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sVo Showdown #070

The #1 contendership for the sVo Championship is on the line in the main event!

sVo Showdown Episode #070
13th Febuary 2011
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Jay Wildman, Roscoe Shame, Night, Bobby Dean and Samuel Amos shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd such as “Shame > Lesner”, “I’m CCXX” & “TAP, TAP, TAP!” as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.

LAST WEEK ON DESTINY 2O11Jay Wildman retained the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt against Samuel Amos in a first blood match in the main event…..

Amos stands in the corner of the ring slamming the chair into the mat as he crouches waiting for Wildman to get to his feet. The fans rise to their feet knowing that the end looks near for the sVo World Heavyweight Champion as Amos remains coiled with the chair. Wildman slowly pulls himself up using his good arm as he seems to remain oblivious to what is going on around him. Wildman slowly turns around and with a last burst of energy, Amos springs forward looking to knock the challengers head off with the steel chair.

However before it can connect Wildman adjusts his body and delivers a ‘Masked Justice’ to Amos, superkicking the chair back into the face of the challenger! The fans pop for the amazing move as both men hit the deck, both unable to move! However as the steel chair slides off of the face of the downed Amos, the referee quickly calls for the bell as blood begins to leak from a cut on the challengers forehead! The fans erupt as they see the blood running down the face of the challenger and staining the ring mat.

The sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt is passed to the referee inside the ring, but Jay Wildman doesn’t seem to know where he is let alone that he has just won as the referee tries to help him to his feet and present him with the title belt. Wildman grabs the belt from the referee and rolls out of the ring, before collapsing back against the security barrier where he is mobbed by the fans in the front row. Wildman cradles the World Heavyweight Championship belt in his arms as the fans in the front row crowd around him and he stares back into the ring at the bloodied Amos.

It is Jay Wildman’s Destiny to retain the sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt in an all out war with the One Shot 2011 winner, but will he be able to survive the personal Vendetta of Samuel Amos?BACKSTAGE

With Us or Against Us

The scene heads backstage to the interview area where the 2011 One Shot winner Samuel Amos is standing by with sVo interviewer Candi Cross. Amos appears to be a bit more downtrodden than usual, but considering the bandage on his forehead, a symbol of the result at Destiny coupled with his big Number One Contender’s match tonight he seems focused and ready.

Candi Cross: “Samuel Amos, Destiny did not go at all the way you had hoped or planned. Jay Wildman made you bleed and retained the World Championship in a tough fight. Tonight, you have a match with Ray Rosario and the winner will go on to face Jay Wildman at Vendetta, and some speculate you have a personal Vendetta with Jay Wildman. How do you plan to beat Ray Rosario tonight?”

Cross held the microphone up to Amos for a response. For a moment, Amos seemed staggered as if he were reliving the moments of Destiny over in his head once again. After shaking his head in disgust, he raises his head up to the microphone.

Samuel Amos: “Candi.. you don’t have to remind me what happened at Destiny. I am the One Shot winner, and it was my Destiny to win the World Championship at Destiny and to beat Jay Wildman. Nothing hurts worse than to know that Jay Wildman is still World Champion and I quite honestly feel like he stole that from me! I should be in SVO history right now.. instead I drop on the power rankings next to nothing. I blame Wildman directly, for not bleeding when he should have bled and for getting lucky. There will be no getting lucky at Vendetta.. I will pin his shoulders to the mat and there will be no controversy to be spoken of when I become..”

Candi interrupted him.

Candi Cross: “But Samuel, your opponent tonight isn’t Jay Wildman, it’s Ray Rosario. A very hungry competitor, one that wants a World Title Shot as badly as you do! To make things worse for you Samuel, Jay Wildman is the special guest referee! Surely the odds are stacked against you.”

Samuel Amos: “The Odds? I don’t give a damn about the odds. The odds were stacked against me at One Shot.. and they’ll be stacked against me tonight, tomorrow night, last night, next week at Showdown and at Vendetta.. the Odds are ALWAYS AGAINST ME. That’s why I have a plan.. and my plan is this-“

Just then, the camera pans over and we see Matt Anderson. Anderson clears his throat, interrupting Amos.

Candi Cross: “SVO Chairman Matt Anderson! Welcome! What brings you here Mister Anderson?”

Matt Anderson grins as Amos has a less than excited look on his face.

Matt Anderson: “Thank you Candi! I appreciate the warm welcome. I am here to speak to Mister Amos here, and it’s ironic Amos that you speak of the Odds. Of course, Amos, you know that the Company is in a bit of a power struggle at the moment, that loser Jon Page and his team will try to do the impossible and take the Company down at Vendetta in the Fourth Organized Chaos Match.”

Samuel Amos: “So..?”

Matt Anderson: “I understand that we’ve had our differences in the past, that is water under the bridge to me.” Anderson laughs. “Besides, after that embarrassing performance at Destiny, who wouldn’t want to let bygones be bygones more so than you?”

Amos’ face changes from disgust to sheer anger. Anderson continues to laugh.

Matt Anderson: “No one cares that you won One Shot anymore. That was a fluke and you’ve proven that. Now do yourself a favor, pretend like no one cares what you have to think and do something useful for the SVO. Take your spot alongside the Company in the Organized Chaos Match, or else.”

Candi looks up at Anderson and then to Amos. She moves the Microphone over to Amos.

Samuel Amos: “Or else what?”

Matt Anderson: “We’re not playing the same games as last time Sammy. You get, heh, One Shot this time. Join our team at Vendetta, it’s not a choice, its your only choice. Come on Amos, you aren’t going to get your rematch for the World Title either way, we’ll make sure of it! So what do you say?”

Amos thinks about it for a moment, but doesn’t look too happy with the ultimatum he was given.

Samuel Amos: “Look here Anderson, just because you think you make the rules around here changes nothing! You tried to screw me at One Shot, and it blew up on you! I swear, if you or any member of the Company messes with my match tonight, they’ll wish they had never been born..”

Matt Anderson: “Wrong Answer.”

Just then, Candi screams as two men blow by her in a B-line to get to Amos. They begin pounding Amos down right in front of Matt Anderson! It’s James Von Drake and Benedict Wilson! Candi makes her way away from the action as the two men punch and stomp at Amos!

Matt Anderson: “GET HIM! Mess him up! Make sure he doesn’t compete tonight!”

Amos begins fighting back, landing a punch to the midsection of Benedict Wilson and a kick to the gut of JVD. Wilson tries to grab Amos from behind but eats a back elbow! JVD charges with a clothesline but Amos ducks! Amos runs right over to Matt Anderson and grabs him by the jacket but both assailants hit Amos from behind before he can attack Anderson. Amos drops to the ground and all three men begin stomping him.

Matt Anderson: “Pick him up! Pick him up!”

James Von Drake pulls Amos up by the head and throws him forcefully into the Interview Area backdrop! Amos hits the wall hard face first and slides down. Benedict Wilson grabs a nearby Trash Can. He dumps the trash out and waits patiently for Amos to make his way back up. Amos rises and turns only to be met by a trash can shot to the face that takes him back down to the concrete floor. The shot tore the bandage off of his forehead and he is now bleeding as a result.

Benedict Wilson does not stop because Amos is down. He lays a second and a third shot on Amos with the trashcan as Matt Anderson watches. James Von Drake finally pulls Amos back to his feet just to toss him into a few shipping crates lining the hallway. Amos hits the crate, slides over the top of it, and falls on the other side. Amos finds himself in a precarious position where he is between two crates. JVD runs forward as fast as he can with all of his might and dropkicks the two crates together, smashing Amos between them! Amos limp body drops to the floor, gasping for air.

Matt Anderson: “Good. Now finish the job!”

Benedict Wilson pulls Amos’ body up and places his head between his legs. He hooks Amos’ arms and looks to JVD and Anderson before performing the move. He then hoists Amos up, and drops him with ‘The Correction’ on the concrete below!! A bleeding Amos is out cold, as the three members of the Company stand over him.

Matt Anderson: “Don’t worry about your rematch Amos. It doesn’t look like you’ll be getting one after all. That’s one piece of business taken care of. Get ahold of the rest of the guys, we’re heading out to the ring to address the world!”RINGSIDE

The Inside Man

‘Real Solution’ hits the sound system and the Company entrance video begins to play on the V-Tron. After a few seconds the ominous figure of Matt Anderson steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, dressed as always in a smart suit with his trademark shades sitting on his face. Anderson ignores the boos as he is joined by the Company members who pour through the entrance ramp. The controlling faction of the sVo slowly make their collective way down the entrance ramp and into the ring.

The group fans out around the ring before Matt Anderson takes the microphone from announcer Natasha Ortiz and standing in the centre of the ring.

Matt Anderson: “As we learnt at Destiny – you never count a rat like Jon Page out until he is dead and under the ground. ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’? What the fuck are you thinking, Page? You’ve truly lost your mind to try to not only take us on… but put us out. You know who we are and what we do. You know how deep this Company runs – how widespread the roots are. You KNOW that we made this place, like so many others.”

This is met with a loud booing from the crowd. Various Company members stand, jawing back at the fans – Anderson seems unfazed.

Matt Anderson: “And to think that you could even put together a team capable of taking apart the men we have assembled here. We recruited the best of the best – that’s how we’ve always done business and you know it. It doesn’t matter what kind of match you try to throw at us, The Company will always come out on top.”

Anderson pauses, pacing slightly before turning and pacing in the other direction, a sour look etched on his face.

Matt Anderson: “But we have more urgent matters to discuss. In his little speech last week, Page mentioned that he had retrieved the M. A. D. document from an ‘inside man’. Now obviously, we can’t let such a severe security breech go without looking into it. So we asked ourselves… who would have access to and the knowledge of such a document who would be willing to help Jon Page in securing it…”

The Company leader looks very serious as he begins to walk in front of each member in the ring, eyeing each as he passes.

Matt Anderson: “Someone… who perhaps isn’t so happy with their involvement in The Company…”

He moves from JVD to Ethan Rider, eyeing him suspiciously.

Matt Anderson: “… someone who knows not only the workings of The Company – but also someone who has been involved with the sVo since its early days and would have had knowledge of the document’s existence and location…”

Anderson steps in front of sVo veteran Howard Thompson.

Matt Anderson: “… someone who wants to bring about the expulsion of The Company from the sVo… perhaps to free himself from us…”

Finally he stops in front of the elderly Akira Kimura who looks extremely nervous.

Matt Anderson: “… someone who, along with his favorite student are known to be long-term friends of Jon Page’s… Page even inducting said favorite student into the Hall of Fame late last year… Akira?”

Kimura says nothing but several beads of sweat can be seen dripping off his brow.

Matt Anderson: “Akira? Does that sound like a reasonable candidate for the ‘inside man’ that Jon Page mentioned at Destiny?”

Kimura still says nothing, but turns and dives towards the ropes attempting to make his escape – only to be caught by none other than his own former student, Nightmare. The masked wrestler drags his former mentor roughly into the centre of the ring, shoving him and forcing the old man to lose his balance, falling to the mat.

Like a pack of wolves The Company members descend on the fallen Kimura, stomping and kicking him as he tries desperately to defend himself. The deafening boos in the arena stall as a man wearing a sVo t-shirt and matching baseball cap leaps the crowd barrier before springing onto the ring apron, up onto the top rope and into the ring, sending Thompson flying into Anderson with a corkscrew springboard missile dropkick, both men roll out of the ring, the crowd erupting in cheers. He stands before charging at JVD, hopping up onto his thigh and driving his other knee into Von Drake’s head with a shining wizard – JVD falling backwards and rolling out of the ring. The man stands, charging at the masked Nightmare and scooping him onto his shoulders to a huge pop from the crowd… Nightmare squirming out of danger and slipping out of the ring. The Company reassemble on the entrance ramp as the man in the ring removes his sVo hat revealing the newly unmasked Night – the former champion bending down to check on his fallen mentor, helping the old man to his feet.RINGSIDE

Back With a Vengeance

The crowd pop as Night picks up the microphone Matt Anderson dropped, eyeing the Company leader as he speaks.

Night: “Before I get to you…”

He turns, addressing the arena.

Night: “… hello sVo universe – it’s good to be back!”

Night pauses, smiling as he soaks in the cheers.

Night: “Since I returned last week I’ve been inundated with calls, messages and mail asking where I’ve been since Roll the Dice. The truth is, I just needed time to mend. Last year was a big year for me – the biggest of my life and certainly the best and worst year of my life. I realized a lifetime ambition in becoming a World Champion and I realized a goal which had spanned three years for me in capturing the sVo World Championship. I moved further in my career than I ever thought I could – but in the process… I lost my brother.”

The former champion turns his attention back to the group assembled on the entrance ramp, in particular the sneering masked man known as Nightmare.

Night: “Ryu, what you have become is… an embarrassment. You have brought shame and dishonor to our family and our dojo. You have tarnished my, now former, mask. You are a disgrace. I realized going into Roll the Dice that you had become a problem which needed to be addressed immediately. Ultimately, something which was given to me as a source of strength in anonymity became my downfall. In my time away I had a lot of time to reflect, to analyze all that had happened in the past few months and to decide on my next move.”

He moves forwards in the ring, towards the Company members, coming to a rest leaning on the ropes towards them.

Night: “I came to realize I had no reason to hide behind a mask any longer. I have already gone further in my career than any of us dreamed I would, Ryu. I promised you weeks ago you would see my face at Destiny – and I delivered.”

Nightmare yells to a ring attendant for a microphone and is promptly handed one.

Nightmare: “Well done, Akumu. You had the guts to take your mask off – now what? You expect me to be scared? Have you forgotten the last time we met? Blame your mask all you want – the fact remains that I destroyed you. I hurt you so badly it sent you away from here. We thought we’d never see you in a sVo ring again and here you are. Foolishly back so I can finish the job.”

“Although these men would disagree, I for one am happy to see you back!”

Everyone looks around for the source of the voice to find Jon Page on the sVo tron.

Jon Page: “Hi Matt, sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome back Night… and to remind everyone that at Vendetta an Organised Chaos match will take place featuring the best of the sVo against the best of The Company. Now, I’m going through the roster trying to put together the strongest team I can… and then I realized… the man who secured two pinfalls in the only other Organised Chaos match in sVo history – including the winning pinfall over Gunner Lang…”

His broad grin practically fills the tron.

Jon Page: “… is standing right there in the ring. So, what do you say, Night – you want in?”

Night: “Of course!”

Night’s response draws a huge cheer from the crowd and anger from The Company.

Night: “Surely you guys can’t be surprised at this…”

Nightmare: “Surprised at your stupidity – willingly walking back in here and into a match against US. Yes – very surprised. See you at Vendetta, brother.”

Night: “See you sooner than that, Ryu. It seems you have a match now – I think I might stay and do some commentary. Scout the competition and all.”

Matt Anderson: “You can’t do that! Security – remove that man!”

Jon Page: “What’s the matter, Matt? Your boy can’t win a match with his little brother watching? Even with all his friends standing there?”

Anderson is clearly irritated but forces a smile.

Matt Anderson: “Fine, Night, if you’re staying to do commentary then these guys are going to stay out here and make sure you’re not up to anything.”

Night: “Relax, Anderson, you can trust me… I’m not a Company member.”

The crowd pop as the former champion grins and drops the microphone, heading to the announce table.
Nightmare vs. DJ

“Sinner” by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ. Then DJ comes out walking towards the ring. He hesitates as he approaches the Company members, still grouped together on the entrance ramp. They scowl as they part, watching him pass by and roll into the ring. “Sinner” fades out as DJ looks at the Company nervously. As he looks towards the announce table Night nods towards him reassuringly.

Anderson whispers something to Nightmare who sneers before making his way to the ring and rolling in himself, The Company taking up position at ringside. DJ speaks to the referee, indicating towards The Company – the ref also points to Anderson before raising his hands helplessly. With resignation, DJ nods and the ref calls for the bell.

Nightmare and DJ circle each other, DJ watching over his shoulder as he passes the Company members. The masked man jumps at the opening and levels DJ with a sucker punch, before dropping down on top of him and laying into him with hard lefts and rights. He stands before dropping down with a knee drop to DJ’s sternum. He attempts a second knee drop, meeting only mat with his knee as the incredibly quick DJ rolls aside, clutching at his chest from the kneedrop which landed. Nightmare stands, shaking out his leg and lunges at DJ, forcing a lock up. The larger man, Nightmare quickly overpowers DJ, pushing him backwards towards the turnbuckle. Once there he continues to push, bending the former Tag-Team Champion backwards, before bringing his right hand down with a big slap to the chest of the Canadian. Again Nightmare raises his hand, this time connecting only with turnbuckle as DJ manages to duck out of the way!

DJ slips around Nightmare, quickly attempting a German suplex, only for the masked man to land on his feet, reversing into a reverse DDT. He hooks DJ’s leg for a quick pin.


DJ kicks out quickly from the early pin attempt. Both men make their way to their feet quickly moving towards each other, the two lock up and Nightmare again uses his size and strength to his advantage, this time setting up DJ for a belly-to-belly suplex. He wrenches backwards, launching DJ, who also lands on his feet. He uses his momentum, rushing forwards and springing up onto the middle rope before spinning backwards and connecting with a big springboard spinning roundhouse kick catching Nightmare in the jaw and dropping the Company hit-man. He lands before charging at the downed Nightmare, flipping forwards and driving into Nightmare with a running somersault senton, hooking his leg for the pin!




Nightmare kicks out as the crowd let out a collective sigh of disappointment. DJ stands as Nightmare manages to sit up – only for the Corporation’s last member in sVo employment to just about decapitate him with a big kick to the head before heading for the top rope. He leaps off connecting with a huge moonsault onto Nightmare, again hooking his leg for the pin.




Again Nightmare kicks out, a few boos ringing out through the arena. At ringside, Anderson screams for the masked man to get up as Night applauds from the announce table. Meanwhile in the ring DJ stands, pulling Nightmare with him before backing the masked man up into the corner before whipping him across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles before chasing after him and again leaping up on the ropes, nailing a rebounding Nightmare with a springboard backflip back elbow! The masked man clutches at his face as he hits the mat. DJ stands, hoisting Nightmare off the mat around the waist again attempting a German suplex – this time succeeding! As he hits, DJ keeps his hands locked around Nightmare’s waist, forcing him to his feet before popping his hips and driving Nightmare over with another German suplex. Again DJ keeps his hands locked and again he drives Nightmare over, finally releasing his grip and leaving the former TapOut Champion laying in a heap.

Exhausted from the effort of the chained German suplexes, DJ crawls to Nightmare, spinning him onto his back and dropping on top of him for the cover.




NO! The crowd erupt in boos as Nightmare manages to kick out of the pin.

DJ rolls off him and onto his back, his hands coming up to his face. Nightmare, seemingly out of it remains motionless in place. Seeing his opponent still down, DJ springs to his feet, immediately making his way towards the turnbuckles. He leaps up, signaling for the Frogsplash leading to a huge cheer from the crowd. However, as he stands poised, Nightmare rolls under the bottom rope, coming to rest on the arena floor near the announce table. DJ crouches down, waiting.

Nightmare takes his time recovering, waiting until the referee’s count of five to stand – the count is interrupted however as DJ launches off the top turnbuckle and sends Nightmare sprawling with a missile dropkick to a huge pop. He rolls into the ring to break the count – The Company going ballistic on the far side of the ring. DJ glares at Anderson from the ring, drawing the Company leader to attempt to slide into the ring himself, only to be held back by JVD. The referee admonishes Anderson as DJ once more slides under the bottom rope towards Nightmare – only to be hit by a low blow from the Company man.

Nightmare’s cheap shot draws his brother, Night, to stand up from the announce table and confront him. Nightmare turns his attention to Night, causing the entire Company faction to rush around the ring to rally around their own. The referee rushes out of the ring to prevent the brawl from erupting, managing first to get the Company to back up and then Night to sit down. As he corrals The Company back to their side of the ring, DJ grabs Nightmare by the mask, pulling him to a kneeling position – only to be caught by a low blow from the masked man. DJ doubles over as the crowd rain down a chorus of boos.

The masked man smirks as he stands, rolling DJ into the ring. The Company finally back on side, the referee returns to the action just in time to see Nightmare set up DJ in a standing headscissors. He signals for the Rogue Driver causing Night to stand and leave the announce table, leaping up on the ring apron and causing Nightmare to drop DJ. Both Nightmare and the referee move to Night, both telling him to get down from the ring apron. The Company seem to have seen enough and charge around the ring at Night who, seeing them coming hops down off the ring apron and over the crowd barrier – taking off through the crowd with The Company giving chase.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Nightmare sneers as he watches his allies chase his brother – he doesn’t seem to notice as DJ walks up behind him, locking him in a chicken wing before hoisting backwards and suplexing the masked man, bridging for the pin!




The referee calls for the bell as DJ pulls off a huge win over the former TapOut Champion. He stands as the referee raises his hand. With this win he picks up a huge amount of momentum. With Vendetta just a few weeks away, can he triumph in Organized Chaos and get his friends their jobs back?BACKSTAGE

Bad Luck and TroubleThe Showdown cameras head backstage where a shady looking man in a suit and tie is leaning against the wall at the entrance of the parking lot. The man seems to be waiting for something or someone, and as a car pulls in to the parking lot, his interest seems to spike. The man slowly makes his way over to the car and smiles as Rey Rosario steps out from the drivers side.

Rey Rosario: “Are you here to pay me my money?”

The man stares at Rosario for a few seconds, before smiling and shaking his head.

“Considering that you have a big match tonight I thought you would at least be on time. That is something my boss also expects of you when it comes to paying back the money you owe!”

The former International Champion shakes his head with a look of disbelief on his face as he slams shut the car door.

Rey Rosario: “Your telling me DJ actually beat Nightmare? Damn I thought that was a sure thing!”

Rosario looks pissed off, which makes the man even more pleased.

“No such thing as a sure thing when it comes to gambling Rey, as I heard you found out to your cost when you were in the casino last night. Don’t worry, my boss will give you a few days to stump up the cash, but if you don’t have it by then, well then maybe you should be worried.”

The man begins to walk away until he is grabbed by the arm by Rosario.

Rey Rosario: “Look I am just going through a little bad luck at the moment, it’s bound to change soon. What are the odds on the Nero against Roscoe Shame match tonight?”

The man shakes his head as he knocks Rosario’s hand off of his arm.

“You should know when to quit Rey.”

Rey Rosario: “Come on your boss doesn’t want to take my action. I am sure there are plenty of others who will.”

The man stops and thinks for a few seconds, before shrugging his shoulders.

“What the hell, this is Vegas after all. Your luck better change though buddy or you are going to be in way over your head, and these are not people you want to owe money to!”

Rey Rosario: “Don’t worry, my purple patch is just around the corner. Give me $25k on Nero to beat Roscoe Shame tonight. I have been impressed with him for the last few weeks.”

The man stops for a few seconds, before shaking the hand of Rey Rosario and smiling.

“Ok it’s a deal. I don’t think its a smart move however…”

Rey Rosario: “What do you know about gambling?”

“I’ve seen enough people have their legs broken by my bosses to know its a mugs game. I also know that Bobby Dean has bought himself the rights to be the special guest referee in his Tag Team partners match tonight, against Nero.”

The man winks at Rey Rosario, before walking away and leaving the former International Champion holding his head in disbelief.
Vintor Otis vs. Chris Wrestling

“Hell of a Life” plays over the sound system and the arena goes black. A few seconds later, a silver spotlight searches around the arena before finding Vintor Otis, walking down the ramp towards the ring with a solemn expression on his face. The spotlight follows Otis as he slowly and purposely walks towards the ring before entering the ring by using the steps. Otis goes to his corner and stretches out the top rope before waiting patiently for his opponent, still with a solemn expression on his face.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit and it is a number one contender’s match for the Sanctioned Violence Organization Las Vegas Championship introducing first from Belleville, Illinois weighting in at 323 pounds he is Vintor Otis.

“Last Resort” hits the sound system and on the big screen we see highlights of Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling. Then Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling comes out with a huge smirk on his face, trying to prevent the crowd from touching him.

Announcer: And his opponent representing The Canadian Connection from Calgary, Alberta, Canada weighting in at 235 pounds he is “Canadian Perfect” Chris Wrestling.

Chris Wrestling enters the ring and signals for a microphone from the ring announcer.

Chris Wrestling: As you all saw at Destiny I proved why I am the best wrestler in the world. I defeated the best competitors this company have in a grueling elimination match and more importantly I destroyed The Corporation.

Chris Wrestling has a big smile on his face.

Chris Wrestling: Corporation, I told all of you that I was going to destroy each and everyone of you. I got rid of the former leader La Envidia Mata. Yes, it was me from the beginning that started to destroy the group from the inside. Then at Destiny, I finished off Juliana Torres and Raven and now it’s just down to DJ.

The fans start to boo Chris Wrestling.

Chris Wrestling: DJ, the only reason you’re still here is because you’re my cousin. I care about you. You may hate me for destroying the group but the fact of the matter is that I helped your career. You have the spotlight on you, all The Corporation did was hold you down. You should join me in The Canadian Connection and together we will dominate SVO. You know that together we were the best tag team this company had ever seen. Think about it, we are family and we should stick together. However, if you feel you need to avenge what happened to The Corporation you know were to find me…

Vintor Otis can’t take more of the talking and attacks Chris Wrestling from behind as the bell finally rings.

Ding Ding Ding

Otis throws Wrestling hard into the ropes and delivers a shoulder block that makes Wrestling fall and bounce from the mat toward the ropes which he loses his balance and goes between the second and third rope.

Wrestling starts to regroup on the outside but Otis walks towards Wrestling. Wrestling tries to surprise Otis grabbing his leg from the outside but Otis is too big for that and reaches over the ropes and grabs Wrestling’s head and pulls him to the apron. Wrestling does the only thing he can do in that situation and that is to grab Otis by the head and jump back down to the outside making Vintor’s neck slingshot from the ropes.

Otis staggers around the ring as Wrestling quickly climbs the ropes and delivers a top rope flying body press to Otis. Wrestling stays on top looking for the early win.


Otis overpowers Wrestling throwing him all the way to the other side of the ring to break the count. Otis tries to sit up but Wrestling rushes back and delivers a low dropkick to the face of Otis knocking him back down. Wrestling gets on top of Otis and delivers right and left hands to a downed Vintor Otis.

The fans give a mixed reaction to the Canadian superstar as he looks for cheers. Wrestling picks up Otis and goes to throw him against the ropes but Otis overpowers Wrestling again by reversing the Irish whip and delivers a clothesline from hell to a returning Chris Wrestling.

Vintor Otis shakes the cobwebs and starts to get pumped up. He grabs Wrestling by the throat and picks him up from the mat and throws him hard against the turnbuckle. Otis charges at Wrestling but Wrestling gets a boot up to stop Vintor’s momentum. Wrestling quickly jumps on the second rope and dives towards Otis who simply counters with a big powerslam. Otis hooks the leg thinking he has this one in the bag.



Chris Wrestling somehow gets a shoulder up. Vintor Otis visibly upset picks up Wrestling and throws him head first into the turnbuckle. Wrestling looks hurt in the corner but Otis keeps the pressure on by ramming his shoulder time after time on the ribs of Canadian Perfect. Wrestling falls in sitting position in the corner and Vintor goes all the way to the other side of the ring and rushes towards wrestling delivering a kick to the head that knocks down Chris Wrestling.

Vintor Otis raises his arms in the air as the people boo loudly at him. Otis grabs Chris Wrestling by his hair and picks him up from the mat. Otis now throws Wrestling against the ropes and delivers an Earth shattering side walk slam to the former SVO Tag Team Champion. Vintor gets up and challenges Chris to get back up. Wrestling does and receives a big boot to the face that makes Chris Wrestling do a 360 in the air. Wrestling looks to be out of it as Otis picks up a lifeless Chris Wrestling and delivers a “Titanic Wrath”. Otis pins Chris Wrestling.



THR…No! Chris Wrestling gets a shoulder up in the nick of time bringing the fans up to their feet. Vintor gets up and threatens the referee who is scared to death trying to explain that Chris Wrestling kicked out before the three count. Vintor goes back to Wrestling and picks him up and throws him to the other corner of the ring.

Otis charges at Chris Wrestling who somehow moves out of the way making Otis collide against the turnbuckles. Wrestling turns Otis and grabs him in a side headlock jumping towards the ropes and pushing them with his feet connecting with a devastating tornado ddt. Chris Wrestling is down as well obviously exhausted from the onslaught given by the much bigger man.

The referee starts his ten count and both men reach their feet by the count of 6. Otis charges with another clothesline from hell which Wrestling easily ducks and delivers a dropkick to Vintor which only staggers him a bit. Wrestling bounces off the ropes and delivers a clothesline of his own that once again only staggers Otis a bit. Wrestling relentless bounces off the ropes again and jumps into the waiting arms of Vintor Otis.

Otis looks to deliver a front slam but when he raises Wrestling, Chris slides behind Vintor Otis and takes him down with a school boy pin.



Vintor Otis kicks out as the fans gasp after that near fall. Wrestling undaunted charges at Otis and goes for a diamond cutter which Otis easily counters by holding Wrestling high in the air but Wrestling uses the momentum to turn in mid air and drop Otis with a reverse ddt. Wrestling quickly gets up and charges towards the ropes and climbs them. He mocks or salutes DJ depending on how he takes it and delivers a frog splash on Vintor Otis. Chris Wrestling hooks the leg confident that this time the big man won’t escape.



Vintor Otis again uses his power to push Chris Wrestling away from him. Otis tries to get up from the mat only to be kept down by a quick thinking Canadian Perfect who delivers a shining wizard taking the newcomer by surprise. Wrestling signals that the end is here and grabs both of Vintor’s legs and tries to apply “The Perfect Shooter” but the awesome power of this rookie prevents Wrestling from completing the hold.

Vintor Otis pushes with his legs making Chris Wrestling collide with the turnbuckle. Wrestling in shock jumps on the second rope and dives at Otis who catches him with “The Redemption”. Otis puts his body weight on top of Chris Wrestling making it impossible for Canadian Perfect to get a shoulder up as the referee drops for the count.




The referee sees Chris Wrestling’s foot on the ropes and calls it off. Crippler comes storming out of the locker room and hands Chris Wrestling a chair as Vintor Otis can’t stand the frustration anymore and pushes the referee down. Otis goes after Wrestling but when he tries to turn him around Wrestling delivers a chairshot that sounds throughout the entire Goodfellas Casino Arena. Wrestling slides into Otis looking for the pin.




Leather and Lace

Eve Silvester and Clare Lacefield are shown sitting in Matt Anderson’s office, looking more than a little discontented that they lost their debut match on UnSanctioned to Karina Baynard and Lilith Morgan. Eve taps her fingernails on the edge of the desk, an irritated expression on her face.

Eve Silvester: “Ugh. We shouldn’t have to, like, wait just to see the General Manager. We should be made a priority, you know?”

Clare Lacefield: “I know exactly what you mean, but we just gotta be patient. And if that doesn’t work…”

Clare places her hands on her chest suggestively, causing Eve to break out with a small giggle before slapping her arms away.

Eve Silvester: “Oh, stop it. Anderson’s about a million years old anyway. You know, he’s like one of those creepy old men you find on the internet who try to get you to go on webcam.”

Clare Lacefield: “Uh, that doesn’t happen to me.”

Eve Silvester: “What? Oh, it doesn’t happen to me either… as if it would. It’s, like, totally gross.”

Clare nods and glances around the office, however at the moment the door swings open and Matt Anderson walks into the room. The General Manager isn’t looking happy, and he sits down and pulls out a small bottle of pills before even apparently noticing the girls in the room. He pops two of the pills into his mouth and swallows before greeting them.

Matt Anderson: “What can I help you with? Make it quick, I’ve got other things to deal with besides a couple of prostitutes in leather and lace.”

Eve Silvester: “Excuse me!?”

Matt Anderson: “Wait, it’s legal in Vegas… whores then, I don’t care. Just tell me what the hell you both want.”

Clare Lacefield: “We want a rematch against Baynard and Morgan next week.”

Eve Silvester: “We, like, totally want to get some payback!”

Matt Anderson: “Ladies, I can’t just book a match like that. I mean, you were beaten fair and square… however, I’m willing to book a one-on-one match for UnSanctioned. Eve, how about you take on Karina Baynard next week?”

Eve Silvester: “Fine, I’ll do that.”

Matt Anderson: “Glad to hear it, now get out of here.”

Both members of Leather N’ Lace stand up and walk out of the room. Anderson sighs and rubs his face as the scene comes to an end.
Reaper (c) vs. Crippler

Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Montreal Quebec, Canada and weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pound…Canadian Crippler!!!

“Last Resort” plays as Canadian Crippler comes out completely focused on the ring. He enters the ring and awaits the bell.

Now introducing the sVo’s Las Vegas champion. He hails from Fayetteville North Carolina, he is the self proclaimed Lord of Hardcore, I give to you…Reaper!!!

The lights slowly dim as the crowd starts to get anxious. The electric chords of Follow The Reaper by Children of Bodom blares over the pa system as the man known simply as Reaper steps out onto the stage. Reaper stands center stage as a bright white spotlight shines on him. Reaper takes his hands and draws an outline over the Las Vegas Championship showing it off to the crowd. He raises his arms in the air taunting at the crowd. Reaper leans his head back and gives a primal roar towards the crowd as he snaps his head back. The cameras getting a close look at the intensity in his eyes as he starts to march his way down the ramp way. Reaper reaches back and unhooks the back of the belt taking it off and holding it his hand. Reaper makes his way to the apron where he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He uses the second rope to lift himself back up to his feet. Reaper rolls his neck as he goes to the near corner. He lays the belt in the corner and awaits for the bell.

Reaper and Crippler meet in the center of the ring as the bell is rung. The two men circle one another for a moment before Crippler shoots in looking for a single leg take down but Reaper sprawls. Reaper wraps his arm around the neck of crippler and applies a front headlock. Reaper posts back up and quickly falls back taking Crippler down with a ddt. Reaper gets back to his feet and starts to stomp upon Crippler’s back. Looking to take advantage Reaper lifts Crippler up to his feet and sends him off the ropes. Reaper looks for a clothesline only to have Crippler go under the arm and lock in a waist lock. Next thing Reaper knows Crippler takes him over with a violent german suplex with bridge.



Reaper manages to kick out at two and gets to his feet only to be taken down by a clothesline. Crippler waits on Reaper and as Reaper gets up again Crippler takes him deown with another clothesline. Reaper quickly rolls out of the ring and tries to take a breather. Crippler is right on his heels though. Crippler comes up behind Reaper and tries to grab him but Reaper quickly snaps off a drop toe hold and sends Crippler shoulder first into the ring steps. Reaper gets to his feet and lifts Crippler up as well. He sends the man from Montreal into the ring barrier shoulder first again. Reaper stands back looking amused with handiwork.

The ref gets to the count of seven before Reaper slides back into the ring and rolls back out restarting the count. He grabs Crippler who was almost to his feet and goes to send him into the ring apron. but Crippler reverses it and sends Reaper into the apron back first instead. Crippler then starts driving his shoulder into the stomach of Reaper slamming him again and again into the ring apron. Crippler then rolls Reaper into the ring following behind. Crippler gets in three point stance and waits for Reaper. As Reaper gets to his feet Crippler nearly turns him inside out with a charging shoulderblock.

Crippler stalks the Las Vegas Champion. He can taste that belt. Crippler waits as Reaper gets to his feet then charges in looking for another Clothesline but this time Reaper side steps and slaps on a cobra clutch out of no where. Reaper slaps on the Death’s Grip. Cobra Clutch Camel Clutch variation. Crippler looks to be in excruciating pain as he screams out in pain. Reaper has the hold locked in good as Crippler is trying to escape. Reaper seems to have this one won as he torques back. Crippler stretches his arm out as far as he can and with one last ditch effort manages to hook the bottom rope with a single finger tip. The ref calls for the break which Reaper doesn’t seem to want to do.





Reaper finally breaks the hold and grabs Crippler by the leg and starts to drab him back to the center of the ring. Only to have Crippler roll onto his back and kick Reaper off of him. Crippler gets to his feet as Reaper comes in the two tie up once more.

Reaper sneaks in a quick knee to the ribs of Crippler taking the breath out of him. Reaper takes half a step back and seemingly out of no where nails Crippler with “The Beginning of” spinning elbow smash. Crippler is half out of it as he stumbles backwards towads the ropes. Reaper quickly follows up by irish whipping Crippler off the ropes and charing in after him nearly taking off Crippler’s head with The End busaiku knee kick. Reaper makes the cover.




Behind Closed Doors Pt. 1

As Showdown comes back from commercial break we’re not taken to the ring for the next match. Instead we’re taken to the backstage hallway. A camera man creeps along behind the masked figure of the one and only Loki Synn. The crowd pops for the masked Jester as suddenly he stops and turns, paying notice to the camera.

“SHHHHHH! I’m hunting Andersons…”

The jester puts a finger up to his mouth to emphasize his point as he turns and continues on, a bounce in his step, twirling his faithful scepter in his hand. He makes it to a door and knocks. He turns once again to the camera and shrugs his shoulders as he opens the door and walks inside as if he owns the place. Loki puffs out his chest and makes himself seem taller, but lets out his breath and slumps, not able to keep up the visage.

“What the hell are you doing in here? I didn’t invite you in here, now get out!”

The camera manages to catch a glimpse of a slightly bewildered Matt Anderson as Loki kicks the door shut behind him. He mumbles to the camera.

“Let the adults talk now…”

Before the door shuts and we’re only able to hear Anderson get more and more frantic as Loki manages to make himself heard above Anderson’s protests…

“Now Matty A! Is that any way to treat an old friend?”

The camera fades to black as a loud thud is heard, resounding of the walls as the crowd once again pops.
Nathan Paradine vs. Chezina Rodriguez

‘My Way’ by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the arena fills with boos as the massive Chezina Rodriguez steps onto the top of the entrance ramp, accompanied by his brother Chivo. Chezina holds his hands up in the air before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Chezina towers over the fans lining the entrance ramp, and as he steps up onto the ring apron, he is able to step over the top rope with ease while Chivo remains on the outside. Chezina struts around the ring for a few seconds to show his dominance before preparing for the match to get under-way.

“Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” by Enter Shikari blasts around the arena as Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. He glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, soaking in their cheers. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

The referee calls for the bell and both men circle each other before locking up, each struggling for dominance. Chivo shouts encouragement to his brother from the outside, urging him on and pounding his fists down on the mat. Both men move around the ring, with Paradine pushing Chezina into the ropes before Chezina fights back and they move to the left, Chezina forcing Paradine against the ropes on that side. They move back to the middle of the ring and Chezina finally forces Paradine into the corner. Chezina pushes Paradine against the turnbuckle however the referee intervenes and orders him to step back. Chezina grudgingly obliges and moves away and both men move back to the middle of the ring before locking up. Chezina whips Paradine into the ropes and he runs across the ring, knocking Chezina down with a shoulder block as he rebounds. Chezina goes down and Paradine hooks the leg!




Chivo screams at his brother to start focusing and Chezina rises to his feet looking determind. Paradine immediately latches onto his arm and wrenches it behind his back, however Chezina manages to reverse the hold into one of his own! Paradine drives an elbow into his chest before flipping Chezina over and sending him crashing into the mat! Paradine backs away as Chezina climbs to his feet, however as soon as Chezina is on his feet Paradine executes an STF, knocking Chezina down again! Paradine spins around on Chezina’s back and slaps him in the head before standing up and pandering to the crowd. Chezina stands up and grabs Paradine, however Paradine slips out of the hold and throws Chezina out of the ring! Chezina stumbles to the outside and Chivo is immediately at his side helping him to his feet. Paradine however runs at the ropes and executes a b!seball slide, driving his feet into Chezina and knocking the former tag team champion into the guardrail.

However, Chivo grabs Paradine and drags him out of the ring as he tries to stand up again! The referee begins the ten count as Chivo throws Paradine into the guardrail. Paradine slams against the railing hard, his body crumpling in a heap. Chivo isn’t finished yet however and he pulls Paradine back to his feet, only the whip him straight into the guardrail again! Both Rodriquez brothers begin to lay in the boots to Paradine, however the crowd screams as Cody Williams emerges from backstage! The “Reflection of Perfection” removes his sunglasses and runs towards the ring, ripping off his “Second to None” shirt (available in the Goodfellas shop for only $19.95! Limited offer!) before kicking Chivo out of the way! Williams begins to lay the lefts and rights into Chezina before realizing that the referee is almost at the end of the count. He grabs Paradine and pushes him into the ring, just as Chezina re-enters. Williams roars at Paradine to get up and keep fighting, rousing the “Australian Submission Machine” back to his feet!

Paradine and Chezina trade blows, until Chezina whips him into the ropes. Paradine rebounds and ducks underneath Chezina’s outstretched arm before bouncing off the second rope only to have Chezina scoop him up! Paradine struggles, however Chezina plants him to the mat with a huge Tombzina! Chezina covers!




The bell rings and Chezina stands up with his arms raised in victory. Cody Williams immediately dives back into the ring, however Chivo is immediately at his brothers side. Paradine slowly climbs to his feet and the two tag teams stare each other down before launching into action, Cody matched against Chezina and Paradine against Chivo. After an exchange of right hands, The Rodriquez Brothers come out on top of Second To None, tossing both Paradine and Cody out of the ring. Second To None back up the ramp nursing their wounds as Chivo raises Chezina’s hand.BACKSTAGE

Behind Closed Doors Part Deux


“Well that’s easy Matty my boy! I just came in here and asked.”


“My way of shaking hands. I’m a bit of a germaphobe I’m afraid.”


“Well you were unconscious and in no condition to make a huge decision like that.”


“Well you’re not very hospitable at all. You know you may want to work on that if you want to continue managing a company. Morale would definitely improve around here…”


“Now that’s just rude. I don’t have to take this. I’m leaving.”

The door to Matt Anderson’s office opens and Loki Synn bounces out of it, scepter in hand and shuts the door. A very audible thud can be heard against the door and Loki jumps slightly. He looks back at the door briefly before saying to himself.

“He tossed me out and THEN wants to start a bible fight? Where is the fun in that? It’s not like he can play with himself…”

The crowd laughs as Loki once again jumps as Alexandra Ricci comes up behind the jester.

“Loki Synn. If I could get a quick word?”

Loki bows, sweeping the scepter along the ground as he replies.

“You may Madam. Which word would you like? I’m quite partial to ‘snippet.'”

Alexandra looks briefly confused before she recovers and continues. She blushes as she realizes that Loki is still bowing, keeping his eyes on the ground.

“Why are you staring at the ground like that?”

She already knows the answer however, as Loki’s voice replies.

“Madam, all jester’s are trained not to look his queen in her eyes. If there has ever been a queen that has graced sVo’s revered halls, I personally think that it would be you.”

Alexandra blushes even more.

“Please, just stand up so I can get this interview. You’re embarrassing me.”

Loki stands up and twirls his scepter in his hand.

“Now we can’t have a beautiful one like you being embarrassed! Please, continue with your interview fair maiden.”

Alexandra stammers, blushes more, but manages to ask.

“Loki, what was your meeting with Matt Anderson about just now?”

The jester stops twirling his scepter and appears to glance briefly at the door he just exited out of. However, if he paused, it wasn’t for more than a split second as he says.

“I wanted a shot at a title. I feel that since I beat dear Vinty a couple weeks ago, I should be in that number one contender match tonight. Anderson doesn’t appear to feel the same way.”

Alexandra nods.

“Why not? That seems like a legit argument.”

Loki nods in agreement as he responds and resumes twirling his scepter.

“Anderson enjoys holding grudges against people I suppose. It’s no matter though. My time will come soon enough.”

Alexandra quickly changes tact.

“You came close to winning the TapOut Championship this weekend. But inquiring minds want to know, why now try again once you had Sara down the second time?”

Loki again pauses, but continues to twirl his scepter, now reversing direction.

“Well, think of it as an advanced scouting technique. I wanted to see what she was capable of up close and personal. I mean, I had been watching the various failed attempts on that title all week. It’s something completely different to get hands on experience though.”

Alexandra nods and looks like she’s going to ask another question before Loki stops her by putting a finger on her lips and gently whispering.


Alexandra stops herself and blushes once again as Loki says.

“I’d like to ask you a question now. Why are inquiring minds trying to get into a jester’s business?”

Before she can answer however, Loki skips away while twirling his scepter. As he vanishes around a corner Alexandra ties up her interview for the camera and heads off to find someone else to interview.

From around the corner Jon Page takes a bite of his apple and smirks as he stares off into the distance, right where Loki Synn had been standing.
Roscoe Shame vs. NeroADD MATCH HERE!”You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and reveal the sVo logo referees shirt he is wearing.

The fans in the arena boo as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle.

With the sVo Tag Team Champions in the ring, there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as out of the crowd jumps the man known as Nero. Shame and Dean both keep their eyes glued on Nero as the Italian rolls into the ring and takes up position in the corner of the ring.

With Bobby Dean in the middle of the ring looking across at his fellow Tag Team Champion, Nero looks to be in an impossible situation as the bell rings for this one on one match to get underway! Bobby Dean steps to the side and Roscoe Shame and Nero slowly step forward and tie up in the middle of the ring. Roscoe Shame uses his strength advantage to push Nero back into the corner of the ring before laying into him with some big right hands. Bobby Dean does nothing to stop the closed fists from Roscoe Shame, until Nero manages to cut him off with a kick to the knees. Roscoe Shame staggers away, until Nero grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ring ropes.

Shame bounces back into the middle of the ring and Nero is able to take him down to the ring with a drop toe hold. With Shame down on the mat, Nero locks in a reverse leg lock to try and work down the legs of his bigger opponent. Roscoe Shame shouts out in pain before he is finally able to free himself from the submission hold. Roscoe Shame limps up to a standing position, however Nero goes straight back to the legs of the Tag Team Champion with a diving dropkick to the knees! With Shame down Nero places his foot behind the knee of Shame, before lifting his leg up and then driving it back into the canvas. Roscoe Shame rolls around in pain holding his knee as Nero waits for him to slowly rise to his feet.

Shame finally reaches a standing position and Nero cuts him off with a dropkick to the face to send him down! With Shame on the mat, Nero bounces into the ropes before dropping an elbow down across the legs of his opponent. With Shame down, Nero makes the cover!



The fans boo the slowly count from Bobby Dean, which allows Roscoe Shame to kick out before the three can be counted. Nero rises to his feet and slowly makes his way towards Bobby Dean, obviously not happy with the speed of his count. Bobby Dean holds out his referees shirt, but Nero doesn’t seem to care as he backs Bobby Dean in the corner of the ring with his fists raised! However before Nero can lay his hands on Dean, Roscoe Shame cuts him off with a punch to the back of the head.

Shame grabs hold of Nero and throws him into the ropes before catching him in the face with a big boot as he bounces into the middle of the ring. Nero slowly rises up to his feet, but Roscoe Shame sends him straight back down to the mat with a stiff side slam. With Nero down on the mat, Roscoe Shame wastes no time in making the cover!



Despite the quick count from Bobby Dean, Nero just about manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat. The crowd boo loudly as Bobby Dean rises up to his feet with a smirk on the face whilst Roscoe Shame begins to stomp away on Nero. Nero tries to get to his feet, but Shame backs him into the corner of the ring with some big right hands. With Nero hurting in the corner, Shame grabs his opponent by the arm and sends him hard into the opposite corner of the ring. The fans boo loudly as Shame follows up with a big clothesline in the corner of the ring.

Nero slowly staggers out into the middle of the ring, and Shame shows off his strength by pulling Nero up into the air, before dropping him down with a military press slam. With Nero on the mat and hurting, the fans begin to boo loudly as Roscoe Shame signals that its ‘Shame Time’! Roscoe grabs Nero by the hair and begins to pull him up to his feet, but as he does Nero shocks him with a flurry of right hands! Nero knocks Shame back into the ropes, before hitting him with the ‘Sword of Damocles’! With Shame on the mat and hurting after the impressive move, Nero wastes no time in locking Shame in the ‘Fall of Rome’! However instead of checking for a submission, Bobby Dean retreats to the opposite corner of the ring and leans back against the corner! There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Roscoe Shame taps out to the painful submission hold, but as all eyes turn to Bobby Dean who just crosses his arms and shakes his head!

Nero finally releases the submission hold and rises up to his feet. Nero raises his arms in the air in victory, but instead of raising the arm of Nero up, Bobby Dean again shakes his head! The fans boo as Nero questions Bobby Dean about what is going on as Roscoe Shame slowly rises up to his feet. Nero shakes his head in disbelief, until he turns straight into a big boot to the face from Roscoe Shame! The fans boo loudly as this time the former World Champion wastes no time with taunting as he grabs Nero by the hair and lifts him up into the air before tossing him down with a ‘Shame Time’! With Nero hitting the mat hard, Shame makes the cover.


Bobby Dean counts the fast count to the boos from the crowd, and despite Shame tapping out moments ago this one is all over and its Roscoe Shame’s hand that is being raised in the air in victory! Shame and Dean celebrate in the middle of the ring, as the fans boo loudly the sVo Tag Team Champions.BACKSTAGE

Insurance Policy

Cody Williams and Nathan Paradine are shown sitting backstage in their locker room, Cody dressed in a fresh shirt and Paradine holding an icepack to his head. Both men are avoiding looking at each other, creating an uncomfortable silence. Paradine eventually lowers the icepack, clearing his throat to speak.

Nathan Paradine: “Alright, I’ll say it. I screwed up.”

Cody looks down at him, his eyebrow raised. Paradine rolls his eyes in irritation.

Nathan Paradine: “Fine. I really screwed up.”

Cody Williams: “All you had to do was beat that idiot Chezina Rodriquez and you could have gotten us a shot at the tag team titles. Now, they’re the ones who will end up fighting Beautiful Shame.”

Nathan Paradine: “Do you really think I’d just walk into a match like that without taking out an insurance policy in case I lost?”

Cody Williams: “Insurance policy? What do you mean?”

Paradine smirks and walks over to his locker, opening the door and pulling out a sleek black briefcase. He thrusts it into Cody’s arms and the former multi-time International Champion opens it, his eyes widening.

Cody Williams: “Are you serious?”

Nathan Paradine: “Deadly serious. Next week, we’re gonna play this card. It’s our ace in the hole.”

Cody Williams: “You’re crazy, you know that.”

Nathan Paradine: “It’s an Aussie thing.”

Both men look at the briefcase and grin as the scene returns to ringside.
Samuel Amos vs. Rey Rosario”End of Line” by Daft Punk plays over the PA system as the house lights alternate from green to black lighting and back again. After a few moments of playing, the house lights go out completely for a few moments before they flare to life again with Jay Wildman standing in the center of the ring with a referee shirt on, his good hand pointed up in the air in defiance. He walks over to the corner, steps up to the second belt buckle and stares out into the crowd before hopping down, preparing himself for the match he will officiate.

Announcer: The following contest is your main event of the evening scheduled for one fall with a 45 minute time limit and it is to determine the number one contender for the Sanctioned Violence Organization World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first the man who has been appointed as the special guest referee for this match he is the current Sanctioned Violence Organization World Heavyweight Champion, Jay Wildman.

“Last Resort” hits the sound system and there is a standing ovation from the fans as Rey Rosario comes out focusing on his opponent. Rosario slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

Announcer: Representing The Canadian Connection from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada weighting in at 245 pounds he is a former SVO Las Vegas Champion, he is a former SVO World Tag Team Champion and a former SVO International Champion he is Rey Rosario!

Rey Rosario and Jay Wildman both look towards the entrance ramp to see what is going to happen after the vicious attack at the hands of the Company that Samuel Amos is surely not going to be able to recover from in time in order to compete in tonight’s match. Rey Rosario demands that Wildman hold his hand in the air and declare him the winner by default! Wildman reluctantly begins to make his way over to Rosario, however as the World Champion goes to lift Rosario’s arm in the air, the lights suddenly go out!

There is confusion in the arena for a few seconds, until they snap back on to reveal a man wearing a red and black ‘Grimnir’ style mask in the middle of the ring! From the looks of the scars on his chest, it looks like it could be Samuel Amos under the mask!

‘Grimfamos’ then suddenly turns back towards Rosario and slaps him hard across the face. Rosario just smirks and delivers a big right hand to Grimfamos who tries to retaliate but Rosario blocks and nails him again. Rosario throws Grimfamos against the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Grimfamos sees it coming and kicks Rosario straight in the face. Rosario staggers backwards as Grimfamos bounces off the ropes charging at Rosario who side steps and throws Grimfamos over the top rope to the outside.

The fans cheer the smart move by Rosario as Grimfamos looks furious. Rosario goes to the apron of the ring and goes for a double axe handle on Grimfamos who is the one who side steps Rosario and Rosario eats a mouthful of steel from the barricade. Grimfamos rolls back to the ring and demands Wildman to start the ten count. Wildman reluctantly starts the count only for Grimfamos to go back to the outside to break the count.

Grimfamos picks up Rey and throws him shoulder first into the steel steps. Grimfamos taunts the fans as the fans start cheering for Rosario to get up. Grimfamos grabs Rosario and throws him back to the ring. Grimfamos rolls back himself only to be confronted by the SVO Champion who tries to instruct Grimfamos about the rules of the match which Grimfamos completely ignores and pushes the champion aside to continue to pound on the Canadian Connection member.

Grimfamos picks up Rey Rosario and goes to throw him against the ropes but Rosario reverses the Irish whip throwing Grimfamos against the ropes only to get a Lou Thesz Press by the former Tap Out Champion. Grimfamos stays on top laying rights and lefts on Rosario until Jay Wildman steps in to force Grimfamos off Rosario. Grimfamos gets up and gets in the face of the champ starting a discussion between the two bitter rivals. Rosario gets up and sees the opportunity and grabs Grimfamos from behind pushing him against the ropes and falling backwards with a roll up on Grimfamos. Wildman goes down to the mat to count.



Grimfamos kicks out and quickly clotheslines Rosario back to the mat as you can see Wildman with a hurt look on his face due to his shoulder injury from Destiny. Grimfamos looks at Wildman but decides to forget about him and concentrate on his very important encounter. Grimfamos picks up the former International Champion and throws him against the ropes and delivers a back elbow to the chest of Rosario.

Grimfamos looks confident as he taunts the crowd a little more. Wildman goes over to Grimfamos and tells him that the back elbow was extremely close to the throat which Grimfamos laughs it off and continues his assault. Grimfamos picks up Rosario and suplexes him down to the mat. Grimfamos quickly gets up, bounces off the ropes, points at Jay and drops his knee on the head of Rey Rosario. Grimfamos hooks the leg looking for the victory.



Rey Rosario gets a shoulder up. Grimfamos gets up and points out that Wildman made a slow count which Wildman goes to explain that it is due to his shoulder injury. Grimfamos ignores him and goes back after Rosario. He goes to pick up Rosario but Rey fires a couple of blows to the midsection of Grimfamos who quickly stops the momentum with a rake to the eyes. Wildman goes over to Grimfamos and threatens to disqualify him but Grimfamos convinces him not to do so.

Grimfamos goes over to Rey and starts to choke him with his boot. Wildman uses physical force to push Grimfamos back. Grimfamos retaliates with a shove to Wildman that knocks the champ of his feet. Grimfamos turns towards Rosario who catches Grimfamos by surprise with an inside cradle. Jay Wildman has his problems dragging himself with one arm towards the competitors but he finally does and makes the count.



Grimfamos kicks out barely causes Rey Rosario to bounce up protesting the count from Jay Wildman. Rosario looks mad as hell knowing he had the pin if Wildman could have gotten there sooner. Rosario decides to focus back on Grimfamos a bit too late as Grimfamos delivers a devastating running jump ddt on Rosario. Grimfamos tells Wildman to go down and count as he goes for the pin attempt.



Rosario kicks out once again. Grimfamos quickly picks up Rosario and throws him against the ropes and drops down so that Rosario can jump over him. He then turns back to Rosario as both men deliver a clothesline on each other. Jay Wildman checks both men and starts the mandatory ten count.

Both men make it back to their feet at the count of 7 and Rosario quickly delivers a spinning heel kick on Grimfamos taking him down. Grimfamos gets up quickly only to get thrown against the ropes and back dropped by a vigor driven Rey Rosario. Grimfamos gets up groggily in the corner and receives a clothesline by Rosario followed up by a bulldog from the Canadian superstar. Rosario drops down for the pin.



Grimfamos gets a shoulder up as the fans start to boo the count from the SVO Champion who because of his injuries can’t make the counts on time. Rosario shakes his head in disbelief as he goes to pick up Grimfamos but Grimfamos counters with a jawbreaker that staggers Rey. Grimfamos bounces off the ropes but gets powerslammed by the former International Champion. Rosario wastes no time in going to the outside and climb on the ropes. He measures Grimfamos and connects with “The Rey Drop”. Rey Rosario hooks the leg as the fans wait for Wildman to get in position as they count along with him.



Incredibly Grimfamos gets his shoulder up one more time as we see some of the fans throw some garbage to the ring in disgust. Rosario rolls around the ring hitting the mat in frustration after thinking he had the win there. He slowly gets up as Grimfamos does the same. Rosario bounces off the ropes but gets drilled with the InfAMOS. Grimfamos quickly pins Rosario as we hear the air go out from the fans in attendance.




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