sVo Showdown Episode #058
17th October 2010
King Fahd Stadium, Ta’if, Saudi Arabia

“Natural High” by The Union Underground hits the sound system as the sVo Showdown entrance video hits the screens of TV’s all over the world! The video featuring the likes of sVo Champion Roscoe Shame, Night, Bobby Dean and Grimnir shows some of the best action to have ever taken place on the flagship show of the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

As the video comes to an end, the camera cuts to the arena and pans around the sold out crowd as pyro’s shoot up from the entrance stage whilst the theme music continues to blast out over the sound system. The camera picks out several signs in the crowd such as “It’s Shame Time!”, “El Locon = Real American” & “I Love BBD!” as the fireworks continue to explode around the ringside area.

The camera then pans across to the entrance stage, where a video recap of last weeks action is shown on the giant Violence-Tron before tonight’s action gets under-way.

LAST WEEK ON SHOWDOWN #57The shock return of Joseph Equinox allowed him to team up with Colt Cooper and become the new sVo Tag Team Champions…..

Limp is in to save his partner in the nick of time by pulling Equinox off of him. Equinox rises up to his feet, but Limp nails him with some big right hands, before throwing him into the ropes. Colt Cooper makes the blind tag in off of Equinox as he bounces off of the ropes, before Equinox catches Limp with a kick to the midsection as he bounces back, before slamming him to the mat with his ‘Karma’ finisher!

The fans pop for the move, but as Equinox rises to his feet, he is grabbed by DVD. DVD spins Equinox around, but as he does, Equinox ducks out of the way and DVD is caught with a ‘Colt of Conduct’ to the face by Colt Cooper, who quickly rolls up DVD!




This one is all over, and we have NEW sVo Tag Team Champions!RINGSIDE





After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. He bows his head while putting the Tag Team Title high in the air with his right hand. Sparkles erupt around the V-Tron, followed by black and blue Strobe Lights. The lights flicker like their a photos being taken. All of a sudden they stop flicking and the arena becomes dark.






A huge show of spectrum involving black and blue strobe lights, sparkles that are baby blue, and the cannons erupting making a pattern down the stage.





The new sVo Tag Team Champion Colt struts his way down to the ring slapping the hands of the fans in the crowd. He get’s to the the ring and is handed a sVo branded microphone from a stage hand.

Colt: “Last week on Showdown me and Joseph Equinox came out big with a victory in the main event. It was a promising night in my career as I attained myself one half of the Tag Team Championship belts. Now he’s not in the building yet, but this right here is a little celebration for us.” The crowd erupts in cheers for the new sVo Tag Team Champions.

Colt: “It feels good to add something to my already stellar career, and with this title it ensures me more of a clearer paths of garnering more shots. But we all know that I do have a shot lined up at Roll The Dice PPV. I’m set to take on Rey Rosario for his International title.”

The crowd begins to boo when Colt speaks of Rosario.

Colt: “I know..I know. He’s no way better than me, but he is our International Champion for now. Somewhere in all those boos, there had to be some sort of cheers. Even if you don’t like him, I’m going to love becoming a one time International Champion.”

More cheers erupt in the arena, and Colt looks around it nodding his head.

Colt: “Speaking of this Rey Rosario. Let’s talk about his recent matches after Battle Of Britain PPV. He somehow beat El Locon last week, and the week after winning the International title he loses to The Teacher. Lucky for him his match against The Teacher wasn’t a title shot match, because his reign as International champ would’ve been a very short stinted one.” Some crackles of laughter can be heard from the crowd.

Colt: “While I’ve on the other hand have been rolling since my lost to Roscoe Shame, but I did get him back last week in the the main event.”

Roscoe Shame chants begin to pan out around the arena. Most of them being “Shame Time”

Colt: “Even if he’s not been thrown to me now, Rosario knows when he does the wait would have been worth it, because every single week I have to come and watch this buffoon un-interest me. But when the match comes I’ll show him how to bring in the money, and interest people.”

Now there are some “Cooper” chants panning around the arena.

Colt: “Tonight on the other hand I have some business to take care of with El Locon, whose honestly really have been stepping his game up. I’m not worried at all though. I can handle El Locon, and can make him squeal like a little bitch if I want to. He already knows I’m nutting on his ass tonight, and I hope you didn’t take it as a homosexual way, because if you did. Grow up.” Colt drops the mic and Ladies and Gentleman by Saliva blast’s through the sound system as the fans cheer the new sVo Tag Team Champion as he poses on the turn-buckle with his new title belt.


BANNEDBBD: Look at me!!! Just look at me!

Bobby Dean demands as Mr. Anderson looks up from behind his desk, trying hard not to let his amusement show as he looks Bobby Dean up and down from his head to his toes.

Seated in a wheel chair, Bobby has a cast strapped to one leg, covering his leg from foot to shin. While on the other foot he has a walking boot and a knee brace combination. Further up Bobby has one arm in another cast from his shoulder to his wrist, as the other arm sits snuggly into a sling, a neck brace wraps itself around Bobby’s neck while his head is wrapped in bandages. Looking as if he’s just been in a car accident Bobby sits there looking down right miserable.

Mr. Anderson: Bobby…

Mr. Anderson begins but is cut off.

BBD: You’ve got to make the rule Mr. Anderson! How can I represent the Company if I can’t even walk!? Look at me! What’s going to happen next time? He’s likely going to kill someone with that move of his!

Mr. Anderson: You honestly expect me to ban Shame Time from any future events?

Mr. Anderson asks with a mixture of disbelief and intrigue.

BBD: Why not!? Roscoe Shame bailed on you and me. He killed Beautiful Shame! Because of him, I’ve now lost the Las Vegas title, the International title and the Tag Team title. Now my career is in jeopardy because of his sloppy, half hazard, nonchalant attitude as he drops me on my freaking head!

Mr. Anderson brings his hands together, elbows on the desk, resting his chin on his clasped hands, deep in thought. After a minute of silence, Mr. Anderson simply smiles, with a slight nod of his head, Bobby Dean has the answer he was searching for.
“Idols and Anchors” by Parkway Drive hits the arena speakers. The arena lights turn off and a heavy strobe and fog fills the arena. Green and White shades start to flash as “Dangerous” Dan Dillinger walks out from behind the curtain and raises his hands. He starts to jump and run back and forth on the stage taunting the crowd at all angles. He walks down the ramp and starts to show appreciation to his loyal fans. He gets onto the apron and jumps over the rope and rolls to the other side of the ring throwing his hands up leaning against the ropes.

“Your Betrayal” by Bullet for my Valentine hits the sound system and the fans in the arena quickly begin to boo. After a few seconds red fireworks shoot up from the entrance stage as Samuel Amos walks out and taunts to the fans. Amos looks around at the crowd, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Amos ignores the outstretched hands of the fans as he climbs up onto the ring apron before turning to taunt the fans again. The fans continue to boo Amos as he steps into the ring by climbing through the ring ropes before preparing for the match to start in the corner of the ring.

The fans in the arena look to be firmly behind “Dangerous” Dan Dillinger in this contest as the newcomer stares across the ring at his opponent for the night. Amos towers above the high flyer, and as the referee calls for the bell to be ring he tries to make the most of his size advantage straight away.

Amos quickly hits Dillinger with some straight right hands off of the opening bell, and backs him into the corner of the ring. Dillinger looks to be reeling from the shots as Amos grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes, before knocking him down to the mat with a stiff clothesline as he bounces back. Dillinger quickly rolls back up to his feet, but Amos quickly grabs hold of the quick high flyer and begins to try and wear him down with some stiff punches to the back of his head. Dillinger is then spun around by his opponent, as Amos takes him down to the mat with a textbook suplex. The fans boo Amos as he rises back up to his feet looking very pleased with himself, but he takes no notice of the fans reaction as he takes a short bounce off of the ropes before dropping a knee across the face of Dillinger.

Dillinger looks to be in pain as Amos helps him up to his feet, before throwing him into the corner of the ring. Dillinger hits the corner hard, and Amos quickly advances on him before throwing some stiff kidney shots the way of the high flyer. Dillinger doubles over in pain at the punches, as Amos takes advantage by pulling Dillinger away from the ropes, before executing a jumping DDT to his opponent. With Dillinger on the mat and hurting, Amos takes advantage by making the cover.




The newcomer Dillinger manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted, and much to the disgust of Amos this one continues! Amos pulls Dillinger up off of the mat with authority, and lays into him with some stiff kicks. These kicks force Dillinger backwards, until Amos once again grabs him by the arm and shoots him into the ropes. Dillinger bounces back into the middle of the ring, but as Amos attempts to hit him with a back body drop, Dillinger rolls across the back of his opponent and lands on his feet! The crowd cheer the athleticism from Dillinger, who then proceeds to bounce into the ring ropes before returning to hit Dillinger with a spinning heel kick!

Once again the move from Dillinger gets a cheer from the crowd, as his opponent rises up to his feet not knowing what hit him! Dillinger lays into Amos with some hard elbow shots to the face, before taking him down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. With Amos down, Dillinger bounces into the ropes before returning to hit Amos with a dropkick to the face! Amos holds his face in pain as Dillinger leaps up to his feet and taunts to the crowd! The fans get behind the sVo newcomer, as he quickly makes his way to the corner of the ring before climbing the turnbuckle! The fans rise to their feet in anticipation of seeing a high flying move, and as Amos rises to his feet, Dillinger catches him with a moonsault from the top rope onto his standing opponent! The fans continue to cheer on the high flying Dillinger, as he rolls across to make the cover on his opponent.




Just when everyone thought it was all over, Amos gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! The fans boo the decision as Dillinger slowly pulls himself up to his feet, the high flying moves obviously taking it out of himself as well as his opponent. Dillinger makes his way across to Amos and begins to stomp away on his opponent as he rises to his feet. As Amos finally reaches a standing position, Dillinger grabs hold of him by the arm and whips him into the ring ropes. Amos bounces back, and Dillinger leap frogs over his running opponent, causing him to run this time into the opposite ropes. Amos bounces into the middle of the ring once again, and Dillinger drops him down to the mat with a perfectly executed dropkick!

The fans cheer the move from the high flying newcomer from Columbus, Ohio, however Dillinger wastes no time as he quickly grabs hold of Amos, and locks him into a sleeper hold! Amos struggles to release himself from the hold as Dillinger begins to squeeze the life out of his much larger opponent. The fans continue to cheer Dillinger on, however Amos seems to get a second lease of life as he slowly begins to rise up to his feet despite the sleeper hold. Dillinger tries desperately to try and keep Amos grounded, however Amos throws some stiff elbow shots into the gut of his opponent which force him to release the sleeper! Dillinger stumbles away, as Amos bounces into the ropes before nailing Dillinger with a jumping knee smash to the face to take him down to the mat!

Dillinger bravely tries to force his way back to his feet, but Amos cuts him off with big right hands to the face which send him stumbling backwards into the corner of the ring. Amos then follows up by running at Dillinger in the corner and catching him with a stiff clothesline. With Dillinger in the corner and hurting, Amos taunts to the fans, before grabbing Dillinger’s head and smashing it face first into the steel turnbuckle. Dillinger bounces back a few steps, and quickly finds himself on the mat thanks to a big back suplex from Samuel Amos. Amos rolls back over, and doesn’t allow Dillinger any time to get up as he lays into his opponent with some big right hands to the face!

With Dillinger down on the mat and hurting, Amos jumps up to his feet and receives boos from the fans as he gestures to them for his finishing move. Dan Dillinger slowly rises up to a standing position, but the newcomer is quickly grabbed by Amos, who sends him hard into the mat with the impressive ‘infAMOS’! With Dan Dillinger down and out after that Spike Hurricanrana, the former man military man from Quantico makes the cover!




This one is all over, and it’s Samuel Amos who impresses once again to follow up on his victory last week on Showdown! Amos rises to his feet and taunts the crowd as his music blasts out over the sound system. The fans continue to boo Amos as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

OUTCOME: Samuel Amos defeats Dan Dillinger via pinfall

Coming Soon LIVE from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
sVo Roll the Dice 2010
Featuring Roscoe Shame vs. Bobby Dean
For the sVo World Heavyweight Championship
7th November 2010


GO OUT AND GET ITShowdown #58 returns from the commercial break, and straight away cuts backstage to the office of the man currently running the sVo, representing the Company, Mr Matt ‘Anarchy’ Anderson. The camera pans around the office which is decorated with posters of recent sVo PPV events. At the far end of the huge office Mr Anderson sits at the far side of a large oak desk, enjoying tonight’s sVo Showdown action on the giant widescreen TV than hangs on the wall opposite him. The fans quickly begin to boo upon seeing the sight of Matt Anderson, however the scene is soon interrupted as Samuel Amos storms past the two Company agents guarding the door and into the room.

The boss looks at the two agents with disgust before waving them away, and turning to Amos. Amos is still covered in sweat after his victory over Dan Dillinger only moments ago, and Mr Anderson doesn’t look too pleased to see him.

Mr Anderson – “What the hell do you want?”

The relative newcomer stares down the boss of the sVo, before a smile spreads across his face.

Samuel Amos – “Did you see that match out there Anderson? I took Dan Dillinger apart! I put that kid in the hospital room. For the past few weeks I have taken down every challenge you have set in front of me, and I am here to tell you I am ready.”

The boss stares at Amos for a few moments, seemingly pondering the impressive victory over Dillinger.

Mr Anderson – “Ready for what?”

Amos raises his palms in the air as if it was obvious to everyone.

Samuel Amos – “Ready for a title shot of course! I’ll let you choose the belt, I’m not picky. I am here to win them all.”

The Company member stares at Amos again, looking suitably impressed with his attitude.

Mr Anderson – “What was an impressive performance out there against Dan Dillinger, I will give you that. He might as well of not shown up tonight you beat him so bad….”

Samuel Amos nods his head in approval.

Mr Anderson – “However this is the Sanctioned Violence Organization, and I don’t just go handing out title shot’s to each and everyone that comes in my office. You got to earn your spot kid. It’s all well and good beating the likes of Dillinger, but you got to prove it against those wrestlers already in the queue for a title shot. You do that, then we will speak.”

Amos looks at Anderson with a disappointed look for a few seconds, before smiling and nodding his head.

Samuel Amos – “I get you.”

Amos pumps his fists as he turns to leave the office.

Mr Anderson – “That’s right! You want something then you go out there and get it! Do yourself proud and make this Company lots of money!”

Anderson leans back in his office chair as Amos leaves the ring, the bosses mind turning back to when he was a youngster starting out in a new federation.BACKSTAGE

IN THE BUILDINGThe Showdown cameras head backstage to the parking lot area, where a huge cheer from the crowd watching on the V-Tron goes up at the sight of “The Masked Man” making his way towards the arena entrance is seen. The Masked Man seems to be walking with a familiar swagger at he reaches the door, and comes up against two stunned looking sVo security guards.

Masked Man: “Excuse me gentlemen, I do believe I am late for tonight’s show.”

The two security guards look at each other in disbelief before looking back at the sVo’s most wanted. With thought’s of Matt Anderson’s demands that the Masked Man be brought to him, they decide that they could do with getting on the bosses good books, and off of door duty.

The two security guards both spring forward at roughly the same time, and each grab one of the Masked Man’s arms. The Masked Man looks at them for a few seconds, before pulling the security guards into each other. Both security guards collide heads, and two hay maker punches later they find themselves on the floor in a heap.

The mysterious Masked Man looks at them and shakes his head, before stepping over them and entering the door. The Masked Man is here tonight on Showdown, will he once again be coming after Matt Anderson?

Boos ring out around the arena as ‘Headstrong’ by Trapt hits the sound system and the former sVo Tag Team Champions DVD and Limp slowly walk out onto the top of the entrance ramp. The veteran tag team taunt to the crowd at the top of the ramp as fireworks shoot up into the air behind them. DVD and Limp slowly walk down the entrance ramp staring down the fans along the entrance ramp who shout abuse at them. DVD and Limp roll into the sVo ring in unison, before making their way to opposite corners of the ring to taunt to the fans.

DVD is wearing a black and white stripped referee’s shirt, and he struts around the ring awaiting the arrival of the woman that the pair burned in the face with a fireball at Battle of Britain two weeks ago, as Limp warms up behind him. Highlights of the feud between Juliana Torres and DVD & Limp are shown on the V-Tron as the former Tag Team Champions await the arrival of Torres.

Suddenly ‘Sinner’ by Drowning Pool hits the sound system and the fans begin to cheer at the ‘Corporation’ logo flashes onto the V-Tron. Smoke begins to surround the entrance ramp, until a few seconds later the Corporate Lady Juliana Torres steps through it and marches down the entrance ramp. Torres slaps hands with the fans lining the entrance ramp and jogs a circuit of the ring to high five the fans, before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope. The fans continue to cheer the Corporate Lady as she jumps to the nearest turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd.

Juliana Torres stares across the ring at DVD and Limp with hatred in her eyes as they smirk to each other before this one even gets underway. With Juliana Torres having to fight for the Corporation on her own since returning to the sVo against Limp & DVD with no backup, and Limp with a trial on his mind, just who will pick up the win tonight? The fans boo as DVD makes his way over to Juliana Torres and tells her that he has to search her before this match gets under way to check for hidden weapons. Torres reluctantly accepts, but as DVD grabs hold of her, Limp nails her with a cheap shot from behind to send her down to the mat! The fans continue to boo as DVD calls for the bell to be rung and this one is officially underway!

Limp nails Torres with more punches to the back of the head to send her down to the mat. With the Corporate Lady down on the mat, Limp lays into her with stiff punches and kicks whilst backing her in the corner of the ring. The fans begin to chant for Torres, but there is little she can do as Limp pulls her up off of the mat, before tossing her straight back down with a vertical suplex. Limp rises up to his feet looking very pleased with himself, and gets a high five from the ‘impartial’ referee for his textbook suplex.

Torres bravely pulls herself up to a standing position, but Limp is straight back onto her with a stiff knife edge chop. Torres holds her chest in pain, until Limp repeats the move which sends Torres stumbling backwards into the corner of the ring. Limp follows up with a running knee to the midsection on Torres in the corner. Torres doubles over in pain at the knee being driven into her gut, but the pain doesn’t end there as Limp grabs her by the hair and smashes her face first into the corner of the ring. Torres stumbles out of the corner holding her face in pain, allowing Limp the chance to take her down to the mat by bouncing into the ropes and then hitting a running bulldog. The Torres down, Limp quickly presses her shoulders to the mat to make the cover.




The fans boo the incredibly quick count from DVD, but still Juliana Torres somehow manages to get her shoulder up off of the mat before the three can go down. Limp looks unhappy that Torres manages to kick out as he hauls her back to a standing position. Limp whips Torres hard into the ropes and looks for a big back body drop, but Torres sees the move coming and counters with a big kick to the face of Limp. Limp holds his face in pain, but Torres quickly follows up with a spinning neck breaker on her opponent.

The former Las Vegas Champion gets cheers from the crowd as she signals to them, before pulling Limp up to his feet. Torres nails Limp with a flurry of knees to the face, before taking him down to the mat with an impressive belly to belly suplex! With Limp down on the mat, Torres leaps up and bounces off of the ropes, before landing a baseball slide into the face of the downed Limp! The fans once again cheer the innovative move, but DVD doesn’t seem to impressed as he puts himself between Limp and Juliana Torres, and tries to tell the Corporate Lady that the move was illegal!

Boos ring out around the arena for DVD as Torres tries to push past him, only for DVD to block her path again and point to the badge on his chest which makes him an officially sanctioned sVo official for the night! Torres finally gets past DVD, but by the time she does Limp is already back to his feet. Torres throws a right hand in the direction of Limp, but he ducks under it and rolls Torres up with a small package!




Despite another fast count, Torres kicks out again! Limp and DVD look enraged as they kick the ring ropes in frustration. Limp marches over and pulls Torres up by her hair, before nailing her with a quick elbow smash to the face. Torres stumbles back, and Limp takes her down with a fireman’s carry takedown before locking in an arm bar submission hold! Torres screams out in pain at the move, but quickly grabs hold of the ropes. However DVD turns his back on the rope break as if he can’t see it, and Limp keeps the hold locked in! Boos ring out around the arena at the blatant cheating from DVD and Limp as Torres shouts out in agony! DVD laughs at Torres and tells her to tap, until suddenly his expression changes as…

You look at me but you don’t see,
Understand I’m a sinner,
Don’t corner me,
Don’t lecture me,
Raise your hands you’re a sinner!

Smoke begins to rise from the entrance ramp once again as the Corporation logo hits the V-Tron! The fans rise to their feet in anticipation at seeing a returning Corporation member ready to hit the sVo again and help out Juliana Torres! Just who will it be?


Chris Wrestling?


La Envida Mata?

DVD and Limp stand poised in the middle of the ring ready for what ever is about to come there way, but as they do Juliana Torres slowly rises up to her feet behind them. The fans cheer as from behind Torres gives the cheating duo a taste of their own medicine with a double low blow! The music cuts from the sound system, and Juliana Torres signals that it’s time for her ‘Corporate DDT’! It looks as if Juliana is going to finish this one off without the help of any of her returning team mates!

Torres pulls Limp to his feet before giving him a kick to the midsection, Limp has no chance to react before he finds his head bouncing off of the mat thanks to the Corporate DDT! The fans pop for the finisher, as DVD rises to his feet just to see Torres make the cover on his tag team partner!


Suddenly the ring bell rings at the request of the special guest referee, and there is confusion in the arena until DVD grabs a microphone from ringside! Juliana Torres looks in a rage as she stares down the smug looking DVD.

DVD: “Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of a disqualification due to an illegal move, your winner tonight, one of the greatest wrestlers the sVo has ever seen………. LIMP!!!”

The crowd boo loudly as Juliana Torres shakes her head in disbelief. Suddenly the Corporate Lady jumps forward and catches DVD with a kick to the midsection. The crowd cheer as it looks as if the special guest referee is going to get a little Corporate DDT just like his tag team partner, but before Torres can execute the move, Asesino sprints down the entrance ramp and makes the save with a shot to the back of Juliana’s head.

The crowd once again boo loudly as Asesino, DVD & Limp put the boots into the helpless Juliana Torres, before lifting her into the air and slamming her down to the mat with a triple team powerbomb! Asesino, DVD & Limp stand with their hands raised in the air in victory over the lifeless body of Juliana Torres, as abuse continues to reign down upon them from the fans. With the numbers game providing too much for Juliana Torres tonight, just when will the Corporation return to help her in the fight against Xtreme Fusion?

OUTCOME: Limp defeats Juliana Torres via DQ


ENJOYABLEColt Cooper sits in his room going over some tape of El Locon. A knock comes at his door and Colt pauses the tape. He opens the door and there stood who Colt believes Clive English.

Colt: “Clive?”

He nods his head. So it is Clive English.

Clive: “We finally meet.”

Clive’s an elderly man whose probably in his fifties. He takes a seat on the chair grabbing Colt’s Tag Team title belt from the bed.

Clive: “So you ready for tonight? I see you were watching some tapes of El Locon’s matches.”

Colt:: I’m more than ready. I’m just trying to see what he likes to do in moments when he’s down on the mat, as I plan on putting him in alot of submissions tonight.

Clive: “Submissions…I thought you wanted to bring in money. Do some more of your fancy moves. I know you have more of an arsenal of money blowing moves.”

Well he does, there’s Goldmine. Solar Eclipse, Star’s Calling, Starship, and the Diamond In The Ruff. All moves are not a finisher for Colt.

Colt: “There are moves I haven’t showcased yet that are sure to make the crowd awe.”

Clive: “Then those are the moves I want to see and enjoy. I’ll be watching from your home. Now go make me happy, and get yourself a win over El Locon.”

Colt stands from the bed grabbing the Tag Team Title out of Clive’s hand. He nods at Clive, who smiles and waves as Colt exits his home.


THE COMPANY LINEBackstage former sVo World Champion Night is seen walking with his mentor Akira Kimura. The two men walk with focused looks on their faces and move quickly and with a sense of purpose.

Akira Kimura: “Go easy in there, we don’t know what he wants.”

Night: “I’m sick of this. After all they’ve done to me, the nerve of calling us in to see him week after week.”

Akira Kimura: “They’ll use their position as employers to keep us at beck and call. You know that anything they could possibly want to tell you they could do over the phone, text message, email, twitter, messenger… you know they can reach you. This is nothing more than a display of their power. They hired us – they are the reason we’re here – we’re here under their contract. They want to show us, if they summon us, we have to make an appearance.”

Despite his mask, Night is clearly aware and irritated by the situation.

Night: “I know.”

Akira Kimura: You have to be careful here, Night – this is how these men operate. They’ve gotten the belts off you. Fullam is gone for now. Now they have BBD going after Shame and they have Nightmare for you… this was his purpose all along.

Night: They presented an enemy so personal I couldn’t avoid him…

Master Kimura nods sadly.

Akira Kimura: This has been the way they’ve operated for as long as they have existed. Systematically they pick off their enemies, buying wrestlers, champions, families of wrestlers, pushing belts where they please and doing what they can to ensure that the results of the biggest matches best line the pockets of their associates. And until now they have done so completely unknown and unseen.

The two turn a corner and soon find themselves at a door marked with The Company logo and guarded by two burly agents, Kimura signals for Night to remain silent.

Akira Kimura: “Anderson called us in for a briefing.”

The agents are clearly aware of the situation as well and grin smugly at the two Japanese men. The older of the two agents nods and opens the door, Kimura nods and walks through – Night hesitates, sizing up each agent and eyeing each off.

Akira Kimura: “Akumu!”

His mentor’s call draws Night away with a clenched jaw. The two agents smirk at each other as they close the door behind the former champion. At the far end of the huge office, Mr Anderson sits at the far side of a large oak desk. Seated on the near side is none-other than Night’s brother, Ryuu Miyamoto – known to the sVo universe as Nightmare. Night tenses at the sight of his brother who smiles back at him… most likely out of the sick satisfaction he takes in seeing how uncomfortable he makes his brother merely on site.

Matt Anderson: “Good to see you boys, come on in and have a seat.”

Anderson seems to be enjoying his position of power over the two and clearly enjoys seeing Night without the sVo World Championship slung over his shoulder. Reluctantly Kimura and Night make their way towards Anderson’s desk and take up the remaining two seats on the near side of the desk. Master Kimura takes the middle seat, clearly hoping to act as a buffer of sorts between the two brothers.

Night: “We’re here, what do you want?”

Matt Anderson: “Night – why so hostile? I thought you Japanese were a polite and soft-spoken bunch.”

Night: “Attack us repeatedly and turn our own family members against us and you prove yourself unworthy of such courtesy…”

Anderson grins.

Matt Anderson: “Fair enough. I’d probably feel the same in your shoes – of course I would have been smart enough to offer the deal offered to me like your brother here did.”

Night: “That’s all well and good but I’m not some spineless, pushover corporate piece-of-shit sellout like the two of you.”

Nightmare sneers over at his brother.

Nightmare: “Don’t get high and mighty because I had a little business acumen.”

Night: “Okay – this is a waste of time. You asked us to show up here, we showed up. You don’t have anything to say? I’m out of here!”

He moves to stand but is halted by Anderson.

Matt Anderson: “Of course I had a reason to call you in here. Don’t flatter yourselves, I’m a very busy man – I don’t have time to call you in here just to play games or because I can. You two are here because of last week. Now, ordinarily I have absolutely no objection to my Company boys ripping uncooperative fucks like you two apart in the backstage areas.”

Anderson reaches into the drawer of the desk and produces a cigar. He lights it and takes a few happy puffs before continuing.

Matt Anderson: “Frankly, it’s entertaining. People tune in to see that stuff as much if not more than some of the matches. SOME of the matches. See, what I have in you boys is quality television. It’s got it all. Two men from a foreign exotic land – both top tier professional wrestlers. There’s betrayal, drama, tension… violence.”

Night: “I’m glad we entertain you – what’s your point?”

Mr. Anderson mockingly blows smoke towards the younger Miyamoto.

Matt Anderson: “My point is – your match at Roll the Dice… it’s money. That match is going to be brutal and frankly, I’d be surprised if either of you walks away from it intact… and that’s why I need it to happen. Let’s face it, backstage at a wrestling show can be a dangerous place, I don’t want anything jeopardizing either of you two being able to go out there and completely tear each others limbs off in Vegas.”

Nightmare seems quite non-chalant with the whole conversation, Night looks very unimpressed with what Anderson is telling him.

Night: “What – so that’s why you’re forcing us to team together? To stop us fighting each other?”

Anderson laughs.

Matt Anderson: “No no, of course not. For that I just say this: the two of you are to have no absolutely no contact with each other unless booked in the same match or at promotional events until Roll the Dice. I just put you together as a tag-team cause I thought it would be funny. And so far… it hasn’t disappointed.”

Anderson and Nightmare smirk at the fuming Night, Anderson continuing to puff smoke at Night and Kimura.

Matt Anderson: “Okay, that’s it. Since you’re in such a rush to get out of here, get the fuck out.”

Night: “You know, you’re awfully smug and confident in your power – that’s funny, considering it took you four months to get the title off me… and then the guy you put the belt on walked out on you… what, that same night? Seems like you claim you can do a hell of a lot but nothing ever quite turns out how you plan.”

With that, Night and Kimura stand and make their way towards the door.

Nightmare: “I look forward to working with you tonight, Akumu.”

Night says nothing as he walks out, merely uses some universal sign language to let his brother know how he feels. Night and Kimura exit the room and the door shuts behind them.

Matt Anderson: “Do what you have to do tonight – we’re counting on you to take him out of the picture for good at Roll the Dice. Make sure it fucking happens. Understood?”

Nightmare: “No problem.”

Anderson nods at a grinning Nightmare who stands and exits himself as we cut back to ringside.




After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his sVo Tag Team Championship belt around his waist and his normal cocky smile on his face. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his belt taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of sVo who don’t like him.

The fans in the arena begin to cheer as ‘Ugly’ by Mudvayne hits the sound system, and the entrance video of the American wannaba begins to play on the sVo-Tron! After a few seconds El Locon, wearing a straight jacket slowly walks down the entrance ramp escorted by a man wearing a white jacket and a net. The fans cheer as El Locon stares down at the ring, before climbing into the ring. The man escorting El Locon begins to take off his straight jacket, as the entrance music begins to fade out. With the straight jacket removed, El Locon stretches out in the corner of the ring and prepares for the match to get under way.

With Colt Cooper the #1 contender for the International Title still riding high off of his capture of the sVo Tag Team Championship belts with Joseph Equinox last week, can he keep his momentum going into Roll the Dice 2010, or will El Locon make up for his defeat to the International Champion last week and show just why he should be challenging for the belt again?


The two circle for a moment, then Locon leaps for Cooper, catching the International title contender in a lock up. Cooper swings him around, throwing him into the corner and executing a series of solid knife edge chops, turning Locons chest raw red and attracting ‘Whoos’ from the crowd. Locon bites back with a slap straight to Coopers face, and a smattering of boos. Cooper backs off, charging Locon with a shining wizard! Locon falls out of the corner, collapsing on the mat!

Colt hauls him up, whipping him cross ring to the corner, then surging forward with a sharp lariat! Colt drops down, pulling Locon up with an exploded suplex! Locon lands on his feet, trying to roll Colt up, but Cooper executes a magnificent backflip over Locon, pulling him up and connecting with a reverse atomic drop. Locon clutches his groin, but as Colt rushes him, Locon lifts a leg into a slick, snappy sidekick, doubling Cooper over so Locon can connect with a solid implant DDT!

Locon keeps the headlock cinched in tight, and Colt panics, never wanting to be in a submission. He thrashes around, but Locon keeps the hold tight, despite Colts flailing arms! Locon begins to claw at the back and Cooper yells out, sending an elbow crashing into Locons face andbreathing a sigh of relief as he escapes. Locon charges at Cooper, but Colt sends him over the top rope, keeping him at bay with a huge dropkick!

Locon falls to the outside, and Cooper goes to the top rope, the crowd going ecstatic as he leaps off with a senton! But Locon catches him on his shoulders, driving his spine into the apron with incredible impact! Locon rolls Cooper in-ring, laughing at his adversaries agony.




Colt kicks out at an early two, and Locon takes it in his stride, pushing Cooper into the corner and stomping a mudhole! Cooper tries to defend himself, but to no avail as Locon continues to stomp away at his torso! Cooper grabs the middle rope, swinging himself upwards and kicking Locon square in the face! Cooper takes advantage, rushing up and executing the ‘Big Dipper!’ Locon drops to the mat, pain written across his face, and Colt drops to the corner, sizing up the American Wannabe… Locon staggers to his feet and Colt strikes with the Colt of Conduct! NO, Locon grabs his knee and drives Cooper to the mat, before flipping him over and cinching in a tight knee lock! Cooper squirms in pain, his hand hovering over the mat!

Cooper screws up his face, eyes watering, and with all his strength tosses Locon over his body so his spine connects with the mat! Copper rolls into a flipping bridge pin…




The fans cheer as Colt Cooper jumps to his feet and holds his hands high in the air in victory! Blue strobe lighting begins to pulsate around the arena as Colt Cooper is handed his sVo Tag Team Championship belt, which he holds up for the fans to see. El Locon watches the celebration with a rueful look on his face as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

OUTCOME: Colt Cooper defeats El Locon via pinfall

Coming Soon LIVE from the HSBC Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
sVo Showdown #59
24th October 2010


MOCKINGJAY ASYLUMThe camera cuts backstage, where Ethan Rider and Katie Smith are standing, obviously prepared for an interview. Katie nods and turns towards Rider, her hair bobbing as she does so.

Katie Smith: “Ethan Rider, it’s a pleasure.”

They exchange a quick handshake as Rider nods his appreciation.

Ethan Rider: “Thankyou, Katie, the pleasure is all mine. It’s good to finally have a chance to express my views in front of a big audience.”

She nods, eyes bright at the prospect of some comments from one of the companies hottest young stars.

Katie Smith: “Thats great, but first of all… The Teacher and yourself. What’s going on?”

Ethan Rider: “Unfortunately, nothing. I’ve tried asking him, but thankfully were teaming this week. If I can show him that we would be unstoppable, then maybe we shall see a rising tag team very soon.”

Katie Smith: “I certainly hope so, Ethan! What about tonight then? Night and Nightmare are surely two of the industries best?”

Ethan Rider: “Divided, yes, but united… They couldn’t have worse odds of co-existing. At least Teacher and I have no resentment towards each other… Despite it being Akumu and Ryuu that we face, I say we hold the cards tonight.”

Katie Smith: “I guess we shall see! Now, Eddie Sinc-“

Before Katie can even finish the name, Eddie Sinclair steps out from behind a pillar! He laughs, taking a step forward and coming face to face with his nemesis.

Eddie Sinclair: “What a joke. Katie, surely you don’t believe this shit?”

Katie begins to nod, but Eddie cuts her off, doing a terrible, immature impersonation of Rider.

Eddie Sinclair: “Ew, Im Ethan Rider, I have a gay-ass name like the Mockingjay, and the cards are in my favour tonight against two men I hold lots of respect for! GIMME A BREAK.”

Rider raises his eyebrows as Sinclair launches a volley of abuse at him.

Eddie Sinclair: “Its all your fault, Rider. You’re a killer, you killed an innocent person! I was undefeated until you got back!! I can’t fight properly with a murderer in the same company!”

Rider rolls his eyes, simply irritated by Sinclairs whining.

Ethan Rider: “So what? What do you want? You just going to run your mouth? That’s all?!”

Sinclair opens his mouth a few times, spluttering in half amusement, half for loss of words.

Eddie Sinclair: “ARGH. Why don’t you fight like a man, you coward! You’re the one who cost me this, you’re the murderer! Yet I’M painted as the bad guy?! I’ll whoop your ass, Rider… Then you’ll feel what it’s like to lose!”

Rider takes a step back, adopting a fighting stance and beckoning Sinclair to ‘bring it.’

Ethan Rider: “If you’re so desperate for revenge… Bring it on.”

Sinclair yells, lunging at Rider with flailing arms and legs. Rider reacts quickly, striking with amazing speed, precision and accuracy. He sends a ridge hand hurtling into Sinclairs throat, dropping his enemy to the floor! Sinclair tries to clear his throat as Rider takes a step back.

“You want me? Call it.”

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

The arena lights go dark as “Burn My Dread” hits the sound system. A pulsing strobe illuminates smoke gathering at the top of the entrance ramp. As the rapping begins, Zarathustra walks out from the smoke and down the ramp, ignoring the reaction from the crowd. He climbs up the apron and onto the top turnbuckle. With his arms outstretched and face turned to the sky, a bright spotlight hits Zarathustra. After a moment of bathing in the bright light, he removes his mask and jaws with the crowd, assuring his victory. The fans look to be pumped up for this contest, with both men going at each other for the past few weeks. Not only did Zarathusta rule James Von Drake out of his match last week after costing him the Las Vegas Championship belt a few weeks ago, JVD returned the favour to cost Zarathustra his title shot against Grimnir.

Both man stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one to get underway. Both men explode forwards towards each other, seemingly ready to tear each other apart. JVD and Zarathustra trade big right hands, with the man from Exeter, England getting the upper hand of the exchange early on. Zarathustra backs Von Drake in the corner of the ring with his clubbing blows, before chopping him hard across the chest. The crowd respond with the customary ‘wooooo’ in homage to Ric Flair, as JVD stumbles away from the corner of the ring holding his chest which has now turned pink. Von Drake turns back to face his opponent, but Zarathustra nails him with two more clubbing right hands before shooting him into the ropes. JVD bounces into the middle of the ring, but soon finds himself on his back thanks to a clothesline from Zarathustra.

Zarathustra wastes no time as he bounces into the ropes himself before returning to drop an elbow right onto the heart of his opponent. The crowd don’t know who to boo and who to cheer in this one, as Zarathustra lays into JVD with some stiff mounted punches, before allowing him back to his feet. With JVD looking unsteady on his feet, Zarathustra nails him with a kick to the midsection before looking for a DDT, however JVD cleverly counters with some punches to the kidney, followed by a Northern lights suplex onto his opponent. Both men slowly rise up to their feet, and JVD returns the favour from earlier, with a hard chop across the chest of Zarathustra.

Zarathustra looks to fight back with a right hand aimed at the head of Von Drake, however JVD counters by ducking under the arm of of Zarathustra and taking him down to the mat with a back suplex. With Zarathustra down on the mat, JVD makes the early cover, but only gets a two count from the enthusiastic referee. JVD growls as he pulls Zarathustra up to his feet and shoots him into the ropes, however as he looks for the backdrop against his running oppponent, Zarathustra counters with a clever facebuster to JVD, followed by a powerslam to send him down to the mat hard.

The fans boo Zarathustra as he rises up to his feet and holds his hands up in the air whilst looking down at his opponent. Lucy Von Drake cheers on her husband from ringside, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good as Zarathustra drags him up by his hair, before slamming him hard with an ‘Arc Impulse’! With JVD hitting the mat hard after that move, it looks as if this one could be all over as Zarathustra drops down and makes the cover on James Von Drake!




Much to the suprise of Zarathustra, James Von Drake’s shoulder comes shooting off of the canvas before the three can be counted, and this grudge match continues! Zarathustra looks angrily at his opponent before once again hauling him up to his feet by his hair. Zarathustra pulls JVD towards the corner of the ring, before slamming him face first into the turnbuckle. JVD holds his face in pain as he stumbles away, only for Zarathustra to grab him once again and repeat the move. Lucy Von Drake shouts in support of her husband, as he stumbles away from the corner and Zarathustra bounces into the ropes ready to take his head off with a clothesline. Zarathustra bounces back at JVD looking for a clothesline, but somehow JVD ducks under the arm of his opponent and bounces into the opposite ropes. Both men run at each other until out of no where….


James Von Drake nearly chops Zarathustra in half with a vicious spear in the middle of the ring, which has both men down on the mat and hurting! The referee checks on both men as Lucy Von Drake shows her concern for her husband from the outside. James Von Drake is the first to slowly rise to his feet, and he lays into Zarathustra’s ribs with some stiff kicks to maximize the effects of the spear. Zarathustra looks in pain as he slowly rises to his feet, and JVD nails him with an elbow smash to the side of the head. Zarathustra stumbles away from JVD, but the man from Atlantic City looks to be building moment as he grabs hold of his opponent and plants him down to the mat with a snap DDT!

Zarathustra’s head bounces off of the mat as JVD rolls to his feet and signals to the fans that he is ready to end this one and get some revenge on the man that cost him the Las Vegas Championship belt two weeks ago! The crowd boo Von Drake as he walks over to Zarathustra and pulls him up to his feet, before placing him in position for his finishing cradle piledriver. JVD looks set to hit the move he calls ‘the Dollar Drop’, but before he can execute it…..

“Travel Now Journey Infinitely” plays on over the PA system as the masked hero Grimnir walks out through the entrance. He stops a few steps in and has the title in his right hand and a mic in the left. He waits for the music to die down and glares at the ring where JVD and Zarathustra are battling it out. He brings the mic up to his lips and starts to speak, the words slightly muffled by the mask.

Grimnir: You know what, I don’t care what you two have going on with each other or what sort of feud you have between you, I am going to make my point absolutely clear tonight. I just left after a very enlightening conversation with the powers that be in the back about the fact that you two have crossed a line. You have this desire to try to one up each other and deprave our great fans of a real Las Vegas title defense. Since the two of you cannot seem to settle your differences, the powers that be want the three of us to settle it next week in Rio de Janerio in that very ring with my title on the line for Showdown fifty-nine.

The crowd erupts into cheers and chants of sVo, but Grimnir shakes his head and continues.

Grimnir: The trade that the powers that be gave me for putting myself through this is as follows. If either of you even thinks about interfering in my match tonight against sVo’s new platinum standard, Roscoe Shame, I have it in my contract to deny BOTH of you the title shot as long as I hold this title. Think long and hard, gentlemen. Is it worth it to play whatever petty little mindgame of yours just to prove some point that you might be better than each other?

He acts as if he is going to drop the mic but stops and holds up the title for everyone to see as he utters one last reminder to his opponents.

Grimnir: Zara, you said something last week that I don’t think even you understand fully. You don’t know who I am under this mask and you don’t know what levels I have gone through here at sVo or anywhere else to keep what I want. You want to try and push my buttons by saying my victories are tainted? My friend, I have killed people for less in that ring. You don’t want to have that dance with this monster because I assure you that I will dance all over this arena while dragging your bloody and beaten body with me, skipping gleefully like a schoolgirl! You savvy!?

Grimnir drops the mic and holds the title over his head, bellowing out some sort of muffled nonsense before lowering the title to his head and head butting it a few times. His body visibly shakes from psychotic rage before turning on his heel and walking back through the entrance.

Zarathustra takes advantage of the arrival of the Champion at ringside by countering the ‘Dollar Drop’ into a big back body drop onto James Von Drake. Zarathustra seems to get just as many boos for the move as JVD received as he slowly rises to his feet. JVD pulls himself up and swings a right hand in the direction of Zarathustra. Zarathustra ducks out of the way of the punch, before turning and out of no where….


Zarathustra spits black mist into the eyes of James Von Drake, blinding his opponent who stumbles about trying to rub the liquid out of his eyes. Zarathustra shows no mercy as he nails JVD with a kick to the gut, before planting him headfirst into the mat with the ‘F.A.T.E.’! Zarathustra rolls over JVD and the referee quickly drops down to make the cover.




This one is all over, and it’s Zarathustra who scores an important victory over James Von Drake ahead of next weeks triple threat Las Vegas title Showdown match in Brazil! JVD lays on the mat in pain, as Zarathustra casts an admiring eye over Lucy Von Drake on the outside of the ring whilst motioning for a title belt around his waist.

Will Grimnir be able to escape his match against World Heavyweight Champion Roscoe Shame later tonight at 100% and be able to defend his title next week? Will Zarathustra be able to follow up on this impressive victory and do what he nearly did last week, and win his first piece of sVo gold? Or will JVD bounce back from defeat tonight and overcome his two adversaries.

Zarathustra leaves the ringside area to boos from the fans as Lucy Von Drake checks on her husbands condition in the ring. Despite Zarathustra claiming JVD is nothing but a puppet on a string, will he live to fight another day next week, or will the F.A.T.E penetrate the skull of JVD and spread the message of Zarathustra as promised?

OUTCOME: Zarathustra defeats James Von Drake via pinfall





With the sound of a truck backing into in the Goodfellas Casino Arena, everyone’s attention switches to the V-Tron. Colt Cooper hops out of the passenger seat, along with a crew of workers whose here to add a new edition to Colt’s home.

Colt: “Come on boys. Let me show you were to put it.”

Colt makes his way inside the backstage area along with the workers. He passes El Locon locker room and looks at it with a look of disgust. He get’s to his home, grabs the key, and opens the door.

Colt: “Ok. Put it a little further over there. Not too close to my bed.”

Colt: “You sure that’s where you want it?”

Colt gives Harold a nod, and exits his room. Stepping into the hallway he spots the man he was looking for. Joseph Equinox.

Colt: “Hey partner. I gotta little something for you man. It’s really special.”

Equinox drapes his Tag Title around his right shoulder, and Colt’s throws his arms around his shoulder. Equinox looks a bit concerned as Colt leads him into his home. They get there and Equinox looks inside expecting an locker room, but is amused to see the home like locker room Colt has established in the Arena.

Equinox: “Dude what have you done to this? Isn’t this supposed to be your locker room?”

Colt leads Equinox into the room. The whole time Equinox has a puzzled look on his face.

Colt: “Do you like it? Come in man take a seat.”

Equinox slowly enters the room, taking a seat on a chair near to the bed.

Colt: “So Joey Q, you don’t mind me calling you that do you?”

Equinox is staring a round Colt’s locker room bemused by what he is seeing.

Equinox: “Um….Yeah sure.”

Colt: “Excellent. So what do you think about what I’ve done with the place?”

Equinox tries to think about what to say.

Equinox: “Well it’s different from most locker rooms to say the least.”

Colt: “It definatley is, and there is a place for you in it. You shouldn’t have to remain in one of those stale ass locker rooms they give us. You can live it up in here. Along with you Tag Team Partner. What do you say?”

Colt looks at Equinox like a child who knows how to persuade their parents with that one look.

Equinox: “You know, I probably should be getting ready for my match tonight. I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

Equinox stands up and begins to leave Colt’s locker room.

Colt: “Drop by anytime.”

Equinox’s pace begins to pick up slightly as he exits the room. Colt looks on and lets out a big sigh. Instantly Harold walks in the room.

Harold:: So you ready.

Colt: “Not tonight.”

The scene begins to fade out on Colt who grabs his Tag Team Title making it a pillow as he lays down on his bed.

Coming Soon LIVE from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
sVo Roll the Dice 2010
Featuring Roscoe Shame vs. Bobby Dean
For the sVo World Heavyweight Championship
7th November 2010


SECOND COMINGThe scene opens with Candi Cross standing in front of the camera.

Candi: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time….

The camera pans out to show Joey Q standing next to Candi. There is a huge pop from the crowd in Saudi Arabia.

Candi: Joseph Equinox!!

Equinox points and winks at the camera.

Equinox: Thanks Candi.

Candi: Now Joseph…

Equinox stops Candi before she can get another word out.

Equinox: Please Candi, call me Joey.

Candi: Um…ok. Joey after coming back to the sVo last week and creating the shocking team with Colt Cooper to capture the Tag Team titles, how does it feel to be back and what are you plans now that you are back?

Equinox: You see Candi, the whole world wants to know where Joey Q has been and what he has been doing. Well every one knows that I’ve been on a journey since the moment I set foot in the sVo, and eventually my journey took me away from here for awhile, but I’m back and I’m better than ever before.

Huge pop from the crowd.

Equinox: Which brings me to my next point. You see awhile ago before I left, a friend of mine was spreading a message throughout the sVo and I intend to do that now. There are people out there like me that will understand my message and they will come in due course.

Candi:And what might that message be?

There is a short silence.

Equinox: As I said Candi, all in due course.

Candi: Ok so what are your thoughts on your opponent tonight?

Equinox: Eddie Sinclair?

Candi: Yes!

Equinox: I don’t have personal thoughts on the man. It makes little difference to me if he likes me or hates me. Even if I win or lose it doesn’t bother me. I’m here to do one thing….

Equinox points at his Tag Team Championship draped over his shoulder.

Equinox: ….and that is win championships and spread the message. Sinclair can either listen to what I have to say or not.

Equinox walks out the picture towards the ring entrance leaving Candi Cross with a confused look on her face as the scene fades.
Strobe lighting begins flashing in the arena as “Talkin’ 2 Myself” by Eminem hits the sound system. The fans jump to their feet and begin to cheer as as one half of the current sVo Tag Team Champions, Joseph Equinox steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with his hands raised high in the air. Equinox suddenly brings his hands down and fireworks shoot up into the air behind him before he slowly begins to make his way down towards the ring. Equinox slides into the ring head first, before unstrapping the Tag Team Championship belt from around his waist and holding it in the air as the strobe lighting ends and his entrance music fades out.

“Judith” by A Perfect Circle blasts over the sound system as images of Eddie Sinclair in action are shown on the sVo-Tron. A series of pyrotechnics blast on the stage as Sinclair himself appears, dressed in his ring gear and a leather jacket. He strides down to the ring, pausing at the bottom of the ramp to glance from left to right. The camera follows the turn of his head, revealing his wide smirk and snicker before he climbs inside the ring. He shrugs off his jacket and tosses it to the outside of the ring before backing away into the corner to await the start of the match.

The fans cheer as Sinclair and Equinox look across the ring at each other as the referee hands the sVo Tag Team Championship belt to the outside of the ring for safe keeping. With both competitors ready, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one is under way! Equinox and Sinclair both make their way towards each other before tying up in the middle of the ring. Both men try and force each other backwards, but Sinclair gets the best of the exchange as he goes behind on Equinox and grabs hold of him in a waist lock, before throwing him down to the mat with a waist lock takedown. With Equinox down on the mat, Sinclair drops a big knee across the back of the head, before rolling up to his feet.

The fans boo the cocky Eddie Sinclair as he taunts to them, before catching Equinox with a boot to the gut as he tries to get to his feet. The kick sends Equinox stumbling back into the corner of the ring, and Sinclair quickly follows up on the move with a shoulder charge to the ribs of his opponent. Equinox stumbles out of the corner holding his midsection, but Sinclair takes him down to the mat once again with a nice chop block. With Equinox down on the mat, Sinclair quickly locks in a knee bar submission hold to try and wear down the Tag Team Champion, however Equinox is able to quickly make it to the ropes.

The referee tells Sinclair to break the hold, but he keeps it locked in for an extra few seconds just for good effect, before releasing it and pulling himself up to his feet! The fans boo loudly for Eddie Sinclair, who is no doubt looking for a win tonight to get his sVo career back on track. Equinox slowly limps up to his feet holding his legs from the painful knee lock, and Sinclair tries to take advantage by running at Equinox. However the former Hardcore & Las Vegas Champion is able to counter with a quick scoop slam onto his opponent! The fans cheer the offence from Equinox, as he stumbles to the ropes. Sinclair quickly rises up to his feet and once again runs at Equinox, however the Tag Team Champion sees him coming and pulls down to the top rope which sends Sinclair flying head first to the outside of the ring!

The fans cheer the clever move from Equinox as he drops down to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope himself. The referee shouts at both men to get back into the ring, but Equinox has no such thoughts in his mind as he grabs hold of Sinclair as he rises up to his feet, and positions him in a front face lock. The fans cheer as Equinox quickly nails a snap suplex onto his opponent, onto the unforgiving floor outside the ring! Sinclair arches his back in pain, as Equinox uses the sVo branded ring apron to pull himself up to his feet. Sinclair slowly pulls himself up, but Equinox wastes no time in running at his opponent and spearing him into the side of the ring! With Sinclair in pain, Equinox rolls his opponent back into the ring under the bottom rope, before doing the same himself.

Sinclair rises up to his feet but Equinox is quickly back onto his opponent with a spinning heel kick to the face to send him back down to the mat. The fans cheer the move from Equinox who quickly rises back up to his feet and taunts for Sinclair to do the same. The kick seems to have busted Sinclair’s lip, but he has bigger problems as he gets back to his feet and walks straight into an ‘Academic Probation’ from Joseph Equinox! The fans rise to their feet and cheer from the massive move, as Equinox rolls over his opponent to make the cover.




Somehow Eddie Sinclair managed to kick out!

The fans sit back down looking disappointed, as the Tag Team Champion stares at his opponent in disbelief. Equinox lays into his opponent with a few quick mounted punches before grabbing Sinclair by his hair and pulling him up to a standing position. Equinox grabs Sinclair around the upper body, before delighting the fans with a snap T-Bone suplex! With Sinclair now sprawled out on the mat, the fans cheer as Equinox rises up to his feet and points to the top rope! Being egged on by the fans, Equinox soon makes his way to the corner and begins the ropes. Equinox stands up for a few seconds preparing himself, before leaping off and looking for a diving headbutt onto his opponent!


Eddie Sinclair rolls out of the way just in time, and Equinox hits the mat hard! The fans show their disapproval vocally as Eddie Sinclair uses the ring ropes to pull himself to his feet, before walking across and giving Joseph Equinox a kick in the ribs whilst he is down. Sinclair then brings Equinox to his feet, before throwing the former Hardcore & Las Vegas Champion into the ring ropes. Equinox bounces back into the middle of the ring where Sinclair is there ready to toss him to the mat with a stiff spinebuster! With Equinox laid out in front of him, Sinclair quickly grabs his opponents legs, steps through them and then twists him around to lock in a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring!

The fans boo the iconic wrestling move as Eddie Sinclair arches back to apply the pressure on Equinox’s back, and the Tag Team Champion shouts out in pain. The referee asks Equinox if he would like to tap out, however he bravely shakes his head as Eddie Sinclair applies the move even harder onto his opponent. Equinox slowly uses his upper body strength to crawl closer towards the ropes to try and get a rope break, however Sinclair does his best to keep Equinox in position! The fans begin to clap their hands to try and get behind the Tag Team Champion, and Equinox is able to feed off of the atmosphere from the fans to pull himself through the pain barrier and reach the ropes!

The referee tells Eddie Sinclair to release the hold, and he reacts angrily by throwing Equinox down to the mat before dropping an elbow across his back. Eddie Sinclair looks as if he has flipped out as he jumps up to his feet and lays into the back of Joseph Equinox with stiff stomps as the fans boo loudly! Have we just seen a switch in the personality of Sinclair after Equinox escaped from the sharpshooter?

Sinclair drags Equinox up to his feet before nailing him in the midsection with a knee. Equinox doubles over in pain, and Sinclair takes advantage with a double arm DDT onto his oppponent! With Equinox’s head bouncing off of the mat, Sinclair makes the cover!




Everyone in the arena thought it was over, but somehow Equinox gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three is counted! Eddie Sinclair looks distressed as he jumps up to his feet and argues with the referee that it should have been three, but the referee holds two fingers in the air to signal the count. Eddie Sinclair backs the referee into the corner of the ring trying to intimidate him, but as he does Joseph Equinox slowly rises up to his feet behind him. Sinclair is alerted to this by the cheers from the fans, but as he turns around Equinox cracks Sinclair with an ‘E.M.P’ to the face! The fans cheer for the huge move, as both men lay on the mat motionless, with Equinox unable to take advantage by going for a pinfall.

The fans begin an ‘Equinox, Equinox, Equinox’ chant around the arena, and it is the current sVo Tag Team Champion who is first to rise to his feet. Equinox stumbles across to Sinclair, and pulls him up to his feet by his hair before tossing him into the corner of the ring. With Sinclair leaning prone in the corner, Equinox nails him with a stiff knife edge chop across the chest! The fans ‘wooo’ for the move, with Equinox repeats, before stepping up the ring ropes to nail Sinclair with a punt to the face. Sinclair slowly stumbles forward from the kick to the face in the corner, and right into the arms of Equinox who lines him up for the ‘Karma’! The fans rise to their feet in anticipation from the finisher from Joseph Equinox…


Out of no where Eddie Sinclair counters the move by rolling it into an inside cradle!





Eddie Sinclair quickly let’s go of his opponents tights and bails out of the ring, as an aggravated Joseph Equinox jumps back up to his feet. Eddie Sinclair backs up the entrance ramp with an arm raised in the air in victory, showing no shame at cheating to get the win. Boos ring out around the arena as Sinclair taunts the fans from the top of the entrance ramp, as Equinox leans against the ropes wondering how he managed to lose the match after being so close to ending it with the ‘Karma’.

OUTCOME: Eddie Sinclair defeats Joseph Equinox via pinfall


SHAME TIMERoscoe Shame sitting in front of his open locker, pulling his gear out of his bag as he gets ready for a big match later in the evening. His agent and friend Jeremiah Sloan stands back in the corner fiddling with his PDA when suddenly a knock on the door sounds. Without a response the door opens and an unnamed backstage hand walks in handing a note to Jeremiah Sloan before scurrying out, closing the door behind him.

Jeremiah reads the note, his eyes going wide, his jaw dropping as Roscoe continues pulling his gear out, oblivious to Sloan’s response.

Jeremiah Sloan: Uhm… Roscoe… You’re going to want to see this man.

Roscoe Shame: What is it?

Jeremiah Sloan: Seems, Mr. Anderson has made a new decree here in sVo.

Roscoe Shame: So?

Jeremiah Sloan: Trust me, read it.

Handing the note over to Roscoe Shame it doesn’t take Roscoe Shame long for the World Champ to go livid! Without a word, Roscoe storms out of the locker room, the crumpled not laying on the floor behind him. The camera man zooms in on the note.

“Effective immediately, the Shame Time and any variation of the Shame Time will now and forever be banned in the Sanctioned Violence Organization.

Mr. Anderson”BACKSTAGE

UNFINISHED BUSINESSThe scene goes to the backstage area where we see Rey Rosario ready to make a promo for his upcoming match.

Rey: Asesino, in just a few moments you and me will collide for my International Championship. You have taken full advantage of my fighting champion status to take this opportunity but Asesino I will take full advantage of this opportunity as well to humiliate you and prove to you that I am the greatest International Champion in sVo history.

All of the sudden Asesino comes out to confront Rey Rosario.

Asesino: Humiliate me?

Rey: Well you do that pretty easily by yourself.

Asesino: So we have a comedian now? Well Rey let me tell you something you are a marked man because I’m not the only one who wants a piece of you.

Rey: Who else? I’ll fight anyone, anytime.

From behind Rey, Limp attacks the International Champion. He lays the boots to him as Asesino joins in the beatdown. Xtreme Fusion continue the beatdown as Limp kneels to talk to Rey.

Limp: Rey, you and me have unfinished business. You agreed a long time ago to face me in a 2 out of 3 falls match well Rey the time for that match is next week and if by coincidence you do retain the championship tonight which you won’t I will take the title shot next week as well. See you next week.

Limp and Asesino continue kicking at Rey as they finally leave the International Champion in peace.


OPPORTUNITY KNOCKED TAPPEDShowdown heads backstage, where the cameras catch up with El Locon who is walking through the backstage area. El Locon looks disappointed after his loss earlier in the night to Colt Cooper…. however his night suddenly goes from bad to worse when all of a sudden he is nailed in the back of the head with a steel chair by Samuel Amos! El Locon falls down holding the back of his head in pain, as security rushes to restrain Samuel Amos, the perpetrator of the sneak attack.

El Locon stumbles up to his feet holding the back of his head in pain, but as he does Samuel Amos breaks free of the hold of the security guard and jumps onto the back of El Locon, locking on a choke hold. The security jumps in and tries desperately to pull apart Amos and El Locon as the pair grapple on the floor. All of a sudden everyone seems to stop as a booming voice is heard approaching.


Everyone turns to see who the voice belongs to, as Mr Matt Anderson walks in on the scene. Security take advantage of the distraction to pull apart El Locon and Samuel Amos.

Mr Anderson – “WELL? I’m waiting for an answer here.”

One of the head security guards mumbles something to the boss, causing him to turn red in the face and turn to Samuel Amos?

Mr Anderson – “What the hell do you think your doing? We need our talent our there in matches earning money, not laying in some hospital bed because you felt like smacking them over the head with a steel chair.

El Locon stares down Amos, all the while jostling with the burly security guards who are restraining him.

Samuel Amos – “‘I’m just doing what you told me to do Mr Anderson!”

El Locon’s furious stare now turns towards Anderson. Anderson notices this and quickly turns back to Amos.

Mr Anderson – “Excuse me? I told you no such thing!”

Samuel Amos – “You told me earlier that to get a title shot I had to take out those already in line. El Locon get’s shot at International Title belts, Las Vegas Title belts…. You told me if I wanted something then to go out there and get it!”

Matt Anderson slowly nods his head, realising why Amos has attacked El Locon.

Mr Anderson – “I tell you what. I’m impressed with your attitude, so I am going to give you a shot. Next week I am putting together a pretty big match with a big prize on the line. It’s not going to be easy, but by the looks of that choke hold you had going on there you might do ok, because it’s going to be submissions only.” Amos nods his head, looking pleased he will be part of an important match next week on Showdown #59.

Samuel Amos – “I learnt that in the Army.”

The boss nods his head, turning to El Locon so not to forget the big man, who still looks unhappy about being smashed over the head with a steel chair.

Mr Anderson – “Don’t worry, you can get a chance at a little revenge, because you will be in the match as well.”

Amos and El Locon lock eyes, as the security struggles to keep them apart as Showdown heads back to ringside.
Boos begin to ring out around the arena as the entrance ramp lights up and “Headstrong” by Trapt hits the sound system. On the sVo-Tron highlights of Asesino’s greatest moments play as Asesino slowly makes his way out from the backstage area and down the entrance ramp. Asesino stares out the crowd as he walks, before rolling into the ring. Asesino walks around the ring looking out at those in the crowd who are booing him, before jumping up onto the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and taunting to the fans by throwing them an ironic kiss.

“Last Resort” hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as the sVo International Champion Rey Rosario comes out completely ignoring the crowd. Rosario looks to be limping from the earlier attack as he slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

Rey Rosario unstraps the sVo International Championship belt from around his waist, before handing it over to the referee. The referee holds the belt in the air for the whole arena to see to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match, before handing the belt to the outside of the ring. With both of the competitors ready, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this sVo International Championship match to get underway!

Rosario and Asesino make their way towards each other, before diving forward and tying up in the middle of the ring. Both competitors try and push each other backwards in a test of strength, however it is the man from Vancouver, Canada who comes off best, as Rosario grabs hold of his opponents arm and twists it around in a arm lock. Asesino shouts out in pain as the International Champion holds it for a few seconds, before unleashing a big elbow smash onto the joint of Asesino’s arm. Asesino stumbles forward holding his arm in pain, before turning and nailing Rosario with a stiff chop across the chest. The crowd ‘woooo’ the chop, as Asesino repeats the move and sends Rosario stumbling backwards towards the ropes.

Rosario bounces backwards off of the ropes and tries to use their momentum as he runs at Asesino, however Asesino meets him with a big punch to send him down to the mat. Rosario quickly rises to his feet, however Asesino is there with a spinning heel kick to send him straight back down. With Rosario down on the mat, Asesino lays into the Champion with some stiff mounted punches to his face. The crowd boo Asesino as he rises to his feet and taunts to them. However as Rosario gets back to his feet, Asesino is there waiting for him. Rosario dives forward to grab Asesino, however the man from Puerto Rico ducks out of the way of Rosario’s attack, and lands a one handed bulldog onto the International Champion!

The fans boo the big move by Asesino who jumps up to his feet and shakes the ropes as his momentum in the match begins to build. Rosario slowly rises up to his feet, but Asesino quickly runs across and knocks him back down with the mat with a flying forearm, before laying into the International Champion with some stiff right hands to the face. Rosario looks to be reeling from the punches, as he rolls away from Asesino and rolls out of the ring! Rosario stumbles around ringside holding his head in pain as the referee asks him to take it back into the ring. Asesino takes about five seconds of Rosario being on the outside of the ring, before dropping down to the mat and rolling to the outside as well!

The crowd cheer with both men out of the ring as Asesino runs up behind Rosario and slams him face first into the security barrier. Rosario once again can only hold his face in pain, but Asesino takes advantage by picking up Rosario, and then dropping the International Champion across the security barrier chest first! Rosario drops to the floor and holds his chest in pain, as Asesino taunts and poses for the nearby fans. The fans continue to boo Asesino as he makes his way over to Rosario and begins to stomp away on him with big boots to the upper body. Rosario slowly begins to pull himself up to his feet using the edge of the announcers table. However as he does Asesino grabs him by the arm and tries to whip him into the steel ring steps!

The fans rise to their feet to see the move, however there is a cheer as Rosario reverses the move by pulling Asesino back towards himself, before slamming a clothesline into his face! Asesino lays on the floor wondering just what hit him, as Rosario tries to catch his breath. Asesino gets to his feet and comes at Rosario again, however Rosario grabs the challenger by the back of the head and slams him face first into the ring apron, before rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope.

Rosario climbs up onto the ring apron himself, but instead of climbing into the ring, he runs along and makes his way to the turnbuckle! Rosario climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and sits there as Asesino slowly staggers up to his feet in the ring! Asesino turns around, and before he knows what hit him, Rosario leaps from the top and hits a flying shoulder block onto Asesino! With the ‘Assassin’ Asesino down on the mat, Rosario quickly crawls over the challenger and makes the cover.




Much to the crowds disappointment, Asesino manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted. Rey Rosario can’t believe that the flying move from the top rope didn’t put away Asesino as he pulls him up to his feet using his hair, and throws him into the corner of the ring. Rosario stomps away on Asesino in the corner with some big boots, before Asesino swings a wild right hand in Rosario’s direction to try and get back into the match. Rosario ducks under the right hand and takes Asesino down to the mat with a fireman’s carry take down. With Asesino down on the mat, Rey Rosario quickly locks in an arm bar submission hold and begins to wear down his opponent.

Asesino struggles his way to the ropes and forces Rey Rosario to release the hold on him. Asesino rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope to put some distance between himself and the International Champion, who stands tall in the middle of the ring. Asesino staggers around the ring holding his arm in pain after the arm bar, but Rosario quickly grows tired of Asesino postponing the action, and climbs out of the ring to go after the Champion!

The International Champion, who early in the week lost his foster father, grabs hold of Asesino from behind, and throws him hard into the security barrier. The nearby fans cheer as Asesino hits the barrier hard, before crawling back up to his feet. Rosario grabs hold of him once again and begins to lift him up to throw him onto the security barrier, but Asesino manages to counter the move with a back head butt onto Rosario. Rosario stumbles away holding his face, but Asesino quickly grabs hold of the Champion and throws him hard into the steel ring steps!

The referee asks both men to take it back into the ring, reminding Asesino he can’t win the belt on a DQ or countout. However Asesino doesn’t seem to take any notice as he stomps away mercilessly on Rosario. Asesino finally pulls Rosario up off of the mat and rolls him back into the ring. Asesino taunts the fans, and gets nothing but boos as he walks around the ringside area and grabs a steel chair from one of the announcers! Asesino rolls into the ring with the steel chair in hand and sizes up Rosario who is pulling himself up to his feet in the corner of the ring. The referee tells Asesino not to use the chair or he will DQ him, but Asesino runs at Rosario with the steel chair in the corner.


Rosario gets his legs up and kicks the chair back into the face of Asesino! The crowd cheer the move from Rosario as Asesino drops down to the mat and the chair lands on top of him! Rosario quickly takes advantage of the situation, by turning and beginning to climb the turn-buckle! Rosario takes one look down at Asesino laying on the mat with the steel chair over his face, before leaping off the top rope and landing the ‘Rey Elbow’ onto Asesino! Rosario drives the steel chair hard into the face of Asesino who looks like he might have been knocked out by that blow, before he makes the cover!




This one is all over, and once again its the ‘fighting champion’ Rey Rosario who walks away with the win! Rosario staggers up to his feet, obliviously in pain after the elbow drop, and holds his sVo International Championship belt in the air in victory as he is presented with it by the referee.

OUTCOME: Rey Rosario defeats Asesino via pinfall


MAKING THINGS INTERESTINGRey Rosario holds the belt high above his head as he marches around the ring, still getting a mixed reaction from the sVo fans who don’t know quite what to make of the sVo International Champion. ‘The Fighting Champion’ climbs the nearest turn-buckle to celebrate his title defence. However Rosario’s music is suddenly interrupted by….


The fans cheer as the sVo Tag Team Champion Colt Cooper struts out onto the top of the entrance ramp, a mic in one hand and his sVo Tag Team Championship belt over the opposite shoulder. The fans cheer the arrival of Colt Cooper, but one person who doesn’t seem too pleased by the interruption is Rey Rosario down in the ring who stares back up at the #1 contender for his sVo International Championship belt. Highlights of Colt Cooper defeating Nightmare two weeks ago on Showdown to win the #1 contendership is shown on the V-Tron as his music fades out.

Colt Cooper: “Rosario, I’m impressed by the whole fighting Champion attitude, but this is the third week in a row you have handed someone a shot at that title… Are you forgetting just who the #1 contender is?”

The fans begin to chant Colt Cooper’s name as Rey Rosario grabs a microphone off of the ring announcer at ringside.

Rey Rosario: “Like you said Cooper, I am a fighting champion. Anyone comes and asks me for a title match then they get it!!”

The fans give a mixed reaction to Rosario’s words.

Colt Cooper: “Well don’t you go losing that title too soon buddy, I am looking forward to going back to Las Vegas at Roll the Dice and taking that belt for myself!”

Once again Colt Cooper gets a cheer from the fans, as Rosario shakes his head down in the ring.

Rey Rosario: “Don’t you worry about that Cooper. I am going to prove myself as the best sVo International Champion in this history of this federation! When the fans think back about this very title belt, they are not going to remember Roscoe Shame, they are not going to remember Bobby Dean, they are not going to remember Cody Williams and they are not even going to remember Psyko Stevo! They are going to remember one name, and that is Rey Rosario, the fighting champion who takes on all comers!”

The fans cheer as Colt Cooper and Rosario lock eyes and stare each other down from across the arena. Colt Cooper shakes his head and gestures that he will be taking the belt from Rosario.

Colt Cooper: “Sounds like you have really thought this one thought, but sorry to destroy the dream. The only thing you are going to be famous for is the man that lost the International Championship to Colt Cooper at Roll the Dice 2010!”

Rey Rosario: “So how about it Cooper, if your so confident about winning this one, why don’t you prove it? Let’s make this one a bit more interesting. Why don’t you bring your new tag team partner Joseph Equinox to Roll the Dice, stick those tag team title belts on the line as well against me and an opponent of my choosing! Whoever wins walks out with all the gold!”

The fans seem to be in favour of the match idea as Colt Cooper looks down at the Tag Team Championship belt which is hanging over his shoulder…

Colt Cooper: “Your on!!!”

The fans cheer as the tag team champion Colt Cooper stares down the International Champion Rey Rosario, as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

Ethan Rider is dressed in a long trench coat and his usual ring trunks, black with a tint of metallic silver. ‘Rider’ is written in gold lettering on the cuffs of the coat and the right leg of the trunks.

Ethan gives a small smirk and straightens up, the lights slightly returning so he is visible.

He walks to the ring, only slightly acknowledging the audience with the occasional nod. When he reaches the ringside area, he stands still, staring at the ring as two officials come forward and carefully remove the coat, producing a series of wof-whistles from the females as he exposes his well defined, ‘Sexy’ abdomen and pectoral.

He bounces on the spot a bit, warming up for the match, before sliding into the ring, just after a single flash of golden pyro shoots just millimetres over his shoulder. Bouncing off the ropes and raising two fingers up in front of him, giving another small smirk as the lights return.

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

The arena lights fade and a red light begins to slowly strobe as “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails pounds through the arena over the PA system. The crowd burst into a loud chorus of boos as The Company logo floats onto the sVo tron, quickly replaced by a name.

“N I G H T M A R E”

The curtains part and a man in red trunks with a black streak down the side and a black mask cut away at the top to reveal a freshly shaved head of hair. He half-grins/half-sneers at the jeering audience surrounding him and wastes little time in stalking down the entrance ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands, jawing off at various members of the crowd and at Rider and Teacher standing across the ring as he rolls under the bottom rope.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

Night stands at the top of the entrance ramp, for once his mentor/manager Akira Kimura seems to be accompanying the former World Champion to the ring. The two men glare at the ring ahead of them, presumably at Night’s own tag-team partner as opposed to his opponents tonight. As the music swirls away, the two men stalk down towards the ring, Night looking very serious and tense. He slides under the bottom rope, never taking his eyes off his brother – outside the ring Akira Kimura takes up position in their corner but like Night he eyes Nightmare suspiciously.

The lights return to normal and Rider and Teacher are seen discussing tactics amiably while across the ring the estranged brothers glare at each other in a stand-off of sorts. The referee calls for both teams to get moving and Rider steps through the ropes allowing Teacher to start the match. Nightmare gestures for Night to start for their team, but the former champion seems uneasy and less politely indicates for Nightmare to start the match. The exchange repeats itself and the referee seems to be getting irritated. Nightmare sighs and shoves his brother back against the turnbuckle before turning to face The Teacher. The referee calls for the bell as Night steps through the ropes onto the apron.

The two technical specialists circle each other cautiously, Nightmare smirking and slapping condescendingly at Teacher who easily deflects. Nightmare shoots at Teacher, taking him down with a double-leg takedown, Teacher flips onto his stomach and Nightmare rolls back to his feet, slapping the back of Teacher’s head on his way back up. Teacher retains his composure as he stands, again taking up a guard as once more Nightmare shoots at his legs – this time Teacher is ready and leaps over him and sending Nightmare flying with an inverted headlock takeover – before slapping Nightmare on the back of the head to a huge pop from the crowd. His composure now gone, Nightmare throws a tantrum grabbing at the back of his head and pleading to the referee who merely smirks at Nightmare and offering little more than calling for the match to continue.

Nightmare snaps, catching Teacher with a hard right hand before blatantly raking his eyes. He ignores the referee who begins to admonish him and begins pounding away on The Teacher with a series of hard right hands to the head and body followed by a stiff right knee to the ribs which sends Teacher doubling over and back down to the mat. Teacher is not badly hurt and immediately climbs back to his feet only to be caught and flipped over with a Judo throw straight into the turnbuckles courtesy of the older Miyamoto who follows up with a flurry of vicious kicks and stomps to the head and torso of the downed Teacher. Nightmare returns to his own corner and draws a huge chorus of boos as he proceeds to catch his brother with a cheap right hand which dazes the former champion before sending him crashing into the ring with a hiptoss before casually stepping out onto the apron himself.

Night looks back at his brother now standing casually in their corner as he sits up. Nightmare casually shrugs, grinning evilly at his younger brother. Night looks towards the referee who signals that the tag counted – Night returns to his feet and prepares to face off against a confused looking Teacher who seems as baffled and surprised by the exchange as anyone. The two masked men in the ring nod to each other in a mutual gesture of respect before locking up in the middle of the ring. Despite his slight size disadvantage, Teacher gains the upper-hand, forcing Night into a side headlock and wrenching it on. The former sVo Champion backs Teacher up to the ropes and uses them to propel Teacher across the ring.

As Teacher rebounds off the far ropes and returns, Night leaps into the air, aiming a flying leg lariat at Teacher’s head – but hitting nothing but air as Teacher ducks underneath. Night catches himself and lands unsteadily on one leg and is quickly taken down by Teacher who quickly attempts to wrench Night into an anklelock. He fumbles with Night’s leg as Night struggles to free himself, finally propping himself up on his hands and flipping forward, kicking Teacher under the chin with his free leg and returning himself to standing.

The crowd are on their feet for the exchange and neither man seems to be taking a moment to pause. Teacher, still staggered from Night’s surprise kick stumbles backwards a few steps. Night moves in quickly, taking Teacher over with an over-the-shoulder Judo throw – however, the technically superior Teacher manages to maneuver into an armbar! Night, still on his feet struggles to free himself and finding no openings quickly lunges for and grabs hold of the ropes – Teacher quickly breaking the hold. Night returns to his feet, shaking out his arm, but the ceasefire is brief and The Teacher quickly forces a lock-up, hoping to press his advantage.

Night manages to stun Teacher, hitting him in the lock-up with a series of hard knee strikes before sending Teacher flying with an exploder suplex! Night presses his advantage, dropkicking the downed Teacher before quickly standing and launching with a standing senton – only to crash back first onto the mat as Teacher rolls aside. Teacher jumps at the opening and grabs hold of Night with a standing armbar on his already tender right arm and using the hold to slowly and methodically walk the younger Miyamoto brother over to his corner where he casually tags in Ethan Rider who climbs to the top turnbuckle as Teacher forces Night to standing, dazing him with two hard back-elbows to the face before lifting him for a vertical suplex – Rider flying off the top rope and connecting with Night in the midsection at the height of the lift! The crowd erupt for the big double-team move and the former World Champion writhes on the mat clutching at his midsection. Teacher rolls out of the ring as Rider hooks Night’s leg for a pin attempt.




NO! Night manages to kick out at two. Rider quickly pulls the masked man to his feet and peppers him with two swift roundhouse kicks to the ribs and driving him backwards and sprawling onto the mat with a lightning fast thrusting toe-kick. Night scrambles to his feet and is quickly barraged again as Rider charges forwards with a series of high roundhouse kicks, all aimed at the former champ’s head. Night manages to duck to avoid all the shots but find himself losing ground as he is forced to retreat from Rider’s constant attacks.

Rider breaks the routine by driving a knee towards Night’s chest, the masked man deflecting the blow with his hands and surprising Ethan with a series of quick, hard uppercuts to Rider’s midsection and backing him up with a sidekick. Rider throws a high spinning half-moon kick towards Night’s head, Night bridging backwards to avoid it. He stands again quickly but is caught square in the jaw with a sharp hook kick courtesy of Rider which sends him crashing down onto the mat.

Rider continues to push his attack, flipping forwards with a sommersault legdrop – Night rolling out of the way at the last second and to his feet. Rider springs to his feet and immediately spins, leaping into the air and catching Night square with a tornado kick, the force of the blow sending Night crashing to the mat. Amazingly, Night manages to control his fall and kips straight back up to his feet to a huge cheer from the crowd. Rider lunges at Night with a lariat, the masked man ducking underneath and catching Rider with a spinning sidekick as he turns knocking the Forks native to the mat – Rider in turn catching himself and kipping up as Night just did to an equally loud roar from the crowd.

The two men pause a moment, each catching their breath, Night nodding to Rider as he did to Teacher no long ago, Rider returning the gesture. Rider catches Night with a lightning fast kick to the midsection doubling him over and driving him to the mat with a big implant DDT. Night’s head snaps up from the mat from the impact and Rider is quick to follow up with a quick front dropkick sending him straight back to the mat.

Dragging the downed Night back towards his corner, Ethan Rider tags in his partner The Teacher, the two men lifting their opponent and dropping him with a big double suplex. Rider climbs through the ropes and out onto the apron as Teacher lifts the dazed Night onto his feet before sending him reeling with a spinning knife hand chop and dropping him with an inverted facelock elbowdrop. Teacher wastes no time and quickly locks Night in a cross-knee chinlock. Night writhes in pain as he tries to fight free but Teacher seems to have the hold in tightly. Night reaches for the ropes but Teacher wrenches back.

The referee asks if Night wants to submit, the former champion shaking his head to indicate ‘no’. Again he struggles towards the ropes, again he is foiled as Teacher wrenches on the lock.

Agonizing seconds feel like minutes to Night who painfully crawls hand over hand towards the ropes, Teacher fighting him every inch of the way, inflicting as much damage on his opponent as possible. Night reaches and again falls short and for a second seems defeated. Teacher sees his opportunity and wrenches on Night who cries out in pain. Again he is asked if he wants to submit, again he shakes his head. Desperately he manages one more lunge towards the ropes and finally reaching and grabbing hold for dear life.

Night’s hand on the rope, Teacher is quick to release the hold. Night releases the ropes and manages to sit himself up but is once again halted by a series of hard stomps from The Teacher. Night uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet but is caught with another spinning knife hand chop courtesy of Teacher who follows up with a reverse sleeper hold slam which sends Night crashing to the mat. Teacher stands, again stomping away on Night who slowly and painfully pulls himself back to his feet. The Teacher leaps with a high dropkick aimed at Night’s head – the former world champion managing to sidestep and catch Teacher flush in the chest with a fast roundhouse kick. The Teacher collapses to the mat, clutching at his chest as an exhausted Night looks towards his corner and seems amazed to see his brother leaning over the rope with his arm extended towards him. Digging deep, Night lunges at Nightmare’s outstretched arm, but comes up empty as his older brother retracts his arm, laughing at the downed Night.

Night stands slowly, questioning his brother, only to be caught by The Teacher who locks his hands around Night’s waist, looking for a German suplex – Night acts quickly and charges forwards at the ropes, grabbing hold of the top rope and managing to shake Teacher off on the bounce. Night leaps onto the middle rope, looking to spring off, but is sent flipping backwards and landing awkwardly on the back of his head as Nightmare clips his ankle off the rope to a loud chorus of boos – the referee signaling that the tag was made! Nightmare strides into the ring, scooping up his brother and lifting him for a cradle brainbuster – he holds Night in the air, finally dropping backwards and sending him crashing down on the chest of The Teacher! The boos are deafening, although a few scattered cheers can be heard for the move. Night lies motionless as The Teacher clutches at his chest.

Nightmare grabs hold of Night and pulls him roughly to his feet before throwing him towards their corner and sending him flying between the middle and bottom ropes headfirst and landing on the arena floor awkwardly. Nightmare stomps Teacher viciously before roughly grabbing hold of his mask and yanking the smaller man to his feet. Nightmare hoists Teacher up for the same hanging cradle brainbuster he just used to drive Night into Teacher’s ribs – however, the crafty Teacher manages to slip free, instead dropping Nightmare with a huge rolling reverse DDT – the crowd erupting for the big reversal! Teacher quickly tags in Rider, before lifting Nightmare to his feet and hoisting him over into a German suplex, Rider catching Nightmare’s head on the way over and adding to the impact with a neckbreaker! Teacher slides out of the ring as Rider makes the cover!




Nightmare manages to kick out at the last second. Rider pulls Nightmare to his feet, peppering him with hard kicks to the body as he does. Once standing, he doubles Nightmare over with a spinning sidekick to the midsection before dropping him with an axe kick! Again he covers.



Nightmare kicks out at two. Again Rider kicks at Nightmare as he pulls the masked man to his feet – once standing he continues his barrage, alternating left and right kicks and punches and backing a worn Nightmare up against the ropes. The older Miyamoto lunges forwards and rakes at Rider’s eyes. Rider fends him off but clearly his right eye is bothering him. The referee moves to admonish Nightmare, but once again he is not listening – Rider swings wildly and blindly with kicks and punches. He launches a crescent kick at Nightmare, the masked man catching his leg and sending him flying with a huge capture suplex! Nightmare covers, roughly ramming his forearm and elbow into Rider’s face in the process.




Ethan Rider kicks out! Nightmare swoops straight back in, locking the still downed Rider into a full nelson and powering his way back to standing, before popping his hips and sending Ethan crashing back to the mat with a full nelson suplex. He kicks away at Rider’s ribs finally dropping onto them with a standing senton. He pulls Rider to his feet once more and pushes him back-first into the turnbuckles before attempting to whip Rider across the ring – Rider reversing it and instead sending Nightmare charging across the ring towards the opposite turnbuckle and his own corner.

The crowd pops as Night slingshots his feet over the turnbuckle – connecting with Nightmare’s face with a sickening impact which causes the Company hired mercenary to crumple to the mat – his momentum sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. He lays motionless in a heap in the corner of the ring as Night catches an unsuspecting Rider with a big leg lariat followed quickly with a standing shooting star press! Night covers!




Rider kicks out! A close call, but Ethan Rider showing his awareness and resilience manages to stay in the matchup for his team. Night immediately brings Rider to standing and whips him across the ring. Night does not seem to notice as Teacher casually slaps Rider on the back as he hits the ropes, however the referee seems to and registers the tag. Night grabs at the returning Rider, but comes up empty as Ethan slides on the mat through his legs.

Unaware of the tag, Night turns to give chase to the elusive Ethan Rider. He catches Rider, grabbing hold of him, only for Rider to place a foot on his thing and send his head rocking backwards with a vicious shining wizard. The force of the blow sends Night staggering backwards, right into the waiting arms of The Teacher who drops Night with an arm trap neck breaker. Teacher covers.



Night kicks out. The Teacher pushing the advantage immediately pulls Night to his feet, again locking him in a standing armbar and adding to it with concise but hard shots to the shoulder. He wastes little time in again tagging an exhausted Ethan Rider back in. Teacher wrenches over, sending Night over and back down to the mat with a Japanese arm drag as the Mockingjay waits on the top rope once more. He leaps off with a 450 splash as a sea of flashbulbs around the arena erupt. Rider covers.



Once again Night kicks out – the fatigue of the back and forth match clearly showing on all four men, Rider pulls Night to his feet and dropkicks Night hard in the chest, sending the masked man reeling back and slumping against the turnbuckles. Rider charges in at him, backflipping off his chest and nailing him with the Hell Rider! The crowd pops for the big move and Rider quickly hooks Night’s leg for the pin.




Night kicks out! Clearly hurting and barely conscious he remains motionless on the mat. Smelling victory, Rider calls for his partner to head to the top rope, Teacher obliging and quickly scaling the turnbuckles as Rider signals to the crowd for the Darkrise! Meanwhile across the ring Nightmare regains consciousness and unsteadily uses the ropes to pull himself up to standing, tumbling through the ropes and into the ring. Rider lifts Night to his feet into position for the Darkrise as Teacher perches on the top rope, waiting. The crowd lets out a huge shocked pop as Nightmare lunges across the ring, dropping Rider with a chop-block, his momentum carrying him through and right into Teacher’s feet.

The Teacher loses his footing and lands painfully straddling the top rope, only to be swiftly pulled into the ring and thrown out by a somewhat dazed Nightmare. Turning his attention towards Rider who clutches at his knee on the mat, Nightmare pulls him to his feet, quickly locking his hands around Rider’s waist and hoisting him up and over with a MASSIVE release German suplex – the crowd erupting as a groggy Night leaps from the ground and catching Rider in midair with a 3/4 facelock bulldog! Charged full of adrenaline, he unsteadily leaps to his feet and for a split second the two brothers stand side-by-side. Simultaneously, both remembers the events of this year, but it is Nightmare who is slightly quicker, doubling Night over with a hard kick to the midsection before driving him down with a Rogue Driver landing on Ethan Rider’s chest! Night and Rider are both motionless, but as Rider’s shoulders are on the mat, the referee counts the pin.




Amazingly Night and his brother Nightmare have pulled off a huge win in an epic match against a great up-and-coming sVo tag-team in Ethan Rider and The Teacher. Nightmare raises his arms in triumph, looking down at his former mentor Akira Kimura with disdain. His eyes still on the old man, he bends down, lifting up his lifeless brother and delivering another crushing Rogue Driver this time in the centre of the ring – the former sVo World Champion laying motionless.

OUTCOME: Night & Nightmare defeats The Teacher & Ethan Rider via pinfall


TEAM-MATES?As Nightmare leaves the ring victorious and Night is helped away by Kimura, the crowd cheer as Ethan Rider slowly pulls himself up to his feet using the ring ropes. Ethan Rider looks around at the crowd as The Teacher begins to climb out of the ring to make his way backstage. The crowd cheer for Ethan Rider as he runs over and stomps The Teacher leaving, signalling for him to come back into the middle of the ring. Ethan Rider smiles, body bearing the battle scars as he limps toward Teacher, who almost visibly sighs. Rider extends a hand, an obvious proposal that they make the team official.

But Teacher refuses the handshake, stepping out of the ring and leaving Rider in it. Teacher nods his congratulations and leaves, the crowd with a mixed reaction as Rider is left.BACKSTAGE

LAST STRAWRoscoe Shame standing outside the locked door of Mr. Anderson’s office, bangs his fists repeatedly on the door. Screaming as Jeremiah Sloan stands behind trying to calm his client down. Not long before Shame has to go out and wrestle in the main event and instead of getting into his gear, Shame stands outside the door trying to break the door down with his pounding fists.

Roscoe Shame: Open the damn door!

Jeremiah Sloan: Come on Roscoe, let’s go back and get ready for your match man. Let it go.

Roscoe Shame spins around about to confront his agent when he spies a familiar grinning face sitting in a wheel chair over the shoulder of Sloan. Pushing past Sloan he storms up to a gloating Bobby Dean.

Roscoe Shame: Go ahead Bobby, live it up! Come Roll of the Dice, Shame Time or no Shame Time, I’m going to end your career once and for all!

Without waiting for a response Shame simply steps up kicking the side of Bobby’s chair, spitting Bobby out of his seat and sending him sprawling to the floor screaming out in pain. Sloan is quick to intervene as he jumps in between both his clients, escorting Shame down the hall back towards his locker room as backstage hands nearby come rushing to Bobby’s aid, gently helping BBD back into his chair as Bobby grabs different parts of his body in pain.BACKSTAGE

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTThe cameras go to the Xtreme Fusion locker room where we find DVD. DVD has a microphone on his hand and a determined look on his face as he stares straight ahead at the camera ready to address the crowd.

DVD: It was about time you got here. I have a lot to talk about. First of all, The Corporation thinks they can mess with Xtreme Fusion and get away with it well that will not happen. Before Roll The Dice there are a couple of Showdowns on the horizon. So since Limp has some personal issues to take care off why don’t we give the people a preview of what will happen at Roll The Dice.

The fans cheer at the mention of the Coroporation who with the exception of Juliana Torres have been out of action for months, but are set to return at Roll the Dice in three weeks to help out the Corporate Lady….

DVD: Next week, Asesino will take on DJ while I take care off Raven that we can eliminate those 2 before the PPV and we can tear apart sweet innocent Juliana Torres in a 3 on 1 handicap match at Roll The Dice.

The feed cuts off as the fans cheer the prospect of the return of DJ & Raven next week on Showdown #59!


A HIGHER POWER?Matt Anderson runs his hands through his long hair, as the Showdown cameras head backstage and catch the sVo manager coming out of a meeting with his fellow ‘Company’ members. Matt Anderson looks to be in a stressed mood behind his trademark dark glasses, as he loosens his tie as he continues to walk away from the backstage board room and down the corridor. However suddenly out of nowhere, Anderson sees a sight that nearly has him falling over in surprise as the Masked Man walks around the corner and straight towards him!

Matt Anderson looks at the sight for a few seconds, before deciding that enough is enough, and it’s time to stand and fight! Anderson readies himself in a fighting pose in the middle of the corridor, however the Masked Man continues to walk straight at him, as if he can’t even see him.

Anderson cocks his eyebrow in bemusement as the Masked Man shoulder barges past him, and continues walking down the corridor. The sVo manager spins around, and scratches his head as the Masked Man knocks once on the Company boardroom door, before entering! The scene fades out on the face of a bemused Matt Anderson.

There are cheers all around the arena as suddenly “Travel Now Journey Infinintely” by Trinacria hits the sound system. The dull tones pick up speed as the haunting voice of a woman sings. As the voice reaches full pitch, the arena’s house lights washes out the arena in light before returning to normal, leaving the sVo Las Vegas Champion Grimnir standing at the entrance. He starts to slowly walk down as the hammering drums and energy filled riffs grind through to his very last step. He stands at the front of the ring, with the title belt strapped around his waist and points up the sky with both hands, slides into the ring and then kneels, looking as if he were praying. He stays there for a moment and then springs up to his feet, ready for action.

The fans in the arena pop as yellow and red fireworks shoot up into the air from the entrance ramp as “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system. A few seconds later the sVo World Heavyweight Champion Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar, and the fans go wild for 6’6″ heavyweight from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The fans stand to their feet and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself at the top of the entrance stage before he makes his way slowly down the entrance ramp on his way to the ring, whilst tapping the title belt that is hanging over his shoulder. As Shame walks past pyro’s shoot up alongside him from either side of the ramp until he reaches the ring. Roscoe Shame slowly climbs into the ring soaking up the fans reaction, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle with his World Heavyweight Championship belt.

Both Grimnir and Roscoe Shame surrender their title belts to the referee, who passes them to the outside of the ring for safe keeping. The crowd looked pumped for this main event tonight, with both the World Heavyweight & Las Vegas Champions firm crowd favourites here in the sVo! Can Grimnir pull out another win and prove that he belongs in the main event permanently in the sVo, or will Roscoe Shame bring an end to the unbeaten run of the Las Vegas Champion and send a warning out to Bobby Dean?

The referee calls for the bell to ring for this one to start, and both Champions slowly and cautiously make their way towards each other in the middle of the ring. The World Heavyweight Champion Roscoe Shame towers over his opponent, but Grimnir doesn’t look intimidated as he dives forward and ties up. Both men try and push each other backwards, but it is Grimnir who uses his speed advantage to go behind on Roscoe Shame and grab him in a waist lock. Grimnir tries to execute a waist lock takedown on Shame, but Shame counters with some back elbows to shake off his opponent.

Grimnir stumbles backwards from the force of the elbow shots, but quickly recovers and runs at Shame. Shame takes a step back before lifting the on rushing Grimnir into the air, and throwing him down to the mat with a scoop slam. Grimnir holds his back in pain, but he has no chance to recover as Shame helps him to his feet before whipping him into the corner of the ring. Grimnir’s back hits the turnbuckle hard, and Shame follows up with a big clothesline in the corner on the Las Vegas Champion! The move gets a big cheer for Roscoe Shame, as he signals to the fans in appreciation to the way they have responded to him since he won the World Heavyweight Championship belt and ditched the Company.

Shame brings Grimnir out of the corner, and locks in a sleeper hold to wear down and ground the high flying Las Vegas Champion before he can mount any offence. The referee asks Grimnir if he would like to submit, but he quickly refuses before trying to fight his way out of the sleeper hold with back elbows into the ribs of Roscoe Shame. Shame eventually releases the hold and Grimnir runs forward and bounces into the ropes. Grimnir runs back at Roscoe Shame, but the World Heavyweight Champion cuts him off with a big boot to the face before he can mount and offence.

Grimnir looks like he might have been knocked out cold by that big blow from Roscoe Shame, who pulls his opponent up off of the mat. Roscoe Shame shows off his strength advantage as he lifts Grimnir up into the air and holds him above his head for a few seconds. The fans cheer on the sVo Champion as he then drops Grimnir down to the mat with a military press slam! With Grimnir down and hurting, Roscoe Shame wastes no time in going for the cover!




Roscoe Shame thought he had the match over and done with, but the sVo Las Vegas Champion gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three could be counted!

Roscoe Shame looks at his opponent in disbelief before pulling him up off of the canvas. Grimnir looks unsteady on his feet as Roscoe Shame nails him with some big right hands, before shooting him into the ropes. Grimnir bounces back and Shame lifts him up for a power slam, only for Grimnir to counter with a head scissors takedown! The crowd pop for the big counter from Grimnir, as Shame rises to his feet with a shocked look on his face! Grimnir follows up the move with a spinning heel kick to Shame to send him into the corner of the ring. With Shame in the corner, Grimnir makes his way to the opposite corner, before running and landing a flying cross body splash onto his opponent!

The fans cheer the offence from the sVo Las Vegas Champion, as Roscoe Shame stumbles out of the corner of the ring looking stunned. Grimnir wastes no time in dropping him down to the mat with a springboard DDT, before jumping to the top rope! The fans cheer as Grimnir leaps down onto Roscoe Shame with a flying elbow drop from the top! With the momentum firmly with Grimnir against the World Heavyweight Champion, he makes the cover on his opponent!




It looked as if Grimnir was going to score a massive victory there in his first main event match, but Shame gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted. The masked Grimnir goes straight back on the offence on Roscoe Shame with some vicious kicks as the sVo Champion makes his way up to his feet. Grimnir lands a knee to the midsection of Roscoe Shame, before taking him to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker. The fans cheer the move, but instead of going back on the offensive, Grimnir rolls to the outside of the ring! The referee asks Grimnir to take it back into the ring, but he grabs hold of Shame’s leg and pulls the big man towards the edge of the apron, before jumping up and dropping a knee drop across Shame’s prone legs!

Roscoe Shame looks in pain as he rolls under the bottom rope and drops to the floor holding his legs. Grimnir doesn’t waste time as he rolls to his feet and goes back to work on the legs of Roscoe Shame with some big kicks and stomps. The Las Vegas Champion looks as if he is about to upset the odds here tonight and score a big victory over the current World Champion! Grimnir pulls the big man Roscoe Shame up to his feet, and bounces his head off the ring apron before rolling him back in under the bottom rope. With Roscoe Shame laying prone on the mat, the fans cheer in anticipation as Grimnir begins to make his ascent up to the top rope! Grimnir stands at the top of the turnbuckle looking down at his opponent, before leaping off looking for a leg drop…


…however at the very last second Roscoe Shame rolls out of the way! Grimnir holds his back in pain as Roscoe Shame slowly rolls up to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out after the beating from Grimnir. Roscoe Shame makes his way over to Grimnir, and nails him with a massive double axe handle shot to the back of the head as he begins to get to his feet. Grimnir stumbles away from the World Heavyweight Champion, however he is quickly grabbed by Roscoe Shame who goes back to work on Grimnir’s back with a stiff back breaker. Grimnir holds his back in pain, as Shame then begins to stomp away at the effected area. With Roscoe Shame’s finishing move ‘Shame Time’ being banned earlier in the night by Mr Anderson, just what will he do to put away Grimnir here tonight?

Shame grabs hold of Grimnir as he rises up to his feet, and shoots him hard into the ropes. Grimnir bounces back, but is powerless to do anything as the powerhouse Roscoe Shame throws him to the mat with authority by hitting a huge spinebuster. With Grimnir down on the mat and his back hurting from the focused offence from the World Champion, Shame makes the cover.





Everyone in the arena thought it was all over, but somehow Grimnir’s shoulder comes up off of the canvas and this one continues! Roscoe Shame holds his head in his hand in disbelief, but as he rises up to his feet boos begin to ring out around the arena! Shame turns around to see what the fans reaction is all about, and his attention quickly turns to the entrance match where a figure is slowly wheeling himself down the entrance ramp in a wheelchair!


Roscoe Shame shouts angrily at the ‘injured’ Bobby Dean who looks to be playing up his ‘injuries’ as he gets to ringside and parks up the wheelchair. Roscoe Shame challenges Bobby Dean to get into the ring by pulling open the ring ropes, however Bobby Dean just looks back at the World Heavyweight Champion and smirks. Bobby Dean begins to wheel himself around to the announcers table to do some colour commentary, and as Roscoe Shame takes his eyes off of the #1 contender and turns back to the match, he is caught in the face with a big jumping calf kick from Grimnir!

The fans cheer for the offence from Grimnir as a stunned Roscoe Shame jumps back to his feet. Roscoe Shame runs at Grimnir looking for a clothesline, however the Las Vegas Champion ducks under the outstretched arm of Shame before spinning back around and dropkicking ‘Mr International’ in the knees! Roscoe Shame falls down to the mat holding his legs in pain, and Grimnir continues the offence with a spinning leg drop onto the Champion. Shame continues to hold his legs in pain, as Grimnir rolls onto his opponent and goes to work on him with some forearm smashes to the face. Shame tries to push Grimnir away, but the masked wrestler goes straight back to work on his legs with a big knee drop!

This move seems to anger Roscoe Shame as he rises up to his feet, but as he does he is caught with a vicious knife edge chop from Grimnir. ‘Woooos’ ring out around the arena as Grimnir repeats the move, before grabbing Shame by the arm and whipping him into the ropes. Grimnir bounces into the ropes himself and meets Shame in the middle of the ring looking for a cross body, but no! Roscoe Shame counters into a massive powerslam into a cover!




The Las Vegas Champion gets a shoulder up off of the canvas just in the nick of time as Bobby Dean continues to watch the action from his wheelchair from the announcers table. Roscoe Shame curses his luck at not getting the three count as he limps back up to his feet and plots how to put away Grimnir without the use of his ‘Shame Time’ finishing move. Grimnir slowly rises to his feet, holding his back after the effects of the powerslam, and it doesn’t get any better for the masked man as he is tossed into the corner of the ring back first. The crowd rise to their feet as Roscoe Shame kicks it up another gear with some hard body shots to Grimnir in the corner of the ring. The World Champion looks to be on a roll as he grabs Grimnir in a front face lock out of the corner, before picking him up and tossing him down with a massive suplex.

Shame backs into the corner of the ring as Grimnir slowly begins to rise to his feet. Grimnir finally pulls himself to a full standing position, and the World Heavyweight Champion runs at him looking for a big boot to the face….


Grimnir ducks out of the way of the big boot from Roscoe Shame, and the move catches the referee flush in the face! The referee goes down, and the fans rise to their feet to cheer the big move from Shame, even though it connected with the wrong person. Roscoe Shame checks on the status of the referee, but as he does there are boos all around from the crowd who notice Bobby Dean leaping out of his wheelchair and ripping off his casts and bandages! Bobby Dean quickly grabs hold of the massive World Heavyweight Championship belt which is sitting at ringside and rolls into the ring behind the unsuspecting Roscoe Shame!

The crowd try to warn Roscoe Shame as Bobby Dean stands behind him, poised with the World Heavyweight Championship belt in his hands! Shame slowly turns around and Bobby Dean sprints at him looking to take off his head with the belt….


Roscoe Shame ducks out of the way, before turning and nailing Bobby Dean with a kick to the midsection! Bobby Dean drops the belt and doubles over in pain, and the crowd pop as Roscoe Shame positions BBD for the now banned ‘Shame Time’! BBD reaches into his tights and pulls something out, as Roscoe Shame hauls him up into the air for the ‘Shame Time’ and holds him high for extra effect! The crowd rise to their feet ready to see BBD have a little Shame Time….


BBD cracks Roscoe Shame in the face with the brass knuckles he just pulled out of his tights! The crowd boo loudly as Shame drops BBD, who rolls quickly out of the ring holding the brass knuckles up in the air proudly. Roscoe Shame staggers backwards looking extremely dazed from the shot to the head. He staggers backwards and seems to stay on his feet as he spins around until…


Roscoe Shame eats a massive superkick from the Las Vegas Champion Grimnir, who wastes no time in leaping onto the body of the World Heavyweight Champion to make the cover! The dazed referee sees the cover and slowly begins to count.




“Travel Now Journey Infinintely” by Trinacria hits the sound system and Grimnir staggers up to his feet, his hands raised in the air in victory! The fans cheer the victory but boo the smug looking BBD who stands on the entrance ramp watching, as Grimnir celebrates a massive win over the sVo World Heavyweight Champion!

Grimnir looks down at Shame’s World Heavyweight Championship belt that is laying on the floor next to him, and stares at it for a few seconds. Has this match been a glimpse to a future event in the sVo’s future? Will we be seeing Grimnir standing over Roscoe Shame again, but holding that very belt aloft in victory sometime?

For now Grimnir settles with being handed the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt by the referee, and holding it aloft. The fans cheer the triumphant Grimnir as he gracefully exits the ring with his biggest win of his sVo career so far under his belt.

OUTCOME: Grimnir defeats Roscoe Shame via pinfall


SHAME TIMEBack in the ring Roscoe Shame still looks as if he is out cold from the shot to the head from the brass kuckles from BBD, as well as the massive ‘Masked Justice’ superkick from Grimnir. The cheers for Grimnir’s victory soon turn to boos as a familiar sight rolls back into the ring.


Bobby Dean makes his way over and talks trash to the downed Roscoe Shame, his former tag team partner and former best friend who he will meet at Roll the Dice 2010 for the World Heavyweight Championship belt. The crowd continue to loudly boo Bobby Dean as he grabs hold of Shame’s World title belt, and holds it high above his head as if it was his own, and the match at the Roll the Dice PPV is nothing but a formality. Bobby Dean seems to get lost in the moment as he jumps up onto the turnbuckle and celebrates as if he has just won the match and the sVo title….. and doesn’t even notice as Roscoe Shame begins to rise to his feet behind him!

The cheers from the fans alert Bobby Dean to the fact that something is not right, but as he jumps down from the turn-buckle and turns around he is caught in the midsection with a big kick from an angry looking Roscoe Shame. The fans cheer as Roscoe Shame once again position’s BBD for the banned ‘Shame Time’, but this time there is no counters and no brass knuckles, as he hauls the #1 contender into the air before drilling him down to the mat with the huge jackknife powerbomb!

The crowd cheers as Roscoe Shame grabs his World Heavyweight Championship belt and stands above the broken body of Bobby Dean as the sVo Showdown copyright information appears on the bottom of the screen and Showdown comes to a close. Everyone might be gunning for the new champion and his belt, but after working his whole career to end Night’s record breaking run as World Heavyweight Champion, Roscoe Shame is going nowhere yet!

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