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sVo Showdown #071

It’s Nightmare vs. Alex Brooks in the main event!

sVo Showdown Episode #071
20th February 2011
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Jay Wildman, Roscoe Shame, Night, Bobby Dean and Samuel Amos shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.

LAST WEEK ON SHOWDOWN #70Grimfamos becomes the #1 contender to the sVo Championship by defeating Rey Rosario, with sVo Champion Jay Wildman as the special guest referee……

Grimfamos kicks out barely causes Rey Rosario to bounce up protesting the count from Jay Wildman. Rosario looks mad as hell knowing he had the pin if Wildman could have gotten there sooner. Rosario decides to focus back on Grimfamos a bit too late as Grimfamos delivers a devastating running jump ddt on Rosario. Grimfamos tells Wildman to go down and count as he goes for the pin attempt.



Rosario kicks out once again. Grimfamos quickly picks up Rosario and throws him against the ropes and drops down so that Rosario can jump over him. He then turns back to Rosario as both men deliver a clothesline on each other. Jay Wildman checks both men and starts the mandatory ten count.

Both men make it back to their feet at the count of 7 and Rosario quickly delivers a spinning heel kick on Grimfamos taking him down. Grimfamos gets up quickly only to get thrown against the ropes and back dropped by a vigor driven Rey Rosario. Grimfamos gets up groggily in the corner and receives a clothesline by Rosario followed up by a bulldog from the Canadian superstar. Rosario drops down for the pin.



Grimfamos gets a shoulder up as the fans start to boo the count from the SVO Champion who because of his injuries can’t make the counts on time. Rosario shakes his head in disbelief as he goes to pick up Grimfamos but Grimfamos counters with a jawbreaker that staggers Rey. Grimfamos bounces off the ropes but gets powerslammed by the former International Champion. Rosario wastes no time in going to the outside and climb on the ropes. He measures Grimfamos and connects with “The Rey Drop”. Rey Rosario hooks the leg as the fans wait for Wildman to get in position as they count along with him.



Incredibly Grimfamos gets his shoulder up one more time as we see some of the fans throw some garbage to the ring in disgust. Rosario rolls around the ring hitting the mat in frustration after thinking he had the win there. He slowly gets up as Grimfamos does the same. Rosario bounces off the ropes but gets drilled with the InfAMOS. Grimfamos quickly pins Rosario as we hear the air go out from the fans in attendance.




Reasonably Priced

After the opening of sVo Showdown! We cut to the outside of the Goodfellas Arena on the Las Vegas Strip. Outside the arena, where the fans are coming in, we see a booth set up, with one half of the sVo Tag Champions running it.

BBD: Ladies and gentlemen, get your Beautiful Bobby Dean t-shirts here! Also we have my trademark, Beauty Block, Beauty Sauce…and of course…8×10 Photos of yours truly…suitable for framing, to take the place of your children’s school photos.

Most people just seem to walk pass the booth without acknowledging BBD.

BBD: Come on folks! Everything is necessary and reasonably priced!

Finally a guy walks over.

sVo Fan: Hey…aren’t you Bobby Dean?

BBD: What? No…I’m not Bobby Dean, I’m his twin brother Billy Dean. I just run his merchandise stand…that’s all.

sVo Fan: Dude…you are so Bobby Dean. You even have the mask.

BBD: No, no….this isn’t Bobby Dean’s mask…this is…uh…the prototype of the Beautiful Bobby Dean replica ‘Beauty Mask’….yea…we’ll have them out here by next week!

sVo Fan: Whatever dude…how much is a shirt?

BBD: 35 dolllars.

sVo Fan: 35 Dollars!?!?!? Every other sVo t-shirt is like 20!

BBD: Every other sVo t-shirt looks like shit. Its the cost of quality asshole.

The guy shakes his head, and walks away from BBD.

BBD: Yea, move along asshole! I don’t want you wearing one of my t-shirts anyway! You’re too damn ugly…ONLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR MY T-SHIRTS!!!

The guy turns around.

sVo Fan: I thought you weren’t Bobby Dean.

BBD starts stuttering, trying to think of something to say, but suddenly sees a kid walking towards the arena, wearing one of his shirts.

BBD: Hey! Kid!

The kid hears BBD, and his face lights up, he runs over to the booth.

Kid: Woah! You’re Beautiful Bobby Dean!

BBD: Where’d you get that shirt kid?

Kid: Oh…uh…I don’t know, my mom got it for me.

The kid’s mom walks up, also wearing a BBD t-shirt, unfortunately she’s not that much to look at.

Mom: Wow, can you believe it Brian? It’s the guy from our t-shirts.

BBD: Hey, shut up, and tell me where you got those t-shirts.

Mom: Uh, I got them at Goodwill last week. We’ve been planning on coming to this show for a month, and I saw them in there when I was there.

BBD: How much did you pay for them?

Mom: I paid 4 dollars each.

BBD: 4 dollars!?!?! You owe me 62 dollars than!

Mom: Wha?

BBD: 62 dollars! Those are 35 dollars a piece!

Mom: Hey, screw you, I don’t owe you anything.

BBD: Alright…alright…listen…I’ll cut a deal on the kid’s shirt cause I know you probably don’t have any money, considering you shop at Goodwill. So give me 60 dollars and we’ll be set.

Mom: Come on Brian, lets leave this asshole alone.

The Mom grabs the kid by the wrist and continues to walk towards the arena entrance.

BBD: You’re lucky I have to stay with this stand, otherwise I’d rip those shirts off your back! But if I left this stand, everything would be gone in a second because BBD merch is so high in demand!

Yet another sVo fan walks up to the booth.

Another sVo fan: Wow…so how much is everything?

BBD: I’m glad you asked sir…the Beauty Block is 7 dollars, the Beauty Sauce is 5 dollars, the t-shirts are 35, and the 8x10s are 5. BUT, if you by everything together, it’s only 65 dollars!

Another sVo fan: 65? But all that stuff only ads up to 52 dollars!

BBD: Yes, but if you buy it all, I’ll sign the 8×10…so its 13 dollars more.

Another sVo fan: How much for just a signed 8×10?

BBD: Oh, those aren’t signed.

Another sVo fan: Why can’t you sign one?

BBD: Because I hate signing autographs! And I’m not Bobby Dean! I’m Billy Dean!

The guy backs away as BBD starts throwing a tantrum. He turns and begins running towards the arena entrance, just to get away.

BBD: Damn it! Why can’t I sell any of this stuff!

He looks up, and sees a bunch of teen girls, all wearing the new Sara Pettis t-shirt.

BBD: That’s it….Sara Pettis! She’s cutting in on my audience because her color is blue too! Damn it! That’s my gimmick! Well I won’t let her get away with it!

BBD starts to act like he’s going into the arena, but realizes he can’t because of the stand…he grabs a random guy walking passed.

BBD: Hey, whats your name?

Guy: Uh, Jeff.

BBD: Jeff…I need you to watch this stand. I’ll pay you 10 percent of everything sold if you do.

Jeff: Uh…ok I guess.

BBD starts to make his way into the arena, leaving Jeff. Jeff looks around and starts grabbing merchandise by the case, and running off with it.RINGSIDE

No Laughing MatterThere are boos in the arena as ‘Real Solution’ hits the sound system and the ‘Company’ video hits the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage. After a few seconds the leader of the group Matt ‘Anarchy’ Anderson steps out with a mystery man by his side. Anderson soaks up the boos from the fans as the mystery man nods his head and smirks at the reaction. The suited Anderson slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, and is followed into the ring by the mystery figure. Anderson grabs a microphone from the ring announcer and waits for the boos to die down before addressing the crowd.

Matt Anderson: “Vendetta is just over a month away, and during the Organised Chaos match the dreams of the likes of Jon Page will all be over. No one can stand against the Company, and the sooner everyone learns to accept that the better!”

There are more boos from the fans as the mystery man at Anderson’s side nods his head slowly.

Matt Anderson: “Jon Page has a few followers like Sara Pettis and Sheldon Hossteder, but no one has been a bigger pain in my ass than Loki Synn.”

The fans cheer at the sound of the jesters name.

Matt Anderson: “However Loki Synn’s ways come to an end right here tonight on Showdown #71… This is where this man comes in…”

The huge man to the side of Anderson slowly steps forward and smiles.

Matt Anderson: “Let me introduce you to the newest Company enforcer, Trufik!”

More boos from the fans as the huge man poses for the crowd.

Matt Anderson: “Lokl Synn, get out here now! Trufik is going to rip you apart!”
Loki Synn Vs. TrufikWith Trufik in the ring, The eerie beat of “Imagine” performed by A Perfect Circle starts to play over the loud speakers as the lights dim. The crowd simmers to a dull roar as a a name starts to spell itself out on the tron in Balloon Animal form…



The balloons all pop as the music begins to pick up and a spot light shines on Loki Synn, sVo’s resident Jester who poses briefly with his bauble scepter. He acknowledges the crowd with a slight smile and a little wave before making his way down to the ring.

Rolling under the ropes Loki stands up to face the crowd as multi colored graffiti falls down among the crowd and into the ring where Loki swings his scepter back and forth fighting an imaginary foe in a sword duel to the death while he awaits for the match to start.

Matt Anderson jumps out of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started. Trufik quickly makes his way towards Loki Synn, but the jester lays into the newcomer with some big right hands to knock him backwards. The fans cheer Loki Synn on until he is cut off with a knee to the midsection from Trufik. Trufik grabs hold of Synn by the back of the head and runs him into the corner of the ring before smashing him face first into the turnbuckle. Loki Synn staggers backwards, and Trufik hits him with a clubbing double axe handle blow from behind!

Trufik pulls Loki Synn up to a standing position, before tossing him hard back down to the mat with a scoop slam as Matt Anderson watches on from ringside with a smile on his face. Loki Synn slowly rises up to his feet, but Trufik grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. Loki Synn bounces into the middle of the ring, but quickly gets clotheslined hard back down to the mat. With Loki Synn down on the mat, Trufik makes the cover.



Loki Synn kicks out!

The fans cheer loudly for the kickout from Loki Synn as Matt Anderson shakes his head whilst watching the action. Trufik quickly grabs hold of Loki Synn and pulls the powerful superstar up to a standing position. Trufik tosses Loki Synn into the ropes again, but as Loki Synn bounces back he nails his opponent with a big spinebuster! The fans cheer the big move from Loki Synn who lays into his opponent with some big mounted punches. Trufik fights his way back up to a standing position, but before he can get any momentum going he is hit with a running shoulder tackle off of the ropes from Loki Synn.

The fans are firmly behind Loki Synn as Matt Anderson pounds the mat with his fist on the outside of the ring to try and get Trufik going. Trufik slowly begins to rise to his feet, but once again Loki Synn is there with some big right hands. Loki Synn backs Trufik into the corner of the ring, before taking a few steps back and running and hitting a clothesline in the corner on Trufik! Trufik stumbles out of the corner and is nailed with a big powerslam from Loki Synn, who makes the cover!




Just when it looked like Loki Synn had the match won, Trufik manages to get a shoulder up off of the feet just in time! Matt Anderson breaths a sigh of relief on the outside of the ring as Loki Synn pulls Trufik up to his feet. Loki Synn positions Trufik for a DDT, but Trufik manages to counter the move by spinning out of the front face lock and then running at Loki Synn to hit a clothesline. Trufik pulls Loki Synn up to his feet and nails him with a big head butt to send him staggering backwards. The crowd boo Trufik as he runs at Loki Synn, and out of no where the poweful Loki Synn counters with a back drop!

Trufik staggers up to his feet but is quickly grabbed from behind by Loki Synn who hits him with a facebuster. With Trufik down on the mat, the crowd cheer as Loki Synn slowly begins to walk around the ring taunting the crowd! As he does, Matt Anderson jumps up onto the ring apron! The crowd boo loudly, but there is a big pop from the crowd as Loki Synn knocks Anderson off of the ring apron with a big right hand! However before Loki Synn has a chance to turn around, Trufik grabs him in a sleeper hold. Trufik tries to wear down Loki Synn in the sleeper hold, but Loki Synn quickly counters with a go behind on Trufik into a sleeper hold of his own! With his arms locked around the head of Trufik, Loki Synn drops him down with ‘The Last Laugh’! The fans cheer for the big move, but Loki Synn isn’t finished there as he scoops Trufik up before hitting him with a ‘No Laughing Matter’! With Trufik down on the mat, Loki Synn makes the cover!




This one is all over, and it’s Loki Synn who picks up the opening win of Showdown #71! Matt Anderson looks on in disgust as Loki Synn celebrates the victory in the ring. Trufik looks down and out on the mat as Matt Anderson turns his back in disgust and makes his way back up the entrance ramp. As Loki Synn continues to celebrate in the ring, is there anyone that Anderson can send out to take care of Loki Synn for the Company?BACKSTAGE

Best Laid Plans

The scene opens up in the backstage parking area, where a sleek black limousine is shown arriving outside the Goodfellas Arena. The driver steps out and opens the rear door before standing aside. Cody Williams and Nathan Paradine emerge, both dressed in dark suits and sunglasses. They look around and begin to walk towards the arena, already deep in conversation.

Cody Williams: So, I guess it’s safe to say that we haven’t gotten off to a great start. We’ve lost our title belts… you’re on a losing streak… and it seems like Beautiful Shame is always one step ahead of us.

Nathan Paradine: You don’t have to tell me that, Cody. In case you’ve forgotten, I seem to be the one dealing with all the problems in this team. What have you been doing, huh?

Cody Williams: What’s the supposed to mean? Listen to me, this is what they want! They want to try and demoralize us, they want us to splinter apart so they can try to overcome us! You know how it is, all that divide and conquer stuff. We’re stronger than that. We can bounce right back.

Nathan Paradine: Please tell me how you intend on bouncing back, Cody. In case you haven’t noticed, I was sailing high until I joined up with you. I was on the verge of winning the sVo back from The Company, for Christ’s sake! I put all that on the backburner for this, and what do I have to show for it?

Cody pauses and turns to face Paradine. He removes his Oakley sunglasses and tucks them inside his jacket before placing his hands on Paradine’s shoulders.

Cody Williams: Give it a few weeks and we’ll be the tag team champions. Understand? We need to refocus, starting tonight. We need to make… an impact, if you get my drift.

Nathan Paradine: Such as? It’s so very… juvenile to reduce ourselves to the level of Beautiful Shame. I mean, backstage attacks? Please. It’s easy to attack a man from behind, or when he’s weary from a fight. I don’t want to do that.

Cody Williams: That’s not what I meant. Tell you what… there’s something I need to take care of tonight. How about you display some of your finesse in matters of psychological warfare to our friends Bobby and Roscoe in the meantime?

Nathan Paradine walks off-camera for a moment and Cody raises his eyebrow. A loud clanging noise can be heard, followed by an audible grunt. Paradine re-emerges a little under half a minute later carrying a thick metal rod over his shoulder.

Nathan Paradine: Think this’ll be big enough?

Cody Williams: I thought you said you weren’t going to attack them? That it was “juvenile”?

Nathan Paradine: Don’t be silly, Cody. I’m not going to attack them. I’ve got something much more fun in mind.

Paradine grins wolfishly before walking away towards the arena. Cody pulls his sunglasses out of his jacket and lifts them towards his face however he pauses, his expression thoughtful.

Cody Williams: All work and no play…

Cody slides his sunglasses onto his face before looking up again.

Cody Williams: …makes Nathan Paradine a dull boy.

Cody chuckles and begins to walk towards the backstage arena, whistling a certain song by The Who to himself as the scene comes to an end.
JVD & Benedict Wilson Vs. Pat & Tom Atoe

As we come back to the ringside area, Pat and Tom Atoe are just climbing into the ring as “Tom Sawyer” by Rush plays over the PA system. The crowd gives them a mixed reaction, of cheers and total disregard.

Pat climbs up to the top rope and gets a few cheers, as Tom stands facing the ramp, waiting for their opponents to show up.

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

The haunting sound of ‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath begins to drift over the sound system as smoke begins to emerge from the entrance stage. After a few seconds the figure of Benedict Wilson cuts through the dark smoke and makes his way down to the ring, ignoring the booing crowd. Wilson rolls into the ring and slumps down in the corner as he waits for the bell.


Benedict Wilson and Tom Atoe start things off. They circle the ring, with Tom trying to pull Wilson into a tie up. Wilson scrambles free, and nails a dropkick to Tom’s knee. This drops the three-hundred pounder to a single knee, allowing Benedict to tag in Von Drake, who hops through the ropes and delivers a boot to the side of Tom’s head, putting the big man down on his back.

Suddenly, the crowd begins to stir as ‘The Imperial March’ blares over the PA system, and the image of a Trojan Horse appears on the giant screen above the stage. Achilles Young, wearing an Armani suit, walks out laughing and stops at the top of the ramp. Just behind him is the stunning blonde, Paula, with Cerberus, her pet Rottweiler on a leash. Oh, it doesn’t end there, also accompanying them is Byron ‘The Bachelor’ Arms, who is all gussied up, wearing a sweater vest and jeans. ‘The Human Empire’ Achilles Young snaps his fingers and a few stagehands bring out three chairs, and the three of them sit.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Von Drake is mounted on Tom Atoe’s chest, with a handful of hair. He stares at Achilles Young for a moment, but then goes back to punching Tom in the face. However, the momentary distraction from Young’s entrance gives Tom a chance to shove Drake off of him. He jumps to his feet as fast as his three-hundred pound frame will let him. Von Drake rolls to his feet and lunges at Atoe, but the ‘Killer Tomato’ counters with a big boot that puts Drake on his back.

Tom pulls Drake to his feet and sends him off the ropes with an Irish whip, and drops him to the canvas with a spinning sidewalk slam upon his return. With Drake down in the middle of the ring, Tom hurries to the corner and tags in ‘The Undertater’ himself, Pat Atoe. The former Hostility jobber catapults himself over the top rope, and lands on his feet near Drake.

Up on the stage, Achilles Young and the Achilles Administration continue to watch the action. As they keep their focus on the ring, several stage hands come out with bags of potato chips for our visitors.

Von Drake tries to get to his feet, but Pat stops him in his tracks with a stinging kick to the shoulder, and a second to the small of the back. Von Drake staggers away, but as Pat follows, Drake turns and connects with a big clothesline. The back of Pat’s head bounces off the canvas, and he is knocked for a loop.

As the fans roar along with the action, some rowdy fans near the stage must have said too much, as Achilles Young is now at the edge of the ramp dumping his bag of chips out on the fans.

Von Drake quickly drops down and makes a cover…



Tom Atoe comes rushing in and breaks up the pin attempt by slamming his fists down across Von Drake’s back. This brings Benedict back into the ring to help out his partner, and he goes right after Tom. The ‘Rouge Tomato’ absorbs a couple punches to the back as he climbs to his feet, and finally turns around to block a stiff right hand from Wilson. He grabs Benedict by the arm and tries to whip him out over the top rope, but Benedict holds on tight and drags Tom Atoe over the ropes with him. Both men tumble to the floor below, leaving Von Drake and Pat Atoe in the ring alone. Atoe is the first to his feet, and he tries to punish Von Drake with a flipping lariat, but Von Drake avoids the attack and sends Pat crashing to the canvas.

As Pat stumbles to his feet, Achilles Young can be seen up on the stage, laughing his misfortune. Pat manages to get up, only to have Drake stomp him in the midsection. Pat doubles over and Von Drake lifts him up for the Cradle Piledriver he calls “The Dollar Drop”. However, Pat starts kicking his legs, forcing Von Drake to drop him back down to his feet.

Pat’s feet hit the canvas, and Von Drake tries to boot him in the midsection once more. Pat blocks the kick and delivers a shin breaker. Von Drake hobbles away, but not fast enough as Pat Atoe grabs him, and sets him up for the “Crash Tuber Buster”. However, before he can pull off his finishing maneuver, he is struck from behind.

It takes the crowd a moment or two to react, but when they do, the Goodfellas Arena rumbles with the boos. Pat crumbles to the mat, as Bobby Dean stands there behind him. Rosco Shame is right there too, tossing Von Drake from the ring. The referee calls for the bell right away, calling for a no contest, as Beautiful Shame stand tall over one half of the duo that attacked them last week on UnSanctioned.

Suddenly, the crowd begins cheering a bit as the ‘Killer Tomato’ comes sliding back into the ring. He goes after Dean, delivering shoulder block that put him on his rear. However, as soon as he turns to Shame, Rosco hits him with a kick to the groin. Tom drops to his knees, and Bobby Dean exacts a little more revenge by kneeing Tom right in the face.

The crowd continues to boo as Beautiful Shame pose over their fallen rivals, showing the world just how dominant the Tag Team Champions really are.

As we cut to a commercial, The Achilles Administration all get to their feet and slowly applaud all they have seen in the ring tonight, albeit it sarcastically.BACKSTAGE

Trust IssuesEthan Rider: “What kind of belt is that?”

Rider quickly bursts into the office of Matt Anderson with the sVo International Championship over his shoulder. Anderson quickly places the championship belt into the top draw of his desk as if he doesn’t want Rider to see it, before relaxing back as if it was no big thing.

Matt Anderson: “Don’t worry about that kid, I am here to talk about Organised Chaos.”

Rider eyes the sVo manager suspiciously nodding his head.

Ethan Rider: “You might have blackmailed me into the Company, but I am looking forward to being part of that match more than any other I have been involved in. As the International Champion it is my destiny to go on and win that match. You won’t be disappointed.”

Anderson looks at Rider as if he is taking in everything he is saying, before nodding his head.

Matt Anderson: “I know I won’t be disappointed, because you are out of the match.”

Rider looks at Anderson stunned for a few seconds, before stepping forward and banging his fists on Anderson’s desk.

Ethan Rider: “What the hell do you mean I am out of the match? This match is going to be the one that makes me!”

Matt Anderson: “Rumour has it that someone on the sVo team is going to betray us, and I can’t be having that. Out of all our team I trust you the least. You’re out Rider. Get out of my office.”

Rider looks enraged as he stares at Anderson, before being led out of the office by two huge Company agents.
Sheldon Hossteder Vs. DJ”Sinner” by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ. Then DJ comes out walking and dancing a bit toward the ring.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit introducing first representing The Corporation from Toronto, Ontario Canada weighting in at 205 pounds he is “The Future of Wrestling” DJ.

Sheldon rides out onto the stage on his segway and starts waving enthusiastically to the crowd. as he makes his way to the ring he shakes hands and high fives everyone that he can. He gets in the ring and removes his shirt, bow tie and pants then patiently waits for the bell.

Announcer: His opponent from Boston, Massachusetts weighting in at 179 pounds he is Sheldon Hossteder.

Ding Ding Ding

Both men shake hands before engaging in a tie up. DJ secures an arm lock breaking the initial tie up. Hossteder rolls a couple of times before getting underneath the arm of DJ and back drops him to the mat. DJ rolls to a corner and looks impressively at the talented newcomer. Hossteder signals to DJ for a test of strength. DJ obliges and we can both men looking for position while having their hands locked together.

This time DJ takes Sheldon by surprise with a quick hurracanrana that takes down Sheldon Hossteder. Hossteder gets up quickly as DJ charges at him. Hossteder uses DJ’s momentum to take him down with a Japanese arm drag. DJ gets up quickly only to get dropkicked by Sheldon taking the Corporation member over the top rope to the outside.

DJ tries to regroup on the outside but Sheldon Hossteder charges towards him looking to jump over the top rope to the outside but DJ sees it coming and drops down to the mat. DJ isn’t aware that Hossteder never jumped towards him instead he jumped on the apron where he is waiting patiently for The Future of Wrestling to turn towards him.

DJ gets up from the mats and turns towards the ring receiving a beautifly applied Asai Moonsault from the middle rope to the outside. Sheldon gets up getting a great ovation from the Las Vegas faithful. Sheldon picks up DJ and throws him back to the ring. Sheldon slides in underneath the ropes and picks up the Corporation member.

Sheldon now drills DJ with a snap suplex as he signals to the fans that he’s going to fly. Hossteder climbs the ropes pretty quickly and delivers a devastating double knee drop to the chest of DJ. Hossteder hooks the leg looking to polish off the ring veteran.




DJ kicks out from the pin attempt. Hossteder looks confused at the official as the referee explains that the count was only 2. Sheldon gets back in the game and jumps over to the apron as DJ groggily makes it to his feet. Sheldon jumps from the apron to the ropes looking for a springboard move but DJ catches him in mid air with a powerslam.

DJ starts to drag himself towards the ropes trying to take advantage of the big move. DJ uses the ropes to make it to his feet as Sheldon does without any help. DJ charges at Hossteder and connects with a spinning wheel kick that makes Sheldon’s head bounce off from the mat. DJ gets up a little quicker and bounces off the ropes connecting with a rolling thunder. DJ goes for the pin on a hurt Sheldon Hossteder.



Sheldon gets a shoulder up. Sheldon tries to get back up but DJ slides in with a leg drop keeping his opponent down on the mat. DJ gets up and raises his hands looking for the aprroval of the crowd but receives a mixed reaction from the fans. DJ picks up Sheldon Hossteder and throws him against the ropes delivering a rolling elbow smash to Hossteder who rolls in the mat in pain.

DJ seeing he has Hossteder where he wants him picks him up once more and raises him high in the air before driving him hard to the mat with a brainbuster. DJ maes the sign that he’s going to finish this off. DJ goes after the legs of Sheldon apparently looking for the Future Lock. DJ ducks to grab Sheldon’s legs but Sheldon catches DJ by surprise with an inside cradle.




DJ kicks out just in time and charges at Sheldon qho was trying to pick himself off the mat only to receives a Canadian Destroyer by DJ. DJ gets up and goes towards his opponent pinning him.




DJ gets up celebrating meanwhile the referee tries to tell DJ that Sheldon’s foot was on the bottom rope. DJ climbs on the ropes raising his hands in the air completely ignoring the referee. Sheldon charges at DJ jumping high in the air and turning in mid air taking DJ down with a sunset flip pin.




You’ve got MailSheldon Hossteder rises up to his feet with a big smile on his face at the big victory over DJ! The referee holds the arm of Hossteder in the air in victory, before he makes his way to the corner of the ring and celebrates with the crowd. The fans cheer loudly for the victor, as DJ slowly rises up to his feet behind Sheldon. As he does there are boos from the crowd as James Von Drake makes his way down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand!

However despite doing anything himself with the chair, JVD slides the chair into the ring towards DJ! As Hossteder continues to celebrate on the turnbuckle, JVD shouts at DJ to pick up the chair. DJ looks reluctant, but slowly does pick the chair up. The crowd begin to watch closely as JVD motions to DJ to hit Sheldon Hossteder with the chair!

Hossteder slowly climbs down off of the turnbuckle and turns to find DJ stands behind him with the steel chair in his hands! Hossteder stares at DJ, who looks reluctant, but finally jumps forward and smashes Hossteder in the face with the chair!

The crowd boo loudly as DJ shakes his head in disgust with his own actions, as JVD backs up the entrance ramp with a big smile on his face. Why has DJ just followed the orders of a Company member?
Nero Vs. Samuel AmosThe lights go dim suddenly before a loud blast as one bulb breaks. Before the shattered glass even hits the floor, the lights go pitch black and the audience is silent. If only for a moment before the lights emerge even brighter than before. The opening cords to “The Red” by Chevelle blasts over the announce system and the crowd is on their feet, readying themselves for the mindfuck that will soon be here. The bright lights dim to near darkness once more save for a spotlight on the entrance area. Smoke soon begins to filter up from the ground and within the light emerges the darkness known as the “Leper Messiah” himself, Nero.

His distorted smile plastered across his face as he makes his way to the ring, his lambheads upon his shoulders. His gaze is locked upon the ring, his pale skin gleaming in the spotlight. The smoke continues to rise up to his knees, the fans booing loudly as he continues his mark to the ring. He treks up the stairs and steps over the second rope. Waltzing to the center of the ring, he stares out into the crowd, basking in their insane jeers. His smile becomes more ugly and sociopathic in nature before he waltzes over to a corner and removes his lambheads. He sets them down and slinks into the corner, awaiting the arrival of his opponent, smiling and laughing to himself sickly. The lights soon return to normal and the crowd continues their onslaught of boos and jeers.

With Nero in the ring, all eyes turn to the entrance ramp waiting for the arrival of Samuel Amos. However there is a mixed reaction in the crowd as “Travel Now Journey Infinitely” by Trinacria begins to play on the sound system and for the second time in two weeks it is GrimfAMOS who makes his appearance at the top of the entrance ramp! GrimfAMOS stares down at Nero in the ring for a few seconds before charging down the entrance ramp and sliding straight into the ring! Nero quickly lays into GrimfAMOS with some right hands as he tries to get to his feet, but GrimfAMOS knocks him away before sending him into the ring ropes. Nero bounces back into the middle of the ring and GrimfAMOS knocks him down with a jumping knee lift.

Nero quickly gets back to his feet, but GrimfAMOS lays into him with some big right hands, before taking him down with a back breaker in the middle of the ring. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as GrimfAMOS lays into Nero with some mounted punches. GrimfAMOS pulls Nero up to his feet using his hair and again throws him into the ropes. Nero bounces back and GrimfAMOS looks for a powerslam, however Nero counters with a big elbow to the side of his opponents masked head. GrimfAMOS stumbles away, allowing Nero to take him down to the mat with an inverted neckbreaker. With GrimfAMOS down, Nero goes straight to work on his opponent by locking in a surfboard stretch!

The fans boo the move from Nero as the referee asks GrimfAMOS if he would like to submit. GrimfAMOS quickly shakes his head before slowly turning around and powering his way out of the submission hold. GrimfAMOS ducks under the arm of Nero and bounces into the ropes, but Nero takes him down with a drop toe hold as he bounces back! Nero continues to try and force the submission victory from GrimfAMOS as he locks in ‘the Malediction’ onto his opponent!

GrimfAMOS shouts out in pain as he reaches out in vain for the bottom rope. Again the referee asks GrimfAMOS if he would like to quit, but GrimfAMOS again refuses and reaches for the bottom rope to try and force a rope break and end the hold.

Nero keeps the move locked in and it looks like GrimfAMOS is going to have to submit to the pain as he grasps again for the rope but is just too short from reaching it. The referee asks GrimfAMOS again if he would like to quit, but with one last gasp effort he is able to extend his arm and grab the bottom rope! Nero shakes his head in disbelief and keeps the hold locked in to try and inflict maximum damage until the referee reaches his five count and threatens to DQ him!

However even as Nero breaks the hold it looks like the damage has already been done to GrimfAMOS. Nero waits as GrimfAMOS slowly begins to rise up to a standing position, before jumping forward and taking him down with the ‘Call to Cagulia’! With GrimfAMOS down and hurting after the massive move from Nero, the Italian makes the cover.





Everyone in the arena thought it was all over, but somehow GrimfAMOS is able to get a shoulder up before the three can be counted! Nero stares down the referee as if he cannot believe it wasn’t a three count, before slowly rising up to his feet. Nero paces around the ring as GrimfAMOS begins to rise up. Nero springs forward looking to grab GrimfAMOS and drag him down to the mat into the ‘Fall of Rome’ but GrimfAMOS is able to somehow counter it with a powerbomb like move! With both men down on the mat, whoever gets to their feet next is bound to have a massive advantage in winning this match!

Both men slowly begin to rise to their feet, but as Nero aims a right hand at GrimfAMOS it is blocked by the masked man! GrimfAMOS fires back with some big right hands of his own before sending his opponent down to the mat with a big DDT! Nero struggles up to his feet and being dropped head first, but GrimfAMOS comes off of the ropes to land a Lui Thesz press with some big right hands to the face of his opponent. Nero struggles to push his opponent off and rise to his feet, but GrimfAMOS is there to slam him face first into the turnbuckle. Nero staggers backwards, and is swung around by GrimfAMOS who plants him down to the mat with the ‘infAMOS’! As Nero’s head spikes into the mat, GrimfAMOS makes the cover.




It’s all over and in a close fought battle it is GrimfAMOS who narrowly picks up the win. The number one contender to the sVo Championship rises up to his feet and stares out at the crowd as the referee raises his arm in victory!BACKSTAGE

Out of the Game

“This is War” by 30 Seconds to Mars begins to play, and strobe lights flash around the arena as the lights dim. Ethan Rider, “The Mockingjay” steps out – eyes alive with a blazing fire as a chorus of pyrotechnics erupts all around him. The crowd scream, chanting his name as he slowly walks to the ring, dressed in his trench coat and ring gear. He rolls under the bottom rope, before gesturing for a microphone. He tries to calm the crowd, but to no avail, and it takes a few moments before he can speak.

Rider: “Thank you, sVo.”


Rider: “I’m out here to do one thing and one thing only. This week, Matt Anderson refused to put me into the Organized Chaos Match at Vendetta. Matt, I want you out here right now.”


The crowd begin a dull roar, waiting for Matt to come to the ring. After about ten seconds, the lights dim and the sVo themetune starts up, Matt Anderson strutting out from the gorilla position, surprisingly alone.

Anderson: “What do you want, kid?”

Rider: “What do I want? I want you to answer everything I ask you.”


Matt looks up, raising an eyebrow, before removing his jacket and slowly sliding into the ring. He cautiously moves towards Rider, who flexes slightly, smiling sinisterly at Anderson. The crowd noise begins to heighten, before it becomes an indefinete noise, every single person in the arena on the edge of their seats as finally Ethan Rider is confronting Matt Anderson and The Company.

Rider: “Why did you do it, Matt? How can you live with yourself, when you blackmail an innocent employee without a second thought?”

Anderson: “I-“

Rider: “YOU MANIPULATED ME! You forced me to do your dirty work, and told me that if I didn’t, I would suffer the consequences. You put my career, my life, my freedom – put them all on the line just so you get one “assassin” to finish off a few little nuisances you may have.”

The crowd cheer, baying for blood, as Rider slowly walks forward. Anderson, to his credit, doesn’t move a muscle, but instead stares right back into the face of the youngest Company member, unblinking and cold.

Anderson: “What have you got from us? The International title, Rider. Don’t try and pretend The Company didn’t raise your status.”

Rider: “That isn’t the point, Matt. Everything that belongs to me, is actually yours. I have no means of escape, no way to livewithout you FUCKING CONTROLLING ME.”


Matt breathes deeply, now taking a step back, but Rider surges forwards, causing Anderson to fall backwards, putting his hands up to protect himself from Rider, who slowly remvoes his coat, throwing it into the crowd. Anderson nervously climbs back up to his feet.

Anderson: “What are you going to do? Turn on me? You can’t do that, not now. Not after everything we’ve done for you.”

Rider: “Why can’t I? Whats stopping me, but blackmail? The very thing you deny you have over me!”

Anderson: “You little shitbag. You don’t deserve to be in The Company. Only the best of the best are worthy of fighting for me!”

Rider: “Don’t ta-“

Anderson: “You’re nothing but a murdering motherfucker, Rider. You know what, I’m GLAD your parents died.”

• BOO**

Thats when it happens. Rider snaps forward, driving his right hand with a massive force, cracking his knuckles against Andersons face. The Company Man drops to the floor, and Ethan Rider continues to attack, the crowd going wild as The Mockingjay finally turns on Anderson, driving boot after boot into Andersons chest. Matt tries to defend himself, but nothing can stop Ethan, who hauls Anderson to his feet, cutting him down at the knees and delivering a MASSIVE “DarkSide!”


“Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider!”

Rider continues to pound away at the now bloodied face of Matt Anderson as his boss lays crumpled and battered on the ring canvas, but suddenly, the crowd go into uproar as Nightmare, JVD, Benedict Wilson, Howard Thompson, Lucy Von Drake and a group of Security guards charge from the back, sliding into the ring like a special forces unit. Rider wheels around, realizing what he’s gotten into. Nightmare steps forwards, only for Rider to drive punch after punch into his gut! JVD grabs him from behind, but The Mockingjay kicks him in the groin, spinning and pulling JVD over and crashing into Wilson! Howard Thompson attacks, only for Rider to duck, and cut him away at the knees with a low sweep kick!

Suddenly, The Company agents are upon him, and the numbers game catches up with the resilient Rider. He tries to fight them off, but with five burly men latched onto him, his futile struggle is soon put out. Fist after fist drives into his gut, and he doubles over, before being put to the mat with a solid DDT. One after another, The Company men and women step forward, laying boots into all areas of his body until he can no longer summon the energy to cry in agony!

Lucy Von Drake slides under the ropes, grabbing a few chairs and sliding them into the ring. JVD and Wilson pick them up, smiling and beginning to batter Rider with them, until he is practically unconcious, his eyes just slits. Matt Anderson is helped to his feet, and JVD passes him a chair.

Anderson: “This is what you get, Mockingjay.”


The chair dents as it cracks against Riders head, and Ethan blacks out, his head cracked open, his arms and ribs broken, and one leg fractured. Matt begins to laugh, and he stands tall over the fallen mockingjay.
Roscoe Shame and Bobby Dean vs. El Locon & Mystery Opponent vs. The Rodriguez Brothers”You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. Beautiful Shame comes out to a chorus of boos. They strut their way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, they wipe their feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to their corner they proceed to warm up for the upcoming title match.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 45 minute time limit and it is a Triple Threat Match for the Sanctioned Violence Organization Tag Team Championships. Introducing first at a combined weight of 472 pounds they are the reigning and defending Sanctioned Violence Organization Tag Team Champions, Beautiful Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame they are Beautiful Shame.

‘My Way’ by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the arena fills with boos as the massive Rodriguez Brothers step onto the top of the entrance ramp! They hold their hands up in the air before slowly making their way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. They tower over the fans lining the entrance ramp, and as they step up onto the ring apron, they are able to step over the top rope with ease! They strut around the ring for a few seconds to show their dominance before preparing for the title match to get under-way.

Announcer: Introducing next from Fajardo, Puerto Rico with a combined weight of 655 pounds they are the former SVO World Tag Team Champions, Chezina and Chivo they are The Rodriguez Brothers.

The fans in the arena begin to cheer as ‘Ugly’ by Mudvayne hits the sound system, and the entrance video of the American wannabe begins to play on the sVo-Tron! After a few seconds El Locon, wearing a straight jacket slowly walks down the entrance ramp escorted by a man wearing a mask. The fans cheer as El Locon stares down at the ring, before climbing into the ring. The man escorting El Locon begins to take off his straight jacket, as the entrance music begins to fade out. With the straight jacket removed, El Locon stretches out in the corner of the ring and prepares for the match to get under way.

Announcers: Introducing next from Fajardo, Puerto Rico weighting in at 290 pounds he is El Locon.

El Locon grabs the microphone from the ring announcer.

El Locon: Now, let me introduce to you my mystery partner. He is the only man I can trust to watch my back he is the one and only, Angel The Malignant.

The man with the mask takes off his mask revealing to be El Locon’s long time tag team partner Angel The Malignant who receives a standing ovation from the fans in the Goodfellas Casino Arena. The referee starts to get order in the ring as both The Rodriguez Brothers and Beautiful Shame argue about the Locos reunion. The referee finally gets some order and it looks like Chivo and Angel The Malignant will kick off this championship match.

Ding Ding Ding

Both men go for a tie up but Angel ducks under the big arm of Chivo. Chivo turns around and gets met with big right and left hands from Angel. Angel bounces off the ropes and dives at Chivo who catches hi with ease and slams him hard to the mat. Chivo bounces off the ropes going for an elbow drop but Angel rolls out of the way.

Angel gets up and dropkicks Chivo staggering him backwards. Bobby Dean takes advantage of the situation and hits Chivo in the back tagging himself into the ring. Dean charges at Angel who hip tosses Dean. Shame enters the ring charging at Angel but Angel takes him down with a Japanese arm drag.

Angel celebrates as the fans cheer but turns right into a clothesline from Chezina that takes Angel inside out. Chezina steps back to his corner as Dean flyes off the top rope delivering a diving leg drop to Angel The Malignant. Dean quickly hooks the leg on Angel.



Interrupted by El Locon who kicks Bobby in the back of the head. The referee warns El Locon and escorts him out while in the ring Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame swap places in the ring. Shame starts stomping on Angel as the referee asks Shame if there was a tag. Shame nods but the fans tell the referee otherwise.

The referee looks confused but decides to let the action continue. Shame picks up Angel The Malignant and throws him against the ropes and drills him with a side walk slam. Shame pins Angel.



Angel kicks out somehow as Shame argues with the referee. Shame steps back as the referee starts defending himself and Chezina takes advantage and headbutts Shame who was very close to his corner. Chezina steps into the ring and Shame tries to retaliate but te referee stops Shame and tells him to go to the corner because that constituted as a tag.

Chezina smiles at Shame who is rightfully irate. Chezina goes after Angel but Angel nails Chezina with blow after blow to the midsection of Chezina. Angel follows it up with a jawbreaker to Chezina. Angel bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Chezina ducks and delivers a rock bottom to Angel. Chezina pins Angel.



Bobby Dean dives at Chezina breaking the count. Nathan Paradine and Cody Williams come out and start watching the match from the stage. Chezina gets up and shoves Bobby Dean which brings Roscoe Shame into the ring. Shame shoves Chezina back and now Chivo gets into the ring. Both tag teams start brawling as The Rodriguez Brothers start getting the advantage using their size advantage. The Rodriguez Brothers clothesline Beautiful Shame out of the ring.

They turn to Angel The Malignant but Angel jumps to his corner tagging in El Locon. El Locon enters the ring and starts hitting anything that has Rodriguez as a last name. El Locon grabs both giants makes collides their heads into each other. Roscoe Shame from the outside pulls Chezina to the outside where Beautiful Shame starts to double team Chezina.

Beautiful Shame grab Chezina and throws him into the post. In the ring, El Locon goes to throw Chivo against the corner but Chivo reverses. Chivo charges towards El Locon who gets out of the way and bounces off the ropes connecting with “El Loco From Hell”. El Locon rolls to his corner and tags in Angel The Malignant who was standing on the top rope and dives at Chivo connecting with the “Malignant Splash”. Angel goes towards Chivo to pin him but Roscoe Shame enters the ring and grabs Angel and throws him over the top rope to the outside and steals the pin on Chivo.



El Locon tries to break it up but Bobby Dean holds on to El Locon preventing him from interfering.


The Matrix Revisited

Matt Anderson had seen better days. With Page popping up wherever he felt like gloating about his team for Organized Chaos, it has been all but “peaceful” for The Company man. Without noticing he passes a man in a brown suit heading in the opposite direction. However, something clicks within the confines of Anderson’s head and he whips around, only to be staring down at Loki Synn!

The crowd pops for the jester who is dressed today in a black suit with matching tie. His mask is the only piece of color on him as Anderson and Loki stare each other down. Finally Anderson scoffs and begins to walk away.

“What is it Synn? I’m not giving you that title shot, even if you are ‘dressed to impress.'”

Anderson laughs at his little joke and Loki laughs with him, making Anderson stop and begin to look uneasy. Finally Loki speaks.

“I’ve been waiting for you Mr. Anderson. You took the wrong pill and I just can’t have that as I quest for human domination. Prepare to be assimilated by the Borg!”

Despite the mixed up movie references Anderson gets the picture and starts to back away. Before he turns though Loki whips out from behind his back a paintball gun in each hand. If one could see his face, Loki would probably be smiling at this point in time. Anderson takes off, a look of fear on his face but not before Loki lets loose with the paintballs, pelting Anderson in the back and taking him down. Loki empties both guns into Anderson’s back and then blows the barrels, pretending smoke is coming from them.

“Good day Mr. Anderson.”

Loki runs off, leaving Anderson withering in pain on the floor and covered in bright green and yellow paint.
Jay Wildman Vs. Rey Rosario”Last Resort” hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as Rey Rosario comes out completely ignoring the crowd. Rosario slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit and it is a non title match. Introducing first representing The Canadian Connection from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada weighting in at 245 pounds he is Rey Rosario.

“End of Line” by Daft Punk plays over the PA system as the house lights alternate from green to black lighting and back again. After a few moments of playing, the house lights go out completely for a few moments before they flare to life again with Jay Wildman standing in the center of the ring, his hand pointed up in the air in defiance. He walks over to the corner, steps up to the second belt buckle and stares out into the crowd before hopping down, preparing himself for the match at hand.

Announcer: His opponent from Oslo, Norway weighting in at 200 pounds he is the Sanctioned Violence Organization World Heavyweight Champion, Jay Wildman.

Ding Ding Ding

Rey Rosario is pacing back and forth looking very nervous after everything that has been happening to him in the past few weeks. Wildman sees Rosario in this state and tries to talk to him but Rosario snaps out of his state and nails Wildman with a big right hand getting things started in this big match here at Showdown.

Rosario quickly throws Wildman against the ropes and connects with a high knee that staggers Wildman against the ropes. Rosario follows that move with a clothesline that takes both men over the top rope to the outside. Rosario staggers a bit to get up but does so and picks up a downed SVO Champion and drills him with a Russian leg sweep into the barricade.

Rosario rolls back into the ring pacing back and forth once again. Wildman haves his troubles but finally gets up and goes to enter the ring. Rosario meets up with him on the ring apron and goes to attack him but Wildman showing his experience grabs Rosario’s head and snaps it on the ropes to get some separation.

Wildman follows up jumping on the top rope and delivering a slingshot rolling elbow to Rosario who goes down to the mat. Wildman gets up and starts to get mad and to taunt Rosario to get back up. The former International Champion gets up only to get hammered by the champ time after time. Wildman grabs Rosario and tries to throw him against the ropes but the stronger Rosario reverses the Irish whip and waits for Wildman to bounce back from the ropes.

Wildman bounces back and catches a day dreaming Rey Rosario with a swinging ddt. Wildman hooks the leg looking for a quickie.



Rey Rosario easily kicks out as Wildman smirks trying to get into the head of Rey Rosario. Wildman picks up Rosario and throws him into a corner. Wildman charges at Rosario but Rosario stops the World Heavyweight Champion with a boot to the face. Wildman turns his face away with pain and Rosario shoots out of the corner delivering a bulldog to Wildman.

Rosario slowly gets back up and so does Jay Wildman. Rosario goes for a big right hand but Wildman ducks under it and goes for an atomic drop but Rosario’s momentum turns him in mid air and Rosario counters with a reverse ddt. Rosario who looks desperate looking quickly attempts to pin the champion. One



Wildman kicks out with authority. Rosario gets up and angrily stomps Wildman time after time looking even more desperate now. Rosario bounces off the ropes and delivers a knee drop right into the forehead of Jay Wildman. Rey Rosario looks to be more calm down as he goes to pick up Wildman who surprises Rosario with a small package.




Rosario kicks out just in time as both men quickly reach their feet. Rosario charges at Wildman and takes him back down with a downward spiral. Rosario looks at a downed Jay Wildman with a derranged look on his face and picks up the fallen champion and drills him with a piledriver. Rosario hooks the leg looking to polish off SVO’s best.




Jay Wildman somehow got a shoulder up before the final count which makes Rosario get up and angrily kick the ropes and shove the referee. Rosario holds his head trying to fight his emotions as he can’t seem to comprehend that he didn’t win this match yet. Rosario starts to talk to himself in disbelief before deciding to finally pick up Wildman who looks to be down and out.

Rosario throws Wildman against the ropes as he continues to debate with himself which Wildman takes to his advantage springing into the ropes and delivering a springboard ddt to an unsuspecting Rey Rosario. The referee checks both men and then proceeds to start his ten count.

Both men get up by the count of 8 but Wildman seems to be energetic than his opponent. Wildman throws blow after blow to Rosario before throwing him against the ropes and delivering a clothesline. Rosario gets uo quickly but groggy once on his feet. Wildman takes him down with a second clothesline as this time Rosario is slow to get up.

Rosario finally reaches his feet and gets thrown into the ropes and back dropped by the ring veteran. Wildman taunts Rosario to get back up which the tough guy from Canada does. Wildman kicks Rosario in the midsection and follows it up with a fisherman’s suplex pin.




Rey Rosario rolls his shoulder up just in time. Wildman gets up pumped up as Rosario is fighting desperately to get up. Wildman gets on a stance waiting for Rosario to get up. Rosario does and turns right into Wildman’s “Superkick” which Rosario luckily ducked under. Rosario wastes no time in turning Wildman toward him and going for “Rey’s DDT” but Wildman back drops Rosario off him. Rosario gets up quickly and charges right into the “Superkick” from Jay Wildman. Wildman hooks the leg pinning Rosario as the fans count with him.




Claim to the ThroneThe referee raises the arm of Jay Wildman in the air, but as he does Jay Wildman takes the microphone from the ring announcer Natasha Ortiz. The fans cheer as the sVo Champion prepares to the address the crowd.

Wildman: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? I have an announcement which will set the tone for the World Heavyweight title match at Vendetta. I have here a copy of the contract which was signed before the number one contenders match took place last week. It clearly states Samuel Amos is the number one contender for my title. However, the man who won the shot was the entity known as Grimfamos. If you need a refresher course, I can show you.

Incredibly Grimfamos gets his shoulder up one more time as we see some of the fans throw some garbage to the ring in disgust. Rosario rolls around the ring hitting the mat in frustration after thinking he had the win there. He slowly gets up as Grimfamos does the same. Rosario bounces off the ropes but gets drilled with the InfAMOS. Grimfamos quickly pins Rosario as we hear the air go out from the fans in attendance.




Wildman turns around and brings the mic back up to his lips, though it looks as if he is remorseful instead of satisfied. He sighs and picks up where he left off.

Wildman: To shed some light on this situation, it should be known Amos signed the contract without thinking about the ramifications of his actions by becoming Grimfamos. It was the same situation when I found my original contract as Grimnir. I had to take the mask off and be Jay Wildman again so I could legally win this title. Rey Rosario has a claim here. He should be very upset about it. He was beat by a competitor who wasn’t even allowed to compete for the title shot. Now, before you get to protest this little fact, know it could be anyone under the Grimfamos mask, just like it could have been anyone under the Grimnir mask.

Wildman folds the paper into a neat square and tucks it away into his back pocket before holding his title up in the air.

Wildman: I think the right thing to do would be to have the match again, this time with the real competitors pitted against each other. I also think there should be a little more security around the ring, to assure we have a clear cut winner in the match. I have been authorized, under a sub-clause in my contract, to sanction the main event next week as a cage match!

The crowd erupts into cheers as Amos starts to pace around the ring, motioning for Wildman to come into the ring and face him now. Wildman takes a step towards the ring but then stops, bringing the mic to his lips once more.

Wildman: Sorry, Sammy ol’ boy. Looks like you screwed yourself over, you have no one to blame but yourself. Best of luck next weekend, you certainly will need it.

Wildman drops the mic on the floor and has an intense stare down with a furious Amos as the feed cuts to a commercial.BACKSTAGE

Paying DebtsAs Showdown prepares for the main event the cameras head backstage to the locker room of the Canadian Connection where Chris Wrestling, Crippler and Rey Rosario are all sitting in a semi circle on steel chairs looking depressed.

Chris Wrestling: “Did you manage to get much of the money together?”

All eyes turn to Rey Rosario who slowly shakes his head.

Crippler: “How much did you get?”

Rey Rosario: “Less than half.”

There is a silence in the room for a few seconds, as all three men ponder Rosario’s gambling debt.

Chris Wrestling: “What you going to do?”

Rosario slowly stands to his feet and begins to make his way towards the door.

Rey Rosario: “The only thing I can do.”

The other two members of the Canadian Connection quickly jump to their feet as well.

Chris Wrestling: “Then we will go with you.”

However Rosario doesn’t look to pleased as he places his hands on the chest of Crippler and Chris Wrestling.

Rey Rosario: “No way, this is my problem. I have to do this alone.”

Rosario slowly exits the room and shuts the door behind him, leaving Crippler and Chris Wrestling to shrug their shoulders.RINGSIDE


The camera cuts to the ring, where we see Beautiful Bobby Dean, standing with a microphone in hand. The crowd buzzes.

BBD: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m out here tonight, to issue a challenge to someone. It might be someone you all know, and some of you obviously have come to idolize. But I think the only realize that you’ve all been blindly lead to worship them, is because you are all confused.

The crowd boos.

BBD: You’re confused, because like most unwashed, uneducated, ugly masses, you’re drawn to things with bright lights, and pretty colors. And this person, has decided to use the prettiest color of all to lure you into their grasp. I can’t blame them, as I can tell they have good taste….BUT Sara Pettis has tricked each and every one of you, into thinking she is so much better than she really is!

The crowd pops at the mention of the sVo Tap-Out Champion.

BBD: Don’t you all understand? She’s a blue hair temptress, who is using her blue tights, and blue strobe lights to make you think she’s got any talent. She knew this color blue was my thing! And that by just wearing the same color, she could ride by on my coat tails to superstardom! But not anymore Sara! No more are you going to leach by on my accomplishments! I challenge you, next week on this show, to a “Loser Loses Blue” Match! Winner takes all…we’ll see how great you are when you don’t have Bobby Dean’s Beautiful image to take advantage of anymore! I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you by UnSanctioned! Or I might just see you before then lil’ Ms. Tap-Out Champion!

With that, BBD’s music hits, and he drops the microphone. The audience boos, as BBD leaves the ring, and begins to walk up the ramp out of the arena.BACKSTAGE

Simply Sexy

Nathan Paradine is shown walking backstage, still holding the metal rod. He passes by several Goodfellas staff who stare after him with odd expressions, however he pays no attention to them. He pushes open a door and emerges out into the main foyer of the Goodfellas Casino, an area full of people going about their business. He marches across the room before noticing a blonde haired man with his back turned away. Paradine grins and grabs him by the shoulder, turning him around.

Nathan Paradine: Well well well… Bobby Dean, what are you doing out here?

Paradine’s grin falters however when he finds himself face to with former Hostility wrestler “Sexy” Simon Marks instead of his new rival. Marks, dressed in baby blue from head to toe including eyeshadow, licks his lips as he surveys Paradine from head to toe.

Simon Marks: For two-fifty per half hour, I can be anyone you want me to be baby.

Nathan Paradine: Ugh, aren’t you that wrestler? We met at the convention here a few weeks ago. Simon Marks or something like that, right?

Simon Marks: The one and only. I decided to stick around here in Vegas, after all it IS Sin City… and I’m such a naughty boy. There’s plenty of mischief I can cause here, although I never thought you were the kind to bat for the other team.

Paradine scowls, gripping the metal rod tightly.

Nathan Paradine: Don’t get the wrong idea, freak. I just thought you were someone else, although…

Paradine rubs his chin thoughtfully as an idea starts to form in his head.

Nathan Paradine: How would you like a one-off job for the sVo? It’ll pay well, of course. James Milenko still owes me money from way back, it’ll come your way if you can pull this off.

Simon Marks: Go on, sweet cheeks. I’m listening.

Nathan Paradine: Walk with me. Now, how would you feel about appearing on tape? Nothing hardcore mind you, just something… for fun.

Paradine and Marks begin walking back towards the arena, discussing Paradine’s job. What could this job possibly be? And will it involve a particularly “beautiful” member of the sVo roster?
Nightmare Vs. Alex BrooksThe arena lights fade and a red light begins to slowly strobe as “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails pounds through the arena over the PA system. The crowd burst into a loud chorus of boos as The Company logo floats onto the sVotron, quickly replaced by a name.

“N I G H T M A R E”

The curtains part and a man in red trunks with a black streak down the side and a black mask cut away at the top to reveal a freshly shaved head of hair. Nightmare half-grins and half-sneers at the jeering audience surrounding him. Nightmare wastes little time in stalking down the entrance ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands, jawing off at various members of the crowd as he awaits the start of the match.

“Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters hits the Goodfellas Arena PA system. The crowd cheers but they are muffled because this music is new to the arena. Suddenly, Alex Brooks bursts through the curtains and the crowd cheers louder. Brooks raises both his arms into the air and sprints down the aisle zig-zagging so he can slap hands with fans on both sides. He slides under the bottom rope and springs to his feet.

The referee sends both men to neutral corners and pats down their bodies to make sure neither Nightmare nor Brooks are concealing any weapons in the clothing. He goes to middle of the ring and signals the start of the match.


Brooks and Nightmare circle each other and lock up. Nightmare immediately over powers the smaller Brooks and pushes him down to the mat, he goes to kick Brooks while he is down on the mat, but Brooks scurries back on his butt to miss being kicked. Brooks brings himself to his feet and nods to Nightmare being charging at him, Nightmare side steps and watches Brooks go past him. Brooks turns and signals to Nightmare to lock up again, but just Nightmare is about to link, Brooks ducks under his arm and goes behind him and waistlocks Night’s older brother. Nightmare swings two or three elbows to the temple of the smaller Brooks before he releases the hold. Nightmare drops down and snap mares Brooks over in front of him and drives his foot into the small of his back, which causes Brooks to wince in pain.

Nightmare brings Brooks to his feet with his blonde locks, and locks him up in a full nelson and suplexes him down… HARD! Nightmare looks at Brooks as he instantly grabs his neck, recognising a weakness Nightmare jumps on Brooks and starts smashing the back of his head into the mat. He then drags Brooks to his feet before throwing him with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Brooks bounces off the mat and looks almost out of it. Nightmare stalks his prey and circles him waiting for Brooks to stagger to his feet, as Brooks finally gets to his feet Nightmare drives his shoulder into his midsection and drills him with an absolutely brutal spinebuster. Nightmare covers…




Somehow, Alex Brooks dug down and found the energy to kick out. Nightmare glares at the referee before bringing Brooks to his feet and sending him into the corner. Nightmare follows and counters with a deadly rising knee into the chest of Brooks. Nightmare grabs Brooks as he is stumbling out of the corner and sends him into the opposite turnbuckle and follows with another rising knee into Brooks’ chest. Night grabs his groggy opponent and sends him back into the corner he backs off and charges in for another rising knee to the chest of Brooks, but Brooks somehow drop down to the mat and avoids all contact, leaving Nightmare hung up in the corner. Brooks gets to his feet and brings Nightmare down with a reverse neckbreaker, but Nightmare remains hooked up after the move and is caught in the turnbuckles in the tree of woe position. Brooks takes advantage of this by connecting with a couple of swift kicks to Nightmare head as he tries to cover up. Brooks backs off and runs in at the prone Nightmare to connect with a baseball slide, but Nightmare is aware and lifts himself up, leaving Brooks to slide through and crotch himself on the pole behind the ring ropes.

Nightmare sits up and unhooks himself from the turnbuckle; he jumps down with a double footed stomp firmly into the chest of the young Brooks taking all of the air out of his lungs. Nightmare drags Alex away from the corner into the middle of the ring and brings him to his feet. He hooks both his arms and nails the smaller man with a straight jacket Northern Lights suplex and bridges the move for a pinfall attempt.




Alex Brooks barely lifted his shoulder, Nightmare can’t believe it and he is arguing with the referee over the count. A dazed Brooks seizes his opportunity and rolls Nightmare up from behind.




Though surprised, Nightmare was aware enough to kickout of the pinfall attempt by Brooks. Nightmare gets to his feet, while Brooks rolls himself out of the ring to compose himself. Nightmare just stares at Brooks while he rests on the apron catching his breath. As Brooks gets up onto the apron to get back into the ring, Nightmare charges and connects with a perfectly deadly lariat sending Brooks crashing to the ground outside the ring. Nightmare runs to the opposite ropes and bounces off to gather momentum he throws himself over the top rope.


And it misses. Alex Brooks rolled out of the way at the last second and Nightmare ate nothing but floor. Brooks hops up onto the apron jumps off dropping a leg across the back of Nightmare’s head. He picks his opponent up and rolls him back into the ring. Brooks jumps up onto the apron and uses the ropes to springboard back into the ring to nail Nightmare with a springboard splash. Alex looks around and raises his arms into the air to the joy of the electric crowd. He points to the turnbuckle which sets the crowd off even more. Brooks runs up the turnbuckle looks out into the crowd. He comes off with a moonsault, but Nightmare rolls away, yet Brooks must have spotted Nightmare moving because he lands on his feet… standing moonsault. Brooks just made a correction in the air to land on his feet and then hit Nightmare with a standing moonsault. He hooks the leg.




Yet it takes more than that to keep a monster like Nightmare down. Brooks bounces to his feet. He picks Nightmare up and sends him to the ropes and waits for him to come back. DROPKICK! What elegant execution of the move. Brooks probably kicked Nightmare in forehead he got such height there. Brooks looks around goes run to the turnbuckles again. He climbs them and comes off with senton, but this time he can’t make the correction as Nightmare moves and he eats nothing but mat. Both men are down but Nightmare gets to his feet first and grabs Brooks as he is getting to his feet. He whips him into the ropes, he catches him with a uranage on the return and almost drives him through the mat. He mounts him and unleashes a fury of fists into the young man’s face, before climbing off him and sending him to the ropes again. Brooks ducks under a clothesline attempt on the return and bounces off the far ropes again before following with a cross body on Nightmare, who catches it and sends Brooks back to earth with a powerslam. He holds on and hooks the leg.




There is a big cheer from the crowd as Night leaps over the security barrier and rolls into the ring to break up the count! Nightmare stalks his brother Night into the corner and looks ready to strike when Brooks spins him around and starts throwing quick stinging slaps onto the bare chest of Nightmare; Night just barely gets out of the way before Nightmare is pinned in the corner by the rapid fire slaps of his opponent. Nightmare suddenly just grabs Brooks’ head and switches positions with him. He starts driving elbow into his head, but Brooks quickly manages to block one of the blows and uses his chance to kick Nightmare in the gut and get out of the dangerous position he was in.

Brooks gets out of the corner and Nightmare stalks after him. The brutal Nightmare catches Brooks and lifts him in the air, but Brooks manages to lock him arm around Nightmare, the shifting weight of Brooks forces Nightmare let go and Brooks lands on the mat. He runs up the ring ropes and swinging his body around to nail the move Alex Brooks calls the STARBURST! A variation on the tornado DDT. Brooks covers.




The fans cheer as Alex Brooks did it! He beat Nightmare!! Brooks stands with his hands raised in the air to take in the cheers of the crowd in the SOLD OUT Goodfellas Casino Arena!!

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