sVo Showdown Episode #078
17th April 2011
The Louisiana SuperDome, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Jay Wildman, Roscoe Shame, Night, Bobby Dean and Samuel Amos shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.


The crowd boo as Trendkiller rises up to his feet and throws some right hands in the direction of Night. The punches knock Night backwards, but Night is able to duck under a punch from Trendkiller and knock him away with a flying forearm out of the ropes! The fans cheer as Night makes the tag out to Jay Wildman as SurReal tags in off of Trendkiller! SurReal rushes towards Wildman and hits some big right hands before whipping him hard into the ring ropes. Wildman bounces out of the ropes and tackles SurReal to the ground before hitting him with some big mounted punches.

SurReal fights his way up to his feet but Wildman quickly grabs hold of him and throws him into the corner of the ring. The fans cheer as Wildman follows up with a clothesline in the corner, before taking SurReal down to the mat with a swinging DDT! SurReal slowly begins to stagger to his feet, but as he does he is caught with a huge ‘Masked Justice’! The fans pop as Paradine and Night quickly rush into the ring to counter Trendkiller and Kash as Wildman makes the cover on SurReal!




The referee counts a suspect quick count and Jay Wildman picks up the victory over SurReal! The referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung, but the fighting doesn’t look like it is over as Trendkiller and Kash trade big right hands with Paradine and Night. The fans boo as Trendkiller nails Paradine with the ‘Southern Comfort’, before catching Jay Wildman in the face with the ‘Death Rattle’! With Paradine and Wildman down, Kash nails Night from behind with a big right hand, before Kash and SurReal take him down with a double team powerbomb!

With three of the six men in the sVo World title picture laying around him, the last WWA Champion Trendkiller stands in the middle of the ring with Kash and SurReal with his hands in the air as Showdown heads off of the air!BACKSTAGE

Back In ActionAs the highlight package from last week ends the crowd pops as ‘The Fallen’ by Franz Ferdinand hits the sound system and Jon Page steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp. The fans cheer as Page poses on the top of the entrance ramp before slowly making his way down to the ring. Page still looks like he is sporting a black eye as he climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone from Natasha Ortiz. Page waits for the cheers for his first sVo appearance since Vendetta to die down before addressing the crowd.

Jon Page: “27th March 2011. It should have been cause for the biggest party in the history of the sVo! Finally the sVo was ours again, no more Company and no more Matt Anderson draining the life out of this federation.”

The fans cheer again, remembering the night where the Company was defeated inside the Organised Chaos III match.

Jon Page: “Sara Pettis had just picked up the three count and we were just about to get that very party started. A whole year’s worth of steam was about to be blown off. It was going to be the greatest night in Vegas history… When the WWA decide that they want in on the action..”

For the first time there are boos from the crowd, with the exception of a pocket of WWA supporters who begin a ‘Dubya, Dubya A’ chant.

Jon Page: “I don’t know who sent them and I don’t know why they showed up, but the sVo is stronger than ever right now and if they want to get involved then let them face the consequences!”

A pop from the crowd.

Jon Page: “I have been recovering for the past two weeks from that vicious attack by the WWA guys at Vendetta, but I am here tonight to address them and in particular Trendkiller.”

There are boos for the massive monster from Texas.

Jon Page: “Trendkiller, you might have been the last WWA Champion ever, you might even be one of the biggest stars in the business today… but who do you think you are walking in here and throwing your hat into the sVo Championship chase with the likes of Night, Nathan Paradine, Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame? These men have worked hard for months to earn their spot and you walk straight in here and go after our champion?”

Before Page can continue “The Great Southern Trendkill” by Pantera hits the sound system and there are boos from the crowd as the giant appears on the top of the entrance ramp and makes his way down towards the ring with a big smirk on his face. Trendkiller looks like he is ready to rip Jon Page’s head off as he climbs into the ring, but Page shakes his head and climbs out. Trendkiller stares at Page as the sVo Owner slowly backs up the entrance ramp.

Jon Page: “Trendkiller, if you want a spot in that match so bad then fine. There is nothing better I would like to see than five of the greatest sVo wrestlers of all time taking you out for good in the first ever six man challenge match for the sVo Championship at sVo Infamous 2011!”

The fans cheer as Page stares down Trendkiller from the top of the entrance ramp, however Trendkiller looks pleased at the chance to get his hands on the best the sVo has to offer, and potentially become the next sVo Champion!RINGSIDE

The King’s Speech

Buckethead’s guitar tears through the speakers in the arena as “King James” starts up. On the screen appears a bloody crown of thorns around a black-with-gold-trim tophat, and the words KING JAYMZ appear over them in Old English font. The crowd’s reaction is huge, and very, very mixed, for their home town one-time hero, and they pretty much come completely unglued when he steps out onto the stage, tophat on his head, skull facepaint applied, wearing an open Saints Members Only jacket, gold pants with FIVE and MAGICS on either leg. and black Doc Martens. In his black driving gloved hand is a mic, and upon his face is a knowing smile.

Watkins saunters slowly down to the ring, looking out at the crowd as he does so, perhaps searching for a familiar face. He rolls under the bottom rope and continues to look out into the crowd, before finally climbing the nearest turnbuckle and bowing. The crowd lets out another massive mixed reaction, and this continues until he hits every corner. He stands in the center of the ring as the music dies down, and the crowd pretty much sums it up.





It’s a powder keg in there, and Watkins knows it as he raises the mic to his lips.

Watkins: It feels good to be home again.

MASSIVE pop this time, and Watkins can’t help but grin.

Watkins: Last time I was here, I’m sure many of you were with me. We were down on Bourbon Street, and I took down the entire WWA in the Bourbon Street Brawl. (Another pop.) Trendkiller, RJ Stone, Jack Griffiths, Kade Williams, I outlasted all those guys and won one of the biggest matches of my career. Hell, being there with you guys made it the biggest, honestly. Thank you.

The hate is nearly drowned out by the love the crowd shows their one-time hero, and it’s obvious from his face that his next words aren’t going to be quite as nice.

Watkins: But that was over a year ago, and now, things are different. The World Wrestling Alliance is dead, leaving many guys out of a job. Eddie van Dorn had to go get his GED. (Decent pop.) Shaman went back to the reservation. (Minimal reaction.) Denrol… Shit, I don’t know who’d hire him. To do anything, really. Clean toilets? (Another decent pop.) But there were some of us that couldn’t let go, that couldn’t “hang ’em up,” as they say. We had taken it for granted the first time around, when the WWA was on top of the world. I won the WWA Title inside a packed Madison Square Garden, for Christ’s sake! (Pretty big pop.) But then, the WWA died for the first time, and we all felt that sting, the crushing feeling of being away from what we loved.

He lowered his head, his mind seemingly going somewhere else for a moment, as the crowd’s reaction continues to be relatively in his favor.

Watkins: But the WWA came back, under Babb’s rule, and we all knew we wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. We scratched and clawed our collective way back onto your screens, computer monitors this time, and prayed that we would stay in your consciousness. We had just started selling out arenas again, albeit somewhat smaller ones, when the hammer fell once again on the WWA’s head. And the darkness came again…

He lowers his head again, awash with sadness and frustration, but goes on.

Watkins: And then we looked to this black hole, the sVo, and we saw these… Half-talents-full-retards, these castoffs from lesser companies, failures that couldn’t hack it anywhere else, clustered together in a net of mediocrity, and the fans like you were eating it up! Seeing these people that couldn’t even hold our chauffeur’s jocks actually receiving paychecks and selling merchandise, when our gas tanks and pantries were usually empty, was soul-crushing. The ones that stayed, the ones that still had the fire, all banded together and knew that the flame of this place needed to be extinguished. (Boos.) I disagreed; I thought there was magic still to be found, and that maybe this sVo could hold it, but then I actually stepped into the door. The place is a vile, amateurish, meaningless cesspool where borderline wrestlers go to die, and mongoloids scream for them as if they were the second coming of Hulkamania!

The boos are heavy now, and the painted skull has twisted with Watkins’s face into a mask of rage.

Watkins: There was no magic in this place; only emptiness. And yet, last week, I felt powerful again. I didn’t know what it was, and I still don’t, but something was fueling me again, and it wasn’t any of you. Because it was then that I realized that I didn’t need any of you to empower me: I’m unstoppable without any of your help! (HEAVY boos now.) I don’t care if this is my home; there are dumbasses everywhere! You people are the same kind of dregs that encourage these idiots to keep at it, even when anybody with two eyes and reasoning power can tell that they don’t have an ounce of talent in their bodies! For that, I say this, to every one of you in the audience, and anybody watching at home…

He leans directly into the nearest camera, eyes ablaze with his hatred.

Watkins: Fuck you.

The boos are torrential now, New Orleans’s own having turned his back on them.



Watkins: Ha, so the feeling is mutual then! Excellent! Here, let me give you an example of the kind of low-brow, bush-league talent this place attracts: Sara Pettis.

He pauses, the crowd immediately switching, at the mention of her name, from nasty boos to cheering just as loudly as they had when Watkins had entered. This obviously affects him.

Watkins: Aha! So she’s the “hero” that the world needs now, then? What can she do, huh? She can’t even save herself! I’m sure you’ve all heard about what I did to her this week, but for those of you that have your heads up you asses, I’ll clue you in: I encountered your little flower at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, here in MY HOME, and we had a little talk. My fists spoke to her face, my arms spoke to her spine, her mouth made a series of choking sounds, and the Dragon’s Fist did all the talking I’d ever have needed. By the time I was done playing around, she was on her knees begging for me to spare her, offering up her title and even her body to me in exchange for mercy! (It’s hard to hear him now over the crowd, so he yells.) Neither of those things mean anything to me. All I wanted was to deliver a message, and, from the amount of blood I saw around us, I take the message as read. I am the King, and you –

At that moment, “Nobody but Me” by The Launderettes begins playing in the crowd. The blue and white strobe lights that accompany it make it obvious to everyone in attendance aware of exactly who it is. Sara Pettis steps out from the back, wearing her street clothes, with the sVo Tap-Out title slung over her shoulder, and with a microphone in her hand. The crowd is roaring, most notably the women in attendance. Jaymz looks up at the stage where Sara stands and lowers his microphone. Sara waits a couple seconds as music fades, and the roar of the crowd dies down. Just as the crowds is almost totally silent, and random voice yells…

Random Fan in the attendance: We love you Sara!

The crowd give a little pop as Sara smiles in the direction of the voice and waves, setting Watkins off a little in the ring.

Sara Pettis: Thanks for that, whoever that was….but to get down to business. I have something to say to you Jaymz. I’ve been listening too you in the back. Listening to you talk about our little encounter the other day, and what happened during it. And I don’t know what these “Magics” are exactly that you’re talking about, but I’m guessing they have something to do with the fact that you are completely delirious. Offered up my Tap-Out Title? Offering my body too you? Begging and pleading for you too stop? Don’t be so full of yourself Jaymz. What you did to me in one night, is nothing compared to the things I have experienced with this championship.

The crowd pops as Sara takes the Tap-Out Title off of her shoulder, and raises it up into the air.

Sara Pettis: I have been choked with a hair dryer chord, and a belt for this title. I have been attacked by a fan with a tazer, had my apartment broken into twice by Reaper, had a car door slammed shut on my ankle, and even some chick who thought she was some kind of super villain tried to lower me into a tank full of sharks to get this title belt. Sure you might have bear hugged the breath out of me. You may have used your weapon to get me to bleed. But I that is nothing….NOTHING compared to things I’ve endured, and experienced just for this belt.

Sara pauses as the crowd responds to what Sara has just said. She waits a couple more seconds and raises the microphone back up and continues to talk.

Sara Pettis: Now about sending a message, I get the message. I’ve been getting the message that you guys have been sending since you all showed up at Vendetta, and decided to cut my moment short at the end of Organized Chaos. You guys are jealous of the fact that our company is alive and well, while your company is dead and buried. You guys from the WWA, just can’t stand the fact that you weren’t as invulnerable as you thought you were, and that the place came tumbling down. For whatever reason you were brought to this company, if it was the anonymous puppet masters wanting to shake things up, or whatever, you guys see sVo alive and well, and it just drives you nuts doesn’t it? You’re like the kids who are told they can’t have the new, expensive flashy toy. So when you see another kid with one, you just want to break it out of spite. Well that starts fights on playgrounds Jaymz. And it will start fights here. I don’t know what it is about me specifically that drew you too me, but it seems like everyone from both sides are just getting paired up against one another. For Sheldon it’s Intrepid. For Wildman its TrendKiller. For Bond its Pepin. And for me, it’s you. And I’m fine with that. Because whatever these “Magics” are that you speak of, I’ve got a few “Magics” of my own. This industry has been my life since the day I was born…April 17th, 1989, that’s right, it’s my 22nd birthday…and I can handle anything there is that you might throw at me. I may not be big. I may not be strong. But I know how to handle myself in a wrestling ring. And it’s not with “Magics”, it’s with my head, my feet, and my speed. You may have mastered the “Magics” of wrestling, but wrestling is in my genetics.

The crowd is getting louder as Sara talks.

Sara Pettis: Wildman has been calling for sVo to come together to fight you guys. Tonight I fight him, maybe not for his title, but to prove I belong at the top of this company. A company that took you, and your group in like a bunch of cast-aways floating in the middle of the ocean on nothing but a inflatable life raft. But whatever the outcome of this match against Wildman, I’m ready to stand beside him to deal with a bunch of ungrateful, ill mannered assholes, who think they’re entitled to something because their company died. You aren’t entitled to anything. The things you did in WWA do not matter here, just like if anyone from sVo had gone to WWA. These fans who are booing you, are booing you because you refused to grow up, and move on with your life. They probably want to love you Jaymz. This is New Orleans, and I’m sure they remember everything you did in this city. But right now, they don’t see the man they cheered for then. This is a ‘what have you done for us lately’ business Jaymz. The only time they care about what you’ve done, is when you’re hanging it up, and they show your career highlights on the big screen as you make your farewell speech. That’s just the way it is. It’s the way it was when my parents were in this business, that is how they are today. So don’t blame them for booing you. They’re just doing what wrestling fans do.

The fans are heavily behind Sara now, and Watkins isn’t a happy camper. The Cajun King raises the mic slowly to his mouth, his hand quaking a bit as he does so. The words he speaks are calm, but his voice is anything but.

Watkins: Sara, it’s funny you should mention my WWA brethren. They all told me that you weren’t worth the trouble, that you were a sideshow, that you were where you were more because of your tits than because of your title. They told me that I should turn this destructive energy to somebody worth my time. (MANY boos.) I disagreed. I think you are worth destroying, but not for the WWA. I want to destroy you… For me. And I will destroy you, Sara. That’s what I do. The blood you tasted this week was an appetizer. Prepare your palate for the biggest meal you’ve ever eaten. It will be your last.

Watkins drops the mic with a BOOM. Sara, however, mimics Watkins mockingly.

Sara Pettis: Your blood was just your appetizer…enjoy your last meal it’ll be your last…(stops mimicking) what the hell is that about Jaymz? Are you hungry or something? Great metaphor. And regardless what your reasons are, I don’t care. I don’t care if you want to come after me for WWA. I don’t care if it’s for the Tap-Out Title. Or if you want to come at me because you have some kind of crush that you don’t know how to act on. I don’t care if it’s some Buffalo Bill, I wish I was a lady so I’m going to destroy every woman I see, psychological crap. You wanted my attention, you wanted to challenge me, that’s fine. I’m not afraid of you, your toy, or your “Magics”. Magic is nothing but slight of hand…essentially its a fraud. And its something I plan to expose you as.

She drops her mic even harder, producing a bigger BOOM, and Watkins is beside himself. The crowd has forgotten about their one-time hero at this point, and they chant for their new hero as she turns and leaves triumphantly.

Chris Wrestling vs. Intrepid

“Last Resort” hits the sound system and on the big screen we see highlights of Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling. Then Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling comes out with a huge smirk on his face, trying to prevent the crowd from touching him.

Ortiz: At this time, weighing 246 pounds. He is the Hellbilly from Hot Springs…the one known as…INTREPID!

‘Must Kill’ by Cavalera Conspiracy begins playing and not even a second after that the entrance ramp begins flashing with a quick burst of white strobe light and Intrepid comes out quickly but stops on the entrance ramp as D.Filed follows closely behind. He stares out into the crowd grooving to the beat of the music, glaring at them through the eyes of his mask. He suddenly thrusts his arm into the air and screams.

Intrepid: HEATHENS!!!

As soon as the crowd reacts, Intrepid runs down the entire aisle all the way to the ring. He dives onto the ring apron and slides into the ring on his stomach. When He reaches the opposite side of the ring he pushes himself into a standing position. Before stepping out toward the referee Intrepid turns and kneels in the corner to pray. After everyone clearly has an awkward moment he stands and nods to the referee that he is ready to go.


The referee signals for the bell and the match is underway! “Canadian Perfect” Chris Wrestling and the masked “Hellbilly” Intrepid circle the ring, staring each other down. Wrestling makes the first move as he challenges his opponent to lock into a Collar and Elbow grapple. But Intrepid is not interested as he starts to work on Wrestling with some lightning quick kicks to the side of Wrestling’s legs and mid-section.

Chris Wrestling takes a series of kicks but Intrepid gets a bit over-zealous and one of his kicks is caught in mid-air by Wrestling, who quickly traps his opponent’s leg and locks in a kneebar. Intrepid struggles to get out of the submission move initially, but he uses his free leg to kick Wrestling in the face, forcing him to break the hold.

Intrepid is first to get to a vertical position and starts kicking and stomping at Chris Wrestling who’s still on the ground. Intrepid’s speedy offense is impressive and with Wrestling still down, the Hellbilly from Hot Springs springs off the ropes and hits a low dropkick to the side of Wrestling’s head. Wrestling writhes in pain, clutching his head as Intrepid screams and curses at the crowd of heathens at the Louisiana SuperDome.

Just as Wrestling looks like he’s about to get up, Intrpid rushes to his side and and grabs hold of his left arm. Chris Wrestling tries to free his arm but to no avail as Intrepid hits a Single Arm DDT knocking Wrestling’s head hard against the mat.

Intrepid has the momentum with him now and he wastes little time to drag Chris Wrestling up by his hair into a kneeling position. With Wrestling kneeling down, Intrepid hits him with three kicks in succession, the first two being brutal blows to the chest, the last being a stiff kick to the head. He calls this, The Three Strike Rule!

With the repeated blows to his head, Chris Wrestling looks really disoriented as he tries to crawl towards the ring ropes in an attempt to get away from the brutal offence of Intrepid. But Intrepid is not willing to give his opponent any breathing space as he quickly moves towards Wrestling. He tries to grab Wrestling by the hair once again but this time the Canadian hits a strong elbow to Intrepid’s mid-section causing the masked WWA man to take a few steps back, clutching his stomach.

Wrestling tries to take advantage and gets up quickly to his feet. He approaches Intrepid and successfully executes a double leg takedown. Chris Wrestling is considered to be one of the finest technical wrestlers in the sVo and with his opponent down on the mat, Wrestling wastes little time before locking in a side headlock on Intrepid.

Intrepid gasps for breath and tries desperately to reach for the bottom rope. Wrestling locks in tighter and Intrepid looks to be struggling. But after a few seconds, Intrepid somehow manages to grab the bottom rope as the referee tells Wrestling to break the hold. Although Wrestling doesn’t break the hold straightaway, once the referee threatens to disqualify him, Wrestling is forced to let go of his opponent.

Intrepid tries to get back to his feet with a little help from the ropes as Wrestling stalks his prey from behind. As soon as Intrepid is back to a vertical base, Canadian Perfect spins him around and nails him with a devastating STO!!

Chris Wrestling quickly hooks his opponent’s right leg and makes the cover.




Intrpid had his left leg propped up on the bottom rope and the referee notices it and stops the count!

Chris Wrestling looks frustrated! He must have thought he had this won!

With Intrpeid still down on the ground, Wrestling quickly grabs hold of his legs and tries to lock in “The Perfect Shooter”, his signature Sharpshooter submission!

But just as Wrestling is about to lock in the submission manuever, Intrped somehow manages to get one of his legs free and starts kicking Wrestling repeatedly in the face.

As Wrestling lets go of the other leg and moves away, clutching his face, Intrepid quickly jumps to his feet and sprints towards Wrestling. Intrepid grabs hold of his opponent from behind, applies a 3/4 face lock and runs towards the corner and then runs up the ring ropes with the face lock still applied. Intrepid kicks off the top rope and shifts his body weight, swinging his body around. As Intrepid falls to the ground, Chris Wrestling’s chin is driven into Intrepid’s shoulder. The DOUBLE JEOPARDY!!

It looks like Intrepid has had enough. He drags Chris Wrestling back onto his feet and then slaps him hard across the face. In spite of the damage Chris Wrestling has endured to his head in this match, out of instict he tries to react to the insult. Chris Wrestling goes to grab Intrepid but is met by Intrepid locking both of his arms up. The Hellbilly Intrepid twists them and yanks on them to lift his opponent up. Wrestling is lifted over Intrepid and is left upside down on his back. Both arms still locked in Intrepid briefly smiles as “Canadian Perfect” struggles to free himself fearing the worse.

Chris Wrestling is strapped on Intrepid’s back with nowhere to go and the crowd roars to life sensing the end is near. Intrepid instantly drops to a seated position and drives his opponent’s neck into the mat with both of their combined weights. Intrepid quickly unlocks his arms letting Wrestling slump to the mat and scrambles around for the pin. Intrepid hooks the leg and the referee begins his count.




A Real Hero

“The Star Spangled Banner” blares from the speakers as Roscoe Shame and a man, of equal size, dressed in a Marine outfit appear at the top of the ramp. The two men make their way to the ring, much to the delight of the fans. Roscoe grabs a mic on his way into the ring.

Roscoe: Fans of the sVo, I’ve come out here tonight because of the some things that have been bothering me. You see, one of our new roster members, who happens to be a Canadian, claims himself to be a hero.

sVo fans start to boo.

Roscoe: Bruce Pepin is no hero!! Nor will he ever be one!

sVo fans erupt in applause.

Roscoe: I would like for everyone to meet this man beside, Lance Corporal Jim Miller. Lance Corporal Miller has served three stints in Afghanistan and has served his country proudly. He is a real hero…..he is a real American hero!

The fans packed into the arena all stand up and give Lance Corporal Jim Miller a standing ovation.

Roscoe: I will prove tonight that Bruce Pepin is nothing more than big sack of shit.

“The Star Spangled Banner” plays again over the PA system as Roscoe and his guest leave the ring.RINGSIDE
Question Mark?The fans are buzzing with electricity (not literally people!) as the lights die down and silence takes over. No one knows what to make of the sudden atmosphere change as the tron flickers to life. The fans in attendance read along as the words flash on the screenI never left…And therefore can’t return….The words fade as soon as they appear and the lights return to normal. Who could be behind the cryptic message?
Cody Williams vs. Jack Heart vs. JacksonThe house lights slowly dim, synched to the sound of a THX surround sound test causing the jam packed audience of the Louisiana SuperDome to erupt. The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up. Cody Williams can be seen rising up from the top of the ramp by way of lift. Once the lift comes to a halt he throws his arms up into the air to an eruption of pyrotechnics, followed by fireworks raining down ontop of him from above the stage.Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

He makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and pointing out to the crowd as they continue to drown the stadium with cheers. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, repeatedly pounding his chest and raising his arms in the air. He hops off and heads over to the opposite corner and does the same, taking off his “CCXX: Second Coming” shirt and throwing it into the crowd.

“Clubfoot” by Kasabian starts up with a single strobe in the center of the stage. Jack walks onto the stage throwing his fist in the air before throwing off his ring jacket and running down the ramp with the strobe light causing him to be in slow motion. Jack slides into the ring popping back up via a luchador roll.

The opening, electrifying chords of ‘Buried Alive” By Alter Bridge, tenderly streams from the PA system, and the arena rapidly transforms amid the blue haze of the house-lights, on the screen, dark clouds form menacingly in its build-up. After the 12 second intro, the area explodes in an angelic white glow and as the song gathers momentum, the V-Tron show a huge lightning bolt ferociously striking the ground and shattering the earth. The fans leap to their collective feet, cheering wildly. “Ride The Lightning” rips across the V-Tron in red lettering, as Jackson strides from behind the curtain.

After pausing on the stage, absorbing the passionate dynamism and breathing in the energy, Jackson intently walks toward the ring, focused solely on the job at hand.I twist and turn
In the darkest space
Can’t find my worth
As I numb the pain

Glass to the sky
With a black tooth grin
This whiskey smile
Takes me down again.

Jackson reaches the ring, and climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Throwing an arm triumphantly into the air, he once again soaks in the electricity. He crosses the ring, and replicates the same process at the opposite corner.

With all three men in the ring, the referee calls for the bell, and this match is under way. Right off the bat, Heart goes for Jackson with a knee to the midsection. He grabs Jackson by the back of his tights and neck and fires him shoulder first into the nearest ring post. Jackson crumbles to the ground, leaving Heart to go one-on-one with Cody Williams.

Cody lunges forward, and attempts to lock up with Heart, but the ‘Man of a 100 Monikers’ hastily sidesteps his opponent’s advances. Connecting with a stiff kick to the chest, Heart follows up with some cradled elbow strikes that continue to keep the fast paced offense of Cody Williams at bay. Bouncing back-first off the ropes, Heart spins in the air, looking for a spinning heel kick, but WIlliams ducks under it.

Heart crashes to the canvas, but is very quick to get up. He turns to face Williams, who is waiting in the wings to scoop Heart up and slam him down on the canvas. Cody then delivers a couple of elbow drops, and finishes things off with a running snap leg drop. Heart writhes in pain and tries to roll from the ring, but Cody grabs him by the boot just before he can escape under the ropes. Williams begins pulling Heart back towards the center of the ring, but somehow Heart manages to get up on one foot and connects with a desperation enzigiuri.

Cody drops to one knee, giving Heart a chance to catch his breath and climb back to his feet. He spies Cody in a dazed state, and tries to take advantage, only to get cold-cocked by Jackson, who has finally regained his composure. Heart stumbles around for a moment, as Jackson wrings the knots out of his arm and shoulder, having been sent into the ring post earlier. Even though he is favoring his right arm, Jackson is still able to grab Jack Heart by the head and drop him with a Spinning Neck-Breaker. Jackson quickly pulls Heart’s fallen body in close and makes the cover.



Jackson only gets a two count, as Cody Williams comes back into the picture and drags him off of Heart.

Jackson quickly rises to his feet and goes nose-to-nose with Williams. The crowd rumbles with anticipation as the two men size each other up. Suddenly, the fans’ cheers turn to boos as Jack Heart climbs to his feet and takes aim at Jackson from behind. Cody sees him coming and darts past Jackson and clobbers Heart with a running clothesline. The crowd roars with appreciation, but grows even louder when Cody turns around only to get decked by Jackson.

Cody staggers back a few steps as the ‘Lightning Rider’ closes in on him. Jackson continues to land blow after blow: head shots, body shots, toe kicks, and knee strikes. He backs Cody into the corner, where he refuses to back off. The referee tries to get in between Williams and his attacker, and finally Jackson breaks away. However, he simply runs to the far corner, and then comes charging back at Williams, trying to a corner splash of sorts.

The crowd groans, feeling Jackson’s pain as Cody ducks out of the corner just in time to watch his opponent smash into the turnbuckles. Jackson bounces back out of the corner, with Cody hoisting him up and draping him over his shoulder, clearly setting Jackson up for a “Picture Perfect” finish. However, before he can drop Jackson on his head, Jack Heart comes flying out of nowhere, with a missile dropkick from the top rope.

All three men crash to the canvas, none of them looking like they’ll have an advantage if/when they make it to their feet. The crowd is split between Williams and Jackson, as they attempt to recover. However, it is Heart that shakes the cobwebs out first and rises to a vertical base.

Seeing Jackson beginning to stir, Heart marches on over and begins laying the boots to him. Jackson fights off the kicks, trying to get to his feet, only to make it to one knee before Heart grabs him and tosses him violently out through the ropes. With Jackson taken care of for the moment, Jack Heart turns his attention towards Cody Williams… but wait…

Jackson somehow manages to hold onto the ropes, keeping himself from falling to the ringside floor. He pulls himself back into the ring; the crowd’s cheers more than giving away his unexpected re-entry into the match. Heart takes notice and spins around, firing off with a solid right hand.

Instinctively, Jackson ducks and positions himself behind Heart. As Jack stumbles to face Jackson, the ‘Lightning Rider’ delivers a quick boot to his opponent’s midsection before executing a robust one-armed DDT. Heart immediately rolls away in pain, as Jackson ‘nips up’ to his feet and is met by a cheer from the crowd.

As Jackson soaks in the fans’ admiration, he fails to take account of Cody Williams, who stalks him from behind. He pulls Jackson’s head back, looking to finish things off with the “PerfEXECUTION”, but Jackson fights out of it. He spins around, getting behind Cody, and shoves him forward.

Jack Heart, who is now back on his feet, launches himself at the oncoming Cody Williams, only for ‘Mr. 220′ to duck away from the attack, sending Heart crashing into Jackson. The impact sends Jackson sprawling across the ring and out under the ropes. Meanwhile, Cody bounces off the ropes behind Heart, who turns around just in time to eat the sole of Williams’ boot as he connects with an absolutely sickening single leg dropkick.

Heart, for a lack of a better term, is knocked right out of it, and he crumbles to the canvas. Cody quickly dives on top of him for a pin attempt, and the crowd counts along with the referee.




The Louisiana SuperDome erupts with cheers as “Head Like A Hole” starts to play again. Cody quickly rises to his feet, and raises his arms in victory. He glances down with disappointment at the fallen Jack Heart, but then turns his attention back to the crowd who is cheering him on.

Outside the ring, Jackson is finally back on his feet, upset that he couldn’t pick up the win. However, as he backs his way up the ramp, he gives Cody a little golf clap in acknowledgment of his well earned victory.BACKSTAGE

The Man in the Grimnir Mask Part II

The scene opens backstage at the Goodfellas arena. Showdown is well underway and it’s been a great show so far!

The camera shows the sVo World Champion, Jay Wildman in his casual attire walking down towards his locker room. He looks fired up for his non-title showdown with the impressive Sara Pettis.

As Wildman marches on and turns a corner, the camera catches a man walking a few paces ahead of the sVo Champion.

The man is dressed completely in black and a black and white sVo duffel bag is slung over his left shoulder. From behind, all you can make out is that he has blonde hair and is tall-ish, about six feet perhaps.

Wildman doesn’t pay any attention to the man walking ahead of him. He’s obviously distracted by his main event match tonight.

As the camera continues following Wildman and the unknown man ahead of him, we see something fall out of the man’s duffel bag. He doesn’t seem to notice but Wildman does.

As the mystery man keeps walking on, the camera pans down to show Wildman kneel down on one knee to pick up the “something” which has slipped out of the man’s bag and now lies on the floor.

The camera zooms in to reveal what Jay Wildman holds in his hand.

It’s the mask of Grimnir!

Wildman grits his teeth and stands there looking at the mask in his hand for a few seconds before he throws it down with disgust and starts running after the mystery man who is now out of view.RINGSIDE
???Once again the lights die completely in the arena. The fans all turn anxiously toward the screen, anticipating yet another message, hoping for a clue to who is behind this.I’ve been watching and waiting…Are you ready?The fans hold their breath as they wait for the pyros, the lights, the video, and the music indicating who was returning, but to no such avail. Instead the lights come back up and things continue as if it never happened…
England vs. Jack GriffithsAs “Tip The Scales” by Rise Against blares through the PA the crowd roar in anticipation.

These machines feed on the tears of broken lifes and dying dreams

From behind the curtain Jack Griffiths appears, dressed ready for a fight he high-fives a few members of the audience before breaking into a sprint for the ring.

We’re throwing wrenches in the gears
Our lifes will not be lived in vain

He slides into the ring where he pops up to his feet and throws up a devil’s horn symbol to the crowd before taking off his t-shirt and throwing it into the crowd.

“Remember The Name” by Fort Minor hits the PA system, the lights flashing red and white. An English flag appears on the entrance ramp as England steps out onto it, looking around the fans. He makes his way to the ring looking focused, sliding in under the bottom rope and rolling to his feet.

Ding Ding Ding

Both men begin to circle the ring trying to grasp a feel of one another. Jack Griffiths is the first to make a move and wraps up with England. They tug and tug until Jack Griffiths sweeps England’s feet from under him.

England gets to his feet quick and begins to circle the ring again. Jack Griffiths showing confidence steps in the center of the ring. England does as well and both men lock up once again. This time instead of sweeping England’s feet from under him, Jack Griffiths tosses England across his body and into a side headlock.

England powers himself to his feet and delivers a quick kick to the gut of Jack Griffiths. He irish whips Jack Griffiths into the ropes. Jack Griffiths bounces off but dodges a clothesline from England. England stops in his tracks, turns around and is hit with a springboad spinning heel kick from Jack Griffiths.

Jack Griffiths goes for the quick pin.




Jack Griffiths lift England to his feet. He goes for an elbow to the face but England ducks and begins to land a fury of fist to the chest of Jack Griffths. Jack Griffths hold his chest in pain while England bounces off a rope and hits Jack Griffiths with a big boot. Jack Griffiths bounces up quick, but finds himself getting irish whipped into a turnbuckle. England follows behind Jack Griffiths every move, Jack bounces off the turnbuckle and into England’s arm. England lifts Jack Griffiths up and plants him to the mat with a suplex.

England places Jack Griffiths in a leg lock. the ref gets closer on the action to make sure Jack Griffiths doesn’t want to tap. With all his might and will, Jack Griffiths pulls himself to a rope. England let go of the lock, and gets to his feet. He lifts Jack Griffiths to his feet as well. Jack Griffths shoves England, jumps up and lands a enzugiri.

With England only being steps away from the turnbuckle Jack Griffiths climbs up one, jumps off, and attemps a moonsault, but England moves out of the way. England jumps on Jack Griffiths quickly and places him in a head lock.

Somehow Jack Griffiths was able to escape the head lock and now both men are back on their feet. They cirle the ring once again, and this time agressively locks up with one another, but yet again Jack Griffths get the upper hand with a powerful takedown.

Jack Griffiths tries to get England in a submmision, but England kicks and kicks until Jack Griffiths gives him some space to get to his feet. Both men walk to the center of the ring, but England kicks Jack Griffiths in the gut, wraps his arm around in a armbar and plants Jack Griffith with a armbar DDT. Staying with his wrestling style England places Jack Griffiths into a boston crab. Jack Griffiths screams out in pain, but to no avail, England applies the lock tighter.

Jack Griffiths begins to move toward the ropes with every strength he had. He gets to the ropes, puts a leg on the bottom one and England is force to let Jack Griffiths out of the boston crab.

Jack Griffifths slowly gets to his feet. He’s been completely worn out from that boston crab. England recognizes the heavy hants, and quickly runs to Jack Griffiths whose heavily breathing. England irish whips him to the other side of the ring. Without bouncing off Jack Griffiths cathches his feet and stops in his tracks. England who was following his steps is caught with a quick heel kick to the gut.

Jack Griffiths begins to lay a pletra of fist to the sull of England. Jack Griffiths gives his fist a stare, kisses it, and lays it into the skull of England. England tramples to his knees, and is hit with a punt kick from Jack Grifiths.

He goes for the pin.





Jack Griffiths hits the mat in frustration. He lifts England to his feet, and sends him flying across the ring with an irish whip. England bounces off the turnbuckle, and hits the mat chest first. He holds his chest in pain. He turns over to his back, and Jack Griffiths quickly climbs up the ropes. He leaps off with a shooting star press, but England moves out of the way from what could’ve been the final blow.

Jack Griffiths bounces up to his feet, and England hits him with his version of the british bull dog. England goes for the pin.




Ding Ding DingRINGSIDE


The lights die down and the fans begin to boo, realizing that this will probably be just another pointless video with no moral. Sure enough the messages from before appear on the screen.

[/b]I never left and therefore can’t return.

I’ve been watching and waiting. Are you ready?[/b]

The fans boo as the lights come back on. However, their boos quickly turn to a confused murmur as Dr. Steel’s “Imagination” starts to play over the speakers…

There’s lollipops and coconuts dancing on the trees

In a place called your imagination

All you do is close your eyes

And you will realize

What a wonderful sensation

The haunting tune continues to blare overhead as a familiar scene plays out on the tron. Red balloons float up onto the screen and spell out a familiar name that hasn’t been seen in weeks on end…



The fans pop as everyone’s favorite jester appears on the stage. That’s right, for the benefit of all in attendance and the thousands watching at home, Loki Synn has returned to the sVo! He’s wearing his usual get up as he strolls down to the ring, a bounce in his step, seemingly enjoying the music. Once he reaches the ring he rolls inside and grabs a mic from one of the stage hands. The music dies down and the fans start to cheer for him.


Loki shakes his head as he begins to speak.

“I see you all have missed me…”

The fans cheer but are quickly hushed by Loki.

“See, that’s what I don’t understand. I disappear for a couple weeks, no rhyme or reason. During my time away, I stuck around, hid in the shadows and observed. Not ONE person asked where I was. I didn’t hear any Loki chants from you beautiful people, I didn’t hear Team Jon Page ask where I was or bother looking or me. Nothing. Now granted they’re all dealing with their respective endeavors, including but not limited to turning back a tide of invaders.

That doesn’t change the one simple fact though, that I walked away from Organized Chaos without being touched by the WWA invaders, not a scratch on my body, not a bruise to complain about. I walked away and no one asked where I was going, no one booed me as I turned my back on my fellow team members, no one begged for me to come back.”

The crowd doesn’t know what to make of this new Loki. Some begin to boo, some remain cheering, most stay silent still trying to understand what Loki was saying.

“So I’m back, you can hate it or love it because frankly I’m here whether you like it or not. Team Page can storm the ring now and demand answers. WWA can come down here and claim that they really did in fact beat me to a bloody pulp after Organized Chaos, but I would then have to challenge everyone to go back and watch the PPV. Buy it on DVD, watch it bootleg on youtube. I wasn’t touched by the WWA. Hell, if Chris Bond marched out and demanded answers, or a match, he could. I won’t stop any of them from coming down here, but they need to realize, that they may not like what they find.

From here on out Loki answers to only one higher power. So I’ll let you all resume your normally scheduled show. Rest assured I’ll be back again next week, and the week after. Tonight just seemed like a proper time for me to come out and announce that Loki Synn? He’s back.

Semi colon.

Right parenthesis.”

Loki drops the mic as “Imagination” by Dr. Steel picks up where it left off. The haunting tune following Loki up the ramp as the fans are left to wonder…

How will the WWAers respond to realizing that they missed one of the so called “best the sVo had to offer?”

How will Jon Page and the rest of his team from Organized Chaos react to Loki saying that he walked away while they were getting beaten upon?

Most importantly…Why in the world does Loki Synn say “Semi colon, right parenthesis?!?!”

Only time will tell….BACKSTAGE

How Can One Return If They Never Went Away?

Jon Page was nervous. It’s been a good couple of weeks since the massive beat down at the hands of the vicious WWA Invaders. Still though, ratings were good and other than a couple bruises at this point, he had no complaints. Entering into his office he shuts the door behind him.

“Greetings Mr. Anderson.”

Page freezes at the door, his hand on the knob in case he needed to make a quick exit. The person the voice belonged to was sitting in Page’s chair with his (or her) back to the door. Maybe Page could sneak up on this invader who has obviously missed the past couple of weeks seeing as Matt Anderson wasn’t in charge anymore.

“Uhm, it’s Page. Jon Page. Anderson has been evicted.”

The chair whirls around and Page seems taken aback by the occupant of the chair.

“That’s what we were fighting for in that match last month wasn’t it Page? That’s what we put our careers on the line for, only to be tossed around the ring by people who were hungry for a fight, wasn’t it Page?”

Loki Synn. sVo’s resident jester and a man proven to be quite formidable up until the Organized Chaos match.

“We were fighting for the sVo Loki. You know that. I had and have no intention on allowing the WWA to go unpunished.”

Loki steeples his hands in front of him resting his chin at the top of his fingers and rocking his head back and forth.

“Yet for the past however many weeks it’s been, no one has cared where I’ve been. No one has cared that I just kinda, ‘disappeared.’ I mean, we have WWA people running around claiming to have taken out the ‘best the sVo has to offer’ after a grueling match at a PPV. But if you look at the tapes Jon, look at the beatdown, they missed one. They never laid their hands on me. Go back and roll that beautiful bean footage!”

Page comes forward, toward the desk as Loki continues to watch Jon Page carefully while continuing to rock his head back and forth.

“Loki, in case you haven’t been paying attention, I missed the past couple of weeks as well due to them beating us up. There is no shame in admitting that we were taken by surprise.”

Loki stops rocking his head and stares at Page. It’s unsettling seeing a colorful mask staring at you, the only black on the mask being where eyes usually are.

“LOOK AT THE TAPES! I WALKED AWAY AFTER THAT MATCH! I wasn’t left lying bleeding and broken at the hands of invaders that seem to have torn apart the sVo ranks. They missed me. I decided to lay low. I wanted to see where all the cards were going to fall. So Chris Bond came back. Some ‘legend’ to take on the WWA ranks. The crowd popped and cheered when they saw him and still do. I listen to them boo the WWA and Amos. Yet never once, NOT ONCE, have I heard the question I was yearning for. ‘Where is Loki Synn?’ Surely SOMEONE would have noticed that I disappeared. Surely someone would have noticed that the WWA quite obviously missed out on trying to take me out. SOMEONE would have noticed me walking up the ramp as you were all getting the ever living crap beaten out of you?!?!”

Silence falls as the two stare each other down. Loki starts to rock his head back and forth once again. Tension mounts but is suddenly broken as the jester stands suddenly, propelling the chair he was sitting in into the wall behind him.

“What you need to know now Jon, is that I’m back.

Semi Colon.

Right Parenthesis.

If you catch my drift.”

Loki walks around the desk and heads out, never taking his eyes off of Jon Page. Likewise, Page returns the favor returning Loki’s unsettling stare with one of his own. Loki opens the door and waves good bye before heading out and skipping down the hallway leaving Page, and the sVo Universe to ask…

What is Loki up to and where has he been the past couple of weeks if he wasn’t taken out by the WWA Invaders?
Reaper vs. RJ Stone

Savium’s instrumental cover of “Sad But True” by Metallica obliterates the PA system. The SVO-Tron displays nothing fancy. Simply the words THE ASSASSIN in a font that looks like static on a television screen manifest into words.As the song brutally churns along, a brilliant red pyro goes off. When it has subsided, RJ Stone stands at the top of the entrance ramp, seemingly materialized from thin air. His arms are out at his sides, much akin to Raven’s old signature pose. He holds this for a few long moments before stalking purposefully down the entrance ramp. He ignores the crowds boos the entire time.

Ortiz: Ladies and Gentlemen, now entering the ring and representing the World Wrestling Alliance, he weighs in at 244 pounds and hails from Fresno, California, “The Assassin” ARRRRRE JAYYYYY STOOOOOOONE!

RJ quickly slides under the bottom rope and is on the nearest turnbuckle in a flash. He stares a hole into the fans for a moment before repeating the same pose he held on the entrance ramp. He holds this for a few seconds before hopping down from the turnbuckle and leaning back into the corner in a sitting position, staring with intent and malice directed at the entrance ramp.

The lights slowly dim as the crowd starts to get anxious. The electric chords of Follow The Reaper by Children of Bodom blares over the pa system as the man known simply as Reaper steps out onto the stage. Reaper stands center stage as a bright white spotlight shines on him. He raises his arms in the air taunting at the crowd. Reaper leans his head back and gives a primal roar towards the crowd as he snaps his head back. The cameras getting a close look at the intensity in his eyes as he starts to march his way down the ramp way. Reaper makes his way to the apron where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He uses the second rope to lift himself back up to his feet. Reaper rolls his neck as he goes to the near corner and awaits for the bell.

As the bell rings the two men meet in the center of the ring in a rush. Both start throwing right hands. Each one finding their mark, one after another. Both men just eating the punches until finally RJ Stone manages to snap off a quick knee lift to the midsection. Stone with the irish whip sends Reap off the far ropes. Reaper comes back only to be taken by a vicious spinebuster. Stone stays on Reaper with boots to the midsection. Reaper finally manages to roll to the ropes and use them to get back to his feet. Stone doesn’t let Reaper breath though. He’s right on the Las Vegas champion and sends him reeling with a backhand chop. Reaper’s holding his chest but only gets another one. Reaper seemed almost surprised by RJ Stone.

Stone manages to back Reaper into the corner with those chops and now unleashes a massive european uppercut. Dazed Reaper is sent out of the corner into the far corner. RJ Stone follows and nails him with a yakuza kick in the corner. Stone stays focused on his man as Reaper stumbles out of the corner. He grabs The Lord of Hardcore by the back of the head and pulls him up to his knees. Only to ram his knee into the face of Reaper once, twice, three times. He pulls Reaper to his feet and hooks him for a ddt. Reaper is too close to the ropes though and manages to hold onto the ropes as RJ falls only to his back. Reaper backpeddles at first trying to catch his breath. Shaking the cobwebs loose Reaper waits for Stone to get to his feet before charging at him. Reaper with a clothesline sends Stone back to the ground. He’s immediately back up though only to be dropped again with another clothesline. This time when Stone pops up Reaper hits him with a quick ddt of his own.

Reaper is back to his feet and stumbles back from RJ Stone. He’s setting him up for something. As Stone gets to his feet Reaper with a quick kick to the stomach. He lifts RJ Stone up for the TWo Coins. RJ with furious elbows to the jaw until Reaper drops him. Stone lands behind Reaper and immediately goes for a backstabber which hits Reaper hard knocking all the wind out of him. Stone with the cover.



Reaper with the kick out.

Stone complains to the referee about the count for a second but quickly regains focus. RJ lifts Reaper to his feet and sets him up onto his shoulders. He pushes him up and off of his shoulders dropping Reaper right onto his knee stomach first. Reaper wisely rolls away from RJ as soon as he’s on the mat. Reaper rolling out of the ring to get a breather. Stone decides to follow him though and gives him little time to rest. RJ heads towards the ropes while Reaper is leaning against the apron getting his breath back.

As Stone is reaching through the ropes to grab Reaper who is leaning against the apron he eats a fist for his troubles. Stone stumbles back allowing Reaper to hop back onto the apron. Maybe playing up his tiredness a little Reap stays on the apron as Stone quickly came back for him. Stone goes for a right hand only for Reap to block it. Reaper snaps off a right of his own then grabs RJ Stone by the head. He sets him up for a suplex but to the outside of the ring. Reaper gets him up into the air but Stone is fighting back kicking his legs. Reaper drops him but as he does he crotches RJ Stone on the top rope. With him hung out to dry Reaper takes a step back and while balancing on the apron fires off a kick of death superkick to the neck of RJ sending him flipping off the rope and to the floor. Reaper gets into the ring and backs off to the corner letting the ref make the count.





Meanwhile Reaper is resting in the corner, RJ Stone is already back to his knees showing great resolve as few get up after the KOD.




RJ Stone has pulled himself up by the apron and starts to roll in, but before he can Reaper baseball slides towards him. Stone manages to side step at the last second. Reaper lands on his feet on the outside of the ring and the two start to exchange punches again. This time is the same as last with RJ Stone getting the advantage but this time blocking a few of Reaper’s right hands only to hit each of his. Stone grabs Reap by the back of the head and slams him face first into the apron. Reaper bounces back and stumbles back into the guard rail where RJ Stone stays on the attack. He gets Reaper set up for like a suplex. Picking him up and then throwing him forward dropping The Las Vegas Champion stomach first over the guard railing.

Meanwhile the ref has gotten his count back up to four as RJ Stone steps back and charges back at Reaper driving his boot into the back of Reaper’s skull crushing it between the boot and guard railing. Reaper looks to be about out of it there. Stone not satisfied grabs Reaper by the neck in a ddt fashion and pulls him off the guard railing dragging him back towards the apron. Reaper’s knees dragging across the outside floor. As soon as Reaper is dragged all the way up to the apron and is too close to the ring for the ref to fully see him he punches RJ Stone right in the stones. The ref blind to the low blow only sees RJ double over as Reaper shakes his head trying to clear his mind.

Reaper grabs Stone and rolls him into the ring following behind. Reaper lifts him to his feet and leans him back into the corner. Reaper takes a step back and spins looking for The Beginning of spinning elbow to the temple. But Stone gets his hands up blocking the elbow shot. Then quickly stepping out of the corner and kneeing Reaper in the midsection Stone throws the Lord of Hardcore chest first into the turnbuckle. He grabs him from behind lifting him up maybe looking to crotch Reaper on the top turnbuckle but Reaper throws his legs out pushing off the turnbuckle and flips over the shoulder of RJ Stone. As soon as Reaper’s feet hit the ground though RJ Stone leaps into the air and hits him with The Killshot!!!! He rolls Reaper over and makes the cover…




The Cajun Sensation

That’s it RJ Stone has just beaten The Las Vegas Champion Reaper. This has to put him in top contention for that belt. What’s this, RJ Stone doesn’t seem to be finished as he has rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair, now rolling back inside of the ring. RJ walks over to Reaper and stalks him with the chair in hand before slamming it down hard over the head of Reaper. Once, twice, a third time! He’s going to do serious damage to the self proclaimed Lord of Hardcore. Stone is all business tonight. Stone is about to hit him once more but all of a sudden the lights flicker with a strobe effect. Stone stops in mid swing and looks on curiously.

A man jumps the guard railing and quickly slides in under the bottom rope. He is to his feet in a second flat and charges towards RJ Stone. Stone swings the chair but the man from the crowd ducks under it going behind RJ Stone. As soon as he turns around the mystery man nails him hard with a right hand. Then a second one and finally one more causing RJ to drop the chair. The Mystery man kicks RJ Stone in the stomach and grabs him up like for a shouldered powerbomb but puts him in a gory lock like position. After holding onto the Gory lock for a moment though he pops his hips and tosses RJ Stone over just enough to get him over his head and shoulders and drive him down with a piledriver like move. Also known as the Barry White Driver, which looks alot like some move these fans know all to well!!!

The man looks up at the camera and we get a real good look at his face to realize it is the Cajun Sensation…TOBIAS DEVEREUX! Oh my god what is Tobias Devereux doing back in the sVo? We’re not given an answer as Tobias smirks at the camera and with a tip of an invisible hat drops out of the ring and hops back into the crowd disappearing in the masses.
Roscoe Shame vs. Bruce Pepin”Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

The point proves moot, as the song switches abruptly into “Holding Out For a Hero” by Emery. From backstage emerges the “Canadian Crusader” Bruce Pepin. Wearing a black vest and his customary Canadian trunks, he walks to the ring with a purpose. The mission: Curtis destruction. Leave the remains for someone from the late shift to clean up.

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods?
Where’s the street wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need

Pepin hits the ring, stomping back and forth and signaling to the crowd. His smile shines as flashes fill the sky. Pepin pumps his first in the air and yells out ‘we can do this, together!’ I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night
he’s gotta b e strong and he’s gotta be fast
and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight, fresh from the fight

Bruce gets into the ring, taking his vest of and launching it towards Roscoe Shame. It lands on Shame’s face, causing him to angrily brush it off. Pepin chuckles and goes forward with his hand outstretched.


The bell sounds and the referee gestures that the match has started. Bruce Alexander Pepin III takes a moment to taunt to the crowd as Roscoe Shame looks on from the opposite corner. Pepin pays no attention to his opponent as he continues riling up the Louisiana crowd with his taunts. Roscoe Shame doesn’t look too happy to be ignored like this as the man from Kalamazoo goes running towards his opponent and nails him with a thunderous clothesline!!

Pepin is knocked down on the mat as the former sVo World Champion looks to take advantage. Shame stomps a mud hole into the “Canadian Crusader” as the crowd cheer loudly for the sVo man. Pepin turns over onto his front and tries to get back up on his feet. But his attempts to get up are crushed by a big elbow from Roscoe Shame to the back of Pepin’s head.

Pepin clutches the back of his head and writhes in pain as Mr. International backs off for a little bit, giving his opponent a chance to get back to a vertical base.

Just as Bruce Alexander Pepin III is back on his feet, Roscoe Shame’s eyes light up as he rushes towards his opponent with his right arm outstretched, looking for another big clothesline but Pepin somehow ducks, sending Roscoe crashing into the turnbuckle chest-first.

Crashing into the turnbuckle with such momentum has knocked the wind out of BBD’s former partner and Pepin doesn’t allow him a moment to catch his breath as immediately after Roscoe comes back off the turnbuckle, the Canadian grabs him from behind and nails him with a German Suplex!

Pepin looks fired up after managing to knock the 6’6 Shame down on the mat as he seems to be going for a high risk move off the top rope!! Pepin climbs up on the top turnbuckle, taunts the crowd at the SuperDome before launching himself through the air, aimed at Roscoe Shame who’s still down on the mat!! Pepin’s arms are stretched outwards in flight as he looks to drive his skull into his opponent’s chest with a Flying Headbutt!! Shades of another great Canadian of professional wrestling!

But just as it looks like the Headbutt is about to connect, Roscoe Shame rolls out of the way at the VERY LAST SECOND!! Pepin’s skull crashes into the mat with such impact that it bounces back off the mat once before crashing back down again!! A high risk maneuver such as this can go so horribly wrong sometimes!! Bruce Pepin seems to be out cold after that as Roscoe Shame tries to slowly crawl back onto his feet.

Roscoe Shame is a grizzled veteran of this business and seeing that his opponent has taken such damage to the head at such an early stage of the match, he climbs on top of Pepin and connects with repeated hard fists to the Canadian Crusader’s skull. Pepin tries to block the unrelenting blows from his opponent but cannot do much to stop Roscoe.

Roscoe Shame smells blood and may be looking to end this one early as he gets up and pulls Pepin up to his feet. Shame lifts up Pepin in a bodyslam-like hold but then he swings him around and it looks like Shame is about to go for a Tombstone Piledriver!! This could be the end of it right here, folks!!

But Pepin surprises everyone as he somehow manages to lock in Roscoe’s head between his legs and counters with a brilliant Leg Scissors takedown!! What a brilliant counter from the man from Montreal!!

Roscoe Shame is just as surprised at everyone else in the arena after that as he tries to quickly get back to a vertical position. Bruce Pepin is still groggy from the severe head damage he has endured so far and decides it’s best to slide out of the ring to regain some stamina.

Pepin stands at ringside, clutching his head and staring at his opponent with disgust as the referee begins a ring out count.





The referee only gets to seven before Bruce Alexander Pepin looks to have revived some stamina and slides back into the ring.

As both men now stand in the middle of the ring, staring each other down, the crowd gives a loud pop in anticipation for what’s about to happen next in this very exciting matchup!

Pepin is first to strike with a series of knife-edge chops onto his opponent. Roscoe is not one to lose out in a fight as the powerhouse from Kalamazoo responds with a series of hard right hands of his own. Pepin is quick to react as he catches one of Roscoe’s punches and Irish Whips him into the ring ropes. As Roscoe comes sprinting back off the rebound, Pepin connects with a clever Spinning Backfist to knock his opponent down.

With Roscoe Shame down on the mat, Pepin is quick to grab hold of his legs and send him on a ride on the Giant Swing!!

Roscoe Shame seems to be seeing stars as he tumbles up on his feet, still dizzy from the Giant Swing! Bruce Pepin is on to him in a flash as he hooks his opponent’s arms and sends him crashing to the mat with a Double Underhook DDT!!

For the first time in this match, it looks like the momentum is with Bruce Pepin and he seems very happy with himself right now. With Roscoe Shame still down, Bruce Pepin climbs the ropes and taunts to the crowd who boo the obnoxious Canadian, in unison.

Pepin climbs back down and gets behind Roscoe Shame who is slowly trying to get up. Pepin stalks his prey and just as Roscoe Shame is back up and turns around to face his opponent, Pepin connects with a series of leg kicks to Roscoe’s sternum. With Shame winded, Pepin runs into the ring ropes and tries to hit a clothesline of his own on the rebound. But Shame shows amazing power to catch Bruce Pepin in mid-air, spin around with the momentum and nail his opponent to the ground with a HUGE Powerslam!! This match is off THE hook, folks!!

Having snatched Pepin’s momentum from him, the powerhouse Roscoe Shame looks to capitalize. as he goes to a corner, crouches down and motions for Pepin to get up. It looks like he’s setting his opponent up for a Spear!!

Pepin takes some time to get back up on his feet but just as he does, Roscoe Shame is off in a flash! But just as Shame is about to connect with the Spear, Pepin swiftly moves out of the way, sending Roscoe Shame crashing into the ring post, shoulder-first!! Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!!

Bruce Pepin sees the opening and wastes little time to trap Roscoe Shame’s legs over his shoulder, lifts him high up into the air before he executes a perfect rendition of The Alouette, an Electric chair drop into a bridging German Suplex pin!!!

The referee drops to the mat and begins the count…




That’s not enough to put Roscoe Shame away as he kicks out at 2 and three quarters! Bruce Pepin looks surprised at not being able to get the pin fall after that maneuver but he composes himself and drags Roscoe Shame up. Pepin smiles and taunts at the crowd before he lifts “Mr. International” Roscoe Shame high in the air in a brainbuster, before crashing him forwards into a uriage suplex. The E.L.E!!!

Pepin wastes little time before hooking both of Shame’s legs and going for the cover.




Lead the FightThe scene opens up in the office of Matt Anderson Jon Page where the sVo owner seems to have settled nicely back into his old office. The Company pictures have been replaced with shots of various moments in the history of the sVo, as Page leans back in the leather chair with his feet on the desk. Page seems oblivious to the camera as he speaks into his cell phone.

Jon Page: “Look, I have no idea why these WWA guys turned up, but we can’t take this lying down, the reputation of the sVo is at stake! I don’t care what happened in the past, you are the guy I want back to lead the fight against these guys!”

The scene slowly fades out, just who is Jon Page on the phone with?
Jay Wildman vs. Sara Pettis

“Nobody but Me” by The Launderettes begins playing from the loudspeakers; the blue and white strobe lights that accompany it telling the audience exactly who is coming out. Sara Pettis steps out from the back, in her wrestling attire now, with the sVo Tap-Out title slung over her shoulder, to roars of approval from the fans. She smiles at the crowd before jogging down the aisle, slapping as many hands as she can along the way, and sliding under the ropes into the ring. She removes her title and hands it the the ref, who hands it to the timekeeper, and she begins to stretch as the music fades.

“End of Line” by Daft Punk plays over the PA system as the house lights alternate from green to black lighting and back again. After a few moments of playing, the house lights go out completely for a few moments before they flare to life again with Jay Wildman standing in the center of the ring, his hand pointed up in the air in defiance. He walks over to the corner, passing Sara, steps up to the second belt buckle, and stares out into the crowd, before hopping down and turning back to his opponent.

As the music fades and the bell rings, the crowd is raucous, giving off and almost pay-per-view-like vibe.

High-Pitched Voices: LET’S GO SARA!

Lower-Pitched Voices: LET’S GO JAY!

High-Pitched Voices: LET’S GO SARA!

Lower-Pitched Voices: LET’S GO JAY!

As the crowd alternates back and forth and unintentionally cheer on what sounds like adult film star Sara Jay, both combatants size each other up before lunging and locking each other in a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Wildman gets the advantage quickly, slipping around the back of Sara with a hammerlock. Sara, for her part, seems intent on bringing the offense to Wildman, immediately throwing an elbow into the sVo Champion’s face. Wildman shakes the first blow off, trying to tighten the hold, and the second blow, but the third jars him loose. Sara, acting quickly, goes for a standing Blue Moon, but Wildman scouts it, catching Sara’s leg and pulling her down to the canvas in an ankle lock! Sara is near the ropes, though, so she reaches out and snatches the bottom one almost immediately. The referee calls for the break, and Wildman obliges almost immediately.

The crowd cheers the previous exchange wildly, and the two combatants are back to their feet relatively quickly, but they merely eye each other for a moment, shrewdly looking out for what the other might try next. Sara moves first, rushing Wildman with a clothesline attempt, but the sVo Champ ducks it, goes behind, and locks his arms around her waist for a German Suplex. He takes her up and over, but Sara slips out midair and lands on her feet. Wildman gets up quickly and turns back to his opponent, eating an arm drag in the process. The two are up quickly again, Sara first, and Wildman eats another arm drag. The exchange repeats a third time, but Sara remains atop Wildman, locking the arm into an armbar. Wildman, this time, is the one to scramble for the ropes, knifing his legs out and grabbing ahold of the bottom rope with them. The ref calls for the break again, and Sara obliges this time; the two get up, and the crowd gushes again at the exchange.

Wildman looks at Sara, smiling, and nods. Sara cracks a smile of her own and returns the nod, before they move in to tie-up again. Wildman, though, shrewdly lashes out with a kick and doubles Sara over, before grabbing her head and hoisting her up for a vertical suplex. He makes sure to stall her in midair, time passing slowly as he does so, the crowd still split, until he falls back and drops Sara heavily with him. Wildman moves quickly into the cover.



Sara kicks out quickly, but Wildman doesn’t hesitate, grabbing Sara in an armbar of his own. She struggles with it for a little while, the crowd mostly cheering her on at the moment, until she gets to her feet with the hold still locked on. She shakes her fist, feeding off the energy of the crowd, and in a flash spins around, plucks her arm out, grabs Wildman’s head, and plants him with a DDT. She moves into the cover.



Nearly an identically-timed kickout for Wildman this time, and the two roll away from each other, waiting, watching. The fans adore what they watch, and the two champions allow themselves to look out into the electric crowd and see the faces of the people they entertain. This moment is short-lived, as they refocus and move in again. Wildman grabs Sara by the arm and Irish whips her into the ropes, ducking under her on the first rebound and jumping over her on the second, before ducking for a back-body drop on the third, He launches her into the air, but she adjusts and deftly lands behind him, spinning him around and Irish whipping him this time. She copies his exchange, duck first, then leap, before ducking down for a backdrop, also. Wildman dives over her bent body, though, grabs her around the waist, and yanks her over with a sunset flip into a pin! The crowd cheers as the ref counts.




Wildman picks Sara up, boots her once, and Irish whips her again toward the furthest corner. Sara hops to the second rope when she reaches it, Wildman mistakenly charging right in after her, and she pushes herself into the air as Wildman dives for a spear and eats the ringpost! Sara, as she comes down from her hop, twists her body in midair and wraps herself around Wildman in such a way as to take him down in a sunset flip-like pin of her own!



Three – No!

Wildman gets the shoulder up after a near-fall. Sara thinks for a moment, before picking Wildman up and bringing him over to the corner in which they’d just met. She sits atop the top rope with Wildman’s head under her arm, looking out into the approving crowd, before leaping out and twisting around, looking for a Tornado DDT. Wildman, for his part, slows their momentum, causing Sara to land on her feet with his head still under her arm. Wildman grabs her and powers her up and over with a picture-perfect Northern Lights Suplex, bridging into the pin!



Three – No!

Another nice near-fall, but Sara kicks out. Wildman gets to his feet and walks over to a further corner, standing poised, bent at the waist, waiting for Sara to get up. The crowd begins to build in anticipation for what is coming, and Sara finally stirs, slowly rising. As she turns Wildman roars out, aiming a superkick straight for her jaw, but Sara ducks beneath the blow, before going around the back of Wildman and ripping him down with a sick lungblower, to the delight of the crowd! She makes the cover…



Three – NO!

Sara heads to the furthest corner this time, waiting for Wildman to recover, and he does slowly, getting to one knee while clutching at his back. Sara runs in when he turns, looking for perhaps a Shining Wizard, but Wildman lunges toward her as she does so, ducking beneath her and pushing her up and back, though the air, toward the turnbuckle. Sara lands upon the top turnbuckle, steadies herself, glances back, and as Wildman turns around to face her again, leaps off with a backflip. Cameras go off as she grabs Wildman’s head in the air and, upon landing, finds herself standing with Wildman in a Dragon Sleeper! The crowd goes wild as the sVo Champion reaches out desperately, searching for the ropes but not finding them.

Sara has the move cinched in tightly, and Wildman looks to be in No Man’s Land, but somehow, after having a lot of energy sapped from him in the hold, he drives and elbow up and into Sara’s face. She is stunned for a moment, and the second blow is enough to cause her to loosen her grip. Wildman takes advantage, turning, leaping, and taking her right down with a hurricanrana, to more love from the crowd!

Wildman doesn’t go for the cover, though, instead climbing the turnbuckle slowly, building the audience up again. He sizes up his downed opponent, leaps high, and drives a thunderous elbow into her chest! He makes the pin, hooking the leg tightly…




Wildman gets to his feet, throwing his arms up in joy as the crowd pops huge, but the official grabs his arm, holding up two fingers, signaling perhaps one of the closest near-falls in history. Wildman doesn’t have a look of anger; rather, of “Aw, shucks,” even snapping his fingers. The sVo Champion moves over to the Tapout Champion and begins to get her to her feet, but, from out of nowhere, Sara hops up and pulls Wildman down with a Double-Knee Facebuster! The crowd roars, but both competitors are down! The referee begins a ten count…





Both stir…



They reach out for the ropes in near-unison…



Pulling themselves up, slowly…



They both stand tall, to the delight of the crowd!





The two champions move to each other, and Wildman throws the first punch, connecting, drawing a pop from the crowd. Sara responds with a blow of her own, and the crowd pops. They exchange blows this way, YAY after YAY from the crowd as they do so, until Wildman takes the momentum, delivering a series of shots, pushing Sara back to the ropes. He grabs her arm, pushes her into the ropes, and rebound Irish whips her. Sara shoots back toward him from the opposite ropes, and ducks under a stiff-looking clothesline attempt before hopping to the middle rope, the crowd drawing in their breath, readying themselves for whatever marvelous maneuver the Tapout Champion may have planned.

Wildman turns back to Sara, but probably should not have, as she leaps off the center rope and plants a wicked Blue Moon kick square in the middle of Wildman’s face! The champion drops heavily to the canvas, and Sara knifes over for the cover, the crowd cheering along…




The bell rings as “Nobody But Me” begins to play again, and Sara rolls off of Wildman before landing on her knees and pumping her fists in the air jovially. The crowd absolutely goes crazy for her, and she leaps to her feet, pumping a fist again. She climbs the nearest turnbuckle, beaming as she celebrates toward the crowd, having just pinned the sVo Heavyweight Champion after an excellently-competitive matchup!

She hits all four corners, and when she gets down from the final one, Wildman is waiting, rubbing his face a bit. They look at each other for a moment as the music dies again, the crowd still electric, and Wildman nods approvingly before extending a hand. The crowd cheers, and they cheer even louder when the victorious Sara takes it and shakes it!BACKSTAGE

Embrace the Hatred

Wildman raises Sara’s arm and points to her, basically telling the crowd that she deserves their love, and they oblige, continuing to cheer loudly. The cheers are cut short, however, and turn to gasps as a figure climbs out of the audience and quickly scales the turnbuckle. The two champions shift their gaze to the newcomer, who the camera reveals to be Bruce Pepin! Pepin, smiling his trademark smile, gestures toward the two other heroes, and in the midst of it all, a much bigger figure hits the ring and wipes out Wildman with a nasty running big boot to the back of the head, the blow so stiff it throws him clear out of the ring!

The crowd is swollen with hatred now, and Sara turns around, finding herself face-to-face with none other than Jaymz Watkins. He sneers through the still-present skull makeup, but before he can do anything, Sara begins to deliver blow after blow right to his face, staggering the big man with the abruptness of the blows. Bruce Pepin, however, drops from the turnbuckle, where he was watching the events unfold, and grabs Sara from behind, locking the Tapout Champion in the Stretch Plum! The crowd doesn’t hide its disdain for the WWAers, but Watkins ignores them, walking over to Sara and Pepin slowly, watching Sara struggle against the bigger man like a child might watch lions attack a gazelle on the Discovery Channel. He tilts his head to the side, speaking low enough that the camera cannot hear him, and his sneer grows even larger, even sicker, before he drops and rolls out of the ring.

The Cajun King reaches beneath the ring, digging, until the sneer gets wider still, and he removes his hand. In his hand is a large pair of scissors. The crowd is unsure what to think as Watkins holds them aloft, but he doesn’t give them much time to consider as he gets right back into the ring and walks straight for Sara and Pepin.

Watkins speaks again, an evil gleam in his eyes, and he reaches out slowly, brushing his hand across Sara’s face. She does what little she can to shake it off, the hold minimizing any head movement, but Watkins just reaches behind her head and grabs a tight hold of her ponytail, drawing a loud yelp of pain from the Tapout Champion. The crowd, understanding Watkins’s intentions, scream in dismay, but he cannot be stopped. Agonizingly slow, he extends the scissors to Sara’s head, and for her part, she tries to fight, but Pepin has the hold applied too tightly. Watkins digs the scissors into the base of her ponytail…

And lops it clean off, holding it aloft for all to see. The crowd absolutely punishes him with boos, but they only make him smile all the wider. He pockets the clump of ponytail in his pocket and grabs the remaining tuft of Sara’s hair, pulling her face close to his. He growls with terrifying glee, loudly enough for the camera to pick up every word this time.

Watkins: I take this as my first trophy, little Sara. The next one will be even more precious.

Pepin lets go, and Sara falls to her knees. Watkins watches the young woman, who clutches at the little hair left with a look of shock on her face. Before she can do anything, Watkins boots her in the gut, grabs her by the remaining hair, and yanks her face down flush across his shoulder with the King Jawbreaker! Sara bounces back up from the impact before sprawling to the canvas. The hate in the arena can be cut with a knife, but Watkins merely stares down at the woman at his feet. He finally raises his gaze, looking out into the crowd, before they settle upon the camera filming from the crowd. He smiles into it before closing his eyes and tilting his head back, absorbing as much hatred as he can. He raises his arms, crucifix-like, as if he wants to embrace the hatred.

This is the final image as Showdown fades to black…

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