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sVo Showdown #057

There is a huge return in the main event of the evening!

sVo Showdown
10th October 2010
Zamalek Stadium, Giza, Egypt
Episode #057


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Isaac White, Roscoe Shame and Bobby Dean! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as highlights of last weeks show play on the giant screen before tonight’s episode gets underway!

Last Week on the sVo

At Showdown #56 last week in the Peshtchanoye Stadion, Moscow, Russia:

* Bobby Dean was named as #1 contender for Roscoe Shame’s sVo Championship belt…

* Ethan Rider approached The Teacher about forming a Tag Team…

* Rey Rosario proclaimed himself a fighting Champion after his International title triumph…

* Eddie Sinclair & Ethan Rider came to blows after teaming up and losing to DVD and Limp…

* Matt Anderson promised to make John Beck’s time in the sVo hell…

* Colt Cooper became the #1 contender for the International Title after beating Nightmare, with a little help from Night…

* Zarathusta cost James Von Drake the Las Vegas Championship against Grimnir…

* Brothers Night and Nightmare agreed to settle their score in a japanese barbed-wire rope, glass match at Roll the Dice 2010…

* Bobby Dean and Pat Fullam made a deal before BBD defeated Fullam in the main event, and stole his Tag Team Championship belt…

A Higher Power

Boos ring out around the arena as ‘Real Solution #9’ by White Zombie blasts over the sound system, and sVo Manager Matt ‘Anarchy’ Anderson makes his way down the entrance ramp with a mic in hand to open up the show. Anderson is wearing a dark suit, and as always his trademark wrap around sunglasses, and seems to be ignoring the boos from the fans as he climbs up into the ring and waits for his music to die out.

Matt Anderson: “Tonight ladies and gentlemen, is going to be one of the greatest night’s in sVo history.”

The crowd begins to calm down, wondering just what Anderson is referring to as he points to the giant V-Tron at the top of the entrance ramp which is showing highlights of Bobby Dean defeating Pat Fullam last week in singles action.

Matt Anderson: “It’s going to be the greatest night for one reason only, because I can official announce that sVo has got rid of one of it’s biggest problems. You could say it was a giant problem.”

There are boos all around the arena from the fans, with some of them starting a ‘Fullam, Fullam, Fullam’ chant.

Matt Anderson: “Last week Pat Fullam made a deal with Bobby Dean. He made a deal that if he won he would get Bobby Dean’s World title shot, and Bobby Dean would have to leave the sVo…”

The fans cheer at the thought of Bobby Dean leaving the sVo.

Matt Anderson: “However Pat Fullam lost… So it is my great pleasure to announce to you the NEW sVo Tag Team Champion…”

Boos ring out around the arena as “You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds, with the sVo Tag Team Championship belt in his hands. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring.


More boos ring around the arena as Bobby Dean holds the sVo Tag Team Championship belt high above his head before being handed the mic by Matt Anderson.

Bobby Dean: “Last week Pat Fullam lost his end of the deal, so he is out of the sVo for good! He was warned repeatedly not to mess with the Company, and now he is out of here! He rolled the dice and lost, just like Roscoe Shame will do on 7th November!”

The crowd cheer at the mention of the sVo World Champion, however it is not the man himself who makes his way onto the top of the stage, as there is suddenly a mixed reaction for John Beck who steps to the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. Matt Anderson and Bobby Dean look disgusted to see him as they stare up at the man who is supposedly on the same team as themselves.

Bobby Dean: “What the hell are you doing out here Weapon X? You here to thank us for running Fullam out of town, something you were supposed to do but couldn’t manage?”

John Beck stares down at Dean and Anderson for a few seconds, before shaking his head.

John Beck: “No, I’m not out here for any congratulations or pats on the back. I’m out here to tell you about a match in the main event this evening. You Bobby Dean will be teaming up with your new Tag Team Championship partner Night….”

Big pop from the crowd…

John Beck: “… In a four way tag team battle against Nightmare and Roscoe Shame…”

Another big pop from the crowd.

John Beck: “As well as DVD & Limp, and Colt Cooper and a mystery opponent…”

Anderson looks incandescent with rage as Bobby Dean shakes his head and waves his finger at Beck.

Matt Anderson: “Who do you think you are? You don’t make matches around here!”

John Beck: “I know I don’t Anderson… but like I told you before, I answer to people a lot higher in the Company than you!”

Matt Anderson and Bobby Dean look livid as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

sVo Presents Roll the Dice 2010
Live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada

‘Mr International’ Roscoe Shame
“Beautiful” Bobby Dean
for the World Heavyweight Championship

7th November 2010

Dan Dillinger vs. John Beck

“Idols and Anchors” by Parkway Drive hits the arena speakers. The arena lights turn off and a heavy strobe and fog fills the arena. Green and White shades start to flash as “Dangerous” Dan Dillinger walks out from behind the curtain and raises his hands. He starts to jump and run back and forth on the stage taunting the crowd at all angles. He walks down the ramp and starts to show appreciation to his loyal fans. He gets onto the apron and jumps over the rope and rolls to the other side of the ring throwing his hands up leaning against the ropes, while the fans throw green and white streamers toward the ring.

“Teddy Picker” by the Arctic Monkeys hits the sound system as John Beck steps onto the top of the entrance ramp with a bottle of water in his right hand. Beck glances his eye balls around the arena before slowly marching down to the ring with a blank expression on his face. Beck jumps up onto the ring apron and takes a last look at the fans in the arena whilst taking a swig of his water. Beck then tips some water over his shaved head before shaking it off and stepping through the ring ropes and into the ring.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the first match of the night is underway, with the Company hitman John ‘Weapon X’ Beck taking on newcomer “Dangerous” Dan Dillinger. Both men slowly make their way towards each other, before meeting in the middle of the ring and trading right hands. Beck begins to get the upper hand of the punches, however Dillinger catches him off guard with a knee to the midsection, before taking him down to the mat with a hip toss takedown. The fans give a mixed reaction to the move from Dillinger, as he quickly bounces into the ring ropes before landing a clothesline on Beck as he gets to his feet.

John Beck slowly rises up feeling his jaw in pain, and Dillinger lays into him with some stiff forearm shots which back the Company hitman into the corner of the ring. Dillinger then goes to work on Beck with some stiff chops across the chest of Beck, before grabbing him in a front face lock. Dillinger then takes Beck down to the mat with a quick snap suplex, before making the cover and getting an early two count. Beck quickly rolls away from Dillinger and walks around the outside of the ring shaking his head, as the crowd give him a mixed reaction. Inside the ring Dillinger taunts Beck to get back in, until the former solider finally climbs back into the ring and stares down his small opponent.

Dillinger runs at Beck, however the newcomer is cut off with a kick to the midsection, before Beck quickly grabs hold of him in a sleeper hold and begins to choke the life out of his opponent. The fans don’t seem to know who to cheer on in this match, as Dillinger begins to fade under the pressure of the sleeper hold, until he is tossed down to the mat with authority by a sleeper slam from Beck. Beck rises up to his feet and looks at his downed opponent for a few seconds, before beginning to put the boots in. Dillinger rises back up to a standing position, however Beck is quickly back onto his opponent, grabbing him by the arm and whipping him hard into the ring ropes. Dillinger bounces back and walks straight into a big boot to the face from Beck.

Dillinger looks to be down on the mat and hurting, but Beck walks over to his opponent and ruthlessly places his boot across the throat of the newcomer to begin to choke him out. The crowd once again give a mixed reaction to this move from Beck, who finally removes his size twelve from the throat of Dillinger at the order of the referee. Dillinger stumbles up to a standing position, and nails some desperation punches on Beck. Beck stumbles back from the right hands, and Dillinger finally takes down his opponent with an impressive ‘Deadly Disaster’! Beck holds his back in pain as Dillinger bounces into the ropes, before returning to hit a ‘baneful intent’ onto his downed opponent.

With Beck hurting, Dillinger makes another attempt at a cover, however once again Beck is able to get his shoulders up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee. Dillinger doesn’t look happy as he rises up to a standing position, and gives a big boot to the face of John Beck. Dillinger then grabs hold of Beck, and begins to drag the former solider towards the corner of the ring, ready to hit his finishing move! However as Dillinger begins to pull Beck up to a standing position, Beck counters with a big double axe handle to the back of Dillinger’s head, before slamming him face first into the turnbuckle! Dillinger stumbles back in pain, only to be thrown violently down to the mat thanks to a full nelson slam from John Beck!

Dillinger looks to have hurt the back of his neck as he lays on the mat, but Beck quickly follows up the move by dropping a knee across the body of his opponent. Dillinger tries desperately to roll to the side of the ring and escape the attack, but Beck grabs hold of his opponent and pulls him up into the air! Dillinger looks unsteady on his feet, and Beck takes advantage with a big head butt that sends his opponent into the corner of the ring. Dillinger throws a right hand in desperation at John Beck, but the Company hit man ducks under the arm of Dillinger, before turning to lock in the ‘K.I.A’ on the newcomer! Dillinger thrashes around to try and escape from the violent submission hold, but after a few seconds he has no choice but to submit before he passes out! Beck drops the newcomer as soon as he begins to tap!

The referee tries to raise the hand of John Beck in the air in victory, but the Company man pushes him away, before climbing out of the ring and making his way backstage without so much of a celebration.

RESULT: John Beck def. Dan Dillinger via submission

Declaration of War

The following has been pre-recorded…

We see Raven, DJ and Juliana Torres sitting in a couch.

DJ: I guess Xtreme Fusion has finally grown a pair of balls. You came out here last week and had the audacity to call us out for the next PPV in an elimination match well my friends we formally accept your challenge.

Raven: Not only that but we in The Corporation are so generous that we will give you a small dose next week on Showdown because DJ and myself want a piece of DVD and Limp in a tag team match.

Juliana: Aren’t you guys preparing to go after the titles?

DJ: Indeed we are. We have taken some time off to get our priorities straight and during that time we have realized that since The Corporation dropped the Tag Team Titles the division died with it so after we kick some Xtreme Fusion ass we will direct our focus on the so-called champions Night and Pat Fullam.

Raven: Are they really the champs? I don’t remember when was the last time those titles were defended.

Juliana: Oh guys you’re so funny almost as funny as James Von Drake’s and Samuel Amos’ chance of beating me tonight.

The Corporation members share a laugh as the scene fades out.


{Walking inside of the Goodfellas Casino Arena was Colt Cooper. He’s dressed in a lime green Armani suit, with white polo shoes. Shades pinning his hair back. He’s immediately met by Candi Cross and her crew.}

Colt:: Candi…I was expecting you.

{Colt pulls a lollipop out of his pocket handing it to Candi.}

Colt:: Suck it.

{Candi gives a look of disgust, but she grabs the lollipop.}

Candi:: Suck it? For what?

Colt:: It may give me some good luck to win my match tonight.

{Candi erupts in laughter, at Colt’s considerably dumb gesture.}

Candi:: How foolish can that be?

Colt:: You may haven’t noticed, but that’s not any lollipop. That’s the Stud Lick. You lick it and it may give it’s creator a victory this week at Showdown.

{Candi begins to unwrap the wrapper from around the lollipop.}

Colt:: That’s right…now lick it.

{Candi puts the lollipop in her mouth, and from her face something isnt right.}

Candi:: Nasty…what flavor is this?

Colt:: Assmelon.

{Colt begins to laugh leaving Candi and her crew. He laughs all the way to his home at how dumb that blue haired girl can be.}

Three Becomes Two

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and sliding in. JVD holds his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as Lucy Von Drake stands outside the ring clapping on her husband.

Von Drake warms up in the middle of the ring whilst waiting for his two opponents for tonight’s match, when suddenly, Zarathustra jumps over the barricade, wearing his iron mask. He slides in behind JVD. Lucy notices him and screams, pointing behind her husband. JVD turns around too late as Zarathustra smashes head-first into JVD. JVD is knocked to the ground and stunned. Zarathustra hauls him up and hooks his arms behind his back before lifting him up and planting him with the Final Advent of the Timeless Enigma! Zarathustra gets up and turns to Lucy, who is cowering in the corner of the ring. Zarathustra takes a couple deliberate steps forward and Lucy freezes with fear. Then he shakes his head and quickly exits the ring and jumps the barricade, into the crowd. Lucy bends over the fallen JVD as medics rush out from the backstage area and Showdown #57 goes to a commercial.

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Single Match
Juliana Torres vs. Samuel Amos

As Showdown returns from a commercial break, footage of James Von Drake being loaded onto a stretcher by the medics whilst a distraught Lucy Von Drake watches on is shown on the Violence-Tron replay before Sinner by Drowning Pool begins and Juliana Torres makes her way out for what will now be a singles match. On the big screen we see The Corporate Lady holding a white owl in her left side of her shoulder and walking toward the ring smoke comes out when she shows up on the screen and she walks on heavy steps looking to the crowd with a mad look and showing no happiness in her eyes a firework sound on her background while she gets inside the ring.

“Your Betrayal” by Bullet for my Valentine hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as Samuel Amos slowly makes his way out from the backstage area. Amos doesn’t seem to care about what the crowd shout at him as he simply walks past the screaming fans and slides into the ring to do battle with the former Las Vegas Champion Juliana Torres here tonight.

The referee calls for the bell to ring, and this match which is now a singles match thanks to the interference from Zarathustra is under way! Amos and Torres slowly circle around each other in the middle of the ring as if they are feeling each other out, before pouncing forward at the same time and tying up in the middle of the ring. Torres tries to push back Amos, but the sVo newcomer uses his strength advantage against the former Las Vegas Champion who is tonight wearing a mask after the attack by DVD at the PPV. Amos backs Torres towards the ropes, before flipping her down to the mat with a high arm drag take down. With Torres down on the mat, Amos drops a stiff leg across his opponents upper body.

The crowd continue to boo Amos as he rises up to his feet and ducks out the way of an attempted clothesline from Torres. Amos spins around and catches Torres with a back hand to the face, before scoop slamming the corporate lady down to the mat. With Torres down, Amos quickly grabs hold of her in an arm bar submission hold and begins to apply the pressure to the left arm of the masked Juliana Torres. Torres desperately tries to fight her way out of the submission move by grabbing Amos in a head scissors, and forcing him to release the hold. Amos quickly pushes Torres off of him and rises up to a standing position. Amos is soon caught with some big forearm smashes from the Corporate Lady, before she knocks him down to the mat with a jumping drop kick.

With Amos down on the mat, Torres makes his way to the corner of the ring, and climbs up to the second rope. The masked Juliana Torres stands perched on the second rope, before leaping off as Amos rises up and catching him with a jumping elbow to the top of his head. Amos stumbles away holding his head in pain, before Torres grabs hold of him and takes him down to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. The crowd cheer the move from Torres, who quickly makes her way back to a standing position and waits for Amos to do the same. The former solider Amos stumbles up, but is caught with a spinning heel kick as he does which sends him back into the corner of the ring. Torres quickly makes her way to the opposite corner and attempts a handspring elbow on Amos, but Amos dives out of the way before Torres can connect, causing Torres to hit into the turnbuckle hard!

Juliana Torres stumbles away from the corner holding her neck in pain, before she is taken down to the mat by a Lui Thesz press from Amos! The crowd boo as Amos nails him forearm smashes into the face of Torres, before allowing her to rise to her feet. Torres tries to throw a right hand at Amos, but he grabs hold of her wrist before nailing her with a kick to the midsection. Torres doubles over in pain, and Amos steps over her before taking her down to the mat head first with a piledriver! The crowd boo the stiff move on the Corporate Lady, as Amos drops down and hooks the leg of his opponent to try and pick up the win after last weeks disappointment at losing to El Locon.




The crowd cheer as Torres gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted, and this one continues! Amos rises up to his feet shaking his head, and he pulls Torres up with him. Amos swings Torres hard into the ropes, and tries to hit her with a clothesline as she bounces back, only for Torres to duck under his arm and continue into the opposite ropes. Torres bounces back into the middle of the ring, and gives Amos a taste of his own medicine by taking him down to the mat with a Lui Thesz press! The fans cheer as Torres smashes Amos with some mounted punches before Amos shakes her off. Torres flips back up to her feet, and nails Amos with a stiff kicking combination to back him into the corner of the ring again. Torres follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring which sends Amos down to the mat!

Torres looks as if she is regaining control of the match, however the former Las Vegas Champion soon becomes distracted as boos ring out around the crowd, and DVD steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp wearing a mask similar to the one Torres is forced to wear due to her burnt face! DVD looks to be mocking Torres from the top of the entrance ramp, as the Corporate Lady stares down the man that burnt her face only a few short weeks ago. The distraction however is enough for Amos, as he rises up to his feet and spins around Torres, before spiking her head into the mat with a stiff DDT.

DVD looks to be enjoying watching the action as Amos pulls Torres up to her feet, before slamming her face first back onto the mat with a ‘infAMOS’! The crowd boo Amos despite the impressive finishing move, as he makes the cover on the Corporate Lady by hooking her leg.




This one is all over, and its Samuel Amos who picks up an impressive win over a former Las Vegas Champion here on Showdown! Amos doesn’t seem in the mood for celebrating his victory as he stares down at Torres on the mat, whilst DVD celebrates a loss for the Corporation from the top of the entrance ramp.

RESULT: Samuel Amos def. Juliana Torres via pinfall

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Ethan Rider vs. Asesino

Boos begin to ring out around the arena as the entrance ramp lights up and Headstrong by Trapt hits the sound system. On the sVo-Tron highlights of Asesino’s sVo greatest moments play as Asesino slowly makes his way out from the backstage area and down the entrance ramp. Asesino stares out the crowd as he walks, before rolling into the ring. Asesino walks around the ring looking out at those in the crowd who are booing him, before jumping up onto the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and taunting to the fans by throwing them an ironic kiss.

The lights dim out quickly and suddenly, and the cacophany of chatter from the audience falls to silence. The opening bars of ‘Forsaken’ by Skillet hits out over the PA System and a single jet of Golden pyro erupts from the stage, the light from it illuminating a lone, solitary, dark figure.

Ethan Rider is dressed in a long trench coat and his usual ring trunks, black with a tint of metallic silver. ‘Rider’ is written in gold lettering on the cuffs of the coat and the right leg of the trunks.

Ethan gives a small smirk and straightens up, the lights slightly returning so he is visible.

He walks to the ring, only slightly acknowledging the audience with the occasional nod. When he reaches the ringside area, he stands still, staring at the ring as two officials come forward and carefully remove the coat, producing a series of wof-whistles from the females as he exposes his well defined, ‘Sexy’ abdomen and pectoral.

He bounces on the spot a bit, warming up for the match, before sliding into the ring, just after a single flash of golden pyro shoots just millimetres over his shoulder. Bouncing off the ropes and raising two fingers up in front of him, giving another small smirk as the lights return.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match is officially underway! Rider and Asesino waste no time in trading fists with each other, Asesino forcing Rider back until Rider manages to duck underneath his arm and strike out with a kick to Asesino’s legs. Asesino staggers forwards, however he manages to turn around ready to continue the fight. Rider feigns a jab and capitalizes on Asesino’s moment of hesitation by clotheslining him to the mat.

Asesino struggles back to his feet, however Rider is waiting for him. Rider attempts to strike Asesino, however Asesino blocks the punch and nails Rider in the stomach with a kick. Rider kneels over clutching his stomach and Asesino capitalizes by hitting a spinning kick to Rider’s face. Asesino attempts a pin!




Rider barely manages to get his shoulder up. Both men climb back to their feet and Asesino wraps his arms around Rider’s waist. Asesino attempts a German suplex however Rider struggles and rotates in mid-air, deftly dropping down onto his feet and hitting his own backbreaker on Asesino. Rider covers Asesino!




Asesino manages to get his shoulder up! Rider pulls Asesino to his feet, however Asesino counters with a quick elbow to the face. Asesino turns around and unleashes a flurry of punches to Rider’s face before whipping him into the corner. Asesino runs forward and looks to try and hit a big bicycle kick but Rider ducks out of the way, leaving Asesino to scissor himself in the corner. Rider jumps up and nails a back body drop on Asesino, slamming him down to the mat!

Rider drops a knee down onto Asesino, before pulling him to his feet and hitting an uppercut. Asesino staggers back and turns around clutching his face. Rider takes advantage of the situation and rolls him up in a schoolboy pin!




Rider dives out of the ring as his music resumes playing, the victor in this match, He backs up the ramp as Asesino looks up, shocked at what just happened. Rider throws his arms up in victory as he disappears backstage!

RESULT: Ethan Rider def. Asesino via pinfall

Blood Is Thicker (Pt. 1)

Backstage, the ever professional reporter Tamara Boyd stands in front of a sVo backdrop microphone in hand. Next to her is the clearly agitated masked figure known to all as ‘Nightmare’ – Ryuu Miyamoto, the elder brother of Night and a mercenary under the employment of The Company. He scowls at the camera, at Tamara and the backdrop.

Tamara Boyd: “I’m here with Nightmare who is one of eight participants…”

Nightmare: “You can count that high?”

Seeming somewhat amused with himself Nightmare chuckles, Tamara stares at him blankly before continuing.

Tamara Boyd: “… in tonight’s four-way tag-team main event. Nightmare, your partner, Roscoe Shame recently defected away from The Company who are your current employers. How do you feel teaming up with the man who many claim you helped to win the World Championship only to jump ship away from The Company?”

Nightmare: “Tamara, I’ll be honest with you. I couldn’t give two shits about whether or not Roscoe Shame is part of The Company. I have a professional interest in the matter, considering I am paid to fight enemies of The Company. But personally, I couldn’t care less, I’m just happy the belt is off my brother’s ‘iconic’ waist.

He snorts derisively.

Tamara Boyd: “I was informed earlier that the match is being made hardcore rules to top off an already explosive match. With your brother also involved in the match do you feel that this will serve as somewhat of a precursor to your upcoming match at Roll the Dice?”

Nightmare throws back his head, cackling menacingly.

Nightmare: “No, Tamara. Nothing will prepare the sVo universe for what will happen at Roll the Dice. The ropes will be replaced by barbed wire. The entire ringside area will be lined with glass plates… I guarantee that after Roll the Dice my brother will never again be seen in the sanctioned Violence organisation!

Practically salivating, Nightmare seems to compose himself somewhat – he is powerless to force the sick smile from his face, however. Tamara seems appalled by what she is hearing.

Tamara Boyd: “I have to say, I’ve been with this company for a long time now, Nightmare – and you by far are the most petty, jealous and insecure man ever to be signed to compete here. Your brother has done nothing more than chase his dreams and try to achieve his goals. He’s competed in the federation for longer than anyone now… he’s held almost every title the sVo has to offer… and he’s done all of that with more dignity and honor than…”

Nightmare: “Ugh – enough! I’m so sick and tired of the love affair you and the rest of the fucking sVo are having with my brother. Contrary to popular belief, the sun does not, in fact, shine out of his ass. I will say one thing though, my brother, for all the things I’ve said about him has always been a… determined individual. While tonight might not be a precursor of the carnage that will be our match at Roll the Dice – it will however showcase the ferocity that each of us will bring to the match fueled by years of underlying resentment and intensified by our restrictive culture of politeness and so-called ‘honor’.”

Voice: “It’s good to hear you’re not completely underestimating your brother, Ryuu – that would be a fatal mistake… I can assure you of that.”

Nightmare growls as he spins around to find himself face-to-face with his former mentor, Akira Kimura.

Akira Kimura: “But it pains me to hear you talking about our ‘restrictive culture of politeness and so-called ‘honor”. You know nothing of honor and the culture is only restrictive to someone as uncivilized as you. We both know that the real problem is your insecurity.”

Nightmare: “Oh? And what do you know of my problems, ‘Master’.”

The old man’s lip curls into a sneer at Nightmare’s mocking use of his title.

Akira Kimura: “I know that they all stem down to something that you realized once the sVo re-opened its doors. Once Akumu returned here and realized his destiny. We already know you turned on him because he ‘upset the status quo’, as you put it. The truth is, Ryuu – and this is what you and I both know is the real issue in play here – it’s the simple fact that you are realizing the truth… that your brother was always destined to outshine you. It’s true you developed sooner than he did, but once he matured he was always going to be better than you. He had the heart… the passion that you always claimed to have. He…”

Kimura is cut off as Nightmare grabs hold of him and throws him roughly into the backdrop. The frame collapses and Akira is stunned and trapped in the folds of cloth. Nightmare stares at the writhing form stuck in the fallen backdrop, considering it for a moment before a sick smile forms on his lips and he lunges forward, laying hard kicks and stomps onto the desperately writhing form of the elderly trainer. Tamara panics and shrieks.


Nightmare takes a momentary break from stomping Kimura to shove Tamara, attempting to silence her alarm. It has the opposite effect as she yells once more even louder as she falls to the ground. Nightmare turns back towards Akira Kimura who has managed to free himself from the backdrop but crawls painfully on the ground, the effects of Nightmare’s attack obvious.

Akira Kimura: “You think that attacking women and the elderly makes you any more of a man? You are doing nothing more than proving true everything that I’ve said.”

Unmercifully Nightmare lashes out with a hard roundhouse kick to the old man’s chest. Kimura crumples backwards and Nightmare lifts a leg preparing to stomp down on his head when a blur of purple rushes into the scene. Night leaps up, landing his left leg on his brother’s left thigh and drives his right knee into Nightmare’s temple, rocking back the deranged wrestler and dropping him to the ground.

His adrenaline pumping, Nightmare is quick to his feet and the two brothers unleash a flurry of lightning fast punches and kicks at each other. Night begins to take the advantage, landing a series of five hard forearm strikes to the head of Nightmare sending him reeling backwards. As Night moves towards his brother, however, Nightmare locks his arms around the former World Champion and hoists him over his head and sending him flying with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Night comes crashing down on top of the fallen scaffolding and his back hits the metal with a sickening crack. He sits up in pain, clutching at his back – a perfect opening for Nightmare who unleashes a hard kick to his brother’s back which connects with a loud ‘thwap’ and causes Night to recoil.

Master Kimura, still crawling from the beating he suffered at Nightmare’s feet grabs hold of Nightmare’s leg in a vain and desperate attempt to save Night. The elder Miyamoto looks down at his former mentor with disdain and effortlessly kicks him away. He stalks the old man, grabbing hold of his head and locking him in the Nightmare Sleeper – the move’s creator thrashing desperately trying to free himself from it’s painful grasp.

Nightmare wrenches in the move but is interrupted as Night leaps into the air, twisting and driving his fist into the deranged wrestler’s face with a modified KIMURA Fistdrop! Stunned, Nightmare drops the hold and Night quickly ushers his mentor to safety – only to be caught by Nightmare who drives him backwards down a corridor. Night plants his feet and pops his hips, sending his elder sibling flying into and through a door, visibly bending the top hinge.

Charging into the room after Nightmare, Night charges forwards driving both feet into Nightmare’s face with a dropkick and causing the back of Nightmare’s head to crash into the locker behind him. Enraged, Night pulls Nightmare to his feet by his mask, before slamming him head first into the lockers. Nightmare recoils off but somehow instinctively manages to fall into a drop-toe-hold sending Night crashing head first into a bench.

Both men sit dazed but even still, each man crawls at the other, swinging wildly with punches which come nowhere close to connecting. Before either can completely regain their senses, however, the room is swarmed with security guards who separate the two brawling brothers as we cut back to ringside.

The Teacher vs. Eddie Sinclair

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

“Judith” by A Perfect Circle blasts over the sound system as images of Eddie Sinclair in action are shown on the sVo-Tron. A series of pyrotechnics blast on the stage as Sinclair himself appears, dressed in his ring gear and a leather jacket. He strides down to the ring, pausing at the bottom of the ramp to glance from left to right. The camera follows the turn of his head, revealing his wide smirk and snicker before he climbs inside the ring. He shrugs off his jacket and tosses it to the outside of the ring before backing away into the corner to await the start of the match.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and Sinclair jumps on The Teacher with shot after shot. Sinclair backs Teacher into a corner and starts to deliver knife edge chops to the chest of The Teacher. The Teacher gets mad and reverses the situation of Eddie Sinclair and starts to pound on him in the corner. Sinclair realizing the situation quickly rakes the eyes of The Teacher and pounds The Teacher’s head into the turnbuckle. Eddie turns him around and climbs on the second rope and delivers a couple of fists on the top of the head of The Teacher. After 4 or 5 shots The Teacher grabs both legs of Sinclair and walks forward with him and then drops back making Eddie Sinclair hit his face on the turnbuckle. He spins around staggered as The Teacher bounces off the ropes and delivers a rolling elbow smash to the chest of Sinclair. The Teacher goes for the first pin of the match.



Eddie Sinclair kicks out with authority. The Teacher picks up the newcomer and plants him with a snapmare and locks in a side headlock. The Teacher puts the pressure on as Sinclair tries to get up slowly. Sinclair gets up and picks up The Teacher high into the air and drops him with a back suplex that takes the air away from The Teacher. Eddie Sinclair gets up slowly once again and picks up the more experienced opponent and delivers a snap suplex to The Teacher. Sinclair rolls into the cover as the referee gets in position to count.



The Teacher gets a shoulder up. Sinclair knowing he has the advantage puts his knee on the neck of The Teacher while discussing the count with the referee. The referee catches on Eddie’s cheating and puts the count on Sinclair to let go of the blatant choke he has on The Teacher. Sinclair releases The Teacher and taunts the crowd as the people boo loudly. Sinclair knowing he has everyone’s attention now, picks up a dazed Teacher and delivers an underhook suplex to him. Sinclair pins The Teacher.



Kickout by The Teacher. Sinclair now puts the boots on The Teacher as he looks upset at the resilience of his opponent. The Teacher tries to get up slowly as Sinclair continues to pound on him. Sinclair loads a big right hand which The Teacher blocks and counters with a wrap around neckbreaker. Both men lay down on the mat as the referee puts the ten count on both men to get back to their feet. Sinclair looks for a punch but The Teacher blocks and nails one of his own. The Teacher throws Eddie into the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Sinclair gets up quickly and charges at The Teacher who takes him down with a single leg shoulder throw. Sinclair gets up once again slower than last time and goes for a haymaker which The Teacher easily ducks and hits a crane kick on Eddie. The Teacher now throws Eddie Sinclair into the ropes and delivers a spinning knife edge chop to his groggy opponent. The Teacher hooks the leg looking for the win.



Somehow Eddie Sinclair rolls the shoulder in the nick of time. The Teacher motions to the crowd that the end is near as a staggered Eddie Sinclair gets up and falls victim to a double chicken wing submission from The Teacher. The Teacher elevates Eddie Sinclair high into the air while holding the submission hold and drops back making a bridge with his neck getting an impressive pinning combination on the newcomer.




The Teacher rises up to his feet with his hands raised in the air in victory after defeating Sinclair. The Teacher doesn’t stick around for too long to celebrate, and instead rolls out of the ring and makes his way back through the crowd as Eddie Sinclair lays on the mat staring up at the lights after his defeat.

RESULT: The Teacher def. Eddie Sinclair via pinfall

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Blood Is Thicker (Pt. 2)

Backstage and the atmosphere is tense. Company representative and sVo manager Matt Anderson walks briskly through a series of corridors lead by a very nervous looking agent.

Matt Anderson: “Okay – so where are they?”

Agent: “Up ahead, sir. They’ve already destroyed a locker room, a production truck, catering and an interview set.”

Anderson scowls, unhappy at the news.

Matt Anderson: “Where are they now?”

Agent: “Out in the loading bay, sir. Security managed to herd them that way to try to minimize damage to the arena.”

Matt Anderson: “Make sure all our trucks are locked up for now. Aren’t security there? Why can’t they get these two apart?”

The agent looks sheepish and seems to be sweating profusely.

Agent: “We’ve tried to get them apart a few times now, sir. We came close a few times, but each time we do they manage to get back past security.”

The sounds of the brawl are heard far before it is seen. The two men reach a door with two large Company agents standing guard. They nod at Anderson before one of them opens the door. Almost on cue a member of the sVo’s security staff comes flying through the door. Anderson sidesteps the man and makes a move for the door – as he does a Company agent crashes head-first into the doorframe and crumples in a heap to the floor. Anderson looks down at the man with a look that almost looks like concern before stepping through.

The loading bay is a chaotic scene. The two Miyamoto brothers throw wild kicks and punches, each being swarmed by sVo security and Company agents. Each man roars and thrashes about towards each other striking the men trying to restrain them as much, if not more than each other.

Matt Anderson: “Okay – that’s enough.”

They ignore him, the fight continues.

Matt Anderson: “NIGHTMARE – ENOUGH!”

His yelling only adds to the din and further fuels the brawl in progress. Nightmare breaks free of all of his guards and spear tackles Night. The two men fly off the loading dock and crash onto the unforgiving cement several feet below with a sickening sound. Both brothers lay motionless as Anderson yells to the agent who escorted him here.

Matt Anderson: “Get first aid out here, I need these two ready to compete soon!”

The agent stares at the two brothers laying beaten, bruised and barely conscious in a heap on the concrete before staring back to his boss.

Matt Anderson: “DO IT!”

Stunned to action, the agent grabs his radio and heads out of the room. Anderson, meanwhile goes to check on the two men. Not wanting to get down on the ground, he simply pokes/kicks each man with his right foot and judges their wellbeing by the presence of grunts as he pokes away at each. Satisfied that each will be ‘fine for action’ (at least by his standards) Anderson crouches down over Nightmare, patting him on the chest.

Matt Anderson: “While I appreciate your commitment to the job – and I know you’re not going to fail us at Roll the Dice when you finally take him out… but don’t do anything to fuck up my shows, got it? You want to soften him up? Do it in the match, it’s a hardcore match. We have had sponsors going nuts over that match. We’re expecting ratings to go through the roof for that one. You jeopardized your participation AND your brother’s. So any damage you want to inflict to him… do it out there so we can make some fucking money off it… use your brain, Ryuu. Jumping him backstage doesn’t do shit for us business-wise.”

The medical teams finally rush into the loading dock as Anderson stands.

Matt Anderson: “Get them patched up – I want them both in action for the main event as scheduled! For fuck’s sake keep them separated until the match.”

And with that, he storms out as we cut back to ringside.

Katie Come Back

Eddie Sinclair is shown standing backstage next to Katie Smith, looking decidedly dishevelled after his loss to The Teacher. His face twitches and Smith clears her throat loudly before speaking.

Katie Smith: “Um, yes… Katie Smith backstage here with Eddie Sinclair, after another tough loss to The Teacher. Eddie, do you have anything to say?”

Sinclair remains silent for a moment before making any indication that he heard Katie. He shakes his head and looks at her.

Eddie Sinclair: “Any words? Katie, I have not won a match for three weeks. I have been losing Katie, losing my matches. That is not a good thing Katie, wanna know why? Because losing isn’t fun Katie.”

Katie Smith: “O… kaaaaay. Are you sure you’re alright?”

Eddie Sinclair: “I’m fine and dandy like pancakes. You see, I’ve been thinking about why I’ve been losing and it can’t be anything to do with me, I mean I’m pretty much perfect. That’s why I’m convinced that Ethan Rider is responsible for my losing streak. That’s why I attacked him after our tag team match last week… the dirty murdering dog. You know he killed a person, right? If you didn’t, you know now. He’s a murderer and he’s in my head and he’s making me lose all my matches. A spot of tea is called for!”

Katie Smith: “I’m sorry, this is just… I’m sorry.”

Katie throws down her mic and storms away, leaving Sinclair looking confused and a little bit disappointed.

Eddie Sinclair: “Katie! Come back! I have English Breakfast! Katie!”

Cut to the ring.

Grimnir (c) vs. Zarathustra

The arena lights go dark as “Burn My Dread” hits the sound system. A pulsing strobe illuminates smoke gathering at the top of the entrance ramp. As the rapping begins, Zarathustra walks out from the smoke and down the ramp, ignoring the reaction from the crowd. He climbs up the apron and onto the top turnbuckle. With his arms outstretched and face turned to the sky, a bright spotlight hits Zarathustra. After a moment of bathing in the bright light, he removes his mask and jaws with the crowd, assuring his victory.

“Travel Now Journey Infinintely” by Trinacria starts to play over the speakers as Grimnir appears, the Las Vegas Championship around his waist. He walks down the ramp slowly, glancing from side to side before jumping up onto the ring and stepping between the ropes. He hands the title belt to the referee and stares down Zarathustra, waiting for the bell.

The bell rings and the match is underway! Grimnir and Zarathustra lock up in the middle of the ring.Grimnir irish whips Zarathustra into the ropes and as he runs back Grimnir delivers a sidewalk slam. Grimnir climbs to his feet, however Zarathustra tackles him from behind and applies a bear hug, ducking his head to avoid Grimnir’s swinging elbows. He throws Grimnir backwards, hitting a German suplex, before grabbing the Las Vegas Champion and attempting an early pinfall.



Kickout! Grimnir manages to get his shoulder up, and Zarathustra rolls away. Both men climb to their feet and lock up, however Grimnir drives his elbow into Zarathustra’s ribs before hitting a double underhook DDT. Grimnir wraps his legs around Zarathustra before rolling sideways. Zarathustra stands up and Grimnir flips, executing a complicated hurricanrana-type manouvre. Grimnir wastes no time in grabbing Zarathustra’s leg and trying for a pin.




Grimnir pounds the mat in frustration and applies a headlock to Zarathustra as they rise to their feet. Zarathustra holds his arms out before driving an elbow into Grimnir’s gut, sending the Las Vegas Champion staggering back. Zarathustra runs at the ropes, rebounds and dropkicks Grimnir, both men tumbling down onto the mat. He attempts a headlock however Grimnir manages to roll backwards before he can effectively apply the hold, managing to get into position for a bridging pin! The referee counts!



No! The referee’s hand comes down for a three count but Zarathustra manages to break the pin. Both men stand up and back away into opposite corners, re-evaluating each other. Grimnir adjusts his mask and steps forward, inicating for Zarathustra to do the same. Zarathustra lifts his arm and offers a test of strength, however as Grimnir raises his arm Zarathustra strikes and tackles him to the ground, applying a crossface chickenwing. Grimnir manages to make it to the ropes after a short struggle and the referee demands that Zarathustra releases the hold. Zarathustra grudgingly obliges and Grimnir uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, clutching the small of his back. Zarathustra moves forward to attack Grimnir again, however the defending champion delivers a loud knife-edge chop, and another, and another! Zarathustra reels back and Grimnir tenses up before unleashing the superkick he likes to call the Masked Justice!

Grimnir aims the kick at Zarathustra’s head, but he ducks out of the way just in time, and the Las Vegas Champion ends up wiping out the referee! Grimnir holds his head in frustation, before he is grabbed from behind by Zarathustra who takes him down to the mat with an ‘Arc Impulse’! Zarathustra pulls himself up to his feet and looks down at the downed Grimnir, are we about to see the crowning of a new sVo Las Vegas Champion? Zarathustra raises his hands in the air to taunt for his finishing move, before grabbing him of his masked opponent. Zarathustra pulls Grimnir up to his feet, before nailing him with a F.A.T.E!

The crowd give a mixed reaction to the move from the Englishman Zarathustra, as he drops down and hooks the leg of his opponent, before waving to the back for a referee to come out and count the fall. Zarathustra is waiting for at least ten seconds before there is any movement from the entrance ramp, however it’s not a referee who makes his way down as “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blasts over the sound system, and James Von Drake runs down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand!

Von Drake was suppose to be on his way to the hospital after his early attack at the hands of Zarathustra, but he is back here on Showdown #57! Von Drake slides into the ring and ducks out of the way of a right hand from Zarathustra, before turning and smashing him over the head with a steel chair shot! The crowd give a mixed reaction to the chair shot, and Von Drake follows up with some more blows to Zarathustra whilst he is down, before throwing the chair down and leaving the ring!

Von Drake looks very pleased with his actions as he makes his way up the entrance ramp, whilst a replacement referee makes his way past him on the way down to the ring! Grimnir slowly begins to rise to his feet in the ring, still not knowing that Von Drake has got involved. Grimnir crawls across and makes the cover on Zarathustra that the new referee counts.





Somehow Zarathustra gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! The crowd can’t believe that Zarathustra managed to kickout, and neither can Grimnir as he rises up to his feet in shock. Zarathustra unsteadily rises up to his feet and throws a clothesline in the direction of Grimnir, however this time Grimnir ducks under the arm of Zarathustra, before turning and catching him square in the face with the ‘Masked Justice’!

Zarathustra goes limp and collapses onto the mat and Grimnir drops, hooking the leg!




It’s Grimnir who has once again managed to pick up the hard-fought victory here tonight! The referee hands Grimnir his Las Vegas Championship and the champion crawls out of the ring, slowly making his way up the ramp!

RESULT: Grimnir def. Zarathustra via pinfall

Only the Beginning

Grimnir walks up the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. Zarathustra hauls himself to his feet and appears to be laughing. He cracks his neck and gestures for a microphone. Rubbing his jaw, Zarathustra leans on the ropes and looks up the ramp at Grimnir.

Zarathustra: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it right there, old man.

Grimnir stiffens slightly and turns around to regard Zarathustra. The crowd boos Zarathustra.

Zarathustra: Alright, it’d be hypocritical of me to bitch about losing to you because of JVD. Turnabout is fairplay. Fine. But correct me if I’m wrong … but this is the second week in a row that you’ve only retained your Las Vegas belt because of interference in your match.

Grimnir shrugs as if to say, ‘what of it?’

Zarathustra: A win is a win, to be sure. But doesn’t that grate on you a little bit. I’ve seen you around. You’re a competitor. You want to win on your own power, not because of interference. You want to win yourself. I see that pride in you. You want to redeem yourself, don’t you? I’m sure your fans want to see you beat me, don’t they?

A cheer from the crowd. Zarathustra laughs.

Zarathustra: So what I’m saying is this. Next week, you and I meet again. The management puts us in another match. Hell, they can add JVD to it, while they’re at it. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right? They could add somebody else in, for all I care. Nightmare, John Beck, Pat Fullam. Doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is next week, you get the opportunity to prove that you’re not losing your edge. So what do you say?

Grimnir nods and pats his belt, looking ready. The crowd cheers. Zarathustra climbs up the turnbuckle and locks eyes with Grimnir, a smirk on his face.

Zarathustra: That was too easy. I’m going to enjoy putting you down, old man. Next week, you will meet my F.A.T.E. Thus spake Zarathustra.

“Burn My Dread” hits the speakers as Zarathustra and Grimnir continue to stare each other down.

Fighting Champion

Candi Cross is seen standing by with the International Champion Rey Rosario.

Candi: Rey, you have proclaim you’re a fighting champion…

Asesino appears.

Asesino: Fighting champion, huh? I heard your speech last week and you kinow what if a low-life like El Locon can get a championship match why can’t I?

Rey: Are you challenging me?

Asesino: I think that’s obvious. I want a shot at the championship next week since you’re a fighting champion and all.

El Locon appears.

Locon: Asesino, I think you’re forgetting that the champion in a few moments will be me.

Asesino: I know you won’t win but just to cover the bases, if by some miracle you win, will you give me a title shot next week?

Locon: Just to get my hands on you for what you did to me at Battle of Britain and for what you did to my partner you can bet your ass I’ll love nothing more than to fight you next week.

Rey: Too bad, you will have to wait a little longer…

All three men start to discuss as the camera goes back to ringside.

Rey Rosario (c) vs. El Locon

The fans in the arena begin to cheer as ‘Ugly’ by Mudvayne hits the sound system, and the entrance video of the American wannaba begins to play on the sVo-Tron! After a few seconds El Locon, wearing a straight jacket slowly walks down the entrance ramp escorted by a man wearing a white jacket and a net. The fans cheer as El Locon stares down at the ring, before climbing into the ring. The man escorting El Locon begins to take off his straight jacket, as the entrance music begins to fade out. With the straight jacket removed, El Locon stretches out in the corner of the ring and prepares for the match to get under way.

Last Resort hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the fans as Rey Rosario comes out completely ignoring the crowd. Rosario slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp, remaining focused on the ring as he continues to ignore the noise from the fans. Rosario enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

Rosario hands off the International title to the referee, smiling at Locon with respect as his challenger stares at the belt. The referee passes the belt to a ringside official, and sends a hand in the air, bringing it down, calling for the bell. Rosario and Locon launch into a lock up, Rosario twisting his body around to cinch a headlock on. Locon rushes forward, sending Rosario sprawling into the corner! Locon runs at him, but Rosario drives a knee into his head, rushing forward and dumping him to the floor with a spinebuster! Locon convulses as he hits the mat, but Rosario wastes no time in hauling him to his feet and sending him into the ropes! Locon rebounds, and Rosario connects with a big back body drop!

Rosario bounces off the ropes himself with a leaping knee drop, rolling over his opponent and bouncing off the opposite ropes, repeating the manouvre, drawing a slight trickle of blood from Locons nose early on. Rosario backs into the corner, allowing time for Locon to get up, and when he does so, the Internationa champion charges him, only for Locon to leapfrog and connect with a harsh sunset flip powerbomb! Rosarios spine slams hard onto the mat, and Locon hooks the leg to try for a pinfall!




Rosario kicks out at an early two, but a disgruntled Locon sends him sprawling into the corner rushing and connecting with a shining wizard! Rosario leans forward, and Locon grabs him in a front headlock! Locon lifts him up for a suplex, but Rosario twists in mid-air, kicking ocon in the gut for a snap DDT! Locon collapses with the impact, and Rosario leaps up with a finishing leg drop, the muslces in his leg crunching into the throat of Locon! Locon gasps out as Rosario rolls off, and the two get to their feet! Locon runs at Rosario, but the champ ducks under his clothesline, lifting him up for a twisting backdrop driver! Locons body writhes as he hits the mat, and Rosario proceeds to lay in the boots, sending Locon scrambling to the corner! Rosario punches him thrice in the arm, hoisting him up onto the top rope!

Rosario pulls Locons arm over his shoulder, punching him repeatedly in the gut, then yanking him up into the air, spinning him around for a falling front slam! Blood spurts from Locons nose, and Rosario crouches behind him, waiting for him to rise! After a moment, as the crowd grows steadily louder, Locon does so, and Rey boots him hard in the gut, dragging him under his arm and sending him down with a HUGE Rey DDT! With El Locon down on the mat, Rosario wastes no time in rolling over the challenger for his International Championship belt to make the cover.




This one is all over, and despite an impressive performance from the rising star El Locon, its Rey Rosario who manages to retain the sVo International Championship belt!

RESULT: Rey Rosario def. El Locon via pinfall

Team Chemistry

The scene heads backstage to the locker room of The Teacher, who looks as if he is ready to leave the arena after his win earlier in the night against Eddie Sinclair. The Teacher has his bags packed and looks to be making his way out of his locker room, when suddenly Ethan Rider appears in the doorway.

“Excellent match out there tonight Teach… You really took care of that Sinclair asshole after he attacked me last week. That’s what being apart of a team is all about my friend.”

The Teacher stares at Ethan Rider for a few seconds from under his mask, before beginning to make his way past Rider who is standing in his doorway.

“Wait a minute where you going? The big tag team match is about to start! We could be facing who ever wins that one further down the line with those Tag Team belts on the line. Don’t you want to stick around and scout out the opposition?”

The Teacher once again stares down Ethan Rider, before shaking his head and pushing past his fellow sVo star.

“Suit yourself.”

Ethan Rider shrugs his shoulders before making himself at home infront of the big TV screen in The Teacher’s locker room.

sVo Presents Showdown #58
The World Tour Continues in Ta’if, Saudi Arabia.
17th October 2010

Night & Bobby Dean (c) vs. Roscoe Shame & Nightmare vs. DVD & Limp vs. Colt Cooper & Mystery PartnerHeadstrong by Trapt hits the sound system and the fans boo as the team of DVD and Limp make their way down the entrance ramp ready for tonight’s massive four team Tag Team Championship match! The former Tag Team Champions look to be in confident mood as they stare straight ahead at the ring looking focused for tonight’s match where they could reclaim their belts and catapult themselves up the sVo rankings. DVD and Limp both slide into the ring and climb turn buckles on opposite corners of the ring and stare out at the crowd as there music begins to fade out.

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and the crowd pops for the sVo World Champion as Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar with his title belt. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. Shame stands at the top of the entrance ramp for a few seconds, before the sVo Champion makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. The former tag team Champion climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his partner for the night to show up.

The arena lights fade and a red light begins to slowly strobe as “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails pounds through the arena over the PA system. The crowd burst into a loud chorus of boos as The Company logo floats onto the sVo tron, quickly replaced by a name.

“N I G H T M A R E”

The curtains part and a man in red trunks with a black streak down the side and a black mask cut away at the top to reveal a freshly shaved head of hair. He half-grins/half-sneers at the jeering audience surrounding him and wastes little time in stalking down the entrance ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands, jawing off at various members of the crowd as he awaits the start of the match.

Nightmare and Roscoe Shame stare each other down, with it being only a few weeks since Roscoe Shame turned his back on Nightmare and the rest of the Company, can they really co-exist tonight and win the sVo Tag Team Championship belts?

“You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD, one half of the sVo Tag Team Champions, comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and warm up for the upcoming match.

Shame stares across at the number one contender for his sVo Championship belt, and his former Tag Team Championship partner from across the ring, as DVD and Limp lap up the tension between their opponents. Will Shame and Bobby Dean focus on winning the tag team championship belts for their teams, or will they be too focused on tearing each other apart before the showdown at Roll the Dice in a few weeks. The former best friends continue to stare at each other as the crowd pop for the arrival of Bobby Dean’s Tag Team partner…

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment with the sVo Tag Team Championship belt strapped around his waist, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

Night looks across at his fellow Tag Team Champion Bobby Dean, ready for the first match they will compete in after being named as joint holders of the belt early in the night by Matt Anderson after the firing of Pat Fullam, the former holder of Bobby Dean’s belt. With Night only a few weeks ago being beaten down by the Company including Bobby Dean and his brother Nightmare, can he really trust his tag team partner tonight? Will be able to co-exist in order to get the upperhand on his brother Nightmare before Roll the Dice, or maybe even some revenge on the man that beat him for the sVo Championship, Roscoe Shame?

As the fans debate the dynamics of the match amongst themselves, Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva hits the sound system and Colt Cooper’s entrance video hits the sVo-Tron. After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of sVo who don’t like him.

With the ring nearly full of talent just bursting to get at each other, the referee seems to be struggling to keep order. As the referee orders the four teams into their respective corners, the attention turns to the entrance ramp to see just who Colt Cooper’s mystery partner is set to be…

“Runaway” by Linkin Park begins to blast over the sound system and there is a huge pop from the crowd as code begins to scroll down the V-Tron.

Smoke begins to fill the stage as the lights dim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage.

The fans keep their eyes glued on the entrance stage in anticipation…

As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen standing at the top of the stage with smoke floating all around him.

The fans pop for the return of the former sVo Las Vegas & Hardcore Champion as Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightning bolt fires down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring!

Equinox rips off his sunglasses and tosses them into the crowd, before leaping forward and laying into the nearest man to him, DVD, with big right hands! The fans pop as the referee orders the bell to be rung, and this Tag Team Championship four way battle is finally underway!

Equinox, the longest reigning Hardcore Champion in sVo history, and DVD are the men starting things off for their teams as Equinox hammers away with stiff rights to DVD, before knocking him down with a big clothesline. The fans cheer for every move from the returning Equinox, as he grabs hold of DVD as he rises back to his feet, before slamming him down to the mat with a t-bone suplex. DVD quickly crawls away from Equinox and back to his corner of the ring, before making the tag out to Limp. BBD & Night and Roscoe Shame & Nightmare eyeball each other from across the ring as Limp runs at Equinox, only to be taken down to the mat with a stiff powerslam. Equinox lays into Limp with some stiff mounted punches, before making the tag out to his tag team partner for the night, Colt Cooper!

Colt Cooper quickly jumps into the ring and goes to work on Limp with a kicking combo as he tries to rise up to his feet. Limp slowly pulls himself up, but Colt Cooper takes him down to the mat with a snap suplex. With Limp on the floor and hurting, Colt Cooper struts around the ring in a cocky manner, but as he does Bobby Dean makes the blind tag into the match!

The crowd boo as Colt Cooper is ordered to his corner of the ring, whilst Bobby Dean climbs into the ring. The man who was today handed the sVo Tag Team Championship belt stares down at Limp, before pulling him to his feet. Bobby Dean slaps Limp in a sign of disrespect, before taking him down to the mat with a fireman’s carry take down. The crowd continue to boo every move Bobby Dean makes as he stomps away on Limp. Bobby Dean pulls Limp up to his feet once again, before tossing him around with a face buster! Bobby Dean isolates Limp in the opposite corner of the ring to his tag team partner and begins to stomp away on him, but with Limp unable to make his way across and tag out to DVD, he suddenly leaps up and makes the blind tag out to Roscoe Shame!

There is a huge cheer from the crowd as the sVo Champion flashes a smile before climbing into the ring to face off against his former best friend. Shame runs at Bobby Dean, but BBD ducks under the arm of Shame, before tagging out to Night. Roscoe Shame looks angrily at Bobby Dean for ducking the chance to get it on, but the crowd pop as Night climbs into the ring to face off against the man that ended his record breaking run as sVo Champion!

Night and Roscoe Shame nod to each other as they circle each other around in the middle of the ring before tying up. Roscoe Shame begins to use his strength to force Night back, and is able to scoop him up into the air before dropping him with a military press slam! The crowd cheer for the move, but Night, despite already being battered from his brawl with Nightmare earlier in the show, quickly rises back up to his feet. Night runs at Roscoe Shame, and ducks under his clothesline before bouncing into the ropes and returning with a cross body splash onto the sVo Champion! The crowd pop from the big move from Night, who flips back up to his feet and shoots a look across towards his brother who is still on the outside looking in.

Roscoe Shame rises up to his feet, but as he does Night catches him with some forearm smashes to the face, before taking him down to the mat with a Sandman DDT! The crowd goes crazy for the signature move from the former sVo Champion, as he rises back up to his feet and taunts for his finishing move! The crowd respond with cheers for the sVo Tag Team Champion, but before he even has a chance to hit the move on Shame, Nightmare dives into the ring and takes down Night with a spear tackle! The fans boo the move from Nightmare, with the move sending both men sliding out of the ring under the bottom rope! On the outside Night and Nightmare roll over each other trading right hands, whilst Bobby Dean takes advantage of the confusion by jumping into the ring and setting Roscoe Shame up for the ‘Starstruck’!

BBD tries to execute the move, however at the last minute Roscoe Shame counters by throwing BBD off with a back drop! BBD rises up to his feet in confusion, before he is nailed with a kick to the midsection from Shame! The referee seems to be struggling to keep order as Equinox/Cooper & DVD/Limp take advantage of the chaos by standing in their own corners and watching the battle commence! The crowd pop as BBD doubles over from the kick from Shame, who steps over his opponent! Shame then pulls Bobby Dean up into the air, before tossing him out of the ring to the hard floor below with the Shame Time!

Bobby Dean looks like he might have been broken in half by that move, as the referee quickly makes his way out of the ring and calls to the back for assistance! However Roscoe Shame doesn’t seem to want to help his former best friend, as he slides to the outside and pushes the referee out of the way! On the other side of the ring side area Nightmare and Night are continuing their vicious brawl as they make their way around the ring smashing each other’s heads into the nearest objects! This match seems to have broken down into complete chaos as a dozen referees come flooding down the entrance ramp to try and break up the fights between Night and Nightmare as well as Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame!

As the sVo officials struggle to keep order, the original referee rolls back into the ring and points towards the two warring brothers and former best friends! It looks as if Night & Bobby Dean as well as Roscoe Shame & Nightmare have been thrown out of this match, and now it’s down to DVD and Limp against Colt Cooper and his surprise partner of Joseph Equinox to fight it out and crown NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS HERE TONIGHT!

As the officials try and restore order on the outside of the ring and the medics see to Bobby Dean, Colt Cooper and Limp climb into the ring to face off against each other. Cooper and Limp circle around each other, before diving forward and trying up in the middle of the ring. Colt Cooper begins to push Limp backwards, until Limp nails him with a sneaky knee to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with a head lock take down. Limp lays into Colt Cooper with mounted punches before allowing his opponent up to a standing position. Colt Cooper looks unsteady on his feet, as Limp takes him down with a German suplex, before making the tag out to DVD.

DVD jumps into the ring and begins to put the boots to Colt Cooper as he tries to get up. Cooper finally reaches a standing position, but the fans boo as he is grabbed by the back of the head by DVD who slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Colt Cooper staggers backwards holding his face in pain, allowing DVD the chance to hit him with a double axe handle strike to the back of the head, before taking him down to the mat with a facebuster! The crowd boo the move from DVD, who makes the cover on Colt Cooper.




DVD & Limp were just half a second from becoming two time Tag Team Champions, but Colt Cooper manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat just in time! DVD can’t believe it as he climbs to his feet and kicks the ropes in frustration. DVD begins to make his way over to his partner to tag out, but as he does ‘Sinner’ by Drowning Pool blasts over the sound system, and the Corporation entrance video hits the V-Tron! Are the rest of the Corporation about to return to take revenge on DVD for his attack on Juliana Torres. DVD and Limp look nervously around the arena, but as they do Colt Cooper uses the distraction to jump across and tag out to Joseph Equinox!

The fans pop as the music stops, and DVD spins around to come face to face with Equinox. DVD swings a right hand at Equinox, but the former Las Vegas Champion hits DVD with some big rights, before dropping him down to the mat with the ‘Academic Probation’! The fans pop for the signature move from Equniox, who makes his way to the corner of the ring and waits for DVD to get to his feet. DVD slowly rises up, only for Equinox to spring across and catch him with the ‘E.M.P’! The fans cheer once again as Equinox wastes no time in making his way to the top rope! Equinox takes a quick glance back at his opponent, before leaping from the top and landing a shooting star press on DVD! With DVD down, Equinox makes the cover!




Limp is in to save his partner in the nick of time by pulling Equinox off of him. Equinox rises up to his feet, but Limp nails him with some big right hands, before throwing him into the ropes. Colt Cooper makes the blind tag in off of Equinox as he bounces off of the ropes, before Equinox catches Limp with a kick to the midsection as he bounces back, before slamming him to the mat with his ‘Karma’ finisher!

The fans pop for the move, but as Equinox rises to his feet, he is grabbed by DVD. DVD spins Equinox around, but as he does, Equinox ducks out of the way and DVD is caught with a ‘Colt of Conduct’ to the face by Colt Cooper, who quickly rolls up DVD!




This one is all over, and we have NEW sVo Tag Team Champions!

Colt Cooper and Joseph Equinox celebrate in opposite corners of the ring, before the referee retrieves the tag team Championship belts from ringside and presents them to the new Champions! Cooper and Equinox raise the belts high above their heads as Showdown #57 heads off of the air!

RESULT: NEW sVo Tag Team Champions Colt Cooper & Joseph Equinox

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