sVo Showdown
11th July 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #047


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Isaac White, La Envidia Mata and William Vorheez! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as highlights of last weeks show play on the giant screen before tonight’s episode gets underway!LAST WEEK ON sVo SHOWCASE PPV

Bobby Dean won the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt


Roscoe Shame defended his sVo International Championship belt against Juliana Torres

Night of the Long Knives

‘Real Solution #9’ by White Zombie blasts over the sound system, and there are boos in the Goodfellas Casino arena as Matt ‘Anarchy’ Anderson slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp, wearing a sharp suit. The former DW World Champion stares around at the crowd who are booing him, before walking down the entrance ramp with a look on his face as if he couldn’t care less what the fans think of him. Anderson adjusts the wrap around shades he always wears on his face, before slowly stepping up the ring steps and then climbing into the ring. Anderson struts around the ring in his suit as his music slowly fades out. The Company man is handed a microphone by the ring announcer, but Anderson has to wait a few seconds for the boos to die down before addressing the crowd.

Matt Anderson – “Last week the Company took full control of the sVo…. and what happened? We had our best show with the best ratings in ages!”

The fans boo the announcement from Anderson, obviously thinking that the high ratings had more to do with the Night/Nightmare/Chris Bond main event than anything the Company had to do with it.

Matt Anderson – “Last week I promised that I would get the sVo back on track, and the Company showed just what it was all about with Bobby Dean victorious in his Las Vegas Championship match against Rey Rosario!”

The fans boo, as a still image of the Company’s Bobby Dean holding the Las Vegas Championship belt in celebration last week at Showdown is shown on the sVo-Tron.

Matt Anderson – “Unlike Paige All-Star or any of the other poor management that has been in place here in the sVo, the Company delivers on its promises! That’s why I am out here tonight to deliver on my promise to fire Chris Bond if he couldn’t get the job done in the main event! Bond thought he could go against the Company for nothing other than greed at the thought of getting his hands on the World Championship belt! However Bond proved he isn’t good enough to grace the sVo ring. Bond, get your ass out here now so I can fire you!!!”

The fans boo as the attention turns to the entrance ramp, waiting for Bond’s music to hit. However it doesn’t as instead the lights drop as red and white lasers begin to flash all over the arena. Fans cry out in surprise at the black-out as ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ begins to blast through the speakers. A spotlight shines on the curtain as a solitary figure steps through, clothed in the black, red and white. He stands there, grinning as he spreads out his arms and lets out a battle cry, pyrotechnics going off around him as he does. Talon makes his way down the ramp, waving and sneering at the fans before entering the ring! Talon stares across at Matt Anderson with a mic in hand as the fans begin to chant his name……


Talon – “Who the hell do you think you are old timer, to be coming out here and disrespecting the name of a legend in this business like Chris Bond!”

The fans cheer Talon, obviously agreeing with his views on his fellow Tag Team Champion.

Matt Anderson – “I should have guessed, Chris Bond wouldn’t be brave enough to come out here and get his pink slip like a man. Chris Bond isn’t brave enough to do anything on his own without his little band of merry men. So guess what, he sends his little messenger Talon out here to do his dirty work! These fans view you as some kind of hero Talon, but guess what….. I know you for what you are. Your a fraud who rides on the coattails of other peoples successes! Your record just doesn’t stand up Talon. That’s why with your tag team partner fired, I am stripping you of your tag team championship belt tonight!”

The fans boo, as Talon stares back at Matt Anderson with hate in his eyes.

Matt Anderson – “You can take your Tag Team title belt and stick it! I came out here tonight to tell you and the rest of the sVo….. I QUIT!”

The fans boo the announcement from Talon, who tosses the mic down at the feet of Matt Anderson, before making his way back up the entrance ramp, possibly for the last time.

Matt Anderson – “That’s not a problem with me Talon, it saves me firing your ass just like I fired Chris Bond! However the only problem is that you are still under contract until at least the end of the night, which means I can do what I want with you!”

The fans boo, as Talon reaches the top of the entrance ramp, before looking back down at Anderson why a suspicious look on his face.

Matt Anderson – “Which is why your last match in a sVo ring will tonight be against…… PAT FULLAM!”

The fans give a mixed reaction, as behind Talon on the entrance ramp, highlights of Pat Fullam attacking Talon at the Showcase PPV event last Sunday is shown! Tonight Talon will have to face the giant Pat Fullam in his last sVo match, and Matt Anderson looks very pleased with his announcement as he stares back at Talon as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

A New Leader

The scene starts in The Corporation’s locker room where we find Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling who looks at the camera with determination.

Wrestling: As you can see I’m alone here not because The Corporation has any problems but because we all agreed tonight to have separate locker rooms to prepare for our big matches. But I’m not here to talk about my match with Rey Rosario in The Victory Cup because you already know that I’m winning tonight and will go on to face Night at the next PPV for the SVO Championship. What I want to talk about really is the direction of The Corporation.

Chris Wrestling grins as he continues to chat.

Wrestling: As much of you already know La Envidia Mata has been out of action for the past month. What you don’t know is that he has been dealing with personal health issues which will keep him out indefinitely. Since, he won’t come back anytime soon we did a vote on who will lead The Corporation to greatness and guess who was elected.

Chris Wrestling poses.

Wrestling: None other than me. Unlike La Envidia Mata who wanted to take over in a slower pace I’m looking to do it rapidly. I want the SVO World Heavyweight Championship in The Corporation. I’m sick of seeing Night carry that championship without any real competition. The reason he has held the title for so long is because he has ducked The Corporation for months but after tonight he will have to deal with either Raven or Juliana Torres whoever gets the next title shot and if by some miracle of God who remains champion he will have to deal with either DJ, Canadian Crippler, Rey Rosario or… Let’s be honest I will win The Victory Cup and I will be the one challenging for the title at the next PPV. The Corporation will be stronger than ever and I will make sure of that starting tonight.

The scene fades out.

Angel & El Locon vs. DVD & Limp

‘Ugly’ by Mudvayne hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Angel and El Locon appear at the top of the entrance ramp! Angel and El Locon try to fire up the crowd around them as they make their way down the entrance ramp towards the ring. El Locon and Angel climb into the ring before walking around the ring trying to get the crowd on their side.

‘Headstrong’ by Trapt begins to blare over the sound system and after a few seconds, the former sVo Tag Team Champions DVD and Limp step out onto the top of the entrance ramp! DVD and Limp both look in confident mood as they slowly walk down the entrance ramp, keeping there eyes locked onto their opponents the whole time. DVD and Limp finally reach the ring, and climb into the squared circle before starting to trash talk their oppponents.

El Locon and Limp start things off. El Locon quickly jumps Limp from behind as the match gets underway. El Locon grabs Limp and throws him against the ropes and goes for an elbow to the face but Limp ducks and bounces once again off the ropes and connects with a spinning wheel kick. El Locon bounces back up only to receive a back hand chop. Limp measures El Locon and connects with a beautiful dropkick to the face. Limp picks up El Locon and goes to his corner and tags in DVD. DVD quickly enters the ring and nails El Locon with a snap jab. He continues his relentless attack with toe kicks and elbow smashes to the much bigger Locon. DVD finally gets the big man down with a downward spiral. DVD makes the cover looking to end Los Locos’ night.



Angel The Malignant kicks DVD breaking up the pinfall attempt. The referee warns Angel and escorts him back to his corner as DVD gets up and goes after Angel. The referee tries to maintain control and finally does when El Locon recovers and grabs DVD from behind and delivers a half nelson facebuster. El Locon now tags in a fresh Angel The Malignant. Angel gets in the ring and waits for DVD to get up. DVD gets up trying to get to his corner but Angel takes him down with an Edge O’Matic. Angel stays on the pin attempt.



DVD powers out of the pinfall. Angel The Malignant realizes he needs to work more on DVD before attempting victory. Angel then picks up DVD and delivers a painful gutbuster to DVD. Angel tags in El Locon. El Locon who has recovered from the initial attack picks up a battered DVD and puts him back down with a back suplex. El Locon makes the cover looking to put this one in the books.



DVD somehow gets a shoulder up. El Locon looks on in disbelief as he picks up a lifeless DVD. DVD who was playing possum catches El Locon by surprise with a backslide pin.



El Locon kicks out. Both men make it to their feet and El Locon quickly nails a hard kick to the midsection of DVD before planting him down with a suplex. El Locon goes over to his corner and tags in Angel The Malignant. Los Locos now enter the ring and grab DVD in a double DDT and delivered it. Angel The Malignant makes a cover knowing that DVD is done for.



Limp enters the ring and dropkicks Angel The Malignant off the cover. The referee escorts Limp back to his corner as Angel picks up DVD and delivers a snapmare takedown. Angel quickly follows up by bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a front dropkick. Angel goes for another quick tag getting El Locon back into the ring. DVD gets up staggered and stumbles right into a sleeper hold from El Locon. El Locon puts the pressure on as this match might be moments away from a conclusion. DVD tries to fight it but becomes unsuccessful. He finally goes for the only available way to escape, he drops down delivering a jawbreaker to El Locon. El Locon holds his jaw in pain as DVD crawls his way to his corner.

DVD is inches away from Limp when all of a sudden Limp gets taken down from his corner by Angel The Malignant right when DVD got to his corner. El Locon takes advantage off the momentary distraction and delivers a Russian leg sweep to DVD. El Locon drags DVD back to his corner and tags Angel The Malignant back to the ring. Angel picks up DVD and applies a side headlock to DVD. DVD quickly pushes Angel into the ropes and as Angel comes back from the ropes both men collide head to head. The referee starts the mandatory ten count:






Both men start to crawl to their respective corners.





Angel The Malignant tags in El Locon. El Locon enters the ring only to watch in horror as DVD tags in Limp. El Locon frustrated charges in with El Loco From Hell but Limp ducks it and delivers an electric chair drop to El Locon. Limp quickly bounces off the ropes following up with a forearm smash. El Locon gets up in a corner as Limp charges at him with a body avalanche followed up by a bulldog. Limp makes the cover.



Angel The Malignant breaks the count. DVD gets in the ring and attacks Angel The Malignant as a brawl has started between this two top tag teams. DVD beats up Angel in a corner as Limp does the same in the opposite corner. Xtreme Fusion tries to throw both Locos into each other but Los Locos reverse the move and both Xtreme Fusion members collide as DVD goes down and Limp staggers back into the ropes. Angel The Malignant charges at Limp who ducks and back body drops Angel The Malignant out of the ring.

Limp watches Angel out of the ring as El Locon bounces off the ropes. Limp turns right in time to duck El Locon’s attempt at a second Loco From Hell. El Locon turns to Limp only to get a kick to the midsection and a Nookie Shock from Limp. Limp makes the cover. The referee doesn’t see the cover as he is trying to get DVD to leave the ring. While this is happening Angel The Malignant has climbed the ropes and delivers a devastating leg drop to the back of the head of Limp. Angel puts El Locon on top of Limp as he now charges at DVD. The referee turns to see El Locon on top and makes the count.




This one is all over, and its El Locon and Angel who score a big victory over the former sVo Tag Team Champions DVD and Limp! El Locon and Angel celebrate their victory in the middle of the ring as Showdown heads to a commercial break.

RESULT: El Locon & Angel def. DVD & Limp via pinfall

Front Row

‘Get out of the way you peasant!’

The deep voice belongs to James Von Drake, as the man wearing every piece of clothing with an expensive designer label pushes his way past a greasy teenager, as he tries to make his way towards his seats for the show without spilling any of his large cartoon of Coke. Just behind JVD is his stunning wife, Lucy Von Drake who looks down at the teenager in disgust.

‘I never knew Las Vegas would be full of so many ugly people. I thought this place was supposed to be glamorous?’

The twenty five year old playboy James Von Drake shrugs his shoulders as he pushes his way to his seats in the front row, annoying all of the rest of the fans who have got to the event on time and are already enjoying the action that has already unfolded tonight.

‘Tell me about it Luce, I paid top dollar for these front row tickets, I am starting to think that maybe we should have got ourselves a private box so that we don’t have to sit amongst these inbreds.’

The fans around James and Lucy Von Drake look at the couple with disgust, but they don’t even notice the evil looks they are getting as they settle into their seats and get prepared to watch the next match.

Asesino vs. CSJ

‘Headstrong’ by Trapt hits the sound system, and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the entrance video of Asesino hits the sVo-Tron. On the screen we see highlights of Asesino doing different moves. After a few seconds, Asesino makes his way down the entrance ramp acknowledging the crowd with a wave of his hands. He enters the ring and climbs on the second rope patting his chest and throwing a kiss to the crowd. Asesino struts around the ring for a few seconds before grabbing hold of the mic from the ring announcer and preparing to address the crowd.

Asesino – “Here tonight in this very ring, I am booked to take part in the Victory Cup tournament, in which the winner will go forward and get a shot at Night for the sVo World Championship belt at the Ultimate Victory II PPV on the 8th of August in this very ring! However the man I was supposed to take on, Christopher St James has been ruled out after being attacked last week at the Showcase PPV!”

The crowd cheer at the fact CSJ was attacked last week, and has therefore been ruled out of the sVo for an indefinite period of time.

Asesino – “This however leaves me without a match once again tonight! Quite frankly even though it means I get a bye into the next round of the tournament, its not good enough! If the sVo management can’t provide me with an opponent, then I am going to have to pick one myself!”

The fans give a mixed reaction as Asesino drops down and rolls out of the ring, with many of them wondering what he will do next. Asesino walks around the ringside arena, stopping near different fans in the front row. Asesino soon makes his way around to a fan wearing a ‘Mr International’ Roscoe Shame branded T-shirt.

Asesino – “How about you kid? You want to compete in a sVo Victory Cup tournament match tonight?”

The kid nervously shakes his head as Asesino looms over him. Asesino makes his way around to an overweight woman who is sitting just a little further along.

Asesino – “How about you madam? Hell at least you would have the weight advantage over me!”

The woman looks outraged as some of the fans laugh, but Asesino continues around before stopping next to a stunning blonde woman, who seems to be sitting next to her boyfriend/husband and watching the action.

Asesino – “How about you darling? I sure wouldn’t mind trying a few ‘moves’ on you!”

Asesino eyes up the blonde seductively, before the microphone is suddenly snatched from his hand by her boyfriend/husband!

“How dare you talk to my wife like that you fucking creep!”

Asesino seems a little taken aback as he tries to wrestle control of the mic away from the fan.

Asesino – “Hey buddy you can’t use language like that, this is supposed to be a family show. Who the hell are you anyway?”

The man smiles, before pulling the microphone away from Asesino.

“My name is James Von Drake, and that beautiful blonde you happened to be sleezing onto is my wife Lucy. If you are really that desperate for an opponent tonight, then bring it on!”

Before Asesino even knows what has hit him, James Von Drake smashes him over the head with the microphone, before leaping over the security barrier! The fans cheer as James Von Drake grabs Asesino by his long hair and throws him into the ring under the bottom rope! JVD helps his wife Lucy over the security barrier and to ringside, before rolling into the ring himself! The referee takes a look at what is going on, and shrugs his shoulders in a ‘what the hell’ kind of motion, before climbing into the ring himself and calling for the bell to be rung! JVD might have only come here with his wife tonight to watch the sVo from ringside, but he now finds himself in an officially sanctioned sVo Victory cup tournament match!

JVD pulls Asesino up to his feet and throws him hard into the ropes. Asesino bounces back, and runs straight into an elbow smash from Von Drake, which sends him staggering backwards. The fans don’t know quite what to make of JVD as he removes the expensive watch from his wrist and hands it to his wife on the outside of the ring, before tearing off his ralph lauren polo and tossing it away. JVD grabs Asesino by the back of the head and slams his face first into the turnbuckle, before taking him down to the mat with a russian legsweep.

JVD tries to get the crowd fired up, as Asesino slowly rise up to his feet. JVD runs at Asesino looking for a clothesline, however Asesino ducks away from the move, and then tosses JVD down to the mat with a legsweep takedown. With JVD down, Asesino stomps away on his legs in an attempt to try and slow down his offence. Lucy Von Drake watches on from ringside, with some of the male fans seemingly watching her more than the action, as Asesino rise back up to his feet and stomps away on JVD. Asesino pulls JVD up to a standing position and sends him into the ring ropes, before hitting him with a big flapjack takedown as he bounces back.

JVD looks to be hurting as Asesino pulls him up to his feet. Asesino positions James Von Drake for a suplex, however JVD manages to block the move, before reversing it into a suplex of his own onto Asesino! Asesino rise back up to his feet, only to be planted straight back down to the mat with a neckbreaker from Von Drake! With Asesino down on the mat, Von Drake quickly grabs hold of the leg of Asesino, and pulls him into a Boston crab submission hold! Asesino shouts out in pain, as JVD pulls back on the leg of Asesino trying to get him to submit! The referee asks Asesino if he would like to quit, however he bravely shakes his head, before he finally manages after a few minutes of pain to reach the ring ropes! The referee tells JVD to break the hold, however he refuses! The fans boo the unsportsmanlike behaviour from JVD, but the referee finally forces him to break the hold!

JVD rises up to his feet looking outraged, before pushing the referee! The referee staggers back, and the fans continue to boo Von Drake who isn’t even signed onto the active roster! The referee tells Von Drake that he will DQ him for one more act like that, however JVD simply laughs! However the last laugh is on JVD as he turns around and walks straight into a right hand from Asesino! Asesino hits some big rights and lefts on JVD to force him backwards, before taking him down with a bulldog! Asesino rises up to his feet to cheers from the crowd, as he pulls JVD up then hits him with a back breaker! With JVD down on the mat and hurting, Asesino makes the cover!



The referee is pulled clean out of the ring by Lucy Von Drake before he can count the three!

The fans boo the actions of Lucy Von Drake, as she flicks her blonde hair back and struts around the ring! The referee slowly begins to rise to his feet, after seemingly hitting his head on the floor, but in the ring Asesino is outraged! Asesino rolls out of the ring, and quickly chases Lucy Von Drake around the ring! Lucy Von Drake runs as fast as she can away from Asesino, before he is cut off by JVD rolling out of the ring and clotheslining him as he runs around a corner! The fans boo, as JVD pulls Asesino up to his feet before throwing him face first into the steel ring post! Asesino looks to be dazed as JVD pulls him up once again and rolls him into the ring under the bottom rope.

JVD then climbs up onto the ring apron, before catapulting himself over the top rope and landing on Asesino with a leg drop! JVD rises up cockily after the impressive move, but gets nothing but boos from the crowd! JVD then flips off the crowd before turning his attention back to Asesino. Asesino slowly staggers up to his feet, before JVD grabs him and plants him down with a sidewalk slam! JVD rolls back to his feet and raises his hands in the air, before pulling Asesino up to a croutched position. JVD then proceeds to position Asesino for a piledriver, before hitting his ‘Dollar Drop! Asesino’s head hits the mat hard, and JVD wastes little time in hooking his leg to make the cover,




This one is all over, and its James Von Drake who progresses to the next round of the Victory Cup tournament on his first night in the sVo, despite not even having a contract! Lucy Von Drake climbs into the ring and celebrates the victory with her husband as the crowd boo the pair loudly!

RESULT: James Von Drake def. Asesino via pinfall

On the Line

The action heads backstage to the office of Matt Anderson, which was previously the office of President Paige All-Star. Anderson looks settled into the office and is catching up on some of the action on the giant plasma screen hanging on the wall. In front of Anderson sits the sVo Tag Team Championship belts which have been stripped from Talon & Bond earlier in the night, when a knock at the door causes the Company man to rise to his feet. The door is slowly opened by a Company agent standing on the other side of the door, and current sVo Las Vegas Champion ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean is let into the room.

Bobby Dean – “You got your own personal security guards outside your office? I think that Paige could have done with that kind of protection!”

Bobby Dean and Anderson share a joke at the expense of Paige All Star as Anderson motions for Bobby Dean to sit down in the spare seat as Anderson returns to his seat behind his desk.

Bobby Dean – “You wanted to see me tonight?”

Anderson’s face turns more serious, as he stares back at BBD.

Matt Anderson – “Now the Company has taken full control of the sVo, but it is a make or break time in these first few weeks. We need to get the rest of the sVo roster on board….. which is why we need to show a united front. I need you and Isaac White to bury the hatchet, and kiss and make up so to speak….”

Matt Anderson stares back at BBD waiting for an answer, however Dean’s eyes seemed drawn to the sVo Tag Team Championship belts which are laying on Anderson’s desk.

Bobby Dean – “Say boss, what are you going to do with these belts now?”

Anderson shrugs his shoulders, with the truth being he hasn’t decided what to do with Talon & Bond’s belts.

Matt Anderson – “I’m not sure yet Bobby. Now what do you say about this whole Isaac White issue?”

Bobby Dean – “Tell you what boss? How about you put the belts on the line in the main event match tonight between me and Roscoe and Raven and Torres?”

The cogs seem to be working behind Matt Anderson’s shades as he tries to work out the different permutations.

Matt Anderson – “Tell you what. I put these belts on the line in the main event, and you bury the hatchet with Isaac White? Can’t say fairer than that Bobby?”

Bobby Dean jumps up to his feet excitedly, as Matt Anderson wonders if he has taken full notice of what he just said.

Bobby Dean – “Awesome idea boss! I will go and tell Roscoe!!!”

Bobby Dean quickly makes his way out of the office, as Matt Anderson sighs and leans back in his executives chair. He had been in a lot of feds himself, and also been behind a lot of feds as a part of the Company, but this was the first time he had been hand on in running a wrestling federation, and so far it was tiring work.

Fade Out.

Rey Rosario vs. Chris Wrestling

Sinner by Drowning Pool hits the sound system, and the fans give a mixed reaction as the entrance video of the Corporation hits the sVo-Tron. On the big screen we see highlights of Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling, and after a few seconds the man himself slowly walks out from the backstage area. Wrestling taunts to the fans from the top of the entrance ramp, before slowly walking down to the ring, knowing that he has to beat one of his stable mates here tonight if he wants to get closer to his goal of getting a shot at the sVo World Championship belt. Chris Wrestling climbs into the ring before raising his hands in the air, as his entrance music fades out.

‘Last Resort’ by Papa Roach hits the sound system, and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the former sVo Las Vegas Champion Rey Rosario makes his way down the entrance ramp! Rosario stares down at his Corporation stable mate Chris Wrestling as he slowly makes his way towards the ring, knowing that he needs to beat Chris Wrestling in order to progress to the semi finals of the Victory Cup tournament. Rosario, who lost his Las Vegas title belt last week to BBD, slides into the ring before making his way to his corner of the ring to prepare for the match.

The bell rings as both Corporation members get face to face. Rey Rosario looks at Chris Wrestling, and extends his hand out of respect. Chris Wrestling nods and shakes Rosario’s hand before he quickly delivers a couple of toe kicks to the former Las Vegas Champion! Wrestling grabs Rey’s arm and throws him against the ropes and nails Rosario with a spinning back kick dropping Rosario to the mat. Chris picks up Rosario from the mat but receives a snap jab for his troubles.

Rosario quickly dropkicks Chris Wrestling who rolls out of the ring trying to stop Rey Rosario’s momentum. Rey looks at Chris Wrestling from inside the ring and taunts him to get back into the ring. Wrestling tells the referee to keep Rosario away so he can make his entrance back to the ring. Chris enters the ring and charges at Rosario with a clothesline but The Canadian Connection member ducks and delivers a back hand chop to the new Corporation leader.

Rey tries to follow up with a kick to the midsection but Wrestling grabs Rosario’s leg and delivers a dragon screw. Wrestling looks at the camera with a satisfied look on his face as he picks up Rey Rosario and drops him back to the mat with a picture perfect suplex. Chris Wrestling makes the cover.


Only a one count as Rosario kicks out with authority. Wrestling now picks up Rosario and throws him against the ropes and ducks for a back body drop but Rosario jumps over him taking him down with a sunset flip pin.



Chris Wrestling kicks out at the last possible second and as both men make it to their feet Wrestling almost takes Rosario’s head off with a devastating clothesline. Chris picks up a stunned Rey Rosario and delivers a gutwrench suplex on Rosario. Chris Wrestling hooks the leg looking for the victory.



Rey gets a shoulder up. Wrestling looks very upset as he picks up Rey Rosario and goes for a scoop slam but Rosario slides behind Chris Wrestling, turns Chris Wrestling around and delivers Rey’s DDT to Canadian Perfect. Rey Rosario makes the cover as the fans who amazingly have sided with Rey Rosario count along with him.



Before the referee can make it official he sees Chris Wrestling’s foot on the bottom rope. The referee lowers Rey Rosario’s arms explaining to him that the match is not over yet. Rosario pushes the referee away as he goes back to attack Chris Wrestling but before he does Chris Wrestling delivers a low blow to Rosario. Chris Wrestling quickly jumps on Rey’s shoulders and takes him down with The Canadian Roll. The referee goes to the mat to make the count.



Chris Wrestling grabs the ropes to put extra pressure on Rey Rosario.


This one is all over, and in the battle of the two Corporation members, its Chris Wrestling who progresses into the semi finals of the sVo Victory Cup tournament!

RESULT: Chris Wrestling def. Rey Rosario via pinfall

Earlier on in the week…

Las Vegas. Home of bright lights, cheap hookers, and a million ways to lose your money faster than one can earn it. Las Vegas as of late has grown fond of The Company though. It’s a subject that has taken billboards everywhere by storm.

“Matt Anderson has returned!”

“The Company has revealed it’s first member!”

“The Company is just a bunch of super genius frogs bent on world domination!”

Ok, so I made that one up but whatever. Catch is that I, “The Coolness” Pat Fullam, the powerhouse that cleaned house at Showcase during the main event, have received an invitation from The Company. A bunch of suits. Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and The Company. Doesn’t matter, it’s still just a bunch of suits.

So here I am, in front of a posh looking hotel. So posh that unless you’re on a list (like a club) you don’t get in. Apparently I was expected, or I’m intimidating, or both, as I’m let straight in. I’m led to the elevator, straight up to the pent houses and once that ominous “DING!” sounds, I’m left alone in an empty hallway. One door in front of me at the end of a hallway. So what do I do? Well, I knock, nay, I POUND, on that door. At least I would have if the door didn’t open for me.

“Man! Hotel’s these days, even adding electronic doors to hotel rooms. What will they come up with next?”

Neverminding the annoyed expression on the man’s face that pulled open the door, “The Coolness” proceeds into the huge living room. The bar was stocked, a bartender present, and in the middle of the room sat The Company Suits. All of them puffing on cigars, all of them hidden in shadows and smoke.

“Well, where’s the party? Did you all want to congratulate me on a job well done or something at Showcase?”

Silence. Fantastic. Apparently I’m just supposed to get myself a drink (uh, no. Mama Coolness raised me not to take drinks from men hiding in smoke and shadows) and talk to myself? Finally after several seconds one of the men speak.

“Mr. Fullam. We invited you up here because we wanted to make you an offer. An offer to join the most powerful stable in sVo hist…”

“Woah there Gunther! What exactly gave you the idea that I’d want to join your merry band of puppets?”

There is an uneasy pause. The Men of Smoke and Shadows don’t like where this is going.

“Mr. Fullam. We understand that you had a deal with Paige Johnson. We understand that you have a history with her. We also witnessed you turning your back on that agreement. It seems that our motives are running on parallel tracks.”

Pat nods along with each sentence, having taken a seat across from The Company. He sets his feet up on the closest thing to him, which so happens to be an antique coffee table. However, this doesn’t faze “The Coolness” as he responds.

“Right until the last sentence there Mystery. I’m here to get my revenge on people that have wronged me in the past. That’s my business. It’s not yours. I don’t need your brand of ‘help’ and I have no interest in becoming a corporate puppet. You can all claim that you’re ‘businessmen’ and that you have my best interests at heart. I fear though that I see right through you. I see right into your little shroud of comfort you wrap yourselves in every night. You have no hearts. You have a personal agenda and that’s it. I’m afraid gentlemen, that whatever that agenda may be, it won’t be including me, and that’s a promise. Toss whoever you want at me. I proved last week that I can handle myself against your puppets.”

Pat picks up a small knick-knack from the coffee table beside him and stands up, tossing the item up and down in his hand. The Company doesn’t try to stop him as he makes his way to the door. Slowly the giant turns and says.

“One last thing before I leave Your Majesties. After I get my revenge, it doesn’t matter who has that World Championship. It can be Night, it can be your so called ‘Nightmare’ who isn’t that scary to be honest, it can be Shame, it can be BBD, it can be Grandpa White. It doesn’t matter. I’m taking it. Oh, and get some air in here, it’s pretty stuffy.”

With that Pat throws the little thing at the closest window. It doesn’t do much except crack the window a bit and knock down the shade, but the effect was what Pat wanted. All at once, desperate to remain a mystery, The Company suits dive for cover. The giant’s laugh can be heard from down the hall as The men all stand up and dust themselves off.

“He could prove to be a problem…”

Cain and Abel

The crowd erupt with cheers as two words whisper over the PA system, echoing through the arena.

“I’m dreaming…”

The opening strains of “Knife Party” by Deftones follows as the lights die out, replaced by a purple spotlight on the entrance ramp. The curtains part and the sVo World Heavyweight Champion, Night, steps through accompanied by his mentor/manager Akira Kimura. Night, dressed in a pair of faded blue fitted jeans over a pair of martial art styled boots and topped off with an sVo t-shirt proudly wears the title around his waist. His mask can’t hide the mixed expression on his face and it is clear he is still conflicted over recent events.

The two men make their way to the ring, Night rolling under the bottom rope, Kimura climbing the steps and stepping through the ropes. Night speaks to a ring attendant who promptly hands over two microphones – Night handing one to his mentor as the music fades out and the lights return to normal.

Night: “I won’t lie to you all, that was certainly a war at Showcase.”

The crowd pop loudly at the mention of the stellar main event from the last pay-per-view event.

Night: “Unsurprisingly, both Chris Bond and my brother put all they had into that match – as did I – when the stakes are as high as that the competitive nature of a wrestler can’t help but emerge. It’s our nature. I’ve known since he stepped into the sVo that Chris Bond is a competitor… I’ve known all my life that my brother is. But I’ve said all along that I’ve bleed, lost sleep and trained for YEARS to be here – to be the sVo champion. It took me two years of uncertainty, two years sitting on the shelf sustaining myself off a ‘feeling’ that this place would come back. I promised myself and I promised you all that I would let nothing stand in my way of becoming and staying champion – things may have been a little rough since I won it… but I’m still here!”

The crowd again cheer as Night pats the belt around his waist.

Night: “The events of the past month have presented me with some tough issues to deal with, but I promise you all that my determination to stay right where I am has never been stronger. When Shame, BBD, Torres or Raven come to challenge me – I’ll face that challenge and overcome it. When the winner of the Victory Cup comes – and I will be watching that very closely – I’ll face them too and I promise whoever the challengers are are in for the fight of their lives.”

Night pauses, pacing across the ring and dropping his gaze towards his feet. He stops, eyes still low and speaks in a much quieter but substantially darker tone.

Night: “But I didn’t come out here to talk about that stuff. There is a much more personal issue which I have to deal with. Now, this isn’t exactly the place or time I’d like to do this – but considering he isn’t answering my calls and clearly I can’t visit him… I need to talk to my brother.”

The crowd in attendance boo loudly at the mention of the older Miyamoto brother.

Night: “Ryuu…”

He looks up, the mocking clear in his voice.

Night: “… ‘Nightmare’…”

He scoffs, looking to his mentor who remains motionless in the centre of the ring a very serious expression etched into his wrinkled features.

Night: “Your actions over the past month have been inexcusable. I tried to get an explanation out of you last week and I got nothing. Come on, Ryuu. I know you’re listening back there.”

The entire arena focuses on the entrance ramp. Nothing.

Night: “Come out here, Ryuu, I’m waiting!”

Still nothing. Night is becoming visibly more irate by the second.

Night: “What’s this, Ryuu? Scared of your own little brother now?”

Nightmare: “Okay, now you’re just being crazy.”

Again the crowd burst out in loud boos as the red-clad ‘Night’ steps through the curtain and out onto the ramp.

Nightmare: “But that’s more like it I guess. All this ‘serious, focused’ Akumu was getting a bit tiring, wasn’t it? Back to the insane ramblings of a worthless dreamer.”

Night: “Good to see you too, brother.”

Nightmare: “You ought to drop that old fossil you keep carrying around with you, Akumu. People are beginning to talk.”

Night and Kimura both glower at Nightmare who smirks as he slowly makes his way down the ramp.

Kimura: “You ought to try to win a major title on your own merits, Ryuu. People are beginning to realize you have no talent.”

The impact of Kimura’s words are visible on the elder brother as he stops in his tracks before continuing to stalk to the ring, moving considerably faster now.

Nightmare: “Senile old bastard.”

He slides under the bottom rope, springing back to his feet and moving to stand face to face with Night. The two brothers lock masked eyes at each other before Nightmare breaks off and stands face to face with his now former mentor. He seethes, but the old man does not back down. Rather, he looks menacingly back at his former student. Perhaps reading both men’s intentions and knowing the inevitable outcome, Night steps in between the two men as Nightmare smirks.

Nightmare: “Okay, ‘Night’, you wanted me out here, I’m here. What do you want?”

Night seems to struggle with the words as he looks his brother in the eye.

Night: “Why, Ryuu? How could you sell me out to The Company like that? How could you attempt to tarnish my reputation the way you did?”

Nightmare: “I told you last week, Akumu. They offered me the right price. A bigger paycheck, a bigger audience, a bigger title – I got a taste of the high-life and I took it. It’s nothing more than that, it’s nothing personal.”

Now it is Night who fumes.

Night: “Nothing personal? You attacked me! You put me in a hospital for a month – and from what I hear, you were trying to put me out for good! You try to end your brother’s career and it’s ‘nothing personal’?”

Nightmare smirks as he shrugs.

Nightmare: “What can I say? I helped you hold a title you didn’t deserve in the first place – I’m an amazing older brother.”

Night: “Didn’t deserve? You have no right to say that, Ryuu – you don’t know what I’ve been through here. I’ve poured everything I have into this federation and I’ve been the Hardcore and International Champion here. THREE times I challenged for the belt before I won it. I’ve bleed and fought wars under the sVo banner so don’t tell me I don’t deserve to be champion. Hell, I beat you!”

Nightmare sneers as the crowd cheer loudly for Night’s barbed comment.

Night: “I can’t even believe you, Ryuu. I was always there for you. Every time you won a title, I was so proud of you – so honored to be your brother both in and out of the ring. I celebrated with you, I sat with you when you lost your first World Heavyweight Title for the four hours it took you to be ready to leave the arena! And now that I’m champion you sabotage me and take it from me.”

Nightmare: “I was protecting you, Akumu – you weren’t up to the task. The Company asked me to step in and, granted, they weren’t too concerned for you. I was! I was trying to give you some sort of a reign so you wouldn’t be remembered as some flash-in-the-pan transitional champion.”

Kimura: “That’s just it, isn’t it?”

Night stares at Kimura in disbelief as Nightmare chuckles.

Nightmare: “Finally seen some sense, old man?”

Kimura: “No, you couldn’t handle that your brother was suddenly more successful than you – could you?”

Nightmare scoffs but subconsciously backs up a step.

Nightmare: “Akumu? More successful than ME? You’re not seeing sense, you’re even more senile than ever.”

Kimura: “You forget how well I know you, Ryuu – I have trained you both since you were boys. You were always the stronger brother, Ryuu, you saw success much sooner than your brother. But you lack substance and you lack the heart Akumu has – that’s why you never managed to find any kind of success in the Japanese majors or overseas. Akumu may not have been as strong as you, but with his spirit and heart, I always knew he was destined for a great future. That’s why I came with him in the first place. And now he is fulfilling his destiny and you… can’t… stand… it.”

The elder Miyamoto brother stammers as he stands speechless.

Night: “Ryuu?”

Kimura: “You’ve realized it, haven’t you, Ryuu? Your brother is better than you and he always will be. THAT’S why you did what you did – isn’t it?”

Ryuu’s face twitches and contorts beneath his mask as he tries to remain calm.

Nightmare: “My whole life this little joke has run around in a dream. Never grounded. Never focused. Never a winner like me! He was always the embarrassment of the family.”

Unable to contain himself, Ryuu rushes to his stunned brother and stands nose-to-nose with him.

Nightmare: “You DIDN’T deserve it, Akumu and you still don’t! Do you know what an insult it is to me that suddenly you’re the most successful in the family? The most highly regarded? The most highly PAID? The talk to the Kyoto wrestling scene!”

He turns on his heel, his voice raising into a mocking tone.

Nightmare: “Oh Ryuu, you must be so proud of your brother, he’s really gone off and made something of himself.”

Quickly he spins back to face Kimura once more.

Nightmare: “There, you manipulative old fuck, are you happy now?”

Kimura: “No, Ryuu, of course I am not happy.”

Still worked into an unstable state, Ryuu begins to laugh oddly running a hand roughly over the stubble on the top of his head and turning to his brother.

Nightmare: “This isn’t over, Akumu, you know I’m right.”

Night: “I’ll be waiting, Ryuu.”

The tense situation seems to diffuse slightly as Nightmare drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope, backing away from his brother and former mentor up the ramp and leaving a stunned and speechless Night and Kimura watching him go.

sVo Showdown #48
18th July 2010
The Victory Cup Continues!

The Teacher vs. DJ’Sinner

‘ by Drowning Pool hits the sound system, and the fans give a mixed reaction as the entrance video of the Corporation hits the sVo-Tron. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ, and after a few seconds the man himself slowly walks out from the backstage area. DJ taunts to the fans from the top of the entrance ramp, before slowly walking down to the ring, , DJ climbs into the ring before raising his hands in the air, as his entrance music fades out.

With DJ in the ring, the Corporation member grabs the mic away from the ring announcer before the arrival of the Teacher at ringside. With the mic in hand, DJ addresses the crowd,

DJ – “Victory Cup… What does this Victory Cup really mean to me? It means getting my just deserves. I came very close to been World Champion in the Alex Ross tournament, and since then everyone has ignored DJ. Well, the ignoring ends tonight. It’s already set in stone that whoever wins the Victory Cup gets a title shot at the next PPV so that means no more ignoring The Future of Wrestling. I’m leaving everything in that ring to get my prize. It all starts with The Teacher tonight on Showdown and it ends at the PPV against Night. Teacher, I defeated you in the Alex Ross Tournament and now in the Victory Cup history will repeat itself. Give it your best because it won’t be enough. No one will stop me from getting the championship.”

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

The bell rings and both men tie up with Teacher getting the early advantage with an arm bar on DJ who quickly escapes with a couple of forearm shots to the face of The Teacher. The Future of Wrestling throws The Teacher into the ropes but The Teacher reverses and catches The Corporation member with a hurracanrana. DJ bounces right up only to catch a boot to the midsection and a suplex from The Teacher. The Teacher gets back up picking up DJ by the head and taking him back down with a back suplex. The Teacher makes the cover.



DJ with an easy kick out. The Teacher looks to pick up DJ but DJ stops The Teacher’s momentum with a low blow. DJ gets up and starts getting his frustrations out on his smarter opponent by stomping a mudhole on him. DJ goes through the ropes and starts climbing the ropes. The Teacher gets up hurting and turns right into a picture perfect missile dropkick from the former Tag Team Champion. DJ makes the pin.



The Teacher kicks out with authority. DJ complains about the count but after a couple of seconds lets it go. He now picks up The Teacher and throws him hard into the turnbuckle. DJ takes aim and charges in with a clothesline in the corner followed up by a nicely executed bulldog. DJ hooks the leg to secure the pinfall.



The Teacher kicks out at the last possible second. DJ now furious starts to warn the official about a slow count. He now turns his attention back to his opponent and tries to pick up The Teacher who catches DJ by surprise with a small package. DJ kicks out barely. Both men get up quickly and DJ kicks The Teacher in the gut. He throws The Teacher to the turnbuckle but this time The Teacher jumps on the top rope and lands on DJ with a moonsault. The Teacher stays on top for the cover.



No… DJ had his foot on the bottom rope so this match continues. DJ gets up and stumbles right into a body slam from The Teacher. The Teacher signals that he’s going to the top rope. He climbs up and lands on top of DJ with a top rope leg drop. The Teacher pins DJ.



Thr…DJ gets his shoulder up just in time to keep himself in the match. The Teacher looks at the referee with a look of disbelief but refuses to give up now. He picks up DJ and delivers a brutal fisherman drop. The Teacher climbs the ropes one more time. DJ grabs the referee by a leg taking his attention. Out from the curtains comes Canadian Crippler with his Singapore Cane in hand. He jumps on the apron and connects with a shot to the back of The Teacher taking him down hard to the mat. DJ let’s go of the referee and makes the pin. One,



This one is all over, and just like in the Alex Ross memorial tournament, DJ defeats The Teacher in order to progress to the next round! DJ celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring, before slowly making his way back up the entrance ramp to the backstage area.

RESULT: DJ def. The Teacher via pinfall

Malignant Down

The scene begins in the parking lot as Angel The Malignant is seen putting his bags on the back of his rental car. He moves closes the trunk and turns right into a cinder block shot from Asesino.

Asesino: Sweet dreams, Angel.

Cut to ringside

Isaac White vs. Crippler

Last Resort by Papa Roach hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Crippler makes his way down to the ring! Crippler slaps the hands of the fans as he makes his way to the ring, before rolling in under the bottom rope. Crippler rises up to his feet and raises his hands in the air, knowing that he is the underdog into tonight’s Victory Cup match against the former sVo International Champion Isaac White, as he waits for his opponent.







The audience stomp their feet and clap their hands in rhythm with the introduction of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash. The melancholic chords of an acoustic guitar reverberate throughout the arena, soon joined by the baritone vocals of Cash.

You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

The entrance curtains slowly part as the hunched figure of Isaac White emerges. Although he may be far from a traditional ‘fan favourite’, the spectators instantly begin to cheer for him in recognition of his lengthy career. Despite the energy of the crowd, still stamping and clapping enthusiastically, Isaac retains a distinctively passive demeanour. Though it should have quite the opposite effect, the sight of this miserable and pessimistic man only further fuels the crowd’s excitement as they continue to join in with the downbeat rhythm of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

White marches forth towards the ring, hat pulled down low and cane in hand. He ignores the two-faced liars and rats in the crowd, his nose crinkling at the stench of hypocrisy. He taps his cane on the steel steps three times before slowly ascending them. He then walks onto the ring apron, wiping his feet as he does so, before climbing in through the ropes.

Once in the ring, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” begins to fade. White removes his hat and places it on top of the turnbuckle post. He then stoops over and leans through the ropes to prop his cane against the stairs. Resuming his stance in the corner, he reaches inside his left knee pad, withdrawing his trademark black gloves. He proceeds to pull them onto each hand slowly, milking the crowd’s excitement for all they’re worth. White leans back against the ropes, maintaining an apathetic approach to things.

The bell rings and both men tie up and Canadian Crippler gets the early advantage with a side headlock on Isaac White. White pushes Crippler against the ropes and delivers a nice looking dropkick to Canadian Crippler’s face taking him down quickly. Crippler recovers as both men tie up again. Crippler once again locks in a side headlock on White. White now once again pushes Crippler against the ropes but this time Canadian Crippler comes back with a shoulder block to White. Crippler taunts White as he bounces off the ropes only for White to get up and deliver a hip toss to Crippler.

Crippler gets up as White boots him in the midsection and looks for a classic piledriver. Crippler feels it coming and back body drops White. Both men make it back to their feet and Crippler delivers a devastating back chop to White. White fires back with one of his own. White goes for a kick to the midsection but Crippler holds White’s leg and takes him down with a dragon screw. Canadian Crippler picks up an injured Isaac White and takes him down with a german suplex pin.



Isaac White gets a shoulder up. Isaac White makes it to his feet but gets taken back down by a Canadian Crippler snapmare. Canadian Crippler bounces off the ropes following up with a front dropkick to the face of White. Crippler picks up White and tries to throw him off the ropes but White reverses and goes for a clothesline but Canadian Crippler uses his wrestling skills to counter with an abdominal stretch on the SVO veteran. White looks to be in a lot of pain as the referee starts to check the arm of White to see if he can continue. White lowers his arm twice but before he can lower it for the last time he gets an adrenaline rush and hip tosses Canadian Crippler off from him.

Isaac White tries to follow up by charging toward Canadian Crippler but Crippler lowers the top rope making White go out of the ring with his own momentum. Canadian Crippler goes underneath the ropes to the outside. He picks up White and throws him shoulder first into the steel steps. Canadian Crippler gets back to the ring and back to the outside to break the count. He grabs Isaac White and throws him back to the ring. Canadian Crippler slides in the ring as well. He starts to taunt White to get back up. White does and Crippler takes hi back down with a knee attack. Canadian Crippler makes the cover.



Isaac White kicks out strongly. Canadian Crippler looks very upset and starts to take it out on Isaac White by stomping a mudhole on him. Canadian Crippler turns toward the fans and screams that it’s all over. He picks up a lifeless White and places him on the top rope. Crippler climbs up with him and goes for a super back suplex. As they start to come down, White counters the move by turning his body on top of Crippler in a cross body. Crippler takes the worst of the move as both men are now down. The referee starts his ten count. At the count of 8 Canadian Crippler gets up but only momentarily as Isaac White delivers a chop block to Canadian Crippler. Isaac White pumps himself as he now grabs Crippler and throws him against the ropes as delivers a powerful powerslam on Canadian Crippler. Isaac White stays on top making the cover.



Canadian Crippler kicks out at the count of 2. Canadian Crippler gets up very groggy and White grabs him by an arm and delivers a couple of shoulder thrusts to The Corporation member. He finishes the sequence by taking Crippler down with a crippler crossface. Canadian Crippler screams out in pain as out from the back comes Rey Rosario in a hurry and stands on the apron. White releases the crippler crossface and grabs Rey by the neck. Meanwhile, Rey has thrown Canadian Crippler his signature Singapore Cane. The referee gets in between Isaac White and Rey Rosario as Canadian Crippler grabs the Singapore Cane and connects a shot with it to the ankle of White. White goes down in pain as Canadian Crippler throws away the evidence and locks in The Canadian Lock on Isaac White. White tries to fight it but the pain on his ankle is too much and proceeds to tap out.

It’s Crippler who pulls out a shock win against Isaac White, and will now progress to the next round of the Victory Cup tournement!

RESULT: Crippler def. Isaac White via pinfall

Paging Paige

“Come out come out wherever you are!”

Pat Fullam is seen prowling the backstage corridor, already in his wrestling attire and seeming to search for something, or someone. Which is now revealed to be…


The giant’s voice rings out to no answer. Finally, after searching and searching, he finally finds the door he was looking for. The door reading Paige Johnson. With no preamble Pat turns the knob and tosses the door open. Without looking at who is sitting behind the desk he says.

“Now look. I know you’re looking for an explanation Paige, which I’ll give but first…”

Pat’s voice trails off as he finally takes a look across the desk, expecting to see Paige Johnson, fuming at him. Instead Pat gets a fuming Matt Anderson staring back at him.

“PAIGE! You’ve let yourself go. I know The Company is stressing you out, but come on. A goatee? That’s not stress. That’s full on preop freaky shit. Anyways…”

Pat is cut off however, by Matt Anderson.

“Shut up you idiot! I’m not Paige! I’m Matt Anderson, not to mention your boss! So I suggest you start treating me with some respect.”

Pat holds up a hand.

“You mean to tell me I’m talking to Mr. Anderson? THE Mr. Anderson? As in Neo before he took the red pill?”

“No you fucking moron! I’m your fucking boss!”

“Woah man, what you do in your own time isn’t my business. You can fuck or pray, or whatever it is that you do.”

Matt Anderson looks like he’s about to have a coronary. His veins are popping out of his forehead while his face is deep red. Pat laughs and says.

“Cool down man! I know who you are. I’m just messing with you.”

It takes a few minutes of silence before Mr. Anderson can speak again. However, his face is now a normal color and his veins have stopped blatantly throbbing.

“Mr. Fullam. I’ve been informed you’ve declined a spot on our team. I’m sorry to hear that. Now what can I do for you?”

Fullam goes on his guard. The Company may be a bunch of suits, but they DO also have a lot of muscle. Sure Pat would never mention this out loud, but the number’s game isn’t going to be his forte this time around….

“It’s not what you can do for me Anderson. It’s what Paige can do for me. I need to speak to her and only her. We have some…Matters…To discuss.”

“Ms. Johnson-Allstar will not be in for an indefinite amount of time Fullam. Until then anything you can discuss with her, you will have to discuss with me. Now I’ll ask this again, What can I do for you?”

Fullam shakes his head, undeterred by Anderson.

“You’re not listening to me. Paige and I have matters to discuss. Matters that have nothing to do with you. I suggest you back off Anderson. I don’t like people sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Boss or not, muscle and numbers or not, stay out of it.”

With that Fullam stands up and turns to leave, slamming the door behind him.

Nightmare vs. Brock

The cameras pan around the arena, zooming past the audience of die-hard SVO fans in attendance. Various signs throughout the crowd read things such as – ‘CSJ’s lawyers censored this sign’, ‘I tag teamed lesbians with BBD’ and ‘Gilmour for Hall of Fame’. Eventually the cameras come to rest upon the announce table, occupied as always by Nick Harris and Simon ‘Not a Stereotype’ Austin.

The two enter a heated debate, but are quickly drowned out by the crowd as Airbourne’s ‘Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast’ suddenly blares out over the arena. Brock appears on the stage to a deafening reception, including a ‘welcome back’ chant! Giving the crowd a once over, he smirks, throwing a few punches, and jabs, as he makes his way to the ring. Sliding in, he climbs the first turnbuckle in reach, and scans the crowd, raising one finger skyward, as he takes in the fans response. Jumping down, he paces the ring, waiting for the match to begin. The arena lights fade and a red light begins to slowly strobe as “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails pounds through the arena over the PA system. The crowd burst into a loud chorus of boos as The Company logo floats onto the sVo tron, quickly replaced by a name.

“N I G H T M A R E”

The curtains part and a man in red trunks with a black streak down the side and a black mask cut away at the top to reveal a freshly shaved head of hair. He half-grins/half-sneers at the jeering audience surrounding him and wastes little time in stalking down the entrance ramp before quickly sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He stands, jawing off at various members of the crowd as he awaits the start of the match.

Nightmare grips the ropes on either side of him, his mask concealing a look of steely determination. On the opposite side of the ring, Brock jumps up and down on the spot flexing his wrists. The referee barks out the match conditions to both men before calling for the bell.


Eager to erase his recent loss from the minds of the fans, Nightmare races across the ring in a red blur. Brock swings with a clothesline, but Nightmare brushes underneath it and leaps onto the second rope of the corner. Brock turns just as Nightmare catapults off the ropes – and side-steps a springboard splash! Nightmare hits the canvas hard but races back to his feet as he wheezes for breath, whereupon he is taken down with a dropkick from Brock!

Nightmare falls to the mat back-first as Brock hurries into a cover. The referee slides into action.



Shoulder up!

The impostor Night manages to lift a shoulder off the mat.

Brock scoops up Nightmare by the head and lifts a boot into his abdomen, before whipping him into the ropes. Brock stoops over, ready to catch Nightmare with a back body drop, but Nightmare rolls over Brock’s back! The Veteran of Violence turns around and is caught off-guard as Nightmare leaps up onto his shoulders! Nightmare twists his body around to deliver a hurricanrana, but Brock shoves him off! For the second time in these opening minutes, Nightmare crumples to the mat!

As Brock catches his breath, Nightmare slides into the corner and uses the ropes to get to his feet. Brock charges towards Nightmare, but the red and black devil lifts a foot and drills him in the jaw! As Brock stumbles backwards and considers a post-match visit to the dentist, Nightmare takes to the middle rope once more. Nightmare leaps from the corner and hits a bulldog on Brock – no! Brock once again shoves him off! Nightmare lands on his tailbone with a sickening CRACK!

Brock hits Nightmare with a precision kick into the spine, sending an unpleasant shudder up his back. Nightmare grits his teeth against the pain and slowly rises to a vertical basis. Brock grabs the masked man by his head, but Nightmare quickly weaves around his opponent and traps him in a waistlock. Nightmare pulls back and flings Brock through the air with a German suplex!

Brock sails across the ring and lands with a dull THUD! next to the apron, but the impact sends him over the bottom rope and out onto the floor!


The crowd hammer the sides of the barricades excitedly as Brock lands close-by.

The evil twin brother (all he needs is a villainous goatee!) takes control of the reins as he chases after Brock and steps onto the ring apron. Nightmare seems to momentarily consider taking another risk and diving onto the floor, but he resists the urge – seemingly having learnt his lesson. Nightmare jumps down from the apron and approaches Brock, who has pulled himself up with the aid of the crowd barrier. Nightmare grabs Brock by the wrist and pulls him right into a short-arm clothesline!

With Brock seeing stars and unable to protect himself, Nightmare hoists his legs up.

… Don’t misquote that.

Nightmare falls back, peeling Brock off the floor and into a slingshot! Brock takes to the skies with the grace and elegance of a dove…


The crowd roar with bloodlust as Brock snaps back from the violent impact, possibly having ruptured his windpipe! As he lies on the floor gasping for air and grabbing his throat, the referee races over to him!

Before he can ascertain Brock’s status, however, Nightmare shoves past him and gives Brock a stiff kick to the chest! Brock begins to turn blue after having the air forcefully removed from his lungs and being barely able to breathe! Unrelenting in his assault, Nightmare jerks him up from the floor and traps him in a front face lock to keep him subdued. Somehow, Brock digs down deep and attempts to break Nightmare’s grip, but it isn’t long before he runs out of energy. Nightmare rolls him under the bottom rope, leaving his head on the ring apron.

Nightmare doubles over to catch his breath – is he mocking Brock? After a brief respite, Nightmare goes straight back to offense and drives his elbow into the throat of Brock! The Violent Veteran thrashes his legs as he writhes on the canvas, taking ragged breaths through his ravaged airways!

Nightmare takes aim with another elbow as the crowd collectively wait with bated breath. Just as he looks set to rain down with another lethal strike, he stops. The audience exhale in relief. Perhaps he’s finally going to show mercy on Brock – nope. Now stood on the ring apron, it looks as though Nightmare is going for the killing blow! He approaches the prone form of Brock in order to adjust his positioning. As he draws close, however, Brock clumsily gets to his knees and nails Nightmare in the ribs with a stiff left hook!

The former World Champion nurses his ribs, but is caught off-guard with an uppercut to the jaw! As his hands reach up to his masked face, he is once again outsmarted as Brock goes back to the ribs! Brock unleashes a barrage of bone-breaking body shots on Nightmare, who somehow manages to cling on to the ring ropes for support. After the flurry of fists, Brock gets to his feet – albeit drunkenly. Nightmare tries to catch Brock out with a clothesline, but Brock ducks underneath –


Nightmare is sent soaring from the ring apron before crashing and burning to the floor below!

Back in the ring, Brock throws his arms into the air, working the crowd up to boiling point! He points at the ring ropes in front of him and then thrusts a finger into the air.

Brock throws himself into the ropes behind him, just as Nightmare clambers to his feet. Rebounding with the speed of a bullet, he tears across the ring. With perfect timing and unrivalled balance, he plants both feet into the mat and vaults onto the top rope!



Nightmare throws himself into the ring ropes just in time!

Balance thrown, Brock’s legs give way and he finds himself in a pretty precarious position to say the least!

The pint-size referee verbally scolds Nightmare for his devious tactic, but the Red Devil shrugs him off as he re-enters the ring. Much to the protest of the official, Nightmare proceeds to take advantage of Brock’s vulnerable state; with Brock straddling the ropes, Nightmare snares him in a front face lock. Nightmare then flips onto his back, almost decapitating Brock with a vicious swinging neckbreaker! The crowd gasp and wince as the entire weight of Brock’s body lands on his neck! Upside-down against the ropes, his motionless form eventually collapses forwards onto the canvas.

Nightmare unashamedly hooks the leg.




Nightmare voluntarily breaks the cover, to the fury of the fans.

As the crowd boo and heckle him, Nightmare slowly rises to his feet. The red-faced referee confronts him and admonishes him, but it falls upon deaf ears. As Brock lies motionless in the ring, Nightmare raises his torso off the canvas. With Brock in a sitting position, Nightmare wraps an arm around his throat. He then proceeds to lock his legs around Brock’s torso – the Nightmare Sleeper!

Brock seems to be barely conscious – if at all. The referee throws the rulebook out the window and clamps onto Nightmare, attempting to wrestle him off of Brock but to no avail. Showing no signs of relinquishing the hold, Nightmare leaves the referee with no choice but to signal for the bell.


As the bell rings, a dozen security guards sprint towards the ring. Nightmare chucks his head back and screams as he continues to apply the deadly manoeuvre to Brock, whose arms have gone limp. The cameras cut away from the violent scene, with the last image being of the security members attempting to break Brock free of the hold.

RESULT: Nightmare def. Brock via Knock Out

Talon vs. Pat Fullam

The lights drop as red and white lasers begin to flash all over the arena. Fans cry out in surprise at the black-out as ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ begins to blast through the speakers. A spotlight shines on the curtain as a solitary figure steps through, clothed in the black, red and white. He stands there, grinning as he spreads out his arms- one of them proudly holding his trusty telescopic baton- and lets out a battle cry, pyrotechnics going off around him as he does. Talon makes his way down the ramp, waving and sneering at the fans before entering the ring. He hands his coat off to someone at ringside before raising his arms in the air and taking his place in the ring.

The arena goes black and the tron flickers on. In icy blue writing the words,

Lo as I walk through the valley of shadow and death
I fear no evil…
For I am the biggest and baddest guy around.

“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” by Digable Planets starts to play over the sound system. The writing on the tron fades away as blue sparks flare out on the stage. As the sparks die down the one and only “The Coolness” Pat Fullam comes out on stage. The tron flickers to life once again with clips of all of the 7’2″ giant’s time in the ring throughout the various federations he’s been in.

He tosses up the metal head salute as he begins to walk down to the ring to the beat of “Rebirth of Slick.” Making it to the ring he reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. He swaggers to the center of the ring and tosses his hair back before giving one final metal head salute as the music fades.

The tension is at a breaking point. On one side there is Talon, best friend (in a completely non homosexual way) to Chris Bond, who was fired at Showcase, member of the defunct Industry, and craving revenge against the man who tried to take him out at the PPV last week.

On the other side. “The Coolness” Pat Fullam. A 7’2″ giant who hasn’t seen the inside of a wrestling ring since he was a tag team champion with Julian Fiasco in Hostility. A man who keeps saying that he’s been wronged and he’s back to fix those wrongs.

Who will win?

We’re about to find out.


Talon runs at Fullam who tries to grab Talon. The Hero ducks under Fullam’s massive arms and bounces off the ropes hitting a quick dropkick to the back of Fullam’s knee! The giant staggers forward as Talon continues his assault with a chopblock to the back of Fullam’s legs!

The Coolness falls onto his knees as Talon gets another running start and hits yet another dropkick right to Pat’s head! Fullam’s eyes go blank and he falls to the side. Talon goes for the count…




With incredible strength The Coolness starts to bench press Talon! The crowd boos as Talon hops off of Pat’s arms and the giant slowly makes it to his feet. Talon runs at Pat once again, Pat once again trying to get ahold of The Hero and once again fails. Talon bounces off the ropes but this time Pat is ready and turns, giving Talon a massive shoulder block! Talon bounces onto the mat and rolls as Pat tries to kick him while he’s down.

Talon makes it to the robes and stands up. He stands on the apron as Pat just smiles as he begins to stalk his prey. However, Talon still has tricks of his own as he leaps ontop of the rope and springboards himself onto Pat’s shoulder’s quickly taking the giant down with a huracanrana! The crowd cheers as Talon once again goes for the pin…


Not even a two count as Fullam just tosses Talon off of him. Fullam gets to his knees, slowly, and Talon lays ready. Pat shakes the cobwebs lose and Talon hits a DDT from out of no where! This time however Talon doesn’t go for the pin and instead hits a springboard leg drop right across the throat of The Coolness!

The crowd cheers as Talon heads up to the top rope and balances himself for Death From Above!

With surprising speed and agility however, The Coolness is back up and has his hand around Talon’s throat in no time! The giant yells, “Let’s see how well The Talon flies now?!” With his hand still around Talon’s throat Pat his a HUGE chokeslam on Talon!

The giant shakes his finger at the crowd as he stomps away at the fallen Hero. After a good couple vicious boots Pat goes for the cover….




Talon kicks out much to the delight of the crowd! Pat rolls his eyes and then shrugs. He positions himself and grabs Talon in a reverse headlock setting up for The Coolness Factor! However, before the move can be executed Talon manages to escape by running in the air, he reverses the momentum and hits Pat with a modified bulldog! Talon leaps up and roars as the crowd cheers him on.

Pat is lying facedown in the middle of the mat and Talon wastes no time in laying punch after punch to the back of the fallen giant’s head! Thinking he’s done enough damage Talon straddles the giant’s back and lifts his head in a camel clutch!

Before the ref can ask if Pat would like to give up though, the giant grabs hold of Talon’s legs and pulls, forcing Talon facedown into the mat! Pat stands up and yanks Talon up by the hair before lifting him up for a powerbomb!

Talon starts to fight back though as he starts to punch Fullam in the face! Before Pat can lose his balance though he tosses Talon with a modified powerbomb right into the turnbuckle! Talon bounces off the corner ropes and forward only to be caught by Pat and headbutted! Talon bounces back once again, but with no where to go, is only given an elbow shot by Pat for his trouble!

It looks like Talon is in real trouble as Pat yanks him out and hits him with a massive clothesline. The crowd groans as they see Talon flipped upside down by the force of the move. Pat goes for the cover….





Pat can hardly believe it as the ref verifies with the giant, that it was indeed just a two count. Managing to get his anger under control The Coolness picks up the dazed Talon by the head again and head butts him, again. Talon staggers backwards, but tries to stop himself from hitting the corner. He comes back at Pat only to be met with a big boot for his trouble!

The crowd once again groans as Talon is knocked down by the massive boot from Pat! The giant picks up Talon and lifts him up easily so that The Hero is now sitting on the closest turnbuckle. Pat steps out onto the apron and once again wraps his hand around Talon’s throat! He points out to the crowd and they all know what The Coolness intends to do. Chokeslam right into the concrete floor from the top rope!

Fullam lifts Talon up so The Hero is now perched on the top rope. Fullam leaps, but at the last second Talon reverses the deadly move into The Wings of Destiny!

The crowd pops as both men are now on the side of the ring. The ref has no choice but to start the ten count!




Talon begins to stir and Pat rolls over to his stomach, grabbing the back of his head.




Talon tries to get to his feet but quickly falls back down. He grabs the apron and manages to stand himself up.



Talon slowly and tenderly rolls himself into the ring only to be caught by Fullam and pulled back out to the apron! The ref has to restart the count but Pat just tosses Talon aside and gets into the ring urging the ref to at least count faster…



To no avail however, as Talon manages to get back into the ring! No time for celebration a he’s met with a flurry of boots and punches from an enraged Fullam! Pat picks up Talon and sneers as he hits a massive sidewalk slam on Talon! Talon yells out in pain and grabs his back, but Pat isn’t done there. He once again picks up Talon and hits a spinebuster!

Once again Talon yells out in pain, the ref bending down ready to count, but Pat shakes his finger at the ref. THE GIANT ISN’T DONE WITH TALON! Pat once again picks Talon back up and wraps him up in a massive bear hug! Talon yells out in pain and is fading fast.

Working quickly The Hero manages to get one arm free. Using it to the best of his ability he starts hammering down on Fullam’s face once more! Pat staggers forward, not able to see where he’s going but no letting go of his hug. He backs Talon into a corner and finally lets go of his bear hug. The ref calls for a clean break but using all the strength he can muster Talon gives Pat a HUGE right hand! Pat staggers back from the attack and Talon leaps up to the top rope.

The crowd pops as Talon jumps off, aiming for his trademark clothesline but is only met with a big boot from Pat!

Talon lands awkwardly and Pat picks him up and nails him quickly with The Crippling Cool before going for the cover!




The returning Coolness has done it! He’s defeated Talon!

As Talon rolls to the side of the ring “Cool Like Dat” begins to play. Before anything else can happen though Pat takes over a mic. In a tired voice he yells.

“Cut the music. Please, just…Cut it….”

The music stops and the crowd is buzzing after the match they just saw. Before they can speculate though Fullam begins to talk again.

“For the entire week I’ve been back, I’ve been plagued by only one question. It hasn’t been one asking me for an autograph. It is instead the question of why. Why Pat did you turn your back on Paige Johnson? Why did you try to cost Bond the World Title at Showcase and why did you chokeslam him and Talon at the PPV? Why Pat, why?

Here’s the thing. I don’ t have to explain myself to ANYONE. I’ve called Paige, I’ve sent her emails, and I don’t get a response. She can be pissed all she wants, I DON’T CARE! The only thing that I care about at the moment, is getting what is rightfully mine. My livelihood. Until Paige answers me, I won’t answer any of you.

Coolness out!”

With that “Cool Like Dat” plays over the speakers as the giant heads back up the ramp. As soon as he’s out of eye sight the music stops as the ref helps Talon to his feet. The crowd pops, a HUGE round of applause for Talon as he makes his way to the entrance ramp. The Hero, Talon, is receiving a standing ovation after his performance this night. “Through The Fire & The Flames” by Dragonforce plays over the loudspeakers as Talon makes his way, slowly but surely up the entrance ramp. At the top he stops, turns, and bows to the crowd who only clap and cheer harder for him.

RESULT: Pat Fullam def. Talon via pinfall

Sticking Together

The scene goes to the backstage area where we see Raven and Juliana Torres having a conversation moments before their big tag team match.

Raven: Juliana, this is a big moment for us. Tonight, one of us has the opportunity to become number one contender for the SVO Championship. For me, it has been a long hard journey from losing a hard fought semi final match against Night to this very night. Not only is the title shot on the line but there’s respect to be earned as we face two members of The Company. The Company has been running around with some gold lately but there’s no way we can let them use us to get to the World Championship.

Juliana Torres: You’re so right. There’s no way we can let this guys steal our hard work. Either one of us deserves the opportunity and Roscoe Shame somehow you kept the International Championship at Showcase. You hurt me deep inside but it will hurt you even more when we go through you and BBD and get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Raven: Let’s do this.

The scene fades out as Raven and Juliana Torres embrace.

Roscoe Shame & BBD vs. Raven & Juliana Torres

‘Sinner’ by Drowning Pool hits the sound system, and there is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the Corporation video beings to play on the sVo-Tron. After a few seconds, the Corporation tag team of Juliana Torres and Raven slowly walk out onto the top of the entrance ramp and raise their hands high in the air. Torres and Raven slowly begin to make their way down the entrance ramp towards the ring for tonight’s match, which will not only see new sVo Tag Team Champions, but will also allow someone to bank a title shot for the sVo World Championship belt! Torres and Raven slide into the ring at the same time, before sprinting across to opposite side of the ring and climbing the turn-buckles. Torres and Raven raise their hands in the air in victory, as there music begins to fade out.

“You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds, with the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt strapped around his waist. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and warm up for the upcoming match.

“Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp with the sVo International Championship belt around his waist, pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches as his opponents stare across the ring at him.

The referee raises the two sVo Tag Team Championship belts up in the air, signalling that they will be on the line in tonight’s match, before handing them to the outside of the ring and calling for the bell to be rung to get this one underway!

Raven and Roscoe Shame get this one underway for their teams, and they slowly stalk each other around in a circle, before diving forward and tying up in the middle of the ring. Raven quickly grabs Shame in a side head lock, but Shame pushes Raven off of him and into the ropes. Raven bounces back into the middle of the ring and is shoved down to the mat with a shoulder block from the sVo International Champion. Raven quickly gets back up to his feet, but Shame nails him with a kick to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with a double arm drag takedown, before grabbing hold of him in a sleeper hold as he rushes back up to his feet.

Shame pulls Raven over to his corner of the ring, before making the tag out to Beautiful Bobby Dean. Bobby Dean quickly leaps into the ring, and with Shame holding him in a sleeper hold, BBD gets in some cheap shot punches on Raven before Shame lets go and exits the ring. BBD sends Raven hard into the ropes, before taking him down with a drop toe hold as he bounces back. With Rave face down on the mat, BBD bounces into the ring ropes himself, before landing a elbow drop across the back of Raven’s neck. The fans boo the sVo Las Vegas Champion, but the Company seem to have taken early control of this match over the Corporation!

Bobby Dean quickly gets back to his feet, and taunts Juliana Torres on the outside of the ring, before pulling Raven back up to his feet. With Raven in a standing position, Bobby Dean hits him with a snap suplex, before making an early cover on his opponent. The referee leaps down to make the three count, but only gets to two before Raven’s shoulder comes shooting off of the canvas. Bobby Dean quickly rises back up to his feet, and aims some stomps at the direction of Raven’s head as he tries to regain a standing position. Bobby Dean pulls Raven up into a piledriver position, however the rainbow haired Corporation member makes a quick counter with a back body drop, much to the surprise of Bobby Dean. Bobby Dean quickly jumps to his feet with a shocked look on his face, before finding himself on his back once again courtesy of a clothesline from Raven!

With Bobby Dean on the mat, Raven quickly makes the tag out to his partner Juliana Torres, and the former Las Vegas Champion climbs into the ring! The former Champion pulls up the current Champion, and works BBD into the corner of the ring with some stiff chops across his chest! The fan’s cheer each chop that echoes around the arena, as Juliana Torres then grabs the arm of Bobby Dean and sends him corner to corner. With Bobby Dean hitting the turnbuckle in the opposite corner of the ring hard, Juliana Torres follows up with a handspring elbow onto BBD! The fans cheer the acrobatic move from Juliana Torres, as the woman who nearly won the International Championship last week shoots a look across at Roscoe Shame! Roscoe Shame reaches out for a tag from his partner Bobby Dean, but Juliana Torres quickly pounces on the Las Vegas Champion and pulls him away from his partner, before sending him down to the canvas with a hip toss.

With Bobby Dean down on the mat, Juliana Torres grabs his arm and locks in an arm bar submission move in an attempt to try and wear down the Las Vegas Champion. The Las Vegas Champion shouts out in pain at the submission move, but as the referee asks him if he would like to submit, he shakes his head!

Juliana Torres finally releases Bobby Dean from the hold, before making the tag out to Raven. Recharged from his earlier encounter, Raven leaps into the ring and grabs hold of Bobby Dean as he rises to his feet. Raven takes Bobby Dean down with a brainbuster suplex, before hooking the leg of the Las Vegas Champion to try and win the sVo Tag Team Championship belts for his team.




Bobby Dean gets a shoulder up off of the mat just in time in order to prevent him losing his 100% sVo record, and to stop Raven from earning a shot at the sVo World Championship belt! Raven looks displeased as he rises up to his feet, and Roscoe Shame desperatly reaches out his hand looking for a tag from his partner. However as Bobby Dean reaches across in an attempt to tag out, Raven grabs him by the leg and pulls him away! The fans give a mixed reaction to Raven as he pulls Bobby Dean up to his feet and shoots him into the corner of the ring.

With Bobby Dean prone in the corner, Raven sprints at his opponent looking to hit a spear onto Dean, however BBD dives out of the way at the very last second, causing Raven to dive shoulder first into the steel ring post! Raven might have shattered his collar bone right there with that move! Roscoe Shame reaches out desperatly for the tag, but sensing the chance of victory, Bobby Dean slowly pulls himself up to his feet, and decides to go back after Raven! Bobby Dean pulls Raven up to his feet and taunts the Corporation member, before slamming him down with a German suplex! With Raven down on the mat, Bobby Dean quickly grabs hold of his legs, and locks Raven into the Texas Cloverleaf submission move!

Sensing that her tag team partner might be in trouble, Juliana Torres jumps into the ring and immediately tries to get involved! However before she can, the referee quickly moves over to restrain her in the corner! With the referee’s back turned, he doesn’t even notice as Raven begins to tap his mat hard on the mat due to the pain from the Texas cloverleaf! By right’s Bobby Dean shoulder have the match won right here, but thanks to Juliana Torres, the referee is missing Raven tapping out! Bobby Dean looks up and notices what is going on, before releasing the hold on Raven and making his way over to the referee with a disgusted look on his face!

Bobby Dean spins the referee around, and immediately begins to remonstrate with the official! Everyone in the arena has seen that Bobby Dean should have won the #1 contendership and the Tag Team titles for his team right there, apart from the only man in the arena that matters! The fans seem quite pleased at the annoyance of BBD, as Raven quickly dives in behind the back of BBD and nails him with a low blow!

Raven makes the tag out to Juliana Torres, but in the corner of ‘Beautiful Shame’, the sVo International Champion is going mad at the poor officiating! Juliana Torres lays into BBD with some big rights and lefts, before slamming him down to the mat with a stiff DDT. With BBD down on the mat and hurting after the low blow/DDT combo, Torres makes the cover.



Shame is in quickly to break up the cover with a big stomp on Torres, before running over and laying a big right hand onto Raven to knock him off of the ring apron for good measure! The referee orders Roscoe Shame out of the ring to try and restore some order to the chaos, but Roscoe Shame looks desperate to get involved! Raven slides back into the ring behind the back of the referee, and he and Torres pull BBD up to his feet, before throwing him into the ropes. Torres and Raven are obviously looking for a double team flapjack on the sVo Las Vegas Champion, but BBD sees the mat coming and takes out both Torres and Raven with a double clothesline!

With Raven and Torres both down and hurting, Bobby Dean begins to crawl across the ring towards Roscoe Shame! Roscoe Shame desperately reaches out for a tag, as Raven and Torres slowly rise to their feet and notice what is happening. Torres and Raven run across to try and stop Bobby Dean tagging out, but the International Champion manages to reach the hand of Dean, and is finally back into the match! Roscoe Shame leaps over the top rope and quickly takes care of Raven with a big boot to the face! Raven hits the deck, but Roscoe Shame turns straight back into a volley of right hands from Juliana Torres. Torres knocks Roscoe Shame back, before Shame ducks under one of Torres’ punches, and turns to hit her with a northern lights suplex!

Raven rises up to his feet and runs at Roscoe Shame, however Roscoe Shame grabs him by the back of the head and tosses him right over the top rope to the outside of the ring! The sVo-Tron shows replays of Raven going flying over the top rope and hitting the floor hard, as Bobby Dean drops off the ring apron and begins to stomp away at Raven on the outside of the ring!

Back in the ring Juliana Torres slowly rises up to her feet, only to be grabbed by the sVo International Champion, and drilled back down to the mat with a huge spinebuster. With Torres down, the fans rise to their feet in the Goodfellas Casino Arena as Roscoe Shame the International Champion signals that it’s ‘Shame Time’!

Bobby Dean is kicking the life out of Raven on the outside of the ring, as Roscoe Shame patiently waits for Juliana Torres to rise to her feet, before nailing her with a knee to the midsection. Torres doubles over, and Roscoe Shame quickly steps over her before drilling her down to the mat with a massive ‘Shame Time’! With Torres down on the mat and hurting, Roscoe Shame drops down and hooks the leg to make the cover!




This one is all over, and we have new sVo Tag Team Champions, and Roscoe Shame has banked himself a shot at the sVo World Champion after the Ultimate Victory PPV! “Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits the sound system, as Bobby Dean quickly grabs the sVo Tag Team Championship belts, as well as the International and Las Vegas belts from ringside before sliding back into the ring with them. BBD pushes the referee out of the way before presenting one of the belts to his partner Roscoe Shame! The crowd give a mixed reaction as the Company team of Shame and Dean lift their gold into the air in victory! With the Company now holding nearly every piece of gold in the sVo, there domination seems to be nearly completion as Roscoe Shame and Bobby Dean continue to celebrate their title win as sVo Showdown #47 heads off of the air!

RESULT: Roscoe Shame & BBD def. Juliana Torres & Raven via pinfall to become NEW sVo Tag Team Champions

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