sVo Showdown Episode #062
21st November 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Roscoe Shame, Night, Bobby Dean and Grimnir shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.

LAST WEEK ON SHOWDOWN #61Grimnir shocked the world by declaring that he has a contract for a sVo World Heavyweight Championship match dating back from 2007. Just who is behind the mask?…..

The fans erupt in boos for the twentieth time since these two men arrived and Roscoe Shame as well as Jeremiah Sloan look at Bobby with confusion on their faces. Roscoe is now able to snatch the paper out of Bobby’s hand as Bobby stands there smirking at the champ.

BBD: Sorry buddy, but I’ve got a rematch clause I just can’t ignore.

Roscoe Shame reaches out and grabs the mic from the new Number One Contender, but before he can begin to speak, “Travel Now Journey Infinitely” by Trinacria, begins to play, interrupting the little foray. Grimnir steps out onto the stage to a massive pop from the fans. Roscoe and Bobby turn to Grimnir with confused looks on their faces, watching the masked, former Las Vegas champion, stop at the top of the stage, a microphone of his own in hand.

Grimnir: Well, well, well. Look at what we have here. The two “mavericks” of sVo seem to have made quite the statement for themselves, haven’t they? You think you tricked the world with your little stunt, it is only the thirtieth time I have seen the finger push heard around the world pulled off this month, real original guys. I have to admit, you did fool most of us though.”

Shame and BBD nod, patting each other on the back while the crowd erupts in jeers, chanting something about screwing sVo. Shame smiles the brightest, holding his title up and almost taunting Grimnir with it while BBD mentions something about losing the Las Vegas title.

Grimnir: Yeah, yeah. JVD beat me, I accept it. He should have fun with the Las Vegas title. Enjoy it as long as he can hold onto it. Why am I so calm about it? Why don’t I explode into a psychotic rage? This is because I manage to have a little bit of “house money” on hand tonight. You see, when I returned to Las Vegas after my long stint away from the bright lights and fake boobs, I reacquired the old house I owned in the area to make it easier to get to and from work. It was quite the pain to fly out to New York and then back out here to Sin City. Long story short, I managed to find something interesting. Would you all like to see it?

He nods and eggs on the crowd, causing cheers as Shame and BBD look on faking disinterest as Bobby looks down at his manicured hands and Roscoe reaches up with the back of his arm wiping the title clean. Grimnir reaches back into his trunks and unfolds a piece of paper, holding it up in the air with his hand “conveniently” hiding the name on the bottom.

Grimnir: It might be a little old and worn but it still is binding and quite legal. I had lawyers verify my claim. According to this nifty little piece of paper, it seems I have myself a shot at Shame’s World title here in my grubby little hands. Granted, it is a contract from 2007 but it is still valid. I had completely forgotten about this, it was a good thing I decided to do a little cleaning!

Shame’s face erupts into anger, yelling at Grimnir as the crowd goes nuts. BBD and Jeremiah Sloan do everything they can to hold him back, trying to get him to calm down by saying it’s all lies. Grimnir calmly folds up his paper and slips it into his trunks before addressing the crowd.

Grimnir: There is a problem. In order to cash this shot in, I have to reveal who I am under the mask. I have to let you all know who I am. I have to remove my security blanket. I thought about it for a long time after losing my Las Vegas title. Did I want to do it? Could I keep going on with my career while you all knew my secret? I mean, this mask IS pretty popular. However, after weighing the pros and cons, I decided I should accept the consequences and go for the gold. Now all I have to do is turn in this contract and I have a title shot at Season’s Beatings. It would be a shame if something were to happen to me before I turned it in, wouldn’t it?

Grimnir drops the mic and holds a hand over his head, allowing the crowd to erupt in cheers and chant sVo.RINGSIDE





After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. He holds his International Title in his right hand and puts it up in the air. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of SVO who don’t like him.


They rain down the boos on him, but he just smiles and carries on. He’s handed a mic from a stagehand. Before he speaks he walks around the ring until the boos go down.

Colt: “You know…I can feel why you all would hate me. It’s like I’m way better than you…and something inside you all wish you could be half decent as me. But let me tell you why you will never ever be me. Because you guys don’t think. You booing me has no effect on what I’m going to do. I live for you all to hate me. You all live for the many reasons you do live, but while you’re living you always have to hate on something that’s good for you. I’m telling you all this now. I could care less about you. Boo me all you want to, because at the end of night I’m still going to have this.”

He puts up his International Title.

Colt: “And I’m still going to be apart of The Company.”

The boos get even louder as he mentioned The Company.

Colt: “But I’m out here to kick off Showdown, because tonight this is my Showdown. Not Shame’s, Dean’s or anybody who feels they are superior over us. This is my show, and tonight right here in this ring I’m going to have me a little celebration. Bring down the booze.”

A couple of stage hand brings down a cooler filled with all types of beers and liquors. Colt grabs a couple of beers and throws them into the crowd while popping open the top on a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Colt: “We’re partying tonight because this is my first night as sVo’s International Champion. Besides, I wanted to party with you all, even though you hate the shit out of me. I’m being generous, and allowing you all to have a few drinks with greatness. I know…I know, I am great, but The Company is the greater thing happening right now. As of matter of fact, where are those heroes phony’s at. I want one of them to come interrupt this little party.”

Colt swallows down some of the Jack, and stare immensely at the entrance ramp to see if anyone of those heroes would show their face to their International Champion.

Colt: “See, those guys are scared of The Company. Whenever they get together they get the heart to attempt and screw us over, but why even try if we’re just going to run them over anyway. It’s like a game The Company can only win, a game that has no place for heroes.”

He staggers a bit. He’s drunk too much of the Jack. He begins to talk out of his mind now that he’s feeling good, but really drunk.

Colt: “I like Nathan Paradine though, I think he can kiss my pale white ass. See, come kiss it Nathan.

Colt pulls down his slacks and boxers showing of his ass. Some people in the crowd laugh, but some close their eyes and rejects what he’s doing.

Colt: “If Nathan thinks he’s going to beat me tonight, then he better think again. I don’t care about his contribution to the Organization, because sVo doesn’t need guys like him. What they need is more Colt Cooper’s. If every single wrestler on the roster was a Colt Cooper then you guys would always have a show. Watching Nathan Paradine wrestle is like watching a rip off wrestling show. Though, I’ll give him a break. He is a great guy. Wait, he’ll be a great guy after he kisses my ass.

Colt slaps himself on the ass and a couple of security guard come to get him out of the ring.

Colt: “What you guys doing, I just started.”

Guard: “You’re messing up the program. The show has to go on.

Colt: “You know the show can’t go on without me. sVo needs me. Let me introduce the first match on the night.”

He falls out of the hand of the bodyguard. He’s extremely wasted. He lies on the entrance ramp yelling at the security guard to get his cooler with drinks in it. The scene begins to fade to Colt knocked out on the entrance ramp with his International title as a pillow. A security guard drags him off the ramp and the scene completely fades.BACKSTAGE

BULLS EYEThe cameras catch the arrival of “Beautiful” Bobby Dean, “Mr. International” Roscoe Shame and their agent and friend Jeremiah Sloan entering the building with their equipment bags in hand. Roscoe, with his World title strapped around his waist, leads the way into the arena but comes to a stop at the scowling face of Mr. Anderson and his newly hired personal assassin Ethan Rider.

Roscoe Shame: Why look what we have here Bobby.

BBD: You know boss, you look a little constipated, with your face scrunched up like that and all.

Bobby and Roscoe share a chuckle but Mr. Anderson doesn’t share the mirth as he walks up to Roscoe and Bobby, menace in his eyes.

Mr. Anderson: I’m giving you one last chance guys. You come back to the Company and we’ll forget this whole thing ever happened…

Roscoe and Bobby share a look, then smile, then look back at Mr. Anderson.

BBD: You know, as tempting as that sounds, we’re just not interested in being your lap dog. Looks like you already got yourself quite the obedient little bitch there. You don’t need us.

Ethan Rider smirks, a smirk that promises pain, as he steps forward, face to face with Bobby Dean. Mr. Anderson places his hand on Rider’s shoulder, holding his hired gun in check.

Mr. Anderson: Can’t say I didn’t try. Oh well, it’s your funeral.

Roscoe Shame: Is that a threat?

Mr. Anderson turns and walks away with Rider turning to follow. Anderson stops, with a smile on his face he looks over his shoulder at the three men, pulls down his shades and offers the trio a wink, before turning back and disappearing down the hall. Roscoe looks to Bobby, then to Jeremiah, but neither of them have much to offer as they each shrug their shoulders.BACKSTAGE

TWISTED THOUGHTSKarma Jones is backstage walking down the hallways of the Goodfellas Casino. As he walks he has a conversation with his trainer Mike Anderson.

Mike: Umm Karma shouldn’t you be in your locker room trying to stay focused for your match tonight?

Karma just smirks and replies.

Karma: Right now my mind is on other things. I have something that I need to take care of before I worry about Nicky Jam’s stupid ass tonight.

Mike: Well that seems all fine and dandy but don’t you think that Nathan is focusing on his match though.

Once Mike mentions Nathan’s name, Karma’s eyes light up with fury as he looks down at his hands that start to shake. He thne turns and looks at Mike with a menacing glare.

Mike: Umm bro I’ve seen that look before and the last time I saw that look, you injured a man permenantly, basically ending his career.

Karma: Look if you want to go back to the locker room then so be it. I told you I’ve got other things on my mind right now, and the more and more you keep distracting me from my goal the more and more I get pissed off and want to take out this aggression on you. Now shut the fuck up and either follow me or step off.

Mike looks uneasy after Karma’s comments. He steps back and allows Karma to do his own thing. While walking Karma finds a chair laying up against a closet door of some sort. Smirking as he looks at it, he grabs it and starts staring at it with amazement. He then turns around looking at Mike and smirks sadistically and then continues down the hallway. As he walks he passes Nathan Paradine’s locker room. Stopping and rubbing his hand slowly down the door, he whspers something faintly.

Karma: Your time will come and I will end your fucking career forever.

After stopping at Nathan’s door, he turns down an empty corridor and kneels next to a wall. With his hood up he starts rocking back and forth as the camera fades away…BACKSTAGE

SOONER THAN LATERThe scene opens up to the backstage area, where we see the newly revamped Sunday Night Showdown interview set. The backdrop is a skyline view of the Las Vegas strip, with the words sVo Showdown graphically represented in the upper center part of the backdrop. sVo interviewer Katie Smith is standing by, smiling at the camera with the microphone a few inches from her mouth.

Katie Smith: It gives me great pleasure to introduce my next guest. He is making his return to the ring tonight after a brief hiatus and is faced with the challenge of facing ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean. Ladies and gentlemen, standing next to me is none other than Second to None himself, Cody Williams!!!

The camera pans out, to reveal Cody Williams standing to the right of Katie Smith. He has his hands at his waist, proudly pushing his chest out to show off the brand spanking new ‘CCXX: Second Coming’ t-shirt that is available right now in the sVo Shopzone for only $24.99!!!! Go out and get yours today!!!

Katie Smith: Cody, tonight you..

Cody raises his hand up and stops it a few inches away from Katie Smith’s mouth, prompting her to stop mid-sentence. He grabs hold of her wrist and slowly raises the microphone to his mouth.

Cody Williams: Tonight, I am faced with the task of taking on the Beautiful one himself, Bobby Dean. Bobby Dean you may have hard feelings towards me because of what I did at Roll the Dice, but that was nothing personal against you. I wanted to make an impact on my return to this company and I did it the best way I know how, to take out the top two contenders that the sVo has to offer!

He glares into the camera, and then to Katie who is staring right back at him while maintaining her grip on the microphone.

Cody Williams: What was once business has now become personal. You decided to mozy on over to my locker room and have the audacity to make your so called superiority known? Now Bobby Dean I am making it a mission to not only be victorious in my first match back with the sVo but to be victorious at your expense! You will be a mere stepping stone for me as I make my way up the ranks and take what is rightfully mine.. The sVo World Heavyweight…

Suddenly a voice from off camera interrupts Cody Williams.

Voice: Well well well… look who it is.

Cody snaps his head to see who it is that is taking up his air time. The camera pans out, only to reveal that the man behind the voice is Nathan Paradine.

Nathan Paradine: Last time I saw you, I was winning the World Heavyweight Championship in Hostility! Now you’ve come back here to the sVo where everything really started between us.

Cody Williams: Yeah, you made quite the name for yourself when I went back to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Nathan Paradine: You’re looking good, Cody. Then again, you always were one for training. You know… You and I, we never really had a chance to have that defining, one on one match together. There was that stuff with Tyson Evans, but we never had a true, one on one contest.

Cody Williams: You’re right.

Nathan Paradine: Maybe we should look into that sometime, I’m sure it’ll be big bucks. Just think about it… One of us is better than the other and I want to know who it is.

Cody Williams: We’’ll probably find out sooner than later.

Nathan Paradine: I’ll be looking forward to it.

Paradine pats Cody on the shoulder and heads out of camera view, Williams smirking. Cody looks down at Katie Smith who looks up at him and flashes a smile. Cody gives her a quick wink and proceeds to leave the interview area as he gets ready for his much anticipated return match against ‘Beautfiul’ Bobby Dean.
“Last Resort” hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as Rey Rosario & The Crippler with their sVo Tag Team Championship belts come out completely ignoring the crowd. Rosario slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

‘My Way’ by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the arena fills with boos as the massive Chezina and Chivo Rodriguez raise their arms in the air before slowly making there way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. The Rodriguez Brothers towers over the fans lining the entrance ramp, and as they steps up onto the ring apron, they are able to step over the top rope with ease! Rodriguez Brothers struts around the ring for a few seconds to show their dominance before preparing for the match to get under-way.

The referee holds up the sVo Tag Team Championship belts to show that they will be on the line in tonight’s match! The fans cheer as the referee hands the belts to the outside of the ring and then calls for the bell to be rung and this one to get underway! Chivo and Crippler start this match off for their teams. Crippler runs at Chivo looking to gain some early momentum, but Chivo sends his opponent down to the mat with a stiff clothesline. Chivo then begins to stomp away on the back of Cripplers head as he tries to get to his feet. Crippler finally makes it to a standing position, but takes a scoop slam from Chivo. Chivo then bounces into the ring ropes, before landing an elbow drop across the upper body of his opponent.

Chivo makes the tag out to his brother Chezina, who climbs into the ring over the bottom rope. Chezina grabs Crippler by the arm and throws him hard into the ropes, before knocking him down with a big boot to the face. The fans boo the actions of Chezina as he stands dominant in the middle of the ring. Crippler tries to get to his feet to make the tag out, but gets a big kick to the gut from Chezina. Chezina pulls Crippler up to his feet and sends him into the corner of the ring, before following up with a running clothesline in the corner.

Chezina makes the tag out to Chivo, who takes Crippler down to the mat with a massive power slam as he stumbles out of the corner. With Crippler down on the mat, Chivo lays into him with some big right hands. The fans continue to boo the massive Rodriguez Brothers, as Rey Rosario paces on the apron looking for a tag into the match. Crippler tries to get to his feet, but Chivo sends him down with a massive back breaker before making the cover.




Rey Rosario gets into the match just in time to save his partner with a kick to the back of Chivo’s head. Chivo rises to his feet and looks livid with Rosario, who makes his way back to the apron. Chivo drags Crippler to his corner, before making the tag out to Chezina. Chezina lays into Crippler with some massive kicks before pulling him to his feet. Chezina shoots Crippler into the ropes, but as he bounces back Crippler is able to nail Chezina with a desperation cross body splash!

The fans give a mixed reaction for the big move from Crippler, with both men now down in the ring. Chezina and Crippler both begin to crawl to their corners of the ring to make the tag out, as the fans chant for Rosario to get into the match. Both Crippler and Chezina make the tag at the same time, and Rosario and Chivo enter the match!

Rosario and Chivo exchange big right hands in the middle of the ring, and Chivo seems to get the better of the exchange. Chivo tries to send Rosario into the ropes, however the tag team champion reverses it and sends Chivo into the ropes, before taking him down to the mat with a drop toe hold. Rosario quickly jumps onto the back of his opponent and locks in a camel clutch submission hold! The fans cheer for the submission, but it is quickly broken up by Chezina. The referee orders Chezina back out of the ring, as Rosario nails Chivo with some big kicks to the midsection. Rosario pulls Chivo back to his feet, before taking him down to the mat with a big suplex!

Rosario looks like he is on a roll as Chivo gets back to his feet, only for Rosario to hit him with a belly to belly suplex and make the cover, however he only gets a two count before his opponent kicks out. Rosario rises up and makes the tag out to Crippler who quickly enters the ring.

Crippler goes to work in Chivo with some big kicks, before allowing him to his feet. Crippler hits some stiff forearm shots across the chest of Chivo to back him into the corner of the ring, before hitting him with repeated knee shots. Crippler then pulls Chivo out of the corner, and takes him down to the mat with a German suplex! The fans cheer the big move from Crippler, but before he can to anything Chezina climbs into the ring and knocks him down from behind! The fans cheer as Rosario quickly runs into the ring and hits Chezina with right hands as this match looks like it has descended into chaos!

Rosario fires off on right hands on Chezina, but the big man grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. Rosario grabs hold of the ropes to stop himself bouncing back, but as he does Chezina runs at him and both men go tumbling over the top rope as Chezina hits a clothesline! Back in the ring Chivo pulls Crippler up to his feet and knees him in the midsection. Crippler doubles over in pain and Chivo looks for a powerbomb, however Crippler counters with a big back body drop onto his opponent! Chivo rises up to his feet and Crippler looks for a DDT, however Chivo is able to spin out of the hold and grab Crippler around the throat!

However before Chivo can hit the move, there are boos all around the arena as out of the crowd jump DVD and Limp with steel chairs in hand! DVD and Limp slide into the ring, and in tandem crack Crippler and Chivo in the back of the head with the chairs! The fans boo as the referee calls for the bell to throw this match out of here, but as he does DVD and Limp smash the referee with the steel chairs as well! Rosario and Chezina both turn to see what has happened, but as they try to climb into the ring, they both get the same treatment from DVD and Limp! DVD and Limp stand in the middle of the ring with the five bodies around them, and hold the steel chairs high in the air to soak in the boos!

However as DVD and Limp celebrate what they have done, they don’t even notice as another two men hop over the security barrier and climb into the ring. The fans see the two men and immediately cheer, recognising them as Las Vegas’ own Adam Roebuck and Derek Huber! Roebuck and Huber climb into the ring and quickly grab hold of DVD and Limp, and toss them out of the ring over the top rope! Roebuck and Huber pose in the ring for a few seconds as the crowd cheer them on, before climbing out of the ring and back over the security barrier into the crowd as sVo security streams down the rampway after the two intruders!


NOT READYThe face of Colt Cooper is being slapped by the hand of Clive English who is trying to awake him from his drunken sleep.

Colt: “Is that you Clara?”

Still a bit sleep he says while turning over into a fetal position.

Clive: “’s Clive…now get up. You have a match to get ready for.”

Colt: “Get me a double cheeseburger with an large fry.”

Clive sucks his teeth and turn Colt over so he could face him.

Clive: “What are you talking about. Get up and get ready for your match with Nathan Paradine.”

Colt: “Nathan Paradine is lame. Besides…he can’t beat me if his life depended on it.”

Clive sighs thinking of a way to get Colt out of the bed, and then he did. He left out of the room and charged back in only to be yelling.

Clive: “Matt Anderson is under attack!!!”

Colt jumped out of the bed and ran out of his room not even noticing Clive. Clive follows him and stops him letting him know that that wasn’t occurring.

Colt: “Why’d you do that?”

Clive: “It was the only way I could get you out of the bed. Besides, your match with Nathan Paradine is next, and from the looks of it you’re not ready for the match.”

Colt grabs hold his head do to the thump that just arrived.

Colt: “You may be right. Feels like I had too much to drink.”

Clive grabs the empty bottle of Jack Daniels and shows it to Colt.

Clive: “You have.”

Colt grabs the bottle of Jack, thinking he couldn’t drink all of this by himself.

Clive: “What were you thinking?”

Colt: “I just wanted to celebrate. That’s it. I didn’t know it was going to get that out of hand.

Clive: “It resorted in you being dragged out of the ring because you couldn’t even walk. A shame on you. The International Champion isn’t suppose to conduct himself that way. Now go get yourself ready for your match. It’s going to be one helluva match for you tonight.

Clive shakes his head as he isn’t to sure about tonight. The scene fades out on him while he’s still shaking his head.BACKSTAGE

THE TROUBLE WITH HELP THESE DAYSThe cameras cut to the back of the arena as sVo’s favorite mavericks walk through the entrance with their bags in tow. Shame and BBD are dressed in business casual style clothing, Shame holds his title over his shoulder and BBD trails a step behind. As they walk towards their dressing room, BBDS accidentally collides with a janitor who stumbles back in terror and loses control of the mop bucket with mop inside, covering his head as the bucket spills over with water and the mop clatters on the floor loudly.

Janitor: I am so sorry, I didn’t see you there!

BBD: What the hell do you think you are doing?

Janitor: I was on my way to go clean up a high school outing in the cafeteria before everyone showed up, apparently our rotten meats and sour cream inside a teenager makes for quite the explosive vomit and… other bodily functions.

Shame rolls his eyes and motions for BBD to follow him. BBD glares at the janitor, looking at him in the eyes before turning to leave with Shame. After bending down to try and pick up the bucket and mop, BBD returns to the janitor and picks him up by the collar, ready to attack.

BBD: Why are you wearing a mask!? Are you Grimnir? I haven’t seen you before!

Janitor: Jesus, you expect me to clean up pure liquid crap without a mask on? You really are a heartless bastard!

BBD lets the janitor go, brushing off his collar with a sickening sneer on his face. BBD walks away again, leaving the janitor to pick up his mop bucket and mop. As the janitor is about to mop up the soapy water, he stops and looks down the hallway before pulling out a key from his pocket and bringing it up to his blue eyes, nodding confidently. The “Janitor” places the key in his jumpsuit and quickly disappears, leaving the safety hazard behind.
The lights get dim and a silence fills the arena. Smoke covers the stage as “Right Above It” cues over the PA system. Strobe lights begin to flicker as the song begins. As Karma is poised on the top turnbuckle the music fades out and the lights come on.

My Way by Limp Bizkit plays as Nicky Jam comes out to the ring and steps over the top rope and raises his big right hand in the air..

The bell sounds. Karma Jones and Nicky Jam Rodriguez tie up. The two men push back and forth at each other trying to take sort of advantage in this match up. Jones and Rodriguez roll around while in the tie up. They even end up leaning against the ropes and twirling around them until they end up in a corner together. The referee gets in between the two men and asks for them to break it up. Jones is in the corner as Rodriguez is backing away from his opponent.

That is until he waits a couple seconds more before trying to attack Karma Jones. Nicky Jam connects with a right hand to his jaw area too. The fans watch on some more as Karma Jones retaliates with one of his own! They still go back and forth with right hands to each other until Nicky Jam Rodriguez comes out from the corner with a big knee lift to the mid section of Karma Jones! Nicky Jam now whips him across the ring and into a set of ropes. Jones comes back and gets tossed up and over his opponent Nicky Jam Rodriguez’s body and down on the ring mat crashing with his back side first. A modified Belly to Belly suplex and Nicky Jam now gets on top of Karma Jones for the pin attempt.



Karma Jones gets his shoulder up. Karma Jones begins to sit back up while Nicky Jam Rodriguez gets up on his feet too. As they both turn around towards each other, more right hands go flying across the ring area. Nicky Jam Rodriguez even leans over towards the ropes and both himself and Karma Jones go over the top ropes and to the outside floor. Neither man shows any movements of getting up just yet while the fans watch on and wait and wonder on what is going to exactly happen next. The ref begins to make a count with both men on the outside floor.




No signs from either man just yet.




Both men make it back into the ring.

Nicky Jam grabs hold of Karma Jones and sends him hard into the corner of the ring, before following up with a big splash in the corner. The move looks like it might just have squashed Karma Jones as he staggers out of the corner and gets slammed down to the mat by Nicky Jam. Rodriguez rises up to his feet and looks down on Karma Jones, before dropping a big leg down on the #1 contender for the Las Vegas Title. Rodriguez raises up to his feet and looks down at his opponent, before pulling him to his feet. Karma Jones swings a clothesline at Rodriguez, however Nicky Jam ducks under the arm and Karma Jones flattens the referee!

The fans cheer as the referee hits the mat, but as he does Nicky Jam drops Karma Jones with a full nelson slam! However as Nicky Jam goes for the cover, he notices that the referee is down. Nicky Jam Rodriguez rises up to his feet and frantically waves to the back for a referee to come down, but as he does Karma Jones lands a low blow on the big man! Nicky Jam looks in pain as Karma Jones spins him around before dropping him to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker! Nicky Jam hits the mat hard, but there is suddenly boos all around the arena as James Von Drake makes his way down the entrance ramp with his Las Vegas Championship belt!

Von Drake slides into the ring behind Karma Jones with the belt, and waits for him to turn around! Von Drake runs at Karma Jones looking to hit him with the title belt, however Karma Jones ducks out of the way at the last minute, and JVD smashes the belt into the skull of Nicky Jam Rodriguez by mistake as he begins to get up. James Von Drake staggers back in horror, but as he does Karma Jones loads him onto his shoulders for the ‘Reapers Revenge’! However before the joint #1 contender can hit the move, JVD fights his way off of Jones’ shoulders with some elbow shots to the head, before quickly bailing out of the ring!

Von Drake backs his way up the entrance ramp as the crowd boo him, whilst back in the ring the referee is beginning to come to! Karma Jones turns his attention away from JVD, and back to Nicky Jam Rodriguez, as he makes his way to the corner of the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle! Karma Jones then leaps from the top rope and lands a massive frogsplash onto Rodriguez before making the cover!




Karma Jones’ music hits the sound system and he rises to his feet and holds his hands high in the air in victory. Karma Jones stares up the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face directed at James Von Drake, who instead of costing Jones the match actually ended up helping him win it against the giant Nicky Jam Rodriguez!

OUTCOME: Karma Jones defeats Nicky Jam Rodriguez via pinfallBACKSTAGE

PERFECTION MEETS BEAUTIFULThe scene opens up focused on the outside door of a locker room. A black nameplate, affixed with a golden star and the numbers “220” on it is what we see. Cody Williams, ready for his debut match against “Beautiful” Bobby Dean, comes walking out of his designated locker room, but quickly comes to stop. The camera view pans out to show that his opponent for tonight is right there outside of his door. Leaning up against the wall Bobby Dean is all smiles as Cody Williams, suspicious, walks up to his opponent, curious and a bit confused.

Cody Williams: What are you doing here?

BBD: Oh, I just thought, proper introductions were in order. Considering how you sort of involved yourself in that big match of mine at Roll the Dice…

Cody Williams: Yeah, I was.

BBD: Yeah, I just wanted to say, no hard feelings. I don’t blame you for wanting to ride on my coat tails, I mean, I am the hottest thing going in sVo right now. I get it. Oh, where are my manners. The name is “Beautiful”, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean.

Bobby extends his hand towards a perplexed Cody Williams.

Cody Williams: “The Reflection of Perfection”…

Bobby interrupts.

BBD: Oh, why thank you! I’ve always said I was perfect, but to have someone finally agree…

Cody now interrupts.

Cody Williams: No.. I AM the “Reflection of Perfection”.. Not you, but me, Cody Williams.

Cody clasps hands with Bobby as Bobby looks Cody up and down, the arrogant smile replaced with a look of utter confusion.

BBD: Really!? You!? Reflection of Perfection? Sorry buddy, I just don’t see it…

Cody bristles at that tightening his grip, Bobby winces.

BBD: Hey there “friend” I’m going to need that hand later, so you better take it easy. I’m not much of a switch hitter if you get my drift.

The Reflection of Perfection snarls at the comment and yanks Bobby Dean into him, the two of them forehead to forehead. Cody scowls at Bobby Dean, his nostrils flared and his eyes ablazed. Bobby Dean glares into his eyes with a cocky smirk.

Cody Williams: We got jokes do we? Well, listen here Dean. I have got nothing against you. What I did at Roll the Dice wasn’t personal, it was strictly business. But now, it’s personal… You call yourself “Beautiful”? After tonight, you might want to reconsider a new moniker after I’m done with you..

Cody releases Bobby’s hand, tossing away his arm. Bobby tenderly rubbing his hand smiles again as Cody Williams begins to walk away, still making eye contact before he turns around and heads down the hallway. Bobby watches the Reflection of Perfection until he disappears around the corner.

BBD: Wow, what an ego!RINGSIDE

CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIALCameras open up backstage, immediately Chris Wrestling can be seen pacing about his room, Joey sitting aside him watching him, Chris Wrestling seems furious if anything.

Joey: Calm down dude, it’s not going to help.

Chris Wrestling stops and stares.

Chris Wrestling: I’m a fucking figure here in SVO, I’m that fucker you fear in the closet, not a guy who loses to his excess baggage former partners.

Chris Wrestling paces some more and turns again.

Chris Wrestling: I want the International Title, I have to do this!

Joey: Why man? Why this extreme?

Chris Wrestling: I need to prove a point..

Joey: WHAT POINT? You’re Chris Wrestling, you carried DJ to one of the longest Tag Team Title reigns in sVo history, almost undefeated, a man people fear right now, what the fuck have you got to prove?

Chris Wrestling: They fear me, but they don’t see me, I’m going to make everyone see me, I think it’s about time I show them the real monster inside of me!

Chris Wrestling pauses; Joey looks upset it’s come to whatever they’re talking about.

Chris Wrestling: Tonight!

Joey reacts with a shocked and regretful look, clearly showing something big will happen tonight, but what?
“Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva hits the sound system and there are boos all around for Colt Cooper as his entrance video hits the sVo-Tron. After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring pointing at the International Championship belt around his way, climbing up the steel stairs and stepping between the ropes before turning around to stare up the ramp.

“Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” by Enter Shikari then blasts around the arena as Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. He glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, basking in their cheers. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

The referee calls for the bell and Paradine immediately goes for the young International Champion, dishing out right hands and forcing him back into the corner. Cooper covers up, throwing his arms over his back and turning away from the punishing blows. Paradine seizes Cooper and pulls him out of the corner, picking him up and executing a huge scoop slam! Paradine climbs to his feet and shakes the top rope, Ultimate Warrior-style, before turning to watch as Cooper climbs to his feet. Paradine tackles Cooper back down to the mat, seizing him leg and pulling him back towards the middle of the ring. Before he can successfully apply an anklelock however Cooper kicks out and lunges at the ropes, lifting himself up on to one knee. Paradine moves forward again however Cooper drives an elbow into Paradine’s stomach causing the veteran to kneel over. Cooper capitalizes and hits a side headlock takeover, holding Paradine in place before driving his knees into Paradine’s ribs.

Paradine struggles, pushing at Cooper’s head with his forearm and eventually lifting his leg, wrapping it around Cooper’s neck and forcing him back before lifting up his right leg and applying a modified figure-four lock. Cooper begins to flail, panicking as the submission holds cuts off his air supply, before Paradine grabs his arm and manages to force a cutting armbar! Both men are now struggling, Cooper to escape the hold and Paradine to keep it locked in, before the resourceful Cooper manages to edge towards the ropes and place his foot on the bottom rope.

The referee orders Paradine to release the hold and he complies, albeit reluctantly. Both men stand up and contemplate each other before locking up in the middle of the ring, Cooper wrapping his arm around the back of Paradine’s head and driving his fist into the Australian Submission Machine’s stomach. Paradine takes a step back, winded, and Cooper suddenly unleashes with a spinning kick! The kick connects with Paradine’s jaw, the impact echoing around the arena and sending him down to the mat! Cooper drops and attempts a pinfall!



No! Kickout!

Paradine manages to get his shoulder up, staying alive in this contest! Cooper slaps him across the head and pulls him to his feet, unimpressed. The International Champion chops Paradine across the chest before unleashing several kicks in an attempt to weaken Paradine’s legs. The submission expert goes down onto one knee and Cooper runs at the ropes, rolling forwards smoothly into a handstand, bouncing off the ropes and hitting an enziguiri to the back of Paradine’s head as he stands up, knocking him down again. Cooper smirks and grabs both of Paradine’s feet, standing on his thighs and grabbing his arms before falling backwards and applying a Mexican surfboard, threatening to snap Paradine’s spine in half!

Paradine screams in pain and the referee asks if he would like to quit, however he shakes his head. Cooper eventually tires of the submission attempt, releasing Paradine and immediately pouncing on top of him before turning around and applying a three quarter facelock. With the lock still applied he pulls Paradine to his feet and hoists him into the air, turning around before suplexing Paradine. Cooper jumps on top of his opponent and attempts another pin!




Paradine again manages to get his shoulder up and Cooper growls in anger, grabbing the resilient Aussie and lifting him to his feet only to suddenly get caught with a huge STO! Paradine grabs Cooper and wraps his legs around the champion’s head applying another facelock and Cooper struggles, reaching out towards the ropes. He tests his balance before rolling forwards, pushing Paradine onto his shoulders.

The referee drops down to count the sudden pinfal attempt however Paradine kicks out and bounds back to his feet. Paradine kicks Cooper in the stomach before hitting a snapmere and grabbing both of Cooper’s arms. Paradine pulls Cooper up, however before he can hit a move Cooper drops back down onto his knees and hits a snapmere of his own. Paradine climbs back up immediately shaking off the cobwebs, ducking underneath a clothesline from Cooper only to eat an elbow to the face.

Cooper then grabs Paradine and throws him into the corner, kicking him in the small of the back before cutting him back down onto the mat. Cooper does a lap around the ring with his arm raised as the referee checks on Paradine before Cooper moves in for the kill, lifting Paradine to his feet only to suddenly find himself on the receiving end of a headbutt! Cooper retaliates by raking his fingers across Paradine’s face, blinding him momentarily. Cooper runs across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and looking to hit a running clothesline however Paradine again ducks underneath the attempt. Cooper wheels around, only to find himself on the recieving end of a ParaPlex! Nathan drives his opponent down onto the mat and hooks the leg!




OUTCOME: Nathan Paradine defeats Colt Cooper via pinfallRINGSIDE

THE TRUE CONTENDERImmediately after the end of the match, Nathan Paradine and Colt Cooper regard each other in the middle of the ring. Cooper sneers and snatches the International Championship away from the referee, climbing out of the ring and making his way up the ramp. Paradine watches him leave with a frown on his face, before shrugging and putting on a pair of sunglasses. He moves towards the ropes to exit the ring, however “Right Above It” by Lil Wayne and Drake begins to play and Karma Jones emerges from backstage holding a microphone. Karma grins and strides down the ramp, pausing at the bottom of the ramp and staring up at his co-number one contender.

Karma Jones: “Nathan Paradine… I suppose you think you’re a funny man. Last week you came up to me and you asked me to lay down for you in a match that would determine the number one contender for the sVo Las Vegas Championship. Now, obviously, I wasn’t going to do a stupid thing like that… and look where we have ended up.”

Karma chuckles and climbs up the steel stairs, stepping between the ropes and into the ring. He pauses again and looks at Paradine, a grin on his face.

Karma Jones: “You and I now share the number one contendership. Do you understand exactly how ridiculous that is? I have to share my number one contendership with a washed up… broken down… nobody piece of shit like yourself! Karma Jones, the FUTURE of the sVo… a co-contender? I don’t think so.”

Paradine nods in agreement, lifting his arms and motioning for Karma Jones to fight him now to settle the argument. Karma shakes his head and turns away.

Karma Jones: “Just you wait, Paradine. Your time is coming. You and I, we’re going to settle this. Understand?”

Paradine nods, and Jones moves to step between the ropes. As Paradine lowers his arms Jones suddenly wheels around and runs towards him, spearing him down to the mat. Paradine stands up clutching his back, turning around into a brutal kick to the stomach. As he kneels over Karma places his head between his legs and hits a huge powebomb, slamming him down. Karma stands up and spits on the body of his rival, sliding out underneath the bottom rope, walking up the ramp. Paradine stirs and manages to climb to his feet, lifting up his arms and motioning for Karma to step back into the ring. At the top of the ramp Karma pauses and the crowd begins to jeer. He shakes his head and turns around, sprinting back towards the ring. He dives underneath the bottom rope and stands up in a single fluid motion, clotheslining Paradine down onto the mat.

Karma viciously stomps down on Paradine’s body, pulling the “Melbourne Mauler” to his feet and holding him upright as he drives a series of right hands into his head before tossing him into the corner. Karma runs forwards and hits a bicycle kick in the corner, sending Paradine tumbling forwards. Karma smirks and picks him up again, this time lifting him onto his shoulders and hitting The Reaper’s Revenge. Karma drives one more kick into Paradine before climbing out of the ring, making his way up the ramp as several medical personnel run out from backstage to check on perhaps the first victim of Karma Jones.RINGSIDE

CASHING INColt Cooper stumbles backstage with his sVo International Championship belt over his shoulder holding his head in pain. His manager Clive English isn’t by his side by usual, but Colt Cooper looks a little worse for wear after the loss he just suffered to Nathan Paradine. Colt Cooper continues to stumble along the corridor towards his locker room, but as he does he walks straight into the frame of Mr Matt Anderson.

Anderson as always is wearing his perfectly crisp suit, with black wraparound shades covering his eyes. Anderson looks disgusted with the sight he sees in front of him as Colt Cooper claws at his suit trying to stand up straight.

Matt Anderson: “What the fucking hell was that?”

The sVo International Champion holds his head in even more pain at the loud voice of the sVo manager.

Colt Cooper: “Really not the best time Matt. I have a thumping headache and a really bad hangover right now.”

The rage behind the shades of Matt Anderson seems to be growing as he looks down on the International Champion.

Matt Anderson: “You are a representing of the Company dammit! We helped out that International title belt on you, and that’s how you repay us? By showing up drunk? Your a fucking DISGRACE!”

Anderson seems to be turning red just as quickly as Colt Cooper’s face is turning green.

Matt Anderson: “I can still smell the fucking Jack Daniels on you! I needed you to go out there and teach Nathan Paradine a lesson for getting involved on our business tonight! How the hell are you supposed to do that half cut??”

The sVo International Champion looks even worse for wear as his head starts spinning at the dressing down he is getting from the man leading the Company in the sVo. However he is saved from an unlikely source, as the black and pink wrestling attire of Chris Wrestling appears around the crowd. Wrestling walks towards Anderson with a smile on his face, and seems to be carrying a black bag in his hand. Wrestling hands the black bag over to Matt Anderson who looks confused.

Chris Wrestling: “Here you go Anderson, this is for you!”

Matt Anderson: “What the hell is it?”

Anderson unzips the bag, and his eyes light up with the amount of money that it is holding. Anderson nods his head looking suitably impressed.

Chris Wrestling: “I am cashing these earnings in, I want a shot at that title belt at Season’s Beatings!”

Chris Wrestling taps the International Championship belt that is on the shoulder of Colt Cooper, but Anderson looks unsure. Is he really going to throw one of his own Company members into a match like that?

Colt Cooper: “Wow Chris Wrestling dude. You don’t get a shot at my title. Tell him Mr Ander…”

Colt Cooper cuts himself off in mid-sentence as he feels a rumbling coming from his stomach. His head begins to spin even more until he leans forward and vomits the ‘celebration’ Jack Daniels back up… all over the shoes of Matt Anderson. Chris Wrestling looks disgusted, as Matt Anderson looks enraged.

Matt Anderson: “You know what… Fuck it you can have the match! This money can go towards buying me a new pair of shoes!”

Anderson shoots an evil look at the sVo International Champion who is now leaning against a nearby wall, before turning and walking off with Chris Wrestling’s money. Wrestling stares at Colt Cooper with a big smile on his face knowing he will get his chance to prove he is as good as he says he is at Seasons Beatings.BACKSTAGE

STRATEGY MEETINGSanction Violence Organisation’s flagship show returns from commercial, and cuts backstage after a quick pan of what is a hyped up Goodfellas Casino Arena crowd.

Backstage, Alex Brooks is in locker room, already in his wrestling gear in preparation for his match with TapOut Champion, Samuel Amos, which should be a phenomenal battle with both men stating wanting the same prize but going opposite ways to get it.

Brooks has a whiteboard in front of him, with magnetic pictures of the main players of the “Heroes of sVo” vs. The Company War. Brooks is talking to himself

Brooks: So Ethan Rider and The Teacher are friends and tag team partners but they are on opposite teams.

Brooks moves the two magnetic pictures of Rider and The Teacher closer together.

Brooks: Maybe we can use Rider as a spy… But The Teacher could be a double agent too.

Brooks taps the side of his head.

Brooks: Make a mental note about The Teacher. Be careful… And then we have Joey Equinox and Colt Cooper. Of course Joey Q is going to want to get revenge on Colt Cooper so we will let Joey loose on that turncoat.

Brooks grabs the magnetic pieces of Equinox and Cooper and draws a big red line from Equinox to Cooper followed by a red ‘x’ through Cooper’s picture.

Brooks: And now we’ve Rey Rosario and Nathan Paradine on our side and of course Nightmare and James Von Drake… Rey and Mr. Submission should be the ones to take on Nightmare and JVD…

Alex grabs the respective magnetic pictures and puts them together and draws the red lines linking them in his plans.

Brooks: That leaves me as team captain… and Matt Anderson… too. I guess I will have to take on the boss of the Company to make sure he doesn’t destroy the company.

Brooks does what he does with the pictures and smiles broadly quite proud of what he has achieved.

Brooks: Now to go find the other guys to tell them of our plans.

Brooks leaves his locker room with a skip to his step as the sVo cameras cut back to the Goodfellas Casino Arena.
The dulcid tones of Travel Now Journey Infinitely plays up to its crescendo. As the accompanying female voice explodes over the PA system, the houselights of the arena flare to their maximum. As the houselights dim down to normal, the blasting beats of the drums herald Grimnir, who stands at the entrance now with the Las Vegas title around his waist. He starts to walk down towards the ring as the drums force his march and before he reaches the ring he points up to the sky with both fingers, slides in and stays in a kneeling position for a few moments before standing up and using the ropes to stretch and loosen his muscles before handing the Las Vegas title to the referee.

Chris Wrestling is already in the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Grimnir is the first out of the starting block and bounces away from the corner with some stealthy footwork. He circles the ring quickly, closing the gap between him and his opponent. Chris Wrestling darts out of the corner, only to wind up across the ring in the corner that Grimnir started off in. Again, Grimnir closes the gap, only for Chris Wrestling to move away.

Frustrated, Grimnir forgets all about strategy and charges right at Chris Wrestling, trapping him in the corner. Grimnir tries for a running punch, but Chris Wrestling shifts his body weight and dodges the punch. He counters with a hard knee to the gut, which doubles over Grimnir. Following that up, Chris Wrestling drives the tip of his elbow smack in the middle of Grimnir’s back, which forces the masked phenom to a knee. Chris Wrestling then bounces off the near ropes, and delivers a knee to the side of Grimnir’s head. Grimnir hits the mat and rolls out of the ring, where he holds his head as he eyes Chris Wrestling.

Chris Wrestling goes to follow Grimnir out of the ring, but Chris Wrestling thinks twice, and slowly backs away from the ropes, allowing Grimnir to climb back in at his own leisure, and the two square off again. They lock up in the center of the ring, only for Chris Wrestling to gain control once again with a wristlock. Grimnir tries to free himself, but Chris Wrestling quickly swings around behind Grimnir, transitioning into a hammerlock. Grimnir winces in pain as Chris Wrestling applies more pressure, but sends an elbow back that catches Chris Wrestling in the face. Grimnir then swoops around behind Chris Wrestling and lifts him up by the waist before driving him chest first to the canvas.

Showing off his technical skills, Grimnir spins around and applies a headlock to try and keep Chris Wrestling grounded. However, Chris Wrestling slowly forces both Grimnir and himself to a standing position, but is taken back to the mat when Grimnir drills him with a knee to the gut followed by a underhook suplex.

Chris Wrestling hits the mat hard, and groans as he holds his back. Grimnir wastes little time and doesn’t let up at all as he climbs to his feet and starts stomping Chris Wrestling in the midsection. Chris Wrestling rolls away and heads for the corner with Grimnir following closely behind him.

As Grimnir closes in on his fallen opponent, Chris Wrestling fires of a hard punch to the stomach that catches Grimnir off guard. The former Las Vegas Champion staggers back out into the center of the ring and Chris Wrestling charges out of the corner, looking to plant his knees into Grimnir’s chest. He leaps up off the mat, but Grimnir catches him and hits a modified spinebuster with a roll up for a pin.




Showing great tenacity Chris Wrestling kicks out before the three count, but is much slower than Grimnir when it comes to getting back to his feet. Grimnir is waiting for Chris Wrestling to rise and when he does, he is dropped with a massive clothesline that even shocks Grimnir with its ferocity. Chris Wrestling flips over in mid air and comes crashing down on the canvas, but he only remains on the mat for a moment before Grimnir pulls him back to his feet.

Showing his killer instinct, Chris Wrestling fights off Grimnir and catches him with a jumping arm breaker. Chris Wrestling then holds onto his opponents arm and quickly locks in an armbar so tight that it looks as though Chris Wrestling may break some bones. Grimnir screams in pain and the referee steps in to see if there is a submission. Grimnir can be heard screaming “NO” as he struggles to get to the bottom rope. Eventually, he does reach the ropes and the referee calls for a clean break. Chris Wrestling obliges and lets go of Grimnir as both men race to their feet.

Grimnir is favoring his right arm and has to adjust to using his left arm for everything as Chris Wrestling advances on him. Chris Wrestling tries for a stiff kick to the left kidney, but Grimnir blocks it with his good arm. Then Chris Wrestling kicks him on the right side and Grimnir’s defenses go down. Grimnir tries his best to put distance between he and Chris Wrestling, but the man is too quick for him. Chris Wrestling darts to the right and jumps up and off of the second rope, connecting with a leaping roundhouse to Grimnir’s temple.

Grimnir falls to the canvas in obvious pain. Chris Wrestling leaps up to the top rope and readies himself for flight. However as he jumps off the rope Grimnir throws his knees up at the last possible second, connecting flush with the ribs of Chris Wrestling. Chris Wrestling rolls around the mat holding his side in pain.

Grimnir uses the ropes as his aid to get to his feet. Once on his feet he catches his breath and waits for Chris Wrestling to get up. Still in pain, Chris Wrestling finally makes it to his feet, but doesn’t notice Grimnir waiting behind him. The wary Chris Wrestling turns around only be hit with The Masked Justice!

Grimnir hooks the near leg for a pin.




OUTCOME: Grimnir defeats Chris Wrestling via pinfallBACKSTAGE

THE MAN IN THE GREEN AND PURPLE MASKAs BBD and Shame approach the ring to take care of business with Grimnir, the camera feed cuts back to the locker room area with the real Grimnir standing in front of the door which clearly states “Mavericks BBD and Shame”.

Grimnir: Hey! Hey, you two! Yeah, I wouldn’t bother going after him there in the ring. He isn’t real. I paid a local wrestler who looks somewhat like me to stand in for me. As you can tell I wasn’t too worried about Chris Wrestling and his antics. I think you two might be a little more concerned about what I am going to do to you.

BBD is about to race to the back to take care of Grimnir when he is stopped by Shame, who points up at the screen and swears before pushing BBD in frustration.

Grimnir: Not so fast there BBD. You see, I seem to have something which used to belong to you. Does this look familiar?

Grimnir holds up a key.

Grimnir: Seems my luck just keeps getting better and better every day with you two! I found this key over by the janitor’s closet and wondered where it went, so I tried every single room until I found the right door. Boy, you don’t know how hard it was to try to not look so obvious! Anyway, I wanted to show everyone what I found in your locker room. Come on, camera man! I won’t bite… much!

Grimnir opens the door and motions for the camera crew to follow, merrily skipping inside the room itself. He turns and flips a switch on, showing the room completely trashed with all of the mavericks personal belongings strewn about the floor.

Grimnir: Would you look at this? Is this how a World Heavyweight champ and his boy companion travel? I am amazed! I mean, who would let a thirteen year old boy like BBD live like this? Sheesh, Shame must be a great dad! Let’s have a look-see, shall we!

Grinir kneels down and starts rifling through a pile of clothes before pulling out a bottle.

Grimnir: You know, I know the boys in the back like to oil up with the finest quality products but lilac scented baby oil is a little overboard. And what is this over here? Why it looks like it is matching man thongs! Awww, look! They think they are super heroes! This one even has Shame’s name written on it!

Grimnir holds up the thongs to the camera, showing a name which is clearly not in Shame’s handwriting scrawled all over the front section of the thong. Grimnir tosses it aside before continuing.

Grimnir: Oh well, I am sure the name is on the OUTSIDE of the thong so they can remember each other’s names when they are all oiled up! What else did I forget? What was that, camera guy? You say you heard something? Oh yeah, I remember now! I kidnapped your little lackey, boys! I tied him up to a chair and gagged him, leaving him in the bathroom under the shower head with the water turned on JUST ENOUGH to make it like Chinese Water Torture. I like Chinese. They only come up to your knees, you know…

The crowd starts to laugh at the statement as BBD and Shame are furious. They start to run towards the back, Grimnir egging them on all along.

Grimnir: That’s right. Come on back here and find me, I know you can do it. Let’s settle this like men, shall we?

The camera feed cuts off as the two of them disappear behind the curtain. After a few moments, the real Grimnir rolls out of the ring, shrugs his shoulders and races off after them to see the aftermath of his plan.BACKSTAGE

MAKING A STATEMENTHigh above the Goodfellas Casino Arena in the now infamous luxurious skybox used as Company HQ during sVo’s home venue shows Matt Anderson sits under a cloud of self-produced cigar smoke. He puffs casually on his cigar as he mulls over the events of the evening until he is interrupted by three sharp knocks on the door.

Anderson looks to the door, but before he can even answer the door bursts open and the smirking, masked man known as Nightmare strides confidently into the skybox followed reluctantly by his unwilling manager, Akira Kimura.

Anderson: “Miyamoto – don’t you knock?”

Nightmare: “I did, but there was no answer.”

The two men exchange glances, obviously thinking back to their last meeting earlier in the week in the hotel towers above before Anderson finally breaks the tension and bursts out laughing.

Anderson: “You’re a ballsy bastard, Nightmare. You try my patience, but damned if I don’t find you entertaining.”

Nightmare is unmoving, he simply stares back at Anderson – his devious smirk still frozen on his face. Anderson turns to the elderly Japanese man.

Anderson: “Master Kimura, always a pleasure.”

Kimura glowers as he simply grunts in response. Seeing that neither is particularly in a mood for conversation, Anderson looks back to Nightmare.

Anderson: “So, what do you want?”

Nightmare: “I came here to remind you of what I told you earlier in the week, Matt. I know that I’m valuable to The Company at the moment. In two weeks I’ve eliminated two thorns from your side – tonight I will remove a sizable thorn.”

Nightmare pauses, practically salivating.

Nightmare: “Tonight I will defeat Roscoe Shame. I will beat our so called ‘World Champion’ worse than anyone has ever beaten him in his life. You had better be paying attention to that match – afterwards I’m going to expect some compensation.”

Anderson: “What do you want?”

Nightmare crosses to Anderson moving his face within inches of the face of his employer.

Nightmare: “You know what I want.”

Kimura: “Oh, here we go – the gold whore is back.”

Anderson squints and squirms as he shakes his head.

Anderson: “You know that’s just not possible…”

Nightmare: “You said it yourself, ‘Anarchy’… you, The Company are powerful and in control here. You, The Company look after your own. Figure something out or you’ll be finding someone else to do your dirty work – and good luck finding another man who could take out both Night AND Roscoe Shame inside the same month!”

Anderson: “You deal with Shame and we’ll talk – I’m not sure your acquainted with a saying we have in English, ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch’… I think that relates here perfectly.”

Nightmare grins maliciously at Anderson.

Nightmare: “Just figured I’d give you a bit of a heads up to get thinking now. Tonight is as good as mine.”

Anderson: “After this diva-esque performance you’ll look like an ass if you lose…”

Kimura: “… WHEN you lose.”

Nightmare snaps his head to the old man, moving to him impossibly fast and effortlessly shoving him backwards and sending him crashing hard into the wall.

Nightmare: “You’d both better watch your attitudes. Pay attention, Matt… we’ll be talking more about this soon.”

Nightmare, still smirking storms out of the skybox, giving his mentor another hard shove as he passes him before we cut back to ringside.BACKSTAGE

COOLER HEADSShame and BBD race towards their locker room. As they reach the door they find it is locked. Shame swears at BBD for letting his key be stolen while BBD looks around for something to break down the door. Shame levels a few shoulders into the door before he moves aside for BBD, who found an impromptu batting ram to knock in the door. After a few slams with the ram, BBD pulls back and is about to swing at the door once more when it opens on its own, nearly causing BBD to fall through. As BBD catches his footing, he sees Jeremiah Sloan looking at them as if they both grew three heads on their body in a few seconds.

Sloan: What the hell is going on out here!? Why are you breaking down the door and making all this racket!?

BBD: We… Uh… we thought you were in trouble…

Shame: Grimnir said he kidnapped you and was torturing you.

Sloan: Damn it! I spent all show chasing after him three times before finding out they weren’t actually him! We have to get this guy! Get in here so we can plan before you do any MORE damage to sVo property!

BBD and Shame glare at each other before walking into the locker room, closing the damaged door behind them. The camera pans over to Grimnir standing up against a wall with his arms crossed over his chest and clearly laughing.
“Jukebox Hero” by Foreigner begins to blast over the arena sound system as Alex Brooks appears from backstage. The young star grins and sprints down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans at ringside, before diving into the ring underneath the bottom rope. He climbs to his feet and makes his way to the turnbuckle, raising his arms before climbing down and moving into the corner.

“Your Betrayal” by Bullet for my Valentine then starts to play as Samuel Amos appears from behind the curtain, the sVo TapOut Championship around his waist. He walks down to the ring, ignoring the jeers and cries from the fans, climbing up the steel stairs and stepping between the ropes. He stares down Brooks before unbuckling the title belt and handing it to the referee. He shrugs off his jacket and tosses it to ringside before moving into the corner, doing a few light warm ups.

The referee raises the title belt to signify that it will be on the line in this match up. The crowd cheers as he hands it to the time keeper and calls for the bell to be rung, officially getting this match underway!

Amos and Brooks circle each other, Brooks eventually lifting his arm for a test of strength. Amos raises his eyebrow, however he moves in and locks up with Brooks, both men fighting to gain the upper hand before Amos pushes Brooks backwards onto the ropes. Both men struggle for control and Brooks eventually manages to push Amos away. Both men move back into the middle of the ring, circling around each other again before Amos moves in for the kill, diving for Brooks’s legs however the young star manages to evade the attempt. Amos climbs back to his feet and immediately goes after Brooks again, this time hitting a Lou Thesz press and driving his fist into Brooks’s face.

Brooks kicks Amos away and rises back to his feet. Brooks lights up the chest of Amos with a series of chops before sending him tumbling into the corner. Brooks runs forwards and clotheslines Amos before throwing up out into the middle of the ring. Brooks climbs up onto the top rope and jumps forwards looking to hit an elbow drop however Amos rolls out of the way! Amos jumps on top of Brooks and applies a headlock!

Brooks grunts in pain, however he manages to get up on his knees and throw Amos off. Brooks quickly stretches his neck before grabbing Amos, dealing out several quick kicks before executing a picture perfect dropkick and sending Amos onto the ropes! Brooks charges forwards and swings between the ropes, hitting a modified tiger feint kick and drivng his knees into the small of Amos’s back! Amos falls forward onto his knees and Brooks hits a knee drop, grabbing the TapOut Champion’s leg and applying an STF hold!

Amos screams in pain, attempting to reach the bottom rope and secure his release from the hold.He gradually manages to inch over to the ropes and grab the bottom rope. The referee orders Brooks to release the hold and Brooks backs away, brushing his blonde hair out of his face. Amos rises back to his feet and grabs the top rope, obviously trying to devise a new strategy. He turns around and moves towards Brooks, grabbing his opponent and whipping him into the ropes. Brooks bounces off and catches Amos with a headscissors on the rebound, however the reigning champion climbs back to his feet and ducks underneath a spinning elbow attempt. Amos grabs Brooks and drives an elbow into his back, however Brooks throws him off and again whips him towards the ropes. Amos this time tumbles out to ringside, slamming against the guard rail. Brooks kneels down and taunts him to climb back into the ring, however Amos simply scowls and makes towards his discarded jacket.

Brooks frowns in puzzlement as Amos searches through his jacket before turning around and sliding back into the ring. Brooks meets him and stomps down, however Amos manages to roll out of the way. He jumps back to his feet and shoves his hand down his tights, pulling forth his tazer! Brooks attempts to back away but Amos strikes out, pressing the tazer against the patch of skin between Brooks’s neck and shoulder. Brooks goes limp and Amos seizes his opportunity, locking in a crossface chickenwing. The crowd boos this sudden change in the flow of the match, however Brooks manages to come to his senses… he struggles valiantly, but-


Brooks taps out! Amos keeps the hold locked in applying even more pressure to the back of his rival before the referee pulls him away. Amos grabs the TapOut Championship and throws it over his shoulder as he walks up the ramp, a savage grin on his face as he disappears backstage.

OUTCOME: Samuel Amos defeats Alex Brooks via submissionRINGSIDE

MESSAGE SENTAlex Brooks rises to his feet in the middle of the ring, and the sVo Showdown fans give him a standing ovation for the effort he just put forth in his match against Samuel Amos. Brooks nods to the fans as they acknowledge just how close he came to picking up the sVo TapOut Championship belt right there. Alex Brooks soaks up the cheers for a few more seconds before climbing out of the ring and making his way up the entrance ramp.

Alex Brooks slaps the hands of the fans either side of the ramp way until he reaches the top of the stage, where he turns and waves to the fans once again. The fans respond with another big cheer, having been taken with the youngster after his attitude in recent weeks and standing up for the sVo against the Company. Alex Brooks continues to wave to the fans, until out of nowhere Nightmare steps out onto the top of the entrance stage from the back!

Boos begin to sound around the arena, but it’s too late to warn Alex Brooks as the monster Nightmare steps forward and grabs Alex Brooks, before launching him off of the side of the entrance stage and to the floor below! Brooks goes flying into the stage equipment some ten feet below, as people rush around to check if the youngster is ok. Nightmare stands at the top of the entrance ramp staring out at the booing fans with the message well and truly sent, don’t stick your nose into Company business.

Nightmare ignores the fans before turning and making his way backstage as if nothing has happened, as EMT’s rush out to check on Alex Brooks. With Nightmare ending the career of Night and El Locon in the last two weeks, has he ended the career of Alex Brooks with that move here tonight? Will he end the career of the sVo World Heavyweight Champion Roscoe Shame later in the main event?BACKSTAGE

FIRST BLOODThe cameras arrive on a hectic scene as medics surround the lifeless body of Jeremiah Sloan who lies in a pool of blood. The medics go to work on the man formerly known as Ice, checking his vitals, announcing that the man is breathing, with a steady pulse but has been knocked unconscious. They quickly secure the man on a gurney and begin to wheel him to an awaiting ambulance as onlookers consisting of numerous backstage sVo employees stand around whispering. Who done it? Was it the Company following up on earlier threats, or was it Grimnir continuing to get in the mind of Beautiful Shame?BACKSTAGE

AGAINST ALL ODDSWalking backstage and down the hallways towards his locker room at the Goodfella’s Casino arena in Las Vegas, Nevada is Joseph Equinox. He recently wrestled a match with James Von Drake on UnSanctioned one day prior to tonight’s ShowDown event. Seemingly a little annoyed by all the recent losses as well as the issues consistently stemming with The Company, Joey Q was a little annoyed.

Unfortunately, bad news would continue once he reached into his black Nike duffel bag for his cell phone.

Joesph Equinox: “Heh, a voice mail?”

He took his phone, clicked okay and pressed it up to his ear drum as it began to ring.

Joseph Equinox: “I wonder who this could be…”

As it rang time after time, he became even more curious. Seconds later the message played…

???: “Hey there Joey Q… it’s your favorite white boy, Banks. You know, the guy you wanted help from?”

The voice was obvious, it was former sVo wrestler Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson. The message continued…

Howard Thompson: “It seems I met up with a certain someone you know… her name is Serenity?”

He pauses, then continues…

Howard Thompson: “Yeah, that’s it!”

Joseph’s eyes begin to roll in his head as he doesn’t like the sound of this.

Howard Thompson: “Well, anyways. We met up randomly one day and she told me how I was her biggest fan… and well, one thing lead to another so, now we’re on our way to Vegas. Betcha can’t guess as to why… hahaha!”

His voice chuckled loudly as Equinox took the phone away from his ear to hear the rest of it. He closed his phone as he then took it from his ear and now into the palm of his hand.

Joseph Equinox: “He met up with Serenity? And is on his way to Vegas?”

At first it was blinding, but moments later it became more familiar to him.

Joseph Equinox: “That son of a b*tch!”

Quickly Joey turned and threw his phone as hard and as fast as he could against the brick wall in his locker room. It shattered instantly in pieces, much like his heart began too. He bent over, feeling the pain of possibly losing his girlfriend.

Joseph Equinox: “I don’t have time for this, crap! He better not be doing what I think he is!”

Equinox would exit his locker room and down the hall as he wondered what sort of bad luck he would have next. The only question is, how did Howie pull it off and why is he coming to a place where he use to wrestle with his girlfriend? Only time could tell!BACKSTAGE

IT’S NOT OVERChris Wrestling walks out of his locker room. He walks through the halls with an air to him. As he turns the corner he is met with a chair to the face. The person continues to slam the chair onto him as he falls. We see the culprit is Juliana Torres. Lizzie is standing behind her shaking in fear. He looks for an exit seeing both ends of the halls are blocked off by DJ and Raven.

Juliana: You took her for months! YOU Bastard!

Juliana says screaming at Chris Wrestling lifting the chair and bringing it down on him.

Juliana: You thought I would let you get away with it? I will make you bleed for all the pain you caused her. You’ll never get her again.

She says with hate as she slams his side with the chair.

Juliana: You’re going to know what it’s like to be the victim!

By this point officials rush the scene. Juliana drops the chair on Chris Wrestling and grabs Lizzie’s hand and walks away. Juliana adjusts her hair on her face and fixes her outfit seeming calm now. Juliana steps over Chris Wrestling’s body and pulls Lizzie’s hand who is shaking as she walks past her abductor as the action returns to ringside!!BACKSTAGE

MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN!The cameras watch as Bobby Dean walks down the hall, going the same way Cody Williams just went, heading towards the ring for their upcoming match. Turning the corner he is surprised to see Ethan Rider standing there, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. Smiling Bobby is caught completely unaware as Colt Cooper comes up behind and blind sides him with a baseball bat. Colt tosses the bat to Rider but before Rider can hit the downed Bobby, Colt turns on the camera crew. With a palm strike, Colt knocks the camera to the ground, a last shot of Rider rearing back with the bat in hand shows before breaking out into static.BACKSTAGE

THE LISTThe scene immediately switches back to High above the Goodfellas Casino Arena in the now infamous luxurious skybox used as Company HQ during sVo’s home venue shows. As before Matt Anderson is sitting with a cigar in his mouth as he leans back in the expensive black leather seats with a clipboard in his hands. Across the room from him sits the former manager of Night and current unwilling manager of Nightmare, Akira Kimura. Kimura doesn’t looks completely miserable to be in the company of Anderson, and is sitting on a traditional wrestling steel chair, a far cry from the comfort that Matt Anderson is enjoying.

Matt Anderson: “Everything is falling into place rather nicely don’t you think Akira?”

Anderson chuckles to himself as he rules a line through an item on his list.Johnny All Star
Paige All Star
Pat Fullam
Chris Bond
Joseph Equinox
Alex Brooks
Nathan Paradine
Bobby Dean
Roscoe ShameAkira Kimura doesn’t respond, and instead just sits across at Anderson silently shaking his head.

Matt Anderson: “Oh come on old man? Not a part of you enjoying this at all? You used to be part of the Company! You were one of the major players! Don’t pretend you weren’t pulling schemes like this back in the day?”

Matt Anderson smirks not expecting an answer as he returns to his list, but this time Akira Kimura speaks up.

Akira Kimura: “I got involved in the Company long ago Anderson, it was a much different animal to what it has become today. I was there in the beginning, whilst you were still a youngster losing wrestling matches in high school gyms in front of twenty people. Back then the Company was a force for good, we got together to change the world…”

Kimura stares off in the distance remembering the days of old, but is snapped back to the present by Anderson.

Matt Anderson: “Don’t be so ridiculous. You might have told yourself back then to keep your conscious at bay, but you need to face facts. I have heard the stories…”

Akira Kimura: “We did things I wasn’t proud of. I admit that. That’s why I got out.”

Matt Anderson: “You never get out Akira, you should know that better than anyone.”

Kimura hangs his head slightly as Anderson takes another big drag on his cigar.

Akira Kimura: “Did you explain that to these young kids when you drafted them in? Did you explain that to the likes of James Von Drake, Colt Cooper and Ethan Rider? Do they know what you have actually got them into?”

Anderson shrugs his shoulders to deflect the question.

Matt Anderson: “They know they are going to be rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams. That’s all they need to know. I used to be in their shoes. Then someone invited me to join back when I was Dynasty Wrestling Champion. Now look where I am! Who wouldn’t want that? Would wouldn’t want to be me right now?”

Akira Kimura: “It seems a few people last week showed you they don’t want that. They don’t want the Company anywhere near the sVo, and they never will.”

Anderson’s face darkens as he recalls the events of last week.

Matt Anderson: “The Company has always been here in the sVo, they just never knew it back then… Besides, look at what happened to the people the likes of yourself pin your hopes on Kimura! Equinox? JVD destroyed him out last night! Alex Brooks? Nightmare threw him off a stage! The Teacher? Bobby Dean? They both got what was coming to them! Night? Well I think you know what happened there…”

Anderson smirks as he holds his clip board in the face of Kimura.

Akira Kimura: “From what I can see there is still a few names not crossed out on that list….”

Anderson shrugs his shoulders as he casual places the list down.

Matt Anderson: “Roscoe Shame will get what’s coming to him later. Nightmare will make sure of that. I can’t wait to watch that match with you and see your face when he destroys him, just like he destroys your precious Night!”

Kimura winces at the memory.

Matt Anderson: “Colt Cooper might have failed to take out Paradine, and that’s unfortunate. He’s young and he will learn from his mistakes. We have all made them on the path that took us here.”

Kimura smiles at the thought of Colt Cooper throwing up on Matt Anderson’s shoes earlier. Anderson almost reads the mind of Kimura, as he leans in and blows smoke into his face. Anderson holds the list up and points to it as he speaks

Matt Anderson: “The people on this list will never get anywhere, because they are just a collection of individuals. In the Company we are one. We all strive for one common goal. Hell I don’t need to tell you that… This lot save a few of them have nothing in common. We will do what we do best, pick them off one by one, turn them against each other, destroy them! They have no one to unite behind! They have no one pulling them in one direction!”

Kimura looks disgusted at Anderson, but a smirk slowly spreads across his face.

Akira Kimura: “Unless he returns…”

Anderson looks at Kimura for a few seconds, but then laughs.

Matt Anderson: “Your precious Night? He is a loner. He couldn’t unite these individuals behind him, half of them are too jealous of what he has achieved. Besides he is never coming back, his BROTHER took care of that.”

Kimura once again winces at the memory, until a calmness settles over his face.

Akira Kimura: “Not Night, but another man that wears a mask. I’ve heard Nathan Paradine is pretty close to finding out who it is! Your failure to take him out might be your undoing. I’m surprised you guys are not more worried…”

Kimura leaves it hanging in the air for a few seconds as Anderson looks like he has seen a ghost.

Matt Anderson: “How do you know?”

Akira Kimura: “Like you said, once your in the Company you can never truly break all roots. You still hear whispers.”

Once again Anderson looks like he has seen a ghost.

Matt Anderson: “He… He.. He hasn’t had the balls to show up in weeks. He is no threat to us.”

Akira Kimura: “Who you trying to convince? Me or yourself?”

Matt Anderson: “Shut up old man, I have got things to do.”

Anderson rises up from his seat and walks away from Kimura. Akira Kimura smiles, knowing he has suitible gotten under the skin of his nemesis.
The house lights slowly dim, synched to the sound of a THX surround sound test causing the jam packed audience of the Goodfellas Arena to erupt. The sounds of “Head Like A Hole” (Clay Remix) by Nine Inch Nails blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up. Cody Williams can be seen rising up from the top of the ramp by way of lift. Once the lift comes to a halt he throws his arms up into the air to an eruption of pyrotechnics, followed by fireworks raining down ontop of him from above the stage.

Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You’re going to get what you deserve

He makes his way down the entrance ramp, pounding his chest and pointing out to the crowd as they continue to drown the stadium with cheers. He slides into the ring and rushes to the nearest corner and stands on the second turnbuckle leaning over, repeatedly pounding his chest and raising his arms in the air. He hops off and heads over to the opposite corner and does the same, taking off his “220” shirt and throwing it into the crowd.

“You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds. Dean looks to be a crimson mess as he struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and lean against the ropes. His blonde hair is stained red and he looks to have been badly beaten at the hands of the Company. How will he be able to compete in this condition?


Cody Williams tilts his head to the left and then to the right, rotating his wrists at the same time as he shakes himself out. Bobby Dean stands across from him in the ring corner, his arms resting on the ropes staring at his opponent. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head at the pre-match warm up of Cody Williams. Cody and Bobby walk out of their respected corners and begin to circle each other, trying to size the other up. The crowd begins to chant Cody’s name.


Williams stops at stares out into the crowd, admiring the support he has from the fans that are in attendance. The Beautiful one throws his arms up in the air, tired and impatient with Cody Williams who is slow to begin. Cody nods his head and begins to clap his hands, trying to get the fans behind him in his first match back with the Sanctioned Violence Organization since 2008.

The two of them begin to circle each other again and head towards the center of the ring and engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Bobby Dean shows his strength and pushes forward causing Cody to take several steps back. Cody holds his ground and begins to push forward himself, causing Bobby to take several steps back in turn. Bobby Dean tries to push Cody back but Cody pulls him in and locks in a side headlock. He begins to wrench at the head of Bobby Dean, applying as much pressure as he can to subdue his adversary. Cody grabs the wrist of Bobby Dean and applies an arm wrench, really cranking down on it. He then ducks under and transitions into a reverse hammerlock. Bobby Dean twists out of it and Japanese arms drags Cody sending him across the ring.

Cody stands up onto his feet and looks across the ring at Bobby Dean who is dusting his hands off, smirking. Cody Williams charges at Bobby Dean and almost runs into a hard lariat but he ducks under. He his Dean with a forearm to the side of the head, sending Bobby stumbling back. Cody grabs the side of Bobby Dean’s head and delivers a vicious European uppercut that sends Bobby into the ropes. Cody seeing an opportunity charges at Bobby Dean with a clothesline but the Beautiful one sends him up and over the ropes to the outside with a back body drop.



Bobby Dean rolls to the outside and looks down at a fallen Cody Williams. He grabs Cody by the hair and brings him up to his feet. His slaps Cody in the face and Cody drops down to his knees.


Bobby picks Cody up again once more and goes for a punch, Cody blocks it and hits a hard European uppercut that sends Dean into the guardrail.



Cody slides back into the ring to break the referee’s count. He walks towards the center of the ring, Bobby Dean still on the outside slowly making his way back to his feet using the guardrail for support. Cody looks out into the crowd and then looks back outside at Bobby Dean who has his back turned. Cody points at Bobby and charges for the ropes on the opposite end. He bounces off of the ropes and charges towards Bobby Dean, leaping through the middle and top rope and hits a suicide forearm smash right into Bobby Dean’s face. The impact of the move sends Bobby Dean into the guardrail, the momentum of the move carries Cody Williams and sends him into the guardrail as well, his back making contact with the hard steel.




Cody Williams and Bobby Dean make their way to their feet, the effects of the suicide dive visible as both are wobbly on their feet. Cody hits a forearm smash and rolls Bobby back into the ring. Cody slides into the ring and lays on top of Dean, hooking the leg.




NO! Kickout.

Bobby Dean gets his shoulder up off of the mat before the referee can make the three count. Cody Williams sits up and re-analyzes his game plan as it isn’t enough to keep Bobby Dean down for the count. Cody exits through the middle rope and makes his way up the turnbuckles. He stands perched atop the top turnbuckle and eyes Bobby trying to find his center of gravity in the middle of the ring. Bobby turns around and Cody leaps into the air, tucking his knees in tight to his chest. He extends his legs and his feet make contact with Bobby Dean’s chest, sending him tumbling backwards with a front missile dropkick. Cody crawls towards Bobby and rolls him over and makes the cover.




NO! Bobby Dean gets the shoulder up once again.

Cody runs his fingers through his hair and pounds on the mat. He stands back up onto his feet and grabs Bobby Dean by the arm and drags him into a standing position. He grabs his wrist and irish whips him into the corner, Bobby’s back making contact with the corner causing the ring to rattle. Cody Williams isn’t too far behind and hits the Beautiful one with a running European uppercut. He grabs Bobby’s arm and irish whips him across the ring once again. Bobby is sent crashing into the turnbuckles once again as Cody Williams charges after him. Cody Williams this time comes running across the ring with a clothesline but Bobby Dean shoots out from the corner and underneath the clothesline attempt. Cody’s chest collides with the turnbuckles and the impact sends him stumbling backwards. Bobby Dean grabs him by the waist and secures a half nelson with his other arm. Bobby Dean lifts The Reflection of Perfection up off of his feet and sends him flying halfway across the ring with a half nelson suplex.

Bobby rolls over onto his stomach and looks at his fallen foe, surveying the damage he inflicted. He holds his jaw as he stands up and shakes his head, trying to shake out the cobwebs. He lays it to Cody Williams with several stomps to the back of his head. He lifts Cody up and delivers a hard forearm to the upper back area. Cody stands up in pain and is met with a hard knife hand chop across his chest, the sound echoing throughout the Goodfellas Arena. The Beautiful one forces Cody into the corner and hits him with a hard right followed up by another thunderous chop to the chest. He grabs Cody by the waist and hoists him onto the top turnbuckle. Cody fights back and kicks Dean in the chest. Bobby grabs his chest in pain but immediately leaps into the air and wraps his legs around the head of Cody Williams, and tosses him backwards with a standing hurricanrana. He crawls over to Cody and drapes an arm over his chest.




NO! Kickout.

Bobby Dean rolls Cody Williams back onto his back and makes another cover, this time hooking the leg and driving a forearm into his face for good measure.




NO! Cody gets the shoulder up again.

Bobby Dean pounds on the mat in frustration, frustrated that he cannot seem to put Cody Williams away. He grabs Cody by the air and lifts him up onto his feet, Cody on spaghetti legs. Dean kicks him in the gut, followed by a hard right to the side of the head. Bobby kicks Cody in the gut once more, bending Williams over. He grabs his head and places it between his legs as he peers out into the crowd. He grabs Cody by the waist and lifts him up for a piledriver. Cody Williams kicks his legs frantically in an attempt to escape. Cody lands back onto his feet and stands up, holding onto Bobby’s legs and securing his head with the right arm. He gets a running start and leaps into the air and drives Bobby Dean’s head into the hard unforgiving canvas with a PICTURE PERFECT!!!

Cody gets a second wind and kicks up onto his feet. He throws his arms into the air, getting the crowd in attendance to rally behind him. He climbs up the turnbuckles and stands perched up on the top rope. He leaps into the air with a huge five star frog splash. Bobby Dean rolls out of the way and Cody comes crashing down onto the ring canvas. Cody comes up on all fours, clutching his stomach in agonizing pain. Bobby Dean slowly makes his way onto his feet and shoves Cody’s head between his legs. He secures his arms around the waist of Cody Williams and hits him with his patended maneuver, STARSTRUCK!!! The impact of the move folds Cody up like an accordion, Bobby Dean quick to make the cover.




Bobby Dean rolls over onto his back completely exhausted from the match he just partook in with Cody Williams. The fans start to bark at the referee, pointing at a downed Cody Williams. Cody has his leg draped on the bottom rope, causing Bobby Dean’s victory to be null and void. The referee makes his way over to Bobby Dean and helps him onto his feet, raising his arm in the air in victory, naming him the victor. Bobby Dean clutches the side of his head. He drops down to the mat and rolls out, raising his arm high into the air. He looks inside the ring and notices Cody’s foot on the bottom rope. He pushes Cody’s leg off of the rope and then raises his arm up into the air once more as he makes his way up the ramp. The referee turns around and makes his way to Cody Williams, helping him into a seated position, Cody clutching his neck, shaking his head in disapproval. He tells the referee about his leg being on the bottom rope, the ref saying he didn’t see it. Bobby Dean turns around looking back into the ring, a big smirk filling his face ear to ear.

OUTCOME: Bobby Dean defeats Cody Williams via pinfallBACKSTAGE

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUSTRoscoe Shame, nervous, walks down the hall stopping to look over his shoulder every step of the way. With Jeremiah rushed to the hospital, Bobby busted up with a baseball bat, Roscoe knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s next.

Rounding a corner he is not surprised to see Nightmare standing there anxiously waiting. Behind him is an equally anxious JVD and a bored looking Ethan Rider who, like before, is relaxing up against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. Roscoe takes a quick look around, not seeing Colt Cooper anywhere, Roscoe turns his attention back to the trio.

Roscoe Shame: Well come on then, I don’t have all night!

Nightmare, JVD and Roscoe charge into each other like old Nordic warriors clashing midfield. Roscoe is quickly out manned as Nightmare and JVD get the upper hand. Ethan Rider, now with a bloodied baseball bat in hand, stalks in as JVD takes Roscoe’s arm and holds it out and Nightmare places a knee on Roscoe’s chest, holding the champ in place. Rider rears back and hits one out of the park as the bat collides with Roscoe’s exposed arm! Roscoe howls in pain as JVD, Nightmare, and Ethan Rider rise to their feet and begin to walk away.RINGSIDE

VOTE OF CONFIDENCERey Rosario’s music hits the arena as Rey Rosario walks out from the backstage, area dressed in a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket and a pair of red tinted shades. He makes his way down the entrance ramp, and quickly runs up the steel steps and enters the ring through the ropes.

He looks around at the crowd for a few seconds before asking for and receiving a mic.

Rey:” You know, ever since I originally joined up with Chris Wrestling, back when I became a member of what was then known as The Corporation, people have been talking about how I didn’t exactly “fit the bill” of a Corporation member, and now that I have been chosen to join up with Chris Wrestling and Canadian Crippler as part of the new Canadian Connection, people are talking about Wrestling’s alleged lack of leadership abilities. Well the thing about that is, I tend to trust my own judgment a heck of a lot more than I trust a bunch of strangers, and let’s not forget that the very same people who are badmouthing Wrestling’s ability to lead, are mostly the same people who are praising Matt Anderson every chance they get.”

Rey lowers the mic and pauses as the crowd boo’s at the mention of Matt Anderson.

Rey:” Now I’m not denying that Matt Anderson has done a terrific job building up this company, making Sanctioned Violence Organization what it is today, but this is also the same man who likes to, on what seems to be a regular basis, screw people. THAT is what they consider good leadership?…They also claim that Chris Wrestling is mentally unstable, in fact, when it comes to Wrestling, there seems to be no shortage of insults flying around, but lets stick with this “mentally unstable” for a minute, shall we? See, it seems to me that, say, screwing people, sounds like something that an unstable person would do. And it seems to me, that giving certain people privileges is something that an unstable person would do. Both of these things have been done in Sanctioned Violence Organization, neither of them by Chris Wrestling, and yet HE is the one who is being accused of being unstable?…Okay, I’m not really surprised by that, with things like these you always have to consider the source, or in this case, the sources, and the sources in this case, are narrow minded, hate filled, morons who couldn’t have an original thought of their own even if their life depended on it.”

The fans cheer.

Rey:” Now I’m sure you are all wondering by now; ” Why the heck is this guy standing here, telling us things we already know?”…Well I’ll tell you why, ever since I signed my contract here, from the first moment I set foot inside a Sanctioned Violence Organization ring, I have noticed the willingness and eagerness to take shots at Chris Wrestling. It seems that people can’t wait to get in line to be the next to throw insults his way, and when new people come here, they automatically pick up on it and do the same, why? Well because all of the so called cool kids are doing it. So I asked myself, why? What is up with this whole thing, and why are people so determined, so dead set on insulting him? And why are they so excited to be doing so? I mean, I’m pretty sure more than a few of them get off on it…”

Rey smiles, as laughter can be heard from the fans.

Rey:” Well I know why, at least I think I do…now I am by no means an expert in psychology, but having given this some thought and coming up with nothing else, this, to me, seems like the only possible conclusion. So what is my conclusion you ask? Well you see, the reason why all of this is happening, the reason for this Chris Wrestling hatred that seems to be not only allowed but encouraged and rewarded, is that he is, A; an arrogant man, and B; Fully capable of kicking butt. Now if you put A and B together, that makes Chris Wrestling one tough man, who can and have beaten the vast majority of people on this roster….so what you have here, is a bunch of men who’s ego couldn’t handle losing to a him and, much like little boys who just rejected by the hot girl at school, they start making up stories, lies and throwing insults his way.”

Rey shakes his head.

Rey:” And now it’s time for that classic, bottom line, here’s the deal kind of moment. The reason I came out here, the reason I said the things I just said, is so that you all understand where I’m coming from with this….and also, it just pretty much needed to be said. Anyway, in these times of “Chris Wrestling bashing”, I have come out here to say something that, undoubtedly, will be an unpopular statement…and when I say statement, it is actually both but it is also something I’d like to give to Wrestling, and I could have said this to him backstage, but I wanted it to be said here, for the whole roster and the whole world to see, because what I came out here to give Chris Wrestling… a vote of confidence….MY vote of confidence!”

Rey is cut off as the fans cheer again.

Rey:” I trust Chris Wrestling to have my back, as I hope he trusts me to have his, and that’s pretty much all there is to it, so Company you can now add all the members of The Canadian Connection to your growing list of enemies.”

Rey then drops the mic and Rey Rosario’s music hits again, as Rey exits the ring and heads towards the backstage area.
“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp with his sVo World Heavyweight Championship belt. The fans stand and boo at the sight of the sVo World Heavyweight Champion, who still isn’t a popular figure after the ending of Roll the Dice 2010 that he conspired with his best friend Bobby Dean. There isn’t any of the usual air guitrar playing from Shame, who looks hurt as he limps down the entrance ramp holding his arm in pain, obviously suffering after getting attacked by the Company earlier. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

The arena lights fade and a red light begins to slowly strobe as “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails pounds through the arena over the PA system. The crowd burst into a loud chorus of boos as The Company logo floats onto the sVo tron, quickly replaced by a name.

“N I G H T M A R E”

The curtains part and a man in red trunks with a black streak down the side and a black mask cut away at the top to reveal a freshly shaved head of hair. He half-grins/half-sneers at the jeering audience surrounding him and wastes little time in stalking down the entrance ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands, jawing off at various members of the crowd as he awaits the start of the match.

The referee looks across at the huge athletes standing at opposite corners of the ring, and quickly calls for the bell to be rung for this one to get underway! Roscoe Shame and Nightmare slowly make their way to the middle of the ring, before trying up. Nightmare begins to push Shame backwards, until the big man tosses Nightmare into the corner of the ring and follows up with a big clothesline in the corner. Nightmare bounces out of the corner, but as Shame runs at him Nightmare knocks him away with a big headbutt. Shame runs at Nightmare again, however the monster takes down Shame with a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Nightmare, who has taken out both Night and El Locon in the last two weeks, rises up to his feet but gets nothing but boos from the fans. Nightmare ignores the crowd and pulls Shame to a standing position. Nightmare takes Shame down to the mat with a release belly to belly suplex in the middle of the ring, before locking in an arm bar to try and wear down the already injured arm of the big man that was hit by Ethan Rider earlier in the night. Shame shouts out in pain, before finally being able to use his massive frame to reach across and grab the bottom rope. Nightmare keeps the hold locked on for a few extra seconds, before releasing it before getting DQ’ed.

Nightmare pulls Shame up to a standing position and grabs hold of him in a full nelson. However Shame is able to use his big strength advantage to throw Nightmare down to the mat with a modified hip toss. The fans don’t seem to know just who to get behind in this match, as Nightmare rises to his feet only to be knocked straight back down to the mat by a clothesline from Roscoe Shame. The World Heavyweight Champion looks to be building momentum as he hits some clubbing blows to the back of Nightmare’s head as he rises up, before taking him down to the mat with a big powerslam. With Nightmare down on the mat, Shame makes the cover.



Nightmare is able to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted. Shame looks dissapointed as he grabs Nightmare and pulls him to a standing position once again. Shame nails Nightmare with a knee to the midsection, before running with him and slamming him face first into the corner of the ring. With Nightmare in the corner holding his masked face, Roscoe Shame pounds away on him with big body shots. Nightmare stumbles out of the corner and is taken down with a big side slam from the sVo World Heavyweight Champion. Roscoe Shame rises to his feet, but gets nothing but boos from the fans who still feel screwed by the way he and Bobby Dean conspired to end Roll the Dice 2010 two weeks away.

The boos seem to knock Roscoe Shame off his game a little as he goes to pick Nightmare up, only for Nightmare to roll him up with an inside cradle!




It looked as if Nightmare was going to pick up a massive win against the World Heavyweight Champion right there, however Roscoe Shame managed to get a shoulder up just in time. Shame quickly gets back to his feet, and bounces into the ropes before attempting a clothesline on Nightmare, however Nightmare ducks under the clothesline and takes down Roscoe Shame with a spike DDT! Shame’s head hits the mat hard as Nightmare quickly jumps down onto his opponent and locks in a STF!

Roscoe Shame shouts out in pain at the submission hold, as Nightmare cranks up the pressure looking for a submission win! Shame desperately tries to make it to the ropes, and is finally able to reach out and grab them! Nightmare releases the hold, only to grab Shame, drag him back to the middle of the ring and try and apply the submission again! However this time Roscoe Shame is able to battle his way out of the hold with some back elbows to the face of Nightmare. Roscoe Shame grabs hold of Nightmare by the arm and tries to throw him into the ropes, however Nightmare reverses the whip and sends Shame into the ropes, before taking him down to the mat with a modified Samoan drop!

Roscoe Shame rises back up to his feet holding the back of his head, but Nightmare sends him straight back down to the mat with a dragon leg whip! With Shame on the mat, Nightmare lays into him with some vicious kicks before allowing him to get to his feet. Nightmare stands behind Shame almost stalking the World Heavyweight Champion as he gets to his feet, and quickly grabs him in a waist lock looking for a German suplex. However before Nightmare can hit the move, Roscoe Shame counters with a firemans carry takedown, before locking in a surfboard stretch on Nightmare!

Despite not being known for his submission abilities, Roscoe Shame looks like he is trying to break the arms of Nightmare as he leans back on the arms, whilst digging his knee into Nightmare’s back! The monster grimaces in pain, before finding enough power to toss Shame over his shoulders and to the mat. Shame stumbles up to his feet surprised at the counter, and is once again grabbed around the waist by Nightmare! Nightmare tosses Roscoe Shame backwards with a big German suplex with a bridge!




It looked like Nightmare was going to pick up the win right there, but Roscoe Shame managed to kick out at the last minute and show just why he is the current sVo World Heavyweight Champion! Nightmare seems to be fuming as he lays into Roscoe Shame with some big right hands as they both get to their feet. Shame tries to hit a right hand of his own, but Nightmare ducks under his fist and takes him down to the mat with a back suplex, again wearing down the neck and head of Roscoe Shame who has got to still be hurting after his earlier attack by the Company.

Nightmare rises up to his feet and taunts to the crowd who boo him, but as he does the lone figure of Bobby Dean rushes down the entrance ramp! Bobby Dean also looks battered and bruised after his encounter with the Company and match against Cody Williams, but Nightmare sees him coming as he rushes into the ring. The referee warns Bobby Dean not to get involved, but Bobby Dean tries to help his friend out by running at Nightmare looking for a clothesline. However the Company man Nightmare takes down Bobby Dean with a drop toe hold. Bobby Dean tries to get to his feet, but Nightmare quickly leaps on the back of Dean and locks in the Nightmare sleeper!

Bobby Dean begins to tap furiously to the submission hold, but Nightmare refuses to break the hold! The referee pleads with Nightmare to break the hold on Bobby Dean, but Nightmare seems intent on punishing Bobby Dean for trying to get involved in his match up! The hold is finally broken as Roscoe Shame saves his partner with a kick to the back of Nightmare’s head. Bobby Dean rolls out of the ring in pain as Roscoe Shame pulls Nightmare to his feet, before tossing him down to the mat with a big spinebuster. Roscoe Shame then bounces into the ropes before dropping at stiff elbow on Nightmare, and going for the cover.




It looked for a second as if the World Heavyweight Champion was about to pick up the win there, however Nightmare gets a shoulder up off of the mat at the last possible second to kick out! Roscoe Shame looks like he can’t believe it as he asks him self what he has to do to keep the monster of the Company down! Roscoe Shame grabs hold of Nightmare as he tries to get to his feet, and lifts him into the air with a military press slam! Nightmare hits the mat hard, and Roscoe Shame quickly grabs his legs and locks in an ankle lock on Nightmare!

Now it’s Nightmare’s turn to feel the pain as the referee drops down to see if he wants to tap out! Shame looks like he is intent on snapping the ankle of Nightmare, however somehow Nightmare is able to lift himself up on one knee, before kicking back into Roscoe Shame’s face with a mule kick to knock him off!

Nightmare looks like he is obviously heavily favouring one leg as he gingerly rises to his feet, and lays into Roscoe Shame with some clubbing blows to the back of the Champion as he gets to his feet. Shame tries to fight back with some punches of his own, but Nightmare takes him down with a gordbuster! With Roscoe Shame down, Nightmare makes his way to the corner of the ring, before pulling the padding off of the steel ring in the turnbuckle! The referee pleads with him not to, but Nightmare pushes him away before tossing the padding into the crowd and making his way back to Roscoe Shame!

Shame is slowly rises up to his feet as Nightmare grabs him by the arm and tosses him into the corner of the ring! However Roscoe Shame is able to reverse the irish whip and send Nightmare hard into the exposed turnbuckle! Nightmare staggers back holding his chest in pain at the hard shot, but walks straight into a side slam from Roscoe Shame, who tries to take advantage with a cover on Nightmare.




Everyone thought it was all over right there, but somehow the monster Nightmare manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat and kick out! Roscoe Shame holds his head in his hands, before dragging Nightmare to his feet. Shame throws Nightmare into the ropes before knocking him down to the mat with a big boot as he bounces back to the middle of the ring. With Nightmare down in the middle of the ring, Roscoe Shame throws a fist up into the air to signal that it’s Shame Time!

Nightmare slowly begins to rise to a standing position, but Roscoe Shame lands a knee to the midsection, before pulling him forward into the powerbomb position. Roscoe Shame then lifts Nightmare into the air for the Shame Time jackknife powerbomb, however Nightmare manages to shock the World Champion by taking advantage of Shame’s already injured arm and crawling down the back of Shame to counter the move! Shame spins around and aims a punch at Nightmare, but the monster grabs the hand of Shame, and locks the sVo World Heavyweight Champion into a ‘Nightmare Sleeper’! Roscoe Shame looks helpless as he struggles to free himself to no avail! Shame looks as if he is fading away under the effects of the Nightmare Sleeper, however out of no where Bobby Dean rolls back into the ring to break up the submission with a double axe handle. The fans boo as the referee immediately calls for the bell to be rung.

Bobby Dean pulls Nightmare off of his friend Shame and tosses him out of the ring over the top rope. Nightmare hits the floor hard, but it seems to have not much effect on the monster as he turns and rises to his feet before staring at Shame and Dean in the ring. Dean and Shame quickly climb out of the ring as Nightmare slides back in, and ‘Beautiful Shame’ quickly pull up the ring apron and reach under the ring in search of some weaponry! Shame and Bobby Dean pull out a steel chair and a baseball bat respectivly, but Nightmare climbs right out of the ring after them!

Shame and Bobby Dean both slide into the ring to get away from Nightmare. Nightmare tries to get into the ring, but every time he does his approach is blocked by a weapon wielding member of Beautiful Shame’. Nightmare stares down Shame and Bobby Dean as he stands looking at the pair in the ring, and a smirk grows on the monsters face as ‘Real Solution 9’ by White Zombie hits the sound system and ‘The Company’ make their way out onto the top of the entrance ramp.

OUTCOME: Nightmare defeats Roscoe Shame via DQRINGSIDE

THE GREAT ESCAPERoscoe Shame and Bobby Dean stand in the center of the ring, side by side, each with a weapon in hand. A steel chair for Roscoe Shame and a wooden bat for Bobby, as the members of the Company walk down the entrance ramp, surrounding the ring. Colt Cooper on one side, JVD on the other, Nightmare on the third, and Mr. Anderson and Ethan Rider at the fore front of it all blocking the entrance ramp. Bobby and Shame get back to back, circling, keeping an eye on the members of the Company, waiting for someone to make the first move.

Suddenly the lights go out, flashes throughout the arena ignite as fans begin taking pictures with their cameras or cell phones. When the lights come back on, the Company is in the center of the ring, but Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame are nowhere to be seen.BACKSTAGE

THE VARIABLENathan Paradine is shown standing in his locker room, getting dressed to leave the Goodfellas Arena and return to his hotel suite. He gingerly buttons his shirt, still feeling the effects of the attack from earlier in the evening, when suddenly the lights above him flicker. He looks up in puzzlement before shrugging and picking up his jacket, sliding it on before reaching into his bag. Suddenly the lights blink out, leaving the room in total darkness.

Nathan Paradine: “Bloody hell! What’s happening now?”

The light suddenly returns and Nathan glances around, quickly discovering that he is no longer alone in the room. The Masked Man steps into view, his arms folded over his chest. Nathan jumps, massaging his chest as he does so.

Nathan Paradine: “You do know how spooky you are, right?”

Mystery Man: “I’ve been told that you wanted to speak to me. Hurry up and spit it out Paradine, I’m a busy man. I don’t like being here… it brings back too many memories.”

Nathan Paradine: “So… it is you, then?”

Mystery Man: “Yes. I don’t know how your friend managed it… but she’s managed to do something the entire Company has failed at for some time. I’d appreciate it if you kept my identity to yourself for the time being, however.”

Nathan Paradine: “Of course. I don’t understand though… why are you still hiding in the shadows? Why haven’t you stepped out to fight for the sVo, to fight for the place you helped to build?”

Mystery Man: “Some people would say I don’t have the right, after the things I’ve done.”

Nathan Paradine: “Some people would say it was your duty.”

Mystery Man: “Duty? You’re making it sound like I’m some kind of soldier.”

Nathan chuckles, butting his jacket as he speaks.

Nathan Paradine: “We’re all soldiers. This is a war, my friend. The Company versus the Sanctioned Violence Organization, with every man and woman on the roster choosing a side. It’s only a matter of time.”

Mystery Man: “And I suppose you’ve chosen the right side?”

Nathan Paradine: “I’ve chosen a side I believe in.”

The Mystery Man chuckles and folds his arms over his chest. He walks away from Paradine, obviously thinking over his next words carefully.

Mystery Man: “I admire your stand Nathan, however this was my mistake. I should never have allowed the Company to control me like this, let alone control the sVo. I’d grown used to them interfering in my affairs, but no longer.”

The Mystery Man turns around, a stern expression on his face.

Mystery Man: “You fight your fight. I’ll fight mine, and I hope we’re all still standing at the end of it. Goodbye, Nathan.”

Paradine begins to speak, however the lights suddenly fail again. When they turn on, the room is empty again save for Paradine. In frustration he grabs his bag and throws it at the wall.

Nathan Paradine: “DAMMIT!”

He sighs and folds his arms over his chest, before sinking down onto a bench with his head in his hands wondering what to do next.

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