sVo Showdown
13th July 2008
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Episode #032


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Psyko Stevo, Night, Chris Bond and Alex Ross! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

The Psyko One

*The fans are on their feet and screaming at the top of their lungs as “Tainted Love” by PCD hits the PA and the President of the sVo herself, Paige Johnson, walks down the steel rampway in what is a very rare in ring appearance. Johnson is flanked by sVo head of security Scott Love, who is also accompanied by a crew of security detail. As the group approaches the ring, Scott Love runs up the steel steps and sits on the middle rope while holding up the top rope, making a nice gap for Miss Johnson to enter the ring. Once inside the ring, Paige puts the lips up to her mic before speaking to the now silent crowd.*

Paige: Thank you all for coming out here tonight. This is the thirtysecond episode of Showdown and it truely will be a Night of High Stakes.

*The crowd cheer as Paige Johnson nods her head in approval.*

Paige: Right then, well there’s only one more bit of business to take care of before the action begins…

*Paige clears her throat as Scott Love flashes a smile.*

Paige: Psyko Stevo, please step out here, now.

*The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Scott Love begins to laugh out loud. Rather then any enterance music playing though, the crowd is left to puzzle what is going on for awhile longer as nothing happens. A frustrated Paige Johnson once again speaks.*

Paige: Oh dear… I had a feeling this was going to happen. Stevo, are you out there? Please, it’s urgent that you make your way to the ring… IMMEDIATELY. I promise you’re not in trouble, just please, come down.

*You could hear a pin drop in the arena as the crowd waits for the Psyko One to appear.. only he doesn’t. Paige is about to speak, but Scott Love grabs the mic from her and puts it up to his own lips.*

Scott: We know you’re back there… and this time there ain’t no security to mess with because they’re all out here in the ring with me, so get out here.

*Paige grabs the mic from Scott Love before brushing him aside and giving him a, “That’s enough” type look.*

Paige: Stevo, we’re waiting.

*The fans are once again silent. After a few short seconds though, every light single light in the area goes out at the same time as “Butterflies and Hurricanes” by Muse hits the PA and the sVo Tron comes to life. We see the words, “The message has been sent…” followed by the words, “which side will you choose?”. The lights then start to flicker as the lyrics kick in…

Change everything you are
and everything you were
your number has been called

*Every light goes out in the arena as golden sparks start to shoot out from the steel rampway in a slow, sustained manner*

Fights and battles have begun
revenge will surely come
your hard times are ahead

*The lights once again start to flicker as the crowd pops a very loud, but very mixed reaction as Psyko Stevo emerges from the backstage area, a look of determination and steel resolve on his face. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, very different attire then we are used to seeing him in.*

Best you’ve got to be the best
you’ve got to change the world
and use this chance to be heard
your time is now

*Stevo acknowldges the fans before slowly pacing around the top of the enterance ramp. He then walks down a few steps before standing still in the center of the steel rampway as the lights continue to flicker at a rapid pace.*

Fights and battles have begun
revenge will surely come
your hard times are ahead

*Stevo tosses his arms skyward and poses for the fans in the center of the rampway as Paige Johnson and Scott Love look down at the superstar in shock.*

Best you’ve got to be the best
you’ve got to change the world
and use this chance to be heard
your time is now

*Stevo smiles a wicked smile up at the ring as he eyeballs every member of the sVo security detail. He then slowly starts to walk towards the ring as the piano solo portion of the song kicks in and Paige Johnson holds the mic to her mouth.*

Paige: Okay, okay that’s far enough… just stay right there.

*The music continues to play as Stevo paces around the ring, looking at the security detail inside with a smile on his face. He then finally slides under the bottom rope and springs to his feet, looking eye to eye with Paige Johnson for a split second, that is, until Scott Love interjects himself between the two and security swarms around the enegmatic and misunderstood superstar.*

Don’t let yourself down
don’t let yourself go
your last chance has arrived

*The music stops playing, the lights return to normal and Stevo stands tall in the center of the ring as Scott Love continues to act as a barrier, seperating the president from the former two time heavyweight champion of the world.*

Paige: Okay Scott, that’s enough… step aside from a second.

*Scott Love looks down at Stevo and snickers to himself before stepping a few feet to the right. Paige Johnson then takes a step forward, locking eyes with the Psyko One.*

Paige: What the hell was all that?

Stevo: All what?

Paige: Just now! The five and a half minute long enterance, all the pyro, all the lighting controls… I never approved any of it!

*Stevo starts to laugh to himself as he pulls a mic from the back left pocket of his blue jeans.*

Paige: And where did you get that mic!? That’s not even an sVo issued piece of equipment!

*Stevo stops laughing as he puts the mic up to his mouth to speak.*

Stevo: Don’t you get it Paige… some things are more important then the sVo.

Paige: What are you talking about? What does that have anything to do with any of this!?

*Stevo takes a step back and starts to pace around the ring, sizing up the security detail as he does so.*

Stevo: My messsage Paige. My message is more important then this stupid Showdown card, it’s more important then the entire sVo and you know it! Even the technical crew knows it, that’s why they arranged my new enterance… because they believe in me.

Paige: You’ve completely lost your mind…

*Stevo stops pacing and rushes at Page, looking her dead in the eyes with intensity.

Stevo: Lost my mind? Oh no… you’re the one who has lost her mind Paige. You’re the one whoose moral compass is spinning her in the wrong direction… not me… YOU!

*Paige takes a deep breath before shrugging her shoulders.*

Paige: Stevo… I was going to call you out tonight to apologize about last week. I was going to reinstate you from your suspension and I was actually going to include you in the main event and give you a shot at becoming the first man to ever hold the sVo World Championship three times…

*The crowd pops.*

Paige: But… but I can’t do that. Not now, not after… this…

*There is a mixture of boo’s and cheers from the stands as Paige continues, a look of confusion on her face as she speaks… knowing that she’s in a very uncomfortable, almost impossible situation.*

Paige: I can’t give you another shot at the World Championship… not when you’re like this…. I can’t even reinstate you.

*Stevo breaks eye contact from Paige and starts laughing.*

Stevo: What are you trying to say Paige? Out with it, come on, haven’t got all day… I have a message to spread.

*Paige looks at the fans then looks directly at Stevo as she speaks her next few words.*

Paige: I’m saying… until you clean your act up and stop… all of… all of this that you’ve created. You’re… suspended indefinately.

*Stevo tosses his arms up in the air in a fury.*

Stevo: Suspended! You can’t suspend me! I’ve got a message to spread to the world, you can’t do this!

Paige: I’m… I’m sorry… I hate to do it too, but I have too… you’re officially suspended.

*The fans are in shock, as are the members of security who are inside the ring. Stevo looks around the ring in panic before finally composing himself.*

Stevo: That’s the card you want to play this hand then Paige? Huh? That’s the route you want to go down? Fine… you’ve shown me when your loyalities lie… you’ve shown me what side of the fence you stand on.

*Stevo starts to back off and Paige looks at him with genuine concern.*

Paige: Look… get yourself some help, this is not a healthy way to cope with loss and…

*Stevo snaps back, not letting the President finish her sentence.*

Stevo: Coping with loss? You think this is about loss? No, this is about rebirth… the rebirth of a grand message that I’ve been trying to spread since day one. But you know what Paige? I realized that you can’t get by just on good intentions… no, I realized that sometimes you gotta break a few eggs to make an omlette. What you’re witnessing isn’t a man who has lost his mind… you’re standing in front of a man who has found the answer to all of lifes questions and who is ready to lead his people to the promised land.

Paige: Stop it… you’re crazy…

Stevo: I won’t let anyone stand in the way of my message Paige… not you, not Love, not anyone backstage. You think a stupid little suspension is going to stop me from delivering my message? Well think again. You didn’t just save the federation by suspending me Paige, all you did was dig your own grave. Your security can’t protect you forever, and mark my words… I will have my vengance, and my message WILL be delivered and there’s is NOTHING you can do to stop me.

*Stevo drops the mic and all of the security guards spring to attention as Scott Love rushes in front of Paige. Rather then advancing though, Stevo just drops to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope. As he gets back to his feet, he looks up at the ring, never releasing eye contact with Paige Johnson as he backpedels very slowly towards the enterance to the backstage area as as nervous Paige Johnson looks around the arena at the fans who are murmering to themselves.*


The Dragons vs. Mike Manson

Mike Manson is standing in his corner awaiting the arrival to his opponent known simply as the Dragons. He’s warming up with some simple stretches as he grabs hold of the top rope and pulls back stretching his arms, back and shoulder when all of a sudden…

A loud gunshot sounds as all of the lights throughout the arena go completely dark. The fans are pretty silent in the moment of darkness when all of a sudden with another sudden gunshot a dark red spotlight shines on the center of the ring. Standing there are three men in matching blood red cloaks with black dragons emblazed on the back of the cloaks and their cowls pulled low hiding their identity.

The lights return to normal when all of a sudden the big man in the middle charges towards Mike Manson. Manson attempts to fight him off and does so successfully for a second or two as he grabs the cowl of the big man’s cloak and pulls it down blinding the big man as the other two guys remain standing impassively in the center of the ring.

Manson is about to DDT the big man when all of a sudden the big man counters with a huge release northern lights suplex launching Manson over his shoulder! As Manson staggers to his feet the big man known as Chiang Ho Nam scoops up Manson onto his shoulders delivering a reverse Death Valley Driver that he likes to call the Execution!

The big man covers Manson as the other two men in cloaks remain standing there with their arms crossed over their chests. The referee slides into position counting 1… 2… 3!

Before the referee can raises the big man’s hand in victory the lights once again go completely dark. After a second or two they return to normal and all that remains in the center of the ring is the referee and an unconscious Mike Manson.

RESULT: The Dragons def. Mike Manson via pinfall

From Nothing to Something

Showdown heads backstage where a dejected Peter Gilmour is sitting with his manager Rose. Gilmour looks unhappy due to the fact that Paige has shot down the match between himself and Rayne Young tonight due to the fact that Rayne Young is not signed to a sVo contract. However as Anthony Moretti walks into the scene with his pinstripe suit on, Gilmour’s mood changes from disappointment to hostility.

Peter Gilmour – “What the hell do you want. Come to jump me again?”

Peter Gilmour quickly leaps up and gets into the face of Moretti, who backs off a few steps and smiles.

Anthony Moretti – “Not at all Petey, I have come to solve all of your problems.”

Gilmour casts a cautious eye over Moretti before following with a sharp retort.

Peter Gilmour – “Don’t think you are going to ask me to join Bad Religion again. I am not going to fall for that one again.”

Moretti scoffs at the idea of inviting Gilmour into his stable, before shaking his head.

Anthony Moretti – “Nothing like that Petey. I am talking about your match with Rayne Young. I think the match should go ahead. Paige is an idiot for saying no to a ratings grabber like this.”

A flicker of hope flashes over Gilmour’s face.

Peter Gilmour – “Really?”

Anthony Moretti – “Hell yeah! Meet me backstage in the parking lot in about two hours, and we will make sure this match goes down!”

Gilmour nods his head enthusiastically, before remembering something.

Peter Gilmour – “But Paige said the match would never happen in a sVo ring under her watch.”

Moretti nods his head.

Anthony Moretti – “Who said anything about being in a sVo ring?”

I’ll Write You A Tragedy

“Praise” by Sevendust kicks up hard on the loudspeakers as the fans errupt into boos. Moments later Steven Steele is standing on the stage with a microphone in hand. Steele smirks. The music quickly dies off.

Steven Steele: Well, it seems to me that you worthless gamblers don’t know when you are looking at a legend in the making.

Boos become louder.

Steven Steele: It wouldn’t matter if I was in Buffalo, New York. I wouldn’t matter if I was in Seattle, Atlanta, Green Bay, New Orleans, Cleveland, Boston, or even Huntsville, Alabama. Everywhere I go, ever person I meet seem to be blind as to what they are looking at. You people see what you want. You blind yourself and you title me a bad guy, or an asshole. That is all well and good, but that is not the truth. The truth of the matter is that you are looking at a man of greatness. You are looking at a man that will become a legend here in the SVO.

More boos errupt. The famous ‘asshole’ chants begin to rise from the fans in Las Vegas.

Steven Steele: Go on. Call me what you want. Look the other way. It’s going to be hard to look when I am holding the SVO Championshp isn’t it? When I hold the prize here in the SVO, you fans will have to look and pay your respects to me. You see tonight, my road to the gold continues. I face Nathan Paradine, and after I beat him and show his bloody face to the world I will be just another step closer in my quest for the SVO Championship. TJ Raven, I know you are backstage and I know you are listening. I am comming for you very soon, and I don’t need the Las Vegas Championship because this city means sh*t to me.

The fans begin to throw trash in Steele’s direction. The boos seem to shake the building.

Steven Steele: TJ Raven; you and I have unfinished business and the way I see it, is that I will have a shot at you after I take out Nathan Paradine tonight. So this is my very LAST warning to all of you fans, and to every SVO wrestler in the back. I am comming for the SVO Championship. Make no mistake about it. I am for real, and I will not stop until I have it around my waist. NO ONE can stop Steele, not now…not ever…

Steele slams the mic down on the stage. “Praise” by Sevendust kicks up hard again as the fans continue to boo. Steven Steele shurgs their boos off and turns and walks off to the back.


The Double Dragons (c) vs. The Sex Symbols

The pre-chorus of “Reptilia” begins, with the drum beats blasting as the lights dim out and orange and blue flames flicker on the screen. The guitar riff plays as the lights begin to flash orange and blue, followed by the chorus of Reptilia beginning as a huge flame pyro explodes in the entrance way and BlaZe comes running out of the back. He sprints to the ring, sliding in and leaping to his feet wildly and signalling to the fans. He climbs the turnbuckle as poses, before removing his jersey, autographing it and throwing it to the fans. He then runs to the other side, autographing his cap and throwing that to the fans before jumping down into the center of the ring and hopping up and down to prepare for the match.

Operation Ground and Pound begins playing as the lights in the arena go off. A white fog lifts from the stage and bright white lights are flashing all around as the music builds. A vague figure within the fog begins to rise from the stage when the drum beats are cued. When the music slows everything goes black again. Once the fast drums beats finish and the breakdown starts, the whole arena bursts into light and the wrestler begins moving down the ramp, giving the fans his love. Once he reaches the ring, he jumps around in excitement, going to each turnbuckle raising both his fists in the air for the crowd. Music fades as he readies for his upcoming opponents.

“Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top starts to play as strobe lights start flickering as the arena goes dark and the music starts to play. The Sex Symbols walk out from behind the curtain wearing black vests and black pants. They start dancing at the top of the ramp way and then strip away the black vests revealing the suspenders that are holding up their pants. They keep on dancing as the music plays.

Then they walk down the ramp way stops and poses, holding both arms up and flexing. They then turn around and walk back up the ramp to where they took off the vests and pose some more. They start walking back down the ramp way this time they un-strap the right side of their suspenders and then un-strap the left ones. They walk up the stairs and look around at the fans that are having a mixed reaction to them. They start dancing again after they enter the ring through the ropes. Still dancing they grab their waistband of the pants and tear them away from their body revealing their wrestling attire. They begin to dance again to the music while they await the ring bell.

Sensei Shredder starts the match off for the sVo Tag Team Champions whilst JD Hart kicks things off for the challengers. The referee holds the sVo Tag Team Championship belts in the air to signal that they will be on the line in tonight’s match, before passing them to the outside of the ring and calling for the bell to be rung and this sVo Tag Team Championship match to get underway! Hart quickly makes his way towards Blaze, however Blaze knocks Hart down with a flurry of punches.

Hart gets straight back to his feet, however as he does Blaze is quick to take him down to the mat with a scoop slam before bouncing off of the ropes and nailing an elbow drop on the challenger as he returns. JD Hart looks in pain from the move, however he rises back up to his feet. Blaze lunges forward to grab his opponent, however JD Hart knocks him back with a reverse elbow before bouncing off of the ropes and taking down Blaze with a clothesline. JD Hart nails Blaze with a few quick stomps before making the tag out to his tag team partner Sean Peters.

Peters quickly climbs into the ring and runs through Blaze with a shoulder block as he tries to rise to his feet. Peters stomps away on the sVo Tag Team Champion Blaze before pulling him straight up to his feet and throwing him into the corner of the ring. Peters runs at Blaze in the corner of the ring and connects with a clothesline that sends Blaze down to the mat. Blaze tries to struggle up to his feet and crawl across to make a tag out to Shredder, however Peters cuts him off with a kick to send him back down to the mat.

Peters pulls Blaze up before sending him into the corner of the ring once more, this time the corner that his tag team partner JD Hart is standing in. JD Hart grabs Blaze by the arms and holds him up so that Sean Peters can get in some free shots on the sVo Tag Team Champion. Peters eventually nails Blaze with a kick to the midsection before suplexing him down to the mat. With Blaze down, Peters makes the tag out to JD Hart. JD Hart kicks Blaze a few times as he tries to get to his feet, before eventually allowing him up. Blaze stumbles towards Hart looking for a punch to get him back into the mat, however JD Hart counters with a sidewalk slam on Blaze to take him down in the middle of the ring. With Blaze down, Hart quickly goes for the cover.




The crowd thought that we had new sVo Tag Team Champions right there, however luckily for all the fans of the Double Dragons, Sensei Shredder was quickly in to break up the cover that was made on his partner Blaze. The referee orders Shredder out of the ring, but with his back turned Sean Peters quickly jumps into the ring and both men put the boots into Blaze who is down on the mat! Shredder tries to get into the ring to save his partner, but the referee restrains him allowing ‘The Sex Symbols’ even more time to stomp away on Blaze unchecked by the referee!

Hart and Peters pull Blaze to his feet and throw him hard into the ropes. Blaze bounces back and the Sex Symbols look for a double team flapjack, however before they can execute the move Blaze counters by clotheslining both men down to the mat! There is a big cheer around the Goodfellas Arena from all of the Double Dragons fans in attendance as Blaze, Hart and Peters all lay motionless on the mat whilst the referee turns back around and wonders just what went on behind his back. Shredder desperately reaches out for a tag as all three men slowly begin to come around.

Blaze begins to crawl towards Shredder in the corner of the ring, but just when he is about to reach out and make the tag out, Peters and Hart grab him by one leg each! Peters and Hart pull Blaze away from his corner without making the tag out to Shredder! Shredder looks pissed of at ringside as Peters and Hart pull Blaze up to his feet once more. Peters looks for a right hand on Blaze, but suddenly Blaze ducks and Peters punches his partner Hart in the face! Hart drops to the mat whilst Blaze nails Peters with a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT to take him down to the mat!

The Double Dragon fans in the arena cheer as Blaze finally reaches over and makes the tag out to Shredder!

Shredder jumps into the ring and quickly nails JD Hart with a series of martial arts kicks as the referee ushers Peters back to his corner. JD Hart rises up to his feet, however Shredder grabs him by the arm and sending him into the ropes. Hart bounces back but straight into the foot of Shredder who takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Shredder quickly goes for the cover on the challenger.




JD hart got a shoulder up off of the canvas just when it looked as if Shredder was going to retain the sVo Tag Team Championship belts for his team. JD Hart rises to his feet and ducks away from a chop from Shredder. JD Hart catches Shredders hand and spins him around before suplexing him to the mat. On the outside of the ring Peters jumps down from the mat and runs around to Blaze and pulls him off of the ring apron! The two opposing team members brawl on the outside of the ring as JD Hart pulls Shredder up off of the mat. Shredder nails JD Hart with a takedown followed by forearms to the face. The crowd cheer Shredder on as he pulls JD Hart up and tosses him into the corner of the ring. JD Hart hits the corner hard, before Shredder runs at him looking for an elbow smash in the corner.

However JD Hart darts out of the way of Shredder and the Tag Team Champion crashes hard into the corner of the ring. Shredder stumbles out of the corner in pain, and walks straight into a boot to the midsection from JD Hart followed by the ‘Merry-Ho-Round’! JD Hart quickly makes the cover on Shredder!



Blaze tries to dive into the ring, but Peters grabs him by the foot and restrains him!


We have new sVo Tag Team Champions!

JD Hart rises to his feet in triumph and is quickly joined in the ring by Sean Peters as they celebrate their first sVo Tag Team Championship win! Shredder lays motionless in the ring as a disappointed Blaze looks on as the referee hands the sVo Tag Team Championship belts to the Sex Symbols, who hoist them into the air in victory!

RESULT: JD Hart & Sean Peters def. Sensei Shredder & Blaze via pinfall

You’ll Do As I Say![

The scene fades in on Nathan Paradine and Sasha Williams backstage, Nathan sitting on a low wooden bench trying to psyche himself up for his match, while Sasha is attempting to apply her makeup in the locker room mirror]

Nathan – I thought valets helped their client relax before big matches?

[Nathan winks suggestively at Sasha, who rolls her eyes at him before continuing to apply eyeliner]

Sasha – I’m not that kind of valet, Mr. Paradine.

Nathan – Well, last time I checked, Mrs. Williams, you were bound by contract to serve as my valet. And I need a massage, I’m all tensed up, I need to relax…

Sasha – I don’t do that kind of stuff, you need to go see the masseuse…

[Nathan stands up, and walks over to Sasha. He gently places a hand on her shoulder]

Nathan – Maybe I don’t want to see the masseuse…

[Sasha shrugs Nathan’s hand of her shoulder, and manages something halfway between a forced smile and a grimace on her face]

Sasha – I said no, Mr. Paradine…

[Nathan places his hand back on Sashas shoulder and begins to rub it slowly against her bared skin]

Nathan – Aww, c’mon Sasha…

Sasha – I said NO!

[Sasha again tries to shrugs away from Nathan’s hand on her shoulder, but instead he roughly grabs her and turns her to face he. She lifts an arm and attempts to slap him, however he catches it and pulls her close, his face only a few inches away from her own, his voice a deadly whisper]

Nathan – Cody is gone, Sasha. GONE! He won’t be showing up to save you. He won’t be showing up for anything! I destroyed Cody Williams! You belong to me now, and you’ll do as I say!

Sasha – Cody isn’t gone! He’s coming back for you Nathan. And when he does, you’ll wish you’d never started any of this!

Nathan – Haha, that’ll be the day. Now, I’ll take your advice. I’ll go to the masseuse. And when I get back, you’d better be ready for my match. And after I’ve dealt with Steven Steele, you’re going to help me celebrate!

[Nathan winks and walks out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Sasha takes a few deep guls of air, and then begins to quietly cry, sinking down onto the wooden bench]

Sasha – Cody, I need you here…

[The scene fades out as Sasha lowers her head into her arms as sobs engulf her]


Talon vs. Zero

My reflection…
Dirty mirror…
There’s no connection…
To myself…

The arena goes dark and “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins plays over the arena sound system. The entrance to the ramp fills with smoke, and Zero sprints out, straight down to the ring amidst a chorus of cheers. He leaps from the ramp, diving between the bottom and middle ropes. Once in the ring he climbs up onto the turnbuckle and performs a crucifix pose, before dismounting and backing away into the corner.


The arena suddenly goes black.


“For Whom the Bell Tolls” begins, and suddenly green lights and lasers explode to life all over the entrance area. Talon walks out stiffly, swivels his neck, then pounds his chest twice and raises his fists into the air. On cue, green pyro explodes quickly behind him. As he walks down the ramp, he points his index and middle finger on his right hand across the arena, from his left to his right. When he reaches the ring he climbs to the top rope and spreads his arms. The robe in this pose almost resembles the spread wings of a bird. He then hops down from the turnbuckle and becomes all-business, tossing his robe to the outside.

The two brawlers stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring as the bell chimes as a signal for the match to get underway. Talon and Zero both move cautiously towards each other before exploding into a flurry of right hands aimed at each other. Zero gets the better of the exchange and eventually takes down Talon with a big right hand. The slightly larger Zero grabs hold of Talon as he tries to get back to his feet and applies some more pain to the man that beat his former partner last week by taking him down with a back breaker. The Bad Religion member stands over Talon and nails him with a few kicks before he is eventually allowed back up to a standing position.

Talon quickly runs at Zero to try and get himself back into the match, however Zero side steps the charge of Talon and quickly takes down his opponent with a side Russian legsweep. The face painted Talon hits the mat hard before Zero rolls over to make the cover on him, however fresh off a win over sVo Championship contender Travis Williams, Talon gets a shoulder off of the mat after a count of two.

Zero looks somewhat disappointed as he grabs hold of Talon and yanks him up to a standing position by his medium length brown hair. Zero grabs Talon by the arm and tries to send him into the corner of the ring, however somehow despite all the offence from the Bad Religion member, Talon is able to reverse the move and in turn send Zero in the corner of the ring. Zero hits the turnbuckle hard, but before he can even draw breath Talon charges at him and strikes him in the midsection with a spear in the corner, driving the air out of Zero’s lungs.

Zero staggers over trying to fill his air with lungs again, giving Talon the perfect opportunity to take him down to the mat with a neckbreaker. Zero hits the mat hard from the move, but has no opportunity to recover as he is rolled onto his back by Talon who proceeds to hook his leg and make a pin attempt.




The crowd are somewhat unsympathetic as Zero gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted meaning that this one will continue!

Talon shakes his head before delivering a few mounted punches to the face of Zero. This however only seems to piss off Zero as he suddenly bursts up to his feet and tackles Talon to the mat. Zero pounds away with right hands into the painted face of Talon, before jumping up and bouncing into the ropes. Talon lays stunned on the mat as Zero returns from the ropes and drops his knee into the body mass of Talon. Talon winces in pain as Zero rises back up to his feet and parades around the ring with his hands in the air. Drawing boos from the anti-Bad Religion crowd.

Talon begins to rise to his feet, however this does not go unnoticed by Zero who quickly grabs hold of his opponent. Zero takes Talon down to the mat with ‘the Faithbuster’, causing Talon to hold his head in pain. Zero leaps back to his feet and is unrelenting on his opponent as he aims a few kicks at the face of Talon, before challenging him to rise up to a standing position. Talon slowly rises up to the challenge, however Zero is already there waiting for him as he delivers a kick to the midsection of Talon before lifting up and slamming down his opponent with the ‘Fall From Grace’! The boos ring out around the arena directed at Zero as he rolls over his how limp opponent and pins his shoulders to the mat. This one is over.




What the hell?

Somehow Talon’s shoulders come shooting off of the mat when even the referee thought he was a goner. Zero can’t believe it as he brushes the long black hair from his eyes. What the hell did the ref mean it was only a two count. Zero shoots the referee a look if incompetence before pinning Talon’s shoulders back down to the mat. Surely this time it would be a three.



Same result.

Up comes Talon’s shoulders as if there was some sort of reflex built into his buddy that he physically could not be pinned to the mat for longer than two seconds. A look of anger began to spread over the face of Zero, more so than usual, as he pulled Talon to his feet. This time there would be no mistake. Zero carefully stepped forward towards his opponent who was wobbling around as if his legs were made of jelly. Zero positioned him for the ‘Zero Pulse DDT’. But before he even knew what was happened, Zero found himself on his back looking up at the lights. Talon had countered with a back suplex! Even Talon looked slightly shocked that he had just hit the move, as if he was just running on pure adrenaline now.

Zero staggers to his feet cursing his opponent, but Talon wasn’t about to come this far and then throw it all away. The man with the painted face stepped toward and dropped Zero to the mat with a devastating move.

‘The Wings of Destiny’

Talon dropped forward onto the body of Zero, he looked physically exhausted from the pain the Bad Religion member had put him through as the referee began to make the count.




Pain or not, this one was all over.

Talon rose to his feet to celebrate his victory despite knowing in truth that it could have gone either way. Zero slowly crawls to the side of the ring cursing his bad luck at coming up just short as the theme music of his opponent blasts around the arena.

RESULT: Talon def. Zero via pinfall

Mr. Dress Up

Hanging out around backstage is none other than sVo head of security, Scott Love. He is wearing black steel toe boots, gray pants and a black shirt. He is wearing a black pair of shades and has his arms crossed up against his chest just standing there doing his job.

All of a sudden the door opens up and in steps through some fans who are looking to get into the show. Behind them is a man dressed in a bear suit and holding a sign in his hand that says “sVo is the best, Howie Banks #1”.

Scott Love let’s the fans in front of this mysterious fan through but as the mysterious fan comes walking past him to get in, Scott Love shoves him back and stops him.

Scott Love: “What in the hell?”

Love grabs the mystery man’s costume head and pulls it off of his body. The man’s face is revealed and he has spiked reddish orange and brown colored hair as well as a clean shaved face. The man is well known as the fans from the arena watching on the big sVo titantron cheer.

Scott Love: “And what do you think YOU’RE doing here?!”

Scott continues to shove back Howie who tries to get in and past him.

Scott Love: “I don’t think so, Banks!”

Howie stops and stands there as he looks up to Scott’s face.

Howie Banks: “Come on man! Let me in damn it!”

Scott Love shakes his head and crosses his arms up against his chest.

Howie Banks: “What gave it away?”

Scott chuckles.

Scott Love: “Because only an arrogant person such as yourself would walk through that door with a sign that says Howie Banks #1.”

Howie shrugs his shoulders.

Howie Banks: “Well it’s true, ain’t it?”

Scott Love: “Aw man, get outta here!”

Scott points to the door as Howie doesn’t seem to be listening. Love then pushes him out the door and then locks it behind him.

Scott Love: “There!”

He turns around and goes back to doing his job as Howie Banks is kept out of the building once again.


Nathan Paradine vs. Steven Steele

Cadillac Rock Box” by Anthrax begins to play over the arena PAs as Nathan Paradine appears under the V-Tron, a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He looks behind him and then shakes his head, going back behind the curtain. Paradine reemerges from the entrance, this time with Sasha by his side. He shoves Sasha in front of him and tells her to walk. She slowly and unwillingly makes her way to the ring. He begins to strut down to the ring, arms outstretched, and enters via the steel stairs. He climbs up onto the turnbuckle and throws his shades at Sasha, before jumping down and backing away into the corner awaiting his opponent.

“Praise” by Sevendust rips on to the lound speakers, wish a quick flash of blue pyro, Steven Steele makes his way onto the top of the stage. Steele looks around for a moment, and then makes his way down the asile way. Steele walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He goes to the far turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Steele looks around with a smirk on his face and then turns around and sits down on the top turnbuckle and sits down.




Steven Steele hops off of the turnbuckle and begins to circle the ring, along with Nathan Paradine. The two of them size each other up before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Steele starts to leverage Paradine but before he can get full control, Paradine breaks loose and shoves Steele sending him backwards. Steele immediately walks back towards Paradine and they tie up again. This time Steele breaks loose and shoves Paradine, sending him onto his back. Paradine looks up at a smirking Steven Steele as he slowly gets back up onto his feet. The begin to size each other up again, and engage in a collar and elbow tie up once more. Paradine gains the upper hand and backs Steele into the nearest corner. The referee asks for a clean break and begins his five count.





Paradine backs up off of Steele cleanly, and then hits him with a stiff forearm shot to the side of the face. He hits two more and makes his way across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. He charges at Steele with a full head of steam, going for what appears to be a corner splash. He leaps into the air, but Steele gets his foot up and Paradine gets a mouthfull of leather. He stumbles backwards and Steele runs towards him, grabbing the back of his head and nails a running neckbreaker, driving Paradine down with authority.

Steele picks Paradine up and hits him with a stiff forearm shot of his own. He starts to land in some hard right shots to the face, followed up by several hard forearms to the back of the head. He whips Paradine to the ropes and as he comes back, hits him with a hard jumping wheel kick. Paradine tries to use the ropes to get back onto his feet but Steele knocks him out of the ring with a baseball slide. The referee starts his count.




Paradine grabs hold of the ring apron, and starts to get back onto his feet, slowly but surely. Steele shoves the referee out of the way and grabs hold of the ropes.


He sees Paradine getting back to a vertical base and bounces off the ropes on the opposite end of the ring, he leaps into the air and executes a beautiful front flip plancha. But Paradine catches him in mid air and powerbombs him with brute force onto the ringside floor.


Nathan Paradine rolls back into the ring and immediately rolls out, breaking the referee’s count. He grabs Steele and rolls him back into the ring and goes for the cover.




Steele gets the shoulder up in the nick of time. Paradine picks Steele up and whips him into the corner with authority, sending him chest first. Steele reels backwards from the impact and Paradine locks in a waistlock, looking to be going for a german suplex. He lifts him up halfway but Steele blocks it by wrapping his leg around Paradine’s. He hits Paradine with a few back elbow strikes, trying to break the hold. Paradine releases the hold and Steele sends him into the ropes with an irish whip. Paradine comes running back and Steele sends him overhead with a belly to belly suplex.

Steele tries to catch his breath as he slowly makes his way over to where Paradine is, damn near halfway across the ring. He lays in several boots to the chest and stomach of Paradine, driving the air out of him. He picks him up and hooks his arm, and hits a beautifully executed snap suplex with a float over cover.




Kick out. Frustrated, Steele starts to choke the life out of Paradine before the referee breaks it up and shoves Steele off of Paradine. He threatens to ring the bell and award the match to Paradine, and Steele obliges with his request. He allows Paradine to get back onto his feet and drives him backwards with a shoulder ram into the corner. He hits a few hard rights and sends him to the opposite end of the ring with an irish whip. He runs towards Paradine, but this time Paradine gets the boot up. Steele phased by the strike, but not out, goes for a running clothesline but Paradine ducks under and grabs hold of his waist and sends him flying with a german suplex with a bridge.




Steele gets his foot on the bottom rope. Paradine asks the referee if it was three, but the referee reassures him that it was only a two and that Steele got his foot on the rope. A frustrated Paradine picks Steele up again and goes for another german suplex. He nails one but holds on to Steele’s waist and nails a second german suplex. He rolls over and goes for a third one but Steele wraps both his legs around Paradine’s waist and rolls forward, turning it into a pinning predicament.




Paradine barely gets the shoulder up before the count of three. Both men slowly get onto their feet and Steele gets in the first offensive move with a hard knife edge chop to the chest. Paradine retaliates with a chop of his own. The two of them trade chops in the center of the ring.

Pardine gets the advantage and starts to nail hard rights to the side of Steele’s face. He kicks him with a hard boot, that hunches over Steven Steele. Paradine turns around and motions to Sasha to grab hold of a foot. Paradine grabs hold of Steele’s arm and whips him into the ropes, but Steele reverses it and sends Paradine into the ropes. Sasha reaches into the ring and grabs Paradine’s foot and trips him.

Paradine: What the hell are you doing?

Sasha smiles and shrugs at Paradine. He told her to trip someone, he didn’t specify who. Paradine’s eyes widen with anger as he belittles Sasha. Steele sees an opportunity and hits a forearm shot to the lower back and goes for his move The Banishment. He flips Paradine backwards and drives his face into the canvas. He floats over with the cover.




RESULT: Steven Steele def. Nathan Paradine via pinfall

Not So Sweet

Nathan Paradine slides out of the ring and makes his way towards Sasha, and he doesn’t look too happy. She cowers a little bit and looks down. Paradine pushes up on her chin and motions for her to look him in the eyes.

Nathan Paradine: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?!

Sasha: You told me to trip someone, and I did!

Nathan Paradine: You think this is some kind of joke? You were supposed to trip Steele! NOT ME! HIM! What the hell is wrong with you?

He grabs her by the hair and backhands her in the face. She falls to the floor in a heap of tears, grasping at the side of her face. Paradine towers over her and starts to chuckle. He kneels down beside her and brushes her hair with his hand.

Nathan Paradine: What? You miss Cody? Well guess what he’s not here, so get used to it!

He grabs her wrist and violently picks her up. The way make their way towards the entrance ramp. Sasha tries to break free but Paradine keeps his grip tight and makes sure to not let her go. They finally make their way to the top of the ramp and exit through the curtains. Several seconds later, Paradine and Sasha reemerge from the curtains and Paradine has a look on his face like he saw a ghost.

Cody Williams makes his way through the curtain and the Goodfella’s Arena erupts and gets onto their feet!!! Cody’s eyes widen and he begins to breathe heavily, removing the neck brace around his neck. He clenches his fists as Paradine begs and pleads with Cody. Cody cannot take it anymore and spears Paradine, the impact from the spear sends both men rolling down the rampway. As soon as they come to a stop, Cody mounts Paradine and starts to wail at him with punches to the face. These aren’t normal wrestling style punches, these are straight right punches going straight to the face. He picks him up and whips him into the steele ring post. Paradine bounces back and Cody whips him again, but this time into the steel ring steps.

Cody mounts Paradine again and starts to unleash a fury of elbow strikes to the side of the head. Unrelentlessly he grabs hold of Paradine’s head and repeatedly drives it into the concrete floor. Several referee’s make their way down to ringside and pull Cody off as Paradine gets back onto his feet. Cody turns to Sasha and the two embrace to the crowds delight, giving them a round of applause.

Cody Williams: I missed you so much, he didn’t hurt you did he?

Sasha: I missed you too. CODY WATCH OUT!

Cody turns around and is met with a steel chair shot from Paradine, that causes the leaves an imprint of Cody’s head in the steel. Paradine throws the chair to the ground and looks at a fallen Cody. He has had enough and grabs Sasha’s arm and drags her all the way up the ramp. Fleeing the scene, as referees and paramedics tend to a fallen Cody Williams. Williams comes to, and jumps onto his feet. He looks around, looking for Paradine and finds that he is not there. The capacity crowd at the Goodfella’s Arena point to the entrance ramp, telling him they went backstage. Cody begins to make his way backstage as the show goes into a commercial break.

The Get Away

Nathan Paradine: You knew about this didn’t you?

Sasha: No, I had no idea!

Nathan Paradine and Sasha are shown making their way to the backstage parking lot, bags in hand. They make their way to a stretch limo, where a driver is waiting for them. He takes the bags and tosses them into the trunk.

Nathan Paradine: Get in the car.

Sasha: No, I want Cod..

Nathan Paradine: I SAID GET IN THE CA..

Paradine falls to the floor as Cody Williams appears in the shot, bloody from the impact of the chair shot earlier. Cody Williams starts to kick the face of the fallen Nathan Paradine as Sasha watches in delight. Cody picks Paradine up and smashes his face into the trunk of the limousine. He picks him up again and smashes his face once more. A fire starts to burn in the eyes of Cody and he repeatedly smashes Paradine’s face into the side of the limo, leaving a blood stain trickling down the side of the vehicle.

Cody Williams: Sasha!

Sasha: Cody!

Sasha runs into the arms of Cody and they embrace once more. Cody brushes the hair out of Sasha’s eye and puts it behind her ear. He leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips.

Cody Williams: I will never leave you ever aga..

Paradine comes up behind Cody and hits him with a low blow, toppling Cody sending him onto his knees.

Nathan Paradine: GET IN THE CAR!

He grabs Sasha by the wrist and forces her to get into the limousine. Paradine motions for the driver to hurry up and get in the car. Paradine looks behind him and sees Cody starting to get up. He jumps into the limo and closes the door. Cody runs up to the side of the car and tries to open the door but it is locked. He kicks the door and punches the window, smashing it. He reaches in but the limo screeches away. Cody falls to his knees and pulls his hair back in frustration.


The Problem Solver

Backstage in a locked dressing room, far from the reach of any potentially angry sVo wrestlers, the UCW’s Rayne Young is getting prepared for the match that isn’t happening later tonight according to President Paige. As Rayne Young stretches out however, the camera pans around to see that he isn’t alone in the room. Leaning against a wall in a pinstriped suit is one Anthony Moretti, and the youngster steps forward towards the UCW star. There seems to be some tension between the two wrestlers who have wrestled on the same card countless times in the MCW, before both men bump knuckles.

Anthony Moretti – “Good to see you on a sVo show Rayne.”

Rayne Young gives a cautious nod of the head to Moretti.

Rayne Young – “For one night only. I’m here to shut Gilmour the fuck up and then I am out of here. Shame that your little President Paige doesn’t want the damn thing to go down.”

Moretti nods his head, looking slightly embarrassed.

Anthony Moretti – “Crazy isn’t it. Luckily for everyone involved that Paige is too busy jumping into sVo superstars beds to know what really goes on around these parts. I got everything set up. We gonna do this thing backstage later tonight away from the eyes of Paige, and just to make sure it all is called down the middle, I am going to referee the thing myself.”

Rayne Young looks uncertain as he stares at Moretti, who returns to stare.

Rayne Young – “And how the hell do I know that you are going to call it down the middle?”

Anthony Moretti pretends to look hurt by the comment, before giving a chuckle.

Anthony Moretti – “Because I want both of you to lose. I want you to lose Rayne to make the sVo look better than its competition. And I want Gilmour to lose so that he hopefully has the sense to retire from wrestling and stop embarrassing my fathers company every week. That’s how you fucking know Rayne.”

Rayne Young gives a small nod to Moretti, who turns and begins to exit the room.

Anthony Moretti – “Its going down in the parking lot later tonight, make sure you are there….. friend.”

Ladies and Gentleman … President Paige

As Sunday Night Showdown returns from a commercial break ‘Pretty Vegas’ fills the sVo Arena and the camera pans around as the fans are clamouring to get on the air with their signs. ‘Pretty Vegas’ fades out as it is replaced by ‘Ladies and Gentleman’ by Saliva, and Danny Mack steps out onto the entrance way. The fans give a mixed reaction after the debacle that was the premier of Danny Mack’s interview segment last week. ‘Mack Daddy’ makes his way to the ring shrugging his shoulders apologetically to the fans. He pulls himself up onto the ring apron stepping between the ropes.

Danny Mack: “Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Sunday Night Showdown.”

He motions around the empty ring.

Danny Mack: “As you can all see, still no set, and my graphics aren’t ready yet … but they did manage to get my music.”

A small chant of “You suck.” begins to circulate around the arena.

Danny Mack: “I know … I know. I suck. Hopefully we can get everything straightened away before the next Pay-Per-View … Shadow’s of Power.”

The fans give a cheap pop for the mention of the sVo’s next Pay-Per-View.

Danny Mack: “Hopefully my guest tonight can help me out with that. Lord knows I don’t want to suck … but anyway, on to my guest for the night. She’s been on the job for a while, some people question her actions, but I think she’s doing a bang up job … she did hire me after all. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN help me welcome my guest tonight … PRESIDENT PAIGE.”

‘Tainted Love’ fills the arena as Paige Johnsons steps out onto the entrance way. She stops and strikes a pose looking stunning as usual. The male fans are on their feet hooting and hollering as Paige struts down the ramp. Danny Mack leans on the middle rope pulling the top rope up as he extends a hand to help Paige into the ring. He proceeds to kiss the hand that she used for him to help her into the ring.

Danny Mack: “President Paige welcome to my segment. You’ve been on the job for a while now but you’ve never been officially welcomed to the job. Consider this your official coming out party here tonight.”

Danny holds up the hand he was still holding and Paige takes a twirl under Mack’s arm as the fans go nuts.

Paige Johnson: “Thank you Danny and I’m honoured to be your guest tonight. And I promise we will get the problem with your set straightened out.”

Danny Mack: “Well thank you President Paige, now you’ve gone and knocked off half of my interview. But seriously great job so far Madame President, and all I can say is thank God that Moretti or All-Star didn’t get the job. But I gotta ask what are your plans for the future to keep Sanctioned Violence on the cutting edge and at the top of the food chain?”

Paige Johnson: “Well as you know we have just completed our world tour which has gone some way to establishing the sVo as a global brand. With the rest of the wrestling world dying off around us we will continue to giver the fans what they want in order to cement the sVo’s place as the number one promotion in the wrestling business.”

Danny Mack: “That’s great news Paige. On a related note do you see unsanctioned ever becoming its own brand under the sVo banner?”

Paige Johnson: “The sVo is growing at a tremendous rate Danny. Never say never.”

Danny Mack: “Now recently we’ve seen UCW superstar Rayne Young on Showdown … is this leading to something, say a cross promotion Pay-Per-View like we’ve seen in the past with the late Hostility?”

Paige Johnson: “Rayne Young had no right to be on Showdown last week and he has no right in challenging a sVo contracted superstar to a match. The match between Peter Gilmour and Rayne Young will not be happening in a sVo ring any time soon on my watch.”

Danny Mack: “Now with the closing of the aforementioned Hostility and the influx with talent from other promotions the roster is getting pretty full. Do you have a favourite wrestler that you pull for? Like say a … Chris Bond? What is the deal with you and Mr. Bond … Chris Bond?”

Paige Johnson: “Chris Bond is one of the sVo’s best. That’s all I am going to say on the matter.”

Danny Mack: “Ohhh sorry to get personal there President Paige, but it’s on everyone’s mind. Anyway being a woman yourself how does it feel to have the sVo’s first female competitor, Faith Winchester, on the roster competing against the male talent? Pretty groundbreaking, it’s got to be pretty empowering being a woman yourself.”

Paige Johnson: “Well Faith came in with a lot of hype. We will have to see if she can ever live up to it.”

Danny Mack: “Okay moving along … ‘Shadows of Power’, the sVo’s next Pay-Per-View, what can you share with us … can we expect to see more of the mysterious shadows?”

As Paige lifts the mic to her mouth to answer, almost as if on cue the lights in the arena flicker and dim. The V-Tron goes dark and a hush comes over the crowd. Paige and Danny are in the middle of the ring starring up the entrance way as the V-Tron flickers to life and the following words in bright white letters appear on the screen.


The words explode of the screen to be replaced by.


Suddenly the words explode off the screen to be replaced by a glaring white light shooting out of the screen.

As the arena lights come back up President Paige has grabbed Danny Mack buy his jacket collar and pulled him in, she is screaming in his face.


Danny Mack pulls himself away from the angered presidents grasp as he backs away holding his hands up as he stammers.

Danny Mack: “I’ve got nothing to do with this Paige. But I’ll get to the bottom of this. If there’s any shadows back there I’ll find them and hopefully interview them next week.”

The scene begins to cut to a commercial as we still here President Paige.

Paige Johnson: “I swear to God Mack, if you’ve got anything to do with this you will be out on your ass so fast.”

Is Danny Mack working in conjunction with the shadows … will he get his interview … and just who is the Prodigal Son?


Christian Roman vs. Travis Williams

The sounds of funeral music blares on the sound system, as the organ streams. Suddenly the lights go completely out, as a guitar over takes it, and the drums come bashing in. The lights on the stage start to flicker in the beat, as the loud screams echoes across the arena.

“Shh be quiet, you might piss somebody off
Like me motherfucker, you’ve been at it for too long
While you feed off others insecurities
You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds “

Critical Acclaim by Avenge 7 Fold starts to blare out across the arena, as Travis Williams walks out to the top of the sVo ramp. His trench coat almost dragging the metal ramp, as he lifts back his hood, and walks down the isle in a slow manger. He circles around the ring, reaching the steel steps, as he walks up to the top of the last step. The lights in the arena return to normal, as

“So how does it feel to know that someones kid in the heart of america
Has blood on their hands, fighting to defend your rights
So you can maintain the lifestyle that insults this family’s existence
Well, where I’m from we have a special salute we aim high in the air
Towards all those pompous assholes who spend their days pointing fingers

Fuck you”

Travis removes his trench coat, handing it off to someone at ringside. He grabs the top rope, and guides his way up to the apron, and towards the center of the ring. He looks up at the ramp, as he wipes his boots on the apron, and steps in between the top and middle rope. He walks over to a corner, as he awaits the referee to check him, and for the opening bell.

[Suddenly, the arena turns pitch black and and over the loudspeakers, starting off quickly, are the riffs from Protest the Hero’s “Heretics and Killers”]

They called me the man with the blood of Christ


But tonight I drink with heathens and the finest blasphemies
In wine there’s truth but in silence there’s surrender
A screaming for the silence in stunned suspicious terror

[Smoke billows at the top of the ramp, forcing people to shield their eyes from the potency]

I built a temple in my life and used God to seal the pillars
After twenty years of fighting young heretics and killers
I watch my temple fall to pieces at the first signs of oncoming weather
Fell to my knees like Jesus in the cave, knew I would die

[As the smoke begins to clear, Christian pushes through the remaining shield and quickly moves towards the ring, with camera focusing on his back, littered with images of Christ and other religious icons]

But my lips could only say; I’m not your son so why have you forsaken me?
There’s a hole in my heart but it just makes me unholy
Crucified that night and I walked away with alter-egos
Like the prison priest who preaches his dead and buried gospel

[He shakes a few hands on his way down, shaking off the seeming rust as uses the stairs to climb into the ring through the ropes]

While my faith is in ruins my duty still breathes strong
I’m a parrot in a cage just saying prayers to belong to a textbook
Of my crying, lying, dying history; a textbook
Of my crying, lying, dying history; a textbook
Of my crying; a textbook
Of my lying; a textbook
Of my dying; a textbook
Of my history.
[Christian hits the closest turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the air and then jumps down, bouncing off the ropes a few times]

The referee rings for the bell and the match is off to an immediate start as Roman and Williams slowly move forward towards each other. Both men tie up in the centre of the ring trying to push each other backwards. Travis Williams comes out on top of the test of strength as he pushes back Christian Roman before kneeing him in the midsection and taking him down to the mat with a DDT. Roman’s head crashes off of the mat, and Travis Williams quickly leaps onto the Hardcore Champion with stomps and kicks. Christian Roman rises up to his feet, however he is grabbed by the arm by Williams who sends him quickly into the ropes. Christian Roman bounces back into the waiting arms of Travis Williams who takes him down to the mat with a sidewalk slam. With Christian Roman down on the mat Travis Williams rise to his feet and taunts the crowd.

Travis Williams stands in waiting for Christian Roman to rise to his feet, but Williams nails Roman with a knee to a face before sending him into the corner of the ring. Travis Williams makes his way over to the Hardcore Champion and pounds away on Christian Roman with right hands in the corner. Travis Williams grabs hold of Roman by the arm and attempts to send him to the opposite corner of the ring, however as he does Christian Roman reverses the move by keeping hold of Travis William’s arm and pulling him back towards him before nailing him with a clothesline to send him down to the mat!

Travis Williams rises up to his feet, however as he does Christian Roman sends him down to the mat with a headbutt before dropping an elbow down on his opponent. Travis Williams looks in pain as the sVo Hardcore Champion pulls him up to his feet before taking him back down to the mat with a belly to back suplex! Christian Roman quickly leaps onto Travis Williams to make the cover.




Travis Williams kicks out before the referee can make the three count!

Christian Roman looks at the referee in disappointment as Travis Williams rises up to his feet. Travis Williams swings his arm at Christian Roman looking for a clothesline on the sVo Hardcore Champion, however Roman ducks under the clothesline before nailing Travis Williams with a punch to the gut. Travis Williams doubles over in pain and Christian Roman takes him down to the mat with a twisting neckbreaker! With Travis Williams down on the mat and in pain, Christian Roman begins to put the boots in on his opponent.

Christian Roman pulls Travis Williams up to his feet, but before Travis Williams can attempt any offence on the sVo Hardcore Champion, Roman locks on a sleeper hold on his opponent! Travis Williams slowly begins to fade under the pressure of the sleeper hold as Christian Roman continues to apply the pressure of the hold!

Travis Williams sinks down to his knees as the referee asks him if he would like to submit, however Williams says no! The referee once again asks Williams if he would like to submit, however Travis Williams begins to feed off of the energy of the crowd as he staggers up to a standing position! Christian Roman can’t quite believe what is going on as Travis Williams rises to his feet and nails him with an elbow to the midsection! Christian Roman tries to tighten the hold, but Travis Williams breaks the hold before floating behind Roman and nailing him with a German suplex to take him down to the mat!

Christian Roman slowly staggers up but Williams seems to have had a burst of energy as he tackles his opponent to the floor before nailing him with a flurry of right hands!

Christian Roman staggers to a standing position, but Travis Williams quickly grabs hold of the sVo Hardcore Champion once again before taking him down with a mafia kick! With Christian Roman down on the mat, Travis Williams dives across and makes the cover!



No! Christian Roman kicks out! Travis Williams can’t quite believe that the Hardcore Champion managed to kick out from that one, he was sure that he had picked up the three count! Travis Williams pulls Roman up to his feet and sets him up for a piledriver in the middle of the ring. The crowd rise to their feet to see the dangerous move, however before Travis Williams can execute it, Christian Roman counters with a backdrop on Travis Williams! Williams rises up to his feet with a shocked look on his face, but as he does he is grabbed straight away by Christian Roman and lifted into the air before being brought crashing back down with a Closer to Heaven! Travis Williams tries to make his way up to his feet after the huge move from Christian Roman, but the Hardcore Champion isn’t finished there as he picks Williams up and takes him down with the Pains of Martyrdom! The fans cheer for the huge move from Christian Roman as he makes the cover on Travis Williams.




This one is all over, and its Christian Roman who picks up the win. “Heretics and Killers” by Protest the Hero blares over the sound system as the referee raises Christian Roman’s arm in the air in victory!

RESULT: Christian Roman def. Travis Williams via pinfall

Last Week

The cameras cut back the ringside area, where the crowd is buzzing with excitement. Suddenly the V-Tron comes to life, drawing the attention of everyone in the arena. The words “Last Week” appear at the bottom of the giant screen, then quickly cut into a shot of the Goodfellas Casino parking lot.

Night walks in from the far side of the parking lot, and begins searching high and low for something. He peaks around every corner, and looks between every car. He finally finds himself in the back corner of the parking lot, where he finds a flickering light hanging from the ceiling.

Night: “What the hell is going on? He told me to meet him here… but for what?”

Suddenly, a voice can be heard from the shadows.

Voice: “Ah, there you are… I’ve been waiting.”

As the light continues to flicker, a figure emerges from the shadows. Now, standing face-to-face with Night, is the man that attacked him at Countdown to Violence, Kaden Alonso. Night stares right into his eyes, while Alonso is more interested in the International Title slung over Night’s shoulder.

Night: “What do you want Kaden? Why did you drag me out here after the show?”

Kaden Alonso: “You know what I want.”

Night looks down at the Title belt on his shoulder, then looks back at Kaden.

Night: “And what makes you think I’m going to give you a title shot? What makes you think I’m going to give you a chance at winning my Title?”

Kaden Alonso: “I knew you’d say that. I actually have an offer for you.”

Night: “I’m listening…”

Kaden gives a little smirk before he continues.

Kaden Alonso: “As you probably remember, during your title match at Countdown To Violence, your opponents seemed to disappear into thin air. And you’ll have probably noticed that neither Chris Bond, or Billy Jacobs have been seen since. That’s because I’m the only one who knows where they are, and if you have any shred of decency in you, you’ll give me a title shot. That’s right… give me a title shot, and I’ll let those two go.”

Night simply continues to stare down Kaden. Hidden behind his mask, Night’s facial expression doesn’t change.

Night: “That’s it? That’s why I had to come find you? Why should I care about those two? No deal man… you gotta come up with something better than that!”

Night turns to start walking away, but Kaden shoots out his arm, to stop Night from leaving.

Kaden Alonso: “Hold on! I want that title Night! And I do have another offer to make to you… something I think you’ll find much more interesting.”

Night stops, and turns back to Kaden. Once again, he stares him down, and awaits the new offer.

Kaden Alonso: “How about this… you give me a title shot, and I’ll give you…”

Kaden fails to finish his sentence, as a look of confusion crosses his face. His eyes grow wide as he stares right past Night.

Kaden Alonso: “What the hell… how did you guys get ou…”

Suddenly, Night is shoved to the floor, as Chris Bond and Billy Jacobs rush into the scene. Both men tackle Kaden to the floor. They proceed to pummel him, screaming at him the whole time. Bond gets to his feet, and starts to lay boots to Kaden’s ribs, as Jacobs is on one knee, raining down big rights hands to Kaden’s head.

As Bond continues to kick away at Kaden, Night gets to his feet, and grabs Bond from behind. Obviously furious from being pushed to the floor, Night turns Bond around and the two of them begin to fight. Now all four men are rolling around the floor, duking it out.

Finally, a team of security guards rush to the scene of the brawl, and begin to separate the four combatants. Bond and Jacobs are still screaming at Kaden, while Kaden is screaming at Night. All the while, Night just stands there not saying a word. As the security finally pulls the four men away from each other, the V-Tron fades to black.


Guest Referee – Anthony Moretti
Peter Gilmour vs. Rayne Young (UCW)

Backstage across the car park, the two old enemies stare each other down as Anthony Moretti stands in the middle of the pair. Gilmour and Young look at each other intensely as Anthony Moretti looks around at the small crowd that has gathered backstage to see this unofficial fight take place, before stepping away from both men and telling them to get it on!

Gilmour and Rayne Young quickly step forward and come nose to nose with each other. The trash talking immediately begins as the small watching crowd shout encouragement for whoever they want to win in this backstage brawl. The trash talking abruptly stops as Peter Gilmour drops Rayne Young to the floor with a stiff right hand before kicking away on the UCW star. Rayne Young tries to get straight back up to his feet, but Peter Gilmour is relentless with his stomps on his old enemy, before bringing Rayne Young up to his feet himself. With Young up and standing, Peter Gilmour throws him forward straight into the side of a parked BMW. Rayne Young hits the side of the car with a clonk before falling back down to the floor.

Peter Gilmour quickly advances on Rayne Young who is desperately trying to get back up to his feet. Peter Gilmour grabs Rayne Young by his short bleached hair and slams him head first into the side of the car. With Rayne Young hurting, Peter Gilmour wastes no time in tossing the English born Rayne Young onto the bonnet of the car, before climbing up himself. The pro-Gilmour fans that are watching cheer on the sVo wrestler as he pulls Rayne Young to his feet and sets him up for a piledriver on the bonnet of the car! Anthony Moretti the special guest referee watches with a smirk on his face at both men beating each other senseless, however it isn’t Gilmour who hits the next move, its Rayne Young who reverses the piledriver with a backdrop!

The backdrop proceeds to throw Peter Gilmour back into the windscreen of the car which immediately smashes, leaving a Peter Gilmour shaped whole in the security glass. Peter Gilmour rolls off of the bonnet of the car and to the floor below, howling in pain as Rayne Young jumps down off of the car. Now its Rayne Young’s turn to stop Peter Gilmour from getting to his feet as he peppers his body with kicks before placing his foot down on the throat of Peter Gilmour. Rayne Young proceeds to choke out the sVo wrestler Gilmour, before finally pulling him up. Rayne Young looks for a clothesline on Gilmour, however Gilmour dodges out of the way of the clothesline and stumbles against the wall of the parking lot next to the door that is labelled exit.

Rayne Young runs at Gilmour in an attempt to keep the pressure on, however Gilmour quickly grabs the door and opens it right into the oncoming Rayne Young! Rayne Young crashes through the door breaking it off of its hinges as Peter Gilmour catches a quick breath. Rayne Young climbs up to his feet as Moretti quickly checks to see if he wants to continue, however as the crowd gathers closer to see the action, Gilmour charges at Rayne Young who is pulling himself to his feet! Gilmour spears Rayne Young through the now empty doorway, and both men tumble down a flight of concrete stairs and end up at the bottom of a second door!

Anthony Moretti quickly rushes down the flight of stares to check if both men are still alive, and upon finding out that they are declares that the match will continue! Both men lay motionless for a few seconds before Peter Gilmour slowly rises up to his feet. Gilmour returns the choke hold with the boot that Young applied to him earlier in the match before opening the door that his opponent lays next to. The door opens and the sound immediately hits everyone as Peter Gilmour pulls Rayne Young through the doorway and into the main section of the Goodfellas Casino!

Peter Gilmour causes chaos in the casino as he tosses Rayne Young into a row of slot machines sending the gamblers scattering for cover. However Rayne Young shows just how resourceful he is as he staggers to his feet and grabs a bucket of quarters from a near by old lady before throwing him into the face of Peter Gilmour! Gilmour staggers back giving Rayne Young the chance to run and spear him forward onto a blackjack table. The table that Gilmour lands on is quickly vacated by those playing blackjack as Gilmour is smashed in the face by Rayne Young, whilst a confused dealer looks on.

Rayne Young – “Hit Me.”

The blackjack dealer reluctantly turns over a card for Rayne Young which turns out to be a five of hearts. Rayne Young proceeds to smash Peter Gilmour in the face five times.

Rayne Young – “Hit Me.”

The dealer once again turns over a card, seven of spades. Rayne Young smashes his elbow into the now bloodied Peter Gilmour seven times.

Rayne Young – “Hit me again!”

The dealer turns over another card for Rayne Young, this time the nine of diamonds! Peter Gilmour groans as he looks at the card, and Rayne Young proceeds to hammer him nine times in the face. The disappointed dealer hands over some Goodfellas Casino chips to Rayne Young, however he throws them down onto Gilmour’s face. Rayne Young climbs up onto the blackjack table before stepping from the table onto the top of a nearby slot machine. A big crowd has now gathered on the casino floor as Rayne Young looks down at Gilmour sprawled out on the blackjack table, before leaping down from the top of the slot machine looking for shooting star press!

However the move backfires on Rayne Young as Gilmour splits out of the way at the last seconds and Rayne Young goes crashing through the blackjack table! Anthony Moretti looks on in amusement at both men as they lay on the floor struggling to get to his feet. Peter Gilmour is the first to rise to a standing position as he grabs the blackjack dealers stool and throws it onto Rayne Young. The stool hits Rayne Young hard and he falls forward, allowing Gilmour the chance to leap onto him for the pin!




Rayne Young kicks out from the pinfall attempt, an event that leaves Peter Gilmour punching the carpeted floor in frustration. Gilmour grabs Rayne Young up to his feet and hooks him in position for the ‘Doomsday’, however before he can execute the move, Rayne Young counters with a ‘Hidden Agenda’! The Rayne Young fans that are watching around the casino cheer as Rayne Young stumbles up to his feet and looks down at Peter Gilmour. Gilmour slowly rises to his feet before charging at the now standing Rayne Young. However the bleeding Rayne Young manages to drop his shoulder and load the running Gilmour onto it, before dropping him with the ‘Curtain Call’ onto the remains of the blackjack table! Rayne Young drapes his arm over Gilmour as Anthony Moretti drops down to make the count.




This brutal brawl is all over, and it’s the outsider from UCW Rayne Young who picks up the win over the sVo’s Peter Gilmour!

RESULT: Rayne Young def. Peter Gilmour via pinfall

Be The Best

*Suddenly and without warning the sVo Tron lights up and the fans rise to their feet and cheer as we see the presumed #1 contender to the sVo World Heavyweight Champion, Travis Williams sitting in his locker room with his son, Trenton.*

Trenton: Daddy, I have to use the bathroom.

Travis: All right, you know where it is, right?

Trenton: Of course, it’s right down the hall, I’ll only be a minute.

*Travis turns around and looks at his son and smiles before nodding his head in approval.*

Travis: Okay. I’ll be waiting for you right here.

*Trenton sprints out of the room, pushing the door open in the process as the cameras pan in on Travis Williams.*

Travis: The World TItle.. I can’t believe how close I am…

*Completely out of the blue, the door to the room slams shut, which causes Travis to suddenly spins around. He eventually realizes that there is nothing there though and shrugs his shoulders as he laughs to himself a bit.*

Travis: Ha, for a second there I thought it was the shadows or something… must just be my ears playing tricks on me.

*Travis bends over to tie his shoelace and as he does so we realize he is not alone.*

Voice: Forgetting about someone?

*Travis turns towards the direction of the voice and that’s when it happens we hear a loud crack followed by a…


The next image we see is that of Travis Williams’ head bouncing off the cold concrete floor, the only other sound we hear is that of the aluminum baseball bat hitting the floor and rolling towards the wall.*

Voice: I heard you had a few words for me last week…

*The cameras pan up and we see a pair of blue jeans, as they continue to pan up we see a plain white t-shirt… once they finally rise up all the way we see the menancing face of the former two time world heavyweight champion of the sVo, Psyko Stevo. Stevo looks down at the unconcious Travis, proud of his work.*

Stevo: Heard you telling Ross the only reason you aren’t the champ right now is because you were too “busy” for me.

*Stevo kicks the ribs of Travis Williams, who is knocked out cold.*

Stevo: You listening to me? You hearing this?

*Stevo kicks Williams’ ribs again before getting down on a knee and slapping the face of Travis Williams a few times, causing him to somewhat regain conciousness, but not nearly enough to realize what is even going on.*

Travis: Wha? Trenton? Huh? Where?

*Stevo raises Travis Williams head up so that he is looking eye to eye with the madman.*

Stevo: I did this to you. Me.

Travis: Hu-hu-huh? Wh?

*Stevo slaps the face of Williams once more before once again bouncing his head off the concerte in a violent motion, causing the number one contender to slip into unconciousness once more.*

Stevo: You really think that with me around, YOU could ever be a champion Travis? You’re a NOBODY Williams, a NOBODY.

*Stevo moves a couch to the side and reveals a black duffel bag, he removes a piece of rope from the duffel bag and gets to work hogtieing the arms and legs of Travis Williams together.*

Stevo: You know, I was gonna let you go. I was going to let you have your little adventure in the main event at Shadows of Power… watch you get your ass kicked by Alex Ross, enjoy it then hop right back into the World Title picture and reclaim what is rightfully mine the next month.

*Stevo finishes tying the knot and starts to drag the still unconcious Williams towards the door.*

Stevo: But you had to run your mouth. Just couldn’t resist it, could you?

*Stevo gets to the door and stops as he flashes a sick smile at Williams.*

Stevo: Well let me fill you in on something, no one gets the last word around here unless that man… is me. No one stands in the way of my eventual glory, NO ONE SEPERATES ME… FROM GREATNESS.

*Stevo reaches for the door but looks down in shock as it’s already opened. On the other side we see Travis Williams son, Trenton with a look of fright on his face.*

Trenton: What are you doing!? DADDY!?

Stevo: This is… not for you to see. You’re innocent…

*Stevo reaches down and picks up Trenton gently as the child fights back, hitting the former champion with rights and lefts. Stevo then sets Trenton down in a closet, pulls the door shut and locks it with a broom that was conveniently placed inside.*

Stevo: Don’t worry kid, I’ll have someone let you out in a bit.

*Stevo turns around and we see Travis Williams trying to fight out of the ropes that are binding his arms and legs together. Stevo sighs a deep sigh before taking a few steps and grabbing his red aluminum baseball bat.*

Stevo: Why won’t you just… stay… DOWN!?

*PING! PING! Two sickening sounds ring out one after another as a trickle of blood splatters back onto the pant leg of the Psyko One.*

Stevo: How dare you ruin my jeans! These jeans cost more then your life!

*Stevo raises the bat over his head once again, but quickly looks over towards the closet where we hear the muffled screams of Trenton.*

Stevo: Gotta stick to the plan…

*Stevo takes a deep breath and tosses the baseball bat across the room. He then grabs the rope that binds Williams hand and legs together and walks out the doorway and towards a wide open corridor with a stairwell. Stevo then looks down at Williams and smiles.*

Stevo: Down you go… but don’t worry, I’ll be joining you shortly.

*Stevo swiftly kicks the ribs of Travis Williams and laughs as the number one contender plummets down the stairwell and onto the floor at least one story below. Stevo then jumps up on the guardrail and screams down at Travis.*

Stevo: You should have never opened your mouth Williams… you did this to yourself! I really thought we could have been friends, you seemed like a halfway decent guy, thought maybe our kids could have played ball together. But no… you ran your mouth and now I have to make an example of you. Travis, nothing is going to stand in the way of my eventual return to the top of this federation… not you… not Paige Johnson… NO ONE can stop my MESSAGE!

*Stevo stands up straight on the guardrail and throws both his arms in the air and we all know what is going to come next… it’s all set up for the Psykotic Senton, one of the most deadly moves on the face of the planet. What’s this though? A voice from below!*


*Stevo scratches his head as he jumps back and looks over the railing. Below, directly behind Travis Williams we see Scott Love and Paige Johnson. Paige has a look of shock on her face as she looks up at the railing, then down at Travis, then back up at the railing and the seemingly possessed Stevo.*

Paige: Stevo, what the hell are you doing?

Stevo: Spreading the message…

*Paige takes a step towards Travis Williams and Stevo hops up once again on the guardrail.*

Stevo: I wouldn’t get any closer to him… I’ll jump, I swear.

*Paige backs up and Scott Love crunches his teeth together as he looks up at the railing.*

Paige: Stevo… get away from here… Travis, he’s hurt, he needs medical attention.

Stevo: Oh? Well he’ll have plenty of time to recover after I break every rib in his sternum, won’t he?

*Stevo places one of his legs up on the guardrail and is in position to raise the other up when once again Paige speaks.*

Paige: Stop!

Stevo: Why should I? I’m suspended, not like there’s anything else you can take away from me.

*Paige scratches her head and fevoriously looks around for a way out of this potential catastrophe.*

Paige: Look… stop it and I’ll remove the suspension… I’ll book you in a match next week, you have my word!

*Stevo lowers his leg and once again leans over the guardrail, this time smiling a sick smile at Paige Johnson and an in pure disbelief Scott Love.*

Paige: This is the best I can offer you. Do we have a deal or not?

*Stevo scratches his head as he looks around and analyzes his surroundings. Finally he nods his head in agreement.*

Stevo: We have a deal… I suppose the message has been delivered, no need for any exclamation points…. yet.

*Paige looks around uncomfortably and finally looks down at the bleeding Travis Wiliams.*

Paige: I’m going to move towards him now, you better not try anything.

*Stevo smiles a sick smile as Paige Johnson walks in and leans over next to Travis Williams. Williams finally snaps to, a bit, as we hear some words from his mouth.*

Travis: Tre-Tren-Trenton? Where’s Trenton?

*Paige looks up in shock as Stevo conintues to smile down on the devestation he has brought to the moment.*

Paige: Where is his kid?

Stevo: Oh, he’s in a closet in his locker room… don’t worry, did touch him. I would never harm the innocent, especially not a child.

*Paige looks like she is about to say something, but decides to keep her mouth shut. It’s Scott Love instead who speaks.*

Scott: Get out of here Stevo, now. I mean it.

*Stevo sticks his tounge out at the massive bodyguard before clapping his hands together and backpedeling.*

Stevo: Well, looks like my work here is done… remember, don’t let ANYONE… E-E-E-EVER… stand in the way of your goals. Don’t let anything keep you from being… The Best.

*Stevo continues to smile as he backs out of the scene as Paige looks up at Scott.*

Paige: God help me… what did I just do? Did I do the right thing Scott?

*Love shrugs his shoulders as EMT’s rush in, untie Travis Williams and get to work on what apperars to be luckly nothing more then a slight concussion and a cut that may require a few stitches.*

Lights Out

The sVo cameras catch up with interviewer extraordinaire Danny Mack backstage. Mack is pacing in front of President Paige’s office muttering to himself.

Danny Mack: “I’ve got to straighten this out … my jobs on the line. I gotta get to the bottom of this … or else.”

He paces back and forth trying to figure a way out of the situation. He stops, tussling his hair with his hand, a worried look on his face.

Danny Mack: “C’mon Mack. You didn’t graduate from the best journalism school in the country to be a two bit interviewer … you can figure this out.”

Mack lets a long breath out, composing himself as he runs his hand through his hair straightening it out. He takes a step towards the president’s door.


He waits a moment … no answer.


Once again … no answer. He cranes his head towards the door listening. A slight rustling coming from inside the office. A smile grows on his face.

Danny Mack: This is it. One of them is in there. I’m going to catch one of the shadows.”

Danny slowly reaches up for the door handle and pushes the door open with a bang as he rushes into the office.

Danny Mack: “I GOT YOU … YOU SHADOW BAst …”

His voice trails off as a startled Johnny All-Star looks up from some paperwork sitting behind Paige’s desk.

Danny Mack: “I knew it … you can’t fool me. Prodigal Son indeed. Moretti’s son, it all makes sense now.”

All-Star stares blankly at Mack.

Johnny All-Star: “What the hell are you talking about Mack?”

Mack walks towards the desk.

Danny Mack: “It’s you … you’re the Prodigal Son … you’re behind the shadows.”

All-Star pushes himself out of the chair and walks towards Mack.

Johnny All-Star: “That’s crazy talk Mack.”

Danny Mack: “Is it … why didn’t you answer the door.”

All-Star starts to clench his fists.

Johnny All-Star: “I was bust … I figured I’d give Paige a hand getting through all of this paperwork that piled up during the world tour, show her my worth and maybe she’d give me the General Managers spot seeing as how she’s busy with the day to day stuff.”

Danny Mack: “I’m sure … likely story Mr. All-Star. You’re trying to steal the company out from under Paige.”

All-Star clenches his fists tighter as his face begins to flush.

Johnny All-Star: “Listen here you little …”

Before All-Star can get the words out of his mouth the office goes dark.

Danny Mack: “What …”

Johnny All-Star: “Wait … No …”

A struggling sound can be heard from within the office and when the lights come back on head of security Scott Love is standing in the doorway in a ready stance as he scans the room.

Scott Love: “What the hell?”

An unconscious Danny Mack lays sprawled out in the middle of the office with no sign of All-Star.

What Ever It Takes

*The crowd pops as former sVo Hardcore Champion Joseph Equinox appears in the picture. Equinox is wearing his in ring attire and has a look of a bit of concern on his face as he speaks.*

Equinox: Where are you going? Shows not over yet.

*Stevo looks around, in a somewhat uncomfortable fashion.*

Stevo: I… gotta get goin Joe. Things to do, people to see… you know the drill, duty calls.

Equinox: Get going? Aren’t you gonna stay for my match? There’s $50,000 at stake!

*Stevo looks at Equinox and smiles.*

Stevo: Joe, you don’t need me at ringside during your match… you got this one in the bag, relax.

Equinox: I wouldn’t be so sure about it… do you know who my opponent is?

Stevo: Yea, a woman, right? Faith something or another.

Equinox: Faith Winchester.

*Stevo appears to be less then interested in the conversation as Equinox continues.*

Equinox: What do you think I should do? I haven’t really ever faced a women here in the sVo before.

*Stevo chuckles out loud a bit as he extends his hand and places it on his protegee’s right shoulder.*

Stevo: Joey Joey Joey… relax buddy. You’re not facing a woman, you’re facing… an opponent.

*Equinox’s eyes light up a bit.*

Equinox: Hmm… an opponent… didn’t really think about it like that.

Stevo: Yea, just go out there and beat the hell out of her like you would any other opponent.

Equinox: O-okay?

*Equinox starts to turn off, but Stevo tightens his grip on the young superstar.*

Stevo: No mercy out there Joe. Remember the message… you’re a deliverer of the message now, remember that. Don’t you ever forget it.

Equinox: Y-yea… I got it.

Stevo; Don’t you ever let ANYONE… man, woman, or child… EVER… stand between yourself and the best you can be. That $50,000 could be a career changer, don’t you let Faith stop you from doing what you know you need to do to attain victory. Got it?

*Equinox nods his head as the confused look appears erased.*

Equinox: I got it, Stevo.

Stevo: Good… now you go out there and beat the hell out of Faith… beat Faith into the ground until it.. I mean she… no longer exists… then you’ll have one less obstacle preventing you from being the true champion you, and I, know you are.

*Equinox smiles as Stevo releases the grip on his shoulder.*

Stevo: All right, I’m gonna head out of here… I got, you know, stuff to do.

Equinox: All right.

*The image fades out as Equinox sprints back inside the arena and Stevo pushes the exit open and leaves.*


Faith Winchester vs. Joseph Equinox

Smoke begins to fill the stageas the lights dim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen stading at the top of the stage with smoke foating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightn$ing bolt fies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades as he awaits his opponent.

What are you thinking about? Who do you think are? Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl subliminal seduction remix fills the arena, the pyros ignite spewing silver sparks up into the air as the bass line kicks in and Faith bursts through the curtain arms in the air, shouting to rile the fans up but nothing can be heard over the crowd’s reaction and the sound of the Rob Zombie classic.

She struts her stuff down the walkway, giving a few high fives here and there, throwing in a few of her coyote dance moves as she makes her way to the ring, once there she climbs onto the apron and glides down into box splits and slips her body under the bottom rope and gives a near perfect body roll to standing, saluting the crowd as she does so.

Equinox and Winchester stare up at the briefcase that is hanging from a pole in the corner of the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung! The match for $50,000 gets underway as Equinox and Winchester move forward and meet in the centre of the ring with a tie up. Equinox pushes back Winchester, however Winchester fades behind Equinox and grabs him from behind. Winchester nails Equinox with a shot to the back of the head to send him down before stomping away on the former Las Vegas and Hardcore Champion. Equinox rises up to his feet, but as he does Faith Winchester grabs him in a front face lock and takes him down to the mat with a quick snap suplex.

Faith Winchester looks over to the briefcase containing the $50,000, but as he does Equinox quickly rises up to his feet. Faith Winchester swings her arm in Equinox’s direction looking for a clothesline on ‘The Chosen One’, however Equinox manages to duck under the attempted clothesline and takes down Faith Winchester with a firemans carry takedown. Faith tries to rise back to her feet, however Equinox is straight back onto his opponent with a side head lock takedown before locking in a side head lock to wear down Faith Winchester.

Joseph Equinox finally releases the hold on Faith Winchester and allows her to rise back up to her feet. Faith Winchester looks groggy from being locked in the side head lock, but as she stumbles towards Equinox, he nails her with a knee to the midsection before slamming her down to the mat with a powerbomb! The crowd cheer the huge move from Equinox who quickly makes his way over to the corner of the ring!

Equinox steps up onto the bottom rope and reaches for the briefcase, however as he does Faith Winchester stumbles up to her feet. Faith throws herself into the ring ropes, causing Equinox to fall backwards off of the ropes. Equinox slowly stumbles up to his feet, but as he does Faith Winchester nails him with a chopblock to send him off of his feet. Winchester lays into Equinox with some mounted punches before rising up to her feet. Faith Winchester then makes her way over to the hanging briefcase, however as she does Equinox rises up to his feet. Equinox runs at Winchester and nails her with a clothesline which sends both competitors over the top rope!

The fans cheer as Equinox and Winchester both tumble over the top rope and lay on the mat for a few seconds. Winchester and Equinox both slowly rise to their feet on the outside of the ring. Winchester nails Equinox with right hands before spearing him into the security barrier! With Equinox down, Winchester makes her way over to the ring, however instead of sliding in, Winchester lifts up the ring apron and then pulls something out from under the ring.

A ladder!

The crowd cheer as Winchester sets the ladder up on the outside of the ring next to the briefcase that is hanging on a pole near the ring apron! Faith Winchester begins to climb the ladder as her fans in the crowd cheer her on. Faith Winchester reaches the top of the ladder and reaches out for the briefcase, but as she brushes it with her finger tips, Equinox rises up to his feet. Faith Winchester takes another step up the ladder, but as she does, Equinox pushes the ladder forward and Faith Winchester falls off of the ladder and into the ring! The ladder falls to the floor, and Equinox slides into the ring after Faith Winchester!

Equinox quickly turns his attention towards the briefcase that is hanging from the corner of the ring, and makes his way over to it. Equinox climbs onto the ring ropes, but as he does Faith Winchester makes her way over to Equinox. With Equinox stepping on the ropes reaching up for the briefcase, Faith Winchester leaps up onto the second rope and grabs the briefcase just as Equinox does!

Equinox and Winchester both fall backwards down onto the mat, each with the briefcase in their hands! The referee looks on confused as Equinox and Winchester both rise to their feet. With both competitors climbing that the $50,000 is theirs, a tug of war over the briefcase commences as sVo Showdown #32 heads to a commercial break!


It’s a Hell of a Thing

Agent 009 himself, Chris Bond is walking through the backstage hallway and making a beeline for President Paige’s office. Humming softly to himself, Bond turns a corner and runs right into someone! When he looks up, he sees none other than an irritated Talon.

“Oops, sorry mano,” he said sheepishly, “You know how it is.”

“Yeah…” Talon remarks, brushing himself off, “No problem.”

Bond turns and begins to walk away, but Talon stops him.

“I really dug the latest Lords of the Ring commercial, by the way,” he says, grinning.

“But… but…” Bond stammers, “That isn’t even out yet.”

Talon’s grin widens as Agent 009 stares at him, confused.

“You…” Bond says accusingly, “You’re that ad exec who pre-empted my show!”

Talon bows, sliding his cane across the ground.

“The one and the same,” he says, smiling.

Bond nods, his teeth clenched. Talon shrugs.

“Sorry about that, man,” he says, frowning slightly, “No idea that they would pre-empt your show. I run the ads, not the networks.”

Bond nods before clapping him on the shoulder.

“Things happen, mano,” he says, giving a little shrug, “I got you.”

Bond and Talon shake hands, before Bond turns to walk away.

“Oh by the way…” Talon calls down the hall, “How’s the wife?”

Bond stops in his tracks. A bead of sweat runs down the back of his neck. Finally, after an uncomfortable silence, he turns only his head and glances at the man in black behind him.

“You know how it is,” he says, a sly smile on his face, “Being a gentleman extrordinaire, I can’t be reaching into more than one cookie jar if you catch my drift. I’m with Paige… I’m smitten with her. So, I did what I thought was best. Sent her to the one person who could help her… find some religion. It’s a hell of a thing though, the poor bastard that sent her my way still pays for her, seeing as they don’t accept returns.”

He turns his head again and lets it soak in.

“Later mano…” he says as he walks away, leaving a confused Talon with his mouth and eyes wide open.


Julian Fiasco vs. Alex Ross

The Godfather theme song blares over the PA and Julian Fiasco appears at the top of the ramp way. He rubs his hands down his suspenders and listens to the crowd booing him. Fiasco then slowly walks down the ramp until he gets to the ring. He climbs up the stairs and into the ring where he rolls up his sleeves and awaits his opponent. Julian Fiasco walks around the ring, reviving the energy flowing through his blood line.

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“The Great Unknown” by Asteroid blasts through the PA as the lights dim. In an explosion of yellowish-gold pyrotechnics, the curtain flips open revealing World Champion of the sVo, Alex Ross. With his title draped over his shoulder, Ross struts from the stage down the isle, ignoring the angry fans yelling obscenities in his direction. As he arrives at ringside, he sets his title down on the mat and slides under the ropes after it. Ross picks the belt back up and takes it to the corner, climbing up two pads high and raising the World Title into the air. He hops down to the canvas, handing the title off to someone at ringside, and he heads to his corner, taking his shirt off.

As both men are in their corners, this match is underway at the bell.




Alex Ross, unlike his usual springy self, stays put in his corner, not jumping the gun. Fiasco, however, does lunge forward, charging the World Champion. Ross rolls out from the corner but Fiasco catches himself with his hands on the pads. Ross shoots him a cocky grin walks over to Fiasco’s original corner, both now having switched. From there, they both move in closer and start circling eachother, playing mind games with flinches and fake-outs. Once they’ve aligned to the center of their respective ropes, Ross dashes at Fiasco. When he tries to react, Ross baseball slides between his legs, gets back up to his feet, and bounces off of the other side of the ring. Fiasco turns around and meets Fiasco with a forearm smash and gets on him quick with a headlock from the back.

Fiasco, though surprised, is barely winded and is able to shake Ross off quickly. Without wasting a second, Fiasco is up and behind Ross and catches him in the back of the head with two right elbows. He tucks his arm underneath his own and picks ‘The Perfect Ten’ up into a pump handle slam. Ross rolls over holding his back and Fiasco starts hammering his boot into his head one stomp after another. It looks like Fiasco has the edge as he heads on over to Ross’ head and picks him up, but halfway back up Ross jabs him in the gut. Fiasco, caught off guard, is at the World Champion’s mercy in an irish whip to the ropes. Ross sends himself the opposite way and in the middle of the ring upon return, meets him with a running side effect. Both men appear to have taken the blow from the collision, though, and they lay in the middle of the ring.

The crowd has taken well to the action and are cheering really only for the sake of cheering, no specific chants for or against either competitor. The first to get up is Alex Ross. As Fiasco makes an attempt to follow his example, Ross puts an end to it with a boot to the ribcage. Julian Fiasco coils up like a snake but it doesn’t last long as he is able to find a safe place in the ring to pick himself up. Ross cracks his knuckles and both men meet each other in the center in a tie-up. It looks like Ross has the advantage but with a boost of energy, Fiasco manages to flip him around and get behind the World Champion with a sleeper. Ross tips back to try and get some room for breathing but Julian wrenches back harder and harder until Ross grabs the back of his head and pulls him down into a three-quarter face-lock jawbreaker (or a stunner). Julian flies back from the impact and Ross rolls over for the pin.



No! Fiasco kicks out with ease. This match appears as though it will go a lot longer and both competitors know it, not discouraged at all. They find themselves in the familiar corner position as they’ve both raised back up and charge once again toward one-another. The two begin sharing punches, hit-for-hit, left-right-left-right and the crowd goes nuts. Upon every strike is a “HOOT” of sorts and from the cheers both superstars get pumped with bigger and harder strikes with each punch. Finally Ross ends it with a boot to the stomach and Fiasco keels over, vulnerable. Ross ignores the opportunity for a grapple maneuver and punts Julian Fiasco’s face. The dirty kick results in a boo from the crowd, quite the difference from the cheering prior. Ross flips the audience his middle finger and the boos continue. The World Champion turns to one very angry fan in the front row and laughs to himself, mocking the fan. As he is distracted, Fiasco is able to get up and catch him from behind with an elbow. He turns Ross about-face and throws a few open fist punches his way, then slamming his head down into the mat with a suprise implant DDT!

Ross is down and Fiasco then goes for the cover.




No! Ross’ foot was on the ropes! Fiasco had a three count! He sighs and rolls up to his feet, Ross staying on the ground for just a moment longer to catch his breath. Fiasco gets tired of waiting and goes for the downed champion but Ross rolls out of the ring. Booing ensues once again as Ross, still physically decent, wastes time on the outside. He paces back and forth, watching Fiasco as the referee starts the count out.









On the count of eight, Ross finally slides back into the ring. Fiasco is ready for him, though, and catches him with his boot before he can get to his feet. Ross stumbles, manages to get up and fight back, but to no avail as Fiasco hits him with more right-left bombs. In desperation for a big finish, Fiasco picks Ross up for a powerbomb and slams him down onto the ropes! IS THAT EVEN LEGAL? Ross is down and out! Julian Fiasco, learning from his last cover of the World Champion, drags ‘The Perfect Ten’ Alex Ross to the center of the ring. The crowd is cheering for the man responsible for the fallen champion and he absorbs it for a minute. In his moment of glory, however, Alex Ross lifts his head. With just a small burst of energy, Ross rolls Fiasco up in the school boy!




Ross has just pulled the anti-climatic upset victory over a very promising Julian Fiasco, despite Fiasco’s ability over former World Champion Mike Polowy! “The Great Unknown” by Asteroid blasts through the PA and Alex Ross rolls out of the ring as fast as he can to avoid the shocked and very angry Julian Fiasco. From the ring, Fiasco gets up to his feet and stares at the World Champion with little respect. Ross makes his way backward up the ramp, still smiling at Fiasco about the quick and unsuspected win before making his exit.

RESULT: Alex Ross def. Julian Fiasco via pinfall

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