sVo Showdown
6th July 2008
Goodfellas Arena, Las Vegas
Episode #031


As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Psyko Stevo, Gunner Lang, Chris Bond and Alex Ross! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV for the sVo’s return to Vegas! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV as the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

With tonight’s return to Vegas being billed as a roulette night, the sVo superstars only found out about the matches that they will be competing in moments ago! The sVo V-Tron shows a recap of the sVo stars stands backstage around a sVo themed roulette wheel as fate decides tonights matches….

Return to Vegas

*The crowd jumps up on their feet and fill the arena with a loud, but very mixed reaction as on the sVo Tron we see the image of a stretch black limo pulling up to the Goodfellas Casino. The back door to the limo flys open and out come the former Hardcore and World Champions of the Sanctioned Violence Organization, Joseph Equinox and Psyko Stevo. Both men are all smiles as the cameras pick up on what they are saying.*

Stevo: You ready for tonight Joey? Tonight is going to be epic… it’s going to be huge… it’s going to be…… electric.

Equinox: Yea, electric. I can feel it in the air, something special about tonight.

*Stevo stops and looks at Equinox, a twinkle in his eye…*

Stevo: This might be the night I reclaim the World Championship…

*Equinox and Stevo both smile as the two continue to walk. Stevo then steps in front of Joseph as the two get to the side enterance of the casino. Stevo opens the door and Equinox walks through, a smile on his face.*

Stevo: After you…

Equinox: Thanks!

*The two get inside the casino and the cameras follow closely behind them, catching thier banter. After taking a few steps, a group of casino patrons surround the two men and Stevo steps in front to cut them off.*

Stevo: Thank you, thank you very much for greeting us… but there are not going to be any interviews tonight, I’m sorry.

*The man and women all start to clear out, but one man stays behind. He is a man in his middle forties and he has a frown on his face.*

Stevo: Sorry, no autographs.

Man: Please… it’s my kid at home, he’s a huge fan of both of you guys… please, I spent all my vacation time to come out here and it would mean so much to him and, and we both really believe in you guys and the message you’re sending, please…

Stevo: And what message is that?

Man: Just about being the best… about doing whatever it takes, making sacrifices to reach the top.

*Stevo appears to be touched by the words of the man as he looks at him with compassion and sincerity.*

Stevo: Finally, someone who gets it. Hmmm… come over here…

*The man follows Stevo and Equinox behind a bank of slot machines and we see Psyko Stevo scribble his name onto the photo before handing it to Equinox, who does the same.*

Stevo: Don’t tell anyone about this, have a nice day.

Equinox: Have a good one, man.

*The man runs off in the distance and Stevo smiles. As he turns around we suddenly see sVo commentator extradionare, Nick Harris walking away from a craps table. Harris has a smile on his face as he walks up to Stevo and slaps him on the back.*

Nick: Tough loss last week, eh?

*Stevo looks at Nick Harris with contempt as Joseph Equinox hovers off in the distance, waiting to see what is going to happen.*

Stevo: Yea… I guess so.

*Harris starts to walk off and Stevo stares a hole in his back before speaking.*

Stevo: Hold on a second. What do you think you know about my loss anyways Harris? What makes you think you have any right to come up to me and speak to me about it?

*Harris turns around and looks caught off guard as he speaks.*

Nick: Huh? What? I was just saying, I mean it must be tough… seems like you put a lot into it and all and…

*Stevo grabs Nick Harris by the collar of his shirt and looks into his eyes with fury as he speaks, his voice risen but not quite loud enough to get the people nearby to notice.*

Stevo: Put a lot into it? You think you know anything about the sacrifices I’ve made to get to the point I’m at? You think you could possibly understand what it takes to be a champion? You’re not a champion Nick Harris… you’re a nobody, and I don’t take kindly to NOBODIES trying to tell me how I’m supposed to feel about things they couldn’t possibly understand!

*The patrons of the casino start to turn around and take note of the confrontation that is happening before them.*

Nick: Stevo I… I’m just saying it’s… I didn’t mean anything and…

Stevo: How dare you try to patronize me!? HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT ME!

*Stevo throws Nick Harris to the ground and the females standing near the two cringe as Harris’ head bounces off the carpeted floor.*

Stevo: You don’t understand Nick… losers like you will never understand me, you’ll never understand the message I’m sending. You can’t understand Nick Harris, you’re a nobody! You’re a second rate commentator, you’ve been holding the sVo back from day one. You have no idea what it takes to be the best because you SUCK.

*Stevo makes a move towards Nick Harris and we see two security guards grab the ex-World Champ. Out of nowhere, Joseph Equinox throws a right hand that sends one of the security guards to the floor. Stevo then responds by spinning around and sweeping the legs of the other security guard from under him. The two then hightail it out of the scene as one of the security guards grabs his radio and calls for backup.*

Father of the Year Part 1

Travis Williams and his son are walking around backstage, when Trenton spots newcomer Reaper at the coffee table, pouring a cup of coffee, with an added pour of something he is not sure of. Trenton looks at his dad and tugs on him.

Trenton – Daddy, I want a picture with him!

Travis – Let me go ask him, son. Stay right here…

Travis walks up to Reaper, and starts a small whisper to prevent Trenton from hearing him.

Travis – Hey man, my kid wants to take a picture with you. Do you mind?

Reaper: Well sure Travis, not a problem. I’d be glad to take a picture with the little man.

Travis signals to his son to come on over, as Trenton rushes over, and stands next to Reaper who leans down and poses for the picture. Travis pulls out his digital camera and gathers them both into the shot.

Travis – Say, VEGAS!

Trenton and Reaper – VEGAS!

SNAP! Trenton gives Reaper a big hug, as Travis walks over to them.

Trenton – Thank you Sir!

Reaper – No problem slugger! Be good for your daddy.

Travis leans into Reaper and whispers…

Travis – Thanks man, try not to get to wasted tonight. No telling what all may happen around here…

Rodimus vs. Julian Fiasco

A mixed reaction rings out around the arena as Julian Fiasco slowly makes his way down to the ring. Fiasco looks in confident mood as he climbs up into the ring before warming up in the corner for the first match of the night.

The Lights go out as the beginning of “Hammerhead” by Offspring plays.

I am the one
Camouflage and guns
Risk my life
To keep my people from harm

Vested in me
I sacrifice
With my brothers in arms

Trough this doorway
What’s on the other side
Never knowing
Exactly what I’ll find
Locked and loaded
Voices screaming
Let’s go!
Come on do it!
Here we go

Red Flood lights flash on as Rodimus bounds from behind the curtains. He makes his way down the ramp slapping the hands of the fans lining the sides. Rodimus slides into the ring and immediately goes to each corner turnbuckle and salutes the crowd with a fist pump each time.

Rodimus and Julian Fiasco stare each other down from across the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the first action of the night to get underway! Julian Fiasco quickly makes his way towards Rodimus and looks confident off the back of a win over Gilmour and Zero at the Countdown to Violence PPV, however Rodimus is quickly onto Fiascvo with some stiff right hands to knock him backwards. Fiasco stumbles backwards but manages to stay on his feet. Rodimus takes advantage of this by grabbing hold of Fiasco by the arm and sending him hard into the ropes. Fiasco bounces back however he runs straight into the arms of Rodimus who takes him down with a belly to back suplex.

The former Hostility superstar slowly climbs up to his feet, but Rodimus is straight onto him as the HoV member nails him with some big shots to the back of the head. Rodimus grabs Fiasco by the back of the head and marches him over the corner of the ring before slamming him face first into the turnbuckle! Fiasco stumbles backwards from the impact and Rodimus takes him down to the mat with a perfectly executed German suplex. With Fiasco laying down on the mat, Rodimus wastes no time in hooking his opponents leg and making the first cover of the night!




Much to the relief of all of the Julian Fiasco fans in attendance, Fiasco manages to get a shoulder just up off of the mat before a count of three can be made by the referee. Fiasco tries to stumble up to his feet, however Rodimus is quickly straight back onto his opponent with a knee to the midsection. Fiasco doubles over in pain, and Rodimus senses his opportunity to take Fiasco back down to the mat with a bang. Rodimus bounces into the nearest ring ropes and runs back towards Fiasco looking to his a running neckbreaker. However Julian Fiasco sees Rodimus coming and manages to step into the path of his opponent and drive his elbow hard into the side of Rodimus’s head. Rodimus drops to the mat as Julian Fiasco staggers backwards and catches a breath.

Rodimus slowly climbs to his feet still holding his head in pain, however Julian Fiasco is there and waiting for him. Julian Fiasco takes Rodimus down to the mat with a quick flapjack, which causes his opponents head to bounce hard off of the mat. With Rodimus down, Fiasco jumps up to his feet before pounding away on Rodimus with some stiff stomps. Rodimus slowly tries to battle his way up to his feet under the intense bombardment of kicks from Fiasco, however he is soon grabbed by his opponent.

Julian Fiasco takes Rodimus in his arms before flinging him to the mat with a dragon suplex! The impressive move gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as Rodimus ends up in the corner of the ring! Rodimus pulls himself to a sitting position using the ring ropes, however the resourceful Fiasco runs at Rodimus and hits him with a bronco buster in the corner of the ring! There is another mixed reaction from the crowd before Fiasco slowly rises up to his feet! Fiasco looks like he is ready to end the match as he stands waiting for Rodimus to slowly rise up to a standing position. As Rodimus finds his feet, Fiasco nails him with a kick to the midsection before setting him in a piledriver position!

Fiasco prepares to execute the potential career ending move, however out of nowhere Rodimus counters with a back drop! Everyone in the crowd thought that it was going to be all over then, but somehow Rodimus has countered the move! Fiasco rises up to his feet in shock, however Rodimus takes him down to the mat with a clothesline! With Fiasco on the mat, Rodimus lays into him with some big right hands! Fiasco finally battles his way up to a standing position, only for Rodimus to take him down with a suplex! The crowd can defiantly feel that the momentum of power has swung in this match as no Rodimus stands towering over Julian Fiasco on the mat! Fiasco slowly rises to a standing position, and Rodimus hits a quick elbow to the side of the head before sending Fiasco into the ropes!

Fiasco bounces back as Rodimus attempts to put him down with a spinning heel kick! However much to the surprise of Rodimus, Fiasco is able to catch the leg of Rodimus, and twist him around into an ankle lock submission move! Fiasco tightens up the hold as Rodimus screams out in pain at the painful submission hold! Rodimus bravely tries to battle against the pain for a few seconds and escape, before giving in to the inevitable.




The referee calls for the bell to be rung, however Julian Fiasco keeps the submission hold locked on for a good few seconds before finally releasing it! The referee holds Julian Fiasco’s hand in the air for his third straight win in the sVo before checking on Rodimus who is down on the mat and has still not moved since being locked in the ankle lock. The referee waves to the back for some EMT’s to check on the ankle of Rodimus as Julian Fiasco makes his way backstage, comfortable in the knowledge he has another sVo win under his belt.

RESULT: Julian Fiasco def. Rodimus via submission

Your Names Not On The List

The action is taken from the ring side and now out back where there is a lot of commotion going on. Standing at the door is none other than sVo’s Scott Love who is head of security. He has arms crossed wearing an all black costume that includes boots, pants and a shirt. He even has a pair of shades that are black as he is seen trying to block a certain somebody from entering the building.

Banks: “Oh come on, Scott. Let me in. man.”

Scott shakes his head.

Love: “I can’t do it, Banks.”

Howie looks angered.

Banks: “And why the hell not?”

Love: “Just doing my job, Howie.”

Mr. Hollywood just stands in the door way, trying to get past him but he is shoved back a little bit.

Banks: “So who put you up too it?”

Scott Love shakes his head.

Love: “Don’t you get it man? You were fired. That means Paige Johnson doesn’t want you here in the building.”

Howie looks away from Scott and shakes his head some more.

Banks: “Ah, so it was Paige Johnson, eh?”

He pauses.

Banks: “Well then…”

Howie starts to walk off to the outside as he closes the arena doors behind him.

Maybe he has an idea?

Scott Love continues to stand at the door way, doing his job.

We now go live somewhere else in the building…

Father of the Year Part 2

Travis and Trenton Williams are in their locker room, as Travis is lacing up his boots, getting set for whatever tonight may hold for him. Trenton is sitting on the couch watching cartoon network. A knock is heard, as Travis yells, “COME ON IN!” Faith Winchester enters the locker room, as Travis and Trenton both turn their attention to the beauty.

She smiles at both, and says, “You never told me how cute the little man was Travis. He looks just like you!” Travis blushes and smile, as he looks down at his boots tying them up, “Well thanks Faith, he’s a chip off the ole block!”

Trenton whispers to his daddy, “She pretty Daddy, I want a picture with her!” Travis rubs his son’s head and laughs. He looks up at Faith and smiles, “He wants to know if you will take a picture with him?” She smiles and nods, “Without a doubt little Romeo, I would be honored to take one with the, GOLDEN CHILD!”

Faith laughs as Travis stands from the couch so Faith can take a seat. Trenton blushes as Faith wraps her arms around him, and right before the picture is snapped, she gives him a kiss on the cheek that Travis captures, SNAP!

Faith looks at Travis, “Does Daddy Williams want to take one with me too?” Travis laughs, trying to play it off, “Nah, not today doll, rain check though okay?” She stands and laughs, as she walks out.

JD Hart vs. Blaze

“Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top starts to play as strobe lights start flickering as the arena goes dark and the music starts to play. The Sex Symbols walk out from behind the curtain wearing black vests and black pants. They start dancing at the top of the ramp way and then strip away the black vests revealing the suspenders that are holding up their pants. They keep on dancing as the music plays.

Then they walk down the ramp way stops and poses, holding both arms up and flexing. They then turn around and walk back up the ramp to where they took off the vests and pose some more. They start walking back down the ramp way this time they un-strap the right side of their suspenders and then un-strap the left ones. They walk up the stairs and look around at the fans that are having a mixed reaction to them. They start dancing again after they enter the ring through the ropes. Still dancing they grab their waist band of the pants and tear them away from their body revealing their wrestling attire. They begin to dance again to the music while they await the ring bell.

The pre-chorus of “Reptilia” begins, with the drum beats blasting as the lights dim out and orange and blue flames flicker on the screen. The guitar riff plays as the lights begin to flash orange and blue, followed by the chorus of Reptilia beginning as a huge flame pyro explodes in the entrance way and BlaZe comes running out of the back. He sprints to the ring, sliding in and leaping to his feet wildly and signalling to the fans. He climbs the turnbuckle as poses, before removing his jersey, autographing it and throwing it to the fans. He then runs to the other side, autographing his cap and throwing that to the fans before jumping down into the center of the ring and hopping up and down to prepare for the match.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and with Sean Peters on the outside of the ring, the acton between JD Hart and Blaze gets underway! Both men move forward into the middle of the ring where the sVo Tag Team Champion Blaze gets the action underway with a right hand on JD Hart. Hart however quickly returns the right hand by ducking under an attempted punch from Blaze and nailing him in the back of the head. Blaze stumbles forward and Hart takes him down to the mat with an atomic drop. Sean Peters cheers his partner on from the outside of the ring as JD Hart stomps away on Blaze before pulling him to his feet.

Blaze tries to escape from the hold of JD Hart by bouncing off of the ropes, however Hart takes down Blaze with a powerslam as he bounces back to him. JD Hart goes for a quick cover on Blaze, however the sVo Tag Team Champion gets a shoulder up off of the mat before a count of three can be made by the referee. Blaze stumbles up to his feet as JD Hart quickly runs towards him. JD Hart looks to continue his early domination of the match, however Blaze takes down his opponent with a side Russian leg sweep to get himself back into the match. Blaze, who has had more success as a tag team wrestler than a singles competitor in the sVo, quickly pulls JD Hart to his feet and nails him across the face with a right hand. JD Hart stumbles back a few steps allowing Blaze the perfect chance to take him to the floor with a huge double underhook suplex. With JD Hart on the mat, Blaze hooks the leg to make the cover!




JD Hart shows just how much he wants to beat the sVo Tag Team Champion tonight as he gets a shoulder up off of the mat and Sean Peters breaths a sigh of relief at ringside.

JD Hart, who has been battling many personal problems over the week, slowly rises to his feet only to be caught in a bear hug by Blaze. Blaze shakes the life out of JD Hart before tossing him down to the mat. With his opponent down, Blaze bounces off of the ring ropes and drops a leg across the upper body of JD Hart! The fans cheer the big move from the sVo Tag Team Champion as he rises to his feet and signals for his finishing move! JD Hart slowly rises to his feet. Blaze looks for a kick to the midsection in order to set up JD Hart for the Blaze bomb, however JD Hart counters by grabbing the foot of Blaze, and then knocking Blaze’s other leg away with a kick! Blaze falls to his back and JD Hart drops an elbow across the inside leg of Blaze!

Blaze looks in pain as JD Hart rises to his feet and is clapped on by his Tag Team partner Sean Peters at ringside. Blaze slowly stumbles up to his feet and JD Hart positions him for his finishing move, the ‘Merry-Ho Round’! However before JD Hart can execute the move, Blaze twists out of the move! JD Hart stumbles around to face Blaze, however Blaze grabs hold of JD Hart’s head and forces it down before pulling JD Hart into the air and drilling him to the mat with the ‘Blaze Bomb’! The crowd pop for the finishing move from the Tag Team Champion as he makes the cover and Sean Peters watches on from ringside!




This one is all over, and it is the sVo Tag Team Champion Blaze who has picked up the singles win over JD Hart! Blaze rolls out of the ring and celebrates as he makes his way back up the entrance ramp whilst staring down at the ring. In the ring Sean Peters is helping his partner JD Hart back to his feet. With JD Hart and Sean Peters no doubt looking for a sVo Tag Team title shot in the near future, just how will this singles loss against one half of the champions affect them?

RESULT: Blaze def. JD Hart via pinfall

Walk with Me

“Praise” by Sevendust rips onto the air ways. The sVo fans errupt into boos as Steven Steele makes his way out to the ring. Steele looks around at the fans that are just ripping him. Steele climbs into the ring and grabs a mic. Steele waits a second as his music finally dies out. Steele looks around, a huge smirk on his face.

Steele: A Countdown to Violence, I proved a point. I showed everyone, including myself that I still have it. The thoughts of calling it quits are now gone. I won a match that had more action then any other on the card. Also during that night I was talked to by Anthony Moretti and Zero. I was offered to bring this sport back to what it use to be. If anybody knows Steven Steele then they would know I’m not much for stables or groups, but when I looked into Moretti’s eyes I saw the truth. Steven Steele saw desire and anger. So that being said, as far as I see it…I am Bad Religion. From this point on, I will bring sVo to the promise land. I will become a champion and I will do it as a member of Bad Religion. As far as tonight goes, I will take anyone and everyone on. No one is safe…deal with it.

Steven Steele stares around at the Las Vegas fans that are booing him, but as they do the Bad Religion theme hits the sound system and Anthony Moretti makes his way to the ring with Zero! Moretti and Zero look to be in confident mood as they step into the ring and exchange handshakes with the newest member of Bad Religion, Steven Steele!

Anthony Moretti – “Tonight is a turning point in the history of the sVo. Already we have Zero on board, and tonight the whole world can see that the future of this industry is making its way into the Bad Religion group. Steven Steele is a future sVo Champion….. FACT.”

More boos ring out around the arena as Moretti smirks at the camera.

Anthony Moretti – “I made a few more invitations to some very talented performers regarding Bad Religion, unfortunately for those talented performers, the clock is ticking on that invitation.”

Anthony Moretti holds his wrist watch to his ear, before “Praise” by Sevendust kicks back up as Steele, Zero and Moretti exit the ring. Boos are still heard as the trio makes their way backstage.

Reaper vs. Quinten Fayte

“Turn away” by The Fifth comes over the loudspeakers as the lights start to dim down. The darkness is short lived as bright red strobe lights fill the arena as the music grows harder and harder. Suddenly as the bass grows to its loudest Hamish “The Reaper” Graham comes busting through the curtain. Reaper charges full speed to one side of the stage throwing the rock horns high into the air towards one side of the arena before charging to the other side of the stage and doing the same. Reaper makes his way down the ramp slapping hands and talking to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Reaper stands at the side of the apron and jumps from the ground up onto the apron. Reaper then steps between the middle and top rope and spins as he enters the ring so that his back is against the ropes. Reaper rolls his arms between the ropes and leans back against them as the music starts to die down.

The lights dim to allowing two blue spotlights on the ramp way to be seen, the music starts and “Propane Nightmares” blasts over the PA system. The crowd rise to their feet in interest at the new prospect. Quinten appears from nowhere walking down to the ring with a calm focus on his face neither looking at the crowd or acknowledging their cheers.

The bell rings and this match gets underway as Fayte charges towards the newcomer Reaper! Fayte runs straight into a right hand from Reaper, which knocks him down to the mat. With the rules of the match stating that whoever hits their finishing move first wins, Reaper wastes no time in pull Fayte back to his feet. Reaper sends Fayte into the corner of the ring before softening him up with some hard body punches. Fayte stumbles out of the corner holding his stomach from the blows, and Reaper soon takes him down to the mat with a snap suplex.

Fayte rises back up to his feet and Reaper bounces off of the ropes before running back at Fayte and looking for a clothesline. However Fayte cleverly ducks out of the way of the clothesline and takes down to the sVo newcomer with a drop toe hold. With Reaper down on the mat, Fayte drops an elbow across the back of his opponents neck. Reaper slowly rises to his feet holding his neck in pain, however Fayte is straight back onto Reaper with a spear takedown. With Reaper down on the mat, Fayte tries to hit his finishing move the ‘Faytality’, however Reaper rolls out of the way of the move before it connects!

Reaper rises up to his feet as Fayte nails him in the back with a knee shot. Reaper spins around and ducks under a right hand from Fayte, before taking him down to the mat with a neckbreaker. The fans give a mixed reaction for the move as Fayte slowly rises up to his feet, only for Reaper to knock him straight back down with his trademark ‘Kick of Death’! The hardcore brawler stands over Fayte tautning him, before dropping down and laying into his opponent with mounted punches.

Reaper finally allows Fayte up to his feet before sending him hard into the corner of the ring. Fayte quickly bounces off of the steel turnbuckle, and Reaper hits him with a short arm clothesline to take him down to the mat. With Fayte down, Reaper takes his boot and stomps down onto the throat of Fayte to try and choke out his opponent. The fans boo the move from Reaper even though there is nothing illegal about it in this type of match, although Reaper just ignores this reaction and keeps the choke locked in for a few more seconds before finally releasing it. Reaper walks around the ring looking very pleased with himself, however Fayte quickly rolls out of the ring to escape and try and catch his breath.

Reaper taunts the crowd for a few seconds before rolling under the bottom rope and setting off after Fayte on the outside. Reaper grabs hold of Fayte and throws him hard into the security barrier. Fayte looks in pain as he leans back against the security barrier, however Reaper shows no mercy as he grabs the arm of Fayte and throws him hard into the side of the ring. Fayte winces in pain before rolling back into the ring to try and escape from the sadistic Reaper. Reaper grabs a steel chair from the crowd before rolling into the ring after his opponent.

Fayte looks for a right hand on Reaper, however Reaper ducks under the attempted punch before twisting around and slamming the chair into the head of Fayte! Fayte drops down to the mat as Reaper holds the chair up to show the world! Reaper then proceeds to throw the chair down onto the mat before pulling his opponent up to his feet. Reaper pulls Fayte over to the chair, before nailing him in the midsection. Fayte doubles over as Reaper bounces off of the ropes before running back at Fayte to nail his finishing move! Reaper grabs hold of Fayte and plants him onto the chair head first with his ‘Final Rights’ finisher! With Reaper nailing his finisher, the referee calls for the bell to be won as Reaper slowly rises up to his feet looking down at the body of Fayte who is laying motionless on the mat.

Reaper has made a big impression in his debut sVo match…. Is the sVo ready for what Reaper is going to unleash on them in the coming weeks?

RESULT: Reaper def. Quinten Fayte via hitting his finishing move

Hello’s and Goodbyes

Sunday Night Showdown returns from a commercial break to find Danny Mack standing in the middle of the ring.

Danny Mack – “Welcome back to Sunday Night Showdown Ladies and Gentleman. For those of you that don’t know me the names Danny Mack and I’m the sVo’s newest interviewer. Now usually I would have some opening music and be conducting my interviews from my set …”

Danny shuffles his feet as he looks down at them. He looks back up muttering under his breath.

Danny Mack – “… both which aren’t ready yet.”

The crowd begins to get a little restless.

Danny Mack – “And usually my guest would be here with me. But such is my luck that my guest isn’t even here tonight.”

The fans begin to boo and chant “You suck.”, as Danny once again looks down at his feet. He looks back up a smile creeping onto his face.

Danny Mack – “But I have managed to get a live satellite feed so my first segment is not a complete loss. So Ladies and Gentleman without further ado my guest tonight is the sVo’s longest reigning Las Vegas Champion, one half of the sVo’s first ever tag team champions, and the first man to hold two sVo Championships simultaneously …”

The fans are on their feet chanting his name before Danny can even finish.

Danny Mack – “Ladies and Gentleman … live from his San Francisco recording studio … GUNNER LANG.”

The V-Tron flickers to life to reveal Gunner sitting behind a piano with his head down playing a melody. Gunner slowly lifts his head away from the piano. This is not the same Gunner that we saw weeks ago. There is a look of complacence in his eyes. He adjusts his bandanna.

Danny Mack looks up the entrance ramp towards the V-Tron.

Danny Mack – “Gunner … first off I gotta say thank you for hooking me up with the right people to get this gig, and thank you for being my first guest … but why the hell aren’t you here. You’re supposed to be competing in the Roulette Night here tonight.”

Gunner stares off for a moment before he readjusts his bandanna and begins to speak.

Gunner Lang – “I could give you the long drawn out answer Danny, but I’m not going to beat around the bush … I’m done.”

Danny’s brow furrows as he looks back up at the V-Tron.

Danny Mack – “You’re …. done. … That’s your answer Gunn. Honestly I think you owe me … your stable mates … and most importantly the fans a better answer than that Gunner.”

Gunner clears his throat.

Gunner Lang – “You want the long answer Danny? Fine. As contrived as it may sound … I am not the same Gunner Lang that entered the sVo. As much as people may say that the business does not change them … it does. I entered the ring looking at it as just that a business, what happens in the ring stays in the ring, at the end of the night I take off my boots and go on my merry way. But that wasn’t happening. My recent prison stay is proof of that. Now I could come on here and say that Travis Williams started it … but I didn’t do anything to try and stop it. We were there battling it out in the middle of that airport and I didn’t do anything to stop it … and that’s not me … that’s not the fun loving, thrill seeking Gunner that entered the sVo. I gotta step back for a bit.”

Danny stands in the middle of the ring nodding his head.

Danny Mack – “So is this the last the sVo has seen of Gunner Lang, will you never step foot back into a ring?”

Gunner Lang – “Honestly Danny … I don’t know. I mean I loved my run … I loved the fans, and I loved the competition, this has been another check in a box for the amazing things I have accomplished in my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Never stepping back into a ring though … I wouldn’t say never.”

Danny Mack – “So what’s next for Gunner Lang?”

Gunner Lang – “A funny thing happened in jail Danny. I started writing again. I’m in the process of laying some tracks down and getting a hold of some of my old band mates. This stuff is unlike anything I’ve ever written before.”

Danny Mack – “Well thanks for taking the time out to talk to me Gunner and best of luck … it was great talking to you again.”

Gunner holds up his hand giving the rock on sign sticking his tongue out.

Gunner Lang – “Rock on Danny … Rock on sVo, and who knows one day maybe you’ll see Gunner Lang back in a sVo ring.”

The scene on the V-Tron fades as attention is back on Danny in the ring.

Danny Mack – “Well join me next week … when hopefully we’ll get to see my set.”

Zero vs. Drew Carrig

As the first guitar riffs of “In The Event that Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong” the lights dim and out from the back steps Drew Carrig. Carrig wears all black and looks up to the sky and then out into the crowd. His stare is cold, heartless, soul-less. As the drums kick into the song, Carrig slowly starts to make his walk to the ring and the crowd sways back, some in fear but also equally in disgust for the man known as “Evil Incarnate.”

My reflection…
Dirty mirror…
There’s no connection…
To myself…

The arena goes dark and “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins plays over the arena sound system. The entrance to the ramp fills with smoke, and Zero sprints out, straight down to the ring amidst a chorus of cheers. He leaps from the ramp, diving between the bottom and middle ropes. Once in the ring he climbs up onto the turnbuckle and performs a crucifix pose, before dismounting and backing away into the corner.

Zero and Carrig circle each other around the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this first blood match to get underway! Both Carrig and Zero dive into each other knowing that they will have to make their opponent bleed in order to win as they tie up in the centre of the ring. The Bad Religion member Zero moves behind on Carrig, however Carrig counters with some back elbows into the side of Zero’s head which causes him to release his grip. Zero stumbles away from Drew Carrig who wastes no time in taking Zero down to the mat with a chop block.

With Zero down on the mat, Drew Carrig stomps away on his opponent before bouncing off of the ropes and dropping an elbow across the face of Zero. The referee checks Zero for any sign of blood as he staggers up to a standing position, but as yet no crimson has been spilled by either competitor. Drew Carrig takes Zero by the arm and whips him hard into the corner of the ring. Zero hits hard in the corner, and Carrig follows up the move with a clothesline that connects with Zero just below the throat. Zero staggers out of the corner as Carrig turns his attention to the turnbuckle, and rips the padding away to expose the steel ring in the corner! Carrig then grabs hold of Zero and pulls him closer to the corner, before dropping him face first across the exposed metal turnbuckle!

The referee checks for any sign of blood, but there is none as Zero holds his face in pain as he lays on the floor. Drew Carrig grabs the ropes and uses them for extra leverage as he stomps away on Bad Religion’s Zero!

Drew Carrig eventually drags Zero up to a standing position and hooks him up for a suplex. However out of no where Zero counters the suplex with a DDT onto Carrig. Zero drops Carrig hard onto his head, before sliding out of the ring! The referee asks Zero to take the fight back into the ring, but Zero shakes his head as he makes his way over to the announcers table! Zero pushes the announcers out of the way before reaching behind the table and pulling out a sledgehammer!

The crowd boo the Bad Religion member as he starts to make his way back to the ring, however before he can climb into the ring Drew Carrig cuts him off with a baseball slide to the outside! Zero drops the sledgehammer as he falls to the floor, and Drew Carrig quickly makes his way over towards the weapon! Drew Carrig picks the weapon up and looks at it with a glint in his eye as Zero crawls across the ring steps in an attempt to rise to his feet. Drew Carrig raises the sledgehammer into the air and makes his way closer to Zero before slamming it down in the direction of his head!

However luckily for himself, Zero is able to dive out of the way and all that can be heard around the arena is the clunk of metal on metal as the sledgehammer hits the steel ring steps hard, with the vibrations forcing Drew Carrig to drop the weapon. Drew Carrig moves down to pick the sledgehammer up again, however as he does Zero grabs him from behind. Zero spins him around into a front suplex, and tosses Drew Carrig through the announcers table! The fans are on their feet at the high spot from Zero as Carrig and the Bad Religion member both lay motionless in the wreckage of what was the table!

The referee quickly swoops in however can find no traces of blood on either men, meaning that this match continues! Zero is the first man to slowly rise to his feet out of the wreckage of the announcers table, and the Bad Religion member slowly crawls across the floor to grab hold of the sledgehammer that was so nearly wrapped around his head earlier by Drew Carrig. Carrig himself slowly begins to rise up from the table as Zero stands tall with the sledgehammer above him. Zero wastes no time as he jabs the sledgehammer into the head of Carrig once causing Carrig to drop back down into the wreckage of the table. Zero repeats the sledgehammer shot to the face of Carrig before dropping the weapon and stumbling back to lean against the edge of the ring, exhausted. The referee quickly rushes over to the downed body of Drew Carrig, and quickly calls for the bell to be rung as the crimson begins to spread over Carrig’s face!

Zero raises the sledgehammer in the air in victory as the referee calls for some medics to check on Carrig. Zero has picked up the win for Bad Religion tonight at the expense of Drew Carrig’s blood!

RESULT: Zero def. Drew Carrig via drawing first blood

Two Sides of A Shadow

Paige Johnson shouldered her office door open; her hands full of paperwork that had piled up during the sVo’s just concluded World Tour. Her face contorted as she clumsily juggled the papers to try and flick the light switch on.

“Don’t bother Paige.” came the voice from behind her desk.

As she flicked the switch much to her dismay the lights did not come on. The papers slipped from her hands and scattered on the floor in the dark room. She calmly backed up to the door. She quietly reached for the door handle.

“It’s locked.” came a female voice just behind the shadowed man sitting at Paige’s desk.

Paige turned the handle, they weren’t lying.

Paige Johnson: “What do you want? I swear to God if you try to hurt me I will scream so loud that security will be busting this door down.”

“Have you lost count Paige?”

Paige craned her neck as she tried to place the voice of the shadowed man.

Paige Johnson: “Lost count? Of what, I have no idea what you are talking about?”

“The Shadows.” he replied.

Paige rattled the handle again.

Paige Johnson: “My uncle warned me about you.”

A small chuckle could be heard from the shadows before the female speaks.

“He lies Paige. Your uncle can not be trusted.”

“She speaks the truth Paige and you know it, or you would have screamed by now. If there is any danger to you look no further than your uncle. He thinks you set him up. We mean you know harm.”

Paige Johnson: “You’re lying. If you mean me no harm why not reveal yourself.”

“In due time Paige. For now remember there are two components to shadow, Light and Dark.”

Paige Johnson: “Stop with the riddles.”

click … click

The door, there was someone on the other end. Paige twisted the handle and the door slid open. Paige darted from the room to find herself face to face with Chris Bond. Paige threw herself into the comforting arms of a surprised Bond.

Paige Johnson: “The Shadows. They’re in my office Chris.”

Ever the gentleman Bond moved Paige to the side and rushed into the office flicking the light on. Empty.

Frank James (c) vs. TJ Raven

Having been raised around the glamour of Las Vegas he sees no need to put it into his entrance. The house lights dim to a just noticeable level, ‘Path I Walk” by Boondox creeps over the PA system and out walks TJ Raven from behind the curtain. Surveys the crowd, not really interested in their opinion of him, and he walks to the ring seemingly unaffected by the environment he’s in.

They call me Mr. Know-it-all
I will not compromise.
I will not be told what to do.
I shall not step aside.

“Mr. Know-It-All” by Primus plays as the crowd rises in indifference. Frank James comes strolling out on stage starring straight ahead and walking to the ring without acknowledging the crowd. Halfway down the isle pyro, that was clearly meant for his entrance, explodes but Frank is not interested enough to wait, or pose for it. He grabs the ropes to pull himself up on the apron, and then enters the ring.

The referee holds up the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match before passing it to the timekeeper on the outside of the ring. TJ Raven and Frank James keep their eyes locked on the belt until the referee calls for the bell to be rung, and this match to get underway! Frank James quickly makes his way towards Raven and catches him with some reverse forearms to the face in order to knock him back into the corner of the ring. James grabs Raven by the arm and wraps it around the ropes in an attempt to hyperextend the wrist, until the referee calls for a rope break and demands that Frank James breaks the hold.

The sVo Las Vegas Champion does eventually break the hold before grabbing Raven and tossing him hard into the ring ropes. TJ Raven bounces back, however as he does he catches Frank James with a big boot to the face. Frank James drops to the mat and Raven quickly lays into him with some big kicks. James battles his way up to a standing position and quickly runs at TJ Raven, however Raven takes him down with a arm drag takedown before locking in a reverse wrist lock on Frank James.

Frank James spins around and frees himself from the hold before grabbing hold of TJ Raven in a side head lock. Frank James tries to tighten the holds around the challengers head, however TJ Raven counters with a back suplex on Frank James to take the sVo Las Vegas Champion down!

James quickly rises back up to his feet, however TJ Raven gets straight back onto the champion with a running high knee to knock him back down to the mat. TJ Raven then proceeds to lay into Frank James with some big kicks to the back before pulling up the Las Vegas Champion. With James only winning the title last week at Countdown to Violence, he tries to regain control of the match by grabbing TJ Raven for a DDT, however TJ Raven knocks away the arms of James before drilling him to the mat with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! The fans give a mixed reaction to the move from TJ Raven as he hooks the leg of James and makes the cover.




Just when everyone thought that we were going to see a new sVo Las Vegas Champion crowned on the night that the sVo returned to Vegas, Frank James gets a shoulder up off of the mat! TJ Raven shakes his head in disappointment as he pulls Frank James up to his feet. TJ Raven looks for a few rights to the midsection of Frank James before backing him into the corner of the ring. With James in the corner, TJ Raven positions him for a suplex, however instead of dropping him to the mat the challenger lifts James up into a sitting position in the corner. TJ Raven then proceeds to climb up next to Frank James and position him for a superplex! The fans rise to their feet to see this move from TJ Raven, however before he can execute the move Frank James pushes TJ Raven off of the second rope and down to the mat!

TJ Raven slowly rises back up to a standing position, only for Frank James to leap from the second rope and hit a double axe handle shot to the head of TJ Raven before making the cover on the challenger!




TJ Raven gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted, and the sVo Las Vegas Championship hangs in the balance!

Frank James shakes his head and signals to the referee that it should have been three as he pulls TJ Raven up to a sitting position and locks on a camel clutch submission hold. The fans boo the move from Frank James as the Champion tries to wear down the challenger with the painful move. TJ Raven reaches out for the ropes with his feet, however can’t quite reach as he sits painfully in the middle of the ring. Frank James increases the pressure as the referee asks TJ Raven if he would like to submit…..

….. However he shakes his head!

Frank James looks in disbelief at TJ Raven as he cranks up the pressure! However TJ Raven begins to fight back as he slowly pushes the arms of Frank James back in order to reverse the hold! TJ Raven is finally spin up to a standing position as Frank James tries to keep hold of the submission hold, only to have to break free from it! Frank James runs at TJ Raven looking to take him back to the mat with a clothesline, however TJ Raven ducks under the arm of James before loading the Las Vegas Champion onto his shoulders! The fans rise to their feet as TJ Raven tosses James down to the mat with his ‘Coronado’ finisher before making the cover!




We have a new sVo Las Vegas Champion!

On the return to Las Vegas, Las Vegas’s own TJ Raven has won the belt with a victory over Frank James on roulette night! The referee presents the belt to TJ Raven who makes his way to the corner of the ring and holds it high for all the fans in the arena to see as Frank James rolls out of the ring. TJ Raven continues to celebrate with his newly won title in his hometown as Frank James backs up the ramp way, scowling back at the new champion.

RESULT: TJ Raven def. Frank James via pinfall

What Is Sweeter Than Victory?

“Joker and the Thief” by Wolfmother hits the PA’s, and Nathan Paradine appears under the V-Tron to a tide of boos. The ring is all decked out in streamers and ribbons, and Paradine has a huge smirk on his face as he walks down the ramp. As he climbs into the ring, confetti and balloons with his face pour down from the rooftop. He calls for a mic, and is handed one by the timekeeper.

Paradine: You know, this past weekend has been very special for you Americans. The Fourth of July, the day of Independence, the day you claimed that no longer would you submit to the yoke of the British, has passed!

There are cheers from the crowd, and Nathan grins even wider and continues.

Paradine: Last week I fought my own battle for liberty, my own battle for freedom, against an evil tyrant by the name of Cody Williams. And, ladies and gentlemen, I succeeded. Future generations will mark the twenty-ninth of June, 2008 as the last time Cody Williams ever stepped into an sVo ring. Ladies and gentlemen, the Pinnacle of Perfection has been shattered! Rejoice, for a new age is upon us; the Age of Paradine!

The crowd begins to boo again, however Paradine continues with his speech.

Paradine: June, 2002! I broke Cody’s neck, in revenge for his treatment of me during our tour together! And then, one week ago, I broke him again. This time… it was for another reason. For years, the guilt of breaking Cody’s neck has eaten away at me, because truly, I wish I had’ve faced him one on one in a fair match. Well, last Sunday I did that, and when I was in the ring the guilt intensified tenfold. However, that didn’t stop me from doing another job on his neck. I had nothing to regret this time, or so I thought… I felt bad about putting him in a wheelchair for a while. I still do. But I’ll get over it…

Paradine points at the ramp, and a full marching band walks out, banging drums and blowing horns.

Paradine: In honour of the demise of 220, and, and in celebration of the new “Reflection of perfection”, meaning moi of course, a celebratory cake…

Members of the backstage crew appear under the V-Tron, wheeling out a huge confectionary cake, with Nathan’s face imprinted on it in icing. They wheel it down the ramp and hoist it into the ring. Paradine stands over it and grins.

Paradine: And what is sweeter than victory, ladies and gentlemen? Only one thing… Sasha Williams!

The crew members begin to claw at the cake, ripping away huge chunks. It is soon apparent that the cake is hollow; and sitting inside, bound and gagged, sits a terrified Sasha!

Paradine: The lovely Sasha and I had a run in a week ago in Toronto… and since then, well, we’ve been inseparable! Roll the tape!

On the V-Tron, a video begins playing showing a harried looking Sasha rushing towards a limo in the Air Canada Centre parking lot, makeup running down her face due to the tears trickling from her eyes. The back door of the limo is already open, and hurriedly gets in and slams the door.

Sasha: Driver, there is an ambulance nearby… follow it to the hospital!

The driver still remains sitting behind the wheel, unmoving, and Sasha realises that there is a glass barrier between herself and the front of the car. She raps on it and loudly speaks to the driver.

Sasha: Driver, follow the ambulance!

The driver still remains unmoving, and Sasha begins banging the glass, hard.

Sasha: Lower this glass! CAN’T YOU HEAR ME! Follow the ambulance!

The driver turns around slowly, a wide grin on his face, his blonde hair masked by the driver’s cap he is wearing. She can see Nathan Paradine’s eyes glinting behind his sunglasses.

Paradine: Just sit back and relax, Sasha. We’re not going to the hospital.

Sasha screams, and struggles in vain with her door. Locked, of course. Nathan made sure of that the second she was in the car. The camera suddenly cuts to show the rear of the limo from the outside as it drives away, leaving the stench of burning rubber in the air, before the limo turns around a corner and disappears. The video ends, and Nathan is back standing in the ring at the Goodfellas Casino.

Paradine: Long story short, I got Sasha back into the country undetected by sVo personnel, and, well, here we are.

Paradine strokes the side of Sasha’s face gently, and Sasha attempts vainly to evade his touch. Paradine’s face contorts in anger, however he picks lifts the mic to his lips and continues to speak.

Paradine: Dear Cody has been broken in spirit as well as body, and it costs a lot of money for operations. Sasha knows that well. Which is why, until further notice, Sasha has agreed to work for ME, as MY valet, at MY side, and she will do as I say! Now… untie her!

The crew member’s edge forwards uncertainly, untying Sasha and removing the gag. The second she is free she attempts to escape. The crew members grab her and hold her arms.

Paradine: Remember Sasha, we agreed to this! Now… kiss me!

Paradine is standing right in front of Sasha, and moves in closely. Sasha looks outraged for a moment, and then spits. A gobbet of saliva sails through the air and hits Paradine in his right sunglass lens. Paradine looks angry for a moment, and then he suddenly places both of his palms of Sasha’s cheeks and kisses her!

Sasha struggles violently, breaking free from both the crew members and Paradine’s rough embrace. She slaps Paradine, hard, knocking him off balance, turns, and exits the ring. The crew member’s motion to follow her, but Paradine screams at them to stay put. He picks up the mic he dropped when he kissed Sasha on the mat and stares down his new valet, who has stumbled up the ramp and is now under the V-Tron.

Paradine: Accept it Sasha… Cody is GONE, he won’t be coming back, and you belong to ME now! Sasha shakes her head sobbing and disappears backstage. Nathan shakes his head and follows her, ignoring the boos from the crowd as the unpleasant scene comes to an end.

Nathan Paradine vs. Sensei Shredder

Operation Ground and Pound begins playing as the lights in the arena go off. A white fog lifts from the stage and bright white lights are flashing all around as the music builds. A vague figure within the fog begins to rise from the stage when the drum beats are cued. When the music slows everything goes black again. Once the fast drus beats finish and the breakdown starts, the whole arena bursts into light and Sensei Shredder begins moving down the ramp, giving the fans his love. Once he reaches the ring, he jumps around in excitement, going to each turnbuckle raising both his fists in the air for the crowd. Music fades as he readies for his upcoming opponents.

“Cadillac Rock Box” by Anthrax begins to play over the arena PAs as Nathan Paradine appears under the V-Tron, a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He begins to strut down to the ring, arms outstretched, and enters via the steel stairs. He climbs up onto the turnbuckle and throws his shades out into the audience, before jumping down and backing away into the corner to await the start of the match.

Nathan Paradine, the man that may well have ended Cody Williams’s career at Countdown to Violence, looks across at the sVo Tag Team Champion Sensei Shredder as Shredder hands his belt to the referee who places it on the outside of the ring for safe keeping. With Paradine and Shredder both looking eager for the match to get underway, the referee calls for the bell to be rung!

Shredder quickly makes his way towards Paradine and takes early control of the match with some stiff martial arts kicks that knock Paradine down to the mat. Paradine tries to crawl back up to a standing position, however Shredder nails him with a big spinning heel kick which draws a cheer from the crowd. Shredder nails Paradine with some kicks as he struggles to get back to his feet, before sending him into the ropes. Paradine bounces back quickly towards Shredder, who leaps up and takes him down with a hurricanrana into a cover!



Nathan Paradine gets a shoulder up off of the mat to get out of the early attempted cover from Sensei Shredder. Shredder pulls Paradine up to his feet, however Paradine suddenly grabs hold of the sVo Tag Team Champion and drops him to the mat with a scoop slam. With Shredder on the mat, Nathan Paradine drops a big elbow down onto the face of the Tag Team Champion. Nathan Paradine has a huge smirk on his face as he pulls Shredder up to a standing position and locks in a half nelson hold on Shredder in an attempt to try and squeeze the life out of his opponent.

The referee asks Shredder if he would like to submit, however he shakes his head. Paradine shakes Shredder around like a rag doll before tossing him into the corner of the ring. Paradine raises his hand up in the air to signal to the crowd, before running at Shredder in the corner of the ring. However at the last minute, Shredder leaps out of the way of Paradine and the Australian hits the corner hard! Shredder takes his opportunity to knock down Paradine with a swinging DDT as he stumbles out of the corner before going for the cover!




The sVo Tag Team Champion thought that he had picked up a singles win just like his partner Blaze earlier in the night, but Paradine gets a kick out after two!

Shredder looks disappointed ash pulls Nathan Paradine up to a standing position and lays into him with some martial arts chops to his midsection. Shredder backs Paradine backwards before taking him down to the mat with a snapmere takedown. With Paradine down Shredder bounces into the ropes before nailing the sitting Paradine with a sliding dropkick to the face! The fans cheer for the move from Shredder as he rises to his feet and signals for his finishing move the Cutter! Nathan Paradine slowly begins to stagger up to his feet, however as Shredder jumps towards him looking to kick his head off with the ‘Cutter’, Paradine ducks out of the way!

Shredder spins around to face Paradine, however the Australian steps forward and tosses him down to the mat hard with a ‘Paraplex’! Shredder lays down on the mat motionless, however Paradine gives up the opportunity to go for the cover! It looks like Paradine wants to take out Shredder the way he took out Cody Williams!

Nathan Paradine quickly flips Shredder over onto his back before locking in a sharpshooter on the sVo Tag Team Champion! The Tag Team Champion tries to twist out of the hold for a few seconds, before finally submitting to the pain!




The referee calls for the bell to be rung, however it looks like Paradine wants to emphasis his point as he keeps the move locked in on Shredder despite picking up the win! Shredder tries to twist out of the hold as the referee pleads with Paradine to break the hold. However Paradine simple smiles and shakes his head as he continues to punish Shredder in the sharpshooter! There is suddenly a big cheer as the other half of the sVo Tag Team Champions comes sprinting down the entrance ramp! Blaze dives into the ring, and Paradine eventually breaks the hold and ducks out of the ring!

Blaze checks on his tag team partner having made the save as Nathan Paradine makes his way up the entrance ramp smiling.

Is anyone safe when they step into the ring with the submission expert Nathan Paradine?

RESULT: Nathan Paradine def. Sensei Shredder via submission

Can You Stop Me?

*The sVo tron once again lights up and the fans give a loud, but mixed reaction as we see Psyko Stevo walking through the depths of the Goodfellas Casino. Stevo spins a right hand turn before coming face to face with a door that reads, Paige Johnson – sVo President. Standing outside of the door is the sVo head of secuirty, Scott Love.*

Scott: Heard you had a run in with some of my guys earlier.

Stevo: They shouldn’t have got in my way. Look, I’m speading a message to the world Scott, a good message. I’m helping people, and anyone who gets in the way of my message is going to get hurt. Your guys tried to get in the way, you saw what happened.

*Love continues to stand in the door and Stevo smirks as he looks him up and down.*

Stevo: Speaking of being in my way….

*Love looks at Stevo with contempt before stepping out of the way.*

Scott: Miss Johnson will see you now.

*Stevo arrogently reaches for the doorknob before bumping Scott Love’s shoulder, shoving the man out of the way of the door. Stevo walks into the office and we see Paige Johnson doing some paperwork.*

Stevo: You wanted to see me Paige?

Paige: Close the door Stevo, please.

*Stevo does as he’s instructed and walks into the room, taking a seat in a leather chair before looking up from her paperwork and setting it aside for a second.*

Paige: Why do you think I wanted to see you?

Stevo: Is this about my World Title rematch?

*Paige takes a deep breath before pointing across the room at a plasma TV that is set up.*

Paige: No, no it’s not. Take a look over there.

*Stevo takes a look at the screen and we see a replay of the events that took place earlier in the day within the casino between Stevo, Equinox, Nick Harris and security.*

Stevo: Big deal, Harris shouldn’t have run his mouth and security should have minded their own business and everything would have been fine.

*Paige slams her fist into the desk.*

Paige: Fine? You call that fine? I call that an insult to everything this company stands for!

Stevo: What exactly does this company stand for Paige? Employees dating management, unprovoked violence occuring everywhere behind the scenes. This company is a JOKE. The guy who was the champion before me used to have hardcore sex with women on national television, he and his friend were necropholiacs!

Paige: Look, you touched one of my employees and secuirty deatail… I need to respond to this.

Stevo: Okay fine, I’ll pay a fine… big deal, now about my World Title shot….

*Paige takes a deep breath before trying to choose her next words wisely.*

Paige: That’s it… you and your lax attitude and disrespect for the rules have forced me to do this. For the first time in sVo history, I’m revoking your champion’s clause, and I’m suspending you from competining tonight because I can’t run the risk that the wheel gives you a title shot.

*Stevo jumps up from his chair, a wild look in his eyes.*

Stevo: You can’t do that!

*Now Paige rises to her feet, looking eye to eye with the ex-champ.*

Paige: I just did… and I strongly urge you to leave the arena RIGHT NOW. I wouldn’t want to see you get into any more trouble then you’re already in.

Stevo: Leave? You expect me to just leave?


*Stevo raises his hand up and swings it forward. Instead of hitting Paige though, he swipes all the papers from her desk. Stevo then ax handle smashes the desk, leaving a large crack in it.*

Paige: SCOTT!

*The door to the room immediately flys open and Scott Love rushes in, a look of concern on his face. Stevo and the head of security lock eyes and Stevo smiles a wry smile.*

Stevo: What are you gonna do? You think you can stop me?

Scott: Let’s just settle down, okay? I got a whole crew of guys out there and you aren’t gonna be able to get through all of them.

Stevo: Is that a challenge? You think you can tell me what to do? You think you can interfear with the message I’m trying to send?

*Stevo starts laughing as he takes a step towards the door and Love moves to the side, but he’s still ready for a fight.*

Stevo: You can’t stop my message… I’m going to do great things for this federation, for this WORLD, no matter WHAT obstacles you put in my way. You can’t silence me Paige… the world wants to see me, the Psyko One, as it’s champion. It NEEDS me as it’s champion, that’s what it craves… it desires. I bring a family message, a message of being the best, of doing the right thing no matter what evil stands in your way. I speak of sacrifice, of self reliance. I preach confidence, the confidence to stand up for what is right no matther what the cost. I’m going to do great things Paige, and you can’t silence my message! Equinox is on board, and I suggest you and your security staff get on board soon.

Paige: Or what?

*Stevo pays no attention to Paige or Scott as he walks to the door.*

Stevo: Don’t cross me Paige… just run your company, do your thing and let me and my associate Equinox do our thing. Don’t get in our way, or you’ll enter a world of trouble you can’t even begin to imagine. I’m not lurking in the shadows Paige, I’m not some fictional character, I’m real and my message is something I take VERY seriously. Don’t mess with me because I won’t creep out from the dark… I’ll strike back at you in front of a crowd of people and there won’t be a damn thing you can do to stop me.

*Stevo walks through the door and we see a crew of security guards, all at the ready with stun guns and pepper spray.*

Stevo: Have a nice day gentlemen, be good to each other.

*The screen fades to black as the crowd looks on at the image in confusion.*

For the Attention of Mr. Gilmour

Awaiting the next match, as the lights flicker on and off, for a few moments. Till suddenly the V-tron comes alive, with the UCW banner plastered all over it. “We didn’t invent wrestling, we perfected it.” as the crowd immediately begin booing..

Detroit, Motherfucka…
DJ Green Lantern (The Evil Genius)
UCW, We ain’t goin’ nowhere…
We still smokin’ crack, nigga…
(laugh) Let ’em know…

[Eminem – Chorus]
Bitches, Keep Talkin’
Keep on poppin off, flip them jaws because
We ain’t stoppin’
We ain’t got to prove shit to yall
So all yall can lick the balls and
Keep Walkin’!
Keep on poppin’ that shit you poppin’
Cause we ain’t stoppin’ cause
You ain’t stoppin’ us!
We ain’t got to prove shit to yall
So all yall can lick the balls and
Keep Walkin’!”

Pyro’s explode on the stage, as shadow enters beneath the curtains, his arms outstretched, back turned to the baying sVo crowd, who patiently wait to see which UCW superstar it is.

It doesn’t take long, as he turns around, sporting a blue and white wife-beater, with a huge UCW emblem, across the front. The baying sVo crowd, reign boos upon boos, upon the now known Superstar… Rayne ‘Enigma’ Young…. He begins a slow saunter down the ramp, avoiding the rubbish that the sVo fans hurl his way, as he simply grins, from ear to ear.

(Yay Yay!)
Rest in peace Jammaster Jay, 2pac, and Notorious Big (Fo’ Sho’)
(Come on)I’m probably the best
God in the flesh
Blow your heart out of your chest
And your chest out of your vest
Leave your body a mess, streets bloody as hell
Study my 12, I cut him he fell
A druggie on bail, nutty as well
With search light, bud he revealed
Dead or in jail
They’re headed for hell…
Together with bells and blonde guy
Get your lungs hard
Leave you full of holes like Spongebob (Gunshots)
We can take this from your front door to your CEO office
Got the key to your coffin to pee on you often
Leavin’ your office, we takin’ over
Or get China White, mixed with baking soda
Ya hear me…GET CRACK!

Fuckin’ Crackheads!
And this is just mixtape shit, you fuckin’ morons!
This ain’t brains over brawn
This is bullies over fuckin’ pussies!
(Laugh) Come on!”

Rayne climbs the steel steps, leading him to the ring, as he stands in the center, slapping the UCW emblem on his chest, before raising his arm into the air, as the sVo fans in attendance, take the bait and rise to it.

A ringside commentator, brings Rayne a microphone, of which he asks. As he stands absorbing the crowds reaction, gaining smirk upon smirk, from the hated Enigma.

Rayne Young : Ladies and Gentlemen of the Sanctioned Violence Organization, I Rayne Young, you’re savior, has finally come to save you all. From what, I hear rattling around inside of you’re brains. Well from the likes of Howie Banks, Travis Williams, to name but a couple. But the sole reason, I’m stood inside of this cesspool of a federation, is for Peter Gilmour, the Extreme Icon, the man with no talent, what so ever.

As Rayne lowers the microphone, for a few seconds as a “sVo, sVo” chant reverberates around the Goodfellas casino.

Rayne Young : You see Petey, this has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? You’ve been talking shit, week, after week, about the Ultimate Championship Wrestling, haven’t you? How you claim, each and every time, to not only beat, but destroy, anyone and everyone, in UCW? It’s funny really isn’t it Pete? When you proclaimed you’re love for UCW, and were quite happily competing there, you couldn’t even elevate yourself above Hardcore status, could you? You had trouble beating a young whipper snapper in the form of Liam Hennigan. Even Stardust’s alter ego, Mr. Roboto, whooped you’re ass, didn’t he Gilmour?

Rayne leans against the ropes, rubbing his chin, as he continues to talk.

Rayne Young : I remember backstage, hearing you bitch and moan about the decision, claiming it to be insolence, you were nothing more than a bitch back then Pete, seem‘s nothings changed. No Petey, the only title you were destined to win in uCw was the “Whipping Boy” Championship, as that’s all you’re good for isn‘t it? You all and especially you Pete, maybe wondering what does this have to do with me? After all, I’m MCW through and through. But I’ve spent a good deal of time, competing in the second run of UCW, meeting Annie and several others, that to this day, I enjoyed working with.

Rayne Young : But I had signed on, to compete in UCW, for the last few months. But my contractual obligations in MCW, is restricting that as of this moment. Till today. Peter Gilmour, next week on Showdown, I’m throwing down a challenge to you. Peter Gilmour vs. Rayne Young, one on one. No bullshit, just straight up wrestling match. sVo vs. uCw. Just to finally nail home, the fact you can’t compete with anyone in uCw, especially not Doctor Ian, Patrick McCarthy, Greg Venom. Because even I’ll struggle against those names. It’s time to put up, or shut up Gilmour. And if you somehow beat me, I’ll get on my hands and knees and kiss you’re ass. But let’s face it, that’s about as likely as Michael Jackson, not being into kids. And also Gilmour, seeing as you have home advantage, you get to pick the stips as well, adios.

Rayne throws the mic, to the canvas, stepping out of the ring, as boos continue to reign down on him, as he casually walks back up the ramp, to backstage.

sVo presents Shadows of Power
Live on PPV

Steven Steele vs. Peter Gilmour

As sVo Showdown returns the crowd is still reeling from the appearance of UCW’s Rayne Young and his challenge to the sVo’s Peter Gilmour for a match next week on Showdown #32. With Rayne having been escorted from the building by security so to avoid the roster full of angry sVo wrestlers, sVo Showdown is ready to get back underway!

“Praise” by Sevendust rips on to the loud speakers, wish a quick flash of blue pyro, Steven Steele makes his way onto the top of the stage. Steele looks around for a moment, and then makes his way down the aisle way. Steele walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He goes to the far turnbuckle and climbs to the top. Steele looks around with a smirk on his face and then turns around and sits down on the top turnbuckle and sits down, waiting for his opponent.

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Rose Smith begins to make his way out to the ramp. Se is dressed in a red blouse and black mini-skirt. She looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Rose and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Rose gets into the ring by doing a Melina-like split which makes the men happy, as Peter gets in normally. Rose does a sexy little dance as she gyrates her sexy hips as Peter meets her in the middle of the ring as the lights turn to red then turn to white as Peter lifts up his head as blood spews out and Rose does another split and caresses her man’s leg.

The referee quickly calls for the bell to be rung and this one to get underway! Peter Gilmour looks to be angry after the appearance of Rayne Young calling him out moments ago, and he quickly rushes to Steven Steele and lays into him with some right hands. Peter Gilmour pins Steele back against the ropes, however as Gilmour goes for another punch, Steele drops his shoulder and drops Peter Gilmour over the top rope to the floor below! The fans cheer as Gilmour hits the floor hard, and Steven Steele quickly drops down and rolls under the bottom rope!

Steven Steele nails a stiff kick to the midsection of the former sVo Hardcore Champion as he begins to get to his feet, before tossing him hard into the steel ring step! Gilmour hits the step hard as Steven Steele reaches under the ring apron and pulls out a wooden table! The newest member of Bad Religion carefully sets up the wooden table on the outside of the ring before pulling Peter Gilmour up to his feet. Steven Steele nails Gilmour with a few punches to the face before dragging him closer to the table. Steven Steele sets up Gilmour for a ‘Banishment’, however before he can execute the move on Gilmour, the former sVo Hardcore Champion counters with a snap suplex on Steven Steele that sends the Bad Religion member through the table!

The crowd pop as Steven Steele lays in the wreckage of the wooden table as Peter Gilmour slowly rises up to his feet. Gilmour looks a little disorientated himself before he finally drops down and makes the cover on Steele!




Somehow Steven Steele gets a shoulder up off of the mat despite just being sent through a table! Peter Gilmour can’t believe it as he holds his head in his hands. How the hell could anyone kick out from that?

Gilmour quickly grabs a steel chair from the crowd and turns back to face Steven Steele who is making his way to his feet. Gilmour swings the chair in the direction of Steven Steele, however Steele ducks and Gilmour hits nothing but air. Steven Steele manages to grab Gilmour around the waist despite being groggy from going through a table, before taking Gilmour down with a German suplex onto the unforgiving floor! Gilmour looks in pain as Steve Steele slowly rises up to his feet. Gilmour is holding his neck, however Steven Steele isn’t finished with Gilmour yet as he grabs hold of the padding that is covering the floor around the ring before ripping it away!

The fans rise to their feet to see that Steven Steele is doing, as the referee pleads with the Bad Religion member not to! Steven Steele is exposing the cold hard concrete floor under the padding! Steven Steele slowly makes his way across and grabs hold of the steel chair that Gilmour tried to hit him with moment ago. Steele looks at the chair for a few seconds before repeatedly slamming it into Gilmour’s prone body! Steven Steele then throws the chair down before pulling Gilmour to his feet!

Steven Steele pulls Peter Gilmour over the exposed concrete floor before setting him up for the ‘Banishment’! The referee pleads with Steven Steele not to do what he is doing, but Steele does it anyways as he nails Gilmour with his finishing move onto the concrete floor! The crowd are all on their feet as Steven Steele spins around and wastes no time in making a cocky cover on Peter Gilmour.




Steven Steele picks up the win, but the referee is more interested in waving for some paramedics to make their way to check on Gilmour than raising his hand in victory! Steven Steele doesn’t seem to care as he rolls into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle before lifting in arm in the air as his music blasts over the sound system!

RESULT: Steven Steele def. Peter Gilmour via pinfall

The Snuff

To the left of the stage, crew members remove a tarp that hid what looks to be a the front side of an old house with an old gritty porch. A spotlight shines on the area, as the sounds of If That Ain’t Country (I’ll Kiss Your Ass) by David Allan Coe plays throughout the arena, two men dressed in overalls and work boots walk out the front door onto the porch.

Billy Bob – God Damn Cletus, ma ass is achin’ from dat damn ol’ Hardee’s again!

Cletus- Well Billy Bob if jew hadn’t ate that what

Cletus holds his hand in front of him and slowly starts counting on his fingers showing three fingers in front of his face

Cletus- Those five jalepener burgers.

Billy Bob – No Cletus, not from dem….I tried dat der new Primed Reb Burger, wit dem der fried unins and horsrash sauce…It taste like shit, but guess what!

Cletus – Whurt Billy Bob?

Billy Bob – Ate dat bastar’ anyway. Ain’t dat something? So my opinnin Cletus, never eat dat burger! Let’s git-r-goin, anything jew onna jaw jack about cuz?

Cletus – Cuz? I taught we’s bruddas? Or jew were me uncle. I’s forget. Jew read dat news, dem fancy fuckers in washten dun admitted wes got rights fer guns. sheet we’s always had guns.

Billy Bob – Rites? Iz can rite ma name, but ain’t no sure about no dam’ gun Cletus…Cletus, did ja tie up Petey? Dat darn hawg probably dun ate up da cat…cat…Food table backstage.

Cletus – Sheet Iz dont cure, dayz dont even have gizzards dat aint food…dat’s sheet. Jew see dat purty lil thang dat let us comes out chere?

Billy Bob – Ja mean dat purdy lil’ blonde? Iz dank hur name wus Paige. I bet ja she’d be a purdy lil’ dang wit sum curlers in hur hair, smokin’ a Marlboro long, takin’ like a reel ruman!

Cletus- Jep, gets hur burfoot and all pregnated like in de kitin fixin some reals food.

Billy Bob – But Cletus, I hurd sha reel fart tart. She be tryin to cantrol dangs, and I don’t take kinly to sum fluzzy tellin ma whut to do!

Cletus- me neder Billy Bob, twat jew tink wes shood dos bout dat?

Billy Bob – Smack da hell outta hur, and send hur to da kixen to cook us sum reel food gud grub! Oh shit Cletus, wez gonna be late!

Cletus- late fer twat Billy Bob?

Billy Bob – We gotta go see dat new movie wit dat getting jigga bo widit! Hamock!

Cletus- jew rite Billy wez best gits a goin.

Old Friends

We are taken to the back where we see a pair of black cowboy boots. We slowly pan up and see a pair of black jeans, then a black punisher skull sleeveless shirt. Finally we see the face of the man known as Reaper complete with cowboy hat. Reaper has a slight smirk on his face as he’s walking down the hallways in the back. We notice Reaper has a red rose in his left hand. Reaper stops in front of a door in the back. Reaper knocks with his right hand hiding the rose behind his back. The door slowly opens as we see Faith Winchester dressed for her match tonight. She opens the door the expression her face stern as she looks to see who has interrupted her preparing. She looks at Reaper and we see her face slowly turn from stern to a large smile but she quickly changes it right back to stern.

Reaper: Well are you going to say hello to an old friend or should I just go hang out at the Ugly and catch a show?

Faith: Hey Reap, it’s been a while.

Reaper: That it has beautiful. I heard you were on the roster when I came into town. Well I heard you were on the roster and I thought that was you at the pay per view but I wont positive. So I had someone double check it for me. Needless to say I was rather pleased to hear you were here.

Faith: Yeah, I didn’t know you were hired by the sVo. So this really is a surprise.

Reaper: A pleasant one I’d hope.

Faith: Maybe.

Reaper: Well I don’t expect after all that’s happened you to jump up and hug my neck. But I figured all those nights I stayed at the Ugly until you got off. All those times we sat at that dinner bullshitting all night. I figured you’d still be a little bit fond of me.

Reaper smiles slightly and produces the rose from behind his back offering it to her. Faith looks at it and takes the rose. She looks at it and starts to smile but stops.

Reaper: Well darlin, you take care, I’ll be seeing you around.

Reaper turns and heads down the hallway leaving Faith in her doorway. Faith steps back into the locker room closing the door behind her. She looks down at the rose a smile creeping across her face. The smile is shortly lived as her face becomes serious again and she tosses the rose into the trash.

Brock vs. Faith Winchester

A wall of pyros scream out diagonally from the stage as Falls Apart by TFK cranks out of the speakers. Brock enters the stage as the pyros fade. He continues quickly down the ramp, sliding into the ring. After a quick lap, he climbs to the second rope, throwing one finger in the air before retreating to his corner.

What are you thinking about?

Who do you think are?

Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl subliminal seduction remix fills the arena, the pyros ignite spewing silver sparks up into the air as the bass line kicks in and Faith bursts through the curtain arms in the air, shouting to rile the fans up but nothing can be heard over the crowd’s reaction and the sound of the Rob Zombie classic.

She struts her stuff down the walkway, giving a few high fives here and there, throwing in a few of her coyote dance moves as she makes her way to the ring, once there she climbs onto the apron and glides down into box splits and slips her body under the bottom rope and gives a near perfect body roll to standing, saluting the crowd as she does so.

HoV’s Brock stares across the ring at Faith Winchester as the referee calls for the action to get underway and both competitors slowly make their way towards each other. Faith Winchester throws a right hook in the direction of Brock, however Brock ducks under her punch and loads Winchester up onto his shoulder before falling backwards with a Samoan drop. Winchester slowly rises up to her feet, however as she runs at Brock, he quickly takes her down with a spinebuster before making an early cover.




Faith Winchester shows that she isn’t about to give up that easily as she gets a shoulder up off of the mat before a count of three can be made. Brock punches the mat in frustration as he pulls Winchester to her feet and sends her into the ropes. Brock stands waiting as Faith Winchester bounces back, however to the surprise of Brock she takes him down with a snap DDT! The fans packed into the Goodfellas Casino arena give a mixed reaction to the move as Winchester follows up by leaping on Brock and nailing him with some big right hands!

Brock eventually fights his way up to his feet, and manages to duck out of the way as Winchester looks for a right hand. Brock counters by grabbing Winchester around the waist and taking her down to the mat with a waist lock takedown. With Winchester down, Brock spins around and locks her in a front face lock, however after a few seconds Faith Winchester is able to use her legs to reach out and touch the bottom rope, which causes the referee to call for a rope break!

Brock eventually releases the hold on Winchester and allows her back up to her feet. Brock nails a scoop slam on Winchester before dropping down to make a cover, a cover that Winchester kicks out from after a count of two. Brock looks to be getting increasingly annoyed with the HoV member not being able to score a win over his opponent! Brock pulls Winchester up by the hair and tosses her to the other side of the ring. With Faith down, Brock runs across looking for an elbow drop, however before he can connect Winchester rolls out of the way causing Brock to hit the canvas hard.

Faith Winchester rolls to her feet and catches Brock with a big spinning heel kick as he tries to rise up. The spinning heel kick sends Brock tumbling back into the corner of the ring, where Winchester follows up on her opponent with a hand spring elbow smash onto the HoV member. Brock staggers out of the corner at the force of the blow, however Winchester isn’t finished with him yet as she bounces into the ropes before catching him with the ‘Tribunal’ as she bounces back!

Brock hits the mat hard and there is another big mixed reaction for Winchester as she rises up to her feet. Looking down at Brock, Winchester taunts to the crowd before slowly waiting for him to rise to his feet. Brock eventually rises up, but as he does he doesn’t notice as Winchester floats behind him before taking him down to the mat with a ‘Crucifixion’! The fans cheer for the impressive finishing move as Faith Winchester makes the cover!




This one is all over, and it’s the girl from Oklahoma, Faith Winchester who has picked up the win over the HoV member Brock! Brock catches his breath on the mat and stares up at the ceiling as Faith Winchester celebrates her win here on Showdown #31!

RESULT: Faith Winchester def. Brock via pinfall

Father of the Year Part 3

Travis Williams and his son are backstage, as Alex Ross finds the two, and walks up to them. Travis grabs Trenton’s shirt, and pulls him behind him.

Travis Williams – If it’s not mister sVo himself, Alex Ross! Now seriously, do you want to confront me in front of my son? Or would you rather wait when I can handle this like I would wish?

Alex laughs as he switches his shoulders with the sVo title. He looks at Travis and smiles.

Alex Ross – Travis, why are you so edgy man? Calm down some, word is that the cool thing to do around here is getting a picture with your son… Talon said it’d be good for the image, whatever. Does he want a picture or not?

Trenton steps out from behind his dad, and looks at Ross. He spots the title, and grins. He walks over to Ross and taps his stomach.

Alex Ross – What the fuck is wrong with your kid?

Trenton Williams – Can I take it holding the belt?

Alex Ross – Fuck you, runt. This is my World Title. Nobody touches my World Title but me… not even… your dad there.

Travis steps in front of his son, and gets nose to nose with Alex…

Travis Williams – Alex, what in the hell do you think you are doing? Only reason you have that title, is because I was too busy to give a damn about fighting Stevo for it. Don’t make yourself my next target!

Alex shoves Travis a little and points to Trenton as Travis starts to swing, and he stops.

Alex Ross – We must be positive role models for the young one, Willy. Hey kid, you can forget your picture because you’re daddy is an asshole.

Alex walks by Travis, shoulder shoving him out the way.

Joesph Equinox vs. William Vorheez

Smoke begins to fill the stage as the lights dim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen standing at the top of the stage with smoke floating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightning bolt flies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades as he awaits his opponent.

The arena goes black as “God of Emptyness” by Morbid Angel begins to play, white strobes pulse fast, as the entrance way fills up with smoke.

Lies – And you fill their souls
With all oppressions of this world
And all the glory you recieve?
So, what makes you supreme?
Lies – Your crown is falling
I offer Fantasy
And you, you creator are
Blind with envy

Vorheez slowly walks out to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. He pays no attention to the crowd as he stares at the rign making his way down the aisle. He slowly walks up the steps and stops at the top step and takes off his robe.

Let the children come to me
Their mother loves me, so shall they
Women, bleeding, ate my gifts
Man was close behind
Just like a snake Im slithering
Thru the world divine
And like the cat Im stalking
I’ll take your soul and you’ll be like me
In emptyness, free…

Vorheez wlaks up onto the apron and climbs over the top rope into the ring as he walks to the corner and kneels down removing his upside down cross necklace.

Just bow to me faithfully
Bow to me splendidly

The lights come up slowly as Vorheez slowly rises and leans in the corner.

Vorheez and Equinox get the match off to a quick start as the bell rings and both men that were involved in the sVo Hardcore Championship match at Countdown to Violence get the match off to a quick start. Vorheez runs at the former Champion Equinox, however Vorheez is taken down by Equinox with a belly to back suplex. Equinox quickly pulls Vorheez to his feet before nailing him with an elbow to the back of the head. With Vorheez doubled over, Equinox throws him into the turnbuckle between the top and middle ropes, causing Vorheez’s shoulder to bounce off of the steel.

Vorheez staggers backwards, right into a shoulder breaker from Equinox which takes him down to the mat and works over his arm once more. With Vorheez down, Equinox locks in an arm bar on his opponent, however Vorheez quickly makes his way to the ropes.

The referee forces Equinox to break the hold, a move that allows Vorheez up to his feet. Vorheez quickly lays into Equinox with some big right hands, before sending him hard into the ropes. Equinox bounces back into the middle of the ring, and is met with a one-handed scoop slam from William Vorheez! The move receives a chorus of boos from the fans, but William Vorheez doesn’t even seem to pay any attention as he steps forward and begins to stomp away on the downed body of Equinox!

The former Hardcore Champion struggles up to his feet, however Vorheez is there and waiting for him with a front face lock. The crowd boo Vorheez as he lifts Equinox up into the air in the front face lock and holds him for a few seconds for everyone to see, before dropping him back down to the mat with a brainbuster! The move drops Equinox flat on his head, and Vorheez takes the opportunity to go for a quick cover on the former sVo Hardcore Champion.



No! The Chosen One kicks out after two! Vorheez thought he had done enough to wrap the match up there as he disappointedly jerks Equinox up to a standing position. Vorheez grabs hold of Equinox around the waist and attempts a belly-to-belly suplex on his opponent, however Equinox is able to block the move! The fans cheer at the resourcefulness of Equinox as he quickly counters the move into a T-Bone suplex! Vorheez stumbles up off of the mat after the suplex that sent him half way across the ring, but Joseph Equinox is right back onto him as he hits a springboard DDT onto Vorheez before going for the three count himself!



Equinox has earned a shot at the Hardcore Championship belt again….


Just when the whole arena though that Equinox had triumphed, a shoulder comes shooting off of the mat from Vorheez! Equinox can’t quite believe it as he hits some mounted punches on Vorheez before bringing him up to a standing position by his hair. Equinox whips Vorheez hard into the ropes and looks for a back body drop as he bounces back, however Vorheez counters with a face buster on Equinox! Equinox stumbles back from the blow, allowing Vorheez the perfect opportunity to nail Equinox in the midsection with a kick! Equinox doubles over from the kick, as Vorheez steps forward and plants Joseph Equinox to the mat with the ‘Wrath of Vorheez’! The Chosen One is down, and Williams Vorheez doesn’t waste any time in making a cover!




This one is all over, and its Vorheez that picks up the win over the former sVo Hardcore Champion Joseph Equinox! Vorheez has earned himself a shot at the sVo Hardcore Championship belt again thanks to tonight roulette night rules! William Vorheez rises to his feet and receives boos from the fans as he celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring, as Showdown #31 heads to a commercial break!

RESULT: William Vorheez def. Joseph Equinox via pinfall

Out of Demand, Comes a New Challenger

A feeling of anger rushes over me, as I rush into the office of the President, Paige Johnson, and start to shout. “I know we have never seen eye to eye, specially after I sided with Moretti, but can’t we put that behind us? I want Alex Ross, and I want that belt he wears!”

I know she is pondering why I want it, and watch and see, “Exactly, why do you want it so bad Travis? And what makes you think I would do anything to help out some bastard like yourself?” She eyes me, almost burning a hole straight thru me. I cannot help but grow madder by the second.

I take a deep breath to calm myself, and I pled my case, “He disrespected my son Paige! You can hate me, you can wish bodily harm on me. I honestly do not care! However, we are talking about an innocent child who only admired the man, and his win over Stevo, and he wants to shit on a kid? I know you would not want a world champ who represents that type of behavior. Just give me my fair shot, at Alex Ross at Shadows of Power, August 3rd!” I know its a long shot in the dark, one can only hope.

Her eyes squint, and she turns her lips thinking. She looks at me and smile, “You have yourself a match! I will pit you against World Champion Alex Ross, and give your moment to shine!” She tries to speak, but I am too happy to give a damn, “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I promise I will walk out the new sVo Champion!”

I turn to head out, and she speaks loudly, “I am not done Travis! See, I gave you something, and now I have to give him something. Nothing is free in this world Travis, and little do you understand, that a lot of your actions have made it this way. Never burn a bridge you may need to cross again, you never know if anyone gives a damn if you every come back over. Now please, exit my office!”

Travis Williams vs. Talon


The arena suddenly goes black.


“For Whom the Bell Tolls” begins, and suddenly green lights and lasers explode to life all over the entrance area. Talon walks out stiffly, swivels his neck, then pounds his chest twice and raises his fists into the air. On cue, green pyro explodes quickly behind him. As he walks down the ramp, he points his index and middle finger on his right hand across the arena, from his left to his right. When he reaches the ring he climbs to the top rope and spreads his arms. The robe in this pose almost resembles the spread wings of a bird. He then hops down from the turnbuckle and becomes all-business, tossing his robe to the outside.

The sounds of funeral music blares on the sound system, as the organ streams. Suddenly the lights go completely out, as a guitar over takes it, and the drums come bashing in. The lights on the stage start to flicker in the beat, as the loud screams echoes across the arena.

“Shh be quiet, you might piss somebody off
Like me motherfucker, you’ve been at it for too long
While you feed off others insecurities
You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds “

Critical Acclaim by Avenge 7 Fold starts to blare out across the arena, as Travis Williams walks out to the top of the sVo ramp. His trench coat almost dragging the metal ramp, as he lifts back his hood, and walks down the isle in a slow manger. He circles around the ring, reaching the steel steps, as he walks up to the top of the last step. The lights in the arena return to normal, as

“So how does it feel to know that someones kid in the heart of america
Has blood on their hands, fighting to defend your rights
So you can maintain the lifestyle that insults this family’s existance
Well, where I’m from we have a special salute we aim high in the air
Towards all those pompous assholes who spend their days pointing fingers

Fuck you”

Travis removes his trench coat, handing it off to someone at ringside. He grabs the top rope, and guides his way up to the apron, and towards the center of the ring. He looks up at the ramp, as he wipes his boots on the apron, and steps in between the top and middle rope. He walks over to a corner, as he awaits the referee to check him, and for the opening bell.

Talon and Travis Williams circle each other around the ring as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match gets underway! Travis Williams quickly leaps forward and takes down Talon with a chokehold, however the referee quickly makes Williams release the hold in order to stop himself from getting disqualified. Talon rises back up to his feet, however Travis Williams nails him with a kick to the midsection before throwing him hard into the ring ropes. Talon bounces back, however he receives a stiff power slam from Travis Williams that takes him down to the mat.

The cocky Travis Williams rises up to his feet looking very pleased with himself as Talon struggles to take a breath after having all of the air driven out of him in that powerslam move. Travis Williams yanks Talon up by the arm and sends him into the corner of the ring. With Talon in the corner, Travis Williams stomps a mudhole in Talon to boos from the crowd.

Travis Williams looks to have taken early control of the match as he pulls Talon up and away from the corner before dropping him down to the mat with a DDT! Talon is down on the mat after being dropped on his head, and Travis Williams quickly goes for a cover.




Talon gets a shoulder up off of the mat just when Travis Williams thought he had picked up the three count. Williams complains to the referee that it should have been a three count, as Talon slowly rises up to his feet. Travis Williams turns back around to take the fight to Talon, however as he does he is shocked to find Talon is already on his feet! Talon nails Travis Williams with a kick to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with a ‘Laundry Line’! The fans boo the move from Talon, but he doesn’t seem to care as he taunts the cocky Travis Williams to get back to his feet.

Travis Williams does attempt to rise back up to his feet, however Talon grabs him by the arm and spins him around before grabbing him in a waist lock and slamming him to the mat with a German suplex. Travis Williams’ neck hits the mat hard as Talon rolls away before rising to his feet! With Travis Williams down on the mat Talon leaps across to make a cover on his opponent.




Williams shows his determination by kicking out just when Talon thought he had the match sewn up! Talon rises up to his feet, and stands waiting for Travis Williams, and as he rises to his feet Talon dives at him looking for a spinning heel kick. However Travis Williams ducks out of the way and Talon takes out the referee with his kick! Talon turns around in shock, but as he spins around Travis Williams grabs hold of him and takes him down to the mat with a ‘Reality Check’! The fans boo, but as Williams makes the cover on Talon, there is no one to make the cover!

After a few seconds of no activity, Travis Williams jumps up off of Talon and makes his way over to the referee and attempts to revive him. However the referee looks like he has been KO’ed by the kick from Talon.

The boos begin to ring out around the arena as Travis Williams’ stable mates Anthony Moretti, Steven Steele and Zero slowly begin to make their way down the entrance ramp. How is Talon going to survive a four on one beat down from Bad Religion?

The rest of Bad Religion roll into the ring to back up Travis Williams, however to the surprise of the fans as Williams leaps forward to nail Talon with a kick, Anthony Moretti grabs hold of him and spins him around! Travis Williams asks what the hell is going on, but before he can do anything Zero nails Travis Williams with a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT! With Williams having his head drilled into the canvas, Bad Religion quickly go to work on ‘one of their own’ as Moretti, Steele and Zero stomp away on Travis Williams like a pack of wolves!

The referee begins to come around as Bad Religion bail out of the ring and make their way back up the entrance ramp with their hands raised in the air in victory having kicked Travis Williams from the group! Back in the ring Talon climbs up to his feet and sees Travis Williams laying motionless only a few feet away! As the referee pulls himself up using the ropes, Talon makes his way over to Travis Williams and drags him to a standing position. Talon then nails a knee to the midsection of his opponent before dropping him to the mat with a ‘Wings of Destiny’! With Williams down, Talon makes the cover as the groggy referee makes a slow count.




This one is all over, and its Talon who has picked up the surprise victory over Travis Williams! The referee slumps down on the canvas as Talon rises to his feet and celebrates his big win over the fallen former member of Bad Religion!

RESULT: Talon def. Travis Williams via pinfall

Bring In The Dragons

Backstage the mysterious Mr Morrison is standing by in the lobby of the Goodfellas Casino, watching the proceedings around him. There are hundreds of people milling about the area, some gambling and some unlucky ticket-less fans hanging around for a hope of seeing their favourite sVo star at the end of the Showdown show tonight. Mr Morrison however seems to have no such purpose as he leans against a wall and adjusts his black tie.

Having shown up last week at Countdown to Violence no one knew much about Mr Morrison, and he liked to keep it that way…

He liked to stay in the shadows.

As he escaped the gazes of the fans crowding around the exit to the Goodfellas Arena, Mr Morrison shook his head. He always felt it was a shame when he had to step out into the sight of everyone else just because someone else was screwing up.

Reaching into his black trouser pockets and pulling out a cell phone, Mr Morrison went about righting some wrongs in the world. It was simple to him, some people were screwing up, and they had to be fixed….. ….For the greater good.

The problem with most people is that they had the natural need to do ‘what was right’. Mr Morrison was not someone that had that problem. A polite way to describe Mr Morrison would be morally gray. He was a man willing to do what needed to be done, be taking people out, putting people in, messing with peoples working enviroments….

“Yeah I’ve seen what I need to see….. Bring in the dragons.”

Mr Morrison shut his cell phone off and slipped it back into his pocket. He had seen all he needed to see.

Alex Ross vs. Hooligan

“The Great Unknown” by Asteroid blasts through the PA as the lights dim. In an explosion of yellowish-gold pyrotechnics, the curtain flips open revealing World Champion of the sVo, Alex Ross. With his title draped over his shoulder, Ross struts from the stage down the isle, ignoring the angry fans yelling obscenities in his direction. As he arrives at ringside, he sets his title down on the mat and slides under the ropes after it. Ross picks the belt back up and takes it to the corner, climbing up two pads high and raising the World Title into the air. He hops down to the canvas, handing the title off to someone at ringside, and he heads to his corner.

Everything goes dark when the sound of Rammstein’s Bück Dich hits the sound system. The screen then begins to play old highlights of GLCW matches of Hooligan. Red lights and red pyrotechnics then fill the entrance as he emerges out and makes his way down the walkway slowly as fans reach out to try to touch. He then takes a running start and dives onto the ring under the bottom rope and then gets to his feet. Hooligan goes to the center of the ring and raises his arm in a fist as he spins in a circle slowly looking out to the audience. He then retreats to his corner and awaits the beginning of the fight.

Ross and Hooligan look up at the contract that is hanging from the arena ceiling as the bell rings for the main event of Showdown #31 to get underway! Ross and Hooligan cautiously approach each other, before Alex Ross dives in to make the first move. The sVo Champion grabs hold of Hooligan in a side headlock, however the HoV member battles his way out with a side Russian leg sweep on Ross. Alex Ross quickly climbs back up to his feet, however Hooligan is there waiting for him with a shoulder block takedown that sends Ross to the mat.

With Alex Ross down, Hooligan wastes no time in sliding out of the ring and grabbing a ladder from ringside! The fans cheer as Hooligan slides the ladder into the ring before rolling in himself. However as Hooligan climbs up to his feet, Alex Ross is there waiting for him with a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT on Hooligan! Hooligan’s head hits the mat hard as Alex Ross rises to his feet looking very pleased with himself.

Alex Ross quickly grabs hold of the ladder that Hooligan has brought into the ring, and carefully positions it leaning up against a turnbuckle. The fans boo the sVo Champion, but Ross pays no attention as he makes his way over to Hooligan who is rising up to his feet. Alex Ross grabs Hooligan by the arm and throws him straight into the ladder in the corner of the ring! Hooligan hits the ladder hard and then falls down to the mat, with the ladder falling down onto him!

Alex Ross stomps away on the ladder that is on top of Hooligan, before pulling the ladder up and positioning it below the contract that is hanging from the ceiling. With the contract allowing the winner the chance to name stipulations to any match any time on a one off basis, Alex Ross slowly begins to climb up the ladder to retrieve the papers.

Ross manages to make it half way up the ladder before he is grabbed from behind by Hooligan. Ross tries to fight Hooligan off with some back kicks, however Hooligan is able to ride the kicks before nailing the sVo Champion with a German suplex off of the ladder! The fans pop as Ross hits the mat hard and both men lay down on the mat for a few seconds. Hooligan is the first man to rise to his feet and he hits some kicks to the body of Alex Ross before pulling his opponent to his feet. Hooligan grabs Alex Ross by the back of the head and slams him face first into the ladder, before throwing him into the ropes. Alex Ross bounces back from the ropes and Hooligan nails him with a flapjack to send him down to the mat.

Alex Ross tries to get back up to his feet from the move from Hooligan, however Hooligan sends him straight back down to the mat with a twisting neck breaker. With Alex Ross down on the mat, Hooligan begins to climb the ladder! The fans give a mixed reaction to the HoV member as he slowly climbs each rung of the ladder towards the golden contract that is hanging from the top of the ceiling! It looks like Alex Ross is going to lose his first match as sVo Champion!

Ross slowly begins to move on the mat as Hooligan reaches up and touches the contract with the tips of his fingers! Hooligan climbs up one more rung of the ladder, but as he does he feels the ladder begin to tip over. Hooligan looks down and sees Alex Ross tipping the ladder over! Hooligan falls off of the ladder and lands on his side as the ladder hits the mat! Alex Ross quickly makes his way over to Hooligan and drops an elbow on his prone body. Ross then pulls Hooligan up before nailing him with ‘The Perfexecutioner’! With Hooligan down on the mat, the fans boo as Ross grabs the ladder the cockily places it below the contract.

Alex Ross wastes no time as he climbs the ladder steadily, before reaching up to grab the contract! Ross brushes the contract with his hand, before climbing up one more rung. Ross finally reaches up again and pulls down the contract from the hook! The fans boo as the bell rings signalling the end of the match. Alex Ross turns and sits on the ladder to celebrate his victory, as the fans boo the sVo Champion! The end credits roll and sVo Showdown #31 heads off of the air with the sVo Champion celebrating with a contract to name a stipulation in any match in his hands!

RESULT: Alex Ross def. Hooligan

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