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sVo Events

sVo Showdown #038

sVo Champion Night takes on Johnny All Star in the main event.

sVo Showdown
11th April 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #038


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Roscoe Shame, Night, Chris Bond and Johnny All Star! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘Bond, Your My Hero’, ‘Psyko Stevo – The Best Around’ and ‘I have Paige’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

A short highlight reel of last sunday’s Resurrection PPV plays on the screen featuring such moments as the reformation of ‘The Industry’, the return of Psyko Stevo, title wins from Roscoe Shame & Howard Thompson as well as the kidnapping of sVo President Paige All-Star and the historic World Title win for Night over Tobias Devereux in the main event. Just how will the fallout from Resurrection 2010 unfold tonight?

Fashionably Late

With Showdown #38 just getting underway it’s no surprise that a camera crew positioned backstage at the “Employee’s Entrance” catch Industry members, Chris Bond and “Beautiful” Bobby Dean just arriving. Both donned in their GQ suits and their Ray-Ban Sunblockers, because as you know only the awesome people wear their sunglasses at night! Leaving their equipment bags at the door the two walk into the backstage area of the GoodFella’s Arena, stopping when they spot Howie Banks, who likes to call himself Howard Thompson these days, doing some up-downs and other various calisthenics, warming up for his upcoming bout against relative newcomer Killer White. Thompson, oblivious to the pair continues to execerise but is forced to stop when suddenly a set of car keys flies across the hall smacking him directly in the chest only to fall to the floor.

Bond – Nice hands, Butterfingers!

BBD – If you would, somewhere up front would be great! Oh and here’s your tip…

Next thing Howard knows a pair of quarters comes flying at him, but this time with quick reflexes his hand shoots up snatching the pair of quarters right out of thin air. Looking to the quarters in his hands, the keys on the floor and then back up to Bond and BBD he is needless to say speechless as BBD and Bond continue on their arrogant way.

Howard Banks – …

BBD and Bond continue just a step or two when suddenly they run into Akira Kimura, manager of sVo World Champion, Night, coming out of the bathroom paper towel in damp hands. He stops as BBD and Bond block his path, BBD removing his glasses looking at the smaller, elderly man.

BBD – Ah perfect timing Chinaman! Those bags over there go in our dressing room. Oh and, Jackie Chan, be quick about it we’ve got a schedule to upkeep!

BBD and Bond once again continue walking down the hall not waiting for a response as Akira looks to the bags then back at the departing pair, confusion displayed on his face. BBD and Bond stop a few steps further and turn around to see Akira just standing there staring at them. Bond turns to BBD and says.

Bond – I know it’s cliché but it really is ‘so hard to find good help these days!’

BBD – Forget good help, I’d just like it if they spoke English!

With a sigh of frustration and a shake of the head the pair continue on their way once more only to come across Cajun Sensation Tobias Devereux. Hearing some harsh comments from BBD in the past week Tobias Devereux stands with his hands across his chest eyeing BBD and Bond with suspicion.

Tobias – ‘ello dere mon amies.

Tobias tips his hat at the two

Tobias – Ole Tobias got no issue with yew two, but he hears yew got an issue wit him.

BBD – Seriously, ENGLISH!

Turning to Bond…

BBD – Is it really that hard?

Tobias Devereux – I know dis word yew speaks of, it be de language I’s speakin. Yew ignorant coo-yon. Cajin Croele is a dialect of dis English, no difrant dan de accent of Bostin nor here in de wonderful state of Nevada…

Cutting Tobias off midsentence BBD says.

BBD – Save your Jambalaya eating breath buddy I’m done with you…

BBD cutting Tobias off pushes past the former World Champion challenger and heads off towards his locker room, Bond, after offering Tobias an arrogant smirk and a shrug of his shoulders, follows right behind. Tobias just shakes his head speaking under his breath just out of ear shot of the arrogant pair.

Tobias – You done wits me when I says so mon amie.

The two men leaving a fuming Cajun behind continue down the hall coming closer to the heart of the arena where the locker rooms are situated. Bending over a water fountain quenching his thirst is none other than Christopher St. James, CSJ himself. BBD smiles and nudges Bond to follow his lead as he walks up behind the unsuspecting rising superstar.

BBD – Ah, my mini-me, you’ve read my mind, I am quite thirsty… Go and fetch me a Chris, what would you like our friend to get you?

Bond – Appletini, extra tini…

BBD and Bond once more don’t wait for a response as they continue down the hall leaving CSJ behind who like Kimura, Thompson and Deveruex, simply stands there at a loss for words. Bond and BBD continue down the hall towards their privately appointed locker room.

Championship Celebrations

The fans are sitting down in their seats out in the crowd waiting for whatever will happen next on Showdown tonight when music begins to blare over the pa system. “Money” by Pink Floyd hits and out from the back and through the black curtains comes none other than Howard “The Bank” Thompson.

The newly crowned sVo Las Vegas Champion is wearing his ring attire already as he has a match later on with newcomer, Killer White. Thompson has his title belt over his shoulder and a microphone in his hand as his music continues to play through out the Goodfella’s Casino arena.

Howard isn’t alone though as he goes walking down the ramp way, stops himself about half way and then turns his head to the back. Also making their way down towards the ring is none other than his limo driver, Burns his bodyguard, Jeeves and his girlfriend, Amy Clara. The four of them go side by side to the ring and make it up on the apron now.

Fans boo as Burns and Jeeves go walking around the turnbuckle posts and across from each other. They enter through the ropes while Howard helps Amy Clara into the ring by sitting down on the middle rope. Amy climbs inside the ring for the very first time and takes a look around the arena that is jam packed for this Showdown #38 episode.

Howard now looks out to the fans as well as some in the audience are holding up signs about him. One says “YOU SUCK!” while another says “THE BANK ROCKS!”. Either way he steps inside the ring and stands in the middle of it while the other three stand around him. His music begins to fade slowly but surely and he raises his microphone up to his mouth.

Before he can though, the fans begin to make even more noise as they really hate his guts. Thompson just brings the mic down a bit from his face as he let’s out a big smirk. Moments later the crowd begins to hush and quiet down a bit as Howard now takes the opportunity to speak aloud.

Howard Thompson: “You know… it wasn’t long ago that a certain someone had said behind my back, ‘The bank closed two years ago.'”

Howard stands there looking around as he wears a bright smile across his face now.

Howard Thompson: “Well Ronnie Long… it looks like you were wrong because the bank, the bank is re-open!”

Fans pour in with boo’s for him while Thompson chuckles and looks around to the other three in the ring with him who also laugh.

Howard Thompson: “Nobody thought I would win this gold right here on my shoulder this past Sunday at Resurrection, but I did! Against all odds I proved everyone wrong and all the little doubters who never believed in ole Banksie. And that’s fine, that’s just fine because to be honest, it’s my way of winning. When someone doubts me and when someone says I can’t win the big one, well I do what any true amazing athlete would and I prove them WRONG!”

Thompson paces back and forth around the ring now…

Howard Thompson: “The only people who didn’t doubt me and who were behind me one hundred percent, are the ones standing next to me in this very ring right here … right now!”

Howard turns to them, they all pat him on the back and begin clapping…

Howard Thompson: “Now they may work for me and one might be getting the satisfaction I need to stay sharp, but they believe in me because they see something in me! None of you fans have ever saw anything in me and nor has anybody else in the back! Everybody thought that my plan was something big, when really it was just a deploy to let you all think I had something in store when really I didn’t.”

He pauses, then continues…

Howard Thompson: “My main goal and my plan was to win… It’s been my plan all along and unfortunately for Julianna Torres, the FORMER Las Vegas Champion that is, you were fooled by me and you underestimated me! Well maybe next time, if there is ever a next time, you won’t. The same thing goes to anybody else in the back and that even includes the new number one contender to this championship belt I have on my shoulder, I’m talking about… RONNIE LONG!”

The fans give off a mixed reaction as Howard walks up closer to the ring ropes and leans on them looking out to the ramp way and titantron.

Howard Thompson: “You want this gold, Ronnie? Are you sure? Because from what I saw at Resurrection, you have your hands full with a certain someone who got lucky and beat me not too long ago. I’m talking about Johnny All Star… however. I say lucky because I know he is not better than me and I know that the score is not settled just yet. I mean, look at the records… him and I came from the same generation of the sVo. We traveled together, were in the business at the exact same time. And now he and Ronnie Long seem to be dating or something…”

Jeeves comes up and taps him on the shoulder, Howard leans back and he whispers something in his ear.

Howard Thompson: “Oh I’m sorry… Jeeves just informed me that they are actually both interested in Paige Johnson… who was revealed to be Johnny’s wife this past Sunday night after he LOST to Roscoe Shame for the International Championship.”

Burns now comes up and begins to whisper something his ear, hmm?

Howard Thompson: “Burns says if it was me in that match against Roscoe instead, I would be the International champion right now. And you know what? I think it’s true! So Johnny… if you’re listening, I want a REMATCH!”

The crowd is becoming hostile now, they are really getting loud with the boo’s now. Seconds later Amy Clara, Howard’s girlfriend comes up and smooches him on the cheek.

Howard Thompson: “And this ladies and gentleman, THIS is my girlfriend from the greatest country in the world… CANADA!”

Howard smirks and Amy smiles as he twirls her around in a circle. She takes a few steps back while Thompson now gets up on the second turnbuckle.

Howard Thompson: “Face it people… the bank is back and it’s back better, faster and STRONGER than ever! Tonight I go against a man named Killer White…”

Howard points to the crowd.

Howard Thompson: “Each and everyone one of you will find out that he is no killer, he is just another white wanna be trying to make a name off of ME! Well I don’t think so bub… not tonight! And you know why? Because the party took off after Resurrection finished when I captured the sVo Las Vegas Championship…”

Howard climbs down off the ring apron now, stands in the middle of the ring and then looks out to the camera’s with these final words…

Howard Thompson: “And the celebration and party don’t stop… until I say so! Hahaha!”

“Money” by Pink Floyd begins to play again as the fans boo even more so. Howard drops the microphone and it makes a thud sound as he, Amy, Burns and Jeeves take off out of the ring and head up the ramp way towards the back.

Howard Thompson takes on Killer White later tonight, only on Showdown!

An Offer Made…

The newly minted International Champion, Roscoe Shame enters the backstage of the Goodfella’s Casino Arena with the belt draped across his shoulder. He exchanges a few pleasantries with some of the backstage workers, but his face is one of a man on a mission. Seconds later he stops in front of a locker room door. He takes a deep breath to gain his thoughts before knocking.



No answer. Shame waits a few seconds before knocking again, but once again no answer. Deciding to take a chance he slowly turns the knob pushing the door open just enough to stick his head in. He immediately sees the distraught man sitting on a bench staring at the wedding band on his hand. Shame creeps in and when there is no response form All-Star he clears his throat.

Roscoe Shame: Hey Johnny.

Johnny All-Star slowly turns around to see the new comer.

Johnny All-Star: Oh hey Roscoe… I meant to catch up with this week… but I was sorta… busy.

Roscoe couldn’t help but notice the lost look on All-Star’s face.

Roscoe Shame: I was just wanted to drop by to thank you for the package last week at Resurrection and to let you know that if you need any help… and I mean any help in finding Paige or dealing with The Company that I’m here for you.

All-Star pushes himself up off of the bench meeting Shame halfway. He clasps Shames shoulder, a slight smile on his face.

Johnny All-Star: You’re welcome for the package. I figured if you were going to make it big time you needed to at least look it.

The smile on All-Star’s face once again turns sour.

Johnny All-Star: But as for help with The Company I think you have too much at stake with your daughter and your ex. Lord knows I could never forgive myself if The Company got a hold of them. As for Paige… I’m not stopping until I find her and that’s a promise. No matter who gets hurt along the way I will find my wife!

Shame stared at All-Star the depth of what he just said sinking in. All-Star started walking towards the door directing Shame along with him.

Roscoe Shame: That’s all the more reason…

Johnny All-Star: Take care of your family man… go call your daughter right now and tell her how much you love her… Me I’ve got someone to see.

The men bid their adieus as they both head down opposite ends of the hallways.

Rey Rosario & Canadian Crippler vs. El Locon & Angel The Malignant

Ding Ding Ding Canadian Crippler and Angel The Malignant start things off. The bell rings and Crippler runs straight into a big boot from Angel. Crippler gets up a bit groggy and Angel lets him have it with a couple of toe kicks to Crippler. Angel follows it up with a powerful snap jab that makes Crippler take a few steps back into Los Locos’ corner. Angel follows his attack with a body punch to Crippler and tags in El Locon.

El Locon enters the ring and ties up with Crippler delivering a straight grapple punch to Crippler. El Locon not satisfied delivers a grapple body attack to Crippler. El Locon finally takes Crippler down with a grapple elbow strike. El Locon goes for the first pin attempt of this match.



El Locon waits for Crippler to make it to his feet and bounces off the ropes but runs straight into a dropkick from Crippler. Crippler finally makes it to his corner and tags in Rey Rosario.

Rosario enters the ring as El Locon gets up and delivers a back chop to El Locon. He measures El Locon and delivers a couple of outlaw punches to the face of El Locon. Rosario tags Crippler back in.

El Locon tries to surprise Crippler with a punch but Crippler grabs the arm taking down El Locon and locking up an armbar.

El Locon rolls to his feet and counters with a hangman’s chokehold escaping the submission hold.

The referee warns El Locon and El Locon swipes the referee to the side and walks right into a headlock from Crippler.

El Locon counters with a hammerlock and turns Crippler right into a snapmare followed up by a neck lock.

Crippler starts to get up and he escapes the hold with body punches to El Locon. El Locon releases but gets caught in a standing crossface from Crippler.

El Locon uses his power to throw Crippler off from hin and into the ropes. Crippler attempts a clothesline but El Locon ducks and applies a torture rack to Crippler. Rosario enters quickly and pushes El Locon accidentally to his corner and Angel tags himself in.

Angel turns Crippler around and delivers a ddt to him. Angel picks Crippler and delivers a scoop slam to Crippler. Angel picks up Crippler once again and tries to throw him against the ropes but Crippler reverses and lowers his head looking for a back body drop but Angel comes back from the ropes delivering a neckbreaker to Crippler. Angel picks Crippler up one more time and delivers a suplex to Crippler. Angel pins Crippler.




Angel tags in El Locon. El Locon gets in the ring and picks up a defenseless Crippler and powerbombs him to the mat. El Locon picks Crippler one more time and puts him in a front slam position and drops backward throwing Crippler with a Last Call. Crippler gets up holding his back as El Locon waits for him to turn around. Crippler does and charges right into a spinebuster from El Locon. El Locon looks very confident as he picks up a semi conscious Crippler and delivers a shoulderbreaker to him. El Locon pins Crippler.



Interrupted by Rey Rosario.

El Locon gets up and Crippler does the same but slower. El Locon goes for a kick to the midsection but Crippler holds on to El Locon’s leg and delivers a dragon screw to El Locon. Crippler rolls around and tags Rosario. Rosario gets in and El Locon tried to catch Rosario by surprise with El Loco From Hell but received a jumping armbreaker for his troubles. Rosario pins El Locon.



Rosario tags Crippler back in. Crippler picks up El Locon and drops him to the mat with a northern lights suplex. Crippler picks El Locon back up and delivers a backbreaker to El Locon. Crippler awaits El Locon and El Locon finally makes it to his feet and gets a german suplex from Crippler. Crippler pins El Locon.




Crippler picks up El Locon but El Locon catches Crippler with a Russian leg sweep. El Locon goes to his corner and tags in Angel. Angel gets in and delivers a club to the neck of Crippler. He know grabs the arm of Crippler and delivers shoulder thrusts to it. Angel tags El Locon back in. El Locon enters the ring and delivers an elbow to the back of the head of Crippler. El Locon follows it up with a forearm smash to Crippler. El Locon bounces off the ropes but gets a leg trip from Crippler. Crippler tags Rosario back in.

Rosario gets in the ring and grabs the arm of El Locon and delivers a leg drop to the arm. Rosario picks up El Locon and snapmares him back to the mat and delivers a dropkick to the back of the head of El Locon. Rosario pins El Locon.




Rosario tags Crippler back in. Crippler enters the ring and grabs El Locon and drops him back to the mat with a back suplex. Crippler picks up El Locon and applies an abdominal stretch to El Locon.

Crippler grabs Rosario’s hand to put even more pressure on El Locon. The referee catches them in the act and kicks the arms apart and El Locon uses the momentum to hip toss Crippler off from him. El Locon jumps and tags in Angel. Angel gets in and kicks Crippler in the midsection and delivers a pump handle drop to Crippler. Angel not satisfied picks up Crippler and looks for another but instead delivers a pump handle slam to Crippler. Angel pins Crippler.



Interrupted by Rosario.

Angel tags El Locon. El Locon enters the ring and delivers angry stomps to Crippler. El Locon bounces off the ropes and connects with an elbow drop on Crippler. El Locon pins Crippler.




El Locon argues with the referee and Crippler takes advantage of the situation locking in a cross armbreaker to El Locon.

Angel enters the ring quickly to break it off and Crippler tags in Rosario. El Locon tries to crawl to his corner but Rosario gets to him applying an stf to El Locon.

El Locon makes it to the ropes and Rosario releases the hold. Rosario tags Crippler back in. Crippler gets in and quickly gets slammed to the mat by El Locon. El Locon locks in a reverse chin lock on Crippler. Crippler starts to get up and elbows his way out. Crippler throws El Locon against the turnbuckle and charges in with a turnbuckle clothesline. He takes a few steps back and charges once again with a knee attack on El Locon.El Locon looks to be out of it as Crippler walks toward El Locon who surprises Crippler with a fury punch knocking him down. El Locon jumps to his corner and tags in Angel. Crippler tries the same but Angel cuts his path with a camel clutch to Crippler.

Crippler makes it to the ropes and Angel releases the hold. Angel goes to the top rope apparently looking for The Malignant Splash but Crippler pushes the referee into the ropes making Angel fall in a split on the top rope. Crippler climbs up with him and delivers a superplex to Angel. Both men slowly go to their corners and Angel makes the tag to El Locon. El Locon grabs the leg of Crippler just in time and drags him to the middle of the ring and locks in a leg lock.

Rosario can’t take it anymore and enters the ring and kicks El Locon off from Crippler. He picks up El Locon and delivers a turnbuckle powerbomb to El Locon. Rosario goes back to his corner. Crippler tries again to make it to his corner but El Locon again grabs the leg of Crippler and pulls him back. He now opens the legs of Crippler and delivers a punch to the groin of Crippler. El Locon releases one of Crippler’s leg and turns Crippler around and applies a single leg crab to Crippler.

Crippler looks to be about to tap when Rosario again enters the ring and starts a mudhole stomping on El Locon. Rosario grabs Crippler and drags him to his corner and goes to the apron. Crippler reaches his hand out and tags Rosario in. Rosario enters the ring and picks up El Locon and places him on the top rope. Rosario climbs behind him and delivers a super back suplex to El Locon. El Locon starts to get up slowly and receives a shoulder strike from Rosario. Rosario tags in Crippler. Crippler gets in and bounces off the ropes connecting with a clothesline to El Locon. El Locon starts to get up again but receives a dropkick to the knee from Crippler. El Locon rolls to the outside in pain as Crippler goes to the apron. El Locon gets up and receives a vaulting body press from Crippler. Crippler picks up El Locon and throws him back to the ring. Crippler goes to the top rope once again but El Locon follows him there. He grabs Crippler and delivers a super last call to Crippler. El Locon rolls to his corner and tags in Angel.

Angel gets in and picks up Crippler and throws him as hard as he can to the turnbuckle. Crippler staggers forward straight into a back elbow strike from Angel. Angel pins Crippler.




Angel tags El Locon. El Locon enters the ring and grabs Crippler and delivers a tunbuckle smash to Crippler. El Locon bounces off the ropes but runs right into a front dropkick from Crippler. Crippler tags in Rosario. Rosario jumps to the top rope and delivers a double axe handle to El Locon. Rosario pins El Locon.




Rosario tags in Crippler. Crippler climbs the ropes and delivers a diving headbutt to El Locon. Not satisfied with it he climbs up one more time and delivers a diving elbow drop to El Locon. Crippler pins El Locon.



Interrupted by Angel The Malignant

Crippler picks up El Locon and throws him against the ropes but El Locon comes back with a running shoulder attack to Crippler. El Locon crawls and tags in Angel. Angel enters the ring and delivers a flying clothesline to Crippler. Angel pins Crippler.




Angel tags El Locon again. El Locon enters the rng and spears Crippler back to the mat. El Locon pins Crippler.



Foot on the rope

El Locon picks up Crippler and throws him against the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Crippler jumps over him and takes him down with a sunset flip pin.




Crippler rolls and tags in Rosario. El Locon didn’t see the tag and tries to pick up Crippler but Rosario sneaks behind him and delivers a school boy pin to El Locon.




Crippler tags himself back in again unknown to El Locon. Rosario throws El Locon against the ropes and goes for a drop down, El Locon jumps over him but runs into a back body drop from Crippler. Crippler picks up El Locon and throws him against the ropes and delivers a flapjack to El Locon. El Locon bounces back up into a tilt a whirl sideslam from Crippler. Crippler pins El Locon.



Interrupted by Angel The Malignant.

Crippler goes after Angel and El Locon takes advantage delivering a mat slam to Crippler. El Locon tags in Angel. Crippler tries to get up but receives a bulldog from Angel. Angel pins Crippler.




Angel tags El Locon back in. El Locon enters the ring and picks up Crippler and throws him against the ropes and delivers a powerslam pin to Crippler.




El Locon gets upset with the referee and with that distraction Crippler tags in Rosario. El Locon goes to pick up Crippler for a suplex but Rosario enters the ring and between him and Crippler they deliver a double suplex to El Locon. Rosario pins El Locon.



Interrupted by Angel The Malignant.

Crippler tries to attack Angel but Angel backdrops him out of the ring. Rosario bounces off the ropes and gets caught with a double flapjack from Los Locos. El Locon pins Rosario.



Crippler dropkicks El Locon off from the pin. Angel goes for a clothesline on Crippler but Crippler ducks. Angel turns around and gets a double clothesline by The Canadian Connection. El Locon grabs Rosario and throws him over the top rope but Rosario lands on the apron. Crippler turns El Locon around and goes for a right hand but El Locon blocks and nails Crippler with a punch. Crippler turns the other way only to get a punch from Angel. Both Locos continue their abuse on Crippler until the referee gets in between and tries to get Angel out of the ring.

Rosario gets back in behind El Locon and turns him right into Rey’s DDT. Rey pins El Locon.




RESULT: Canadian Connection def. Jason Cash via pinfall


As the sVo camera’s head backstage Johnny All-Star is striding through the hallway with purpose, a man on a mission. When he comes upon the new sVo Champion Night conducting an interview with Candy Cross. All-Star waits patiently as the sVo Champion concludes his interview.

As Night begins to walk away from Miss Cross, All-Star follows. Night turns around abruptly coming face to face with All-Star.

All-Star begins to breathe heavily as he stares into the expressionless mask of Night.

The two superstars stand face to face, two sides of the same coin, one gained everything at Resurrecton, his family, the sVo Championship; the other lost everything, a title, and his family.

Johnny All-Star: So… you’re the man eh?

Night begins to speak as All-Star lifts a single finger.

Johnny All-Star: You’re the man that my wife put her career and life on the line to make sure you got a fair shot. You better be the man… the Champion she thought you would be. I guess we’ll find out later tonight won’t we.

The scene fades with the two sVo superstars staring each other down, as the sVo heads to a commercial break.

The Big Night

The fans in the arena are on their feet, dueling with chants for their favorite wrestlers as an “SVO!” chant takes over the noise in the arena. That’s the thing about these sVo fans, they sure do love this company!

As the camera pans across the crowd, the viewers at home are lucky enough to get a glimpse of security tearing a sign away from an unfortunate fan. The sign itself reads “I’M TRENTON’S PAPI!” No accounting for taste, apparently.

As they wait for some action, the lights drop again and they cry out, unsure of what’s happening until Beethoven’s Symphony Number Five plays and the screen lights up.


*As the crowd is buzzing amongst themselves, we cut away from the action ringside and are taken to one of the many entrances of the Goodfellas casino. There is a gigantic crowd of people standing off near the check-in desk. As the cameras move through the crowd, we realize that it is no normal type of crowd. There are exotic dancers, security guards, mascots, circus performers and all other types of strange personal. At the center of the crowd, we hear a familiar voice giving directions.*

Stevo: Okay people, this is the big day! Are we all ready to go out there and give it the absolute best we’ve got?

Crowd: YES!

*A large African American security guard moves to the side and we see that the man in the middle of the action is none other than the former 2x World Heavyweight Championship himself, Psyko Stevo. Stevo has a bright smile on his face as he winks at the cameras.*

Stevo: All right people, let’s move it to the ring then! Dancers, you go first… security, at my side. Jugglers and clowns, head up the rear!

*As the crowd starts to disperse, Stevo looks down at a clipboard and smiles before holstering the clipboard at his side. As Stevo looks over to his right, we see his agent, Chazz McPhearson.*

McPhearson: Stevo, baby… I can’t believe we got all this together on such short notice! This is going to be epic!

Stevo: It sure is Chazz… thank you again for all the help.

*Chazz smiles his fake Hollywood smile as Stevo extends his hand to Chazz’s shoulder and nods his head.*

Stevo: All right buddy, I gotta take off and make my way to the ring.

*As Stevo makes his way to the ring, he walks off to the side of his entourage. On the way down to the ring he looks around a corner and stops in his tracks.*

Stevo: No way… could it be?

*Stevo looks a little closer and a huge smile comes to his face and the cameras zoom in, revealing the figure off in the distance to be none other than the current sVo Las Vegas champion, Howard “The Bank” Thompson. Howard smiles and waves as he sees his former friend standing at the end of the hallway. Within seconds, the two strike up a conversation.*

Stevo: Howie, how’s it goin buddy!?

Howard: Hey Stevo, it’s Howard now…

*Stevo completely ignores everything that Thompson says as he continues talking.*

Stevo: What’s new with you Howie? Wow… *Stevo whistles*, look at that shiny belt. Rumors must be true then, you’re the new Vegas champ?

*Howard smiles a satisfied smile as he postures the belt a bit for the cameras to catch.*

Howard: Yup, the rumors are true… I’m the champ!

Stevo: Congratulations buddy! I knew it was just a matter of time before you were going to make it big. You’ve always had that winning attitude, and it’s paying off.

Howard: Well yea… yea it is. Say, I was just thinking… how’s that kid of yours, Jamal, right?

Stevo: Jamal is okay, I’ve actually sent him off to the finest boarding school on the East Coast… he is excelling, top of his class last I heard.

Howard: Wow, that’s great!

*There is a brief pause between the two before Howard breaks it.*

Howard: Say, everything okay with you? I heard about the invitational, I think it’s going to be great.

Stevo: Yea, it should be pretty off the hook.

Howard: You need any help with anything?

*Stevo flashes a quick smirk as the wheels in his head start to turn.*

Stevo: Howie, the only thing I’ve ever asked for is your loyalty. You’re still a loyal guy, right?

Howard: Howard… well of course I am.

Stevo: You sure about that?

Howard: Of course I’m still loyal.

Stevo: Promise?

Howard: Yes?

*Stevo claps his hands together and flashes a huge smile.*

Stevo: That’s three times you promised.

Howard: Wh-what?

*There is a voice off in the distance that is calling for him.*

Stevo: Oh nothing, hey man, that’s my agent… I gotta run, this thing is about to start soon and there’s kind of a lot of details.

Howard: Oh… um okay?

Stevo: Really good running into you though, I’m sure our paths will cross again. If they don’t though, good luck with that title belt.

Howard: Yea, yea good seeing you too. Thanks, I’ll see you around.

*Stevo sprints off down the hallway, leaving a rather confused Howard “The Bank” Thompson looking on.*

Howard: What did he mean, three times?

*There is another short pause before Howard shrugs it off and toss his sVo Las Vegas championship around his shoulder. As he makes off towards the dressing rooms, the cameras cut back to the arena.*

Challenge To The Tag Team Champions

Backstage Travis Williams and Anti-Hero are standing. Both suited up and ready to wrestle, with no one to face.

Travis Williams – I came back to sVo to prove that I was still the same man I was before this place ended. Before some idiot blew his brains out and prevented me from getting the shot I deserved! So I decided to come back in a tag team and what do I get? NOTHING!

Anti-Hero – We are not here to collect a paycheck to sit in the back bullshitting with the ‘BOYS!’

Travis Williams – We have this group known as The Corporation running around bragging about being tag team champions. When the truth is, they are not worth fake gold or plastic around their waist. So boys… If you two have a set, give us a title shot. If you beat us, we will fade from history. However, when we beat you two, we will bring glory back to the tag team division once and for all!

Anti-Hero – So accept boys. We can tip toe around the truth and act as if this match will have some special build to it, but we all know the truth! You two are no where near the league of myself and Travis or even Industry for that fact. So step up, so we can push you to the side. When we are done with you two, we’ll give the Industry a shot and prove no one is to stop this duo!

Travis and Anti-Hero make an exit from the camera.

Not So Fast

*The crowd is on their feet as ‘Peter Gunn’s Theme’ by The Blues Brothers trumpets from the heavens. The lights are seductively dimmed as sVo’s Premier P.E.I, Harley Rusbridge, steps from the curtain, swinging a chained watch. The fans love his ‘Chicago Style’ Flash as he saunters down the aisle, squinting with that inquisitive look beneath his trademark black frame eye-wear.

Before he can get any further though, we hear a familiar voice over the PA.*

Voice: Stop! Stop stop stop!

*The crowd starts to buzz amongst themselves as the former 2x sVo World Heavyweight Champion, Psyko Stevo, emerges from the backstage area. Stevo has a look of extreme anger and contempt on his face as Harley Rusbridge looks up from the ramp way in surprise.*

Stevo: God dammit! What is the meaning of this?

*Rusbridge shrugs his shoulders as he looks at the ring and then back at Stevo.*

Stevo: What? Oh, you’re in the match? Dude, didn’t you get my instructions? You aren’t supposed to come out, until MY introduction is done.

*Rusbridge walks towards Stevo and the Psyko One starts to tap his feet.*

Stevo: Okay, any day now… come on.

*Rusbridge finally gets next to Stevo and as he starts to walk past him, the former legend puts his arm out, stopping Harley in his tracks.*

Stevo: Who are you?

Harley: I’m Harley Rusbridge, the finest detective in the sVo.

Stevo: Do you know who I am?

*Rusbridge looks at Stevo with a confused look*

Harley: Yea, you’re Psyko Stevo…

Stevo: You’re damn right I am. Did you, or did you not get my instructions?

Harley: I guess… I guess so?

*Stevo looks at Harley with pure hatred.*

Harley: Okay, look… what do you want me to do?

*Stevo looks Rusbridge up and down as he contemplates his options.*

Stevo: You’re a private eye, huh?

Harley: Yes, I certainly am.

Stevo: How bout I give you a case to solve, would you like that?

Harley: Um… okay?

Stevo: It’s… the case of the man who got booted out of the Psyko Stevo Invitational because he can’t follow simple instructions. Why don’t you get out of here and go solve it.

Rusbridge: What? You can’t kick me out of this…

Stevo: Wow, you solved the case, you really are a great detective. Want to know what your reward is? SECURITY!

*A large compliment of men wearing black shirts that say “PSS” on them emerge from the backstage area as the fans fill the arena with boo’s. Two of the men each grab the surprised Rusbridges arm and forcifully drag the confused star back to the backstage area.*

Stevo: What, you people don’t like Psyko Stevo Security? No love for the PPS tonight I guess… Well anyways, I apologize for the interruption, that should be the last we see of him for awhile.

*Stevo awkwardly looks around at the booing fans.*

Stevo: That’s it… CUT THE LIGHTS!

*The lights to the arena immediately cut and the fans start to buzz….*

Christopher St. James, Chris Wrestling, Harley Rusbridge, Raven, BBD & DVD

*The lights in the arena are still blacked out and the fans still fill the arena with a buzz. About 15 seconds goes by, but it feels longer. Suddenly and without warning, there is a loud explosion and the sounds of multiple people screaming. A spotlight hits the entrance ramp and we see a group of men and women running down the ramp way in terror. “We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan” by Lostprophets hits the PA and we hear the sound of a loud monster being pumped into the PA system.*

*The lights once again turn to black and a green mist starts to seep out of the entrance area. “Between Angels and Insects” by Papa Roach hits the PA and the fans pop as they know what is coming next.

Or do they…

Instead of the Psyko One emerging, we see a group of figures in robes make their way out. They group lines up down the ramp way and the lights yet again cut out.

Before anything else can happen, the jumbotron comes to life. The words, “The Past is In-De-Struct-able” flicker across the screen as “Remember” by Disturbed hits. The crowd once again pops as we see a man emerge from the backstage area wearing a white shirt and cut off jeans. What, what’s this? Another man comes out wearing the same outfit… and another… and another. After a good 20 Psyko Stevo look alikes make their way out to the ring, the lights YET AGAIN fade to black.

Fireworks immediately erupt as “Point to Prove” by Theory of a Deadman hits the PA. The robed figures remove their robes and we see that they are none other than the exotic dancers that we saw earlier. After a quick synchronized dance, the fireworks are done though, there is yet again silence.

The fans finally start to boo, as they realize a good ten minutes of their time has been wasted. As the boos continue to fill the arena the lights start to flicker.

Suddenly and without warning the lights in the arena start to flicker. After a few seconds of this, “The Sound of Madness” by Shinedown hits the PA.

Yeah I get it you’re an outcast
Always under attack
Always coming in last
Bringing up the past
No one owes you anything
I think you need a shotgun blast
A kick in the ass
So paranoid
Watch your back!

A gigantic symphony of fireworks explodes, forcing young children at ringside to hold their ears in terror. Emerging from those fireworks is none other than the former 2x sVo World Heavyweight Champion himself, Psyko Stevo. Stevo is wearing an elegant silver robe with black trim. Across the front of the robe, the word “Ironman” is written and as the cameras pan around the former legend, we can see that the back of the robe reads, “Indestructible”. The crowd gives a wildly mixed, yet thunderously loud reaction as Stevo slowly makes his way down the steel rampway and into the ring. Once inside the ring, he makes his way up all four ring posts, holding his arms to the air as he stops at the top of each of them. FINALLY… Stevo hops down from the last ring post, the music stops and the former legend holds the mic to his lips and begins to speak.*

Stevo: Well, I’m back!

*The crowd give a mixed pop as Stevo starts to walk around the ring.*

Stevo: It’s been over two years… but I’m here, YET AGAIN, inside the Goodfellas casino.

*Stevo stops and looks towards the fans, who are, for the most part, cheering.*

Stevo: Well, tonight isn’t about me though… no, tonight is about the future. You see, I’ve done it all, I’m the last LIVING World Champion of the sVo.

*There are a mixture of boos throughout the audience as Stevo obviously backhandedly insulted the deceased Alex Ross.*

Stevo: Nevermind all of that though… tonight is about honoring my greatness, and it’s also about catching a glimpse at the brightest new starts that the sVo has to offer. With that being said… let’s just cut all the formalities and get on with this! Ladies and gentlemen… WELCOME… to the first ever, PSYKO STEVO Invitational!

*The crowd pops as “Sinner” by Drowning Pool hits the PA. On the big screen we see highlights of Raven. After a few seconds the superstar himself appears from the backstage area.*

Stevo: Stop!

*Raven looks up at the ring and Stevo is wagging his finger.*

Stevo: This isn’t about fancy entrance themes and loud ovations… this is about the wrestling. This is about the future! Hey PA guys! No more enterance themes, let’s speed this up!

*The crowd boo as Raven looks up at Psyko Stevo with contempt.*

Stevo: Don’t look at me like that… remember what you are fighting for!

*Stevo snaps his fingers and a large man with a PSS shirt slides a briefcase into the ring. Stevo opens the briefcase and the crowd gasps as we see that it is filled with cold hard cash. Raven again shrugs his shoulders as he slaps some of the fans hands en route to the ring.*

Stevo: Okay, the rest of you guys… get out here, let’s do this thing!

*Christopher St. James, DVD and Chris Wrestling emerge from the backstage area, each looking a bit confused. They make their way down to the ring and we again hear Stevo chime in.*

Stevo: Hold on, there’s supposed to be one more of you people… um… line!

*The same man in the PSS shirt runs over to Stevo and whispers something into his ear.*

Stevo: BBD? Is that right? Okay, where is he?

*Raven, Christopher St. James, DVD and Chris Wrestling all look at each other as the four of them are in the ring.*

Stevo: Whatever… let’s start this thing!

*Stevo rushes over to the bell, grabs the hammer and strikes it, signifying the start of the match.

The action starts off quickly as Chris Wrestling and DVD exchange blows in one corner of the ring and Christopher St. James and Raven lock up on the other side. Raven gets the better of the initial lock up, as he kicks the knee of CSJ before muscling into the corner the man who eliminated he and his partner, Killer White, out of the tag team battle royal just a few weeks ago. Here he goes, Raven climbing up to the middle rope… one… two… three… four… five.. the fans counting along… six… oh, CSJ with a low blow! CSJ with a low blow, the official didn’t see it because he was focused on Chris Wrestling and DVD, who are in the middle of some action of their own. Chris Wrestling bounces off the ropes and he connects with a clothesline, sending DVD to the mat. Wrestling tries to capitalize now as he lays the boots to DVD. Over on the other side of the ring, CSJ is really taking it to Raven, he has his hands on the ropes and his foot on Raven’s throat as the official starts to count… one… two… three… CSJ releases the hold. CSJ now, helping Raven to his feet, he connects on a lazy jab that sends Raven backpedaling into the corner. CSJ now, measuring up Raven… he runs in and… OH! Raven got his boot up in the nick of time! Raven now, on the offensive, he connects with a stiff right jab and scores a takedown on CSJ!

Back on the other side of the ring, Chris Wrestling is continuing his domination of DVD. Wrestling has DVD pinned back up against the ropes and he connects on a sharp chop to the chest, which gets a big “WOOOO” out of the crowd. Wrestling with another chop, and another… Wrestling now, going for the elimination, clothesline DVD right over the top rope… wait a second, DVD grabs the top rope! DVD is hanging on for dear life. DVD now, he’s got his feet back up on the apron. Chris Wrestling, there he goes, he’s shaking the top rope… OH! The crowd lets out a gasp as Raven just ran up behind Chris Wrestling and connected with a shot to the back of the head. Wrestling off the ropes now, drop toe hold. Raven floats over and he’s connecting on shots to the face of Wrestling now! Raven is a man possessed. Meanwhile, back over near the ropes, DVD has made his way back into the match. He immediately runs over to Raven and Wrestling, but he’s blinded by CSJ who flattens him with a clothesline. CSJ now, picking DVD off of Chris Wrestling by his hair and helping him to his feet. CSJ goes for a right hand… blocked! Meanwhile, DVD back to his feet, he locks up with Chris Wrestilng near the far ropes. Back to Raven though, Raven blocks the right hand! Raven now fires off a right hand of his own, and another, and now CSJ is back against the ropes. Raven grabs the arm of CSJ, irish whip to the opposite ropes, CSJ bouncing off the ropes, Raven attempts a clothesline but CSJ ducks. CSJ this time, off the ropes tries to connect with a clothesline of his own, but this time it’s Raven ducking. Raven stops in his tracks on a dime, he turns around, Raven with a full head of steam… this time he connects on a clothesline and it’s CSJ who goes spinning over the top rope, his body hitting the mat!

Stevo: Um…

*The cameras pan to ringside and Stevo’s advisor again whispers in his ear.*

Stevo: Christopher St. James has been eliminated!

*The crowd cheers as CSJ is beside himself at ringside. CSJ thinks about attempting to re-enter the ring, but members of the PSS are all over him, preventing his entry. Back in the ring Raven looks down at CSJ, a smile on his face as he has avenged his tag teams elimination a few weeks prior. On the opposite side of the ring, Chris Wrestling has DVD pinned up against the far turnbuckle and he is weakening his body with punches. DVD is staggered now… Chris Wrestling locks his hands around DVD’s waist, suplex! DVD’s neck goes crashing into the mat as Chris Wrestling performs a textbook suplex. Wrestling now, back on his feet… oh, Raven with a right hand out of nowhere and Chris Wrestling is battered into the turnbuckles. Wrestling fights out of it though and he throws up a desperation kick to the solarplexus of Raven. Raven staggers back… right into a headlock from DVD! Raven is writhing in pain, trying to escape the hold with every fiber of his body and what’s this? Chris Wrestling runs up to Raven… Chris Wrestling with some vicious boots to the midsection of Raven. Wrestling and DVD are teaming up now to really put the hurt on Raven!

Raven finally collapses to one knee and… now it’s Chris Wrestling with a textbook kick to the face of DVD! DVD releases the headlock as he goes falling to the mat, Chris Wrestling helps DVD to his face, Wrestling with a uppercut to the chin of DVD that sends the superstar crashing right back down to the mat. Chris Wrestling on the offensive now… Wrestling moving in towards the fallen DVD… oh! Now it’s Raven, Raven with a forearm to the side of Chris Wrestlings head, all hell has broken loose in the ring, it is an all out war in here between these three men. Everyone back on their feet and it’s Raven scoring with a right on DVD, Chris Wrestling though, scores with a right on Raven, and here does DVD now, DVD with a boot to the midsection of Chris Wrestling. What’s this? Chris Wrestling and Raven look at each other and nod… are they going to work together for a moment? They are! Raven and Chris Wrestling now, both hammering away at the back of DVD. DVD is getting mugged inside the ring as Psyko Stevo looks on from ringside with a sick smile on his face. DVD is now flattened out on the mat as Canadian Perfection and Raven work together to help him to his feet. DVD up to his knees now… now up to his feet… what the? DVD with a desperation kick to the knee of Raven, and a right to the face of Chris Wrestling, DVD fighting with everything he has. DVD with another right to the face of Wrestling, and another, Wrestling staggered now… DVD is going to go for it, DVD is setting up his finisher. He motions towards the crowd, here it is… DVD with the…. oh no! Raven out of nowhere! Raven with a football style tackle of DVD. Raven now, mounting DVD and connecting with shots as Chris Wrestling is shaking the cobwebs out. Raven continues to reign down punishment on DVD and now it’s Chris Wrestling walking over, Raven gets off of DVD and now it’s Raven and Canadian Perfection working together as they each extend their arms forward, knocking DVD out of the ring and sending him crashing to the mat. DVD has been eliminated and it was just a matter of the numbers game catching up to him.

Stevo: Well then… right… DVD has been eliminated and there are only two left. Nice teamwork guys!

*Raven and Chris Wrestling are the last two competitors left! It’s Raven going to work immediately, firing a left hand to the face of Canadian Perfection. Wrestling fires a right hand of his own back. Raven fires another right hand back, but Wrestling ducks! Wrestling pops up now, knee to the midsection of Raven… DDT! Chris Wrestling connects with a DDT. Wrestling now, he helps Raven up by his hair, oh wait a second, Raven smacks Wrestlings hands away, Raven ducks under a right hand, he bounces off the ropes, running in now… SPEAR! Raven connects on a spear, and now it’s Raven who is delivering fericious right hands to the face of Wrestling! What a match, the crowd is on their feet. Chris Wrestling finally moves his shoulders out of the way and pushes Raven off of him, Wrestling sruggling up to his feet, Raven attempts a knee to the face… Chris Wrestling avoids it! Raven off balance, Wrestling runs in, he connects with a running kick to the midsection, Wrestling now fights Raven back to the turnbuckle, Wrestling climbs the turnbuckle, he starts reigning down punches… the fans get behind him… one… two… three…four…five…six…seven…eight…nine.TEN! Wrestling jumps down off the turnbuckle, he backpedals slightly and now comes rushing in… Raven pulled the top rope down! Wrestling goes flying over the top rope and Raven is celebrating in the ring… what’s this though? Wrestling is still on the apron! Chris Wrestling is still on the apron. Raven now, spins around… Wrestling with a right hand to the midsection of Raven, Raven lunges forward with everthing he has got, looking to send Chris Wrestling out of the ring… Wrestling grabbed the top rope… Raven, his momentum carries him over the top rope… it’s all over!

Stevo: Well, Raven has been eliminated, looks like the winner is…

*The crowd is in a frenzy and wait a second… those same three familiar letters flash across the screen. B… B… D… B… B… D… the fans begin to buzz as, “You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito begins to play and that same baby blue spotlight shines on the stage*

Stevo: What are you doing here?

BBD: I’m BBD, I’m here for the match.

Stevo: Match already started… security, get this guy out of here

BBD: Wait! I have a “creative clausel”.

Stevo: A creative clause?

*The crowd buzzes as BBD quickly removes a piece of paper from his trunks and starts to read.*

BBD: Yup, says so right here…

Stevo: Let me see that… security, let him through.

*Chris Wrestling looks down at Stevo in disbelief as Stevo looks up at the ring.*

Stevo: Keep your pants on kid… this will just take a minute.

*BBD makes his way down to the Psyko One and hands him his note.*

Stevo: Is this legit?

*BBD nods his head and Stevo starts to laugh out loud.*

Stevo: No it’s not, come on, this is 100% fake. Do you think I’m some kind of an idiot?

BBD: Are you going to let me fight or not… you did, “hand pick” me for this match, didn’t you?

*Stevo scratches his ear as the crowd eagerly waits on in anticipation for his answer.*

Stevo: Well, I gotta admit, you kinda look like a winner. And I’ll say, this whole creative clause thing amuses me. Sounds like something I would have come up with back in the day. I’ll tell you what, I really wasn’t impressed with the performance that took place in the ring *the crowd boos wildly, as it was obvious that every man in the invitational gave it his all*, so why don’t you go in there and show me what you got.

*BBD smiles an arrogent smile as Psyko Stevo does the same. Chris Wrestling screams down… “what about me!?”*

Stevo; What about you? Well, I suggest you beat this guy if you want to move on…

*BBD slides back into the ring and the Psyko One hits the bell, as the match re-resumes*

BBD quickly lays into Chris Wrestling with some big right hands which sends him down to the mat. It is obvious that BBD is fresh to the ring, whilst Wrestling has fought in the long hard match as BBD pulls him to his feet before nailing him with a stiff DDT. BBD wastes little time in pulling Chris Wrestling to his feet before tossing him head first over the top rope and to the outside of the ring!

There are boos all around as ‘The Industry’s’ BBD picks up the win despite being in the ring for less than two minutes, and progesses to next weeks final to take on the winner of the second rumble match!

RESULT: Howie Banks def. Jason Cash via pinfall

The Infamous Phone Call

Backstage, Ronnie Long seems to be in a zone, when his cell phone rings and makes him jump.

Ronnie Long: Yeah?

The look on his face changes to concern, as he stutters on his next few words.

Ronnie Long: HHMMM YYEEAHH No Proooblllem.

Ronnie hangs up the phone and just stares at it.

Do The Right Thing

Backstage at Goodfellas Casino, we find ourselves in the locker room of Night. The masked star paces uneasily as his mentor sits calmly, clearly deep in thought. A reversal of roles from the last few weeks.

Night: Do you think he blames me? I’ve always been in good standings with Paige.

Akira Kimura: It is those good standings which got his wife abducted, my son. I feel that deep down All-Star knows who is to blame here… The Company. He is a competitor as well – he knows as well as anyone that you had to go out there and give that match everything you had.

Night: I do feel somewhat to blame for what happened…

Akira Kimura: Then you have to make it right.

Night: How do I do that, master?

Night pauses, eagerly awaiting the answer.

Akira Kimura: You already know that. When the time comes, do the right thing.

He is interrupted by a knock on the door. Kimura smiles as he stands to open it. One man stands on the other side – the huge frame of a short-haired Japanese man – Kimura shakes the man’s hand, bowing deeply before indicating for him to enter the room.

Night: Tomishiba-san…

Night bows deeply.

Night: … what brings you here?

Mitsuhiro Tomishiba, the protective muscle of the KIMURA Dojo smiles cockily.

Mitsuhiro Tomishiba: Master Kimura called me – I am here to do… well, you know what I do.

Shocked, the masked man stares at his mentor who smiles back at him innocently.

Night: Master… you didn’t mention this to me. Elijah, Hiroshi and Ryuu are still floating around – do you plan on bringing the entire dojo here?

Akira Kimura: No, Akumu – and you have had enough on your mind. Mitsuhiro will not make his presence felt unless absolutely necessary. I just wanted us to have… some insurance. Mitsuhiro – my apologies – I trust your flight in was pleasant.

Bowing to the older man, Tomishiba speaks in a calm, low-tone.

Mitsuhiro Tomishiba: Yes, Master Kimura.

Noticing Night completely unnerved by Tomishiba’s presence, the old master stands, placing a reassuring hand on Night’s shoulder.

Akira Kimura: Don’t worry, Akumu – Tomishiba-san is only here as a precautionary measure – chances are he will not even be needed. But I’ve played this game enough times to know to have some backups waiting. Now, get out of here, you have ring time coming up!

The old man stands and pats the champ on the shoulder, ushering him out of the room. With Night gone, Kimura turns back to the larger man, ready to talk business.

Tobias Devereux, Limp, La Envidia Mata, Ronnie Long, Nathan Paradine & Juliana Torres

*The fans are still buzzing after everything that went down in the first Invitational match, but before they can catch their breath we hear a familiar voice on the mic.*

Stevo: All right, one down, one more to go. Come on people, let’s get out here and put on a show.

*The lights in the arena dim and we hear a few chords of a song come on the PA, before it is immediately cut off.*

Stevo: Stop it! This isn’t about flashy entrances, this is about the match! Get out here and let’s do this!

*There is a collective groan amongst the crowd as Tobias Devereux, Limp, La Envidia Mata, Ronnie Long, Nathan Paradine & Juliana Torres all emerge from the backstage area with equally confused looks on their face. The group slowly walks down the steel ramp way and one by one the competitors enter the ring.*

Stevo: Hurry it up, come on now. These people paid good money to see you fight, not walk around.

*A few of the competitors shoot Stevo glares, but the Psyko One pays no attention. As soon as he sees that everyone is in the right, he immediately scrambles over to the bell and sounds it, signifying the start of the match.*

Stevo: Let’s get it on!

*The crowd cheers as all hell immediately breaks loose in the ring. Tobias Devereux connects with a boot to the midsection of La Envidia Mata, Nathan Paradine and Juliana Torres lock up and Ronnie Long ducks a right hand from Limp before planting a well placed knee into the midsection of his opponent. That’s where the cameras focus in… Ronnie Long continues with the offense on Limp, another knee to the midsection, Limp now up against the far corner turnbuckle. Ronnie Long going for the early elimination, he grabs Limp by the back of the neck, here he goes now, forcing Limp to the ropes… Limp not having any of it though, Limp connects with an elbow to the midsection of Ronnie Long and Limp fighting his way back now, another elbow, Ronnie Long now, bumps into La Envidia Mata. Mata turns around, Long ducks and OH! Limp just floored La Envidia Mata with a clothesline. Not to be outdone, Tobias Devereux connects with a clothesline of his own, knocking down Limp. Tobias looking to mount some offense now and whats this, Nathan Paradine from behind, Paradine just clubbed Tobias in the back of the head. Paradine running in now, slams Tobias’ head into the turnbuckle. Paradine bounces off the ropes, looks like he is going for a bulldog, wait a second though, there’s Juliana Torres flying in as she takes out the knee of Paradine with a well placed shoulder. This is absolutely out of control, no one can seem to mount any kind of sustained offense because everyone is attacking each other!

In the far corner of the ring now, La Envidia Mata and Juliana Torres are working together as they are hammering away at Ronnie Long in the corner. Long is taking a lot of punishment as the two members of The Corporation put the boots to him. Mata and Torres now signaling to each other, could this be our first elimination? Torres and Mata now, helping the battered Long to his feet, each of them grabbing a leg and up goes Ronnie Long. Long though, grabs onto the ropes, Long holding on for dear life and… OH MY! Pardine out of nowhere, Paradine nails Juliana Torres from behind and Juliana goes flying over the ropes, thanks to Ronnie Long’s quick thinking, as he pulled the ropes downwards at the last second.

Stevo: The chick has been eliminated, thank you, come again!

*The crowd pops as Torres looks up at the ring in disbelief. She was half a second away from eliminating Ronnie Long, but instead became the first participant eliminated. Back to the action now, Ronnie Long slides back under the bottom rope and out of harms way for the time being, inside the ring his head is on a swivel. He notices that Paradine is also looking around, waiting for an opportunity to pounce. Long runs in, he’s going for a flying knee to the head of Paradine, Paradine saw it coming though, Long gets nothing but air, he turns around and… clothesline, Paradine connects with a clothesline. Paradine now, bounces off the ropes he extends his leg and connects with a leg drop right across the throat of Ronnie Long. On the other side of the ring we see La Envida Mata and Limp going at it, they are locked up in a test of strength and that is quickly solved though as Limp disengages from the test and connects with a quick jab right near the throat of Mata. La Envida Mata now staggered, Limp continues his onslaught with a jab to the face and Mata is now backed up into the corner, Limp rushes in and connects with a full body, chest first splash right into La Envida Mata. Mata staggers off the ropes and as Limp sizes him up, wait a second, it’s Tobias! Tobias off the ropes and he connects with a bulldog that sends La Envida Mata’s face slamming into the mat. Tobias hops up to his feet, he’s motioning for Mata to rise, could he setting up the Cajun Cutter? Yes! Tobias has La Envida Mata up near the ropes, he’s got his opponent up over his head, he pauses for a second and… Limp! It’s Limp, Limp just pushed Tobias Devereux when he had La Envida Mata set up for the Cajun Cutter… La Envida Mata goes flying over the top rope and lands awkwardly on his back, La Envida Mata has been eliminated, despite an impressive showing!

Stevo: La Envida Mata has been eliminated. Buh-bye!

*The crowd pops as there are now just four competitors left. Ronnie Long and Nathan Paradine are engaged in one corner and Tobias Devereux is getting up to his feet as Limp is stalking him in the other corner. Nathan Paradine throws a wild right to the head of Ronnie Long, but the Long Shot ducks under it. Long now, connects with a well placed shot to the kidney of Nathan Paradine before grabbing him by the shoulders and shoving him into the corner. Paradine looks like he’s in a lot of pain after that kidney shot, but Ronnie Long pays no attention to it. Long now, with boots to the knees and thighs of Paradine and before long, Paradine is on his butt in the corner. That’s when Long strikes, he grabs the top rope, extends a knee and starts to choke the life out of Paradine. This is an illegal move, where is the official! The official is on the other side of the ring where Limp is choking the life out of Tobias Devereux in the corner. The official counts… one… two… three… Limp breaks the holds. The official now scrambles over to the other side of the ring and starts to count… one… two.. three… four… The official now interjects as Ronnie Long refuses to remove his knee from the throat of Nathan Paradine. Finally the official breaks the hold and gets in between the two men. The official now, lecturing Ronnie Long, and Long is nodding his head without paying attention. What’s this? From behind! Limp with a shot to the back of Ronnie Long’s head, Ronnie Long didn’t see it coming. Long goes flying into the ropes, Paradine pulls down the top rope as he’s trying to get to his feet… Ronnie Long goes flying over the top rope, his momentum carrying him forward… NO! Long grabs onto the top rope, he’s pulling himself back up now. Paradine and Limp are engaged in the corner, Long is going to save himself… WAIT! That’s Tobias, Tobias out of nowhere comes flying in and nails Ronnie Long with a modified spear through the middle rope! Tobias, the momentum carries both him and Ronnie Long out of the ring!

Stevo: Ronnie Long, you’re outta here!

*There is a brief pause as a member of the PSS comes near the Psyko One.*

Stevo: Tobias, get back in the ring, this is an over the TOP rope elimination match.

*Tobias remains motionless on the outside of the ring, he might be seriously hurt…*

Stevo: PSS, get him back in the match!

*Members of the Psyko Stevo Security team rush over to Tobias Devereux, pick the motionless superstar up by his neck and toss him back into the ring. In the ring, it’s Limp and Nathan Paradine going at it, trading blows. Paradine finally gets the better of the exchange as he blocks a straight right by Limp and connects with a foot stomp followed by a knee to the midsection, followed by a short arm clothesline that takes Limp to the mat. Paradine now, bouncing off the ropes, he connects! Paradine with a running running knee to the midsection of Limp, and Limp is writhing in pain. Paradine now, helping Limp up to his feet. Paradine, slingshots Limp off the ropes… BIG BOOT! Paradine connects with a big boot that flattens Limp. Paradine now, he’s waiting for Limp to get up… this could be it! Limp up to his feet, boot to the midsection, here it is… Paraplex! Paradine has Limp up in the air and… OH THE IMPACT! Limp looks like he’s just been through a train wreck. Paradine now float over and he’s about to sink in that gogoplata… what is this? Tobias is up! Tobias grabs Paradine off of Limp. Wait, what is happening here? Tobias is pointing towards the ropes, and now he’s pointing toward Limp. Paradine nods his head, it looks like Paradine and Tobias are teaming up on the near incapicitated Limp. Paradine and Tobias now, both picking the motionless Limp up… they each have a fistful of Limps hair… and Limp now, he’s up on the top rope… Wait a second, Limp is fighting it! Limp has a hand on the top rope, and he’s refusing to be eliminated. Paradine and Tobias now, both shoving Limp with everything they’ve got… and he’s done! Limp has been forcfully eliminated and we’re down to two men.*

Stevo: Tough luck kid, it just wasn’t your day… Limp has been… E—-LIMINATED!

*The crowd is in a frenzy now as we’re down to Nathan Paradine and Tobias, squared off in the center of the ring, each man has taken quite a beating, but they’re willing to put it all on the line for a spot in the finals. Paradine charges forward and takes down Devereux with a stiff clothesline. Devereux tries to rise up to his feet, however as he does Paradine nails him with a stuff kick to the ribs! Devereux looks to be in pain as Paradine grabs him by the hair and pulls him up. Devereux is whipped into the ropes by Paradine, however as he bounces back he lands a stiff knee to the midsection to Paradine! The crowd cheer the Cajun Sensation as Paradine goes down! Paradine doesn’t get much time to recover as he is pulled up and pushed back against the ropes with big right hands from Devereux. With Paradine leaning precariously against the ropes, Devereux bounces off of the opposite ropes and runs at Paradine looking to clothesline him to the outside of the ring! However at the very last second, to the shock of the crowd Paradine drops his shoulder and sends Devereux tumbling to the outside! This one is all over and its Nathan Paradine who has narrowly pulled out the win to set up a final match with BBD next week on Showdown!

RESULT: Nathan Paradine Wins

He May Have Lost The Battle…

Cut backstage, where Nathan Paradine is shown walking towards his locker room following his match. He frowns at the sight of the door slightly askew and he cautiously pushes it open, flicking on a light switch and gasping as the chaos in the room is illuminated.

“What the bloody hell…” he murmurs in anger, taking off his trademark sunglasses. “What mongrel has been in here and done this?”

The room as been trashed; clothes from Nathan’s sports bag have been shredded and tossed about, a cellphone is lying in pieces of broken plastic and wiring on the floor and the walls are covered in graffiti. Nathan glances around his hands on his hips, and sighs. Suddenly however he pauses and examines the drying paint closely… baby-blue paint, in fact. Nathan takes a step back and reads the words littered across three different walls in floor to ceiling letters.T H E I N D U S T R Y

“Bond…” Nathan growls. “BOND!”

He turns around, fury radiating off his body. It wasn’t enough that he was screwed out of a victory at Resurrection, now The Industry has to desecrate his locker room too. Fists clenched, Paradine marches off camera. If it’s a war Bond wants… then it’s a war he’s going to get.

Wait ‘Til They Get A Load of Me

Chris Bond, general ne’erdowell and rapscallion and also member of the Industry, can be seen walking through the backstage area with his normal doofy grin on his face as he looks from person to person, slapping a couple of high-fives with various people backstage. It’s hard to believe that anyone likes Chris Bond after the dickery that he has brought to the sVo, but that really doesn’t matter. Bond opens his cell phone and holds it to his ear.

Bond: “Uh huh, yeah, well, I told them to park it as close as they could! … What do you mean the ring crew dropped shit all over it? They parked it in the loading dock?! Beebeedee, we gotta kick somebody’s ass! There need to be repercussions for messing with the Industry! They’ll under-“

Bond is cut off as he enters his locker room and sees it trashed. His Chris Bond and Industry memorabilia is thrown all over the place, torn and broken and just generally in a mess. Bond’s face is turning red from rage.

Bond: “That motherfucking Paradine! I’ll kill him! Get security down here, somebody needs to track down that Australian bitch! I swear I’ll-“

He turns around and sees a dark figure enter his locker room, obscured from the view of the camera. Bond’s eyes widen and the red is flushed from his face.

Bond: “You…”

The camera cuts away as Bond is left with the shadowy figure, no escape in sight.

True Inspiration

Roscoe Shame is pacing back in forth in his locker room. Small beads of sweat start to form on his forehead while his hands are shaking. His upcoming match with Chris Bond is starting to work his nerves causing him to panic. Trying anything to calm himself down he grabs his gym bag and pulls out a five by ten picture frame. Looking down at the bright smile of his daughter causes a smile to etch from ear to ear.

Roscoe: I love you Nicole! Daddy promises to never leave your side. I will see you soon. Roscoe: Chris Bond…….you stand no chance my friend. I have my number one fan with me and I will not disappoint her.

Kissing the picture, Roscoe puts it back in his bag. The time has come to face off against another sVo legend.

Champion’s Address

A whisper… “I’m dreaming…” The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one. A name. ” N I G H T ” An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw. Around his waist is the gleaming, golden face of the sVo World Championship.Night stands at the top of the entrance ramp for a moment, savoring the moment and seeming to try to take everything in. Finally starting down the entrance ramp he moves quickly, slapping hands with fans to the left and right before charging at the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. He calls for a microphone from the timekeeper and is handed one as the music fades out.

Night: Well well, I guess it’s like they say – third time’s the charm.

A huge pop goes up from the sVo faithful.

Night: I feel like a chapter of my life has ended. And as it does a newer, bigger, more exciting chapter begins.

More cheers, Night pauses.

Night: As you all know, I have spent years pursuing this.

He pats the golden belt around his waist.

Night: I’ve bled, lost sleep, obsessed, trained… dreamed – when I could – that I’d be here and that’s just where I find myself now. And for most of the week I have spent my time thinking on a question that was asked to me after Resurrection – ‘what now?’ At first, my instinct suggests simply to devote everything I have to defending that which I worked so hard to win. And to some extent – that’s what I’ll do. I will defend the title against all contenders… I will not back down from a fight – I never have and certainly won’t start now – but there is another problem in sVo…

A mixed reaction from the crowd – they seem to know where Night is going.

Night: … a poison if you will. A group of businessmen – the wealthy – trying to control the actions and destinies of the wrestlers of the sVo. A group which abducted the wife of Johnny All-Star for defending my right to compete fairly for the title I now proudly wear, a group which forced a top calibre competitor like Tobias Devereux into serving the likes of CSJ, a group which tried to get me to take a dive in the match of my life – they threatened myself as well as my mentor, Akira Kimura. This group call themselves ‘The Company’.

The crowd murmur uncomfortably at the mention of the mysterious controlling faction of sVo.

Night: This group is a problem which desperately needs to be addressed. Whether I stand alone or others join with me – I will do whatever I can to end their influence over the sVo!

A pop from the crowd – bold words from the new champion… possibly too bold knowing the nature of The Company.

Night: Which brings me to tonight. Tonight I will go one-on-one with Johnny All-Star – an sVo legend… a former International Champion and a man I deeply respect. In the absence of Paige – and as Master Kimura agreed, this just stinks of Company booking. Tonight – JAS and I will do what we have to do between bell rings… but don’t think I won’t have eyes in the back of my head – I’m ready, ‘Company’ – you know where to find me, so come and bring your ‘consequences’.

The crowd cheer loudly as “Knife Party” by Deftones plays over the PA once more. Night hands the mic back to the as he goes to roll out of the ring, before the lights drop and the sound of “Knife Party” becomes distorted and the sounds of a record scratching fill the arena as fans cover their ears. The sVo World Heavyweight Champion rises to his feet in the chaos, camera flashes on him as he watches and waits.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata plays, before stopping short and being replaced by the sound of guitars wailing and building up… it turns into the haunting sound of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony before turning into the guitars wailing again, as the song becomes clear to everyone in the arena…

“Through the Fire and Flames” by DragonForce blasts through the sound system as the fans are on their feet, watching as red and white lasers and spotlights show a lone figure, clothed in black, steps through the curtain… TALON!!!

He stops at the top of the ramp as the spotlights are on him and Night, separated by a hundred feet as he takes a gloved finger and points it at the World Champion, a smile on his face as he watches Night hold the World Title high as we cut to commercial.

Howard Thompson vs. Killer White

Killer White is already in the ring awaiting his opponent.

“Money” by Pink Floyd hits the PA system as Howard “The Bank” Thompson steps out from the backstage area and onto the top of the ramp way in front of the titantron. Thompson sports a pair of black boots, red knee pads, a white pair of wrestling trunks with a dollar sign on it in green as well as white wrist tape. Howard struts his stuff down the ramp way with the fans booing him like crazy. Howard has a sparkling green robe on that he takes off as soon as he enters the ring. He stands up in a corner and stretches as his music begins to fade now.

The bell rings and Thompson pushes himself off the turnbuckle and immediately takes a running start after Killer White, but Killer White knows better and reacts nicely by dropping down on his back and forcing Thompson to hop over him. As Thompson bounces off the ropes, Killer White gets back up and is knocked down hard with a shoulder-block. Killer White’s 275 pound frame lets out a thud at impact with the ring. Thompson grabs his head and picks Killer White up before scoop-shoveling him up and executing a basic body slam.

Without giving him much time to endure the hit, Thompson grabs Killer White again and drags him over to the ring ropes. He places his neck against the middle rope and then starts pressing on his back with his boot. Killer White’s struggle makes the referee aware and he forces Thompson to stop before things get too dangerous. Thompson steps away, holding his arms up high as if to say he wasn’t doing anything wrong. As soon as the referee walks away, Thompson lunges after Killer White, whose neck is still placed against the middle rope, and pounces on his back, basically choking the life out of him.

Through shock impulse, Killer White hops up and falls backwards. While Killer White rolls around the middle of the ring canvas holding his throat, Thompson predator-walks around him with a gigantic smile peeling across his face. He walks up to him and scoops him up for a HT Slam. That keeps Killer White occupied with pain long enough for Thompson to prop him up to his knees without a fight. He quickly slides his head in between his legs and lifts him up in flipping-fashion. While Killer White is above his head, Thompson slowly struts backwards and then collapses backwards.

Killer White comes crumbling down and nails his neck, once again, against the ropes. The ricochet effect slaps him back on his feet and straight into the hands of Thompson who wraps both of his arms around him and lifts the big man slowly into the air. The crash to the mat seems is due to the German suplex Mr. Thompson executes. He goes for the pin.




Killer White is able to kick out at the last moment. Thompson gets to his feet and wipes a drop of sweat from his brow. Thompson walks over to Killer White trying to grab him, but Killer White counters with a school boy rollup.




Both men jump to their feet at the same time and lock up. Killer White is finally able to get the upper-hand with a knee strike to the Thompson’s ribs. Staying on the attack Killer White DDT’s Thompson face first to the mat. The fans cheer the beating of Howard Thompson. Wasting no time Killer White immediately locks in a sharpshooter causing Thompson to yell in pain. The referee checks on Thompson who doesn’t want to tap. Killer White pulls back further on the legs of Thompson causing even more pain. However, somehow Thompson finds the strength to start crawling his way to the ropes until he finally grabs the bottom rope with his right hand. The referee forces Killer White to release the hold.

Killer White waits for Thompson to get to his feet and when he finally does he sends him crashing to the mat with a devastating clothesline. Grabbing the spiked hair of Thompson, Killer White brings the man to his feet and wraps his arms tight around Thompson’s waist. He lifts the man up and then slams him down with a belly to back suplex followed by a pin.




Thompson finds a way to kickout. Killer White rolls onto his back and notices that his opponent is in dire need of a breather. The unfortunate thing for Thompson is that Killer White doesn’t care. He stares down at him for a minute before looking out at the crowd cheer him on. The cheering from the crowd caused adrenaline being pumped into the arena, which found its way into Killer White’s mind as he started to viciously stomp a hole into Thompson’s stomach. While holding onto the top rope, he starting stomping anywhere he could on Thompson’s body.

First it was the stomach, then the chest, and then it suddenly turned into horrific boot shots to the face. He is satisfied with the damage done hops up to the top rope. He leaps off the top rope for an elbow smash, but Thompson rolls out of the way at the last second. With the fans booing Thompson grabs a hold of the ropes to help himself get to his feet.

As he catches his breath Thompson watches Killer White carefully. Killer White starts to get to his feet when his chest his crushed in with a dropkick from Thompson. Pulling Killer White to his feet he kicks him in the stomach and then gorilla-punches the middle of his back a couple of times before nearly taking the man’s head of with The Bank Drive. He follows with a pin.




Killer White somehow is able to kickout. Thompson gets to his feet and picks up Killer White with him. He pushes himself and Killer White against the ropes. The bounce releases Killer White’s grip and instead of going back to the move, Killer White runs toward the opposite side of the ring and bounces off of those ropes. They almost collide as Killer White swings his arm towards Thompson with a clothesline attempt, but Thompson ducks and bounces again off the ropes. Thompson tries to attempt his own clothesline, but Killer White dodges it. They both bounce off opposite sides of the ring ropes and make simultaneous leaps, each holding both arms out. Instead of one or the other getting the upper hand, they both slam into each other. There is a moment of lifelessness inside the squared circle as the referee walks over to check on the two. He looks out towards the crowd, lifts both of his arms in the air, and begins a count.







Both men start to get up at the same time.



They get to their feet at the same time and Killer White charges Thompson, who steps to the side while grabbing Killer White at the same time. He spins the man around and hits The Bank Drop!! He covers for the pin.




RESULT: Howard Thompson def. Killer White via pinfall

The “Beautiful” Championship Title

Candi Cross mulling around backstage with a camera crew following her every step is simply looking for that next big story to break. Stopping momentarily to speak to Roscoe Shame she offers him a little bit of air time.

Candi Cross – So tonight, you, Roscoe Shame, will be facing the ever challenging Chris Bond, who currently sits as the odds on favorite.

Roscoe Shame – Yeah, that’s right. Bondo is great competitor who will give me a run for money tonight.

Candi Cross –Are you worried about any interference from Chris Bond’s friend and counterpart, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean?

Roscoe Shame –Candi I have bigger and better things to worry about, such as my daugther than to worry about the slicked blonde gaysha Bobby Dean!

Suddenly a figure walks up and forces his way in between Candi Cross and Roscoe Shame. It’s none other than “Beautiful” Bobby Dean, in his wrestling gear, and that same baby blue velvet bag slung over his shoulder. Roscoe’s fists immediately clench together as BBD acts oblivious to his presence simply focusing on Candi Cross and no one else.

BBD – Did I hear my name? Oh good evening Ms. Cross, I suppose you’d like a word with the champ wouldn’t you? Of course you would. You see, before coming into the sVo I’ve been wheeling and dealing, negotiating with the powers that be to make sure my arrival here into the sVo is up to my “beautiful” standards…

Roscoe Shame – Beautiful? You look as beautiful as a kangaroo’s ass you prick!

BBD – You might be wondering, what’s in the sack, well let me show you Ms. Cross…

BBD opens the sack and pulls out what appears to be the retired sVo Hardcore title, but there is a long line of construction tape over the top of the title, where it would read “Hardcore” and there written over the tape in baby blue Sharpie is the word, “Beautiful”. Roscoe sighs and slaps his hand to his forehead as BBD slings the title over his shoulder like a true champ, while leaving the velvet sack on the floor and out of the frame.

BBD – Let me, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean, introduce to you the new “Beautiful” Championship title!

Candi Cross – “Beautiful” Championship title?”

BBD – That is correct Ms. Cross, and as the “Beautiful” Champion, I promise to bring prestige and honor to the “Beautiful” Division, something that is hard to come by in the other divisions and something that is missing from our other current champions!

Roscoe Shame – You’ve got to be kidding me! Didn’t you try this same crummy routine in Hostility?

BBD – Next week I, a true champion, will defend my “Beautiful” Championship Title against a worthy opponent, that is if I can find one worthy enough for a shot at this “Beautiful” title!

With that said BBD begins to walk off leaving an ignored and stunned Roscoe Shame behind with an equally stunned and surprised Candi Cross.

Roscoe Shame – There is seriously something wrong with that guy!

Mystery Man

The lights in the Goodfellas Casino Arena go out and a search light starts to scan the crowd. A noise sounding much like rain blares over the PA before a loud barritone voice starts to talk.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

by Robert Frost

After the voice stops talking the lights come back on leaving the crowd wondering what just happened.

Roscoe Shame vs. Chris Bond

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyro’s shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

“If you take a life, do you know what you’ll give…
Odds are, you won’t like what it is…
When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me…
By the merciless eyes I’ve deceived…
I’ve seen angels fall from blinding heights…
But you yourself are nothing so divine…
Just next in line…”

With the opening verse to Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” already underway, the lights dim and multi-colored lights soon begin going off throughout the arena. Now where things get tricky is that Chris Bond should be getting cheered right here and now. Anywhere else in the world (aside from Simcoe County–that’s another topic) this man would be getting cheered. He’d be getting showered with love and affection for his year(s) of service toward the Hostile Nation…

BUT he’s not in Hostility. He’s in the sVo. And sVo fans despise all things hostile in nature. (Save for the few smarks who love cheering their hero anyway.) Chris Bond still makes his way out from the backstage area, trademark smirk, that can only be described as a blend of both suave and cockiness, plastered across his face. This angers the sVo audience who boo him even more. Bond just brushes it off and walks to the ring. As he makes his way up the stairs, he walks along the apron, and stares out into the massively anti-Hostility crowd. He just shrugs and wipes his feet before stepping into the ring. He walks to the center and stands there. This is where he’d normally be basking the glory of all the cheers and admiration, but alas, sVo offers none of that. So he just shrugs this off too and walks to one side of the ring awaiting the beginning of the match.

The bell sounds.

Chris Bond and Roscoe Shame stand in the ring across from each other. Both sides listen to the fans as they cheer for Roscoe the current reigning sVo International Champion and boo for Chris Bond the challenger. This is a non title bout as the two men now take a few steps forward towards each other. Bond and Shame now circle the ring and eventually stop and come in for a traditional wrestling tie up.

Both men struggle for advantage of the match as it seems to be quite an evenly matched approach. Bond and Shame take it up and down the ring mat and all across the ring. They end up leaning up against the ropes though which has the referee get in between them. Neither man wants to let go and it seems tension is already building high in this contest. Fans are even into it as they wait for things to continue from there.

Finally, Chris and Roscoe break the hold. The referee turns to both men and gives them a warning about it. Bond shrugs it off and comes in at Roscoe as he wraps his arm around Shame’s neck area. He tightens the grip and brings his head in closer to his side. Bond now goes to take him down to the ring mat but Roscoe thinks differently and has other plans. This is where he leans up against the ropes and then tries to push Bond off of him.

It seems to work too as Chris is sent up the ring and into the far set of ropes. He bounces back and comes in with a shoulder block on Shame. Roscoe is down and lays flat on his back while “Mr. Reality” hit’s the ropes to the other side of the ring, comes back and finds Roscoe has turned over on his back side. He leaps over top of him and once again bounces off the ropes again. This time when he comes back though, Roscoe picks him up and over for a nice hip toss!

Fans cheer him as Bondo gets right back up and runs right at Roscoe and nails him down with a clothesline! Chris now gets on top of him and drives his forearm into his face as the ref gets down on the mat to make the count and the first pin fall attempt in this match up tonight.




An easy kick out for the International Champion.

Bondo isn’t done yet though as he’s ready to inflict more damage. He proceeds to grab Roscoe’s head and wraps his hands underneath his chin. Chris now tightens the grip under it and extends his knee into his back side. A chin lock submission hold has been applied and the fans aren’t enjoying what they have to see right now. So what do they do about it? They begin to chant the champions name in hopes of building some momentum for him.


It seems to be doing the trick though, that’s for sure. Shame is slowly but surely getting back up too his feet. Bond is looking a bit worried now but he still has the hold on. Roscoe is almost up too his feet, but just as he makes it there we see Chris Bond knee him in the mid section! Fans boo and the momentum is lost for a moment, that is until Bond goes for a body slam but Roscoe slides off his back side! Shame now runs at him when he turns around and he spears him down! He follows it with a couple right hands until Bondo pushes him aside and off of him on the ring mat.

The two then begin to get back up too their feet quickly. Both men are quite evenly matched and their skills are so alike. Shame and Bond head straight for each other and Bond goes high with a big boot but Roscoe catches him as he was going downstairs. As he opens his arms up he grabs a hold of Bondo and throws him down to the ring mat with a big power slam! Fans start to cheer some more and Roscoe is already back up too his feet.

The International Champion is starting to build some of that momentum. A little taunting to get the crowd going some more and he now begins to pick up his opponent. Roscoe Shame has Chris Bond up on his two feet as he now boots him in the mid section. He follows it up with a military press attempt but Chris Bond ends up getting out of it as he now falls behind him. This allows Bond to have Roscoe’s back side too his advantage. As Roscoe turns around, he goes for the Distortion modified neck breaker.

Roscoe pushes him off though and Bond goes to the ropes. He comes back and Shame now drop toe holds him to the ring mat! He quickly grabs his foot and then twirls around it as he wraps his leg inside Bondo’s and then puts his leg over top of Chris’ ankle for a figure four leg lock! It’s even a move that “Mr. Reality” himself uses at times! Roscoe has it locked in and Bond looks like he might be about ready to tap out and go home.

Fans want this to be the end, they are hoping for it. Roscoe is trying to keep it in tact and put him away with the submission maneuver, however. Chris Bond uses all the strength he has left in him to muster out a reversal, a submission move of his own, the Sharpshooter! A classic counter submission to an already impressive hold put on by Roscoe! Bond has flipped him over and exchanged their legs differently! Fans are booing, they can’t believe their eyes!

Roscoe Shame is close to the ropes though already and he quickly reaches over and grabs onto them for dear life! The ref takes notice and now tries to stop them. Bond holds onto the move a bit longer, but the ref now breaks it up and separates the two wrestlers legs apart. Fans were glad to see Roscoe make it to the corner while him and Bond are now on the ring mat trying to restore some sort of energy to continue going in this match up.

The ref checks on both men and neither are up on their feet just yet. He decides an in ring count is going to take place as he starts to raise his hands in the air and count by shouting the numbers out.



Still no signs of movement just yet.



Finally, both Bond and Shame are grabbing onto the ropes for help.



The count now stops as both men have made it back to their feet!

Chris Bond and Roscoe Shame now walk into the middle of the ring together. The two men exchange right hand blows back and forth. Neither man giving in, they continue the brawl as the fans are getting even more excited now! This is a classic bout, a match for the ages in the sVo and both men are putting all their wrestling skills to the test here tonight!

Roscoe Shame now has the advantage and looks to take this one home. He leans in with more right hands on Chris Bond then “009” has gotten him with. Shame now winds up and looks ready to slug him with a big fist, but out of nowhere with any last energy he has in him, Chris Bond nails Roscoe Shame with his finisher, The Reality Check SuperKick right to the jaw!

It definitely was a long kiss goodnight right there, as Bond crawls over and hooks his leg for the pin!




RESULT: Chris Bond def. Roscoe Shame via pinfall

…But He Hasn’t Lost The War

Katie Smith is shown standing backstage next to Chris Bond and “Beautiful” Bobby Dean, following Bond’s match against International Champion Roscoe Shame. Katie giggles as the camera comes into focus and turns to look at her interviewees.

“Now Bond, that was a fantastic match you just had against Roscoe Shame, do you have any thoughts on the outcome?”

Bond steps up to speak, however a faint thump-thump-thump can be heard, gradually getting louder and louder along with a cry of pure fury.


Bond and BBD look at each other and run off-screen, while Katie looks slightly confused. Nathan Paradine suddenly runs past, in hot pursuit of The Industry. The cameraman follows the action as Paradine bursts into the catering arena, a scowl on his face. Paradine notices Bond and BBD standing in the middle of the room and he rushes forwards, swinging at BBD. BBD staggers out of the way and falls against a table lined with various sandwiches and pastries, while Bond grabs a silver trolley full of cakes and pushes it will full force towards Paradine. The trolley collides and Paradine stumbles, allowing the cornered BBD and Bond time to flee through another door. Paradine stands up and runs after them again, this time emerging in a narrow corridor full of electrical gear. He rushes past several crew members before grabbing one firmly by the shoulders.

“Did you see Bond and Bobby Dean run through here!?” he shouts, and the stage hand nervously points straight ahead. Nathan pushes him away and runs through another door, this time finding himself in the car park. Bond spins around as Paradine charges towards him, throwing him roughly against a cement pillar and pinning him by his throat.

“Understand this, Chris-” Nathan hisses. “If you pick a fight with me then you sure as hell better be ready to back up your words. It might not be next week, it might not be this month, but I WILL get you back for screwing me out of a win at Resurrection. And if you and your little boyfriend are looking for trouble then you’ve found it, because now I’m pissed off.”

Bobby Dean suddenly charges out of nowhere and slams a lead pipe against Paradine’s back, knocking him down. Bond staggers forward grasping his throat and both men start to run towards a waiting limo nearby. Paradine looks up as they dive into the back seat and snatches up the lead pipe, flinging it with force towards the departing limo. It connects with the back window and the glass shatters, and both Bond and BBD can be seen peeking out from the back seat. Heaving a sigh, Paradine turns to walk back into the arena as the scene fades out.

Night vs. Johnny All Star

“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis begins to play.

Various images of iconic Las Vegas and Johnny All-Star play out on the V-Tron as spotlights move throughout the crowd, all finally coming to stop on a hooded Johnny All-Star somewhere in the audience as he is making his way through the crowd.

The spotlight follows All-Star making his way through the screaming fans as he finally makes his way down hopping over the security barricade. Posing for a few photos’ he shrugs off the robe tossing it into the audience before pulling himself up into the ring to prepare for his match.

A whisper… ??”I’m dreaming…” ??The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one. ??A name. ??” N I G H T ” ??An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw. Around his waist is the gleaming, golden face of the sVo World Championship.??Night stands at the top of the entrance ramp for a moment, savoring the moment and seeming to try to take everything in. Finally starting down the entrance ramp he moves quickly, slapping hands with fans to the left and right before charging at the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. Leaping up on the nearest turnbuckles, he plays to the crowd before jumping down and running diagonally across the ring and again hopping up on the turnbuckles. He moves to the middle of the ring, handing the sVo World Title to the referee and bowing to JAS as he extends a hand. JAS curtly responds, his thoughts obviously elsewhere, his determination clear.

The referee calls for the bell and we are underway. All-Star and Night circle in the ring before both men lunge forwards and lock up. They grapple for control and it is JAS who manages to lock the masked wrestler into a side-headlock. The champion punches at Johnny’s ribs backing him up to the ropes and shoving him across the ring. As All-Star rebounds off at Night, he is dropped to the mat as the slightly larger man meets him with a shoulder block. All-Star is right back to his feet and runs the ropes of his own accord, bouncing back and again being dropped to the mat, this time by a drop-toe-hold courtesy of Night. Night springs right back to his feet, only for a moment however, as he leaps forward aiming a somersault legdrop at JAS. Night connects only with the mat though as Johnny manages to roll aside leaving Night seated on the mat. All-Star stands and swings a roundhouse kick at Night who manages to drop back onto the mat, under All-Star’s leg before kipping back up to is feet!

The crowd cheers the athletic display as Night locks All-Star in an inverted front-facelock before spinning and dropping him face-first into the mat with a modified spinning neckbreaker/three-quarter facelock bulldog! He hooks the leg and covers!



All-Star kicks out strongly at two. Night pulls JAS to his feet but is surprised by a series of hard right hands to the mid-section from All-Star. Night silences the rallying All-Star with a hard knee to the face followed by a vicious spinning backfist! All-Star staggers backwards, and is further backed up as Night moves him to the ropes before whipping him across the ring and again taking him down, this time with a hurricanrana. Both men return to their feet, JAS a bit groggy. Ever the fighter, Johnny throws a hard right at Night, it is blocked and followed by a swift chop. An All-Star left hook is ducked and responded to with a hard roundhouse kick to the ribs and a stunning back elbow dazing him severely! All-Star falls back, landing against the top turnbuckle. The masked man wastes no time and charges straight at him, leaping and sending All-Star’s head snapping back with a HUGE shining wizard! JAS slumps to the mat and Night again covers.




Again JAS kicks out emphatically. Night signals to the crowd for The Dreaming to a huge response. He pulls the seemingly lifeless Johnny All-Star to his feet and then onto his shoulders – however, All-Star seems to have other plans as he begins to struggle and wriggle free. Night fights to keep All-Star on his shoulders and nearly loses his footing, stumbling near the turnbuckles. The momentary opening is enough for Johnny who kicks his legs off the ropes, breaking Night’s grip and floating through into a devastating tornado DDT! Night’s head bounces off the mat and All-Star lays stunned on the mat for a moment before coming to his senses somewhat and throwing an arm over the downed Night!




Night kicks out at two! Slow to his feet, JAS unsteadily pulls his masked opponent up with him, peppering him with hard right and left hands which send the champion’s head reeling. Defenseless and out on his feet, Night is backed up by All-Star’s vicious strikes before All-Star lunges forward, extending an arm and sending Night flipping head over heels with a short arm clothesline! JAS is quick to follow up with a standing moonsault once again hooking Night’s leg and covering.



Kickout! All-Star is not deterred however, as he immediately hops on top of the man from Kyoto again barraging him with hard lefts and rights. Night attempts to cover up as best he can, but All-Star is a man possessed and doesn’t let up for a moment. Suddenly, he springs to his feet. Lifting Night’s legs, he kicks away at Night’s right knee several times before wrapping around and dropping into a figure four leglock!

The agony is clear through Night’s mask as he yells out, flailing desperately. All-Star looks determined as he hold’s Night’s foot, applying as much pressure as he can. Night drops his back onto the mat, but as the referee slaps ‘One’ he lifts. The sudden pressure on his knees quickly breaking him down, Night looks to the ropes mere feet away and begins to crawl as best he can – propelling himself along on his elbows.

All-Star seems to be pulled off-balance slightly as he digs in his elbows to halt Night’s progress. Feeling the balance wobble, Night changes his momentum and rolls in the opposite direction – All-Star blocks, but Night again reverses direction and uses JAS’s counter-momentum to flip the lock over and now applying pressure on All-Star! Finally, Johnny breaks the hold and a relieved Night clutches at his knee as he rolls on the mat.

Hobbling and favoring his own right knee slightly, Johnny All-Star rises to his feet, again crossing to the downed champion and stomping on him heavily. Clearly sensing the end, All-Star stands back, dropping into a three-point stance and sending the largely divided crowd into a frenzy. He urges Night to his feet as the masked man slowly and painfully makes own return to standing. Turning slowly he is caught as All-Star catches him with a spear before holding on and lifting Night for a slam – only for the masked man to somehow slip over the top and grab hold of All-Star’s waist, flipping him over with a sunset flip bomb! Again the crowd erupts as Night bridges over for a pin attempt!




NO! Johnny All-Star kicks out at the last second from the surprise impact reversal! Both men lie on the mat, each trying to recover from the damage taken so far – Night obviously feeling the impact of All-Star’s spear. Somehow, the Japanese star crawls to the nearest turnbuckles, before climbing up them and unsteadily attempting to stand on the top turnbuckle. Sensing danger, All-Star springs to his feet, bouncing off the middle rope and kicking Night hard in the face with assistance from the top rope! The shot sends Night flying off the top rope and hard onto the arena floor – the crowd pop loudly for the big spill as All-Star rests against the top rope. Slowly, Night pulls himself to his feet once more, only for JAS to charge across the ring before sending Night sprawling into the ring barrier with a baseball slide dropkick. Moving out of the ring, he brings Night back to his feet, nailing him with clubbing forearms periodically before rolling him back into the ring.

All-Star follows Night into the ring before pulling the masked man to his feet and locking him into a full nelson and hoisting back for a release full nelson suplex – only for Night to flip through landing somewhat unsteadily on his feet. All-Star turns and is surprised to see Night standing there – he is even more surprised as the champion boots him in the midsection before pulling him onto his shoulders! Johnny struggles desperately, managing to catch Night with a wild elbow loosening his grip. All-Star slips off Night’s shoulders and lines up a discus punch… ALL-STAR STUNNER! He covers!




Johnny All-Star picks up a huge win over the new champion after a back-and-forth exchange! Almost stunned by his win, but still looking serious and focused on a bigger picture All-Star stands as the referee raises his arm in victory as “Viva Las Vegas” by Metal Elvis begins to play once more over the PA.

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Night via pinfall

The Company’s Will

The celebrations in ring are cut short however as Weapon X and Scotty Love of ‘The Company’ run down to the ring to a mixed reaction! Night, still down from the All-Star Stunner he just received, the two Company men immediately go to work on the Las Vegas local! Taking JAS by surprise they send him reeling at first until his instinct kicks in and he manages to fight off Scotty – only to be taken down by a big spear from Weapon X. Love regains his footing and joins Weapon X as they stomp away on the downed All-Star. Splitting their offense, Love moves to the downed champion and begins to choke him with his boot, using the top rope for leverage as Weapon X unloads with a barrage of stiff forearms and knee strikes to All-Star in the corner.

Digging deep, Night rallies, kicking out Scotty’s leg and sending him crashing to the mat. Pulling himself up quickly, Night crashes onto Love with a standing shooting star press as Weapon X drops JAS in the corner – the veteran slumping to the mat. Weapon X attempts to get the jump on the champion, but Night is ready for him and instead nails Weapon X with a huge shining wizard, immediately grabbing him and pulling the dazed Weapon X onto his shoulders before slamming him back to the mat with The Dreaming! Night stands, adrenaline pumping and playing to the crowd as Scotty Love creeps up to him, a set of brass-knuckles on his fist. Scotty lines up the back of Night’s head and swings – only to be caught by All-Star who spears Love, holding onto him and pulling him back up before slamming him back to the mat – TCB!

Rolling the unconscious Company men from the ring, the sVo universe are on their feet as the two sVo veterans stand side-by-side, victorious, at least for now, over The Company.

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