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sVo Showdown #023

The rivalry between Night and Isaac White heats up!

sVo Showdown
20th April 2008
Lokomotiv Stadion, Moscow, Russia
Episode #023
World Tour 2008 Event #03


The sVo cameras cut to the backstage area. The fans pop at the sight of Gunner Lang and Peter Gilmour eye to eye.

Gilmour flicks his head back clearing the hair from his face before returning Gunner’s glare.

Gilmour: “What … do … you … want?”

Gunner adjusts the Las Vegas Championship on his shoulder as straightens up a little to look the bigger man dead in the eyes.

Gunner: “Listen big boy … I’m not happy about this either all right. You don’t like me, and you’re sure as hell the .. last person that I would ever think about tagging with. Now just so as we’re clear I have nothing against Equinox. you just go out there and do what you’ve got to do and leave Peyton Place to me. Then we’re free and clear of each other. But you take it too far with Equinox after the match or anything like that I’ll put you down like the animal that you are … understood.”

Lang breaks the stare turning to leave he walks away leaving Gilmour there. Gilmour throws his head into the air laughing.


*Pyro after pryo shoot off as the fans rise to their feet in anticipation of the action that is set to take place here tonight. Suddenly and without warning, the lights in the arena start to flicker. The sVo-Tron lights up and the words, “The Past is Indestructible” are displayed. The fans nearly blow the roof off the arena (Russians love Psyko Stevo) as “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA.

The flickering of the lights subsides as Psyko Stevo himself hits the scene, pyros signaling his arrival. Stevo wears his black wrestling tights, but instead of his trademark “Past is Indestructible” t-shirt, he wears an Alexi Yashin jersey, which the crowd gives an extra pop for. Stevo poses for a second atop the steel rampway, the sVo World Heavyweight Championship around his waist as the entire time a broad smile is plastered all over his face. After soaking up the moment, Stevo sprints down the steel rampway, high fiving nearly every fan in sight before hopping up onto the ring apron and doing a backflip using the top rope to enter the ring. Once inside the ring, Stevo calls for a mic.*

Stevo: Hellooooo Russia!

*The fans give a huge pop for the champ as he soaks up the moment once again.*

Stevo: You know, I love Russia, I really do.

*A silence overcomes the arena as Stevo continues to speak.*

Stevo: Back in the early 80s things weren’t going so well for me in America. I was tossed out into the world without any real formal education, released from the care of Dr. Cornelius Robinson… and I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I fought my way around the states for a bit, but then I caught a break. I ran into a man named Boris who agreed to fly me out to Russia and manage my career. I fought here in Russia in the pits, earning my keep from city to city and the people here were always just great. So that’s why I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who…

*Stevo continues to speak, but his mic isn’t broadcasting. Stevo looks down at it and taps it a few times, but nothing happens.*

Voice: Oh shut up already.

*A spotlight shines high up to a private box where we see a bunch of Russian politicians sitting.*

Voice: Not there you idiot, over here!

*The spotlight moves over three boxes and we see the former sVo World Champion and winner of the Victory Cup… Mike Best. The fans give a loud, but very mixed reaction before the boo’s finally start to win out.*

Best: Shut up Stevo, no one wants to hear another eiditon of “Tales from the roaring 20s”. These people came to see action, they came to see violence!

*The fans pop for this announcement as a smirk comes across the face of the World Champ. Stevo tests his mic and realizes it is once again working.*

Stevo: Ah there we go… this thing is finaly on. Great.

*Stevo checks his back to make sure nothing is going on, when he realizes the coast is clear he turns his full attention towards Mike Best.*

Stevo: Well I’ll agree with you there Mike, these fans do want to see action… they do want to see violence. So why don’t you get your ass down here and let’s give it to them… RIGHT NOW!

*Best starts to chuckle before he grabs his shoulder.*

Best: Come on Stevo, you know that I’m still not cleared to get into the ring.

Stevo: Not cleared to get into the ring? Seemed like your shoulder was working just fine last week when you were banging circus midgets with Kelly Flawless.

Best: Who told you about that!

Stevo: Nevermind… look Best, you’re not fooling me and you’re not fooling any of these fans here. I know your shoulder is fine, you were carrying around a sack of puppies last week for God’s sake. Let’s just cut the crap and get this over with. You have a rematch clause, I have the belt… let’s do it, tonight!

*The fans pop and Mike Best rolls his neck before smiling and shaking his head back and forth.*

Best: Nah… you already have a match tonight Stevo, or have you forgotten?

*Stevo learns in towards the turnbuckle, his complete attention focused on Mike Best.*

Stevo: I know I have a match tonight, but I’d be perfectly happy to make it two… come on, let’s do it, are you scared or something?

Best: Hmm…

*Best genuinely appears to reflect upon Stevo’s offer, but then we hear a chorus of boos as out of the steel rampway, steel chair in hand comes Kelly Flawless. Flawless starts to creep down the rampway and Stevo has no idea what is going on.*

Stevo: See Best, your indecision is driving these fans crazy, listen to those boo’s!

*The fans continue to boo, but what Stevo doesn’t realize is that it’s not about Best, it’s about Flawless. Flawless is now at the middle of the steel rampway and…

What the?

What’s this?

A bat just rolled out from under the ring!

Now a body is coming out from under the ring!


Chris Bond rolls out from UNDERNEATH the ring, and he grabs that baseball bat! Kelly Flawless stops in his tracks!*

Stevo: Come on Best, did you really think that was going to work?

*Best grits his teeth as the spotlight returns to Kelly Flawless, who immediately drops the steel chair and hightails it up the steel rampway. Bond drops the baseball bat and what’s this? Bond is in heavy pursuit! Stevo looks up at Best, who continues to look down at the ring from the skybox.*

Stevo: Well you know what they say… when in Rome…

*Stevo drops the mic and takes the Alexi Yashin jersery off. He tosses it into the crowd and the fans start to fight for it. Stevo then rolls under the bottom rope and hops the guardrail! Stevo is marching his way up to Best’s skybox!

Bond is hot on Flawless’ trail, Stevo is hot on Best’s. Electricity is in the air! What is going to happen tonight?


Backstage, in a dark room. Dust slowly floats the air before coming to rest on invisible surfaces around us. The only source of light is a single lightbulb, hanging from the ceiling by an ancient piece of string. A pool of warm, golden light floods over a wooden table directly underneath the bulb. On top of the table, a miniature theater stage has been set up.

As the camera gazes at the display, two gloved hands enter the light, holding a wooden puppet with rosey red cheeks. The hands are obviously those of Isaac White, though “The Hope” himself remains in the shadows.

He carefully props the puppet up on the stage and keeps it stood upright by holding the strings attached to it’s back. He speaks, his voice cold and bitter.

ISAAC: I’m going to keep this little vignette short, because right now I have an excruciating headache as a result of last week’s Showdown. For those who missed it, and for those who just get a kick out of me being brutally assaulted, I’ll recap. Night and I engaged in an horrendous brawl which spanned the best part of the final half of the show.

We went from the ring, to the crowd, through the hallways, out a fire escape, into the streets, and, finally, on top of a car. Night picked me up and slammed me head-first through the front window! I woke up some time later in the medical wing of The Barracks. Apparently, I was out cold for about an hour.

Isaac begins to twiddle the strings, manipulating the puppet into performing a dance on stage.

ISAAC: No matter. Tonight, my presence will still be felt, regardless of whether I’m in the ring or not. I will be playing the role of puppeteer, pulling the strings of those around me into doing my bidding! I can be very… persuasive when I want to be.

Isaac crushes the puppet’s strings in his hands, causing the wooden limbs to contort and twist grotesquely.

Travis Williams vs. Cameron Bradin

The lights in the arena dim when “Excellence” By Mos Def hits out over the arena sound system

Yes sir, yes sir
You know the run-ins
Excellence always
Brooklyn embassy
Black star shining
You are now rockin’ with the best
Brooklyn’s own
Brooklyn’s only
M-O-S definite
Big shot out to cash money
Shya Medina Green

Cameron Bradin then appears at the top of the ramp. He is met with a mixed reaction from the fans some cheering and others booing him. The young rookie raises his arms to the fans as fireworks are let off behind him.
Listen, 3 words for the con…

No you aren’t
Smoke, smoke but your no cigar
Soon as Mos hit the open market

He makes his way down the ramp his only focus being the ring in front of him. He climbs the steel steps and climbs through the middle rope before running to each corner raising his hands before waiting for the bell to ring.

Cameron stands in the center of the ring, awaiting his opponent, bouncing lightly to work out his ankles, and testing the feel of the ring.

The hard hitting rock/metal sound of Blain’s “Low” starts to pour into the arena from the sound systems. The crowd rises to their feet, in the massive loads, as the Big Screen flashes the words “Dark Shadows” across it. From entrance tunnel in the crowd, a figure walks out in a pair of black jeans and a black wife beater. Steel toe boots jet black, and head cleanly shaved with drips of sweat beading up from the bright lights, and warm bodies that surround him. Security guards clear a path the best they can, as Dark Shadows walks through the normal people and hops over the barricade. He pauses, as he looks back at where he came from, and the crowd in respect, pop big for The Dark Shadows. He turns and faces the ring, as he dashes towards it and slides under the bottom rope. He walks to a corner and waits there as his music cuts away.

Shadows and Cameron meet in the center of the ring, nose to nose almost, minus the seven inches Shadows has on him. Cameron is running his mouth as the referee tries to pull the two men apart. Shadows laughs as Cameron shoves him, but barely budges him any at all. Shadows engulfs the face of Cameron with his hand, shoves him ass first to the mat. The referee gives the signal to the time keeper and the bell sounds.



Shadows backs up from the center, and pops his neck as Cameron gets back to his feet. The two men circle the and step forward locking up in a collar and elbow. Shadows takes him back into the corner, as the referee demands the break.

1…Shadows is not letting off

2…Shadows opens up his hands to show clearance

3…Slowly, he start to back away

4…Shadows lifts up his arms, and smacks Cameron right in the mouth with a paint brush like slap.

The referee warns him about ignoring his count, but Shadows shoves him to the side, and goes after Cameron in the corner. Cameron plays smart, and kicks Shadows right in the gut, grabs him by the head, and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. He turns him around, and slings him across the ring into the opposing corner. Cameron waits for Shadows to hit, and then charges in with a shoulder into the gut of Shadows. Cameron holds onto the middle ropes, and drives the shoulder again into the stomach.

Shadows is doubled over the shoulder and back of Cameron, as Cameron struggles to pick him up, and post him on the top rope in a sitting position. Cameron steps back, as he rushes the corner, stepping up to Shadows, and sends him flying off the top rope with a Japanese arm drag. Shadows crashes to the canvas, in pain. Cameron stands to his feet, back to Shadows, as he taps the top turnbuckle pad, as the crowd cheer. He looks over his shoulder his opponent who is on his back. He sling shots himself on the middle ropes, and then instantly jumps to the top rope, and flies off with a BME that he lands perfectly across the chest of Shadows, as the legs of his kick up, Cameron hooks both as the referee slides in for a count.



Shadows tosses Cameron off of him with ease it seems. Cameron looks at the referee and Shadows with disbelief on his face. He asks the referee if he got the three count, but the referee holds up two fingers and shakes his head.

Shadows starts to roll towards the ropes, as Cameron gets to his feet. Shadows grabs the ropes to pull himself in a sitting position, as Cameron attempts to grabs the head of Shadows, but Shadows quickly grabs his trunks and sends him between the ropes, crashing to the floor. Shadows rolls outside, to meet Cameron who is trying to pull himself up.

He grabs a hand full of Cameron’s hair, and lifts him to his feet. He scoops him up, and places him on his shoulder. He turns to the guard rail, and drops Cameron forehead first on it with snake eyes like move. As Cameron bounces back up from the impact, Shadows catches him with a mafia kick right in the face that sends him back first to the floor. The referee yells at him to get back in the ring. Shadows rolls back in, laying back first on the canvas, he grins at the referee, and rolls back out.

Shadows grabs the hair of Cameron, and lifts him to his feet. With ease, he brings him to the steel steps, and slams him face first into them, and again, he slams him face first into the steel steps. Blood starts to trickle down the face of Cameron, as Shadows throws him back into the ring. Shadows slides in under the bottom rope.

Shadows stands over Cameron, and lifts up his head, and positions a knee into the back area for support. He takes his hand and smears his blood across his face, and starts to nail him with hard close fist shots. Each time, the knuckles land directly into the cut, ripping it more, causing more blood to escape. Shadows finally stops punching him, and throws him face first into the canvas. The referee warns him about the close fist usage, but the warning goes ignored. With Cameron’s blood on his hand, he smears it across his arms and wife beater, signals for the end. He locks Cameron’s head in a dragon sleep position, sitting on the center of his back. Pulling back as the Tap Into Reality is in full effect. The referee checks the arm of Cameron, as he lifts it up and it falls down limp, he calls for the bell.




Shadows pulls back harder, as the out cold Cameron is shown in a crimson mask. The referee demands he breaks the hold, as Shadows shoves him face first into the canvas and stands over him with his hands held high, as he advances to the finals of the Evolution Cup Finals.

RESULT: Travis Williams def. Cameron Bradin via knockout


Candi Cross: “Mr. Bond! Mr. Bond! CHRIS BOND!”

A voice booms from behind me. I’m so steamed at the moment that I completely black out. Rage is evident in my eyes, and I turn around, fists clinched, and stare her directly in the eyes.

Bond: “What is it Cross?”

She stares at me, a bit scared… but more nervous than anything.

Candi: “We just witnessed that altercation between yourself and Kelly Flawless, why are you after him in such a fit? We saw nothing out of you when you lost to Kerry Millano.”

I look at her, and shake my head.

Bond: “Are you kidding me? I lost to Kerry Millano fair and square, that was one of the highlights of my personal career. I defeated Kelly Flawless last week by a disqualification. A DISQUALIFICATION! He had to have that bastard Mike Best help him. People called Flawless the future of this company, and he has to rely on a one-armed jackass to help him try and win matches? Seriously… do a little investigating before you start asking me stupid damn questions.”

I push past her, and she stares at me. She gulps, and looks into the camera.

Candi: “Well, you heard it hear ladies and gentlemen… there seems to be some unfinished business simmering away atop the stove here in Russia.”

I continue down the hallway, knocking stuff over, you know, the typical angry/search montage. All I can muster is a scream… the one thing that only those who search for people in an angry fashion yell—names.


Quickly out of the corner of my eye I spy blonde hair–attached to a male body–and it’s running away. I quickly follow chase.


Two men are walking down the hallway. Both of them new to sVo. Both of them full of darkness. They are Alister Diablo and Death Venom. They stop and begin to talk. Both of them have matches tonight. Venom in a four way match and Diablo in a singles match.

Venom: So, you’re Diablo, right?

Diablo: Yeah…. Death Venom?

Venom: Correct. You’re new to sVo just like me. I saw your match last week.

Diablo: I saw yours.

Venom: Even though you lost, you’re good.

Diablo: Same to you.

Venom: I actually had a sort of vision. A vision of us as a tag team. Destroying anyone and anything in our path to the top. We could run this place together. We could be the dictators.

Diablo: I have a mission of my own. I’ve been given my orders.

Venom: Military?

Diablo: No.

Venom: Oh, I think I know what you mean.

Diablo: You know what. I think your vision is what my Master was talking about. He said something good would happen this week. I think he meant us becoming a tag team. Together we will run this place together. Just like you said.

They both look at eachother and shake hands. They then begin to laugh, a bit manically.


Backstage — Tamara Boyd stands with Lou Lyons and Mr. Matsudaria, Lyons’ ex-now-rehired trainer and manger. A simple sVo backdrop sets the scene as all three personalities huddle together for what looks to be a basic promo about Lyons’ upcoming match with Orlando Fox.

Boyd lifts the microphone to her lips and eyes Lyons.

Boyd: Lou Lyons, you debuted last week against one of the most feared men in the sVo, Kerry Millano, and your performance caught the eye of many around the world, revealing that the rumors about your talent are true; you’re a stiff competitor with a bright future ahead of you. How do you feel about last week?

Lyons: What can I say? I knew Millano would be tough. I knew I’d push him to his limit… but I never expected him to raise my hand after he cleanly beat me in one of the toughest wrestling matches of my entire career. It blows my mind how much honor and respect Millano showed me, and I have all the respect in the world for Kerry Millano.

Boyd: What are your thoughts on your match tonight with Orlando Fox?

Lyons: He’s a bigger than me.

Boyd: Do you see yourself getting your first win in the sVo tonight, Lou Lyons?

Lyons: After surviving Millano in Japan, I’m ready to drag any opponent into the Lyons Den. Fox is a man who demands respect, but I have yet to see anything in him that makes me respect him. He’s a tough competitor, no doubt, but he doesn’t have the disciplined heart I have for professional wrestling. Fox will find himself with another ‘L’ in his win/loss record.

Tonight, the Lion kills the Fox!

Boyd: Good luck tonight and with your future endeavors, Lou Lyons.

Lyons: Thank you, Tamara.

Lou Lyons vs. Orlando Fox

“Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard
Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord
Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit
Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit”

“Boyz-N-Tha-Hood” by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fox raises his in the air as he walks down towards the ring whilst staring out members of the audience at ringside. Fox soon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

“Fortunate Son” by CCR begins to play over the loudspeakers.

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no no no,
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate son, no no no.

Lou Lyons steps out onto the entrance ramp. The fans send a cheerful welcome to the innovative submissionist. As the fans continue to go wild, a spotlight shines down upon Lyons, and flashing maroon lights and pyrotechnics follow. He raises his right arm, rolls his neck, nods to the fans, and then walks slowly to the ring. Lyons finally jumps up upon the ring apron and over the ropes. He walks to his corner, rolls his neck again, and then paces around the ring, waiting to land his first strike.

It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one, no no no,
It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate son, no no no.


Without wasting any time at all, Fox charges at Lyons with a clothesline but is quickly brought to the canvas with a drop toe old. Lyons jumps onto Fox’s back with a swift movement and applies a camel clutch. The crowd goes wild as Lyons pulls back and tries to end the match as quickly as possible. Lyons pulls back and swings back and forth, straining the neck of Fox, but Fox breaks loose and crawls out of the ring. The crowd really lays into him as he goes for a chair, but Lyons bounces of the ropes and performs a baseball slide dropkick, sending Fox into the guardrail.

The referee begins to count as Lyons steps out of the ring and grabs Fox.




Fox jabs Lyons in the eye with a thumb and then whips him into the announcers’ table.



Fox slides back into the ring and a stumbling Lyons follows. However, as soon as Lyons slides under the ropes, Fox begins to lay his boots into Lyons’ head. The crowds’ boos rise while Fox drops a knee across Lyons’ throat. Lyons grabs his throat and tries to catch his breath but Fox mounts Lyons and begins to punch him in the forehead. When he felt he had Lyons finally grounded, Fox jumps up to his feet and taunts the fans. Lyons, quick to respond, flips back up to his feet and walks up to the unaware Fox. When Fox turns around to finish Lyons… SMACK! Fox is greeted with a stiff kick to the head. He drops to his knees but Lyons continues striking Fox’s head and upper body with stiff kicks. Lyons then runs back, bounces off the ropes, and sends Fox through the ropes with his signature HalleLOUjah knee kick.

The crowd erupts as the referee begins the count out.








Fox crawls back into the ring and both men lock up. Fox is brought down with an armdrag. Fox jumps back up! He is hit with another armdrag. Fox jumps back up again, this time with a dropkick, sending Lyons into the turnbuckle. But, Lyons runs back and ducks under a clothesline… POP! Lyons nails Fox with a back brain kick! He quickly goes for the cover!




They lock up again. Fox hooks Lyons’ arm and neck and goes for a suplex.

NO! Lyons reversers and rolls Fox up!




Fox throws a haymaker and catches Lyons in the jaw. He then goes for another suplex.


Fox goes for the cover.


No! Lyons kicks out and backs into the turnbuckle. Fox charges him but Lyons moves out of the way. CRASH! Fox rams his shoulder into the steel post and crumbles to the ground. Lyons grabs a hold of Fox’s ankle and drags him to the center of the ring. Lyons backs up and then drops a knee across the back of Fox’s neck. Lyons celebrates with the fans and quickly goes back to attacking Fox with one nasty stomping.

After dropping enough boots, Lyons hovers over Fox and applies a cobra clutch while sitting in a camel clutch position. Fox struggles to break free but Lyons tries to force Fox to tap out. He doesn’t. Lyons eventually breaks the hold and stands up. He grabs Fox by the hair but is hit with a low blow. Lyons grabs his crotch and falls to his knees, allowing Fox to get back on the offensive.

Fox grabs Lyons and lifts him into the air, dropping him with a pump handle slam. Fox doesn’t waste any time and goes for a quick cover but Lyons manages to kickout before the referee can even count to one. Surprised, Fox begins to choke Lyons with two hands. However, the referee pulls Fox off of Lyons.

Lyons finds his way back to his feet and his met with a couple of punches. Fox whips Lyons into the ropes and lifts his boot towards Lyons’ face, but the “Gaijin Prodigy” captures Fox’s leg and whips Fox to the canvas with a dragon screw leg whip. Lyons then raises his hands and brings Fox to his feet. He lifts him up onto his shoulder and then signals the end. LION DANCE!




Lyons gets to his feet and has his hand risen by the referee.

The show then goes to a commercial break.

RESULT: Lou Lyons def. Orlando Fox via pinfall


We head backstage to the office of Paige Johnson, where the sVo general manager is sitting behind her desk looking rather stressed. Paige is nervously biting her nails as she looks straight ahead.

Paige – “Hi Scott, please take a seat.”

The camera pans around to the man facing Paige, where a large man wearing all black clothes is standing infront of Paige’s desk. The man uncomfortably sits in the seat and looks towards Paige.

Scott – “Nice to meet you Paige, glad to be working for you here.”

Scott extends his hand to Paige, and Paige eventually shakes it.

Paige – “Its good to have you hear Mr Love. We have needed a head of security in this company for too long, things have started to get out of hands here over the past few weeks and it will be YOUR job to ensure there is order around here.”

Scott Love nods confidently.

Scott – “No problem Paige. I have worked for some top companies since leaving the Army, the sVo wrestlers should be a piece of cake.”

Paige nods her head, seemingly distracted by something else.

Paige – “Its not the wrestlers that are the problem…..”


The cold snowy cities of Russia brought back many memories to Arrant. As he viewed all the life’s, deaths and wars that had been and would be on the snow under his boots, he focused harder at the task at hand.

The prophecy of ‘A Fecal Voodoos Slings’

The future of humanity depended on it.

As the footsteps of Arrant and his children Sedan and Manta rippled through time and space, the Cult of Kharn drew closer to its destiny.

The Cult of Kharn had found what they had come for in Russia.

As Arrant gripped the item in his gloved hand, Seden and Manta walked close by. The earth date of 27-Apr-08 echoed from beyond, calling out to the cult of Kharn. A fixed point in time.

An Event that Arrant already knew that was coming, but could do nothing about.

The bees were disappearing, and four years from that date, so would humanity.

Cobalt Clay vs. Death Venom vs. John Green vs. Sensei Shredder

“Atlas” Battles hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction in the arena as the lights fade down. After a few seconds, a spotlight appears on the entrance ramp as new sVo signing Cobalt Clay makes his way down to the ring for his debut match! The 6ft Clay rolls into the ring, before raising his hands in the air as he awaits the other opponents in this hardcore four way match.

“Between Angels And Insects” by Papa Roach hits the P.A. system and the crowd gets on their feet as Green walks from behind the curtain. Green stands at the start of the ramp as he looks at the crowd with a smile on his face. Green starts to walk down the ramp slapping the hands of fans. John then runs the rest of the way to the ring and goes to a turn buckle and does his Signature pose. He then jumps off the turnbuckle and goes to another turnbuckle. The crowd gets on their feet again as he poses on the turnbuckle. He jumps off and his music fades as he awaits the bell.

Operation Ground and Pound begins playing as the lights in the arena go off. A white fog lifts from the stage and bright white lights are flashing all around as the music builds. A vague figure within the fog begins to rise from the stage when the drum beats are cued. When the music slows everything goes black again. Once the fast drums beats finish and the breakdown starts, the whole arena bursts into light and Sensei Shredder begins moving down the ramp, giving the fans his love. Once Sensei Shredder reaches the ring, he jumps around in excitement, going to each turnbuckle raising both his fists in the air for the crowd. Music fades as he readies for his upcoming opponents.

Stricken by Disturbed Blast out of the sVo PA system. The lights turn red and blacks smoke covers everywhere and red pyro explodes on the stage. Death Venom walks through the curtains and walk onto the stage with a black trench coat on. He slowly lift up his arms and pyro explodes. Death Venom starts walking and he walks own the ramp and slowly to the ring steps he walks up them and walks on the apron climbs into the ring. Death walks to the turnbuckle climbs up and raises his arms and jumps down and walks to the middle of the ring waits for his opponent.

The referee calls for the bell and this hardcore four way is underway! Sensei Shredder quickly makes his way towards John Green as Death Venom takes down Cobalt Clay with a clothesline. Sensei Shredder nails Green with some stiff kicks before tossing him over the top rope and to the floor below. Sensei Shredder wastes no time in following Green to the outside of the ring, as he climbs onto the ring apron, before leaping onto Green with a cross body splash as he tries to get to his feet. Back in the ring Death Venom nails Clay with some stiff right hands that back him into the corner, before stomping him down to a sitting position.

Death Venom begins to choke Clay out with his boot, but there is nothing the referee can do to stop him due to the hardcore rules. On the outside of the ring Green begins to get to his feet, however Sensei Shredder is waiting for him as he throws him hard into the security railings. Green drops to the floor holding his face in pain, as Sensei Shredder grabs a chair from the crowd! Sensei Shredder holds the chair up, but instead of hitting his opponent with the chair, he waits for him to get to his feet! Sensei Shredder tosses the chair to Green as he rises to his feet, however Green catches the chair! Green looks as if he will use the chair to his own advantage on Sensei Shredder, but Sensei Shredder shows off his impressive abilities by kicking the chair back into the face of Green!

Green falls to the floor as his nose explodes into a crimson mess, as Sensei Shredder rolls back into the ring. Death Venom finally allows Clay to his feet from the chokehold, however quickly tosses him down to the mat with a spinebuster. With Clay down, Sensei Shredder makes his way across the ring and lands a spinning leg drop on the newcomer! Death Venom doesn’t take too kindly to the interference in his beat down of Clay from Sensei Shredder, and takes him down to the mat with a reverse DDT!

Death Venom taunts Sensei Shredder, before grabbing Clay and pulling him up to a standing position. Death Venom throws Clay hard into the ropes, before taking him down to the mat with a flapjack. Clay hits the mat head first, and Death Venom quickly rolls him over before making the cover.



No! Clay gets a shoulder up to save himself from being pinned in his first ever sVo match! Death Venom angrily pulls Clay back up to his feet, but as he does John Green rolls into the ring clutching a table! Green runs across the ring and slams the side of the table into the head of Death Venom, sending him down to the mat! John Green then wastes no time in propping the table up in the corner of the ring against the turnbuckle. John Green is then attacked by Cobalt Clay from behind with some huge punches, as Death Venom rolls out of the ring. Clay pulls John Green around and hits him with a kick to the midsection, before planting him to the mat with a stiff DDT.

Cobalt Clay admires his DDT, but little does he know Death Venom has just rolled into the ring behind him clutching a baseball bat! Death Venom nails Clay around the back of the knees with the baseball bat before choking him out from behind with it! The referee can do nothing about the choke being used by Death Venom, which would normally be an illegal move! Death Venom soon drops Clay with a sleeper slam, before nailing John Green with a bat shot to the face as he approaches! Death Venom stands tall in the middle of the ring clutching his baseball bat, as on the outside of the ring Sensei Shredder seems to be searching for some weapons of his own!

Sensei Shredder lifts up the ring apron, and after a few seconds pulls out a kendo stick! The fans cheer as Sensei Shredder rolls into the ring clutching the kendo stick! Death Venom runs at Sensei Shredder with his baseball bat, but Sensei Shredder ducks under the arm of Death Venom, before turning and smashing the kendo stick over the head of his opponent! Death Venom drops to the mat, as Sensei Shredder turns and hits John Green and then Cobalt Clay with the kendo stick! John Green slowly rises to his feet, and Sensei Shredder hits him once again with a kendo stick shot, this time to the knees before working over him with a series of martial arts kicks and punches! John Green staggers backwards, allowing Sensei Shredder the opportunity to leap up and take him down with a huricanrana.

John Green stumbles up to his feet following the move from Sensei Shredder, but Sensei Shredder quickly grabs hold of him and locks him into the ‘Kimura’ submission hold! John Green screams out in pain, however luckily for Green, Clay rushes across the ring and breaks the submission hold with an elbow drop onto Sensei Shredder. Clay pulls Sensei Shredder up from the mat and drags him closer to the table that is propped up in the corner of the ring. Clay begins to nail Sensei Shredder with some stiff right hands, before grabbing him around the throat! It looks as if Clay is going to chokeslam Sensei Shredder through the table that is set up in the corner of the ring. Clay begins to pull Sensei Shredder up, however as he does Death Venom runs at Clay and spears him through the table!

The fans pop as Death Venom and Clay lay in the wreckage of the table! On the otherside of the ring, John Green has grabbed the kendo stick that Sensei Shredder brought into the ring, and he runs at the martial arts expert with it! Green swings the stick at Sensei Shredder, however Sensei Shredder ducks under the stick and turns to drop John Green to the mat with a ‘Cutter’! John Green looks to be out cold from the kick as Sensei Shredder leaps down onto the body of his opponent.




This one is all over, and its Sensei Shredder who picks up his first win in the sVo! The referee raises Sensei Shredder’s hand in victory, as the victor looks around at the chaos around him!

RESULT: Sensei Shredder def. John Green, Death Venom & Cobalt Clay via pinfall


The scene opens up in the car park of the arena. Co-sVo Owner Jon Page is standing by wearing his usual dark suit, as he seems to be waiting for something. Page breaths on his hands to try and keep them warm, until after about twenty seconds, a blacked out limo pulls into the car park of the arena. Jon Page immediately walks over to the passenger door of the limo. The window winds down and Jon Page looks into the limo to see his sister Amy Page sitting in the passenger seat.

Jon Page – “Everything going to plan?”

Amy Page nods her head, she looks excited as she flicks her blonde hair back.

Amy Page – “Obviously we have had a few set backs due to Chris Bond and his little booby traps, but we should be over that now. Everything should be good to go by Sunday.”

A smile creeps over Jon Page’s face as he realises just what is happening on Sunday.

Jon Page – “Ah Sunday, our PPV named Vendetta, what a brilliant choice of name. Sunday will be the day I get revenge for everything that the Moretti’s have ever done, and he will be too wrapped up watching the PPV to ever know that is going on.”

Amy Page – “Genius, I will see you next week, and then we can run the sVo once and for all, WITHOUT the Moretti’s destroying everything.”

Jon Page – “To Vendetta.”

Jon Page shakes hands with his sister before the window of the limo winds up, and the limo drives out of the car park. Jon Page smiles as he looks around at the surroundings, before making his way from the car park and back into the arena.

However as Jon Page walks through the door to the arena, a familiar figure emerges from the shadows.

Johnny All Star!

All Star smiles as he takes his cell phone from his pocket and taps in a few numbers before placing it to his ear. With the son of Jimmy Moretti hearing Jon Page’s entire conversation, will Moretti be able to put a stop to Page’s plans?

Johnny All Star – “Yeah they have planned it for Sunday, it looks like you were right after all….”

Alister Diablo vs. Damien Sands

“Inside The Fire” by Disturbed begins to play and Alistair Diablo comes out onto the stage. He raises his arms up in an X and red pyro in the shape of an X goes off behind him. He then heads down to the ring and takes of the black shades he is wearing. He tosses them into the crowd. He walks up the steps and gets in the ring. He gets on the turnbuckle post and makes the X with his arms again.

That’s life, that’s what all the people say….
You’re riding high in April….
Shot down in May……
But I know I’m gonna change that tune….
When I’m back on top, back on top in June….

The lights begin to dim on out all though out the arena as red and white lights flash on and off through out the arena flashing over various aspects of the crowed. The fans can be heard booing as they know who’s going to be coming out from the behind the black curtains. “That’s Life”- Frank Sinatra begins to blare on out from the sVo sound system. As Damien Sands makes his appearance known he stands on the entrance ramp wearing a feathered silver robe as fog surrounds around him like a fright train, he begins disappearing with in it, He eventually can be seen walking through it holding a mirror in one hand as he walks on down to the ring flaunting his looks as he walks around to the side or the steel metal steps and climbs in as the fans continue to boo him he continues to look at himself within the mirror as he awaits for his opponent to come out.

The bell sounds.

Alistair Diablo and Damien Sands step up face to face in the middle of the ring as the fans watch on and wait for what is going to happen next. They make a move, tying up together in a lock up. The much bigger man in Alistair Diablo pushes the smaller Damien Sands into the corner. Diablo is warned by the referee to take a step out and let him out of the corner.

He doesn’t seem to listen much to the referee as both Damien Sands and Alistair Diablo are stuck in the corner and the ropes. The referee decides to start a count as the fans continue to watch on here in Russia for one of many sVo Showdown matches tonight on the event card. This just being a singles bout contested with a one fall and a ten minute time limit.






Still nothing as the referee gets in between both men and breaks it up himself.

Alistair Diablo tosses a right hand to Damien Sands after he is broken apart from his opponent. He then begins to choke him in the corner and uses the ropes as Damien Sands is being overpowered to start this match up. The referee once again begins to make a count and knows how bad it went last time.






Again, he is not breaking it so the referee warns him and tells him he will disqualify him if he does not let go.

Alistair Diablo finally listens for once but is not pleased as he comes walking out from the corner and right at the referee. Damien Sands takes this time to get a deep couple of breaths in as he comes flying out from the corner with a clothesline after jumping off the second turnbuckle that he proceeded to hop up on.

Alistair however throws him off of his body as Sands now gets up as does Diablo. He runs at Damien who ducks a clothesline. Sands now goes at his legs as he nails him with a two foot front drop kick. Sands quickly gets behind the big man and goes for multiple german suplexes but can’t even lift the man. Damien is then hammered down by Alistair who has pretty much dominated this contest.

Alistair Diablo decides not to waste any more time as he boots Damien Sands in the gut and hooks on a brainbuster suplex. He hooks his leg for the cover as this could very well be it for him.




RESULT: Alistair Diablo def. Damien Sands via pinfall


The V-Tron flickers to life showing Gunner Lang sitting backwards on a steel chair in his locker room admiring his Las Vegas Championship, he looks up right out into the crowd.

Gunner: “Good evening, sorry to interrupt but I’ve just got a message for one Joseph Peyton. You see Joseph has made it loud and clear that he wants my championship, and come Vendetta …”

The sVo fans pop for the upcoming Pay Per View just one short week, live from Solna, Sweden.

Gunner: “Come Vendetta Joseph Peyton is going to get that shot. Does he deserve that shot, has he worked for that shot, hell for that matter do I deserve the belt? But you know what it doesn’t matter what I think … I don’t make the matches. Somebody in the back, maybe the same person that thought I deserved a shot, maybe not thinks that Peyton deserves the shot. Personally I don’t think he deserves it. There are many more guys in the back that deserves a shot.”

Lang rubs his ‘stache as he thinks.

Gunner: “People like Joseph Equinox … Chris Bond … Howie Banks … hell even my tag team partner tonight Pe heh … Pe heh … Peter Gilmour, sorry I couldn’t say that with a straight face. Hell I here Kid X is even kicking around somewhere in the back as a janitor he deserves a shot more than Peyton.”

Gunner leans into the camera.

Gunner: “But come Vendetta I’m going to do my best to assure that Joseph Peyton does not get his grubby little hands on the belt. I’m going to hold onto this belt until someone more deserving than myself, and definitely more deserving than Peyton comes along.”

A door opening can be heard behind Gunner. As he looks behind himself he sees Chris Bond walking into the room.

Bond: Gunn, I thought you were in her by yourself. Who you talking too?

Bond looks into the camera as the scene fades out.


[We are backstage at the arena in Moscow, Russia where we see Peter Gilmour pacing around the room at a fast pace. Something seems wrong with Peter but we can’t quite tell what it is. A knock is heard on the door.]

Peter: COME IN!

[Peter’s friend and mentor Max Masterson comes into the room wearing a blue suit and pants and holding his trusty cane in his right hand.]

Max: You ready for the tag match dude?

Peter: Yeah, I’m ready but I’m very pissed off! Why is my match in the middle of the show? I should be in the main event. I mean, I am the Hardcore Champion and I am teaming with the Las Vegas Champion. We should be respected and put higher up on the card and not in the middle of the card. I feel Moretti has gone off his rocker again. I respect the man, but he has made some very stupid decisions the last few shows. I mean look at this week, a “Double Dice” match where the winner rolls a pair of dice and whatever the number is, is what title he gets? Come on now. That’s saying my belt means nothing to this company. And while we’re on the subject, did you hear that shit Orlando Fox said about me in his promo?

Max: I did hear that and he has some nerve calling you a paper champion.

Peter: Indeed, my friend. Orlando Fox was out of the sVo for more than 4 months and now that he is back he wants to get back the title he lost to Howie Banks, who lost it to Night, who then lost it to ME. He wants MY Hardcore Title. Well he has to wait in line just like the others. And he has the nerve to call me a “paper champion?” This piece of shit was out 4 months and he deserves a title shot? PLEASE! Only thing he deserves is a shot in the head. He does not deserve to face me for my title and if we ever did meet, I would beat his punk ass and put him back on the injured list. But I can’t worry about that. I’m more worried about me and Gunner’s match with the Wonder Twins, Equinox and Peyton. Now Peyton, I don’t care about. Gunner is going to maul him and spit him out later. I will handle the NEO wannabe myself. You see Max, Joseph Equinox thinks he can get into my head with his stupid Matrix shit. What he doesn’t know his I know the game and I can play his little computer games. But as always, I will find his weakness and exploit it. Tonight, the Las Vegas Champ and the Hardcore champ unite to beat two jabronis and show this wild crowd here in Russia (cheap pop) that the real MAIN EVENTERS are here to stay and we will show Peyton Place and NEO a lesson in PAIN. Equinox and Peyton are going to be taken… TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!!

[Peter looks intently at Max as Max nods his head and says something that the microphones cant pick up. We fade out to ringside.]

Gunner Lang & Peter Gilmour vs. Joseph Equinox & Joey Peyton

Gunner Na na na na na na
Gunner Na na na na na na
Gunner Na na na na na na

I was caught
In the middle of a railroad track (Gunner)
I looked ’round,
And I knew there was no turning back (Gunner)
My mind raced
And I thought what could I do? (Gunner)
And I knew
There was no help, no help from you (Gunner)
Sound of the drums
Beatin’ in my heart
The thunder of guns!
Tore me apart
You’ve been – Gunner-struck!

The familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout “Gunner” along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down to the ring slapping hands with the fans and giving devil horns. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and proceeds to take off his shirt and bandanna throwing them into the crowd.

The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s WALK WITH ME IN HELL begin to play. The lights then turn red and Max Masterson begins to make his way out to the ramp. He is dressed in a red suit and holding a singapore cane. He looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, Peter Gilmour comes out in a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Max and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Max gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind him. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Max takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at the ramp intently, waiting on his next opponent. Hell” by LAMB OF GOD.

“You could never be my envy”
“You could never be my jealousy”
Guitar riffs and solos kick in

The lights in the arena flicker multiple times, and then slowly dim down. The Jumbo Tron goes completely black as a faint blue hue overtakes the arena. In bold red letters, the phrase “Joey Peyton” appears, centered, on the pre-existing black backdrop of the Jumbo Tron. A loud blast of pyro erupts and is instantly followed by the continuing of ‘Gimme A.D.’ by Parkway Drive. The crowd showers the arena with cheers. “Joey Peyton” morphs into “The First Star”, and as if on cue, Joey steps out from behind the entrance curtain and onto the entrance ramp wearing black tights with “Adonis Di” written down his right leg in red lettering. He stands, perfectly centered at the top of the entrance ramp, and stretches his arms outward in a crucifix pose with his fists clenched. After a few seconds, he begins walking down to the ring, in a complete serious mode he ignores any and every fan. When he reaches the ring, he rolls inside, and leaps to his feet. He stands in the middle of the ring, looking out to the crowd. As he raises his arms, bright white pyro erupts on the four corners of the ring, stopping the music, and returning the arena lights to their original hue and brightness

“Open Your Eyes” By Guano Apes begins to play. Smoke begins to fill the chas the lights tim to near darkness. A beam of bright white light shines from the stage. As the light begins to dim, Joseph Equinox can be seen stading at the top of the stage with smoke foating all around him. Equinox moves to the top of the ramp and stops before he flails his arms out to the side of him and a pyro lightn$ing bolt fies down and strikes him. The spotlights loom over where Equinox was standing but he is no longer there. All of a sudden 4 more lighting bolts crash down on each corner of the ring and the arena lights change to a dark blue. And there standing in the ring is Equinox with smoke now floating around the ring. Joseph Equinox then looks up the ramp and takes off his shades.

The bell sounds.

This match starts off with both teams fighting and bickering, hollering over who should start the match up off for their team. It seems both sides aren’t agreeing to anything so all four men begin the match by brawling. Gunner Lang runs right at Joey Peyton as Peter Gilmour and Joseph Equinox begin to do battle as well with right hands to each other back and forth in the ring.

Gunner whips Joey to the corner and runs at him with a clothesline that squashes him. He falls down and rolls out of the ring as Peter knees Joseph in the mid section. Gunner now just steps out and onto the ring apron as Peter Gilmour and Joseph Equinox start off the match in the ring for both of their teams. Both sides dislike each other, all four men are luckily to even be able to get along this well so far.

Peter Gilmour now grabs Joseph Equinox and body slams him right down on his back side on the ring mat. Gilmour now runs to the ropes and is about to go for an elbow but as he comes back and goes for it, Joseph Equinox moves right out of the way and The Xtreme Icon misses. The Hardcore Champion now rolls over towards his corner as he looks to tag in Gunner Lang. Joseph Equinox makes it to his corner and tags in Joey Peyton.

Both fresh men come into the ring now and run at one another. Gunner Lang clotheslines Joey Peyton down and follows it up with a right hand to his head followed by a boot to the mid section. Gunner whips him to the ropes. He bends over and is kicked right in the jaw. Peyton now backs up to the ropes and comes back but is picked right up and slammed down for a gorilla press slam by the powerful Gunner Lang.

The Las Vegas Champion now has Joseph Equinox who comes into the ring. He goes at Gunner who side steps him. Equinox goes into the ropes and comes back. From behind Joey Peyton takes out his leg as Joseph clotheslines Lang down. It was a two team thing. We now see Peter Gilmour in who clotheslines both Joey Peyton and Joseph Equinox down. He now gets back into the corner as Joseph Equinox does too. The referee tries to restore order.

Gunner Lang gets over to Peter and tags him in. Peter comes in now and works on Joey Peyton as he picks him up and puts him on his shoulders. He drives him down with a death valley driver. Joseph Equinox comes in and Gunner Lang comes back into the ring as well. Both men go at it and then Gunner clotheslines Joseph Equinox as both men go over the top ropes.

Back inside the ring, Peter Gilmour and Joey Peyton go at it. Peter waits for him to get back up from a maneuver he did on him earlier as he finally does. The fans are booing both men in the ring as Gunner and Joseph still fight on the outside floor. Peter now notices Joey Peyton running at him as he grabs him from the side and hit’s his finishing side walk slam he calls the Doomsday!

He gets on top of Joey Peyton. Wasting no time he hooks the leg.




RESULT: Gunner Lang & Peter Gilmour def. Joey Peyton & Joseph Equinox via pinfall


The back lot of the arena in Russia is quiet. Awkwardly quiet and it appears that a trap has been set. Bond comes storming out from an exit and looks around. His fists still clinched, he notices Blonde hair peeking above the door of a car parked off in the distance. He looks around and picks up a tire iron. He walks quietly over to the suspected hiding place of Kelly Flawless and smashes the window in. He grabs hold of the blonde hair, and pulls. What he finds isn’t what he was looking for. sVo Superstar stalker…. Danny Mack.

Bond: “What the fuc—”

Danny Mack: “P-p-please put me d-d-down…”

Bond: “What the hell are you doing out here you twerp? Do you realize I was this close to smashing your head in with the tire iron in my left hand?”

Danny Mack gulps, that’s when it happens. I feel two large hands grab hold of my shoulders. Danny Mack smiles, and I’m pulled backward. Into the scene comes Jon Page. Danny Mack opens the door and steps out. He smiles and shakes hands with Mr. Page. Exchanging an envelope, Mack walks off toward the arena while Page leans against the car.

Page: “Christopher Bond. Mr. Secret Agent Man himself.”

Bond: “Jon Page… co-owner of sVo and resident prick… now that we’ve stated the obvious…”

The two arms tighten their grips on my shoulder, the tire iron has previously been removed from my grasp and now been handed to Page. I quickly feel a shot to my ribs… something not so pleasant.

Page: “Would you like to rephrase your previous statement.”

I look up at him, clinching my fists and gritting my teeth.

Bond: “Did I say prick? I’m sorry… I meant to say the biggest asshole this side of the Atlantic.”

He takes another shot at my ribs. I start to cough and a tear rolls down my left cheek.

Page: “I didn’t come out here to trade insults with you. And my two Russian goons didn’t come out here to hold you while I did the dirty work. I’ve got some pressing business to take care of in Vegas, and every time I’ve tried to heist—I mean every time I’ve tried to withdrawal some funds from the sVo vault, it appears my men have been booby-trapped. Needless to say, I’m going to request… NO INSIST… that you halt all further actions and stop standing in my way.”

He looks at me and takes a few more shots at my midsection, this time just a few punches—no tire iron.

Bond: “I’m not going to stand by and watch you destroy the sVo… and if you wanted to ruin Moretti, there are easier ways, ways that wouldn’t bankrupt the sVo either…”

He looks at me and takes a free shot at my kisser. My money maker. My face was forced to the right involuntarily.

Page: “Yes, there may have been… but as you noticed… I don’t care about all that. I’m going to get Moretti… and I’m going to take pleasure in watching my business partner self-destruct. Hahaha.”

Bond: “You’re an idiot. You do realize that if the feds were to find out about this… you would be immediately arrested and easily found guilty for embezzlement? Just because you didn’t take any part of the funds doesn’t mean that you can’t be attached to it—you’re the one that set it up… and I have it on tape.”

His smile fades and I’m met with a few clobbers to the back of my neck forcing me to the ground.

Page: “This is your final warning. If you stand in my way, I will have no other choice but to destroy you as well. As you’ve already noticed, my two associates would enjoy nothing more than dismembering your body… and all they’d want was a case of Soviet Vodka. Stay out of my business Bond… otherwise, you may wind up like oh so many of those James Bond villains… dead as a doornail.”

He quickly takes one last shot, and even manages to kick me in my ribs. I fall to the ground, grasping at my abdomen. I begin coughing… and the three men walk off laughing… two in a hysterical thick Russian laugh and Page with his evil weasel laugh. I lay there in pain, nothing broken, but perhaps the message has been received.


Backstage somewhere at the Lokomotiv Stadion, Moscow, Russia – the masked figure of Night stalks through a crowded corridor. He cranes his neck as he looks around for his target… “The Hope” Isaac White. Determined to find White before White finds him, Night steels himself as he turns a corner and briskly walks down another corridor filled with crew, fans and journalists.

A sleazy looking business man in a very expensive, dark grey suit with a slightly lighter grey shirt and matching tie oozes through the crowd towards Night, his hair greased meticulously into position.

Business Man: Night!

Hearing his name coming from a very broad American accent in the middle of Russia, Night turns to face the man, who darts at him and thrusts a business card into his chest.

T. Walter Sommers Esq
Junior Executive Vice President
Artist Relations

Summit Productions

SOMMERS: Night, baby, buddy, pal! How’s it going, my friend, it’s been far too long.

NIGHT: Uh, nice to meet you Mr…

He glances down at the card in his hand.

NIGHT: … Sommers. How… how can I help you?

Sommers runs a greasy hand through his oiled hair and then extends it towards Night, who looks hesitant but cautiously extends his own, engaging in a handshake with the television representative.

SOMMERS: The network sent me over to finalise the details of your contract and make sure you’re all ready to go!

NIGHT: What contract?

Sommers laughs heartily and pats Night on the back jovially, panicking Night in his alert state.

SOMMERS: Haha, you kidder! You know, Your contract to the show!

Night looks at Sommers, and we are able to make out a confused frown through the thin fabric of his mask. He questions Sommers again exasperatedly.

NIGHT: …What show?

Sommers now furrows his brow but quickly smiles, under the impression Night is just joking around.

SOMMERS: Haha, your contract to the celebrity edition of ‘The House That Never Sleeps’, of course!

Sommers goes to pat Night on the shoulder again, but Night grabs Sommers’ forearm and pushes it back down to his waist. Sommers swallows and elaborates.

SOMMERS: You know… the sleep deprivation programme. You signed up as a willing test subject.

Night looks appalled at what he is hearing and demands to know more.

NIGHT: Test subject?! What the hell are you talking about?!

Night grits his teeth and Sommers hurriedly begins an explanation he must have learned from paper.

SOMMERS: Hold on, don’t get the wrong impression, now! You signed up as a test subject on a show which is going to challenge scientific explanations of sleep deprivation, while at the same time pushing the human psyche to the limit. We’ll be putting you in various different situations and scenarios with the other subjects and seeing how you respond to said situations!

Night now grabs the executive by the collar and pulls him in close, mere inches away from Night’s face. Several members of the crowd stop and stare at the now hostile meeting between Sommers and Night.

NIGHT: I never signed a contract!

Sommers looks fearful and swallows nervously, sweat pouring down his greasy head.

He rummages inside his suitcase and pulls out a piece of paper, spilling all of the case’s contents onto the floor as he does so. With trembling hands, he offers it to Night, who snatches it.

NIGHT: Someone’s having you on – I don’t have a manager.

SOMMERS: Yeah! It says right here – Tony Frowhitey!

Sommers points a fat finger at the piece of paper. Night reads the document in his hands and skims down to the bottom, where a dotted line indicates the signature. Written in black ink is:

To Nighty From Whitey

Followed by something that looks suspiciously like a smiley face wearing a top hat…

Night angrily balls the paper up and throws it into a nearby trash can leading Mr Sommers to go ballistic.

SOMMERS: You can’t do that! That was a legally binding document! When head office hears–

Night snaps around to face T. Walter Sommers and speaks with an intensely calm anger.

NIGHT: Listen to me. There was never a contract. There is no ‘Tony Frowhitey’. I am not interested in being a participant on your show. I am NOT INTERESTED IN SLEEP DEPRIVATION!

Night seethes fury as Sommers gulps nervously.

NIGHT: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my ‘manager’ and talk about a few issues I have with his… executive decisions.

SOMMERS: I thought you said you didn’t have a manager–

He is cut off by a deadly sharp look from the former Hardcore Champion, who silently glides away into the crowd. Distantly in the shadows a dark silhouette in what appears to be a top hat shudders from what could possibly be a very amused laugh…


The sVo camera’s roll around the Lokomotiv Stadion in Moscow, Russia and takes notice of all the signs that all the beloved fans hold up. Some say “Banks got screwed” while others say “sVo Rules.” Just as the camera’s are floating around in the audience we notice that martial artist Michael Diaz who was backstage in Japan for the sVo Showdown event is in the front row watching the event, as he obviously is a major fan and is there to watch what goes on.

He seems to be wearing blue jeans, black boots and a yellow dress shirt with three buttons on them. His hair is brown and brushed nicely as he stands up and waves to the fans who begin to cheer him on with claps. The camera’s stay on him as he begins to crack a smile. He waves to all the fans as he sits back down in his seat as he looks ready to enjoy the rest of the event.

All of a sudden it goes dark and fireworks go off by the stage way. The fans are unsure of what is going on as everybody is too. That’s when “Grillz” By Nelly Featuring Paul Wall hit’s the sVo pa system. Out comes none other than “Hollywood” Howie Banks who has a microphone in hand. For some reason he is coming down towards the ring as he walks around the side and then up the steps and onto the ring apron. He proceeds to get inside the ring now.

Howie is wearing his regular wrestling gear with golden tights, black knee pads, black elbow pads, white wrist tape and red boots. His hair is red and is spiked as the fans have a mixed reaction for a man who has been trying to be a good guy in recent weeks and show his loyalty to all of his beloved fans that he believes he has. Last week he took on Cody Williams in Japan and lost. His music dies down as the fans do too. He begins to speak over the mic.

Banks: “One week removed from losing in Japan to Cody Williams and here I am. In the continent of Russia, the city of Moscow. You know, they got a Moscow in Canada, yeah that’s right, they do. It’s a lot better than this place, that’s for sure. But enough about that, because there will be no special movie features this week from moi, oh no. How can I do that when Russia has no talent, no charisma, no nothing, not even any famous people.”

He pauses.

Banks: “On to what really matters and why I came out here tonight.”

He smirks.

Banks: “Cody Williams.”

He looks into the camera now.

Banks: “You think this war between you and I is over?”

He smiles.

Banks: “Well you’ve got another coming, punk.”

He begins to chuckle aloud.

Banks: “Because last week you cheated to beat me in front of all our peers and in front of everybody in the place we built – Japan. You took the easy road and for that I will never forget it. I wanted to beat you but if I lost I didn’t want you taking the easy way out, I wanted you getting the clear cut victory. But no, you couldn’t do that, now could you? So now I have no choice but to challenge you to a rematch. Not just any rematch, but a no disqualification match. And I want it to happen next Sunday, at Vendetta!”

He looks around and hears some sort of commotion over in the front row where Michael Diaz is sitting. Howie turns around and takes notice as he can’t believe he is there. Howie leans over the ropes and puts the microphone up to his lips as he begins to speak some more.

Banks: “Well look who it is.”

He stops for a second, acknowledging who it is.

Banks: “You show up to the event backstage last week in Japan and get on my nerves and now you have the balls to show up this week in the audience?”

He is insulted.

Banks: “Who the hell do you think you are?”

He exits the ring and makes his way over to the barricade and railing as Michael Diaz stands up.

Banks: “There’s no need to stand up. Just tell me what you are here for.”

He pushes Diaz down back into his chair as Banks then turns around and begins to taunt to the fans who boo him. All of a sudden Michael Diaz hops the railing and over towards Howie Banks as he turns Banks around and throws a martial arts chop and punch at him. He then kicks him in the head with a superkick maneuver as Mr. Hollywood goes down and the fans are loving it!

Michael Diaz picks up the microphone lying there as he begins to talk on it. The fans are going nuts!

Diaz: “Check. Check one. Check. Check two.”

He takes it away from his mouth and looks at it.

Diaz: “Does this thing work?”

He looks at the bottom of it and around the side of the mic to see about a switch.

Diaz: “Testing.”

He taps his finger on the microphone muff as it makes a noise. He then looks to the crowd as he was always fucking with them.

Diaz: “What’s up Russia!!!”

He shouts aloud as the fans begin to chant his name.

Diaz: “Nobody likes a mouth piece anyways.”

He looks down to Banks who is holding his face.

Diaz: “The reason why I am here is quite simple. Your little rematch you’ve been talking about for Vendetta has already been booked and settled. Yeah, that’s right. Howie Banks takes on Cody Williams, at Vendetta, in a career threatening retirement match!”

He looks around him as the fans are shocked as hell by it.

Diaz: “If you lose, your career is over, Banks! If you lose, you have to hang up your boots and oh my what a sad day that would be for the Sanctioned Violence Wrestling Organisation. But wait just a second, that’s not all.”

He looks up to the fans and shakes his head as he nods.

Diaz: “I am the special guest referee!”

He tosses the microphone down on Banks as he begins to laugh hysterically as he walks over his body and to the backstage area. Medics come out to assist Banks as the fans can’t believe what just happened.

Lupus Nebula vs. Jose Francois

” More Human than Human” is heard coming from the speakers , in that same moment there is a total blackout followed by a wolf howl. A small light enlightens the rampway entrance , showing a man covered in a red mantel standing there , looking at the ground . The man starts his walk towards the ring without caring much about the Fan reaction . The Red Mantel is thrown away as soon as the music dies and the man slides in the ring sitting in one of the turnbuckles , staring towards his opponent.

P.I.M.P begins to play, as Jose comes ‘crypt walking’ out of the back, shouting at the fans on the way down to the ring, where he slides into the ring and poses and taunts, doing his strut.

The bell rings, causing one Lupus Nebula to abruptly snap out of his little daydream in the corner. “Wandering Wolf” indeed, eh? Jose Francois propels himself out his corner eagerly and waits in the center of the ring for Lupus to join him, licking his lips in anticipation. Lupus, on the other hand, takes a much more leisurely pace, floating out of his respective corner with a mysterious, ghost-like quality. His eyes are glazed over like frosted glass, his mind clearly on other things.

This strange behaviour only seems to fill Francois with confidence as he smirks and approaches the eccentric Nebula, inviting him to engage in a tie-up. Lupus ponders for a moment and comes to a decision, engaging in a standard collar-and-elbow grapple to begin the match! Francois seems to win with little effort and shoves Lupus down on his moon. Figure that one out.

Jose gives a ‘cha-ching’ motion at his amazing strength and approaches the fallen Nebula, only to be trapped in a headscissor lock! Nebula was baiting him the entire time and played possum on the mat, before leaping up onto Jose’s head! With a sharp, twisting motion, Nebula sends Jose flying across the ring with a hurricanrana! Francois bounces off the mat and Nebula rises to his feet.

Nebula scoops Jose up by his over-sized hair and ducks a clothesline attempt from Francois. Now behind him, Nebula hooks both of Jose’s arms and pulls him backwards, driving him head-first into the mat with a dragon suplex! Francois’ skull hits the ring hard and his entire body bounces as Lupus quickly gets to his feet once more. Nebula throws caution to the winds and immediately begins to ascend the ropes, climbing to the top turnbuckle. You probably really shouldn’t try these kind of top-rope moves this early in a match, but hey, Nebula’s a crazy bitch –



– …Yeeeeee-up. Told ya. Francois rolled out of the way and Lupus ended up performing a top-rope double foot stomp on the hard, wooden canvas. He totally pwned that canvas. If this were a cartoon, Nebula’s kneecaps would have just knocked his teeth out through his nose. As it happens, his legs do actually fold like an accordion for a split second, but he springs back up and flies through the air onto his back!

Jose looks proud of himself and takes a moment to admire his handiwork before going on the offence, swinging the match back in his favour. Grabbing a hunk of Nebula’s exquisite, glorious locks, he yanks Lupus up to his feet and kicks him the the back of the knee, aggravating the damage suffered to Nebula’s legs only seconds prior. Francois repeats this pattern over and over; pulling Lupus to a vertical stance before striking the back of the knee, as a parent would discipline their misbehaving child. After several of these strategic attacks, Jose picks up Lupus and almost breaks his leg in half with a big shinbreaker!

Nebula rolls on the mat in agony, clutching at his mangulated limb. Francois sinks his teeth in like a vampire, however, and feats on the injured Wolf. He grabs the weakened limbs and ties them up like a pretzel, intertwining them with his own legs, dropping onto his back and locking in an inverted figure four leg lock! Lupus howls in pain and claws the air frantically, desperate to reach the shiny red ropes to break the hold, yet they seem miles away.

Francois applies more pressure to the hold, attempting to wear down the high-flying daredevil. Lupus can feel his knees being squashed as though in a vice, causing him to tip his head back and growl in pain! Unable to reach the ropes, Lupus sits as forward as the hold permits and tries to grab Francois’ face instead. Jose takes none of it, though, and deals Nebula a pimp smack right across the face! Lupus brushes his hair out of his face, revealing a bright pink mark. The audience razzle up a ‘YOU GOT PIMP’D!’ chant, which infuriates Nebula. Francois folds his arms behind his head and leans back casually, as though on a deck chair, keeping the hold locked in. Lupus sits upright again and leans forwards once more, to the point that his spine might exit his back. Using every last millimetre of his arm span, he reaches Jose’s neck and locks his hands behind it, pulling it towards him.

With an amazing display of agility, Nebula wrenches Francois’ head forwards, forcing him to loosen the hold, and slips out of it completely, performing a front flip over Jose’s head into a neckbreaker! The fans pop at the awesome move as Jose rolls on the mat, clutching his now-elongated neck! Must feel like a strand of spaghetti… Nebula quickly follows up the surprise neckbreaker by exiting to the ring apron, leaping into the air and bouncing off the ropes with a springboard legdrop! Jose bounces from the impact and grabs at his throat, having had the air rudely expelled from it by Lupus! Nebula, now on a roll, signals for the end.

“The Wandering Wolf” runs over to the corner farthest away from Francois and begins to climb. Once on the top rope, Lupus gives a howling salute to the crowd, who howl back in response and cheer wildly as Nebula soars through the air, CRASHING down on Jose with THE FIRST HUMAN DISASTER!

I’m surprised a fucking mushroom cloud didn’t just rise up into the air after that impact! Lupus nurses his legs, having put them through tremendous stress in order to put the nail in the coffin as far as Francois is concerned. He rolls and goes for the only pinfall in the entire match…




Nebula wins the match! The referee holds his hand in the air as Lupus continues to massage his aching legs, postponing his exit of the ring as much as he can. Francois curses and rolls under the bottom rope, hanging his head low in shame as he exits the crowd’s view. Eventually, Nebula struggles to his feet and departs, his spirits high as he has secured a hard-earned victory tonight.

RESULT: “The Wandering Wolf” Lupus Nebula def. Jose Francois via pinfall


The catering area backstage at the Lokomotiv Stadion, in Moscow. Various wrestlers both local and a few sVo mainstays mill around, most chatting and exchanging stories. The room is mostly filled with crew members though, using the showtime to get their feed before the night’s packdown commences.

A masked figure glides into the room. While he looks rather conspicuous, his entrance into the room is fairly low key and he immediately moves into the corner of the room and seems to survey the inhabitants as he stands silently.

People file in and out and the man known as Night remains motionless. A courier enters the room and stands in the doorway looking left and then right. Finally his eyes fix on the man standing in the shadows in the corner of the room and moves to him.

Night remains unmoving as the courier stands in front of him. He holds a clipboard out in front of him towards Night. Night seems not to notice the courier, who coughs loudly.

Slowly Night focuses his vision on the courier.



Night seems startled, but not surprised by this and cautiously nods in the affirmative.

COURIER: Got a delivery for you… sign here.

Again he holds the clipboard towards the masked man.

Night takes the clipboard but doesn’t sign it immediately. Instead, he questions the courier as to the nature of the delivery.

NIGHT: What kind of package do you have for me? You’re not carrying anything.

The courier holds an arm up and motions towards the door he just entered the room through.

COURIER: It’s a very big delivery, sir. I would have wheeled it in on the trolly, only it’s too wide to fit through the doorway.

Night looks puzzled, and we can see the cogs inside his head spinning as he tries to imagine what the delivery could possibly consist of.

NIGHT: Mind if I take a look before signing this?

He doesn’t wait for an answer and pushes the clipboard into the courier’s hands, before setting off for the door at a brisk pace. The courier quickly follows suite.

Outside in the foyer, Night emerges from the doorway and stops abruptly, as though he had just walked face-first into an invisible brick wall. His eyes bulge in their sockets and his mouth hangs open.

The camera slowly turns round to see what he is looking at.

Before him is a huge crate, roughly six feet in height and eight feet in width.

Night gulps and turns to face the courier.

NIGHT: I’ll sign for it…

The courier hands him back the clipboard without a word, which Night quickly scribbles down a signature on. The courier smiles and flicks the brim of his baseball cap before leaving, which startles Night briefly.

Night now walks towards the box and examines a small tag tied to the corner. It reads-


Night pries the lid off with his hands and grabs a nearby chair to stand on and examine the crate’s contents. He extracts a parcel-sized cardboard box from within and opens it up.

Inside, the box contains six bottles of prescription, over-the-counter sleeping pills. Night shakes his head in disbelief and chucks the box aside, the bottles spilling onto the floor.

He grabs another box from inside the crate and tears the lid off, revealing more bottles of sleeping pills. Again, he tosses it aside and grabs a random, third box. He literally tears the box apart in his hands and finds yet more pills.

He pulls at his mask and grits his teeth, giving a stifled scream of frustration at this sick mind game.

Night thinks quickly and looks down the corridor in the direction the courier just left. Sure enough, the ‘courier’ has been watching from around the corner the entire time. Night screams in fury, his rage bouncing off the walls around him.


The ‘courier’ takes off the baseball cap and unties his ponytail, revealing streaks of purple hair. He then winks at Night with a smile and places a white top hat on his head before making his escape, his mad laughter echoing around the hallway, which cuts into Night and causes him to collapse to his knees for a moment like a gunshot as a sea of crew, wrestlers, fans and journalists swell through the corridor, some observing the massive crate with interest, others going about their business.

Night stands and gives chase, using his arms to work his way through the sea of people towards his nemesis – but it is too late, Isaac has vanished into the throng… top hat and all.

Kerry Millano vs. Blaze

The arena lights dim, and begin to flash orange and blue as flames appear flickering on the video screen. “We Takin’ Over” starts to play, as a huge pyro explosion happens on stage, BlaZe appears behind the flames pointing to the crowd, wearing a jersey from one of the city’s sports teams (customized with a player name), as well as a fitted cap of the home team. Walking to the ring he high fives fans, before sliding in and climbing the turnbuckle, to again point and signal to the fans. He pulls a sharpie from his pocket, autographs the jersey and throws it into the crowd before jumping down and preparing to warm up for the match.

A split second brought the entire event to noir as the audible hum of anxious fans echoed throughout the arena. Their wait would go no further as smooth flanged instrumentals interrupted. Soon this bassless whine would slowly pick up with background drums beginning to strengthen every second that passed. The cadence quickened, accompanied by a disc jockey’s record scratching, until it finally dropped into a mellow jazz tune.

As the drum hit to begin the jazz tune, Kerry Millano took his leave of the backstage, 211 Steel Reserve bottle in hand, occasionally taking a gulp as he paced slowly down the aisle. He made sure to belittle as many fans as possible during his descent of the ramp. While he was serenaded by White Zombie’s child friendly demon groans, he continuously took swig after swig of the malt beverage he carried down with him.

Before he would enter the ring, however, he paced about the outside in search of a lucky fan. Approaching the guard rail, he menacingly glared at the crowd of onlookers who were sharing exactly how they felt about The Career Killer with their unified chants.





All he did was smirk..

That was, before spewing the ‘high gravity lager’ at entire front row in a floating mist. As he backed away, pointing and laughing, he finally rolled into the squared circle where he nonchalantly retreated to a corner. As he dropped to a seat, he rocked his head backward to rest on the middle turnbuckle providing no signs of anticipation for the opponent.

He just turned his bottle up.

What a fucking prick.

Kerry Millano and Blaze circle each other around the centre of the ring, as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the first ever Double Dice match to get underway! The Russian crowd cheer as Blaze leaps forward and nails his opponent Millano with a few right hands to send him back against the ropes. The man who defeated the sVo Hardcore Champion in his first ever match last week quickly grabs Millano by the arm and tries to send him across the ring, however Millano reverses the move and sends Blaze into the ropes. The former pro athlete bounces back towards Millano, and the ‘Career Killer’ takes him down with a leg trip takedown. With Blaze down on the mat, Millano moves quickly to try and lock on a Ashigatame submission move, however Blaze quickly battles his way back to his feet before the move can be locked.

Millano leaps forward and grabs Blaze around the neck as he tries to draw some breath. Millano throws Blaze to the mat with a huge Gutwrench suplex, that leaves Blaze on a sitting position on the mat as the crowd boo the continued offence from “Mr. Puroresu Himself”. With Blaze still in a sitting position with a pained expression on his face, Millano bounces into the ropes behind his opponent before hitting him with a Rolling neck snap! Blaze holds his neck in pain, before Millano presses his shoulder to the mat for the pinfall attempt.



A kickout from Blaze prevents Kerry Millano from being the first man in the sVo to roll the dice. Kerry Millano shakes his head in disgust as he grabs hold of Blaze and yanks him up to his feet in an aggressive manor. Kerry Millano hits a European uppercut on his opponent, before taking him down to the mat with a fireman’s carry takedown. With Blaze down on the mat, Kerry Millano quickly grabs hold of him before locking in a cross knee lock to try and work on the legs of Blaze!

Blaze screams out in pain from the hold as Millano applies the pressure, before his opponent makes a drastic lunge for the ropes and grabs hold, forcing Millano to break the hold. Millano finally does break the hold after a few seconds of being warned by the referee, but it looks as if the damage may have already been done to Blaze as he struggles to get back up to his feet and has to use the ropes.

Kerry Millano laughs at Blaze’s attempts to rise to his feet, before running to his opponent who is still clinging to the ropes. Millano looks as if he is going to hit a clothesline on Blaze, however before he can impact with Blaze, the former pro athlete drops to the mat and pulls down the top rope, causing Kerry Millano to tumble over to the outside of the ring! The fans cheer for the drastic move from Blaze, as he tries to recover from the offence that Millano has inflicted upon him. On the outside of the ring Kerry Millano slowly begins to rise up to his feet, but as he does Blaze leaps over the top rope using the ropes, and with no care for his own physical safety lands ontop of Kerry Millano! Both men lay motionless for a few second on the floor as the fans cheer the high spot from Blaze!

Blaze is first to rise to his feet with a pained expression on his face, and he quickly lays into Millano with some stiff kicks on his good leg. These kicks seem to stir Kerry Millano as he begins to stumble up to his feet. Blaze quickly takes advantage of this fact and grabs “Mr. Puroresu Himself” by the back of the head. Blaze slams Millano face first into the side of the ring, before rolling him in under the bottom rope. The crowd continue to cheer Blaze, as he rolls into the ring to follow his opponent. Blaze grabs Millano by the hair and drags him to a standing position, before taking him down with a quick snap suplex. Following the move, Blaze is quick to attempt a pinfall on Millano, however only gets a two count before Millano kicks out!

Blaze thought that he had the match won right there as he clambers up to his feet, looking down on Kerry Millano. Blaze begins to pump the crowd up as Kerry Millano slowly rises up to his feet. Blaze grabs hold of Millano and takes him down to the mat with a northern lights suplex, before signalling that he wants to finish the match right now and go on to become the man that rolls the dice of destiny! Blaze pulls Kerry Millano up to his feet and prepares to nail him with the ‘Blaze Bomb’! Blaze rakes the eyes of Millano before switching behind his opponent. Blaze grabs Millano and begins to pull him up, however Millano counters with a back low blow kick on Blaze!

Blaze stumbles backwards a few steps, and Kerry Millano changes the momentum of the match with a Kawada kick shoot combination! The moves draw boos for Millano, but he quickly plants Blaze down with a High implant double arm DDT! With Blaze on the mat, Klerry Millano wastes no time in utilising his impressive submission abilities, and locking in the Millano Escape III! The fans boo the move as Blaze screams out in pain at the submission move he is now locked in! With Millano pressing his weight down onto Blaze, there is no way he can get to the ropes! Blaze frantically tries to free himself from the hold with knee strikes into the midsection of Millano! The blows force Millano to release the hold slightly, but as Blaze tries to rise to his feet, Millano transfers the hold into the Millano Escape I! There is yet more boos from the crowd, but with no where to hide from the excruciating pain, Blaze has no choice but to tap out to Kerry Millano!

Tap, Tap Tap!

The bell rings and the referee calls for Millano to break the hold! However Kerry Millano seems to have other ideas as he leaves the Millano Escape I locked in on Blaze even thought the match has ended to send a message to everyone in the back! Kerry Millano finally releases the hold and rises to his feet. Millano raises his hands in the air in victory as the referee checks on Blaze who is laying on the mat in pain from the ruthless submission holds of Kerry Millano.

RESULT: Kerry Millano def. Blaze via submission


Backstage, we now share Night’s locker room with the tortured soul himself. Considering Isaac White stated he doesn’t wish to inflict pain on Night, he sure is pushing the boundaries tonight. Thus far tonight, Night has encountered a television executive who met Night to discuss a sleep deprivation programme and was delivered a huge consignment of sleeping pills in an industrial-sized shipping crate!

As we observe Night, who seems to be growing increasingly paranoid and unhinged as the weeks pass by, he rocks back and forth on a bench, cradling his head in his arms.

He is muttering to himself, though the words are jumbled together haphazardly, creating an indistinguishable mumbled slur.

As he sits there, trying to comfort himself, balancing on the edge of sanity-


Night sits bolt upright and vaults off the bench, quicker than a flash of lightning. He licks his lips and eyes the door with a hungered expression on his face. His hands form white-knuckled fists and he approaches his locker room door, like a tiger stalks it’s prey.

Carefully… slowly… pounce! He opens the door and immediately swings with a fist, hurting only the air. Nobody is there.

Night cautiously pokes his head out the doorway and gazes to his right- nothing. To his left- a person… no, a mannequin.

Night leaves the safety of his locker room, closing the door behind him, and approaches the mannequin as though it were a dangerous criminal, ready to duck any sudden violent movement.

Night holds out a sweaty hand and grabs the mannequin by the shoulder, turning it around to face him. The word ‘Faceless’ has been scratched into the head of the mannequin using a sharp instrument, perhaps a knife. As Night looks the mannequin up and down, he notices a yellow post-it attached to it’s chest. He peels it off and looks at it.

“You let your guard down. Now you’ve lost them.”

Night looks up from the post-it with a terrified expression on his face. He instinctively whips his head round to look behind him. His locker room door is now open!

He throws the post-it down and darts over to his locker room, running through the open doorway with his fists raised, ready for a fight!

There is no fight, however, and instead, he seems to notice something. He lowers his fists and walks over to the bench he was previously sat on. His gym bag rests on top of the bench, open.

NIGHT: No, no, no… please…

He reaches inside with his hands and rummages around for something. He turns up no result.

NIGHT: He took them… He took them!

A small glimmer of hope comes to Night’s eye.

NIGHT: So he must be close…

Night turns round sharply and comes face-to-face with another mannequin right behind him!

Night leaps back in fear, crashing into a steel locker! He breathes deeply and composes himself, before advancing on the second mannequin. Another post-it attached to it’s chest.

“Last time, I gave them back. Lightning doesn’t strike twice!”

Night cries out, engraged and sends the second mannequin flying with a backfist. He hurls his bag against a line of lockers and tears off into the corridor, frantically looking for Isaac White.

He screams around a corner, his eyes and head darting wildly – searching relentlessly. Catching no sight of him, Night moves into a long corridor and comes to a secure door. He passes through and finds himself in a large marshalling area.

Spotting a familiar silhouette in a distant crowd, Night glowers and increases his pace as he dodges and weaves his way through the crowded room, his eyes never leaving the figure with the top hat…

The figure now within reach, Night draws a deep breath and grabs his targets arm.

NIGHT: Give me back what you took from me.

The figure turns, and Night is surprised to see that rather than Isaac’s smug face smirking back at him, it’s a rather frightened looking Russian man in a replica Isaac White top hat.

MAN: I’m sorry? I don’t know what I have of yours…

NIGHT: Where… where did you get that hat?

Night backs away in alarm as the man recognises Night.

MAN: I know you! Big sVo star – Night! Autograph?

The man produces a pad and pen and starts at Night who backs away further – a thoroughly confused look on his face. He turns to his right and is shocked to see several more local fans advancing on him in Isaac White replica hats. Night spins on his heel… more fans in hats.

Literally surrounded by Isaac White replica top hats, Night looks positively ready to have a nervous breakdown.

NIGHT: Where did you get those hats?

The man solemnly points to a door at the far end of the room.

MAN: Nice man, big sVo star Hope Isaac White give them to us. He wait for you – through there.

As if in a trance, Night nods courteously to the man and glides towards the door at the far end of the room. He pushes through them and vanishes into the darkness.


We head to the office of Jimmy Moretti, and the sVo owner is standing by with his son Anthony Moretti. The Moretti family look to be relaxing as they watch the action unfold on their giant TV screen that is hanging on the wall.

Jimmy Moretti – “I can’t wait to see this next match, I want Kelly Flawless to take Psyko Stevo apart!”

Anthony Moretti – “Stevo is going down tonight, pity his little buddy Jon Page won’t be there in the ring to take the beating as well!”

Jimmy Moretti – “Yeah that would be great! Who knows, maybe we can arrange that for sometime soon!”

Anthony Moretti – “Speaking of Page, have you head any more of his little plans yet?”

Jimmy Moretti shakes his head.

Jimmy Moretti – “I haven’t heard anything more from Bond yet, maybe all his efforts have made Page give up.”

Anthony Moretti and Jimmy Moretti laugh at the thought of Jon Page getting caught in one of Chris Bond’s secret agent traps….. but if it wasn’t Jimmy Moretti that Johnny All Star phoned earlier then who was it?

sVo PPV presents Vendetta
27th April 2008
Råsunda Stadion, Solna, Sweden

Psyko Stevo vs. Kelly Flawless

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ catalyzed a chorus of jeers that resonated throughout the arena like a gunshot. The SVO faithful had rose to their feet in unison to express their amalgamated detest. It seemed as though it was something that broke the bounds of kayfabe; they had a genuine hatred for Kelly Flawless. And the only thing that superceded the intense reaction he received, and the profound dislike that the fans shared towards him, was the disturbing smirk he wore as he parted the entranceway curtain. The Blonde Bomber actually enjoyed their reaction.

He marched down the steel ramp, cackling to himself – feeding off their resentment. He had taken multiple shots at them, but he didn’t care; in his mind, he was second only to God. And even that line was a little blurred at some times.

He rolled under the bottom rope, his hair sparkling like the death of a thousand stars. His mouth was a like an out of control automatic weapon – unloading at anything that came near. He was in the ring for one sole purpose: to back up the rounds that his lips were firing.

He paced the squared circle; ready as always for combat.

The bell rings for the match to start and the Russian fans look pumped up as Flawless and Stevo prepare to do battle. The sVo World Champion Psyko Stevo makes his way forward towards Flawless, and tries to lock up with his opponent. However Flawless knocks away the hands of Psyko Stevo and lays into the Champion with some big right hands. Flawless knocks Psyko Stevo back, before dropping him down to the mat with a hiptoss.

Psyko Stevo leaps straight back up to his feet following the move, however Kelly Flawless once again attempts to keep him grounded, this time with a back elbow smash followed by a leg sweep. The fans in attendance boo the early advantage that has been gained by Kelly Flawless in this match, however Flawless doesn’t seem to take much notice of the fans as he locks Psyko Stevo into a sleeper hold on the mat, trying to weaken the Champion.

Psyko Stevo bravely tries to battle against the hold, however Kelly Flawless manages to keep Psyko Stevo locked in, and the World Champion notably begins to fade under the strain of the hold. The referee asks Psyko Stevo if he would like to tap out to Kelly Flawless, however the sVo Champion shakes his head and begins to try even harder to free himself of Flawless’s hold. Psyko Stevo manages to work himself up to a standing position, however with Kelly Flawless still holding the sleeper hold over Psyko Stevo, he quickly drops the sVo Champion with a sleeper suplex!

There are more boos from the crowd as Psyko Stevo lays on the mat for a few seconds whilst Kelly Flawless confidently struts around the ring. Psyko Stevo gradually begins to climb up to a standing position using the ring ropes, however Kelly Flawless is quick to grab his opponent by the arm and whip him into the ropes. Psyko Stevo bounces back quickly, straight towards the waiting Kelly Flawless who executes a perfect belly to back suplex! Psyko Stevo hits the mat hard, and Kelly Flawless soon makes his way over to the body of the sVo Champion to make the first cover of the match.



No! Psyko Stevo gets a shoulder up off of the mat and shows the world just why he is the current sVo Champion by kicking out from the attempted cover from Flawless! However Flawless does not seem to upset, he mealy smiles with anticipation of the future punishment he can dish out to the current sVo Champion. Flawless brings the sVo Champion up to his feet using his hair, before sending him into the corner of the ring. Psyko Stevo hits the corner back first and slumps back against the ropes. Flawless quickly follows Psyko Stevo into the corner of the ring, and hits his opponent with a huge shoulder block. Psyko Stevo looks to be in serious pain as Kelly Flawless taunts his opponent to make his way out of the corner, before kicking him with a huge low blow!

The fans boo Flawless, and the referee ticks off the sVo star regarding the illegal move as the sVo Champion squirms in pain in the corner of the ring. Flawless just laughs at the referee, before pulling Psyko Stevo away from the ropes and taking him down to the mat with a underhook suplex, executed perfectly as per usual. Kelly Flawless rubs the bottom of his boot across the face of Psyko Stevo, before bouncing into the ropes. Flawless bounces back towards the body and looks for an elbow drop on the sVo Champion, only for Psyko Stevo to roll out of the way! The fans cheer for Stevo as he rises to his feet, however the offence from the Champion is soon stopped in its tracks thanks to an eye rake from Kelly Flawless. The fans boo Kelly Flawless even louder once again, as he takes Psyko Stevo down to the mat with an arm drag takedown into an arm bar submission hold. Kelly Flawless aggressively pulls back on the arm of Psyko Stevo, and it looks as if Kelly Flawless might be looking win by submission right here!

The referee asks Psyko Stevo if he would like to submit, and being no where near the ropes, Psyko Stevo pauses for a few seconds. The booing crowd watch on, before Psyko Stevo shakes his head and uses his free hand to begin to hammer Kelly Flawless with big blows to the face. Kelly Flawless doesn’t much like being hit in the face by Psyko Stevo’s clubbing blows and quickly releases the hold in order to retain his pretty boy looks! The fans cheer as Psyko Stevo rises up to his feet, and ducks under an attempted clothesline from Kelly Flawless. Flawless bounces off of the opposite ropes, and as Psyko Stevo turns around, the sVo World Champion takes down the running Flawless with a boot to the midsection followed by a double arm DDT!

The trademark Psyko Stevo move draws cheers from the fans as the ‘Best Around’ stumbles around the ring trying to recover from the offence already dished out to him by Kelly Flawless. Kelly Flawless soon rises to his feet himself, however as Flawless looks for a kick to the midsection on Psyko Stevo, Stevo grabs his leg and steps over it before twisting to deliver a spinning heel kick to his opponent! Flawless falls to the mat clutching his jaw, as Psyko Stevo stomps away on his opponent! Kelly Flawless rolls over onto his front in order to try and protect his face from the vicious stomps, however Psyko Stevo grabs Flawless by the foot before picking up and slamming Flawless back to the mat!

The fans cheer the offence from the sVo Champion, and Psyko Stevo soon brings Flawless up to a standing position by his blonde hair. Psyko Stevo adds insult to injury by slamming Flawless face first into the turnbuckle, before back suplexing him into the centre of the ring. With Flawless down in the centre of the ring, the sVo Champion wastes no time in making a cover.



No! There are groans from the crowd as Kelly Flawless gets a kick out after the count of two. Psyko Stevo thought that he had the match won right there, however it doesn’t looks as if the match will last much longer anyway as Psyko Stevo signals for the ‘Psyklone’! Psyko Stevo stands in waiting as Kelly Flawless begins to stagger to his feet, however as Flawless nearly reaches a standing position, boos ring around the arena as former sVo Champion Mike Best makes his way down the entrance ramp, arm still in a sling! Psyko Stevo sees Mike Best coming out of the corner of his eye, and quickly spins around to face him! Best reaches the ring, but with Psyko Stevo standing ready to ‘greet his arrival’, Kelly Flawless nails Psyko Stevo with a shot to the back of the head!

The fans boo as Kelly Flawless stomps away on Psyko Stevo, before Mike Best rolls into the ring and joins in on the beat down! The referee immediately calls for the bell to be rung and for Kelly Flawless to be disqualified! The fans continue to boo as Best and Flawless put the boots to Psyko Stevo, before Mike Best tells Flawless to head to the top rope! Kelly Flawless begins to head to the top rope to finish off Psyko Stevo as Mike Best lays the boots to the sVo Champion! With Flawless on the top rope the fans continue to boo, until Chris Bond makes his way down the entrance ramp!

Chris Bond sprints to the ring, before pointing his secret agent laser watch towards Kelly Flawless! With Flawless standing on the top rope, Chris Bond uses his laser watch to cut through the top rope, causing Flawless to fall to the mat!

Chris Bond quickly slides into the ring, however he is met with punches from Best using his good arm, as all out chaos breaks out in the ring between the four men! Psyko Stevo and Kelly Flawless also begin to trade punches, until after a few seconds the new sVo head of security Scott Love sprint to the ring to break up the fight! As the sVo security team break up the fight, sVo general manager Paige Johnson steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. The fans cheer the arrival of Paige, however she doesn’t look too impressed with the events that have unfolded.

Paige – “Who in the hell gave you guys permission to come down here and ruin tonight’s main event?”

All four men stare each other down as the security struggle to keep them apart.

Paige – “Well I am not having another main event on our world tour ruined next week, and being embarrassed in front of the world. Therefore as you guys are so eager to take sides, at Vendetta, we will have Mike Best teaming with Kelly Flawless….”

Mike Best looks none to pleased with the announcement as he protests about his injured arm from the ring.

Paige – “Taking on Psyko Stevo and Chris Bond…..”

Kelly Flawless and Mike Best continue to protest.

Paige – “….. For the sVo Championship belt!”

The protesting from Flawless and Best stops as they stare at each other before looking across the ring at Psyko Stevo and Chris Bond. Bond and Stevo have been on the same page over the past few weeks, but with the world title on the line will they be able to co-exist at Vendetta?

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Kelly Flawless via DQ



Through the blackness, we are just able to make out the blurry form of Night, shouting into the darkness, desperate for some kind response from the man he has chased for so long. Night’s voice cracks with rage as he bellows Isaac’s name. He is on the verge of a breakdown after his experiences tonight.

Being signed up for some kind of sick, experimental study on sleep deprivation without his knowing, having a crate filled with sleeping pills being delivered to him, and being completely surrounded by the haunting visage of his arch nemesis, “The Hope”.

Yet, after all of these psychological mindgames which have pushed Night to the very edge of his sanity, he is still standing. Broken? Yes. Weak? Yes. Defeated? No.


A voice emerges from the darkness, echoing all around Night.

ISAAC: I could say the same thing to you.

As Night frantically looks around him, turning in a full circle, searching for the source of the voice, a light pierces the darkness. A pool of golden light illuminates “The Hope” Isaac White, who is stood about fifty feet away from Night.

Night screams and charges for White, ready to pull him limb from limb for what he has put him through tonight. But not just tonight, last week when Night barely managed to overcome Isaac in a brutal fight. The week before that, when Isaac cracked his cane over Night’s skull three times, splitting the cane in half!

As all of these memories and torment come flooding back to Night, he is mere feet away from the man responsible for it all.


Just as Night comes within arm’s reach of White, something stops him from attacking. As Night stands, staring at Isaac, he can see himself. Or rather, a reflection of himself. Light now suddenly floods the room, revealing that Night is stood in a hall of mirrors, akin to the one featured during White’s Destiny appearance!

As the lights come on, Night finds himself once more surrounded by top hats, but this time on the head of the real Isaac White. Night falls to his knees and shakes his head, completely losing it.

The thousands of reflections of White stare at Night, all with pitying expressions on their faces.

That same voice echoes around the room, shared by every single reflection of the man whose body it comes from.

ISAAC: Night, I will ask you one last time. Let me help you. Let me cure you. All of the pain and torment you’ve endured tonight can go away if you let me help.

NIGHT: You’re insane, White! But you’re dragging me down with you! I keep telling you but you just don’t seem to WANT to hear what I have to say, Isaac.

Night turns slowly, eyeing the reflections of White in the mirrors.

NIGHT: I know I have a problem. Ok? Ok, I said it. BUT I WENT FOR HELP, ISAAC!

Realizing the futility of talking to mirrors, Night raises his voice and his eyeline, almost yelling to someone above the mirrors.

NIGHT: Maybe it was the pressure. Maybe it was disappointment, but yeah, I started losing sleep over things. And yes, maybe I wanted some sort of… chemical assistance to get over it. Isaac… I went to a doctor for crying out loud!

Out of frustration, he yells at Isaac, spinning slightly on the spot with each word.






A brief silence ensues, which seems to torture Night yet more, who only seeks some kind of answer from Isaac.

With each passing second, Night’s heartbeat grows quicker, his breathing sharper, until he reaches breaking point and snaps.


He unleashes the bottled-up rage which has filled him to the brim as of late and lashes out, punching the mirror closest to him, shattering the glass and cutting his hand open! He screams in pain, but quickly suppresses it as Isaac speaks.

ISAAC: You went to a doctor? You sought a doctor’s advice rather than my own? Doctors are supposed to help their patients, Night. Instead, your doctor just handed you a prescription for pills. Instead of diagnosing you with an ailment and trying to cure it like any good-minded person would do, he just throws a bottle of pills your way to clear up his appointments and get home early!

Night, think of me as a doctor. A doctor that not only recognises your symptoms, but actually tries to Cure them.

will cure you, Night.

The voice stops and Night continues to gaze up above him, clinging onto the very last word Isaac spoke, hoping for more. Nothing comes. As Night hangs his head low, he feels a hot breath on the back of his neck. His eyes open and he picks his head up, looking into the mirror in front of him. Stood behind him, is the real Isaac White. Night is unable to move due to the extremes of dizzying emotion bottled up inside him.

ISAAC: See you at Vendetta.

The lights shut off, throwing the room into pitch black. The last thing we hear is Night once more screaming in anger.

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