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sVo Showdown #055

Bobby Dean defends the International Championship belt in the main event

sVo Showdown
12th September 2010
National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England
Episode #055


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Isaac White, Roscoe Shame and Bobby Dean! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as highlights of last weeks show play on the giant screen before tonight’s episode gets underway!






After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of SVO who don’t like him

Nick Harris:: Here’s the man who has been given the task to take on the returning The Teacher.

Simon Austin:: You know…I’m still impressed by this young man right here. Only nineteen years of age, and he’s been hanging in there with the big dogs.

Nick Harris:: You just have to wonder how long before he breaks through and becomes a champion.

Colt puts the mic up to his mouth, and is given a warm welcome. Few boos, but more cheers.

Colt:: So, I’m out here right now because there are some things I want to collaborate on. For starters…our Las Vegas Champion Grimnir.

There’s a loud eruption of cheers for the dominant Las Vegas Champion.

Colt:: Earlier this week I ran off at the mouth saying that I was going to take Grimnir’s title at the Battle of Britain. I know I can do it, but I think taking his title can be put on hold. Maybe the following week.

Nick Harris:: Yeah, dream on.

Colt:: Another reason I’m out here, because I want to motivate myself going into Battle of Britain. I want to lay out a challenge to Limp. I like his spunk, and attitude, and only will feel right if I defeat a guy with his capabilities.

Nick Harris:: I don’t know about that challenge. Limp could be way ahead of Colt’s lead.

Simon Austin:: It’s just a young guy trying to prove himself against one of SvO’s established superstars.

Colt:: The last thing I want to speak on is my opponent for tonight. The oh so phony The Teacher. I know alot of people expect me to lose this match, but right now I’m not seeing it. I can’t lose tonight and embark on a losing streak. There is no way that can happen. Am I right?

Some posters of Colt flash around the arena. Followed by a ‘Cooper’ chant.

Simon Austin:: The Teacher is one tough son of a gun.

Nick Harris:: The stat’s don’t show that as Colt pointed out earlier this week.

Colt:: I’ve digested enough of training this week to defeat The Teacher, and ruin his return. While he has his head so stuck on J.V.D, I’m going to unscrew it and put some since into it. Letting him know that I’m no joke. I’m no substitute teacher. I’m the real deal, and that’s as real as it’s going to get.

Colt drops the mic and Ladies and Gentleman by Saliva begins to play throughout the arena. Showdown heads backstage….


The locker room of Eddie Sinclair is shown backstage, loud thumping bass emitting from behind the closed door. The door suddenly swings open and a disheveled Sinclair appears, while several strippers and various sVo personnel can be seen in the background enjoying the party. Sinclair closes the door and begins to walk down the hallway towards the ring. He yawns and scratches his head as he walks.

Eddie Sinclair: “You know… I have a hell of a headache right now. I’ve been up for nearly two days straight down nothing but partying here in merry old England. These Brits sure know how to have a good time.”

Sinclair passes a large sign reading “Eddie Sinclair Victory Celebration; THIS WAY! ->”. Sinclair chuckles and continues walking.

Eddie Sinclair: “As you can see, I’ve started preparing to celebrate my victory over El Locon just a little bit prematurely. Obviously everybody and their mother knows that I’m going to once again pull out an impressive victory over a so-called sVo veteran, so I figured I’d start celebrating a little early. I think I’ve earned it, don’t you?”

Sinclair finally reaches the curtain and peeks out over the crowd as his music starts playing. He cracks his knuckles and faces the camera.

Eddie Sinclair: “Watch and learn, kids. I’m your next sVo Champion!”

Sinclair pushes through the curtain and the camera cuts to the ring.

Eddie Sinclair vs. El Locon

Nick Harris: I look forward to seeing how this one pans out, Sinclair was impressive in his first match last week, however El Locon is a monster! This one could get nasty!

Simon Austin: Well El Locon has failed to live up to his potencial so far in the sVo. Sinclair has already said he is a future World Champion, I am backing him in this one!

The fans in the arena begin to cheer as ‘Ugly’ by Mudvayne hits the sound system, and the entrance video of the American wannaba begins to play on the sVo-Tron! After a few seconds El Locon, wearing a straight jacket slowly walks down the entrance ramp escorted by a man wearing a white jacket and a net. The fans cheer as El Locon stares down at the ring, before climbing into the ring. The man escorting El Locon begins to take off his straight jacket, as the entrance music begins to fade out. With the straight jacket removed, El Locon stretches out in the corner of the ring and prepares for the match to get under way.

Nick Harris: El Locon cut’s an imposing figure in the ring right now. Maybe Sinclair might regret being so cocky about this match earlier in the night?

Simon Austin: Sinclair only speaks the truth, El Locon has got no chance in this one!

Nick Harris: Well I am sure El Locon would think otherwise!

“Judith” by A Perfect Circle blasts over the sound system as images of Eddie Sinclair in action are shown on the sVo-Tron. A series of pyrotechnics blast on the stage as Sinclair himself appears, dressed in his ring gear and a leather jacket. He strides down to the ring, pausing at the bottom of the ramp to glance from left to right. The camera follows the turn of his head, revealing his wide smirk and snicker before he climbs inside the ring. He shrugs off his jacket and tosses it to the outside of the ring before backing away into the corner to await the start of the match.

Simon Austin: This man has future World Champion written all over him!

Nick Harris: Well he certainly backs himself, lets see if he can follow up on his words here tonight against El Locon!

Simon Austin: El Locon might be big, but the bigger they are the harder they fall!

El Locon towers over the newcomer Eddie Sinclair as both men slowly walk forward to face each other in the middle of the ring. Eddie Sinclair begins to trash talk his opponent as the bell rings for the match to begin. El Locon suddenly looks as if he has had enough of the cocky Sinclair and winds back his arm for a big punch, but Sinclair ducks under the hand of El Locon and then turns and begins to fire away on the big man with right hands.

Simon Austin: Big punches from Sinclair, this one might be over before it starts!

Nick Harris: Well Sinclair needs to get this one early if he is going to win it. If he allows El Locon to use his strength advantage then he is going to struggle!

Simon Austin: El Locon doesn’t look like getting near him at the minute!

El Locon staggers backwards against the ropes, and Eddie Sinclair is able to take down his opponent with a double arm takedown. The fans boo the move from Sinclair, as El Locon quickly rises up to his feet. El Locon runs at Eddie Sinclair looking for a big boot to the newcomer, but Sinclair counters with a diving dropkick to the knee of El Locon’s standing leg. El Locon drops down to the mat, and Sinclair follows up by bouncing into the ropes before dropping an elbow across the body of El Locon. Sinclair rises to his feet and taunts to the fans, but gets nothing but boos from the fans.

Simon Austin: What the hell are these idiot fans booing for? Can’t they see the greatness in front of them?

Nick Harris: Well maybe they don’t like the attitude of Sinclair, and to be honest, I don’t blame them!

El Locon rises up to his feet whilst Sinclair is taunting to the fans, and quickly grabs him in a choke hold. The fans cheer as Sinclair desperately tries to free himself from the choke hold, but El Locon uses his big strength advantage to throw Eddie Sinclair into the corner of the ring, before nailing him with some big body punches. The fans cheer the move from El Locon as Eddie Sinclair stumbles out of the corner of the ring holding his ribs in pain, before being taken down to the mat with a big side slam from El Locon.

Nick Harris: Big move from El Locon, that looks as if it drove all the air out of Sinclair’s body!

Simon Austin: Don’t worry, he will bounce back!

The monster El Locon rises up to his feet and grabs hold of Eddie Sinclair as he rises up. Sinclair is thrown hard into the ropes by El Locon, and thrown up into the air with a back body drop from the man from Puerto Rico. Sinclair hit’s the mat hard and staggers back up to his feet holding his back. El Locon quickly grabs hold of the opportunity by taking down Eddie Sinclair with a big kick to the midsection, before power bombing Eddie Sinclair to the mat! The fans cheer as El Locon drops down and hooks the leg of the sVo newcomer Eddie Sinclair.

Simon Austin: Come on Sinclair kick out!

Nick Harris: This one could be all over right now!




Simon Austin: Phew!

Nick Harris: Sinclair get’s a shoulder up just in time, I thought that El Locon had the match won right there!

The fans can’t believe it as the referee holds his hand in the air to show that it was only a two count, and Sinclair managed to get his shoulder up in time.

Nick Harris: Sinclair needs to get back into this before El Locon begins to dominate him!

Simon Austin: Keep the faith Harris, I put my house on Sinclair winning this one!

Sinclair tries to rise up to his feet, but he is grabbed by El Locon who then begins to smash him in the face with some big mounted punches. The crowd continue to cheer on El Locon as he pulls Eddie Sinclair up to a standing position, before grabbing him around the throat! The fans rise to their feet knowing this could be the end of the match right here, but as El Locon pulls Sinclair up into the air looking for a choke slam, Sinclair counters impressively with a Enziguiri like move to the back of El Locon’s head!

Simon Austin: What a counter!

Nick Harris: Even I got to admit that was impressive from the newcomer. It could have been all over if El Locon had hit that!

The fans boo the move from Sinclair, as El Locon drops him back down to the mat. El Locon looks enraged as he lunges forward looking for a snap clothesline on Sinclair, but his opponent ducks under the move from the giant El Locon, before taking him down to the mat with a knee to the midsection, followed by a double underhook DDT! The fans boo the impressive move from Sinclair, as he quickly makes his way back up to his feet, and grabs the legs of El Locon! El Locon tries to fight him off, but Sinclair manages to step through the legs of El Locon before turning him over into a ‘sharpshooter’ submission move!

Simon Austin: Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter!

Nick Harris: El Locon needs to get out of this quickly or we could have a winner right here…

Simon Austin: What did I tell you Harris, Sinclair is going to win this one!

The fans boo the famous move from Eddie Sinclair as he pulls back on the hold and tries to beat his opponent by submission. The monster El Locon screams out in pain as he tries to free himself from the hold, but Sinclair looks to have it locked in tight! The referee asks El Locon if he would like to submit, but the monster shakes his head as he screams out in pain! The fans continue to boo the move, until they begin to cheer as El Locon finally manages to use his massive frame to reach out and grab hold of the ropes!

Nick Harris: Rope break!

Simon Austin: No! Come on Sinclair get it locked back in!

Nick Harris: Great courage from El Locon to reach the ropes there!

The referee tells Eddie Sinclair to break the hold, but he shakes his head and keeps it locked in for a few more seconds!

Nick Harris: Come on referee do your job! He has got to break the hold!

Simon Austin: Ha Ha! Go on Sinclair, make him suffer!

Nick Harris: What happened to being impartial?

The referee finally threatens to DQ Sinclair, causing him to break the hold with a smirk on his face. The fans boo him as he cockily walks around the ring whilst El Locon struggles to get to his feet. Sinclair taunts to the crowd, before springing forward and nailing El Locon in the side of the head with the ‘Smashmouth Superkick’!

Nick Harris: What a move there from Sinclair!

Simon Austin: It’s over! It’s all over Harris!

Nick Harris: It certainly looks that way, it’s going to take something special for El Locon to kick out from this one…

Boos ring out around the arena as Sinclair drops down and hooks the leg of El Locon to make the cover.




Simon Austin: What did I tell you Harris! Future World Champion or what??

Nick Harris: Well he has had an impressive start to his career so far, but let’s see if he keeps it up. There is a wealth of talent in the sVo right now, anyone is going to have to work double hard to stand out right now.

This one is all over, and it’s the impressive newcomer Eddie Sinclair who picks up his second win in two weeks thanks to the smash mouth super kick! “Judith” by A Perfect Circle hit’s the sound system as the referee raises Eddie Sinclair’s hand in victory as Showdown #55 heads to a commercial break.

Simon Austin: Well if you ask me you should give him a shot right now! He looks UNBEATABLE!

Nick Harris: Well it was an impressive match, next up a commercial break before Showdown #55 returns!!

RESULT: Eddie Sinclair def. El Locon via pinfall

The Ubermensch Cometh

The arena lights go out. On the big screen, an iron version of a Guy Fawkes mask is displayed.

Simon Austin: Hey? What gives? What’s that?

Nick Harris: Did I miss it being the Fifth of November?

Simon Austin: Huh?

Nick Harris: You know? ‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November …’?

Simon Austin: I don’t get it …

Any response is cut out as the up tempo drum beat of ‘Burn My Dread’ booms over the sound system. Smoke gathers at the entrance. A figure emerges from it, dressed in a purple button down shirt, black slacks, and a black coat. He wears a gray fedora on his head and an iron mask that matches the one on the screen.

Nick Harris: I hope the members of Parliament aren’t here …

Simon Austin: What are you talking about? I know that guy. He’s the newest addition to the sVo roster, Zarathustra. You know, like from Nietzsche’s works?

Nick Harris: Wait … you know Friedrich Nietzsche, but you don’t know Guy Fawkes?

Simon Austin: Guy who?

Zarathustra has made his way down the ramp and to the ring. He climbs up the ring apron and onto the top turnbuckle, crouching there and looking out at the crowd. The music fades out and he gestures to the ring crew. A microphone is tossed up to him.

Zarathustra: This is usually the part where the cocky rookie makes a pronouncement about how he will run roughshod over the organization or that a new era has dawned and everything will change or that this is where his golden dreams will be realized. But that’s not me. I already know what I can do -what I will do- to this federation. You will learn in due time.

He stands up on the top turnbuckle and removes the mask, revealing a handsome, tanned face with a thin, neatly trimmed goatee.

Zarathustra: I am Zarathustra! I am the Ubermensch, the Self-Mastered Man, the Will to Power! Maybe you don’t know what that means, but I will teach you. I used to be like you all: an ignoble speck, oppressed by a world that I could not change. I stumbled around in the metaphorical darkness, blind to the fact that I had yet to even open my eyes. But now, my eyes are open. And I will open yours. I will give you a glimpse at what you can achieve, what you can aspire to be.

Zarathustra raises one arm up and bows his head, almost as if giving a benediction.

Zarathustra: Have faith, Birmingham. Have faith in me. For I shall show you The Way. Thus spake Zarathustra.

‘Burn My Dread’ starts back up again. Zarathustra puts back on the mask and spreads his arms as a spotlight beams down on him.

Nick Harris: Is that guy for real?

Simon Austin: I don’t know … this organization seems to be getting crazier and crazier as time goes on. Maybe they should institute a mental health exam before signing people?

Nick Harris: How many of our superstars do you think would actually pass a real mental health exam?

Simon Austin: Good point.

The Teacher vs. Colt Cooper

Nick Harris: If you ask me, this one here has the potencial to steal the show tonight!

Simon Austin: Well The Teacher hasn’t been in action for a while, and Colt Cooper needs to put together a big winning streak to get himself back into contention for the sVo title belts. Both men will be looking to win the match here tonight!

Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva hits the sound system and there are boos all around for Colt Cooper as his entrance video hits the sVo-Tron. After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of sVo who don’t like him.

Nick Harris: Colt Cooper has proved himself to be a great sVo star so far, but he has yet to meet someone like The Teacher in the ring!

Simon Austin: I don’t think there is anyone in the wrestling business like The Teacher!

Nick Harris: On his day he has the potencial to beat anyone, is today going to be his day?

Simon Austin: Well Colt Cooper is no jobber either, in my opinion he has a bright future here in the sVo!

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

Nick Harris: The crowd seem just as excited about this one to get underway as well!

Simon Austin: This should be a PPV match, are we really giving this away for free?

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and The Teacher and Colt Cooper quickly make their way towards each other and tie up in the middle of the ring. Colt Cooper goes behind on The Teacher and grabs him in a wrist lock, but The Teacher twists around and nails his opponent with an elbow to the back of his opponent head. Colt Cooper staggers away, and The Teacher quickly bounces into the ropes before nailing a big chop block onto his opponent. Colt Cooper lays on the mat holding his leg in pain, allowing The Teacher to stomp away on his opponent.

Nick Harris: Bright start here from The Teacher, Colt Cooper needs to get to his feet and work his way back into this one before it’s too late.

Simon Austin: Don’t worry about it Harris, I am sure he has it under control!

Colt Cooper staggers back up to his feet and The Teacher grabs hold of Colt Cooper ready for a DDT, but Colt Cooper counters with a knee to the midsection of his opponent, and then a big fist to the side of his masked head. The Teacher stumbles away and Colt Cooper quickly bounces into the ropes. Colt Cooper bounces back just in time to knock down the Teacher with a big clothesline. The fans give a mixed reaction to the big move from Cooper, and The Teacher rises up to his feet, only to be taken straight back down to the mat with a stiff scoop slam from Colt Cooper. With The Teacher down on the mat, Colt Cooper bounces into the ropes before returning with a leg drop across the body of The Teacher! With the Teacher down on the mat, Colt Cooper wastes no time in hooking the leg of his opponent and going for the cover!

Nick Harris: It could be all over right here!

Simon Austin: Come on referee, count the three!




Nick Harris: Big kickout from The Teacher, and the fans sound happy to let this one continue!

Simon Austin: I thought it was over!

Somehow The Teacher manages to get his shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted!

The fans cheer the kick out from The Teacher, who is dragged straight back to his feet by Colt Cooper. Colt Cooper lays into The Teacher with some stiff forearm smashes to the face, before taking him down to the mat with a head lock takedown. With the Teacher down on the mat, Colt Cooper grabs hold of him with a sleeper hold, as The Teacher sits on the mat. The Teacher tries to struggle out of the hold, but Colt Cooper has the sleeper hold in tight, and The Teacher looks to be fading! The fans give a mixed reaction, as Colt Cooper suddenly breaks the hold and bounces into the ring ropes, before bouncing back and nailing the sitting Teacher with a drop drop kick to the face!

Nick Harris: Impressive moves from Colt Cooper right there, he is one of a kind on the sVo roster!

Simon Austin: He is heading for the top, mark my words Harris!

The Teacher holds his face in pain as he stumbles back up to his feet, only to be grabbed from behind by Colt Cooper who takes him down to the mat with a back suplex! With The Teacher down on the mat, Colt Cooper rises up to his feet and walks around the ring with a big smirk on his face as his domination of the match so far! Colt Cooper turns his attention back to The Teacher, and pulls him back to his feet. Colt Cooper nails The Teacher with a knee to the midsection, before setting him up for a suplex by grabbing him in a front face lock. Colt Cooper tries to pull The Teacher over in a suplex, but The Teacher counters by blocking the suplex and then taking down Colt Cooper with a suplex of his own!

Nick Harris: What a counter from The Teacher right there! Can he turn this one around and win it?

Simon Austin: Don’t rule Colt Cooper out just yet Harris!

The fans cheer the big suplex from The Teacher, who staggers back up to his feet. Colt Cooper bounces back up looking stunned, but is once again grabbed by The Teacher, who sends him into the corner of the ring! The Teacher lays into Colt Cooper with some big punches in the corner, before Colt Cooper staggers out of the corner of the ring. The Teacher bounces into the ropes and takes down Colt Cooper with a bull dog takedown! With Colt Cooper down on the mat and in the corner of the ring, The Teacher begins to make his way to the top of the turnbuckle! The fans cheer as The Teacher reaches the top rope, before leaping down looking to nail the ‘Top of the Class’ on Colt Cooper!

Nick Harris: The Teacher looking for his finishing move right here, if he hits it then it’s over!

Simon Austin: Come on Cooper, get out the way!

However Colt Cooper leaps up and counters with a ‘Colt of Conduct’ into the face of the flying Teacher! The fan’t can’t beleive the amazing counter, as Colt Cooper rolls over his opponent to make the cover!

Nick Harris: What a counter! What a counter!

Simon Austin: This one is all over now after that! I have never seen anything like that!




Nick Harris: Big win there from Colt Cooper, but I think the fans wanted this one to continue all night!

Simon Austin: Colt Coopewr is showing his credentials right here in the sVo! A couple more wins like that and he will be back in contention for the title belts!

This one is all over, and thanks to the amazing counter, it’s Colt Cooper who picks up the big win! The referee grabs hold of Colt Cooper’s arm and raises it up in the air whilst The Teacher lays on the mat in pain. Colt Cooper celebrates his win as he makes his way back up the entrance ramp on his way to the backstage area. As Colt Cooper dissapears around the curtain, The Teacher slowly begins to rise up to his feet, but as he does boos ring out around the arena as James Von Drake jumps out of the crowd!

Nick Harris: What the hell is this?

Simon Austin: It’s JVD!

Nick Harris: I know who it is, but why the hell is he out here? I thought he was on the injured list?

Simon Austin: Where is his wife, that’s what i want to know!

JVD slides into the ring, and nails The Teacher in the back of the head with the cast on his right hand to knock him back down to the mat! Boos ring out arena for the sneak attack from JVD who continues to put the boots into The Teacher, before raising his arms in the air as Showdown #55 heads backstage.

Nick Harris: What a coward JVD is. First he attacks a referee last week, this week he attacks a man from behind!

Simon Austin: Maybe that will teach The Teacher from sticking his nose into other people’s business!

Nick Harris: JVD better watch his back if you ask me, I think this one is far from over if you ask me!

RESULT: Colt Cooper def. The Teacher via pinfall

A Crime Against Us All

The crowd is buzzing as “Cool Like Dat” by Diggable Planets blares over the speakers. The giant that has been so dominant since (re)emerging in sVo appears at the top of the entrance ramp, mic in hand, with his new “Coolness” t-shirt on (available only on BUY BUY BUY!).

He stares straight at the ring, a look of grim determination on his face as he walks down the ramp. Slowly he climbs up into the ring as the music fades. The giant stands in the center of the ring as the lights die down and a spotlight shines on Pat. The crowd cheers for him but he ignores them. Slowly he begins to talk.

“Since coming to sVo I’ve been one of the most dominant forces inside this very ring that I’m standing in. From Weapon X, to Talon, Roscoe Shame to Rey Rosario. I’ve faced many people inside this ring since I’ve made my return to this business that I love so much.

Since I’ve come back to this business however, there has been crimes committed against us all. Crimes by sVo management and crimes by The Company, particularly Matt Anderson. I’ve sat back in my locker room and listened as lies have been spewed out from Anderson’s mouth, lies about how The Company is a force to be reckoned with, lies about how no one stands a chance against him, and lies about myself and Night. It’s called Slander Anderson! Look it up. Roll the footage please.”

The tron starts up and all eyes are trained on it. A video package from Ultimate Victory II airs. Weapon X versus Pat Fullam. Matt Anderson comes down and declares the match a No DQ match for Weapon X only. Pat smirks and gets himself disqualified before physically decimating Weapon X. The tron shuts down and all eyes are back on Fullam.

“What you just saw there was myself, “The Coolness” Pat Fullam, effectively decimating Weapon X at sVo’s last PPV. Matt Anderson has come out and said time and time again that Weapon X beat Fullam. Fullam wants another taste. Fullam got the beating of a lifetime and keeps coming back for more.


The way I see it is that Weapon X got the beating he so richly deserved. I manhandled that coward hiding behind a mask that he needed to be saved from the ring by his Company cohorts. Yeah, I surely learned the might of The Company that night let me tell you! Puhleaze. Since I’ve come to sVo The Company hasn’t been able to keep me down. They dished out ONE beating by Roscoe Shame, Weapon X, and some random masked guy that they hired with a sledge hammer. What happened the week after? I came right back and continued on my path. Anderson, I hope to whatever God you pray to that you’re listening to this. It’s about time someone stood up to you and your lies.

Speaking of lies.

Last week Matt Anderson came out and decided to tell everyone about how ‘successful’ the Company has been doing. I mean they took out The Industry, Chris Bond and Talon right?

Wrong once again.

The last time Chris Bond was in a sVo ring he was taken out by guess who? Me. The Company wasn’t involved with him being out on the injured list. It was me. I interrupted his World Title match against Night and Nightmare. I chokeslammed him to the concrete floor, I caused him to leave sVo. Not The Company.

Oh, but Talon left because of the Company right?

Wrong. Again.

The night after I effectively eliminated Chris Bond from the picture, I had my first match against, you guessed, Talon. Guess who won that match? Me. Guess who left sVo after said match? Talon. Once again The Company had nothing to do with Talon leaving. It had nothing to do with The Industry not being able to take down The Company. It was all me. The Coolness. The 7’2″ giant that has done nothing but run through The Company like they were pieces of tissue paper.

So come on out here and spout out some more lies Anderson! Come out here and tell everyone that Weapon X is going to beat me to a bloody pulp like he did at Ultimate Victory II. Evidence is against you Anderson. I’m still standing. I came back so I can teach Weapon X a lesson. After I get done with Nightmare tonight and Weapon X at Battle of Britain, you better keep your dogs on a better leash. Next time I’ll just take them around back and put them out of their misery.”

With that Fullam drops the mic and heads back up the ramp to the backstage area. The fans are booing and cheering all at the same time. The Company didn’t take out The Industry, two of sVo’s favorites, it was Pat Fullam. Weapon X didn’t beat Pat mercilessly at Ultimate Victory II, Pat beat Weapon X to within an inch of his life. Fullam HAS been dominant since coming to sVo. What’s that mean for Nightmare tonight and Weapon X at Battle of Britain?

Only time will tell….

Roscoe Shame vs. Asesino

Nick Harris: Well we got another big match up right now! Asesino has been saying for weeks he is unhappy at the way he has been used by the sVo management, and made an open challenge to anyone on the roster saying he could beat them!

Simon Austin: It might backfire on him if you ask me. Asesino is good, but Roscoe Shame is facing the World Champion at Battle of Britain for a reason! This is the next World Champion right here!

Nick Harris: Well Night hasn’t lost it yet, but Roscoe Shame has a good a chance as anyone else.

Simon Austin: Night will be hoping that Asesino manages to injure Roscoe Shame here tonight, it’s the only way he is walking away as World Champion next Sunday!

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

Nick Harris: Roscoe Shame looks in confident mood right now, it remains to be seen if his reported problems within the Company have an effect on him.

Simon Austin: There is no problems in the Company, stop trying to stir things Harris!

Boos begin to ring out around the arena as the entrance ramp lights up and Headstrong by Trapt hits the sound system. On the sVo-Tron highlights of Asesino’s sVo greatest moments play as Asesino slowly makes his way out from the backstage area and down the entrance ramp. Asesino stares out the crowd as he walks, before rolling into the ring. Asesino walks around the ring looking out at those in the crowd who are booing him, before jumping up onto the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and taunting to the fans by throwing them an ironic kiss.

Nick Harris: Asesino doesn’t look too phased by Roscoe Shame here tonight, is he brave or stupid?

Simon Austin: Maybe a bit of both!

The bell rings for the match to begin, and Asesino quickly runs at Roscoe Shame and nails him with some big right hands to try and get an early advantage in the match. Asesino backs Roscoe Shame against the ropes, before the #1 contender for the World Championship counters with a knee to the midsection of his opponent. Asesino doubles over in pain, and Roscoe Shame takes him down to the mat with a arm drag takedown. Asesino struggles back up to his feet, as Roscoe Shame bounces into the ropes before nailing a big clothesline on Asesino to send him straight back down to the mat.

Nick Harris: Big clothesline from Roscoe Shame right there, I thought he was going to take off Asesino’s head!

Simon Austin: That’s why he is part of the Company, because he is one of the best in the world!

Roscoe Shame pulls Asesino up to his feet, and nails him with some forearm smashes to the face, before taking him down to the mat with a big belly to belly suplex. Asesino looks in pain as Roscoe Shame puts the boots into his opponent, before locking him in a arm bar submission hold. Asesino tries to struggle out of the hold and manages to fight his way up to a standing position, but Roscoe Shame keeps the hold locked in before throwing him back down to the mat with a full nelson slam!

Nick Harris: Roscoe Shame is showing off just how powerful he is right there! That’s why he doesn’t need Nightmare as referee or the Company in his corner on Sunday night, he is good enough to take on Night on his own!

Simon Austin: Of course he is, but when you can have the likes of the Company in your corner, why not take advantage of it?

Roscoe Shame grabs Asesino by the hair, and swings him into the corner of the ring. Asesino hits the corner of the ring hard, but as Roscoe Shame runs at him looking to nail him with a big boot in the corner of the ring, Asesino dives out of the way causing his opponent to hang himself up on to the top rope! Asesino takes advantage of Roscoe Shame’s position with some big punches to Roscoe Shame’s face, before suplexing him back down into the ring! With Roscoe Shame on the mat, Asesino lays into his opponent with some big right hands!

Nick Harris: Asesino is showing everyone not to under estimate him right here!

Simon Austin: He is one tought S.O.B, you wouldn’t last as long in the sVo as he has without being!

Roscoe Shame stumbles back up to his feet, but is taken down with a swift German suplex from Asesino. The fans boo Asesino, but he just ignores the crowd as he rises up to his feet and nails an elbow drop across Roscoe Shame’s knees. Roscoe Shame shouts out in pain as he tries to rise to his feet, but Asesino backs him into the corner of the ring with some big punches. With Roscoe Shame in the corner, Asesino begins to lay into his opponent with some big kicks, before taking him down to the mat with an Atomic drop! With Roscoe Shame down on the mat, Asesino makes the cover!

Nick Harris: Asesino looking to pull off an upset right here!

Simon Austin: Come on Roscoe!




Roscoe Shame kicks out just when Asesino thought he had the match won!

Nick Harris: Asesino was just a whisker away from pulling off a big upset right there! He looks gutted!

Simon Austin: That was close!

Asesino holds his head in hands before pulling Roscoe Shame up to his feet. Asesino nails Roscoe Shame with a knee to the midsection which causes him to double over in pain in the middle of the ring, before bouncing into the ropes. Asesino bounces back looking for a swinging neckbreaker on Roscoe Shame….. But Shame counters with a big spinebuster!

Nick Harris: Asesino wasn’t expecting that!

Simon Austin: I think Roscoe Shame might have just broken his back right there!

Asesino looks in pain as he is grabbed by an angry looking Roscoe Shame, who pulls him to his feet. Roscoe Shame wastes no time in hauling Asesino up into the air, before tossing him down to the mat with a ‘Shame Time’!

Nick Harris: What a move from Shame! This one as been all over!

Simon Austin: Just wait Harris, a week from now it’s going to be Night on the end of that Shame Time!

Roscoe Shame drops down over Asesino and makes the cover on his opponent.




Nick Harris: This one is all over!

Simon Austin: So much for an upset, I hope that Night can watch this between now and next week, it’s going to be you taking the place of Asesino at Battle of Britain, and it’s going to be Roscoe Shame as new World Champion!

Roscoe Shame raises his hands in the air in victory as his music plays over the sound system, with a big win under his belt ahead of next Sunday’s big World Championship Showdown against Night!

RESULT: Roscoe Shame def. Asesino via pinfall

The Return

The scene begins with DVD in front of the camera.

DVD: Grimnir, in just a few moments you and me go at it. You have been on a roll since coming here but tonight you suffer your first loss. You suffer your first loss because you are facing a man that is vastly superior to you in me. Tonight, Grimnir your fantasies will turn into nightmares and you will never be the same again. After I get through with this Grimnir problem I have El Locon at Battle of Britain. Locon, I’m damn sick and tired of you. You have been a thorn in the side of Xtreme Fusion for a long time. At Battle of Britain I finish you off once and for all…

Suddenly DVD is cut off by the appearance of Juliana Torres.

Juliana: I see you still talk tough. Too bad you are lousy backing your words.

DVD: What the hell do you want?

Juliana: I want a match with you. I’m tired of watching you provoke me time after time in your promos. Now, it’s time to put up or shut up.

DVD: Well, I normally don’t refuse challenges but you see I have a busy schedule here in SVO and since you don’t matter anymore you should start from the bottom of SVO once again. At Battle of Britain you will face a wrestler of my choosing. Someone who ansiously wants to rip you apart.

Juliana: Fine, I’ll fight your little surprise but sooner or later you’re going to have to man up and face me.

DVD: Sure, whatever…

DVD is attacked by El Locon from behind before he could finish his comments. They both begin brawling as a bunch of referees and security try to keep them apart. The scene shifts to ringside.

Grimnir (c) vs. DVD

Nick Harris: DVD just got attacked backstage, is he going to be ok for his match? It’s up next!

Simon Austin: I’m just happy to see Juliana Torres back in the sVo! She’s looking great!

Nick Harris: Well DVD has a tough test on his hands tonight as he tries to wrestle the belt away from Grimnir, who is currently 4-0 in the sVo!

Simon Austin: Well he has been impressive so far, but your only as good as your last match, and DVD has every chance of walking out of here tonight as the new Las Vegas Champion!

The dulcid tones of Travel Now Journey Infinitely plays up to its crescendo. As the accompanying female voice explodes over the PA system, the houselights of the arena flare to their maximum. As the houselights dim down to normal, the blasting beats of the drums herald Grimnir, who stands at the entrance now with the Las Vegas title around his waist. He starts to walk down towards the ring as the drums force his march and before he reaches the ring he points up to the sky with both fingers, slides in and stays in a kneeling position for a few moments before standing up and using the ropes to stretch and loosen his muscles before handing the Las Vegas title to the referee.

Nick Harris: Here is the Champion, he is looking impressive so far in the sVo! Just how long can he continue this unbeaten run for?

Simon Austin: Well just wait until DVD gets here, he is just one big win away from kick starting his singles career and become a major player in the sVo!

Headstrong by Trapt plays as DVD comes out staring at his surroundings. He then slowly walks to the ring with an intense look on his face.

Nick Harris: Both men are looking confident here tonight, how do you see this one going?

Simon Austin: Grimnir has been good so far, but I can’t see past DVD picking up the win here and become the new Las Vegas Champion!

The match kicks off quickly as DVD runs at Grimnir and lands a big right hand on the sVo Las Vegas Champion. The punch seems to stun Grimnir, as he is knocked backwards into the ropes. DVD follows up with some more big rights and lefts on his opponent before taking him down to the mat with a big scoop slam. With Grimnir down on the mat, DVD jumps onto the face of his opponent with both feet! The fans boo the move from DVD, as the Las Vegas Champion rises to his feet holding his face in pain. DVD nails Grimnir with some stiff chops to the chest of his opponent, which backs him into the corner of the ring. DVD follows up by grabbing Grimnir by the back of the head, and slamming him face first into the turnbuckle, before taking him down to the mat with a German suplex as he bounces back!

Nick Harris: DVD with an impressive German suplex right there, he is as technically good as anyone on the sVo roster!

Simon Austin: Grimnir needs to get back into this match if he wants to keep hold of his unbeaten record, and that Las Vegas title belt!

Grimnir staggers back up to his feet, but DVD runs into him with a stiff clothesline to take him straight back down to the mat. DVD gives Grimnir a few sharp kicks as he gets back to his feet, before trying to whip Grimnir into the ropes. However Grimnir reverses the move and sends DVD into the ropes, before taking him down to the mat with a huricanarana as he bounces back. With DVD staggering to get back to his feet, Grimnir nails a drop kick onto his opponent to send him into the corner of the ring, before taunting to the fans.

Nick Harris: Big counter from Grimnir, and now it looks as if DVD is in trouble!

Simon Austin: Don’t write him off yet. DVD will walk out Champion tonight, just like Roscoe Shame will walk out Champion at Battle of Britain next week!

The fans respond with a big cheer for the Las Vegas Champion, who runs at DVD and nails him with a Tornado DDT out of the corner of the ring! With DVD on the floor and hurting, Grimnir quickly rolls over his opponent to make the cover!

Nick Harris: Here we go, it could be the end right now!




Nick Harris: Big kickout from DVD, to keep his dreams of winning the Las vegas Championship belt alive!

Simon Austin: Grimnir won’t know what to do now, he thought he was going to win there!

Just when it looked as if Grimnir was going to pick up the win right there, DVD managed to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three could be counted.

DVD slowly rises up to his feet, but Grimnir quickly grabs hold of his opponent and sends him once more into the ring ropes. Grimnir looks for a back body drop on his opponent, however DVD sees it coming and counters with a kick to the face of Grimnir. Grimnir staggers away holding his face in pain, before DVD follows up with a head butt to the Las Vegas Champion to send him back down to the mat. With Grimnir down, DVD puts the boots to the Champion, before shouting at him to get up. DVD grabs hold of Grimnir as he gets up, and shoots him into the ropes before knocking him down with a stiff clothesline.

Nick Harris: That has got to hurt right there!

DVD looks to be in control of the match as he pulls Grimnir up to his feet, and tries to nail the DVD Cutter on his opponent, only for Grimnir to counter by pushing DVD forward into the ring ropes! DVD bounces back towards Grimnir, who takes him down to the mat with a swinging DDT! With DVD down on the mat, Grimnir bounces into the ropes, before back flipping back onto DVD! The fans cheer the big move from Grimnir, as he rises to his feet and staggers into the corner of the ring. Grimnir leans back against the ropes in the corner as DVD staggers up to his feet, before Grimnir explodes out of the corner and lands the ‘Masked Justice’ on DVD! With DVD down on the mat after his finisher, Grimnir makes the cover!




Nick Harris: It’s all over, Grimnir retains tonight!

Simon Austin: Just like I always said, Grimnir would win tonight!

Nick Harris: I thought you said…..

Simon Austin: What you talking about Harris? You seem to be as stupid as these fans here in England!

This one is all over, and thanks to the Masked Justice, Grimnir retains his sVo Las Vegas Championship belt! The referee presents Grimnir with his belt, as his music hits the sound system. The fans cheer as Grimnir celebrates with his title belt, but can he retain it next week at Battle of Britain?

RESULT: Grimnir def. DVD via pinfall

Taking Care of Company Business

The scene heads backstage where sVo World Champion Night is making his way through the corridors. Despite not being booked to compete tonight, Night is obviously intrested in the outcome of the main event, where Pat Fullam has to win in order to be named as the special guest enforcer in Night’s World Championship match at Battle of Britain 2010 against Roscoe Shame!

However Night suddenly stops in his tracks as he hears something behind him. The World Champion spins around, and comes face to face with Weapon X! Night stares at the Company enforcer for a few seconds, before his flight or fight instincts kick in and Night nails him with a right hand. Night knocks Weapon X down, but Night is suddenly swormed by Bobby Dean and Isaac White! Both men pull Night off of Weapon X, and then begin to beat him down!

All three men kick the World Champion down to the floor, before Weapon X grabs a steel pipe from the side. Weapon X proceeds to crack the steel pipe across the head of Night time after time, as Bobby Dean and Isaac White put the boots into the World Champion! Despite challenger Roscoe Shame being stangely absent from the beat down, the camera pans across to Matt Anderson, who is watching the beatdown with amusement!

The scene switches back to ringside and to the announcers table where a shocked looking Nick Harris is sitting next to a smiling Simon Austin.

Nick Harris: Just when you thought the Company couldn’t get any lower! We need some EMT’s back there quick!

Simon Austin: Don’t give me that! Night threw the first punch! They were just defending themselves!

Nick Harris: What the hell? Night was jumped right there by the Company, and you are going to try and pin the blame on him? What are you after a pay rise from Anderson or something?

Simon Austin: Look the Company is just looking after there own…. Look’s to me like Roscoe Shame is going to win the title at Battle of Britain by default, because there is no way that Night is recovering from THAT in a week!

Nick Harris: And do you think that will make Roscoe Shame proud? Do you think that’s something he will be able to tell his daughter about?

Simon Austin: What that got to do with it?

Nick Harris: I wouldn’t expect you to understand, but I got a feeling after last week that Roscoe Shame doesn’t want the whole world cheating for him. I think he want’s to know if he is good enough to become World Champion fair and square! That’s why he didn’t take part in that beat down tonight, or that beat down last week!

Simon Austin: What do you know Harris? He is just resting up! Don’t try and stir up trouble where there is none! It’s a master stroke by Anderson if you ask me!

Nick Harris: Well I hope to God that Pat Fullam win’s his match tonight, otherwise the sVo will be in trouble if Night has to face these animals alone at Battle of Britain. With the World Title belt in the hands of the Company, they will be unstopabble!

Simon Austin: They already are!

Nick Harris: Well up next we have another Company member in action, let’s see if he has to cheat to win as well!

Rey’s Frustration

The camera starts with Canadian Crippler who walks over to Rey Rosario who is preparing for his International Title Match.

Crippler: Rey, I know you have been upset lately but you have to forget all of that if you want to walk out champion here tonight.

Rosario: Crippler, all I will tell you is that I won’t lose again tonight. It all started with BBD and it will all end with BBD. Tonight I take one more step to greatness as I become the SVO International Champion and at Battle of Britain I will take care of Limp once and for all.

Bobby Dean (c) vs. Rey Rosario

Nick Harris: Well if one title match wasn’t enough, we have another treat in store for our viewers here tonight, with Bobby Dean defending his belt against Rey Rosario next!

Simon Austin: Bobby Dean will never lose that International Title belt with the run he is on! Rosario should go home now!

Nick Harris: Well BBD lost his Las Vegas title a few weeks ago to Grimnir, and his Tag Team titles to Pat Fullam and Night, can he afford to lose another belt? Rey Rosario is a future Las Vegas Champion himself, and will be looking to make the step up here tonight!

Simon Austin: BBD was screwed… both times! He is the best around these parts, he is a Company member after all!

“You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and warm up for the upcoming match.

Last Resort sounds and Rey comes out completely ignoring the crowd. He enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

Nick Harris: The fans are firmly behind Rosario tonight, just like I am sure they will be behind Pat Fullam in tonight’s main event….

Simon Austin: Well I am afraid they are going to go home dissapointed tonight!

The referee holds the sVo International Title belt in the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match, before passing it to the outside of the ring to the time keeper. With Bobby Dean and Rey Rosario staring each other down, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get under way! The crowd seem firmly behind Rey Rosario in this one as he runs forward and swings a right hand in the direction of Bobby Dean. Howevber Bobby Dean ducks out of the way of the punch and nails Rosario with a knee to the midsection. Rosario doubles over in pain, and Bobby Dean grabs his arm before twisting his around his back in a wrist lock. Rey Rosario struggles to get out of the hold, but Bobby Dean spins him around before throwing him into the ring ropes. Rey Rosario bounces back, straight into a clothesline from Bobby Dean which sends him down to the mat.

Nick Harris: Hard clothesline from Bobby Dean right there!

Simon Austin: I bet Rosario is wishing he never stepped foot in the ring with BBD after that!

BBD nails some stiff kicks to Rosario as he tries to get up to his feet, before finally allowing him up. BBD slaps Rosario a few times across the chest, before taking him down with a scoop slam. The fans boo the cocky reaction from BBD as he takes a few steps back, before running and dropping a knee down across his opponent! Rey Rosario looks in pain as Bobby Dean rolls back up to a standing position. Bobby Dean looks in control of the match as Rey Rosario staggers up and lunges at his opponent. However BBD ducks out of the way of Rosario’s arms, and hits him with a stiff uppercut of his own. Rosario staggers backwards holding his face in pain, and Bobby Dean takes him down with a belly to back suplex!

Simon Austin: What a move! Admit it, BBD is the best you have ever seen!

Nick Harris: BBD is an awesome wrestler, shame about his attitude!

Simon Austin: Stop hating on him Harris! He is going to pick up the win here!

The fans boo the impressive move from Dean, as he makes the cover on Rey Rosario.




Nick Harris: Kickout from Rosario!

Simon Austin: He is just going to piss off BBD doing things likke that!

Just when it looked as if Bobby Dean was going to score the three count and retain the title, Rosario managed to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three could be counted! Bobby Dean shoots the referee a dirty look, before pulling Rosario up. Bobby Dean sends Rosario into the ropes, and then hits him with a knee to the midsection as he bounces back. Bobby Dean then tries to hit a suplex on Rosario, but somehow Rosario is able to block it! The fans cheer as Rosario is able to pull BBD up into the air and hit him with a stiff suplex. With BBD down on the mat, Rosario hits some punches to the face of the International Champion, before pulling him up by his hair. Rosario throws Bobby Dean into the corner of the ring, and begins to stomp away on his opponent.

Bobby Dean looks in pain as Rosario grabs him by the arm and sends him corner to corner, causing him to hit the turnbuckle hard. Bobby Dean staggers out of the corner holding his back in pain, and straight into a power slam from Rey Rosario who makes the cover!

Nick Harris: We could have a new Champion right here!

Simon Austin: No!




Simon Austin: I never doubted it for a second!

Bobby Dean get’s a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee! The fans boo the kickout from BBD, who staggers back up to a standing position. Rey Rosario wastes no time in grabbing hold of him, before tossing him down to the mat with a massive ‘Reys DDT’ finishing move! With Bobby Dean down on the mat, Rey Rosario drops down and makes the cover on BBD!

Nick Harris: This one looks to be over right here!

Simon Austin: Come on BBD you can do it again! Wait, what is this…




Out of no where Isaac White is down the entrance ramp, and pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count the three! There are boos all around the arena from the interferance from the Company member, as Rey Rosario rises up to his feet looking livid with White! White smirks at Rey Rosario, who challenges him to get into the ring. However as Rosario does, he doesn’t notice BBD rise to his feet behind him and nail him with a blatant low blow! Rosario sinks down, and Bobby Dean lands the ‘Starstruck’ on Rosario! The fans continue to boo as Isac White throws the referee back into the ring, as Bobby Dean makes the cover.

Nick Harris: This is bullshit right here! Yet another Company screw job!

Simon Austin: What were you saying about the Company not being on the same page Harris?

Nick Harris: White and BBD hate each other, it’s a well known fact! Why the hell has he just done this? Rosario should be International Champion right now!

Simon Austin: I hope Night is watching! This is what will happen to him next Sunday!

Nick Harris: Not if Pat Fullam has anything to do with it!

Simon Austin: Please, Nightmare and Weapon X will take care of him!




Nick Harris: Rosario has been screwed out of the title by White…. but why?

Simon Austin: He is helping out his team mate!

Isaac White backs up the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face, staring back at Bobby Dean as he goes! Bobby Dean is handed the belt by the referee, but instead of celebrating he locks eyes with his Company team mate. With everything not right between Dean and White for weeks now, just why did Isaac White help Bobby Dean retain the International Title belt?

Nick Harris: So much for the team mate argument, White and BBD are looking at each like they want to rip each other’s heads off! I think White wants BBD to keep the belt so that he can be the one to beat him!

Simon Austin: Stop being so negative all the time Harris!

RESULT: Bobby Dean def. Rey Rosario via pinfall

The Last Variable

The scene heads backstage to the office of Matt Anderson. The sVo manager and Company man is sitting behind his desk, and looks ready to sit down and watch the main event between Nightmare and Pat Fullam which is next, with Fullam having to win to book his place as a special guest enforcer in the main event PPV match where Night will defend his World Championship against Roscoe Shame of the Company. With Night already beat down, and the plans in place to make sure that Nightmare walks out tonight as the victor, thing’s couldn’t really be going much better for the Company. Knowing that his own bosses in the Company were not the type of people who would tolarate failure, he was confidant that all the loose ends had been tied up, and there were no variables left which could effect Roscoe Shame walking away from Battle of Britain as the new World Champion.

As Anderson relaxed his comfortable executive chair he leaned back and looked at the pictures that hung all over his office. They were federations such as Dynasty Wrestling, Project:Violence and the Sanctioned Violence Organization of course, all federations that the Company had a hand in. It wasn’t until recently they had revealed themselves, but the memories of the matches they had fixed thought out the years gave him confidence that nothing could go wrong on Sunday at Battle of Britain.

Matt Anderson was broken away from his memories by a sharp knock at his door. Rising to his feet, he slowly made his way over to the door. It was unusally for someone to knock and not say anything. Usually if anyone wanted to come in, one of the two Company agents stationed out side his door would knock and then shout out who the visitor was.

It crossed Anderson’s mind that maybe it was another local girl wanting to ‘show’ why she should be hired as a sVo diva. Anderson’s heart jumped a beat in excitement as he opened the door, but who he came face to face with was not some local girl….

It was a man staring back at him…. in a mask….

Time seemed to slow down for Anderson as he glanced right and then left. Both of the Company agent’s that were stationed outside his door were down and out on the floor in a heap. Anderson’s eyes locked with the man behind the mask, and he thought for a brief second he recognised something in them. Anderson didn’t even have time to get any words out as the man that had ruined his plans at Ultimate Victory II last month knocked him down and out, with a chop to the throat. Anderson’s vision went black as he quickly passed out. The masked man looked down at the Company man, and then turned to leave, he had made his point. The camera zoomed in on Matt Anderson, before flicking across at the famous faces who appeared in the pictures on Anderson’s wall….

Johnny All Star…

Chris Bond…

Tobias Devereux…

Mike Polowy….


Shawn Storm…

Rick Lacey…

Chris Boswell…

Jay Rayez…

Shooting Star…

Was one of them the masked man? Was one of them the variable?

Nightmare vs. Pat FullamNick Harris: Next up we could have one of the most important matches in sVo history…..

Simon Austin: Pat Fullam is a monster, he is a giant, but Nightmare is a man that should rightly be World Champion. His brother stole his spotlight, and he will go through Pat Fullam tonight in order to make him pay.

Nick Harris: Just listen to what you are saying! Night got to the top of the sVo off his own hard work, if it wasn’t bad enough the Company want to take that away from him, his own brother does to! Nightmare should be ashamed of himself!

Simon Austin: It’s all academic anyway. After the beating Night took earlier, I doubt he will even make it to Battle of Britain next week!

Nick Harris: Well if that’s the case then I think it’s a damn shame! Roscoe Shame deserves his title shot more than anyone else, but he doesn’t need the whole of the Company cheating for him, and he doesn’t need them beating down Night so he wins it be default! If he wins it, and that’s a very big if, he deserves to be able to look back and be proud of his acomplishment!

Simon Austin: You need to chill out about this Harris. The Company told Night what to do, and he didn’t do it. Now he is going to pay just like Talon, Chris Bond, Jon Page, Johnny All Star and Paige all paid before!

Nick Harris: They wanted him to take a dive in a World title match! No wonder he didn’t do it! Night has more class that all of the Company put together!

Simon Austin: Be careful what you say Harris, you might be next!

The arena lights fade and a red light begins to slowly strobe as “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails pounds through the arena over the PA system. The crowd burst into a loud chorus of boos as The Company logo floats onto the sVo tron, quickly replaced by a name.

“N I G H T M A R E”

The curtains part and a man in red trunks with a black streak down the side and a black mask cut away at the top to reveal a freshly shaved head of hair. He half-grins/half-sneers at the jeering audience surrounding him and wastes little time in stalking down the entrance ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands, jawing off at various members of the crowd as he awaits the start of the match.

Nick Harris: And here is that dispicable Nightmare. He was so jelous of all his brother acheived, he tried to steal his life. No he has worked his way into special guest referee next Sunday so that he can steal his brothers title away for the Company as well….

Simon Austin: He is there to make sure there is no more cheating from Night!

Nick Harris: Tell me one time Night has cheated? He beat Tobias Devereux, he beat Chris Bond, he beat Nightmare, he beat Johnny All Star, he beat James Von Drake! He beat everyone that was put against him fair and square, which is more than can be said for any Company member!

Simon Austin: What about last month when the masked man screwed James Von Drake at Ultimate Victory II?

Nick Harris: We don’t have a clue who the masked man is! And if you ask me he evened the scores after every Company member and their mothers got involved in that match!

Simon Austin: Don’t bring their mothers into it!

The arena goes black and the tron flickers on. In icy blue writing the words,

Lo as I walk through the valley of shadow and death
I fear no evil…
For I am the biggest and baddest guy around.

“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” by Digable Planets starts to play over the sound system. The writing on the tron fades away as blue sparks flare out on the stage. As the sparks die down the one and only “The Coolness” Pat Fullam comes out on stage. The tron flickers to life once again with clips of all of the 7’2″ giant’s time in the ring throughout the various federations he’s been in.

He tosses up the metal head salute as he begins to walk down to the ring to the beat of “Rebirth of Slick.” Making it to the ring he reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. He swaggers to the center of the ring and tosses his hair back before giving one final metal head salute as the music fades.

Nick Harris: And here is the variable! The one man that can even any match up! Pat Fullam showed last week that the Company were running scared of him! Now the sVo needs him to win this one to make sure Sunday’s main event is a straight up one on one match! Fullam need’s to be special guest enforcer next Sunday so there is no cheating from Nightmare or the Company!

Simon Austin: Night and Fullam might be tag team champions, but they were thrown togther due to luck of the draw. Are they really on the same page? Can they really get along?

Pat Fullam and Nightmare stare across the ring at each other, knowing that the fate of the sVo could very well rest in the hands of whoever comes out of this match as the winner here tonight. The referee runs down a few last minute rules to both men, before calling for the bell to be rung, and the match to get underway! Nightmare and Pat Fullam slowly move towards each other in the middle of the ring, whilst the crowd cheer on Fullam! Fullam reaches forward to try and grab Nightmare, but before he can grab him he ducks under the arms of his opponent, and lays into his opponent with some big right hands. Nightmare forces Pat Fullam back into the corner of the ring, and Fullam attempts a big punch in the direction of Nightmare, however Nightmare ducks under Fullam’s hand and grabs him in a sleeper hold.

Nick Harris: Nightmare wearing down his opponent here!

Simon Austin: I can hear the dissapointment in your voice, how about you try and call it down the middle for once?

Nick Harris: Are you serious?

Simon Austin: Hell yeah! Before Matt Anderson’s comes out here and fires your ass!

Nightmare tries to wear down the giant under the sleeper hold, but Fullam manages to fight his way out with some stiff back elbows into the midsection of Nightmare. Nightmare stumbles backwards, and Pat Fullam runs through him with a big boot to the face! The fans cheer the big move from Pat Fullam, as Nightmare rises up to his feet only to be drilled back down to the canvas by a side suplex from Pat Fullam. The Tag Team Champion rises up to his feet and looks down at his tag team partner’s brother, who is struggling to get back up. Pat Fullam grabs him by the hand and throws him into the ropes, before knocking him down with a big clothesline to the face as he bounces back.

Nick Harris: Big time move from Pat Fullam! That’s like running into a tree trunk right there!

Simon Austin: Nightmare will bounce back, he has beaten better men than Pat Fullam!

Nightmare looks to be struggling under the heavy offence from Pat Fullam, however as he rises up to his feet he is able to fight his way out of Fullam’s grasp with some stiff punches to the side of Pat Fullam’s head! Fullam staggers backwards, only for Nightmare to follow up with a side russian legsweep on his oppponent! The fans boo the move that takes Pat Fullam down to the mat, as Nightmare follows up by locking in a knee bar submission hold on his opponent. Pat Fullam shouts out in pain as he tries in vain to free himself from the hold, but Nightmare seems to have it locked in tight! The fans begin a ‘Fullam, Fullam’ chant for the giant as he tries to free himself from the hold as the referee asks him if he would like to quit. Fullam is eventually able to use his massive size to reach forward and rake the eyes of his opponent! Nightmare is forced to break the hold, and rise up to his feet quickly to get away from Fullam.

Simon Austin: Come on Harris! Blatant CHEATING from Fullam there! Call it like it is!

Nick Harris: Fullam raked the eyes to get out of the hold there.

Simon Austin: If a Company member had done that you would be having a fit!

Fullam stumbles up to his feet, and nails Nightmare with a clubbing blow to the back of the head as he approaches. Nightmare staggers forward, and Fullam is able to toss him like a rag doll down to the mat with a arm drag takedown. With Nightmare down on the mat and hurting, Pat Fullam drops one of his giant legs across the body of Nightmare and goes for the cover!




Nick Harris: It looked as if Fullam had Nightmare beat there, but a kickout just before the three!

Simon Austin: It doesn’t matter anyway, after that beat down earlier, there is no way Night is going to be able to compete at Battle of Britain next week!

Nightmare shows just how tough he is, and the brother of the sVo World Champion is able to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted! The fans boo as Nightmare struggles up to his feet. Pat Fullam grabs hold of Nightmare around the waist, but Nightmare manages to break the hold of the giant with some big baqck elbows, before feinting behind Pat Fullam! Nightmare then proceeds to lock in the ‘Nightmare Sleeper’!

Nick Harris: Pat Fullam looks in trouble here!

Simon Austin: Nightmare Sleeper! Call is, this one is O-V-E-R!!!

The fans boo the submission finishing move from Nightmare, but luckily Pat Fullam is able to use his massive frame to quickly reach the ropes before it is too late! The crowd breath a sigh of relief as Pat Fullam stumbles up to his feet, but Nightmare is straight back onto the giant with some stiff punches to his face! Pat Fullam stumbles backwards, and Nightmare is able to nail him with a headbutt to knock him backwards. Nightmare quickly dodges to the back of Pat Fullam and looks to lock in the Nightmare Sleeper again, but before he can Pat Fullam grabs him by the back of the head and tosses him over his shoulder in a headlock takedown! The crowd cheer for the big move, as Nightmare jumps back to his feet in shock and runs at Pat Fullam, only for ‘The Coolness’ to nail him with a massive spinebuster in the middle of the ring! The fans pop as Pat Fullam rises up to his feet and signals to the fans.

Nick Harris: That spinebuster shook the very foundations of the sVo right there! Nightmare couyld be down and out after that, and if Weapon X get’s hit by it on Sunday then he might be down and out as well!

Simon Austin: Please, Weapon X beat Fullam last month, he will do it again!

Nick Harris: I heard Fullam want’s Weapon X’s mask!

Simon Austin: He won’t even get near enough to take it!

Nightmare looks as if he is out cold after that massive spinebuster, but as Pat Fullam signals for his finishing move, down the entrance ramp runs Weapon X with a steel chair!

Simon Austin: Speaking of the man himself!

Nick Harris: Here we go again! The Company can’t win fair, they have to cheat to win!

Simon Austin: Call it like it is, Fullam cheated earlier by raking the eyes of Nightmare, Weapon X is evening the score!

The fans boo to try and warn Pat Fullam who is stalking Nightmare, but he doesn’t notice until Weapon X slides into the ring and cracks the steel chair across the back of Fullam’s skull!

Nick Harris: A Vile chair shot from Weapon X! What a bastard this guy is!

Simon Austin: Careful, he might hear you and kick your ass as well!

Nick Harris: Wait a minute…. FUllam is still standing!

Simon Austin: Quick, hit him again!

Amazingly, the blow does not knock Fullam down, as he stumbles forward, before turning to see who has hit him! The masked Weapon X runs at Pat Fullam looking to hit him again with the chair, but Pat Fullam ducks out of the way before nailing the chair back into the face of Weapon X with a big boot! The fans cheer the move from Fullam, as Weapon X drops down to the mat, only to be grabbed up by the monster Pat Fullam!

Nick Harris: YES! Come on despite all the cheating from the Company, Pat Fullam is still in this thing!

Simon Austin: What is Fullam doing attacking Weapon X, he has nothing to do with this match! Leave him alone!

Pat Fullam pulls Weapon X up into the air, before tossing him down to the mat with the ‘Crippling Cool’!

Nick Harris: Crippling Cool! Crippling Cool! Weapon X might need a wheelchair after that!

Simon Austin: Listen to yourself!

The fans pop for the Crippling Cool, but as Fullam snarls down at Weapon X, he is nailed from behind by Nightmare! Fullam staggers forward, before Nightmare grabs him in the Nightmare Sleeper! The fans begin to boo, as it seems as if Pat Fullam is slowly fading under the Nightmare Sleeper!

Simon Austin: Ha Ha! Not so happy now are you Harris! Nightmare Sleeper and this one is D-O-N-E!

Suddenly out of nowhere, the big hand of Pat Fullam comes reaching over his shoulder, and grabs hold of Nightmare around the throat! Nightmare doesn’t know what to do, as Pat Fullam pulls him off of his back, and then throws him down with the ‘Crippling Cool’!

Simon Austin: NO!


Simon Austin: Come on Nightmare get up!

The fans pop for the amazing counter, as Pat Fullam drops down and makes the cover!




Nick Harris: YES! YES! This one is all over! Matt Anderson I hope your watching this! Pat Fullam has booked his place as special enforcer at Battle of Britain! Let’s see the Company screw Night now!

Simon Austin: The damage has already been done Harris! Night is on his way to hospital! There is no way he is competing at Battle of Britain! Face it, you go against the Company and your done!

Nick Harris: Pat Fullam seems to be doing pretty well right now, which is more than can be said for Nightmare and Weapon X!

Pat Fullam rises up to his feet in victory and looks down at Weapon X and Nightmare, who have both become victim’s of the Crippling Cool tonight! Pat Fullam raises his arms in the air, as Showdown #55 goes off the air, with the sVo Tag Team Champion Pat Fullam standing dominant in the ring after taking out half of the Company, and booking himself as a special guest enforcer in the World Championship match next week at Battle of Britain!

Nick Harris: The giant Pat Fullam has evened the score for Sunday, The Coolness will be enforcing the main event at Battle of Britain!

Simon Austin: Good, he will see up close and personal his little buddy Night LOSE his World Title to Roscoe Shame!

Nick Harris: Ladies and gentlemen, that’s it from us, we will see you next week on PPV!

RESULT: Pat Fullam def. Nightmare via pinfall

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