sVo Showdown
22nd June 2008
Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico
Episode #030

International Partners In Crime

Security footage is rolling from the truck. At the airport in Brazil. It’s Monday, just a day after Showdown twenty-nine. Gunner Lang and Travis Williams are in handcuffs, being escorted away from the scene, as onlookers are in shock, and the place is trashed.

We go to a live shot of Paige Johnson backstage…

Paige Johnson – A few days ago, we received word that two of our superstars had been arrested in what is called an international crime. Because of the location that it took place in, international authorizes were called in to handle the matter. Our lawyers have spent valuable time trying to sort out the matter. However, with great sadness, I have to bring the fans of the sVo some grim news. Gunner Lang and Travis Williams, are both being held in a jail in Brazil. We were unable to get a bond, and get them to Mexico for the Showdown event. So the eight man match tonight, will now be settled in a six man. And as far as their match at Countdown to Violence, it too, has been canceled.

The two men were involved in a heated argument waiting for their plane. After a few minutes of this, they began to brawl. Airline security and local police were sent to stop the matter. By my understanding, because we have not been giving the full security footage. Lang and Williams assaulted them, which tacked on even more charges against the two. We are attempting to get a live feed from Brazil, to get word from both men tonight. sVo would like to apologize to it’s fans about these events. We are not denying the actions of both men, but we are sure everything is not what they are making it out to be.

Paige walks away as the intro for Showdown airs…


Thumbin’ your way to Vegas, dirty
And Dreamin’ of the other side…
Save your tears and laughter because
It doesn’t matter what you find

It ain’t pretty
After the show
It ain’t pretty when the pretty leaves you
With no place to go.

As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretty Vegas by INXS begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Showdown opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Psyko Stevo, Gunner Lang, Chris Bond and Night! As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest Showdown episode as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd, including ‘The Shadows Told Me To Do It!’, ‘I Love Mad Max’ and ‘She Is Coming to the sVo’! As the official sVo Showdown theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as they eagerly anticipate tonight’s action getting underway.

Just Play Along

*The fans are sitting on pins and needles inside the arena, waiting the first match of the night. Instead of hearing “Pretty Vegas” though, the sVo Tron lights up and we’re taken outside of the arena,where we see a group of photographers camped out. A limo quickly pulls into the scene and the cameramen and women rise to their feet as the doors open and out walk the sVo World Heavyweight and Hardcore champions, Psyko Stevo and Joseph Equinox. They stand shoulder to shoulder as the papparazzi crowd them.*

Stevo: Hey everybody, glad you could make it out… hey Jose!

*Stevo nods to one of the photographers and smiles as Equinox is entertaining the half on his end. Suddenly and without warning though, Stevo stops in his tracks.*

Stevo: Hey! Hey you!

*The cameras pan out a bit and we see walking up the steps leading into the arena Stevo’s opponent for the night, Peter Gilmour.*

Stevo: Gilmour, hey wait up!

*Stevo runs after Gilmour, who stands still, not backing down by not looking pleased to see his opponent. Stevo quickly rushes up next to Gilmour and places his right arm around Gilmours shoulder, which causes Gilmour to look more then confused.*

Stevo: Peter, what’s happenin?

*As the cameramen come closer, Stevo whispers in Gilmour’s ear the words, “just play along”.*

Stevo: Hey people, get a good shot of this! This is the main event tonight, smile for the cameras pistol Peetey!

*Gilmour still looks more in shock then anything as the cameras begin to fire off photos. Stevo then takes a step back and looks at the reporters, a big smile on his face.*

Stevo: This is it… the main event tonight. Pete and I are going to put on a clinic of amazing wrestler expertise. You all are in for a treat.

*Gilmour continues to look at Stevo in disbelief as Equinox starts to cheer on Stevo’s antics.*

Stevo: Oh, that reminds me…

*Stevo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a signed 8×10 photo of himself, which he attempts to hand to Peter Gilmour.*

Stevo: Pete, thanks for being such a sport tonight… you know, not many people want to compete against me, but you did and… well… here, you’ve earned this.

*Stevo holds the photo out and Gilmour looks down at it, still in disbelief. The cameras finally stop flashing and he seems to snap back into reality. Instead of accepting the photograph he instead ax handle chops down at it, ripping it in half. Stevo’s mood turns from jovial to that of frustration.*

Stevo: Come on Petey, don’t make this into a big deal.

*Gilmour looks at Stevo like a man possessed, finally he speaks…*

Peter: You think this is some kind of joke!? You think I’m just gonna play along with your stupid little games? Oh no… we will give the fans a show tonight, a show of XTREMENESS.

*Gilmour glares at Stevo and Stevo drops his smile, instead staring right back into the eyes of Peter Gilmour.*

Stevo: Xtremeness? That’s not even a word! You think you know what Xtreme is? Please, I defended the NFWA X-Treme title over fifty times, I ate C4 for lunch, I lost fingers, I had inordinate amounts of plastic surgery. You? What have you done? You have NO CLUE what X-Treme is, you little worthless ungrateful pissant.

*The cameramen all look on in shock at the behavior from the noramlly upstanding champion.*

Stevo: I did you a favor by accepting this challenge. Your a nobody Peter Gilmour, you’d be written off by the fans and sVo management before I accepted this. You think people came to this arena to see Peter freaking Gilmour in the main event? Please, just shut up, accept the signed photo, walk out when your music is called, take your beating and your paycheck and get lost. I never want to see you again, people like you sicken and disgust me.

*Stevo once again reaches into his back pocket and pulls out another photo.*

Stevo: You know, there’s kids everywhere who would give their right arm for one of these, you should be grateful.

*Gilmour looks at Stevo with increased rage. The cameramen all look on in anticipation as Gilmour once again ax handle chops through the photograph, ripping it clear down the middle.*

Stevo: You just signed your death warrant you idiot.

*Stevo turns his back and Gilmour keeps looking at him.*

Peter: Did I tell you that you could turn your back on me?

*Stevo spins around, ready to fight. Joseph Equinox however, steps in the way.*

Joseph: Come on dude, it’s Peter Gilmour, not worth it.

Peter: Go ahead, listen to your boyfriend… but know… that tonight… you’re getting taken TO THE X-TREME!

*The cameras flash and Psyko Stevo looks at Peter Gilmour with a smirk on his face. Stevo then starts laughing out loud as Gilmour turns his back on the pair and walks into the arena. As the cameramen start to leave the scene, Equinox looks at Stevo.*

Equinox: Dude… it’s just Gilmour.

Stevo: No… this isn’t about Peter Gilmour. It’s about my legacy Equinox. No one tries to upstage the Psyko One. No one… If Gilmour doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into, he’s about to find out later tonight.

*Equinox looks on with concern as his friend walks off towards the arena himself.*

Equinox: Dude… it’s just Peter Gilmour…

*The image on the sVo Tron fades out and we’re returned to the ring for the start of the show as the fans don’t really know what to make of the events that just transpired outside of the arena.*

There’s No Crying about Spilled Milkshakes.

[Suddenly, there is a knock at the door of the sVo President’s door. Scott Love, still out of commission due to last week’s attack, has forced the semi-newly elected President to answer her own door. When she opens the door, the opening notes to Kelis’ “Milkshake” begins to play. Standing in front of her with a cordless sVo microphone is none other than Chris Bond.]

“YOUR milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

I know you want it,
The thing that makes me,
What the guys go crazy for.
They lose their minds,
The way I wind,
I think it’s time

La la-la la la,
Warm it up.
The boys are waiting

YOUR milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

I can see you’re on it,
You want me to teach thee,
Techniques that freaks these boys,
It can’t be bought,
Just know, thieves get caught,
Watch if you’re smart,

La la-la la la,
Warm it up,
La la-la la la,
The boys are waiting,

YOUR milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

Oh, once you get involved,
Everyone will look this way-so,
You must maintain your charm,
Same time maintain your halo,
Just get the perfect blend,
Plus what you have within,
Then next his eyes are squint,
Then he’s picked up your scent,

Warm it up,
The boys are waiting,

YOUR milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge”

[Bond has managed to dance around while serenading the reigning President. As he lands and slides across the floor right to the feet of Paige Johnson, a massive smirk climbs across his face. He is breathing a little heavy, but the small crowd that has gathered claps a little bit, seeing how awkward the whole experience was. One of those in the crowd was #1 Contender to the sVo World Title, Alex Ross. He shakes his head from left to right. Bond looks up at Paige Johnson, whose face is bright red, only to see a frown on her face. His smirk soon fades too, the door is slammed in his face. The crowd quickly scatters having witnessed the tragedy that has just happened. Chris Bond’s head hangs low. Alex Ross chuckles to himself. Bond slowly gets to his feet, and begins walking off. He passes A-Ross.]

Alex Ross: “Way to go there Billy Joel. Really impressed her with that choice.”

[Bond looks at him.]

Chris Bond: “What the hell was wrong with that song? It’s catchy, and she should have enjoyed it.”

Alex Ross: “Dude, don’t you realize what that song is about?”

[Chris Bond looks out into the open air. Searching for an answer, after a moment, he shakes his.]

Chris Bond: “No… I didn’t think there was any harm…”

Alex Ross: “Blowjobs. The song is about blowjobs. That’s why she is so pissed at you. Jesus Christ man, Google that shit next time.”

[Alex Ross pats Bond on the shoulder before chuckling once more and walking off. Chris Bond’s face turns bright white. He runs back to Paige’s door and starts pounding on the door.]

Chris Bond: “PAIGE! I had no idea that’s what that song was about! I’M SORRY!”

[Bond keeps pounding on the door and screaming his apology as the scene slowly fades to white.]

God Talk

The cameras cut to the backstage area. Inside his locker room, Billy Jacobs is getting ready for his “Role the Dice” match against Drew Carrig. He is slumped over on a bench in the corner staring down at the large scar on his right arm. He clinches his fist, and grunts in pain. Suddenly, he looks up and spots the camera. He quickly slides on his arm protector just in time to cover up the hideous blemish before it was shown all across the world. Looking back up at the camera, Jacobs gives a half-hearted smile.

Billy Jacobs: “What an honor it is. To be given the opportunity to compete in such a meaningful match. My victory over Drew Carrig tonight, will be one for the ages. I will show sVo and the world how good I am…”

Jacobs stops speaking for a moment, then sort of chuckles to himself.

Billy Jacobs: “That’s what I’m supposed to say… right?”

Jacobs looks down and starts to lace up his boots. As he carefully tightens each lace, he continues to speak.

Billy Jacobs: “All I’ve been hearing all week is how special this match is. This could make or break my career. Rubbish… this match is about much more than myself. If I win this match, that means I can take the Lord’s work to the next level. My victory will be an awe inspiring monument to the Lord. Tonight…”

Jacobs is cut off by the sound of a knock at the door. Without an answer, the person just bursts in the room and stares at Jacobs.

Billy Jacobs: “What are you doin’ here?”

The camera turns around to show the intruder, who ends up being… Chris Bond. Bond looks to be in a bit of a panic, and begins spouting off a bunch of non-sensical questions.

Chris Bond: “Hey, since you’re a man of God, I just had a few questions for you… first… does God condone co-workers dating?”

Billy Jacobs: “Um…”

Chris Bond: “What if one of the co-workers had a lot of swing in the company? Say… hypothetically, a newly crowned President… or former General Manager? Is there a rule against that?”

Billy Jacobs: “You see…”

Chris Bond: “If I go to heaven, and God sneezes… what do I say?”

Billy Jacobs: “What?!”

Chris Bond: “Thanks man, you’ve been a big help! Say, is there anyone else I could talk to God about?”

Billy Jacobs: “YES!!!”

Chris Bond: “Oh yeah… Christian Romano!! Erm, Roman. Thanks man!”

Bond quickly turns and runs out the door. Jacobs yells to him, but Bond is far gone by now.


Jacobs slumps back on the bench with his head tilted down, and his eyes closed. He tries to calm his nerves, and settle down after the interruption, then begins to speak again.

Billy Jacobs: “Tonight…”

Suddenly, Chris Bond comes running back into the room. He is out of breath, and can barely get his question out.

Chris Bond: “If… it’s not too much trouble… when the time comes… do you think… you could possibly…”

Billy Jacobs: “SPIT IT OUT!”

Chris Bond: “Perform a marriage?”

Billy Jacobs: “Well, you see… I’m not a real…”

Chris Bond: “Thanks a million man, I owe you big time!”

Bond is gone just as quickly as he came, and for a second, left Jacobs hanging in the middle of his own sentence. Jacobs stands there slack-jawed for a moment, then sits back down on the bench. He finally finishes his sentence.

Billy Jacobs: “… preacher.”

The scene stays on a confused Jacobs for a few seconds, then finally cuts to commercial.


‘The Preacher’ Billy Jacobs vs. Drew Carrig

Suddenly the lights in the arena go out, and the V-Tron begins to flicker. As quickly as it came alive, the giant screen goes black again. The mysterious singing voice of a lone choir boy comes over the PA system as “Destiny” by Stratovarius begins to play. After a short time, more voices join in the singing, and a brilliant white light coming from the now active V-Tron illuminates the arena. Through the bright light, Billy Jacobs’ silhouette can be seen onstage. His head is bowed as if in prayer, but soon lifts up slowly. He scans the crowd as he makes his way to the top of the ramp.

As Jacobs makes his way down to the ring, the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. When he reaches the ring, the light from the V-Tron fades, and the lights in the arena return to normal. He slowly walks up the ring stairs, and climbs in between the ropes. Once in the ring, Jacobs goes to the corner, crouches down, and says a prayer to himself as he waits for the match to start.

As the first guitar riffs of “In The Event that Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong” the lights dim and out from the back steps Drew Carrig. Carrig wears all black and looks up to the sky and then out into the crowd. His stare is cold, heartless, soul-less. As the drums kick into the song, Carrig slowly starts to make his walk to the ring and the crowd sways back, some in fear but also equally in disgust for the man known as “Evil Incarnate.”

Carrig and Jacobs circle each other around the ring as the referee calls for the bell to ring and this sVo roll the dice match to get underway. With both men knowing that one of them will get to roll the dice later tonight and win themselves a prize, they charge into each other before locking up in the centre of the ring. Billy Jacobs tries to force Drew Carrig back in a test of strength, however Carrig nails a low blow on Billy Jacobs just out of sight of the referee. The fans boo the low blow from Drew Carrig, but Carrig takes advantage of the situation with some right hands to the face of Billy Jacobs as he sinks down to his knees. The right hands from Carrig knock Billy Jacobs to the mat, allowing Drew Carrig to stomp away on his opponent.

Having put together an impressive run since signing for the sVo, Drew Carrig looks confident as he pulls Billy Jacobs up by his short blonde hair and throws him hard into the black ring ropes. Jacobs hits the ropes and bounces back straight into the waiting arms of Carrig who takes down the ‘Preacher’ with a belly to back suplex. The fans continue to boo the early domination of the match by Drew Carrig as he makes a quick cover on Billy Jacobs, only for ‘The Preacher’ to get a shoulder up after a count of two.

The referee holds two fingers in the air to show everyone just what the count was as Drew Carrig grabs Billy Jacobs up to his feet. Carrig slaps Jacobs across the chest, however Billy Jacobs fires back with a few rights and lefts on Drew Carrig, before eventually taking his opponent down to the mat with a rib breaker. Billy Jacobs gets a mixed reaction from the fans as he jumps down onto Drew Carrig whilst he is on the mat and slams his knees into the side of his opponent. Drew Carrig looks in pain after the move as Billy Jacobs slowly rises up to his feet. Billy Jacobs positions himself waiting for Carrig who slowly pulls himself up using the ring ropes as support. Carrig turns around straight into the path of his opponent Billy Jacobs, who takes one step towards being the man to roll the dice as he grabs hold of Drew Carrig and plants him to the mat with a ‘Kneel and Pray’! The fans are on their feet after that impressive move as Billy Jacobs hooks the leg and makes the cover on Carrig!




The referee was just about to count the three only for Drew Carrig’s shoulder to come shooting off of the mat just in time! Billy Jacobs shakes his head in disbelief that Carrig managed to kick out as he pulls Carrig up by his long black hair. Carrig looks in pain as Billy Jacobs throws him hard into the corner of the ring, before going straight for his ribs again with an attempted spear in the corner. However the move back fires on ‘the Preacher’ as Drew Carrig dives out of the way at the very last second leaving Billy Jacobs to spear the metal ring post. Billy Jacobs stumbles out of the corner of the ring holding his shoulder in pain, an injury that isn’t exactly helped by Drew Carrig who takes down his opponent with an arm bar takedown.

Billy Jacobs tries to get back to his feet, however Drew Carrig quickly locks in a wristlock and bends the arm of Jacobs back as far as he can in order to go for the shoulder of ‘the Preacher’. The shouts of pain from Billy Jacobs can be heard all around the arena until Drew Carrig progresses the hold into a side headlock on Jacobs, before taking his opponent down to the mat with a perfect plex. The fans in the arena boo the move, but Drew Carrig wastes little time as he rolls Billy Jacobs over onto his back before making the cover.




Drew Carrig punches the mat in frustration. Everyone in the arena thought that there was going to be a three count right there, everyone apart from Billy Jacobs that is who got his shoulder up off of the mat at the very last second.

Billy Jacobs lays on the mat in obvious pain at the extent of the punishment dished out to him by Drew Carrig tonight, however Carrig himself rises to his feet with a smirk on his face. Seeing Billy Jacobs try to get to a standing position, Carrig positions himself behind his opponent before locking on the ‘Gates of Heaven’! ‘The Preacher’ Billy Jacobs is locked in the ‘Gates of Heaven’, and it looks as if it is all over right here! Billy Jacobs struggles to free himself as Drew Carrig tightens the hold in order to try and force a submission from Jacobs! However as both men battle it out to be the man that gets to roll the dice, Billy Jacobs pulls out a surprise as he reaches back on Carrig’s finishing move, before countering it into his own ‘Bow Your Head’! The fans can’t believe the counter they have just seen as Billy Jacobs falls down onto the body of Drew Carrig!




Somehow Billy Jacobs has pulled out the win despite Drew Carrig being able to get the ‘Gates of Heaven’ locked in! Drew Carrig lies on the mat starring up at the ceiling of the arena as Billy Jacobs stumbles to his feet and has his hand risen in victory by the referee. Billy Jacobs might have won the match by sheer determination and ability, but which number will fate throw his way later tonight when he takes his opportunity to roll the dice and pick up a special ‘prize’?

RESULT: ‘The Preacher’ Billy Jacobs def. Drew Carrig via pinfall

THE Challenge

[We are LIVE from the arena in Monterey, Mexico as the sVo World Tour is almost coming to an end. The card for tonight is stacked from top to bottom with the main event being Psyko Stevo taking on Peter Gilmour. Katie Smith is in the ring with microphone in hand. She is wearing a hot green dress with black high heels on her feet. The fans are going crazy as the camera shows signs which say, “The shadows are HERE!”, “Bad Religion is really BAD!” and others. Katie brings the microphone to her lips and begins to speak.]

Katie: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time. He is a former Hardcore Champion, and tonight he will meet the sVo World Champion Psyko Stevo in a non-title match. He is accompanied to the ring by his manager Max Masterson and his girlfriend Rose Smith, he is the Xtreme Icon Peter Gilmour.

Walk with me in Hell begins to blast through the PA , as Max Masterson comes out in a red suit and pants with his trusty singapore cane next to him. He looks to the entranceway as Peter Gilmour comes out with his girlfriend Rose Smith. Rose is wearing a stunning green dress which shows a little to the imagination, while Peter is in his wrestling gear consisting of a long black cloak with hood. The trio stop midway down the ramp and flash the “X” symbol as red and white pyro goes off in the same manner. They hold up their arms for a little while, then they head to the ring. A few fans start to say things in Spanish to Peter which gets him mad and he lunges at a few fans, but Max holds him back and scolds the young fans, who start to cry. They all get into the ring and circle around where Katie is standing. Peter rips off his hood and rolls his eyes in back of his head while looking at Katie as the lights come back on. Peter flashes a sick grin to Katie and then stands next to his girlfriend Rosa. Katie tries to regain her composure as the music starts to die down.]

[The fans in the arena start to boo Peter and he goes to the ropes and starts telling them to shut up but they boo more. Max brings him back and tells him to focus. Katie then begins to ask her first question.]

Katie: Peter, tonight you go one on one with the World Champion Psyko Stevo.

[Fans pop at the sound of Stevo’s name. Peter is not impressed.]

Katie: Do you think that with all the distractions that you are having with the Shadows running amok here over the past 2 weeks, that you can maybe pull of the shocking upset and beat the champ?

Peter: It’s funny you bring that up Katie. Because I have something to say to our so called “CHAMP.” Listen up champ. You see last week after I lost my chance to become #1 contender for the Hardcore Title, those damn voices starting bothering me. They told me to make a “challenge.” A “big challenge” if you will. They said if I did this it would change my career. Now I don’t believe in ghosts or anyone telling me how to run my life and my career. I get enough stress from Max and Rose on a daily basis.

[Max and Rose look at each other as they give a confused look to each other after that remark by Peter.]

Peter: The fact of the matter is, I am sick and tired of these stupid voices telling me what to do. I’m also sick and tired of the guys in the back picking on me like I’m some little kid in kindergarten class. I am a grown man and I can fight my own battles. Hell, I was a former 15 time World Champion for God’s sake. I am a LEGEND in this business. But the only way to get these voices out of my head is to go ahead with their little game. So tonight Stevo, I will make a challenge. This challenge is going to shock the world and it will shock your world too buddy.

[Peter flashes a sick, evil grin as Max and Rose look on.]

Peter: Stevo, tonight our match will be one on one. BUT, it will be for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!

[The fans are in awe, as is Katie Smith and Rose Smith (no relation). Everyone in the arena just got the shock of the life. A match for the World Title and we’re only 1 week away from Countdown to Violence.]

Peter: That’s huge isn’t it? It should be. I’m tired of not getting what I deserve and it’s about time for me to start kicking some ass around here. Tonight, I WILL become the 16 time World Champion and I will go on to Countdown to Violence and defend it against anyone who dares to try and take it from me.

[Katie interrupts Peter.]

Katie: But what about Bad Religion? They have been running wild here over the past few weeks. And don’t forget they put you out with that grade 2 concussion. Don’t you think they will be gunning for you again this week?

Peter: I could give a rat’s ass if they show up. Those bastards made me like this. The awoken the demon within me and opened Pandora’s Box. I will say this though Katie. IF those bastards decide to come down to the ring and cost me my chance at becoming the World Champion, then God have mercy on their souls. I will not only destroy them, but I will destroy ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who tries to stop me. Tonight, the end of Stevo’s reign as champion begins and the new era of Xtreme begins. Tonight, someone is going to be taken….. TO HELL!

[Peter begins to laugh wickedly as Max and Rose start to clap their hands. Peter puts his head down and then in an instant he flips his head up as fire emits from the turnbuckles as blood starts to drip out of his mouth. Peter begins to lick the fake blood as Walk with me in Hell plays in the background. We fade to commercial.]

The Dice Of Destiny

Backstage in the office of President Paige the camera zooms in on the Goodfellas Casino table that has been flown in specifically for tonight’s roll the dice match, which was won earlier by ‘the Preacher’ Billy Jacobs. Jacobs is standing over the table with a dice in his hand as the tired looking Paige stands besides him with a list in her hand.

Billy Jacobs – “Ok, what do I have to throw here to win big?”

Paige scans the list with her eyes before replying.

Paige – “Ok if you roll a one, you walk away with nothing.”

Billy Jacobs looks less than impressed with the first choice, will he have wrestled a gruelling match against Drew Carrig for nothing?

Paige – “You roll a two, and you get entered into the Las Vegas Championship match at Countdown to Violence.”

Billy Jacobs nods his head, a little more impressed with the prize behind the number two on the dice.

Paige – “Roll a three and you get yourself a Hardcore Championship shot at the PPV, roll yourself a four and you get to find yourself a tag team partner and get a shot at the sVo Tag Team Championship belt.”

Billy Jacobs nods as he rolls the dice around in his hand.

Paige – “Roll a five and win a shot at Night’s International Championship, and roll a six and you earn yourself $85,000 in Goodfellas Casino chips!”

Billy Jacobs nods one last time as he looks at the dice in his hand before tossing it down the table. The dice bounces off the side of the table before finally coming to rest with the five facing upwards.

Paige – “Congratulations Billy, it looks like you are heading to Countdown to Violence to compete for the International Championship against Night and the winner of the Bond/Banks match later tonight!”

Billy Jacobs looks pleased with his prize as he shakes the hand of President Paige before making his way out of the office.

Billy Jacobs – “Thanks Paige. You won’t regret this!”

Paige smiles as she makes her way back around the other side of her desk and slumps into her chair as Billy Jacobs exits the office and closes the door behind him. Alone in the room, Paige reaches into the top draw and pulls out a bottle of aspirin before shovelling a few pills into her mouth and swallowing. Suffering from stress headaches ever since last weeks show, these pills were the only things that were keeping her going right now. As Paige relaxed back in her seat and closed her tired eyes, a knocking at the door quickly brought her to again. Paige – “Come in!”

Quickly throwing the pills back into the draw Paige looked towards the door as Alex Ross entered the room.

Alex Ross – “Hey Paige, what the hell is your deal?”

Paige was slightly surprised by the aggressive nature of Alex Ross’s tone as he marched towards her desk.

Paige – “What’s the matter?”

Alex Ross – “What’s the matter? I just seen Peter Gilmour challenge Psyko Stevo to a sVo WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP match tonight! Where does this put me, I am supposed to be the number one contender!”

Paige scoffed as she looked at Alex Ross, expecting him to burst out laughing and reveal it as a joke any minute now.

Paige – “Peter Gilmour in a sVo Championship shot. He must know that I would never sanction that!”

Alex Ross shook his head as he pushed a piece of paper onto the desk of President Paige.

Alex Ross – “Explain this then!”

Paige picked up the paper before dropping it back on the desk.

Paige – “No, there must be some kind of mistake?”

The camera zooms in on the paper to reveal Paige’s signature on the document sanctioning a sVo Championship match later tonight.

Alex Ross – “Your signature is right there! First we have Gilmour telling him that some shadows told him to make this challenge and then we get you signing it up! What the hell?”

Paige – “The shadows told Gilmour to make the challenge?”

Alex Ross – “Yeah that’s what he said.”

The colour begins to drain from the face of President Paige as she goes over her own experience with the ‘shadows’ last week on Showdown.

Paige – “Don’t worry Alex, whoever wins tonight… You will face them at Countdown to Violence for your title shot.”

Alex Ross’s ears suddenly perk up as he ponders the situation.

Alex Ross – “So if Gilmour wins…. I have to face him at Countdown to Violence?”

Paige nods to confirm the match which sends a smile over Alex Ross’s face.

Alex Ross – “Hmmm, interesting.”

The scene fades out as President Paige looks down at the document that she has ‘signed’ with a look of confusion on her tired face as Alex Ross stands up and leaves the office whilst going over a potential ‘opportunity’ in his mind.

Saved by the Rod?

[The camera quickly catches up with Chris Bond standing backstage. Chatting on his cell phone once more. This time, he doesn’t seem as angry.]

Chris Bond: “I’m sorry, but I’m going to need a sign before I agree to work for somebody again. Seeing as the last guy I worked for still owes me a damned favor.”

[Bond notices the camera, and quickly turns away. The sunglasses that were covering his eyes can’t hide the annoyance that has appeared on his face.]

Chris Bond: “No… what I’m saying is you prove to me you’re serious about this, and I’ll be glad to sign up. I’m trying to get something going with Paige Johnson, and right now, she’s got me by the balls, not letting me use any of my gadgets. You prove to me you’re serious, and I’ll talk to her about possibly getting my sentence reduced. Haha.”

[Bond chuckles at his own joke. He notices the camera again and tries to push them away, but his attempt is in vein. All he manages to do is lose his balance and drop the phone… causing it to close on impact. The call is ended. Chris Bond doesn’t look too happy. He bends down to pick it up, noticing the disconnect.]

Chris Bond: “I hope you’re happy random camera guy just doing your job. You may have just cost me one… By all rights I should beat the hell of you…”

[His threats are interrupted by his ringtone “Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart. He listens to a few lines before answering it. He glares at the camera guy.]

Chris Bond: “Yeah, sorry… the camera guy—wait, how the hell did you know about that? Where are you at? You spying on me! You better not be using my gadgets pal! I want a big sign now. I want you to prove to me that you are who you claim to be! Show me a sign. I’ll be waiting.”

[Bond closes the phone this time and pushes it into his pocket. He looks at the camera man once more.]

Chris Bond: “You were saved by Rod Stewart bitch, I think you owe him a debt of gratitude. Yeah… think about that the next time you cause somebody like me to drop their cell phone in the middle of an important conversation. You might not be so lucky next time.”

[Bond shakes his head and walks off, leaving the camera man pondering two things: Who was the person he was talking too, and why in the hell did he get threatened by a guy who has Rod Stewart as his ringtone? The scene slowly fades to white.]

What Makes You Tick[

Camera pans backstage where we find William Voorheez walking down a seemingly deserted hallway, jabbing the air in anticipation for his match in a few minutes. Stopping briefly, he listens to an audible whisper that faintly grows louder and louder as he makes his way down the corridor. Finally, he spots his opponent, Christian Roman, kneeling in prayer. Voorheez scoffs for a moment and leans against the wall, watching Christian in his apparent sherade. When Christian finishes, Voorheez approaches him]

William Voorheez: You think your God is going to save you out there?

Christian Roman: He’ll do what He deems appropriate.

William Voorheez: What kind of faith is that? All I’ve heard is how you’re the zealout, and now you’re blowing off your trust?

Christian Roman: No, William, I’m merely trusting in His power. Something that perhaps you should do. If you know what’s good for you.

William Voorheez: [getting defensive] Listen, pal, I don’t take kindly to threats of any kind.

Christian Roman: [coming face to face with Voorheez] This isn’t a threat; this a promise. He will punish you for your sins. In this world or the next. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Christian pushes by Voorheez and meanders down the hallway. A stunned and disheveled Voorheez spins on his heels, finding his tongue.

William Voorheez: And what about you? You don’t think your God will punish you? I did some snooping around – I know what happened to your family! I know what you did, or better yet – what you didn’t do!

[Christian abruptly stops and turns around, quickly making his way back to William Voorheez who stands rooted in his spot. Fire burns through both mens’ eyes]

William Voorheez: What are you going to do about it?

[Voorheez playfully shoves Christian backwards, but is immediately coldclocked by a right hand from the religious zealout. Both men lock up and wildly throw haymakers at one another as security rushes from out of nowhere to split both men up and contain them]

William Voorheez: You’ll pay for that, Roman! I’ll make sure you pay!

[The camera fades as Christian is restrained by several members of security and William Voorheez wipes his face clean and breaks away from the security holding him in place]

Book It

The camera cuts to the backstage area, where Matt Thornhill is seated in what looks to be a director’s chair, eating a ham and cheese sandwich. He smiles a full-mouthed smile up at the camera, swallows his sandwich, and begins to speak.

Steele…Steele…Steele. Are we having a nostalgia trip? Did getting your ass kicked by Drew remind you of how badly I destroyed you once upon a time, too? Did it make you long for the good old days of playing second fiddle to me? Did you miss that? Is that why you asked for this match with me at the PPV, Steven?

You see, Steele…I’ve moved on from the CWF. That was a lifetime ago. Those were titles won — by me — in a bygone era. I’m different now. That’s ancient history! I see your challenge to me…and I don’t see any reason to accept it.

Thornhill leans back in his director’s chair, crossing his legs in front of him, hands on the back of his head. Silent for a couple of seconds for impact, he then begins to speak again.

But then…I think to myself this thought. Why deny Steele this request he’s made? That’d be like saying no to a Make A Wish Foundation kid…just totally cruel. If Steven Steele wants me to kick his ass at the PPV…why should I deny him that opportunity? I shouldn’t!

So Steele…you want to hop into the way-back machine and get put down just like all those other times in the CWF…you want to be my stepping stone to greatness in the sVo, just like back then…be my guest. Paige…book it. Thornhill vs Steele at Countdown to Violence…and Viva The Revolution.

Thornhill takes another bite of his sandwich as the camera cuts back to the ring.


William Vorheez vs. Christian Roman

[Arena goes completely black as “Ghost of Perdition” by Opeth starts to play, and once the guitar and singer kick in a small blast of pyro ignites on the stage and keeps burning as the entrance way fills up with smoke and out walks William Vorheez, red, green, and white lights flicker with the music as he slowly makes his way to the ring. He stares straight at the ring and does not pay attention to the crowd as they have a mixed reaction about him. He walks up the steps and then walks half way down the ring apron and steps over the top rope as the lights come up and the music slowly fades.]

The referee sends Vorheez to a corner, to check him for any foreign objects, and to make sure he understands the rules of the match…The crowd is quieting down from the massive boos that rang while Vorheez was making his way down the ramp, and slide in.

[Suddenly, the arena turns pitch black and and over the loudspeakers, starting off quickly, are the riffs from Protest the Hero’s “Heretics and Killers”]

They called me the man with the blood of Christ


But tonight I drink with heathens and the finest blasphemies
In wine there’s truth but in silence there’s surrender
A screaming for the silence in stunned suspicious terror

[Smoke billows at the top of the ramp, forcing people to shield their eyes from the potency]

I built a temple in my life and used God to seal the pillars
After twenty years of fighting young heretics and killers
I watch my temple fall to pieces at the first signs of oncoming weather
Fell to my knees like Jesus in the cave, knew I would die

[As the smoke begins to clear, Christian pushes through the remaining shield and quickly moves towards the ring, with camera focusing on his back, littered with images of Christ and other religious icons]

But my lips could only say; I’m not your son so why have you forsaken me?
There’s a hole in my heart but it just makes me unholy
Crucified that night and I walked away with alter-egos
Like the prison priest who preaches his dead and buried gospel

[He shakes a few hands on his way down, shaking off the seeming rust as uses the stairs to climb into the ring through the ropes]

While my faith is in ruins my duty still breathes strong
I’m a parrot in a cage just saying prayers to belong to a textbook
Of my crying, lying, dying history; a textbook
Of my crying, lying, dying history; a textbook
Of my crying; a textbook
Of my lying; a textbook
Of my dying; a textbook
Of my history.

[Christian hits the closest turnbuckle and raises his right arm in the air and then jumps down, bouncing off the ropes a few times]

The crowd is still extremely excited at the arrival of Christian Roman, as the lights in the arena are set on the center of the ring, as the referee checks Roman, and makes sure he understands the rules as well. The referee walks to the center of the ring, and points to both men, asking if they are ready. Roman gives a quick grabs and drop at the ropes, as both men nod their heads. The referee throws his finger at the time keeper, and this match is underway.



Both men circle the ring, as Roman drops to a knee and reaches for the ankle of Vorheez. Vorheez quickly hops out the way, as Roman is back up. Both men hold up their arms, as they eye one another, and step forward. locking arms in a collar and elbow tie up. Both men struggle for position. Roman manages to grab the headlock on Vorheez. A few cranks, and Vorheez puts a foot over the bottom rope, and hooks it. The referee calls for the break.




Roman releases it, giving a clean break…Vorheez yaps to the referee about getting Roman back. As Roman is in the center of the ring waiting for Vorheez. Vorheez slowly comes from the ropes, and turns his head trying to work out his neck. Vorheez and Roman circle the ring, arms up, they step in for the collar and elbow tie up, but Vorheez gives a stiff kick into the gut of Roman. Followed by a hard club across the shoulders.

Vorheez grabs the head of Roman, and hooks it under his arm. He looks out across a crowd that is screaming boos in disapproval for the actions of Vorheez. With a smile on his face, he throws Roman’s arm over his head, he pauses again, looking at the front row before him, and grabs the tights of Roman. Suddenly, in a quick motion, he lifts up Roman. Stalling, he starts to turn around with Roman, but Roman flips over, going over the top rope. Still holding Vorheez’s head, he drops him in a inverted neck breaker/stun gun as he lands feet first on the floor.

Roman tags the hands of the fans front row, as they chant ROMAN, ROMAN, ROMAN after the weird counter to the suplex. The crowd is rowdy, as Roman hops on the apron, about center of the ring. He measures up Vorheez who is laying face first directly in front of him, feet near about touching each other. Roman grabs the top rope, and drops down a little, and springboards up to the top rope. Roman leaps off in a sitting prayer position, landing an elbow to the back of the neck of Vorheez. He rolls him over, puts an arm over the back of the head, and hooks a leg, as he locks hands together, pitting more pressure on the neck of Vorheez, as the referee slides in for a pin.



NO…Vorheez manages to rolls completely out of the lock. Vorheez cannot believe it. Suddenly the sounds of “Open Your Eyes” By Guano Apes plays across the arena. Roman stands to his feet, as he looks up towards the entranceway, as Hardcore Champion, Joseph Equinox walks out. Roman questions the referee to why he is coming out, but the referee has no answer. Equinox walks down the ramp, as he stops about ten feet from the ring. The music cuts, as Roman screams at him for interrupting his match. The two exchange a few words, but Equinox gives him a warning, that is ignored.

Vorheez comes from behind Roman, with a clip to the back of the knee. Roman collapse while holding the top rope. Vorheez gives a stomp to the stomach area, forcing the grip to be loosen. Vorheez grabs the left leg, the one he clipped, and sets it on the bottom rope. He puts his foot on top of Roman’s, and holding on the top rope, he steps up and drops ass first the knee of Roman.

The referee orders for Vorheez to remove Roman off the ropes. Vorheez picks up Roman, and grabs him, and presses him high in the air with a gorilla press, as he tosses him, and slams him down to the mat. Vorheez points at Equinox and poses, flexing his muscles to show he has strength. Vorheez picks up Roman, and hooks the head, arm over his head. He grabs the leg, and quickly lifts up Roman, and drops him with a fisherman’s buster. He holds the move for a pin, as the referee slides in for the count.



NO! Roman throws his right shoulder up. Vorheez argues with the referee about a slow count, but the referee throws two fingers in his face, and Vorheez steams mad. Vorheez picks up Roman, and hooks him in a full nelson. He lifts up Roman, as he goes to slam him down, Roman slides out, Vorheez still in motion, comes down, and two boots to the mouth. Vorheez springs back some, as Roman grabs the leg, rolls back, sending Vorheez to the mat face first.

Roman rolls straight to his feet. He aims up Vorheez and hits the ropes, dropping a low fast leg drop across the back of the neck of Vorheez. Roman picks up Vorheez and calls for finish. Hooking the head, he slowly goes into it, and drops Vorheez with a hangman’s neckbreaker. He rolls over on top, and hooks the leg.



No, Vorheez is out! Roman looks on shocked, as he pounds the mat, before standing up, pickup Vorheez with him. Roman Irish whips Vorheez into the corner. As Vorheez hits, Roman rushes in for a high hang time like splash in the corner, but Vroheez rolls to the side, and Roman hits head first on the steel ring post. Vorheez drops behind him, and school boys up Roman. Referee slides into position, and Vorheez puts his feet on the ropes.



Equinox knocks the feet off the ropes, making the pin shuffle out. Vorheez looks at Equinox with anger, and he rolls out the ring. The two men go face to face, as they start to exchange words back and forth. Vorheez pushes Equinox, and is quickly slapped for this action. Mean while, Roman is back to his feet, and is mounting the top rope. Both Equinox takes notice as Vorheez does too, cork screw drive off the top rope, catching both men.

All three men are down, but Roman is slowly stirring as he manages to get to his feet. The Mexican crowd is chanting ROMAN ROMAN ROMAN out of respect for the action. Roman grabs up Vorheez and slings him into the ring. Roman slides in, as Vorheez is stumbling to his feet, unaware of his surroundings. From behind, Roman grabs the face of and falls back, dropping Vorheez’s neck into his knee.

Roman gets to his feet and turns around to pose to the crowd, but Equinox is there, as he grabs the head of Roman, and drops him with a Digit Code (RKO.) Equinox rolls him out the ring, as the referee is helping up Vorheez. Equinox shoves the referee to the side and to the mat, as he catches Vorheez with a Digit Code too. The bell sounds…




The referee has thrown out the match, due to Equinox involvement with both superstars. As Roman slowly gets to his feet on the outside, looking at Equinox with fury. Roman gives him a warning that he is going to take him out for that, but Equinox dares him to now. Security comes down, forcing Roman to remain on the outside, as Vorheez stays face first on the mat.

Zero Gravity

With both Vorheez and Roman laying motionless on the canvess, Equinox calls for a microphone. Equinox looks livid.

Equinox: This was not meant to happen like this boys. How dare either of you disrespect my tournament like this. This was all about being “chosen” and earning your right at this title. But instead you both choose to disrespect me and my title.

Equinox lowera the microphone for a second as he tries to calm himself down a bit.

Equinox: Even though I now think that you both don’t even deserve a shot at this title here’s how we shall settle this. I may aswell finish off my tournament with a bang. Next Sunday at Countdown to Violence, both you shall go against me in the sVo’s first ever Zero Gravity Match.

A hushed silence decends around the arena. Looks of confusion can be seen on many fans faces.

Equinox: Here’s how it works, in each corner of the ring shall be a 15ft metal scaffold. Above them, connecting the poles shall be 2 strips of rope that will cross over each other in the middle. And hanging from the middle of them shall be my Hardcore Championship. And now sVo shall have Zero Gravity.

The crowd errupts in cheers as Equinox now moves over to the still motionless Vorheez and Roman.

Equinox: Congratulations boys! Now you will both “Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight!”

The crowd errupts once more as Equinox’s music hits the P.A. system. Equinox looks as his Zero Gravity opponents once more before leaving the ring and heading backstage.

Gotta Have Faith

The camera fades up into the parking lot of the Monterrey arena just in time to see an ebony 1967 Chevy Impala come roaring and coming to a Holt with a huge screech of the wheels. The driver is obscured, the fan in the arena, confused stay silent only a few murmurs here and there can be heard.

The driver’s side door swings open and the camera lowers only to reveal the feet of the driver emerging from the car, more specifically a pair of black cowboy boots. The camera follows them as they begin to walk through the arena. As the camera follows, slowly it begins to pan upwards reveals some very slender, very toned and very obviously female legs, which led to a pair of the tiniest denim daisy dukes you could ever imagine which to leads to plenty of wolf whistles from the males in the audience. A beer in one hand, she continues to walk, her steps, hard and fierce like this chick really does mean business.

A little higher and the camera reveals a black tribal design on the lower part of the women’s back. The camera almost bumps into the woman as she comes to a holt. A knock is heard and as the camera pans, it reveals the door to the office of President Paige.

“Come in” She calls from inside the office. The woman enters, carefully opening the door, her face still obscured from the camera.

“Thank you Miss Winchester for coming all this way.”

“Thank you? I’ve just driven the better part of twelve hours to get here so it better be good, it better be real good or yall are gonna have an issue to resolve.” The mystery women’s voice is laced with an Oklahoma accent but you can still hear the frustration in her soft voice, she flicks her long platinum blonde and black locks over her shoulder

“I did offer you a flight” She returns calmly

“If I wanted to fly, I coulda bought a ticket, what I do want though Miss Paige is to ‘rassle…”

“And wrestle you will, the reason we called you down here was to finalize details, like signing your contract” Paige slides over the pieces of paper and a pen to ‘Miss Winchester’, She leans forward and signs the paper then takes a swig from the bottled beer clasped in her hand.

“Welcome to the sVo Roster Faith…” Faith offers the bottle to Paige who politely declines. The camera pans to reveal the soft southern glowing face, beaming with a smile that almost seemed a little malicious of the Faith Winchester, the newest addition to the sVo…..


Chris Bond vs. Howie Banks

“If you take a life, do you know what you’ll give…
Odds are, you won’t like what it is…
When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me…
By the merciless eyes I’ve deceived…
I’ve seen angels fall from blinding heights…
But you yourself are nothing so divine…
Just next in line…”

The lights dim from the piercing bright lights to an empty dark black. A single spotlight shines on the entrance ramp. Quickly it searches the entrance area, only to find nothing. Suddenly, a sheet of glass shoots up from the floor of the arena. The spotlight shines directly on the glass, and the characters ‘009’ appear quickly before fading away.

“Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you…
The odds will betray you…
And I will replace you…
You can’t deny the prize; it may never fulfill you…
It longs to kill you…
Are you willing to die…

The coldest blood runs through my veins…
You know my name…”

For a moment there is silence, the spotlight shines on the plain sheet of darkly colored glass. Suddenly, a laser light points on the glass. Everyone expects the glass to cut out a sillhouette for the resident Secret Agent to step out from. Instead, a kick from a black boot sends the glass shattering, and out steps Chris Bond. The lights quickly shoot back on. The crowd is up in arms, cheering for their favorite spy. The smirk that is known around the world as being an interesting blend of cockiness and suaveness sits perched across the face of Bond. He begins to make his way to the ring. His eyes are locked on the squared circle, as if he holds a personal vendetta against the wrestling ring that has made him famous world around. He quickly steps up the ring stairs and slides through the ropes in a smooth, cocky manner. Staring out into the crowd, his smirk has disappeared and he looks around. Camera flashes go off without a hitch and the smirk reappears.

Bond begins to circle the ring, pacing himself and readying his psyche for the upcoming challenge. Jumping in place, he breathes in and out. He quickly bends down to get a few extra stretches in as ‘You Know My Name’ performed by Chris Cornell begins to die down. The lights pop back to normalcy as the crowd continues to cheer for their favourite ‘double-oh’.

Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 more at the top
all invisible set, in little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot
I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I’m changin’ grillz everyday, like Jay change clothes

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

Banks and Bond stand opposite each other as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this match to get underway! Both men circle each other knowing that one man of the other will be walking into Countdown to Violence with the chance to become sVo International Champion against Night. However before the first punch is even thrown in anger, the match is interrupted as dozens of Mexican law enforcement officals make their way down the entrance ramp!

The crowd are shocked at the scene as the Mexican police officers climb into the ring and grab hold of Howie Banks! The police officers pin Howie Banks down to the floor and place him in cuffs as the referee and Chris Bond look on wondering what the hell is going on. Howie Banks is quickly lead away from the ring by the police as Chris Bond looks at the referee and asks him what he is going to do! The referee seems to ponder the question for a few seconds before turning towards the entrance ramp and counting.











The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and Chris Bond has manages to beat Howie Banks and earn himself an International Championship shot without even throwing a punch! The crowd doesn’t know what the hell to make of the situation as Chris Bond leans against the ropes in the ring. Was this the sign that he had asked from his prospective employers earlier in the night? If so just who the hell where they and how did they have that much power?

RESULT: Chris Bond def. Howie Banks via countout

Fruit Loops/Nap Time

As the camera comes into focus we find ourselves outside what looks like an abandoned trailer. A man, dressed in a long brown trench coat and brown bucket hat, begins knocking on the door.

Narrator ‘This is Rick, Frank’s attorney and agent. After a failed “directing” career Rick began managing wrestlers, and small time actors.’

After knocking for several seconds with no response Rick yells.

Rick ‘Hey Frank I got some great news!’

We cut to the inside of the trailer where we find a mess. Clothes, bottles of Jack Daniels, and various boxes cover the floor. We observe the mess as we travel to the back of the trailer and arrive at the bathroom door.

Narrator ‘Here’s the star of our show, Frank James. At one time he was regarded as the future of professional wrestling.’

We cut to a shot inside the bathroom and find Frank slumped over, sleeping on the toilet. Although he appears to be unconscious he is clutching a bowl of Fruit Loops in his left hand. The sound of Rick’s knocking and yelling can be heard faintly.

Narrator ‘After his movie career floundered, Frank adopted a new hobby … eating while defecating.’

A phone begins ringing and Frank’s head snaps up quickly as does his hand, which causes the cereal to fly off the wall behind him. Frank looks back, and shakes his head before reaching out and grabbing the sink. He begins pulling himself up off the toilet while pulling his pants up.

Narrator ‘Although Frank had spent several hours a day on the toilet this was the first time he had fallen asleep on it, so he was surprised to find out …’

Frank tries to take a step, but falls flat on his face, knocking himself out.

Narrator ‘ … his legs had fallen asleep.’

We cut back to Rick, still outside the trailer, holding his cell phone up to his ear. We hear a loud bang from inside the trailer and Rick quickly closes his phone and reaches for the door knob. He turns it and looks back at the camera surprised as it turns and the door opens. Rick steps inside and, as he sees the condition of the trailer, he jumps back in shock.

Rick ‘FRANK!?’

Narrator ‘Rick tends to be a bit fanatical.’

Rick storms to the back of the trailer looking for Frank. When he reaches the bathroom he flings the door open and finds Frank face down on the floor.


Narrator ‘Told you.’

Rick’s loud feminine scream wakes Frank who immediately grabs his head, but remains on the floor.

Frank ‘Oh good … you’re back.’

Rick ‘Are you alright?’

Frank ‘I think my legs fell asleep … or I’m paralyzed. How about you drag me out to the living room?’

Rick bends down and tries to lift Frank, but he is too weak. After trying from a different angle Rick stands back up and starts shaking his head.

Rick ‘I don’t think its happening.’

Frank sighs and attempts to look up at Rick as best he can.

Frank ‘You better have a good reason for interrupting my Fruit Loops slash nap time.’

Rick ‘It’s important, but we can wait until you’re feeling better to discuss this.’

Frank ‘Please, I’m fine.’

Frank reaches down and starts shaking his legs with his hands trying to wake them up.

Rick ‘Alright then, I got you a job.’

Frank ‘Uh huh.’

Instead of paying attention to Rick, Frank is now punching his legs in hopes of waking them up.

Rick ‘It’s with this company called sVo. It’s not a guaranteed contract or anything, more of a try out.’

Frank ‘Uh huh.’

After getting some life back in his legs Frank attempts to get himself up, but fails and flops back down on his stomach.

Rick ‘So … we need to go catch this plane to Vegas …’

Frank’s head jerks up quickly and a smile appears on his face.

Frank ‘VEGAS!?’

Rick ‘Vegas.’

Frank ‘You’re a genius Rick. We’ll drain your ex-wife’s bank account and go double it in Vegas.’

Rick ‘The divorce isn’t final yet, and that’s not what I was sayi …’

Frank ‘Don’t worry about it we’ll have it back in her account before she notices.’

Rick ‘No, I was saying …’

Frank ‘You’ve said enough Rick.’

Frank winks at Rick.

Rick ‘Frank we’re not going to Vegas to gamble my …’

Frank ‘No hey whoa! Look, I know you don’t want to be implicated here. Say no more.’

Rick closes his eyes and puts his head in his hand in frustration. Frank, now accepting that his legs will not cooperate, rolls over to his side.

Frank ‘Now, before we get on that plane. I need a drink.’

Rick ‘No, I need you sober … and is there any way you could get in better shape in an hour?’

Frank ‘Better shape? Are you kidding? I’m the picture of health.’

Narrator ‘He wasn’t.’

The camera points out the obvious by zooming in on Frank’s large gut. As the camera begins panning out we see Frank going into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes.

Frank ‘And why would I need to be in shape to gamble?’

Frank now with a cigarette in his lips, leans back and begins scratching his ass as we fade to black.

Narrator ‘Next time …’

We fade back in, as the trailer door swings open, and Rick enters holding a bottle of Jack Daniels with a big smile on his face.

Frank ‘… is that the small bottle?’

The expression on Rick’s faces changes instantly, and he drops his head, and begins walking back out of the trailer.

Frank ‘wait leave that one too.’

Fade to black.


Alex Ross vs. Kaden Alonzo

“Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest blasts through the PA system. The lights dim and at the entranceway a spotlight shines gold through fog. Alex Ross, in a gold suit with white pinstripes, emerges from the curtain and raises his right arm into the air. He makes his way down the isle and climbs the ring stairs. Once through the ropes, Ross steps up to the top rope and taunts the crowd. He hops down and slips his jacket off, tossing it ringside.

The lights in the arena suddenly cut before a pulsating electric blue light begins to flash all around the ringside area.

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

The pulsating rhythm of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash slowly plays over the sound system in the arena, as onto the top of the entrance stage slowly walks the ‘Cult of Kharn’. The eyes of the fans struggle to turn to Kaden Alonzo due to the flashing blue light. Kaden makes his way down the entrance ramp in time with the music. Kaden seems to be holding his head in pain as he stand just a few steps away from the ring. After a few seconds, Kaden Alonzo slowly climbs into the ring holding his head, as the blue flashing lights slowly come to an end.

Kaden Alonzo and Alex Ross look across the ring at each other as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and this one gets underway! Alonzo runs at Alex Ross, however the #1 contender for the sVo Championship knocks Alonzo down with a big right hand! The fans boo the move from Alex Ross, but he stomps away on Kaden Alonzo as he tries to get to his feet. Kaden Alonzo finally struggles up to his feet, however Alex Ross is right back onto him as he sends him into the corner of the ring. Kaden Alonzo bounces back, but Alex Ross takes him down to the mat with a back body drop before dropping an elbow on Kaden Alonzo.

The #1 contender looks to be in fine form as he taunts Kaden Alonzo to get back to his feet before slapping him across the face. However this slap seems to reignite a spark on Kaden Alonzo as he ducks under a right hand from Alex Ross and bounces into the ropes. Alex Ross turns to face Alonzo, but he runs at Ross and knocks him down with a flying elbow smash! The fans give a mixed reaction to the move as Alex Ross climbs back to his feet. Kaden Alonzo takes down Alex Ross with a fireman’s carry takedown before locking in a elbow lock submission move on Ross. Ross battles hard to get out of the move, and eventually frees himself with a rake of the eyes to Kaden Alonzo.

Alonzo rises back up to his feet and holds his face in pain, but as Alex Ross runs at him he has the presence of mind to knock him down with a big boot to the face. Alex Ross quickly rises back up to his feet, but Kaden Alonzo leaps straight back onto him and takes him down to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker! The fans cheer the move from Alonzo as he quickly makes the cover on Ross!




Alex Ross gets a shoulder off of the mat before the three can be counted, much to the disappointment of the fans who were hoping that Ross would lose before his big sVo Championship showdown against Psyko Stevo at Countdown to Violence next week. Ross bravely rises back up to the mat, however Kaden Alonzo is there waiting with a back elbow to send Ross into the corner of the ring! Kaden Alonzo smashes Ross with some big punches in the corner, but Ross manages to counter with a knee to the midsection on Alonzo! Ross grabs Alonzo by the back of the head and slams him face first into the turnbuckle, before taking him out of the corner and back in to the middle of the ring with a German suplex! The fans boo the big move from Ross, but the Perfect Ten doesn’t even acknowledge them as he makes the cover on Alonzo.




Alex Ross thought that he had it there, but Kaden Alonzo showed his resilience and got a shoulder up off of the mat before the three could be counted. Alex Ross grabs Kaden Alonzo by the hair and pulls him up to his feet before sending him hard into the ropes. Alonzo bounces back and Alex Ross takes him down with a drop toe hold before locking on a Canadian cross face on Alonzo! The fans boo loudly as Alex Ross looks for the submission win, however as the referee asks Alonzo is he would like to give up, he just manages to get to the ropes in time to break the submission hold!

Alex Ross doesn’t look impressed as he pulls Kaden Alonzo to his feet and looks for a suplex on his opponent. However Kaden Alonzo out of nowhere reverses the suplex attempt from Ross into a suplex of his own! Alex Ross rises to his feet looking stunned, but he doesn’t have time to even take a breath as Kaden Alonzo takes him down to the mat with a spear takedown! Kaden Alonzo slams Alex Ross’s head against the floor like a mad man, before jumping up to his feet. Kaden Alonzo signals for his finishing move before stalking Alex Ross as he slowly rises up to his feet. Kaden Alonzo dives at Ross looking for the ‘Hand of Destiny’, however Alex Ross ducks out of the way before nailing Alonzo with a low blow!

The fans boo loudly for the low blow from Alex Ross, but ‘The Perfect Ten’ simply grabs hold of Alonzo and plants him to the mat with a ‘Jackpot’! With Alonzo down, Alex Ross wastes no time in making the cover!




This one is all over, and with only a week before Countdown to Violence Alex Ross has ended the winning streak of Kaden Alonzo and now looks in good shape to challenge Psyko Stevo for the sVo Championship! With Alex Ross being the man that defeated Psyko Stevo for the International Championship, will he also be the man that takes the sVo World Championship off him as well?

RESULT: Alex Ross def. Kaden Alonzo via pinfall

Losing Myself (Part 1)

In the backstage area Quinten Fayte can be seen coming out of Paiges’ office with a handfull of papers, looking around he opens the door nearest to him and sits down on the bench of the locker room, glancing through the paperwork.

“Sure is a lot to go over…”

He was alone in the locker room turning one of the pages when the gloomy locker lights above his head began to flicker.


Quinten turned round looking shocked for the briefest of moments, he was sure he heard someone calling to him… But where from? Just then the lights banged and went out, Quinten was surrounded in total darkness, the voice came back.

“You’re losing yourself Quinten.”

It was a whisper, but enough to make Quinten jump out of the bench, he called out with a scared tone.

“Who the hell is this? And what do you want.”

There was no response, no answers, just silence in the dark of the room. Just then a technician opened up the door and peered inside, the light from the hall flooding the darkness of the locker room. The technician looked puzzled for a moment before looking up at the horrified face of Quinten.

“You ok man? I thought i heard voices in here.”

“I… I…”

Quinten pushed past the technician who was still dumbstruck by the fear within Quintens eyes.

We Meet Again

Paige Johnson is shown standing in the ring, smiling as the crowd starts up a “President” chant. As the cries die down, she picks up a clipboard from the table assembled in the middle if the ring.

Paige: Ladies and gentlemen, sVo fans, at Countdown to Violence you will see one of the hottest rivalries in recent sVo history finally extinguished, when Cody Williams takes on Nathan Paradine in a Submission match!

There are an assortment of boos when Paradine’s name is mentioned. Paige waits a moment, and then ploughs ahead.

Paige: But before that match can take place, both men have to sign a match contract, which is why both of them will be coming down here tonight and signing this document I have here with me, and the match will become offical!

More cheers, until “Joker and the Thief” hits the PAs. Boos rain down from the Monterrey crowd as Nathan Paradine appears at the top of the ramp, a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He walks down to the ramp, climbs up the steel stairs and ducks under the middle rope. He laughs aloud at the boos, and asks for a mic to be handed to him.

Paradine: Quiet, quiet! What you are about to see is the greatest match in sVo history made official, and I’ll be damned if I let a bunch of taco-crunching future immigrants intturupt MY moment!

More boos as Paradine snatches the clipboard off Paige. He slams it down onto the table, pulls a pen out of his jacket pocket, and hastily scribbles his signature nto the document.

Paradine: There, it’s done! Now grow a pair Cody and get your ass down here!

There is a mix of boos and cheers, and Paradine winks at Paige. She rolls her eyes and Paradine smirks again, however his attention is quickly diverted as “Israel’s Son’ by SIlverchair begins to play over the arena speakers. A “Cody” cheer begins as the “Reflection of Perfection” himself, Cody Williams appears at the top of the ramp! Cody struts down to the ring, wearing his “220” shirt and a wide smile, pausing only to shake hands with the fans at ringside. He climbs the steel stairs, ducks into the ring, and stares down Paradine for a moment. Paradine steps aside so Cody can reach the table, however he holds out a hand for Nathan’s mic. He stares out Cody’s outstretched hand for a moment and obliges.

Williams: Now, I must admit, after you announced last week that we would be taking each other on in a Submission match last week, I had my doubts. But over the last few days, I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t matter what you try and do, it doesn’t matter what you try and say, and it sure as hell doesn’t matter if we fight in a match that happens to be a speciality of yours! I will walk into Countdown to Violence a winner, and I will walk out of Countdown to Violence a winner, and there isn’t a damn thing you, or anybody else can do about it!

The crowd cheers Cody’s words, and Williams takes the pen from Paradine and scrawls his signature down. It is now official; Nathan Paradine versus Cody Williams in a Submission match at Countdown to Violence!

Paige: Well, I guess this match is going to go ahead. Feel free to beat the holy hell out of each at the Pay Per View guys…

Paige picks up the clipboard and exits the ring, waving to the crowd and momentarily distracting the fans from the two men left in the ring. It isn’t until Paige is out of sight that the crowd turns back to Williams and Paradine, who are now staring each other down with a ferocity usually associated with pitbulls. Williams raises the mic back to his mouth.

Williams: So, Nathan, you don’t have an injury as an excuse this time. Are you going to hit me? Try and take me out as I exit the ring?

Nathan stares at Cody for a moment, before picking up the mic Paige left on the table. He turns back to Williams, hatred etched into his face.

Paradine: Cody, Cody, such resentment I hear in your voice! What have I ever done to deserve that? This started out as a simple mission, to take you down a peg or two… Or so it seems.

Williams stares puzzled at Paradine for a moment, and Nathan simply grins again.

Paradine: You know what this month is, Cody? It is June. Almost six years to the day after you had a potentially career-ending accident at the hands of “Nomad”…

Again, when Paradine mentions “Nomad” Cody face contorts into a mask of anger.

Paradine: When you suffered that accident, it not only ended your career, but almost your life. well Cody, I’m going to give you a chance to get your revenge on Nomad… I’ve invited him here to the building tonight!

The crowd lets out a collective “ooo!”, and Cody glances about wildly, looking for the man who broke his neck.

Williams: Where is he Paradine!? Tell me!

Paradine takes off his sunglasses and slips them into his jacket pocket. He stares at Cody hard in the face.

Paradine: Cody… Countdown to Violence won’t be the first time we meet one-on-one in a ring. Tokyo Dome, 2002. We met, and we fought. Although, back then I wasn’t know as Nathan Paradine… I was known as “Nomad”.

There is a gasp from the crowd, and Paradine laughs at the stunned expression on Cody’s face.

Paradine: We’ve both come a long, long way from those days Cody… I expected you to recognise me the moment we met at Retribution, howevere you walked on by without even a second look. Do you know how angry that made me Cody? I had tried to be rid of you once, and just like a nasty rash you came back, just when everyhting was going well! You cost me my chance at recognition, my chance to be on the winning team at Retribution!

Cody shakes his head, and mouths “no” at Nathan.

Williams: How the hell can you be Nomad!? You-you… It can’t-

Cody peers at Paradine, and pales as he recognises him. However, he straightens up and manages to fit a cocky tone into his voice.

Williams: It doesn’t matter, even if you ARE Nomad! My broken neck is yesterday’s news. Today’s news is the new and improved Cody Williams; 220! Second-to-NONE!

Cody turns around a moves to exit the ring. Paradine starts forward, talking into the mic as he does so.

Paradine: Don’t tell me you haven’t waited for this! Don’t tell me you haven’t dreamed about this moment! Dammit Cody, I destroyed you! I ended your life! I’m not going to just let you walk away and forget about this!

Cody pauses, and walks back to Nathan. He leans forward, pausing only when he is about an inch away from Nathan’s face.

Williams: I heard something, not all that long ago. A saying in fact. “Forgive and forget”. That is what I’m doing here. I forgive you for breaking my neck.

Paradine: I don’t want forgiveness! I want you out of my life Cody!

Paradine strikes Cody in the face with his mic, and Cody retaliates with an open-handed slap to the face. Nathan staggers backwards, stunned from the blow. He blinks, and then grabs Cody. The crowd cries out as Paradine picks Cody up and plants a Paraplex… right through the table set up in the ring behind him! As Cody lays broken amongst the splintered wood, Nathan rolls out of the ring and fetches a steel chair. He backs off into the corner, as Cody struggles to reclaim his senses… As the “Reflection of Perfection’ gets to his feet, Nathan charges and swings, flooring him with a deadly chair shot. This time, a crimson split appears in Cody’s forehead, and blood drips down his face to the canvas. Nathan stares down at Cody with an almost pitying expression. He kneels down next to the fallen form of his nemesis.

Paradine: You just signed yourself away to me… now your career lies in MY hands. I broke you once, and at Countdown to Violence I will break you for GOOD!

Cody blinks through the blood, looking up at Nathan.

Williams: Please… No more…

Paradine: No more? Cody, this is merely a sample of what awaits you at Countdown to Violence! I broke your neck in 2002 and ended your career for five years! Five years is an eternity in this business! Think about what it cost you! Think about what I took away! Mutiply it by a lifetime Cody Williams, and then you’ll have the result of our match at Countdown to Violence. I will walk out of Toronto victorious. You will lie broken and defeated, with your career in shatters. I’ll break your neck again, and I’ll be sure to make it permanant this time. Think of what your child will say… “Daddy, why are you in a wheelchair?”

Nathan peers into Cody’s face again. He siezes Cody by the hair and holds his head and inch or two away from his own.

Paradine: Will you tell your child my name Cody? Will you say “Nathan Paradine is the reason I’m like this, he destroyed me!” and make no mistake, this IS what I will do!

Paradine releases Cody’s head, and Cody drops to the mat unconscious. Paradine turns and strides out of the ring, leaving his broken foe in a puddle of bloood. As he walks back up the ramp EMT’s rush past him, trying to get to Cody. He pays no attention to them, and it isn’t until he is under the V-Tron that he pauses and turns around. He seems to express a moment of remorse for his actions then shakes his head and walks backstage.

A Cry For Help

Backstage at Arena Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico – sVo International Champion, Night sits on a bench leaning against a locker while his long-time mentor; Akira Kimura paces restlessly around the room.

NIGHT: Master, what’s wrong? You’ve been pacing all night.

Nervously, Akira checks over his shoulder before returning his gaze to Night, an overly cheesy fake smile etched on his face.

KIMURA: I… am just concerned for your chances in tonight’s match.

NIGHT: Do you know something I do not?

KIMURA: I’m your teacher, Night, hopefully I know several things you do not or I don’t have much to teach you.

NIGHT: Don’t dance around the question.

There is a knock at the door and Akira jumps about a foot, startled by the sound. Night surveys him, analysing his mentor, searching for an answer.


The door creaks open and the raven-haired Tamara Boyd pops her head in.

TAMARA: Sorry to bother you both, just letting you know that they’re almost ready for your entrance.

NIGHT: Thank you, Miss Boyd.

Tamara exits the room and Night turns his attention to his mentor.

KIMURA: Good luck out there.

NIGHT: What was that about?

KIMURA: What was what about?

NIGHT: There was a knock at the door and I thought you were having a heart attack! Master, I’ve never seen you like this, what’s gotten you so jumpy?

KIMURA: Well, it… it’s just seeing you, my student growing up so quickly. I am… afraid… err… of, you growing too far away from me and… not knowing I’m there… to PROTECT you. You know I’m always looking out for me, right, Night?

NIGHT: Yes, master, of course.

KIMURA: Just like you’d look out for me as well, right?

NIGHT: Of course… what’s going on?

Anxiously, Akira looks over his shoulder.

KIMURA: I can’t say right now, I don’t know what’s going on. But I fear my life may be in danger… I just want to know you’re there for me. I’ve always thought of you as a son, Akumu.

NIGHT: Of course, master. I’ll help you.

Relieved somewhat, Akira places a fatherly hand on Night’s shoulder.

KIMURA: Thank you.

Night nods respectfully towards his master although he is obviously deep in thought about the mystery of his mentor’s situation.

KIMURA: I’m sorry to put all of this on you before a match, Akumu. I’ve been trying to figure out how to talk to you about this all night.

NIGHT: You haven’t really said much.

KIMURA: I’m sorry… I’ll tell you more soon… when I can…

He is interrupted by another knock at the door. Again Akira jumps, although he immediately plasters his fake smile on his face to mask any fear. The door opens and again Tamara pops her head in, looking straight at Night.

TAMARA: You’re up.

KIMURA: Good luck, Night.

NIGHT: Thank you, master.

KIMURA: We’ll talk soon.

NIGHT: Of course.

And with that, Night grabs the sVo International Championship from his bag, dropping his black sVo t-shirt in, in its place and heading out the door after Tamara. His protégé out of the room, Akira lets out a deep sigh and drops his false smile. His worry lines seem to age his greatly. He brings his hands up to his face as he sinks back against the locker.


Night vs. Mad Max

As “TnT” by AC/DC begins to play throughout the arena Mad Max walks out onto the entrance ramp pushing a shopping cart full of weapons with one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other. He rolls his cart down the entrance ramp spraying mouthfuls of Jack out over the crowd as they boo and throw trash at the filthy man. After a final swig from the bottle of Jack, Max rolls into the ring leaving the bottle and cart at ringside. Max leans back in his corner with a bored expression on his face awaiting the start of the match. The referee eyes the cart, informing Max that this is not scheduled to be a hardcore match. Max stares right through him.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song erupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of big, black, spiky hair, which extends down to the man’s chin and traces his jaw – the glimmering gold of the sVo International Championship strapped proudly around his waist.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk; it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seamlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring. As he approaches he eyes the cart with curiosity and continues to walk calmly past Max, eyeing him as he does. Max for his part doesn’t move; rather, he still sits staring into the distance with a look of boredom on his face – the referee still admonishing Max and pointing warningly at the cart parked beside the ring. Max yawns and reaches out of the ring for his bottle of Jack, taking another swig. On the far side of the ring, Night slides under the bottom rope and immediately leaps to his feet, unstrapping the International Title and handing it to the referee, who breaks from scolding Max to take the belt and usher it to the timekeeper.

Night strides towards the centre of the ring, Max remains seated. The two lock eyes and neither moves. The referee looks from one man to the other and back again before calling for the bell signifying the start of the match. Night paces in the middle of the ring, his masked face focused intently at Max, who remains seated and grins at Night, taking another swig of Jack and daring Night forward.

The masked man obliges and starts towards Max, as he does however, Max spits the whiskey from his mouth into the face of the International Champion. Caught off guard, Night backs up as Max laughs loudly with some fans in the front row. Max’s laughter stops quickly however as Night charges towards him, flipping forwards and driving both feet out and into Max’s face with a somersault dropkick. Max’s head is sandwiched by Night’s feet against the middle turnbuckle. Mad Max clutches at his head as Night drops to the mat, before immediately springing back to his feet, grabbing hold of the top rope and leaping over it onto the apron. Switching his grip quickly on the rope, Night once again slingshots over it, driving his knees into Max’s face with a modified shining wizard.

Max slumps through the ropes as the crowd cheer for the big impact knee so early in the match. Night seems fired up, probably as a result of the face-full of whiskey he received moments ago, plays to the crowd. Turning back to his opponent, Night is staggered by a hard right hand. He tries to shake it off, but Max is waiting and throws another wild right hand, which connects with Night’s head, snapping it back. Night stumbles backwards as Max clutches at his head. Both men quickly find their feet and it’s Mad Max to make the first move as he charges towards Night, opening up with big left and right hands, dazing the International Champion, who covers up as best he can. Night ducks under two quick punches from Max and stands, delivering a flurry of right and left punches of his own.

However, the seasoned brawler Max quickly overpowers him, sending Night backing up into the corner with more hard left and right hands. The referee tries to pry Max away from Night, but Max ignores him, continuing to pound away at his masked opponent with hard left and right hands. Again the referee interjects himself, this time physically pushing Max off Night. Max grins at the ref before turning his attention back to Night, who catches him off-guard with a flying headscissors; flipping over and driving Max’s face into the top turnbuckle with a hurricanrana. Night lands roughly on the mat, before returning to his feet and leaping, thrusting his foot into Max’s face with a twisting roundhouse kick. Max staggers backwards, but only for a moment, and quickly lunges at Night once more, this time met by a double flying-kneelift, which sends him stumbling backwards onto the ropes.

Wasting no time, Night rushes at a dazed Max and sends his head bobbing with a vicious right hand. Night draws in a deep breath and pulls Max onto his shoulders, looking to end this one early with his signature move, ‘The Dreaming’. Taking a few steps into the ring, Night is stunned with a hard elbow to the head from a struggling Max. Max follows up with another, and another, before grabbing hold of the masked man’s head and sinking his teeth in!

Max’s teeth in his forehead seem to be enough to get Night to release his hold on Max, who drops heavily to the mat. Night stumbles off towards the ropes; thankful to be wearing a mask… you never know where a bum’s teeth have been.

Quickly regaining his senses, Night starts to move towards Max. As Max regains his footing, Night changes course, instead charging towards the nearest ropes. He leaps at the ropes, bouncing off them and leaping at Max with another leaping roundhouse kick. This time, however, Max manages to step out of the way, grabbing hold of Night and driving him into the mat with a sidewalk slam, which bounces Night off the mat! The crowd cheer loudly for this big reversal as Night reels on the mat. Max stumbles to his feet as Night manages to kneel, struggling to find his footing. Seeing his opening, Max charges at Night, twisting the masked man’s head around with a hard running knee. Night lands dazed, slumped over the middle rope, his upper body jutting out over the apron heavily. Max rushes out onto the ring apron and locks Night into a standing headscissors and falling back – attempting to piledrive Night out of the ring and to the arena floor!

Fortunately for Night, Max’s grip slips from around his waist causing Max to tumble out first with Night flipping close after him, both landing hard on the arena floor where they lie, dazed. Max quickly manages to crawl and as he kneels beside Night he throws another wild right hand which connects with the masked man’s head, which lulls backwards. Max stands, roughly pulling Night with him and driving his masked face into the ring-post. He doesn’t release his grip though, instead pulling Night around the corner and Irish whipping him hard into the ring-steps across the ring. Max slides in and out of the ring to prevent the referee’s count and immediately resumes his pursuit of Night. Pulling the masked man to his feet, Max once again Irish whips Night – this time right into his cart filled with garbage and debris!

The cart tips over as Night goes flying first into and then over it, finally crashing to a painful halt as he hits the crowd barrier. Max smiles and once again climbs into the ring, only to head straight back out of the ring towards his downed opponent. Night lies sprawled in a mess of broken deck chairs, hubcaps, broken dinner tables, a discarded bed frame and other garbage of the like. The actual trolley itself has flipped over and Max eyes the array of weapons with a hungry look – a look that is broken by a warning yell from the referee. Max grabs hold of Night and roughly shoves him towards the ring, and then under the bottom rope, following close after him.

Back in the ring, Max returns to his corner, grabbing his bottle of Jack once again and taking another big swig. The referee rushes in and grabs the bottle, scolding Max as he does so. He returns the bottle to it’s place outside the ring as Max reaches Night, who is using the middle and top ropes to try to return to his feet. Max drills him with a hard, closed right, followed by a left and another right. Night sways on his feet and grips the top rope tightly, trying to stay standing. The referee hurries to return to the two fighters as Max continues to pummel away at Night with hard lefts and rights. Night covers up, but finally manages to find an opening and shoves Max backwards, closing in and throwing a few hard lefts and rights of his own. A left uppercut in particular finds it’s mark under Max’s chin, sending him sprawling backwards. He lunges forwards in a rage, swinging his arm wildly – his right connecting with Night’s temple, knocking him through the middle and top ropes where he spills heavily to the arena floor, while Max’s left arm connects with the referee’s head, sending him crumpling to the mat, unconscious.

Max continues to flail wildly, until finally noticing that he is left standing alone in the ring. Spotting the referee down and Night lying, near unconscious next to the sprawled debris from the cart, Max can’t seem to keep the smile from his face.

He wastes no time in exiting the ring and moving to the downed Night. Digging through the garbage, Max quickly retrieves a broken metal bed frame with wooden slats. Several slats are broken and jagged and Max surveys the frame happily. He places it flat on the ground, the slats elevated just off the ground. Pulling Night to his feet he drags him onto the ring steps, so that Max is standing on the second step, Night on the first. Max places Night in a standing headscissors and hoists him up by the waist… powerbombing Night through the broken bed frame and onto the ground below! The crowd erupts for the brutal move as the International Champion writhes on the ground, shards of broken wood under his back.

Max looks down happily at his handiwork and eagerly moves into the destruction, kicking Night off the frame. Max then drags the cart next to the frame, knocking it on it’s side so it sits on the frame. Max then pulls Night to his feet and back up onto the steps into a standing headscissors. He hoists Night up for another brutal powerbomb… but is halted as Night grabs hold of Max’s head, punching him with a hard left hand, which dazes him. Night squirms and manages to twist around behind Max’s head, still sitting on his shoulders. The masked man then reaches back and grabs hold of the ring-post, resting his arm over it and releasing his grip on Max before kicking him down onto the cart. Max lands face first on the metal grating and lies there stunned. Night meanwhile releases his grip on the top turnbuckle and leaps into the air, driving both of his feet into the back of Max’s head with a dropkick which sends the cart screeching forwards a foot or so.

Night crashes to the ground hard as Max rolls off the cart, lying on his back on the arena floor, breathing heavily. Meanwhile in the ring, the referee still lies motionless after his inadvertent shot from Max.

Outside the ring, Night manages to sit up and slowly stands, visibly in pain. He grabs hold of Max and pulls him towards the ring apron, which he slams Max into, face first, before rolling him into the ring and following after him. Back in the ring Max instinctively crawls towards the corner. Night is ginger on his feet, but still the more mobile of the two at the moment and quickly catches Max. He pulls Max to his feet, but is surprised as Max unleashes a VICIOUS, lightning fast headbutt to Night, which sends the masked man staggering backwards. Max raises an arm as he leans on the rope, before turning and running at Night, again headbutting him, this one sending Night to the mat. Max raises his arms in the air before dropping down, again headbutting Night’s head. As if in a daze, he crawls to the corner and takes another deep swig from the bottle of scotch, draining it.

Looking at his downed opponent from his seat in the corner, Max’s eyes quickly return to the overturned trolley outside the ring. He looks back towards Night and then to the downed referee and shrugs his shoulders, again returning to the outside of the ring and retrieving a hubcap! Max climbs back into the ring but receives a shock face-full of hubcap, courtesy of a Night crescent kick.

The ever-perseverant Night crawls towards the corner and somehow manages to not only stand, but also climb, slowly but surely onto the top turnbuckle. Turning to face Max, who still dangles in a daze over the middle rope, his head hanging precariously over the hubcap, Night launches himself into the air, flipping backwards and falling forwards – rotating through and driving Max to the hubcap and mat with a shooting star leg drop to a huge cheer from the crowd!

Both men lie motionless on the mat as finally the referee starts to stir. He manages to sit up, but quickly falls back to the mat. Night manages to drape an arm over Max, shoving the hubcap out of the ring with his other arm… but no count comes. He rolls off the downed Max and crawls towards the referee and shakes him, getting his attention.

Battered and bruised, Night manages to use the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He grabs hold of Max’s shaggy head of hair and pulls him up to his feet and then onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry! Max struggles and drives a heavy elbow into Night’s head, causing Night’s kneels to buckle slightly. Gritting his teeth, the masked man takes a quick step forward before dropping down to his side and in the process driving the back of Max’s head into the mat. Night drops down for the pin.




Night raises his arm as one of the ring assistants enters the ring and hands him the International Title. The crowd erupts for both competitors in the ring for what turned into an unofficial hardcore match. It just goes to show what happens as soon as there are no officials in a sVo match. Ring crew members rush down the entrance way to clean up the mess left at ringside as EMTs check on both Night and Mad Max.

RESULT: Night def. Mad Max via pinfall

Is Anthony Moretti Scared of the Dark?

As we head backstage Bad Religion leader Anthony Moretti isn’t having the best of nights. Already he has had member Travis Williams not even make it to the show after getting arrested just after Showdown #29, whilst Mad Max has suffered a defeat already tonight at the hands of Night. With Zero the only Bad Religion member not to take to the ring yet, Anthony Moretti steps through the corridors of the Arena Monterrey wearing his pinstripe suit, he checks his gold watch for the time.

“Damn, not long of this show left.”

Anthony mutters to himself as he continues walking down the corridor, seemingly needing to get to a certain destination within the arena before a certain time. However as Moretti’s feat pound the concrete, the lights in the deserted corridor begin to flicker slowly.

“Great. When will Paige learn to book shows in decent arenas with decent power supplies.”

Anthony Moretti tries to continue down the corridor, before there is a loud whirring sound and the lights cut off completely.

“Fucking fantastic!”

Anthony Moretti shouts out in frustration at he tries to find his way down the pitch black corridor using his hands to guide him along the white painted walls. However as Moretti walks he stumbles into something…. Or should that be someone….

“Who is there?”

Anthony Moretti asks boldly, however he receives no reply.

“What you think this is funny?”

Anthony Moretti reaches out again for whoever he walked into, however as he does the mysterious person in the dark grabs hold of his arm and twists it behind the back of Anthony Moretti before forcing him up against the wall face first.

“What the fuck?”

Anthony Moretti shouts out in surprise. However the attacker seems calm as he leans in and whispers softly in the ear of Anthony Moretti.

“Anthony Moretti. Tonight you have a task that needs completing.”

Anthony Moretti doesn’t recognise the voice, but as he struggles to get away from the attacker he realises there is no way he is moving.

“What the hell do you want with me?”

Anthony Moretti’s voice sounds distressed as he continues to struggle.

“Tonight Anthony. We want you to take out Peter Gilmour. Peter Gilmour CANNOT win the sVo Championship tonight.”

Anthony Moretti stops struggling as he hears the task that he is being given. Was this guy for real?

“Who the hell are you?”

Anthony Moretti spins around, finally breaking free of the hold of the man. Anthony Moretti reaches out in front of him for whoever his attacker was, but grasps at nothing but air. After a few seconds the lights begin to flicker back into action and Anthony Moretti squints his eyes as he looks around, but sees nobody. Remembering back to what Paige had said to him last week Anthony Moretti quickly runs to the edge of the corridor and looks the other way. But still there is nothing.

Who the hell wanted Anthony Moretti to take out Peter Gilmour tonight, and why the hell would Anthony Moretti do as they asked?


Travis Williams, Blaze, Sensei Shredder & Zero vs.Gunner Lang, Hooligan, Brock & Julian Fiasco

The pre-chorus of “Reptilia” begins, with the drum beats blasting as the lights dim out and orange and blue flames flicker on the screen. The guitar riff plays as the lights begin to flash orange and blue, followed by the chorus of Reptilia beginning as a huge flame pyro explodes in the entrance way and BlaZe comes running out of the back. He sprints to the ring, sliding in and leaping to his feet wildly and signalling to the fans. He climbs the turnbuckle as poses, before removing his jersey, autographing it and throwing it to the fans. He then runs to the other side, autographing his cap and throwing that to the fans before jumping down into the center of the ring and hopping up and down to prepare for the match.

Operation Ground and Pound begins playing as the lights in the arena go off. A white fog lifts from the stage and bright white lights are flashing all around as the music builds. A vague figure within the fog begins to rise from the stage when the drum beats are cued. When the music slows everything goes black again. Once the fast drus beats finish and the breakdown starts, the whole arena bursts into light and the wrestler begins moving down the ramp, giving the fans his love. Once he reaches the ring, he jumps around in excitement, going to each turnbuckle raising both his fists in the air for the crowd. Music fades as he readys for his upcoming opponents.

My reflection…
Dirty mirror…
There’s no connection…
To myself…

The arena goes dark and “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins plays over the arena sound system. The entrance to the ramp fills with smoke, and Zero sprints out, straight down to the ring amidst a chorus of cheers. He leaps from the ramp, diving between the bottom and middle ropes. Once in the ring he climbs up onto the turnbuckle and performs a crucifix pose, before dismounting and backing away into the corner.

Everything goes dark when the sound of Rammstein’s Bück Dich hits the sound system. The screen then begins to play old highlights of GLCW matches of Hooligan. Red lights and red pyrotechnics then fill the entrance as he emerges out and makes his way down the walkway slowly as fans reach out to try to touch. He then takes a running start and dives onto the ring under the bottom rope and then gets to his feet. Hooligan goes to the center of the ring and raises his arm in a fist as he spins in a circle slowly looking out to the audience. He then retreats to his corner and awaits the beginning of the fight.

A wall of pyros scream out diagonally from the stage as Falls Apart by TFK cranks out of the speakers. Brock enters the stage as the pyros fade. He continues quickly down the ramp, sliding into the ring. After a quick lap, he climbs to the second rope, throwing one finger in the air before retreating to his corner.

The two teams stand in the ring, as BlaZe and Sensei remove their tag straps from around their waist, and hand them off to a stagehand at ringside. Zero looks on, as they decide to who will start the match. On the other side, Hooligan, Brock, and Julian await the bell. BlaZe and Sensei exit the ring, as Zero looks as if he will start off the contest. Julian directs Brock and Hooligan out, as he wants a piece of Zero for himself. The referee calls for the bell.



Zero and Julian circle the ring, as they both step forward, and lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Both men are struggling for strength control, but Julian looks to have it, as he slowly forces Zero back into the corner. The referee calls for a clean break, as Julian slowly backs away from Zero and goes back to the center of the ring. Zero grabs the referee and yells at him.


He signals a hair pull as he points directly at his opponent. The referee warns Julian, who claims he did not pull it. Zero comes out from the corner, and the two men circle the ring again. They lock back up in a collar and elbow tie up. They struggle back and forth, as neither one seems to have the power over the other one. Julian leans back, and than shoves forward, throwing Zero to the mat. Zero calls for the referee again, as he slowly gets to his feet.


Zero swears to the referee that his hair was pulled, thus causing him to end up on the mat. The referee warns Julian, who shoves him off, annoyed at being warned for doing nothing. Zero and Julian circle the ring again, as they lock back up for a third time. Julian smiles.


He says, as he cups a large handful of Zero’s hair, and hurls him back into Zero’s own corner. Zero looks at Julian shocked, as the referee warns Julian one more time, threatening that it would be the last warning he gets. Julian laughs, egging Zero to come on. Zero rubs his head, and tags to BlaZe, deciding not to try Julian again…

BlaZe comes into the ring, as Julian turns to Brock and ask him if he wants in. BlaZe sees the opening, and quickly pounces Julian with a clothesline from behind, sending him face first into the mat. Quickly, BlaZe picks up Julian, and takes him back into the corner where he tags in Sensei. Into the ring he goes, as the both hook Julian, lift him up in a suplex position, and fall forward, dropping Julian on face first. Sensei quickly makes the covers, as the referee slides in…



Brock enters the ring, and kicks Sensei in the back of the head, breaking the count. Sensei slowly pulls himself up, rubbing the back of his head. He grabs Julian, and picks him. He slings him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Sensei sets up for a back body drop, as Julian is on the return. Julian puts on the brakes, and kicks Sensei in the right shoulder, forcing him back up. Julian takes a few steps back, and rushes in, with a shining wizard kick to the back of the head, sending Sensei flipping. Both men are on the mat, as Julian slowly gets to a knee, and looks over at Brock. Julian stands to his feet, grabbing up Sensei, taking him to the corner. He tags in Brock, and holds the side of Sensei wide open, as Brock enters. Brock measures him up, and drives a head into the ribs.

Julian exits the ring, Brock from behind Sensei, picks up Sensei and drops him backwards with a back suplex. Brock covers him, hooking both legs. The referee slides in, check the shoulders…



BlaZe enters the ring, and pulls Brock off his tag partner, breaking the count. The referee orders BlaZe out the ring. Brock grabs up Sensei, and scoop slams him near his corner. Hooligan starts to mount the top rope, as Brock tags him in. Brock stands at the ropes, and grabs Hooligan in a slam position, and shoots him off the top, splashing Sensei. Hooligan stays in a pinning position…



BlaZe is in again, as he grabs Hooligan off his partner. The referee tries to remove BlaZe, but Brock spears an unexpected BlaZe, sending both men outside the ring. Hooligan tags in Julian, as the two men pick up Sensei and sends him into the corner. Hooligan charges in first, hitting a high splash, and flips to the apron off it. Sensei falls on his ass in the corner, as Julian rushes in with a pausing dropkick to the face of the tag champion.

Zero enters the ring, clubbing Julian from behind. He picks him up, and sends him into the ropes, as Zero hits the ropes himself. On the return, Zero attempts a clothesline, but Julian ducks, and Hooligan sling shots himself over the top rope in a front flip, hooking Zero’s head, and flips backwards, sending both men falling over the top rope onto the ground below. Julian looks on, with amazement in his eyes. Sensei has managed to mount the top rope. Julian takes notice, and kicks the top rope, making Sensei to fall straddling the turnbuckle. Julian turns him around, and lays him down, dangling from the ropes. Quickly, he uses Sensei as a ladder to mount and straddle the top rope. From here, he grabs Sensei in a powerbomb like position, lifting him up in the air and flying off the top rope in a sitout powerbomb (Sacred Oath). The referee slides in for the pinfall…




RESULT: Julian Fiasco & the HoV def. Zero & the Double Dragons via pinfall

What Happened?

*The sVo Tron once again lights up and we see the sVo World Heavyweight Champion Psyko Stevo marching down a long hallway, a smile on his face. He stops outside a door marked “Paige Johnson, sVo President” and knocks. Before long, the door is opened and we see the mammoth head of security Scott Love. Love nods at Stevo and as Stevo enters the room, closes the door behind the superstar, but not before leaving the room first.*

Stevo: Ah, Miss President.

*Paige Johnson spins around in her chair and Stevo chuckles a bit. Paige is all business though as she looks at her federations champion.*

Stevo: You wanted to see me?

Paige: Spare the plesantries… what happened between you and Gilmour in the parking lot earlier?

Stevo: What do you mean? I offered him a gesture of good faith, a priceless signed photograph of myself. What did he do though? He went all cave man on it and started sputtering off nonsense about xtreme this and xtreme that… that’s about it.

*Paige takes a deep breath.*

Paige: Stevo, you’re the sVo’s top earner…

Stevo: I know this, I also bring the most back for you guys.

Paige: Excatly… because people like you. You’re enegmatic, you’re engaging, you speak well in front of crowds… you retain the old fans, because they can relate to you because they grew up watching you… and you draw new fans in too.

Stevo: Well thanks, glad to see that my hard work is appreciated.

*Paige spins her chair to the right before standing up.*

Paige: So why are you trying to throw it all away?

*Stevo looks a bit in shock as Paige walks up next to him and places a hand on his right shoulder.*

Stevo: What do you mean?

Paige: Why go off on someone like Peter Gilmour?

Stevo: He disrespected me.

Paige: Come on, you have you think about how he felt.

*Stevo looks completely perplexed.*

Stevo: I can imagine how he felt, I’ve been in his shoes. I remember my first main event, the champ pulled me aside and he gave me a signed picture, he gave me a pat on the back and we put on a great show. I didn’t come out on top, but I got him later on down the road.

Paige: You didn’t “pull Peter off to the side” though.

Stevo: What’s the difference?

Paige: He probably felt threatened, and you quite frankly belittled him in front of a fan base that likes him.

Stevo: Belittled him? I did the guy nothing but favors all week! I agreed to putting him in the main event, I could have veto’ed it, I could have bought my way out of the match, but I didn’t. I tried to give him a helping hand, and that is how he repays me? Slicing through my poor, defenseless photograph in front of my people in the media out there?

*Paige looks at Stevo with shock.*

Paige: I can’t believe the words I’m hearing now. Look, I can’t believe I’m saying this to you of all people… but clean up your act, I mean it.

*Stevo looks at Paige in shock now.*

Stevo: Clean up my act? This coming from the woman who is auctioning herself off to male wrestlers, employees of hers on national television on an almost weekly basis?

Paige: What do you mean, auctioning myself off? You have a lot of nerve.

Stevo: You’re making bets with wrestlers that you’ll take them out on “dates” if they win matches, and you want ME to clean up my act? Paige, look in the mirror, your a mess.

*Paige is about to blush now as Stevo continues to look at her in disbelief.*

Stevo: Wow… clean up MY act? My only “act” since I’ve stepped into this place has been winning matches against anyone and everyone I’m placed against. I put fans butts in the seat, I set a good example for kids. The only thing I ask for in return is respect… when I don’t get it? Yea, that upsets me. Did I go breaking the law though when Gilmour tried to upstage me? No, I told him we’d settle it in the ring. What should I have done instead, Paige?

Paige: Why did you have to talk to him in the first place?

*Stevo is on the verge of losing it now as he glares at Paige.*

Stevo: Look, I don’t have to explain myself to you. I didn’t sign up for the sVo because Paige Johnson asked me. I signed up because Jon Page called in a favor I owed him, that’s the only reason I’m here. You know, I could have bailed on my contact when Page was booked and taken in… I didn’t though, you know what? I’m a man of my word, I signed on that dotted line for better or worse and I intend to ride it out till it’s through. I’m a man of principle and I’ll be damned if I have to start explaining myself to YOU of all people, you hussie.

*Paige is now about to lose it as Stevo just smiles a borderline sadistic smile, egging her on.*

Paige: Hussie! Do you understand the pressure I’m under? Do you!? Do you know how hard it is for a woman to succeed in the position I’m in?

*Paige Johnson looks as though the pressure is finally getting to her, she is on the verge of crying to the unsympathetic Psyko One.*

Stevo: Spare me the waterworks. Do you know how hard it is for a man in his mid forties to march down to that ring, week in and week it, and represent a worldwide wrestling brand? Top that off with the fact that I have a kid to look after, top that off with the fact that I have an image to uphold… you think these things are easy? You think it’s easy being the Psyko One?

*Stevo and Paige both briefly calm down and there is an awkward silence in the air.*

Paige: Look… I respect what you do for this organization, and you make my job easier, I’ll give you that. Just, please, think next time before you do something like… like what you did in the parking lot earlier.

*Stevo bites his lower lip as he looks around the room, finally he nods his head a couple times and takes deep breath.*

Stevo: All right, deal. Don’t expect me to take it easy on Gilmour tonight though.

*Paige actually flashes a bit of a smile for the first time since the conversation started.*

Paige: Just do what do every week…

*Stevo gives a smirk.*

Stevo: I intend too.

*Paige returns to her seat and Psyko Stevo nods before turning his back on her and walking out of the room.

Framed Men

Inside a small room, Travis Williams and Gunner Lang are detained in chains and cuffs. Sitting in chairs with a guard between the two, and one behind each one of them. Both men look like hell, and appear to be very displeased at their current arrangements.

Travis Williams – First off…We never once laid a hand on anyone other than each other. They would not let us even as much contact a lawyer or make a fucking call.

Gunner Lang – The officers would arrested us, told us they would make an example out of us. We are guilty of assault on one another, but we both refused to file charges. The airline refused to file charges on us for the damages, as we agreed to pay for repairs.

Travis Williams – We have been spit at, assaulted by guards, and they have paid some of the other inmates to try and hurt us. Each day, it’s like Organized Chaos all over again. This time, it’s us two against everyone else.

Gunner Lang – They want to break us. They want us to lose control! One guard suggested that if we got tired of being jumped, to kill anyone who came near us. It’s a setup!

Travis Williams – We are not friends, and we are by far even on great terms. We got ourselves here, but we also know, without one another, we won’t make it. We have a hearing Friday before Countdown to Violence. They still won’t let us contact our lawyers, or the sVo.

Gunner Lang – This is the only means we have. Paige…I know you would love to get rid of Travis for good. But we both know, he adds to the rating. And without you supporting us both, neither one of us will get out of here.

Travis Williams – I have not always done everything right. In fact, most of what I do, is completely wrong. We’ve made an agreement between us. That until we are out of here, our business between one another, is on the sidelines. We are begging you Paige, Moretti, and anyone else. We need lawyers here for the hearing. The airline will give you a copy of the security footage. It will prove we are being setup!

Suddenly, the guards jerk the two men up from their chairs and start to scream at them. They scuffle a bit.

Gunner Lang – They want to end the feed, they are not too happy with what they have translated from our talking…

Travis attempts to hold the three guards at bay, but one quickly strikes him with a nightstick to the back of the head, sending him to the floor. Gunner manages to kick a chair into one of the guards, sending him flipping to the floor. The guard close to the camera, swings him stick, cutting the live feed.

sVo PPV Presents Countdown to Violence 2008
29th June 2008
Featuring sVo Champion Psyko Stevo vs. Alex Ross


Psyko Stevo (c) vs. Peter Gilmour

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a Singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent.

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

Psyko Stevo hands his sVo World Championship belt to the referee before retreating across to his corner of the ring and starring across at Peter Gilmour who occupies the opposite corner. The referee lifts the sVo Championship belt into the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match up, before passing the belt to the timekeeper on the outside of the ring. The fans give a big cheer as the referee signals to the outside of the ring to ring the bell and get this one underway!

Psyko Stevo slowly moves towards the middle of the ring, but Peter Gilmour comes out fighting and the former Hardcore Champion connects with some big right hands to the face of Psyko Stevo to send him stumbling backwards. Psyko Stevo quickly recovers by ducking under a right hand of Gilmour and taking his challenger down to the mat with a double leg sweep takedown. With Gilmour down on the mat the Champion pounds away with some vicious right hands to the face of Gilmour, before Peter Gilmour finally manages to roll away from Stevo.

The fans cheer the quick start of Psyko Stevo in the match as he straight away grabs Peter Gilmour by the hair as he rolls to his feet. Psyko Stevo locks Peter Gilmour in a front face lock, before tossing him down to the mat with a perfectly executed snap suplex. With Gilmour down Psyko Stevo wastes no time in making a cover on the challenger, however Peter Gilmour manages to get a shoulder up after the count of two to keep his hopes of walking out of the arena with the sVo World Championship belt tonight alive.

Psyko Stevo rises to his feet, however Gilmour quickly pulls himself up as well, seemingly determined to make full use of the opportunity he has available to him tonight on Showdown #30. Psyko Stevo makes his way towards Peter Gilmour, however Gilmour shifts his body weight and catches Stevo with a knee to the midsection, before taking him down to the mat with a side slam. The crowd are shocked at the quick counter from Gilmour on the World Champion as he quickly goes to work on Stevo with some stiff stomps to the midsection of the Champion! Psyko Stevo struggles to get to his feet under the offence of Peter Gilmour, until Gilmour grabs Stevo by the arm and shoots him hard into the ropes. Psyko Stevo bounces back into the centre of the ring, but Peter Gilmour is standing there waiting with a spine buster to slam Psyko Stevo down to the mat!

The fans boo the offence from Peter Gilmour, but the former Hardcore Champion looks as if he is concentrating on the task at hand as he quickly grabs hold of Psyko Stevo and flips him over onto his stomach. Peter Gilmour leaps down onto the back of Psyko Stevo, before pulling back the World Champion’s head in a camel clutch submission hold! The fans boo loudly, but Peter Gilmour retches back on the hold as the referee drops down to ask Psyko Stevo if he would like to submit! However Psyko Stevo shakes his finger at the referee to indicate that he has no intention of giving up his sVo World Championship belt, before bravely trying to battle out of the submission hold. However Peter Gilmour has the hold locked in tightly, and it is several seconds before Psyko Stevo is able to reach back and hit a flurry of back elbows to the challenger to knock him off.

Psyko Stevo slowly rises up to his feet, feeling the pain of the submission hold by holding his neck. The fans begin to chant for the sVo World Champion, however Peter Gilmour looks focused on the task at hand as he bounces off of the ropes before running at Psyko Stevo and nailing him with a chop block from behind to take him down to his knees! Peter Gilmour quickly continues off of the opposite ropes before bouncing back and dropkicking the kneeling Psyko Stevo right in the face! Peter Gilmour might have knocked out the sVo Champion right there as he makes the cover!



No! Everyone thought that it was game over right there but somehow the sVo Champion managed to get a shoulder up at the very last second to prevent Peter Gilmour being crowned sVo Champion! The fans breath a sigh of relief but Peter Gilmour shakes his head in disbelief, he was sure that he was going to pick up the three count right there!

Peter Gilmour pulls Psyko Stevo up to his feet and backs the Champion into the corner of the ring. Peter Gilmour hits some big right hands on Psyko Stevo, before Stevo suddenly bursts out of the corner with some huge right hands, before eventually knocking Peter Gilmour down with a spinning heel kick! The fans pop for the sudden turn of form from the sVo Champion as Peter Gilmour rises up to his feet only to be scoop slammed straight back down by Stevo! Psyko Stevo quickly hits a spinning leg drop on Gilmour before hooking the challengers leg. However Gilmour shows just how much he wants to be the sVo Champion by getting a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted!

Psyko Stevo clenches his fist in disappointment as he pulls Gilmour to his feet. Psyko Stevo throws Gilmour hard into the ropes and stands waiting as Gilmour bounces back, however Gilmour bounces back looking for a clothesline! Psyko Stevo ducks his head out of the way of the clothesline, only for Peter Gilmour to wipe out the referee! The fans cheer the accidental clothesline from Gilmour as he stands over the referee looking down, however Psyko Stevo takes full advantage of the situation as he jumps into the ropes before landing the ‘Psyklone’ on Gilmour! The fans in Mexico pop for the trademark Psyko Stevo finishing move, however as the sVo Champion makes the cover on Gilmour there is no one to count the three!

The fans boo as Psyko Stevo rises up to his feet and looks towards the entrance stage. The annoyance is clear on Psyko Stevo’s face as he waves for a replacement referee to make their way down to the ring and count the three! However no one comes….. down the entrance ramp anyway….

Boos ring out around the arena as the fans spot a figure leaping from the crowd with a steel chair in his hand.


Psyko Stevo’s opponent at Countdown to Violence rolls into the ring behind the sVo Champion, before blasting Psyko Stevo in the back of the head with a vicious chair shot! The boos deafen the arena as Psyko Stevo lays on the mat and Alex Ross stands with his hands held high in the ring. Alex Ross leaps out of the ring having down the damage, and slowly makes his way up the entrance ramp as back in the ring Peter Gilmour slowly begins to come to his feet. Gilmour slowly makes his way over to Psyko Stevo and makes the cover! However with the referee being almost beheaded by Peter Gilmour’s earlier clothesline, he is still down! Peter Gilmour leaps up to his feet to try and get the referee to come to, but as he does there is another surprise ready to come down the entrance ramp!


Anthony Moretti and Zero sprint down the entrance ramp before both men slide in the ring. Anthony Moretti seems to be directing traffic as Zero lays into Peter Gilmour from behind, knocking him down before putting the boots to him. The fans boo Bad Religion as the referee and Psyko Stevo lay on the mat still not moving. Moretti and Zero use their numbers to easily outnumber Gilmour. However just when you thought that no more people could get involved, the arena pops as President Paige and Julian Fiasco step out onto the top of the entrance ramp! Paige sends her hired gun down to the ring, and Julian Fiasco makes his way down to take out Bad Religion!

Fiasco rolls into the ring and is met with right hands from Anthony Moretti, whom he quickly dispatches down to the mat! Fiasco then turns his attention to Zero as he pulls him off of Peter Gilmour before backing him into the corner of the ring. On the opposite side the referee begins to come to, but Fiasco doesn’t even notice as he pounds away on Zero in the corner! Peter Gilmour slowly rises up to his feet and notices the steel chair that Alex Ross brought into the ring. Gilmour grabs the chair and looks at it with intensity in his eyes. It looks like it has all become too much for Peter Gilmour!

The former Hardcore Champion slams the chair into the head of Anthony Moretti, taking him down! The move brings a big cheer from the crowd, but Gilmour then turns the weapon onto Julian Fiasco, blasting him across the back of the head! Zero runs at Gilmour, however he also receives a steel chair to the face! Peter Gilmour looks like he is nailing everything in sight! Peter Gilmour spins around and blasts the person he sees moving to his right, but that person turns out to be sVo Champion Psyko Stevo who is rising to his feet! The referee has seen enough as he calls for the bell to be rung. The referee has just DQ’ed Peter Gilmour for that blatent chair shot to the champion.

Peter Gilmour can’t believe it as he looks around at the carnage around him as Psyko Stevo stumbles back into the corner of the ring, still reeling from the chair shot earlier from Alex Ross. Peter Gilmour takes the chair one last time and smashes it across the skull of the referee, dropping him down to the mat. The mad man Peter Gilmour holds the weapon in the air having just lost his chance to become sVo World Champion. Peter Gilmour jumps out of the ring and makes his way to the back a disappointed man as the camera zooms in on Psyko Stevo who is sitting in the corner of the ring and cradling the sVo Championship belt in his arms. There is a trickle of blood running down the face of the sVo Champion, yet despite all the run ins, chaos and screw jobs…. Somehow he has managed to keep a hold of the biggest prize in the sVo. Will he be able to do so next Sunday night with the Countdown to Violence well and truly underway?

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Peter Gilmour via DQ

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