sVo Showdown
21st March 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #036


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Johnny All Star, Night and DJ! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘R.I.P 10/10’, ‘Buying Happiness Since Conception’ and ‘Marry Me Juliana’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.


The Showdown cameras head backstage where a blacked out limousine pulls into the parking lot with the personalised vanity plate ‘Prez 1’. The fans watching the action on the sVo-Tron inside the Goodfellas Casino Arena automatically begin to cheer as the door slowly opens, and out step the long legs of sVo President Paige! President Paige looks to be in a confident mood as she slowly begins to walk away from the car and towards the entrance. However as she does she suddenly comes to a stop and looks around at the dark corners of the parking lot.

…. …. … …

Not knowing if she is hearing things or it is just the wind whistling through the large open space, Paige continues towards the entrance, her high heels clicking on the concrete floor as she walks. However as she grabs hold of the handle and yanks the door open, she once again hears the whispers coming from the darkness.

… … … …

This time she is sure that it is not just her imagination. Getting a shiver down her spine, the President of the sVo quickly darts inside the heavy door into the safety of the backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena.


Just like last week the lights go completely out as “You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito begins to play. A single spotlight, baby blue in color, shines directly at the center of the entrance ramp. The letter B B D flash across the big screen, one letter at a time. Like a Chant-Along the fans begin chanting as each letter appears.

Fans –“ B! B! D! B! B! D! B! B! D!”

Could this be it? Could this be the moment we’ve been waiting for despite BBD’s claims that he was not heading to the sVo?

Suddenly the spotlight goes out, the music fades, the screen goes black, the entire arena is bathed in darkness. The fans stop chanting but soon explode in cheers as a mysterious figure emerges from behind the curtain. In the darkness the outline of the figure is the only thing visible! Slowly the music begins to play once more, the letters begin to flash across the screen, but the arena remains in darkness.

Fans –“ B! B! D! B! B! D! B! B! D!”

The spotlight shines on the figure everyone expects to be “Beautiful” Bobby Dean but instead it’s former sVo superstar, CHRIS BOND!

Chris Bond!? What’s he doing here? And why is he pretending to be “Beautiful” Bobby Dean!?

Chris Bond begins his slow walk down the entrance ramp, making his way to the ring, microphone tucked away in his back pocket. That smug smirk displayed across his face as he sneers at the outreached hands of the cheering fans. Upon entering the ring the lights return to normal, the music fades and the screen reflects Chris Bond standing in the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Chris Bond –”It’s been a long time a-comin’ hasn’t it Sin City?”

Cheers, cheers and more cheers coming from the returning former-secret agent man.

Chris Bond –”I bet your folks are all wondering what it is I’m doing out here, none the less under the assumption that I was in fact, ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Dean?

Well guess no more. I’ll tell you what I’m doing out here. I’m showcasing to the world what a sniveling little twerp Bobby Dean really is. How his arrogance and constant diva-like behavior caused tension within the most dominant group in the history of this business, and how much of a little bitch Bobby Dean really is.

Simply put, there’s nothing beautiful about that nugget-fondler.”

This sets off a chorus of boos, quite the contrary to what was happening mere moments ago. Chris Bond –”You ass-bags can boo me all you want. You can shout your little chants. Just go ahead, it’s the simple fact that I know things first hand that would appall you.

How about this, “Beautiful” Bobby Dean dyed his crotch-hair baby blue.

What kind of sick bastard does a thing like that? And he has the audacity to trash me in a promotion like DREAM?

Has he forgotten where he came from?

Has he forgotten WHO MADE HIM?

Has he forgotten who plucked him from obscurity and made him into the success that he is today? It wasn’t Paige Johnson. It wasn’t James Milenko. It was Chris Bond. I DID IT! I’m the reason why you nut-huggers cheer for him! ME!”

Boo. Boo. Everywhere there’s boos… marking up the scenery…. wait, you get the picture.


BooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOooooo. Yep. You guessed it.

Chris Bond –”Effective today, I am officially a member of the sanctioned Violence organization. Paige Johnson was all too pleased to sign this former Hostilite, and she was even eager to sweeten my contract. Not only am I getting close to six-figures a year, I’ll be getting my own personal locker room. I get nothing less than four-star hotel accommodations when we’re travelling, and I get my own personal assistant.”

Chris Bond’s trademark smirk appears, widening that shit-eating grin already on his face. And you can only feel sorrow for the poor shmuck assigned to him as his personal assistant. A small group does cheer for the fact that Chris Bond has re-signed with the sVo, but most of the audience couldn’t careless, or just boos for the sake of booing. You know how it goes…

Chris Bond –”Oh yeah, and uh… one more thing.

Moments ago, I was informed that next week… live on Showdown. I’ll be having my first match back. Here, live in this very ring.

Chris Bond, former Hostility World Champion… versus…. None other than the “Beautiful One”… “Beautiful” Bobby Dean!”

Bond’s face grows wider–if possible–and he’s thrilled when the audience here at Goodfella’s Casino throw themselves to their feet, ecstatic that BBD will be making his debut here live next week.

Chris Bond –”And unlike BBD’s face after I’m done wiping the ring with it next week… my return is going to be… Simply beautiful.”

Bond stands in the center of the ring, sporting his trademark smirk–a blend that can best be described as both cocky and suave–as thousands of camera flashes go off. Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” begins to play, as the crowd lets Chris know how they really, truly feel. He just brushes it off and soon exits the ring, making his way back up the ramp, as the camera soon cuts to the backstage area.


Backstage a shadowy figure is wrestling with what appears to be a locked locker room door. Trying to be inconspicuous the mystery man glances over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being watched he notices the blinking record light on the security camera on the adjacent wall.

The shadowy figure quickly whips back around covering his face, as he does so a paper falls out of his pocket. Covering his face he knocks the security camera off the wall and rushes away.

The camera still recording reveals the piece of paper just dropped.


The red light continued to blink as moments later the locker room door opened and a pair of legs were visible in the shot as Johnny All-Star came into the frame as he picked up the note.

All-Stars furrowed his brow as he crumpled the note up glancing up and down the hallway before slamming the locker room door.

Magical Top Hat Hunter vs. Ronnie Long

The sounds of Three Days Grace’s “Overrated” starts to play throughout the arena and the the fans all stand and boo loudly. The words “LONG SHOT” echo out during the entrance. Ronnie Long walks out to the top of the ramp.

‘Worn out and faded
Your weakness starts to show
They created the generation that we know
Washed up and hated
The system moves too slow’

Ronnie starts walking down the aisle jumping at the fans and even harassing a fat kid trying to get his hand touched by a wrestler.

‘You made it
You played it
Your shit is overrated’

Ronnie slides under the bottom ropes and comes to his feet and holds out his arms to welcome the hatred from the fans as the music starts to fade and he awaits the opening bell.

The lights shut off and one single light is over the ramp. Magical begins walking out with his black cape and top hat on. Walking down the ramp as the light follows him, he often gives the fan a magic show. It might be a rabbit or cards. He finally climbs into the ring, claps, than the lights snap on with him in wrestling gear.

The bell rings for the match to get underway, and Ronnie Long bursts into life on his sVo debut by flying towards Magical Top Hat Hunter and knocking him down to the mat with some big right hands. Magical Top Hat Hunter struggles back up to a standing position, however Long is right there and ready to toss him straight back down to the mat with a snap mare takedown, followed by a kick to the back of the head. Magical Top Hat Hunter looks in pain at the sharp kick, however Ronnie Long takes no pity on him as he stomps away on his opponent.

Magical Top Hat Hunter is dragged with authority up to his feet before being tossed into the corner of the ring. Magical Top Hat Hunter hits the corner hard, before Ronnie Long runs and nails him with a big splash! The crowd boo the cocky brash Ronnie Long as he walks away from the downed Magical Top Hat Hunter taunting the crowd. Ronnie Long seems to soak up the boos as he makes his way back to Magical Top Hat Hunter and hits him with a right hand as he gets to his feet. Magical Top Hat Hunter is soon back on the canvas as Ronnie Long nails him with a snap suplex before making the cover.




The fans thought it might have been a short match right there, but Magical Top Hat Hunter is able to get a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee. Ronnie Long doesn’t look too disappointed that he is able to continue his beat down of Magical Top Hat Hunter as he pulls the unfortunate opponent up to a standing position. Ronnie Long then proceeds to show off his wide arsenal of suplexes as he throws Magical Top Hat Hunter across the ring with a full nelson suplex, before grabbing him and tossing him down with a stalling suplex. Despite the impressive moves, the boos continue from the sVo fans for Ronnie Long.

Long shrugs his shoulders at the fans before leaping onto Magical Top Hat Hunter and laying into him with some big right hands. Magical Top Hat Hunter seems to be struggling to get a foot hold in the match as Ronnie Long drags him up to a standing position and tosses him into the ropes. Magical Top Hat Hunter bounces back, however runs straight into a belly to back suplex from the impressive Ronnie Long. Magical Top Hat Hunter hits the mat hard as Ronnie Long rises to his feet, before making his way to the corner of the ring! Magical Top Hat Hunter continues to lay on the mat and looks to be in some amount of pain as Ronnie Long slowly climbs to the top rope of the turnbuckle, before leaping off towards Magical Top Hat Hunter and impacting on his opponent with the ‘Long Wayz Down’! The fans are on their feet as seeing the 6’3”, 231lbs wrestler perform such an amazing move, however Ronnie Long decides to continue the agony for Magical Top Hat Hunter a little longer by not going for the pin!

Magical Top Hat Hunter is dragged ruthlessly to his feet by Ronnie Long and dragged closer to the ring ropes. With Magical Top Hat Hunter in position, Ronnie Long nails him with the ‘Long Shot’! The impressive move leaves Magical Top Hat Hunter on the mat and hurting badly! With Magical Top Hat Hunter, Ronnie Long finally decideds to end the beat down and go for the cover!




This one is all over and the result always seemed as if it was in the bag for Ronnie Long. Long celebrates his debut win as Magical Top Hat Hunter lays on the mat in pain after his second defeat in a row after losing his opening bout to Howard Thompson last week on Showdown #35.

RESULT: Ronnie Long def. Magical Top Hat Hunter via pinfall


Backstage at the Goodfellas Casino Arena, amongst the hustle and bustle of crew, reporters, wrestlers and fans an elderly man scurries along. It is Akira Kimura, longtime mentor, friend, trainer and now manager of sVo star Night. Usually a happy, confident man, himself being a veteran of many decades experience in the business, few could argue that lately he had been far from his normal self.

Now checking nervously over his shoulder he reaches the corridor he must pass en route to his destination. He stops, looks down the corridor and, satisfied that the coast is clear half walks/half runs down it. The relative safety of Night’s locker room not far off.

Without warning an arm shoots out of the shadows – barring his passage.

Unknown: I have a message from my superiors.

Defeated, Master Kimura stops, hanging his head. The last thing he wants is anything further to do with his apparent employer – another demand no doubt.

Unknown: We will be very displeased if your man fails to advance tonight. We have been pleased with his performance… so far. However, we have a pay-per-view event coming up. If Night does not manage to place himself on the marquee, there will be consequences…

Kimura: You want me to guarantee a win? Night may be my finest student and he might be at the top of his game at the moment… but everyone knows that anything can happen out there. What do you want from me?

Unknown: That’s not our problem – I’m just passing a message. You know what we want. We offered your man a contract with certain… expectations in mind. What we want is for him not to disappoint.

Akira stands silently, absorbing this new information.

Unknown: Now run along – wouldn’t want the shadows to get you.

His head heavy with shame, Master Kimura tucks his proverbial tail between his legs as he continues on his way to Night’s locker-room. What he would do when he got there was another question all together – these looming threats would prove too much distraction for the already consumed Night.

Still, he had to try something.


The atmosphere outside the arena is one buzzing with anticipation. Finally a limo pulls up. Is it JAS? Is it Nathan Paradine? The crowd’s anticipation quickly turns to one of open hostility as the limo pulls into clear view of the crowds, a stylized CSJ emblazed on the side of the limo in golden letters. The driver stops the limo, gets out and hurries around to the back passenger door which he opens. CSJ steps out with his designer jeans, tshirt, and glasses, his hair professionally done, and a shine on his shoes that could put the sun to shame.

The cocky gaze takes in all around him before he smirks and heads to the backstage door, yelling behind him at the driver, “Make yourself useful and grab my stuff!” He makes his way down the ramp way and to the backstage door where he waits for his driver to open it for him.

The driver grabbing all the bags he can. He looks as though there are more bags than he can handle waddles his way to the backstage door. He opens it the best he can but in the process drops a couple of bags. He keeps holding the door anyway allowing CSJ to step through the doorway. We focus on his face as he takes a couple steps into the backstage area. His face turns to shock for a moment but the cool exterior quickly returns.

The camera pans around showing directly infront of him sitting on top of some sound equipment cases is none other than Tobias Devereux. Tobias already dressed in his wrestling attire, with a shirt on under his trench sporting the sVo logo. Tobias has an apple in his hand, its got a few chunks cut out of it. In his other hand is a small pocket knife that he’s using to cut off chunks of said apple. He’s got a piece on the knife when he smirks at CSJ. He slips the apple into his mouth and chews it for a moment before speaking.

Tobias: “‘Ello Cee-ess-jay. Fancy running into yews heres”

CSJ: “Uh, I work here. I’m on the active roster. Not to mention I do a bit more than sit on equipment boxes and eat apples all day. I’m actually WORTH something. To be honest I’m surprised you made it out at all, seeing as how I dismantled you last week.”

Tobias chuckles a little

Tobias: “So yews do works here, dat be true. Yews do more dan just eats apples to. Two true words by yews. Yew feeling aight mon amie? Truth be not one of dey tings most expect from de likes of yew. See what dey do expect is to see yew jump somebodies whens dey already been done wit a fight.”

Tobias takes off his fedora and sits it beside him and rolls his neck cracking it. His smirk grows.

Tobias: “On dey otta hand peoples expects de likes of me to beats the fucks outta peoples likes yews.”

CSJ looks briefly panicked but quickly regains his composure…

CSJ: “I told you last week during your piss poor excuse for a talk show, you want to prove anything to me, you do so in the ring, not backstage. Not only that but I wouldn’t want to spoil your chances at you winning tonight. When I finally get my hands on you in an actual match, it will be so much sweeter if I take that World Titld from your broken, bloody, and beaten lifeless body. Until then Frenchie… You’ve got nothing on me.”

Tobias quickly slides off the equipment and stands firmly in the way of CSJ.

Tobias: “yews misunderstands mon amie. Yews actin like yews gotta choice in de matter. See unlikes yews, I dont havta stoop to jumpins peoples. I let dem sees me when I’s a comin.”

CSJ tries to back up and finds himself against a wall. He tries to smirk but it seems forced.However he still manages to get out,

CSJ: “Do you honestly think I”m scared of you? The answer is no and I’ll tell you why. The only thing that the French or any of their backwater New Orleans descendants are good at are eating stinky cheese and throwing up the white flag when they see someone superior to them. So ask yourself this question Tobias. Do you REALLY want to pick a fight with someone who is better than you in all aspects of life? Not only am I richer and more successful than you, but I’m also better in the ring than you. You may as well get that white flag ready if that’s the road you want to take.”

With that CSJ tries to roll to the right…

Tobias grabs CSJ by the arm and pulls him towards him and looks him eye to eye.

Tobias: Den considers me Napolean, and yews sure as hells aint no waterloo!

Tobias goes to swing but CSJ pulls away and heads down the hall with Tobias on his heels. CSJ reaches to the side and grabs a female stage hand and tosses her behind him into the path of Tobias. She falls hard onto the ground and Tobias stops automatically to check on her allowing CSJ to escape.

Orlando Fox vs. Christopher St. James

“Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard
Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord
Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit
Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit”

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fox, the former Hardcore Champion, raises his arm in the air as he walks down towards the ring whilst staring out members of the audience at ringside. Fox soon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

The opening beat of Yes by LMFAO starts to play over the loudspeakers as the lights dim, only to be replaced with gold and white spot lights peppering the arena in what appears to be silver and gold flashes. As the opening verse is played CSJ appears in a shower of golden sparks at the top of the ramp accompanied by two beautiful women one wearing a silver dress while the other wearing a golden dress, each standing on either side of CSJ as he poses for everyone to admire him.

Slowly and deliberately he makes his way down to the ring, taking his time to ensure that everyone can pause and admire his Godlike presence. He makes his way to the ring and allows the two women on each of his arms to go before him and climb onto the apron. They sit on the second rope as The Personification of Perfection, Mr. #1derful, and God’s Gift To Everything climbs onto the apron, enters the ring through the second rope and helps his divas into the ring as the lights return to normal. He pauses again for all to admire him as the two ladies take their places on either side of him and look up at him admiringly as the music continues to play.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and both men tie up. Orlando Fox quickly delivers a grapple elbow strike to Christopher St. James taking the initial advantage. Orlando Fox quickly goes for a shoulder claw looking for the submission early on.

Christopher St. James starts getting up and Orlando Fox knees him in the midsection and delivers a neck lock suplex. Orlando Fox pins Christopher St. James.




Orlando Fox quickly goes for another weardown move in a neck twist on Christopher St. James.

Christopher St. James starts getting up and elbows his way out of the hold. Christopher St. James quickly headbutts Orlando Fox getting the advantage in the match. Christopher St. James follows it up with an elbow to the back of the head of Orlando Fox. Christopher St. James grabs Orlando Fox and takes him down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Christopher St. James pins Orlando Fox.




Christopher St. James climbs the ropes as Orlando Fox makes it to his feet and delivers a double axe handle to Orlando Fox. Christopher St. James goes for another pin attempt on Orlando Fox.




Christopher St. James picks up Orlando Fox and throws him against the ropes. Christopher St. James goes for a drop down but Orlando Fox sees it coming and delivers an elbow drop to Christopher St. James. Orlando Fox quickly pins Christopher St. James.




Orlando Fox quickly goes to work on a leg of Christopher St. James applying a leg lock to Christopher St. James.

Christopher St. James drags himself to the ropes and Orlando Fox releases the hold. Orlando Fox argues with the referee as Christopher St. James gets up in a corner. Orlando Fox goes after him and delivers a big chop to Christopher St. James. Orlando Fox throws Christopher St. James against the ropes and clotheslines him to the mat. Orlando Fox pins Christopher St. James.




Orlando Fox picks up Christopher St. James and places him on the top rope. Orlando Fox goes to climb up with him but Christopher St. James pushes him off the ropes and Orlando Fox hits hard on the mat. Christopher St. James wastes no time and delivers a diving elbow drop on Orlando Fox. Christopher St. James pins Orlando Fox.




Christopher St. James picks up Orlando Fox and delivers a neckbreaker to Orlando Fox. Christopher St. James goes for another pin attempt.




Christopher St. James quickly bounces off the ropes and delivers a running leg drop on Orlando Fox. Christopher St. James insists on a pin attempt on Orlando Fox.




Christopher St. James tries to pick up Orlando Fox but Orlando Fox starts to fire right hands at Christopher St. James. Orlando Fox swings wildly at Christopher St. James and misses and Christopher St. James quickly locks in a sleeper hold on Orlando Fox.

Orlando Fox turns to his side and pushes Christopher St. James into the ropes and delivers a flapjack to Christopher St. James. Orlando Fox pins Christopher St. James.




Orlando Fox quickly bounces off the ropes and delivers a big splash pin on Christopher St. James.




Orlando Fox picks up Christopher St. James and has him in position for The Remedy. Christopher St. James escapes this position using a low blow and quickly small packages Orlando Fox.




This one is all over, and its Christopher St. James who picks up a win in his first ever sVo match! St James rises up to his feet in celebration at his first win whilst Orlando Fox lays on his back in the middle of the ring looking like a defeated man. Yes by LMFAO hits the sound system and St. James continues to celebrate in the middle of the ring, despite getting boos all around from the fans. With a big win over a former Hardcore Champion, has St. James just announced himself as a big player in the new look sVo? CSJ is taunting the crowd after his victory in his debut here in the sVo. Suddenly the booing crowd starting cheering as CSJ pays it no mind. Suddenly he realizes why they’re cheering as the haunting sounds of Sanctuary by Darling Violetta echos through the arena. CSJ turns his attention to the rampway. Meanwhile the cheering grows louder and louder. Chants of “Tobias…Tobias…Tobias” start to shake the arena. Only for a huge pop as Tobias appears slipping into the back of the ring. Sneaking right up behind CSJ.

Tobias takes off his fedora and sits it in the middle of the ring smirking. He takes off his trench coat and whirling it around takes a step and throws it around the head of CSJ! As soon as Christopher St. James can turn around his face still covered by the leather trench, Tobias is upon him. Tobias has him in a side headlock and is wailing way upon his head with rights. CSJ is flailing his arms but cant seem to get Tobias off of him. Tobias pushes CSJ back into the ropes and irish whips him off, but whats this he holds onto the arm and bringing him back spins his arm around his head and next thing he knows Tobias has him up on his shoulders and down with the Devereux Devestation!

Tobias pops to his feet and screams out as the crowd is going wild. Tobias runs and jumps onto a nearby corner and is pounding his chest towards the crowd. Tobias hops off the corner and turns his attention back to CSJ who hasn’t moved. Tobias walks over and gives him a firm boot to the stomach before grabbing his fedora and slipping out of the ring. Tobias makes his way to the ring announcer only to take the microphone.

Tobias: I told yews, Tobias dont havta lowers himself to yews level. He dont havta sneak attack a man. But den again, he jus might wanna anyways! Dis be a warnin, nex time I mess up dat face real goods!

Tobias takes off his fedora and places it on a nearby fan’s head tossing the microphone back to the ring announcer and making his way back into the fans only to disappear once more.

RESULT: Christopher St. James def. Orlando Fox via pinfall


The show cuts backstage on a shot of Juliana’s locker room door, made evident by the large star fixed on to the door with her name on it – and with Bubbles scribbled in crayon directly beneath it. A hand appears in view and knocks on it firmly, three times. The camera pulls back to reveal Raven. He is already dressed in his usual ring attire and has a determined and prepared expression on his face. As he hears footsteps and the door begins to open, however, it shifts to one of smiling joviality. The door opens a crack and Raven immediately recognizes the eyes of Lizzie Torres peeking out at him.

‘How’s it going, Bubbles? Is your sister home?

‘No. She’s here, silly!’ She answered.

Lizzie points to a room, an offshoot of the locker room. Juliana steps out, adjusting her ready for the match, no longer in her fashion-trendy clothing but her wrestling gear. Raven turns in her direction, maintaining his smile, but is unable to avoid noting the still-present cuts, bruises and slight burns.

‘Don’t worry, I’m not here to pry about your decision. I just wanted to see how you’re feeling? Although, if you want to tell me before hand, you can.’

Juliana laughed slightly at this, but ignored this subject in favor of his question.

‘I’m uberly epic. Don’t worry, I’m not going to choke and let you down.’

‘The thought never crossed my mind. I only want to check given you went through hell at last week’s Showdown. Also wanted to say, don’t let things get to you out there.’

‘You mean Xtreme Fusion?’

Raven nods.

‘Yeah. They’re who I mainly wanted to talk about. I’m assuming you got my message about what they left for me?’

Juliana’s face suddenly flushed with anger at the memory of this. She remembered what Raven had told her about the burning doll and the message that came with it all too well.

‘Well, don’t let them get in up here,’ Raven said, tapping his own head. ‘I know you probably want to give them a swift kick between the legs, but leave something to me. It’s my fault they’re targeting you and Lizzie and I’ll make amends by making sure they get what’s coming to them.’

‘I can’t offer any guarantees on that front, but I’ll try my best.’

Raven smiled, and said, ‘Well, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.’ Raven paused and then added, ‘So, you sure I can’t get an advance hint at your decision?’

Juliana laughed and shook her head.

‘You’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else.’

Raven goes to say something else. But before he can, Juliana suddenly steps forward, wraps his arms around him, and embraces Raven in a tight hug. Raven almost stumbles back, caught by surprise, but manages to steady himself and returns the hug.

‘Thanks for last week,’ She says, looking up at him.

‘It was my pleasure. I don’t think Archie was too pleased about how it played out, though. What’s is the deal with him retiring anyway? That guy has a serious problem with me.’

Before Juliana could answer, though, the scene cuts away, leaving her reply strictly between the two of them and SVO` goes to another commercial break.


sVo Showdown heads backstage, this time to the office of the sVo President Paige Johnson, who is sitting comfortably behind her desk whilst highlights of the night play in the big screen in front of her. At her side as always is her trusty head of security Scott Love, who is ready to spring into action at a moments notice despite being a little bruised from a surprise match against Night a few weeks ago on Showdown #34.

Paige – “Did Billy Ransom get the card and flowers that I had sent to the hospital?”

Love nods his head solemnly.

Scott Love – “Yeah he got them, the poor kid was in a pretty bad way though. He is going to be out of action for a long time.”

Paige – “Yeah I read the reports from the doctors and it sounded as if he might be. It wouldn’t be so bad if another wrestler had done it because I could fire them or punish them with some nice handicap matches. But god damn Weapon X isn’t even signed to a contract here. My hands are tied.”

Scott Love – “All you need to do is say the word Miss and I will hunt the bastard down for you.”

Paige looks as if she is thinking the situation through for a little while, when all of a sudden the door bursts open and in storms Orlando Fox. Scott Love quickly springs into action putting himself between Orlando Fox and the woman he is tasked with protecting.

Orlando Fox – “That match out there woz bullshit yo! The referee was giving me slow counts. I know that this fucking CSJ is your new star but I was robbed yo!”

Paige looks at Orlando Fox disapprovingly as he is held back by Scott Love, until an idea pops into her head.

Paige – “Orlando, how about you calm down and we can work something out?”

Orlando Fox – “I ain’t calming down till something down about this! I want a rematch tonight!”

Paige walks over to Scott Love and Orlando Fox and puts a calming hand on both of their shoulders.

Paige – “How about you forget about the rematch for now, and I do one better and give you a shot at the title belt of your choosing at the Resurrection PPV?”

Scott Love shoots Paige a look as if she has gone mad, but Orlando Fox suddenly shuts up and starts listening.

Paige – “All you have to do is help me out with a little problem of mine. Now you saw what happened to Billy Ransom last week didn’t you?”

Fox nods his head

Orlando Fox – “That was cold. Mo’fucker smashed him up real bad. I heard he gonna be having meals through a straw for months….”

Paige nods her head before a smile pops onto her face.

Paige – “Well I need you to give a little payback to Weapon X. I want you to give him a beating he will never forget. I want you to show him that no one runs around here without an sVo contract and takes down sVo wrestlers, I don’t care who they work for! Think you can do that and earn yourself a title shot of your choosing?”

Orlando Fox gives the offer about 0.5seconds thought before nodding his head.

Orlando Fox – “Sign me up for some of that yo!”

Paige – “Good man. I am pretty sure he is in the parking lot. Come and find me when you done the job and shown Weapon X what the sVo is all about.”

Orlando Fox quickly makes his way out of Paige’s office in search of Weapon X, as Scott Love turns to Paige.

Scott Love – “You really going to give that kid a title shot if he does take care of Weapon X?”

Paige shrugs her shoulders.

Paige – “Let’s see if he has it in him. By the end of the night we will know what we are up against.”

Fade Out.

Roscoe Shame vs. The Teacher

“Rebirth” by Lil Wayne hits and Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

The crowd are on their feet for one of the most anticipated matches of the evening, with two of the brightest new stars of the sVo facing off against each other with the winner getting the chance to fight for the prestigious sVo International Championship belt at the Resurrection PPV in just a few weeks! Roscoe Shame, the rookie wrestler looks in confident mood as he stands just across the ring from the masked Teacher, the mysterious individual who has made it his personal goal to right the wrongs of society. The referee calls for the bell to be rung and there is a big cheer from the crowd as this one gets under way!

The Teacher and Shame circle each other in the center of the ring, before diving forward and tying up. Both men try and push the other backwards in a test of strength, and it is Roscoe Shame who comes off the best as he pushes The Teacher back against the ring ropes. The referee calls for a break, and both men reluctantly let go of the other. The Teacher stumbles away from Shame for a few steps, before turning and catching Shame with a big right hand. Roscoe Shame stumbles back a few steps, allowing the Teacher to his another right, before taking Shame down to the mat with a knee to the gut followed by a DDT.

The Teacher stands over his much larger opponent, and nails him with some stiff kicks to the face as he begins to rise to his feet. Roscoe Shame doesn’t look too pleased at the offence from the Teacher, and as the Teacher throws another right hands, the 6’6” Roscoe Shame grabs his arm, and throws him hard into the ropes. The Teacher bounces back into the middle of the ring, and Roscoe Shame nearly takes his head off with a massive clothesline! The fans cheer the big move from Roscoe Shame, as the Teacher tries to get to his feet whilst feeling a bit dazed. Roscoe Shame doesn’t give up an inch as he quickly makes his way back over to The Teacher and lifts him up into the air in a two handed chokehold. Shame shows off his strength by holding The Teacher up in the air for a few seconds, before throwing him back to the mat like a rag doll!

The fans cheer on Roscoe Shame, who looks like he will be heading to Resurrection for a shot at the International Championship belt! The Teacher has other ideas however as he slowly rises up to his feet. Roscoe Shame makes his way over to the Teacher and beings to pull him into the middle of the ring, however out of no where The Teacher rolls Shame up in a small package!




For a few seconds it looked as if the surprise move from The Teacher had caught the giant Shame off guard and picked up an unlikely win! Roscoe Shame still looks surprised as he rises up to his feet, only for The Teacher to be there waiting for him with a side Russian legsweep. Roscoe Shame hits the mat hard, and as he does The Teacher leaps to the second rope, before jumping back onto Roscoe Shame with a leg drop! The fans begrudgingly cheer the high flying move from the technically sound Teacher, who rolls back up to a standing position.

Roscoe Shame slowly rises to a standing position whilst holding his chest in pain after the leg drop. However The Teacher is ready and waiting for him, and with a combination of elbow smashes and punches, he backs Roscoe Shame into the corner of the ring. The Teacher continues the offence with some stiff kicks to the stomach of Roscoe Shame, which force him to slump down to a sitting position in the corner of the ring. With Roscoe Shame in a vulnerable position, The Teacher takes a short run up before nailing Shame in the face with a running drop kick in the corner! Shame’s head smashes back into the turn buckle behind him as The Teacher slowly rises up to his feet!

The Teacher adjusts his mask as he pulls Roscoe Shame away from the corner of the ring, before climbing the turn buckle himself. With Roscoe Shame laying just below him, The Teacher leaps off of the top and lands perfectly on him with a Moonsault! The crowd are on their feet after that move, and The Teacher wastes no time in making the cover in an attempt to earn himself a shot at the International Championship belt!





Everyone in the arena thought that there was a three count coming there, but somehow the man from Kalamazoo, Michigan managed to get a shoulder up off of the mat just in the nick of time! The Teacher spends a few seconds holding three fingers up to the referee indicating how many counts he thought there was. However the referee shakes his head and this one continues! The Teacher quickly rises up to his feet, and lets off a few frustrated stomps in the direction of Roscoe Shame. Shame looks to be still hurting from the high flying offence from the Teacher, so his opponent makes his way around to his feet and goes about taking advantage! The Teacher grabs both of Roscoe Shame’s legs, before stepping through them and twisting Shame over into a sharpshooter submission move!

The crowd rise to their feet for the infamous submission move made famous by the legendary Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. Shame reaches out in pain as the referee asks him if he would like to give up, however the man from Kalamazoo, Michigan shakes his head to indicate a no!

The Teacher pulls back on the submission move with everything he has, but still Roscoe Shame shows how much he wants a shot at the International Championship belt by refusing to quit! After a few more seconds, Roscoe Shame summons enough strength to turn the submission move back over, and kick The Teacher off of him! The fans cheer the bravery of Roscoe Shame, as he lays on the floor in pain at the damage the submission move has inflicted on him.

The Teacher stumbles up to his feet and looks across at Roscoe Shame who is laying on the mat in pain. With Shame down, The Teacher decides that it is time to try and end the match, and makes his way over to the turnbuckle! The fans rise to their feet as The Teacher reaches the top rope, before turning around to face the downed Shame! The Teacher leaps off of the top rope looking for his ‘Top of the Class’ finishing move, however before it impacts Shame rolls out of the way! The Teacher hits the mat hard, leaving both men laying on the mat! Shame rolls his arm over the body of The Teacher, and the referee sees it before dropping in to count the cover.




Despite the opportunistic cover from Shame, the Teacher gets a shoulder up off of the mat. Sensing that the match might be swinging back on his favour after the mis-fire from The Teacher off of the top rope, Roscoe Shame rises up to a standing position. He pulls the Teacher up, before throwing him hard into the ropes. The Teacher bounces back, and Roscoe Shame slams him hard down to the mat! The Teacher shouts out in pain from the side walk slam, but Roscoe Shame isn’t finished there!

The Teacher tries to rise up to his feet, but Roscoe Shame quickly deals with him via a stiff spine buster in the middle of the ring. The fans begin to get behind the man from Kalamazoo, Michigan as he signals to the crowd that its Shame time! Roscoe Shame stalks the Teacher for a few seconds as he slowly rises to his feet. The Teacher desperately throws some right hands at Roscoe Shame, however Shame ducks under the fists of The Teacher before nailing the masked superstar with a kick to the midsection. The Teacher doubles over, and Roscoe Shame hauls him into the air, before slamming him back down to earth with the spine shattering ‘Shame Time’! The crowd pop for the popular finishing move, as Roscoe Shame makes the cover which is all but academic at this point……




It’s Roscoe Shame who is heading to Resurrection for a shot at the sVo International Championship belt! The fans look delighted at the outcome of the match as Lil Wayne hits the sound system again and the referee holds Roscoe Shame’s arm in the air in victory.

RESULT: Roscoe Shame def. The Teacher via pinfall


We are backstage outside the Xtreme Fusion locker room and we see Chris Wrestling standing nose to nose with Limp. Behind Chris Wrestling are several SVO security members who are obviously there to make sure Wrestling don’t attack Limp..

The crowd goes wild just at the sight of Wrestling.

Chris Wrestling: Move the hell out of the way Limp.

Limp smirks at Wrestling and brushes away dirt from his three piece suit as he acts as if Wrestling just being in his presence is beneath him.

Limp: Look you old moron, your time with me is going to come but for now you have that 6 man tag team match to worry about.

Limp goes to pat Wrestling, but Wrestling smacks Limp’s hand away before Limp can touch him.

Limp: Don’t be so sensitive. I called you here because I wanted to tell you face to face that if you survive your match against us tonight that next week right here on Showdown I want a piece of you one on one.

Wrestling just smirks at Limp as if he wasn’t surprised at all.

Limp: Of course if I somehow lose to you I will never bother you again, but we don’t have to worry about that cause I will show everyone that I DESERVE to be in the Xtreme Fusion and will pin your shoulders to the mat for a three count…now how do you like them apples?

Wrestling starts laughing in the face of Limp…

Wrestling: You called me here to tell me that you want to face me? Look, once I destroy your teammates I am coming for you…I don’t care how many people SVO throws at me until Resurrection…come Resurrection someone will get seriously hurt….make sure you know that….lapdog.

Wrestling slowly backs away, barking at Limp.

The scene fades out as Wrestling is heard laughing in the background as DVD peeks his head out the door…

4th April 2010


We head backstage around the locker room area down a long corridor. Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson is spotted walking up to a door and knocking on it. Before any time passes at all, it opens up. Fans out by ringside watch it on the sVo titantron and try to figure out exactly what he’s up too. Either way, Thompson steps inside the locker room and closes the door behind him.

No one was seen coming out of it and there is no name on the door either. This is quite mysterious and it makes you wonder who Howard is meeting with. Could it be the man from his hotel room a couple days ago? Or is it something even bigger? Only way to find out is to keep tuning in!

Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson faces Johnny All-Star later tonight!


Back live and we see Juliana Torres. She has Princess in hear arm and Lizzie at her side. Juliana then motions for a few people to follow her. These aren’t the members of The Corporation but instead guards. There are three of them. One of the guards for Lizzie, another for Princess and one to occupy the door.

Lizzie: I want to go to the ring!

Juliana: No! ~Juliana says quickly.

Lizzie stomps her foot with anger.

~ Juliana: Bubbles You have to keep watch over Princess. Princess could have the puppies any moment so you get to be her hero. ~

Lizzie looks at her sister raising an eyebrow.

~ Lizzie: Really? ~

Juliana nods.

~ Juliana: If you see Xtreme Fusion. You take Princess and run fast and far away as you can. Get to the limo you’ll be safe there. That’s the exit strategy.

Lizzie: Can I come out when DJ and Raven win their matches? DJ and Raven are my super friends!

~Juliana shakes her head smiling weakly.~

Juliana: No sweetie. But You can come to the celebration party.

~Lizzie nods her head.~

Lizzie: A Matt called again for you.

Juliana: You can tell Mathew Crawfish that if he wants to call me

Lizzie: I don’t think that was his last name.

~Juliana wrinkles her eyebrows and shakes her head quickly.

.~ Juliana: Then who was it?

The action cuts back to ringside as a perplexed Juliana wonders who called her.

Chris Wrestling, Juliana Torres & La Envidia Mata vs. DVD, Limp & Asesino

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of La Envidia Mata, Chris Wrestling and the sVo Las Vegas Champion Julianna Torres. After a few seconds the Corporation make their way down to the ring completely ignoring the crowd.

Headstrong by Trapt hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction from the sVo crowd as DVD, Limp and Asesino makes their way down the entrance ramp towards the ring to make their sVo debut!

As the bell sounds, Chris Wrestling and DVD start the contest.


The two men circle the ring and step forward for a lockup with the collar and elbow tie up. Chris manages to take DVD back into the corner. The referee wants the clean break, but Wrestling throws a knee to the stomach of DVD and hip tosses him from the corner. Chris quickly goes into a cover, pushing the face of DVD down.



Limp is in the ring with a boot to the back of the head of Chris Wrestling breaking up the pin attempt. As the referee escorts Limp out, Le Envidia enters, as Chris makes a tag noise with his hands. They lift up DVD and shoot him into the ropes, on the return; they drop him with a double shoulder block.

The referee questions Mata about the tag, but him and the rest of his team all sell that a tag was made, as Mata places DVD in a rear chin lock. With a knee in the back, Mata grinds in the chin lock hoping to either wear down his opponent or to make him submit.

Limp and Asesino start to scream at DVD, as they fire him up. DVD starts to roll to a knee, as he stands to his feet. He tosses a few elbows to break the hold, as he makes an effort to head for a tag, Mata grabs the hair. DVD flips back on the snatch by Mata, but connects with a soccer style like kick to the side of the head and ear of Mata.

Mata and DVD both start for their corners, Mata is able to make the tag to Juliana Torres first, but DVD is able to get the tag into Limp as Juliana enters. Limp is over the top rope ropes and nails Juliana with a hard right, and even knocks Chris off the apron with a spinning forearm.

Limp grabs up Mata and shoots him into the ropes. On the return, back body drop. Juliana rushes in at Limp, but is quickly dropped with an STO. Limp goes for the cover on Las Vegas Champ, Juliana, as he hooks her legs.



Chris Wrestling is in the ring grabbing up Limp by the hair. Chris throws Limp into the corner and starts to throws shoulders into the midsection. Asesino enters the ring, as Juliana is getting to her feet. Asesino grabs her by the hair and throws him high and over the top rope, sending her crashing on the floor to the outside. Mata enters trying to cut off Asesino, but he is side stepped and he goes through the middle ropes.

DVD is on the top rope, as he waits for them to get to their feet. He flies off with a corkscrew like body missile sending all three to the floor. Asesino grabs Chris Wrestling by the hair and turns him around. He throws a right hand and a kick to the midsection. He grabs the left arm and shoots him into the opposing corner. As he hits, Asesino grabs Limp and shoots him down for some double team move. Wrestling ducks, and goes for a back body drop throws Limp from the ring, who flips over the ropes and lands on the 3 wrestlers, Mata, Juliana, and partner DVD who are on the outside.

Asesino charges in with a splash, but Wrestling puts up a boot. Asesino puts on the brakes and grabs the foot of Chris Wrestling. He pulls him in and T-Bone suplexes him over his head.

Asesino stands over the body of Chris Wrestling, however before he can do anything about it, Juliana Torres slides into the ring and spins Asesino around and nails him with the Corporate DDT in the middle of the ring! Torres quickly makes the cover with all of the chaos going on around her.




This one is all over, and its the Corporation who manage to sneak a victory against their rivals Xtreame Fusion thanks to the sVo Las Vegas Champion Juliana Torres!

RESULT: The Corporation def. Xtreame Fusion via pinfall


Backstage we catch up with Orlando Fox who with a baseball bat in hand is making his way towards the parking lot of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. With thoughts of heading to the Resurrection PPV to get a title shot of his choosing, Orlando Fox bursts confidently through the entrance door to the parking lot and swings his baseball bat in the air.

Orlando Fox – “Yo Weapon X. Don’t hide back there mayne. Get yo ass out here!”

Orlando Fox looks around the parking lot, his baseball bat grasped tightly in his hand.

… … … …

Orlando Fox suddenly spins around, only to come face to face with no one. Despite being sure that he could hear whispers behind him. Orlando Fox shakes his head putting the whispers down to the wind before returning to his task of looking for Weapon X. Orlando Fox makes his way over to a large black limo and begins to look behind it when…..

… … … …

Orlando Fox spins around hearing the whispers again. That time he was sure he could hear them, only it sounded like there was at least ten people all whispering at once, coming from every direction. Orlando Fox looks around in all directions into the darkness surrounding the walls of the parking lot, when suddenly he is grabbed from behind around the throat!

Orlando Fox struggles for breath as the gloved hand of Weapon X tightens around his throat, before he is thrown violently into the side of the blacked out limo. Weapon X places a big boot across the throat of Orlando Fox, and begins to choke him out again. Orlando Fox reaches in desperation for the baseball bat, however it is kicked out of his grasp by Weapon X. Weapon X then pulls Orlando Fox to his feet before throwing him head first through the blacked out windscreen of the stretch limo! Weapon X looks at Orlando Fox’s bloodied body for a few seconds before walking calmly away from the screen. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal the vanity plate of the limo….

‘Prez 1’


Backstage we are inside the locker room of Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson who was seen earlier in the evening. Thompson is sitting down on a wooden bench in front of his locker as a shadow comes creeping up beside him while he’s hanging out with Burns his limo driver.

Burns: “Who’s this, clown?”

Burns steps up from his seat but Howard puts the breaks on him first before he can do anything. Thompson now turns around to see that it’s his old manager, JD James.

Howard: “How did you get past my bodyguard, Jeeves?”

‘The Bank’ looks awfully serious as he then laughs aloud and shakes the hand of JD James himself.

Burns: “I’m confused…”

Howard looks back to Burns, ignores him and then puts his attention back onto his former manager.

Howard: “What can I do for ya?”

JD stands there looking behind Thompson and to Burns. He then focuses on Howard now.

JD James: “Well I saw your return last week and I just wanted to come by tonight and wish you some luck…”

Burns is standing in the background trying not to laugh hysterically.

Howard: “Are you for real?”

Howard starts to walk around JD James who’s eyes circle around and around before ‘The Bank’ stops in front of him.

Howard: “Do you know something I don’t about Johnny All-Star?”

Thompson gives him shifty eyes, he then pushes Burns back into his seat who looks totally disappointed.

JD James: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can’t a guy come by and talk? I mean, for god sakes Howie I was your old manager at one time or another!”

James looks a bit ashamed with the way he is acting towards him.

Howard: “Well, that was then…”

He pauses, looking down to the rug floor he stands on with JD James.

Howard: “And this is now!”

Thompson quickly brings his arm over his shoulder and throws a fist at his former friend, JD James! JD goes down to the rug floor as Howard looks down at him holding his face.

Burns: “What a sucker punch!”

Burns is laughing in his chair when Howard gives him a grin. Burns goes quiet real quick while Thompson now picks up JD James and begins to drag him by the collar of his shirt. He is booting him in the side while taking him towards the door that he opens up. Howard proceeds to toss him out front of his locker room door as he slams it behind him.

JD James is down and hurt a bit by the attack ‘The Bank’ made on him. But why did he do that? This isn’t like him at all anymore, not the recent man known as Howard Thompson we’ve seen. This definitely can’t go too well with Johnny All-Star, that’s for sure!

Still to come – Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson one on one with Johnny All-Star!

Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson vs. Johnny All Star

“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Metal Elvis begins to play.

Various images of iconic Las Vegas and Johnny All-Star play out on the V-Tron as spotlights move throughout the crowd, all finally coming to stop on a hooded Johnny All-Star somewhere in the audience as he is making his way through the crowd. All-Star’s usual jovial face is replaced by one of determination.

The spotlight follows All-Star making his way through the screaming fans as he finally makes his way down hopping over the security barricade.

Instead of stopping to pose for his photos as usual All-Star grabs a mic from ringside and pulls himself up into the ring. He paces the ring as his music comes to an end. He stops dead center of the ring staring up the entrance ramp as he lifts the mic to speak.

“I don’t know if everyone saw what happened earlier this evening when Howard… The Bank Thompson attacked an innocent man… a man that happened to be my manager at one point… a man that happened to be his manager at one point… a man that was there to wish him luck. But that’s not cool Howie…”

All-Star pauses as he continues to stare up the ramp.

“Get your ass down here… NOW… and take your beating like a man.”

All-Star drops the mic as “Money” by Pink Floyd begins to play and Howard “The Bank” Thompson steps out from the backstage area and onto the top of the ramp way in front of the sVo-Tron. Thompson sports a pair of black boots, red knee pads, a white pair of wrestling trunks with a dollar sign on it in green as well as white wrist tape. Howard struts his stuff down the ramp way with the fans booing him like crazy. Howard has a sparkling green robe on that he takes off as soon as he enters the ring. He stands up in a corner and stretches as his music begins to fade now.

With Roscoe Shame already booking his place at Resurrection for a shot at the sVo International Championship belt, the fans are on their feet as two veterans of the sVo face off against each other for the chance to face him at the PPV and become champion! Howard Thompson looks confident in the corner of the ring after his win last week against M.T.H.H, whilst the home town hero and former International Champion Johnny All Star stretches in the opposite corner, known that he has the backing of the majority of the fans in the arena tonight.

With both men ready, and the fans more than ready, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one to get under way! Both men look keen to make an early start, as JAS and Thompson charge into the middle of the ring and trade stiff lefts and rights. Thompson uses his slight height and weight advantage to gain an early upper hand in the match, and backs All Star into the ropes. However to the cheers of the fans, All Star nails Thompson with a back elbow to knock him away. Thompson stumbles away from Johnny All Star, who follows up with a short arm clothesline to knock Thompson down to the mat. ‘The Bank’ isn’t down for long, as he pulls himself up using the ring ropes, and retaliates with some punches to the back of All Star’s head. Thompson grabs All Star by the back of the head, and slams the former football player face first into the turnbuckle. All Star looks slightly dazed, but Thompson takes advantage with a quick release German suplex to toss the Las Vegas home town hero to the mat with authority.

The sVo fans begin to chant ‘JAS, JAS’ as Thompson slowly pulls All Star to his feet and throws him into the ropes. All Star bounces back, and seems to respond to the chanting with a football tackle on Thomson that sends the former Hollywood movie star flying! Thompson looks hurt as he rolls out of the ring to try and escape any more offence from JAS, and to re-catch his breath. All Star takes the short break in activitiy to signal to the fans, which gets a huge pop, before rolling under the bottom rope and following Thompson to the outside of the ring! All Star wastes no time in grabbing hold of Thompson and throwing him hard into the security barrier. Thompson’s back hits the security barrier hard, and ‘The Bank’ looks in pain as he slumps down to a sitting position.

Johnny All Star’s attention turns away from ‘The Bank’ as he spots someone in the front row and makes his way over to them. The camera follows All Star as he makes his way over to a young man wearing a ‘Blockbusters’ uniform, before shaking his hand and then grabbing an object off of him. Johnny All Star holds the object up to the camera to reveal that it is a DVD of ‘Undercover Millionaire’, a film staring Howard Thompson during his old Hollywood acting days! All Star smashes the DVD case over the head of Howard Thompson before tossing it into the crowd.

Johnny All Star pulls Howard Thomson up to a standing position before tossing him back into the ring under the bottom rope. The crowd cheer as Johnny All Star also slides into the ring, however before he can even get to his feet, Thompson cuts him off with a elbow drop across the back of the neck! Johnny All Star looks in pain as Thompson rises to his feet and begins to stomp away on Johnny All Star. Thompson looks as if he is desperate to go on to face Roscoe Shame at Resurrection for the sVo International Championship belt as he pulls Johnny All Star up before tossing him to the mat with the ‘HT Slam’. With JAS’s shoulders on the mat, Thompson wastes no time in going for the cover.




Johnny All Star gets a shoulder up off of the mat, much to the delight of the fans packed into the Goodfellas Casino arena!

All Star tries to rise up to his feet after his succesful kick out, however Thompson has other ideas as he grabs him by the arm and throws him into the ring ropes. All Star bounces back into the middle of the ring, but Thompson is there waiting for him with a massive spine buster to take him down. Thompson wastes a little time taunting All Star, which doesn’t go down well with the fans, before running into the ropes and returning with a leg drop onto Johnny All Star!

The Bank rises up to his feet and taunts the crowd, receiving a mixed reaction from the fans. Knowing that he is just a three count away from facing Roscoe Shame at the Resurrection PPV for the sVo International Championship belt, Thompson turns his attention back to All Star who is slowly rising up to his feet. With All Star in a bent over position, Thomson takes advantage with a ‘Bank Drive’ on the Vegas home town hero! The move hits All Star hard, and Thompson makes the cover for what surely must be the three count!





Even Johnny All Star looks a little shocked as his shoulder comes shooting up off of the canvas, just when everyone in the arena thought that Thompson had picked up the win! Thompson hits the mat hard in frustration, before rising to his feet and pulling All Star up with him. Thompson throws All Star into the ropes, before nailing him with a knee to the midsection to send him flying as he bounces back. With All Star down on the mat, Thompson nails a double knee drop on the former International Champion, but still All Star won’t stay down! Thompson looks at his opponent in amazement as he slowly begins to struggle up to his feet.

Thompson quickly hits a chop block onto the knees of All Star to sweep them away, before dropping an elbow across the knee of All Star. All Star looks in pain, however the Vegas fans continue to cheer him on! Thompson pulls All Star back up to his feet, before throwing him hard into the corner of the ring. With All Star in the corner and hurting, Thompson takes a run up before launching himself at his opponent for a splash in the corner of the ring, however at the very last second All Star dives out of the way and Thompson hits the turnbuckle hard! The fans cheer, and Johnny All Star tries to take advantage of the mis-fire from Thompson with a school boy roll up….



Thr…. NO!

This time it is All Star who looks annoyed as his opponent is able to kick out just before the hand of the referee is able to count the three!

Both All Star and Thompson slowly stagger up to a standing position, and just like the start of the match begin to trade big right hands! The fans are on their feet at the spectacle as just as one man begins to gain the advantage, the other steps up to wrestle it back! Johnny All Star finally manages to hit a combination of big rights on Thompson to back him against the ropes, before taking advantage with a release full nelson suplex on ‘The Bank’! Thompson looks in pain as he slowly rises up to his feet, only to walk straight into a ‘TCB’ from All Star, who quickly makes the cover!




This close fought battle is all over, and its Johnny All Star who narrowly scrapes the win after an all out war with Howard Thompson which could have gone either way! ‘Viva Las Vegas’ blasts over the sound system as the referee raises the hand of All Star in celebration, with the Las Vegas home town hero booking his place in the sVo International Championship match against Roscoe Shame at Resurrection!

RESULT: Johnny All Star def. Howard ‘The Bank’ Thompson via pinfall


The Camera eye transitions to the promo set, where Killer White is standing with his arms crossed showing his brawny arms. The producer of the shoot gives a countdown as Killer White prepares for his first televised exhibition.


“We all say at least one lie every day. And whether we notice it or we don’t… We scrounge for the right lie to say upon our first conscious breath of the day.”

“But one lie, could lead to the next.”

The Killer awaits an acknowledgment from the crowd. And he receives a confused reaction from the fans in the Goodfellas casino.

“Well you want to know what my views on this theory are? Hmf?… Are you curious to see what i have to offer?… Are you sure you wont strip me of my conscience and force me into submission with your outspoken lies?!”

Killer white sparks up a decent pop from the fans as he responds to their chants.

“Well you want to know something?…”

“I wont! Bow down to you heartless spectators!”

As soon as the pop was heard moments ago the crowd swiftly declines to boos and cries of hatred. The exuberance is taken from the crowd in exchange for the revulsion against Killer White.

“Day after day, i see random wrestlers. Random superstars who think that they can be something in life.”

“Theres this rift in popular culture that im seeing.”

“Its basically this… If you don’t make the casting call on Broadway, go into the wrestling business… Well your wrong!”

Killers eyebrows curve inward giving an angry impression towards the fans.

“As for the upcoming weeks. I wont have to talk as much as i walk.”

The crowd calms down to a quiet state. Killer then clears his throat.

“Let me break it down to elementary standards… For you people to understand. It causes me no affliction in hating you stupid mutts.”

“Im not here to make a statement to the general demographic that watch wrestling.”

“im just here to put a paycheck on my table… Thats it!”

“If you people thought i was here for shits and giggles then you’ve sadly mistaken me for the wrong guy.”

“You want that type of garbage?… Then go somewhere else!”

“Go see a Broadway show or something. Cause im not here to prance around like an idiot for you people.”

“Everything was going my way. Do you people remember all of the Budweiser commercials of Superbowl XXXI… That was me! My work.Like i said, everything was going swell until i was framed by some nameless bastard.Who thought it’d be funny to take my identity, to steal my individuality and buy illegal arms.

“Guns the size of Too Tall Jones.”

“I get thrown in jail while the ass is living the lap of luxury at my expense halfway across the damn globe.”

“Identity theft is not something you wake up to at 7 in the morning on a hot summer day.”

“So as of right now, i have drawn the boundaries between Killer and The People.”

“Write it down, save it on your Tivo, text it to your buddies, do whatever the hell you want…Just make sure the screaming fan doesn’t ask me for an autograph.”

“Cause… I will kick his damn teeth down his throat.”

Killer pauses for a second.

“Im done.”

“Cybermind” by Artillery commences as Killer White’s promo wanes to a black screen.


Back live and we head backstage where DJ who is seen wearing a new black suit with his curly black hair slicked back and a pair of sunglasses hiding his eyes away.

On a table next to him a large metal briefcase sits closed. DJ smiles at the camera for a moment before he begins speaking.

DJ: Hello adoring fans of Sanctioned Violence Organization. DJ here to make a formal announcement in regards to next week’s Showdown.. You see.. Regardless of what happens later tonight I will be facing someone in the finals of the SVO World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

He pulled his sunglasses off revealing his wild eyes as his smile brightened. Tossing the sunglasses down onto the table he stepped behind the metal briefcase letting his hands fall on the two locks.

DJ: You see.. At Resurrection I’m coming after the SVO World Heavyweight Championship and I don’t care if its Night or my tag team partner Raven I will be the next champion. And we’re going to do it in that very ring with our own two hands. Because right now.. I’m getting ready to take out Tobias Devereux and earn my spot in the main event of Resurrection.

Snapping open the locks he opened the briefcase to reveal a rather large sum of money neatly stacked in a black velvet sleeve within the briefcase.

DJ: So that means no running and no hiding Tobias Devereux.. But we both know you’re not going to, are you? Of course not..You’re Canadian. Which means you’re going to come to the ring with bells and whistles on ready to beat us into retardation. Wait.. Sorry.. That was rude of us. You’re going to come to the ring ready to beat us into a “Water Cooler Head”. We have to remember to stay positive with the big purchase on the horizon.

He closed the briefcase again, locking it before he picked it up along with his sunglasses, his painful smile stretched across face as he looked down at his case.

DJ: We have lots of money.. that’s just the first investment into your downfall SVO. We’ll take the SVO Title in this tournament no matter who I face in the finals. SVO wanted The Corporation, now you have The Corporation. But we are not going to make anyone’s life any easier. No.. this is all ours. And your going to play our little game until Resurrection.. Starting tonight.

He slipped his sunglasses on and frowned at the camera before he walked a few feet to the office door of Paige Johnson. He eyed the door.. Then looked back at the camera.

DJ: You might have won some matches Tobias Devereux.. But you’ll soon learn that in a war nobody wins.. Save for the men with nothing to lose. And you have so much to lose Tobias Devereux.. Mmm.. DJ.. The NEW SVO Champion.. Oh man.. just.. Just take a moment and.. Imagine That..

And with that DJ opened the office door, took in a deep breath and entered, closing it softly behind him as the action heads back to ringside.



sVo Seasons Beatings 2007
23rd December 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
PPV #003

sVo World Championship Ladder Match
Mike Polowy (c) vs. Johnny All Star

The crowd is on their feet, eagerly awaiting the start of this very high profile match and still buzzing from the results of the show thusfar. All of a sudden the lights dim slowly in the area as the ViolenceTron flares to life.“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


An image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Polowy” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of the sVo World Heavyeight champion, ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Polowy appears from behind the curtain. He slaps the World Title strapped around his shoulder twice before raising two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match.Fallin’ asleep at the wheel again baby,
You’re driftin’ over the line (the line) Yeah.
Your hands are tight but you’re losin’ grip quickly
Fix me, can you read the signs?Thumbin’ your way to Vegas, dirty
And Dreamin’ of the other side…
Save your tears and laughter because
It doesn’t matter what you find
‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system and there is a suprisingly favorable reaction from the crowd as the number one contender to the World Heavyweight title himself, Johnny All Star, steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! All Star holds his arms high in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ropes. All Star once again raises his arms high into the air as he leans forward against the ropes, causing a burst of pyros to shoot up behind him.

Polowy and All Star meet at the center of the ring and as the official starts to explain the basic rules to the competitors neither man blinks an eye. All Star leans in closer to Polowy as the official removes the belt from Polowy’s shoulder and hoists it into the air, signifying that the title is on the line. The crowd pops as the official turns his back on both men and securely fastens the title onto a piece of wire, which is then risen into the sky by sVo management. Before the bell even sounds though and as the officials back is turned, the fans let out a pop as Mike Polowy slaps Johnny All Star in the face without any provocation. All Star responds to this by lowering his shoulder and hitting a close ranged spear before reigning down rights and lefts onto the face of Polowy as the bell finally sounds, signifying the start of the match.

Polowy rolls around, avoiding most of the shots to his face before the official breaks the two men up and returns each to his respective corner. Mike Polowy smiles a cocky smile as Johnny All Star paces around with a look on contempt towards his opponent plastered all over his face. Both men quickly sneak a peek to the outside of the ring, where the steel ladder sits. After seeing the ladder, we can catch both men looking up at the ceiling, where Mike Polowy’s title rests. The official signals for the action to resume and both men charge at each other and lock up in the center of the ring as the fans in attendance start to cheer wildly, mostly for whom many consider the underdog, Johnny All Star. The test of strength sees the slightly stockier Mike Polowy power the challenger into the far turnbuckle as the fans cheer on. Polowy finally gets to work, nailing the challenger with a knife edged chop, which prompts the fans to respond with a loud, “WOOOOO!”. Polowy cocks back for another knife edged chop, but Johnny All Star counters this with a left handed jab to the face of the champion followed up with a strong right that sends Polowy staggering backwards.

Johnny All Star follows up the punch by running towards Polowy with a full head of steam. Polowy sees it coming in advance though and drops to the mat, executing a picture perfect drop toe hold in the process. Polowy floats over his opponent and immediately grabs the ankle of Johnny All Star, going for an ankle lock submission. All Star shows off his technical prowess by spinning to his stomach and kicking the champion off of him, sending Polowy into the turnbuckle in the process.

Both men are back to their feet now and this time it is Polowy who raises his hand high in the air, challenging Johnny All Star to another test of strength. All Star acknowledges this by raising his own left hand in the air, but without any delay it is Mike Polowy who straightens up and kicks the hunched over Johnny All Star in the stomach. Polowy follows this up with a short armed clothesline and the fans boo as the champ connects with a boot to the face while saying some less then flattering words to the challenger who lies on the mat.

After the stomping is finished, Polowy walks over to All Star and violently grabs the back of his neck, “helping” him up to his feet. Before Polowy can get any momentum going though, it is Johnny All Star who connects with a shoulder to the midsection of Mike Polowy. All Star follows this up with a right hand to the face, and then a left, and then a right which sends Polowy staggering. Johnny All Star backs up to the ropes and bounces off them, gathering steam in the process. All Star then charges forward, nailing Mike Polowy with a flying overhead clothesline, which sends Mike Polowy into a 180 flip and causes the champ to land on his back in the center of the ring. The fans pop for this acrobatic maneuver as Johnny All Star responds by quickly jumping back up to his feet and bouncing off the ropes once again. All Star once again comes charging forward but this time connects with an elbow drop right to the sternum of the champ.

Rather then going for a pinfall which would accomplish nothing, Johnny All Star ignores the incapicated opponent on the ground and instead marches over to the turnbuckle before exiting the ring. All Star grabs the steel ladder and the fans pop as he does so. After grabbing the ladder, All Star sets it up on the apron of the ring. All Star goes to climb back into the ring, but before he can really accomplish this, the ladder is sent back into his face as Mike Polowy connects on a baseball slide and the fans respond with a chorus of boos with a loud pop mixed in for good measure.

Mike Polowy bends down to pick the ladder up, but as he does so he stops. Instead of raising the ladder up, Polowy just slides it to the center of the ring before stepping back a few steps.

Just as the action is picking up, the loyal sVo stand to their feet and let their appreciation of Sonny Carter the sVo tumor, known as the entire arena is filled with 10,000 jeering boos as he makes his way down the entrance ramp with his new found friends, CJ Newfield and Santos Rockwell. The cold stare in Newfield’s eyes is directed towards Mike Polowy, sVo’s World Champion. It’s obvious Newfield and Rockwell are on-edge and ready to make an attempt to bring Polowy’s title reign to an end and crown Las Vegas’s own Johnny All Star as the new king of the sVo.

Polowy surveys the outside of the ring where he sees Johnny All Star rising to his feet. Polowy barely even thinks before he bounces off the far turnbuckle, jumps over the ladder in the center of the ring and attempts a suicide dive to the outside. Johnny All Star sees this coming at the last minute and gets his hands up a bit, but it’s not enough to stop Polowy’s full weight from falling on top of him, what it is able to do though, is give the opportunity for Johnny All Star to drag Mike Polowy’s throat into the steel barricade which seperates the fans from the action, which Johnny All Star does. Both men lie on the ground, unconscious as the fans fill the arena with cheers and the official exits the ring to check up on the status of both competitors.

The official checks on Polowy first and Polowy starts to reach for his throat, but signals that he is okay by rolling to his side. The official next checks on Johnny All Star, who appears to have had the wind knocked out of him. All Star too rolls to his side and both men lie a few feet from each other and their eyes meet, giving each a renewed sense of purpose and causing both to reach for the steel guardrail next to them for support on getting back to their feet.

It’s Polowy who gets to his feet a half a second faster then All Star, and it is Polowy who throws the first right hand shot… which is blocked! Johnny All Star blocks the punch attempt and grabs the back of Polowy’s head with his alternate hand before shoving the champions face right into the steel guardrail as the fans pop. Newfield, Carter and Rockwell looks pleased watching on from the entrance ramp as All Star continues to punish the Champion.

Johnny All Star now makes his way back over to the ring very gingerly as Mike Polowy struggles with everything he has to get back up to his feet. As Polowy starts to rise to his feet we see that Johnny All Star is already at the center of the ring, setting the ladder up for what he hopes with be his first, and final, ascent up to becoming a sVo World Champion. All Star sets the ring up right in the center of the ring and starts to slowly climb it as Polowy is finally at ringside, willing himself back into the ring.

Johnny All Star is at the third rung… then the fourth rung, before Mike Polowy finally rolls into the ring. Johnny All Star is at the fifth… and now the final rung! All Star reaches up for the title but… POLOWY PUSHED THE LADDER OVER! Polowy just pushed the ladder over and Johnny All Star just fell to the corner of the ring and landed hard on his shoulder. The fans fill the arena with boos as Mike Polowy blows a few kisses towards his opponent and the fans before picking the steel ladder up himself this time. Polowy sets the ladder up directly under the title before looking over at Johnny All Star, who begins to stir. Rather then climbing the ladder, Polowy walks over to All Star and helps his opponent to his feet before slapping him in the face, booting him in the midsection and setting him up for a suplex. Polowy connects with the suplex and the fans continue boo’ing as Mike waits in the corner for his dazed opponent to rise to his feet.

It looks like Mike Polowy is poised to successfully defend his sVo World Championship for the second PPV running as Johnny All Star struggles to get up to his feet. Polowy begins to make his way over to the ladder, but with the World Champion’s back turned, Carter finally gives the order and sends Rockwell and Newfield into the ring! The pair dive into the ring like rabid wolves and take down Polowy from behind! Rockwell lays into Polowy with big mounted punches as Newfield stomps away on the Champion. The fans don’t know who to boo more as Rockwell pulls Polowy up to his feet before Newfield nails him with his trademark Indie Cutter! Newfield and Rockwell continue to make use their numbers to their advantage as they brutally beat down Mike Polowy, finally busting the champions face wide open! As the blood of the Champion spills at Seasons Beatings, Sonny Carter licks his lips at the prospect of placing his own sponsored superstar Johnny All Star onto the World Championship crown in Jimmy Moretti’s own federation!

Rockwell looks up at the crowd and starts to taunt them as their World Champ is having his head rung off the ladder now propped up by the turnbuckle.

…the fun lasts so long as the baseline of “Lying from You” by Linkin Park absolutely punishes the PA. The entire arena, including those in the ring become on-lookers as this mysterious combatant is hopefully making their way to the ring.

Just as the song picks up, a 6’5 foot 265 .lbs behemoth known as “the Juggernaut” Brock Alyas makes his was to the ring. The fans can literally see the daggers being shot out of his eyes and into those of Santos Rockwell! It looks as if Moretti’s mysterious back-up has found his way to the ring and is here to make an impact.

Alyas begins a swift jog towards Rockwell who is in the ring with his hands on his knees awaiting the new combatant. The Juggernaut slides underneath the ropes and without thinking twice runs at Rockwell who does the same. Rockwell ducks underneath a huge Clothesline attempt and flies into the opposing ropes to come back and catch a huge boot to the jaw. The sVo loyal are loving it!

Alyas quickly turns his attention to CJ Newfield and the pair run at each other before meeting in the centre of the ring and beginning to trade thunderous right hands! The fans are on their feet for the actions as it seems the main event of Seasons Beatings has turned to absolute chaos! As Newfield and Alyas continue to go at it, it gives Johnny All Star and Mike Polowy a few seconds to catch a breath before the two men fighting for the sVo World Championship belt hanging from the top of the arena rise to their feet!

The Main Event action picks back up as Polowy finds an opening as All Star tries defending his ally CJ Newfield. The Mike Effect sends his opponent over the ropes with a clothesline from behind and there is two brawls going on at once.

On the outside of the ring, Sonny Carter is going insane!

Mike Polowy grabs hold of Johnny All Star on the outside of the ring and slams the contenders head into the security barrier. All Star drops down to the floor as Polowy wipes the blood from his face before laying into the hometown boy with big stomps! Johnny All Star struggles to get back to his feet, and as he does Polowy is there waiting for him! Polowy tries to whip Johnny All Star into the steel ring steps, however as he does All Star finds energy from somewhere and is able to reverse the move and send the Champion crashing into the ring steps!

Meanwhile, back in the ring Newfield and Alyas are going blow for blow each solid punch seemingly getting harder and harder. The two lock up and Alyas is blindsided with a swift knee in the gut and Newfield takes advantage quickly stunning the Juggernaut with a DDT.

Newfield makes way back to his feet first and begins delivering kicks to the head of Alyas. Newfield grabs Alyas up and sends him flying into the opposing ropes to come back to a


….stiff spinning backfist that sends the Juggernaut to his back with a stiff thud. Alyas however is quick to his feet with vengeance in his eyes and gets in a grapple with Newfield, getting the better half and whipping his opponent into the ropes, as Newfield comes back Alyas has a disgusting Clothesline from Hell sized up and delivered, sending Newfield to the mat.


…at this time the sVo fans in attendance are all on their feet in appreciation of what the Main Event they paid good money for, has turned into. Alyas forces Newfield to his feet and the two go tumbling through the ropes to the floor outside.

Mike Polowy struggles up from his position across the steel ring steps, but receives only a clothesline from Johnny All Star for his troubles! Johnny All Star senses victory as he pulls up Mike Polowy and positions him for a piledriver on the outside of the ring! The fans are on their feet for the dual action going on, but as Johnny All Star prepares to hit the piledriver, Mike Polowy counters out of no where with a back drop on All Star! Polowy drops down onto the challenger and throws some sloppy right hands to the face of All Star, it seems the intense battle is taking its toll on both main eventers!

All Star struggles to get Polowy off of him before beginning to climb to his feet using the security barrier as a support. Polowy takes advantage of All Stars position by grabbing him in a backdrop like move, before dropping him across the top of the security barrier!

As Alyas and Newfield are battling it out, outside the ring, Sonny Carter has found himself a friend in a metal chair and has it clenched waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike Alyas in the back of the head. Fans are on their feet trying to make Alyas aware that Carter is sneaking around the corner but it looks like they’re too late…


…the impact of high-trajectory swung metal chair connecting with cranium skull leaves a sickening sound and visual in the ears and eyes of the sVo fans.

The chair meant to be swung at Alyas connects square between the eyes of CJ Newfield as if Barry Bonds just hit a 600 foot homerun and it’s a miracle Alyas managed to escape from the strike! Alyas then turns to face Sonny Carter who looks as if he just wet his pants. Seeing Santos Rockwell coming in from the corner of his eye, Alyas grabs the chair from Sonny Carter before smashing it into the face of Rockwell! While this is going on outside Mike Polowy has thrown Johnny All Star under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Polowy slides into the ring himself before glancing up at his World Championship belt which is still dangling from the air. Mike Polowy takes a few steps towards the ladder and grabs hold of it, but just as he is about to set it up he sees All Star slowly making his way to his feet out of the corner of his eye!

Mike Polowy runs at Johnny All Star holding the ladder above his head, but Johnny All Star ducks out of the way of danger before nailing Polowy with a punch to the kidneys which forces him to drop the ladder! With the ladder on the mat, Johnny All Star scoops Mike Polowy up into the air before slamming him back down onto the ladder with the ‘Touchdown’! Polowy looks in pain as he and All Star lay out on the mat!

All Star and Polowy looks as if neither man is in any condition to climb down and grab the World Championship belt right now, and that’s right about when, outside the ring Sonny Carter is mangled with a huge haymaker delivered by the Juggernaut. Alyas is there to clean-up and looks up at the 10,000 in attendance screaming…


A sickening looks comes across the face of the Juggernaut and he points at the announcing table in front of him and the arena just goes nuts.

Alyas gets himself along with Sonny Carter propped up on the announcing table and lifts him into the air as if he were setting up a suplex. After letting all blood in Carter’s body rush to his head, Alyas swings the suplex into a stunner!


The delivery and sound of the wooden table come crashing to the ground is catastrophic…

“sVo! sVo! sVo!” the fans are going absolutely insane for the organizations biggest enemy being put through a wooden table in the form of the Career Ender!

Johnny All Star is the first to stir inside the ring and he pulls the blood soaked Mike Polowy up to his feet. All Star sends him to the corner of the ring and runs at him, connecting with a spear in the corner. Mike Polowy staggers out of the corner, but as Johnny All Star attempts a bulldog on Polowy, the World Champion cuts him short with a spinebuster that takes both men down to the mat!

After about forty-five seconds, Johnny All Star finally rises to his feet and Mike Polowy rushes him. Polowy attempts a right hand to the face, but Johnny All Star blocks it! All Star connects with a right of his own, then another right, and goes for a third… Polowy ducks it though! Polowy ducks the sloppy right hand from the worn out challenger and it’s Polowy connecting with a boot to the midsection and… THE MIKE EFFECT! Polowy nails the Mike Effect and now it’s just a matter of time!

Polowy limps over to the ladder, holding his still injured throat as he looks off at the fans, a smirk on his face. Polowy makes it to the second, then third, then fourth, then fifth run of the ladder. Johnny All Star starts to come around as Mike Polowy blows some kisses to the fans who boo him. Polowy now at the final rung… Polowy reaches up… Mike Polowy has successfully defended his sVo World Heavyweight Title!

Mike Polowy sits atop the ladder holding the sVo World Championship in the air! The blood drips from the face of the Champion as Polowy witnesses the carnage that is the aftermath of the chaotic main event, knowing that the sVo has moved into a new era and will never be the same again!

RESULT: Mike Polowy def. Johnny All Star

DJ vs. Tobias Devereux

The arena goes dark as a small white spotlight shines on the entrance way. The haunting words of “You’re my Sanctuary” plays over the pa system. Slowly the sounds of a violin comes through before drums kick in as the drums and guitar cut in the lights flash brilliantly causing a momentary blindness. As the lights come back to normal we spot Tobias Devereux standing in the middle of the stage. He makes his way down the ramp as his long black trench coat flaps behind him. He makes his way slapping fan’s hands as he reaches the ring. Climbing up the steps he stops at the ring post climbing up to the second rope and looking out at the crowd. He then jumps over the top rope and lands in the ring. Tobias makes his way to the opposite corner and climbs up to the second rope. Shrugging his shoulders his trench coat comes off. He quickly tosses it over the top rope to a ring attendant down below. Taking off his fedora he tosses it into the crowd. Tobias hops off the middle rope and leans back into the corner waiting for his opponent.

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of DJ. Then DJ comes out walking and dancing a bit toward the ring.

Tobias Devereux and DJ stand face to face in the middle of the ring, knowing one of them will get the chance to head to the Resurrection PPV to face the winner of the Raven/Night match later tonight and possibly become sVo World Champion, just by beating the other here tonight. The referee briefly runs through the rules for Tobias Devereux and DJ who aren’t even listening to him, before calling for the bell to ring and the match to get under way!

There is a big cheer from the crowd as Tobias Devereux and DJ stalk each other around the ring, before diving forward at the same time and locking up. Both men try and push the other backwards until DJ grabs the arm of Tobias Devereux and twists it behind him in a wrist lock. Tobias Devereux tries to twist his way out of the hold, however DJ uses his speed to take Tobias Devereux down to the mat with a stiff DDT. The fans give a mixed reaction to the move from the Corporation member, as Tobias Devereux slowly rises back up to a standing position.

DJ hits some stiff forearm smashes on Tobias Devereux to knock him backwards, before arm dragging him down to the mat. With Tobias Devereux down, DJ locks in a sleeper hold on his opponent in an attempt to wear him down. Tobias Devereux slowly begins to fade under the sleeper hold, however DJ doesn’t keep it locked in for that long as he lets go in order to hit Tobias Devereux with some big punches. The fans continue to give a mixed reaction to the Corporation member as he pulls Tobias Devereux up to a standing position and tosses him into the ropes. Tobias Devereux bounces back into the middle of the ring where DJ is looking for a back drop on his opponent. However Tobias Devereux sees the move coming and counters with a stiff kick to the face of DJ! DJ holds his face in pain, and Tobias Devereux takes advantage with a double arm DDT on DJ!

The fans cheer the impressive move from Tobias Devereux, as DJ climbs back up to his feet. DJ tries to use his speed to bounce into the ropes and attack Tobias Devereux, however Tobias Devereux is ready and waiting for him, and is able to take down to the mat with a ‘bayou bash’! DJ looks in pain from the impressive move from Tobias Devereux, who plays up to the cheers he receives from the crowd.

DJ slowly begins to rise to his feet, knowing that a place in the main event of the Resurrection PPV is on the line in tonight’s match! Tobias Devereux sees DJ coming and sends him stumbling backwards with a punch to the face. Tobias Devereux then follows up on the punch with a ‘Cajun Driver’ that might just end the match right there! With DJ down and hurting after the specular move from the ‘Cajun Sensation’, Tobias Devereux makes the cover.




DJ manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat, showing just how much the Corporation member wants to get a chance to fight either Raven or Night in the main event of the Resurrection PPV for the sVo World Championship belt!

Tobias Devereux looks slightly confused at how DJ managed to get a shoulder up after the ‘Cajun Driver’, however he returns to his opponent and drags him up to a standing position by his hair. With DJ looking worse for wear after the offence from Tobias Devereux, the Cajun Sensation positions DJ for a powerbomb into the middle of the ring! The crowd rise to their feet to see the famous wrestling move, however are left disappointed as DJ counters with a back drop on Tobias Devereux! Tobias Devereux pops straight back up to his feet in shock at the counter from DJ, however DJ knocks him down with a standing dropkick.

Tobias Devereux rises to his feet and is met with some kicks to the midsection from the speedy DJ, who then tosses Tobias Devereux into the ropes. Tobias Devereux bounces back, however he runs straight into a huricanrana takedown from DJ. DJ looks very pleased with himself after the impressive move, however once again Tobias Devereux is quickly up to his feet. Tobias Devereux swings a right hand at DJ, however DJ uses his speed to duck under the arm of Tobias Devereux and grab him in a waist lock. With Tobias Devereux in position, DJ proceeds to nail him with five continues German suplexes! With Tobias Devereux down and hurting after the back to back German suplexes, DJ wastes no time in diving down over his opponent and making the pinfall that will see him take a spot in the main event of the next sVo PPV…..





Tobias Devereux gets a shoulder up!

Tobias Devereux gets a shoulder up!

DJ can’t believe it as he looks down at his opponent in shock. How on earth did the Cajun Sensation manage to kick out from that?

DJ quickly regains focus by grabbing Tobias Devereux and backing him into the corner of the ring. With Devereux in the corner, DJ retreats to the opposite side of the ring, before running at Devereux and hitting him with a backflip elbow smash in the corner!

The fans cheer for the impressive move as Devereux slowly stumbles out of the corner, only to be bulldogged down to the mat by DJ. With Devereux on the mat, DJ turns his attention to the turnbuckle, and begins to climb! With DJ on the top rope, the fans know what is coming next as he leaps down onto Devereux, and nails the ‘DJ Splash’! This one must be all over as DJ makes the cover on Devereux.



Devereux is showing no signs of kicking out….


The referee stops the count and points to Devereux’s legs.

Devereux has his feet on the ropes! DJ shouts in frustration at Devreux being able to stop the count by rope break despite not having it in him to kick out after the awesome frog splash from DJ!

DJ curses once again, before laying into Devereux with a few more stomps and kicks. DJ then points to the turn buckle and once again begins to climb to the top rope. DJ stands on the top rope taunting, but before he can hit another DJ splash, Devereux launches himself at the ring ropes, and does just enough to make DJ lose balance and fall back into the ring!

DJ hits the mat hard as Devereux slowly begins to rise up to his feet. The Cajun Sensation slowly eyes DJ, before throwing his hands up in the air. Devereux quickly makes his way over to DJ and wraps himself around him in ‘Da Gater Nap’ submission move! The fans cheer for the move from Devereux as the referee asks DJ if he would like to quit.

DJ shakes his head, knowing just what a spot in the final of the Alex Ross tournament would mean to a newcomer in the sVo like him.

However Devereux tightens the hold and cranks up the pressure on DJ!


DJ has no choice but to tap out to the Cajun Sensation! The referee tries to get Devereux to break ‘Da Gater Nap’ straight away, but he holds it in for a few more seconds before letting go and rising to his feet. Devereux’s theme music blasts over the sound system as the referee raises his hand in the air in victory. Tobias Devereux will be heading to the main event of the Resurrection PPV to fight for a chance to become only the fourth man to ever win the sVo World Championship belt!

RESULT: Tobias Devereux def. DJ via pinfall


Backstage in the locker-room area, the masked figure of Night – an sVo veteran and semi-finalist in the Alex Ross Memorial Tournament sits, calm and collected – his back leaning against the cool brick wall behind him. Dressed for action, he seems to be in a state of prepared stillness, deep in thoughts of the match to come. Contrasting Night’s steel-like composure, his mentor, Akira Kimura paces nearby. His hair disheveled, he wipes sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.

Barely moving at all, Night tilts his head to observe his trainer.

Night: Master, enough is enough, what’s going on?

Kimura: Nothing, Akumu.

Night: I’ve known you for long enough to know that isn’t true. You were nervous when we got back here, last week you behaved JUST like you are now. It’s making me nervous watching you pacing back and forth as you have been all night now.

Master Kimura stops his pacing and moves towards his student. He pulls a nearby chair up and sits, facing the masked man.

Kimura: I’m just nervous on your behalf, Akumu.

Night: Please don’t do that, Master.

Kimura: Do what?

Night stares at his mentor, unmoving – seeming to look beyond his eyes; in fact it seems as though Night were somehow looking into Master Kimura’s very essence.

Night: I know you are concerned for me, Master, but this isn’t you at all. What has you so concerned?

Kimura clears his throat, thinking fast.

Kimura: Akumu, two years ago when we left sVo and headed back to Japan, you were a changed man. You know as well as I that wrestling is an unpredictable business. You don’t know if sVo will last forever – you don’t know if it’ll last another week, month, year. What you do know is that you have to realize your dreams here and now, while you can. You have been given a golden opportunity. And you concern yourself with the fears of a foolish old man. Akumu, I have been in this business a long time, I received some unexpected news last week which shook me and you became distracted.

Night still stares at the old man skeptically.

Kimura: You’re doing it again! I know that look, mask or not. Listen, Night – you have a match coming up very soon… this is the semi-final! If you win this, you’re in the final. You’re in the main event at pay-per-view. You have your chance to win the sVo World Heavyweight Championship. THIS is what you have been waiting for… don’t worry about me – you just make sure you go out there and give it everything you have – take risks where you need to…

And suddenly the wily manager looks very solemn.

Kimura: … but above all, you MUST win… for your sake… and mine.

Night remains stoic. He stares back at his mentor, still reading him.

Night: … very well, Master.

A poor excuse for a smile crosses Kimura’s lips. He stands and pats Night on the shoulder – neither sure if he has the other convinced.

Raven vs. Night

Sinner by Drowning Pool begins. On the big screen we see highlights of Raven. Then Raven comes out walking and taunting the crowd a bit toward the ring.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring.

Night stands as the lights fade, the crowd buzzing in anticipation of this, the night’s main event and second semi-final match of the Alex Ross Memorial Tournament. The bell rings signaling the start of the match and both Raven and Night immediately close in towards the centre of the ring. They circle slightly, Raven extending his left hand in the air, Night swatting it away. The opening is enough for Raven who grabs Night’s arm and throws him over with a rolling arm whip. Both men roll immediately back to their feet, Raven slightly earlier drills Night in the chest with a front dropkick.

The impact sends the masked man reeling back into the turnbuckle hard. Charging straight after him, Raven leaps high in the air aiming for a huge splash, but Night manages to roll aside sending Raven crashing hard, chest-first into the top turnbuckle! The crowd are on their feet for the high intensity start to the match, but the two men are far from done. Adrenaline obviously still running high in both, neither stays grounded for long. This time it is Night who regains his footing slightly faster and he immediately closes in on Raven, softening him up with a combination of hard body roundhouse kicks. A thrusting toe-kick sends Raven back into the ropes. As he returns, Night leaps in the air, attempting a hurricanrana, but Raven manages to catch a hold of him slamming him hard onto the mat with a powerbomb before flipping forward and bridging into a pin!




Night manages to kick out strongly, Raven wastes no time in grabbing him in a front facelock and peppering him with hard knee lifts to the head. The masked man fights back, striking at Raven’s ribs, but the leverage is Raven’s who swings his legs through and drives Night head first into the ring with a huge DDT! The ring shakes from the impact and Raven looks to the top rope, hoping to take advantage of his dazed opponent. He flies off, aiming a diving headbutt at the downed Night, but ends up crashing headfirst into the mat as the man from Kyoto manages to roll aside.

Both men now lie gasping for air on the mat. Both are dazed, and Night, reaching his feet first pulls the reeling Raven from the mat, only to be taken completely off guard with a hard European uppercut, a second sending his head snapping back. With a great effort, Raven turns and flips over, nailing Night in the head with a Pele-styled kick sending him over the top rope and crashing to the arena floor! The crowd go nuts for the big impact as Raven kneels in the ring, still feeling the effects of his missed headbutt. However, the sight of his opponent regaining his footing on the outside of the ring brings Raven back to his feet. Pulling back on the top rope, he flips over it with a corkscrew suicide dive! The crowd goes wild for this huge move!


The effects can be seen etched on the faces of both men, however Raven seems to be in better shape as he stands, pulling Night to his feet and pounding on him with clubbing arms to the back. Dragging Night along by his mask he directs him towards the ring steps, but Night trips, falling back to the floor. Raven bends back down to pick his opponent back up, but Night surprises him with a hard right to the temple before sending Raven crashing face first into the ring steps with a drop toe-hold! Sluggishly, Night stumbles to his feet and rolls under the bottom rope, breaking the referee’s count, before rolling back out. He manages to pull Raven to his feet and rolls him onto the announcers’ table! The crowd go wild as sVo commentators Nick Harris and Simon Austin scramble for cover as Night too climbs up on the table and begins to lift Raven to his feet. However, he seems to change his mind as he looks up to the top-rope…

He slams his fist into Raven’s head, keeping the multi-color haired wrestler down and dazed on the announce table. Night moves swiftly to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope. He rolls to his feet and grabs hold of the top-rope. The crowd roar in anticipation as Night pulls back on the rope, springing up and onto the top rope, leaping off with a HUGE springboard senton bomb…

… only for Raven to roll off the table, sending Night crashing through the table with terrible impact! It’s not quite what they expected, but the crowd are still gobsmacked by what they just saw.


Sensing his opponent’s intense vulnerability, Raven grabs hold of the near unconscious Night by the mask and rolls him into the ring. He slides in right after him and hurriedly covers him.




Somehow Night manages once more to kick out. Raven seems possessed as he immediately follows up with a split-legged moonsault, again covering straight away.





Another kickout and Raven slaps at the mat. The fans cheer loudly for the kickout and Raven seems irritated. He jaws at a fan somewhere in the front few rows who is not clear on camera. Night meanwhile has managed to pull himself to a kneel, only to be cut down with a hard kick to the side of the head. Raven mercilessly pulls Night to his feet, hooks him in a front facelock and hoists him into a brainbuster! Night sits jolt upright before collapsing back to the mat as Raven looks to the top turnbuckle. He again attempts a diving headbutt – this one connecting. Once more, Raven pulls Night to his feet, peppering him with clubbing forearms before locking him in a front facelock. He sets up for a Hardcore Twist, but as he spins, Night shoves his back sending Raven into the ropes. As Raven returns, Night places both of his hands on his opponent’s stomach, pressing upwards and spinning around nailing Raven with a sit-out powerbomb!

Raven gasps for air on the mat as Night desperately tries to recover from the damage he has taken. Raven manages to return to his feet first and drives a boot into Night’s face. The masked man somehow manages to stumble to his feet. As Raven goes to grab him, Night spins on his heels, drilling Raven with a spinning backfist. The unexpected shot leaves Raven reeling, Night immediately following with a running leg lariat which drops Raven to the mat. Both men reach their feet at the same time, a little worse for wear. Raven surprises Night with a hard kick to the midsection, doubling the masked man over before running at the far ropes. As Raven returns, however, he is caught as Night charges at him, wrapping him up and driving him to the mat with a huge exploder suplex! Night wastes no time as he springs up to the top turnbuckle, nailing Raven with a corkscrew moonsault. He hooks Raven’s leg for a pin.




This time it is Raven who kicks out. Night remains on the offensive, laying in a series of boots to the head of Raven before leaping and dropping down with a twisting legdrop, immediately leaping back up and crashing onto Raven’s chest with a lightning fast standing shooting star press! Again he covers.




Again Raven kicks out. Night, calm as ever pulls Raven to his feet and backs him into the corner with a series of hard elbow and forearm strikes. Night backs up and charges at Raven jumping at him with a Shining Wizard – only for Raven to somehow manage to step aside. Night is hung out on the top rope as Raven grabs his head and swings through into a modified swinging neckbreaker – however Night has other plans as he manages to hold on to the top rope, sending Raven crashing to the mat alone. He stands as Night leaps over him, grabbing Raven on his way past and nailing him with a huge sunset flip powerbomb! The crowd roars in approval as Night once again covers.





A last second kickout by Raven saves the match as Night once more looks to the top turnbuckle. Scaling it, he is visibly slower than his earlier climbs, the tolls of this physical match clearly showing. He wastes no time once up top, however as he leaps straight off, high into the air with a HUGE SSP…

… right onto the raised knees of Raven!

A collective gasp goes up from the crowd, they thought this match would be over, right then and there. Night clutches at his chest, clearly in pain on the mat as Raven lies dazed nearby. Neither man shows many signs of life for a moment, however Raven, once again being driven onward by the sight of his downed opponent manages to climb to his feet using the ring ropes. He draws his thumb across his throat as he climbs through the middle and top ropes and begins to climb the turnbuckles himself! He signals for the Raven Time Bomb, but before he can jump, he is interrupted as Night manages to pounce on the top rope, hanging Raven out on the top turnbuckle. Night grabs hold of Raven’s arm and grits his teeth as he drags his stunned opponent onto his shoulders before angling himself, charging forward and driving Raven head first into the mat – THE DREAMING! He covers.




Night has done it! He advances through to the finals of the Alex Ross Memorial Tournament after a hard-fought and intensely physical match. Through the pain, clearly being driven by his victory, Night manages to stand, propped up against the ropes. The crowd roars as the referee raises Night’s arm in victory.

RESULT: Night def. Raven via pinfall


Backstage once more and Master Kimura looks on with relief as his charge, Night manages to cover Raven to win his match. The look of fear etched on his face the entire show returns in an instant as there is a knock at the door. He clearly does not want to answer it, but seems to know better. Whoever it is on the other side will not merely go away. Steeling himself he opens the door. The silhouette of a man in a fine suit can be made out although none of his features are visible.

Unknown: Congratulations, Mister Kimura – your boy delivered. We’re seeing great ratings for his match and, as we had asked of you, he won.

Master Kimura remains speechless. He clears his throat, but still no words seem capable of forming in his mouth at the moment.

Unknown: We’ll be in touch, Mister Kimura… good work tonight.

The silhouette chuckles as he pulls the door shut on himself. The sound of footsteps walking away from the locker room door can be heard as once again Akira Kimura is left with a heavy weight on his shoulders.

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