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sVo Events

sVo Showdown #040

Its Night vs. Christopher St. James in the main event.

sVo Showdown
25th April 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #040


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, Johnny All Star, Chris Bond and Ronnie Long! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘You’ve been Gilmoured!’, ‘Psyko Stevo – The Best Around’ and ‘Kelly Flawless Just Slept With Your Dead Mom’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.


Psyko Stevo & Scotty Love

The fans are going nuts as the cameras cut backstage and we’re taken to an empty hallway somewhere within the depths of the Goodfellas Casino. As the cameras pan around the hallway the crowd pops as standing next to a wall is none other than the sVo head of security himself, Scott Love. Love is impatiently tapping his feet, apparently waiting for someone.

Love: Dammit, he’s late.

Love continues to pace and we finally see a figure turn a corner at the end of the hallway and start to march towards Scott Love. As the cameras focus in on the figure in the distance, we see that it is a man in a suit carrying an envelope.

Love: You gotta be kidding me, that’s not even him.

Love immediately starts to walk towards the man and the two are quickly standing face to face, looking at one another. The man in the suit looks down at the envelope, then up at Scott Love.

Man: I believe this is for you.

The man in the suit hands Scott Love the envelope and Love looks at it.

Love: What the hell is this? I don’t got time for this crap.

Love rips open the envelope and one of his eyebrows raise as the cameras pan in and we see that it is just a white piece of paper with the word, “hi” on it.

Love: Are you kiddin m…

As Love looks up, he immediately stumbles backwards, as standing right in front of him is the former 2x World Heavyweight Champion of the sVo himself, Psyko Stevo.

Love: Stevo!

Stevo: Scotty, what’s happening. I take it you got my message?

Love looks down at the piece of paper then back up at Stevo. Finally, he just crumples the paper up in his hand and tosses it at the chest of Stevo.

Love: Yea, I got your damn message. Hi.

Stevo: Right, well… you wanted to see me?

Love: Yea, I did want to see you.

Love reaches into his back pocket and pulls out quite a large letter sized envelope. The envelope is addressed to Stevo and it appears to be stuffed to the brim with papers. Love, not even bothering to open the envelope, just forces it into the hands of the Psyko Stevo.

Stevo: What is this?

Love: Official paperwork, you got your wish… you’re the General Manager of the sVo.

Stevo flashes a quick smile as he opens the envelope and starts to go through the papers.

Love: No lawsuits now, right?

Stevo looks down from the paperwork and still smiling, looks directly at Scott Love.

Stevo: No lawsuits.

Love: Look, this is only temporary, while the sVo legal team takes a look at everything…

Stevo puts all of the papers back into the envelope, closes it shut, stuffs it in his breast pocket and turns his back to the head of security.

Love: What are you doing?

Stevo: That’s all I needed… have a good day Mr. Love.

Stevo continues to walk away and Scott Love looks on, confused.

Love: You don’t have any questions or anything?

Stevo stops, raises his right arm in the air and starts tapping his foot. He spins around, looks at Love and nods his head.

Stevo: The only question I have, pertains to something that really isn’t all that relevant right now.

Love: Go on….

Stevo: Well, I’d love to know who you’re working for and answering too… you wouldn’t just want to tell me that, would you? Let the cat out of the bag?

Love smiles at Stevo, his lips remain motionless though.

Stevo: Yea, I didn’t think so.

Stevo once again turns his back to Love and starts walking away.

Love: What, that’s it?

Stevo: I’ll get my answers in due time Scotty… no sense trying to get them out of you when there are plenty of other projects that are much more important at this current venture.

Love: Other projects? What are you talking about.

This time it’s the Psyko One who turns towards Love and smiles, and this time it is Psyko Stevo, whoose lips remain motionless.

Stevo: All in good time Scott… all in good time.

Stevo once again, and for the final time, turns his back of the sVo head of security and marches off down the hallway as the fans can only look on with confusion as to what “projects” Psyko Stevo could have been referring too.

Where’s Johnny?

Backstage at Goodfellas Casino Arena, the loading bay already chaotic and a mess of production trucks and crew parking becomes even more chaotic as a man in purple and black wrestling tights – the sVo champion, Night – rushes into the lot. He is tailed closely by his mentor and manager Akira Kimura who seems to be trying to reason with the seemingly possessed masked wrestler.

Akira Kimura: Night, this is crazy – you have a match tonight, you can’t afford to be running around on some kind of wild goose chase.

Either Night did not hear or did not listen to Master Kimura’s wise words as he darts his head back and forth, clearly looking for something, or someone. Clearly not seeing what he wants to see, he catches sight of the loading dock manager and rushes towards him.

Manager: Hey Champ, good luck tonight.

Night: Thanks. Have you seen All-Star?

Manager: What?

Night: Johhny All-Star. I need to find Johnny All-Star.

Clearly thrown by Night’s direct and focused demands, the man hesitates.

Manager: … I don’t think he’s booked tonight.

Night: He’s not here yet?

Manager: I don’t think he’s coming. Guy just got his wife back… give him a break, I’m sure he needed a personal week, he’s been through a lot.

His mask can not hide Night’s displeasure at this news. He scowls as he storms out of the loading dock with Master Kimura in tow and leaving the dock manager scratching his head.

Akira Kimura: See? He’s not here. He’s not coming. Where are you going now?

Night: I have to speak to All-Star, Master.

The Corporation vs. Canadian Connection vs. Los Locos

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and El Locon charges right into a big boot from Crippler. El Locon gets back up and receives a toe kick from Crippler. Crippler follows it up with a body punch to El Locon. Crippler measures El Locon and connects with an overhand punch to El Locon. Crippler smiles at El Locon and connects with a slap. El Locon gets fire up and delivers a grapple elbow strike to Crippler. El Locon goes for a big right hand but Crippler ducks and applies a bear hug to El Locon. El Locon escapes with an ear clap. Crippler responds with a kick to the midsection followed up by a headlock. El Locon pushes Crippler against the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Crippler ducks. El Locon turns around right into a shoulder claw. El Locon tries to fight out of it but Crippler delivers a snapmare to El Locon followed up by a neck lock. El Locon starts to get up and escapes with a side walk slam to Crippler. Both men get up and El Locon connects with a big knee smash to Crippler. El Locon follows it up with a big punch to Crippler followed up by a scoop slam to Crippler. El Locon pins Crippler.



Interrupted by Juliana Torres.

El Locon tags in Angel The Malignant. Angel enters the ring and along with El Locon deliver a double elbow drop on Crippler. Angel picks up Crippler and delivers a neck lock suplex to Crippler. Angel picks up Crippler and delivers a headbutt to Crippler. Angel now applies a neck twist to Crippler. Crippler starts to get up and counters the move with a Russian leg sweep to Angel. Crippler picks up Angel and delivers a club to the neck of Angel. Crippler bounces off the ropes looking for a clothesline but Angel ducks and delivers an atomic drop to Crippler. Angel grabs Crippler and delivers an elbow to the back of the head of Crippler. Angel follows it up with a forearm smash to Crippler. Angel goes for another one but Crippler ducks and delivers a super atomic drop to Angel. Crippler follows it up with a Bubba Bomb to Angel. Crippler picks up Angel and applies a full nelson to Angel. Angel low kicks Crippler to escape the hold. Angel now starts to angry stomp Crippler. Crippler tries to get up but receives a double axe handle from Angel. Angel pins Crippler.



Interrupted by Rey Rosario.

Angel argues with the referee and Raven takes advantage tagging himself in. Raven enters the ring and applies a reverse chin lock on Crippler. Crippler tries to get up but Raven releases the hold and delivers a big stomp on Crippler. Raven goes for the pin on Crippler.



Interrupted by El Locon.

Raven tags in Juliana Torres. Raven and Torres pick up Crippler and deliver a double ddt on Crippler. Torres quickly grabs Crippler by a leg and applies a leg lock on Crippler. Crippler dragsa himself to the ropes causing the rope break. Torres gets up and stomps on the leg of Crippler. Crippler tries to get up but Torres kicks the leg of Crippler under him. Torres pins Crippler.



Interrupted by Angel The Malignant

Torres goes after Angel and does not realize that Crippler has finally made a tag to Rey Rosario. Torres gets her focus back on Crippler and goes for a punch but Crippler ducks and gives her a few punches of his own making her back pedal right into a full nelson from Rosario to Torres. Torres slides down the body of Rosario and kicks him in the face. Torres tries to throw Rosario against the turnbuckle but Rosario reverses and throws Torres against the corner and connects with a turnbuckle clothesline on her. Rosario goes to the opposing corner and tries another one but Torres gets out of the way and connects with a knee attack on the corner. Torres picks up Rosario and chops him, Rosario fires back with one of his own and now a chop battle has ensued between them. Rosario gets the best of the situation surrounding Torres in a corner and now delivers a big thump to Torres. Rosario follows it up with a big chop to Torres. Rosario goes to the opposing corner and charges at Torres but Torres catches him with a drop toe hold to Rosario. Torres now uses her foot to choke Rosario. Torres picks up Rosario and tries a turnbuckle smash but Rosario blocks it and delivers the turnbuckle smash to Torres. Torres steps away from the corner and Rosario grabs her by her hair and delivers another turnbuckle smash and another one in all 10 turnbuckle smashes to Torres. Torres snaps out of it and delivers a big slap to Rosario out of nowhere. Rosario smiles and clotheslines Torres to the mat. Rosario bounces off the ropes and connects with a running leg drop on Torres. Torres rolls out of the ring and Rosario follows her going through the second and top rope. Torres gets up and receives a vaulting body press from Rosario. Rosario throws Torres back to the ring. Rosario tries to get in himself but receives a baseball slide from Torres. Torres goes outside to pick up Rosario and dump him back to the ring. Torres gets in the ring as well and picks up Rosario and places him on the top rope. Torres climbs up with him and goes for a top rope hurracanrana but Rosario holds on to the top rope and Torres goes down hard. Torres gets up and receives a top rope double axe handle by Rosario. Rosario pins Torres.



Interrupted by Raven.

Rosario tags in Canadian Crippler. Crippler and Rosario throw Torres against the ropes and they deliver a double clothesline to Torres. Crippler quickly climbs the ropes and delivers a diving elbow drop on Torres. Crippler pins Torres.



Interrupted by El Locon

Crippler gets up but gets slapped in the back by Angel The Malignant who is now the legal man. Torres starts to get up but receives a running shoulder block from Angel. Angel pins Torres.



Interrupted by Rey Rosario.

Angel grabs Rosario and throws him over the top rope meanwhile Torres has tagged in Raven. Angel turns around and starts to receive punches from both members of The Corporation. Raven finally grabs Angel and delivers a neckbreaker to Angel. Raven picks up Angel and delivers a reverse mat slam to Angel. Raven pins Angel.



Interrupted by Canadian Crippler.

Raven turns around and spears Crippler meanwhile Angel has tagged in El Locon. El Locon enters the ring and along with Angel they start double stomping on Raven. El Locon waits for Raven to get up and charges at Raven and delivers a bulldog to Raven. El Locon pins Raven.



Interrupted by Juliana Torres.

El Locon tags in Angel The Malignant. Los Locos now pick up Raven and deliver body attacks to Raven. Angel now applies a sleeper hold to Raven. Raven quickly escapes with a jaw breaker on Angel. Raven bounces off the ropes and receives a flapjack from Angel. Angel pins Raven.



Interrupted by Rey Rosario.

Rosario picks up Angel and pushes him to his corner so that Canadian Crippler can tag himself in. Crippler bounces off the ropes and connects with a big splash pin on Raven.



Interrupted by El Locon!

Crippler gets up and starts fighting it out with El Locon. Angel The Malignant and Rey Rosario get in the ring as well. And now Los Locos and The Canadian Connection are going at it. Crippler ducks a blow from El Locon and throws him over the top rope to the outside. On the other side we see Raven make a tag to Juliana Torres who drops to the floor as Raven lays motionless in the mat. Rosario clotheslines Angel The Malignant over the top rope making both of them go over. Crippler goes to pick up Raven but Raven low blows Crippler and Torres gets in quickly and goes for The Corporate DDT but Crippler counters with an armbar takedown followed up by The Canadian Lock on Torres. Raven tries to do something about it but is dragged out of the ring by Rey Rosario. Torres sees no help coming and decides to tap out.

Winner: Canadian Connection & Rey Rosario

An Excused Absence

A satellite feed starts up as the big screen goes to Ronnie Long outside a church in California.

Ronnie Long: ‘I’m sorry to anyone who actually came to see me take on Chris Bond tonight. However, since the kidnapping of Paige Johnson, sVo has been unable to get memos like they should. About a week and half ago, a Marine buddy of mine was murdered in his home and this was the first chance his family got to hold a funeral for him. I went through the proper channels to relay this information to the headquarters of sVo, but someone did not get the memo. So I am sorry, but sometimes saying good-bye to a good friend is way more important than some face time on national television, and a victory over a man who would be just memory in my books. Thank you!’

The satellite feed breaks away, as the lights in the arena come back to full and the crowd in the arena start to chant.


Psyko Stevo & Scotty Love

The cameras cut backstage and the fans pop as we see the brand new General Manager of the sVo, Psyko Stevo, standing in a roped off section of the Goodfellas Casino. Surrounding Stevo, is a construction team of no less than fifty workers. The workers are engaged in all sorts of construction related activities, some are cutting lumber down into smaller pieces, others are hoisting dry wall, others are just surveying a large wall of the Goodfellas Casino.

Stevo: All right guys… let her rip!

One of the construction workers in a hard hat gives Psyko Stevo a thumbs up before pulling a walkie talkie to his mouth.

Worker: Do it!


The fans pop can be hear all the way from the arena as one of the walls of the Goodfellas Casino suddenly implodes and comes crumbling down. Psyko Stevo starts laughing out loud as construction workers immediately get to work, sifting through the debris and rubble.

Stevo: Good job people, let’s get to work on this!

As the construction team gets to work on the yet to be named project, the camears pan around the scene and we see a detail of sVo security members, flanked by Scott Love himself, rushing into the picture.

Love: Stevo! What the hell is going on here, you okay!?

Stevo raises his right hand as the security team swarms around him.

Stevo: I’m fine… it’s just part of the plan, nothing to be alarmed about.

Love: Plan? I wasn’t informed of any kind of plan.

Stevo: Oh, I’m just added a new wing onto the Goodfellas Casino.

Love: A new wing? Are you crazy?

Stevo: No I’m not crazy… the Goodfellas Casino needs this, it’s gonna put this place on the map.

Love stands there scratching his head.

Stevo: Don’t worry Scott, it’s all under control.

Love: Look, you can’t just go blowing out walls of this casino, you don’t have that authority… you gotta run that by…

Love quickly catches himself before he lets too much information slip.

Love: Well you gotta run that by me.

Stevo pulls the large envelope that Love had handed to him earlier in the night out of his breast pocket. He opens the envelope and points towards a section of the contract.

Stevo: Apparently, according to this bad boy that you handed to me earlier… I really don’t have to run anything by you, your bosses… or anyone else for that matter.

Love: Give me that!

Love snags the contract, looks down at it and then back at Stevo.

Love: It doesn’t say anything about blowing up portions of the casino for rebuilding projects.

Stevo snags the paperwork back from Love.

Stevo: No, but it does say that I have the authority to make executive decisions related to the growth and prosperity of the sVo. This is all about putting this federation back on the map, Love. Work with me here.

Love: Okay… what exactly is going to be built here, and how much is it going to cost?

Stevo smiles.

Stevo: Now you’re asking the right questions. Love, all I’m building is an office for the General Manager, myself. Oh, and we’re gonna put in a nice gift shop, some more gaming areas and… The Winners Lounge.

Love: The what?

Stevo: The Winners Lounge. It’s gonna be the hottest spot in Vegas.

Love: You’re building a nightclub?

Stevo: Basically…

Love: How is that supposed to help a wrestling promotion grow?

Stevo: You let me worry about that.

Love: Okay, how much are all of these renovations going to cost.

Stevo reaches into another one of his pockets and pulls out some additional paperwork.

Stevo: Ah, glad you brought that up. Here’s the best part about all of this Scott… see, you sign here on this line, and all of this is free of charge to the sVo.

Love: Free of charge, you’re paying for this?

Stevo: Sure… I mean I’ll run it all, I’ll be the one who nets the profit all of the activity on the wing, but yes, I’ll cover it all.

Love snags the paperwork and applies his signature on the dotted line.

Love: Fine, all of this… it’s YOUR responsibility! I wash my hands of it!

Love shoves the paperwork back into Stevo’s arms and turns his back as he, and his security detail walk away together. Stevo immediately turns his attention towards the construction team and smiles.

Stevo: Come on people, let’s pick it up! This wing isn’t going to build itself!

DVD & Limp vs. Travis Williams & Anti-Hero

Headstrong by Trapt plays as DVD and Limp come out staring at their surroundings. Both men walk slowly to the ring with intense looks on their faces.
The referee calls for the bell to begin the match, and each team decides who will start. It will be DVD and Travis Williams.

DVD starts the match off by laying into Anti-Hero with a stiff right hand. Anti-Hero stumbles back along the ropes as DVD continues to fire off with right hands, eventually backing AH into the corner. DVD then sends him screaming to the far corner with a hard Irish whip, and follows up with a crushing clothesline in the corner. Anti-Hero lurches forward, and DVD lifts him up into the air with a vertical suplex. As soon as Anti-Hero hits the mat, DVD floats over to a mounted position, and continues to pummel away at the masked man’s face.

The crowd roars with approval. In the corner, Limp is calling for a tag, to which his partner obliges. DVD lifts Anti-Hero up off the mat, and twists his arm behind his back. Then corralling Anti-Hero to the team’s corner, DVD uses his free hand to tag in Limp.
Limp immediately hops up to the top rope, and springboards into Anti-Hero’s chest with a beautiful front dropkick. Limp then goes for a quick pin attempt, drawing the referee to his knees to make the count.



Anti-Hero kicks out easily after the two count, as it will take a little more effort to put him away. Limp seems unfazed by the kick out, and drags Anti-Hero to his feet. A couple knife-edge chops have the masked man backed against the ropes, and Limp follows up with a knee to the midsection. He sends Anti-Hero across the ring with an Irish whip, but as he hits the far ropes, Travis Williams slaps his back, making a blind tag. Limp ducks down for a back body drop, but Anti-Hero is wise to his game, and gives him a big soccer kick to the chest. The kick stands Limp up straight, but he only remains upright for a moment, as Williams rushes in and sends him to the canvas with a running lariat.

Anti-Hero slowly trots over and climbs out the apron, leaving Williams to clean up in the ring. Limp slowly climbs flips him over with a snapmare, and applies a reverse chinlock. The referee keeps an eye on Limp, making sure he catches any tap outs or submissions, but a move like this is more for wearing down than finishing.
Suddenly, a massive Limp chant breaks out in the audience, which Limp begins to feed off of. He reaches up, grabbing Williams’ hands, and slowly pulls them away from his chin. Letting go of one of his hands, Limp swings his elbow back, connecting with Williams’ jaw. The shot stuns Williams, but he doesn’t give up trying to reapply the chinlock. He uses all his strength to force his hands back to Limp’s chin, but Limp gets a shot of adrenaline all his own, and forces his hands away for good. Williams takes a step back, and Limp rolls backwards with him, landing a desperation kick on Williams’ face. Williams stumbles back, and makes a tag bringing Anti-Hero back into the match.

The masked man runs across the ring, and grabs a hold of Limp’s foot, seconds before he can make a tag to DVD. Anti-Hero drags the worn down Limp back to the center of the ring, and clubs him relentlessly in the back of the head, all the while staring at DVD who can’t do a thing about it. Finally, after the fifth or sixth club to the head DVD hops through the ropes and starts towards Anti-Hero. The referee quickly steps in between them, directing DVD to return to his corner.

Using the distraction, Anti-Hero drags Limp to his team’s corner and summons Williams into the ring. Williams looks rather hesitant, feeling that he is above cheating. Anti-Hero stands there with Limp still in his arms, screaming at Williams to climb through the ropes. Williams continues to shake his head, and eventually turns his head and looks away from his tag team partner. The referee finally turns back around, effectively ending the opportunity to cheat. Anti-Hero drops Limp in a heap on the mat and steps towards Williams. Showing his frustration, Anti-Hero slaps Williams hard on the chest, yelling at him the whole time. In the referee’s eyes, the slap constitutes as a tag, and he orders Williams into the match, Williams slides through the ropes, and stands over the fallen body of Limp and brings him to his feet. He drives his elbow sharply into Limp’s midsection, and then whips him off the far ropes. As Limp is running back towards him Williams dashes forward and jumps into the air looking for a leg lariat. However, Limp manages to duck under Williams’ leg, and continues running. As he bounces off the ropes a second time, he comes back at Williams, who turns around just in time. He flips Limp around for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Limp miraculously keeps spinning, and plants Williams’ head on the mat with an amazing tornado DDT.

The crowd is on their feet, getting behind Limp as, little by little, he crawls towards his corner. DVD has his arm stretched out as far as humanly possible, encouraging his partner as he awaits the tag. On the other side of things, Anti-Hero has his arms up in the air, screaming at Williams to hurry up and tag him in.

Inch-by-inch, the two men get closer to their partners. Finally, Williams manages to tag in Anti-Hero, who is quick to hop back over the ropes after his short rest. However, just as he gets to his opponent, Limp flops up in the air, and makes the tag. The crowd roars as DVD hops to the top turnbuckle, and dives at Anti-Hero, hitting him with a missile dropkick. He pulls Anti-Hero’s his head up from the canvas, and pummels it with his free hand. DVD then looks up to see Williams on his feet and he makes a mad dash across the ring dropping Williams to the mat with a dropkick. As he gets to his feet, DVD senses someone behind him and turns and fires with another dropkick that puts Anti-Hero on his ass.

With both opponents down DVD roars to the crowd, getting them pumped up. The fans roar back as DVD begins to stalk Anti-Hero. Anti-Hero slowly makes his way to his feet; the crowd quieting down as to not alert the man on the impending attack waiting behind him. He turns around, and DVD delivers a straight punch to the jaw. Anti-Hero is stunned for a moment, and DVD continues along by lifting him up into the air and dropping him down with a back breaker. Still holding onto AH DVD lifts him back up. However, just as he is about to body slam Anti-Hero to the mat, AH slips over his shoulder, and lands on his feet.

DVD turns quickly, right into a kick to the mid section. A little off balance, Anti-Hero struggles to continue his attack, but manages to grab a hold of DVD and sets him up for a bodyslam. Just as he’s about to execute the move Limp climbs into the ring and clothesline Anti-Hero from behind, effectively breaking him away from DVD. The back attack draws Williams back into the fray, and he grabs Limp from behind. He spins Limp around and tries a clothesline, but Limp ducks and counters with a clothesline that sends Williams flying over the top rope to the outside where Limp stays on the attack.

In the ring DVD has taken control over Anti-Hero with a knee to the midsection causing AH to double over. Wasting no time, DVD stays on the attack and signals for the DVD Cutter. He grabs hold of AH and sends the man crashing to the mat and makes the cover.




DVD and Limp have done it! They are the new Tag Team Champions!

Winner: DVD & Limp

Where’s Johnny Part 2

The sVo head offices inside the casino – not too far from the arena. Far outside business hours, most of the lights remain extinguished except for a handful of front office staff working late taking care of the administrative side of Showdown. A knock on the glass doors leading to the front reception draws the attention of all and they are surprised to see sVo star Night and a very irritated looking Akira Kimura standing next to him.

The unexpected visit from the sVo champion leads the receptionist to unlock the door.

Receptionist: Night? We’ve never met, I’m Helen, how can I help you?

Night: Hello, Helen. I need your help.

Helen: Help? With what?

Night: I need to get in touch with Johnny All-Star.

Akira Kimura: I apologize for my student, he allows himself to become fixated on unimportant matters when there is business to attend to.

Kimura glares at the masked wrestler who remains unflinching.

Helen: I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can give you that kind of information.

Night: It’s important. I’ve tried his cell phone, he’s not answering me. I need his home number or his address – or I need you to tell me where he is… or call him in… whatever. I don’t care what it takes, I need to talk to Johnny All-Star NOW.

Helen: Night, I’m sorry, I just work at the front desk – I’m not authorized to give you personal details of other staff members…

Having heard enough, Master Kimura raises a hand before interjecting.

Akira Kimura: Please do not apologize. My student is out of line.

Once more, Kimura looks harshly on Night who now seems to soften under his mentor’s stern gaze.

Akira Kimura: We are sorry to have wasted your time, Helen.

Night: … sorry.

Helen: That’s ok. Good luck tonight.

Night seems somewhat stunted – unable to move or speak properly.

Night: Thank you.

Grabbing him by the arm like a child being scolded, Kimura ushers Night from the office. Once through the front door and around the corner, Kimura stops, turning Night to face him. Ashamed and frustrated, Night avoids his manager’s eyes.

Akira Kimura: This is getting ridiculous, Akumu. Harassing front office staff. Leaving the arena… you have a match coming up! You may be the champion but you are not unbeatable. Get your head together – give up looking for All-Star. He’s not here this week, he’ll probably be back next week, talk to him then. Right now you get ready for Christopher St. James – got it?

Seething, Kimura seems unusually frazzled. Still, Night remains partially unmoved and stubborn.

Akira Kimura: I have to get some fresh air, get your head together and don’t let me catch you trying to find All-Star tonight. Get ready for your match.

Kimura storms off as Night remains motionless, staring at the entrance to the arena.

Paid Off

So far we’ve already had an eventful night here at the Goodfella’s Casino arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for sVo wrestling when Howard “The Bank” Thompson is spotted backstage leaving what appears to be, Ronnie Long’s locker room.

Thompson walks away and has a big smile on his face as he seems confident about something, but what?

The camera’s catch him speaking aloud too himself, thinking he is alone…

Howard: “Everybody’s got a price!”

Thompson begins to laugh hysterically as he turns to walk down the hallway… He spots a camera!


Howard: “What the?!”

He goes racing up to the sVo camera man.

Howard: “Where did you come from? Turn this thing off!”

Just then… the scene goes to pitch black and we lose what is going on.


What was that all about though? Hmmm…..

Howard Thompson© vs. Kid F’n Cool

“Money” by Pink Floyd hits the pa system as Howard “The Bank” Thompson steps out from the backstage area and onto the top of the ramp way in front of a titantron. Thompson sports a pair of black boots, red knee pads, a white pair of wrestling trunks with a dollar sign on it in green as well as white wrist tape. Howard struts his stuff down the ramp way with the fans booing him like crazy. Howard has a sparkling green robe on that he takes off as soon as he enters the ring. He stands up in a corner and stretches as his music begins to fade now.

This is the start of something… COOL.

“Coming to the ring, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, standing six feet tall
and weighing in at a Cool, 214 pounds. The one, the only, The Heir of all things
COOL… Kid Cool!!!!

A mixed chorus of boo’s and eggs, rains down from the Las Vegas faithful. Daps and Pounds blares over the PA, almost drowning them out. Kid Cool struts his COOL ass down to the ring, stopping to fake high five some of the fans. Upon arrival, The Kid slides under the bottom rope, and ascends the turnbuckles for a little show and tell. Reciprocating the fans appreciation of him, by flipping them off a couple of times. Even going as far as to joke around with some of the front row patrons.
(The ones’ not there to see COOL.) After a few insults, K”f”C throws his customary pair of Cool appointed shades into the audience. The Cool then finds his final resting place atop the third turnbuckle. There, the heir of all things COOL remains perched, awaiting the opening bell.

The referee calls for the bell, and the match is underway. Thompson and Cool circle the ring, and then lock up. Cool quickly locks in a headlock, then sends the Las Vegas Champion off the ropes with an Irish whip. When he bounces back, Cool leans forward for a back body drop, but Thompson counters with a stingy kick to the chest. Cool staggers backwards a couple of steps, and then is taken to the mat with a diving clothesline. He quickly hops on top Cool, and lays into him with a series of right hands to the head. Cool struggles, and finally manages to wiggle free.

He clambers to his feet, but is caught by a stiff right fist from Thompson. The Champ grabs Cool and sends him off the far ropes, but Cool is smart enough to hold onto the ropes, avoiding a dropkick attempt. Thompson hits the mat, and is momentarily stunned. Cool takes advantage of the Champ’s miscue, dropping an elbow down across his throat. Thompson gasps for air, but Cool doesn’t give him a chance to catch it, as he hops back to his feet, and drops another elbow down across his throat. Thompson looks to be in trouble, but things go from bad to worse as Cool locks in a triangle choke.

The referee checks for a tap out, but Thompson has only escape on his mind. He struggles and free himself, but Cool tightens his legs around the Champ’s neck. The referee checks again, and notices that Thompson is fading fast. He lifts Thompson’ arm in the air and it drops to the mat.


He lifts the arm again, and it drops.


The ref lifts Thompson’s arm a third time and lets go. The arm falls towards the mat, but just before it makes contact with the canvas, Thompson shoots back to life. His fist starts to shake as he raises it towards the roof. The ref signals for the match to continue, and Thompson starts to fight back. With his free arm, he swings wildly, trying to connect with any kind of strike he can. He manages to smash Cool right in the face, but the submission hold is still locked in securely. He connects with another smash to the face, finally causing Cool’s grip to loosen. Then with a sudden show of strength, Thompson starts to pick Cool up off the mat. However, Cool lets go of the triangle hold and falls back to the mat. He pulls himself back away from Thompson, who is finally able to catch his breath. Cool lunges up from the mat, tackling Thompson to the mat. The two men exchange blows, rolling around the ring in a frenzy of flailing arms and legs.

Eventually they make it to their feet, both showing the toll the match has taken on them. Cool fires away with a haymaker, but Thompson blocks it. Cool with another haymaker, and Thompson with another block. This time, Thompson fires back with a stiff right hand, and then another, and another. The series of punches has Kid Cool backed into a corner. The Las Vegas Champion then sends Cool screaming across the ring, and into the far corner. He follows up with a big splash into the corner, but Cool ducks out of the way and goes for a neckbreaker, but Thompson counters by swinging around and connecting with his finisher, The Bank Drop. Exhausted, he drops down on top of Cool and makes a pin attempt. The referee slides into position and makes the count.




Winner: Howard Thompson

Killer White vs. La Envidia Mata

Killer White is already in the ring awaiting his opponent as he stands there getting ready for the match.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of La Envidia Mata. Then La Envidia Mata comes out completely ignoring the crowd.

The bell sounds.

Killer White and La Envidia Mata tie up.

Killer pushes Mata into the ropes and has him leaning on them. White grabs his hand and proceeds to whip him across the ring. La Envidia returns and boots Killer White in the jaw because he wasn’t paying attention and instead decided to bow down his head. White lifts his head up and then takes a clothesline that knocks him down!

La Envidia Mata runs to the ropes, comes back and nails Killer White with a drop kick to the face! He goes down and he tries for a quick cover.



Just a one count.

Killer White pushes him off and then starts to get back up too his feet.

The big monster won’t stay down as La Envidia Mata also rolls away, grabs the ropes and helps himself back up. At this time, the two men rush towards each other and go for some sort of offensive maneuver to take the lead in this contest. Mata ducks a clothesline and then hit’s Killer White with a enziguri! Killer White is about to go down but doesn’t as he stumbles around.

Mata now grabs him from behind and goes for a back suplex. White however reverses the momentum and lands on top of him.




La Envidia Mata got his shoulder up.

Neither man gets up just yet as the ref checks on them and no movement has begun so the ref counts while the fans watch on and start to clap and make some noise.




Finally, some signs of life!



They begin to roll around and end up on their knees.


Both men are back up and fire shots back and forth.

Killer White takes the advantage and has La Envidia Mata on the ropes. He whips him into the corner and follows in. Mata catches him with an elbow though! White stumbles back and then Envidia comes running at him with a cross body! Both men get back up and now Mata nails him with a drop kick. Killer White rolls away and then gets back up again.

Mata now runs at him again but this time he catches him with his hand to his throat. Killer White looks to end it with the chokeslam but the momentum is in La Envidia’s grasp and he takes him down with the Godbreaker! A modified chin buster into his knees and that had to kill the neck and throat of Killer White who is down from it!

Mata rolls over and crawls on top as the ref makes the count.




Winner: La Envidia Mata

Talon vs. Roscoe Shame

The lights drop as red and white lasers begin to flash all over the arena. Fans cry out in surprise at the black-out as ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ begins to blast through the speakers. A spotlight shines on the curtain as a solitary figure steps through, clothed in the black, red and white. He stands there, grinning as he spreads out his arms and lets out a battle cry. Talon makes his way down the ramp, waving and high-fiving fans before entering the ring. He hands his coat off to someone at ringside before raising his arms in the air and taking his place in the ring.

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and raises the International Championship high.

Shame and Talon shake hands before locking up… the veteran Talon takes the advantage, using his speed and ring awareness to work Shame into a headlock… but Shame lifts Talon into the air, whirls him around, and slams him back down onto the mat! Shame is using the size advantage to have his way with a returning Talon!

Shame takes advantage of a breathless Talon, lifting him up and throwing him across the ring! Talon bounces off the mat and rests against the ring rope, his eyes bugging out… he didn’t expect it to be this hard!

Shame runs, ready to give Talon the big boot, but he ducks, making Shame’s boot go through the ropes and getting him momentarily stuck! Using the element of surprise, Talon grabs Shame’s other leg and lifts it up, launching Shame over the top rope to the outside!

Not wasting any time, Talon goes up to the top rope and launches into a missile dropkick- Death from Above! Talon hits the rising Shame and hits the mat hard, both men are now down and the referee begins to count!


Shame rolls over from the guard rail and holds his head as Talon coughs and tries to get off of his back.


Both men rise to their knees as the crowd chants for both men.


Talon is first to his feet, charging Shame with a battle cry!


Shame is to his feet next as the two men explode in a display of blasts and shots, going back and forth and each man refusing to go down!


Shame gets the upper hand here, attempting to Irish whip Talon into the guard rail, but Talon blocks it and hits Shame with a shoulder to try to weaken him!


Talon attempts a spinebuster on Shame, but can’t get the lift he wants as Shame reverses it… AND NAILS HIM WITH SHAME TIME!


Talon is out cold as Shame lifts him to his feet and rolls him into the ring… he wants the victory NOW!


Shame steps into the ring, parading a bit for the fans as he enters the ring and pins the prone Talon.



THR-NOO!!! Talon gets his shoulder up! Shame cannot believe it, but Talon is up and breathing! The hardy veteran won’t go down without a fight!

Talon’s to his feet, slapping Shame across the face before bouncing off the ring ropes and nailing Shame with a clothesline! Shame goes down and Talon goes to the top rope… he isn’t done with him!

Shame gets to his feet, and Talon launches himself from the top rope… LAUNDRY LINE! Shame is down and Talon can go for the pinfall!



THR-NO!!! Shame gets a shoulder up and Talon straightens himself up, pulls his hair back and goes back to work! He lifts Shame to his feet and chops him across the chest before attempting another spinebuster… he nails it! Talon goes for another pin!



THRE-NO!!! Shame gets the shoulder up and elbows Talon in the head as he does, staggering the veteran and sending him stumbling! Shame takes advantage of this, hitting the dazed Talon with a big boot! He thinks he has him, but Talon gets right back up and attacks the larger Shame as the two men go back and forth with big punches, and the crowd is on their feet!

Shame gets the advantage, nailing Talon in the stomach and lifting him off his feet… SPINEBUSTER! Talon is down and Shame can get the win now! Wait a second… what’s this?

IT’S KID F’N COOL OUT IN THE ARENA! Chris Bond stands at the top of the ramp, an approving grin on his face as Kid COOL races out with something in his hand… is that a sandbag?

Shame steps away to see what the ruckus is and leans out, poking his head out the ropes as the referee checks on Talon and Bond just stands at the top there, grinning. Shame asks Kid COOL, fresh from his Las Vegas Championship match against Howard Thompson earlier, what he’s doing… WHEN KID COOL SLAPS HIM WITH THE SANDBAG!

Shame stumbles back, holding his face… TALON WITH A SPEAR TO THE MAT! HE’S GOING FOR THE PIN!



THREE! Talon’s done it, here on Showdown #40 in a big way, continuing Roscoe Shame’s losing streak and coming up with a big win and a successful debut! Talon lifts Shame to his feet, pointing at him as the crowd thanks both men for a hard-fought match. Talon looks up the ramp at Bond and Kid COOL… is this the newest recruit for the Industry? And if so, why would they help Talon?

Winner: Talon

Pysko Stevo & Howard Thompson

The cameras once again cut away from the action and we’re taken back to Psyko Stevo and his construction crew. The crew has started to put walls up and craft the master vision that Psyko Stevo has created.

Stevo: Good work people, you keep plugging away at this… there’s something I gotta take care of really fast. Remember, the faster this gets built, the more I’m gonna pay you.

The construction crew remains hard at work as Psyko Stevo turns his back on them and walks down the hallway, makes a right and enters the wrestlers locker room area. Stevo surveys the scene and the crowd pops as we see the sVo World Champ, Night, making his way past Psyko Stevo. Stevo continues to walk and we see the likes of Nathan Paradine, Tobias and a host of other superstars. Stevo finally turns a corner and comes to the door that he was looking for. He extends his hand, and knocks.

Voice: Yea, come on in.

Psyko Stevo turns the handle and walks into the locker room. He is immediately greeted by none other than the sVo Las Vegas Champ, Howard “The Bank” Thompson.

Howard: Stevo! Hey, whats up?

Stevo walks over to Howard Thompson and extends his hand, which Howard shakes.

Stevo: Howie, we need to talk.

Howard: Okay… but remember, it’s Howard.

Stevo: Right… okay Howie, look… I was recently named the official General Manager of the sVo.

Howards eyes light up at a bit as Stevo continues to talk.

Stevo: This position… gives me a lot of flexibility in the way things are run around here. It’s quite a big responsibility.

Howard: I imagine it must be.

Stevo: Right… that’s where you fit in.

Howard: Me?

Stevo: Yes. I’m going to need a second in command, and it’s got to be someone I trust. I could bring in someone from the outside, but it would just take too long for me to explain the intricate inner workings of the sVo to them. Look Howie… Howard. I need a winner at my side, I need someone who can deliver results. I need you, to become the official, “Assistant to the General Manager”. What do you say buddy?

Howard’s eyes light up a bit as he imagines the possiblities. Finally, he comes back to reality and starts to ask some questions.

Howard: I’m interested… tell me though, what’s in it for Howard Thompson? Do I get a raise?

Stevo: Well… no. Not officially at least.

Howard: Can I make matches for Showdown cards?

Stevo: Um… no.

Howard: New parking space with my title?

Stevo: Okay, here’s the thing Howard… this position, it’s kind of an unofficial position.

Howard: Why would I want it then?

Stevo: Well, here’s what I can give you. Exclusive access to the VIP area of the Winners Lounge that I’m building as we speak… it’s gonna be the sickest night club in all of Las Vegas, and YOU, my friend, will be at the center of it all.

Howard’s eyes once again light up.

Howard: Anything else?

Stevo: It might not be a sVo paycheck or official salary increase, but you’ll roll with me and my crew… you’ll never have to worry about money, women, any of that… I got you covered, that’s a Psyko Stevo guarantee.

Howard licks his lips just thinking about the possibilities of everything he has been offered.

Howard: Okay, I’m in. I’ll do it… I’ll become the “Assistant to the General Manager”.

Stevo claps his hands together and smiles.

Stevo: Excellent, are you ready for your first job?

Howard: Um… already?

Stevo: Yea, like right now. You know BBD, right? Bobby Dean, whatever his name is…

Howard: Yea… I know BBD.

Stevo: Go ahead and make sure that he doesn’t make it to Showdown next week.

Howard: What?

Stevo: Take him out of commission.

Howard: Why?

Stevo: Rule number one about your position… don’t ask why. In this case though, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t like BBD.

Howard: I thought you liked his creative clause, you seemed pretty happy about it last week.

Stevo: Yea, well, I wasn’t. BBD tried to make a mockery of the final match of the Psyko Stevo Invitational by turning it into a glorified handicap match. Luckily that moron Chris Bond mouthed off to me and I was able to interject and salvage it.

Howard: Hmm…

Stevo: Look, I’m gonna tell you a secret Howie. There’s a lot of powers that I gain by becoming the General Manager of the sVo. However, there’s a lot of things I have to give up. As bad as I want to run into BBD’s locker room and stab him in the heart and watch him bleed to death… I can’t do that.

Howard: Why not?

Stevo: It wouldn’t look proper.

Howard: Since when do you care about how things look?

Stevo: Dammit! Since I have a stake in this company! Howie, the less questions you ask, the better. Look though, I have to uphold the image of the sVo, even if I’m performing actions that are destroying the very foundation that it’s been built upon beyond the scenes. That’s why I need someone I can trust. I need you to take care of this, and I’m going to need you to sign on board as my right hand man. Can I trust you?

Howard looks off into the distance, obviously thinking about the possible rammifications of his next words. He finally looks back at Stevo, who is slowly nodding his head yes.

Howard: Yea… you can trust me.

Stevo pats Howard on the back before smiling.

Stevo: Good, then go out there and take care of what I just asked you to do.

Howard: O-ok.

Stevo: I’ll be in touch with you… don’t let me down… Assistant.

Howard smiles a confident smile as he remembers his new title. The cameras fade out as Psyko Stevo turns his back on the new, unofficial, “Assistant to the General Manager”, and walks out of the room.

Have You Seen Bobby?

Walking backstage, Chris Bond is looking a little frantic. A little confused, what with the lack of the Beautiful One by his side.

Chris Bond – Have you seen Bobby?

Chris asked a random backstage hand who shook their head and gave him a look like ‘sorry… not today’. So Chris just brushed it off and continued down the hall. He walked up to the make-up lady who was un-packing her kit.

Chris Bond -Trina, have you seen Bobby?

She looked at him.

Trina – No, not today Chris. If you see him, can you ask him for that bottle of baby oil he owes me?

Chris blew off the request and continued on. Every person he asked, they hadn’t seen ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean. Not the random stage hands who were too unimportant to even have a name. Not even the on-hand stylist who was working on stitching the in-seam of a black and red trench coat, had seen him.

Chris Bond – Now, you’re sure you haven’t seen him Shirley? You’re like one of the first people he sees every week.

Shirley shook her head.

Shirley – No, I’m sorry, I haven’t Chris.

Chris looked from side to side, unsure of what to do. Shirley continued finishing the stitching. Unbeknownst to Chris, another individual had joined the conversation.

??? – What’s that matter Bond, lose your shadow?

Chris turned around to come face to face with the Hero of Hostility, well now, the Hero in general, Talon.

Chris Bond – Oh, if it isn’t the boy wonder himself! Did Bruce Wayne lay off Dick Grayson… or did you steal his spot like you stole mine?

Talon’s face was anything but amused, but that didn’t stop Bond from plastering that goofy smile across his face.

Talon – Always with the joke Chris. I guess that’s the difference between you and I. I like to tell jokes, while you… you’re just the biggest joke of them all.

Bond’s smile fades a bit, and he clinches his fist. He rolls his neck, cracking it in the process. Talon looks at him, trying to make sure he didn’t cheap shot. But Bond stood there, maintaining his composure.

Chris Bond – What the hell are you doing over here anyways Rockridge? Isn’t there some hooker for you to save? Or some Canadian who needs to date rape you?

Talon’s smirk returns. Again with the jokes.

Talon – Oh, funny man. Funny man. No Chris, see, I actually have a match tonight. My debut match in fact. And while you’re Searching for Bobby Fisher, I’ll be in the ring kicking ass. So I came over to have Shirley here fix up my coat. After all, I have to look good for my Talonites.

A cheer can be heard throughout the arena.

Chris Bond – I guess we can’t all get lucky enough to face off against Roscoe Shame. Oh wait, been there, done that. Have fun playing for the monkeys T-Bag, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go find my friend. You know, friend. Somebody who you don’t stab in a back. Somebody who wouldn’t steal your title right out from under your grasp and then keep you away from it for months on end.

Chris looks at Talon, and pats him on the shoulder.

Chris Bond – Yup, gotta go find my friend…

Chris smiles as Talon stands there, eyes piercing a hole through him, before walking off down the hallway. Talon mouths a few choice words to himself, as Shirley hands him his trench coat.

Tobias Devereux vs. Nathan Paradine

One last thing before I shuffle off the planet,
I will be the one to make you crawl,
So I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday
Someone call the ambulance… There’s gonna be an accident

As Placebo’s “Infra-Red” echoes around the arena, Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, his arms crossed over his chest and his head bowed. He glances up, the lights reflecting off his sunglasses and he points out towards the crowd, oblivious to their boos. He marches down to the ring and slides in underneath the bottom rope, climbing to his feet and raising an arm up into the air as the music dies away.

The sound of guitars echo through the arena as Hysteria by Muse plays through the arena. The lights are dimmed and multicolor spotlights spin throughout the crowd. The crowd gets up to their feet as the spotlights all merge together turning white in the middle of the crowd. There in the spotlight is the one and only “De Cajun Sensation” Tobias Devereux. Tobias is dressed in his trademark black tights, trench, and fedora. Tobias is making his way through the crowd slapping hands the entire way. Tobias gets to the railing and hops over it. Taking a bow to the crowd he takes off his fedora and throws it into the crowd. Tobias shrugs off his trench before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Tobias kicks up to his feet and makes his way to a nearby corner. Jumping up onto the top rope he taunts at the crowd hyping them up. Tobias jumps off the top rope and proceeds to do the same in every corner before jumping down in the last one and staying in the corner. He waits for the bell as the lights go back to normal.

Tobias and Paradine look each other over as the bell rings. Both men walk around the ring circling each other. Finally both charge in locking up. Tobias quickly with the hook of one of Paradine’s wrist turns it into a wristlock with arm control. Paradine struggles for a moment grabbing Tobia’s own wrist and snapping off a kick before reversing the move into his own armlock. Paradine snaps off a couple of side kicks to the chest of Tobias while holding onto the wrist. Tobias finally rolls forward and back to his feet reversing the hold. Tobias quickly spins around putting his head under the arm of Paradine and driving his shoulder into his stomach. Tobias drops to a knee and with a yank of the arm takes Paradine over with a firemans carry. Tobias never letting go of the wrist puts his other arm against the neck of Paradine and locks in the armbar.

Paradine rolls back and kicks Tobias in the temple. Tobias is rocked for a moment. Paradine rolls back again this time hooking his legs around the head of Tobias and bringing him over in a head scissors. Paradine torques on the neck of Tobias with his legs for a moment. Tobias kicks his legs and pops out of the hold landing on his feet. Tobias goes rushing off the nearest rope. Paradine is quick to his feet as well. Tobias charges towards Paradine who takes him down with a drop toe hold. Nathan is up to his feet and back down dropping an elbow into the back of Devereux and quickly locking in a fujiwara armbar. Paradine plants both of his feet and bridges up pulling hard back on the arm of Tobias.

Paradine has so much of his body weight pushing towards Tobias that Tobias manages to roll his other shoulder up under him and easily roll causing Paradine to land ontop of back first. Tobias continues the momentum and rolls up Paradine but doesn’t go for the cover. Instead he grabs the leg of Nathan Paradine and wraps his legs around it while falling down locking in a leg lock. Then wraps his arms around the foot and starts torquing the ankle of Paradine. Paradine hollers out and quickly rolls causing both ment to end up on their stomach. Never letting go of the leg Tobias kneels then slowly squats turning the leg lock into a single leg boston crab like move. Paradine uses his free leg to kick Tobias a couple of times before using his amazing leg strength to fling Tobias up and over. Paradine is quickly to his feet. Tobias just simply rolls back and wraps his legs around the body of Paradine. Tobias pushes up off the mat into a wheelbarrel position. Throwing his legs back and wrapping his arm around the head of Paradine he looks to be going for a bulldog but Paradine holds him in the air and seems to be about to reverse it into a back suplex. Tobias flips over the shoulder of Paradine though landing behind him and immediately locks in a waist lock. Tobias goes to lift Paradine but he blocks it. Paradine with the standing switch. Paradine goes to lift Tobias who blocks as well. Nathan with a second try and Devereux with a second block. Paradine goes for a third try and this time Tobias is lifted up off the ground but immediately throws his legs around the waist of Nathan Paradine and rolls him forward into a roll up



Kick out by Nathan. Both men quickly back to a verticle base. The two stop for a moment and just sort of look at each other with a small smirk. Meanwhile the fans are all applauding and cheering at the exchanges so far in the match. The two walk towards each other. Paradine holds his hand out for a test of strength. Tobias reaches his hand out to take it and Paradine with a quick kick to the stomach. Nathan follows up with three forarm shots to the side of Tobias’ head. Then a massive european uppercut only to kick Tobias back in the stomach and hit yet another european uppercut. Paradine pushes Devereux into the ropes then sends him off. Nathan spins in the middle of the ring looking for a discus clothesline but Tobias ducks it. Tobias with a middle rope springboard moonsault attempt. Nathan Paradine catches him on his shoulders. Paradine quickly flips Tobias off his shoulders while dropping to a knee dropping the back of Tobias’ head ontop of his knee. Tobias rolls away holding his neck and head.

Paradine follows Tobias and starts stomping away on his back and his neck. Paradine follows the now rolling Tobias all the way to the ropes. Nathan puts his one foot on the middle rope and jumps up springing off of it while holding onto the top rope and just stomps on the back of Tobias’ head hard. Nathan rolls Tobias over and quickly goes for the cover hooking the leg.



Tobias reaches out and grabs the rope at the last second. Nathan gets up a little frustrated and just starts to put the boots to Devereux before picking him up. Nathan backs Tobias up with chops and european uppercuts until he’s into a nearby corner. Paradine grabs both of Tobias’ arms and puts them over the top ropes. Nathan with a few back elbows to the face of Tobias Devereux. Nathan grabs the legs of Tobias and hooks either one of them between the middle and bottom rope leaving Tobias hanging and helpless. Paradine with a couple more shots before running towards the opposite corner. He puts on the breaks spins around and comes charging at Tobias. Paradine with a massive shoulder tackle into the corner.

Tobias looks about out of it as Paradine unhooks the legs of Tobias. Paradine lifts Tobias up to sit on the top rope. Tobias quickly starts firing off rights and lefts stunning Paradine long enough for him to jump up and over him with a sunset flip. Paradine rolls through it, both men get to their feet quickly. Tobias out of no where with a beautiful drop kick. Both men up again and again a beautiful dropkick from Tobias. The third time up Tobias comes out of no where with a leaping corkscrew crossbody taking Paradine down. Devereux doesn’t go for the cover and instead makes his way to the corner and waits for Paradine to get to his feet. He can feel it, Tobias charges in looking for the Bayou Bash. Paradine ducks it catching Tobias’ leg on his shoulder. Nathan Paradine with a capture suplex. Paradine goes quickly for the cover.



No once again Tobias manages to get his shoulder up. Paradine pounds his fist against the mat one good time before standing up. He’s stalking Tobias. Tobias up to his feet. Paradine looking for the Paraplex! As Paradine is about to lift up Tobias, Tobias with a hard thumb to the eye! That was about as blatant as could be but the Ref didn’t see it. Paradine drops Tobias. Tobias quickly with a jumping enziguri. Tobias lifts Paradine to his feet back to him. Tobias with a beautiful release german suplex. Tobias stalking Paradine now. Tobias lifts Paradine up Tobias with a gutwrench lifting Paradine up then droping him flat on his chest. Tobias spins ontop of Paradine riding on his back into a waist lock. Tobias slides up the back of Paradine taking his back and going for a cobra clutch like move. Paradine grabs onto the wrist of Tobias with his free arm though and keeps him from locking it in. Paradine shooting up his hips sends Tobias tumbling up and over his shoulders. Now Paradine having his wrist both men quickly get back to thier feet. Looks like Paradine has Tobias hooked in a wrist lock. Tobias trying to get out of it, Tobias with the forward roll but when he pops up Paradine with a clothesline sending him backwards into a backroll and to his feet now in the same position he was just in. Tobias jumps and lands with his feet and legs on the top rope looking to moonsault over Paradine and free himself. Paradine spins still holding onto the wrist and move to where Tobias lands ontop of his shoulder and he snaps him down with a massive powerslam.

Paradine is waiting on Tobias. Paradine grabs him looking for the Paraplex again, this time Tobias turns his body and wraps his arm around the neck of Paradine. Tobias locks his legs around the waist of Paradine. Tobias has locked in Da Gater Nap! Paradine is fighting it, he’s trying to make it to the ropes but the oxygen is already cut off. Paradine slams forward trying to slam Tobias Devereux off of him but he can’t seem to get him to break the hold. Tobias leans back cranking the neck even more while screaming out as finally Paradine fades away. The ref checks the arm.




That’s it folks Tobias Devereux has put Nathan Paradine to sleep with Da Gater Nap!

Winner: Tobias Devereux

Where’s Johnny Part 3

Backstage at Goodfellas Casino Arena. JD James sits at his desk, mulling over various documents on the desk and thinking of his friend Johnny All-Star and his recent issues. The quiet in his office is interrupted by a knock on the door. More of a demand of entry than a question, however, the door swings open and in steps a man who All-Star will seemingly face to challenge for the sVo World Championship at the next pay-per-view event…

… IF they’re good on their word.

JD James: Night – what can I do for you?

Night: JD… I need answers. I need to talk to Johnny. Last week, he abandoned me in the ring, leaving me to face Scotty Love and Weapon X alone.

JD James: And you’re upset by this?

Night: You wouldn’t be?

JD James: Excuse me, last week it was you who said you wouldn’t blame Johnny if he left you to the vultures. His wife…

Night: I UNDERSTAND his motives… IF it’s legitimate. It just seems like a convenient coincidence. Paige’s abduction only to be returned, what? One week later? And for what?

James looks outraged and he glares at the masked man.

JD James: You think he faked his own wife’s abduction to set you up?

Night: I don’t know what to think… that’s why I need to talk to Johnny – where is he?

JD looks frustrated, but seems to calm himself somewhat before speaking.

JD James: He’s with his wife, Night. He was worried about her and he’s been under a lot of stress. And don’t you have a match coming up?

Night clenches his jaw, clearly frustrated.

Night: Yeah.

Without another word, Night turns and exits JD’s office as we cut back to the ring.

Night vs. Christopher St. James

The opening beat of Yes by LMFAO starts to play over the loudspeakers as the lights dim, only to be replaced with gold and white spot lights peppering the arena in what appears to be silver and gold flashes. As the opening verse is played CSJ appears in a shower of golden sparks at the top of the ramp accompanied by two beautiful women one wearing a silver dress while the other wearing a golden dress, each standing on either side of CSJ as he poses for everyone to admire him.

Slowly and deliberately he makes his way down to the ring, taking his time to ensure that everyone can pause and admire his Godlike presence. He makes his way to the ring and allows the two women on each of his arms to go before him and climb onto the apron. They sit on the second rope as The Personification of Perfection, Mr. #1derful, and God’s Gift To Everything climbs onto the apron, enters the ring through the second rope and helps his divas into the ring as the lights return to normal. He pauses again for all to admire him as the two ladies take their places on either side of him and look up at him admiringly as the music continues to play.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seamlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

However, before the bell is even tolled, CSJ runs at his opponent for the “night,” the sVo World Champion, and starts to nail him with boot after boot right to the head! The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway as the fans boo at CSJ’s cheap head start!

CSJ picks Night up off the canvas and leans him against the ropes, the World Championship still around Night’s waist, glittering in the peppering of flashes from hundreds of cameras, and gives him a couple knife edge chops! Night recoils as CSJ’s hand slaps his chest, hard, but doesn’t have time to recover as CSJ whips Night into the opposite ropes! Night bounces back and CSJ goes for a back body drop only for Night to give CSJ a quick boot to the chest that makes CSJ back up a couple steps! Night runs behind CSJ and hits him with a quick springboard bulldog!

Much to the crowd’s delight CSJ goes down to the mat face first as Night rises above and takes off his belt, handing it to the ref who hands it to the proper attendant on the side of the ring. Seeing that his belt is once again in proper hands Night turns his attention back to CSJ who is getting back to his feet. “God’s Gift To Everything” gets to his knees and looks up just as Night connects with a running enziguri to CSJ’s face! CSJ hits the ground and the crowd cheers as Night goes for the first cover of the match!





CSJ kicks out at the last second much to the crowd’s dismay. Night doesn’t look surprised though and picks CSJ up hitting his Sandman DDT from out of no where! Once again CSJ’s head bounces off the canvas as the crowd erupts. CSJ lays unmoving as Night bounces back up. Looking to end this one early Night climbs up and…YES! He signals for the SSP! The crowd is on their feet as Night leaps off toward CSJ’s unmoving body!

From out of no where CSJ springs to his feet at the last second and nails Night with The Flash Of Perfection! Night’s head snaps back in midair and he hits the mat, hard. The crowd groans as CSJ mocks them with fake tears and rolls Night up, putting his feet up on the rope as the ref looks to see if Night’s shoulder’s are touching the mat.





NIGHT KICKS OUT! NIGHT KICKS OUT! No one in the arena can believe it but the fans are up on their feet screaming for Night to kick CSJ’s ass. CSJ for his part is glaring at the ref arguing that it was a three count. The ref assures him that it was a 2 count but CSJ isn’t having any of it. He gets right up in the ref’s face arguing with him, only to get rolled up in a school boy by Night!




CSJ kicks out! Both men are on their knees throwing punches at each other. From out of no where though, once again showing off his speed, CSJ leaps to his feet and delivers a vicious kick right to the side of Night’s head! Night drops much like a sack of potatoes would if they had been dropped from any height. The crowd groans as CSJ once again mocks them all.

Without going for the pin CSJ picks Night up and hits the World Champ with a European uppercut followed swiftly by a spinning heel kick! Night goes down and CSJ smirks as once again everyone boos him. Is he? Yep….Christopher St. James is now strutting around the ring.

Night seems to be recouping though, so CSJ quickly hits a springboard lionsault! He covers Night…




Night kicks out! Wait…Nope. CSJ just picked up Night’s shoulder for him. Once again the cocky smirk overcomes the face of CSJ as he picks Night up and hits him with a suplex! CSJ keeps his hold on Night and hits him with another suplex! CSJ continues to keep his hold on Night and picks him up for the third, only for Night to float over CSJ and hit him with an inverted DDT!

The crowd as one could imagine is going ballistic. CSJ is down as is Night and the ref is forced to start the ten count!






Both men begin to stir, but Night makes it to his feet first, albeit very shakily. CSJ uses the ropes to pick himself up and charges at Night who is prepared and hits CSJ with a beautiful standing dropkick! CSJ flies backwards and Night wastes little time and leaps up onto the turnbuckle and leaps off hitting the KIMURA Fistdrop!

Night doesn’t stop there as he leaps up onto his feet, then into the air and hits a fantastic corkscrew legdrop! The crowd roars as Night rolls off of the now in pain CSJ and runs to the ropes, jumping up and leaping off hitting CSJ with a slingshot corkscrew moonsault! Night hooks the leg and the ref makes the count!




CSJ finds a way to kick out! Night can hardly believe it and is kneeling above his adversary, starting to pick him up when CSJ thumbs him in the eye! The ref didn’t see it from behind Night and CSJ quickly takes advantage with a HUGE corkscrew neckbreaker! Night’s head bounces off the mat as CSJ rolls to the other side of the ring and picks himself up, holding his midsection in pain and trying to figure out his next move.

He watches as Night gets up to his hands and knees, trying to shake out the cobwebs. CSJ runs at Night and connects with a vicious punt to the head of Night! Night goes down hard as CSJ taunts the crowd, soaking in every second. He strolls over to Night, his chest puffed out and picks Night up, pushing him back into the corner. He backs up and gets a running start from the opposite turnbuckle and aims to decapitate Night with a clothesline!

Before CSJ can deliver though Night ducks underneath CSJ’s attack and dropkicks CSJ into the turnbuckle! Wasting little time Night rolls CSJ up in a small package.





CSJ manages to grab the bottom rope to break up the pin! Night let’s CSJ up and the two men stare each other down. However, things don’t stay calm for long as the two begin to exchange rights and lefts!

Night quickly gains the advantage, pushing CSJ into the nearest corner and begins to deliver knife edge chops of his own! CSJ cries out in pain and shoves Night away trying to buy himself some time. He scampers away from the corner, and Night advances on him again. CSJ is ready though and shoves Night back, hard, and into the ref! The ref stumbles backwards and as Night tries to check on him, CSJ recovers and hits a low blow on Night!

Night stumbles backwards and before he can fall CSJ catches him and hits The Headshot! Night’s head bounces off the canvas as CSJ gets up to check on the ref. He picks the ref up and brushes him off and then turns his attentions to Night. The crowd is at near pitch volume, cheering for their Night, as CSJ stands over the fallen sVo World Champion in silent contemplation. The ref asks him if he’s good to go and CSJ, asks for a minute?!?!

CSJ looks at the ref, to the downed Night who is beginning to stir and then to the crowd who all erupt in a chorus of boos. As if that makes his decision CSJ climbs up on the closest turnbuckle, delivers the finger to the crowd, and leaps off the top rope and hitting Night with Super Stardom! CSJ quickly rolls Night over and hooks the leg…




The crowd erupts in boos and no one in the arena will be able to talk tomorrow as CSJ leaps up from the fallen Night and jumps around, celebrating his win over the sVo World Champion!

Winner: Christopher St. James

That Hurts!

The cameras once again cut backstage and we see BBD, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean sitting on a trainers table. There is a young woman taping his knee as he winces in pain.

BBD: Dammit that hurts.

Trainer: Hold still.

The trainer continues to wrap the knee and BBD grits his teeth and bears the pain. Finally, the trainer cusses under her breath, which causes BBD to look down at her.

BBD: What?

Trainer: I ran out of tape… look, I gotta run down the hall and get a new roll. You hang tight, okay?

BBD: Fine.

The trainer sprints out of the room and down the hallway. As she leaves, BBD reaches off to his side and pulls out an IPod and a pair of headphones.

BBD: Might as well listen to some music and tune out the pain.

BBD puts the headphones in his ears, closes his eyes and lays back on the table. As he does this, we see Howard “The Bank” Thompson enter the room holding a red baseball bat in his hand. Thompson looks around the room, making sure that it is just he and BBD. Finally, he takes a deep breath and creeps over towards the side of the superstar.

Howard: Look, I know you can’t hear me… but I gotta say this. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t be here. This… this has to be done though.

Howard Thompson hoists the bat over his head. As he does this, BBD’s eyes open up and he lets out a gasp as Thompson drives the barrel of the bat into the midsection of BBD.


BBD rolls off the athletic trainers table, clutching his ribs. Howard cerebeally stalks his prey as he walks around the table. He finally comes next to the hunched over BBD and once again cocks the bat back… this time though, he takes a full swing at the partially taped knee of BBD, who once again screams out in pain before falling to the floor. BBD though, starts to get back to his feet as Thompson curses out loud.

Howard: Dammit man, just stay down!

Thompson once again takes a full swing at the back of the knee of Beautiful Bobby Dean and this time, we hear a loud pop. Howard Thompson immediately drops the bat to the floor and sprints out of the room. As the cameras follow him, he sprints off down a hallway, unseen by anyone. The cameras finally pan back though, and we see Scott Love and his security crew run into the room, to find a now unconcious BBD, sprawled out on the floor, his knee popped out in an awkward fashion.

Love: Dammit, who did this to you! Who did this to you!

The cameras cut back to the arena as the fans are abuzz. Before the show fades off the air though, the cameras cut back to a secluded room in the Goodfellas Casino, where we see the new General Manager of the sVo, Psyko Stevo, looking at a monitor, a smile on his face.

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