard struggles and charges towards the ring post slamming the back of Tobias Devereux into the corner, Tobias’ grip lessens just enough for Woodrew to slip his head out and start headbutting the hell out of Tobias Devereux, until Devereux is forced to release the leg grip around Burbank’s waist. Tobias is dazed in the corner as Burbank brings Tobias out from the corner and sends him against the ropes. Burbank goes for a clothesline but Tobias ducks under it, Tobias bounces back and looks for the Bayou Bash running boot but Woodrew ducks under it, as Tobias turns around he turns straight into “Hit the Bricks” which lays him out. Woodrew Burbank makes the cover.




Woodrew Burbank pulls out the victory and makes it one step closer to the Victory cup and his match against Nathan Paradine.

Winner by pinfall – Woodrew Burbank (17:10)

Roscoe Shame vs. Mystery Opponent
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

“Drop Tha World” by Lil’ Wayne starts to blast over the Goodfellas sound system as Roscoe Shame emerges from backstage to cheers from the audience, pretending to strum an air guitar. The new fan favourite soaks in the cheers for a moment and walks down the ramp adjusting the gloves on his hands before climbing into the ring. He jumps up onto the nearest turnbuckle and poses for the crowd as his music begins to die out.

The crowd begins to grow restless as the house lights dim in anticipation of Shame’s mystery opponent. Suddenly the arena is plunged into darkness and the sVo-Tron lights up, showing a countdown.





The screen remains frozen on 2, however another 2 suddenly appears, followed by a 0.

2.. 2.. 0..

“Head like a Hole (Clay Remix)” by Nine Inch Nails begins to play and the crowd erupts as Cody Williams walks out onto the stage draped in a cape, a surprise entrant in the Victory Cup! Cody poses on the stage before strutting down to the ring and climbing up the steel stairs, shrugging off the cape before he steps between the ropes. Cody walks into the corner of the ring and performs a few light warm ups before the referee signals for the bell!

The match kicks off with both men circling each other, before Shame offers a handshake which Cody accepts to cheers from the crowd! Cody and Shame lock up, with the “Reflection of Perfection” coming out on top and executing a good-looking snap suplex to floor the former sVo Champion Shame! It isn’t enough to keep the big man from Kalamazoo, Michigan, down however, and Shame is immediately back on his feet dishing out lefts and rights, pushing Cody back into the corner! Shame backs away and unleashes a clothesline into the corner, almost taking Cody’s head off! Cody is down and Shame climbs up to the second rope, before flying through the air and dropping an elbow down onto his opponent! He hooks the leg looking for an early pinfall!




Cody kicks out of the pin attempt, and both men are back up on their feet! Cody is dominant now, delivering a series of forearm strikes before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a shoulderblock, however it isn’t enough to keep Shame down for long. Cody changes tactics and instead goes for Shame’s legs with several quick kicks, before springing out a HUGE superkick that floors Shame! Cody drops down for the cover!



No! Shame kicks out!

Cody tries for a snap suplex, however Shame evades the attempt and instead hits a neckbreaker. Shame follows up by dropping the knee down on Cody before hauling him to his feet and Irish whipping him into the ropes, but the wily Cody hits a dropkick on the rebound!

Cody tries for headlock but Shame powers out of the attempt and takes Cody down to the mat with a snapmare! Both men are up, Cody clutching his neck, and Shame comes out of nowhere with a bicycle kick! CODY DUCKS! Shame staggers off balance and Cody hits a “Pure Perfection”! Shame is motionless as Cody hooks the leg to the delight of the crowd!




Cody wins! Cody Williams advances in the Victory Cup ahead of Roscoe Shame! Cody offers a hand and helps his opponent to his feet, and both men pose in the middle of the ring as “Head like a Hole” resumes playing!

Winner by pinfall – Cody Williams (06:08)

sVo presents Retribution 2012 Only on PPV
‘A Year and a Half in the Making…’
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada


As Showdown #84 returns from the commercial break Cody Williams is still in the ring celebrating the victory over Roscoe Shame and advancing to the next round of the Victory Cup tournament on his first night back in the Sanctioned Violence Organization. However his music suddenly cuts and is replaced by “Carmina Burana” – Carl Orff!

The fans, and Cody Williams turn their attention to the entrance ramp as the last man to hold the sVo Championship, Nathan Paradine, steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. Paradine stares down at the man he used to hold the sVo Tag Team Championship belt with before walking down to the ring towards ‘220’ Cody Williams.

Williams keeps his eyes on Paradine as he walks down the ramp way and slides into the ring, before motioning for his music to be cut.

Paradine and Williams stand in the middle of the ring staring each other down, before Nathan Paradine finally lifts the microphone to speak.

Nathan Paradine: “So are we finally get the chance to settle this? Every time we are due to face off it seems something goes wrong. Are we finally going to get our big match?”

2-2-0 smiles at Nathan Paradine, before taking the microphone from his former Tag Team partner.

Cody Williams: “I honestly wanted you to be the first man to know I was coming back to the sVo tonight…”

Paradine stares at Cody Williams for a few seconds before offering his hand to his former tag team partner. Cody Williams cautiously looks at Nathan Paradine, before reaching forward and shaking his hand.

However as Paradine turns to leave, Cody Williams keeps hold of his hand. A confused look appears on Paradine’s face until Williams pulls him towards him and nails him with the ‘Picture Perfect’ in the middle of the ring! There is a big cheer for Cody Williams as he looks down at Nathan Paradine before picking up the microphone.

Cody Williams: “I said I wanted you to be the first to know that I am BACK in the Sanctioned Violence Organization!!! You and I have unfinished business and I am coming for your World Heavyweight Championship! And that journey begins with the Victory Cup… when I win, I will see YOU at the pay per view when I take you out once and for all and claim what is rightfully mine!!!”

Cody Williams drops the mic and throws his hands in the air to signal that he is back in the sVo, and gunning for the sVo Championship belt!


The scene heads backstage where a camera crew is stationed outside the door of Jon Page’s office, with the camera focused on the name plaque on the door.

From the other side of the wooden door raised voices can be heard, but only Jon Page’s voice is recognisable.

?: “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Jon Page: “Well just make sure that you do. I have a lot of money riding on this. You know what the result has got to be right?”

?:“Yes, Yes, don’t worry boss. It’s all under control.”

The camera cuts away, just as the office door swings open.

Loki Synn vs. Sara Pettis
Officiated by head referee Nick Jaxx

“Crawling” by Linkin Park begins to play, as the house lights go down in the arena. Blue spotlights illuminate the stage as from the back steps Sara Pettis. She walks out with her head down to the end of the ramp. White sparks begin to rain down on her as the spotlight transitions from blue to white. She raises her head, looking down at the ring. She begins to walk down the ramp, ignoring fans trying to reach out for a high five. She gets to the ring and climbs up onto the ring apron. She looks around slowly before climbing into the ring between the top and middle rope. The spotlight continues to follow her as she paces in the ring for bit before the house lights return to normal.

The eerie beat of “Imagine” performed by A Perfect Circle starts to play over the loud speakers as the lights dim. The crowd simmers to a dull roar as a a name starts to spell itself out on the tron in Balloon Animal form…



The balloons all pop as the music begins to pick up and a spot light shines on Loki Synn, sVo’s resident Jester who poses briefly with his bauble scepter. He acknowledges the crowd with a slight smile and a little wave before making his way down to the ring.

Rolling under the ropes Loki stands up to face the crowd as multi colored graffiti falls down among the crowd and into the ring where Loki swings his scepter back and forth fighting an imaginary foe in a sword duel to the death while he awaits for the match to start.

With Woodrew Burbank, Frost and Cody Williams all in the semi finals for the Victory Cup, Loki Synn and Sara Pettis stand across the ring from each other knowing that they will have to go through the other to join them in that draw.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Synn and Pettis quickly charge at each other. Sara Pettis nails some stiff forearm shots to the masked face of Loki Synn, but as Pettis grabs Synn by the arm and tries to toss the jester into the ring ropes, Loki Synn manages to counter and throw Sara Pettis to the ropes. Sara Pettis bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Loki Synn takes her down to the mat with a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring.

The crowd boo the big move from Loki Synn as Pettis rolls back to her feet holding her neck. Pettis moves forward and aims a kick in the direction of Loki Synn, however Synn ducks out of the way and takes Pettis down to the mat with a stiff back breaker. With Pettis down and obviously hurting, Loki Synn makes the cover on the most famous TapOut Champion in sVo history.



Sara Pettis kicks out before the three count and this one continues.

Loki Synn grabs hold of Pettis by her blue hair and drags her to her feet, however Pettis is quick to counter with a monkey flip on Loki Synn to send him to the mat. Loki Synn quickly nips up to his feet, but Sara Pettis is there with a spinning heel kick which sends him back into the corner of the ring. The fans cheer Sara Pettis on as she lays into Loki Synn with some big kicks in the corner, before stepping up onto the second rope and DDT’ing Loki Synn out of the corner!

The fans cheer the big move from Sara Pettis as Loki Synn’s head hits the mat hard. Loki Synn holds his masked head as he rises back up to his feet, but Sara Pettis looks in no mood for mercy as she lands a kick to the midsection on Loki Synn. Synn doubles over in pain, allowing Sara Pettis the perfect chance to land a double knee face smash to her opponent.

Sara Pettis rises up to her feet and gets a big cheer from the sVo fans packed into the sold out arena. Pettis shouts at Loki Synn to get to his feet, and the jester slowly does, only to be on the receiving end of a flying head scissors from Sara Pettis to send him straight back down to the mat. Without allowing Loki Synn any time to think, Pettis quickly dives on Loki Synn and makes the cover.




Loki Synn manages to kick out before the three count!

The fans look disappointed that Sara Pettis didn’t pick up the victory there and then as she rises up to her feet and looks down on Loki Synn. Loki Synn grabs hold of the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet, but as he does Sara Pettis is straight back on him. Sara Pettis grabs hold of Loki Synn from behind and tries to lock in a sleeper hold, locking her legs around the body of Loki Synn!

Loki Synn stumbles about in the ring as Sara Pettis tries to squeeze the life out of her opponent. However just as it looks like Loki Synn is struggling, he suddenly grabs hold of Sara Pettis and tosses her over his shoulder and onto the mat! Sara Pettis looks shocked as she rises up to her feet, but as she does Loki Synn follows up with a massive powerbomb in the middle of the ring!

The fans boo the move, but after the impact both Sara Pettis and Loki Synn and down in the middle of the ring! The referee checks on both fighters before beginning to count them out! However the count out does not get too far as Loki Synn slowly crawls over Sara Pettis to make the cover.




The fans are surprised, and delighted, that Sara Pettis manages to kick out before the three count after that massive powerbomb! Loki Synn crawls up to his feet and grabs the referee by his shirt to protest the decision. The fans boo Loki Synn loudly, but as he protests it allows Sara Pettis the time to rise to her feet behind his back! Loki Synn hears the cheers from the fans and slowly turns around, but as he does Sara Pettis aims a spinning heel kick in the direction of Loki Synn!

Loki Synn sees the kick coming, and Pettis wipes out head referee Nick Jaxx with the kick to the face! Pettis looks shocked at her actions, but as Loki Synn grabs her from behind, she quickly counters with a back elbow before landing the ‘Petti-Kick’ on Loki Synn! The fans cheer loudly as Sara Pettis quickly makes the cover on Loki Synn and looks expectantly towards the entrance ramp for another referee to come running down to count the pin fall. The fans count out loud as they wait.








Loki Synn might be down and out but there is no referee making his way down to the ring to count the cover! Sara Pettis rises up to her feet in disgust as she looks to the entrance ramp. Pettis shakes her head as she makes her way over and checks on Nick Jaxx and tries to wake him up. Nick Jaxx slowly begins to come to in the middle of the ring, but as he does Loki Synn also does behind the back of Sara Pettis!

The fans boo loudly as Sara Pettis turns around to make the cover on Loki Synn, only to walk straight into ‘the Punchline’ from Loki Synn! Sara Pettis tries to struggle up to her feet after the big move, but Loki Synn grabs her around the neck before hitting the ‘No Laughing Matter’! Boos ring out around the Goodfellas Casino arena as Loki Synn hooks the leg of Sara Pettis, and referee Nick Jaxx crawls over to count a groggy cover.




It’s all over and it is Loki Synn who is heading into the next round of the Victory Cup! The fans boo loudly as Loki Synn excitedly jumps up to his feet and rises his hands in the air in victory. In another somewhat of a surprise victory, it is Loki Synn who is celebrating in the middle of the ring as Showdown #84 heads off of the air and he joins Burbank, Frost and Cody Williams in the next round of the Victory Cup, whilst Sara Pettis lays on the mat staring at the lights wondering where the hell the replacement referee was when she had the three count on her opponent!

Winner by pinfall – Loki Synn (15:35)

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