sVo Showdown Episode #067
16th January 2011
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Jay Wildman, Roscoe Shame, Nightmare, Bobby Dean and Samuel Amos shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.

LAST WEEK ON SHOWDOWN #66New World Champion Jay Wildman warmed up for his title defence against Samuel Amos by defeating JVD in the main event……

The crowd and Jay Wildman are in shock as somehow JVD is able to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! Wildman holds his head in disbelief, as he slowly rises up to his feet and makes his way to the corner of the ring. James Von Drake looks like he doesn’t know where he is, as he slowly rises up to his feet. James Von Drake slowly turns around, and Jay Wildman pounces forward to land a ‘Masked Justice’ onto JVD! The fans cheer for the big move from Wildman, as he makes the cover once again!




The fans cheer as the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and this one is all over! The referee fetches the World Heavyweight Championship belt from the ringside area and passes it to Jay Wildman as “End of Line” by Daft Punk blasts over the sound system. Jay Wildman makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle, and climbs up onto the second rope to hold the belt in the air as Showdown heads off of the air with the World Champion celebrating. Will Wildman be able to continue his streak now that he has been unmasked from Grimnir and won the World Heavyweight Championship, or is it the Destiny of the One Shot 2011 winner Samuel Amos to take the belt from him?BACKSTAGE

Earlier Today

The notice “Earlier Today” is shown at the top corner of the screen as the cameras catch sVo newcomer, Nero, arriving to the GoodFellas Arena and Casino. Wearing a black and grey three-piece suit, his equipment bag slung over his shoulder, his pale face, made even paler with makeup, crimson lipstick, dark black sunglasses hide his eyes and his jet black shoulder length hair sways with every step he makes as he makes his way down the hall. Smiling to himself this unusual looking character passes up many sVo employees, both wrestlers and stage hands alike, with many of them stopping to stare.

Roscoe Shame happens to be one of the many this Nero character passes up on his way to his locker room when suddenly Nero begins whistling a merry little tune. Roscoe, in the midst of getting a soda from the vending machine stops midway, looks up and over his shoulder as Nero continues walking oblivious to those around him, whistling every step of the way.

Forgetting the soda he just bought for over two bucks, Roscoe Shame scurries down the hall opposite of Nero, an anxious expression on the former champion’s face.BACKSTAGE

Stylin’ and Profilin’

The scene opens up to the backstage area where we see TapOut champion Cody Williams and Las Vegas champion Nathan Paradine standing in a locker room, with their respective championship belts draped over their shoulder. Cody is seen wearing a black pin striped suit, vest, blue dress shirt and tie. Paradine is wearing the exact same attire but with a purple dress shirt instead.

Cody Williams: What’s wrong?

Paradine fiddles with the double Windsor knot around his neck and loosens it up.

Nathan Paradine: This damn tie.

Cody Williams: Hey, remember.. Like I said, beauty is pain. Looking this good isn’t easy. The suit looks good right?

Nathan Paradine: Ehh, yeah.

Williams flashes a smirk.

Cody Williams: You know you like it. If we’re going to be a team, we have to look like a team. And perception is everything. I believe that if we look good, we will perform just as well.

Nathan Paradine: Well, I must admit. I look pretty damn good.

Cody Williams: Good. Hey listen. I appreciate you giving this a chance, I think that we can make a big splash in the tag team division here in the SVO. We are great in ring performers as singles wrestlers. We have traveled all over the world perfecting our craft. Not only that, you and I have wrestled each other time and time again, we have taken each other to hell and back. We know each other like the back of our hand. And I think that will translate well in the ring as a cohesive unit.

Nathan Paradine: At first I was a bit reluctant, given our history. But then I realized because of our history this could work out for the better. You are quite the salesman Mr. Williams. Soon enough everyone will see that not only are we great wrestlers individually but we are even greater wrestlers when teamed up with one another! Both of us former World champions in past organizations, me the Las Vegas champion, you the TapOut champion, former International champion.

Paradine takes his championship belt from off of his shoulder folds it up, clutching it against the side of his body. Cody looks off into the distance.

Nathan Paradine: You okay there mate?

Cody Williams: Huh? Oh yeah.. No, just. Yeah I’m fine. You just reminded me of something that’s all. Well, anyways.. Now onto team names. We need something catchy, something flashy, something that describes us well..

Paradine: Ehhh..

Nathan Paradine walks past Cody shaking his head as he chuckles to himself. Cody throws his arms up and tries to wave at Paradine to get his attention. He reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out an index card and looks at it before looking up.

Cody Williams: Nathan, you’re going to like this one. How about..BACKSTAGE

The Chase

The door to the joint locker room of “Beautiful” Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame bursts open, startling Bobby Dean as Bobby is in the middle of lacing up his boots. Roscoe is momentarily stunned by the vicious scar on Bobby’s face, but with a sudden shake of his head he rushes up and takes a seat next to his tag team partner. Huffing and puffing Roscoe takes a moment to catch his breath.

Roscoe Shame: I saw him!

BBD: Okay…

Roscoe Shame: He’s here on Showdown!

BBD: Gotcha…

Roscoe Shame: You have no clue what I’m talking about do you?

BBD: Not a clue. I’m assuming you’ve got a new boyfriend, which by the way I’m totally happy for you, and he’s here on Showdown? And you want to introduce me to him? Right?

Palm meet face as Roscoe does exactly that out of pure frustration. Like talking to a four year old Roscoe looks up at Bobby shaking his head in disbelief when suddenly the door busrst open once more and now Jeremiah Sloan runs in huffing and puffing.

Jeremiah Sloan: He’s here! On Showdown!

BBD: I know! Roscoe was just telling me about him, I can’t wait to meet him.

Jay stops, confusion easily read on his face as he looks over at Roscoe who simply shakes his head in response. Roscoe turns to Bobby ready to draw a mental picture for the man.

Roscoe Shame: The guy who did that… (pointing to his face) is here, right now, on Showdown.

Bobby rises to his feet in such a rush his chair goes skidding across the room.

BBD: You sure?

Roscoe shame: Yeah man, at first I wasn’t sure but he was whistling and fit your description to a t.

BBD: What color were his eyes?

Roscoe Shame: I’m not sure, he was wearing shades when I saw him.

Jeremiah Sloan: I saw them… They were funky, one was green and the other…

Bobby interrupts him as he pushes past and storms out of the room, wearing only his wrestling trunks and one halfway laced wrestling boot. Jeremiah Sloan and Roscoe Shame are quick on his heels, both giddy and all smiles, waiting to see this imminent confrontation unfold.
Nero vs. Rey Rosario”Last Resort” hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as Rey Rosario comes out completely ignoring the crowd. Rosario slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

With Rosario in the ring ready for the match to begin, the eyes of the fans turn to the entrance ramp as they await the arrival of the newcomer named Nero. Rey Rosario stands in the ring staring up at the entrance ramp, but as he does he doesn’t notice a figure jump out of the corner behind him. The shouts of the fans are not even enough to alert him, as Nero leaps over the security barrier and rolls into the ring behind Rosario. The fans begin to boo loudly as Nero nails Rosario from behind with a running clothesline to the back of the head, before stomping away on him as he hits the floor!

With both men in the ring, the referee has no choice but call for the bell to be rung and get this match officially underway! Rey Rosario tries to pull himself up to his feet, but the man from Rome, Italy manages to duck under a clothesline attempt and throw the former International Champion into the ropes. Rosario bounces back into the middle of the ring, only to be taken down to the mat with a drop toe hold from Nero. The fans boo loudly for the move as Nero leaps onto the back of the downed Rosario, and hits him with some stiff uppercuts to the jaw. Rey Rosario rises up to a standing position and excites the crowd with some big punches to his opponent, only for Nero to cut him off with a knee to the midsection.

Rey Rosario doubles over in pain, allowing Nero the chance to grab him from behind and throw him down to the mat with ‘the Crucifixion.’ The move gets loud boos from the crowd as the mysterious newcomer Nero rises to his feet and taunts to the fans. Rey Rosario begins to pull himself back to a standing position, only for Nero to go downstairs with a dropkick to the knees of his opponent. Once again Rosario doubles over in pain, and this time Nero is there to take advantage by locking in a ‘Medusa’s Snare’ on his opponent!

The fans continue to boo Nero loudly as Rey Rosario desperately tries to throw his opponent off and release himself from the submission hold. However the more he struggles, the more Rosario seems to be fading as Nero keeps the move locked in tight. The boos get louder as Rey Rosario sinks down to his knees, and looks to be almost out cold from the hold. The referee grabs the arm of the former International Champion and lifts it into the air, before releasing it. The arm drops down to the side of Rosario and the boos intensify. A smile begins to spread over the face of Nero as the referee repeats the move again with Rosario’s free hand, but once again it drops down by his side! The crowd begin to clap and chant loudly for Rosario, but their hero looks like he is heading for a loss as the referee lifts his arm up once again before dropping it.

The arm drops down by the side of Rosario,

But suddenly shoots into the air!

The fans cheer loudly as a stunned expression spreads over the face of Nero. Suddenly Rosario is up to a standing position and fighting Nero off with some stiff back elbows. The fans cheer loudly as the elbows to the midsection force Nero to release the hold, and Rosario finds his new found energy and uses it to bounce into the ropes. Nero swings his arm for a clothesline as Rosario bounces back, but Rosario ducks under the arm of his opponent and bounces into the opposite ropes, before throwing himself at Nero with a diving shoulder block!

The fans cheer as Nero hits the mat from the big move from Rosario, who rolls to his feet. Rosario grabs hold of Nero as he stumbles up, and quickly scoop slams him down to the mat. With Nero down, Rosario lays into his opponent with some big mounted punches, before Nero is able to fight his way to a standing position. Nero jumps forward looking to grab hold of Rosario, but the former International Champion side steps the newcomer and backs him into the corner of the ring with some big right hands. Nero is able to duck under a punch from Rosario in the corner and run at his opponent, but there is a big cheer from the crowd as Rosario grabs Nero and tosses him down to the mat with a spinebuster! With Nero down and hurting, Rosario quickly makes the cover.




It looked like Rosario was going to score the pinfall over the newcomer, only for Nero to kick out after a two count! Rosario looks disappointed as he grabs Nero to his feet by his hair and throws him hard into the ropes. Nero bounces back into the middle of the ring, but runs straight into a big Samoan drop from Rey Rosario! With Nero down and hurting, the fans pop as Rey Rosario rises to his feet and taunts the fans. Nero slowly begins to rise to his feet as Rosario stalks the newcomer, ready to unleash his finishing move to end the match. Nero slowly turns around, but as Rey Rosario grabs him for his impact DDT, Nero rolls Rosario’s body through into the ‘Call to Caligula’ submission hold!

The fans jump to their feet at the sight of the impressive counter, but boo loudly as Rey Rosario has no choice but to tap out! Nero keeps the move locked in as the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Rey Rosario taps the mat in pain. Nero finally releases the hold on his opponent and rises to his feet in victory. The fans boo loudly for the newcomer as he wastes no time in celebrating, and instead jumps out of the ring and exits the ringside area back through the crowd leaving Rey Rosario laying in pain in the ring.

OUTCOME: Nero defeats Rey Rosario via submissionBACKSTAGE


BBD storms into the gorilla position looking everywhere for the familiar face but does not see anyone resembling the man who defaced him last week. Standing there in just one boot and his trunks, Bobby pushes past wrestler and stage hand alike, trying to get further into the crowded room. Agents giving workers their finishes, stage hands working with producers and camera crews, interviewers waiting for the green light, the gorilla position is quite a bustling place during the show.

Roscoe Shame: I don’t see him…

BBD storms over to the nearby Matt Anderson who’s busy directing traffic, clipboard in hand. BBD marches right up to the man in charge ready to make his demands known.

BBD: Where is he?

Anderson: Who?

BBD: Nero!

Anderson: I don’t know. He scurried out of here right after his match. I haven’t seen him since. Now please, piss off. I’m kind of busy here.

Anderson turns his back to Bobby Dean, who simply stands there staring holes through back of the man’s head for a moment or two before turning around and storming out, back down the hall he just came from. Roscoe Shame and Jeremiah Sloan are once again right on his heels, but this time with looks of disappointment on their faces.BACKSTAGE

Double StandardsThe sVo Showdown cameras head backstage to the interview area where the sVo International Champion Colt Cooper is standing by with interview guru Katie Smith. The crowd instantly begin to boo the sVo International Champion at the sight of the cocky Company member, as he polishes the gold that hangs from his shoulder.

Katie Smith: “Well up next Colt is your massive match against DJ in which….”

The International Champion suddenly throws up a hand to stop Katie Smith in her tracks, which provokes more boos from the watching fans.

Colt Cooper: “There is nothing massive about this match. DJ doesn’t deserve this shot. He bought his way into this match, and I am going to go out there and show him that he wasted his money. He has no chance of taking this belt from me tonight.”

Cooper taps his fingers on the gold on his shoulder whilst giving a cocky smile.

Katie Smith: “Do you not think you might by under estimating DJ here? He is a multiple time former Tag Team Champion!”

Colt Cooper: “I thought it was blondes that were supposed to be thick Katie, or is red not your natural colour? DJ is going to be taught a wrestling lesson tonight. He poses no challenge to me. He is just another irritation as I work my way to the top of the Sanctioned Violence Organization!”

Katie Smith: “With all due respect, why did you feel the need to take out Juliana Torres and Raven on UnSanctioned last night if DJ is no threat?”

The International Champion looks shocked that someone would ask such a stupid question.

Colt Cooper: “That sneaky bastard DJ bought his way into this match, so no doubt he was going to try and cheat to win. After all as I said before, he has NO CHANCE in a one on one fair fight. I am just protecting the legacy of this great title by making sure there is no funny business in our match tonight.”

The International Champion smirks, seemingly believing his own answer as the crowd boo him loudly.

Kaite Smith: “With all due respect Colt, you have used the Company multiple times to help you in your matches, in fact you won the title with their help against Rey Rosario!”

Cooper looks disgusted with the question as he snatches the microphone from the hands of Katie Smith.

Colt Cooper: “This interview…. is OVER!”

Colt Cooper throws the microphone down to the floor and eye balls Katie Smith for a few seconds, before stepping away from the interview area as the action cuts back to ringside.
Colt Cooper (c) vs. DJ

“Sinner” by Drowning Pool begins to play throughout the arena. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ. DJ comes out walking and dancing a bit toward the ring. He slides in and stands calmly waiting for his opponent Colt Cooper.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva hits the sound system and there are boos all around for Colt Cooper as his entrance video hits the sVo-Tron. After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of sVo who don’t like him.


Both men lock up and DJ gets Colt in a side headlock. Colt pushes him off and drops under him. He then leapfrogs over him and hits a drop kick. Quick cover!



DJ kicks out easily.

Colt rushes up towards him and pushes DJ back into the ring post. Colt grabs DJ by the arm and attempts to Irish whip DJ across the ring, but DJ counters and Irish whips Colt into a pulverizing clothesline.

Colt’s slow to get to his feet, and when he does DJ takes him back down with a leg lariat. He jumps on top of Colt and places him in a arm lock. Colt swings to get out the lock, but DJ applies the lock tighter. Colt screams out in pain as the lock is applied more tighter.

Somehow Colt finds the strength to flip DJ over his back. But instead of jumping on DJ, he aids to his arm that’s dangling just a bit. DJ get backs to his feet and charges toward Colt who turns around and is caught with a high knee from DJ.

Colt staggers to his feet from the beating he has been getting from DJ. He holds his hurt arm and DJ takes no time aiming at it. He grabs Colt by the arm and twist it into a arm bar. Colt screams out in pain. He falls to the ground and uses his feet to push DJ off of him. He jumps up quick and so does DJ. DJ takes a swing at Colt, but Colt ducks, jumps up and lands a wheel barrow kick. The fans begin to boo, but awe to the impressive move by Colt Cooper.

Colt gets to his feet, but DJ hasn’t. Colt lifts DJ to his feet, up and drops him with a gut buster drop cradle. He goes for the pin.




Colt looks at the ref with disgust. Colt lifts DJ up to his feet, but DJ being quick takes down Colt and places him in an inverted leg lock. Colt slowly pulls himself to a rope where DJ was forced to let him go, but he held on for an extra four seconds.

Colt looks at DJ while lying with has back to the mat. Colt raises himself to his feet with the help of the ropes. As soon as Colt’s on his feet DJ charges looking to clothesline Colt out of the ring. Colt ducks and DJ goes over the ropes but lands on the mat holding on. Colt kicks DJ in the gut, but DJ holds on to the ropes. Colt takes a few steps back, then charges toward DJ and knocks him off the ropes with a diving headbutt.

The ref begins to count out DJ, but when he gets to six DJ is sliding back in the ring. Colt stops DJ from getting to his feet by laying some stomps into his back. Colt grabs onto a rope and lays one more powerful stomp into the back of DJ.

Colt taunts the crowd while waiting for DJ to get to his feet. DJ gets to his feet and Colt wraps him up from behind. Colt lifts him up and attempts a german suplex, but DJ lands on his feet. DJ grabs Colt from the back, lifts him up and plants Colt with a german suplex of his own.

DJ takes no time and places Colt in a arm lock. Colt reaches at the spot it’s hurting the most. With the pain on Colt’s face the ref comes closer asking if he’s going to tap. Colt smiles and begins to turn himself until he gets on a knee. Colt grabs DJ by his leg and lifts him up. With DJ still on Colt’s arm Colt presses DJ back into the ropes. DJ slips out of Colt’s hand, and DJ lifts up and attempts to flip Colt out of the ring. Colt legs get stuck in the ropes and DJ begins to walk slowly to Colt. When DJ gets there Colt lands the Solar Eclipse.(rope hung feint kick).

Colt bounces around the ring waiting for DJ to get back to his feet. DJ does and Colt spears DJ into the turnbuckle. Colt grabs DJ and attempts a corner DDT, but DJ reverses and lands a DDT with Colt’s skull hitting the turnbuckle. DJ goes for the pin.




Colt gets a leg on the rope.

DJ lifts Colt to his feet and begins to place some blows to the chest of Colt. DJ swings another blow to the chest, but Colt dodges, grabs DJ by the hand and places him in a arm wrench. DJ spins out of the arm wrench and takes Colt down to the mat with a big boot.

DJ lifts Colt back to his feet and attempts to Irish whip Colt into the ropes, but Colt reverses and sends DJ into the ropes. DJ bounces off and Colt hits him with the Big Dipper(flying chuck).

Colt taunts on the crowd once more and the crowd just boos him. He lifts DJ to his feet , and DJ delivers a knee to the chest of Colt. Colt grabs ahold of his chest and DJ takes Colt down with a powerful gore.

Colt gets to his feet slowly and DJ grabs him whipping him into the turnbuckle. DJ sets up in the far near turnbuckle before charging toward Colt. Colt sees DJ charging and begins to charge himself. He jumps up and hits DJ with the Colt of Conduct(buisaki knee.) Colt goes for the pin.One…



There is confusion as before he can count the three, the referee is suddenly pulled out of the ring by his feet! The fans cheer at who has perpetrated the crime, as a smiling TapOut Champion Cody Williams stands over the body of the referee! The referee quickly rises up to his feet with an annoyed look on his face, but he is suddenly flattened by Cody Williams with a big right hand! Colt Cooper look on in shock from the ring, as Cody Williams stands at the bottom of the entrance ramp with a smug look on his face with the referee down and out courtesy of a right hand from the ‘Reflection of Perfection’!


Second Chances

Cody Williams stands outside of the ring at the bottom of the entrance ramp looking into the ring at Colt Cooper and DJ. A sVo production assistant makes his way over to Cody and hands him a microphone, tapping it a few times to make sure it is turned on. He raises it to his mouth as the crowd falls to a hush.

Cody Williams: I apologize for interrupting but I was once told as a young wrestler making his way up the ladder, that if you want something you go out and get it. And Colt Cooper, you have something in your possession that I want.

Colt looks on with a confused look on his face, the crowd confused as well. Cody looks out into the crowd and then turns his attention back to Cooper and his face is filled with a big grin.

Cody Williams: I take that back.. You have something in your possession that I want BACK and that is the International championship!!!

The crowd erupts into cheers at the proclamation of the TapOut champion as Cooper shakes his head in disagreement. Cody nods his head up and down slowly at the International champion.

Cody Williams: You see, when I defeated you last week it was my biggest win up to date since I returned to this great company. I left the Goodfellas Arena at an all time high, I was on cloud 9, with a win over the current International champion. Someone who doubted my abilities, someone who thought that I couldn’t amount to any kind of competition against him. But you know what? I put my money where my mouth was and I made you TAP OUT!

The crowd begins to chant “You Tapped Out!” repeatedly much to the dismay of the current International champion. Cody eggs them on, raising his arms up and down, signaling them to keep it going.

Cody Williams: When I came back to the sVo, I was told that I would have to start from the bottom and work my way up. I made it clear that if I wasn’t able to compete for the World championship then I would collect every single championship along the way until I was granted the one title shot that I desire. And while my chance at the Las Vegas championship wasn’t a successful one, I didn’t let it falter me, and I refuse to fail at achieving my goal of being the first Grand Slam champion in sVo history!

He takes his right hand and rubs his chin as he looks down at the concrete floor underneath him.

Cody Williams: After Season’s Beatings and after being told I couldn’t compete at the One Shot pay per view I had to sit back and watch Samuel Amos claim what I truly thought should have been mine. I had to reevaluate my situation, I had to rethink my plan of attack and I was at a roadblock, I didn’t know what to do next. And then a simple reminder from my tag team partner Nathan Paradine made me realize something.

He looks out into the crowd with a big ear to ear grin that has everyone wondering.

Cody Williams: He said that I was a FORMER International champion. And you might think, yeah, so what? But with that one statement it hit me. I was never afforded the opportunity to have my rematch given to champions that lose their championship belt. Therefore, at Destiny I am going to use my rematch clause and challenge you Colt Cooper for the International championship!!!

The crowd erupts almost immediately and eats up the announcement of Cody Williams while DJ and Colt Cooper look on. The International champion goes on a rampage, shaking his head in disapproval.

Cody Williams: Oh yes I can! If Jay Wildman can redeem a championship match that is 1086 days old, then I can put into effect my rematch clause! And I promise you that I will take that International championship and bring it back to where it belongs.. In the hands of the sVo and around the waist of me.. “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams!!!

Cody drops the microphone onto the ground and raises his arms high into the air as “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails blares on the arenas sound system. He makes his way up the rampway, walking up backwards slapping hands with fans along the way. He looks into the ring and waves before motioning to his waist that the International championship will soon be his.BACKSTAGE

Deja-VuThe sVo cameras head backstage, where the current sVo Tag Team Champions Chezina and Chivo Rodriguez are in their locker room, preparing for their big main event tag team match which will see them face off against not just the One Shot 2011 winner Samuel Amos, but the sVo World Heavyweight Champion Jay Wildman as well! The Tag Team Champions look dressed for battle, as the belts hang on a chair next to them, but for the second time in two days they are disturbed by a knock on their door.

For the second time in two days they don’t even get a chance to respond, as the door swings open and in walks the Company man Matt Anderson, today flanked by Company members James Von Drake and Howard Thompson. Chivo and Chezina stare at the trio with trepidation as Anderson smirks from behind his trademark wraparound shades.

Matt Anderson: “Impressive work yesterday guys, but then again I knew El Locon would be no problem for you two. After all, you are the Tag Team Champions, and he is a joke.”

The Company man smiles again, reliving the Rodriguez Brothers beatdown of El Locon yesterday on UnSanctioned.

Matt Anderson: “So the question me and the rest of the Company want to know is are you in, or are you out?”

Chivo and Chezina look at each other as they try and make their minds up, however Anderson doesn’t seem in a patient mood as JVD and Thompson stare down the Tag Team Champions.

Matt Anderson: “Your acting like this is a tough decision guys? Not just anyone gets asked to join the Company! I already gave you the chance to name the stipulation when you face Asesino and DVD for your tag team titles, what more do you want?”

Chivo: “It’s not like we’re not flattered…”

Matt Anderson: “Hey, if your not up for it I could have these two guys take your titles off you right now!”

JVD and Thompson step forward with smiles on their faces, but so do the giants Chivo and Chezina.

Chezina: “You could try!”

Matt Anderson: “Ok guys cool down, cool down. I’ll tell you what, I will give you another taste of what life could be like in the Company. Next week we are having a roulette week, where anyone could be drawn up against anyone. That means anyone could be drawn up and get a shot for the Tag Team titles….”

The Rodriguez Brothers stare at Anderson.

Matt Anderson: “But…. if you DESTORY Samuel Amos and Jay Wildman for me in the main event tonight, I could fix it so a Tag Team title shot isn’t even an option for anyone next week!”

The Rodriguez Brothers nod their heads at each other, obviously interested in the idea.

Chivo: “Sounds ok, but we plan on beating Amos and Wildman tonight anyway.”

Matt Anderson: “Hey I didn’t say anything about beating them. Wins and losses are irrelevant to me. I want you to DESTORY them! I have waited a long time to get a Company man into the position of World Champion, but thanks to that god damn three year old rematch clause of Wildman’s and Amos refusing to team up with us, it’s not going to happen before Destiny…. But if they take a battering along the way and then destory each other on PPV bringing in lots of money for me in the process, there is nothing stopping me booking a World Heavyweight title match of my own the very next week when they are both not at 100%”

Anderson shares a devilish smile with JVD and Howard Thompson as the Rodriguez Brothers shrug their shoulders. The scene fades out as Anderson nods heads with the Tag Team Champions. Will the Rodriguez Brothers sell the souls to Matt Anderson and not only take out the World Champion and the #1 contender, but join the Company?BACKSTAGE

The Fans Have Decided!

The familiar tune of “You’re the Best” begins to play throughout the arena, once again signaling the arrival of “Beautiful” Bobby Dean. Insert eye roll here as the fans jump to their feet, arms cocked back, trash and debris in hand, ready to chunk at the arrogant prick that is seconds away from walking out onto the stage. FIRE! Bobby Dean steps out and is met with a barrage of trash, but with that smile on his partly masked face, Bobby takes it all in stride. Walking through the hail storm of cups, half eaten hot dogs, batteries, and other such crap, Bobby finally makes it to the ring. Microphone in hand, Bobby’s music dies down and the fans grow silent, waiting to hear the man they love to hate speak.

BBD: Last week I issued a contest. The results were staggering as damn near twelve thousand people offered their vote. I’ve got the results right here!

Pulling forth an envelope, he rips it open and reads it to himself, his eyes go wide in shock, as if he didn’t already know the answer. Bringing the mic to his lips to read it out for all to hear, he is interrupted as “Sorry You’re Not a Winner” by Enter Shikari begins to play. Nathan Paradine steps forth from behind the curtain a microphone in his hand as Bobby Dean is stunned into silence by Paradine’s arrival.

Paradine: Who are you kidding Bobby? You don’t have twelve thousand fans! In fact I’d be surprised if you even have twelve! Let’s face the facts, we all know that little competition was rigged, I called to verify that number you offered and the phone company says the number didn’t even exist!

BBD: You shut your mouth!

Paradine: So who’re you fooling? No one cares about you or your rematch clause, you couldn’t beat Jay Wildman, you couldn’t beat Roscoe Shame, you couldn’t even beat Samuel Amos, give it a rest man, perhaps it’s time you hung up that horrendous looking robe of yours.

The fans are at this point going crazy for Paradine, while Bobby, like a child, is throwing a temper tantrum stomping around the ring. Suddenly Paradine goes down as Roscoe Shame rushes up from behind, clocking him in the head with a steel chair! The fans are now back to booing as they watch their savior hit the ground in a heap! Roscoe Shame bends down and grabs Paradine’s microphone from the ground.

Shame: I believe there are twelve thousand people watching at home that want to hear what Bobby Dean has to say! You ingrate! Go ahead Bobby.

With smile number 76 on his face Bobby nods to his tag team partner and reads from the card that was moment ago stuffed in the envelope.

BBD: It’s my pleasure to announce that “Beautiful” Bobby Dean will be going after… The Tag Team titles with his partner in crime, “Mr. International” himself, Roscoe Shame!

The crowd couldn’t care less as they are all on their feet booing. Roscoe makes his way to the ring and stands in the center of the ring with his friend and tag team partner, each with their hands raised confidently in the air. Paradine meanwhile is climbing to his feet, a hand on the back of his head, murder in his eyes as he looks down at Roscoe Shame and Bobby Dean.
Ethan Rider vs. Bobby DeanThe crowd continue to boo loudly with Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame in the ring and trash talking to the fans in the front row. However the atmosphere quickly changes as The lights dim out quickly and suddenly, and the cacophany of chatter from the audience falls to silence. The opening bars of ‘Forsaken’ by Skillet hits out over the PA System and a single jet of Golden pyro erupts from the stage, the light from it illuminating a lone, solitary, dark figure. Ethan Rider is dressed in a long trench coat and his usual ring trunks, black with a tint of metallic silver. ‘Rider’ is written in gold lettering on the cuffs of the coat and the right leg of the trunks. Ethan gives a small smirk and straightens up, the lights slightly returning so he is visible. He walks to the ring, only slightly acknowledging the audience with the occasional nod. When he reaches the ringside area, he stands still, staring at the ring as two officials come forward and carefully remove the coat, producing a series of wolf-whistles from the females as he exposes his well defined, ‘Sexy’ abdomen and pectoral. He bounces on the spot a bit, warming up for the match, before sliding into the ring, just after a single flash of golden pyro shoots just millimetres over his shoulder. Bouncing off the ropes and raising two fingers up in front of him, giving another small smirk as the lights return.

Bobby Dean doesn’t look too happy at the interruption from Ethan Rider as Roscoe Shame climbs out of the ring and prowls around the ringside area. The referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung before chaos can break out, and this match is official underway! Bobby Dean quickly rushes at his opponent, however Rider is ready for him to take down the former International Champion with a side head lock takedown. Bobby Dean quickly rolls to his feet and knocks down Rider with a shoulder block as the fans boo loudly. Rider rises quickly to his feet, but Bobby Dean grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. Rider bounces back off of the ropes, and surprises BBD with a big spinning kick to the face!

The fans pop for the move from the impressive Ethan Rider, as the Company man rises up to his feet and lays into Bobby Dean with some big kicks and chops as he gets to his feet. Ethan Rider manages to back BBD into the corner of the ring, before grabbing him by the wrist and sending him corner to corner. Bobby Dean hits the corner of the ring hard, as Ethan Rider runs at him and takes him down with a huricarana into a cover!



The fans look disappointed as Bobby Dean manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted!

Ethan Rider doesn’t look dissapointed as he quickly pulls Bobby Dean up by his blonde hair, before laying into him with some stiff chops across the chest. The fans respond with loud ‘whoooos’ with every chop, until Bobby Dean manages to cut Rider off with a knee to the midsection. Rider stumbles forward, and Dean takes advantage with a front face lock into a snap suplex on the fast rising sVo star. Roscoe Shame applauds the move from ringside, as Bobby Dean takes out his anger on his opponent with some big mounted punches, before Rider is able to roll away from his opponent.

Rider tries to get back into the match with a big kick to Bobby Dean’s face, but BBD grabs the leg of his opponent and takes him down with an impressive single leg takedown. With Ethan Rider down on the mat, BBD shows off his ruthless streak with some big kicks as he tries to get to his feet. Bobby Dean gives Rider a little payback with some stiff chops across his chest, before taking him down to the mat with a go behind into a waist lock, followed by a picture perfect German suplex!

The fans boo loudly for the move as Ethan Rider rolls around on the mat holding the back of his head in pain, but Bobby Dean doesn’t look like he is finished there, as he walks around and grabs the legs of his opponent. The boos get even louder as Bobby Dean twists around Rider’s legs, before flipping him over to lock in a Texas Cloverleaf submisison hold! Ethan Rider screams out in pain at the submission move made famous by Dean Malenko, as Bobby Dean smiles whilst pulling back further on the hold. The fans begin to chant loudly for Rider, as the youngster desperately reaches out to try and grab hold of the bottom rope. Roscoe Shame prowls around the ringside area trash talking with the fans as the referee asks Rider if he would like to quit. Rider bravely says no, before reaching forward and grabbing the bottom rope!

The fans cheer loudly as the referee calls for the rope break, and Roscoe Shame kicks the ring steps in frustration. Bobby Dean keeps the hold locked in for the full five count, before finally releasing it before getting DQ’ed. However he quickly goes straight back to work on the offence with some big kicks and elbow drops into the back of Ethan Rider. Rider looks like the submission move has taken a lot out of him, as Bobby Dean drags him up to a standing position, before slapping him across the face. Rider sways on his feet, until Bobby Dean kicks him in the midsection before positioning him for a piledriver! The fans boo loudly as Bobby Dean prepares to try and break the neck of his opponent, only for Rider to counter out of no where with a backdrop!

Bobby Dean can’t believe it as he jumps back up to his feet, only to be met with a dropkick from Ethan Rider to send him straight back down to the mat. Bobby Dean once again jumps up, but this time Rider takes him down with an arm drag takedown followed by a jumping leg drop onto the arm of Bobby Dean. Dean holds his arm in pain, and Ethan Rider takes advantage by nailing him with a ‘Blaze Ridden’ in the middle of the ring. The fans cheer for the big move from Rider, as Bobby Dean slowly rises up to a kneeling position, only to be smashed in the back of the head with a ‘Silent Nightmare’ from Ethan Rider! The fans cheer as Ethan Rider makes the cover on Bobby Dean for what will surely be a massive win!




Bobby Dean doesn’t manage to kick out, but much to the fury of the crowd, Roscoe Shame places his friends leg on the bottom rope! The referee looks at Roscoe Shame with suspicious eyes on the outside of the ring, as the former sVo Champion protests his innocence despite the roaring crowd. Ethan Rider quickly rises up to his feet with a look of fury on his own face and begins to shout loudly at Roscoe Shame on the outside. Meanwhile with the referees back turned, Bobby Dean nails Ethan Rider with a low blow from behind, before tossing him out of the ring!

The fans boo loudly for the actions of Bobby Dean, as he then grabs hold of the referee and holds his face in pain! With the referee distracted, Roscoe Shame grabs hold of Rider on the outside of the ring, and scoops him up before running him into the ring post! With Rider’s back smashing into the steel post, Roscoe Shame rolls him back into the ring just as the referee turns around. The crowd roar their dissaproval again as once again the naïve referee stares at Roscoe Shame with accusing eyes, as Bobby Dean pulls the pain stricken Ethan Rider to his feet. The boos continue to ring around the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Bobby Dean plants Rider to the mat with a ‘Starstruck’ in the middle of the ring, before rolling over for the cover!




This one is all over, and despite Ethan Rider having the win in the bag, it’s Bobby Dean who comes away with the win thanks to the team work of Beautiful Shame! The boos continue as Roscoe Shame pulls his partner out of the ring, and the tag team make their way up the entrance ramp with their hands raised in the air in victory. Ethan Rider stares back at the duo from the ring with a look of anger on his face, as Beautiful Shame celebrate at the top of the entrance ramp. With teamwork like that, will the Rodriguez Brothers be able to stand in the way of Beautiful Shame once again becoming the sVo Tag Team Champions?

OUTCOME: Bobby Dean defeats Ethan Rider via pinfallBACKSTAGE

In the Right DirectionSmash!

A steel chair goes flying into the wall in the locker room of the Corporation, as DJ tosses it aside in a rage about what has transpired earlier tonight. DJ slowly turns to the wall, and looks at himself in the long mirror. Looking back at the Corporation member is a figure who could very well of been holding the sVo International Championship belt aloft had it not been for Cody Williams getting involved and declaring himself the new #1 contender.

A feeling of rage washes over DJ again, as he turns to throw another object, only to come face to face with Jon Page standing in front of him.

The former owner of the sVo has his hood lowered down over his face, and DJ backs away in suprise, not knowing where the former sVo owner appeared from.

Jon Page: “What the fuck are you doing?”

The Corporation member looks around for support, but soon remembers that Raven and Juliana Torres were taken out of action by Colt Cooper last night on UnSanctioned, he is on his own.

Jon Page: “I asked you a question, what the fuck are you doing?”

DJ stammers as he looks for the answer to the question, but Page quickly steps forward to get into the face of the self proclaimed ‘Future of Wrestling’.

Jon Page: “Let me answer that for you. You are in here trashing your own belongings because someone cost you something right?”

DJ thinks about the question before slowly nodding his head.

Jon Page: “You talk all week about being the Future of Wrestling, and this is what you do? Come in here and throw a hissy fit when something doesn’t go your way? Colt Cooper has no right to hold that belt, he hides behind the Company. What the hell kind of organization is Matt Anderson running letting people cash in rematches from over two years ago? Are you really going to sit here trash your locker room and let the Company get away with that?”

The Corporation member looks deep in thought as he turns to look at himself in the mirror.

DJ: “HELL NO! I am going to go out and show them what I am made of! I will have that International title, and I will go through the Company if I have to just to get it!”

DJ looks to be buzzing as he spins around to face the former sVo Owner again, but Jon Page is no where to be seen. DJ looks around his locker room with a confused look on his face, as the scene fades out.BACKSTAGE

Gifts that Keep on Giving

BBD, weary and covered in sweat, walks into his locker room and immediately senses something was amiss. Roscoe Shame and Jeremiah Sloan are both huddled around a box wrapped in Christmas style wrapping paper that is sitting on a chair directly in front of Bobby’s locker. Intrigue and confusion splayed on his face, Bobby walks up to the package and tentatively picks it up into his hands.

BBD: I love presents!

And with a happy grin on his face, he rips at the paper with abandon. With the shredded paper falling to the floor at his feet, Bobby rips the top of the box off and stops. Intrigue once again on his face and sitting in the box is a simple hand held mirror made of silver, with the reflective side face down. Grabbing the mirror by the handle Bobby raises it up and slowly flips it over. Jeremiah gasps out in shock.

BBD: What the fuck?

Covering the reflective side of the mirror is the name “NERO” written in what appears to be blood, one can only assume its Bobby’s blood from last week’s encounter.

Roscoe Shame: Oh shit…

Roscoe and Jay are both surprised and a bit speechless but Bobby, with a look of pure hate, smashes the mirror against the door of his locker, shattering the glass of the mirror. Without another word Bobby Dean storms out of the locker room, once again looking for the man responsible for his marred and disfigured face.

Roscoe Shame: I’d hate to be that guy when Bobby gets his hands on him!

Jeremiah Sloan: I highly doubt he’s going to stick around and allow that to happen, at least not this week.

Roscoe Shame: True, they’ve got to build it up a few weeks, don’t they?BACKSTAGE


One really has to love catering. Especially if they’re about to make an impact. Really, who would suspect a caterer?

As Loki Synn, newest member of the sVo roster slips into his white rental caterer costume, he pauses. He looks up at the mirror as he buttons up the white jacket, part of every caterer uniform. He smiles underneath his mask but shakes his head.

“This….This won’t do…”

With moderate hesitation he takes off his mask while avoiding eye contact with the mirror. He reaches into his pocket to pull out a white dust mask that he slips over his mouth and nose. Slipping the mask underneath the jacket he looks at the completed ensemble. Sounding as if he has a cold, Loki sniffles into the mask.

“Here…*SNIFF*…Here is your…*COUGH COUGH*…Cake good sirs!”

Satisfied he pushes a cart with a massive cake on it out the door in front of him. Pushing the cart to the end of the hallway he makes it to the elevator that would make his life so much easier and pushes the up arrow. He stifles a giggle as a few crew members cross the hallway behind him looking at him curiously.

“The powers that be have demanded cake!”

The two crew members shrug as Loki once again stifles a giggle as he mumbles.

“It would be so much harder pushing this thing up the stairs…”

Squeezing in behind his cake (that he slaved over himself for a few hours…Ok, so maybe he only bought it from the store, but still), Loki pushes the button for the executive suites. As the elevator hums while steadily going higher, Loki can’t help but grin underneath his mask and fantasizing about the end result of this. Sure, there would be repercussions, but God help him he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to make sure he stood out from the crowd. The elevator dings and Loki quickly regains his composure, clearing his throat. Pushing the cart to the end of the hallway he knocks on the door marked.


“Only mildly foreboding…”

Loki is amazed though as the security guards open the door. Loki looks up at them with what he hoped was an innocent enough look. The one on the left (it was hard to tell them apart! They could be freaking twins!) says.

“What’s with the mask? More importantly what do you want?”

Loki coughs and mocks his sickly voice. Many years practicing have served him well as he says in a very convincing “sick” voice.

“I’ve got a bad cold but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to make the powers that be their cake! They asked for cake and we can’t deny their request! As lead chef *COUGH COUGH* I can’t shirk my responsibilities on some cook off the streets! This cake is a masterpiece! This cake is DELICIOUS! THIS CAKE IS HEAVENLY!”

“Alright, alright fine. They won’t see anyone however, so you’re going to have to turn the cake over to us. We’ll make sure that they get it.”

Loki hesitates as any good chef would before he turned his prize creation over to a couple of humanoid gorillas. He sighs though and says.

“Fine. But make sure it gets to them! Time is of the essence! You don’t want all the flavor to go stale! Go! GO! GO!”

The guards snap into action and take the cake with them deep into the press box, where Loki sees them introduce it to their bosses before the door shuts in his face. He sighs.

“Guess I won’t be able to see the fruits of my labor. Sounds effects will due though and imagination is SO much better!”

Loki looks at his watch in deep concentration. Counting down with his other hand…






Loki looked at his watch in confusion. He shakes it and holds it up to his ear. But jumps when a HUGE commotion starts inside the press box.





Loki laughs hysterically as he places a piece of paper with a crude picture of a jester on the front with the words

Regards from your newest acquisition…

Loki Synn. I’m sure we’ll meet soon…

Semi colon, right parenthesis…

With that Loki Synn skips down the hallway, tossing off the dust mask while craftily keeping his head down, only to replace his beloved Jester mask onto his head.

“This….THIS is going to be fun!”

As the door slams open behind him and the humanoid gorillas, now covered in cake and looking for the man responsible for covering The Company executives in coconut slash vanilla pudding cake, the only thing they see is the note left, and a dust mask lying harmlessly on the hallway floor in front of them.
Cody Williams (c) vs. Nightmare

The arena lights fade and a red light begins to slowly strobe as “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails pounds through the arena over the PA system. The crowd burst into a loud chorus of boos as The Company logo floats onto the sVo tron, quickly replaced by a name.

“N I G H T M A R E”

The curtains part and a man in red trunks with a black streak down the side and a black mask cut away at the top to reveal a freshly shaved head of hair. He half-grins/half-sneers at the jeering audience surrounding him and wastes little time in stalking down the entrance ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands, jawing off at various members of the crowd as he awaits the start of the match.

The house lights slowly dim, synched to the sound of a THX surround sound test causing the jam packed audience of the Goodfellas Arena to erupt. The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up. Cody Williams can be seen rising up from the top of the ramp by way of lift. Once the lift comes to a halt he throws his arms up into the air to an eruption of pyrotechnics, followed by fireworks raining down ontop of him from above the stage.

Bow down before the one you serveYou’re going to get what you deserveBow down before the one you serveYou’re going to get what you deserve

He makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and pointing out to the crowd as they continue to drown the stadium with cheers. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, repeatedly pounding his chest and raising the TapOut championship high in the air. He hops off and heads over to the opposite corner and does the same, taking off his “CCXX: Second Coming” shirt and throwing it into the crowd.

With Cody Williams and Nightmare in their respective corners, the referee makes his way towards Cody and retrieves the TapOut championship. He walks back over to the center of the ring and raises it high into the air for everyone to see. He hands it to the ring announcer and takes his mark in the center of the squared circle, looking in the direction of Nightmare who is anxiously awaiting the match to start and Cody who is bouncing around getting himself loose.


And here we go, this match is underway!!! A submission match for the Sanctioned Violence Organization TapOut championship. This is Cody Williams’ first title defense since he won the belt under 24/7 rules, only time will tell how much longer he will hold onto the belt. Cody and Nightmare immediately find their way to the center of the ring, Cody looking for a collar and elbow tie up to start the match. Nightmare on the other hand has a different plan of attack as he ducks under Cody as he shoots towards him. Cody turns back around and is met by a hard kick to the midsection by his opponent. Cody crumbles over, bending at the waist only to be stood up into a vertical position by a stiff front kick to the chest. Nightmare continues to push the offensive with a hard right to the side of the face, followed by a stiff knife edge chop and an even stiffer forearm shot, each crushing blow sending Cody stumbling backwards towards the corner. Another hard boot to the stomach sends Cody reeling into the turnbuckles as Nightmare shows no signs of slowing down. He delivers a hard roundhouse the chest of Cody, followed by another, and another, and another. Cody clutches at his chest, now covered in red marks, as he holds onto the ropes to keep himself on his feet. Nightmare grabs Cody’s arm and irish whips him across the ring, his back colliding with the turnbuckles. Nightmare eyes his opponent slumped over in the corner and rushes towards him with a full head of steam and delivers a front dropkick. Somehow Cody manages to escape from the corner causing Nightmare to get hung in the ropes.

With Nightmare stuck in the tree of woe position, this buys Cody enough time to regain his composure. Cody makes his way towards Nightmare and delivers a hard boot to his midsection that frees him up. Nightmare clutches at his left knee as he lays on the mat, trying to stand himself up. He manages to get to a vertical base but is taken down almost immediately by Cody with a chop block, focusing now on the weakened leg of Nightmare. He picks him up off of the mat and scoops him up, he takes a few steps towards the ropes and body slams him, Nightmare’s leg making contact with the ropes. Knowing that he has weakened his opponent’s leg a good amount, Cody places Nightmare’s knee over the second rope and locks him into place by putting his ankle underneath the bottom rope. With Nightmare tied up Cody begins to stomp away at his injured left knee. Nightmare struggles to free up his leg as Cody continues to dish out the offense. He finally manages to free his leg from the ropes and manages to roll himself out of the ring to escape any further damage to his already injured left knee.

Nightmare lays on the outside, clutching at his left knee letting out grunts of pain while Cody looks over the ropes at his fallen opponent. Cody looks out into the crowd and then back out at Nightmare and a lightbulb turns on in his head. The fans see that Cody is up to something and everyone in the Goodfellas Arena stands up onto their feet. Nightmare grabs hold of the guardrail and pulls himself up, hopping around. Cody peers over the ropes and clutches the top rope, Nightmare slowly begins to turn around and Cody springboards himself onto the top rope and launches himself to the outside with a springboard plancha. Nightmare manages to side step out of the way and Cody comes colliding with the guardrail throat first. Cody collapses to the concrete floor, clutching his throat in agonizing pain. Nightmare makes immediate work of the downed champion and picks him up by his hair and grabs him by the waist, lifting him up into the air and dropping him throat first on the guardrail with a stun gun like maneuver. Nightmare looks to be setting Cody up for his Nightmare Sleeper, weakening his neck.

Nightmare rolls Cody back into the ring and follows close behind. Cody grabs at his throat, trying to alleviate some of the pain that he has just endured. Nightmare starts to maniacally slither towards Cody Williams, smelling blood, ready to attack. Cody gets to a knee but Nightmare comes up from behind him and locks in a rear naked choke, cinching it in tight. His legs locked across the waist of the champion with a triangle lock, this is going to be a tough one to escape. Cody begins to fight for his life, trashing his body back and forth hoping to find a way out but Nightmare has the submission hold locked in and there is nowhere for Cody to go. Cody reaches for the ring ropes and is only so far away from them as he begins to slowly fade away under the pressure. He extends his leg out towards the ropes and manages to graze it with the tip of his boot as Nightmare applies even more pressure. Cody uses everything in him to swing his leg over and on top of the bottom rope, causing Nightmare to have to break the hold. But Nightmare refuses to release Cody from his rear naked choke.





Nightmare finally obliges and releases Cody from the hold but the damage has already been done. Nightmare flashes a smirk to which the crowd in attendance replies with a sea of boos. He slowly makes his way towards his downed opponent, in a balled up position grabbing at his throat as he gasps for air. Nightmare places his boot on top of Cody’s head and disgustingly pushes his head away. The challenger kicks the champion with a soccer like kick that turns him over onto his back. Cody clutches at his side as Nightmare continues to attack him, overwhelming him with boots to the upper body. Nightmare takes a few steps back and sizes up his opponent, Cody slowly making his way to a kneeling position. Nightmare gets a running start and goes for a punt kick but Cody catches it and pushes it away, he grabs hold of his injured leg and takes Nightmare down and locks in a knee bar and heel hook combination. Nightmare screams in pain as Cody applies pressure to his already weakened and possibly injured left knee. Nightmare scrambles in an attempt to escape the painful leg lock. Nightmare manages to roll over onto his stomach, alleviating some of the pain but Cody immediately rolls through and gets him onto his back. Nightmare visibly in pain looks to his side and sees that he is only an arms length away from the bottom rope. He uses his free leg to heel kick Cody several times before rolling over once more and grabbing hold of the ropes.





Reluctantly, Cody releases the hold, leaving Nightmare to clutch his left knee, still clutching the ropes. Cody walks over to Nightmare and picks him up, but Nightmare pushes his arms away and hits him with a forearm shot to the side of the face. Cody retaliates with a European uppercut that sends the challenger into the ropes. Nightmare comes back with another hard forearm shot that sends Cody stumbling backwards to the center of the ring. Nightmare hops over towards Cody, still favoring his left leg and is taken down with a rolling elbow from Cody Williams that folds him in half. Nightmare climbs back onto his feet and is taken down with a clothesline by Williams. He stands up onto his feet once again only to be taken down by a clothesline for a second time. Cody raises his arm into the air and pumps it, getting the crowd behind him. Nightmare slowly gets to a standing position and Cody goes for a rolling clothesline but Nightmare ducks and takes him down with a single arm takedown and immediately locks in a cross armbar. Cody scrambles looking for an escape and manages to find the ropes, locking his legs around them for the break.





Cody and Nightmare start to slowly make their way onto their feet and glare at each other, Nightmare favoring his leg and Cody clutching at his arm and throat. Nightmare goes on the offensive first and hits Cody with a stiff forearm shot to the side of the face. Cody comes back with a stiff forearm shot to the side of the face of his own. Nightmare retaliates with three well calculated forearm shots to Cody. Cody answers back with three well placed forearm shots of his own to Nightmare. He follows this up with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head that rocks Nightmare, leaving him on spaghetti legs. Cody looks on at his opponent who still manages to stand on his feet and hits him with a superkick that echoes throughout the arena. The impact drops Nightmare down to a knee but he pulls himself up onto his feet, legs shaking from underneath him, his equilibrium out of place. Cody runs towards the ropes and bounces off of them and hits a single leg dropkick that finally takes his challenger out. Cody drops down and makes the cover, but the referee reminds him that this is a submission match and cannot be won by a pinfall.

Cody stands back up to a vertical position and picks Nightmare up onto his feet. He pulls his arm back for another forearm shot but Nightmare blocks it and hits one of his own which staggers the champion. He hits him with another forearm shot and immediately follows it up with a rolling elbow that rocks Cody Williams. Nightmare now goes on the offensive and hits a roundhouse kick to the left knee. Cody grabs at his knee from impact but is caught off guard when Nightmare follows it up with a round house kick to the right knee. He takes a couple steps back and hits a roundhouse kick to the side of the head followed by an enziguiri that drops Cody to his knees. Nightmare looking to take out his opponent hits the ropes and come running back, nearly taking Cody’s head off with a shining wizard. The adrenaline starts to fade away and Nightmare starts to clutch at his left knee, collapsing under the pressure from his barrage of attacks.

Both visibly exhausted, both champion and challenger grab hold of the ropes using them for assistance in pulling themselves back onto their feet. Nightmare makes his way to Cody and pushes him up against the ropes. He hits him with a stiff knife edge chop that infuriates him. Cody hulks up and hits Nightmare with repeated interchanging palm strikes to the side of the face followed by a spinning back hand that staggers him. Cody bounces off of the ropes and rushes towards Nightmare. Nightmare seeing him coming drops Cody throat first onto the second rope with a drop toe hold. He immediately hits the ropes and jumps onto Cody, sandwiching him between the middle rope and himself. Cody pulls himself onto his feet and turns around right into a kick to the midsection, but Cody catches it and spins Nightmare around. He boots him in the stomach and hooks his arms for PURE PERFECTION!!!

The crowd cheer as Cody Williams lands his big finishing move on Nightmare, and slowly rises up to his feet looking down at his opponent. However the cheers soon turn to boos as “Ladies and Gentleman” by Saliva hits the sound system and the sVo International Champion Colt Cooper comes strutting down the entrance ramp with his title belt strapped over his shoulder! Cody Williams stares back at the International Champion, furious at the interruption, but Colt Cooper doesn’t seem to care as he rolls into the ring. Cody Williams runs at Colt Cooper looking to take his head off with a clothesline, but Colt Cooper is able to duck under the arm of the TapOut Champion, before turning to smash him in the face with his International Championship belt! The fans boo loudly as a bloodied Cody Williams staggers up to a kneeling position, only to receive a ‘Colt of Conduct’ from Nightmare’s fellow Company member Colt Cooper!

Colt Cooper flips off the fans once, before jumping up out of the ring, and making his way up the entrance ramp whilst theatrically polishing his International Championship belt. Colt Cooper gets about half way up the entrance ramp before “Sinner” by Drowning Pool hits the sound system, prompting a cheer from the crowd as DJ steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! DJ marches down the entrance ramp towards the ring, passing Colt Cooper with a staredown on his face, before jumping up onto the ring apron. The fans cheer DJ as he climbs slowly to the top rope before looking down at the two men who are down and out in the ring. DJ slowly picks his target, before leaping from the top rope and landing a frogsplash on the man who interrupted his match and ruined his chances of becoming International Champion earlier in the evening!

DJ rolls out of the ring following the big frogsplash on Cody Williams, as the TapOut Champion rolls around on the mat in pain. However things are about to get even worse, as Nightmare slowly begins to pull himself up using the ropes. Nightmare seems oblivious to what has just happened, as he grabs Cody Williams by the hair and pulls him to his feet. The referee is powerless to do anything about the interference from the two men that Cody Williams upset earlier in the evening, as Nightmare kicks Cody in the midsection. Nightmare locks in a butterfly lock and drops Cody onto his head with the ROGUE DRIVER!!! He then floats over and locks in the NIGHTMARE SLEEPER!!! He wraps his legs around Cody with a body scissors and has the Kimura Dojo special locked in tight. Cody thrashes around violently looking for a medium to escape but Nightmare doesn’t let up, tightening the hold with each passing second. Cody turns to his side and looks at the ring ropes, trying to measure how far away they are. He extends his arm towards the ropes but the pain is just too much for him to bear.

TAP!!!TAP!!!TAP!!!Boos ring out around the arena as the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and we have a new sVo TapOut Champion! Nightmare slowly releases the hold on Cody Williams, before rising to his feet as the referee fetches the belt from the ringside area. Cody Williams lays on the mat in pain, his quest to regain the International Championship inadvertently costing him the TapOut Championship belt as Nightmare pushes the referee and grabs the belt away from him. Nightmare holds the belt aloft, as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

OUTCOME: Nightmare defeats Cody Williams via submission to become the NEW sVo TapOut Champion!BACKSTAGE

This Close to Gold

In the locker-room we see Samuel Amos strapping on his wrestling boots and preparing for the big tag-team match that is to come later on that evening. He seems focused and ready for what lies ahead, until Jay Wildman steps into view and drops his gear bag down next to Amos.

Samuel Amos – What the hell are you doing here?

Jay Wildman — Making sure you fulfill your end of the bargain and do your goddamned job, hero.

Amos just shakes his head in disgust and moves on to lacing the next boot. Wildman zips open his bag and begins to pull out his wrestling gear. The last thing he pulls out is the SVO World Championship Belt.. making sure the glimmer of the gold catches Amos’ eye.

Jay Wildman — Eye-balling the title, I see. Don’t start thinking about doing something stupid, you know as well as I do you can’t stand losing and I can guarantee if you think about double crossing me, you’ll never see this title around your waist.

Samuel Amos – Keep thinking that, champ.

Jay Wildman — I promise you, I already am.

Sam finishes tying his boot and stands up.. The fans cheer as they see for a brief moment the two competitors standing toe to toe, eye to eye.

Jay Wildman — Something on your mind, Amos? Thinking about Grimnir, the World title or wanting to make me tap out in front of millions?

Samuel Amos – Do me a favor, stay out of my way tonight. Let me do the heavy lifting, I’d hate for an old man like you to hurt yourself before our little date.

Amos reaches out and taps the faceplate of the World title draped over Wildman’s shoulder. Wildman looks down at Amos’ hand and then back at Amos.

Jay Wildman — Get used to it, this might be the closest you get to touching it for a while.

Sam’s upper lip curls. Wildman really seems to be getting on his nerves. Wildman looks down to see Sam’s hand on the title ball up into a fist.

Jay Wildman — Go on, void your contract. I dare you.

Sam swings his fist back, and..

..pokes his finger in Wildman’s chest.

Samuel Amos – Hey geezer, You were the one sitting back here eating prunes while I was out there outlasting 29 other SVO superstars including those two steers we’re about ready to go and face tonight! You might’ve missed it, maybe you were taking an old-man nap at the time.

Sam grins and pats Wildman on the shoulder. Wildman looks stunned.

Samuel Amos – Now come on, make sure you have your power chair fully charged. We’ve got ourselves some big-ass Mexicans to take down tonight!
Roscoe Shame vs. Nathan ParadineThe fans in the arena boo as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp his way to the ring. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle.

“Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” by Enter Shikari blasts around the arena as Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. With the Las Vegas Championship strapped around his waist, he glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, oblivious to their boos. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

The referee passes the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt to the outside of the ring for safe keeping, as Roscoe Shame and Nathan Paradine, two household sVo names, stare across the ring at each other ready for this match to get underway. The referee finally calls for the bell to be rung, and this one is underway! Paradine and Shame circle around each other in the middle of the ring before diving forward into a collar and elbow tie up. Nathan Paradine uses his mat expertise to try and force Shame back and twist his arms into a submission hold, but Roscoe Shame is able to use his brute strength to back Nathan Paradine into the corner of the ring. The referee calls for a rope break, however Shame releases Paradine for a few seconds before catching him with a knee to the midsection.

The fans boo the former World Champion loudly as he lays into Paradine with some big knees in the corner of the ring, before grabbing him with both hands around the throat. Shame uses his strength to launch Paradine out of the corner and into the middle of the ring with a choke hold toss on the Australian. The Las Vegas Champion slowly pulls himself to his feet, but soon finds himself down on the mat as the tree trunk like arm of Roscoe Shame runs through him with a big clothesline. Shame proceeds to stomp away on his opponent with his big boot, before walking around the ring with his hands in the air.

The crowd react angrily to the former World Champion, but he waves them off before turning his attention towards Nathan Paradine as he slowly begins to pull himself to his feet. Roscoe Shame charges at Paradine looking for a big boot to the face, however Paradine is able to expertly dodge the oncoming size sixteen of Roscoe Shame, and sweep away his standing leg with a stiff kick. Shame lands heavily on his back, and Paradine quickly leaps on the opportunity to grab the arm of his opponent and lock on an arm bar submission hold.

The fans cheer for the hold as Shame shouts out in pain, before using his massive frame to quickly reach out for the bottom rope. However Paradine is not finished there as he allows Shame to get back to a standing position, before taking him straight back down to the mat with a double knee backbreaker. Shame holds his back in pain as the powerful Australian follows up with a flurry of kicks to the back of his opponent.

The crowd cheer loudly for the Las Vegas Champion who seems to be in firm control of the match as he allows Shame up once again, before sending him into the corner of the ring. Shame hits the turnbuckle hard, once again aggravating the back which Paradine has been working on, before stumbling out of the corner. Paradine quickly seizes the opportunity to bounce into the ropes behind his opponent before taking him down with a big bulldog! The fans cheer as Shame’s head bounces into the mat, and Paradine makes the cover.




The fans boo the kickout from Roscoe Shame, as the 6’6″ former sVo Champion powers his way to his feet. The near fall seems to have kicked some life into the former Champion as he bats away the oncoming Nathan Paradine with some big right hands, before scooping his opponent up above his head. Shame shows off his strength by holding the 240lb Nathan Paradine up in a military press, before dropping him down to the mat. Paradine staggers up holding his midsection in pain, only for Shame to take him straight back down with a side walk slam.

The boos ring out for Roscoe Shame who is slowly working his way back into the match with his powerful offence, as Nathan Paradine struggles up in the corner of the ring. Roscoe Shame follows up with a knee to Nathan Paradine in the corner, before grabbing the head of the Las Vegas Champion and slamming him face first into the turnbuckle! Paradine staggers back holding his face, and Roscoe Shame quickly takes advantage with a back suplex onto his opponent. With Paradine hurting, there are boos from the crowd as Roscoe Shame signals for ‘Shame Time’! Paradine slowly begins to pull himself up, but he soon finds himself in a powerbomb position, as Shame prepares to hit him with the previously banned finishing move! However before he can hit the move, Paradine manages to counter by grabbing the leg of Shame and rolling it through into an ankle lock!

The fans cheer the impressive counter to the Shame Time, however Roscoe Shame is quickly able to grab the bottom rope to force a rope breaker before Paradine can win the match by submission. The fans boo as Nathan Paradine is forced to release the hold, and rise to his feet. Roscoe Shame quickly gets to a standing position and comes out swinging with some hard body shots to Paradine as he looks to secure the win in this back and forth match, however Paradine is quickly able to swat away Shame’s arm and take him down with sit out spinebuster.

Roscoe Shame rises to his feet holding his back, but as he does Nathan Paradine rolls into position, before taking down Shame with a ‘Paraplex’! The fans cheer for the trademark move from the Las Vegas Champion, but he isn’t done there as he quickly scoops the World Champion straight back up! The fans cheer again as Paradine hits a second ParaPlex onto his opponent, before he makes the cover on the former sVo Champion!




It’s all over, and Nathan Paradine further cements his position as a future World Champion with a big win over one of the sVo’s biggest ever stars! The fans cheer loudly as Paradine rises up to his feet and is presented with his Las Vegas Championship belt again as Shame slowly rolls out of the ring. Paradine celebrates his win in the ring with his title belt, as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

OUTCOME: Nathan Paradine defeats Roscoe Shame via pinfallBACKSTAGE

The Chase Pt.II

Bobby Dean is seen running down the halls, but he comes to a skidding halt in front of Candi Cross who’s in the middle of a conversation with some nameless wrestler who looks a lot like Howie Banks. Not caring about manners, BBD interrupts by stepping in front of the Howie Banks look alike, to the annoyed expression of Candi Cross.

BBD: Hey gorgeous, you wouldn’t have by any chance seen that new guy Nero pass by?

Candi Cross: Yeah I just saw him; he was heading towards the exit I believe.

BBD: So how about that date?

Candi gives off a bit of a dry heave as BBD’s cocky smile disappears as he tentatively raises a hand up to his newly scarred face.

Candi Cross: I think I just threw up a little in my mouth…

BBD storms off, past a laughing Candi Cross, making his way towards the Arena’s exit. Bursting through the double doors Bobby can only look on helplessly as Nero in his [insert car here] is already turning out onto the street. The sound of his whistling can be heard all the way to the arena’s back door, that or BBD’s mind is playing tricks on him once more. BBD is left standing there, fists clenched at his sides.
Jay Wildman & Samuel Amos vs. The Rodriguez Brothers’My Way’ by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the arena fills with boos as the massive Chezina & Chivo Rodriguez step onto the top of the entrance ramp with the sVo Tag Team Championship belts over their shoulders! The Rodriguez Brothers hold their hands up in the air before slowly making there way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Chezina towers over the fans lining the entrance ramp, and as he steps up onto the ring apron, he is able to step over the top rope with ease! Chivo struts around the ring for a few seconds to show his dominance before preparing for the match to get under-way.

“Your Betrayal” by Bullet for my Valentine hits the sound system and the fans in the arena quickly begin to boo. After a few seconds red fireworks shoot up from the entrance stage as Samuel Amos walks out and taunts to the fans. Amos looks around at the crowd, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Amos ignores the outstretched hands of the fans as he climbs up onto the ring apron before turning to taunt the fans again. The fans continue to boo Amos as he steps into the ring by climbing through the ring ropes before preparing for the match to start in the corner of the ring.

“End of Line” by Daft Punk plays over the PA system as the house lights alternate from green to black lighting and back again. After a few moments of playing, the house lights go out completely for a few moments before they flare to life again with Jay Wildman standing in the center of the ring with his sVo Championship belt, his hand pointed up in the air in defiance. He walks over to the corner, steps up to the second belt buckle and stares out into the crowd before hopping down, preparing himself for the match at hand.

The sVo World and Tag Team Championship belts are handed to the referee who passes them to the outside of the ring as the two teams retreat to their own corners and await the start of the match. With Chivo Rodriguez starting things off for the Rodriguez Brothers, there seems to be a bit of friction amongst Wildman and Amos as they try and figure out who will be starting the match out for their team. Current sVo Champion Jay Wildman quickly pulls rank and starts the match off for his team, as the #1 contender for his title stands on the ring apron whilst staring a hole through his ‘partners’ back. With Wildman and Chivo in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and this one is underway!

Wildman and Chivo circle around each other, before Chivo jumps forward and lands a big uppercut onto the World Champion. Wildman looks stunned by the punch, as Chivo backs him into the corner with some big right and left hands. With Wildman in the corner, Chivo grabs him by the arm and tries to send him corner to corner, only for Wildman to reverse the irish whip and send Chivo into the corner. Chivo hits the turnbuckle chest first, and staggers backwards into the middle of the ring where he is taken down with a back breaker from Wildman.

Wildman fires away with some big right hands on Chivo as he gets to his feet, but Chivo is able to use his strength advantage to push his opponent away before bouncing into the ropes. Wildman staggers forward, but walks straight into a big boot from the current Tag Team Champion. The fans boo the big move from Chivo, as Wildman struggles to his feet. Chivo quickly sends Wildman down to the mat with a side walk slam, before stomping away on the World Champion. With Wildman down, Chivo makes the tag out to Chezina. The massive Chezina quickly climbs into the ring and picks off where his brother left by stomping away on Jay Wildman.

Chezina finally pulls Wildman up to his feet, but as he does the World Champion surprises him with a side Russian legsweep. Chezina quickly rises back up to his feet, but as he does Wildman catches him in the face with a big dropkick, which sends him stumbling back into the ropes. Wildman quickly pounces on his chance, and lays into Chezina with some stiff knees to the midsection, before shooting him across the ring into the opposite ropes. Chezina bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Wildman takes him down to the mat with a swinging DDT which delights the fans. Wildman stumbles back taking in the applause and cheers from the fans, but as he does Samuel Amos makes the blind tag into the match!

Wildman stares at the One Shot 2011 Winner with a look of disgust as Amos climbs into the ring and begins to stomp away on the downed Chezina. Amos pulls Chezina up to his feet by his hair, before sending him back down to the mat with an impressive running jump DDT! The fans boo the move from Amos, but the #1 contender doesn’t seem to care as he waits for Chezina to slowly rise up to a standing position. Chezina finally reaches his feet, and Amos runs at him before nailing him with a Lui Thesz Press! Amos lays into his opponent with some big punches to the face, before rolling off of his opponent.

Amos rolls up to his feet and bounces into the ropes, before hitting a knee drop onto the Tag Team Champion. Chezina slowly begins to rise up to his feet, but as he does he recieves a swift kick in the midsection from Samuel Amos, who then takes advantage of Chezina being doubled over by drilling him to the mat head first with a piledriver! With Chezina down and hurting, it looks as if Amos is going to make the cover, but as he rises to his feet Jay Wildman makes the blind tag in off of his partner’s back!

The fans cheer the move from Wildman as he climbs into the ring, but as he does Amos blocks his path. Amos and Wildman stare each other down, until the World Champion finally pushes past the #1 contender to his title. Amos finally retreats to the apron, as Jay Wildman looks to take advantage of the piledriver inflicted by Amos by making a cover on Chezina.




The time wasted by Amos and Wildman proves crucial as Chezina manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee! Wildman shakes his head as he rises up to his feet, and pulls Chezina up with him. Wildman shoots Chezina into the ropes, and looks to hit him with a back elbow as he bounces back, only for Chezina to duck under the arm of Wildman, before running through the World Champion with a massive boot to the face! The big boot sends Wildman down to the mat, as Chezina makes the slow crawl across to his corner and tags out to Chivo!

The giant Chivo looks refreshed as he enters the ring and grabs Wildman with two hands around his throat. Chivo tosses the World Champion into the corner of the ring, before opening up on him with a flurry of body punches. Jay Wildman holds his midsection in pain as he stumbles out of the corner, only for Chivo to take him down to the mat with a massive DDT! Wildman’s head spikes into the canvas, and it looks like he might be down and out as Chivo flips over the sVo Champion and makes the cover.




The fans cheer as Jay Wildman gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee! Chivo shakes his head as he rises up to his feet, and stomps away on Jay Wildman. Wildman looks like he desperately needs to make the tag out as he tries to crawl to his corner of the ring, only for Chivo to grab him by the leg and pull him back towards the corner of the Tag Team Champions. Chivo quickly makes the tag out to Chezina, and the two giants both enter the ring and begin to double team Wildman with some big stomps! The referee demands that Chivo leaves the ring, but is powerless to stop the two giants from picking Wildman up, and drilling him down to the mat with a double team chokeslam!

The fans boo loudly as Samuel Amos stands on the ring apron just watching the action with a smirk on his face, as Chezina makes the cover on Jay Wildman as Chivo finally exits the ring.




Once again the fans pop at the fortitude shown by the sVo World Heavyweight Champion to be able to get a shoulder up off of the mat and kick out despite the brutal assault from the Rodriguez Brothers! Chezina doesn’t look at all happy by the kick out from Wildman, as he pulls the World Champion to his feet and throws him into the ropes hard. Wildman bounces back into the middle of the ring, but as Chezina looks for a big back drop on his opponent, Wildman counters by rolling across the back of the Tag Team Champion. Chezina swings around in surprise, but as he does he eats a ‘Masked Justice’ to the face from Jay Wildman!

The fans pop at the finishing move from the World Champion, but after the brutal beat down he looks too exhusted to follow it up as both Wildman and Chezina lay on the mat in pain! The two wrestlers slowly begin to crawl towards their own corners, and the race is on with the next tag looking to be crucial in the eventual outcome of this match up! Chezina uses his size to reach out and slap the hand of his monster partner Chivo. However on the opposite side of the ring, as Wildman reaches out to tag out to Amos, the One Sot 2011 winner pulls his hand away!

The fans boo loudly as Wildman looks up in disbelief as Amos jumps off of the ring apron with a smirk on his face! Wildman is suddenly grabbed by Chivo by the legs and pulled into the middle of the ring. Amos slowly begins to make his way up the entrance ramp backwards, watching the action in the ring with a smile on his face as Wildman is lifted into the air with one hand by Chivo, and thrown down to the mat with a devastating chokeslam! The fans boo the move as Amos reaches the top of the entrance ramp with a big smile on his face, but all of a sudden there is confusion in the arena as Amos is grabbed from behind…. by GRIMNIR!

‘But I thought Wildman was Grimnir?’

From the look on the fans faces, it is obvious everyone has the same question on their lips as Grimnir nails Amos from behind with some big punches, each one sending him tumbling down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Amos is then grabbed by the trunks by Grimnir, and tossed into the ring under the bottom rope! The fans cheer the masked enigma, as he leaps over the security barrier as he did at Seasons Beatings 2010, and disappears into the crowd!

In the ring all hell seems to be breaking loose as Chivo stomps away on Jay Wildman, whilst Chezina jumps into the ring to deal with Samuel Amos! The referee seems to be trying but failing to restore order as Chezina knocks down Amos with a big right hand, whilst Chivo leaves the bloody of Jay Wildman and jumps out of the ring. The fans boo loudly as Chivo grabs two folding chairs from ringside, and tosses them both into the ring. Chivo then rolls into the ring himself and picks up one of the chairs. The fans boo loudly as they see what is about to happen, as Chezina picks up the other chair.

The sVo Tag Team Champions wait with a smirk on their faces, as Samuel Amos and Jay Wildman slowly begin to pull themselves to their feet, almost in stereo. The referee warns them not to do it, but they don’t seem to care as the two giants slam the steel hard into the faces of Amos and Wildman! The referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung as Wildman and Amos lay in the middle of the ring looking like they might have been knocked out by the vile chair shots from the Tag Team Champions. Chezina and Chivo Rodriguez grab their Tag Team Championship belts from ringside before slowly making their way up the rampway having accomplished their mission, as sVo Showdown heads off of the air as the camera focus on the bloodied faces of sVo World Champion Jay Wildman and the #1 contender Samuel Amos laid out in the middle of the ring.

OUTCOME: Jay Wildman & Samuel Amos defeats The Rodriguez Brothers via DQ

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